Gatchaman: Legends / Gatchaman: 傳說
Two Steps Forward / 二個步驟轉寄

Sometimes, I wonder how we survived this far. / 有時,我懷疑我們如何遙遠地平安渡過這。

We've been together twenty-two years now, most of them spent in hard training, the last six being the most peaceful times we've ever had, but in total, six at war. Those six years should have had the worst effect on our lives, and yet somehow, we're okay. / 我們已經是二十二年現在,在難的訓練中被花費的他們大部份一起, 最後六存在最和平的時代我們曾經已經有, 但是在總數中, 六在戰爭。 那些六年應該要有在我們的生命上的最壞效果的,而且仍然不知何故,我們是好。

All those losses, all the scars we carry, and we're still able to take a step forward every day, leading normal lives, raising normal families. Or, I suppose, as normal as being legendary reincarnations allows us to be. But normal's relative, isn't it? Once upon a time we were five kids in bird costumes saving the world, or leading dual lives, or dispatching wave after wave of cannon fodder. That was normal to us. Now normal is being married to the man I love with two children. Normal is having a proper job, living in a more-or-less proper home. We survived this far just to be normal. / 所有的那些損失, 所有的疤痕我們攜帶,而且我們仍然能夠每天向前地採取一個步驟,帶領常態生命,養育正常的家庭。 或,我推想, 像作為傳奇性的再賦與肉體那樣正常允許我們當。 但是常態的親戚, 它不是? 從前我們是解救世界 , 或領導的雙重生命 , 或配送在砲灰的波浪後的波浪 的鳥裝束的五個小孩。 那是對我們常態。 現在常態正在身為我和二個孩子愛的男人。 常態正在有一個適當的工作,住在一或多或少適當的家。 我們遙遠地只是平安渡過這是正常的。

I don't mind it, but I know I'm not the only one who misses the other normal. / 我不留意它,但是我知道我不是錯過另一個常態的唯一。

Jun Shimada / 六月 Shimada

She watched them outside, playing with their Uncle Jinpei. Her little brother showed no loss of speed since the old days as he caught them out one by one without working up a sweat. The children should have known by now the pointlessness of playing tag with Jinpei, but being children, they didn't care. / 她看他們外面,和他們的叔叔 Jinpei 玩。 當他捕捉出他們的時候,她的小兄弟自每天的老年人之後顯示了沒有速度的損失一一點之前不逐步發展汗。 孩子應該到如今已經知道和 Jinpei 玩標籤的不尖, 但是身為孩子,他們沒有關心。

"Are they still out there?" Joe yelled from the kitchen. "Dinner's almost ready." / " 他們仍然向那邊"? 喬從廚房大叫。 "晚餐幾乎預備" 。

Ryu appeared from the den, folding the newspaper he'd been reading. / Ryu 從獸穴出現, 折疊的報紙他已經看。
"Ah, good, Joe. I was beginning to wonder." He joined Jun at the window, rumbling a contented sigh. "Jinpei seems to refuse to grow up, na, Jun?" / "啊,好的,喬。 我正在開始懷疑。"他在窗戶參加六月,發隆隆聲一聲滿足的歎息。 "Jinpei 似乎拒絕長大 ,na,六月"?

"I was thinking that," she returned, smiling. Her smile grew when she saw Ken joining them, insisting that the come inside now or face the consequences. Any Eagle authority he lorded over them failed to have any effect at all, even though she could see that strength radiating as powerfully as it ever had. The children and Jinpei had turned and run in the opposite direction. / "我是思考的那", 被送回的,微笑的她。 當她看見參加他們 的肯恩時候,她的微笑成長, 堅持那現在進來或面對結果。 任何的鷹當局他在他們之上統治沒有全然有任何的效果,即使她可以看見像它曾經有一樣的有力地放射 的那力量。 孩子和 Jinpei 已經在相反的方向中轉而且跑。

He looked back at her, always aware of her watching him, a mock pained look on his face and shaking his head as if to say, "Why me?" With a shrug and her blessings, he tore off after them, tagging them all out: / 他回看她, 總是知道的她看他, 在他的臉上假痛的神情而且搖頭好像說," 為什麼我"? 藉由聳肩和她的祝福,他迅速寫好在他們之後,在外全部附以籤條他們:
his daughter first, then his nephew, his son, and with a final pounce like a panther, drove Jinpei into the grass. Jun and Ryu sniggered at this, and / 他的女兒第一, 然後他的姪子,他的兒子, 而且與結局攫住像一隻豹,開車 Jinpei 進草之內。 六月和 Ryu 在這吃吃地竊笑,和
Jun admitted that Jinpei didn't seem to be the only one who wouldn't grow up. / 六月承認了 Jinpei 似乎不是將不長大的唯一。

Iori, Tokiko and Vincnt came tearing through the front door, by some miracle knocking nothing over and hardly stepping on each other's heels when an ordinary tangle of children's limbs would automatically mean disaster. But then again, Jun sighed, they weren't exactly ordinary children. / Iori , Tokiko 和 Vincnt 來扯裂過前門,當孩子的四肢平常纏結將會自動地意謂災禍的時候,藉著敲 的一些奇蹟毫不結束而且剛剛在彼此上的步進尾隨。 但是再一次然後,六月歎息,他們不是完全平常的孩子。

"Oy, oy," Ryu bellowed as he blocked their way to the dinner table. / "Oy,oy",當他阻塞了到晚餐桌子的他們路時候, Ryu 怒吼。
"Enough of that. Go and wash up before dinner." / "那的充足。 去而且洗在晚餐之前上面。"

Vincnt had squeezed past Ryu's hulking form and wove his way into the kitchen. Even before the door could finish its back-swing, he was scampering out again, a bread roll trailing just behind his head. "Vincnt! / Vincnt 已經越過 Ryu's 的笨重形式緊握而且編織他的方法進廚房。 甚至在門可以完成它的背部之前-搖擺,他是再一次跑來跑去,一個在他的頭後面僅僅追蹤 的麵包捲物。 "Vincnt!
Upstairs! Or no dinner for you!" his father barked. / 二樓! 或沒有晚餐為你!"他的父親吠。

"But Papa," the boy began as Ryu hoisted him over his shoulder to deposit him upstairs, "I'm hungry." / " 但是爸爸",當 Ryu 在他的肩之上升起了他存放他二樓的時候,男孩開始 ", 我很饑餓".

Tokiko shrieked as her Uncle Ryu caught her by the waist and tucked her under his arm, then said, "You're always hungry, Vincnt." / 當她的叔叔 Ryu 藉著腰部捕捉了她而且在他的手臂之下打橫褶了她,然後說的時候, Tokiko 尖叫," 你總是很饑餓,Vincnt".

"Shut up." / "閉嘴" 。

The small girl's bright blue eyes widened. "Mama!" / 小的女孩明亮的藍色眼睛擴大。 "媽媽"!

Jun shook her head at her nephew in that way maternal figures did to make the child in question feel bad. "Watch your language, young man. I won't be responsible for what else your father might throw at you." / 六月在那樣母親的數字做使問題的孩子感覺很壞的她姪子搖頭。 "看你的語言,年輕的男人。 我將不負責什麼否則你的父親可能在你丟。"

A small voice said, "Sorry, Aunt Junie," just as it disappeared up the stairs. / 一種小的聲音說,"難過的,伯母 Junie",正如它在樓梯上面消失。

Now turning to her own son, she said, "What are you waiting for, / 現在旋轉對她自己的兒子,她說,"你正在等候什麼,
Iori? Go wash up. Uncle Joe's going to put dinner on the table soon." / Iori? 去洗增加。 去很快把晚餐放在桌子 的喬叔叔。"

But eight-year-old Iori was looking anxiously at the door. "Isn't Dad coming inside?" / 但是八歲的 Iori 正在門憂慮地看。 " 爸爸不是來臨進裡面"?

"He will, he will," she answered, ruffling his jade-black hair. "Has he ever missed dinner when it's Uncle Joe's turn?" / "他決意,他決意",她回答,弄縐他的玉- 黑色的頭髮。 " 當它是喬叔叔旋轉的時候,他曾經錯過晚餐"?

Blue eyes beseeched her, not quite convinced. When he heard the front door close, he turned quickly to see, and all the tension his mother had sensed in him evaporated almost instantly as his father came towards the dining area. "Do as your mother tells you, Iori," Ken said, smiling at him without looking, and only then did the boy rush upstairs to catch up with his sister and cousin. / 懇求她的藍色眼睛,不相當信服。 當他聽到了前門結束的時候, 他很快地準備看見,而且他的母親已經在他感覺的所有緊張幾乎立即地蒸發當他的父親向吃飯區域來。 " 當你的母親告訴的時候,做你,Iori",肯恩說,不看在他微笑,然後男孩才在樓上催促趕上他的姊妹和堂兄弟姊妹。

She felt his arms reach around her from behind and allowed herself to melt into his embrace, wrapped in the soft cotton of his shirt, even though she continued to stare after her son. "He's just like you, you know that." / 她從後面的部分在附近感覺他的手臂範圍她並且允許了她自己進入他的擁抱之內融化,在他的襯衫軟棉花包裝,即使她在她的兒子之後繼續注視。 "他是正直的同類你,你知道那" 。

"What, over-protective?" He felt her nod against his shoulder and nodded in return, following her line of sight. "I suppose so. Even if it is a little misdirected." / "什麼,結束-保護的"? 他感覺了對抗他的肩她點頭而且點頭作為回報 , 跟隨她的視線。 "我這麼推想。 即使它稍微被錯誤地指導。"

"There is something endearing about a eight-year-old child wanting to protect a full-fledged Shield of Heaven, don't you think?" / "關於一個想要保護一個天堂的羽毛生齊防禦物 的八歲孩子的引起愛情的東西,你不想嗎"?

The low rumbling of his chuckle made her smile, even as he drew away from her. "Hai. But that is something he does not know, nor should he need to know." As he made his way to the kitchen carefully, for fear of more flying bread rolls she watched him, as she always watched him, realizing that she was so used to the way he looked now that it would be difficult for Iori to ever discover his father's true identity if she herself was so prone to forgetting. The children were too young to remember when Ken had chosen to permanently don the otherwise-useless rimless glasses and wear his hair past his shoulder blades held in a traditional tie, so he appeared to them in no other way. / 他的吃吃笑聲的低隆隆聲製造了她的微笑,正當他拉遠離她。 "Hai。 但是某事他不知道, 他也不應該需要知道。"當他小心地製造了到廚房的他路, 惟恐較飛的麵包捲她看了他,如同她總是看了他一樣, 了解她是如此的使用過的到方式他現在看以致於如果她自己如此傾向於忘記,它將會讓 Iori 很困難曾經發現他的父親真實的身份。 當肯恩已經選擇永久地著的時候,孩子是太年輕而無法記得那否則- 沒有用的無邊眼鏡而且戴他的頭髮過去他的被拿著在傳統的領帶中的肩刀鋒,因此他對他們以沒有其他的方式出現。

When she, too, entered the kitchen, her husband stood leaning against the counter, taking bites out of a bread roll which she assumed he caught when it was flung at him. His former second, the Condor, or until six years ago, the Archer, bustled around the kitchen. "It's up to you whether or not you want to tell him, Joe." / 當她,也,進入了廚房的時候,她的丈夫站著了對抗櫃台的傾斜, 從一個她假定的麵包捲物取出咬當它在他被投的時候,他捕捉。 他的先前秒,禿鷹, 或直到在六年以前,射手,在廚房的周圍奔忙。 "依你的意思,是否你想要告訴他,喬".

"How can I explain it to him if you won't explain it to your own children?" Joe returned, his tone hard but not angry. "God only knows why he doesn't ask when most children his age would. Maybe he got that from / " 我如何能解釋它對他如果你將不解釋它給你自己的孩子"? 喬歸還, 他的明暗努力地但是不是生氣。 " 上帝只知道他為什麼不問當大多數的孩子他的年齡將會。 也許他得到了那從
Lien." / 連。"

Ken smiled at this. "Aa. She is the Shield of Peace, after all. Even though Lien is the deadliest of all the matron Shields." He took another bite of his roll. "But remember that you chose to raise Vincnt here instead of back in the courts of the Valley, just as I did." / 肯恩在這微笑。 "Aa。 她是和平的防禦物,畢竟。 即使連是所有的婦女防禦物的最致命的。"他帶了他的捲物另咬。 " 但是記得你選擇在這裡升起 Vincnt 代替向後地在山谷的法院中, 正如我做".

Joe failed to flinch as he dropped the hot pan of roasted vegetables onto the cooling rack without oven mitts. "I know, but that doesn't mean I don't think he needs a mother." / 當他在沒有烤箱棒球手套的冷卻架之上降低了烤的蔬菜熱平鍋的時候,喬沒有畏縮。 "我知道, 但是不意謂我不認為他需要一個母親" 。

"He accepts Junie as his mother-figure readily enough," he replied. / "他接受 Junie 如他的母親- 數字馬上充足",他答覆。
"Vincnt is aware that he has a mother, and that she is Lien; isn't that enough for you? He calls Jun 'Aunt Junie' for a reason, just as you called my mother 'Mama Sayuri.'" / " Vincnt 是知道的他有一個母親,而且她是連; 充足不是為你嗎? 他為一個理由呼叫六月 '伯母 Junie', 正如你叫做了我的母親 '媽媽 Sayuri。'"

"I'm not saying it's not enough!" The slamming of the oven door punctuated his sentence. "I just " / " 我沒有在說它不是充足"! 烤箱門的猛然關上加標點符號了他的句子。 " 我僅僅 "

"Miss her?" Jun cut in. / " 小姐她的"? 六月插入。

Both men stood silent for several moments before Ken moved to take the hot casserole dish out of Joe's hands to keep the heat from searing his synthetic skin. Growling as he folded his arms, Joe said, "Yes. I miss her." / 兩者的男人站著沈默的好幾片刻在肯恩採取行動來從喬的手取出熱的有蓋砂鍋盤子使熱不烤焦他的綜合性的皮膚之前。 當他摺疊了他的手臂時候,怒吠,喬說,"是的。 我想念她。"

"So go to her," she said, as if it was the most obvious thing to do. / "如此找她",她說,好像它是最明顯的事物做。
"Go and see her. She won't exactly slam her door in your face, you know." / "去而且看見她。 她將不完全正對著猛然關上她的門,你知道。"

"Besides, the doors to the House of Peace are rather heavy to slam," / "此外,和平的眾議院的門相當重猛然關上",
Ken added. He got out serving spoons and plunked one into each dish. "She is not going to object to you coming to see her, Joe. You're her husband." / 肯恩補述。 他離開了服務匙而且使發聲一進每個盤子之內。 "她不將反對來見她,喬的你。 你是她的丈夫。"

"Consort," he corrected, trying not to choke on the word. "I'm her consort. I can never be her husband." / "配偶",他改正,嘗試不要在字上窒息。 "我是她的配偶。 我無法是她的丈夫。"

Jun placed a careful hand on his arm. "But you knew that, didn't you? / 六月放一隻小心的手在他的手臂上。 "但是你知道,不是嗎?
You knew that because she's an Immortal Shield, she can never have a husband." He flinched under her touch at those words, jaw working in silence. "Oh, what difference would it make as long as you love her?" / 你知道,因為她是一個永遠的防禦物,她無法有一個丈夫。"他在那些字在她的觸覺之下畏縮,沈默的工作 的顎。 "哦,它將會有什麼不同,只要你愛她"?
Still silence. She was growing impatient. / 仍然安靜。 她正在增加不耐煩。

"If you are wondering what I think you're wondering, then the answer is no," her husband said. / " 如果你是覺得奇怪我所想的,你是覺得奇怪, 然後答案不",她的丈夫說。

Joe looked up, growing impossibly more tense. "What do you mean, no?" / 喬看在,上面不可能地增加更多的時態。 " 你意謂什麼,不"?

