by Ennien Ashbrook, ashbrook@spots.ab.ca / 由 Ennien Ashbrook,ashbrook@spots.ab.ca

The late summer sunlight filtered down through the maze of greens that were the trees. The wind, ever-present, ever-blowing, picked up the speckles of colour and tossed them like playthings against the brilliant blue sky. A leaf tumbled, spun, then snared in the anenome tendrils of the banner of golden hair. Idly, Zarabeth reached up an ivory hand and pulled it out. / 那夏天底日光經過樹的綠色迷宮過濾下來。 風, 經常存在的,曾經-吹製,拾起顏色的小斑點而且像對抗燦爛的藍色天空的玩具一樣投擲了他們。 一片葉跌落,快速旋轉,然後在金頭髮的旗幟 anenome 卷鬚中以陷阱捕獲。 懶惰地, Zarabeth 在一隻象牙製的手上面到達而且拉出它。

She turned her face into the wind and let it blow the hair back from her face. It was so rare that she got to do this; allow the suns to glaze her with scarlet light, allow the wind's caress to bring the blush to her cheeks. Sadly, it wasn't to last. / 她從她的臉將她的臉變成風而且讓它把頭髮吹回來。 它是如此的稀罕以致於她開始做這; 讓太陽用肥斐色的光裝以玻璃她, 讓風的愛撫帶那臉紅到她的頰。 悲傷地,它是不持續。

She continued down the broad pathway from the cluster of grey buildings housing Spectra's Central Intelligence. Climbing the hill, she paused at the summit. Before her was spread the city, the windows of the office towers bloodied by the setting sun. Soon it would be evening, and the chill would set in. / 她繼續下來收容頻譜的中央智力的來自灰色建築物的群大範圍的路。 攀登小山,她在高峰會暫停。 在她被傳佈城市,被背景太陽血腥的辦公室塔的窗戶之前。 很快它將會是晚上,而且寒冷將會開始。

Too soon, she thought. This year was going by so quickly. For a moment, the woman felt old; as aged as her world, as burdened with its sorrows. She shrugged off the feeling as self-indulgent, shouldered her bag, and continued on her way. / 太很快,她想。 今年正在經過如此的快。 一會兒,女人覺得老; 像她的世界一樣的年老,如它的悲傷所負擔。 她走開聳肩感覺當做放縱的,肩負了她的袋子, 而且在途中繼續。

She would not bother with a car this evening, she thought. Sometimes she preferred to take a public transport, to see the people and how they lived. It was too easy to get lost in the luxury of the military privileged. / 她今天晚上以一輛汽車將不煩擾,她想。 有時她喜歡帶公眾的傳送 , 勝過見人和他們如何居住。 它是太容易的在被給與特權的軍隊豪華中迷路。

There were children on the transport, and she smiled at their expressions of wonderment to their parents. Had she ever found such magic in the world? Yes.. But not until she had become an adult. / 有在傳送上的孩子,而且她對他們的父母在他們的驚奇表達微笑。 她曾經發現全球的如此魔術嗎? 是的。。 但是不直到她已經成為一個成人。
She watched old people engaged in various time-passing crafts, strained her ears to catch the strains of music eminating from teenagers' inserts, listened to mothers scolding errant children. She listened to adults discussing the hardships of their lives, heard the fears of the children as their parents' discussed the military schools. / 她看被專注各種不同的通過時間的飛機老人 , 緊張的她耳朵引起來自青少年的插入物的音樂 eminating 的緊張,聽責罵周遊的孩子母親的話。 她聽討論他們的生命艱難的成人話,聽到了如他們的被討論軍事學校的父母孩子的恐懼。

One day, she thought, and thought no more. / 天,她想, 而且想沒有更多。

The transport arrived at her destination, the great towers that housed the offices of the government higher-ups. She walked through the glass doors, nodding curtly to the security officers. They knew her face, though they had to check her security card to tell which one she was. / 傳送到達她的目的地, 收容了政府上級的辦公室的棒塔。 她走過玻璃門, 點頭的簡略地對安全官員。 他們知道她的臉,雖然他們必須檢查她的安全卡片告訴她是的哪一個。

The elevator deposited her on the penthouse level, with its rooftop gardens and spacious offices. The executive lavatory was empty, and she disappered within. / 電梯在搭連正房的屋頂水準上存放她,藉由它的屋頂花園和廣大的辦公室。 執行的盥洗室是空的, 和她在裡面的 disappered。

