The Gauntlet (part I) / 鐵手套 (第一部份)

by Ennien Ashbrook, / 由 Ennien Ashbrook,

She rose and turned up the wallscreen. The first streaks of dawn were painted across the horizon, the fierce stars of the sky losing their brilliance as the younger sun crawled up over the world's edge. She watched shadows, the sillhouettes of people moving about in the grey twilight, faint puffs of mist forming out of their breath. Winter was coming to Spectra. / 她上升而且把 wallscreen 調大。 破曉的第一種條理被畫過地平線, 天空的凶猛星失去如被爬行的更年輕的太陽他們的卓越在世界的邊緣之上上面。 她由於他們的呼吸看了影像,移動關於在灰色的曙光內的人 sillhouettes ,昏厥霧的一陣噴煙形成。 冬天正在到達頻譜。

She shivered against an imagined chill, pulling her robe around her. / 她打顫對抗被想像的寒冷,在她周圍拉她的寬鬆長袍。
Crossing to the catering slot, she ordered ti and a hot meal for breakfast. When it arrived, she activated the computer and read news while she ate. / 橫越到準備食物位置,她為早餐點了 ti 和熱的一餐。 當她吃的時候,當它到達的時候, 她刺激了電腦而且讀了新聞。

Breakfast was a warming meal. A porridge of grains and legumes, eaten plain or spiced; a thin soup of tangy, tart, seasoned broth; breads and fruit, all washed down with cups of fragrant, steaming ti. / 早餐是溫暖一餐。 穀粒和豆類的粥,吃平原或藥料; 強烈的﹐酸﹐和經驗豐富肉湯的瘦湯; 麵包和水果, 全部以杯子洗掉芬香的,蒸發 ti。

The newswires told of another unsuccessful attack on Earth, but bragged about the incompetance of G-Force without its female member. / 新聞專線另外不成功的攻擊地球告訴, 但是關於 G 的 incompetance 吹牛-沒有它的女性成員的力量。
It would seem to be true, from the stories given, but inquiries to more direct sources proved otherwise. She didn't really matter that much. / 它將會似乎是真實的,從被給的故事,但是比較直接的來源質詢否則證明。 她不真的有重大關係那麼多。

Chief Anderson had been so emphatic, that she was vital to the team, being the only one truly capable of espionage, the best at computer technology. Why, then, did he train Mark and Jason so rigorously at those arts? Why did he not train her, and the other members, in the arts in which they, Mark and Jason, were specialists? / 主要的安德遜是如此語調強, 她是重要的對小組, 真實地作為唯一的一個能夠間諜組織,在電腦技術的最好。 為什麼,然後,他在那些藝術訓練馬克和傑生如此的嚴厲嗎? 他為什麼沒訓練她嗎, 和其他成員, 在藝術中在他們, 馬克和傑生,是嗎 ?

Why, indeed. It was plainly obvious that Mark was Anderson's favorite, the Golden Boy, the child who could do no wrong. Jason's jealous nature was all the more inflamed by Anderson, constantly pitting the two against each other as they were growing up, until they could do it by themselves. Jason was second banana, in all ways, to / 為什麼,的確。 它簡單明顯,馬克是安德遜的喜歡事物,金的男孩,可以做的孩子沒有錯誤的。 傑生的嫉妒自然是更加安德遜的 inflamed, 不變地有傷痕那二反對彼此當他們正在增加之時在,上面直到他們可以獨自做它。 傑生是第二的香蕉,以所有的方式,到
Anderson. She and Tiny... Tiny was fat, and therefore incompetant. / 安德遜。 她和極小的。。。 極小的是脂肪, 因此 incompetant。
She.. she didn't want to think about that. She was just a woman, after all. / 她。。 她沒有想要想那。 她只是一個女人,畢竟。

She skimmed through the rest of the newswire, savoring the taste of the fruit. It was a treat soon to be lost to the oncoming winter. / 她略讀過新聞專線的其它部分,品嚐水果的品嚐。 它很快是宴饗被失去到接近的冬天。
She finished the global news, and keyed for the military newsnet, the feed that had taken her hours to hack into. / 她完成了全球的新聞, 而且為軍事 newsnet 鍵入, 已經花她的數小時砍劈的飼養進入之內。

It was mostly the same, finalizations of missions, plans for other missions, blueprints for mecha, new developments in weaponry.. then a picture accompanying an article caught her eye. / 它大部份是相同的,任務的 finalizations,對於其他的任務計劃,為 mecha 製成藍圖,武器的新發展。。 然後一張陪伴一個文章的照片引起她的注意。

--it was dark too dark to see clouds covering the sky no moon visible infrascanner's malfunctioning damn the thing / --它很黑暗太黑暗而無法見到包含的天空沒有月亮看得見的 infrascanner's 發生故障一點事物的雲。。。不--

She shook her head, dispelling the memories brought up by the face. / 她搖頭,驅散藉著臉長大的記憶。
It hadn't been so long that she couldn't remember, though Lord knows she tried and tried to forget. She swallowed another mouthful of ti. / 它不是如此的長以致於她無法記得,雖然公爵認識她被嘗試而且嘗試忘記。 她吞了 ti 的另一口。
The door chimed. / 門鳴。