A dish in each hand, Ken made his way back out to the dining area where he could hear the three children vocalizing their hunger all too clearly. "She has had no other consorts. Not since she married you. In fact," he paused to push the door open and hold it in place with his foot, "the others say that this has been the first time in a very long time since she's decided to keep to just one consort." / 每隻手,在外被把他的方法做回來到他可以全部太清楚聽到三個孩子發出聲音他們的饑餓吃飯區域的肯恩一個盤子。 "她已經沒有其他的配偶。 不因為她和你結婚了。 事實上, "他暫停以他的腳適當推動門公開而且支撐它 ",其餘者說,自從她被決定保持只是一對配偶之後,這在非常長的時間中已經是第一次。"

Very slowly, Joe unfolded his arms, his shoulders falling slack. / 非常慢慢地,喬展開了他的手臂,鬆弛的落下他肩。
"When was the last time?" / " 最後一次是何時"?

He wore a kind, knowing smile as he said it; Joe should have already guessed the answer just by seeing that smile. "The last time? Kujaku, the first Archer." Clearing his throat, breath hitching a little, he changed his tone and said, "Dinner's ready!" Children's cheers rang loud in reply. / 他穿著了一個類型, 知道微笑當他說了它; 喬應該僅僅藉著看見那一個微笑已經猜測答案了。 " 最後一次? Kujaku,第一位射手。"清掃他的咽喉,稍微猛拉 的呼吸,他改變了他的明暗而且說 ",晚餐的現金!"孩子的愉快高聲地在答覆方面鳴響。

"How does he know?" he asked no one in particular, perhaps even unaware that he'd asked the question out loud. / "他如何知道"? 他邀沒有人進來特別又也許甚至不知道的他有邀問題出去大聲的。

Jun gathered a couple of other dishes in her hands. "He's been back there once or twice this month already. Visiting, doing some of the necessary duties of a Shield. He always asks Lien if she had anything to give you, a letter or anything like that, but she seems to always decline." / 六月聚集了她的手一些其他的盤子。 " 他已經在那裡回來曾經或兩次這月已經。 拜訪,做一個防禦物的一些必需責任。 如果她有了任何事給你,他總是問連, 信或任何事相似的,但是她似乎總是衰退。"

Joe hmphed, and set his arms folded across his chest once more. "So how come he's never asked me?" / 喬 hmphed, 而且設定他的手臂再一次越過他的胸摺疊。 " 如此的為什麼他從不是問了我"?

"Well, he never exactly plans the visits back to the Valley. But come to think of it now, he should have thought to do so. I will remember to whack him senseless for forgetting to ask you." As she left the kitchen, he grabbed the pitcher of juice and followed, as thankful to Jun for her generosity as he was sorry for Ken, who was going to suffer for his ignorance. / "嗯,他從不完全把拜訪計劃回山谷。 但是來想到它現在,他應該要想的這麼做。 我將記得去敲擊他無感覺的為忘記問你。"當她離開了廚房的時候,他抓取了汁的投手而且跟隨, 同樣地感謝的到六月對於她的慷慨當他為肯恩感到抱歉的時候,肯恩將要為他的無知遭受。

Once the dishes were done and the children were settled in the library with Jinpei, Joe found Ken walking towards him as he sat in front of the fire in the lounge. He couldn't help but grin at the droplets of water that clung to his glasses and the handfuls of sopping wet hair that managed to escape the tie; Jun had been true to her word. The deep blue eyes were indignant, the mouth a grim slash, and when he spoke, his voice was dangerously low. "I certainly hope you're happy." / 一旦盤子被做,而且孩子在和 Jinpei 的圖書館中被安頓,當他在閒逛的火之前坐的時候,喬向他發現肯恩步行。 他無法不在黏附於他的眼鏡和一把設法逃脫領帶的渾身濕透濕的頭髮水小滴露齒而笑; 六月已經忠於她所說的話。 深的藍色眼睛是憤怒的, 嘴一個冷酷的斜線,而且當他說的時候, 他的聲音危險低。 " 我確定地希望你很快樂" 。

"It's your own fault, not asking me." / "它是你自己的過失, 不問我".

He pulled off his glasses, wiping them with the end of his shirt and set them on the table, then tore the blue ribbon out of his hair, shaking it loose. For the few minutes he finger-combed his hair before tying it back again, he looked exactly as he did in the wars, whether in his white wings with a boomerang in his hand, or the black shroud holding a sword. / 他順利完成他的眼鏡, 用他的襯衫結束擦拭他們而且支使他們對付桌子,然後從他的頭髮撕破了藍絲帶, 搖動它寬鬆的。 幾分鐘他手指-在再一次把它綁回來之前梳頭髮了他的頭髮,當他在戰爭中做的時候,他完全看, 無論在和他的手一個回飛棒的他白色的翅膀中,否則黑色遮蔽握住刀劍。
"If you wanted to see her badly enough you wouldn't need me as an excuse to go there," he returned. "What sort of pride are you riding on?" / "如果你想要嚴重地足夠見她 , 你將不如藉口需要我去那裡",他歸還。 "你正在搭乘是什麼分類的自傲"?

Joe had not expected that. "It's got nothing to do with pride." / 喬沒有期望那。 "它被得到沒事以自傲做" 。

"Then what has been stopping you from going there yourself? You know how to get there. You know where the portal is. You know how far the walk is between the House of Mercy and the House of Peace. In fact, you don't even have to go from the House of Mercy, you can go straight to her." / " 然後什麼已經從去那裡你自己阻止你? 你知道該如何到那堙C 你知道入口在哪裡。 你知道散步是在仁慈的眾議院和和平的眾議院之間多遠。 事實上,你不甚至必須從仁慈的眾議院去,你能直接去找她。"

"All right, shut up already." Joe leaned forward in his chair and tried to ignore the deep blue stare hovering above him. As he dropped his face into his hands, he wondered if those hands would ever show age the same way Ken slowly grew older, but only briefly. / "好的,已經閉嘴". 喬在他的椅子中向前地倚靠而且試著不理睬盤旋在他上面 的深藍色的注視。 當他降低他的臉進他的手之內的時候, 他懷疑,如果那些手曾經將會顯示變老肯恩慢慢地變得比較年長的相同方法, 但是唯一的簡短地。

Ken set himself on the arm of a soft chair, his glasses now back in place. Softer, he asked, "What has been stopping you?" / 在軟的椅子手臂上設定他自己的肯恩, 他的眼鏡現在適當回。 比較軟的,他問," 什麼已經阻止你"?

"You already know the answer to that, you legendary freak." / "你已經知道那的答案, 你傳奇性的畸形人".

"Do I?" / "做我"?

"You gave me the answer earlier. The answer was 'no', remember?" / "你早些時候給予了我答案。 答案是 '不',記得?"

The younger man gave a brief nod. "So you stayed away all this time because you thought she'd taken another consort in your absence." He picked up a small stuffed rabbit that lay in the chair he perched upon no doubt Tokiko had left it there and hurled it at Joe, catching him neatly on the forehead and knocking his head back. "Baka yarou!" / 青年給予了簡短的點頭。 "因此你這次離開所有,因為你想了她已經帶你的缺席另一對配偶" 。 他拾起一隻小的裝填在於他在沒有懷疑 Tokiko 之上棲息有的椅子兔子在那裡留下它而且在喬用力投擲了它,在前額上整潔地捕捉他而且把他的頭敲回來。 "Baka yarou"!

Putting the rabbit aside, Joe pointed to the glass jar sitting on the mantelpiece with a large label that read 'Swearing Jar'. Ken fished out a few coins from his pocket and plunked them into the jar without acknowledging the admonishment, eyes blazing with anger. "She's missed you all this time, wondering why you never come by, even if it was with me. / 儲存兔子, 喬指向玻璃以讀的大標籤坐在 mantelpiece 上 的廣口瓶 '發誓廣口瓶'. 肯恩不需要承認勸告,對忿怒感到熾燃的眼睛就釣出來自他的口袋一些硬幣而且使發聲他們進廣口瓶之內。 "她被這次全部想念你, 覺得奇怪為什麼你從不經過,即使它和我在一起。
She's wondered why she always has to make the effort, if she had done something wrong to offend you, to keep you away. She's needed to be with you, but she's kept to herself. I ask her if she had anything to give you, anything at all, and even though I know she has something to give or say, she says no." He inhaled deeply, his breath catching, arms shaking in suppressing the urge to deck his former second. "I thought you'd have learned by now. I thought after what happened before, when you first came back to us, you would understand what we went through, and you would never make the same mistake again." / 她已經懷疑她為什麼總是必須盡力 , 假如她做錯誤的東西犯罪你, 使你遠離。 是由於你需要她,但是她被保持她自己。 如果她有了任何事給你,我問她, 任何事全然,而且即使我知道,她有某事給或說,她說號碼"他深深地吸入,他的呼吸捕捉,在鎮壓呼籲裝飾他的前秒方面武裝搖動。 "我想了你有到如今已經學習。 在我想之後什麼以前發生,當你最初回到我們的時候,你將會了解我們穿過的,而且你將會無法再一次犯相同的錯誤。"

Joe openly stared, mouth working to say something but no words seemed to form. The air crackled with Ken's anger, the pulses of energy emanating from that space just below his sternum, and he tried to remember the last time Ken had 'let go'. Instead of asking about it, he said, "Why didn't you tell me?" / 喬公開地注視,工作說某事 的嘴但是沒有字似乎形成。 空氣以肯恩的忿怒,從正好他的胸骨下面的那空間散發 的能源脈膊發出啪聲,而且他試著記得最後一次肯恩被有 ' 讓去'. 代替關於它問,他說,"你為什麼沒有告訴我"?

"Because it's your marriage," came the curt answer. "I didn't want to interfere, but perhaps now it has gone on for long enough." He stood up, snatched the rabbit back and turned towards the library. "I'm going back to the Valley tomorrow after dawn. If you're any the wiser you're welcome to come with me. Tell Vincnt that you have some things to check up with the racing team at the track. I'm going to hand this back to my daughter, and then I need to let go." / "因為它是你的婚姻",來簡略的答案。 "我沒有想要妨礙,但是現在也許它已經為長的充足繼續" 。 他向圖書館站起來, 把兔子奪取回來而且轉。 "我正在破曉之後明天回去山谷。 如果你是你受歡迎和我來的任何比較聰明人。 告訴 Vincnt 你在軌道有一些事物檢查由於競賽小組。 我將要把這傳遞回我的女兒, 然後我需要讓去。"

"I was going to ask you about that." / "我將要向你詢問那" 。

He stopped, but did not turn to face his childhood friend. Nodding, he replied, "It's been some time." His breath hitched again. "I should let go tonight before something goes wrong." / 他停止, 但是沒有準備面對他的孩童時期朋友。 點頭的,他答覆,"它被是數時間" 。 他的呼吸再一次猛拉。 " 我應該讓在某事出毛病今晚之前去".

"It's not like you to forget something like that," Joe said, brows beetling. "You sound like you're suffocating." / " 它不像你忘記某事像那",喬說, 突出的眉毛。 " 你聽起來像你一樣正在使室息".

Now he half-turned, and Joe could now see the coarse lines on Ken's right hand that were absent on his own. "I am, actually." But he smiled, his gaze dropping to the stuffed rabbit in his hand. "It's just that they they take up so much of my time, give me so much peace, I hardly notice anything that could be wrong with me." / 現在他一半-轉,而且喬現在可以看見在肯恩的靠他自己缺席的右手上的粗糙線。 "我是,實際上". 但是他微笑,他的降低到他的手被裝填的兔子 的注視。 " 它很正直他們他們著手進行大多數的我時間,給我這麼多和平,我剛剛注意可能對我感到錯誤的任何事".

Joe, too, now smiled. "Aa." / 喬,也,現在微笑。 "Aa".

Jinpei and Ryu were telling them stories about the Seven Shields of Heaven again. Smiling, Ken shook his head, thankful that there were no pictures of the Shields to be shown, unlike all the other fairytale stories the children read and listened to. One day, he knew that they would grow smart enough to goad him into sketching representations of these legendary characters for them, and he still had not decided what to do when that time came. Nor had he decided when they would be old enough to understand their heritage, afraid of making the same mistake Dr. Nambu had in not telling him about his father, the same mistake Kikei had in telling him too late with too little time to learn. / Jinpei 和 Ryu 再一次正在告訴他們故事大約天堂的七個防禦物。 微笑,肯恩搖頭, 感謝的沒有要顯示的防禦物的照片,不像所有的另一個美麗宛如在神仙故事中的故事被讀而且聽到的孩子。 天,他知道,當哪一次被提出的時候,他們將會種植聰明的充足進入為他們描繪這些傳奇性的個性表現之內用刺棒驅趕他,而且他仍然沒有決定該做什麼。 他也沒有確定的當他們將會夠舊來了解他們的遺產時候, 害怕犯相同的錯誤 Nambu 博士有在不告訴他關於他的父親,相同的錯誤 Kikei 有在太晚以太少時間告訴他中學習。

But not tonight, he told himself. Someday, but not tonight. He gasped as he felt his breath more than just hitch. It felt as if a small but hard object had just kicked him in the chest. Soon, he had to go soon. / 但是不今晚,他告訴了他自己。 有一天, 但是不今晚。 當他比正直的猛拉多感覺他的呼吸時候,他喘氣。 它感覺好像一個小的但是難的物體在胸中剛剛踢他。 很快,他必須很快去。

He entered the library greeted by Vincnt's voice badgering his two uncles. "C'mon, tell us a scary one! Please, Uncle Ryu? Uncle Jinpei? / 他進入了被煩擾他的二位叔叔 的 Vincnt's 的聲音歡迎的圖書館。 "C'mon,告訴我們一個容易受驚的! 請,叔叔 Ryu? 叔叔 Jinpei?
Please?" The sandy-brown-haired child with the violet eyes sat upright kneeling on the floor, his small hands pointlessly nudging Ryu's leg. / 請?"沙者-有紫羅蘭色的眼睛褐色頭髮的孩子直立地坐在地板上跪,不尖地用肘輕推 Ryu's 的腿 他小的手。

Iori sat patiently on the floor, legs crossed, yet nodding so rapidly that his hair never rested until he stopped. "Didn't they have huge, scary battles with undead creatures, or summonings, or things like that?" / Iori 忍耐地在地板上坐,腿交叉,然而直到他停止,點頭的如此快速地以致於他的頭髮從不休息。 "他們沒有有不死的生物 , 或 summonings 的極大又容易受驚的戰爭嗎,或事物喜歡那"?

