Operation: Mad Dog an incredibly stupid fanfic / 手術: 瘋狂的狗無法置信愚蠢的 fanfic
Ennien Ashbrook based on a flippant post by Alara Rogers that mentioned pekinese. / 以提到了 pekinese 的 Alara 羅傑的輕率職位為基礎的 Ennien Ashbrook。

"Happy" did not begin to describe Berg Katze's mood. / "快樂的" 沒有開始描述冰山 Katze's 的心情。
CRASH! / 墜毀!
"Katze-sama.." / "Katze-sama。。"
THUD!! / 砰擊聲!!
"Er.." / "Er。。"
SLAM! / 砰然聲!
"Katze-sama?" / "Katze-sama"?
"WHAT???" / "什麼???"
In fact, it didn't even come close. "Ballistic" was closer in accuracy, though even that failed to convey the sense of violent frustration emanating from the purple-clad figure storming about the room flinging books, bits of crockery, paperweights, computers and other large, heavy objects thither and yon. The burly man ducked another missile, "Far be it from me to forbid your fits of destruction, Katze-sama, but you do know I feel much better about it when I know why I'm ducking for my life.." / 事實上,它不甚至接近地來。 "彈道的" 在準確性方面比較靠近,雖然甚至那沒有傳達從紫色散發 的暴力挫折的感覺-包蓋演算狂怒咆哮關於到那處投書,一點點的陶器,文鎮,電腦和其他的大又重的物體 的房間和 yon 的事。 結實的男人沒入水中了另一個飛彈,"從我遙遠地是它禁止你的破壞適宜,Katze-sama,但是你確實知道,當我知道我為什麼是我的生活鑽入水中的時候,我關於它感覺好多了。。"
"THEY FUCKED UP AGAIN!" / " 他們性交在再一次上面"!
"Again?" Brace asked politely, "On which project?" / "再一次"? 支柱有禮貌地問,"在那一個計畫之上"?
"That ridiculous 'slavering rabid dog' mecha that Sosai X wants!" / " 那荒謬的 '垂涎猛烈的狗'Sosai X 想要的 mecha"!
"The one he wanted to look like a Pekinese?" / " 那一個他想要看起來像 Pekinese 一樣"?
"Yes!" / "是的"!
"And you forbade that.." / "而且你禁止了那。。"
"Yes!" / "是的"!
"And told them it had to look more threatening than that.." / " 而且告訴他們它必須比那脅迫。。"
"Yes!" / "是的"!
"And they gave you....?" / "而且他們給予了你....?"
Katze turned, his face a rictus of fury, "I was thinking of a pitbull, for god's sake! NOT a cocker spaniel!" / Katze 轉, 他的臉憤怒的 rictus,"我正在想到一個牛頭狗,對於神的緣故! 不是西班牙長耳獵犬 spaniel!"
Brace goggled for a few moments, "A cocker spaniel?? The 'slavering rabid dog' mecha looks like a cocker spaniel??" / 支柱眼珠轉動數片刻,"西班牙長耳獵犬 spaniel?? '垂涎猛烈的狗' mecha 看起來像西班牙長耳獵犬 spaniel 一樣??"
He doubled over with laughter while Katze continued raging, "Somebody explain to me what sort of mind considers a cocker spaniel to be more threatening than a pekinese? This thing is supposed to deliver a payload of rabies bioweapon, it's supposed to be terrifying! FUCK! I wish he'd let me go ahead with my idea, I had this idea for Imperial Walkers, do a sort of 'Empire Strikes Back' thing up in the Arctic.." / 當 Katze 繼續的時候,他結束以笑加倍狂暴的,"某人對我解釋什麼分類的心考慮西班牙長耳獵犬 spaniel 比 pekinese 脅迫? 這一件事物應該遞送一個狂犬病生化武器的負載量, 它是推想驚嚇! 性交! 我願,他將會讓我進行我的想法,我有這一個想法給帝王的徒步者, 做一種 '帝國罷工回' 事物增加在北極圈中。。"
"Has he decided how he wants the bioweapon delivered?" / "他有決定他如何想要生化武器遞送嗎"?
"NO!" Katze was sour and petulant, which contrasted very oddly with the fury, "He wants me to think of something, but he keeps nay-saying my ideas! The stupid thing is covered in fake fur!" he added irrelevantly. / "不"! Katze 是酸的和暴躁的, 非常奇妙地和憤怒對比," 他想要我想到某事,但是他否保存-說我的想法! 愚蠢的事物在假的毛皮中被涵蓋!"他不相干地增加。
"Oh god," Brace moaned, "And if you shaved it off it'd probably look like a chihuahua.." / " 哦神",支柱呻吟 ", 而且如果你從它修面它將會可能看起來像 chihuahua 一樣。。"
"Nani?" / "Nani"?