Princess looked up as Zoltar entered. His face was tight, his lips drawn tense and bloodlessly white. She knew what he was going to say. / 公主看在當 Zoltar 進入上面。 他的臉是緊的, 畫時態的他唇和無血色白色。 她知道他正在去發言權的。

They found them. / 他們發現他們。

* * * / ***

The line up was this afternoon, when she would face the men who had first violated her... The first from this world, at any rate. She would identify them, denounce them, confirm before their peers their transgression against Spectran law. She was nervous, perhaps scared. / 當她將會面對已經首先違犯她的男人時候線向上是今天午後。。。 來自這一個世界的第一, 無論如何。 她將會識別他們,公然抨擊他們,在他們的同儕之前確定對抗 Spectran 法律的他們違反。 她是緊張的,也許驚嚇。

Yes, scared. That was right. She was scared, that they might slip through, that they might escape before sentance, hunt her down. She was scared the sentance, once passed, might not be thorough, might leave one of them alive to escape and hide. / 是的,驚嚇。 那是正確的。 她被驚嚇,他們可能滑倒過,他們可能在 sentance 之前逃脫, 追捕她的墬落。 她被驚嚇 sentance, 曾經通過, 不可能完全,可能讓他們的其中之一活著的逃脫而且藏。

She looked at the wallscreen, seeing the flakes of snow drifting down to meet the light layer of white upon the earth. Spectra in autumn, the leaves long off the trees. The morning star was still visible. / 她看 wallscreen,見到漂流下來在地球之後遇見白色的輕層雪薄片。 頻譜在秋天,樹葉離開樹渴望。 晨星仍然是看得見的。

Eridani, the cause of Spectra's death, yet itself a victim: Over two thousand years ago a neighboring star had gone supernova, the light of its passing to be recorded by the Chinese four hundred years after the death of Christ. Its gaseous remains formed the Crab Nebula, in which / Eridani ,頻譜的死亡因素, 仍然它本身一個受害人: 在超過二千年以前一個附近的星已經去超新星, 它的通過光在基督的死亡之後在中國的四百年之前被記錄。 它的氣體殘餘物形成了螃蟹星雲在哪裡
Spectra's solar system was nestled. Spectra's system, an M-type planet in a complex orbit about two red stars, along with seven siblings and an asteroid field as large as an Oort Cloud. / 頻譜的太陽系被舒適地坐定。 頻譜的系統, 一個複雜的軌道 M- 類型的行星大約二個紅色的星,連同七個兄弟和一個星狀的領域一起如大的如 Oort 以雲遮敝。

Until the Mad Star's shock wave hit it, it had been ten siblings and no asteroid field. That same shock wave jostled the orbits of the remaining eight planets, sending Laicla erratically into space, divesting Triarn of its veil of slush and vapour, and knocking Eridani for a devastating loop towards the elder sun. The sun itself had flared dangerously, setting off the warning systems of the various countries of volatile Spectra, sending them into a nuclear war. They needn't have bothered: The planet was already doomed. As Eridani came closer in its decaying orbit, its gravity field pulled Spectra out of the life belt. Its magnetosphere was just brushing the planet now, causing havok with transmitters and satellites. In another two hundred years, Eridani's radiation belts would begin to touch Spectra and the planet's ability to support its teaming lifeforms will come to an end. / 直到瘋狂的星令人感到意外的波浪擊中它,它已經是十個兄弟和沒有小行星領域。 那個相同的令人感到意外的波浪推擠了剩餘的八行星的軌道,進入空間之內不規律地送 Laicla,剝除它的廢液和水汽的面紗 Triarn, 而且為一個對於年長的太陽破壞性的環敲 Eridani 。 太陽本身已經危險地搖曳, 在揮發性頻譜的各種不同國家的警告系統外設定,派遣他們進一個核戰之內。 他們需要不已經煩擾: 行星已經被命中注定。 當 Eridani 來比較靠近的在它衰退軌道中,它的地心引力領域把頻譜從救生帶拉出來。 它的磁氣圈正在僅僅現在疏刷行星,用發射器和人造衛星引起 havok 。 在另二百年中, Eridani's 的放射線帶子將會開始碰到頻譜和行星的能力支持它聯成一組被結束的 lifeforms 意志。

Could not the Luminous One correct this, knock Eridani away, pull / 無法發光一改正這, 敲擊 Eridani 之遠,拉
Spectra back into its orbit? Yes; that is why they feared it, that is why they embraced it in the first place. Would it? Princess snorted; that's why it was attacking Earth. / 頻譜進入它的軌道之內支持? 是的; 那是 , 他們為什麼害怕它,那是 , 他們為什麼首先擁抱了它。 將會它? 公主噴著氣弄響鼻子; 那是 , 它為什麼正在攻擊地球。

She thought about these things as she watched the time: They distracted her from other thoughts; thoughts that nagged at her, worrying at the edges of her consciousness like dogs at a particularly meaty bone. Another thought, then... / 當她看了時間的時候,她想這些事物: 他們從其他的想法分心了她; 在她不斷地嘮叨惱人的想法,在她的像狗在特別肉的骨頭意識的邊緣煩惱。 另一個想法,然後。。。