His sister, however, curled her knees to her chest, hands over her ears. "No! No scary stories! Uncle Jinpei, you promised" / 他的姊妹,然而,弄捲了對她的胸她膝,移交她的耳朵。 "不! 沒有容易受驚的故事! 叔叔 Jinpei,你答應"

"Are you frightening them again, you two?" Ken asked. / " 你正在再一次驚嚇他們, 你二"? 肯恩問。

Iori looked up, perfectly innocent. "No, Dad." Then, after some thought, he added, "Not yet." / Iori 看在,上面非常無罪。 "不,爸爸". 然後,在一些想法之後,他增加," 不是仍然".

"Iie! I don't want any scary stories! Uncle Jinpei promised!" / "Iie! 我不想要任何的容易受驚的故事! 叔叔 Jinpei 答應!"

"You're such a baby, Tokiko." / "你是一個如此嬰兒, Tokiko" 。

"Am not! Daddy, tell Vincnt I'm not a baby!" / " 是不! 爸爸,告訴 Vincnt 我不是一個嬰兒!"

Ken's older child sat there, face in his hands, shaking his head, mumbling something that sounded like, "Here we go again." Ken smiled at the familiar gesture. / 肯恩的較年長的孩子在那裡坐,在他的手中面對,搖頭,喃喃而語聽起來像的某事,"再一次我們去這裡了" 。 肯恩在熟悉的手勢微笑。

Amidst the repetitive exchange of "Am not!" and "Are too!" Tokiko's bright blue eyes had begun to moisten, and her father scooped her up into his arms, handing her the stuffed rabbit she'd left behind as she curled against him, clutching the rabbit close to her chest. "All right, that's enough, both of you. Ryu, Jinpei, no scary stories. It's not going to be either of you who has to go and deal with children's nightmares later tonight." / 在重複交換當中 " 是不"! 而且 " 也"! Tokiko's 的明亮藍色的眼睛已經開始弄溼,而且她的父親向上進入他的手臂之內汲取了她, 傳遞她被裝填的兔子當她弄捲對抗他的時候,她有留下 ,抓牢對她的胸兔子結束。 "好的,那是充足,你兩個。 Ryu , Jinpei,沒有容易受驚的故事。 它沒有正在去也是必須今晚稍後去而且處理孩子的夢魘你。"

Ryu grinned broadly. "True. But you don't mind." / Ryu 寬廣地露齒而笑。 "真實的。 但是你不介意。"

"Aa," he replied, stroking Tokiko's dark hair back into place. "But / "Aa",他答覆,進入地方之內把 Tokiko's 的黑暗頭髮划尾槳回來。 "但是
Joe, on the other hand" / 喬, 另一方面"

Jinpei winced. "Ergh. Good point. Better not." / Jinpei 畏縮。 "Ergh。 好點。 更不。"

Vincnt did not look pleased, folding his arms across his chest and wearing a scowl much like his father's. "Papa won't mind," he insisted. / Vincnt 沒有看起來高興, 橫過他的胸折疊的他手臂而且穿著多像他的父親一樣的一個愁容。 "爸爸將不介意",他堅持。

"Oh no, trust me, Papa does mind." / " 哦不,信賴我,爸爸做心".

"But Uncle Jinpei, he never grumbles about it." / " 但是叔叔 Jinpei,他從不關於它呻吟".

"Sou da," the former Owl, the former Traveler, said. "That's because he has finished growling at the rest of us about it." / "Sou da" ,前貓頭鷹,前旅客,說。 " 那是因為他已經關於它我們在其餘者怒吠完".

It was Iori's turn to look unhappy. "Dad, does Uncle Joe really growl at you?" / 輪到 Iori's 看起來不快樂。 " 爸爸, 真的做喬叔叔在你怒吠"?

Ken looked as though it was the most incredulous question he'd ever been asked. Jinpei and Ryu burst into instantaneous laughter. "Yes, Iori. / 好像最懷疑的問題是他曾經已經被問,肯恩看起來。 Jinpei 和 Ryu 進入即時的笑之內爆裂。 "是的,Iori。
All the time." / 始終。"

"Why do you let him?" / "你為什麼讓他"?

Shrugging as he placed Tokiko on the floor, he answered, "Because it's his way. Babies cry, cats mewl, dogs bark, Uncle Joe growls." He bit his lip as his breath caught again, now more urgent than before. Jinpei / 當他放 Tokiko 在地板上的時候,聳肩,他回答,"因為它是他的方法。 嬰兒哭,貓低泣聲,狗吠,喬叔叔怒吠。"當他的呼吸再一次捕捉的時候,他咬了他的唇, 現在更緊急的超過在之前。 Jinpei
Swallow, Thief cocked his head to one side in question, and Ryu made a gesture of similar meaning; to both he twitched his left hand ever so slightly: I'll be okay. / 吞,小偷聳立了到問題的邊他頭,而且 Ryu 製造了一個相似意義的手勢; 到兩者他曾經如此的些微猛拉了他的左手: 我將是好。

Unexpectedly, Iori's eyes darkened, and Vincnt tensed. "What's wrong, / 意想不到地, Iori's 的眼睛弄暗,而且 Vincnt 拉緊。 " 什麼是錯誤的,
Dad?" / 爸爸?"

Ken remained relaxed even as he felt his heart vault to his throat, allowing the corners of his mouth to curve into a smile that he hoped looked reassuring. "Nothing, Iori." He can sense it, or at the very least, he can tell there's something wrong. Vincnt doesn't doubt it, either. Are they growing so fast already? Are they learning already? Can we raise and protect three Shield children? "I need to go out for a bit. I won't be gone long." / 當他感覺了對他的咽喉他心天空的時候,肯恩甚至保持放鬆,允許要進入一個他希望的微笑之內彎的他嘴角落看起來安心。 "沒事,Iori". 他能感覺它, 或在非常最少者,他能告訴有有毛病。 Vincnt 也不懷疑它。 他們正在如此的快速已經增加嗎? 他們正在已經學習嗎? 我們能升起並且保護三個防禦物孩子嗎? "我需要為一點點出去。 我將不久不見了。"

While she untied and retied the ribbon around her rabbit's neck, oblivious to the tension around her, Tokiko said, "You will be back to tuck me in, won't you, Daddy?" / 她在她的兔子周圍不繫而且再繫緞帶是脖子, 易忘的對緊張在她周圍, Tokiko 說," 你將回來打橫褶我在,你不不將嗎,爸爸"?

His smile grew sincere at this. "Of course I will." And he left the room, very much aware of his son's eyes so like his own burning into his back. / 他的微笑在這變誠懇。 "當然我決意" 。 而且他離開了房間, 非常知道的如此像他自己的燒一樣的他兒子的眼睛進入他的背部之內。

The beach was deserted; a few seabirds sat nesting in their alcoves in the rocks, but all around him only the sea and wind could be heard. His footsteps remained silent as the ninja he once was until he reached the deep cove, where he would not be seen from the house, even though he could still see the warm glow of lights shining from it. / 海灘被遺棄; 一些海鳥坐著在岩石的他們凹室中築巢,但是在他的周圍四處只有海洋和風可能被聽到。 他的腳步保持沈默當忍者他曾經直到他被到達他從房子將不被看到的深小海灣,即使他可以仍然看見來自它的閃爍 的光溫暖赤熱。

So much has changed, he thought, drawing the house into his mind. / 這麼多已經改變,他想,畫房子進他的想法之內。
Once upon a time a man lived there and raised five children on his own six, for the little while Kikei stayed with them. Now that man was gone, and three separate though overlapping family units lived there: the original family of five, the Asakuras and the Shimadas. And the Washios? / 從前一個男人在那裡居住而且靠他自己養育了五個孩子六,因為小一會兒 Kikei 在他們家逗留。 現在那一個男人不見了, 和三個分開雖然交疊處理家庭單位在那裡居住: 五的最初家庭, Asakuras 和 Shimadas。 而且 Washios?
But that was only a name, after all. Kentaro had been the last true / 但是只是一個名字,畢竟。 Kentaro 已經是最後人真實的
Washio, and until now Ken could not help but wonder if his father had known who Sayuri really was, if he had ever known that he had married the last scion of the legendary Shimada clan. / Washio, 而且直到現在肯恩無法不懷疑,假如他的父親知道誰 Sayuri 真的是, 如果他曾經已經知道他有傳奇性的 Shimada 氏族的已婚最後一個接穗。

Cold and clear like so many of the past nights, his hands remained warm and dry. The scar on his right palm looked old and faint in the moonlight, at times hard to see because of all the calluses on his hands. / 寒冷的而且清楚地喜歡大多數的過去夜晚,保持溫暖的他手和乾。 在他的正確手掌上的疤痕在月光下看起來很舊的和微弱, 有時努力地因為在他的手上所有的厚繭看見。
He regarded it, and thought of the scar's twin, just below his sternum, and marveled at, hated and forgave the odds that led to them. / 他視為了它, 而且想到疤痕的雙胞胎,僅僅在他的胸骨下面, 而且對, 嘖嘖稱奇憎恨而且原諒了導致他們的機會。

He allowed one last reminder that it was time, one more gasping breath, before he held his arms out wide, closed his eyes, tilted his head back, and let go. / 他允許了它是時間,另外一個喘氣呼吸的一個最後的提醒人, 在他在外拿著他的手臂之前寬的, 被關閉的他眼睛,把他的頭傾斜回來, 而且讓去。

The inherent powers of the immortal Shield of Mercy flowed out of him eagerly, floating and spinning and whirling, welcoming the freedom after being kept inside for so long. A mortal body like Ken's was not strong enough to contain them for such long periods of time, especially since they accumulate, and in return they allowed themselves to be released every now and again, to renew the cycle of containment, to give Ken's body some much need space and even more needed rest. They stretched out into the open night sky, like a huge, shapeless yawning form, and waited for him. / 仁慈的永遠防禦物的固有權力熱心地流動離他, 漂浮的而且紡織和旋轉, 在被維持內部之後歡迎自由為如此長。 一個不免一死的身體像肯恩不夠強來包含他們如此長的一段時間以來, 尤其因為他們累積,而且作為回報他們允許了他們自己被釋放每一現在和再一次, 更新包含的周期, 給肯恩身體一些很多的需要空間和甚至更所需的休息。 他們進入開放的夜晚天空之內伸展出, 像極大,無形狀的打哈欠形式, 而且等候他。

Set apart from his legacy, at least for the moment, he sighed, feeling his own breath in his lungs comfortable and easy. Though he knew it would be at least two full days before he could summon the powers once more on his own, it no longer worried him. The wars were over and he did not need to be to use the term they'd initially reserved for Joe 'on full power' all the time. Seeing, hearing, tasting, feeling all the power around him, his arms fell back to his sides, nodding his acknowledgement when he sensed the question: So what now? / 除了他的遺贈物之外設定,至少片刻,他歎息,感覺在他的肺他自己的呼吸舒服的和容易。 雖然他知道了它將會在他可以再一次靠他自己召喚權力每天之前是至少二全部,不再焦慮他的它。 戰爭是上面的,而且他沒有需要當使用他們最初有始終為喬 '在完全的力量之上' 保留的術語。 看見,聽,嚐,在他周圍感覺所有的力量,他的手臂撤退到他的身邊, 點頭的他確認當他感覺了問題的時候: 如此什麼現在?

It was not cold enough for snow, too dry for rain. The winds were already strong on their own, and Ken, the Shield of Mercy, the / 它對於雨是乾的也對雪是不夠寒冷的。 風靠他們自己已經是強的, 和肯恩,仁慈的防禦物,那
Stormreaver, considered the possibilities. / Stormreaver,考慮了可能性。

As exciting as was the tale of Fuma, the Shield of Courage's campaign against a horde of soldiers, skilled horsemen and bowmen who were ransacking a major city in a faraway land, robbing them of their finely-woven carpets of spider-silk, their carvings of obsidian and jade and their precious volumes of histories and magic, it dulled in the light of what Tokiko could see through the window. / 同樣地使當做興奮是正在到處搜索遙遠的土地一座主要的城市 Fuma 的故事, 對抗軍人的群眾,熟練的 horsemen 的勇氣活動的防禦物和弓箭手,精美地從他們搶走他們的-針織蜘蛛的地毯- 絲,黑曜石的他們雕刻品和綠色的和他們的歷史和魔術的寶貴體積, 它遲鈍的鑒於什麼 Tokiko 可以看穿窗戶。

"'Niichan, Vincnt, look!" she shrieked, pointing outside. "Lights in the sky!" / "'Niichan , Vincnt,看"! 她尖叫,外面指出。 "天空的光"!

The two boys' heads whipped around before they scrambled to their feet, noses and hands pressed firmly against the glass. "It's a, it's a," / 在他們攀緣到他們的腳,鼻子和手反對玻璃堅固壓之前 , 二個男孩的頭翻轉。 " 它是一, 它是一",
Iori struggled to remember the word. "An aurora!" he proclaimed at last. / Iori 努力記得字。 "一個奧羅拉"! 他最後宣佈。

"Northern lights," Vincnt agreed. / "北方人點燃",Vincnt 同意。

"Hey, are we in the northern or southern half of the world?" / "嗨,在北方的或南方一半的世界中是我們"?

Vincnt pulled away from the window to regard his cousin. "Not sure. / Vincnt 從窗戶開走視為他的堂兄弟姊妹。 "不是確信。
Why?" / 為什麼?"

"Well, I wanna know if it's borealis or australis." / " 嗯,我想要知道是否它是 borealis 或南極光".