Once secured, she opened her bag and pulled out the purple tunic. She pulled her hair away from her face and filled the sink with water, to wash the makeup off her face. Then she pulled off the velveteen slacks, heavy sweater and underblouse. She pulled the breast forms out of her brassiere and removed the female undergarments, replacing them with the more comfortable and supportive male version. The purple stirrup pants were pulled on, the tunic belted over top, then the long, thigh-high boots. The blonde hair was shaken out, brushed, then rolled into a french roll to fit under the mask. Finally, the long gloves were pulled on and the cape thrown over all. / 一次保護,她打開了她的袋子而且拉出紫色的長袍。 她拉了她的頭髮遠離她的臉而且將洗滌槽裝滿水, 在她的臉外洗化菕C 然後她順利完成棉絨製的鬆長褲,重的毛衣和 underblouse 。 她把胸部表格從她的胸罩拉出來而且移走了女性的內衣,用更舒服和更支持的男性版本更換他們。 紫色的馬鐙褲子被拉在,之上長袍束帶的在頂端之上 , 然後長又大腿- 高的長靴。 白色的頭髮被搖動出,疏刷, 然後進入一個 french 捲物之內捲在假面具之下適合。 最後,長的手套被拉在和之上在全部之上被丟的岬。

Redressed, Zoltar packed his "sister's" gear back into the kitbag, and stepped out into his office. / 糾正,Zoltar 進入 kitbag 之內把他的 " 姊妹 " 的工具包裝回來, 而且進入他的辦公室之內放大步伐走。

He passed the separate mainframe which stored all of the most top-secret plans that the military was working on. He had pulled the requisite files from the machine earlier and loaded them onto his own workstation, when he had been called away for a task that necessitated / 他通過了儲存了所有的軍隊正在進行中的最極機密的計劃單獨的電腦主機。 他早些時候拉了來自機器的必要檔案而且在他自己的工作站之上裝載他們,當他已經被為一件使工作成為必要的叫做離開的時候
Zarabeth's attention. The discs sat undisturbed, exactly where he had placed them after erasure. One couldn't be too careful... / Zarabeth's 的注意。 圓盤坐著未受到干擾的,完全他已經把他們放擦除之後哪裡。 一無法太小心。。。

He activated the workstation and called for the directories, typing in the passcodes as required. The machine then asked for a voice-print. / 他刺激了工作站而且要求目錄, 在 passcodes 中打字如必需的。 機器然後要求一種聲音-印刷。
He gave it. / 他給予了它。

*Voice does not match: Access denied* / *聲音不相配: 通路否認*

!!?? / !!??

Huh?? / 哼!??

Zoltar sat staring at the screen, puzzlement on his face. Twice the computer had denied him access to the files, files to which only he, / Zoltar 坐著了盯著螢幕看,在他的臉上迷惑。 兩次電腦已經否認,他取得到檔案, 申請到只有他,
Mala, Zarabeth, and three govorners had authorization to use. On the third try, the voice-prints had matched and been accepted. / Mala , Zarabeth 和三 govorners 有了授權使用。 在第三個嘗試上,聲音- 印刷已經相配而且被接受。

Then he had tried to access the file. / 然後他已經嘗試取得檔案。

*File in use, cannot comply* / *在使用中申請,不能夠遵守*

This had him really puzzled. The Spectran machines were all capable of multitasking, so that any number of users could work off of a given file. The only times such wasn't possible was if the file was being copied or moved. / 這有真的被困惑的他。 Spectran 機器全部能夠多工化,所以一些使用者可以一個給定的檔案排除。 唯一的時代如此的是不可能的是否檔案正在被複印或移動。

He wasn't copying or moving the file or for that matter doing anything to it except try to access it! / 他沒有在複印或者移動檔案或者就那件事而論做任何事給它除嘗試取得它!

What was going on? / 什麼正在繼續?

He clicked for an activity scan. Sure enough, the file was being copied. He watched the byte-count climb. But how? Why? He rechecked the activity scan, the file locations, then noticed the modem indicator icon and understanding struck. / 因為一個活動掃描,他按。 當然足夠,檔案正在被複印。 他看了位元組-計數攀登。 但是如何? 為什麼? 他再檢查了活動掃描,檔案地點,然後注意數據機指示器圖像和理解被打。

Someone had hacked his workstation. / 某人已經砍劈他的工作站。

* * * / ***

The trace had revealed the invading account to be that of Govorner / 痕跡已經揭露侵略帳戶 Govorner 是那
Saichein. How interesting, Zoltar thought. Saichein and he had had quite a few run-ins: Saichein was very much opposed to Zoltar and greatly desired Zoltar's position and favour with the Luminous One (not that Zoltar felt particularly honoured about that 'favour'). But / Saichein。 如何有趣的,Zoltar 想。 Saichein 和他已經有相當多的奔跑-在: Saichein 非常反對 Zoltar 並且非常用發光需要 Zoltar's 的位置和好意一。 ( 不 Zoltar 特別地感覺到處表揚那 '好意') 但是
Saichein had access to those files anyways, all he had to do was ask / Saichein 無論如何有了接觸那些檔案, 全部他必須做是問
Zoltar for them: Why go through the trouble of hacking Zoltar's computer and stealing them? / Zoltar 為他們: 為什麼去過砍劈 Zoltar's 的電腦而且偷他們的麻煩?