Aishe.. She was still trying to understand the Spectrans' use of / Aishe。。 她仍然正在嘗試了解 Spectrans' 使用
"Aishe". Sometimes it seemed the name of the planet; others, it was used in a religious sense, as though the name of a person or god. / " Aishe". 有時它似乎行星的名字; 其它,它被用於一個宗教性的感覺, 好像人或神的名字。
Pronounciation differed from region to region: To a Lower / Pronounciation 不同於區域到區域: 到一比較低的
Feileidhian, it was "Aw-sheh"; to a Kumberan, it was "A-yee-sheh"; a person from Upper Fheidhleich would say "Esh-eh"; to those from the islands of Tath La`an, it was "Aysh". / Feileidhian, 它是 "Aw-sheh"; 到 Kumberan ,它是 "一-yee-sheh"; 來自上面的 Fheidhleich 的一個人將會說 "Esh-eh"; 對來自 Tath La 的島那些一,它是 " Aysh" 。

The Gaea Hypothesis came to mind, a hypothesis held by some factions on Earth, that said that the planet was itself a living being, maintaining a consistant temperature in the face of incredible odds, its atmosphere expanding and contracting at regular intervals, its magnetosphere producing waves that looked, when viewed on a trace, remarkably like a heartbeat. The Spectrans, those who were underground, who were not loyal to the Spirit in their hearts -- they treated their planet like a living being, of which they were a part. / Gaea 假設來介意,一個被在地球方面的一些派系拿著的假設,那說,行星是它本身活的存在,不顧難以置信機會維持 consistant 溫度, 它的大氣擴張而且在固定的間隔,它的看生產磁氣圈的波浪縮短, 當在痕跡上看,顯著地像一個心跳。 Spectrans, 那些是地下的人對他們的心精神不是忠誠的 -- 他們對待了他們的像活存在的行星, 其中他們是一個部份。
Perhaps Aishe was the Spectran Gaea? Yes, that was probably the truth of it... / 也許 Aishe 是 Spectran Gaea? 是的,那可能是它的事實。。。

The door chimed. It was time. First the lineup; then, if she had identified them all, the trial. No waiting, no remands, no appeals. / 門鳴。 它是時間。 第一陣容; 然後,假如她識別他們全部,試驗。 沒有等候,沒有送還,沒有訴願。
It was Tonola, the deaf guard, who came for her. She asked about / 它是 Tonola ,聾的守衛,守衛為她被提出。 她問關於
Princess' health, then offered her a package. "From Zoltar," she signed. / Princess' 健康,然後提供了她一個包裹。 " 從 Zoltar" ,她簽署。

Princess opened it. The box contained two capes, one large, one waist-length, a fluffy scarf, a shawl, a mask, a tam o'shanter (gorgeous pattern), a fluffy muff, and boots. The winter gear of a / 公主打開了它。 盒子包含了二個岬, 一大的,腰部長,一個毛絨絨的圍巾,一條披肩,假面具, tam o'shanter(華麗的典型) ,一個毛絨絨的暖手筒和長靴。 冬天工具一
Lower Feileidh woman. She was delighted: The fabrics were made by / 降低 Feileidh 女人。 她被高興: 織物被做被
Zoltar on his great loom, bolts she had fallen in love with, for which he had had no planned use. The muff, scarf and tam had all been hand spun, hand knitted. For her? Probably -- he seemed to care about her, in a way she wasn't used to. / 在他的棒織布機上的 Zoltar, 閂住她已經愛上, 為他有有沒有計劃中的使用。 暖手筒,圍巾和 tam 已經全部是被快速旋轉的手,手編織。 就她而言? 可能 -- 他似乎關心她,在一定程度上她不被使用到。

She pulled on the thick winter clothes, foregoing the mask. It was still early in the season, only -15C, though it would get colder as evening came on. The masks were useful in the chilly Spectran climate -- they prevented frostbite on the most vulnerable areas, the bridge of the nose and the eyes. She had a full-face mask: The Spectrans were better adapted to their worsening climate than she, being layered with fat deposits and blessed with.. unusual.. metabolisms. During the depths of winter, when the temperatures could drop to -70C, / 她在厚的冬天衣服上拉, 前面的假面具。 它仍然在季節中初期, 唯一的 -15C,雖然當晚上發生的時候,它將會很比較寒冷。 假面具是有用的在寒冷的 Spectran 氣候中 -- 他們避免了在最易受傷害的區域上的凍傷,鼻子和那眼睛的橋。 她有了正面的假面具: Spectrans 更被適應他們超過她使氣候更壞, 與胖存款一起分層堆積和受祝福的由於。。 不尋常的。。 新陳代謝。 在冬天的深度時候, 當溫度可以降低的時候到 -70C,
Spectran life ground to a halt as the people dropped into a brief hybernation. / 當人跌進簡短的 hybernation 的時候, Spectran 生活將停止置於地面到。

Tonala's vehicle was could be foot-driven, so that she could talk with her hands without compromising control. Privately, Princess admired the woman's virtuosity -- Deafness was no handicap on Spectra. She thought to inquire about Aishe, but could not think of a way to phrase it. She still hadn't mastered the manual language, though she had picked up enough Lower Feileidh to hold adequate conversations, and her Kumburan was coming along nicely. Other languages she listened to, tried to learn, but they were truly alien tongues, not easily mastered. / Tonala's 的車輛是可能是腳驅動的,所以她沒有妥協處理控制可以和她的手說話。 私下,公主讚美了女人的美術興趣 -- 聾不是在頻譜上的障礙。 她想詢問 Aishe, 但是無法想到一個到片語的路它。 她仍然沒有征服人工的語言,雖然她已經拾起充足更低的 Feileidh 維持適當的交談,而且她的 Kumburan 正在向前很好來。 其他的語言她聽到被嘗試學習,但是他們是真實外國的舌,不容易地征服。

