Radio Waves / 收音機揮舞
A Gatchaman Fanfic by Ennien Ashbrook / 被 Ennien Ashbrook 的 Gatchaman Fanfic

She was never there when you needed her. Or rather, when you *thought* you needed her, he corrected himself. If it wasn't something that only she could accomplish, you had to find someone else. / 當你需要了她的時候,她從不在那裡。 或寧可, 何時你 *想法*你需要了她,他改正了他自己。 如果它不是某事,不過她可以完成, 你必須發現其他人。
She was also never at her desk; again, unless you really needed her. She had missed her cue this time though, he thought, looking around the bullpen. The system had crashed yet again, corrupting half of the files Intelligence had gathered. No one else had the same ability to reconstruct a damaged file; coaxing, stroking, manipulating the bytes back together into a semblance of order, recreating the data that had been so painstakingly gathered. / 她也從不在她的書桌; 再一次,除非你真的需要了她。 她這次已經雖然錯過她的開端,他想,四處看看牛欄。 系統已經再一次仍然墜毀,使一半的檔案智力腐爛已經聚集。 沒有人別的有了相同的能力重建一個被損壞的檔案; 哄,划尾槳,進入一個次序的外觀之內一起把位元組操縱回來,再創造已經如此的辛苦被聚集的資料。
He looked back at the desk and jumped out of his skin. She sat there, looking up at him with a sardonic grin. / 他回看書桌而且跳躍離他的皮膚。 她在那裡坐, 看在他以嘲笑的露齒笑上面。
"Looking for me, Katze-sama?" As usual, she seemed to drop the 'ze', leaving only 'Cat-sama'. / "找尋我,Katze-sama"? 像往常一樣,她似乎降低 'ze', 離開只有 '貓 - sama'.
"How do you do that??" he shouted. She grinned wider, "I had a good teacher." / "你如何做那??"他呼喊。 她露齒而笑比較寬的,"我有了一位好老師" 。
He ignored that. Explaining the problem at hand was much more important than discovering her methods (and reasons!) for her dis/appearing acts. She listened, looked, silent as ever. She wasn't much for talking. Finally she nodded. / 他忽略了那。 解釋問題在手邊比發現她的方法更重要很多 ( 和理由!) 對於她的 dis/出現行為。 她聽,看, 沈默的當做曾經。 她對講話不是很多的。 最後她點頭。
He could leave now; she would take care of it. If she couldn't, then it couldn't be done. While she was at it, she'd added, she'd check out the hardware on the mainframe, find out why it was crashing so often. Then she turned her back to him, shutting him out as effectively as she shut out the rest of the world. / 他現在可以離開; 她將會照顧它。 如果她無法,然後它無法被做。 她是在它,不過她有增加,她將會檢查在電腦主機上的硬體, 發現在外它為什麼正在撞碎如此的時常。 然後她將她的背部轉向他,像她關上出世界的其它部分一樣的有效地關上出他。

Ci\rean Mo\rag Mharagorm. She had been of fairly low rank in / Ci\再 Mo\揶揄 Mharagorm。 她已經是非常低的排名在
Intelligence, until she caught Berg Katze's attention. Ironically, that was what she had least wanted to do, since she had treated the Galactor leader with the same chill aura of distrust with which she faced everyone. Katze smiled, remembering how he had first encountered her. / 智力, 直到她引起了冰山 Katze's 的注意。 諷刺地,那是她所已經被最沒有想要做的, 自從她已經用她面對了每個人的不信任的相同寒冷氣味對待 Galactor 領袖之後。 Katze 微笑, 記得他如何已經被首先遇到她。
He had been touring one of the smaller installations, truly astounded by the level of sheer incompetance demonstrated by this base, its commander, and its staff. He was beginning to be afraid he might have to have them all eliminated. / 他已經遊覽較小的安裝之一, 被被這一個基礎,它的指揮官 , 和它的職員示範的絕對 incompetance 的水準真實地驚駭。 他正在開始很害怕他可能必須有全部被除去的他們。
The commander led him into the telecommunications building, where the nexus of the base's computer network lay. They passed into the bullpen area, where the programmers and techs were hard at work. / 指揮官引導他進電腦網路放置的基礎連結的電傳視訊建築物。 他們通過進入電腦程式設計師和科技在工作中是難的牛欄區域。
"Ohayo gozaimasu, taicho-sama!" cried a voice. Several others took up the call, "Ohayo gozaimasu!" "Ohayo gozaimasu!" "Ohayo gofuckyourself..." / "Ohayo gozaimasu,taicho-sama"! 一種聲音哭。 一些其它著手進行呼叫,"Ohayo gozaimasu"! "Ohayo gozaimasu"! "Ohayo gofuckyourself。。。"
Katze looked 'round in surprise. That last had been muttered, / Katze 看 '意外的回合。 那最後已經被喃喃自語,
English following the Japanese, by a female voice from the rear of the bullpen. He glanced back at the taicho, amused by the man's obvious discomfiture. The man misinterpreted Katze's glance, and began to name off the people present. / 在日本人之後的英國人,藉著一位女性從牛欄的後面宣述。 他向後地在 taicho 瞥閃, 愉快的藉著男人的明顯 discomfiture。 男人誤解了 Katze's 的一瞥, 而且開始走開命名人禮物。
"..Yamado-san to Maragoramu-san to.." He was cut off by a screech of rage; the woman at the back of the bullpen, again. Katze watched as the black-haired female stalked up the walkway, bizarre cape billowing, to stand glaring before the commander. She barely reached the clasp of Katze's cloak. / ".。Yamado-對 Maragoramu 的 san- san 到。。"他被一個憤怒的尖聲喊叫切斷了; 在牛欄的背面女人,再一次。 當黑色頭髮的女性在走道,奇異的岬洶湧上面悄悄靠近的時候, Katze 看, 在指揮官之前站閃耀。 她幾乎到達了 Katze's 的斗蓬釦子。
"Ore wa, bean Mharagorm da!!" the little woman corrected vehemently. / "礦石 wa,豆子 Mharagorm da!!"小女人激烈地改正。
Katze's lip twitched, a half-smile forming. "'S e ban-Gha\idheal a th'annad, an e?" he asked. The woman made a bizarre expression that reminded Katze of a cat setting its ears back in surprise. He'd heard that the Gaels were an unusual people; he was most interested in meeting one in person. The little woman nodded. / Katze's 的唇猛拉,一個一半- 微笑的形成。 "'S e 禁止-Gha\ idheal th'annad,e"? 他問。 女人作了提醒了一隻在意外中把它的耳朵設定回來 的貓 Katze 的奇異表達。 他有聽到了蓋爾人是不尋常的人; 他在人中最感興趣會議一。 小女人點頭。
"'S e. Tha Ga\idhlig agaibh. Hmm." / "'S e。 Tha Ga\idhlig agaibh。 Hmm。"
"You're speaking Japanese like a man," Katze informed her in her own language. Her response caused his eyebrows to rise, unseen. / "你正在說,日本語喜歡一個男人",Katze 以她自己的語言告知了她。 她的回應導致他的眉毛上升,未見過的。
"Tha fios 'am. Chan eil meas air na fir seo airson boireannachan." No indeed, Galactor men had little respect for women; / " Tha fios'是。 Chan eil meas 播映 na 樅樹 seo airson boireannachan 。" 沒有的確, Galactor 男人為女人少有敬意;
Katze had long chafed under their ridiculous prejudices. / Katze 已經被久由於他們的荒謬偏見而惱怒。
The base commander interrupted them, sternly telling the diminutive Gael to return to her work, not to presume to speak to / 惡劣的指揮官打斷了他們, 嚴格地告訴小的蓋爾人回到她的工作,不要假定說話
Katze-sama as though she were an equal. Katze turned to glare at the incompetant fool, noting out of the corner of his eye that the woman herself had also turned to stare. If nitrogen had a face, Katze thought, it might wear an expression like that. Evidently she felt the pot was calling the kettle black. She spun on her heel, however, and stalked back to her desk. Katze followed, more to spite the commander, but very shortly he realized how good of an idea this had been. / Katze- sama 好像她是對手。 Katze 準備在 incompetant 愚人發眩光,注意離他的眼睛角落女人她自己也已經準備注視。 如果氮有了一個臉,Katze 想,它可能戴像那一樣的表達。 明顯地她感覺壺正在呼叫茶壺黑色。 然而,她在她的腳後跟上快速旋轉, 而且向後地悄悄靠近到她的書桌。 Katze 跟隨, 更多故意刁難指揮官,但是很快地他了解一個想法這已是多麼的好。
She was *terribly* efficient, considerably moreso than anybody else in this base. Katze began to think he had stumbled across the one diamond in this heap of rhinestones as he watched her furiously debugging a program. He stood silently behind her, watching with great interest. Finally, he turned and decked the base commander, for daring to presume to know Katze-sama's equals. / 她是 *可怕地*有效率的, 非常地 moreso 比較其他任何人在這一個基礎中。 Katze 開始認為,當他看了她狂暴地除錯一個計畫的時候,他已經偶然發現萊茵石的這堆一個鑽石。 他在她後面默默地站立,以棒的興趣看。 最後,他轉向並且裝飾惡劣的指揮官, 為大膽的假定認識 Katze- sama's 的對手。
Within a short time, Katze had pulled every bit of information / 在短時間內,被有的 Katze 拉了每一點點的資料
Galactor had been able to glean about the woman. There was precious little: She was a Gael from the Maragorm clan of Alba and evidently held rank there, as her plaid was slightly different from that worn by the other Maragorm Galactors. She was an unfriendly person on the surface; cold, distant, unassuming. She made it plain that she did not *fear* Galactor's leader, but when she brazenly turned her back to him, he was the only one who recognised it as a gesture of respect. She was brazen, anti-social, creatively rude and so terribly amusing that Katze found himself talking to her more and more. / Galactor 已經能夠關於女人拾落穗。 有寶貴的一點點: 她是來自 Alba 的 Maragorm 氏族的一個蓋爾人並且明顯地在那裡拿著排名,如同她的格子花呢披肩藉著另一個 Maragorm Galactors 些微地不同於那戴一樣。 她是在表面上的一不友善地人; 寒冷的﹐遠﹐和不擺架子的。 她使它簡單她沒有 *恐懼*Galactor's 的領袖, 但是當她黃銅製地轉她的向後地對他,他是辨認出了它如一個敬意的手勢唯一的。 她是黃銅製的, 反社會的﹐有創造力粗魯無禮和如此的可怕有趣以致於 Katze 發現他自己講話到她的越來越多。
She became one of the few humans Berg Katze felt almost comfortable with. A genius herself, she was natural-born, not engineered for an unknown reason. She, too, shared Katze's distaste for (and frustration with) the more "normal" humans who made up the bulk of Galactor. Her facility, more talent than skill, with computers had caught Katze's eye; her intellect had kept his attention, but it was her ability to keep a secret, even from him, that had gotten her onto Katze's private escort. / 她變成很少的人類冰山 Katze 幾乎之一對感到舒服。 天才她自己, 她是自然-天生的, 不因為未知的理由設計。 她,也,為更多 "常態" 組成 Galactor 的大多數的人類分享 Katze's 的討厭。 她的設備, 更多的才能超過技術,藉由電腦已經引起 Katze's 的注意; 她的智力已經維持他的注意,但是它是她的能力維持一個秘密,甚至從他,那已經在 Katze's 二等兵護送者之上得到她。
One night, while undressing (peeling off the hated mask, removing the latex girdle, unveiling the feminine form) she had spotted the trouble. She hadn't been expecting it for another week, and was unprepared. / 一個夜晚, 當使脫去衣服 (剝落被憎恨的假面具,除去乳液腰帶,公布女性的形式)的時候她已經看見麻煩。 她為另一個星期沒有期待它, 而且是無準備的。
"Shit!" she had whispered to herself, "Shit, shit, shit" A search of the ajoining bathroom revealed no supplies from previous female visitors. Nothing for it: She'd have to redress, then find one of her personal escort. Once again, she was glad to have them, though she had to pay them highly to keep her secret. / "拉屎"! 她已經對她自己耳語,"拉屎,拉屎,拉屎"ajoining 浴室的搜尋沒顯示來自先前的女性訪客的補給。 毫不為它: 她將會必須糾正,然後發現她的個人護送者之一。 再一次,她高興有他們,雖然她必須高度地支付他們維持她的秘密。
Her heart stopped at the soft knock on the door. "Go away!" she said, deepening her voice. The doorknob turned, the door opening slightly. A hand reached around; small, fine-boned, a woman's hand. / 她的心在門上的軟敲停止。 " 走開"! 她說,加深她的聲音。 門把轉,些微地打開 的門。 一隻手在附近到達; 小的,罰款-骨骼的,女人的手。
The nails were long, the index finger sporting a hooked claw. The nail of the ring finger was broken off near the quick. The hand held a box. / 釘子很長,喜好運動的一個鉤狀的爪食指。 無名指的釘子在快者的附近被中斷。 手拿著了一個盒子。
"Need these?" a low voice said, sotto voce. No face peered around the door. / "需要這些"? 一種低的聲音說,sotto voce。 沒有臉在門的周圍凝視。
Katze took the proffered box: sanitary napkins. "Thank you," she said; she recognised that hand, but was unable to place where. The hallway was darkened, and the owner's face lost in shadow. Without another word, the hand withdrew and the door closed. / Katze 帶了被提供的盒子: 衛生的餐巾。 "謝謝你",她說; 她辨認出了那一隻手, 但是不能夠放置在哪裡。 走廊被弄暗,而且擁有者的臉在影像中失去。 沒有另一個字,手撤回,而且門關閉。
The next day saw Katze back in the bullpen area of the installation, watching the little Gael woman, who was seemingly goofing off. She was playing a game of mah jongg on her computer, her hand deft on the trackball she used instead of a mouse. It was her hand that had caught Katze's eye. It was small, fine-boned and long nailed, all but the ring finger, which was broken near the quick. Quietly, Katze informed the base's director that she would like to see the woman privately that evening. / 在安裝的牛欄區域中的隔天鋸子 Katze 背面,看小蓋爾人女人,女人正在表面上地走開弄糟。 她是玩在她的電腦上的一場 mah jongg 的比賽,敏捷熟練的在她使用代替一隻老鼠的 trackball 上的她手。 它是她的已經引起 Katze's 的注意手。 它很小的,好- 骨骼的而且久用釘釘牢, 幾乎無名指, 在快者的附近被打破。 安靜地, Katze 告知了她想要那天晚上私下見女人的基礎指導者。
Katze was still masked and garbed when the woman arrived. She was small, though sturdy across the shoulders, and she was utterly dwarfed by the Chief of Katze's entourage, a giant who towered even over Katze. Her face was dour, attractive in its way, but in a morose fashion. She stared at Katze with large eyes, made larger by the lenses she wore. She stared levelly; only the bulging veins roping her hands betrayed her tension at this meeting. / 當女人到達的時候, Katze 仍然是戴假面具的並且打扮。 她很小, 雖然強健的越過肩,而且她完全地被 Katze's 的隨從人員的領袖,一個高聳甚至上面的 Katze 的巨人矮子了。 以它的方式她的臉是不愛講話的, 吸引人的, 但是在一種愁眉苦臉的流行中。 她盯著有大的眼睛 Katze 看,藉著她戴的透鏡變得比較大。 她同高地注視; 只有她的手在這一個會議上出賣了她的緊張凸出靜脈 roping。
"What do you know of me, and how long have you known it?" Katze demanded, without preamble. / "你知道我什麼,而且你已經知道它多久"? Katze 要求,沒有前文。
The woman smiled, a wry, sardonic expression, "I've known about you for a long time. What you are." / 女人微笑,扭歪又嘲笑的表達,"我已經知道你有很長的一段時間。 你是什麼。"
"And that is?" Katze flicked her masked eyes towards the giant, who leaned forward imperceptibly. / "而且那是"? Katze 向巨人輕彈了她的戴假面具的眼睛,巨人向前地不可覺倚靠。
The woman shrugged, "Sometimes male, sometimes female. Right now, you are female, disguising yourself as male. I don't know why; I imagine you are unable to switch voluntarily. I can't imagine anyone choosing to stay female through that." / 女人聳肩," 有時男性的, 有時女性的。 立刻,你是女性的,偽裝成男人。 我不知道為什麼; 我想像你不能夠自動地轉變。 我不能想像任何人選擇經過那停留女性。"
"How do you know this? How is it that you know what others do not?" / "你如何知道這? 它好嗎,你知道什麼其它不是?"
Again, the sardonic smile. Wordlessly, the woman extended her arm. / 再一次,嘲笑的微笑。 沈默地,女人延伸了她的手臂。
Katze felt her cheeks redden. The arms. Not many people knew there was a structural difference in the way men's and women's arms were jointed; few knew how, or knew what to look for. / 感覺她的頰 Katze 變紅。 手臂。 不多的人知道以那方式有一種結構的不同男人而且女人的手臂是有接縫的; 少數的知道如何, 或知道了該找尋什麼。
"As to how I know," the woman said, "I used to be an archer." / " 關於我如何知道",女人說 ", 我過去一直當射手".
Archery. Of course. The difference in the arms was crucial there. Many people, when thinking of a woman archer, imagined the breasts to be the most vulnerable spot. They were easy to compensate for; the arm, however, required conscious correction into a position that was natural for a man, uncomfortable for a woman. Many novice women bore severe bruises learning from that mistake. Katze cursed herself for forgetting. / 箭術。 當然。 手臂的不同是決定性的在那裡。 許多人,當一位女人射手的思考,想像了胸部是最易受傷害的地點時候。 他們容易償還; 手臂,然而,需要有意識的訂正進一個對一個男人是自然的位置,對於一個女人是不舒服的。 許多新手女人煩擾來自那一個錯誤的嚴格瘀傷學問。 Katze 為忘記詛咒了她自己。
"How did you know I needed.." she trailed off. The woman was grinning her sardonic grin, and shaking her head. / "你如何認識我被需要。。"她走開追蹤。 女人正在露齒而笑她的嘲笑露齒笑, 而且搖頭。