Before Vincnt could contemplate an answer, both boys were smacked across the head with a stuffed rabbit. "Be quiet! I wanna watch the lights." / Vincnt 可以注視一個答案之前,兩者的男孩越過和一隻被裝填的兔子頭被有味道。 "是安靜! 我想要手錶光。"

Jun entered the room, her daughter's squeals like a happy siren to her. She noted the three children, faces pressed against the window, a very tiny voice in the back of her mind complaining about the smears they were going to leave behind, and then focused her attention on her husband's handiwork painting the night sky. "C'mon, why don't we go watch outside. Get your coats on." / 六月進入了房間, 她的女兒尖叫喜歡對她的一個快樂的女海妖。 她注意了三個孩子,臉壓進對抗窗戶, 一種非常極小的聲音在她的抱怨他們將要留下的污跡 的心後面, 然後將她的注意集中在她的油漆夜晚天空 的丈夫手工。 "C'mon,為什麼我們不外面去手錶。 得到你的外套在之上。"

They wasted no time leaving the room like the small tornadoes that they were and reaching into the hall closet for their coats and warm boots. Tokiko, very small for her age of five, waited for her older brother to get her coat down for her while Vincnt helped her put her boots on. / 他們沒浪費時間離開房間喜歡他們是的小龍捲風而且到達進入門廳之內為他們的外套和溫暖的長靴關進小屋。 Tokiko, 非常小的為她年齡五, 等候她的較年長的兄弟對於她的得到她的外套墬落當 Vincnt 幫助她欺騙她的長靴時候。

"They move really fast, don't they?" Ryu said as he came out of the room with Jun. "Give them another year, especially your little girl, and they'll be plenty harder to get to the dinner table on time." / " 他們移動真的快速地,他們不不嗎"? 當他從有六月的房間出來的時候, Ryu 說。 "在另年給他們, 尤其你的小女孩, 而且他們將是困難準時到達晚餐桌子的充分".

She stifled a groan. "I wonder if Hakase had it this bad with us. If we kept running off, using his training against him." / 她使一聲呻吟不能呼吸了。 "是否 Hakase 和我們有了它這壞,我懷疑。 如果我們走開保持流動,使用對抗他的他訓練。"

"I'm sure he had worse," the large man replied with a hearty laugh. / "我確定他更更壞地有",與一聲誠懇的笑一起答覆的大男人。
"We've only got three, and he had five, as well as Ken's brother, who was as stubborn as the next person." / " 我們只有已經得到三,而且他有五, 和肯恩的兄弟, 兄弟是像下一個人一樣的頑固".

"Perhaps," she returned. "Or maybe, when the children reach that age when they become aware of their powers, maybe that's when everything is going to go insane." / "也許" ,她歸還。 "或也許,當當他們知道他們的權力時候,孩子達成那一個年齡的時候,也許那是當每件事物將要變患精神病" 。

Ryu nodded. "Maybe." / Ryu 點頭。 "也許".

"Wai, hayaku, Mama! Let's go!" Tokiko called from the front door, bouncing up and down. / "Wai , hayaku,媽媽! 讓我們去!"Tokiko 從前門呼叫, 上下地反彈。

"Yeah, can we go now? The lights could go out soon," Iori said. / "是的,我們能現在去嗎? 光可以很快熄滅,"Iori 說。

Jun gathered her own coat from the closet, handing Ryu his. "Go on, but be careful. Hold on to your sister, Iori," she said. Her sentence barely ended when they burst out the door and into the night, running out to the edge of the garden where the view was best. Through the window from which she'd watched them earlier, she could see Vincnt and Iori holding each of Tokiko's hands, every now and then carrying her off the ground, helping her keep up with them. / 六月聚集了來自壁櫥的她自己的外套,傳遞 Ryu 他的。 "繼續, 但是很小心。 抓緊你的姊妹, Iori,"她說。 當他們爆裂出門的時候,她的句子幾乎結束和進入夜晚之內,用完到視野是最好的花園邊緣。 經過她早些時候有看了他們的窗戶,她可以看見 Vincnt 和握住每 Tokiko's 都的手 Iori, 偶爾在地面外攜帶她,向上和他們幫助她的生計。

"I don't see what the rush is," Jun said to Ryu. "Ken will keep that up for as long as he likes." / "我沒看見匆促是什麼",六月對 Ryu 說。 " 肯恩將保存那提高為只要他喜歡".

"Not too long, I hope," Joe called from the stairs. "Those kids need to be in bed soon, and so do I if I'm going with Ken after sunrise." / "不是太久,我希望",喬從樓梯呼叫。 "如果我正在日出之後和肯恩去,那些小孩需要很快在睡覺,而且我也是" 。

Ryu threw Joe's jacket at him, grinning. "Come out and watch the lights, you big grouch. Come and watch your son." / Ryu 丟在他的喬夾克,露齒而笑。 "出來而且看光,大的不高興的人你。 來而且看你的兒子。"

He hmphed a little, then shrugged on the jacket and went outside with them. Closing in on the children, the three pairs of hands frantically pointing from one wave of color to the next, each trying to get the others' attention, Joe realized they were short of one. "Where's Jinpei?" / 他 hmphed 稍微 , 然後在夾克上聳肩而且和他們出去。 關閉在孩子身上, 三雙手狂暴地從顏色的一個波浪到下一個指出, 每個嘗試得到另一個注意,被了解他們缺少的喬一。 "Jinpei 在哪裡"?

In answer, streaks of light shot across the sky, exploding into showers of even more color, each time complimenting the ribbons of northern lights in the sky. The greens, blues and violets caused by Ken's powers were offset by yellows and oranges and reds and pinks of the fireworks. The children grew all the more excited, with Tokiko squealing in delight at each loud bang and flash, Vincnt looking in every skyward direction at once and Iori admiring silently. / 在答案 , 橫過天空的輕注射的條理中,進入甚至更多的顏色陣雨之內爆炸,稱讚天空的北方光的緞帶 的每一次。 綠色,藍調和由肯恩的權力所引起的紫羅蘭被黃色和柳橙和紅色和煙火的粉紅色彌補了。 孩子變所有的更興奮, 藉由在每個大聲的砰然和閃光,立刻順便探訪每一向天空的方向 的 Vincnt 和 Iori 在高興中發出尖銳的叫聲 的 Tokiko 讚賞的默默地。

Somewhere down on the beach, the three adults knew, Jinpei stood armed with perhaps no more than pebbles that he'd infused with his own magicks of a Holy Guardian. Each pebble was first infused with the desired effect fire and lightning, then some color then flung with as much force as possible into the air before it took on a life of its own and shot across the sky, bursting as any firework would. He paid great attention to the exact hues of the sky before launching his little packages; it might as well be a good show for the children while he was at it. And Ken would approve. / 某處在海灘上墬落,三個成人知道,Jinpei 以也許沒有於他有以一個神聖的監護人的他自己 magicks 注入的小圓石站著武裝。 每小圓石首先一起注入被需要的效果火和閃電, 然後一些顏色然後投由於當很多的力量如可能的進入空氣之內在它承擔它自己的生活而且射擊橫過天空之前, 爆裂當任何的煙火將會。 他在發射他的小包裹之前對天空的精確色給予棒的注意; 當他是在它的時候,它最好是孩子的一場好表演。 而且肯恩將會贊同。

The light show lasted for some time. Joe, Jun and Ryu still stood a short distance behind the children, but Tokiko was already yawning and leaning heavily on Iori, the only one left standing; Vincnt had taken a seat on the ground, chewing absently on a blade of grass. Soon the fireworks ended Jinpei might have either run out of pebbles or exhausted his magic and the northern lights faded away into the darkness as those powers returned to the body that housed them, calm, quiet and small again. / 輕的表演持續達數時間。 喬,六月和 Ryu 仍然站著了在孩子後面的短距離,但是 Tokiko 已經正在 Iori 上很重地打哈欠而且傾斜,一個只有左邊持續; Vincnt 已經在地面上坐 ,在草的刀鋒上心不在焉地咀嚼。 很快煙火收盤 Jinpei 可能已經或用光小圓石或用盡了他的魔術和北方的光已褪色的離開進入如那些權力的黑暗之內回到收容了他們的身體,平穩,安靜和小的再一次。

Above the beach, Iori managed to walk back into the house by himself, sluggishly, needing a prod or two from his mother or his uncles. Joe, in a motion that still sometimes appeared uncharacteristic of him, collected his son in his arms and carried him inside and upstairs, the same way Jun cradled Tokiko all the way to her bed and helped her into her bedclothes. / 在海灘上面, Iori 設法獨自向後地走入房子,偷懶地,需要來自他的母親或他的叔叔一或二個刺針。 喬,在一個仍然有時出現了他的不特性, 收集了他的手臂他兒子而且攜帶了他內部和二樓的提議中, 相同的方法六月放在搖籃內了 Tokiko 所有的路她床而且幫助她進她的床舖寢具之內。
When she checked on Iori he had put on his pajama bottoms the wrong way round, but she did not have the heart to wake him just for that. / 當她檢查 Iori 的時候 , 他已經穿上他的睡衣褲根據錯誤的方法回合,但是她沒有心僅僅為那叫醒他。

As she closed the door to her son's room, Jinpei came up the stairs, gave a huge yawn before waving her goodnight, stopping only to check on / 當她關閉了到她的兒子房間的門時候,Jinpei 發生樓梯,在揮舞她的 goodnight 之前給予了一個極大的哈欠, 停止不料竟會檢查在
Tokiko before making his way to his own bedroom. / 在鋪到他自己的臥室他路之前的 Tokiko。

The same bedroom, she thought, awash with memories. Jinpei slept in the same room he'd grown up in, at the end of the corridor, across the way from where Vincnt now slept. Joe and Ryu still guarded the stairs while / 相同的臥室,她想, 與水面齊平的和記憶。 Jinpei 以他已經長大的相同房間在 , 在走廊結束的時候 , 橫過那方式睡從在 Vincnt 現在睡的地方。 喬和 Ryu 仍然保衛了樓梯當
Iori and Tokiko slumbered in the very rooms she and Ken had chosen so many years ago, and as the resident married couple, they got the master bedroom. / 在最房間熟睡她的 Iori 和 Tokiko 和肯恩在許多年以前已經這麼選擇,而且當居民和夫婦結婚了的時候,他們有了主人臥室。
Kikei's room has been empty for so long people only come and go, until / Kikei's 的房間已經只有被來並且去,直到
Vincnt was born. And then Iori, and Tokiko. I wonder if there will be more? She smiled at the thought of her strong, bright and perhaps a little too spirited children. / Vincnt 出生。 然後 Iori, 和 Tokiko。 是否將有更多,我懷疑? 她在她的強﹐明亮的和也許有點兒有精神的孩子想法微笑。

Poor Iori, she thought, remembering those eyes beseeching her earlier that evening as he waited for his father to enter the house. Iori's over-protectiveness of his father had far more to do with past events than with having inherited his father's character, and she knew it even if Iori himself could not remember. / 貧窮的 Iori,她想, 記得那天晚上稍早懇求她 的那些眼睛當他等候他的父親進入房子。 Iori's 結束-即使 Iori 他自己無法記得,他的父親保護有更多超過由於有遺傳他的父親個性以過去的事件做,而且她知道了它。

She remembered. / 她記得。

"Give me the keys, 'Neechan. I'll get the door." / "給我鑰匙,'Neechan。 我將得到門。"

"Just so you won't have to carry anything, eh?" Ryu said. / " 僅僅因此你將不須攜帶任何事,eh"? Ryu 說。

Jun struggled out of Joe's car, clutching her sleeping baby daughter to her breast. "Please, Ryu, Jinpei, not now. She's just gone to sleep, and you know how much trouble she's had sleeping as it is." / 六月努力離喬的汽車,抓牢她的睡眠嬰兒女兒到她的胸部。 "請,Ryu , Jinpei,現在不要。 當它是的時候,她剛剛去睡覺,而且你知道她已經有睡眠多少麻煩。"

Ryu said nothing, only scratching the back of his head. / Ryu 什麼也不說,只有擦他的頭背面。

"At least Ken's back with Iori already," Joe said, noticing the other car as he hoisted Vincnt out of the back seat. "Well, Vincnt, shall we see what your little cousin is up to?" / " 至少和 Iori 的肯恩背面已經",喬說, 注意另一個汽車當他從後座升起了 Vincnt。 "嗯,Vincnt,我們將看見你的小堂兄弟姊妹做什麼嗎"?

The boy nodded so hard and so fast he bounced in his father's arms. / 男孩努力地這麼點頭,而且如此快速地他跳進他的父親手臂。
"Iori! Where's Iori?" / "Iori! Iori 在哪裡?"

"Inside, Vincnt. When we get inside, we'll " He stilled, even as his son continued to bounce. Jinpei had yet to open the door; the key he needed had become entangled with the other keys on the chain. But he could hear his young nephew wailing from somewhere inside the house. Crying loud and clear and frightened and endless. "Something's wrong." He handed / "內部,Vincnt。 當我們進入的時候, 我們決意 "他安靜,正當他的兒子繼續反彈。 Jinpei 還沒有打開門; 鑰匙他以另一個需要有變得糾纏在鏈上調音。 但是他可以聽到他的從某處在房子裡悲嘆 的年輕姪子。 高聲地和清楚地哭泣而且驚嚇和永無止境的。 "有毛病". 他傳遞
Vincnt to Ryu, leaving the child confused and alarmed at his father's behavior, and raced to the door. Jinpei only just got it open, and he slid through it, following Iori's voice. / 到 Ryu 的 Vincnt, 讓孩子在他的父親行為混亂而且驚慌, 而且比賽到門。 Jinpei 只有僅僅得到它打開, 和他 slid 經過它,跟隨 Iori's 的聲音。

"Ken? Ken, where are you?" / "肯恩? 肯恩,你在哪裡?"