They arrived at the judicial complex. Tonala explained that Zoltar often sat as judge at the trials, but was sitting out this one as an observer, citing personal involvment as a detriment to impartiality. / 他們達成司法的合成物。 Tonala 解釋了 Zoltar 時常在試驗坐如法官, 但是坐出如一位觀察者的這一個,引用如一個對公平有的傷害個人的 involvment 。
Princess smiled to think that he thought himself too personally involved. He had been more involved in the assault that had brought her here. / 公主微笑認為,他太親自地想他自己牽涉。 他已經在已經帶她的來這裡的攻擊中是更有關的。

A frigid blast of wind smacked her face as she got out of the vehicle, blowing her back against it. "Yee, maybe I should have worn the mask," she muttered, then leaned into the wind, the ends of her cloak flapping wildly. Zoltar stood on the steps of the judicial building, his own cloak billowing. / 當她離開車輛的時候,風的寒冷疾風有味道她的臉,吹對抗它的她背部。 "Yee,也許我應該要穿假面具的",她喃喃自語,然後進入風之內倚靠,她的野性地拍打的斗蓬結束。 Zoltar 在司法的建築物的步驟上站立,他自己的斗蓬洶湧。

"Hi," she said as she came up to him,"Can I borrow that for just a sec?" and burrowed her face into the fleece-lined cape while he laughed. / "嗨 ," 當她到他的時候,她說," 我能為只是 sec 借那嗎 "? 而且掘洞穴她的臉進羊毛排成一行的岬之內當他笑的時候。

"Thank you," she said, indicating her garments. She wanted to hug him, but was unsure how it would be interpreted. She had learned the hard way not to give out invitations. / " 謝謝你 ",她說,指出她的衣服。 她想要擁抱他, 但是不肯定的它將會如何被解釋。 她已經學習難的方法不要再耗盡邀請。

Tonala grinned, "He wanted it to be a surprise. He stayed up all last night to finish the hat," she signed. Princess smiled, looking at her feet, then looked up at him, hoping her eyes would convey her gratitude. / Tonala 露齒而笑,"他想要它是意外。 他昨晚熬夜所有完成帽子,"她簽署。 公主微笑,看她的腳, 然後看在他,希望她的眼睛將會傳達她的感謝心情上面。

Then it was out of the wind and into the fire. / 然後它超出風和進入火之內。

* * * / ***

This was not a lineup ever seen on Earth. Identification was crucial in a case like this, where the suspects had gone unapprehended for some time. Their being soldiers, who all wore half-masks as part of their uniform, identification was an even tougher task. However, when he made the law, Zoltar had taken some facts into account: The face wasn't the only identifiable element of the body seen by a victim. / 這曾經不是一個陣容在地球上見到。 確認是決定性的在一情況像這, 嫌疑犯已經去不理解達數時間。 他們身為軍人, 全部一半地穿著- 假面具當他們的制服部份,確認是一件甚至比較強硬的工作。 然而,當他作了法律的時候,Zoltar 已經考慮一些事實: 臉不是被一個受害人見到的身體唯一的可以確認元素。
Anything, moles, scars, genital shape -- anything that could be remembered for identification would be sought. And Princess remembered very clearly indeed. / 任何事,痣,疤痕, 生殖器塑造 -- 可能為確認被記得的任何事將會被尋找。 而且公主非常清楚地的確記得。

She endured the hateful glowers of the chief and another of the men; dismissed the terrified visages of the others. Every detail she could remember she brought into sharp focus, then matched them to their owners. The verdicator under her hand never varied from its blue hue. / 她男人忍耐了領袖的憎恨瞪眼而且忍耐另外一; 解散了其餘者的受驚嚇臉。 她可以記得她進入銳利的焦點之內被帶的每件細節,然後與他們相配給他們的擁有者。 在她的手下面的 verdicator 從不從它的藍色色改變。
Finally, she could turn away from the naked men, turn her eyes to less offensive views. / 最後,她可以轉遠離赤裸的男人,將她的眼睛轉向比較不攻勢視野。

There would be a break for ti while the court room was prepared. They adjourned to the courthouse's cafeteria, taking a snack in a private booth. / 當法院房間被準備的時候,為 ti 將會有休息。 他們延期到法院的自助餐廳,在一個私人的亭中帶一個小吃。

"What happens now?" Princess asked, waiting for her ti to cool. / " 什麼現在發生"? 公主問, 等候她的 ti 冷卻。

"Well," said Zoltar around a mouthful of pastry, "Court will be called and you'll be called upon to testify, under verdication of course. / "嗯,"Zoltar 麵粉糕餅的大約口 " 說, 法院將被叫做,而且你將被呼叫在之上證明, 在 verdication 之下當然。
Then they'll be asked to respond to your charges, also under verdication. If things jive, sentance will be passed, and you'll be offered right of execution. You can pass that up to the court, or pass it to a sponsor. If it's alright with you, I'd like to apply myself as sponsor." / 然後他們將被要求回應你的費用, 也在 verdication 之下。 如果事物 jive,sentance 將被通過,而且你將得到實行的權利。 你能通過那決定於法院, 或通過它給一位贊助者。 如果它好的和你在一起,我想要應用我自己如贊助者。"

"Why?" / " 為什麼 "?