After much discussion, Ci\rean Mharagorm was hired as a personal attache to Berg Katze. She was capable, moreso than he had expected. / 在很多的討論之後,Ci\再 Mharagorm 被雇用如對於冰山 Katze 的一個個人的大使隨員。 她是有能力的, moreso 比較他已經期望。
She could read his handwriting, for one thing, though she had to turn the paper almost upside down to do so. He discovered why; hers was just as bad. / 她可以讀他的筆跡,對於一件事物,雖然她必須幾乎顛倒轉報紙這麼做。 他發現為什麼; 她的正如是如壞的。
She had a preference for being alone, and would often sneak off to somewhere secluded with her laptop. She worked in peace that way, away from the catcalls and distractions of other Galactors. Once he had come down the back stairs, to find her seated halfway up a rank. / 她為孤獨有了偏愛, 而且將會時常走開偷偷地逃走到某處以她的膝上型電腦分離。 她在和平方面那樣工作,遠離其他 Galactors 的不滿之聲和娛樂。 一旦他已經下後面的樓梯, 在排名上面發現她被坐起來中途的。
She wasn't talkative herself, but she listened well. Katze often found himself talking to her, rattling off ideas for conquering / 她不是喜歡說話她自己,但是她很好地聽。 Katze 時常對她發現他自己講話,為征服走開驚慌失措想法
Earth. She seldom commented, but when something was a sure-fire loser, she'd be sure to let him know. When he'd rail against her, going on about his being Berg Katze, created to conquer, she'd simply respond that Einstein couldn't dance. It took him a while to puzzle that one out. / 地球。 她很少批評,但是當某事是確信- 火失敗者的時候,她將會確定讓他知道。 當他將會以橫木圍欄對抗她的時候,繼續關於他作為冰山 Katze 的事被創造征服,她將會只是回應愛因斯坦無法跳舞。 他花一會兒在外使那一個困惑。
He called her 'Kai', because Ci\rean was too much, and 'Kee' sounded too flip. He was the only one to call her that. Others had tried, only to receive the fish-cold stare and a lecture on her name. / 因為 Ci\ rean 是,所以他稱她為 'Kai' 太多,而且 'Kee' 也聽香甜燙酒。 他是打電話給她那的唯一一個。 其它已經嘗試,不料竟會接受在她的名字上的魚- 寒冷的注視和一個演講。
Likewise, she was the only one who could call him "Cat-sama" and get away with it. Why, on the other hand, was anybody's guess. / 而且, 她是唯一的可以打電話給他 "貓-sama" 而且以它逃離。 為什麼, 另一方面,是任何人猜測。
She was often tired, claiming insomnia caused by the medications she took. On rare occasions it interfered with her performance. It was such an occasion that prompted Kai and Katze on a deeper road of relationship. / 她時常很疲累,宣稱由她拿的藥物治療所引起的失眠症。 在稀罕的場合上它干擾她的表現。 它是一個如此促使了在一條關係的較深道路上的 Kai 和 Katze 的場合。
She was practically falling asleep at her desk and her typing was suffering from more errors than usual. While editing a file, she missed several errors. Her eyes were bloodshot and her face was pale. / 她正在實際地在她的書桌和她的打字裡睡著正在蒙受更多的錯誤超過平常的。 當編輯一個檔案的時候,她錯過了一些錯誤。 她的眼睛是充血的,而且她的臉是蒼白的。
Berg Katze was not known for his compassion. Thus, it surprised everybody in the bullpen when he shook Kai gently, telling her to go to his office and take a nap. He would wake her in a few hours. She protested, but he was firm. Five minutes later, she was out like a light on the comfortable, upholstered chesterfield in Katze's office. / 冰山 Katze 不被以他的同情聞名。 因此,當他逐漸地搖動了 Kai 的時候,它在牛欄中使每個人吃驚, 告訴她去他的辦公室而且小睡一下。 他在幾個小時之內將會叫醒她。 她反對,但是他是堅定的。 五分鐘之後,她像在舒服者上的一個光一樣外出,在 Katze's 的辦公室中以簾幕暗釦絨領男用長大衣。
His work was mostly mouse-driven at this point, so there was little chance of waking the woman. Something made him look up, and what he saw made him stop and contemplate her. / 他的工作此時大部份老鼠驅動 , 因此叫醒女人有很少的機會。 某事使他看在,上面而且他看見的使他停止而且注視她。
She was curled into a tight fetal position. She had mangled the cushions of the couch: One was clutched between her thighs, wrapped in her arms. The other was mushed up beneath her neck. Her face was tight, and she made soft whines in her sleep. / 她進入一個緊的胎兒位置之內被弄捲。 她已經亂切長椅的墊子: 一在她的大腿之間被抓牢,在她的手臂中包裝。 另一個被粉碎在她的脖子之下上面。 她的臉是緊的,而且她在睡夢中作了軟的抱怨。
Thinking she was chilled, he took off his cloak, laying it like a blanket over the huddled woman. Her hand reached out blindly, fumbling for the cape. She pulled it over her head, burrowing down further until hardly any of her was visible at all. / 想她是已冷的,他脫掉他的斗蓬,像在被推擠的女人上的一條毛毯放置它。 她的手盲目地到達出,為岬摸索。 她在她的頭之上拉了它, 掘洞穴下來促進直到一點也不她之中的任何一個是看得見的。