Jun rushed in, quickly handing her daughter to Jinpei. "Take her upstairs, and hurry. Make sure she doesn't hear anything." As Jinpei vanished up the stairs, Ryu followed with Vincnt, already sensing that the boy was beginning to panic. / 六月催促在,很快地把她的女兒交給 Jinpei。 "帶她的二樓 , 和匆忙。 確定她沒聽到任何事。"當 Jinpei 在樓梯上面消失的時候,Ryu 以 Vincnt 跟隨,已經測知男孩正在開始驚慌。

Iori's crying came from the kitchen, and Joe and Jun burst in, fearing the worst. / Iori's 哭泣那來自廚房,而且喬和六月爆裂在,害怕最壞。

Ken lay sprawled on his side on the floor, still and soundless. His son sat small and rumpled next to him, tiny hands shaking his father's shoulder, trying to get him to wake up. His face was damp and dirty with tears and he now screamed more than he cried. / 肯恩在地板上的他身邊上放置擴展, 然而和無聲的。 他的兒子坐著了對他,搖動他的父親肩 的極小手小的而且弄縐下一個, 嘗試得到他醒來。 他的臉對淚滴感到潮溼的和骯髒,而且他現在尖叫超過他哭。

"Oh, God, Ken." She swept Iori into her arms, cradling him, rocking him, shushing him all that she could to calm him down, knowing that Joe would look after Ken. Trusting in that her attention focused on soothing her son as much as she could, murmuring and whispering and insisting that / "哦,上帝,肯恩". 她清掃 Iori 進她的手臂之內,放在搖籃內他, 搖擺他, 全部噓聲他她可以使他鎮定下來,博學的喬將會照料肯恩。 在那信賴她的注意盡量多把重心集中在撫慰的她兒子, murmuring 而且耳語和堅持那
"Daddy will be all right. It's okay, honey, please, it's okay" / "爸爸將是沒關係。 它是好,加蜜,請, 它是好"

Joe gathered Ken in his arms and called for Ryu, lifted his younger brother's slender form easily as if he weighted nothing at all and made for the front door. "Call ahead, Junie," he said. "Call the Medical / 喬聚集了他的手臂肯恩而且要求 Ryu, 容易地舉起他的弟弟苗條的形式好像他全然什麼也不重量而且對前門有益。 "向前地呼叫,Junie",他說。 "打電話給醫生
Research Center. Ryu and I will take him." He only saw her brief nod, so absorbed was she in calming her son; Ryu needed no further instruction, familiar with the routine. They made for the car once more, the engine still warm: Ryu drove, Joe stayed in the back seat with Ken, whose breaths were even but shallow. / 研究中心。 Ryu 和我將帶他。"他只看見她的摘要點頭, 如此全神貫注是她在平靜她的兒子方面; Ryu 沒需要進一步的指令, 熟悉的由於例行公事。 他們再一次對汽車有益,引擎仍然溫暖: Ryu 開車,喬停留在和肯恩的後座中, 其呼吸是平坦的但是淺的。

Iori cried dry tears for nearly another hour until he had exhausted himself; Jun could not help but marvel at the tiny one's strength to cry for so long, so hard, that he'd continued to cry as loud as he could until someone would come to help his father, even though after that he'd forgotten how to stop. When she tucked him into his bed muffled sobs and hiccups still escaped him every so often, and it was much, much later when he was silent at last. / Iori 哭乾的淚滴為在另一個小時幾乎直到他已經用盡他自己; 六月無法不對一個極小的嘖嘖稱奇力量哭因為如此渴望,如此的努力,以致於他已經繼續儘他所能地高聲哭直到某人將會來幫助他的父親, 即使在之後他已經忘記該如何停止。 當她打橫褶他進他的仍然被圍裹啜泣和打嗝的床之內的時候經常逃脫了他, 而且它多, 非常遲的當他最後沈默的時候。

Ryu called not long after: Ken was all right, just another collapse, he would need to spend the night. "Dr. Olusanya said that considering how long it's been since his illness last affected him, we shouldn't have to worry, it's unlikely that it'll happen again. We just might have to start the remission count again." He sounded tired, and maybe a little disheartened, picturing the calendar in the kitchen they used to mark / Ryu 在久叫做不之後: 肯恩是全部正確又老套的崩潰,他將會需要度過夜晚。 " Olusanya 博士說就它是多久而論是自最後的他疾病之後影響了他,我們應該不再須煩惱 , 它不太可能它將發生。 我們僅僅可能必須讓寬恕計數從再一次開始。"他聽起來很疲累, 而且也許稍微氣餒, 在廚房中描寫日曆他們過去一直標示
Ken's remission days. / 每天的肯恩寬恕。

He'd been nearly a year in the clear. / 他已經被幾乎在清楚者中是一年。

Now they had to start over again. / 現在他們必須再一次結束開始。

The calendar now stood on a desk in their bedroom, because the children might start to ask questions. She marked off another day in a brown marker the first year had been in green, the second yellow, the third pink, and this was the fourth. Already a blue marker sat still in its plastic wrapper in the desk drawer, waiting for the fourth year to pass before they could start marking the fifth and final year. / 因為孩子可能開始問問題,所以日曆現在在他們的臥室一張書桌上站立。 她在一個褐色作記號的人中在另一個日子走開標示第一年已經在綠色,第二黃色,第三朵粉紅色中,而且這是第四個。 已經一個藍色的作記號的人在書桌抽屜的它塑膠的包裹器中仍然坐, 等候第四年通過在他們可以開始標示第五個和最後的年之前。

Then it'll be over, she smiled. / 然後它將結束,她微笑。

"And why is my wife smiling?" asked a voice just entering their bedroom. "Is it because she enjoyed the light show, because the children are finally asleep, or because her husband is nothing more than an overgrown child?" / "而且我的太太為什麼微笑的"? 一種聲音僅僅問進入他們的臥室。 " 因為孩子最後睡熟了,所以因為她享受了輕的表演,所以它是, 或因為她的丈夫不是什麼超過東西一個發育過度的孩子"?

Her smile broadened as she felt his arms encircle her waist, his chin resting on her shoulder. He smelled like clean air and saltwater, and his skin and clothes still carried the chill of the autumn wind, yet his hands, folded across her stomach, glowed with warmth. / 她的微笑擴大當她感覺他的手臂環繞她的腰部,在她的肩上他下巴休息。 他聞了相似的乾淨空氣和鹽水的,而且被摺疊過她的胃仍然攜帶秋天風的寒冷 , 然而他的手他皮膚和衣服,以溫暖發紅光。

"All of the above," she said. "And then some." / " 全部那上述的",她說。 " 然後一些".

"Really? What did I miss out?" / "真的嗎? 我遺漏什麼?"

She turned on her heels to face him without breaking his embrace, her hands wandered carefully to brush his hair out of his eyes, tuck it behind his ears. "In two months, we can start with the blue marker, for one." / 她打開她的腳後跟不需要打破他的擁抱就面對他,她的手小心地遊蕩從他的眼睛疏刷他的頭髮,打橫褶在他的耳朵後面的它。 "在二個月中,我們能從藍色的作記號的人開始, 為一".

His blue eyes widened, glowed. "Wow. So soon?" / 他的藍色眼睛擴大,發紅光。 "哇。 如此的快?"

"Mm-hmm." She plucked his glasses off the bridge of his nose and placed them on the desk. / "公釐-hmm". 她在他的鼻子橋外拉他的眼鏡並且放他們在書桌上。

"What else?" / " 什麼別的"?

The playfulness of his voice and expression vanished when he saw her smile fade into something more rueful, more thoughtful, when her gaze fell away from his own. He tilted his head, tried to catch her eye again, but her eyes remained fascinated by the floor. "What is it? Is something wrong?" / 當他看見她的微笑衰弱進更悲傷的東西之內的時候,他的聲音和表達的玩笑消失,更深思的, 當她的注視跌落離開的時候從他自己的。 他傾斜了他的頭,再一次試著引起她的注意,但是她的眼睛保持被地板令人入神。 "它是什麼? 有毛病是嗎?"

She shook her head, jade-black tresses swishing like quiet feathers. / 她搖頭,相似的安靜羽毛的玉- 黑色的頭髮一束帶著嗖嗖聲揮動。
"I'm smiling because you're still here." / "因為你仍然在這裡,所以我是微笑的" 。

His hand reached under her chin, pulling her face up to his own, taking a couple of seconds to drift away in her deep green eyes. "Silly, strange woman. Where else would I be?" The shock-horror-how-could-you look she gave him did not faze him anymore now; there was a time when he would have run in the opposite direction. "Junie, if you keep thinking about everything that could have been, when are you going to think about you and me, here and now?" / 他的手在她的下巴之下到達, 把她的臉拉起來到他自己的, 花一些秒在她的深綠色的眼睛中的離開漂流。 "愚蠢又奇怪的女人。 在哪裡別的將會我是?"驚嚇-驚駭-如何-可以- 你看她給予他現在不再擾他; 有次他何時將會已經在相反的方向中跑。 "Junie, 如果你關於每件事物保存思考的應該可以是, 你將要當想你和我,這裡和現在"?

"But, but Iori and Tokiko if you hadn't, they wouldn't be" / "但是, 但是 Iori 和 Tokiko 如果你不有,他們不將會是"

"Yes, I know, but they're here now, and so am I. Can we leave it at that?" / " 是的,我知道,但是他們現在在這裡,而且 I. 也是我們能在那離開它嗎"?

"But " / " 但是 "

"Please?" / "請"?

It was hard not to give up. So sure, so certain, the ex-Eagle in front of her now. So many things made their contribution to his change, from the hot-tempered, brash, moody teenager to the enigmatic and knowing adult, and yet she knew that everything that made him Ken all still remained. She nestled against him, warming a single cold spot on his shirt with her cheek, her arms crushed between their two bodies. / 它努力地不放棄。 如此確信﹐如此確定,在她的現在之前的前任鷹。 這麼多事物作了對他的改變他們的貢獻,從性急的﹐性急的﹐和心情不穩的青少年到謎的和博學的成人,而且仍然她知道,那一個全部仍然使他成為肯恩的每件事物保持。 她舒適地坐定對抗他,用她的頰溫暖在他的襯衫上的一個單一寒冷地點,她的手臂在他們的二個屍體之間壓破。

"Why can't I do this?" came her question, muffled by his shirt. "Why can't I just accept that you're here?" / "我為什麼不做這"? 來她的問題, 被他的襯衫圍裹。 " 我為什麼不僅僅接受你在這裡"?

He let out a long breath; as he inhaled he took in the smell of her, a mixture of sweet jasmine and sharp citrus, and somewhere underneath all that lingered the phantom scents of sweat, blood and explosives. "I can't blame you for feeling that way. I'm just as aware as you are of the number of times we could have lost each other. But that's 'could have', Junie. / 他放出長的呼吸; 當他吸入的時候 , 他接受她的味道,一個甜茉莉屬植物的混合和銳利的柑橘類,而且某處在下面全部那逗留了汗,血和炸藥的錯覺氣味。 "我不能因為而責備你那樣感覺。 我是的知道就像你是有時代的數字一樣多我們應該可以失去彼此。 但是 '可以有',Junie。
It's not what is. And what is, is that I'm standing right here right now and we have two kids who I am out of my mind in love with, just as I am with you." / 它是不什麼是。 而且什麼是, 是我立刻就在這裡站立,而且我們在愛方面有二個小孩我是瘋了誰由於,正如我和你在一起。"

She allowed herself to smile, nod. How do you argue with that? / 她允許了她自己微笑,點頭。 你如何以那爭論?

"Two steps forward a time, koishii," he whispered. "Two steps as they come." / "二個步驟轉寄次,koishii",他耳語。 " 二個步驟當他們來之時".

Her head came up at last, but so did one of her eyebrows. "Two? Isn't it one step at a time?" / 她的頭最後發生,但是她的眉毛之一也是。 "二? 它不是一次一個步驟嗎?"

"Aa." He took the opportunity to beep her nose. "But seeing as we spent all our lives moving fifty steps forward a time, I'd say two is a fair number for now." / "Aa". 他利用了對嗶嗶聲她的鼻子機會。 " 但是看見當我們向前地花費了我們所有的生命移動五十個步驟次的時候, 我將會說二是現在的一個公平的數字".

"I suppose." / "我推想" 。

A comfortable silence settled over them, the house quiet besides the low bass-lines coming from the stereo in Jinpei's room and the wind outside. She could hear his heartbeat deep inside his chest, he could hear her breathe, he could hear the thrumming of her own Holy Guardian magic inside her, and after a little while more, he could hear what it was she wanted from him that very moment. / 一陣舒服的沈默在他們之上安頓,房子除低的低音之外靜止-在外面的 Jinpei's 的房間和風中的來自音響的線來。 她可以聽到他的心跳深的內部他的胸,他可以聽到她呼吸,他可以聽到她自己神聖的保護魔術的內部指彈她, 而且在小小的一會兒更多之後,他可以聽到什麼是她在最片刻從他想要。

Ken learned not long after discovering that he was the new Shield of / 肯恩久在發現他是新防禦物之後學習不
Mercy that being a Shield of Heaven gave him greater sensitivity to the world around him, which proved useful more often than not, except when it made him aware of sunrise. / 存在一個天堂的防禦物在他周圍給予了他較棒的敏感到世界的仁慈, 證明有用的更時常比較不, 除了當它讓他知道日出的時候之外。

The days were growing shorter and darker; some mornings it was hard to tell if the sun was out there at all. But Ken knew. And tired or not, damn it, he would always know. / 數天正在增加更短和黑暗; 數早晨是否太陽向那邊,告訴是困難全然。 但是肯恩知道。 而且疲累的,詛咒它,他將會總是知道。

Autumn's invisible sun seemed to beam down right on top of him even as he slept, his legs tangled with hers, his right arm pinned by her head and his left draped lazily over her hip, holding her close to him. / 當他睡的時候,秋天的看不見的太陽似乎甚至在他的頂端上正確地微笑下來,他的腿由於她的使纏結,他的被她頭和他的被在她的臀部之上懶洋洋地用布簾覆蓋,對他握住她的結束左邊用針別住的右手臂。
Relishing too much in her softness and warmth as they lay like spoons, he tried to ignore the call of sunrise, tried to shut out the light he knew radiated outside whether the clouds blocked it or not, to forget about the heat of the sun that wasn't there even though he could sense it. He buried his face in the crook of her shoulder, in the silken blanket of her hair, but he heard her say, "You said sunrise. You should get up." / 當他們放置的時候,在她的柔和和溫暖方面品嚐太多相似的匙,他試著不理睬日出的呼叫, 試著關上出光他在雲是否阻塞之外知道幅射它, 關於不在那裡的太陽熱忘記即使他可以感覺它。 他埋葬了她的肩鉤他臉,在她的頭髮綢毛毯中,但是他聽到了她的發言權,"你說了日出。 你應該起床。"

He groaned, and cuddled even closer to her, placing small kisses across her bare shoulders and back. "I don't want to." / 他呻吟, 而且撫抱甚至比較靠近對她,越過她放置小的吻使赤裸肩和背面。 " 我不想要到".

She smiled at this petulant reply. "You owe Joe this. And besides, even if I don't make you get up, sunrise will. And sunrise won't give you another five minutes." / 她在暴躁的答覆微笑。 "你虧欠喬這。 而且此外,即使我不使你起床, 日出將。 而且日出五分鐘將不給你另外一。"

"Hai, koishii." He drew his arms away from her and rolled onto his back, stretching before searching for the loose trousers he wore to sleep. / "Hai,koishii". 他遠離她拉他的手臂而且在他的背部之上捲, 伸展作業在尋找寬鬆的褲子之前他穿著睡覺。
His eyes crinkled, remembering the night before, when he found them, still folded neatly over the clothes rack. Putting them on, he slipped into his sleeping yukata, not bothering with the sash, and padded out of the bedroom, down the corridor to Joe's room. / 他的眼睛使縐,在那個夜晚以前記得,當他發現他們的時候,仍然整潔地在衣服架之上摺疊。 放他們在,之上他進入他的睡著 yukata 之內滑倒不以飾帶煩擾, 而且填補離臥室, 墬落到喬的房間走廊。

The door opened before he could knock, and he leapt back two feet, his stance immediately defensive. / 在他可以敲擊之前 , 門打開,而且他跳躍了後面的二呎,立刻防禦的他態度。

"I see old habits die hard," Joe said in a low growl, still not quite awake. "What took you so long?" / "我努力地看見舊的習慣骰子",喬在一個低的吠聲中說,仍然不相當喚醒。 " 什麼你花了如此長的時間"?