"I said if you.." "I heard you, I'm thinking.." / " 我說是否你。。""我聽到了你,我正在想。。"
Oh no... / 哦號碼。。
Brace closed his eyes and told himself he didn't want to know what was going through his "Little Sister"'s mind now.. / 支柱關閉了他的眼睛而且告訴了他自己,他沒有想要知道正在經過他的 "小姊妹" 的東西 's 現在介意。。
Katze had been thinking of pitbulls when Sosai gave orders for the dog mecha, but chihuahuas triggered sarcastic thoughts and ironic memories that appealed to his warped sense of humor. Chihuahuas: Obnoxious little dogs the size of rabbits who thought they were pitbulls and tried to behave like pitbulls, usually resulting in their being punted into a wall. Little monsters who looked like strangling, shaved rats, with bulging eyes and needle sharp teeth with a predilection for fastening themselves to one's Achilles tendon. Horrible little yappers who's piercing excuse for a bark sent hearing aids and mask-amps into squealing wails of agony, until the wearers were hard pressed to decide which was worse, the yapping or the feedback. And those were just healthy chihuahuas! Rabid chihuahuas... / 當 Sosai 為狗 mecha 給予了命令的時候, Katze 已經想到牛頭狗,但是 chihuahuas 引起了諷刺的想法和訴諸他的弄歪幽默感的冷嘲記憶。 濟華花: 可憎的小狗兔子的大小誰想他們是牛頭狗並且試著像牛頭狗一樣行為表現, 通常造成他們的進入一面牆壁之內被平底船的存在。 看起來像勒死的小怪物, 修面捕鼠,由於為繫結物凸出眼睛而且用一個嗜好修面針銳利的牙齒他們自己到一個阿契里斯腱。 是一片吠聲的刺骨藉口的可怕小 yappers 送了助聽器而且掩飾- 安培進入發出尖銳的叫聲極大的痛苦悲嘆之內,直到穿用者很難決定哪一個是比較糟的,那個狂吠或回應。 而且那些是確實健康的 chihuahuas! 猛烈的 chihuahuas。。。
Brace's scalp began to crawl as a slow, menacing grin spread over Katze's face. Rabid chihuahuas.. chihuahuas carrying a rabies bioweapon, unleashed upon a terrified populace in mangy, yapping hordes.. Foaming at the mouth like toothpaste commercials.. Maddened throngs of people rioting, turning on the garrulous little old ladies who generally own the ratty little shits.. Finally, an image of Gatchaman dancing around with a couple of slavering, psychopathic rats attached to his feet rose before Katze's mind's-eye and he burst into maniacal laughter. / 支柱的頭皮開始爬行如慢,威嚇在 Katze's 的臉上露齒笑傳佈。 猛烈的 chihuahuas。。 攜帶一個狂犬病生化武器 的 chihuahuas,在 mangy 的受驚嚇的平民之上解放,狂吠群眾。。 起泡沫在嘴喜歡牙膏商業的。。 使發狂了暴動,打開通常擁有像老鼠的小糞饒舌的小老婦人 的人群眾。。 最後,一個和垂涎的夫婦在附近跳舞 的 Gatchaman 的影像,在 Katze's 的想像力和他進入瘋狂的笑之內爆裂之前 , 附著在他的腳精神病的老鼠上升。

Ken's bracelet began to chime and he threw down the wrench he had just picked up, "Owashi no Ken," he acknowledged. / 肯恩的手鐲開始鳴,而且他丟下來扳鉗他已經被僅僅逐漸恢復 ," Owashi 沒有肯恩",他承認。
"This is Kozaburo Nambu speaking," the familiar voice said, "Return to base immediately. Galactor has unleashed their.. sorry, bad choice of words.." / "這是 Kozaburo Nambu 說",熟悉的聲音說 ", 回到立刻作基礎。 Galactor 已經解放他們的。。 字的對不起又差勁選擇。。"
"Huh?" / "哼!"?
"Look, just get here ASAP for briefing." / "神情,僅僅為簡報儘快地到達在這裡" 。
"Roger!" / "羅傑"!
He slammed the Cessna's hood back into place, put away his tool kit and slid into the cockpit. He felt edgy, agitated, yet excited: Much as he hated Galactor, he had to admit he liked being the Eagle. It was fun, having a funky plane, a nifty outfit, lots of interesting weapons and he got a lot of fan mail, too. He still wasn't too sure what to do with all the panties, though... / 他進入地方之內把 Cessna's 的頭巾猛然關上回來,進入駕駛員座艙之內收拾他的工具配套和 slid 。 他覺得刀口銳利,搖動,仍然刺激的: 多當做他憎恨 Galactor,他必須承認,他喜歡作為鷹。 它是樂趣,有一個畏縮的飛機,一個俏皮的用具,許多有趣的武器和他也收到了許多狂熱者郵件。 他仍然不是太確信該以所有的褲襪做什麼,雖然。。。
He brought his arm up in an arc. "Bird Go!" Ooo that was fun! He liked transmuting, it felt neat. The odd electric sensations coruscating over his flesh, the bizarre feeling of his street-clothes writhing and mutating into his birdstyle, the warmth of the energy-discharge.. He did wonder where his helmet came from and went to, but as he suspected Joe's snide theory was rather close to the mark, he had never had the nerve to ask. / 他在一個弧中提出他的手臂。 "鳥去"! 樂趣的 Ooo! 他喜歡變形,它覺得整潔。 在他的肉,他的街道- 衣服的 writhing 的奇異感覺之上閃爍而且進入他的 birdstyle 之內畸變 的奇數電動的感覺,能源的溫暖-解除。。 他做了他的鋼盔來自而且去的奇蹟到, 但是當他可疑的喬假理論相當是靠近標誌,他從未有神經問。
The G-1 rose above the clouds and Ken spotted the God Phoenix in the distance. He engaged the thrusters to catch up, then turned his full attention to the difficult task of docking aboard the mothership. Though he had done it about a hundred times before, it was still a dangerous operation, where any little mistake could cost him his life. / 在雲和肯恩上面的 G-1 玫瑰在遙遠之處看見上帝鳳凰城。 他約定了矯正艙身用火箭追趕,然後將他的完全注意轉向搭乘 mothership 駛入船塢的困難工作。 雖然他以前已經做它大約一百個次,但是它仍然是危險的手術,在任何的小錯誤可以花費他他的生活地方。
It was not his karma to die today, however: G-1 docked smoothly and Ken emerged unscathed onto the bridge, facing his team mates. / 然而,今天死不是他的因果報應: 沒有受傷的平滑地被停泊的 G-1 和被浮現的肯恩在橋之上,面對他的小組配對。
"You're the closest one to base, why is it you're always the last one to arrive?" Joe spat. / "你是以一個最靠近的作基礎的, 為什麼總是它你是一個最後的到達"? 喬貝卵。
"Good afternoon, Joe. I'm fine, thanks for asking. Who pissed in your cornflakes this morning?" / "午安,喬。 我很好,為問謝謝。 誰忿怒的今天早晨在你的 cornflakes 中?"
"You bastard!" / " 你私生子"!
