Valentine's Fanfic Challenge / 情人節的 Fanfic 挑戰
By Asakurafan / 由 Asakurafan

This one has been gathering dust on my hard drive for a very long time, and since Naa Dei said no worries about betas, I'm sending it in. Couldn't resist. / 這一個已經是集會在我的硬碟上的灰塵達非常長的時間之久, 而且自從 Naa Dei 以後說了對貝它的沒有擔憂, 我正在送它在。 無法抵抗。

The usual fanfic disclaimers- everyone and everything here belongs to / 平常的 fanfic 放棄- 每個人和每件事物在這裡屬於
Tatsunoko. I make no money on this- hell, I make no money period, so no lawsuits, please. ;o) The story is mine. It would probably be helpful to have read my fanfics archived at Veronika's site, but not absolutely necessary. If you have read them, this stands as a sort of coda to "Cold Light of Day." I thank my beta readers who had to deal with this for far too long, and I think / Tatsunoko。 我沒製造在這上的錢-地獄,我沒賺錢時期,如此沒有訴訟。 ;o) 故事是我的。 它將會可能是有幫助已經讀我的在 Veronika's 的位置被檔案的 fanfics, 但是不是完全必需。 如果你已經讀他們,這站如對 "日子的寒冷光" 來說的一種終結句。 因為遙遠地太久,而且我想,我謝謝我的必須處理這的貝它讀者
Sal wanted me to post it just so she wouldn't have to look at it again. I also thank Daniela, our "Resident Italian" for some translation expertise. PG-13 for a few naughty words and innuendo. / 婆羅雙樹想要我僅僅郵寄它,如此她將不須再一次看它。 我也為一些翻譯專長謝謝丹妮拉 , 我們的 "居留的義大利人" 。 為一些頑皮的字和諷刺的輔導級電影 -13。




Joe pulled his jeans on, and after brushing a stray hair from Jun's face, walked silently out of the bedroom. It was early yet; funny how he rarely slept in anymore. It used to take a demolition crew to haul his ass out of bed. 'Maybe / 喬拉了他的牛仔褲在,之上和在疏刷來自六月的臉一根迷途的頭髮之後,默默地走離臥室。 它仍然很早; 好笑的他如何很少地睡在不再。 它過去一直帶一個破壞組員從床拖他的驢。 '也許
Raphael installed an internal alarm clock along with all the other hardware,' he thought wryly. / 拉斐爾連同所有的另一個硬體一起安裝了一個內在的鬧鐘,'他扭歪地想。

He flipped on the kitchen light, and got the juice from the refrigerator. / 他用指頭彈在廚房上光, 而且由電冰箱拿汁。
Raising the bottle to his lips, he realized where he was, and got a glass out the cabinet. / 升起對他的唇瓶子,他了解了他在哪裡, 而且出自內閣拿了玻璃。

"Whipped already," he said to himself, smirking. / "已經鞭打",他在心理想著,嘻嘻做笑。

He poured a second glass for Jun, and then decided to put some coffee on. / 他倒了第二個玻璃六月, 然後決定放一些咖啡在之上。
Trying not to make any noise in the unfamiliar kitchen, he rummaged through various cabinets looking for it. 'Damn!' he thought. 'She better have sometea's just not gonna cut it this morning.' He tried one of the high cabinets, moving various items around until he caught sight of something familiar in the far back of the top shelf. Reaching in, he pulled out a rather dusty vacuum jar with a piece of masking tape half stuck on. / 嘗試不要製造在不熟悉的廚房中的任何噪音,他翻遍過找尋它的各種不同的內閣。 '該死!'他想。 ' 她最好有 sometea's 僅僅不去今天早晨減低它。'他在附近嘗試高的內閣之一,感人的各種不同的項目,直到他瞥見頂尖的架遠背面的熟悉東西。 到達在,他拉出一相當灰塵多的真空和一半附著一個不透光膠紙之上的廣口瓶。

He suddenly realized why the canister looked familiar. It was his. / 他突然了解了罐為什麼看起來熟悉。 它是他的。

He blew off the dust, and wiped the tape clear enough to make out the words "KEEP OUT! THIS MEANS YOU, WASHIO!" scrawled in his own handwriting. He smiled, memories flooding back from years ago, when they were young, not yet burnt out and actually had some fun between Katse's little tantrums. / 他吹走灰塵, 而且擦了錄音帶清楚的充足了解字 "不讓!進入 這意謂你,WASHIO!"在他自己的筆跡中潦草地寫。 他微笑, 記憶氾濫從數年以前向後地,當他們是年輕的, 不仍然燒壞並且實際上有了在 Katse's 的小發脾氣之間的一些樂趣的時候。

He popped the lever to release the seal, and pulled out a plastic bag full of coffee beans. 'God,' he thought, 'how old *is* this?' He undid the twist tie and the familiar but faint aroma wafted up. He stood at the counter, lost in the past. / 他取出槓桿釋放印章, 而且拉出一個塑膠的充滿咖啡豆子的袋子。 '上帝 ,' 他想,'*是多麼的舊*這?' 他解開了一扭領帶,而且熟悉的但是微弱的濃香浮動在上面。 他在櫃台站立,過去失去。


It had been one of Katse's stupider mech designs and, although still fairly new at the game, they had defeated it with only a few minor injuries. On the way back to Crescent Coral, Joe was sitting with his boots up on the console reading his latest issue of "MotorWorld Magazine", when he sat up with a start. / 它已經是 Katse's 較愚蠢的 mech 設計和之一, 雖然仍然非常新在比賽,他們已經用只有一些較小的受傷擊敗它。 當他以一個開始熬夜的時候在途中向後地對新月形的珊瑚,喬在看 "MotorWorld 雜誌" 的他最近議題的控制檯上和他的長靴向上坐。
He had suddenly realized that with their proximity to Europe, he would be able to enter the "All Italia Cross-Country Rally" that he'd been sure he'd miss out on. *If* he could manage to talk Ken into letting him off. / 他已經被突然了解那由於到歐洲的他們接近,他將會能夠進入那 " 所有的義大利越野的示威運動" 他已經確定他將會錯過。 *如果*他可以設法進入原諒他之內說話肯恩。

Ken, as Joe expected, would have no part of it. / 肯恩,如被期望的喬,將會沒有它的部份。

"C'mon Ken! It wouldn't take us off course for more than a half-hour. Ryu can drop me and the G2 in the nearest deserted area. I'll have just enough time to get there and register." / "C'mon 肯恩! 它將不在課程外拿我們超過一個半小時。 Ryu 能在最近的廢棄區域中降低我和 G2 。 我將有僅僅充足的時間到那埵茈B登記。"

"No." / "號碼"

"I always show up at the last minute. It won't draw attention." / "我總是在最後一刻出現。 它將不引起注意。"

"No. You know the rules. We have to get back and file a mission report immediately." / " 號碼你知道規則。 我們必須立刻回來而且申請一個任務報告。"

"I can quote you my usual contribution to every mission report - it's always the same. Most of it's obscene, and you cut half of it anyway- so what's the problem?" / " 我能引述你到每個任務的我平常的貢獻報告 -它總是相同的。 它大部份是猥褻的,而且你無論如何減低它一半-如此問題是什麼?"