It was nearing dusk when Katze reached to shake the sleeping woman awake. She had tossed and turned in her sleep, but hadn't come out from beneath the cloak, nor had she released her mad grip on the cushions. She started awake, her voice crying out indistinctly, making noises of fear or dread. Slowly her eyes focussed, sighting on his masked face. She blinked in confusion, then memory reinstated itself. / 它正在近的 Katze 到達搖動睡眠女人的薄暮醒的。 她在睡夢中已經投擲而且轉, 但是沒有在斗蓬之下出來, 她也沒釋放在墊子上的她瘋狂的緊握。 她開始醒的,她不明瞭地大叫,製造恐懼或恐懼的噪音 的聲音。 慢慢地她的眼睛 focussed,在他的戴假面具的臉上看見。 她在混亂方面眨眼,然後記憶使復原了它本身。
"How do you feel?" Katze asked. / "你感覺如何"? Katze 問。
She nodded, "Much better. Thank you. You're very kind." / 她點頭,"更好的。 謝謝你。 你非常親切。"
He shrugged, "There were those who bade me demote you, or even kill you, for incompetance." / 他聳肩,"有我降低你的地位, 或甚至殺你的那些吩咐的人,對於 incompetance".
"So why didn't you?" / " 如此為什麼沒有你"?
"Who else can handle that damned computer?" / " 誰別的能處理那詛咒了電腦"?
"Speaking of which, I should get some work done." / " 說到 ,我應該得到一些工作完成了".
He shook his head, "Don't bother. Green did something to the terminal, no one knows what -- probably sneezed on it or something equally stupid. Anyways, the files have gotten corrupted. It's a real mess, you'll need all of your wits to fix it, if it can be fixed. No, go home and get some real sleep." / 他搖頭,"不煩擾。 格林做了某事到終點, 沒有人知道什麼 -- 可能在它或相等愚蠢東西上打噴嚏。 無論如何,檔案已經得到腐爛。 如果它能被修理,它是真正的雜亂,你將需要你的全部機智固定它。 不,回家而且得到一些真正的睡眠。"
"What about you?" / " 什麼關於你"?
"What about me?" / " 什麼關於我"?
"Are you working all night again?" She was always interested in this. He supposed it was part of what made her a good attache. As it happened, he was -- well, not all night, but he would have to be in by around four thirty in order to catch up. She nodded, looking thoughtful. / " 你正在再一次整夜晚工作"? 她總是對這感興趣。 他推想它是使她成為一個好大使隨員的東西部份。 碰巧,他是 -- 好吧,不整夜晚,但是他將會必須是在藉著三十四左右在次序追趕。 她點頭,看起來深思。
"Do you always sleep like that?" he asked, indicating the mangled cushions. / "你總是像那一樣睡覺嗎"? 他問,指出被亂切的墊子。
She stared at it as though seeing it for the first time. / 好像第一次看見它,她盯著它看。
Finally she nodded, "Yes, I do." / 最後她點頭,"是的" 。
"Interesting. You sleep like I do, only I get myself so wrapped up in the blankets I can't get out." "I thought I was the only one who slept like that," she smiled, / "有趣的。 你睡覺,像我做,不過我得到我自己如此在我不能逃跑的毛毯中完成。" " 我想,我是唯一的像那睡",她微笑,
"Can you wear nightclothes? Once I tried sleeping in a t-shirt. I had a dream that someone was trying to choke me to death, and I woke up and found I had strangled myself with the t-shirt" / "你能穿著睡衣嗎? 一旦我嘗試在一個 T恤中睡覺。 我有了一個某人正在嘗試對死亡窒息我的夢,而且我醒來而且發現了我已經用 T恤勒死我自己"
Katze laughed and agreed, "I'm a violent sleeper. I always steal the sheets, too. Nobody can stand to sleep with me." "I always sleep better if there's someone else in the bed with me," she said wistfully. He looked at her. / Katze 笑而且同意,"我是一個暴力的小耳環。 我總是也偷張。 沒有人能站和我睡覺。" " 我總是更睡覺如果和我在床中有其他人",她渴望地說。 他看她。
"Why don't you, then?" / " 為什麼不你,然後"?
She fixed him with a 'look', "Would *you*?? With *these* people?" / 她修理他一 '神情'," 將會 *你*?? 由於 *這些*人?"
"Um." / "Um".

Four o'clock rolled around, finding Berg Katze in his office, poring over reports. The radio was on, tuned to an underground station. / 四點鐘在附近捲,在他的辦公室中發現冰山 Katze ,仔細閱讀報告。 收音機是開的, 調諧的到一個地下的車站。
He, and many other night workers, liked listening to the deejays. / 他, 和許多其他的夜晚工人,喜歡聽播放音樂的人話。
"Good morning I'm Unicorn Progress, I'm two inches tall and live in your radio.." That was the female deejay. She was weird. Katze wondered what she was like in person -- he was certain he'd like her. / " 早安我是獨角獸進步, 我是二吋高而且住在你的收音機。。"那是女性的播放音樂的人。 她是怪異的。 Katze 懷疑在人中她是怎樣的人 -- 他是確定的他想要她。
"..'m Errol Flynn.." said the male deejay / ".。'm Errol 弗林。。"男性的播放音樂的人說
"You are not Errol Flynn," Unicorn responded / "你不是 Errol 弗林",獨角獸回應
"Am too" / " 也"
"You were never Errol Flynn" "I was last Tuesday" / "你從不是 Errol 弗林" "我是上星期二"
"Oh.. That's okay then. Anyways its four in the bloody morning on an absolutely miserable Thursday morning and we've got lots of stupid music for you to listen to. Yes, that's right, we've gone dragging through the vaults again, dredging up every horrid oldie we could possibly think of.." / "哦。。 那當時是好。 無論如何它的四在一個完全悲慘的星期四早晨方面的血腥早晨中和我們已經為你得到許多愚蠢的音樂聽到。 是的,那是正確的,我們已經去再一次拖拉過天空, 在每一可怕的 oldie 上面用挖泥機疏浚我們可以可能地想到。。"
"We've even got some rap" / "我們甚至已經得到一些輕敲"
"Shut up, we do not. At least I hope not." / "閉嘴, 我們不。 至少我希望不。"
"We do, its true, its from the loo." / "我們做, 它的真實, 它的從盧牌戲".
"It would be.." / "它將會是。。"
He smirked. They usually bickered like this. They were fun. / 他嘻嘻做笑。 他們通常像這一樣鬥嘴。 他們是有趣的。
Highly irreverent though. He thought they might be Galactors, since they broadcast on a Galactor frequency, but it was hard to say. / 高度不敬雖然。 他想了他們可能是 Galactors,因為他們在 Galactor 頻率上廣播,但是說是困難。
Certainly no one was safe from their ribald parodies -- not even himself. / 確定沒有是來自他們的說話猥褻的打油詩文的保險箱 -- 不甚至他自己。
"..ze appears to be dead.. again. This time however, the ISO is adamant about his ending, as emphasized by Director Nambu:" Someone had been playing with a vocoder again. A good synthesization of Nambu's voice grated out of the speaker, "Berg Katze wouldn't go 'voom' if you put a thousand volts through him! He's bloody demised! <a shouted 'no he's not, he's pining for the fjords!'> Pining for the fjords?? He's not pining, he's passed on! Berg Katze is no more! He has ceased to be! He's gone to meet his maker! He's a stiff! Bereft of life, he rests in peace!" / ".。ze 似乎死。。 再一次。 這次然而,國際標準組織是關於他的終止堅石,如指導者 Nambu 所強調:"某人已經再一次和一個聲音傳播機玩。 Nambu's 的聲音好 synthesization 爐篦離說者,"如果你放穿過他千伏特,冰山 Katze 將不去 'voom'! 他是血腥的讓渡! < 一呼喊 ' 沒有他是不,他正在為峽灣消瘦!'>為峽灣消瘦?? 他不有消瘦,他被逝世 ! 冰山 Katze 是沒有更多! 他已經停止是! 他已經去遇見他的製造者! 他是僵硬! 被剝奪的生活,他在和平方面休息!"
He was giggling, was what he was doing. Giggling and shaking his head. Outside, he could hear the titters of the other night staff. / 他正在吃吃地笑,是他所正在做的。 吃吃地笑和搖頭。 外面,他可以聽到另一個夜晚職員的嗤笑。
The station was like this. Now they were playing an old song, from the 21st century. He shook his head, still smiling. / 車站像這。 從 21 世紀起現在他們正在玩一首舊的歌。 他搖頭, 然而微笑的。