"Will you two take a pill?? We haven't even started, for heaven's sake!" Ryu turned back to piloting the God Phoenix, plunging her beneath the waves in the direction of the Crescent Coral base. / " 將你二帶一粒藥丸?? 我們沒有甚至開始,為天堂的緣故!" Ryu 折回到領航上帝鳳凰城,在新月形的珊瑚基礎的方向波浪之下倒下她。
They were silent for the rest of the journey. Ryu docked the Phoenix in her harbor and waited for the seawater to drain away. Finally, they went to Nambu's office. / 他們對旅程的其它部分是沈默的。 Ryu 在她的港中停泊鳳凰城並且等候海水排出溝外離開。 最後,他們去 Nambu's 的辦公室。
Nambu began without preamble, "For the past two months, the UN has been receiving complaints from some dog breeders that their stock was being stolen. Investigations came up with nothing; that is, until today." / Nambu 不需要前文就開始,"過去二個月,聯合國已經接受來自他們的存貨正在被偷的一些狗養育者的抱怨。 調查什麼也不提出; 那是,直到今天。"
"Dogs?" Jinpei asked, "What kind of dogs?" / "狗"? Jinpei 問," 什麼類型的狗"?
"The dogs in question are of a breed known as the Chihuahua. / "問題的狗是即是濟華花的族類。
This breed originates in Mexico and is.." he broke off at the groans, "Nani?" "I hate chihuahuas," Ken declared. / 這族類在墨西哥開始和是。。"他在呻吟中斷 ",Nani?""我憎恨 chihuahuas",肯恩宣佈。
"They bark so loudly.." "..go after my feet.." "..as scary as the old baggages who own them!" / "他們吠如此的大聲。。"".。追求我的腳。。"".。像舊的行李一樣的容易受驚誰擁有他們!"
"Jinpei! Language!" / "Jinpei! 語言!"
"Huh! Little shits make good footballs.." / "哼!! 小糞製造好足球。。"
"Chih-HOO-ah-HOO-ahs" "..rats on caffeine.." / "Chih-HOO-啊-HOO-啊"".。在咖啡因上捕鼠。。"
"EXCUSE ME! Is this a briefing or a dog-disappreciation society??" / "對不起! 這是一次簡報或一個狗- 不賞識的社會嗎??"
Four voices mumbled "Sorry, Hakase." One went "Huh!" / 四種聲音喃喃而語 "難過的,Hakase". 一去了 "哼!"!
"Now," Nambu continued, rubbing the bridge of his nose, "As I said, for 2 months chihuahuas have been vanishing in vast numbers, for no apparent purpose. Now it appears that it was Galactor who is behind the disappearances." "I don't understand," Ken interrupted, "What would Galactor want with chihuahuas?" / "現在" , Nambu 繼續,擦他的鼻子橋 ",如同我說一樣,因為 2 月 chihuahuas 已經在巨大的數字中消失,對於沒有明顯的目的。 現在它出現它是在看不見後面的 Galactor 。""我不了解",肯恩打斷 ",Galactor 將會以 chihuahuas 想要什麼?"
"Target practice." / "瞄準練習" 。
"Joe!" / "喬"!
"Sorry.." / "難過的。。"
"Experimentation is the evident answer," Nambu answered smoothly, "Observe the following satellite footage, taken over Yokohama." / "實驗是顯著的答案",Nambu 平滑地回答 ",觀察下列各項人造衛星英尺,遍及橫濱拿".
The video showed a giant chihuahua mecha storming the city, panicking the population. Its shivering caused tremors in the earth, shaking buildings apart. The process was aided by a skull-shattering yap, which also appeared to paralyze the nervous system of all who heard it. Finally, it opened its fanged mouth and millions of yapping little beige blots poured out, wave after wave of them, sinking their foaming little jaws into the ankles of the hapless, terrified people. / 錄影帶顯示了狂怒咆哮城市,恐慌的人口 的龐大 chihuahua mecha 。 它顫抖那引起了地球的震動,分別地搖動建築物。 程序被打碎頭蓋骨的狂吠援助了, 也似乎麻痺全部的神經系統誰聽到了它。 最後,它打開了它的有尖牙的嘴和數以百萬計狂吠污點倒的小淺褐色,在他們的波浪後的波浪,沉沒他們的起泡沫小口進倒霉又受驚嚇的人腳踝之內。
"My god!" Ken breathed. / "我的神"! 肯恩呼吸。
"How awful!" Jun wailed. / " 如何可怕的"! 六月悲嘆。
"Shit!" Jinpei cried. / "拉屎"! Jinpei 哭。
"Bogus!" Ryu stared. / "假的"! Ryu 注視。
"Why does it look like somebody shaved a cocker spaniel?" Joe asked. / " 它為什麼看起來像某人一樣修面了西班牙長耳獵犬 spaniel"? 喬問。
Nambu switched to another tape, showing people in a hospital ward. They slavered and foamed, struggling against bonds and straitjackets. "The chihuahuas are carrying what appears to be a specially-engineered version of rabies. This version is, of course, communicable to humans, but has a number of differences, not the least of which is an incubation period of only seven hours..." He paused dramatically. The team looked at him expectantly. "It also causes.. well, listen." / Nambu 轉變到另一捲錄音帶,在醫院守衛中顯示人。 他們 slavered 而且起泡沫,與束縛和緊身衣起爭執。 " chihuahuas 正在攜帶什麼似乎當一特別地-設計狂犬病的版本。 這一個版本當然, 是可傳達的對人類, 但是有若干的不同而不是那一個是一個只有七小時的潛伏期的最少。。。"他戲劇性地暫停。 小組預期地看他。 "它也引起。。 好吧,聽。"
He turned up the volume and the room was filled with the sounds of hundreds of people yapping at the tops of their lungs. The camera zoomed in on the pathetic victims -- bug-eyed, shivering, snapping at the ankles and wrists of any who came near, their hair falling out in clumps. / 他把體積和房間調大充滿在他們的肺頂端狂吠 的數以百計人的聲音。 相機縮放在悲哀的受害人身上 -- 蟲-眼的﹐顫抖的, 在腳踝和手腕咬斷任何的來靠近,他們的在叢中爭吵 的頭髮。
"That bastard Berg Katze!" Joe cried, slamming his fist into the wall. The team was in an uproar of consternation and dismay. / "私生的冰山 Katze"! 喬哭,猛然關上他的拳頭進牆壁之內。 小組在驚愕和沮喪的喧囂方面。
"Hakase! We have to stop this plague right away! Where was the chihuahua mecha last seen?" / "Hakase! 我們必須立刻停止這瘟疫! 最後被看到的 chihuahua mecha 在哪裡?"
