Cold Light of Day / 日子的寒冷光
By Asakurafan / 藉著 Asakurafan

'I should go.' / '我應該去。'
Jun lay on her side, head propped up on one elbow. The thought drifted across her mind, yet she made no move, mesmerized by the moonlight streaming through the blinds painting a pattern which mingled with the shadows cast by Joe's sharp features. / 六月在她的身邊上放置,頭在一個手肘上支持。 想法漂流過她的心,然而她沒製造移動,經過油漆一個以被喬的銳利特徵投的影像混合的典型 的盲人被有月光的流施催眠術。
He was sleeping. A faint hint of a smile still played across his lips. She had never seen him so peaceful. She searched his features, trying to reconcile the face she knew with this unfamiliar expression. She had known this man her entire life, but the intimacy of this moment stunned her. She tore her eyes away to glance at the clock-it was entirely possible that the filtered light was dawn breaking and not moonlight. When she returned her gaze to him, one steel-blue eye had opened and was lazily regarding her before closing again. / 他正在睡覺。 微笑的一個微弱的暗示仍然越過他的唇玩。 她從未看到他如此和平。 她搜尋了他的特徵, 嘗試和解她以不熟悉的表達知道的臉。 她已經認識這個男人她的整個生活,但是這片刻的親密使暈倒了她。 她撕破她的眼睛之遠注視時鐘- 它完全可能那被過濾的光是破曉打破和不是有月光。 當她歸還她的注視給他的時候, 一個鋼- 藍色的眼睛已經打開並且懶洋洋地是關於她在再一次關閉之前。
"No, you shouldn't." / "不, 你不應該".
The words were a soft deep rumble. Had she not seen his eye open, proving he was awake, she would have thought she had imagined the response to her unspoken thought. Jun smiled, reaching over to gently brush the hair off his forehead. So close-all five of them-they could read each other's minds at times. / 字是軟的深隆隆聲。 她還沒看到他的眼睛公開, 求證嗎他是醒的,她會想她已經想像對她的不言而喻的想法回應。 六月微笑, 伸過手去逐漸地在他的前額外疏刷頭髮。 如此接近地-他們五個全部都-他們可以有時讀彼此心。
Her finger began to trace a slow path down the bridge of his nose, outlining the high cheekbone, making its way along his jaw and across his lips. A smile, then a soft kiss and finally his eyes opening again rewarded her caress. / 她的手指開始把一條慢的路徑追蹤下來他的鼻子橋,概略說明高的頰骨,沿著他的顎和越過他的唇製造它的方法。 一個微笑, 然後一個軟的吻而且最後他的再一次打開 的眼睛獎賞了她的愛撫。
Joe slowly reached his hand up through the tangle of her dark curls, his expression now one of wonder. He pulled her back down for a lingering kiss that re-ignited the passion between them. / 喬慢慢地經過她的黑暗捲曲的纏結向上到達他的手,他的表達現在奇蹟之一。 他為一個再點燃了在他們之間的熱情逗留吻把她拉回來下來。
'No, not yet,' she agreed silently. / '不 , 不仍然 ,' 她默默地同意。

"I should go." / "我應該去" 。
The words were now spoken aloud. "It's getting light out," she added softly. / 字現在被大聲地講。 "它正在輕外面",她柔和地增加。
"I really don't want Jinpei to wake up and find I'm still gone." / "我真的不想要 Jinpei 醒來而且發現我仍然不見了" 。
"I thought you said Ryu was staying with him?" / "我想你說 Ryu 正在他家逗留"?
"He said he would, but I know Jinpei was very upset last night- I need to talk to him." He wouldn't be the only one upset, but she pushed that thought from her mind. She thought of the brief glimpse she had of Jinpei as she raced out of the 'J' after Joe. She knew Jinpei had been devastated by her breakup with Ken, and would be furious at Joe stepping into the void. Jinpei loved Joe, but it was different from the way he felt for Ken. / " 他說他將會,但是我知道 Jinpei 昨晚非常煩亂- 我需要和他說話。"他將不是一個只有加深框,但是她推動了來自她的心那個想法。 她想到簡短的一瞥當她從在喬後的 'J' 比賽的時候,她 Jinpei 有。 她知道 Jinpei 進入空虛之內已經和肯恩被她的停止毀壞, 而且將會對喬是狂怒的步進。 Jinpei 愛喬,但是它不同於他同情肯恩的方式。

Joe was silently stroking the top of her head as she lay in his arms. She returned the caress by delicately following the shadow stripes running across his chest. Neither could stop touching the other; it was as if they were making up for years of unconsciously trying to maintain some kind of physical distance, like two magnets that weave a wary dance around each other until one suddenly flips and they are joined together with a snap. / 喬正在默默地划尾槳她的頭頂端如俗人的在他手臂中的她。 她被細緻優雅地跟隨跑過他的胸 影像斑紋歸還了愛撫。 既不可以停止碰觸另一個; 它是,好像他們正在無意識地嘗試彌補數年維持實際的距離一些類型, 像二個在彼此的周圍編織小心的跳舞磁鐵直到一突然用指頭彈,而且他們連同大聲叱罵一起被參加。

"Upset is an understatement, Jun- I saw his face. I know that face-it's the one he wears on a mission-the one that makes us forget he's a kid." / "加深框是打著折扣說,六月-我看見他的臉。 我知道臉-它是他在一個任務上戴的那一個-使我們忘記他的一個是一個小孩。"

"He only wants me to be happy, and he thinks that means with Ken. I have to convince him that its not going to happen. He'll come around-you'll see." Jun wasn't sure whom she was trying to convince-Joe or herself. / " 他只想要我很快樂,而且他認為和肯恩的方法。 我必須使他相信它的不發生。 他將來在附近-你將看見。" 六月不確定誰她正在嘗試說服- 喬或她自己。

"He damn well better come around-he's not gonna have a choice " / "他在附近詛咒得好來得更好- 他不將有選擇 "

"Joe-promise you'll let me handle this." / "喬-你將讓我處理這的諾言".