"You don't look like you've gotten much sleep at all," Katze said as Kai walked in. She shook her head, claiming insomnia again. / " 你一點也不看起來像你一樣已經得到很多的睡眠",當 Kai 走入的時候, Katze 說。 她搖頭,再一次宣稱失眠症。
He clucked in sympathy. She was working her usual magic with the computer though, and he offered her another nap when she began to lose efficiency. It was a small price to pay for a functional workplace. / 他在同情方面咯咯叫。 當她開始失去效率的時候,她正在雖然用電腦工作她的平常魔術,而且他提供了她的另小睡。 它是小的價格支付一個功能的工作場所的費用。
Eventually he started keeping a blanket and pillow in the office cupboard. He found use for them himself, sometimes. / 最後他開始保存辦公室食櫥的一個毛毯和枕頭。 他為他們發現使用他自己,有時。
The radio station continued to pump out its amusing, line-toeing material. This morning, the running gag was 'fags'. / 廣播電台繼續用唧筒抽水出它的有趣又以趾踏觸線的材料。 今天早晨,流動的箝口物是 '吃力的工作'.
A couple of men with pseudo-British accents talked about 'fags', as in cigarettes. It was supposed to be a gourmet's guide, but it was rife with innuendo. "Remember," the office staff called out to each other, "Smell your fags before you suck them!" Smokers would take their cigarettes out of their mouths and announce "I really like to suck this fag" It was all Katze could do to keep a straight face. Kai just grinned her sardonic grin. / 由於假- 英國的口音兩個男人談論 '吃力的工作', 當做在香煙中。 它是推想當美食者的指引,但是它對諷刺感到大量。 "記得", 公司職員對彼此大叫 ", 聞你的吃力工作在你吸他們之前"! 吸煙者將會從他們的嘴取出他們的香煙而且宣佈 "我真的喜歡吸這個吃力的工作" 它全都是 Katze 可以做不笑。 Kai 剛剛露齒而笑了她的嘲笑露齒笑。

"Wanna sneak out for some lunch?" / " 想要為一些午餐偷溜"?
The voice had floated up from between Katze's legs, scaring the daylights out of him. Beneath his desk, peering up from the trapdoor that led to his escape tunnel, was Kai. / 聲音已經飄浮在從上面在 Katze's 的腿之間,從他驚嚇白晝。 在他的書桌之下, 凝視在從通往他的逃亡隧道的地板門上面,是 Kai。
"What the hell are you doing down there??" / "你正在那裡做下來什麼??"
Kai just looked at him as though the answer were obvious. / 好像答案是明顯的, Kai 剛剛看他。
"You look like you need an out," she said finally. / " 你看起來像你一樣需要一外面的",她最後說。
As it happened she was right. He was incredibly frustrated, mindlessly bored, hungry, and would like nothing better than to sneak away somewhere. The girdle itched and was cutting into him and his hair felt like it was becoming a solid mass. He looked at his daytimer, looked at the door, looked at the crystal that conveyed Sosai's summons. / 碰巧她是正確的。 他無法置信失望,不小心地煩擾,饑餓的, 而且什麼也不想要更多超過某處偷溜。 被癢並且正在剪的腰帶進入他和他的頭髮之內感覺像它正在變成堅硬的大眾。 他看他的 daytimer,看門,看傳達了 Sosai's 的召喚水晶。
He could think of no reason why he *shouldn't* sneak off, and plenty of why he should. / 他可以想到沒有理由為什麼他 * 應該不*走開偷偷地逃走, 和許多他為什麼應該。
"Ah.. clothes. I can't wander around in..." he trailed off as / "啊。。 衣服。 我能不在附近遊蕩在。。。" 他走開追蹤當做
Kai indicated the kitbag she had with her. Right... / Kai 指出了 kitbag 她隨身有。 權利。。。
A few minutes later, two women were scurrying down the tunnel, cards in hand, bent on some rabid shopping. / 一些分鐘之後,二個女人正在沿隧道向下匆忙地跑,在手中備置卡片,在一些猛烈的購物上彎曲。

"Gatchaman!" / "Gatchaman"!
Oh lord... / 哦統治者。。。
"Gatchaman!" / "Gatchaman"!
"Can I get some ices?" / "我能得到一些冰嗎"?
"Don't have any bleedin' ices, all I got's this 'ere Gatchaman. / "沒有任何的 bleedin'冰, 全部我得到這 'ere Gatchaman。
Gatchaman!" / Gatchaman!"
Katze giggled as yet another Monty Python was parodied, courtesy of a vocoder. It was Gatchaman night, apparently. / 在目前為止被吃吃地笑另外蒙提•派頓的 Katze 被拙劣模仿,一個聲音傳播機的禮貌。 它是 Gatchaman 夜晚,顯然地。
"He's a bit of a tick, isn't he?" the male deejay commented. / "他是一點一個勾號, 他不是"? 男性的播放音樂的人批評。
"Oh you don't know the half of it," Unicorn Progress returned, / " 哦你不知道它一半", 被送回的獨角獸進步,
"Why our reporters were on the scene of a rescue by Gatchaman, and caught some of his outlook on his duties" / "藉著 Gatchaman 我們的記者為什麼在援救的現場上, 而且捕捉了在他的責任上的一些他的觀點"
Katze was sure he knew where the clip had origionated, but he couldn't place it: "Help, damsel in distress currently on fire, help" / Katze 確定他知道了夾子有了 origionated 的地方,但是他無法放置它: "幫助, 苦惱的 damsel 現在在火上,幫忙"
"Excuse me ma'am, would you like to be rescued?" / " 對不起夫人, 你願意被救出"?
"More than life itself." / "超過生活本身".
He couldn't help giggling at that one. It got better. / 他無法不在那一個吃吃地笑。 它變得比較好的。
"Are you here to rescue us or what??" / " 你這裡救出我們或什麼??"
"I'm here to what and where is she" / " 我在這裡到什麼和在哪裡是她"
That got out and out laughter. They introduced another set of songs, then. / 那離開和出自笑。 當時他們介紹了歌的另組。
"Get away from me you pervert!" / "遠離你背叛的我"!
"Kiss me, its the rules!" / "吻我,它的規則"!
He shook his head as the strains of a 20th century oldie pealed out of the speaker. What was it called... Let's Get Rocked or something like that? Something like that... He traced the mouse over the pad, moving the lines of the report about the screen. The female deejay was singing along with the song, barely audible. He stopped suddenly, straining his ears, trying to catch the words. / 當 20 世紀 oldie 的緊張使說者大聲鳴響離的時候,他搖頭。 它被叫做什麼。。。 使我們得到搖動或某事喜歡那? 某事喜歡那。。。 他追蹤了在填補上的老鼠,移動關於螢幕的報告線。 女性的播放音樂的人正在連同歌一起唱,幾乎聽得見。 他突然停止,勞累他的耳朵, 嘗試捕捉字。
He couldn't quite make it out, but he was certain that what she was singing was *NOT* 'rocked'. / 他無法相當了解它, 但是他是確定的,她正在唱什麼是 *不*'搖動'.

"You said you sleep better if you have someone with you," Katze began. Kai peered up at him from her nest beneath the spruce tree. He had found her there, huddled up out of the wind, her hands busy on her laptop. It amazed him the places she decided to hole up in. / " 你說,如果你隨身有某人,你更睡覺",Katze 開始。 Kai 凝視在他上面從她的巢在頗為乾淨的樹之下。 他已經在那裡發現她的, 推擠在由於風,她的手在她的膝上型電腦上忙著上面。 它使他吃驚了地方她決定挖洞在上面。
"Are you offering?" she said finally. He blushed and looked away. / " 你正在提供"? 她最後說。 他臉紅而且看離開。
"..forget i said anything..." / ".。忘記 i 說了任何事。。。"

"Katze Berg, Katze Berg, riding through the sky. / "Katze 冰山, Katze 冰山,騎過天空。
Katze Berg, Katze Berg, with his lord Sosai / Katze 冰山, Katze 冰山,藉由他的統治者 Sosai
He steals from the rich and gives to the poor / 他偷從那富有的而且給貧窮人
Katze Berg... Katze Berg... Katze Berg..." / Katze 冰山。。。 Katze 冰山。。。 Katze 冰山。。。"
Oh now this was going to be interesting. He knew how the Dennis / 哦現在這正在去是有趣的。 他知道如何丹尼斯
Moore sketches went, getting progressively.. snarkier. Oh well, it still made him laugh. He had little enough of that. / 摩爾素描去,漸進地得到。。 snarkier。 哦很好地,它仍然使他笑。 他足夠那有了一點點。
Kai had approached him late in the day, the previous night. She had explained a few things to him; he had explained a few things to her. / Kai 已經在那天內晚接近他,前一個夜晚。 她已經解釋一些事物給他; 他已經解釋一些事物給她。
Finally, they reached an agreement. Then, they went to bed. / 最後,他們達成了協議。 然後,他們上床睡覺。
She was as she had described herself. Within minutes of their getting comfortable, she had glommed onto him, fitting herself against him in his half-fetal position. Her arm had wrapped around his waist. / 當她已經描述她自己的時候,她是。 在數分鐘的他們很舒服裡面,她在他之上有了 glommed, 適宜的她自己反對他在他的一半- 胎兒的位置中。 她的手臂已經在他的腰部周圍包裝。
Snuggle-monster, indeed, he had thought. Oh long as she got some decent rest.... / 挨近-怪物,的確,他已經想。 哦湧出。。只要她得到了一些相當好的休息....
The question had remained, of how the bed would be in the presence of two sheet-stealers, both of whom had a tendancy to wrap themselves up like caterpillars. That question had been answered upon his waking this morning. / 問題已經保持, 床將會如何是在二張之前-stealers, 兩者誰有了 tendancy 像毛蟲一樣向上包裝他們自己。 那一個問題在他今天早晨叫醒之上已經被回答。
His arms were around her, his cheek resting on the crown of her head. She was burrowed into his chest, her arms wrapped tightly about his ribs. She had drawn one of his thighs between her legs, wrapping her own calves about his, so that they were quite thoroughly intertwined. His morning erection was trapped between their bodies and beginning to pain him. He tried to extricate himself.. / 他的手臂是在她周圍,他的停留在她的頭頂上 的頰。 她進入他的胸之內被掘洞穴,她的手臂緊緊地關於他的肋骨包裝。 她已經畫在她的腿之間的他大腿之一,關於他的包圍k down on 她自己的小牛,所以他們相當徹底地被糾纏。 他的早晨直立在他們的身體之間被困住而且開始使他痛苦。 他試著使解脫他自己。。
..and discovered that they had indeed cocooned themselves -together! They were sausage-rolled together, bound up in the blankets which both of them had mangled around them. His foot was tied to hers, beginning to lose circulation. Eventually he untangled himself, finding that he had been bound by her panties. / 。。而且發現了他們已經被的確繭他們自己 -一起! 他們一起是香腸捲的, 約束的向上在他們兩個都已經在他們周圍亂切的毛毯中。 他的腳被繫到她的, 開始失去循環。 最後他解開糾結了他自己,發現他已經是她的褲襪範圍。
Where his briefs had disappeared to was anybody's guess: He stood mother-naked at the foot of the bed. As soon as he had succeeded in untangling himself from the bedclothes Kai had burrowed herself deeper and was lost to sight. / 他的摘要已經消失是任何人猜測哪裡: 他站著了母親- 赤裸的在床下方。 一旦他已經被成功從床舖寢具 Kai 解開糾結他自己已經更深入地掘洞穴她自己並且被失去看見。
His back still ached, but in a different way. It had occurred to him on the way to the office that he hadn't had any nightmares. / 他的背部仍然痛, 但是以一不同的方式。 它已經在前往辦公室的途中對他發生,他沒有任何的夢魘。
"Katze Berg, Katze Berg, dum dum dum the night / "Katze 冰山, Katze 冰山, dum dum dum 夜晚
Katze Berg, Katze Berg, dum de dum dum plight / Katze 冰山, Katze 冰山,dum de dum dum 情況
He steals dum dum dum / 他偷 dum dum dum
And dum dum dum dee / 而且 dum dum dum D 字
Katze dum... Katze dee.. dum dum dum" / Katze dum。。。 Katze D 字。。 dum dum dum"
"No no no! It's not dum, you're dum, you're supposed to be singing la la la!" / " 沒有沒有不! 它不是 dum,你是 dum,你應該唱 la la la!"