Ken straightened, eyes still wide. "Let me just get over the fact you're awake and standing first." As he watched Joe fold his arms and lean against the door frame, he relaxed, understanding why his second was awake before him. "Anxious?" / 弄直的肯恩,仍然廣闊注意。 " 讓我僅僅克服事實你是醒的而且站立首先". 當他看喬摺疊他的手臂而且倚靠門體格,他放鬆, 理解他的秒為什麼是醒的在他之前。 "憂慮的"?

He shrugged and said nothing. / 他聳肩而且什麼也不說。

"Right." He gave a quick nod then made his way back to his bedroom. / "權利". 他然後給予了快的點頭把他的方法做回他的臥室。
"Give me ten minutes. Be ready to go by then." / "十分鐘給我。 準備好當時經過。"

"Sure. Coffee?" / "確信。 咖啡?"

"Yeah, thanks. I think we'll both need it." / "是的,謝謝。 我認為我們兩個將需要它。"

Joe stretched as a cat was wont and yawned. "You have no idea." / 當一隻貓是慣於並且打哈欠的時候,喬伸展。 "你不知道" 。

A thin layer of frost sparkled on the grass as they walked into the forest, and a cold, gentle wind tugged at their coats. Joe remained silent, his face its usual mask, his eyes intent on the man who walked with him. Minus the glasses and the tie in his hair this morning, he knew / 當他們走進入森林 , 和一個寒冷的時候,霜凍的瘦層在草上閃耀,溫和的風在他們的外套用力拉。 喬保持沈默, 他的臉它平常的假面具,專心的在和他走的男人身上的他眼睛。 今天早晨減他的頭髮眼鏡和領帶,他知道
Ken carried the tanto blade hidden on his lower back, but he noted the wakizashi that was strapped to his belt, visible whenever the wind pulled on his topcoat hard enough. / 肯恩攜帶了 tanto 被藏在他的較低背面上的刀鋒,但是他注意了 wakizashi 以被綑綁到他的帶子, 看得見的無論何時風在他的輕便大衣上拉夠難的。

"You're carrying your companion blade," he remarked evenly. / "你正在攜帶你的朋友刀鋒",他平均地評論。

"Because you didn't carry a weapon," came the reply. "I haven't got enough power to open the portal right now." / "因為你沒有攜帶一個武器",來答覆。 "我沒有得到充足的力量立刻打開入口" 。

The trees swallowed them; they could no longer see the house, nor could the house see them. They turned corners and followed unmarked paths they'd charted on their own all those years ago, the map imprinted in their memories. The sun had fully risen by the time they reached the hills, where the waterfall fed the river. / 樹吞了他們; 他們可以不再看見房子, 房子也不會看見他們。 他們轉向了角落而且跟隨了他們有製成圖表的未被注意的路徑在他們擁有之上所有的以前那些數年,地圖在他們的記憶中印刷。 當他們到達了小山的時候,太陽已經被完全升起,在瀑布餵了河的地方。

Ken drew the blade, flipped it, handed it hilt-first to Joe. "Do the honors," he smiled. / 肯恩拉刀鋒,用指頭彈了它,傳遞了它柄-對喬的第一。 "做榮譽",他微笑。

Even as he took the weapon, he began focusing his energy on the blade, willing it, rather than to burn like fire, freeze like ice or blow away like the wind, to open a doorway. A small smile curved the corners of his mouth as the blade glowed, and in three quick slashes one upwards, one across, the last downwards a portal opened to them, shaped like a roughly-hewn door marked by the slashes of the blade. They stood awash in the warm silver light emanating from the portal, in the scents of magic. / 正當他拿了武器,他開始集中在刀鋒上的他精力, 樂意的它, 不願燃燒相似的火,相似的冰或打擊之遠像風的結冰, 打開一個門口。 一個小的微笑彎如刀鋒的他嘴角落發紅光, 和在三個快的斜線中一向上的, 一橫過,那最後向下對他們開放的入口, 作形像一概略地-被刀鋒的斜線標示的 hewn 門。 他們站著與水面齊平的在溫暖的銀點燃從入口散發,在魔術的氣味方面。

Joe flipped the blade and handed it back to Ken, hilt-first. "I don't know why I enjoy that." / 喬用指頭彈了刀鋒而且把它傳遞回肯恩 , 柄-首先。 "我不知道我為什麼享受那" 。

"Blades were always your thing," he said, sheathing the blade once more. "You go first. I'm far less anxious than you." / "刀鋒總是你的事物", 他說, 再一次鞘刀鋒。 "你首先去。 我超過你遙遠地是比較不憂慮。"

"I'm not anxious." / "我不是憂慮的" 。

"Suit yourself. Fifteen years later, you should know how pointless it is to lie to me." / "適合你自己。 十五年之後,你應該知道對我說謊是多麼不尖。"

Ken received a whack on the head, failing to block it two seconds earlier. "And fifteen years later," Joe said, "You should know how pointless it is to try and sound like you know everything around me." / 肯恩收到了在頭上的重擊, 沒有二年之前阻塞它。 " 而且十五年之後",喬說 ", 你應該知道試而且聽起來像你一樣是多麼不尖在我周圍知道每件事物".

The retaliation was not one Joe had not expected, neither was it one he anticipated. Ken's hand had gone back to the wakizashi he saw that and swiftly backed away thinking that the flat of the blade was going to race right after him. But instead of the flash of steel a blur of lacquered wood swooped past him, just inches away from his nose: he'd reacted to the relatively harmless sheath. In his confusion, a wild rustling of cloth The edge of his coat, he realized whipped at him from the opposite direction, and by the time he regained his visual sense, Ken had disappeared through the portal. / 報復不是喬沒有期望, 它也不是一他預期。 肯恩的手已經回去他看見而且被很快地退縮刀鋒的公寓就在他之後將要比賽的思考 wakizashi 。 但是取而代之的是鋼閃光一被抓取過去他的塗漆木材模糊,僅僅慢慢前進遠離他的鼻子: 他有對相對無害處的鞘產生反應。 在他的混亂方面, 荒野布料的發出沙沙聲他的外套邊緣,他了解從相反的方向在他鞭打,而且當他取回了他的視覺感覺的時候,肯恩已經消失經過入口。

"Bastard," he murmured, grinning. "Don't you ever complain you're slowing down." And he raced into the portal after him. / "私生子",他低語,露齒而笑。 "你不曾經抱怨你正在減慢嗎" 。 而且他進入在他後的入口之內比賽。

A later part of the morning found the three children finishing their breakfast to spend the day on the water with Ryu. With Ken and Joe both gone, the large man took it upon himself to entertain the children, perhaps teach them the finer points of sleeping with a forgotten fishing pole in one's hand. / 早晨的一個較遲的部份發現完成他們的早餐以 Ryu 將那天花在水上 的三個孩子。 與肯恩和喬在一起兩者都去,大的男人在他自己之上帶了它娛樂孩子, 也許教他們睡覺的較細微的點由於一忘記一隻手的釣魚桿。

"Aren't you coming with us, Uncle Jinpei?" Tokiko asked between bites of her waffle. / " 你不是由於我們來臨,叔叔 Jinpei"? Tokiko 在她的咬之間問閒聊。

"Honey, don't talk with your mouth full," her mother interrupted. / "蜂蜜,不和你的嘴說話全部",她的母親打斷。

The small girl swallowed and asked again, "Aren't you coming with us?" / 小的女孩再一次吞而且問," 你不是由於我們來臨"?

Jinpei tried to look away but found he could not. Tokiko looked every bit like her mother save her dark hair and blue eyes, however it was these two details that made her so irresistible, that made him hurt so much. / Jinpei 試著看離開但是發現他無法。 然而,Tokiko 看像她的母親一樣的每一點點救援她的黑暗頭髮和藍色的眼睛它是這二件製造她的如此不可抵抗的細節, 以致於使他傷害這麼多。
When he looked at her, he already knew what she would look like when she grew up. She would look like Kisaru. / 當他看她的時候,他已經知道了當她長大的時候 , 她將會看起來像什麼。 她將會看起來像 Kisaru 一樣。

Kisaru Washio. Kisaru Shimada. Either way, you're not here anymore. / Kisaru Washio。 Kisaru Shimada。 任一方法,你不再不在這裡。

"I have work to finish up, Tokiko," he said in all sincerity, thinking of the small pile of paperwork on his desk. / "我有工作結束,Tokiko",他在所有的誠實中說,在他的書桌上的文書工作的小堆思考。

She pouted. It pulled his heartstrings all the more. "Aw, but work is boring." / 她噘嘴。 它拉了他的 heartstrings 更加。 "Aw, 但是工作是無聊的".

"Even so, Little Hummingbird, it's because I was playing tag with you yesterday that I didn't get my work done," he said as he waved a teasing finger at her. "If I'd gotten my work done yesterday, then yes, I would go with you today." / "甚至如此,小蜂鳥,因為我正在昨天和你玩標籤,所以它是,我沒有讓我的工作被做",當他揮舞了在她的一根欺負手指的時候,他說。 "如果我昨天已經得到我的工作完成了,然後是的,我將會今天和你進行" 。

"But but" Her spoon seemed forgotten there in her hand, a look of horror on her face. "That's my fault?" / " 但是但是" 她的匙在她的手中似乎忘記,在她的臉上驚駭的神情。 "那是我的過失"?

In a snap Vincnt said, "Yes." / 在大聲叱罵 Vincnt 中說,"是的" 。

"Iie!" Her lower lip trembled, unsure of whether she wanted to throw her spoon at Vincnt or bargain with Jinpei. Instead she turned to her brother. "'Niichan" / "Iie"! 她降低被戰慄的唇, 不肯定的她是否想要丟在和 Jinpei 的 Vincnt 或交易的她匙。 相反的她求助於她的兄弟。 "'Niichan"

Without looking up from his breakfast, Iori reached over and cuffed the back of Vincnt's head, not hard enough to hurt, but enough to satisfy his sister. Vincnt, unfazed, said, "Ow." / 不看在從他的早餐, Iori 伸過手去而且袖口了 Vincnt's 的頭背面上面, 不是夠難傷害, 但是充足滿足他的姊妹。 Vincnt , unfazed,說,"表示突然疼痛所發出之聲".

Pleased that one thing was settled for now, she focused her attention on Jinpei again. "But Uncle Jinpei, it's a nice morning even if it's a little cold and we're going on Uncle Ryu's boat and we'll be on the water and we'll catch fish and maybe if we have enough you can cook fish for dinner, ne? Ne, Uncle Jinpei? With rice and that fried shrimp thing? Ne, / 取悅,一件事物為現在被安頓,她再一次將她的注意集中在 Jinpei 。 " 但是叔叔 Jinpei, 現在是一個美好的早晨,即使它稍微寒冷,而且我們正在繼續進行叔叔 Ryu's 的船,而且我們將在水上,而且我們將捕捉魚和也許如果我們吃你能為晚餐煮魚的充足,舊姓的? 舊姓的,叔叔 Jinpei? 藉由飯而且那油炸了蝦事物? 舊姓的,
Uncle Jinpei? Please?" / 叔叔 Jinpei? 請?"

"Goodness, Tokiko, breathe in before you collapse," said her mother, laughing at her endless stream of words. / "在你崩潰之前 , 仁慈, Tokiko, 吸入",她的母親說,笑她的字永無止境水流。

Jinpei shook his head. "I'm sure Uncle Ryu will catch enough fish for all of us. I will promise to cook them, though, if there's enough." / Jinpei 搖頭。 "我確定叔叔 Ryu 將為我們全部捕捉充足的魚。 但是,我將答應煮他們, 如果有充足。"

"But I want you to come with us," she said, breakfast forgotten altogether. She didn't even notice the two boys take advantage of that as they fought over the last waffle, decided to cut it in two, then fought for the larger half. "Why can't you come with us?" / "但是我想要你和我們來",她說,被全部忘記的早餐。 她不甚至注意,當他們結束打仗的時候,二個男孩利用那那最後閒聊, 決定減低它在二, 然後為較大的一半打仗。 "你為什麼不和我們來"?

"Same answer as before, Tokiko," he said. / " 相同的答案當做在,之前Tokiko",他說。

She sighed. "Work?" / 她歎息。 "工作"?

"Yup." / "Yup".

Her arms folded across her chest, the first signs of a sulk. "You're no fun." / 她的手臂越過她的胸摺疊,鬧情緒的第一個符號。 "你是沒有樂趣" 。

He shrugged in apology. "Being a grown-up isn't much fun." / 他在道歉中聳肩。 "作為成人不是多有趣" 。

"I'm never gonna grow up," Vincnt announced, in a good mood now because of his victory in claiming the larger half of the waffle. / "我從不將要長大 ",Vincnt 宣佈, 現在在一種好心情中因為他的勝利在愈比較大宣稱方面一半的那閒聊。

Iori looked at his cousin with curiosity. "Dad said you kinda have to at some point." / Iori 看有好奇心的他堂兄弟姊妹。 " 爸爸說你有一點必須在一些點".

"Yeah, but that's when you're as old as Aunt Junie." / "是的, 但是當你是像伯母 Junie 一樣的舊時候".

Jun choked on her coffee. "Nani?" / 六月在她的咖啡上窒息。 "Nani"?