"I said forget it!" / " 我說忘記它"!

"Fuck you, Ken!" / "性交你,肯恩"!

Joe flipped the magazine at Ken's head and stormed out of the cockpit. Jinpei caught it before it hit Ken and began reading the article. "Hey Aniki, wait!" / 喬在肯恩的頭用指頭彈雜誌並且狂怒咆哮離駕駛員座艙。 在它碰撞了肯恩而且開始看文章之前 , Jinpei 捕捉了它。 " 嗨 Aniki,等候"!
he yelled, running after Joe. / 他大叫,追趕喬。

"Jinpei! Leave him alone!" Jun called out. She stood and glared at Ken. "Jinpei won't live to see his next birthday!" she said, and hurried after them. / "Jinpei! 別管他!"六月大叫。 她在肯恩站著而且發眩光。 "Jinpei 將不居住看見他的下個生日"! 她說, 而且在他們之後催促。

Joe paced in the access bay to the G2 muttering curses at his commander. In a last fit of frustration, he removed his helmet and threw it against the wall. / 喬在通路海灣中踱步到喃喃自語在他的指揮官的詛咒 G2 。 在挫折的一最後適宜中,他反對牆壁移走了他的鋼盔而且丟它。
It bounced haphazardly across the floor and rolled to a stop at Jinpei's feet. / 它偶然地反彈橫過地板並且在 Jinpei's 的腳捲到一個停止。

Jinpei sidestepped it and pointed at the magazine. "Joe, you couldn't race anyway. It says here you need a partner." / Jinpei 在雜誌逃避了它而且指。 "喬,你無法無論如何比賽。 它說在這裡你需要一個合夥人。"

"Give me that!" Joe studied the page. "Shit!" / "給我那"! 喬學習了頁。 "拉屎"!

Jun walked in, relieved to see her little brother intact. She shooed him out. / 被走入的六月,減輕見她的小兄弟尚未被人碰過的。 她發出噓聲趕走出他。

"But Jun!" he whined, "I was just showing Joe the rules." / "除了六月之外"! 他發出嗚嗚聲,"我正在僅僅顯示喬規則" 。

"Go!" she answered as she pushed him out. He shrugged and headed back toward the main area of the ship. Jun looked back to Joe still frowning over the article. "Look, I know you're disappointed," she began, "But you know Nambu would not be thrilled." / 去! 當她推動出他的時候,她回答。 他對於船的主要區域向後地聳肩而且前進。 六月向後地對喬仍然看在文章之上皺眉頭。 " 看, 我知道,你是失望的",她開始 ",但是你知道, Nambu 將不被震顫".

"Well, he won't get the chance this time- it's a partner race," he answered. He tossed the magazine to her and she glanced over the article. / "嗯,他這次將不得到機會-它是一個合夥人比賽",他回答。 他對她和她投擲了雜誌瀏覽文章。

"Too bad. It looks like fun. I've always wanted to see Italy." she said absently. / "太壞的。 它看起來像樂趣一樣。 我總是已經想要看見義大利。"她心不在焉地說。

Joe's head whipped up and a grin spread across his face as he registered her statement. / 喬的頭激起,而且當他登記了她的陳述時候,露齒笑包括他的臉。

"That's it, Jun! You can ride shotgun!" / " 那是它,六月! 你能騎散彈獵槍!"

"Get out!" she sputtered. / "逃跑"! 她飛濺唾沫。

"No, I'm serious. Like when we were kids down at the track." / "不,我是嚴重的。 當我們在軌道下來是小孩的時候,喜歡。"

"Joe! Forget it! Ken said no!" / "喬! 忘記它! 肯恩不說!"

"His word is law with you," he snapped. / "他所說的話是由於你法律",他咬斷。

"He *is* our commander, and he said no," she answered back, her face beginning to flush at Joe's last comment. / " 他 *是*我們的指揮官,而且他不說",她頂嘴,她的開始在喬的最後意見臉發紅的臉。

"Ah! He wouldn't say no if *you* asked him. Just bat those big emerald eyes at him." / "啊! 他將不說沒有如果 *你*問了他。 正直的蝙蝠那些大的翡翠在他注意。"

She flushed redder and snapped back, "Oh right! I've got a lot of influence over him!" / 她臉發紅比較紅的而且向後地咬斷," 哦權利! 我已經得到在他上的許多影響力!"

"Jun, c'mon. It'll be great!" / "六月, c'mon。 它將是大師!"

"No." / "號碼"

Joe tried another tack. "You're right. You couldn't convince him anyway. What was I thinking? You've never been able to get him to acknowledge you're even female!" / 喬嘗試了另一個大頭釘。 "你是正確的。 你無法無論如何使他相信。 我正在想什麼? 你從不已經能夠得到他承認你甚至更女性!"

Jun spun around and glared at him "You think I couldn't wrap him around my little finger if I *really* wanted to? Watch and learn, Joe!" / 六月快速旋轉在而且周圍在他發眩光 " 你認為我無法在我的小指周圍包裝他如果我 * 真的 * 被想要到? 看而且學習,喬!"

"Ha! I'll believe that when I see it." He smiled as he followed her out the door. She never could resist a challenge. They entered sick bay and he leaned against the door, chewing a shuriken. "Gonna drug him?" he drawled. "I'll hold him down for you!" / "嘿! 我將相信當我看見它的時候。"當他貫徹她門的時候,他微笑。 她從不可以抵抗挑戰。 他們進入了醫療中心,而且他倚靠門,咀嚼 shuriken 。 " 去下藥他"? 他懶洋洋地說。 "我將為你把他捉住下來"!

She smirked at him and pressed the intercom. "Ken, please come down to sick bay. I need to clean up that cut on your face." / 她在他嘻嘻做笑而且壓進了對講器。 "肯恩, 請降低至醫療中心。 我需要清掃在你的臉上那切。"

"I'm fine, Jun. It stopped bleeding," he answered. / " 我很好,六月。 它停止了出血,"他回答。

She knew Ken hated being babied but persisted after a quick glance at Joe's smirk. "It could get infected." / 她認識了肯恩被憎恨被縱容但是堅持在喬的嘻嘻笑的快一瞥之後。 "它可以受傳染" 。

"It's nothing." / "它什麼也不是" 。

"Hey! I'm the medical officer on this ship. I have full authority to overrule you if you're injured, Mister, so you get your sorry ass down here!" she barked. / "嗨! 我是在這一艘船上的醫生官員。 如果你受傷,我有充足的權威否決你,先生,因此你在這裡爭取你的難過驢墬落!"她吠。

She heard a choking noise both from behind her and over the com. Ryu could be heard muttering "What's got her skirt in a twist?" / 她兩者都聽到了窒息的噪音從在她後面和在 com 之上。 Ryu 可能被聽到喃喃自語 " 什麼被有一扭的她裙子"?

"I'll be right down," Ken answered in a semi-controlled voice. / " 我將是正確地向下",肯恩在一種半控制的聲音中回答。

"Impressive. Very smooth," Joe laughed. "I'm taking notes!" / "令人印象深刻的。 非常平滑的,"喬笑。 "我正在帶附註"!

