A "Normal" Conversation / "常態" 交談
By Asakurafan / 藉著 Asakurafan
The bell jingled as the door to the 'J' opened, and a backlit form hesitated on the threshold. Jun looked up, squinting against the blinding sunlight streaming through the windows. She recognized the shape and went back to wiping down the counter. / 鈴作叮噹聲如對被打開的 'J' 來說的門,而且一種 backlit 形式在入口上猶豫。 六月看在,上面經過窗戶使變斜視眼對抗使人眩目的日光流。 她辨認出了形狀而且回去沿櫃台向下擦拭。
"Hey Joe," she said with a smile. / " 嗨喬",她以一個微笑說。
"I didn't think you'd be open after yesterday. I was about to go around the back when I noticed the sign." He slid onto his usual stool at the end of the bar. / "我沒有認為,你將會在昨天之後是公開。 當我注意了符號的時候,我正要走來走去背面。" 他在酒吧結束的時候在他的平常凳子之上的 slid。
Jun sighed. "I know," she replied. "I'm beat, but I need the money. Rent's due at the end of the week. Coffee?" / 六月歎息。 "我知道",她答覆。 "我是打,但是我需要錢。 在星期底的時候租金的應得東西。 咖啡?"
"Yeah, I need it," he groaned, rubbing his eyes. "I found my cabinets growing cobwebs when I woke up, and I don't have the energy to go shopping." / "是的,我需要它",他呻吟,擦他的眼睛。 "當我醒來,而且我沒有能源去購物的時候,我發現我的內閣成長的蜘蛛網" 。
"Is that a hint?" Jun smirked, raising an eyebrow. She knew Joe hated going to the store. He wouldn't go shopping himself if he could help it. Every few weeks he would give her money and a list, drop her and Jinpei off for their regular shopping, and pick them up when they were finished. / " 那是一個暗示"? 六月嘻嘻做笑,升起一道眉毛。 她認識了喬被憎恨去商店。 如果他可以幫助它,他將不去購物他自己。 當他們被完成的時候,每個幾星期他將會給她的錢和一本目錄﹐為他們的一般購物走開降低她和 Jinpei ﹐而且接載他們。
"Actually no, but now that you mention it..." he laughed, glancing around. "Where's Jinpei?" / "實際上不,但是既然你提到它。。。"他笑,在附近瞥閃。 "Jinpei 在哪裡"?
"Upstairs on the couch, zoning out in front of cartoons. I figured he could use some rest- it's been dead in here all afternoon anyway. Hopefully I'll need him later." Her eyes went to the stairs leading to their apartment. "Some missions just beat the hell out of him. Sometimes even I forget he's just a kid," she added. / "在長椅上的二樓,在卡通之前的在外土地劃分。 我演算他可以使用一些休息- 它是死的整午後在這裡中無論如何。 有希望地我稍後將需要他。"她的眼睛去通往他們的公寓 的樓梯。 "一些任務剛剛他撲滅地獄。 有時甚至我忘記,他只是一個小孩,"她補述。
"Why, you old softy!" Joe grinned and caught the dishtowel she snapped at him. "Anybody else been around?" / "為什麼, 你舊的笨貨"! 喬露齒而笑而且捕捉了她在他咬斷的 dishtowel 。 " 其他任何人在附近"?
"No, Ryu said he was taking the day off to see his folks. Ken is god-knows-where. Why, aren't I enough for you?" / "不, Ryu 說他正在休假那天見他的人們。 肯恩是神-知道-在哪裡。 為什麼,我不是為你充足嗎?"
"No one I'd rather see, babe. I haven't had you to myself in a long time," he smiled. / " 沒有人我將會寧可看見,小孩。 我在長的時間內沒有將你藏於心中,"他微笑。
"Why don't you take a booth and I'll have a cup of coffee with you?" Jun suggested. "I'm sure I can take a few minutes' break," she sighed again, looking around the empty room. / "你何不佔據一個亭,而且我將和你有一杯咖啡"? 六月意味著。 "我確定我能花數分鐘的休息",她再一次歎息,四處看看空的房間。
Joe threw his jacket into one of the booths, and wandered over to the jukebox. He picked out a few favorites and slid onto the bench as Jun came up with not only two coffees, but also a plate of cookies. Joe regarded them warily. / 喬丟他的夾克進亭之一, 而且遊蕩在到自動點唱機之上。 當六月提出的時候,他在長椅子之上挑選一些喜歡的事物和 slid 不只有二種咖啡, 但是也餅乾的一個碟子。 喬留心地視為了他們。
"Don't worry," she said, making a face, "Jinpei made them." / "不要煩惱",她說,製造一個臉 ",Jinpei 製造了他們".