Kai had slept very well and was much more alert than usual. She was still tired, claiming that she hadn't been able to get properly back to sleep after he had left. The thought warmed Katze's heart. / Kai 已經睡得很好並且是更多警戒超過平常的。 她仍然很疲累,宣稱她已經被不能夠適當地向後地得到在被有左邊的他之後睡覺。 想法溫暖了 Katze's 的心。
They continued to share a bed. Though Katze still felt uncomfortable with another body in the bed, he had to admit he wasn't having any nightmares. Things got uncomfortably hot sometimes (Kai put out a lot of heat, for all she was all the time cold) and the morning sausage roll was even more fun to untangle with Kai's habit of glomming onto his legs, but he grew more accustomed to it. Having a full, uninterrupted night's sleep was worth it. / 他們繼續分享一張床。 雖然 Katze 仍然對床的另一個身體感到不舒服,但是他必須承認他沒有在有任何的夢魘。 事物不舒服地熱地有時 ( Kai 熄滅許多熱, 為全部她始終很寒冷) 得到,而且早晨香腸捲物是以 Kai's 的 glomming 的習慣在他的腿之上解開糾結的甚至更多的樂趣,但是他變得更習慣了到它。 有全部, 不間斷的夜晚睡眠值得。
Not that it wasn't without its price. Rumours flew around the / 不那它是不沒有它的價格。 傳聞飛在那周圍
Galactor grapevine, speculating about their leader's sexual relationship with his attache. In fact, there was no such thing. That was one of the things Kai had explained to him; one of the reasons she had invited no one to share her bed was because of the sexual implications. She desired no lover, only sleep and someone to cuddle. Katze had been relieved. He had had too many curiousity seekers, too many offers of physical intimacy with shallow intent. But being cuddled had its own appeal, its own addictiveness. There was something nice about being held, with no expectations, no strings attached. Even if she did make one prefer being female in the mornings... / Galactor 葡萄藤,猜測他們領袖的性關係他的大使隨員。 事實上,沒有如此的事物。 那是事物 Kai 之一已經對他解釋; 理由她之一已經邀請要分享她的床沒有一個因為性含意。 她沒需要愛人, 只睡覺和某人撫抱。 Katze 已經被減輕。 他已經有太多 curiousity 搜索者,有淺的意圖實際親密的太多提議。 但是被撫抱有了它自己的訴願,它自己的會令人上癮。 美好的東西關於被拿著,藉由沒有期待,沒有線附上。 即使她確實使一偏愛在早晨女性。。。
Not that his gender changing had been of the slightest importance to Kai. Indeed, she made it almost fun: Sneaking out for a 'girls' night out' became an event Katze looked forward to. They did them sporadically, not often enough to attract attention. / 不那他的改變 的性別已經是最微小的重要到 Kai 。 的確,她幾乎製造了它開玩笑: 偷偷逃走的在外為一個 '女孩' 在外的夜晚' 變成事件 Katze 盼望。 他們偶爾發生地做了他們, 不時常足夠吸引注意。
Kai wasn't the slightest bit curious as to his life, or the impact that his gender changing had on it (or if she was, she hid it very well.) He could converse with her, knowing she was understanding everything he said. She accepted him fully, both male and female. He found that he felt comfortable with her, a feeling which surprised him. / Kai 不是最微小的一點點好奇的關於他的生活 , 或衝擊在它上有的他改變 的性別 (或如果她是,她把它藏得很好)。 他可以和她交談, 博學的她正在了解他說的每件事物。 她完全接受了他,男人和女性。 他發現他對她感到舒服,使他吃驚的感覺。

"..nd I went to visit my girlfriend, at her house, and I was very surprised!" / ".。nd 我去拜訪我的女朋友, 在她的房子,而且我非常感到驚訝!"
Uh oh... / Uh 表示驚訝。。。
"Why were you surprised?" the deejay asked. / "你為什麼感到驚訝的"? 播放音樂的人問。
"Well, I was very surprised, she has a big dick.." "A big.. oh a big DECK!" / "嗯,我非常感到驚訝,她有一個大的警察。。" "大。。 表示驚訝大的甲板!"
"Yes, I was quite surprised. Her dick is even bigger than mine. / "是的,我相當感到驚訝。 她的警察超過我的甚至是比較大的。
So I spent the evening sitting on her dick." / 因此我度過了在她的警察上的晚上座位安排。"
"On her deck, I see..." / "在她的甲板上,我看見。。。"
The snickers went around the office. Sergio, the guy with the unidentifyable accent, who managed to mangle the most innocent words into the most rude innuendo. / 那吃吃地笑走來走去辦公室。 Sergio,有無法識別的口音傢伙,設法亂切最無罪的字進最粗魯無禮的諷刺之內。
"Does the man deejay actually have a name?" someone asked. / "男人播放音樂的人實際上有一個名字嗎"? 某人問。
Katze shrugged, as did many other staffers.. As far as anyone knew, no. / Katze 聳肩, 如同許多其他的採訪記者。。 當做遙遠地當做任何人知道,號碼
Today, he was Dennis Moore. Apparently it had caught on. / 今天,他是丹尼斯摩爾。 顯然地它已經明白。
Kai had been in early, much more alert than usual, and thus able to tinker with the computer more effectively. Now it was almost acknowledging commands, though it still interpreted a "change directory" command as a request to play video games. / Kai 是在早, 更多警戒超過平常的, 和如此聰明更有效胡亂地修理電腦。 現在它正在幾乎承認指令,雖然它仍然解釋了 "改變目錄" 指令如一個請求玩電視遊樂器。
"Morning, Kai," Katze said as he passed. She grunted. / "早晨,Kai",當他通過的時候, Katze 說。 她哼。
Wordlessly, she handed him a cup of tea, her eyes never leaving the screen. He had several interviews scheduled, and wasn't looking forward to any of them. They were all with various base captains and pit operators, none of them particularly good company. / 沈默地,她傳遞了他一杯茶, 她的眼睛從不離開螢幕。 他有了預定的一些面談, 而且沒有在期望他們之中的任何一個。 他們全部和各種不同的惡劣船長和深坑操作者,特別好的公司他們沒有一個在一起。
They bustled in and bustled out, spared only enough time to give their reports and take their orders. Kai had gotten the computer to accept orders again, and was busy rebuilding the databases. Katze passed her on his way out the door, escorting another general to his car. She spared him no glance. He breezed back in with yet another flunky. Wordlessly she handed him a cup of soup, her eyes never leaving the screen. / 他們奔忙在而且奔忙出,只寬恕了充足的時間給他們的報告而且帶他們的次序。 Kai 已經得到電腦再一次接受命令, 而且是忙碌的再建資料庫。 Katze 通過她在出去的途中門,護衛另上將到他的汽車。 她寬恕了他沒有一瞥。 他向後地微風在由於仍然另外 flunky。 沈默地她傳遞了他一杯湯, 她的眼睛從不離開螢幕。
Finally the interviews were over and it was time to inspect the installation again. Kai had finished rebuilding the databases and was running a utilty program on the main drive. Wordlessly she handed him a bowl of noodles, her eyes never leaving the screen. / 最後面談是上面的,而且它是該再一次檢查安裝的時候。 Kai 已經再建資料庫完並且正在跑在主要的駕車上的一個 utilty 計畫。 沈默地她傳遞了他一碗麵條, 她的眼睛從不離開螢幕。
On the way to the installation site, it occured to Katze to wonder from where she was getting the food. / 在前往安裝位置的途中, 它對 Katze 的 occured 懷疑從在她正在得到食物的地方。