She smiled sarcastically at him and began preparations. First the helmet came off, and she fluffed out her dark cascade of curls. She took out a compact and applied a little powder, fresh lipstick and flipped the small tube over to reveal an atomizer. With a spritz of scent that Joe had long ago identified as a small piece of heaven, she was finished. As an afterthought, she removed her birdwing mantle, revealing what little there actually was of her uniform and smiled at Joe. / 她諷刺地在他微笑而且開始了準備。 第一的鋼盔脫落,而且她軟毛出她的捲曲黑暗小瀑布。 她結束取出一個小型房車而且應用了一些粉,新鮮的口紅而且用指頭彈了小的管顯示一個噴霧器。 藉由喬已經被很久以前確認為一個小天堂的氣味 spritz ,她被完成。 如一個事後的想法,她移走了她的 birdwing 地涵, 顯示什麼小那裡實際上是有她的制服並且在喬微笑。

"You'd better hide," she said. "Oh, one more thing. I get to do some of the driving or the deal's off." / "你最好藏",她說。 "哦,另外一個事物。 我開始走開做一些趕或交易的。"

"Hey, wait a minute," Joe warned. / "嗨,等候分鐘",喬警告。

"You want to go or not?" she replied evenly. / " 你想要去"? 她平均地答覆。

He put his hands up muttering "Agreed." He stationed himself in the supply closet, with the door cracked just enough to see. / 他搭起他的手喃喃自語同意。 他在補給壁櫥中安置他自己,藉由僅僅充足看見的被弄碎的門。

Ken stormed through the doorway. "What the hell was that." he began until she turned around. / 肯恩狂怒咆哮過門口。 " 什麼是那". 他開始直到她回過頭。

Jun gave him her most beguiling glance, purring, "I'm sorry, but I know you never take care of yourself if I don't force the issue. I apologize." / 六月給予了他她的最欺騙的一瞥, purring,"對不起,但是我認識,如果我不壓迫議題,你從不照顧你自己。 我道歉。"

"Uhh." / "Uhh".

"I also know you took a hit to the ribs from that flak, and that's really what I need to check. I didn't want to say anything over the com and embarrass you. / "我也知道,你採取了對來自那一個高射砲的肋骨一個碰撞,而且那真的是我所需要檢查的。 我沒有想要說任何事在 com 之上而且使你困窘。
You'd better de-transmute so I can get a look" / 你有較好的 de- 使因此變形我能得到神情"

Still slightly stunned, Ken did as he was told. / 仍然些微地使暈倒,當他被告訴的時候,肯恩做。

"Sit up on the edge of the table and spread your legs." / "在桌子的邊緣上熬夜並且傳佈你的腿" 。

"Excuse me?" he stammered, turning red. / "對不起"? 他口吃,轉紅色。

Looking completely innocent, Jun answered "I can't get close enough to work on your face if I have to reach over your knees." / 看起來完全無罪,六月回答 "如果我必須伸過手去你的膝,我不能得到接近的充足處理你的臉".

"Oh. Right." He separated his knees and she moved between them up to the edge of the table. She pulled up his shirt, and Joe could see Ken was starting to breathe hard. / "哦。 權利。"他分開了他的膝,而且她在他們之間直到桌子的邊緣移動。 她拔出他的襯衫,而且喬可以看見肯恩開始努力地呼吸。

"Hmm. no major bruising. That's a good sign. Ken, you're going to have to take off your shirt- I can't check for breaks and hold your shirt at the same time." / "Hmm。 沒有主修科目打傷。 那是一個好符號。 肯恩,你正在去必須脫掉你的襯衫- 我對於休息不能檢查並且同時支撐你的襯衫。"
Obediently he removed it, and flushed even darker as her hands moved gently across his midsection. "Does anything hurt?" / 服從地他移走了它, 而且臉發紅甚至比較黑暗當她的手逐漸地越過他的中央部分移動。 "任何事傷害嗎"?

Befuddled by proximity and perfume, 'The Great Eagle' could only nod. / 藉著接近和香水使昏迷,'棒的鷹' 只可以點頭。

"Well, everything seems ok. I'll just fix that cut." She started cleaning it, leaning only inches from his face. / "嗯,每件事物似乎 ok 。 我將僅僅固定那切。" 她開始清潔它, 傾斜只慢慢前進從他的臉。

Ken swallowed hard. / 肯恩努力地吞。

In a casual voice, Jun began her attack. "You know Ken, I've been thinking that maybe you should let Joe go to that race. He'll be impossible all the way home, and the last time he was in this state I had to unpin Jinpei from the wall." / 在一種偶然的聲音中,六月開始了她的攻擊。 " 你認識肯恩, 我已經想那也許你應該讓喬去那一個比賽。 他將是不可能的所有方式家, 和最後一次他是在這州中我必須拔去別針來自牆壁的 Jinpei 。"

Ken winced away from the antiseptic, and she bit her lip, looking at him with huge eyes. "Sorry," she breathed. / 肯恩畏縮遠離殺菌劑,而且她咬了她的唇,以極大的眼睛看他。 "對不起",她呼吸。

Joe's admiration for her skills grew with every second. / 為她的技術喬讚賞與每一秒成長。

"Maybe if one of us went with him and promised to keep an eye on him- would that be ok? Nambu wouldn't really mind, would he? I mean, the mission was a success and Galactor shouldn't be a threat for a while. Ryu, or even *I* could go and make sure he stays in touch. Unless *you* need me to stay close." / "也許如果我們之一和他去而且答應注意他- 將會哪一是 ok? Nambu 將不真的介意,不是嗎? 我的意思是,任務是成功,而且 Galactor 不應該是一種威脅一陣子。 Ryu, 或平坦的 *我*可以去而且確定他停留在觸覺中。 除非 *你*需要我停留接近。"

Jun was far too close at the moment for Ken's comfort, and he looked like he wanted her as far out of his way as possible or he'd lose all self-control. / 六月對於肯恩的安慰此刻是相當地接近的,而且他看起來像他一樣想要她的同樣地遙遠地從他的方法當做可能的或他將會失去所有的克己。

She looked up expectantly as she finished placing the bandage. "There. You want me to kiss it better too?" / 她看在預期地上面當做她被放置繃帶完。 "在那裡。 你想要我也吻它更多?"

Ken again swallowed hard, his voice husky as he replied "Yeah." / 肯恩再一次努力地吞, 有殼的他聲音當他答覆了 "是的".

"You want a kiss?" she replied incredulously. / "你想要一個吻"? 她懷疑地答覆。

"No! I mean, yeah- maybe you're right about Joe," he managed to stammer. / "不! 我的意思是,是的- 也許你是正確地關於喬的事,"他設法口吃。
"Actually you'd better go. Joe's more likely to get in trouble with Ryu than if you go. Am I done?" he finished, in an almost panicky voice. / "實際上你最好去。 喬更有可能的以 Ryu 進入麻煩比較如果你去。 我完成了嗎?"在一種幾乎恐慌的聲音中他完成。

"You're done." She leaned in and softly kissed his cheek. "It'll heal faster," she added, blushing. "Do you need help with the report before I leave?" / "你被做" 。 她倚靠在而且柔和地吻了他的頰。 "它將更快速地治癒",她增加,臉紅。 "在我離開之前 , 你用報告需要幫忙嗎"?