Another spray of pastry, which he hastily tried to cover, "They aren't supposed to crumble like this," he muttered as flakes flew off his lips. Princess stifled a giggle. "Anyways, I feel responsible. / 麵粉糕餅的另一個水花, 他匆忙地試著涵蓋," 他們沒被推想像這崩潰 ",當薄片飛走他的唇時候,他喃喃自語。 公主不能呼吸一吃吃地笑。 "無論如何,我覺得有責任。
They're my men, after all. For them to have done it is bad enough, but to have gone unpunished for so long, it's intolerable. Besides, I don't trust anyone else's methods -- what I set out to kill stays dead." / 他們是我的男人,畢竟。 就他們而言到已經做它夠壞的, 但是到已經變不受處罰因為如此的久,它是無法忍受的。 此外,我不信賴其他任何人方法 -- 我宣布殺停留死的。"

She nodded, thinking that if he acted as sponser, it would allay at least one of her fears. She didn't think she could carry out sentance herself; she just wasn't that kind of person. / 她點頭, 思考如果他擔任 sponser,它將會至少她的恐懼之一鎮靜。 她沒有認為她可以實行 sentance 她自己; 她僅僅不是那種人。

* * * / ***

She had been calm and cool during the delivery of her testimony, her eyes closed to the shocked looks as she relayed the tale of being kidnapped from her post, beaten, bound and raped again and again. Her voice had been level, steady, as she tallied the wounds received, the duration of her healing before she could return to active status. She remembered another time, in another court.. but put it out of her mind. That was over, now, and couldn't be helped. / 她已經是平穩並且在她的證言遞送期間冷卻, 當她接替的時候,她的眼睛關閉到被震動的容貌從她的職位被綁架的故事,打, 範圍而且一次又一次掠奪。 她的聲音已經是水準,定態, 因為在她可以回到積極的狀態之前 , 她計算了被收到的創傷,她的期間治癒。 在另法院中她下次記得。。 但是放它瘋了。 那結束,現在, 而且無法被幫助。

Prosecutors questioned her, seeking clarification of details. / 檢察官詢問了她,尋求細節的澄清。
Witnesses stepped forward, citing photographs found and delivered to the squadron chief, ignorant of his involvement. Those photographs were admitted as evidence, evidence which shocked and scandalized the court. She turned calm eyes to the pictures, offered to her for confirmation. Yes, that was her. Yes, those were the men, those same ones standing over there. Yes, she remembered those pictures being taken. Oh yes, she remembered... / 目擊者向前地踏,引用相片發現而且遞送給騎兵營領袖, 無知識的他牽涉。 那些相片被承認為證據,震動,而且令人憤慨了法院的證據。 她將平靜的眼睛轉向照片,為證實對她提供。 是的,那是她。 是的,那些是男人,那些在那裡站立的相同一些。 是的,她記得被拿的那些照片。 哦是的,她記得。。。

One by one, the accused were questioned under verdication. Two plead guilty immediately. The chief tried to dodge, but the verdicator caught him out. The other refused to say anything at all. / 一一點之前,被告者在 verdication 之下被詢問。 二辯護有罪的立刻。 領袖試著避開,但是 verdicator 捕捉出他。 另一個拒絕全然說任何事。

In a textbook, open-and-shut case, the verdict was reached and the sentance was passed. She refused the offer of right of execution, agreed when it was offered to her sponsor. She named Zoltar as sponsor, and watched as the men were led out to await their doom. A baliff came to escort Zoltar to the execution site, congratulated / 在一本教科書,極簡單的情形中,判決被到達,而且 sentance 被通過。 她拒絕了實行的權利提議, 同意當它對她的贊助者得到的時候。 當男人被引導出等候他們的命運時候,她提名 Zoltar 為贊助者, 而且看。 baliff 來護衛到實行位置的 Zoltar,祝賀
Princess on her victory. She said nothing, sitting in silence, staring at memory. / 在她的勝利上的公主。 她什麼也不說,在沈默方面坐,盯著記憶看。

* * * / ***

One by one, the convicted men were led into the courtyard of sentance. / 一一點之前,被判定男人有罪的進入 sentance 的庭院之內被引導。
One by one, they met with their executioner. One by one, they were told of how their behaviour had shamed Spectra, dishonoured them in the eyes of Earth, and of their fellows. Zoltar believed in rusty knives. / 一一點之前,他們和他們的死刑執行人見面。 一一點之前, 他們被告訴他們的行為如何已經侮辱頻譜,以地球的觀點而論不表揚了他們, 和他們的人。 Zoltar 相信生蛌漱M子。

One by one they met their deaths. One by one, the bodies were taken away for disposal. Finally, the Chief, now a Captain -- or had been. / 一一點之前他們遇見了他們的死亡。 一一點之前,身體被為處理取走。 最後,領袖, 現在一位船長 -- 或是。

"Why do you do such brutality? She's a woman, not even Spectran! / "你為什麼做如此的殘忍? 她是女人而不是平坦的 Spectran!
She's an alien, from a world which opposes the Luminous One! Why should you care about an alien?" the Chief demanded. / 她是外僑,從一個反對發光一的世界! 你為什麼應該關心一個外僑?"領袖要求。

"Should I not care about the people who will one day be my subjects?" / " 我不應該關心人 , 一天將是我的主題 "?