"Ah...if only we all still had the energy of a twelve year-old. I mean, I'm rechargeable, but the Doc's not that good." / "啊。。。如果只有我們全部仍然有了十二歲的能源。 我意謂, 我是可充電的, 但是文件的不是那麼好。"
Jun looked up from blowing on her coffee. Joe rarely talked about his cybernetics, but she knew it really bothered him. He looked over the rim of his cup at her and put it down with a rueful look. She decided it'd be better to let the comment slide. / 六月看在從在她的咖啡上吹上面。 喬很少地談論他的換控學,但是她知道它真的煩擾了他。 他以悲傷的神情瀏覽在她的他杯子的邊緣而且放下它。 她決定讓意見幻燈片將會是比較好的。
They both reached to snag a cookie off the plate at the same time, and their fingers touched. Joe gave a start. He'd felt a tingle when his skin touched hers. "Sorry," they both mumbled simultaneously with a fleeting smile. Joe felt embarrassed about his reaction, but Jun didn't seem to have noticed; her eyes had been attracted by something on the street. He studied her as she absently chewed on the cookie. / 他們倆都同時在碟子外到達到粗磨一塊餅乾,而且他們的手指接觸。 喬提供了一個開始。 當他的皮膚接觸了她的時候,他有感覺了一個興奮。 "對不起",他們倆都同時地以一個短暫的微笑喃喃而語。 喬感覺困窘關於他的反應事,但是六月似乎不已經注意; 她的眼睛已經在街道上被某事吸引。 當她心不在焉地在餅乾上咀嚼的時候,他學習了她。
He'd always thought she was a beauty, and the strain of their work had done nothing to diminish it; rather, she seemed more beautiful to him now than she ever had before. Maybe because she was older. Maybe it was because he had missed her those two years he had kept away. She was definitely graver than in the past, but they all were. 'Constantly being surrounded by death will do that,' he thought. / 他總是已經想,她是美人,而且他們的工作緊張已經什麼也沒做減少它; 然而,她現在對他變得更美麗勝於她曾經以前有。 也許因為她是比較年長的。 因為他已經想念她那些他已經防範的二年,所以也許它是。 比較過去,但是他們全都是,她一定是雕刻師。 ' 不變地被死亡包圍將做那,'他想。
Jun had noticed his reaction, though, and quickly looked out the window hoping she wouldn't blush. Why would a casual touch from Joe make her feel giddy? And why did he get so startled- was she blushing? She decided she must just be overtired when she noticed no further reaction from him. Neither spoke for a few moments. / 但是,六月已經注意他的反應, 而且很快地小心希望她的窗戶將不臉紅。 來自喬的偶然觸覺將會為什麼使她感覺眼花? 而且他為什麼這麼得到震驚- 是她臉紅? 當她沒注意來自他的進一步的反應時候她決定她必須僅僅被過度疲勞。 既不說數片刻。
"My, aren't we talkative," she finally managed, breaking the silence. / "哎呀, 我們不是喜歡說話的",她最後處理,打破沈默。
Relieved by her smile, Joe grinned back. "Sorry. I guess I'm still half-asleep." He took another cookie and added, "What shall we talk about?" / 藉著她的微笑減輕,喬向後地露齒而笑。 "難過的。 我猜測我仍然是一半的-睡熟了的。"他帶了另一塊餅乾而且增加 ",我們將談論什麼?"
"Oh, I don't know. We never seem to have any time just to sit around- I barely know how anymore. Didn't it seem easier in the old days to put each mission behind you?" "I think we were just younger and stupider then- we actually thought it would all be over soon. The good guys would win and we could all have a normal life." He smiled faintly. "Except none of us has ever had a normal life. We wouldn't even know how to live one." / "哦,我不知道。 我們從不似乎有任何時候只是無所事事- 我幾乎知道如何不再。 它在舊的數天中沒變得比較容易嗎放在你後面的每個任務?""我認為,我們然後更確實比較年輕和愚蠢-我們實際上想它全部將會結束很快。 好傢伙將會贏得,而且我們全部可以有正常的生活。"他微弱地微笑。 "曾經除了我們沒有一個以外已經有正常的生活。 我們甚至不會知道該如何居住一。"
Jun smiled back at him. "You've become quite the philosopher, haven't you? Since when have you been one to analyze? I thought 'gut instinct' was your gig?" / 六月向後地在他微笑。 "你已經相當變得哲學家,不是嗎? 從何時起你是一了分析? 我想 '勇氣本能' 是你的輕便馬車?"
"Now there you go assuming that I never think about anything! I have thoughts, I just don't talk much. Wasn't that always a remark on my report cards? 'Doesn't play well with others and doesn't like sharing'?" / "現在在那裡你去假定,我從不想任何事! 我有想法,我就是不多說話。 那不總是在我的報告上的一個評論卡片嗎? '和其它玩得不好而且不喜歡分享'?"