"No, that's ok, Jun. I'll handle Nambu. Just get Joe out of here before I change my mind!" he added as he rushed from the room. / "不,那是 ok ,六月。 我將處理 Nambu 。 在我改變我的想法之前 , 僅僅把喬趕出這裡!"當他從房間催促的時候,他增加。

She caught his quiet "Bird, Go!" as he ran down the passage, and started packing up her supplies with a victorious smile on her face. "You can come out now Joe. Oh, and pick your jaw up off the floor." / 她引起了他的安靜 "鳥,去"! 當他沿通道向下跑, 而且開始停止有在她的臉上一個勝利的微笑她補給。 "你現在能出來喬。 哦, 和精選你的顎向上走開地板。"

Joe stepped back into the room. "I knew you could do it, Jun! I just didn't know you could do it so well," he leered at her. / 喬重回房間。 "我認識了你可以做它,六月! 我就是沒有知道,你可以如此做好它,"他在她送秋波。

"Pig!" She took a swipe at him. "Why I help you I'll never know," she added, blushing. "You'd better get some supplies. I'll meet you in the G2 bay as soon as I'm finished. The things I do for you." / "豬"! 她帶了在他的一個強打。 " 我為什麼幫助你我將從不知道",她增加,臉紅。 "你最好得到一些補給。 我將在 G2 海灣中遇見你一旦我被完成。 事物我為你做。"

He leaned down and gave her a quick peck on the cheek. Jun smiled at him and pressed the com button. / 他倚靠下來而且給予了她在頰上的快啄痕。 六月在他微笑而且按了 com 按鈕。

"Oh, Ryu. I have a favor to ask, about Jinpei." They heard a groan on the other end and both smiled again. / "哦,Ryu。 我有好意問,關於 Jinpei 的事。"他們聽到了在另一端上的一聲呻吟,而且兩者再一次微笑。


"Asakura! Thought you weren't coming. Hey! Who's the babe?" / "Asakura! 想你不是即將來的。 嗨! 小孩是誰?"

All his usual competition was already milling around the check-in station, and / 他所有的平常競爭已經正在騷動報到處站,和
Jun had caused more than a few whistles at their entrance. / 六月已經在他們的入口引起超過一些口哨。

"Out of your league, H-man!" Joe shot back at the loudest, as Jun raised an eyebrow. / "從你的聯盟,H-男人"! 喬在最大聲的向後地射擊,如升起一道眉毛的六月。

"Oooh! Nice matching shirts," the loud one continued unabashed. "Number three, huh? Got so many you need to number them now?" / "Oooh! 美好的襯衫相配," 一個大聲的繼續不臉紅的。 "三號,哼!? 使你需要現在數他們?"

Joe made a rude gesture as an answer, then went to sign them in as Jun went off to pick up the requisite maps. He watched with a grin as driver after driver crashed and burned under her withering stare when they attempted their best pick-up lines. / 喬製造了一個粗魯無禮的手勢如一個答案, 然後去簽署他們在當六月爆炸拾起必要的地圖。 當他們嘗試了他們最好的提取線的時候他以如在駕駛員後的駕駛員的露齒笑看在她之下墜毀而且燃燒使注視凋謝。

She walked back to him, and said quietly, "Shall I cling to your big strong arm? Would it help your reputation?" / 她向後地對他走, 而且安靜地說,"我將黏附於你的大強手臂嗎? 它將會幫助你的名譽嗎?"

He smirked at her as he gallantly opened the door. "My rep is just fine, thanks anyway. Not that you don't enhance it," he added. / 當他漂亮地打開了門的時候,他在她嘻嘻做笑。 "我的 rep 是正直的罰款,無論如何謝謝。 不那你不提高它,"他補述。

She grinned back, and Joe suddenly realized that this race might prove to be the most fun he'd had in a long time. / 她向後地露齒而笑,而且喬突然了解了這一個比賽可能證明是他在長的時間中有有的最有趣的。


Jun eyed the double bed in the small room doubtfully. "This is the best you could do?" she asked, wrinkling her nose. / 可疑地在小的房間中眼的雙人床的六月。 "這是你可以做的最好"? 她問,起皺她的鼻子。

"Hey, I was lucky to get a room at all. You should be thanking me. We spend the rest of the nights in the G2," Joe replied. / "嗨,我是幸運得到在全部的一個房間。 你應該謝謝我。 我們花費 G2 的夜晚其它部分,"喬答覆。

"Well, at least it's clean," she sighed, trailing a finger across a nightstand. / " 嗯,至少它是乾淨的",她歎息,追蹤橫過 nightstand 的一根手指。
"Where are you sleeping?" she asked with a smile. / "你正在哪裡睡覺"? 她以一個微笑問。

"In the bed, Jun. That's why they call it a double." / "在床,六月中。 那是他們為什麼稱它為一個加倍。"

"No way! I'm not sleeping with you." / "決不可能! 我沒有在和你睡覺。"

"I won't touch you," Joe said, aggravated. / "我將不碰你",喬說,惡化。

"It's not that," she said, making a face. "Like you'd have a chance, anyway. / "它不是那",她說,製造一個臉。 " 相似的你將會有一個機會,無論如何。
You snore like hell. I'll be up all night." / 你像地獄一樣打鼾。 我整夜晚將是向上。"

"It's that or the car," he snapped, slightly offended by both her remarks. "Bet if it was Ken." he sneered, before the lightning speed of her arm sent a pillow at his head. / " 它是或汽車",他咬斷, 被她的兩個評論些微地犯罪。 "打賭,是否它是肯恩" 。 他嘲笑,在她的手臂閃電速度在他的頭送一個枕頭之前。

"Don't even go there," she warned softly, armed with the other pillow. / "甚至不去那裡",她柔和地警告, 以另一個武裝作的枕頭。

"So that's how it's gonna be," Joe grinned, retrieving the pillow. He launched and she shrieked, shielding herself from the assault with the other pillow. / " 以便是它將會是的方式",喬露齒而笑,取回枕頭。 他發射,而且她尖叫, 屏隔她自己從和另一個的攻擊枕頭。
They chased each other around the room until Joe pinned her to the bed. / 他們在房間的周圍追捕彼此,直到喬用針別住了她到床。

"Ah-ha! The Condor once again traps his prey!" / "啊-嘿! 禿鷹再一次困住他的被掠食者!"

"Condors don't trap anything, they're scavengers," she managed, laughing hysterically as he started tickling her. "No! Joe, stop it!" she shrieked. / "禿鷹不困住任何事,他們是清道伕",她處理, 歇斯底里地笑當他開始胳肢她。 "不! 喬,停止它!"她尖叫。

"Say it! If I was Ken you'd be all over me!" / "說它! 如果我是你將會到處我的肯恩!"

"Joe!" / "喬"!

"C'mon!" / "C'mon"!

"Like hell!" / "喜歡地獄"!

"I'm waiting," he said, trying to remember where her ticklish spots were and generally succeeding. / "我正在等候",他說, 嘗試記得她的易倒地點在哪裡而且通常成功。

"Allright! I admit it, but I'm not saying it! Now get off me!" / "Allright! 我承認它,但是我沒有在說它! 現在離開我!"