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!" Katze's scream was cut short as a blast of cold water hit her full in the face. Laughing, she swept her drenched hair out of her eyes, shucking off the water as the log ride slowed to a stop. / "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!"當寒冷水的疾風碰撞臉的她全部的時候, Katze's 的尖叫聲被中斷。 笑,她被從她的眼睛清掃她的溼透頭髮,shucking 在水外如圓木乘坐減慢到一個停止。
"Come on!" Kai cried as she helped Katze out, "The next part's great. We've been washed, now we get spun dry!" And she dragged her to the Mountain Express. / "發生 "! 當她幫助 Katze 的時候, Kai 哭," 下一個部份大師。 我們已經被洗,現在我們得到織成的乾!"而且她拖拉她到山快遞。
They had snuck away to the closing night at the amusement park outside of town. It was half-price and would last until ten. / 他們 snuck 之遠在城鎮的遊樂園外面有到結束夜晚。 它是一半-定價格而且將會持續到十。
Katze gazed at the Mountain Express ride as they stood in line. / 當他們在線中站立的時候, Katze 注視山快遞乘坐。
It was one of those simple rides that simply went faster and faster over a circular track, with blaring music, and producing centrifugal force. / 它是那些只是走地很快的簡單乘坐和比較快速的在一個圓形的軌道之上之一,由於高聲鳴叫音樂, 而且產生離心的力量。
They spent the next five minutes arguing about who was heavier, thus who got to sit on the outside. Katze lost. / 他們度過未來的五分鐘辯論誰是比較沈重的, 如此誰開始坐在外面上。 Katze 失去。
Not that she minded in the slightest -- the centrifugal force, coupled with Kai's weight against her (for all she had contorted herself to keep herself on the inside -- part of the fun, she had said), the loud, insistant music; Katze's mind buzzed. This was better than LSD! / 不那她有意的在最微小的中 -- 離心的力量, 以對抗她的 Kai's 的重量加倍 ( 為全部她已經扭她自己在內部上保存她自己 -- 樂趣的部份,她已經說),大聲者 , insistant 音樂; Katze's 的心發出嗡嗡聲。 這是比 LSD 好的!
They went on the roller coaster, tried the fishing pond, pigged out at the concessions, got all sticky with cotton candy, freaked out on the Ocean Motion ride, got nauseous on the Mountain Scrambler... Katze tried to recall a time when she had had as much sheer fun. / 他們繼續進行滾筒遊樂車,嘗試了釣魚池塘,在讓步的外豬,由於棉花糖所有了黏黏,在大海運動乘坐上變得焦燥 ,在山上令人作嘔了週率擾亂器。。。 Katze 試著如更加完全有趣的取消次她何時已經有。
No memories came. / 沒有記憶來。
Then it was time to leave, so the two women went and centrifuged their brains again. / 然後它是該離開的時候,因此,二個女人再一次去而且離心分離機了他們的腦。

Evening had long since fallen. Berg Katze sat on Kai's couch, drinking her wine and relaxing after their day. Sosai X had been particular, again, tearing strips off Katze's back for things she didn't understand. Kai had rescued her, sneaking her away for another shopping expedition. This one had had a purpose: Kai had figured out one of / 晚上自從落下以後久有。 冰山 Katze 坐在 Kai's 的長椅上,喝她的葡萄酒而且在他們的日子之後放鬆。 再一次 Sosai X 已經是項目,為她沒有了解的事物在 Katze's 的背面外扯裂長條。 Kai 已經救出她, 偷偷逃走的她離開為另一次購物遠征。 這一個已經有一個目的: Kai 已經理解一
Katze's secrets -- she didn't know how to fit a bra. Kai had taught her, and she had to admit, the new brassiere was a thousand times more comfortable. Then they had gone to the amusement park. Katze could still feel the sugar shock. / Katze's 的秘密 -- 她沒有知道該如何適合一件胸罩。 Kai 已經教她,而且她必須承認, 新的胸罩是千乘更舒服的。 然後他們已經去遊樂園。 Katze 可以仍然感覺糖驚嚇。
Over the past year she and Kai had grown closer than Katze had ever been to anyone. This evening they had planned to turn in early: / 在過去的年以來她和 Kai 已經變比 Katze 靠近曾經已經是對任何人。 今天晚上他們已經計畫上床睡覺很早:
It was three a.m., and they were still awake. / 它是三上午,而且他們仍然是醒的。
They were talking. They talked about bras and makeup and the unique problems of women. They talked about humour and laughter and the missing element in both their lives. They talked about genius, its stereotypes, its meanings and fallicies. They talked about trust and its violation. They talked about Galactor. They talked about Sosai. / 他們正在講話。 他們談論胸罩和化菮M女人的獨特問題。 他們談論他們的兩個生命的幽默和笑和不見的元素。 他們談論天才,它的陳腔濫調,它的意義和 fallicies 。 他們談論信賴和它的違反。 他們談論 Galactor 。 他們談論 Sosai 。
Finally, they talked about themselves. / 最後,他們談論他們自己。
Katze had never felt so at ease with anyone, not enough to disclose what she knew of her past. Whatever she could remember, she spoke of. Kai listened, then responded with similar memories from her own life. They laughed, cried, raged in fury -- Finally Katze wept her confusion over Sosai X's expectations. / Katze 從未在安逸被任何人這麼感覺, 不是充足揭露她知道她的過去。 無論她可以記得什麼,她談到。 Kai 聽, 然後具有來自她自己的生活相似的記憶回應。 他們笑,哭, 在憤怒中發怒 -- 最後 Katze 哭泣了在 Sosai X's 的期待上的她混亂。
If she were created to be a conqueror, why was she failing? / 如果她被創造當征服者,她為什麼失敗?
That's easy -- Hitler, Genghis Khan, Ghadafi, Mozandias.. All of these aspired to conquer the globe. Name one who succeeded. The world is a difficult thing to conquer. / 那是容易的 -- 希特勒, Genghis 可汗, Ghadafi , Mozandias。。 這些全部都熱望征服地球。 命名人成功。 世界是征服的一件困難的事物。
But she was created specifically for that purpose. What was she doing wrong? / 但是她對於那一個目的明確地被創造。 她正在錯誤做什麼?
Nothing. She was doing nothing that wasn't to be expected of her. One can only do what one is brought up to do. / 沒事。 她正在什麼也不做是不她被期望。 一才能做他長大做的。
But she wasn't brought up. / 但是她不被提出。
My point. / 我的觀點。
But she was created to be the perfect human.. / 但是她被創造當完美的人類。。
How perfect? She uses drugs, not to get high, but to dull the pain of Change. How perfect can she be if she would prefer to suffer a crampy, bloody period rather than Change to male form? How perfect can she be if the hormones from her previous form continue to affect her after Change, until the new hormones are established? Nature could not create perfection. / 如何使?完美 她使用藥,不要高, 但是到遲鈍的改變痛苦。 如何完成式能如果她將會偏愛遭受 crampy ,血腥的時期,她是並非男性的形式改變? 如何完成式能如果來自她的先前形式的荷爾蒙在改變之後繼續影響她,她是,直到新的荷爾蒙被建立? 自然無法創造完美。
No, Sosai X created her. / 不, Sosai X 創造了她。
Exactly. / 完全。
Sosai X was perfect. / Sosai X 是完美的。
Was he? How so? He creates a conqueror, an ideal being, but fails to back up his creation with the upbringing that would properly groom her. He blunders into a world, fiddling with its lifeforms, without doing any research into the nature of that lifeform or the societies it creates. He creates a 'perfect' being, who suffers so badly from her miswired body that she is all but insane from pain. / 他是嗎? 如何如此? 他創造一個征服者,理想的存在但是不及格支持和將會適當地餵馬她的教養他創造。 他進入一個世界之內失策, 拉小提琴的具有它的 lifeforms,不做它創造的深入對那 lifeform 的性質任何的研究或社會。 他創造 '完美的' 存在, 存在遭受如此的嚴重地從她的 miswired 身體以致於她從痛苦幾乎是患精神病的。
Sosai makes the mecha, masterminds the plans to conquer Earth -- how is it that Sosai has not accomplished this? How can he blame the failure of his creation when the failure is all his? / Sosai 製造 mecha, 指導計劃征服地球 -- 它好嗎 Sosai 有不是完成這? 當失敗是他所有的時候,他如何能責備他的創造失敗?

Through the telepathic link formed with Berg Katze, Sosai X listened. He kept himself silent, so as not to alert Katze. / 完成的精神感應術的連結以冰山 Katze 形成,Sosai X 聽。 他保持他自己沈默, 因此同樣地不要提醒 Katze。
--Thank you for pointing out my errors, Ci\rean Mo\rag Mharagorm. / --謝謝你指出我的錯誤,Ci\再 Mo\揶揄 Mharagorm。
It is such a pity that you will not live to see them corrected. / 你將不居住見是如此的一遺憾以致於他們改正。
--You are very correct, the failure is mine. I had misjudged these Terrans, thinking them to be stupid and easily conquered, since they rely on fleshly forms for their lives. Stupid they are, but stubbornly so. You have made my error clear to me. / --你非常正確, 失敗是我的。 我已經判斷錯誤這些 Terrans, 想他們是愚蠢的並且容易地征服,自從他們為他們的生命仰賴肉體的表格之後。 愚蠢的他們是, 但是頑固地如此。 你已經對我使我的錯誤清楚。
--I do not know how you came to be in Galactor. I do not know how you came to be so high up in its ranks. I have tried to weed out all of you humans with naturally high intellects -- I do not want you to contaminate my beloved Katze. Yet that is what you have done, Ci\rean / --我不知道你如何來在 Galactor 中。 我不知道你如何來在它的排名中向上是如此高。 我已經嘗試除去你全部人類由於自然高智力 -- 我不想要你弄污我的心愛 Katze 。 仍然那是你所已經做的, Ci\再一
Mharagorm. Now you have sown the seeds of doubt in my beloved pet's mind. I cannot have that. My Katze must believe himself to be the superior being, must believe in his destiny as emperor of Earth. / Mharagorm。 現在你已經播種我的心愛寵物的心懷疑的種子。 我能夠沒有那。 我的 Katze 一定要相信他自己是優越的存在,一定要相信他的命運如地球的皇帝。
Because he believes it, because I have created him, he must believe in me. I will not have you casting doubt upon me, Ci\rean Mharagorm. / 因為因為我已經創造他,所以他相信它,他一定要相信我。 我將沒有在我之上投懷疑的你 , Ci\再 Mharagorm。
--I will not bear your insults. I will not tolerate your dissension. I will not sit with your corruption of my pet. I have tried to turn him from your favour, pointing out to him your laziness and ineptitude. Your skill with that computer, the fact that you have no equal in this, has been your savior. But soon, even you shall make a mistake. / --我將不忍受你的侮辱。 我將不寬容你的意見不合。 我以我的寵物你腐敗將不坐。 我已經嘗試從你的好意轉他,對他指出你的怠惰和不適當。 由於那一部電腦,你沒有這裡的對手事實的你技術,已經是你的救助者。 但是很快,甚至你將犯錯。
--I shall be watching. / --我將看。