He acquiesced with a shrug. Rubbing his eyes and following the motion through his hair, he sighed. "Maybe Ken was right all along about a relationship's effect on the team." / 他以聳肩默許。 擦他的眼睛而且穿越跟隨運動他的頭髮,他歎息。 "也許肯恩沿著在小組上的大約關係的效果正確地是所有的" 。

Jun stiffened in his arms. "Are you sorry?" / 六月在他的手臂中堅硬。 " 你是難過的"?

"Oh no-God, Jun-no!" He felt his stomach sink with regret and reached down to quickly tilt her head so he could look in her eyes. "Never. You know I'm not I'm not good at expressing my feelings, but you are why I came back-why I stayed. The only reason I feel human at all." / " 哦不-上帝,六月-不"! 他用遺憾感覺他的胃洗滌槽而且伸手拿下很快地傾斜她的頭,如此他可以順便探訪她的眼睛。 "從不。 你知道我不是我不對表達我的感覺感到好的,但是你是我為什麼回來: - 。 唯一的理由我全然覺得人類。"

She looked in those eyes that were so often cold and hard. She now saw pain and something new: love. Reaching up she pulled him close and kissed him, trying to reassure him the only way she knew how. / 她順便探訪那些如此的時常寒冷的和難眼睛。 她現在看見痛苦和新的東西: 愛。 到達在她接近地拉了他而且吻了他上面, 嘗試使他安心唯一的方法她知道如何。


Jun had drifted off to sleep, and Joe watched her rhythmic breathing; even in her unconscious moments she was graceful, he thought, smiling. / 六月已經走開漂流睡覺,而且喬看了她的旋律呼吸; 甚至在她的無意識的片刻中她是優美的,他想,微笑的。

He still couldn't believe what had happened only hours ago and that she was here now, sharing his bed. He did not deserve to be this happy, and he'd almost blown it already. She was so beautiful, he was afraid to touch her: a vision that would dissipate with the slightest movement. / 他仍然不可以相信已經發生只有數小時以前的東西和她現在在這裡,分享他的床。 他沒有該得到是這快樂的,而且他幾乎已經已經吹它。 她是如此美麗,他害怕碰她: 一個將會以最微小的運動消散的視野。

Distracted, he cocked his head and listened intently, drawing on the cybernetics for amplification. Very faintly he could have sworn he heard the distinct whine of a high performance prop airplane's engine. / 分心,他一心一意地聳立了他的頭而且聽,為放大利用換控學。 非常微弱地他應該可以宣誓他聽到高表現支柱飛機引擎的清楚抱怨。

'Nah, couldn't be that faint the altitude would be too high...' he reassured himself. / 'Nah, 不可能是高度將會是太高的那昏厥。。。'他使他自己安心了。

He went back to the more important matter at hand -- memorizing every curve of Jun's face. / 他回去較重要的事件在手邊 -- 記住六月的臉每個曲線。


Jinpei lay in his bed, staring at the ceiling, ears straining for the soft sound of footsteps on the stairs. It had been hours now, and it was starting to get light. He got up, thinking that he might have missed her when he'd dozed off. Padding softly down the hall, he silently pushed open the door to her room. The room was spotlessly neat; the bed still made. / Jinpei 躺在他的床中,盯著天花板看,為在樓梯上的腳步軟聲音勞累 的耳朵。 它已經是數小時現在,而且它開始輕。 他起床, 思考他應該可以想念她當他有小睡的時候。 墊充柔和地墬落門廳,他默默地推動了對她的房間開放門。 房間無髒污整潔; 床仍然製造。

'Oh, Onechan,' he thought miserably, 'what are you doing?' / '哦 , Onechan,' 他非常不幸地想,'你正在做什麼?'

He wandered over to look out the window, hoping to see the headlight of her bike come around the corner. Finally giving up in frustration, he started back across to the door and found himself tripping over her shoe. Angry tears welling up in his eyes, he picked the shoe up and hurled it against the wall. / 他結束遊蕩小心窗戶, 希望看見被來的她腳踏車的前燈即將來臨。 最後在挫折中放棄,他到門橫過向後地開始而且在她的鞋之上發現他自己絆倒的。 生氣的淚滴湧出在他的眼睛中,他反對牆壁拾起鞋而且用力投擲了它上面。
It fell with a satisfying thump behind the chair. The second followed soon after. Only then did he think to listen for the heavy snoring to verify he hadn't woken up Ryu, who was sprawled out in the living room in front of the muted TV. / 它以在椅子後面的一個滿意的重打跌落。 秒在很快之後跟隨。 然後他才想聽讓重的打鼾查證他沒有在 Ryu 上面喚醒,在被啞子的電視之前在客廳中的被擴展。

With a heavy sigh he made his way silently back to his own room and closed the door. / 藉由一聲重的歎息他默默地向後地製造了他的方法到他自己的房間而且關閉了門。

'I'm gonna kill him.' / '我將要殺他。'


The all-too-familiar insistent beep of her communicator seemed magnified, Jun thought groggily as she struggled to open her eyes. She suddenly realized why as her awareness increased: Joe's was beeping in harmony with her own. / 所有者-也-她的傳達者的熟悉堅持的嗶嗶聲似乎放大,當她努力打開她的眼睛時候,六月酒醉地想。 她突然了解為什麼當她的覺察增加: 喬正在和諧地嗶嗶聲她自己的。
Entwined together they both grabbed for their wristbands then struggled to sort out whose had fallen under the bed. / 一起纏住他們倆都然後為他們的袖口抓取努力分類出誰的已經陷入床。

"G2, over!"/ "G3, over!" / "G2,結束"!/"G3,結束"!