Joe sat back. "I'll accept that. I'm starving! Let's go eat," he said, rolling off the bed. He was only too glad to quit, suddenly aware that her body beneath him was a woman's and not the girl he remembered from their childhood tickling fights. "I'll go ask the signora about a good restaurant. Meet you downstairs," he said and hastily exited the room. / 喬袖手旁觀。 "我將接受那。 我好餓! 讓我們去吃,"他說,走開滾動床。 他極高興的離開, 突然知道那她的身體在他之下是女人的和不是女孩他從他們的孩童時期胳肢戰鬥記得。 " 我將去問關於一家好餐廳的 signora。 遇見你樓下,"他說並且匆忙地退出房間。


She sent them to a small local caf, and they sat outside, watching the quiet pace of small town life. Joe vaguely remembered the same type of scene from his childhood and remarked on it. / 她把他們送給小的地方 caf ,而且他們外面坐,看小城鎮生活的安靜速度。 喬含糊地在它上記得了來自他的孩童時期的相同類型的現場而且評論。

"You never say much about your family," Jun said. / "你從不說很多有關你的家庭",六月說。

"I don't remember a lot. Better that way, I guess. But this feels.familiar." / "我不很多記得。 更那樣,我猜測。 但是這 feels.familiar。"

Jun smiled at him. "Must be what normal life feels like." / 六月在他微笑。 "一定是生活感覺起來像什麼常態" 。

"Yeah, I suppose, but I'm not sure my life was ever 'normal'," he answered, suddenly uneasy. / "是的, 我推想,但是我不是確信我的生活曾經是 '常態'",他回答,突然不安。

She noticed his shift in mood, and changed the subject. "This food is amazing. / 她注意了心情的他變化, 而且改變了主題。 "這食物是令人驚異的。
You certainly haven't forgotten what to order. This is nothing like the Italian food we get back home." / 你確定地沒有忘記該命令什麼。 這沒有像是我們得到後面的家義大利食物者。"

"Glad you like it," he replied. "It shows you have good taste. Wait'll we get to dessert." / " 高興的你喜歡它",他答覆。 "它顯示你有好品嚐。 等候我們將到達甜點嗎。"

Jun stifled a yawn, then smiled apologetically. "It's not the company, really." / 使一個哈欠不能呼吸的六月,然後辯解地微笑。 "它不是公司,真的".

"We should get some sleep," Joe began. "It's an early start tomorrow, and I need to win this one. I've been off the circuit too long." / "我們應該得到一些睡眠",喬開始。 "它明天是一個早的開始,而且我需要贏得這一個。 我已經太久離開線路。"

"Well, you *have* been otherwise occupied," Jun said with a smirk as they started back toward the hotel. / "嗯, 你 **否則被佔領",當他們對於旅館向後地開始的時候,六月以嘻嘻笑說。


He was sitting on the edge of the bed in his shorts, setting the alarm clock when he heard Jun come out of the bathroom. She was wearing an oversized promotional T-shirt from the rally. He suddenly felt awkward and looked away as she slipped under the blanket. / 他在他的短褲中坐在床的邊緣上, 設定鬧鐘當他聽到了被從浴室出來的六月時候。 她正在穿著一特大號來自示威運動的促銷 T恤。 當她在毛毯之下滑倒的時候,他突然覺得笨拙而且看離開。

"Jun," he said softly, "throw me a pillow. I'll sleep on the floor." / "六月",他柔和地說 ",丟我一個枕頭。 我將在地板上睡覺。"

"Don't be silly. You have to drive in the morning- unless you want me to start the race?" / "別愚蠢。 你必須在早晨開車-除非你想要我開始比賽?"

"Ha!" He looked around again, to find her studying him. "You sure you don't mind?" / "嘿"! 他再一次四處看看, 發現她學習他。 " 你當然你不介意"?

"It's fine. Really. Hit the light, okay?" she added as she rolled over on her side. He flicked it off, then crawled in, rolling on his side so they were back to back. / "它是罰款。 真的。 打光,好?"當她在她的身邊上結束捲的時候,她增加。 他走開輕彈了它, 然後爬行在, 在他的身邊上的旋轉因此他們背對背地。

"G'night Joe," she said sleepily. / "G'night 喬",她想睡地說。

"Night," he replied softly, wishing that he didn't love her perfume quite so much. / "夜晚",他柔和地答覆, 願他沒有愛她的香水相當這麼多。


The first day went by fairly smoothly; by day two they were overtired from the mission and a night spent in the car. By day three they were at each other's throats after a tire blow out and a wrong turn lost them time. They started fighting like kids over the radio; Jun wanted to play CD's and Joe, feeling nostalgic, to listen to the local Italian stations. He compromised by letting her control the receiver. She managed to find stations with the worst possible international play lists, which made them laugh and lightened the mood again. / 第一天公平地平滑過去 ; 在日子二之前他們從任務被過度疲勞,而且一個夜晚在汽車中花費。 在日子三之前他們在彼此咽喉在輪胎打擊之後在外而且一個錯誤的旋轉失去他們定時。 他們像在收音機上的小孩一樣開始對抗; 六月想要玩 CD 和喬,覺得鄉愁, 聽到地方義大利人車站。 他藉由讓她的控制接收器妥協處理。 她設法用最壞的可能國際的遊戲目錄發現車站,使他們笑,而且再一次點亮了心情。

"You know all the lyrics to every bad song ever written," he said. / "你曾經知道對每一壞的歌所有的抒情詩寫",他說。

"You aren't far behind me," she countered. "I can't help it if I have a photographic memory, but there's no excuse for you to know all the words to that one." / "你不是遠的後面部分我",她制止。 "如果我有照相的記憶, 但是你沒有藉口知道對那一個的所有字,我不能幫助它" 。

"Ah, I do have an excuse- Ryu's room is next to mine at the base. You know his taste in music." / "啊,我確實有藉口- Ryu's 的房間是下個在基礎挖掘。 你知道音樂的他品嚐。"

She burst out laughing. "You're right! Between Jinpei and Ryu, we hear every awful song that's popular. I keep taking the stuff out of the jukebox at the 'J', but he always seems to find where I've hidden the discs." / 她爆裂出笑。 "你是正確的! 在 Jinpei 和 Ryu 之間,我們聽到受歡迎的每一可怕的歌。 我繼續從在 'J' 的自動點唱機取出事情,但是他總是似乎發現我已經藏著圓盤的地方。"

She scanned through the band, stopping for an actual good song. He was surprised when she began to sing along softly. / 她掃描過樂團,為一首真實的好歌停止。 當她開始向前柔和唱的時候,他感到驚訝。

"I never knew you liked their stuff," he said quietly. / "我從不認識,你喜歡他們的事情",他安靜地說。

"It's funny- with all the time we spend together, how much we still don't know about each other," she replied. "We should work on that." / " 它是好笑的- 由於始終我們一起花費, 我們仍然不知道彼此",她答覆。 "我們應該處理那" 。

"Deal." / "交易".