Unless to discredit him? Again, how? Why? Leak them to Earth, he thought. Yes, leak them to Earth and blame Zoltar for being careless with important documents. It certainly was careless of him to leave them active on his workstation, he realized. / 除非不信用他? 再一次,如何? 為什麼? 對地球漏他們,他想。 是的,對地球和過失漏他們對重要的文件感到粗心的 Zoltar。 它他確定地是粗心的在他工作站上讓他們積極的,他了解。

Perhaps the current set-up itself is careless, Zoltar mused. He stored the most vital plans on the separate mainframe, not linked in any way to any other computer. To retrieve files, one had to copy to disk, then boot the disk into one's own workstation. Only Zoltar had the passwords to the mainframe, and his was the only voice it would recognise. Even Mala had to ask Zoltar's permission. / 也許現在的組-向上它本身是粗心的,Zoltar 沉思。 他儲存了在單獨的電腦主機上的最重要的計劃,不以任何方式連接到任何其他的電腦。 為了取回檔案,一必須複印到磁碟片,然後踢磁碟片進一個自己的工作站。 只有 Zoltar 有了對電腦主機的密碼,而且他的是它將會承認的唯一聲音。 甚至 Mala 必須問 Zoltar's 的許可。

However, from there, Zoltar sometimes loaded the files onto his own system, for the requester to log into. Less than a handful of vital personnel knew the layered passcodes and had the voice-prints. It saved time; otherwise time was lost in hand-delivering the disks -- it could not be left to ordinary office messangers. Zoltar had far too much to do to spend time running deliveries or babysitting logons. / 然而,從那裡,有時在他自己的系統之上被裝載檔案的 Zoltar ,讓請求者伐木進入之內。 少於一把重要人員知道被分層堆積的 passcodes 而且有了聲音-印刷。 它節省了時間; 否則時間在手中被失去- 遞送磁碟片 -- 它無法留給平常的辦公室 messangers 。 Zoltar 遙遠地有太多做花費時間跑遞送或者臨時替人看顧小孩註冊。

Staring at the rising byte-count, he wondered if he shouldn't *make* time. He'd have the Luminous One on his case for sure, once this got out... / 盯著上升的位元組看-計數, 他懷疑是否他不應該 *製造*時間。 他確實將會在他的情形上有發光一,一旦這離開。。。

He was about to strike the command that would override the copy, when he noticed a discrepancy in the modem beat-count. He ran an activity scan over it and discovered that Saichein's modem was showing twice the activity that his own was. Twice? It should only be showing equal, if all he's doing is downloading the.. / 他正要攻擊將會棄絕副本的指令,當他注意的時候數據機的一個相差打-計算。 他輾過活動掃描它並且發現, Saichein's 的數據機正在顯示兩次活動他自己的是。 兩次? 它應該只有顯示對手, 如果他正在做的全部正在下載那。。

What if he's uploading it as well? Somewhere else? He reached for the console again, intending to run a second trace. / 什麼如果他正在恐怕最好上傳它? 某處別的? 他再一次及於控制檯,想要跑第二個痕跡。

The call quit. Zoltar cursed roundly, furious with himself for not thinking quickly enough, for not overriding the transfer, for not tracing the other modem, for any number of things. / 呼叫離開。 Zoltar 圓圓地詛咒, 狂怒的由於他自己因為不很快地足夠想, 為不棄絕移動, 因為不追蹤另一個數據機,對於一些事物。

Still, it wasn't a total loss. He now knew that there were flaws in the security of the system, and the file, while top-secret, wasn't as vital as some of the others. And he knew that Saichein had moved against him. / 使, 安靜它不是一個總損失。 他現在知道有系統的安全缺點 , 和檔案, 當極機密的時候, 是不當做重要的如一些其餘者。 而且他知道 Saichein 已經移動對抗他。

Zoltar stared at the screen, his mind ticking over. / Zoltar 盯著螢幕看,結束的他心被套料。

* * * / ***

Saichein had been taken into custody and his workstations and computers shut down. A search of his files had revealed plans to discredit Zoltar and stage a coup. This was enough to pacify the / Saichein 已經被帶進入監護和他的工作站和電腦之內關閉。 他的檔案搜尋已經揭露計劃不信用 Zoltar 而且舉行一個計畫。 這是充足平靜那
Luminous One, so much so that Zoltar only received a mild shouting-at. / 發光的, 這麼多以便 Zoltar 只收到了溫和的呼喊 - 在。