"It was last seen heading towards Hokkaido," Nambu replied, turning the video to a satellite photo of the giant chihuahua in flight, propelled by turbo engines beneath its tail. The team stared at it for an instant. / "它最後向北海道被看到標題",Nambu 答覆,將錄影帶轉向飛行的龐大 chihuahua 的一張人造衛星相片,在它的尾部之下被 turbo 引擎推進。 小組為立即盯著它看。
"That's disgusting!" / " 那是令人厭惡"!
"Y'know, that bastard has a sick sense of humor.." / "Y'know,那一個私生子有不舒服幽默感。。"
"Stop commenting and clear out!" / "停止批評而且清除出"!
"ROGER!" they chorused, and ran out of the room. / "羅傑"! 他們 chorused, 而且跑出房間。

On board the "Chihuahibachi", Berg Katze gloated. He sat on his chair on the command platform, his feet tucked up underneath him, contentedly surveying the hordes of raging little dogs kept at bay by an electric fence. It was terribly entertaining, for not only were the little monsters vicious, they were stupid as all get out and kept electrocuting themselves in their attempts to attack the bridge. He shut off his monitor, having delivered his demands to that whiny cellulite-case, Anderson -- surrender to Galactor and we will deliver the cure. For there was indeed a cure for this rabies bioweapon: Berg Katze had no intention of ruling a world filled with humanoid chihuahuas. / 在機上 "Chihuahibachi",冰山 Katze 滿足地看。 他在指令月台上坐在他的椅子上,他的腳在他的下面捲起, 滿足地測量狂暴小狗的群眾在電動的圍牆旁邊的海灣保持。 它可怕愉快, 因為不只是小怪物邪惡的, 他們是愚蠢的當做全部在他們的嘗試方面逃跑而且繼續以電椅處死他們自己攻擊橋。 他關閉他的監視器, 有遞送他的要求給那個哀鳴的妊娠紋- 情形安德遜 -- 投降到 Galactor ,而且我們將遞送治療。 因為那裡對於這一個狂犬病生化武器的確治療: 冰山 Katze 沒有規定被裝滿像人的 chihuahuas 的一個世界的意圖。
He listened to the screams of yet another soldier being dragged into the holding pit. Yet another idiot who'd tried to pet the nice doggies. / 他進入把持深坑之內聽到仍然被拖拉 的另一個軍人的尖叫聲。 仍然另外白癡 who'd 試著寵愛美好的小狗。
{Nice doggies my ass!} Katze thought, chuckling. They got what they deserved; he had no sympathy whatsoever. Nor did anyone on the bridge, being somewhat more intelligent (but only somewhat.) / { 美好的小狗我的驢!}Katze 想,吃吃的笑。 他們得到了他們該得到的; 他沒有同情無論什麼。 在橋上任何人也沒有, 略微更聰明 ( 但是只有略微.)
"Katze-sama! Godu Phoenix da!" / "Katze-sama! Godu 鳳凰城 da!"
Oh goody, goody gumdrops.. Party time! Katze turned to activate his monitor. He smiled his most ingratiating smile, "Ohayo, Gatchaman! Come to play with my new pet? I'm so glad. I call him Chihuahibachi -- fitting, neh?" / 哦身份低微之老婦,感傷的膠姆糖。。 黨時間! Katze 準備刺激他的監視器。 他微笑了他的最逢迎的微笑,"Ohayo,Gatchaman! 來和我的新寵物玩? 我是如此高興。 我稱他為 Chihuahibachi-- 適宜的,neh?"
"Berg Katze! You (Chihuahibachi?) This time you have gone too far! You'll never succeed in this (what kind of name is 'Chihuahibachi'?)" / "冰山 Katze! 你 (Chihuahibachi?) 這次你已經太遠去! 你將無法在這成功 ('Chihuahibachi' 是什麼類型的名字?)"
"Ken, shut up, you sound like a moron," Joe muttered. / "肯恩,閉嘴,你聽起來像一個低能一樣",喬喃喃自語。
"Oh I beg to differ," Katze purred, "The UN is already considering my gracious offer to cure their families, for the usual trifles, of course.." / " 哦我請求不一致",Katze purred",聯合國已經正在考慮我的親切提議治療他們的家庭,對於平常的瑣事, 當然。。"
"Trifles?? TRIFLES??" / "瑣事?? 瑣事??"
"Trifle? I love trifle!" / "浪費? 我愛瑣事!"
"Ryu, shut up!" / "Ryu,閉嘴"!
Katze sneered, "Oh well, I'm away to show off my new pet, now. Bye bye." and the call quit. Ken cursed roundly, shaking his fist at the dark screen in a pointless gesture. He whirled and began giving orders, "Jun: Track it. Project its destination and give the coordinates to Ryu." / Katze 嘲笑," 哦現在很好地,我出去炫耀我的新寵物。 再見再見。"而且呼叫離開。 肯恩圓圓地詛咒,在一個不尖的手勢黑暗的螢幕搖動他的拳頭。 他使而且旋轉開始給命令,"六月: 追蹤它。 計畫它的目的地而且把坐標給 Ryu 。"
"Roger!" / "羅傑"!
"Joe: Start logging the specs of that thing, find its weakness." / "喬: 開始砍伐原木那一件事物的詳細說明書,發現它的弱點。"
"Why don't we just blow it up?" / "我們為什麼不僅僅炸毀它"?
"Because that's too obvious and it would wreck the plot." / "因為那太明顯,而且它將會破壞情節" 。
"Shit!" / "拉屎"!
"Ryu: When Jun gives you the coordinates of Chihuahibachi's destination, get us there yesterday." / "Ryu: 當六月給你 Chihuahibachi's 的目的地的坐標時候, 昨天在那裡得到我們。"
"Roger!" / "羅傑"!
"What about me, aniki?" / " 什麼關於我,aniki"?
"Umm.. I still haven't figured out what exactly it is you do.." / "Umm。。 我仍然沒有理解什麼完全它是你做。。"
"Bugger." / "Bugger".
"Now.. everybody get to work!" / "現在。。 每個人都開始工作!"