She smiled at him, then returned her attention to the landscape. "It's really beautiful here, Joe." / 她在他微笑, 然後歸還她的注意給風景。 "它真的是美麗的這裡喬" 。

They drove on in companionable silence for more than an hour broken only by / 他們開車在適於做朋友的沈默方面達只被打破的超過 1 小時之上被
Jun's humming. Realizing the faint sound had faded away, Joe glanced over to find that she was fast asleep. The road was clear and straight, so he looked over again, pausing to study her for a few seconds. / 六月嗡嗡叫。 了解微弱的聲音有已褪色的離開, 瀏覽的喬發現她睡得很熟。 道路是清楚的和直,因此他再一次瀏覽 , 暫停學習她數秒。

Her face was pale in the moonlight and the reflected dashboard lights, and he realized again how beautiful she was. / 她的臉是蒼白的在月光下和被反映的儀表板光, 而且他再一次了解如何美麗的她是。

'Ken's a fool,' he thought, for the thousandth time. / '肯恩的一個愚人 ,' 他想,對於第一千時間。


Hours later he came out of the checkpoint tent to find her leaning against his door and taking a swig from a bottle of soda. / 數小時之後他從檢查站出來帳篷發現她倚靠他的門而且帶來自一瓶蘇打的一個痛飲。

"Hey! Where's mine?" he called over, grinning. / "嗨! 在哪裡是我的?"他結束呼叫,露齒而笑。

"In the car- throw me the keys." / "在汽車中- 投我鑰匙".

"What?" / "什麼"?

"The keys- it's my turn. You need some rest." / "鑰匙-輪到我。 你需要一些休息。"

"Oh no." / " 哦號碼"

"What do you mean, oh no? You said I could drive." / " 什麼你的意思是, 表示驚訝不? 你說了我可以開車。"

"I don't think so." / "我不這麼認為" 。

"You'd better think so- it was part of our deal. The keys." she gestured for them again. / "你最好這麼認為-它是我們的交易部份。 鑰匙。"她再一次為他們作手勢。

"Jun." / "六月".

"You promised. You need a rest, and I've already gone over the map. I know what / "你答應。 你需要休息,而且我已經詳細檢查地圖了。 我知道什麼
I'm doing." / 我正在做。"

Realizing not only that she wore the expression that struck terror into the hearts of Galactor troops everywhere, but that she was also right, he caved. / 了解不但她戴了各處打恐怖進 Galactor 軍隊的心之內的表達 , 而且,她也是正確的,他凹陷。
Tossing her the keys, he moved around the back of the car to the passenger door, muttering. / 投擲她的鑰匙,他在汽車的背面周圍移動到乘客門,喃喃自語。

"What was that?" she demanded, as she readjusted mirrors. / "那是什麼"? 她要求,如同她重新調整了鏡子一樣。

"If we lose more time." he threatened softly. / " 如果我們失去更多的時間". 他柔和地威脅。

"Like hell we'll lose time-it's *me* remember? I do know how to drive." She gave him a wicked grin from behind the wheel. "All buckled in?" she added sweetly, and hit the accelerator. / "我們將失去時間的相似地獄- 它是 *我*記得? 我確實知道該如何開車。" 她給予了他壞的露齒笑從在輪子後面。 " 全部扣緊在"? 她甜美地增加, 而且擊中了加速者。

After a second of surprise, Joe relaxed against the seat, grinning at her enthusiasm. 'Nope. We won't lose any time at all,' he thought. / 在秒的意外之後,喬放鬆對抗座位,在她的狂熱露齒而笑。 '不。 我們將一點也不隨時失去,'他想。


They'd won. / 他們有嬴得。

Electing not to inform Ken the race was actually finished, they used the prize money to pay for another week of pure fun. For once Jun had thrown all sense of responsibility out the window, although she did check on Jinpei via communicator. / 選舉不要告知肯恩,比賽實際上完成,他們使用了比賽獎金支付另一個星期的純粹樂趣的費用。 對於一次六月已經把所有責任感丟出去窗戶,雖然她經由通訊器做了在 Jinpei 上的檢查。

"Just how long will it take to finish this course?" / "究竟它將花多久的時間完成這課程"?

Jun could not miss the impatient tone of Ken's voice when she radioed in the first time. She kept her reply vague, but slipped and bitched about Joe's snoring and hogging the bed. After that the paging began. Sometimes it was from / 當她在第一次中收音機的時候,六月無法錯過肯恩的聲音不耐煩明暗。 她維持她的答覆含糊, 但是關於喬打鼾和豬床滑倒而且母狗。 在那之後頁轉移開始。 有時它是從
Ken himself; most of the time it was from Jinpei or Ryu, who always sounded slightly embarrassed. At first Jun answered all beeps, but as the Commander's tone got testier, she and Joe started delaying answering the calls. Static. Or range problems. Joe was good at making up excuses, and Jun realized he must have had plenty of practice. Giddy with freedom, they enjoyed dodging the calls as long as they knew it was only Ken getting paranoid at their being alone together for so long. / 肯恩他自己; 大部份的時間它來自 Jinpei 或 Ryu,總是些微地聽困窘。 起先六月回答了所有的嗶嗶聲,但是當指揮官的明暗變得比較易怒的時候,她和喬開始延遲回答呼叫。 靜電。 或排列問題。 喬擅長組成藉口,而且六月了解了他一定曾經有許多練習過。 眼花的只要因為如此渴望,他們知道了是唯一的肯恩在獨自地一起在他們的存在偏執狂,由於自由,他們喜歡避開呼叫。

Joe began to feel a slightly vicious glee in taunting Ken about being alone with Jun, and delighted in her joining in the innuendo. When the race results finally hit the international papers, the direct command to return home came. / 喬開始在關於對六月感到孤獨嘲弄肯恩方面感覺些微邪惡的歡樂, 而且在她裡面愉快加入諷刺。 當比賽最後產生打國際的紙時候,返回家的直接指令被提出。
"Ken's pissed. He's sending Ryu out," Joe said. He was glad to see Jun was as annoyed as he was. / "肯恩是忿怒的。 他正在外送 Ryu,"喬說。 他高興看見六月是當做當他是,苦惱。


They drove to the coordinates Ryu radioed, and waited for his arrival. Joe shaded his eyes as he watched the GodPhoenix gracefully set down a short distance from the car. / 他們開車去坐標 Ryu 收音機, 而且等候他的抵達。 當他看 GodPhoenix 優美地被放下來自汽車的短距離的時候,喬遮蔽了他的眼睛。

Jun put her hands on her hips as she turned to face him. "He's got no hold on me," she said, a flash of anger in her eyes. "I kept my end of the bargain to check in, and Nambu never complained. If Ken doesn't like it, it's too bad for him." / 當她準備面對他的時候,六月把她的手放在她的臀部。 " 他是沒有了在我上的把握",她說,她的眼睛忿怒的閃光。 "我維持了交易的我結束辦登記手續, 和從不被抱怨的 Nambu。 如果肯恩不喜歡它,它對他是太壞的。"

"You know, we could really mess with his head about this," Joe smirked. / "你知道,我們可以真的以他頭將關於這的事弄糟",喬嘻嘻做笑。

"I was just thinking the same thing," she answered with a grin. "Let me handle / "我正在僅僅想相同的事物",她以露齒笑回答。 "讓我處理
Ryu," she said, rummaging in the back of the car. / Ryu,"她說,在汽車的後面翻遍。

"Ken is so mad." Ryu called, as he leapt down from the Phoenix. / " 肯恩是如此瘋狂" 。 Ryu 叫做,如同他從鳳凰城跳躍下來一樣。

"Ryu! We have something for you!" Jun rushed up to the fuming pilot with a large box in her hands. / "Ryu! 我們有某事給你!" 六月催促由多煙的飛行員決定由於她的手一個大的盒子。

Taken aback, he eyed Joe suspiciously before he returned his attention to Jun. / 向後地拿, 他眼的喬可疑地在他之前歸還他的注意給六月。
"What is it?" / "它是什麼"?