"Among other things," she laughed. "That sounds tamer than I recall. I had the opposite problem- always yapping and trying to share even when it wasn't welcomed." She focused on her cup. "I suppose that's what my problem was with Ken: I always thought we needed to share everything, and he couldn't...or wouldn't." / "在其他的事物之中" ,她笑。 "那聽馴獸師勝於我取消。 我有了相反的問題- 總是狂吠和嘗試分享即使當它不被歡迎。"她把重心集中在她的杯子。 " 我推想那是我的問題所和肯恩在一起的: 我總是想,我們需要分享每件事物,和他不可以。。。或不會。"
"Ken's always been an idiot when it comes to you," he replied, surprised she brought up the topic. / "總是在當它走近你的時候被是白癡的肯恩",他答覆, 感到驚訝的她提出主題。
"And I was always an idiot around him. Well, I learned the hard way. Ken's always worried about the consequences of his actions. I know that's his job, but... he never surrenders to the moment. I think he believes he's not entitled to love-something bad always comes of it. In our case, that something was Galactor coming back." / "而且我總是在他周圍一個白癡。 好吧,我學習了難的方法。 肯恩總是為他的行動結果擔憂。 我知道那是他的工作,但是。。。 他從不此刻投降。 我認為,他相信,他不有權愛-壞的東西總是來自於它。 在我們的情況, 那某事是回來 的 Galactor 。"
"Well, it wasn't a complete loss; I came back too!" Joe said lightly. / "嗯,它不是一個完全的損失; 我也回來!"喬輕輕的說。
"Yeah- that's true," Jun laughed. "I'd rather not discuss Ken right now. How'd we get on this subject, anyway?" "I have no idea," Joe admitted. "I think we were attempting to have a normal conversation. Like I said before, we're not good at 'normal'. Any more coffee left?" / "是的- 那是真實的,"六月笑。 "我將會寧可不立刻討論肯恩。 How'd 我們上這一個主題,無論如何?""我不知道",喬承認。 "我認為我們正在嘗試有正常的交談。 相似的我以前說,我們在 '常態' 不好。 任何的咖啡左邊?"
"Sure." He watched as she went back to the bar. He had always cared about Jun, but the brief hormonal notion that he might have a chance with her had died long ago when Ken came home from flight school. Or had it died? 'It damn well better have,' he thought angrily. 'I have no future with anyone, let alone Jun.' But why was he finding himself dropping by the 'J' all the time? Why was he so interested in exactly what had gone wrong with her and Ken? Lack of anything better to do in between missions, probably. / "確信". 當她回去酒吧的時候,他看。 他總是已經關心六月, 但是簡短的荷爾蒙觀念當肯恩從學校班機回家的時候他很久以前可能和她有一個機會已經死。 或死它? ' 它很好地更詛咒有,'他憤怒地想。 '我和任何人沒有未來,讓孤獨的六月。'但是他為什麼始終發現他自己 'J' 的點滴? 為什麼是他如此使在感興趣完全什麼已經和她和肯恩出毛病? 缺乏比較好的東西做在任務之間,可能。
Jun came back with the refill and as if reading his mind, she said, "I think you miss racing more than you'd admit." / 六月以第二杯回來而且好像讀他的心,她說," 我認為,你錯過賽跑超過你將會承認".
"Oh, so now we're gonna talk about me, huh?" / "哦,因此現在我們將要談論我,哼!"?
"Of course. Anyway, you started the analysis session." / " 當然。 無論如何,你開始了分析會議。"
"No I didn't!" / " 沒有我沒有"!
"Yes you did!" / "是的你做"!
"No, I di...see- this, we can handle- first grade conversation level!" / "不, 我 di。。。看見- 這,我們能處理-第一個等級交談水準!"
Jun burst out laughing. "You're right! We're so emotionally stunted it's pathetic!" / 六月爆裂出笑。 "你是正確的! 我們是如此的在情緒上成長受了妨礙的它是悲哀的!"
"What textbook did that come out of?" he shot back. Glad to hear her laughing even though cooped up in the 'J', Joe had a sudden inspiration that surprised even him. / " 教科書做那從"出來? 他向後地射擊。 高興的聽到她笑即使被在 'J' 關 ,喬有了甚至他吃驚的突然靈感。
"You know, I think keeping the 'J' open this afternoon is a waste- how about I kidnap you and we go out for a ride? You could open back up later, and if you're real nice to me, I'll be your bouncer tonight." / " 你知道, 我想今天午後保存 'J' 公開是一個廢物- 如何關於我綁架你而且我們為一次乘坐外出 ? 你會向後地稍後向上打開,而且如果你是真正的美好對我,我將今晚是你的吹牛者。"
"What about Jinpei?" / "Jinpei 怎麼樣"?
"Jun- 'live in the moment!''" Quickly realizing he was mocking her earlier words, she took a swipe at him. He ducked, laughing, and added more seriously, "Take a few hours off from everything-you need a break. He'll be fine. C'mon!" / "六月- '在片刻中居住!''" 很快地了解他正在嘲弄她較早的字,她帶了在他的一個強打。 他沒入水中,笑著的, 而且更嚴重增加,"走開從每件事物花數個小時-你需要休息。 他將是罰款。 C'mon!"