"ROGER!" / "羅傑"!

Chihuahibachi shivered its destructive way through the helpless country, then swung its head about as the God Phoenix neared. It yapped piercingly, the sound waves buffeting the ship with hurricane force. / Chihuahibachi 打顫了它的毀滅性的方法完成的無助國家, 然後到處搖擺它的頭當上帝鳳凰城近的。 刺骨地捲邊裝釘的它,用颶風力量擊船 的健全波浪。
"Ryu -- Bring us about! Jun -- Determine the frequency that thing is using and jam it! Joe -- " / " Ryu-- 到處帶我們! 六月 -- 決定事物正在使用而且擠它的頻率! 喬 -- "
"I'm still looking for a way to blow it up." / "我仍然正在找尋一個方法炸毀它" 。
"Good! Jinpei -- I still haven't thought of anything for you to do." / "好處! Jinpei-- 我仍然沒有想到任何事讓你做。"
"Awww..." / "Awww。。。"
The mecha swung about to face them, bringing its great bulging eyes to bear on them. It yapped again, shaking the God Phoenix terribly, then reached up to snap it in its jaws. / mecha 到處搖擺面對他們,帶它的凸出眼睛在他們身上忍受 的大師。 再一次捲邊裝釘的它,可怕地搖動上帝鳳凰城, 然後到達在上面在它的口中咬斷它。
"Oh no.." / " 哦號碼。"
An eldritch sound filtered through the ship's hull, causing the small hairs on the backs of the team's necks to stand on end. The chihuahua settled back on its haunches, the God Phoenix held between its forepaws like a gigantic chew-toy. A horrible groan filled the air as the hull started to buckle under the onslaught of the jaws. / 一種可怕的聲音過濾過船的殼, 導致在小組的脖子背面上的小頭髮連續站。 chihuahua 在它的腰上向後地安頓, 上帝鳳凰城在它的前腳之間拿著像一巨人般的咀嚼-玩具。 當殼開始屈服於口的突擊時候,一聲可怕的呻吟裝滿了空氣。
"Ryu!! Get us out of here!!" / "Ryu!! 把我們趕出這裡!!"
"Dame da! It's got us too good, it won't let go!" / "夫人 da! 它被使我們太好的, 它不將讓去!"
"Tenacious little shits, chihuahuas.." / "緊黏不放的小糞, chihuahuas。。"
"Howdee do, Gatchaman!" / "Howdee 做,Gatchaman"!
"Oh fuck!" / " 哦性交"!
"You appear to be in a bit of a pickle," Katze gloated, "What a shame. I guess you won't be around to see my inauguration, once the world capitulates to my chihuahua rabies virus.. Only I have the cure, you see.." / "你似乎是在一點醃汁",Katze 滿足地看 ",真是羞愧。 我猜測你將不在附近看見我的就職,一旦世界對我的 chihuahua 狂犬病病毒有條件投降。。 只有我有治療,你看見。。"
"Bastard!" / "私生子"!
"Tsk tsk, Gatchaman, such language! And in front of women and children, too! Some role model you are.." / "Tsk tsk , Gatchaman,如此的語言! 而且在女人和孩子之前,也! 一些角色模範你是。。"
Ken purpled, humiliated. He did not turn to see Jun's grudging agreement or Jinpei's grin. / 肯恩紫色,蒙羞。 他沒有準備看見六月不情願協議或 Jinpei's 的露齒笑。
"Ken!" Jun cried suddenly, her hand flying to her lips, "God Phoenix! We're breaking up!" / "肯恩"! 六月突然哭,她的飛到她的唇 手,"上帝鳳凰城! 我們瓦解 !"
"Oh no! We'll have to use the Hi No Tori!" / " 哦不! 我們將必須使用那嗨沒有柱腳凸形圓盤!"
"Not the Hi No Tori!!!" the others chorused. / " 不那嗨沒有柱腳凸形圓盤!!!"另一個 chorused。
"Oh goody, shish kebab!" Katze leered. / " 哦身份低微之老婦,shish 烤肉串"! Katze 送秋波。
"Shut up!" / "閉嘴"!
"Temper, temper..!" / "脾氣,脾氣。。!"
"Ken! I've found it! I've found the chihuahua's weakness!" / "肯恩! 我已經發現它! 我已經發現 chihuahua's 的弱點!"
"Excellent, Joe! What is it?" / "優良的,喬! 它是什麼?"
"There's a flaw in the turbo jets' exhaust systems. We can flood them out if we subject them to enough seawater -- the iodine in the salt will cause a reaction with in the combustion chamber that will destroy the mecha. The problem is getting the correct volume of water into the exhausts: We'll have to use the Kagaku Ninpo Hosepipe.." Joe broke off, desperate to keep a straight face as Katze ducked off the screen with an odd-sounding snort. / "有 turbo 噴射機的排氣系統的一個缺點。 如果我們使他們服從到充足的海水,我們能氾濫出他們 -- 鹽的碘將在燃燒將破壞 mecha 的會議室中引起反應。 問題是得到水的正確體積進排氣之內: 我們將必須使用 Kagaku Ninpo 軟管。。"喬中斷 , 絕望的當 Katze 走開沒入水中和奇數- 測錘測得的結果鼻息的螢幕,不笑。
"Good work, Joe! Ryu, ready the hosepipe, prepare to syphon up as much sea water as possible. Jinpei, I've thought of something you can do: Use G-4, get the hosepipe into Chihuahibachi's exhausts and WHAT IS EVERYBODY LAUGHING AT???" / "好工作,喬! Ryu,預備軟管,準備到虹吸管增加如很多的海洋水如可能的。 Jinpei, 我已經想到某事你能做: 使用 G-4, 得到軟管進 Chihuahibachi's 的排氣之內,而且每個人正在笑什麼???"
"It hasn't really occurred to you where Chihuahibachi's exhausts are located, has it.." Joe sniggered. / "它沒有真的對你發生 Chihuahibachi's 的排氣被設置哪裡,有它。。"喬吃吃地竊笑。
"Aren't they under the tail?" / " 他們不是在尾部之下"?
"Yes." / "是的".