They both cringed at the simultaneous response, hoping their voices weren't obviously originating from the same source. / 他們倆都在同時的回應畏縮,希望他們的聲音不正在明顯地從相同的來源開始。

"Nambu here-we need you to report immediately we have an emergency." / "在這裡的 Nambu-我們需要你立刻報告我們有一件緊急".

"But we just finished a mission!" Jun responded, startled. / "但是我們剛剛完成了一個任務"! 六月回應,震驚。

"Apparently Galactor has changed its pattern. Nambu out." / "顯然地 Galactor 已經改變它的典型。 在外的 Nambu。"

"Roger!" / "Roger!" / "羅傑"! /"羅傑"!

"Damn," Joe groaned as he stretched incompliant muscles. / "一點",當他伸展了 incompliant 肌肉的時候,喬呻吟。

"It's already daylight-you were supposed to wake me," she chided him gently, then suddenly blurted out, "Oh my god!" / " 它已經白晝-你應該叫醒我",她逐漸地斥責了他,然後突然衝口說出出 ", 哦我的神"!

"What?" / "什麼"?

"I don't have my civvies! I just ran out of the 'J' last night!" Jun answered, panicked. / "我沒有我的平民! 我僅僅用盡 'J' 昨晚!"六月回答,恐慌。

"Shit!" / "拉屎"!

"Ryu! Come in!" she implored the communicator. / "Ryu! 進來!"她懇求了傳達者。

"What's the matter, Jun?" Ryu replied, yawning. / "怎麼了,六月"? Ryu 答覆,打哈欠。

"I need you to get my civvies!" / "我需要你得到我的平民"!

"What? Oh Shit!" / "什麼? 哦糞!"

"They're in my closet! Jinpei ll know." / "他們是在我的壁櫥中! Jinpei ll 知道。"

"Jinpei just went out the door-I'll find them. Are you where I think you are?" he added, his voice now amused. / "Jinpei 剛剛外出門-我將發現他們。 你是我在哪裡想你是嗎?"他增加, 現在愉快的他聲音。

"Yes! Don't forget to lock up!" she snapped back, embarrassed. Joe just smirked. / "是的! 不要忘記鎖在!上面"她向後地咬斷,困窘。 喬剛剛嘻嘻做笑。

"Yeah, yeah. Ryu out." / "是的,是。 在外的 Ryu。"

Jun sighed, relieved that she'd caught Ryu before he left. She would be incredibly late if she had to go all the way to the city and then turn back around to report to base. She couldn't help smiling as she watched Joe struggle to remember where he had left his own clothes. Jun had often taken the fleeting opportunities between missions to wear normal clothes, but had always been careful to keep her uniform nearby. It had never even entered her mind last night that she had forgotten it. / 被歎息的六月, 減輕,在他離開之前 , 她有捕捉了 Ryu 。 如果她必須在附近去所有的路城市然後折回報告作基礎,她將會無法置信晚。 她不可以幫助微笑的當她看喬努力記得在哪裡他被有留下他自己的衣服。 六月時常已經利用在任務之間的短暫機會穿著正常的衣服, 但是總是已經是小心的使她制服保持附近的。 它從不甚至已經昨晚進入她的心,她已經忘記它。

"Oh no!" / " 哦不"!

"Now what?" Joe's voice came back to her from under the bed, followed by a shoe. / " 現在什麼"? 喬的聲音回到她從在床之下, 被一隻鞋跟隨。

Jun sat down on the edge of the bed, her face in her hands. "I'm wearing black underwear!" / 六月坐在床的邊緣上,她的手她臉。 "我正在穿著黑色的內衣褲"!

Joe's grinning face reappeared after the shoe. "And you look amazing in it too," he leered. / 喬露齒而笑臉那在鞋之後再出現。 "而且你也在它裡面看起來令人驚異",他送秋波。

"You're not helping," she grinned back at him, his own happiness contagious. / "你不在幫助",她向後地在他露齒而笑, 傳染性的他自己的快樂。
"Oh-can I borrow your toothbrush?" she asked. / "哦-我能借你的牙刷嗎"? 她問。

"Only because I'm crazy about you," he responded. / "只有因為我關於你是發狂的",他回應。


Beeping. Insistent beeping. Ken rolled over and finally registered that his communicator was flashing. With a groan at the sudden pain in his head, he reached over and retrieved it from the table. / 嗶嗶聲。 堅持的嗶嗶聲。 肯恩捲在而且之上最後登記他的傳達者正在閃現。 藉由一聲呻吟在他的頭突然的痛苦,他從桌子伸過手去而且取回了它。

"G1! Over." / "G1! 結束。"

"Nambu here-we need you to report immediately we have an emergency." / "在這裡的 Nambu-我們需要你立刻報告我們有一件緊急".