"Weird Al Yankovic, ladies and gentlemen, how about that? He's been dead for close to 200 years but that hasn't stopped him from writing those parodies..." / "怪異的 Al Yankovic ,淑女和紳士,那怎麼樣? 他已經對結束死到 200 年但是沒有阻止他寫那些打油詩文。。。"
There were snickers around the bullpen area. Katze had to pull another all-nighter and, as usual, it was made much more bearable by the duo of Unicorn Progress and... Berg Katze. Yep, the male deejay had dubbed himself yet again. / 那裡是在牛欄區域的周圍吃吃地笑。 Katze 必須拉另外通宵的和, 像往常一樣,它被獨角獸進步的二重唱弄得更加可忍受的和。。。 冰山 Katze。 Yep,男性的播放音樂的人已經再一次仍然配音他自己。
"AhhhhAHHHHHHAhhhhhahhhahhahhahhhhhhhh....." they sang, "That's right, people, today is the 200th anniversary of the premiere of Star / "AhhhhAHHHHHHAhhhhhahhhahhahhahhhhhhhh....."他們唱 ", 那是正確的,人,今天是第 200個週年的星首映
Trek" "200 years, and you know, it's STILL in reruns." / 辛苦的長途旅行" "200 年,而且你知道,它仍然是在再映中" 。
"Along with all 16 of its daughter shows.." / "連同它的女兒表演中的所有 16場一起。。"
"Can't keep a good thing down." / "不能保存一件好事物墬落" 。
There was a pause. / 有中止。
"Unicorn, quit staring at me like that." Giggles from the night staff. / " 獨角獸, 離開盯著看我喜歡那". 從夜晚職員起吃吃地笑。
"Now there's a good character. Q. I thought that was a good character." "I have to agree with you there, not-Berg, I thought" / "現在有一個好性格。 Q。 我想了那是好性格。" " 我必須同意你在那裡,不-冰山,我想"
"NOT-BERG! That's in Bul-geh-ria!" / "不-冰山! 那在 Bul 中-geh-ria!"
There was another pause. / 有另外中止。
"That planet's off the table en-tahr-ly and into soombody's pahnt of Berg. It's never Berg, is it, its always WHIIIIIINE. 'What flavour of milkshake would you like?' 'Berg'.. Unicorn, you're turning funny colours there..." / " 那在桌子外的行星按-tahr- ly 和進入 soombody's 的冰山 pahnt 之內。 它從不是冰山, 是它, 它的總是 WHIIIIIINE。 '你將會喜歡什麼 milkshake 的滋味?'' 冰山'.。 獨角獸,你正在那裡轉好笑的顏色。。。"
"Piss off" / "走開小便"
More giggles came in through the door. / 更多吃吃地笑經過門進來。
"..f a Q were half a Q, must ipso facto half not Q..Fiddle dee dee... Fiddle dee doo.. Sosai the Half-A-Q.." / ".。f a Q 一半地是 a Q, 必須 ipso 事實上一半地不 Q。。虛度時光 D 字 D 字。。。 虛度時光 D 字 doo 。。 Sosai 一半-一-Q。。"
This solicited a burst of laughter. But someone was listening, and it wasn't funny at all. / 這請求了笑的破裂。 但是某人正在聽,而且它一點也不是好笑。

They cuddled on her couch, staring at the tv set. / 他們在她的長椅上撫抱, 盯著電視機看。
"Kai?" / "Kai"?
"Yes?" / "是的"?
"Remember when we were talking about Sosai, and about me?" / "當我們正在談論 Sosai 的時候,記得, 和關於我"?
"Yes." / "是的".
"I don't." / " 我不".
"You don't remember that?" / "你不記得那"?
"I remember that night. I don't remember much about the subjects we discussed." / "我那夜晚記得。 我不記得很多有關主題我們討論。"
"Yes, I know." / "是的,我知道" 。
"You do? How?" / "你做? 如何?"
"It's in your song." / "它是在你的歌中" 。
"My song?" / "我的歌"?
"It's hard to explain. There are parts of you that record who you are, what you do. You broadcast it, everything has its own song. / "解釋是困難。 有你的部份紀錄你是誰,你所做的。 你廣播它,每件事物有它自己的歌。
Your song is.. well.. corrupt." / 你的歌是。。 湧出。。 使"
There was a pause. The newscaster continued to inform them about the jet stream, and its effects on the current weather picture. / 有中止。 新聞廣播員繼續關於噴射氣流 , 和在現在的天氣照片上的它效果告知他們。
"I think they make me forget, Kai." / "我認為他們使我忘記, Kai" 。
"I think so too." / "我也這麼認為" 。
"Why would they do that?" / "他們為什麼將會做那"?
"You're Berg Katze.." / "你是冰山 Katze 。。"
"So?" / "如此"?
"You know much. Maybe too much. You're smarter than Sosai, I know that. Maybe he knows that, and that's why you're kept in the dark. / "你多知道。 也許太多。 你是比 Sosai 聰明的,我知道那。 也許他知道,而且那是你為什麼在黑暗中被保持。
If you were allowed to remember, you might use what you know against him." / 如果你被允許記得,你可能使用你知道對抗他的。"
"But he wants me to be emperor of Earth.." / "但是他想要我是地球的皇帝。。"
"Does he?" / "做他"?
There was another pause. A wan-looking woman urged them to purchase Dyno-Dent tooth polish, for pearly pearly-whites. / 有另外中止。 一個看似蒼白的女人催促了他們購買 Dyno-凹痕牙齒光澤, 為西洋梨子西洋梨子-白色。
"I don't want to forget you, Kai." / "我不想要忘記你,Kai".
"Do you think you will?" / "你認為你決意嗎"?
"Yes.. I don't know how I know, but I do." / "是的。。 我不知道我如何知道,但是我做。"
"I've known it for a while. Sosai doesn't like me." "I know. He tells me I should kill you. He tells me I shouldn't waste my time with you, nor waste Galactor's time with your illness." / "我已經知道它一陣子。 Sosai 不喜歡我。" "我知道。 他告訴我我應該殺你。 他告訴我我不和你浪費我的時間, 也不用你的疾病浪費廢物 Galactor's 的時間。"
"Good thing I know that computer, isn't it?" / " 好事物我知道那一部電腦, 它不是"?
"B.a.c..k.u.p..d.i.s.k.ettes..." Katze sang, then smiled. The smile vanished, to be replaced by two crystal tears, "I don't want to forget you." / "B.a.c。。k.u.p。。d.i.s.k.ettes。。。"Katze 唱,然後微笑。 微笑消失, 被替換二水晶淚滴,"我不想要忘記你" 。
Kai hesitated, then appeared to make a decision. / Kai 猶豫, 然後似乎作決定。
"Look at me, Berg..." / "看我,冰山。。。"

--Berg Katze, I will no longer tolerate the presence of that radio station. They are irreverant, disrespectful, and gauche. You will find the people who run it, and you will destroy them-- / --冰山 Katze,我將不再寬容那一個廣播電台的出現。 他們是 irreverant,失禮的, 和笨拙的。 你將發現跑它的人,而且你將破壞他們--
"But, Sosai-sama, what have they done that could distress you so?" / "但是,Sosai-sama, 他們做那了什麼可以如此使你苦惱"?
--'Sosai the Half-A-Q'?? What kind of nonsense is that?? Am I expected to take such insults? And they insult my greatest creation, my / --'Sosai 一半 - 一 - Q'?? 那是什麼類型的無意義的事?? 我是期望帶如此的侮辱? 而且他們傲慢無禮我最好的創造,我的
Berg Katze! How is it that you can take such insults as they have dished out at you?? You are a genius, you are a conquoror, you are / 冰山 Katze! 它好嗎你能帶如他們的侮辱有中凹的在外在你?? 你是天才,你是 conquoror,你是
Leader of Galactor! Yet you laugh as you are mocked! Where is your brain??-- / Galactor 的領袖! 然而當你被嘲弄的時候,你笑! 你的腦在哪裡??--
Buzzed it out on the Mountain Express, Katze thought rebelliously, then quelled it lest Sosai hear. / 在山快遞上的外發出嗡嗡聲它,Katze 造反地想, 然後壓制它以免 Sosai 聽到。
--What possible excuse could you offer that would persuade me to spare their miserable lives?-- / -- 你可以提供什麼可能的藉口那將會勸我寬恕他們的悲慘生命?--
"They make me laugh.." / "他們使我笑。。"
--Then it is the laughter of idiocy, unworthy of my creation! / --然後它是白癡的笑, 不值得的我創造!
Unworthy of Galactor!-- / 不值得的 Galactor!--
"It makes getting up at four am a lot easier.." / " 它製造在四點鐘起床是很多比較容易。。"
--If you find it so unbearable then you are weak! I do not believe this, everything you say proves you to be weak, unworthy of my love, unworthy of the gifts that I would give you! Are you a fool, / --如果你然後發現它如此無法忍受 , 你是弱的! 我不相信這,你說的每件事物證明你對我的愛是弱的, 不值得的, 不值得的禮物我將會給你! 是你一個愚人,
Katze? Are you as stupid as the humans you command? Did I make you a superbeing only to have you laughing at the japery of imbeciles? / Katze? 你是像人類一樣的愚蠢你命令嗎? 我只使你成為 superbeing 在低能者的 japery 有你笑著嗎?
Well??-- / 好的??--
Katze said nothing. / Katze 什麼也不說。
--You are a fool, I am sorry I ever made you. Find that radio station and kill the operators. Do not fail me, Berg Katze.- "...hai....sosai x-sama..." / --你是愚人, 對不起我曾經製造了你。 發現那一個廣播電台而且殺操作者。 不要失敗我,冰山 Katze。- ".。。hai....sosai x-sama。。。"
After Katze had left, Sosai X placed a special call. / 在有左邊的 Katze 之後, Sosai X 放置了一個特別的呼叫。

"Call the Tigris assassins," Katze said to Kai. His voice was quiet, almost broken, "Have them locate the underground radio station that broadcasts on frequency 7. The operators are to be terminated. / "打電話給底格里斯河暗殺者",Katze 對 Kai 說。 他的聲音是安靜,幾乎打破,"讓他們設置在頻率 7 上廣播的地下廣播電台. 操作者即將被結束。
Tell them that if any Galactor men are involved in any way at all, they shall die most horribly, both the men and the women who allowed their involvment. Those people made life a lot easier for me, made me laugh. / 告訴他們,如果任何的 Galactor 男人被以任何方式全然牽涉,他們將死得最可怕,那兩位男人和允許了他們的 involvment 的女人。 那些人使我的生活非常比較容易,使我笑。
I won't have them violated or tortured. The least I can give them is a clean death." / 我將不違犯他們或拷問。 我能給的最少他們是一個乾淨的死亡。"
Kai looked at him and smiled. She kissed his cheek. Then she went to place the order. / Kai 看他而且微笑。 她吻了他的頰。 然後她去下訂單。