Jinpei ducked his head under the table. / Jinpei 沒入水中了在桌子下面的他頭。

"Otherwise, you don't have to until then," Vincnt insisted. / "否則, 你不一定要直到然後",Vincnt 堅持。

"Oh." But Iori seemed to continue to think about it. "Maybe we should check with Dad again," he decided as he gathered his plate and made for the kitchen. / "哦". 但是 Iori 似乎繼續想它。 "也許我們應該再一次和爸爸檢查",當他聚集了他的碟子而且往廚房去的時候,他決定。

Vincnt followed suit, taking Tokiko's plates as well. "Nah. Trust me." / Vincnt 跟進 ,也帶 Tokiko's 的碟子。 "Nah。 信賴我。"

Tokiko watched them go, and once she'd absorbed their conversation, she leant forward, said to Jinpei in a loud whisper, "I don't think we should trust Vincnt." / Tokiko 看他們去,而且一旦她有吸收了他們的交談,她向前地傾斜, 大聲的耳語 Jinpei 說,"我不認為我們應該信賴 Vincnt" 。

He whispered back, just as loudly, "Maybe you're right." / 他向後地耳語,正如大聲地, " 也許你是正確的" 。

"Saa, chibi-minna, are we ready to go?" Ryu bellowed as he came down the stairs, fishing gear in tow. "The tide is good now, and we'll catch plenty of fish for dinner. Some shrimp, too, if we're lucky." / "Saa,chibi-minna, 我們準備好去"? 當他下樓梯的時候, Ryu 怒吼,釣魚拖的工具。 "潮現在很好,而且我們將為晚餐捕捉許多魚。 一些蝦,也,如果我們是幸運的。"

"Shrimp!" The boys came tumbling out of the kitchen, made haste for the hall closet for their things again. This time it was Vincnt who brought down Tokiko's coat, and Iori who helped her with her boots. / "蝦"! 男孩來跌落離廚房,再一次為他們的事物為門廳作匆忙壁櫥。 這次它是打倒 Tokiko's 的外套 , 和幫她解決了她的長靴 Iori 的 Vincnt 。
"Remember, Tokiko, when you're six you have to learn to do up your boots yourself," he said to her. / "記得,Tokiko,當你是六的時候 , 你必須學習整理你的長靴你自己",他對她說。

"Hai, 'Niichan," she replied, kicking her feet so she could see the neat laces he'd done up for her. "But you and Vincnt will help me until then, ne?" / "Hai,'Niichan",她答覆, 踢她的腳因此她可以看見他已經做的整潔飾帶在為她上面。 " 但是你和 Vincnt 將幫助我直到然後,舊姓的"?

Iori smiled then ruffled his sister's hair. "'Course we will." He caught Tokiko's coat as Vincnt tossed it to him and slipped it around her shoulders. "Uncle Ryu, we're ready to go now." / Iori 然後微笑弄縐他的姊妹頭髮。 "' 課程我們決意". 當 Vincnt 對他投擲了它而且在她的肩周圍滑倒它的時候,他捕捉了 Tokiko's 的外套。 "叔叔 Ryu,我們準備好現在去".

"Okay. Kiss your mom goodbye," he said, downing his morning coffee in one gulp. "Ah, good coffee." / "好。 跟你的媽媽吻別,"他說,墬落位元組群的他早晨咖啡。 "啊,好咖啡".

Vincnt was first to give Jun her kiss, Tokiko came next, one arm in her coat and one out "Bye, Mama!" and finally Iori. Jun gave them each a kiss in return, until a huge shadow fell over her. She cocked an eyebrow. / Vincnt 第一給六月她的吻,Tokiko 然後來, 她的外套一隻手臂和一出自 "再見,媽媽"! 而且最後 Iori。 六月每個給予了他們回返的一個吻,直到一個極大的影像跌倒她。 她聳立了一道眉毛。

"What?" Ryu said. "Don't I get one?" / "什麼"? Ryu 說。 "我沒得到嗎一"?

"When you bring them home in one piece and dry," she said, doubly stressing the last word. / "當你在塊和乾中把他們帶回家的時候" ,她說,二倍地強調最後一個字。

He scratched the back of his head, then shrugged. "Can't have 'em all, I guess." / 他擦了他的頭背面,然後聳肩。 " 能沒有 ' em 全部,我猜測".

"Don't let Vincnt bully Tokiko too much, okay?" Jinpei said. / "不要太多讓 Vincnt 威脅 Tokiko,好"? Jinpei 說。

The big man gave a small wave as he walked to the door, jumping a little, just as Jun and Jinpei did, when the horn of his pick-up truck beeped once, twice and again, followed by a chorus of, "Uncle Ryu!" / 當他走路去門的時候,大的男人給予了一個小的波浪,稍微跳躍, 正如六月和 Jinpei 做, 當他的輕型卡車的喇叭嗶嗶聲的時候曾經, 兩次和再一次, 被一個合唱跟隨,"叔叔 Ryu"!

"How'd they get in the car?" / " How'd 他們進入汽車"?

"Iori filched your keys while you were trying to get a bye-bye kiss from 'Neechan," Jinpei answered, looking every bit like the imp he was. / " 當你正在嘗試得到的時候, Iori 偷竊了你的鑰匙一再見吻從 'Neechan",Jinpei 回答, 看每一點點喜歡小鬼他是。
"Vincnt knows enough about cars as it is, makes me wonder if Joe-aniki was like that when he was eight." / "當它是的時候, Vincnt 足夠知道關於汽車的事, 使我懷疑是否喬- 當他是八的時候, aniki 像那".

Jun shook her head, amused and at a loss. "Kami-sama help us." / 六月搖頭, 愉快的和困惑。 "Kami-sama 幫助我們".

Once they'd gone and the roar of the pick-up's engine faded away, / 一旦他們已經去和提取引擎的吼已褪色的離開,
Jinpei tended to the dishes, unaware of his sister's scrutiny. She knew that somewhere she'd lost track of his growing up: the overbite was gone, he'd grown taller, about the same height as Ken and was no longer skinny but wiry; it'd been many years since he could finally spar on even terms with both Ken and Joe, on occasion humbling them. He was no longer her little boy, her baby brother, and no longer need their protection or parenting. / Jinpei 傾向於盤子, 不知道的他姊妹的仔細研討。 她知道那某處她有失去他增加的蹤跡在:上面 overbite 不見了,他已經變比較高, 關於如同肯恩一般的高度事而且不再是薄的但是金屬線製的; 因為他可以最後互鬥,它已經是許多年在甚至和肯恩和喬稱之上, 在致使貶抑他們之上。 他不再是她的小男孩,她的嬰兒兄弟, 而且不再需要他們的保護或養育。

But at this moment / 但是在這片刻

"Jinpei, weren't you supposed to see Kyoko this afternoon?" she asked, drying the plates. "You'll be late if you don't hurry now." / "Jinpei, 你不是今天午後推想看見 Kyoko"? 她問,弄乾碟子。 " 如果你現在不催促,你將很遲" 。

Jinpei heaved a deep breath, his shoulders drooping. "I'm not seeing her today." / Jinpei 用力舉起了深的呼吸,他的肩下垂。 "我沒有在看見她的今天" 。

She waited. / 她等候。

"I won't be seeing her for a while." The water was turned off with an angry twist of the wrist. / "我將不在看見她一陣子" 。 水以手腕的生氣一扭被解僱。

She nodded, though he couldn't see her nod. "Your doing or hers?" / 她點頭,雖然他無法看見她的點頭。 " 你做或她的"?

"Both, I guess." Flicking the water off his hands and drying them on a nearby towel, he said, "She doesn't want me too far, I don't want her too near. There doesn't seem to be a middle ground where we can stay happy." / "兩者都,我猜測" 。 從他的手輕彈水和在一條附近的手巾上弄乾他們,他說,"她不太遠想要我,我太靠近不想要她。 那裡似乎不是中央的我們能停留很快樂的地面。"

"Have you tried?" she asked, settled on one of the barstools at the counter. "I know you more-than-like her. And you know we all like her." / " 你嘗試了"? 她問,在櫃台的 barstools 之一上安頓。 "我認識你更多- 像超過一樣的她。 而且你全部像她認識我們。"

"I know, I know," he replied. He leaned over the counter so that he could face her, and it worried her that he didn't seem to be very concerned about the issue. "It's not like how you and Ken worked out, you know." / "我知道,我知道",他答覆。 他遍及櫃台倚靠,以便他可以面對她,而且它使她擔憂了他似乎不非常被掛慮關於議題的事。 " 它是不相似的你和肯恩如何試算 ,你知道".

Jun gathered more and more information the more her brother spoke. "I never said it is. What I want to know is whether or not you want it to work out." His expression did not change, his fingers flexed. "Because I know that if you want it to, you'll make it work out no matter what." / 聚集越來越多的資料六月更多她的兄弟說。 "我從不說,它是。 我想要知道的是否你想要它試算。"他的表達沒有改變,他的手指彎曲。 " 因為我知道,如果你想要它到, 你將使它試算無論什麼".

He pushed himself away from the counter, away from her, and paced the kitchen. His hand dug into his back pockets, careless, but the tautness of his shoulders showed something else. His concern for Tokiko was just as telling, the same went for the way he sometimes looked at Ken. / 他推動了他自己遠離櫃台,遠離她, 而且踱步了廚房。 他的手動用他的後面口袋,粗心的,但是他的肩拉緊顯示了別的東西。 為 Tokiko 的他關心是正如有效的, 相同的去拿他有時所看的方式肯恩。

"Let her go, Jinpei." / "讓她去,Jinpei".

The pacing stopped with his back turned to her. / 那踱步以他的背部停止求助於她。

"You have to let her go." / "你必須讓她去" 。

His head moved from side to side. "How can I let her go? It was because I let her go that she's not here now." / 他的頭從邊移動偏袒。 "我如何能讓她去? 因為我讓她去她是現在在這裡不,所以它是。"

She went to him, wrapped her arms around him from behind, made a little difficult because he stood taller than her. He didn't move, didn't relax. "You've carried this with you for long enough now. It's time to step away, sweetie. Kisaru did not blame you for what happened, nor should you. How do you think she'd feel if she knew you were hurting this way, and hurting others because of it?" / 她給他,從後面的部分在附近包裝她的手臂他, 製造稍微困難因為他站著比較高的超過她。 他沒有移動,沒有放鬆。 " 你已經和你攜帶這為夠長的現在。 現在是該行走離開的時候,情人。 Kisaru 沒有為發生的東西責備你,你也不應該。 你如何認為,如果她認識了你正在這樣傷害,她將會感覺, 而且因為它傷害其它?"

"She'd she'd " He sighed now, sagging almost bonelessly into his sister's hug. "She'd whack me across the head with her bokken and tell me I was being an idiot." / " 她有她有 "他現在歎息,進入他的姊妹擁抱之內幾乎下垂 bonelessly 。 "她將會橫過敲擊我和她的 bokken 的頭並且告訴我我正在身為白癡" 。

There was no smile or humor there, Jun knew. "It's not going to be easy, less so now that you've carried this so far for so long. But if you're ever going to love anyone again the way you loved Kisaru, you have to start somewhere." / 沒有微笑或在那裡迎合,六月知道。 "它不將是容易的, 比較不如此的現在以致於因為如此渴望,你到目前為止已經攜帶這。 但是如果你曾經再一次將要愛任何人你愛 Kisaru 的方式,你必須某處開始。"

"Two steps forward a time. Two steps as they come." / "二個步驟轉寄次。 二個步驟當做他們來。"

Clever little husband mine. / 聰明的小丈夫挖掘。

"I don't know if I can, 'Neechan," he murmured, sotto voce. "I care for Kyoko, and I really wish I could make this work, but I don't know how to move away from Kisaru." / "我不知道,如果我裝於罐頭,'Neechan",他低語,sotto voce。 "我照顧 Kyoko, 和我真的希望我可以使這工作,但是我不知道該如何從 Kisaru 移開".

Her hug tightened, he didn't mind. "We all have to make our start somewhere, and this is a pretty good place." / 她的擁抱勒緊,他沒有介意。 "我們全部必須某處作我們的開始,而且這是相當好的地方" 。

"What, the kitchen?" / "什麼,廚房"?

"If need be," she replied, relieved that some humor had returned. "I won't lie to you and say it'll be easy; I've never lied to you when it's this important. But keep these things in mind." / "如果需要是",她答覆,減輕一些幽默已經歸還。 " 我將不對它將是容易的你和發言權說謊; 當它是這的時候,我從未對你說謊重要的。 但是記住這些事物。"

He extracted himself from the hug only to turn around and return it to her. He smiled now, and she regarded how handsome it made him, how much it brightened his face. "And what would those things be, 'Neechan?" / 他從擁抱吸取了他自己不料竟會回過頭而且歸還它給她。 他現在微笑,而且她視為如何英俊的它製造了他,它變亮了他的臉。 " 而且什麼將會那些事物是,'Neechan"?

"Be. Fair." With each word she tapped his nose with her slender forefinger. "Be fair to Kisaru, because you're carrying her memory and her love for you. Be fair to Tokiko, because she should grow up as your niece, not as a reminder of someone else. And most of all, be fair to Kyoko." / "是。 展覽會。"藉由每個字她用她的苗條食指輕打他的鼻子。 "因為你正在為你傳達她的記憶和她的愛,所以是對 Kisaru 的展覽會。 因為她應該長大如你的姪女, 不如一個其他人的提醒人,所以對 Tokiko 要公平。 而且最重要的是,是對 Kyoko 的展覽會。"

Jinpei stood silent, his thoughts a whirlwind of memory, guilt and realization. I've been unfair to Kisaru and Tokiko all this time? I didn't mean to be, I just, I thought I knew about Kyoko, but / Jinpei 站著沈默的, 他的想法一陣記憶,罪行和實現的旋風。 我這次全部已經是不公平的到 Kisaru 和 Tokiko? 我不是故意要是, 我僅僅,我想了我知道 Kyoko,但是

"A little at a time, Little Brother," she said, breaking him out of his reverie. Pulling away she had work of her own to do, a snack bar to check up on, for instance she stopped long enough to take a bottle of water from the fridge before pushing the kitchen door open. / "每次稍微 ,小兄弟",她說,從他的空想打破他。 開走她有了她自己的工作做, 一根小吃酒吧檢查在之上上面,舉例來說她久足夠停止在推動廚房門公開之前帶來自電冰箱的一瓶水。

"Neechan?" / "Neechan"?

"Hmm?" / "Hmm"?