'What the f...?' Through his fogged brain Ken heard the others check in and / ' 什麼 f。。。?' 經過聽到其餘者的他被霧籠罩腦肯恩辦登記手續和
Jun's startled reply. He realized that Jun's and Joe's frequencies were causing feedback over the bandwidth. Obviously they were still together. He felt the briefly forgotten anger tighten his gut all over again. / 被震驚答覆的六月。 他了解六月和喬的頻率是引起在頻寬上的回應。 明顯地他們仍然一起。 他感覺簡短地忘記的忿怒再一次到處勒緊他的勇氣。

"Roger, copy that. G1 out," he replied abruptly, his head pounding from the sound of his own voice. He sat on the edge of what he now realized was his couch-he'd never made it to bed last night-and regarded the empty beer bottles lined up on the table like a firing squad. 'Stupid, stupid, stupid,' he silently berated himself as he sat rubbing his eyes. He hoped he would remember exactly where he had left the plane last night. / "羅傑,複印那。 在外的 G1,"他突然地答覆,來自他自己的聲音聲音的他頭敲。 他坐在邊緣上他現在了解的是他長椅- 他從未做到昨晚固定- 而且視為了被排成一行的空啤酒瓶子在桌子上喜歡一個槍決行刑隊上面。 '愚蠢的﹐愚蠢的﹐和愚蠢的 ,' 當他坐著擦他的眼睛時候,他默默地嚴責了他自己。 他希望他將會完全記得他昨晚已經留下飛機哪裡。


Jun opened the trailer door, anxiously glancing down the road for Ryu s truck. The lack of having their personal vehicles transmute had definite disadvantages; she still could not understand the logic of not having their fighting vehicles available to them at all times. Even if they did spend an increasing amount of time at G-Town they still each had their own places to maintain between missions. They had taken to heading back to base a few days before the next Galactor wave could be reasonably expected so they would be readily available. A new attack one day after a decisive failure was not to be reasonably expected from Galactor. / 六月打開了追蹤者門,憂慮地為 Ryu s 卡車沿道路向下瞥閃。 缺乏讓他們的個人車輛變形有明確的缺點; 她仍然不可以了解邏輯不總是有他們可用的他們戰鬥車輛。 即使他們在 G 確實花費逐漸增加量的時間- 城鎮他們仍然每個有了他們自己的地方在任務之間維持。 在下一個 Galactor 波浪可能適度地被期望之前 , 他們已經喜愛向後地前進以數天作基礎,如此他們將會馬上可得。 一個新的攻擊一個決定性的失敗後一天是不到從 Galactor 適度地被期望。

Joe came up behind her, arms wrapping around her waist. As upset as she was, she couldn't help but respond to the kiss he deposited on her neck. She turned in his arms, suddenly realizing the reason for his intent gaze. He reached down and caressed her cheek before pulling her close and kissing her passionately. So little time. They both knew it was the last private moment they would have before duty would require them to revert to the professional rapport they would have to maintain, regardless of what happened. / 喬在她後面發生 ,在她的腰部周圍的手臂包圍k down on。 當做顛覆當她是的時候,她無法不回應他在她的脖子上存放的吻。 她在他的手臂中轉向,突然了解他的專心注視的理由。 他在接近地拉她而且熱情地吻她之前伸手拿下而且愛撫了她的頰。 如此一點時間。 他們倆都知道,它是最後私人的片刻 , 在責任將會需要他們恢復到專業的關係他們將會必須維持之前 , 他們將會有,不管發生什麼事。

They stood quietly embracing: foreheads touching, just gazing in each other's eyes, mutely trying to say what words couldn't. Joe's gaze flickered away from hers for a brief moment. "Ryu s here," he said softly before releasing her with a quick kiss on the forehead. "So we have a date after this?" / 他們安靜地站立擁抱: 前額碰觸,僅僅在彼此眼睛中凝視, 無言地嘗試說什麼字不可以。 喬的注視從她的閃動離開因為簡短的片刻。 "在這裡的 Ryu s",他柔和地在用在前額上的一個快的吻釋放她之前說。 "因此我們在這之後有一個日期"?

"Only if you're buying," she replied, knowing he spoke lightly himself to mask the seriousness of their situation. / "只有當如果你正在買",她答覆, 博學的他輕輕的說他自己掩飾他們的情形嚴重。

"Least I can do," he winked back at her. / "最沒有我能做",他向後地在她眨眼。

Ryu pulled up and tossed her a bag with the clothes. Catching it with a smile of thanks, she ran back into the trailer to change. Joe just grinned back at the smirk Ryu gave him. / Ryu 拔出而且用衣服投擲她的一個袋子。 用謝謝的一個微笑捕捉它,她跑返回追蹤者改變。 僅僅在嘻嘻笑 Ryu 向後地露齒而笑的喬給予了他。

"You owe me big time," Ryu taunted. / "你虧欠我大的時間",Ryu 嘲弄。

Joe's reply was smothered by a shriek from inside the trailer. The door slammed open and Jun skidded down the steps, half-dressed. / 喬的答覆被一聲尖銳的響聲從裡面窒息了追蹤者。 門猛然關上開放的而且六月剎車下來步驟,一半-穿著。

"My shoes! Where are the shoes?" / "我的鞋子! 鞋子在哪裡?"

"Shit!" / "拉屎"!