"The jig is up, the news is out, they've finally found me/ The renegade who had it made is up on a bounty" / "捷格舞是向上的,新聞外出,他們最後已經發現我/ 背教者它已經組成誰在一個慷慨上"
They knew. They had gone through their vaults and dug up every old good-bye song they could find. Renegade. Last Dance. Pictures of / 他們知道。 他們已經經過他們的天空而且挖在每一上面舊的再見歌他們可以發現。 背教者。 最後跳舞。 照片
You. Tell Laura I Love Her (Katze nearly hurled at that one.) / 你。 告訴蘿拉我愛她 (Katze 幾乎在那一個用力投擲)。
"We're toast!" the male deejay cried (he was calling himself the / " 我們是敬酒"! 男性的播放音樂的人哭 ( 他正在稱他自己那
Grim Reaper), "We're history! They're closing us down!" / 死神),"我們是歷史! 他們正在把我們關閉下來!"
"Yes thats right, we're gonners, and its all 'cause WE PISSED / " 是的那權利,我們是 gonners, 和它的所有 ' 引起我們忿怒的
OFF SOSAI X!!" / 在 SOSAI X 外!!"
"Yep, you got it, Unicorn.. Hey! I got an idea! Why don't we tell Sosai to go to hell.." <screek> "Go to hell <sha-la-la-la,sha-lalalala> Go to hell <sha-la-la-la, shalalalala>" / "Yep,你得到了它,獨角獸。。 嗨! 我得到了一個想法! 我們何不告訴 Sosai 去地獄。。" <screek>" 去地獄 <sha-la-la-la,sha-lalalala> 去地獄 <sha-la-la-la,shalalalala>"
This had the entire night staff laughing, inspite of their tears. They had gathered around the office radio, having a good-bye party in honour of the soon-to-be-late Unicorn Progress and the Unknown / 這有了整個的夜晚職員笑,他們的淚滴 inspite 。 他們已經在辦公室收音機的周圍聚集, 有一再見即將為- 遲的獨角獸進步和那未知數的光榮黨
Deejay. / 播放音樂的人。
"There we are, the perfect way to tell the boss to go to hell." / "我們那裡, 完美的方法告訴老板去地獄".
"I like my boss, my boss is cool" / " 我喜歡我的老板, 我的老板很涼爽"
"Y'know what, I want a copy of that for my answering machine.. / " Y'know 什麼,我為我的答錄機想要那的一副本。。
'I'm not at home right now so you can Go To Hell..'" / '我立刻不在家,如此你能去地獄。。'"
"Grimmy, you won't have a use for an answering machine in a couple of minutes.." / "Grimmy,你在一些數分鐘中為一個答錄機將沒有一種使用。。"
"You're so right! Hey! See that? Looks like one of the / "你是如此正確! 嗨! 看見那? 看起來像一那
Tigris' mechas!" / Tigris' mechas!"
"Too right, Grim, looks like our number's about to be called. / "太正確的﹐冷酷的,到處看起來像我們的數字一樣被叫做。
Hey, lets tell the boss to go to hell again!" / 嗨, 讓告訴老板再一次去地獄!"
"Go to hell <sha-la-la-la, shalalalala>.." / " 去地獄 <sha-la-la-la,shalalalala>.。"
The fax machine in Katze's office began to spew paper. He read it. / 傳真機器在 Katze's 的辦公室中開始吐紙。 他讀它。
"Okay, its time for us to go now, so we're going to leave you with Leonard Cohen's Closing Time," came the voice of Unicorn Progress. / " 好,它的時間讓我們現在去,因此,我們將要留下雷納科恩結束營業的時間給你",來獨角獸進步的聲音。
Out in the office, sobs mingled with cheers. / 在辦公室中的外,啜泣以愉快混合。
The fax was a letter from Ci\rean. It revealed many things, including her feelings for Katze, her recipe for upside-down cake, and her secret way of knowing things she shouldn't have known. / 傳真是來自 Ci\ rean 的一封信。 它顯示了許多事物,為 Katze 包括她的感覺, 她的食譜對於顛倒的蛋糕, 和她的博學事物的秘密方法她應該不要知道的。
Like her death. / 像她的死亡。
Her death? / 她的死亡?
Ci\rean..Kirin..Unicorn.. / Ci\再一。。Kirin。。獨角獸。。
Oh no... / 哦號碼。。

*..and I loved you for your body.. and a voice that sounds like / *.。而且我為你的身體愛你。。 而且一種聽起來像的聲音
God to me declaring..* / 上帝對我宣布。。*
Katze's hands flew over the keyboard, his voice barking into the phone. He was trying to get the location of the radio station, but the idiot woman on the other end didn't seem to understand plain Japanese or / Katze's 的手飛過鍵盤,他的進入電話之內吠 的聲音。 他正在嘗試得到廣播電台的地點, 但是在另一端上的白癡女人似乎不了解簡單的日本語或
English or any other language for that matter.. / 就那件事而論的英國人或任何其他的語言。。
*..declaring..* / *.。宣布。。*
He raced down the corridors of the office building, flying out towards his private car. Maybe there was still time.. / 他比賽下來辦公大樓的走廊,向他的私人汽車飛出。 也許仍然有時間。。
*..declaring that your body's really really really you..* / *.。真的真真宣布那你的身體你。。*
If he could get there in time, stop the asassins, get her away... / 如果他可以及時到那,停止 asassins, 離開得到她。。。
*..and I loved you then when our love was best and I love you now there's nothing left but sorrow and a sense of overtime..* / *.。而且當我們的愛最好的時候,我然後愛你,而且我現在愛你剩下沒事但是悲傷和一個額外時間感。。*
Get her away, to where? To Gatchaman? They could take her to safety.. Away from Galactor.. away from Sosai.. / 得到她離開, 到在哪裡? 到 Gatchaman? 他們可以對安全帶她。。 遠離 Galactor。。 遠離 Sosai。。
*..I've missed you since our place got wrecked by the winds of change and the weeds of sex..* / *.。我已經自從我們的地方以後想念你得到被改變的風和性別的雜草破壞。。*
He bolted through the bunker. The place was crawling with women. Sosai.. what are you doing to me? / 他閂住過燃料庫。 地方正在和女人爬行。 Sosai。。 你正在對我做什麼?
*..It looks like heaven but it feels like death..* / *.。它看起來像天堂一樣,但是它感覺像死亡。。*
He had reached the broadcasting room. / 他已經到達廣播房間。
*'s something in between I guess..* / *.。它是某事在我猜測之間。。*
Shots rang out. / 注射響徹雲宵。
*..It's Closing Time..* / *.。它是結束營業的時間。。*

He stared, oblivious to the confusion of the women asassins. He recognised the man as a maintenance worker, one who had often borne the brunt of his superiors' anger. His blood spread slowly over the console he was slumped over. It dripped. / 他注視, 易忘的對女人 asassins 的混亂。 他辨認出了男人如一個維護工人, 人已經被時常忍受他的長者忿怒。 他的在他被結束猛然掉落的控制檯之上慢慢地被傳佈的血。 它滴下。
Her face was as it had always been, except for the small hole in the middle of her forehead. / 她的臉是當它總是, 除了小的洞以外在她的前額中央中。
Men approached Katze. Subliminally, he knew.. just *knew* why they were there, what they had been ordered to do. / 男人接近了 Katze 。 下意識地,他知道。。 正直的 *知道*他們為什麼在那裡,他們所已經被命令做的。
He began to scream, to fight. He would not forget! / 他開始尖叫, 對抗。 他將不忘記!
Kai watched, with blind eyes, as Katze was dragged away. / Kai 看,藉由盲目的眼睛,如同 Katze 被拖拉離開一樣。

Epilogue - part 1: The Private Journals of Eric Waide, attache to Berg / 結語 - 第 1 部份: 艾力克 Waide 的私人日記,冰山的大使隨員
Katze-sama. / Katze-sama。
"I've completed the inventory of Ms. Maragorm's possessions, and have secreted them away. The reports of the Tigris asassins has given us much to go on. We're investigating as quietly as we can. / "我已經完成 Maragorm's 女士所有物的存貨清單, 而且已經隱秘他們離開。 底格里斯河 asassins 的報告已經給我們很多繼續。 我們正在儘可能安靜地調查。
I'm not sure what happened to Katze-sama, any more than any one else. But we keep remembering B.C. Island. If someone had tried to hypnotise Katze-sama once, they might try it again. Protecting / 我不確定 Katze 發生了什麼事-sama,別的任何於任何的。 但是我們繼續記得西元前島。 假如某人嘗試施催眠術 Katze- sama 曾經,他們再一次可能試它。 保護
Katze-sama is our business -- I, like many of us in Katze's personal employ, am loyal to Katze, not Galactor. / Katze- sama 是我們的生意 -- 我,像 Katze's 的個人雇用的我們之中的許多,對 Katze 而不是 Galactor 是忠誠的。
Something happened between Ms. Maragorm and Katze-sama. I don't know what, but I know he was happier. Why, I don't know -- Ms. Maragorm was never friendly to any of us, especially me; she seemed very reclusive and antisocial. For me, well.. I still have the scars. There had to have been another side to her, though, and Katze-sama saw it. / 某事在 Maragorm 女士和 Katze 之間發生-sama。 我不知道什麼,但是我知道他是比較快樂的。 為什麼, 我不知道 -- Maragorm 女士從不對我們之中的任何一個是友好的, 尤其我; 她似乎非常隱遁的和非社交。 就我而言,湧出。。 我仍然有疤痕。 但是,那裡必須已經對她是另邊, 和 Katze-sama 看見它。
I've hidden Ms. Maragorm's possessions, as per instructions, and will burn this journal as well. No one must learn of this until / 我已經藏著 Maragorm's 女士所有物,依照指令, 而且也將燃燒這一本日記。 沒有人一定要這學習直到
Katze-sama asks for them. Ms. Maragorm said he should remember something -- when..if.. he does, I will give him her posessions, to stimulate more. / Katze-sama 要求他們。 Maragorm 女士說了他應該記得某事 -- 當。。如果。。 他做,我將給他她的 posessions, 刺激更多。
Ms. Maragorm was very explicit in her instructions to us. We intend to carry them out to the letter, for Katze's sake." / Maragorm 女士對我們是非常明白的在她指令中。 我們想要實行他們到信,對於 Katze's 的緣故。"

Epilogue - part 2: / 結語 - 第 2 部份:
Berg Katze watched the Galactor soldiers at ease, playing football. He watched them shout to each other, laughed, wrestle each other to the ground. They got up and laughed again, tossing their hair out of their faces. / 冰山 Katze 在安逸看 Galactor 軍人,踢足球。 他看他們對彼此呼喊,笑,對地面摔角彼此。 他們再一次起床而且笑,從他們的臉投擲他們的頭髮。
Katze tried to recall a time when he had had as much fun. / Katze 試著如多有趣取消次他何時已經有。
No memories came. / 沒有記憶來。