"Then they should get some preparation for what's in store for them. / "然後他們應該得到為他們是在商店中的一些準備。
They're soft! They don't even learn guncraft until they're adults! / 他們很軟! 他們甚至在他們是成人之前, 不學習 guncraft!
If they can't take a little pain they should.." / 如果他們不能帶他們應該帶的一種小痛苦。。"

"I don't call what I saw today 'a little pain'" / " 我不呼叫我今天見到的 '一種小的痛苦'"

"No, I call them pictures myself" and the Chief guffawed, blasting his foul breath into the blustering wind. Zoltar winced; the planet would be well rid of this one..... / "不,我打電話給他們描寫我自己" 和被傻笑,摧殘他的污穢瓦蓋上呼吸進狂吹風之內的領袖。 Zoltar 畏縮; 行星將會很好地避免這一個.....

He raised his gun, took aim... / 他升起了他的槍,採取了目標。。。

The Chief was blown back against the courtyard wall, blood spraying from the ragged hole in his abdomen. Intestines spilled out. Zoltar stepped back in shock as a shrieking streak of white blurred past him, landing with a thud on the chest of the Chief. / 領袖被反對庭院牆壁向後地吹,從他的腹部衣衫襤褸的洞噴灑的血。 腸溢出出。 當一種白色的尖叫條理越過他模糊的時候, Zoltar 在驚嚇中向後地踏,以在領袖的胸上一個砰擊聲登陸。

White gloved fists descended again and again, oblivious to the spreading red stains. The Chief's arms rose, trying to protect his face, to contain himself. Again and again she pounded, her muscles bunched into ropes, their full strength driving into the Chief. She continued flailing long after he had stilled. / 白色的手套拳頭一次又一次降, 易忘的到那傳佈紅色的污染。 領袖的手臂上升, 嘗試保護他的臉, 包含他自己。 一次又一次她強烈打擊,她的肌肉進入粗繩之內串,進入領袖之內駕駛的他們完全的力量。 在他已經安靜之後,她久繼續用連迦打。

Princess sat, chest heaving, one knee caught in the slippery mess under the excavated ribcage. Covered in gore, she stared down at the ruined face of her tormenter. A faint hum grew, rising in pitch, becoming a full-throated keen of pain bursting from her lips. Then she was caught in a tight embrace, lifted off the steaming wreckage. / 被坐著的公主,胸用力舉起 , 一個膝在被挖的 ribcage 下面的光滑雜亂中捕捉。 在流出的血中涵蓋, 她在她的毀滅臉注視下來苦惱。 一聲微弱的嗡嗡聲成長,在頂點中升起,變成全部- 咽喉鋒利的從她唇爆裂的痛苦。 然後她在一次緊的擁抱中被捕捉,升高在蒸發殘餘外。

For a long time she wailed, unable to cry. Then the tears came and with them the wracking sobs. Finally, she was silent. / 有很長的一段時間她悲嘆, 不能哭。 然後淚滴來和由於他們毀壞啜泣。 最後,她沈默。

Slowly she became aware of a comforting sound, a gentle, rhythmic thumping. Zoltar's heartbeat. She listened, letting the soft sound absorb her thoughts. The rasping sound of his breathing penetrated -it too was comforting. His body was warm, strong; how long had it been since she had been held like this? Had she ever been held like this at all? She couldn't remember; probably not. The wind blew, biting into her. She pulled off her helmet and buried her face into his neck. He laid his cheek upon her. His breath was warm, sweet. / 慢慢地她知道令人欣慰的聲音,溫和, 旋律的巨大。 Zoltar's 的心跳。 她聽,讓軟的聲音吸收她的想法。 他的被穿透的呼吸用粗銼刀銼聲音 -它也正在安慰。 他的身體很溫暖的,強; 多久它是自從她已經被捉住同類這之後? 她曾經被像這一樣究竟拿著嗎? 她無法記得; 可能不。 風吹,進入她之內咬。 她順利完成她的鋼盔而且埋葬她的臉進他的脖子之內。 他在她之上放置了他的頰。 他的呼吸很溫暖的,甜。
There was a sharp, pleasant muskiness to his body. The scent wafted to her nostrils, along with the faint scent of spiridium -- he had said it was woven into his mask. / 有一個高調,他的身體愉快的麝香。 氣味浮動到她的鼻孔, 連同 spiridium 的微弱氣味一起 -- 他已經說它進入他的假面具之內被針織。

She became aware that he was rocking her gently. Barely audible, more felt as a vibration than heard as a sound, he was humming. The sound brought a renewed flush of tears to her eyes. Had anyone ever treated her like this? Had they? Not that she could remember. / 她變成知道他是搖動的她逐漸地。 如一次震動的幾乎聽得見又更多的毛氈超過聽到如一種聲音,他正在嗡嗡叫。 聲音帶淚滴的被更新的流溢去她的眼睛。 任何人曾經對待她的同類這嗎? 有他們? 不是她可以記得。

The younger sun had long been down, leaving only the dim glow of the elder, by the time she pulled herself off of Zoltar's bloodstained shoulder. / 久被有的更年輕的太陽是下來, 離開只有年長者的暗淡赤熱,當她 Zoltar's 的充滿血跡的肩走開拉了她自己的時候。

She sat staring at her knees, plucking at the hem of her G-force uniform. She pulled the string of the yo-yo bomb off her hand. / 她坐著盯著她的膝看,在她的 G- 力量的制服邊緣拉。 她在她的手外拉溜溜球的線炸彈。

"He wasn't just one, was he?" / "他不僅僅一, 是他"?