There was a long silence. / 有一陣長的沈默。
"Think about it, Ken." / "想它,肯恩".
There was another long silence. / 有另外長的沈默。
"He needs one worse." / "他需要一件更壞的事" 。
"Shut up, Katze!" Joe turned his back so the Galactor couldn't see him smirk. / "閉嘴,Katze"! 喬轉向了他的背部,如此 Galactor 無法看見他嘻嘻笑。
"Needs what?" Ken glared as the hysterical howls of Galactor soldiers assaulted him over the monitor, "And get him off the screen; he'll know what we're planning!" He cut the call abruptly, then glanced up at the cracks appearing in the ceiling. "Jinpei -- MOVE! Get the hosepipe and go to it! Ryu -- see if you can break us free." / " 需要什麼"? 當 Galactor 軍人的歇斯底里吠聲在監視器之上襲擊了他的時候,肯恩發眩光," 而且使他遠離螢幕; 他將知道我們正在計劃的!"他突然地減低呼叫, 然後瞥閃在在天花板中出現 的裂縫上面。 " Jinpei-- 移動! 得到軟管並且去它! Ryu-- 看看是否你能打破我們釋放。"
"Whaddya think I've been trying to do all along??" / "Whaddya 認為我已經嘗試全部向前做??"
"Right, right, sorry.." / "正確的﹐正確的﹐和難過的。。"

Aboard Chihuahibachi, Berg Katze was bawling out an engineer, "..was NOT in the blueprints I gave you! What the hell's the matter with you, have you got an inferior grade of oatmeal between your ears??" / 搭乘 Chihuahibachi ,冰山 Katze 正在大叫出一個工程師,".。不是在我給予了你的藍圖中! 什麼地獄的事件由於你,你不嗎有在你的耳朵之間的次等等級的燕麥片??"
"But Katze-sama, the modification allows us to save on fuel and I thought.." "I KNOW my design consumes more fuel: It also lacks that problem in the combustion chamber! That's why I used it, you pathetic amoeba!" / " 但是 Katze-sama,修正允許我們在燃料上解救,而且我想。。""我知道,我的設計消費更多的燃料: 它也缺乏燃燒會議室的那一個問題! 那是我為什麼使用了它, 你悲哀的阿米巴!"
"Oh. Well, I thought.." / "哦。 好吧,我想。。"
"Impossible! You have to have brains to think and that is something you are clearly lacking," he paused to draw his gun. / "不可能的! 你必須有腦想,而且那是某事你清楚缺乏,"他暫停拉他的槍。
"I warned him," the junior engineer supplied, clearly for the record, "'Don't go second-guessing Katze-sama', I said, 'Katze-sama knows all the angles, he's thought everything out' I said.." / "我警告了他",年少的工程師供應, 清楚地對於紀錄 ",'不變第二-猜測 Katze-sama',我說,'Katze-sama 知道所有的角度,他在外被認為每件事物'我說。。"
"Yes, yes, just so," Katze snarled, and taught the senior engineer the error of his ways with a shot through the spinal cord, "Since you're so fond of thinking, Engineer, you can spend the rest of your life at it." He gestured for some soldiers to get the now-quadriplegic man out of his face. Then he turned and Kennedy'd a chihuahua that had managed to attach itself to his cape, "Fucking dogs.." / "是的,是,僅僅如此",Katze 吼叫, 而且教年長者經過脊髓用注射設計他的方法錯誤 ",因為你對思考,工程師是如此喜歡,你能渡過在它的你生活的其餘者". 他作手勢讓一些軍人得到那現在-從他的臉四肢麻痺的男人。 然後他轉向和 Kennedy'd 已經設法把它本身附在他的岬 chihuahua,"性交狗。。"
He was interrupted by a shout. "Katze-sama! The God Phoenix has broken away! They're maneuvering over the sea!" / 他被一聲呼喊打斷了。 "Katze-sama! 上帝鳳凰城已經脫離 ! 他們正在遍及海洋調遣!"
Katze thought about this for a few minutes, "It's tempting..." / Katze 想這數分鐘,"它正在誘惑。。。"
"Katze-sama?" / "Katze-sama"?
"It'd make an interesting story back at HQ, neh?" added another soldier. Katze nodded, "And the mecha's really served its purpose, after all.." / "它將會在 HQ 把一個有趣的故事編造回來,neh"? 增加了另一個軍人。 Katze 點頭," 和 mecha's 的服侍真的它目,畢竟。。"
"We can save a few of the chihuahuas for them," the second soldier said thoughtfully, "We can let them think they've won, then spring some doggies on them." / "我們能為他們節省少數的 chihuahuas",第二個軍人深思地說 ",我們能讓他們認為他們已經嬴得, 然後在他們上的春天一些小狗".
Katze turned and regarded the soldier with interest. A Galactor with brains, now isn't that a miracle... and I could survive the rabies... A slow smile spread across Katze's face, "I know exactly how to do it..." / Katze 轉而且用興趣視為軍人。 和腦的 Galactor,現在不是那一個奇蹟。。。 而且我可以平安渡過狂犬病。。。 一個慢的微笑包括 Katze's 的臉,"我完全知道該如何做它。。。"
"Katze-sama!" yet another goon interrupted, "The G-4 is approaching with the Kagaku Nympho --" / "Katze-sama"! 仍然另一個呆子打斷," G-4 正在以 Kagaku 慕男狂接近 --"
"Yes? And? Your point is?" / "是的? 而且? 你的觀點是?"
"Well.. shouldn't we take evasive action?" / "湧出。。 我們不應該採取逃避的行動?"