He had restructured the security on the top-secret retrievals, making it so that only he had the final voice-print authorization -- without him, there was no access. He debated supervising the transactions on the files himself, but that would seriously interfere with his own work. The Luminous One promised to think about it and search for a workable solution. It was almost being cooperative for once, Zoltar thought venomously. / 他已經更改結構在極機密的取回上的安全, 做到以便只有他有了最後的聲音- 印刷的授權 -- 沒有他,沒有通路。 他辯論監督在檔案上的交易他自己, 但是將會嚴重地干擾他自己的工作。 發光一答應為能工作的解決方案想它和搜尋。 它是幾乎僅此一次合作,Zoltar 有毒地想。

He had stepped out for a quick ti and pastry, and was just getting off the elevator when he heard the bizarre squawk he had installed as an alarm; someone wanted access to a file. That's right, Mala was scheduled to input her recent reconnaissance onto the plans for the / 當他聽到了他已經安裝如一聲警報的奇異瓜瓜聲的時候,他已經為快的 ti 和麵粉糕餅放大步伐走, 而且正在僅僅下電梯; 某人想要接觸一個檔案。 那是正確的, Mala 預定在關於的計劃之上輸入她的最近偵察那
San Andreas project. He gave the computer the voice-authorization, then turned the screen to his own work. / 桑河安德里亞計畫。 他給予了電腦聲音-授權,然後將螢幕轉向他自己的工作。

He had been looking for possible weaknesses in G-Force's structure, and thought he might have found one. There appeared to be considerable tension between the Eagle and the Hawk. In addition, the / 他已經找尋 G- 力量的結構可能的弱點, 而且認為他可能被發現一。 被似乎是在鷹和鷹之間相當多的緊張那裡。 除此之外,那
Hawk appeared somewhat reckless and hot-headed, though very eager to question the Eagle's commands. Perhaps that weakness could be exploited.. If they took out the Eagle, that would leave the Hawk in command. If he acted before he thought.. / 鷹顯得略微鹵莽和急躁的, 雖然非常熱心的詢問鷹的指令。 也許那弱點可能被開發。。 如果他們取出鷹,那將會離開指令的鷹。 如果在他想之前 , 他行動。。

"Hi, Little Brother," said Mala, coming through the open office door. / " 嗨,小兄弟 ",Mala 說,來過開放的辦公室門。

"I'm not your 'little brother'," he returned automatically. / " 我不是你的 '小兄弟'",他自動地回覆。

"Did you get that San Adreas file transferred yet? I'm sorry I'm late for it, I got caught in a problem at the site.. What's wrong?" / " 你得到那一個桑河 Adreas 檔案轉移? 對不起我為它遲到, 我在位置的一個問題中得到捕捉。。 怎麼回事?"

Zoltar was staring from Mala to the screen and back again. If Mala was here, then who...? / Zoltar 正在從 Mala 到螢幕注視並且再一次回來。 如果 Mala 在這裡, 然後誰。。。?

A mad scramble for the activity scan but it was too late. The call disconnected, the file copied and absconded with. / 對於活動的瘋狂攀緣掃描,但是它太晚。 呼叫分離, 檔案複印而且潛逃由於。

This time, Zoltar was too angry to curse. / 這次, Zoltar 是太生氣而無法詛咒。

* * * / ***

"The prison warden says he's had no access to any computer, not even for the broadcast shows," Mala reported. Zoltar's brow creased further. "Maybe there are others, people with whom he was in league," she speculated. / "監獄典獄官說,他沒有接觸任何的電腦, 不甚至為廣播的表演",Mala 報告。 Zoltar's 的眉毛更進一步摺痕。 "也許有其它, 他在聯盟中的人",她深思。

"And I gave the authorization myself.." he muttered. / "而且我給予了授權我自己。。"他喃喃自語。

"What I want to know is how they hacked *my* account. I've got voice-print authority, too." / " 我想要知道的是 , 他們砍劈的方式 *我的*帳戶。 我已經得到聲音-印刷當局,也。"

"Is that all?" / " 那是所有的"?

"That's all that's needed." / " 那是所有的那被需要".

Zoltar shook his head, "Not anymore it isn't. Someone's figured out how to crack that." / Zoltar 搖頭,"不不再它不是。 某人的理解該如何弄碎那。"

"But how? They couldn't use a synthesizer, any voice-checker would spot that immediately. Even you can't imitate *my* voice *that* perfectly, for all we're twins," Mala twisted her hair in exasperation. A thought dawned on Zoltar. / " 但是如何? 他們無法使用一個合成器,任何的聲音-檢驗員將會立刻認出那。 甚至你不能模仿 *我的* 聲音 *那*完全地,為全部我們是雙胞胎,"Mala 擰了惱怒的她頭髮。 一個想法使 Zoltar 恍然大悟。

"What if they didn't? What if they used their own voice?" / " 什麼如果他們沒有? 什麼如果他們使用了他們自己的聲音?"