She shook her head, still staring at her knees. / 她搖頭, 然而盯著她的膝看。

"Do you need to talk?" / " 你需要說話嗎 "?

She thought about it for a while. Then she nodded. They got up, and she reversed the transmute, murmuring that she had left her cloak inside. He smiled softly, lent her his, and they went back to collect her cloak. Then they returned to her cell in the complex. / 她想它一陣子。 然後她點頭。 他們起床,而且她顛倒那使,變形喃喃聲音她已經留下裡面的她斗蓬。 他柔和地微笑,借出她他的, 和他們回去收集她的斗蓬。 然後他們回到合成物的她細胞。

* * * / ***

A bath, a change of clothes, a hot snack later. She still wasn't sure if she could tell. She had told before and look where it had gotten her? / 一次沐浴,一個衣服的改變,稍後的一個熱的小吃。 如果她可以告訴,她仍然不確定。 她已經告訴在而且之前看它已經得到她的地方?

Where had it gotten her? / 它得到她了哪裡?

Humiliated, laughed at on the stand. It had been her word against his and he had bought a good lawyer. She had been questioned about her behaviour, about her conversation, about her underwear for God's sake! / 使,蒙羞在臺子上笑。 它反對他的已經是她所說的話,而且他已經買一位好律師。 她已經被詢問關於她的行為事,關於她的交談事, 關於她的內衣褲的事為上帝的緣故!

Her underwear?? What did that have to do with anything? / 她的內衣褲?? 什麼那必須以任何事做嗎?

Oh didn't you know? Women who wear french-cut panties and front-closing bras are asking for it. We're all sluts, you know. / 哦你沒有知道嗎? 穿著 french- 削減的褲襪和結束前面的胸罩女人正在自討苦吃。 我們全都是不端莊的女人,你知道。

That's outrageous!! They didn't let him get away with that, did they?? / 那是暴虐的!! 他們以那沒有讓他逃離,是嗎??

Of course. It was legal back then. They only changed the law a few years ago. They'd probably change it back again, though.. they'd been doing that for decades. / 當然。 當時向後地它是合法的。 他們只數年以前改變了法律。 他們將會可能再一次把它改變回來,雖然。。 他們已經做那長達數十年之久。

So that one got away.. / 以便一逃離。。

Most got away. These two here were the only ones who didn't get away. / 大部分逃離。 這二個這裡是沒有逃離的唯一一些。

Most........? / 大部分........?

She was silent, biting her lip. / 她沈默,咬她的唇。 many times have you been raped? / 公主。。如何許多次你被掠奪了嗎?

She burst into tears. Ten times, counting the repeat assaults by one person or persons as one. Repeat assaults? Yes, she had been molested since she was quite young. Who would molest a child destined for G-force? / 她突然大哭。 十次, 計算重複藉著一個人或人襲擊當做一。 重複襲擊? 是的,她自從她相當年輕以後已經被折磨。 誰將會折磨一個預定 G 的孩子-力量?

Who else? / 誰別的?

Security Chief Anderson. / 安全主要的安德遜。

There were others, of course, among those who had contact with the / 那裡是其它, 當然, 在那些有了的接觸人之中那
G-Force children, but he was the most dominant and therefore the most frequent. He had mentally abused her, too, telling her she couldn't be as good as the others, by virtue of her being female. So she pushed herself through her early schooling, training herself in her programs until she outdid everyone else, even the teachers. But it was never enough. / G- 力量的孩子, 但是他是最優勢的因此那最時常來訪。 他也已經心理上虐待她, 告訴她她無法像其餘者的一樣,由於她的女性。 因此她推動她自己穿越她的早學校教育, 在她的計畫中教育她自己直到她超越了其他人,使老師相等。 但是它從不是充足的。

Finally, in her early teens, she had had enough. She ran away, living on the streets until a man offered her a job, food, clothing, shelter. / 最後,在她的早期青少年中,她已經有充足。 她逃走, 在街道上的生活直到一個男人提供了她一個工作,食物,衣服,庇護所。
He was a pimp. / 他是 pimp 。

When she found out, she tried to run, but he had been too fast, too strong and she was confused. He smashed a vase over her head, ravaged her with the broken end. She still carried the scars. / 當她發現的時候,她試著跑,但是他已經太快速的, 太強的,而且她感到困擾。 他粉碎了在她的頭上一個花瓶,用壞掉的結束毀壞她。 她仍然攜帶了疤痕。

The security force had found her, brought her home. Anderson didn't heed the words of the doctors who had sewn her up, but screamed at her, railing at her about the shirking of responsibility, her ingratitude after the work and money being spent on training her to be the best. / 安全部隊已經發現她,帶她的家。 安德遜沒有注意到已經向上縫紉她, 但是在她尖叫的醫生,關於責任的逃避人的在她扶手,在工作和被一教育她是最好花費的錢後她忘恩的字。