"Do you think," he began shuffling his foot back and forth, like he used to when he was a boy, "Do you think talking to Ken-aniki would help? / " 你想",他來回地開始拖曳他的腳, 像當他是男孩的時候,他過去一直 ", 你想和肯恩說話-aniki 將會幫助?
I mean, I know it was a long time ago, but she was his " / 我意謂, 我知道,它很久以前,但是她是他的 "

She cut him off with a nod. "I think that's a good start. You do that." Then she left, knowing that he'll be okay. He just needs a little shove, just like all we adults do. We still have some growing up to do. / 她以點頭切去他。 "我認為那是一個好開始。 你做那。"然後她離開, 知道他將是好。 他僅僅需要小推,僅僅像全部我們這些成人做。 我們仍然有一些增加在上面做。
But right now, there was a little snack bar that needed tending to and a couple of gigs to set up for the week. / 但是立刻 , 除那所需的傾向之外有一個小小吃到和一些輕便馬車為星期建立。

Back in the kitchen, Jinpei looked out the window, gauging the wind, the chill in the air, wondered if his little niece, his Little / 在廚房中回, 被小心窗戶,精確計量風 , 空氣的寒冷, 懷疑的 Jinpei 如果他的小姪女 , 他的一點點
Hummingbird, was warm enough, and planned the night's seafood dinner. / 蜂鳥,夠溫暖的, 而且計畫了夜晚的海鮮晚餐。

Fried shrimp thing? he puzzled. Then he grinned, laughing lowly to himself. Tempura, Tokiko. You meant tempura. / 油炸蝦事物? 他困惑。 然後他露齒而笑,位置低下的對他自己笑。 Tempura , Tokiko。 你意謂 tempura 。
He laughed a little more still, fondly recalling that Kisaru had not liked shrimp at all. / 他笑了小小的更多劇照,溺愛地取消 Kisaru 沒有喜歡在全部的蝦。

"How often have you been coming back here?" Joe said as they entered the threshold of the House of Mercy, which stood at the very depth of the / " 多久你在這裡回來了"? 當他們進入了仁慈的眾議院的入口時候,喬說, 在最深度站立那
Valley of White Shadows. The portal had taken them from the waterfall to the hidden valley, uncharted and unfound by common man. They'd improved at portal-summoning since the first days of their roles as the Shield of Mercy and the four Holy Guardians: Ken's first portal landed them in the heart of some nearby forest, which was only a little better than Ryu's dunking them in a river. Joe's portal this morning brought them right to the gates of / 白色影像的山谷。 入口從瀑布到隱藏的山谷已經帶他們, 海圖未載的而且被普通的男人不發現。 他們有在入口改良-自從如仁慈的防禦物和四個神聖的監護人的第一天的他們角色以後召喚: 肯恩的第一個入口在一些附近的森林心中登陸他們,只是比 Ryu's 稍微好在一條河中泡他們。 喬的入口今天早晨向右帶他們到門
Ken's domain. / 肯恩的領域。

"About once a month or so," he answered. "A little more frequently lately, since Hinoe just had another child." / "大約每月一次左右" ,他回答。 " 一點點近來更時常,因為 Hinoe 剛剛有了另一個孩子".

Ken smiled to himself, thinking of his own children. "She seems to enjoy my company." / 肯恩對他自己微笑,他自己孩子的思考。 "她似乎享受我的公司" 。

The gates had opened and shut upon their own will; no one manned them. The autumn garden blazed in bright color and the season's fruit swelled in their trees. Ken plucked an apple from a low-hanging branch, picking a second one for Joe. Inside the large polished quarters the servants of the house bustled about, some with their usual duties and some with new ones incurred by the Shield's visit. "I have some things to tend to here first, though. Half the time I don't even know what they are until I get here." / 門在他們自己的意志之後已經打開而且關上; 沒有人有人操縱的他們。 秋天花園在他們的樹中被增大的明亮顏色和季節的水果燃燒。 肯恩拉了來自懸掛部門,為喬摘秒一 的低一個蘋果。 在大的擦亮四分之一裡房子的僕人到處奔忙,一些是由於和被防禦物的拜訪招致的新一些的他們平常的責任和一些。 "我有一些事物首先傾向於這裡,雖然。 直到我到達在這裡,長時間我不甚至知道他們是什麼。"

"Weird being a Shield, huh?" / "怪異的作為一個防禦物,哼!"?

"Still getting weirder, even though the battles are over now." A pair of menservants opened the doors to the House, bowing slightly as they passed through. Both Ken and Joe nodded in polite return. Once further into the foyer, Ken let out a weary sigh. "I'll never get used to this. / "仍然比較怪異, 即使戰爭在現在以來". 一雙 menservants 造成眾議院, 些微地鞠躬當他們通過。 肯恩和喬在有禮貌的回返中點頭。 一次進入大廳之內促進,肯恩放出一聲疲倦的歎息。 "我將從不習慣於這。
I'll live to be a thousand and I'll never get used to this." / 我將居住是千,而且我將從不習慣於這。"

Joe shrugged. "I'm reminded now of why it was such a good idea to raise the kids away from here." He bit into his apple: it was ripe, juicy and crunchy, perfect. "You can get tired of perfect things really quickly." / 喬聳肩。 " 我現在被提醒它為什麼是一個如此好想法從在這裡小孩之遠升起". 他進入他的蘋果之內咬: 真是成熟的﹐多汁液的和脆,完美。 "你能真的很快地厭倦完美事物" 。

"It's not just me, apparently," Ken said, munching his own piece of fruit as they ascended the stairway to the five separate bedchambers. / "它不僅僅我,顯然地",肯恩說, 用力咀嚼水果的他自己塊當他們登上了到五間單獨的臥房樓梯。
"Karura told me once before that the original Shimada didn't care much for all this either. A descendant was suspect if they enjoyed this comfortable living too much too quickly." / " Karura 告訴了我一次在最初的 Shimada 也為全部沒有多關心這之前。 如果他們太更加太快享受了這舒服的住,一個後裔是嫌疑犯。"

The two men laughed, entering Ken's chamber. Joe's ease comforted Ken somewhat how typical of Joe to relax just as he grew more wary. They left the remains of their fruit in an empty bowl on the small table by the door, and as they removed their coats a winged fireball came in through the open bay windows to come to rest at the foot of the bed. It unfurled itself to reveal a phoenix with jewel-like eyes, wings spread wide, graceful neck low in a bow of greeting. / 二位男人笑,進入肯恩的會議室。 喬的安逸略微安慰了肯恩如何喬典型的作風放鬆正如他變得更小心。 他們在門旁邊的在小桌子上的一個空的碗中留下他們的水果遺骸,而且當他們移走了一個有翼的火球經過開放的凸窗進來來在床下方休息的他們外套。 它展開了它本身用像珠寶一樣的眼睛顯示一個鳳凰,翅膀廣闊地傳佈, 優美的脖子問候的弓低點。

"Good morning, my Lord," the creature said in its distinct female voice. "And good morning to you, too, Archer. It's been a while since you've set foot in the Valley, hasn't it?" / "早安,我的統治者",生物在它的清楚女性的聲音中說。 " 而且早安對你,也,射手。 因為你已經踏入山谷,它被是一會兒,不是嗎?"

He'd forgotten about Azrael, thus he continued to watch the mythical bird intently. "I suppose so. I'm here to see Lady Lien." / 他已經忘記關於死神的事,如此他繼續一心一意地看神話的鳥。 "我這麼推想。 我在這裡見淑女連。"

"She will be pleased," she replied, hopping from one foot to the next. "Shall I inform her of your arrival?" / "她將被取悅",她答覆,從呎到下一個單腳跳。 "我將告知她你的抵達嗎"?

He looked quickly to Ken, glaring when he caught the grin and suppressed laugh. "No, thank you, Azrael, but I think she would appreciate the surprise." As he turned to leave for his own room, he called over his shoulder, "Tend to that idiot Shield for a while; I'm going to change." / 他被很快地期待肯恩, 閃耀的他何時捕捉了露齒笑而且鎮壓了笑。 "不, 謝謝你,死神但是我認為她將會感激意外". 當他準備前往他自己的房間時候,他在他的肩之上呼叫,"傾向於那一個白癡防禦物一陣子; 我將要改變。"

Ken found himself flat against the wall, choking back his amusement, much of his wariness gone. He tried not to laugh again when, huffed, / 肯恩發現他自己對抗牆壁的公寓,窒息背面他的娛樂,許多的他不見了的注意。 他嘗試不要再一次笑何時,嚇,
Azrael puffed out her fiery-feathered chest and said, "Well. He hasn't changed a bit. You'd think time would take the edge off him." / 吹熄她的死神熾熱的-羽毛了胸而且說,"好的。 他沒有改變一點。 你將會認為,次將會脫掉邊緣他。"

"Off Joe? Never," he replied, smiling at the familiar apparition, familiar not only to himself, but to his soul, and the many lives that soul lived that knew of the firebird that perched before him. "Azrael, could you please inform Lady Hinoe that I will be there to see her in a little while? She is expecting me." / "在喬外? 從不,"他答覆,在熟悉的鬼微笑, 熟悉的不只有對他自己, 但是到他的靈魂,而且那一個靈魂居住那的許多生命知道在他之前棲息的金劬鳥。 "死神, 可以你告知我將告知的淑女 Hinoe 在那裡是在小小的一會兒中見她? 她正在期待我。"

She spread her wings once more and took flight, circling the room once before heading towards the window. "Done, my Lord. Shall I await you at the House of Faith?" / 她再一次傳佈了她的翅膀而且搭乘了飛行,在前往窗戶之前包圍房間一次。 "完成了,我的統治者。 我將在信心的眾議院等候你嗎?"

"If you like." And the bird was away. / " 如果你喜歡". 而且鳥出去。

He sat down on the bed, overwhelmed as he always felt whenever he made his visits back. Years later the sense of loss and being misplaced faded, but there was still much more of it left to go. It would be Iori's turn to feel lost, he knew, before he'd ever fully get over it. / 他坐在床上, 當他總是感覺,淹沒,無論何時他把他的拜訪製造回來。 數年之後損失感而且被放錯已褪色的, 但是更加多它向左仍然有去。 覺得失去將會是 Iori's 的旋轉,他知道,在他曾經將會完全克服它之前。

Iori, he thought. Give or take another year, and it'd be time to teach him. Already he made a list in his mind: swordwork being the primary concern, inherent powers next, then the formalities, eventually more truth than he'd care to divulge. / Iori,他想。 在另年給或拿,而且它將會是該教他的時候。 已經他製造了他的心一本目錄: 作為初期的關心 的 swordwork, 固有的權力然後, 然後禮節,最後較他為多的事實將會願意洩露。

He shook his head, and fought to sit still. After some time, not moving at all, his breaths grew deep and steady as he meditated, reciting his own words again. / 他搖頭, 而且打仗坐好。 在數時間之後不全然移動,當他想的時候,他的呼吸變深而且穩定,再一次背誦他自己的字。

Two steps as they come. Not then, just now. / 二個步驟當做他們來。 不是然後, 剛剛。

Sometime during his meditation, the clothes he arrived in melted away and changed into the formalwear befitting a Shield of Heaven. Customarily black, the boots and fitting trousers felt no different from his / 在他的沉思期間某一個時間, 衣服他抵達融化離開而且換成 formalwear 適合的一個天堂的防禦物。 照例黑色, 長靴和適宜的褲子覺得沒有不同的他
BirdStyle, and the high-collared shirt and hooded cloak, he had grown used to by now. Joe waited for him at the door when he was next aware, dressed in his own garments that marked him as the Archer. / BirdStyle, 和高- collared 襯衫而且罩上斗蓬, 他已經變使用過的到到如今。 當他是然後知道的時候,喬在門等候他,穿他的標示了他如射手的自己衣服。

"Here goes nothing," he said, nonchalant. "I just might be the first to start a war right inside the walls of the House of Peace." / "這裡什麼也不去",他說,不關心的。 "我僅僅可能是第一開始裡面的一個戰爭權利和平的眾議院的牆壁" 。

Ken nodded, still half-lost in his thoughts. "Good luck." / 肯恩點頭,仍然一半地-在他的想法中失去。 "好運氣".

But Joe had already gone. / 但是喬已經去了。

A little more time passed, and he rose to his feet at last, exiting the room and descending the stairway, his cloak flowing like a separate living entity behind him. Again, each person he passed dipped into a short bow for him, and with each step he took them in slightly easier, accepting his position in tiny bites at a time. / 小的更多時間通過,而且他最後上升到他的腳,像在他後面的一個單獨的活實體離開房間而且降樓梯,流動的他斗蓬。 再一次,他通過的每個人為他挪用短弓, 和由於他拿了他們的每個步驟在些微比較容易,每次接受極小的咬他位置。

It was the only way he knew how. / 它是他知道的唯一方法如何。

Joe stood at the doors of the House of Peace, his nervousness marked only by his fiddling with the end of his own cloak. When was the last time he was here? In these clothes, with such formality? Everything felt odd, unfamiliar, and it was starting to feel like a bad idea. / 喬在和平的眾議院的門站立,由於他自己斗蓬的結束拉小提琴的他被他的只被標示的緊張。 他在這裡的最後一次是何時? 在這些衣服中,藉由如此的禮節? 每件事物覺得奇數的﹐不熟悉,而且它開始感覺像一個差勁的想法。

She's your wife, for God's sake. It doesn't have to be this hard. / 她是你的太太,對於上帝的緣故。 它不須努力地是這。

"Of course it doesn't." / " 當然它不".

His head snapped up: Lien, jet-black hair hanging over her eyes, brushing her shoulders, violet eyes twinkling, stood at the door, opened just enough for her to pass through. She was still, as ever, and forever, beautiful, more so now that she was smiling, what he guessed must be her first true smile in a long time. / 他的頭搶先弄到手 : 連,在她的眼睛之上懸掛 的黑玉色的頭髮, 疏刷在門被站立的她肩,紫羅蘭眼睛閃爍, 僅僅足夠打開讓她通過。 她仍然是, 當曾經, 和永遠地,美麗的, 更如此的現在以致於她正在微笑,他猜測的一定在長的時間內是她的第一真實的微笑。

"You know I hate it when you do that," he said, taking one step forward. His voice was soft, the edge barely audible. "I can never tell when you're not doing that." / "你知道,當你做那的時候,我憎恨它",他說,向前地採取一個步驟。 他的聲音是柔軟,幾乎聽得見的邊緣。 "當你沒有在做那的時候,我無法告訴" 。

Her smile broadened. "Still holding your cards close to your chest, my love?" She held her hand out to him, beckoning him to come closer, but he caught her hand midway, and held it firmly in his own. "I've missed you." / 她的微笑擴大。 "仍然握住對你的胸你卡片結束,我的愛"? 她對他在外拿著她的手, 招手他來比較靠近的, 但是他捕捉了她的手中途, 而且堅固拿著了它在他自己的。 "我已經想念你" 。

He drew her hand close to him, kissing the fingers lightly, head held low as he breathed the scent of her. How could I have forgotten how wonderful she feels, the way she smells? "Have you?" / 他對他引起她的手結束,輕輕的吻手指,當他呼吸了她的氣味時候,頭拿著了低點。 如何我可以已經忘記如何令人驚奇的她感覺, 方式她聞? "有你"?

She giggled, husky and warm. "How could a woman, immortal though I am, not miss her husband?" / 她吃吃地笑, 強壯結實之人和溫暖的。 " 如何可以一個女人 , 不朽的人物雖然我是, 不過錯她的丈夫"?

Two steps more, and she was in his arms, in his embrace, and he knew he would never let go again. / 二個步驟多,而且她是在他的手臂中, 在他的擁抱中,而且他認識他將會無法讓再一次去。

The End / 結束