"God Jun, I'm sorry I never thought " / " 上帝六月, 對不起我從不被認為 "

"Fuck!" / "性交"!

"Jun!" both men shot back, startled at her use of the expletive. Jun rarely cursed. Ryu looked down at her feet as if by wishing her shoes would magically appear. / "六月"! 兩位男人注射背面,在她的附加者的使用震驚。 六月很少地詛咒。 Ryu 往下看她的腳好像藉由願她的鞋子將會魔術地出現。

"Hey-aren't those your old ones?" he asked, relief brightening his face. / "嗨-不是那些你的舊一些"? 他問,變亮他的臉 安心。

"Does Mechanizer Ray ring a bell?" she shot back. "Hakase changed all the frequencies with the new uniforms-these won't trigger this birdstyle!" / "Mechanizer 射出光線戒指一個鈴嗎"? 她向後地射擊。 "Hakase 以新的制服來取代所有的頻率-這些將不引起這 birdstyle"!

"Why are you wearing them then?" Ryu found himself asking, and was immediately sorry he had from the glare she shot him. / "你為什麼然後穿著他們"? Ryu 發現他自己問, 而且立刻難過他從她射擊他的閃耀光有。

"Because they're comfortable!" She ran for her bike and gunned the engine. / " 因為他們很舒服"! 她競選她的腳踏車而且用炮射擊了引擎。
"I've gotta go back!" Joe hesitated, torn between allegiances. Jun waved him off: "Joe-don't worry about me! Get going and tell Hakase something anything but the truth!!" / "我已經必須回去"! 喬猶豫,做痛苦的抉擇於忠貞。 六月走開揮舞了他: "喬-不為我擔憂! 得到去而且決不告訴 Hakase 某事事實!!"

The gunner and the pilot silently watched the trail of dust she left in her wake as she sped down the road back toward Utoland. / 當她對於 Utoland 向後地沿道路向下加速的時候,砲手和飛行員默默地看了她留在她的守夜灰塵的蹤跡。

"You are so busted!" Ryu called out before taking off. Joe glared at him as he slid in his car and followed close behind. / "你如此被半身像"! Ryu 在起飛之前大叫。 喬在他發眩光當他他的汽車 slid 而且跟隨接近地後面。


"With the exception of Jinpei, your response time was deplorable and where is / "除了 Jinpei, 你的回應時間是可嘆的和在哪裡是
Jun?" / 六月?"

Nambu glanced at the team assembled before his desk. Ken looked grey and hungover; Ryu looked suddenly guilty; Joe was glaring daggers at Jinpei who had, unbeknownst to Nambu, ambushed Joe in the hall by "accidentally" releasing the safety lock on his rebound ball. / 被注視小組的 Nambu 在他的書桌之前裝配。 肯恩看起來灰色和 hungover; Ryu 看起來突然有罪; 喬是在有的 Jinpei 閃耀的匕首, 未知的到 Nambu,被 "偶然地" 釋放在他的重綑球上的保險鎖在門廳中埋伏突襲喬。

The only reason the Swallow was not pinned upside down to the wall was because Joe had promised Jun he'd let her handle Jinpei. A muscle began to twitch in his cheek as he watched Jinpei toss the ball up and down. He also didn't relish the idea of explaining the true situation to Nambu. Unsure what / 唯一的理由咽喉不被顛倒用針別住到牆壁是因為喬已經答應六月他將會讓她的柄 Jinpei 。 一束肌肉開始在他的頰中猛拉當做他上下地看 Jinpei 投擲球。 他也沒有品嚐解釋真實的情形給 Nambu 的想法。 不肯定的什麼
Hakase's reaction would be, he wanted to protect Jun from any more trouble than she would already be in when she arrived. He could only hope Jinpei would keep his trap shut. / Hakase's 的反應將會是, 他想要保護六月免於任何的較她為多的麻煩將會已經是在當她到達的時候。 他只可以希望 Jinpei 將會使他的圈套被關上。


Jun took the stairs two at a time up to the apartment above the 'J.' She raced down the hall and flung open the door to her room. Looking wildly around, she realized her shoes were nowhere in sight. Panic started tightening her chest. / 六月每次直到公寓帶了樓梯二在那上面 'J。' 她比賽下來門廳而且投造成她的房間。 在附近野性地看,她了解她的鞋子不見人影。 恐慌開始勒緊她的胸。

'I always leave them out,' she thought. She checked in the closet, then moved under the bed, under the nightstand. 'Maybe I left them in the living room?' she thought, racing back down the hall. Having found no sight of them, she checked the bathroom, then opened the door to Jinpei s room. One look in there told her she'd never locate them amongst the debris and she was about to close the door when a sudden thought made her heart sink. / '我總是遺漏他們,'她想。 她在壁櫥中檢查, 然後在床之下移動,在 nightstand 之下。 '也許我在客廳中留下他們?'她想,競賽退出門廳。 有沒發現他們的視力,她檢查了浴室,然後造成 Jinpei s 房間。 一在那裡順便探訪告訴了她她有從不設置他們當中碎片,而且當一個突然的想法使她的心成為洗滌槽的時候,她正要關上門。

"He wouldn't have " / " 他將會沒有 "


'Well?" / '湧出?"