"What would we bring you from Italy, you big dope?" Joe replied. / "從義大利我們將會帶你什麼, 你大的吸毒者"? 喬答覆。

Ryu looked from one to the other, startled even more by the fact that Joe was smiling. / 被從一看到另一個的 Ryu,震驚了喬正在微笑的事實平坦的更多。

"It's pastries! " Jun exclaimed. "Just wait until you taste them! You know I'm not one for sweets, but these." she added, rolling her eyes dramatically. / "它是麵粉糕餅! "六月大叫。 "僅僅等候,直到你嚐他們! 你知道我對於甜蜜不是一, 但是這些。"她增加,戲劇性地滾動她的眼睛。

Ryu's expression changed swiftly as his nostrils twitched with the aroma wafting from the box. Jun and Joe exchanged knowing glances, and Jun began to ply Ryu with questions about Jinpei until the pilot was so distracted that he forgot all about Ken's wrath. / 當他的鼻孔以從盒子浮動的濃香猛拉的時候, Ryu's 的表達很快地改變。 六月和喬交換了博學的一瞥,而且六月開始用關於 Jinpei 的問題使用 Ryu ,直到飛行員是如此心煩意亂他關於肯恩的憤怒忘記了全部。

When they got back Ken was waiting for them. / 當他們爭取後面的肯恩時候正在等候他們。

"Just what the hell did you think you were doing? You said it was a short race! / "究竟你認為你正在做什麼? 你說了它是一個短比賽!
I would never have allowed it otherwise. We've missed training because of this." / 我將會無法已經否則允許它。 我們已經錯過因為這教育。"

"Oh, lighten up, Ken!" Joe interrupted. "We do the real thing now. I think we could miss a few practice sessions without too much consequence." Ken and Joe faced each other, each bristling with anger. "You're just mad that Jun wanted to spend time with me for a change," Joe continued in a quiet voice. / "哦, 點亮在,上面肯恩"! 喬打斷。 "我們現在做真正的事物。 我認為我們可以錯過沒有太多結果的一些練習會議。"肯恩和喬面對了彼此,每個以忿怒剛毛。 "你確實瘋狂,六月想要為一個改變和我花費時間",喬在一種安靜的聲音中繼續。

At that, Jun released herself from Jinpei, who was practically dancing around her with joy, and stepped between them to face Ken. / 在那,六月從 Jinpei 發表了她自己而且在他們之間踏面對肯恩,由於歡喜正在實際地在附近跳舞她。

"I'm so sorry it took so long, Ken," she began sweetly. "I was just so excited about the race, and actually seeing a country instead of flying over it." She yawned dramatically, and took Jinpei by the hand. / "我是如此難過它拿如此的久,肯恩",她甜美地開始。 " 我確實是如此興奮關於比賽的事, 而且實際上看見一個國家代替在它之上飛". 她戲劇性地打哈欠, 而且帶了手的 Jinpei 。

"C'mon, you. I need to get home and crash. I've got a bad case of jet lag." She turned to Ken, who stood there slightly stunned by her attitude. "We'll be there bright and early for training tomorrow, Commander." / "C'mon,你。 我需要回家和墜毀。 我已經得到一個時差失調的差勁情形。"她求助於肯恩, 肯恩在那裡站立被她的態度些微地使暈倒。 " 我們將在那裡明亮的和早對明天教育,指揮官".

As she passed by Joe she cocked her head, giving him a wicked smile and a wink. / 當她經過喬她聳立她前進,給他一個壞的微笑和眨眼。
Placing a hand on his arm for a lingering moment, she murmured in Italian, "Era meraviglioso, amore mio. Eri meraviglioso. Arrivederci" / 對於逗留片刻放一隻手在他的手臂上,她用義大利語低語,"時代 meraviglioso , amore mio。 Eri meraviglioso。 Arrivederci"

As Jinpei, Ryu and Ken gaped, she kissed him, then sauntered off toward her bike. / 如 Jinpei , Ryu 和肯恩裂開,她吻了他, 然後對於她的腳踏車走開閒逛。

For a moment, Joe wished she really meant it. He began to grin as he walked off toward the G2. He knew Ken would race to the translator. / 一會兒,喬願了她真的意謂它。 當他對於 G2 走開走的時候,他開始露齒而笑。 他認識,肯恩將會對翻譯者比賽。


They'd had such a blast; Joe could hardly believe he'd almost forgotten it. Jun loved the excitement of racing almost as much as he did. He could still see her next to him in the car; laughing, black hair flying in the wind when he'd finally let her drive. / 他們有有了一個如此疾風; 喬無法相信他已經被幾乎忘記它。 當他做的時候,六月愛如很多的幾乎賽跑的刺激。 他可以仍然在汽車中對他看見她的下一個; 笑著又黑色的頭髮在風中飛當他將會最後讓她的駕車時候。

During the trip Joe had taught her to enjoy Italian cuisine- especially pastries and cappuccino. He'd brought home as many bags of espresso beans as he could and the jar in her cabinet was the last one. He had made her keep it at her apartment so he wouldn't finish it all at once. Jun wasn't allowed to actually make it after the first wasted pot of burnt swill she concocted, but he would often make it for her. / 在旅行喬的時候已經教她享受義大利烹調風格- 尤其麵粉糕餅和卡布奇諾咖啡。 他有帶了家和濃縮咖啡豆子的袋子一樣多當他可以而且她的內閣廣口瓶是一個最後的。 他已經在她的公寓作她的生計它,如此他突然將不完成它。 六月沒被允許實際上做到在燃燒的刷首先浪費壺之後她混合而製,但是他將會時常為她做到。

She'd kept it all these years. He was touched. He started to wrap it back uphe wouldn't drink it for sentimental reasons, if not for the reason that it was of questionable quality by now. Then he noticed the folded paper in the bottom of the jar. He slowly opened up a faded yellow scrap of newsprint. It was a clipping about the race, with a picture of Joe holding aloft the trophy and Jun at his side kissing his cheek. There were small round watermarks all over it. He was startled by a soft voice from behind. / 她這些數年有保持它所有。 他被接觸。 他開始包裝它後面的 uphe 將不為感傷性的理由喝它, 如果不對於理由它到如今是有可疑品質的。 然後他在廣口瓶的底部中注意被摺疊的紙。 他慢慢地打通新聞用紙的已褪色黃色小片。 它是關於比賽的一個剪斷,藉由一張在他的吻他頰身邊在高處握住獎座和六月的喬照片。 到處有小的圓水位標它。 他從後面被一種軟的聲音震驚了。