"The computer wouldn't recognise it." / " 電腦將不承認它 " 。

"It would... if it had been programmed to." He watched realization spread across his sister's features. / " 它將會。。。 假如它是規劃到。"他看了由他的姊妹特徵分擔的實現。

"They changed the exec files?" / " 他們改變了管理人員檔案 "?

Her brother nodded slowly. / 她的兄弟點頭得慢慢。

"And I never thought to put passwords on that..." / "而且我從不想把密碼放在那。。。"

"I did.. but they were simple. It didn't occur to me either, that someone might simply try that," Zoltar frowned. / "我做。。 但是他們很簡單。 它也沒有對我發生,某人可能只是試那,"Zoltar 皺眉頭。

"Thinking too directly, too complexly." / "太直接地想,太複雜地".

Zoltar nodded. / Zoltar 點頭。

"So what now?" / " 如此什麼現在"?

"I was thinking of baiting a trap..." / "我正在想到以餌引誘一個圈套。。。"

Between them both, it took an hour to whip up a plant-file, an addendum to the San Andreas project files, filled with bogus information. A request was shunted from Mala's workstation and the fake file loaded onto Zoltar's. Then they doctored the remaining files. Then they waited. / 在他們兩個之間,它花 1 小時激起一個植物-檔案,桑河安德里亞計畫檔案的一個附錄,裝滿假的資料。 一個請求從被載入 Zoltar's 的 Mala's 的工作站和假的檔案被分路。 然後他們醫生了剩餘的檔案。 然後他們等候。

The first file contained a directive informing the user of the other three files. The fake file was delegated as #2. If whomever was doing the hacking wanted the complete plans to the San Adreas project, they'd have to call back. / 第一個檔案包含了告知使用者另外三個檔案的指令。 假的檔案被代表當做 #2. 如果無論誰正在做被想要對桑河 Adreas 計畫的完全計劃的那砍劈,他們將會必須回電。

The clock ticked over. Mala went for take-out, noticing that the sky was dark. They sat in silence, watching the activity scan and munching on dinner. / 時鐘結束畫勾號。 Mala 去拿出倉, 注意天空很黑暗。 他們在沈默方面坐,看活動掃描而且在晚餐上用力咀嚼。

Halfway through the spicy noodles, the scan burst into life. / 經過辛辣的麵條半路地,進入生活之內爆裂的掃描。

Instantly Zoltar was active, initiating the trace. Mala's account, sure enough. Like Saichein's, putting up twice the activity of / 立即地 Zoltar 是積極的,開始痕跡。 Mala's 的帳戶,確信充足。 像 Saichein's, 搭起兩次活動
Zoltar's; a command to Mala's machine, and a second trace commenced, this one to the account of one Captain Delinger, a ringer of / Zoltar's; 對 Mala's 的機器一個指令,和第二個痕跡開始,船長 Delinger 的帳戶這一個, 一鳴響
Saichein's. It looked like Mala's accomplice hypothesis might be right. / Saichein's。 它看起來像 Mala's 的共犯假設一樣可能是正確的。

His account was also showing doubled activity. A third trace. The personal, home computer of Major Corhassen; doughnut fiend, slob, and follower of Saichein. Indeed... / 他的帳戶也正在顯示加倍活動。 第三個痕跡。 主要 Corhassen 的個人又家庭電腦; Saichein 的油炸圈餅魔鬼,邋遢的人和從者。 的確。。。

A fourth trace. The cell of the Dove. An attempt to throw suspicion onto her? Possibly. A fifth trace -- a soldier in Colonel Tarnag's legion. Tarnag was another of Saichein's supporters. Was this soldier acting on his orders, or was he a scape goat? The sixth trace ended at the site of a chief who was known (to Zoltar, though to very few others) to be a planted spy from Earth. Leak found. / 第四個痕跡。 鴿子的細胞。 一種嘗試把猜疑加諸於她? 可能地。 第五個痕跡 -- 上校 Tarnag's 的軍團一個軍人。 Tarnag 對 Saichein's 的支持者是另外。 這一個軍人正在他的次序上行動, 或是他一個花莖山羊? 第六痕跡在被知道 (到 Zoltar,雖然對少許的其它) 當來自地球的被種植的間諜領袖的位置結束。 漏洞發現。

Zoltar leaned back and considered the pattern on the screen. Yes, they'd found where the files were being leaked to. They still didn't know who was doing the leaking. / Zoltar 向後地倚靠而且考慮了在螢幕上的典型。 是的,他們已經發現 , 檔案正在被漏的地方到。 他們仍然沒有知道誰正在做那漏。