"Why would we want to do that?" {People unclear on the concept..} There was a hiss as water began to flood down the exhaust pipes. Katze couldn't help snickering. / "我們為什麼將會想要做那"? { 人們不清楚的在觀念上。。}當水開始氾濫下來排氣管的時候,有一聲噓聲。 Katze 無法不吃吃地笑。
"Katze-sama?" it was the intelligent goon again, "I'm a member of the SCA and..." / "Katze-sama"? 它再一次是聰明的呆子," 我是 SCA 的一個成員和。。。"

The Kagaku Ninja Tai watched as hundreds of gallons of seawater were pumped into the giant chihuahua mecha. Even Jun was hunched over her console, tears streaming down her face, unable to stop laughing; Ken had finally gotten the joke. Joe struggled to control himself, for the task was delicate, and a mistake could cause the hosepipe to slip out, flooding the town below. / 當數以百計加侖的海水被灌入龐大的 chihuahua mecha 的時候, Kagaku 忍者 Tai 看。 甚至六月在她的控制檯之上被彎腰駝背,拆毀流她的臉, 不能停止笑; 肯恩已經被最後得到笑話。 喬努力控制他自己, 對於工作是細緻優雅的,而且一個錯誤可以導致軟管滑倒出, 氾濫在下面的城鎮。
"Alright, the readings are increasing, be ready," Ken warned. / "好的,閱讀是增加,準備好 ",肯恩警告。
"Roger!" / "羅傑"!
"Look!" Ryu pointed, "They're escaping! We've done it!" / "看"! 被指出的 Ryu,"他們正在逃脫! 我們已經做它!"
"Pull out, Joe! Pull out!" Ken cried, his eyes on the jumping readout before him, "It's gonna blow!" For some reason this drew more gales of hysteria. Ryu, his vision obscured by tears of hilarity, somehow succeeded in drawing God Phoenix back to a safe distance. / "拉出,喬! 拉出!"肯恩哭,在他前的在跳躍資料解析上的他眼睛 ",它將要吹!"對於一些理由這拉更多歇斯特里症的狂風。 Ryu ,他的被歡鬧的心情淚滴陰暗的視野,不知何故成功地把上帝鳳凰城引起回安全的距離。
The sky lit with fireworks as Chihuahibachi exploded. / 當 Chihuahibachi 爆炸的時候,天空以煙火發亮。
"Right," Ken whirled, "Joe -- Bird missiles! Shoot that craft out of the air!" / "權利" ,肯恩旋轉 ", 喬 -- 鳥飛彈! 從空氣射擊那飛機!"
"Alright!!!" Joe leapt to the gun station, sliding back the plexiglass cover. / "好的!!!"喬跳躍到槍車站,滑回 plexiglass 掩護。
"What did you say?" Ken asked sternly. / " 你說什麼"? 肯恩嚴格地問。
"I said.." / "我說。。"
"You're supposed to say 'Roger!' not 'Alright!'" / " 你應該說 '羅傑!' 不 ' 好的!'"
"Oh for fuck's sake, Ken!" / " 哦為性交緣故,肯恩"!
"They're getting away!" Jun cried, pointing. / "他們正在逃離"! 六月哭,指出。
"Shit!" / "拉屎"!
"Hang on, we're catching up, don't get your shorts in a knot," Ryu said. Ken gave him a Look, which Ryu deliberately misinterpreted, "Chihuahibachi damaged us, so we're not as fast as usual." / " 懸掛在,之上我們正在追趕,不得到一個結的你短褲",Ryu 說。 肯恩給予了他神情 " Chihuahibachi 損害了我們,因此,我們是不如齋戒像往常一樣",Ryu 故意地誤解.
"BANZAI!" Joe screamed, and slammed his fist onto the firing button. He scored a direct hit on the escape craft (although it looked like it was going to miss then somebody steered into it). The craft wobbled in the air like a wounded blue-footed boobie, then crashed to the ground. "YES!! We've got you now, Berg Katze!" / "萬歲!"! 喬尖叫, 而且在開火鈕扣之上猛然關上了他的拳頭。 他獲得了在逃亡飛機方面的一個直接的碰撞。 ( 雖然它看起來像它一樣然後將要錯過某人進入它之內引導) 飛機在空氣中搖動喜歡受傷的藍色腳的 boobie, 然後嘩啦一聲掉在地面。 "是的!! 我們現在已經得到你,冰山 Katze!"
"Alright, let's get to it! If he escapes, the whole world will go to the dogs!" / "好的,讓我們到達它! 如果他逃脫,整個世界將去狗!"
The ninjas leapt up, Jun, Jinpei and Joe heading for their individual vehicles, Ken and Ryu ascending to disembark God Phoenix. They raced after the swarm of Galactors, who gathered in a clutch to protect their fleeing leader. Several bursts from the G-2's gun dispersed them. / 忍者跳躍在,上面對於上起岸上帝鳳凰城的他們個別的車輛,肯恩和 Ryu 的六月, Jinpei 和喬標題。 他們在群 Galactors 之後比賽,在抓緊中聚集保護他們逃走領袖。 來自 G-2 的一些破裂's 槍驅散了他們。
"Birdrang!" Ken screamed, flinging the device. It caught Katze's shoulder and ricocheted off with a CLANG "Nani??" / "Birdrang"! 肯恩尖叫,投裝置。 它走開以一個叮噹聲捕捉了 Katze's 的肩和 ricocheted"Nani??"
Katze cowered where he had fallen. The Ninjas clustered around him. Ken grabbed him by the collar and dragged him to his feet, "You thought you had us beat, didn't you, Katze? Well guess again! Now give us that antidote or we'll.." He was interrupted by a yap. / Katze 畏縮了他已經落下的地方。 忍者在他周圍聚集。 肯恩藉著衣領抓取了他而且拖拉他到他的腳,"你想,你讓我們打,你不沒有嗎,Katze? 再一次湧出猜測! 現在給我們那一個解毒劑或我們將會。。"他被狂吠打斷了。
"Or you'll what?" Katze smiled sweetly. His cape writhed and snarled. Horrified, Ken dropped the Galactor, noticing for the first time that the leader's suit was ripped and the rips showed metal armour underneath. Laughing, Katze leaped out of Ken's grasp, throwing his arms wide -- hundreds, thousands of maddened chihuahuas sprayed out from under his cape and swarmed up the Ninja Team's legs. / " 或你決意什麼"? Katze 甜美地微笑。 他的岬 writhed 而且吼叫。 驚悸的,肯恩降低了 Galactor, 第一次注意領袖的訴訟被撕開,而且裂痕在下面顯示金屬製的甲冑。 笑,被跳躍離肯恩的把握 Katze, 廣闊地丟他的手臂 -- 數百, 數以千計被使發狂的 chihuahuas 噴灑出從在他的岬之下而且在擅長日本武士隱身術的小組腿上面群集。
"NO!!" Ken screamed, frantically bashing their brains out with his birdrang, "Birdrang! Birdrang! BirdrangBirdrangBirdrangBirdrang..!" / "不!!"肯恩尖叫,狂暴地以他的 birdrang 在外怒毆他們的腦 ",Birdrang! Birdrang! BirdrangBirdrangBirdrangBirdrang。。!"