She hesitated, then abruptly got up and made for the stairs. / 她被猶豫,然後突然地起床而且有益樓梯。
"I'll go see if he minds staying alone. Be right back." / " 我將去看看是否他介意獨自地停留。 要正確地後面。"
"I'm sure he can manage!" he called after her. He thought again just how twisted their lives were- she was worried about leaving her brother alone- a kid of twelve who killed in the line of duty without blinking an eye. / "我確定他能處理"! 他在她之後呼叫。 他究竟想再一次如何被擰他們的生命是-她為別管她的兄弟擔憂-不需要眨眼一個眼睛就在軍務中殺的十二小孩。
She reappeared about ten minutes later with a picnic cooler and a blanket. "If I'm going to be kidnapped, at least I'll be comfortable," she grinned. "Jinpei said to take our time- I think he likes the idea of having the place to himself." / 她大約十分鐘之後以一個野餐冷卻器和一條毛毯再出現。 " 如果我正在去被綁架, 至少我將很舒服",她露齒而笑。 " Jinpei 說從容不迫- 我認為他喜歡有自己專屬的地方想法。"
"Maybe we should take him along," Joe smirked. "You may come home to the ashes of your former establishment!" / "也許我們應該向前帶他",喬嘻嘻做笑。 "你可能回家到你的前建立的灰燼"!
"Do you really think...." / "你真的想嗎...."
"I'm kidding, Jun! Remember humor? Don't worry- he won't budge from the TV all day- guaranteed." / "我是哄騙,六月! 記得幽默? 不要煩惱- 他整天從電視將不移動-保証。"
Joe propelled her out the door, only pausing to let her lock it. He opened the car door and gallantly waved her in. She gave him an evil look, but slid in without comment. He threw her gear in the back and hopped into the driver's seat. / 喬推進出她門, 唯一的暫停讓她的鎖它。 他打開了汽車門並且漂亮地揮舞了她在。 她給予了他邪惡的神情 , 但是 slid 在沒有意見。 他進入駕駛員的座位之內將她的工具丟進背面而且單腳跳。
"Any preference- beach ...trees?" / "任何的偏愛- 海灘。。。樹?"
"Well, if we head toward Nambu's, we can have both. No one should be around." / "嗯,如果我們前往 Nambu's,我們能有兩者。 沒有人應該在附近。"
"Good idea- we'll stay clear of the house just in case. I have no desire to be roped into one of Hakase's little research projects." / "好想法- 我們僅僅將房子停留清楚以防萬一。 我沒有欲望進入 Hakase's 中的小研究計畫之內被以繩將繫住。"
He drove out of the city, and Jun leaned back and enjoyed the speed. It was one of the things they shared- the sheer thrill of a fast moving vehicle. They talked of inconsequential things while driving, but once out of the city they fell silent, enjoying the scenery and each other's company. Jun broke the silence. / 他離開城市開車,而且六月向後地倚靠而且享受了速度。 它是事物他們之一分享-移動車輛 的齋戒絕對的震顫。 他們談到不合邏輯的事物當趕 , 但是一次的時候離開他們跌落沈默的城市,享受風景和彼此公司。 六月斷掉了沈默。
"Do you even remember the last time we were out here? I mean, it's not that far, but we never seem to come out anymore." / "你甚至記得我們在這裡所外出的最後一次嗎? 我意謂,它不是那麼遠的,但是我們從不似乎不再出來。"
Joe considered, and replied, "No, I don't. It seems like we spend more and more time at G-Town. Half the time I don't even get back to my trailer between missions. No wonder you need rent money- when was the last time you had the 'J' open for more than a few days in a row?" "I should have left it open this afternoon- I should be there now..." / 喬考慮, 而且答覆,"不, 我不。 它像我們在 G 花費越來越多的時間-城鎮。 長時間我不甚至回到在任務之間的我追蹤者。 不足為奇的你需要租金錢-你有了 'J' 公開超過數天在排中的最後一次是何時?""我應該今天午後已經留下它開放- 我現在應該在那裡。。。"
"No, you should open it later when you have half a chance of doing some business. Right now you should be enjoying your kidnapping." / "不,當你做一些生意有一半的機會時候,你稍後應該打開它。 立刻你應該享受你的綁架。"
"Oh, right- I forgot- I'm here against my will. Makes me feel so much better!" / "哦,權利- 我忘記- 我在這裡對抗我的意志。 使我感覺如此更好!"
Joe pulled off the main road that led to the house and, turning down a barely visible side trail, parked by a grove of trees. The open fields on the bluff south of Nambu's estate stretched out before them. They got out of the car and Jun stretched. / 喬順利完成通往房子的幹線道路和,把一條幾乎看得見旁的蹤跡關小, 被樹的小樹林停車。 在 Nambu's 的不動產的直率南方上的開放領域在他們之前的伸展。 他們離開汽車,而且六月伸展。
"Race ya down to the cliff!" Joe took off sprinting across the field. / "比賽 ya 墬落到懸崖"! 喬起飛奮力而跑越過領域。
"Hey! No fair!" she yelled after his quickly disappearing figure. "You're supposed to give me a head start! Your legs are twice as long!" / "嗨! 沒有展覽會!" 她大叫在他的之後很快地消失數字。 "你應該給我一個領先! 你的腿兩次是當做長的!"