* * * / ***

All access to the mainframe files was cut off, fake files being loaded onto Zoltar's workstation. It took several days for Zoltar to work out a program that would be uploaded secretly to the trace-sites. The program would settle in the communications packages: It would record any and all data calls made by any of the trace-sites, then continue to record any additional command calls made. If it reached Mala's site, it would send an alarm down to Zoltar's site. His site would then howl at him, and he could activate a trace to collect the log. / 所有的接觸電腦主機檔案被切斷,假貨申請被載入 Zoltar's 的工作站。 它拿一些每天為 Zoltar 想出一個將會暗中被上傳到痕跡的計畫-位置。 計畫將會在溝通包裹中安頓: 它將會記錄任何的和被任何痕跡創下的所有資料呼叫-位置,然後繼續記錄被創下的任何附加的指令呼叫。 如果它到達了 Mala's 的位置,它將會把一聲警報送下來到 Zoltar's 的位置。 然後他的位置將會在他狂吠,而且他可以刺激痕跡收集圓木。
This should, in theory, locate the origion of the phreak chain. / 這應該,理論上,設置 phreak 鏈的 origion 。

In addition, Mala's site was programmed to record any and all changes to the voice-print exec. file. / 除此之外, Mala's 的位置被規劃記錄對聲音- 印刷的管理人員的任何和所有的改變。 申請。

Through routine voice-call checks with the targetted sites, Zoltar sent his log-program down the lines to nestle unobtrusively in the / 經過例行公事宣述-呼叫以被瞄準的位置檢查,Zoltar 送了他的圓木- 計畫未來的某一天不多嘴地舒適地坐定在那
Spectran telecommunications packages. There, it would ignore all voice and visual transmissions, such as entertainment broadcasts, personal calls, and sound generation: It would concentrate only on data transmission and reception. / Spectran 電傳視訊包裹。 在那裡,它將會不理睬所有的聲音和視覺的傳輸, 像是娛樂廣播,個人的呼叫和聲音世代: 它只將會專注於資料傳輸和接待。

There was nothing for several days. Mala continued to log requests for the fake files, since the hacker seemed to have access to her schedule, but nothing came of it. Word was leaked about the immanence of the San Adreas project, yet nothing happened. / 有好幾天的沒事。 Mala 繼續伐木對假的檔案請求,因為電腦黑客似乎可以使用她的時間表,但是沒事來自於它。 字被漏關於桑河 Adreas 計畫的內在事,仍然沒事發生。

Zoltar was about to give up in disgust, when, a week later, it did. / Zoltar 正要在厭惡方面放棄,當, 一星期之後,它做。

The office had been completely silent and he had worked late into the night. Thus, he nearly jumped out of his skin when the alarm screamed at him. His hand smashed down onto the console, fingers nimbly keying the command to read log. At the same time, Mala's station sent its security exec. report. / 辦公室已經完全沈默,而且他已經進入夜晚之內晚工作。 因此,當警報在他尖叫的時候,他幾乎跳躍離他的皮膚。 他的在控制檯之上被打破的手, 手指敏捷地調音指令讀圓木。 同時, Mala's 的車站送了它的安全管理人員。 報告。

He stared at them for a long time, his mouth open in wonder. Then it curled into a snarl. / 他盯著他們看有很長的一段時間,他的嘴在奇蹟中打開。 然後它弄捲進入一之內吼叫。

"You little bitch!" / " 你小母狗"!

* * * / ***

"Her?" / " 她 "?

Zoltar nodded. / Zoltar 點頭。

"The Dove??" / "鴿子??"

Zoltar nodded. / Zoltar 點頭。

"Princess???" / "公主???"

"Yes! Her! It's her!! You got it??" Zoltar shouted. Mala frowned. / "是的! 她! 是她!! 你得到了它??"Zoltar 呼喊。 Mala 皺眉頭。

"After all we've done for her.. We treated her well, we imported food for her at an incredible cost, we could have just obeyed the Spirit's orders and tortured her for information.. How could she do this??" / " 畢竟我們完蛋了她。。 我們被對待她的得好,我們在難以置信的費用為她輸入了食物, 我們可以剛剛才服從精神是次序而且為資料拷問她。。 她如何可以做這??"

Zoltar slumped into his chair, his hand supporting his forehead. He sighed in exasperation, "Because she's G-Force. She has to." / Zoltar 進入他的椅子之內猛然掉落,他的支持他的前額手。 他在惱怒中歎息,"因為她是 G-力量。 她有到。"

"But..!" / "但是。。!"

