SUMMER by Asakurafan / 被 Asakurafan 的夏天
He watched her as she walked up the beach: glistening, lithe, moving even now like a dancer- every movement graceful. Unselfconscious in her evident joy in the moment. She laughed, tousling Jinpei's hair as he, gesticulating wildly, recounted some particularly amazing feat of agility while they were out water-skiing. / 當她走上海灘的時候,他看了她: 閃爍的﹐柔軟的, 甚至現在移動喜歡一次舞者- 每一的運動優美的。 在片刻中的她顯著的歡喜 Unselfconscious。 她笑, tousling Jinpei's 的頭髮當做他,野性地用守勢談話, 詳述了一些敏捷的特別令人驚異的壯舉當他們外出水的時候-滑雪。

Long strides, every muscle taut and honed, she moved toward him unaware of both the admiring and envious heads turned to watch as she passed. Red bikini, pale skin, hair so black it prismed into green like a peacock's feather in the sun. / 長的大步,拉緊的並且愛人的每束肌肉, 她對於他移動不知道的當她通過,讚賞的和嫉妒的頭都準備看。 紅色的比基尼泳裝, 變蒼白皮膚,如此黑色的頭髮它在太陽下進入綠色的同類之內稜鏡孔雀的羽毛。
Her face broke into a dazzling smile as she spotted Joe sitting underneath their umbrella. She wrapped the towel he threw her around her waist and wrung out her dripping hair. / 她的臉在他們的傘下面闖入一個眼花撩亂的微笑當做她有斑點的喬座位安排。 她包裝了他出自她在她的腰部和 wrung 的周圍丟她滴頭髮的手巾。

Taking the soda he had fished out of the cooler, she said, "Go on Joe. You need a break. I'll keep an eye out." She knew him so well. Knew that although he loved the beach, there was always something about it that made him uneasy. Joe hesitated, removed his sunglasses, then suddenly he was up, scooping up the unsuspecting Jinpei. Flipping him over his shoulder, Joe ran back down the beach toward the sea. Jun laughed as Joe flung the violently complaining boy out into the water before neatly diving in himself. / 從冷卻器取出他已經釣的蘇打,她說,"繼續進行喬。 你需要休息。 我將使一個眼睛保持外面的。"她認識他如此湧出。 知道,雖然他愛海灘, 總是有關於它的某事使他不安。 被猶豫的喬,移走了他的太陽眼鏡,然後突然他是向上的,在無懷疑的 Jinpei 上面汲取。 在他的肩之上用指頭彈他,喬向後地跑下來對於海洋的海灘。 當喬進入水之內在外投猛烈的抱怨男孩的時候,六月笑以前整潔地在他自己的潛水。
"I know you aren't asleep." / "我知道你不是睡熟了的" 。
Ryu was startled from his reverie when she stretched out beside him in the sun. / 當她在他旁邊在太陽下伸展出的時候, Ryu 從他的空想被震驚。
"What have you been thinking about?" she continued, turning that smile on him. / "你想了什麼"? 她繼續,轉在他上的那一個微笑。
"You've been awfully quiet over there." / "你已經在那裡可怕安靜" 。

"Oh, nothing," Ryu replied, flushed, but grinning as he took the soda she of fered. / "哦,沒事",Ryu 答覆,臉發紅, 但是當他帶了蘇打的時候露齒而笑她 fered。