Jun gave up a race as a lost cause, but continued running after him for the sheer exhilaration of it. Slowing to a walk, she admired his fluid movements as he slowed down almost unwillingly. She suddenly remembered an incident years ago when he had done this and transmuted to birdstyle at the last minute without breaking stride. He had then launched himself fearlessly off the cliff and glided down to the beach below. The birdstyles were still new to them, and Ken had been furious. She could still see Joe's face as he laughed back up at his fuming commander from the beach. / 六月為它的絕對令人高興在他之後放棄一個比賽如失去的因素 , 但是繼續的賽跑。 減慢到一次散步,當他下來幾乎不願意減慢的時候,她讚美了他的流動運動。 當他已經做這並且不需要打破大步就在最後一刻使 birdstyle 變形到的時候,她突然數年以前記得了一個事件。 他然後已經大膽地走開發射他自己懸崖而且滑動下來到在下面的海灘。 birdstyles 對他們仍然是新的,而且肯恩已經是狂怒的。 當他向後地笑的時候,她可以仍然看見喬的臉在來自海灘的他多煙的指揮官上面。
"I thought you were going to jump off the cliff just like that time..." / "我想你將要跳下僅僅像次一樣的懸崖。。。"
"You remember that?" he interjected, a surprised smile on his face. / "你記得那"? 他插嘴,在他的臉上一個感到驚訝的微笑。
"Ken was so mad at you! Hakase wasn't too pleased either!" she said as she came up beside him. She laughed again at the memory. "How could I forget? I snuck out that night and did the same thing!" / "對你肯恩是如此瘋狂! Hakase 也不是太高興的!"當她在他旁邊發生的時候,她說。 她再一次笑記憶。 "我如何可以忘記? 我 snuck 出自那夜晚和相同的事物!"
Joe looked down at her incredulously. "You never told me that!" / 喬懷疑地往下看她。 "你從不告訴我那"!
"I never told anyone half the things I used to do. I just never got caught!" she grinned back at him. / " 我從不告訴了任何人一半的事物我過去一直做。 我僅僅從不得到捕捉!"她向後地在他露齒而笑。
"I wish I'd seen that one!" Jun in flight really did resemble a graceful bird. He watched her as she gazed out to sea, inhaling the breeze. / "我願我已經看到那一個"! 六月在飛行中真的確實相似一隻優美的鳥。 當她注視出到海洋的時候,他看了她,吸入微風。
"I love the smell of the sea," she said softly. "I was always happy here." She smiled up at him, squinting against the glare. "Thank you for kidnapping me." / "我愛海洋的味道",她柔和地說。 "我總是快樂的在這裡" 。 她微笑在他上面,使變斜視眼對抗閃耀光。 "謝謝你綁架我" 。
"Anytime, Jun." He reached out impulsively, gently brushing away the hair that had blown across her cheek. She looked surprised, and he mentally kicked himself for his action. Abruptly turning back toward the trees, he asked casually, "So... what exactly is in that cooler, anyway?" / "隨時,六月". 他衝動地到達出, 逐漸地疏刷離開有吹橫過她的頰頭髮。 她看起來驚訝,而且他心理上為他的行動自責。 突然地對於樹折回,他偶然地問,"如此。。。 什麼完全在那一個冷卻器中,無論如何?"
Still taken aback by the caress, she could only reply, "You sound just like Ryu." Joe was not normally demonstrative, and yet this was the second time today he had touched her. He was already striding quickly back across the meadow, only pausing to pick up a long blade of grass to chew on. She caught up to him again, and he shortened his stride to match hers. / 仍然向後地被愛撫拿,她只可以答覆,"你聽正直的相似 Ryu" 。 喬不是正常說明,而且仍然這是第二次他已經接觸她的今天。 他已經正在橫過很快地向後地邁大步走草地, 唯一的暫停拾起草的長刀鋒咀嚼在之上。 她捕捉由他決定再一次,而且他弄短了他的大步與她的相配。
"You know, you have a definite oral fixation," she said, hoping to tease him out of his sudden discomfort. / "你知道,你有一個明確的口頭定置",她說, 希望由於他的突然不適欺負他。
He grinned back at her. "You have been brushing up on your psych books! Bad habits are hard to break. I think the med team has a heart attack every time they see a shuriken in my mouth. What doesn't kill ya only makes ya stronger, eh?" He seemed relaxed again, and Jun wondered if she had imagined his unease. Maybe she was reading too much into his behavior. / 他向後地在她露齒而笑。 "你已經溫習你的心理狀態書! 差勁的習慣困難打破。 我認為醫藥的小組每一次有一個心臟病發他們看見我的嘴 shuriken 。 沒只殺 ya 嗎的使 ya 更強壯,eh?"他再一次似乎放鬆,而且六月懷疑假如她想像他的不安。 也許她正在進入他的行為之內讀太多。
They reached the blanket and settled themselves against the tree so they could see the ocean. Spreading out the food from the cooler, they ate in silence, each staring out over the water in thought. Finishing, Jun leaned back and gestured at the scene before them. / 他們反對樹到達了毛毯而且安頓了他們自己,如此他們可以看見大海。 傳佈出來自冷卻器的食物,他們在沈默,每個在想法的水之上注視出方面吃。 終結,六月向後地倚靠而且在他們前的現場作手勢。
"Sometimes I wish things could be like when we were kids. Living on the estate, swimming in the ocean, learning to fly." She rested her chin on her hands. "Everything seemed so simple back then. Now it seems as if it's all just about the job." / "有時我願,當我們是小孩的時候,事物可能是同類。 倚賴不動產生活,在大海中游泳, 學習飛。"她休息了在她的手上她下巴。 "每件事物當時似乎如此簡單背面。 現在它似乎好像它全部差不多是工作。"
"That wouldn't be a veiled reference to Ken now, would it?" / "那將不現在是被戴面紗的關於參考肯恩,不是嗎"?