Joe cleared his throat. "Um Jun's still at the 'J' the burglar alarm went off and the cops came and she couldn't leave without it looking suspicious. / 被清除的他咽喉的喬。 " Um 六月仍然在 'J' 防盜警報鈴爆炸,而且警官來,而且她沒有它不可以離開看起來可疑。
She'll be here as soon as they go." He tried to look as casual as possible as three pairs of disbelieving eyes focused on him. / 她將在這裡一旦他們去。"當三雙不信眼睛把重心集中在他的時候,他試著儘可能偶然的看。

"Jinpei, why didn't you mention this?" Before Jinpei could open his mouth Joe answered for him. / "Jinpei,為什麼你沒有提到這"? 在 Jinpei 可以打開他的嘴喬之前為他負責。

"He already left, so Jun radioed me and Ryu and we said we'd pass on the message to you. Right Ryu?" / "他已經離開,因此,六月收音機了我和 Ryu ,而且我們說我們將會對你傳遞訊息。 正確的 Ryu?"

Startled by his name, Ryu shifted uncomfortably in his seat and nodded in the affirmative. They were saved from further explanation by the appearance of / 藉著他的名字震驚,Ryu 不舒服地在他的座位中改變而且在肯定語中點頭。 他們從進一步的解釋被外表解救
Dr. Pandora bringing Nambu the latest developments. Ken regarded both of them narrowly as Ryu glared at Joe, who countered with an evil look of his own. / 帶 Nambu 最新發展 的班多爾琴博士。 當 Ryu 在喬發眩光,而且這喬以他自己的邪惡神情制止的時候,肯恩狹窄地視為了他們兩個。
Jinpei s attention was suddenly diverted by the silent birdscramble coming through his wristband. / Jinpei s 注意突然被沈默的 birdscramble 度過他的袖口轉移了。

He got up and wandered over to the window out of range of Nambu and realized that Jun was sending him the scramble in Morse code. / 他起床而且遊蕩在到窗戶之上從 Nambu 的範圍而且了解六月正在送他摩爾斯電碼的攀緣。

'Where=are=my=shoes' / '在哪裡=是=我的=鞋子'

The others had watched Jinpei get up, a look of puzzlement crossing his face. / 其餘者已經看 Jinpei 起床,交叉他的臉 迷惑的神情。
Suddenly Joe's communicator flashed the birdscramble. Keeping his expression neutral, he translated the flashing code. Ken and Ryu looked on with interest. / 突然喬的傳達者閃現了 birdscramble 。 保存他的表達中立者,他翻譯了閃爍的密碼。 肯恩和 Ryu 看在由於興趣之上。

'I=can t=find=them=Jinpei=won't=respond' / '我 =罐子 t= 發現=他們 =Jinpei= won't=回應'

Joe flashed back, 'Understood=wait' / 喬向後地閃現,'已了解的=等候'

He got up, walked casually over to the window and stood against the wall next to Jinpei, who was still puzzling over Jun s message. / 他起床, 偶然地走路在到窗戶之上而且緊鄰 Jinpei 站立對抗牆壁, 在六月 s 訊息之上仍然是令人費解的。

"Where are they, you little shit?!" he hissed. He glanced at the doctors, but they remained engrossed in their discussion. Pandora motioned to Ken, who reluctantly joined them after an annoyed glance in Joe's direction. / "他們在哪裡,你完全不拉屎?!"他發出噓聲。 他注視醫生,但是他們全神貫注於他們的討論。 班多爾琴對肯恩運動,而且這一個肯恩不情願地參加了他們在一之後使喬的方向一瞥苦惱。

"I don't know- I didn't hide them!" Jinpei snapped back. Joe's seemingly companionable hand on his shoulder began to feel like a vise. Suddenly the memory of his throwing them against the wall dawned on him, and he began to frantically signal Jun. / "我不知道- 我沒有藏他們!"Jinpei 向後地咬斷。 在他的肩上喬表面上適於做朋友的手開始感覺像一個虎頭鉗。 突然他反對牆壁丟他們的記憶使他恍然大悟,而且他開始狂暴地象徵六月。

'Check=area=near=chair=your=room' / '靠近檢查 =區域==椅子=你的=房間'

"What?" Joe snarled. / "什麼"? 喬吼叫。

"I think I know where they are- I just sent it to Jun," Jinpei replied sullenly. Joe released his grip, and Jinpei reached up to rub his shoulder. / "我認為我知道他們在哪裡- 我剛剛把它送給六月,"Jinpei 慍怒地答覆。 喬發表了他的緊握,而且 Jinpei 到達在上面擦他的肩。

"If I find out that you did this on purpose " Joe began, but Jun's returning signal diverted both their attentions. / " 如果我發現,你故意做了這 " 喬開始,但是六月歸還信號那轉移了他們的注意兩者。

'Found=Jinpei=you=are=dead=be-there=soon' / '發現 =Jinpei= 你=是=死=是-在那裡=很快'

Nambu rubbed the bridge of his nose before replacing his glasses and looking up. "We can delay no longer. Since you're so handy with relaying messages / Nambu 在更換他的眼鏡而且看之前擦了他的鼻子橋在上面。 "我們能不再延遲。 因為你對接替訊息感到如此便利
Joe, perhaps you can brief Jun when she deigns to join us." Jinpei snorted, by now well out of Joe's reach. Joe stayed against the wall and nodded at Nambu before his eyes were drawn to the look of seething anger on Ken's face. He didn't notice Pandora regarding them both closely / 喬,也許你能作摘要她蒙參加我們的六月。"Jinpei 噴著氣弄響鼻子,到如今很好地由於喬的範圍。 在他的眼睛對 seething 的神情在肯恩的臉上忿怒被畫之前 , 喬對抗牆壁停留而且在 Nambu 點頭。 他關於他們兩個嚴密地沒有注意班多爾琴