"After you 'died', she used to take that down and smell the coffee beans," / " 在你之後 '死', 她過去一直帶那墬落而且聞咖啡豆子",
Jinpei said quietly. "I used to find her in the kitchen sometimes, with the jar open, crying her eyes out. She missed you a real lot." / Jinpei 安靜地說。 " 我過去一直有時在廚房中發現她,藉由廣口瓶公開,在外哭泣她的眼睛。 她想念你一個真正的運氣。"

Joe was too stunned by this information to be embarrassed at being caught by / 喬也被這資料使暈倒了在被捕捉被困窘被
Jinpei after having spent the night. Jinpei yawned, and padded into the kitchen. He got a glass, and Joe automatically filled it with juice. / 在有之後度過夜晚的 Jinpei。 Jinpei 打哈欠, 而且進入廚房之內填補。 他自動地拿了玻璃 , 和喬將它裝滿汁。

"I asked her about it once, and she said it "smelled like" you. I didn't know what she meant- you don't smell like coffee to me, Aniki." / " 我向她詢問它曾經,而且她說它 "聞起來相似" 你。 我沒有知道她意謂的-你對我聞起來不像咖啡,Aniki。"

Joe smiled. "Thanks kid," he said, watching as Jinpei poured some awful-looking multicolored cereal into a bowl. / 喬微笑。 "謝謝哄騙",他說, 看當 Jinpei 倒一些看似可怕的多彩色的穀類食品進一個碗之內。

"For what?" Jinpei asked, absorbed in his task. / " 為什麼"? Jinpei 問,在他的工作中吸收。

"Nothing." He folded the paper up, put it in the jar and put the jar back in its place. / "沒事". 他在它的地方中向上摺疊報紙, 把它置於廣口瓶而且把廣口瓶放回原處。

Jinpei went back to his cereal and Joe picked up the two glasses and started out of the room, then hesitated. His relationship with Jun was very new and fragile, and up until today he'd always been sure to leave before dawn, because / Jinpei 回去他的穀類食品,而且喬房間拾起二副眼鏡而且開始,然後猶豫。 他和六月的關係非常新的和易碎, 而且提高直到今天他有總是確定在破曉之前離開,因為
Jun was worried about Jinpei's reaction. / 六月為 Jinpei's 的反應擔憂。

"Jinpei." he began suddenly, turning back to the boy, "are you ok with me here?" / "Jinpei". 他突然開始,對男孩折回,"在這裡由於我是你 ok"?

Jinpei looked down at his bowl. "I don't really have a choice, do I?" he answered darkly. "But I guess so. It'll take some getting used to," he said quietly. He looked up with the fierce gleam of 'The Great Swallow' in his eye. / Jinpei 往下看他的碗。 "我沒真的有選擇嗎,我不嗎"? 他暗回答。 "但是我這麼猜測。 它將帶一些習慣於,"他安靜地說。 他看在由於凶猛微弱的閃光上面 '棒的咽喉'在他的眼睛中。
"If you hurt her I'll kill you!" he blurted out suddenly. While Joe very much doubted he could, he knew Jinpei meant it. / "如果你傷害她 , 我將殺你"! 他突然衝口說出出。 喬非常懷疑他可以,不過他知道了 Jinpei 被意謂它。

"I'll remember that," Joe replied, somehow relieved, as he went back to Jun's room. He put the glasses down, and dropped a soft kiss on her forehead. He had never felt like this about any woman. Funny how the only woman he could show real tenderness to would turn out to be Jun. She stirred and opened her eyes. / " 我將記得那",喬答覆,不知何故減輕,如同他回去六月的房間一樣。 他放下眼鏡, 而且降低了在她的前額上的一個軟的吻。 他從未感覺像這關於任何的女人事。 好笑的如何唯一的女人他可以顯示真正的柔軟將會變成六月。 她激起而且打開了她的眼睛。
They went huge for a brief moment at seeing him leaning over her, then went soft with remembrance of the previous night. She smiled and stretched. / 他們為簡短的片刻變極大在看見他在她之上傾斜,然後用前一個夜晚的回想去柔軟。 她微笑而且伸展。

He wondered for the millionth time since this started why she wanted him. He didn't deserve her, and probably would eventually make her miserable with his determination to finish Galactor once and for all. He pushed out of his mind all thoughts of the future. Jun had said she was content to live only in the moment - that it was the one thing she had learned from her fiasco with Ken. / 因為這開始了她為什麼想要他,他懷疑第一百萬的時間。 他沒有該得到她, 而且可能將會最後製造她的悲慘由於他的決心僅此一次完成 Galactor。 他推動瘋了全部未來的想法。 六月已經說,她是滿足只在片刻內居住 - 它是她已經和肯恩從她的慘敗學習的一件事物。
Joe wasn't sure he really believed her, but she made him feel his life was worth living, so he was determined to make her as happy as he could with the time left to him. / 喬不確定他真的相信了她,但是她使他感覺他的生活是值得住, 因此他決定製造她像他一樣快樂可以由於時間左邊對他。

"I brought you some juice." / "我帶給你一些汁" 。

"Thanks," she murmured, then her eyes went big again at the sound of noise in the kitchen. "Jinpei! Did he see you?" / "謝謝",她低語, 然後她的眼睛再一次在廚房中的噪音聲音變大。 "Jinpei! 他看見你嗎?"

"Yeah. We had a little talk. He's ok." She rolled her eyes, not quite sure what to make of that comment. She gave up, smiled, and reached to pull him down to the bed. / "是的。 我們有了小談話。 他是 ok 。"她捲了她的眼睛而不是相當確信該那一個意見製造什麼。 她放棄,微笑, 而且到達把他拉下到床。

"You know what I realized last night?" she asked, an even bigger smile lighting her face. / " 你知道我昨晚了解的"? 她問,一個點她的臉甚至比較大的微笑。

"What?" / "什麼"?

"You don't snore anymore." / "你不再打鼾" 。

He kissed her slowly, inhaling the intoxicating remnants of her perfume. / 他慢慢地吻了她,吸入她的香水使剩餘陶醉。

"Oh, by the way, I couldn't find the coffee," he whispered softly in her ear. / "哦,順便一提,我無法發現咖啡",他柔和地在她的耳朵中耳語。


Ken sat at the computer trying hard to recall the last words Jun had said to / 肯恩坐在電腦前努力地嘗試取消六月已經說的最後一個字
Joe. After a few misspellings, the translator's screen finally accepted his input, and he waited impatiently for it to load. Ken's eyes widened as he read the box of neat type that appeared and his mouth fell open. / 喬。 在一些拼錯之後,翻譯者的螢幕最後接受了他的輸入,而且他不耐煩等候它裝載。 當他讀出現的整潔類型和他的嘴盒子的時候,肯恩的眼睛擴大跌落開放的。

"It was wonderful, my love. You were wonderful. Goodbye." / " 它是令人驚奇的,我愛。 你是令人驚奇的。 再見。"


Happy Valentine's Day 2002 / 快樂的情人節 2002