She shot him a look. "It wasn't all bad, Joe. I was really happy for awhile. I finally got what I thought I always wanted. I think that Ken would never really let me in. The more I tried, the more he closed off from me." She paused, thinking. "You know, it affected more than just me. Jinpei had a lot of trouble adjusting to school and at first Ken was there to help him. He still tries, but it's not the same." / 她射擊他神情。 " 它不是所有壞的,喬。 我真的很快樂對一會兒。 我最後得到了我所想的,我總是想要。 我認為肯恩將會從不真的讓我進去。 更多我嘗試, 更多他走開從我關閉。"她暫停,想。 " 你知道, 它影響更多的超過正直的我。 在調整到學校方面被有許多麻煩的 Jinpei 而且起先肯恩在那裡幫助他。 他仍然試,但是它不是相同的。"
"I'm sorry that happened." Joe set aside the rest of his food. / " 對不起那發生". 喬留存他的食物其餘者。
"You have no idea. We spent two years recovering from the war, trying to live normal lives. Two years of grieving for you." She looked away. / "你不知道。 我們度過二年恢復戰爭, 嘗試居住正常的生命。 為你悲傷的二年。"她看離開。
"It wasn't as simple as that, Jun. I spent almost a year recovering and the rest learning to use this body. When I finally got it together, so much time had passed..." He trailed off, staring up at the shifting sunlight through the leaves. "Seeing the team again, hearing you call for me- that hurt in a way I hadn't felt for so long. I knew then that I should have let you know I was okay. I just couldn't do it." He fell silent. / "它不是像那一樣的簡單,六月。 我幾乎花費一年找回和學習使用這一個身體 的其餘者。 當我最後將它組織起來的時候,這麼多時間已經通過。。。"他走開追蹤, 注視在改變日光上面經過樹葉。 "再一次看見小組,聽你召來我- 那傷害在一定程度上我沒有久這麼摸索。 我然後知道,我應該要使你知道的,我是好。 我就是不可以做它。" 他跌落沈默的。
Jun stared, amazed he'd admitted missing anyone since emotions were such a touchy subject with him. She reached over for his hand, threading her fingers through his. "It's strange, after all these years, we didn't know each other like we thought we did." / 被注視的六月, 吃驚因為情緒是由於他一個如此敏感的主題,他有承認想念任何人。 她為他的手伸過手去,經過他的線她手指。 " 它很奇怪, 在整這些數年,我們沒有知道之後,彼此喜歡我們想我們做".
Joe gave a short laugh and squeezed her hand. "No, I guess not." / 喬給予了一聲短笑而且緊握了她的手。 "不,我猜測不" 。
"I'm glad you're back, though." / "我很高興但是,你回來" 。
"Me too." / " 我,也".
They lay in companionable silence, just listening to the soft sounds of the early spring. Joe found himself drowsy, and looked down, surprised, when he felt Jun's head drop to his shoulder as she drifted off to sleep herself. He gazed down at her face, so peaceful, and felt his chest tighten. He didn't know what he'd do if something happened to her; the last time she was wounded, he'd gone berserk. He knew he'd always felt protective of her, but just what were his other feelings for his beautiful comrade? / 他們在於適於做朋友的沈默,僅僅聽到初春的軟聲音。 喬發現他自己昏昏欲睡的, 而且看下來,驚訝的,當他感覺六月的頭時候當她走開漂流睡覺她自己,降低到他的肩。 他在她的臉注視下來,如此和平, 而且感覺他的胸勒緊。 他沒有知道他如果發生在她身上將會做的; 她被受傷的最後一次,他已經去暴漢。 他認識他有總是她覺得保護,但是究竟他的美麗同志的他其他的感覺是什麼?