"Ken!! They're nearly at my thighs!" Jun cried, pointlessly batting at the psychotic little dogs. / "肯恩!! 他們幾乎在我的大腿!"六月哭, 不尖地在精神病的小狗打球。
"Happy Happy Happy!" Katze crowed with delight. His men gathered around him, laughing coarsely. An agonized scream rent the air; the Condor's blood spilled from his ankle to stain the earth, flecked with foam. / " 快樂的快樂快樂的"! Katze 以高興啼叫。 他的男人在他周圍聚集,粗糙地笑。 一聲被分裂空氣的被尖叫聲煩惱的; 禿鷹的血從他的腳踝溢出沾染地球, 有斑點的由於泡沫。
"No!" / "不"!
"Joe!" / "喬"!
"Aniki's gonna turn into a dog!" / "Aniki's 去變成一隻狗"!
"Oh this is too rich!" / " 哦這太富有"!
"Katze!! You bastard!" Ken, hit by a sudden burst of inspiration, grabbed Katze and flung him into the G-4. He pushed the startled Condor after him, and closed it. / "Katze!! 你私生子!"被靈感的突然破裂打的肯恩,抓取了 Katze 而且投他進 G-4 之內。 他推動了在他後的被震驚的禿鷹, 而且關閉了它。
"Ken!! What's the big idea??" Joe shouted through his bracelet, "You yellow bastard shithead, I'll bite your bloody legs off for this!" / "肯恩!! 大的想法是什麼??"喬呼喊過他的手鐲 ",黃色的私生子 shithead 的你,我將為這咬斷你的血腥腿!"
"What's the big idea, aniki?? I don't want Joe in there, I'll get cooties!" / "大的想法, aniki 是什麼?? 我不想要喬在那裡,我將得到 cooties!"
"Now shut up and listen, Berg Katze," Ken growled, "Either you hand over that antidote, or you'll be shut in there for the entire seven hours it'll take for Joe to incubate that virus." / "現在閉嘴而且聽,冰山 Katze",肯恩怒吠 ", 或你移交那一個解毒劑, 或你將被關上在那裡達整個的七小時它將拿讓喬抱那病毒".
A sudden silence descended. Inside G-4, Joe turned around and LEERED. Katze squirmed as far back as possible in the tight confines. / 一陣突然的沈默降。 在 G-4 裡,喬回過頭而且送秋波。 Katze 蠕動同樣地遙遠地向後地當做可能的在緊疆界中。
"Think about it, Katze," Joe whispered, the corners of his grin vanishing under his helmet. / " 想它,Katze",喬耳語,他的在他鋼盔之下消失 的露齒笑的角落。
Katze was thinking about it. Kondoru no Joe was thought to be a homicidal psychopath anyways. He'd be worse with rabies. Add to that the chihuahua genes he'd spliced into the rabies virus.. / Katze 正在想它。 沒有的 Kondoru 喬被認為是無論如何一個殺人的精神病患者。 他將會對狂犬病感到比較糟。 增加到那 chihuahua 基因他有進入狂犬病病毒之內接合。。

"So you're feeling better, Joe?" Ken asked. / " 因此你正在覺得舒服多了,喬"? 肯恩問。
"Yes. That antidote worked very fast. Obviously Katze isn't over-fond of chihuahuas." / "是的。 那一個解毒劑工作非常快。 明顯地 Katze 是不在-之上喜歡的 chihuahuas。"
"It's too bad he got away," Nambu added, "Though you didn't say how." / "它太壞他逃離",Nambu 增加 ", 雖然你沒有發言權如何".
"Umm," Joe blushed, "I don't know how. He just sorta vanished." / "Umm",喬臉紅 ", 我不知道如何。 他僅僅近似消失。"
"But that's impossible! What did he do, teleport?" / " 但是不可能的! 他做什麼,利用心靈傳動?"
"Maybe," Joe huffed defensively, "He gave me the vial, said 'Nice doggy', so I foamed at him and he shrieked and all of a sudden he wasn't there anymore." / "也許" ,喬防禦地嚇 ",他給予了我玻璃小瓶,說了 '美好的小狗' ,因此,我在他和他起泡沫尖叫,而且突然他不再不在那裡".
"That is ridiculous," Nambu asserted, "Teleportation is impossible." / " 那是荒謬的",Nambu 斷言 ", 心靈運輸是不可能的".
"Well there was that time with the blue fire," Ken speculated. / "好的那裡那次是由於藍色的火",肯恩深思。
"And that other time.." / " 而且其他的時間。。"
"Well what about..?" / " 湧出什麼大約。。?"
"Bird dang!" / "鳥 dang"!

Berg Katse, I grow weary of your failures / 冰山 Katse,我你的失敗變疲倦
"It wasn't my idea.." / "它不是我的想法。。"
"Yap yap!" / "狂吠狂吠"!
If you had listened to my infinitely superior wisdom and done what I had originally asked.. / 假如你對我的無限優越的智慧聽而且做我所已經被本來問的。。
"Remember the ant costume? Don't push it" / "記得螞蟻裝束? 不要推動它"
"Snarl! Grr!" / "吼叫! Grr!"
Why have you brought those annoying little creatures to my presence? / 你為什麼帶那些令人感到懊惱的小生物去我的出現了?
"Because I can't get them off!" / " 因為我走開不能得到他們"!
"Grr!! Yap yap! <shred rip tear>" / "Grr!! 狂吠狂吠! <撕碎裂痕淚滴>"
<<FRY>> / <<油炸食物>>
"Domo.. aregato... Sosai X-sama." / "Domo。。 aregato。。。 Sosai X-sama。"
Go away, Berg Katze. Don't do this again / 走開,冰山 Katze。 不再做這