"Reports reached us early this morning that a new Galactor mecha was headed for Dokota City," Nambu began, pointing at the aerial photos flashing on the large viewscreen. "We have been unable to verify what type as all communication with the city was disrupted not long after. Military scouts sent in by the U.N. Forces have not reported back. The entire city is in a complete blackout." / "報告今天早晨初期聯絡了我們,新的 Galactor mecha 被去 Dokota 城市",Nambu 開始,指向空中照相在大的 viewscreen 上的閃爍。 " 我們已經不能夠查證什麼在如城市被打亂不是長的所有溝通的類型之後的。 被聯合國軍隊送出的軍事斥候沒有向後地報告。 整個的城市是在一個完全的停電中。"

"What would Galactor possibly want in Dokota City?" Ryu asked. / "Galactor 將會可能地在 Dokota 城市中想要什麼"? Ryu 問。

Dr. Pandora stepped forward. "From our initial analysis of the city's industrial and business center, we think their target is the MagTek / 班多爾琴博士向前地踏。 "從我們的城市企業家和生意中心的最初分析,我們認為他們的目標是 MagTek
Corporation. It's the only viable option." She indicated sections of the city on the maps. "Dokota City has no real resources that might tempt Galactor. / 公司。 它是唯一的有活力的選項。"她指出了在地圖上的城市部分。 "Dokota 城市沒有可能誘惑 Galactor 的真正資源。
Unless, of course, this is yet another case of Galactor merely waging a war of terror on the general public for their own amusement." / 除非,當然,這仍然是只 Galactor 的另一個情形為他們自己的娛樂從事在公眾上的恐怖一個戰爭。"

Nambu glanced up at her sarcastic tone. "Galactor is, in effect, holding the entire city hostage and we have no idea why or what you'll be confronting on arrival. I want this to be strictly a reconnaissance mission. You are not to engage at this time unless absolutely necessary." He looked meaningfully at / Nambu 瞥閃在她的諷刺明暗上面。 "Galactor 是, 有效地, 舉行整個的城市人質而且我們不知道為什麼或你所將在抵達身上面對的。 我想要這嚴格地是一個偵察任務。 你是不要在這次答應除非完全必需。" 他有意義地看在
Joe before returning his attention to Ken. "Bring back as much information as possible for analysis." / 在歸還他的注意給肯恩之前的喬。 " 使如很多的資料回復當做對於分析是可能的".

"Roger!" / "羅傑"!


Jun raced down the halls of the ISO. Too impatient to wait for the elevator, she had flown up the stairwell to Nambu's floor. She suddenly felt the vibration of the silent birdscramble on her wrist, and out of the corner of her eye decoded the message Joe was sending. / 六月比賽下來國際標準組織的門廳。 太不耐煩等候電梯,她已經在到 Nambu's 的地板樓梯井上面飛。 她突然感覺了在她的手腕上的沈默 birdscramble 的震動, 而且從她的被解碼訊息喬的眼睛角落正在送。

'Couldn t=wait=told=Nambu=alarm=cops= at=J' / 'Couldn t=等候= 告訴了 =Nambu= 警報 =警官= 在=J'

'Understood=thanks,' she signaled back. / '已了解的=謝謝,'她向後地發送訊號。

Not pausing to compose herself, she burst into his office and almost knocked / 不暫停組成她自己,她進入他的辦公室之內爆裂而且幾乎敲擊
Dr. Pandora to the floor. She looked up to Pandora's raised eyebrow, and felt her face begin to flush. She mumbled a quick apology before turning to Nambu. / 到地板的班多爾琴博士。 她尊敬被升起眉毛的班多爾琴, 而且感覺了她的臉開始臉發紅。 她在轉向 Nambu 之前喃喃而語了快的道歉。

"Hakase! I'm so sorry " / "Hakase! 我是如此難過 "

"Not now, Jun," he replied. "I have no time for explanations. The rest of the team has already left. You will remain here and help monitor the situation." / "現在不要 ,六月",他答覆。 "我沒有解釋的時間。 小組的其它部分已經留下了。 你將在這裡保持,而且幫忙監視情形。"

"But Hakase!" / "除了 Hakase 之外"!

"We will discuss your behavior later. Right now you are to assist / "我們稍後將討論你的行為。 立刻你要協助
Pandora-Hakase." His attention went back to the reports coming in on his computer. Pandora gave her a brief sign not to disturb him further, and Jun subsided. / 班多爾琴-Hakase。" 他的注意回去報告來臨在他的電腦上。 班多爾琴給予了她一個簡短的符號不要擾亂他促進,而且六月平息。

The large view screen in Nambu's office flickered briefly before the bridge of the New GodPhoenix appeared. Ken was about to address Nambu, then noticed / 在新的 GodPhoenix 的橋出現之前 , 大的視野螢幕在 Nambu's 的辦公室中簡短地閃動。 肯恩正要演說 Nambu, 然後注意
Jun in the background. The look on his face was far worse than the lecture from Nambu. Jun ducked her head as she felt her cheeks burning again with shame. Although she had never missed a mission before, Ken would not forgive her for this. She was sure he knew the real reason she was late. / 在背景方面的六月。 更更壞地超過來自 Nambu 的演講在他的臉上神情是遠的。 當她再一次感覺了她的頰以羞愧燃燒的時候,六月沒入水中了她的頭。 雖然她以前從未錯過一個任務, 但是肯恩將不為這原諒她。 她確定他知道了她所遲到的真正理由。