"Think about it, Mala; she's a prisoner! She's a special-forces operative imprisoned on an enemy world. It's her duty to try to gather as much information, to find and exploit as many of our weaknesses as she can find. *I'd* be torn apart if I didn't take every such opportunity: I don't imagine her superiors would expect any less from her." / "想它,Mala; 她是囚犯! 她是職員在一個敵人世界上下獄的特種部隊。 它是她的責任試著聚集如很多的資料, 發現而且開發和我們的弱點當她能發現一樣多的。 * 我有* 分別地被撕開如果我沒有利用每一如此的機會: 我不想像她的長者將會期待來自她的任何比較少量。"

Mala said nothing, but nodded thoughtfully. / Mala 什麼也不說, 但是深思地點頭。

"And she found a lot of weaknesses to exploit," Zoltar continued, more to himself, "I don't know why I didn't think of her sooner. She's / "而且她發現許多弱點開發 ," Zoltar 繼續,多對他自己,"我不知道我為什麼沒有想到她的搶先佔有土地之人。 她是
G-Force's tech-specialist, it shouldn't have surprised me.." / G- 力量的科技-專家,它應該不要使我吃驚的。。"

"But how did she do it?" / " 但是她如何做它 "?

"I don't know," Zoltar moaned. He bashed his head against the chair back, "I've been wracking my brain, trying to think of any way she could possibly have hacked through the number of levels she did and I can't think of anything.." / " 我不知道 ",Zoltar 呻吟。 他怒毆了對抗椅子背面的他頭,"我已經毀壞我的腦, 嘗試想到她可以已經可能地砍劈過水準的數字任何方法她做,而且我不能想到任何事。。"

"Neither can I." / " 我也不會 " 。

They sat in silence for a few minutes. / 他們在沈默方面坐數分鐘。

"What are we going to do about her?" Mala asked finally. / " 我們將要關於她做什麼 "? Mala 最後問。

Zoltar looked around aimlessly. "I don't know," he said. / Zoltar 沒有目標地四處看看。 " 我不知道 ",他說。

"Leave the fake files up for a bit," she said thoughtfully, "I have an idea." / "為一點點向上離開假的檔案 ," 她深思地說," 我有一個想法 " 。

* * * / ***

There were soldiers everywhere and somewhere in the background someone was laughing. His fingers fluttered joyfully over the keyboard as he explored this new domain. So primitive, he thought, delighted; so easy to explore... And explore he did, finding all of the back doors, learning all of the weaknesses, like a good soldier. But he forgot about his own, and he turned around, suddenly realising he was naked and the laughter was directed at him.... / 各處和某處在某人正在笑的背景方面有軍人。 當他探究了這個新的領域時候,他的手指歡喜地在鍵盤之上擺動。 如此原始,他想,高興; 如此容易探究。。。 而且探究他做, 發現所有的後門,學習所有的弱點, 像一個好軍人。 但是他忘記關於他自己的,和他回過頭, 突然覺悟他是赤裸的,而且笑在他被指示....

Zoltar woke with a start, blinking at the dissolving remnant of dream.. / Zoltar 以一個開始喚醒,在夢的溶解剩餘眨眼。。

"Of course!" he cried, and threw himself out of the bed, towards his computer. / " 當然 "! 他哭, 而且床把他自己趕出去,向他的電腦。

* * * / ***

He stared in triumph at the image on the screen. He hadn't been approaching it the right way; an alien, a computer specialist, confronted with a whole new technology. Curious as to how it worked, eager to explore its limits. No malice, no plan, just simple curiosity until it started yeilding fruit. / 他在螢幕上的影像在凱旋方面注視。 他沒有接近它正確的方法; 一個外僑,一個電腦專家,以一種整個的新技術面對。 好奇的關於它如何工作, 熱心的探究它的限制。 沒有惡意 , 沒有計劃,只是簡單的好奇心直到它開始了 yeilding 水果。

Hypothetical reconstruction: She had been playing with the modem, learning its varied capabilities, puttering around with the communications package that ran it. She had been supplied with a help document, explaining how to use package and modem -- she was an alien after all, and would not know. She had spent time with guards who would explain things to her; probably, one of those guards had given her their station's code, so that she could call if she ran into a problem. Calling that code would give her access to that legion's network, however limited. / 假設的重建: 她已經和數據機玩,學習它的不同能力,以溝通跑它的包裹在附近無精打釆地工作。 她已經被提供一份幫忙文件, 解釋該如何使用包裹和數據機 -- 她是畢竟外僑, 而且將不知道。 她已經和將會解釋事物給她的守衛度過時間; 可能,那些守衛之一已經給她他們的車站密碼,所以如果她陷入一個問題,她會呼叫。 呼叫那一個密碼將會提供她的通路到那個軍團的網路,然而限制。

Here, an element of luck came in -- she had evidently stumbled across a back door on that legion's network. Zoltar remembered that one legion's network site had been acting up, and a repair crew were to be taking a look at in within the next little while. It wasn't a priority job. Zoltar knew the back door, and used it. Now, he stared at the result. / 在這裡,一種運氣的元素進來 -- 她已經明顯地偶然發現在那個軍團的網路上的一個後門。 Zoltar 記得,一個軍團的網路位置已經行動在,上面和一個修理組員準備在下小的一會兒之內方面看一看。 它不是一個優先工作。 Zoltar 知道後門, 而且使用了它。 現在,他盯著結果看。