He knew it was over with Ken officially, but he wondered how much she still felt for the Eagle. She had been in love with Ken for so long- would she ever really be over him? Even if she were, why would she even consider himself? He wasn't even human anymore. He suddenly realized for the first time that he actually wanted Jun to consider him, and it scared the hell out of him. He pushed it down- he had no time for feelings beyond friendship, he was on a course that would inevitably lead to his death. Besides, was Ken still in love with her? He wouldn't risk alienating his best friend. / 他知道,它正式地過度是和肯恩,但是他懷疑她仍然摸索鷹多少。 她已經是肯恩為如此久-她將會曾經真的是在他之上嗎? 即使她是,她為什麼將會甚至考慮他自己? 他不再不是平坦的人類。 他突然第一次了解,他實際上想要六月考慮他,而且它從他驚嚇了地獄。 他把它推動下來-他沒有感覺的時間超過友誼, 他在將會不可避免導致他的死亡課程上。 此外,肯恩仍然是在愛方面和她嗎? 他將不冒著使他最好的朋友疏遠的危險。
Joe couldn't concentrate- not with her practically in his arms, the scent of her hair so close. He willed himself to relax. The more he tried not to think about her, the more he did. He was aware of the rise and fall of her steady breathing; the soft blush that spread across her cheeks. He realized his feelings were too strong- he gave up the fight and decided that he would, in her words, 'enjoy the moment.' He placed his arm around her to cradle her head, and was gratified by the way she snuggled closer to him as she slept. / 喬不可以集中-不和她實際地在他的手臂中,她的頭髮氣味如此關。 他決意他自己放鬆。 更多他嘗試不要想她, 更多他做。 他知道增加和秋天的她定態呼吸; 柔軟臉紅那包括她的頰。 他了解,他的感覺太強-他放棄戰鬥而且決定他將會,在她所說的話中,'享受片刻。'當她睡的時候,他放置他的手臂在附近她對他放在搖籃內她的頭, 而且被她挨近比較靠近的方式使滿足了。
He remembered the last time he had held her like this: the mission on K3. She'd so stubbornly followed him and would have died from exposure after the avalanche. He'd been trying to save her life then, but he couldn't deny that the thought had crossed his mind that if he were to die, there was no place he would rather be than with Jun in his arms. Strange how she seemed to be with him during so many pivotal moments in his life: she had been the one to find him dying on Cross Karacolm. He closed his eyes. 'What do we fight for, but for moments of peace like this,' was his last hazy thought before drifting off to sleep. / 他記得了最後一次他已經拿著她的同類這: 在 K3 上的任務。 她有如此的頑固跟隨了他並且會死於在雪崩後的暴露。 他已經然後嘗試節省她的生活,但是他不會否認,想法已經掠過他的心頭,如果他要死, 沒有地方他寧願是超過在他的手臂中有六月。 奇怪的她如何在這麼多關鍵性的片刻期間似乎在他的生活方面是和他在一起: 她已經是那一個發現他在交叉的 Karacolm 上死亡。 他關閉了他的眼睛。 ' 我們對抗什麼為, 但是長達數片刻之久和平喜歡這,'在走開漂流睡覺之前是他的最後朦朧的想法。
He woke with a start a few hours later as the evening breeze picked up. The sky had gone a delicate pink with the sun just beginning to set. Groggily, he realized that Jun was now wrapped tightly against him in her sleep: one leg twisted sinuously around his and her arm draped across his chest. His own head had fallen to fit neatly against hers. What really startled him was the fact that her hand had somehow worked its way under his shirt, and was warmly resting on his bare skin. / 他以一個開始喚醒一些小時之後當晚上微風逐漸恢復。 天空已經用太陽去一朵細緻優雅的粉紅色僅僅開始設定。 酒醉地,他了解六月現在在在睡夢中被反對他緊緊地包裝: 一隻腿彎彎曲曲地在越過他的胸被用布簾覆蓋的他和她的手臂周圍擰。 他自己的頭已經落到反對她的整潔地適合。 真的震驚他是她的手不知何故已經工作在他的襯衫下面的它方法, 而且正在親切地停留在他的赤裸皮膚上的事實。
'Well, this is the either the best dream or the best wake-up call I've had in a long time,' he thought wickedly. He gently righted his head and looked down, careful not to disturb her. Her lips had parted slightly in sleep and it took all the control he could muster not to kiss her. He looked away and sighed, which caused Jun to shift again closer to him and to half-consciously caress his chest. / ' 很好地,這是那或最好的夢或最好的喚醒我在長的時間內已經有,'他壞地想。 他逐漸地權利了他的頭而且看下來, 小心的不要擾亂她。 她的唇已經些微地在睡眠方面分開,而且它採取他可以召集的所有控制不要吻她。 他看離開而且歎息, 導致六月把再一次比較靠近的移到他和到一半-有意識地愛撫他的胸。
'Oh shit!' he thought miserably. 'She probably thinks I'm Ken.' He had to wake her- he couldn't stand much more of this. / ' 哦糞!'他非常不幸地想。 '她可能認為我是肯恩。'他必須叫醒她-他更加多這不可以站著。
"Jun," he began softly. "Jun- wake up." / "六月",他柔和地開始。 "六月- 醒來。"
She mumbled something and he smiled at the way her brows furrowed in annoyance. He shook her shoulder slightly. "Jun!" / 她喃喃而語了在她的眉毛在煩惱中犁的方式被微笑的某事和他。 他些微地搖動了她的肩。 "六月"!