Ken returned his attention to Nambu, who was transmitting the latest intelligence reports. / 肯恩歸還他的注意給 Nambu,正在傳輸最新智力報告。

"MagTek Corporation is a highly successful chemical engineering facility that does research and development for military applications. While the ISO has worked with them on occasion, they are not exclusively under contract to us." / "MagTek 公司是為軍事申請做研究和發展的高度成功的化學工程設備。 國際標準組織已經在場合上與他們合作,不過他們不是獨家地在契約之下對我們。"
Nambu removed his glasses and absently wiped them with his handkerchief. / Nambu 移走了他的眼鏡並且心不在焉地用他的手帕擦他們。
"Jun, I want you to try to hack into their mainframe and see if you can find out what Galactor is after. This was completely unexpected and we have limited intelligence regarding the company's latest test projects." / "六月,我想要你試著進入他們的電腦主機之內砍劈而且看看是否你能發現什麼 Galactor 之後。 這完全意想不到,而且我們已經關於公司最近的測試計畫限制智力。"

"Yes, Hakase." / "是的,Hakase".

He returned his attention to the view screen. "What is your ETA at Dokota / 他歸還他的注意給視野螢幕。 "在 Dokota 你的希臘語字母的第七字是什麼
City?" / 城市?"

Ken looked to Jinpei who called back, "Thirty minutes and closing." / 肯恩朝著回電的 Jinpei , "三十分鐘和結束" 。

"Fine. Radio in as soon as you're established. I want to know exactly where / "罰款。 收音機在一旦你被建立。 我想要完全知道在哪裡
Galactor has attacked and an on site damage report." / Galactor 已經攻擊和一項 ON 位置損害報告。"

"Roger, Hakase! Ken out." / "羅傑,Hakase! 在外的肯恩。"

The screen went blank, and Jun sighed as she headed out the door of the office to the main computer labs. Lost in thought, she hadn't realized / 當她出發到主要的電腦實驗室的辦公室的門時候,螢幕變空白,而且六月歎息。 在想法中失去,她沒有了解
Pandora was behind her until she had reached the elevator. / 班多爾琴在她後面直到她已經到達電梯。

"Jun, is everything ok?" / "六月,是每件事物 ok"?

"Yes, Hakase it was just a false alarm." / "是的, Hakase 它只是一聲錯誤的警報".

"I have no doubt it was a 'false' alarm," Pandora countered smoothly, "what I asked was if everything was all right? I noticed quite a bit of tension between the rest of the team during the debriefing, and it's not at all like you to be late for a mission." / "我沒有它是一聲 '錯誤的' 警報的懷疑",平滑地被制止的班多爾琴 ", 什麼我問是否每件事物是沒關係 ? 我相當注意一點緊張在小組的其它部分之間在那個聽取報告期間, 而且它決不像你去一個任務遲到。"

Jun shifted uneasily toward the back of the elevator as the doctor focused intently on her. / 六月當做在她身上一心一意地集中的醫生不安地對於電梯的背面改變。

"I had hoped you considered me a friend by now not just a colleague." She smiled and Jun relaxed a little. "If there's anything I can do to help " / "我已經希望你在到如今被只是不考慮我一位朋友一個同事" 。 她微笑,而且六月稍微放鬆。 " 如果那裡是任何事我能做幫助 "

"Thank you, Hakase. I appreciate it- I really do. It's just it's been a bad morning. I'm fine, and I'm sure the rest of the team will be too." Jun felt anything but certain, however, that the team would be all right on this particular mission. / "謝謝你,Hakase。 我感激它- 我真的做。 它很正直它被是一個差勁的早晨。 我很好,而且我確定小組的其它部分將也是。"然而,六月覺得決不確定, 那小組將會在這個特別的任務上是沒關係。

The doors slid open, and the two made their way down the corridor. After passing the security checkpoints, they entered the lab and Jun fired up one of the terminals. As it was booting, she glanced at the older woman thoughtfully. She had never had a sister, and as the only girl on the team had often missed female companionship. / 門 slid 打開, 和那二把他們的方法製造下來走廊。 在經過安全檢查站之後,他們進入了實驗室,而且六月在終點之一上面點燃。 當它正在踢的時候,她深思地注視較年長的女人。 她從未有一個姊妹,而且當在小組上的唯一女孩時常已經錯過女性的交誼。

"Maybe I should tell her the truth," she wondered. "Maybe she can help " / "也許我應該告訴她事實",她懷疑。 " 也許她能幫助 "

She sighed again as she began to enter the encryption codes. "Maybe after the mission- I need to concentrate now." She missed the look of concern on / 當她開始進入密碼技術密碼的時候,她再一次歎息。 " 也許在任務之後- 我需要現在集中。" 她錯過了關心的神情在
Pandora's face as she glanced over her terminal at Jun. / 班多爾琴的臉當做她在六月瀏覽她的終點。


love, I don't like to see so much pain so much wasted and this moment keeps slipping away I get so tired of working so hard for our survival I look to the time with you to keep me awake and alive / 愛,我不喜歡看見這麼多痛苦這麼多起來浪費的而且這片刻繼續滑倒離開我對於我們的生存是如此難工作變如此疲累我和你朝著時間使我保持醒的和有活力的
-Peter Gabriel, "In Your Eyes" / -彼得加百列,"在你的眼睛中"