The legion's Captain, a minor official of no particular importance, had left the system administration passwords on the sysadmin's main menu, for the repair crew. Once you had those passwords, you had access to all of the information the system administrators did -names, ident codes, ranks, security levels, personal passwords.. / 軍團的船長 , 沒有特別的重要一位較小官員,已經留下在 sysadmin's 的主要菜單上的系統行政密碼,對於修理組員。 一旦你有了那些密碼, 你有接觸所有的資料系統管理人做 -名字, ident 密碼,排名,安全水準,個人的密碼。。
Zoltar entered the Captain's passwords. / Zoltar 進入了船長的密碼。

Voila. This captain was indeed a fool; he kept all of his passcodes in his rolodex file. From his account, it was possible to access the files of several of his superiors. Included was a file containing sensitive information about several officers. Zoltar recognised several names: Saichein, Tarnag, Delinger.. All listed as being subversive to Zoltar. / 瞧。 這一位船長的確是一個愚人; 他保持了他的 rolodex 檔案的他全部 passcodes 。 從他的帳戶,取得一些他的長者檔案是可能的。 包括是一個包含關於一些官員的敏感資訊的檔案。 Zoltar 辨認出了一些名字: Saichein , Tarnag , Delinger。。 當作為破壞份子到 Zoltar 的時候,全部列出。

All chosen to be as suspicious as possible. / 全部選擇是儘可能可疑的。

Clever, clever girl... / 聰明又聰明的女孩。。。

From there, extrapolation of events was simple: All of the officers tended to believe that their subordinates were imbeciles, while they themselves were not so long on brains. Thus, they tended to use simple, easily-remembered passwords. In addition, most of the military networks used a standardized keyboard and language. An alien with a couple of translation dictionaries, provided by well-meaning, helpful guards... What's Upper Feidhleichean for "sex"? Otherwise, it was just matching visuals. It would take time, but time is something a prisoner does not lack. / 從那裡,事件的插補法很簡單: 所有的官員容易相信他們的屬下是低能者而他們自己在腦上不是如此長。 因此,他們容易使用簡單的,容易地-記得密碼。 除此之外,大部份的軍事網路使用了一種被標準化的鍵盤和語言。 由於一些翻譯字典的一個外僑,由善意又有幫助守衛提供。。。 " 性別 " 的上面 Feidhleichean 是什麼? 否則,它正在僅僅相配視覺的。 它將會花時間,但是時間是某事一個囚犯不缺乏。

From there, it was a simple matter of puttering around, and making things up as she went along. She had to have found a randomizer, he realised; several of his passwords were random characters. The time involved.. She must have been doing this practically the day she was taken in. / 從那裡,它是在附近無精打釆地工作的簡單事件, 而且使事物向上當她向前去。 她必須已經發現 randomizer,他了解; 一些他的密碼是任意的個性。 時間牽涉。。 她實際地一定曾經做這她被接受的那天。

Then she would have to have found one of the Terran spies. That wouldn't have been difficult: If she knew the name the spy was operating under, the finder programs would have provided their sitecodes within an hour. Then it was nick a file and send it along, never actually seeing it herself. / 然後她將會必須已經發現 Terran 間諜之一。 那很困難: 如果她知道名字,間諜正在操作在,之下發現者計畫在 1 小時內將會已經提供他們的 sitecodes 。 然後它是向前刻痕於一個檔案而且送它,從不實際上見到它她自己。

It was simple and imaginative. The Luminous One would have his hide. / 真是簡單的和想像。 發光一將會有他的獸皮。

If it found out. / 如果它發現。

He smiled, thinking of Mala's idea. / 他微笑,想到 Mala's 的想法。

He had objected at first, disliking the notion of placing their guest in jeopardy. As Mala pointed out, however, she had already placed herself in jeopardy. He had been leaking information for a while now, and the Spirit was beginning to get suspicious -- Why not let her do her job? / 他起先已經反對, 不愛好把他們的客人放在危難的觀念。 當 Mala 指出,然而,她已經把她自己放在危難了。 他已經漏資料一陣子現在,而且精神正在開始可疑 -- 為什麼不讓她做她的工作?

Why not, indeed.. / 為什麼不,的確。。

He knew the identities of all of Earth's planted spies. In addition, he knew who among his own men were of a like mind. When a leak was found and shut down, he could simply arrange another and hope she'd find it. She probably would. After all, she was G-Force. / 他知道所有地球的種植間諜的身份。 除此之外,他知道誰在他自己的男人之中是相似的心。 當一個漏洞被發現而且關閉的時候,他可以只是安排她將會發現它的另外一和希望。 她可能將會。 畢竟,她是 G-力量。

by Ennien Ashbrook, ashbrook@spots.ab.ca / 由 Ennien Ashbrook,ashbrook@spots.ab.ca