"It's too early, Joe. Stay in bed,' she murmured. / " 它太早是,喬。 停留在床中,'她低語。
His eyebrow went up and his heart skipped a beat, then started to race, as it was obvious she was not dreaming of Ken. She slowly opened one eye, registered his face looking down at her, and smiled as if it was the most natural thing in the world to be lying in his arms. The eye closed, and he watched in amusement when it shot back open wide in alarm. / 他的眉毛上漲,而且他的心跳越了一拍打, 然後開始比賽,如同它是明顯的一樣她不在夢到肯恩。 她慢慢地打開了一個眼睛﹐登記了他的往下看她 的臉﹐而且微笑好像它是在世界中的最自然事物正在於他的手臂。 眼睛關閉,而且他看在娛樂中當它被射擊寬的在警報中的後面公開。
She bolted fully awake. "Oh God, Joe- I'm so sorry!" she managed, blood rushing to her cheeks. She looked mortified, and Joe tried to sound casual as he replied, "Hey, it's ok- I fell asleep too-we were both exhausted," as if he hadn't noticed that she still had her hand up his shirt. She suddenly realized it and snatched it out as if it were burned. She rolled off him and sat upright, knees pulled to her chest. Joe regarded her in silence, letting her compose herself. / 她完全閂住醒的。 " 哦上帝 , 喬- 我是如此難過"! 她處理,催促到她的頰 血。 她看起來受辱,而且喬嘗試到健全的雖然他答覆偶然的,"嗨,它是 ok- 我也睡著了- 我們兩者都用盡,"好像他沒有注意她仍然有她的手提高他的襯衫。 她突然了解了它而且奪取出它好像它被燃燒。 她直立地走開捲他而且坐,膝拉到她的胸。 喬在沈默方面視為了她,使她組成她自己。
"Um...did I talk in my sleep? I-I've been known to do that," she finally blurted out. / "Um。。。我在睡夢中說話嗎? 我-我已經被知道做那,"她最後衝口說出出。
"Not a peep," he lied easily, and sat up himself. She risked a small smile at him, and he continued. "I woke you 'cause I know how you love sunsets, not to mention that we should be getting back if you want to open the 'J' tonight." / "不是瞥見",他容易地說謊, 而且熬夜他自己。 她冒著在他的一個小的微笑危險了,而且他繼續。 " 我喚醒了你 ' 引起我知道你如何愛日落, 不要提到我們應該回來,如果今晚你想要打開 'J'".
"Right- we should go!" She began to hastily pack up their stuff when he stopped her. / "權利- 我們應該去!"當他阻止了她的時候,她開始匆忙地停止他們的事情。
"Hey! You can do that after the show- just look at that sky!" He hugged his own knees to his chest, and they both watched the sun slowly sink towards the sea. She slowly relaxed as she focused on the horizon. / "嗨! 你能做那在表演之後-僅僅看那天空!"他擁抱了對他的胸他自己的膝, 和他們倆都慢慢地看太陽向海洋下沉。 當她集中的時候,她慢慢地放鬆即將。
"When we were very young," she began softly, "Hakase once told me that if you sat very quietly and concentrated, you could hear the hiss as the sun met the water." She looked at Joe, smiling at the memory. "I always thought I could hear it." / " 當我們非常年輕的時候" ,她柔和地開始 ",Hakase 曾經告訴了我,如果你非常安靜地坐而且集中,當太陽遇見了水的時候,你可以聽到噓聲". 她看喬,在記憶微笑。 "我總是想我可以聽到它" 。
He grinned back. "I never thought he was that sentimental," he answered. They both turned back to the view and Joe couldn't stop himself from leaning close to her ear and whispering "Listen!" just before the sun touched the horizon. / 他向後地露齒而笑。 " 我從不想,他是那麼感傷性的",他回答。 他們倆都折回到視野和喬不可以阻止他自己在她的耳朵附近傾斜而且耳語 "聽"! 僅僅在太陽碰觸了地平線之前。
Jun felt the blood rushing to her temples in confusion as she felt his soft breath on her neck. Their faces were inches apart and his proximity made her tremble. Meeting his eyes, she barely breathed back, "I didn't hear it that time." / 當她感覺了在她的脖子上的他軟呼吸的時候,六月感覺了催促到混亂的她寺廟 的血。 他們的臉分別地是吋,而且他的接近製造了她的戰慄。 遇見他的眼睛,她幾乎向後地呼吸," 我那次沒有聽到它".
Joe looked intently into her eyes and replied softly, "I did." / 喬一心一意地進入她的眼睛之內看而且柔和地答覆,"我做" 。
He almost kissed her again, then got up instead. "C'mon, we'd better get back," he said hoarsely, carelessly chucking things into the cooler. / 他幾乎再一次吻了她, 然後改為起床。 "C'mon,我們最好回來",他沙啞地說,不注意地輕叩事物進冷卻器之內。
Jun got up and slowly folded up the blanket, all the while wondering what was going on between them and why her heart was beating so wildly. / 六月起床並且慢慢地將毛毯折起來, 正在他們之間繼續的覺得奇怪的所有一會兒而且她的心為什麼是打如此的野性。