Older now, a boy began calling on her, showing interest in her. She talked to him for a long time before he asked her for a date. / 資深者現在,一個男孩開始拜訪她,成績在她裡面感興趣。 在他問了她一個日期之前 , 她和他說話有很長的一段時間。
Anderson said no, she was too valuable, had too much work to do to waste time with frivolities. Again and again she asked, again and again he rejected. Finally, she didn't ask, but snuck out. / 安德遜不說, 她太有價值,有了太多工作做用輕薄浪費時間。 一次又一次她問,一次又一次他拒絕。 最後,她沒有問, 但是在外的 snuck。

It was the wrong decision. She pressed charges, went to trial, was humiliated on the stand, the case thrown out of court. Anderson went ballistic -- she wanted sex? She'd get sex... There.. are you satisfied now? Are you happy now?? / 它是錯誤的決定。 她壓進了費用,去試驗,在臺子上被蒙羞,被丟離法院的情形。 安德遜激怒 -- 她想要性別? 她將會得到性別。。。 在那裡。。 你現在是滿意的嗎? 你現在很快樂嗎??

To make matters worse, the boy was waiting for her. As she walked home from the grocery store, he jumped her. He payed for his crime. / 更糟的是,男孩正在等候她。 當她從食品雜貨商店走回家,他跳躍了她。 他支付他的犯罪費用。

Security managed to get the charge reduced to manslaughter, and commuted her sentance to community service. Since G-Force was to be / 安全設法得到被轉為殺人的費用, 而且將她的 sentance 減輕為社區服務。 自從 G 以後- 力量是
Earth's elite security force, that would qualify. So she had better be damned good... / 地球的精英安全部隊,那將會取得資格。 因此她最好是極好。。。

Older still, she received a grant from her scholastics, used it to fund the opening of her restaurant. She was supervising the final touches on the building, planning for opening day. It was late. The foreman offered to drive her home.. This time Anderson himself found her. / 資深者劇照,她被接受來自她的煩瑣哲學家的授與,使用了它贊助她的餐廳開始。 她正在監督在建築物上的最後觸覺,對於第一次的日子計劃。 真是遲。 領班表示駕駛她的家。。 這次安德遜他自己發現她。

Other boyfriends, other disobediences, other violations; by violence or coersion, seduction or force. There had been other abuses. The only time she had ever seen Tiny go ballistic was when one of them had the temerity to slap her in his presence. / 其他的男朋友,其他的不服從,其他的違反; 藉著暴力或 coersion ,慫恿或力量。 已經有其他的虐待。 她曾經已經見到起來極小的唯一一次激怒是他們的其中之一有了魯莽在他的面前拍擊她的時候。

Coming home from the restaurant one night -- it was classic: The assailant lurking behind the car, the victim snatched in the night. / 從餐廳一個夜晚起回家 -- 真是第一流: 在汽車後面潛藏的攻擊者 , 受害人夜晚奪取。
She had been thrown against the pavement and never felt the violations. Her skull had been fractured. It took days to stablize her, and by that time it was too late to use the pill. / 她已經被丟對抗人行道而且從不感覺了違反。 她的頭蓋骨已經被破碎。 它每天喜愛 stablize 她的,和在那時候它是太晚而無法使用藥丸。

They did the D&C just before she was due to be released from the hospital. / 就在她預定之前,他們做了 D& C 從醫院被釋放。

Anderson continued to deny her dating priviledges, though Mark and / 安德遜繼續否認她約會 priviledges, 雖然馬克和
Jason were allowed to galavant wherever they pleased. While she didn't believe his "you're too valuable" crap, she wasn't eager to date again. In fact, she was downright afraid. / 傑生無論他們在何處取悅被允許到 galavant 。 她沒有相信他的 " 你太有價值 " 擲兩個骰子出現的輸數目,她不熱心的再一次約會。 事實上,她是明白的害怕。

Then, of course, there were the reconn missions. Anderson had no sympathy for those, nor had Mark nor Jason. She was G-force; you had to expect that sort of thing. It's war, you don't treat the enemy like he was your friend. So she had been shot, beaten, finally savaged -- only Tiny had anything like sympathy, and even he took the "you have to expect that" attitude of the others. / 然後,當然,那裡是那再指揮操舵任務。 安德遜為那些沒有同情,馬克和傑生也沒有。 她是 G-力量; 你必須期待那種事物。 它是戰爭, 你不對待像他一樣的敵人是你的朋友。 因此她已經被射擊,打, 最後猛烈攻擊 -- 唯一的極小像同情有了任何事, 和甚至他拿那 " 你必須期待那 " 其餘者的態度。

Curiously enough, Spectrans didn't expect it of her, and were downright aghast. They treated their enemy as though she were a guest: As Zoltar said, they were political enemies, not personal. It seemed Earth could learn a few things from Spectra... / 好奇地足夠, Spectrans 她沒有期待它, 而且是明白的大為震驚的。 好像她是客人,他們對待了他們的敵人: 當 Zoltar 說,他們是政治的敵人,不是個人。 它似乎地球可以學習來自頻譜的一些事物。。。

Did no one ever know? Was nothing ever done? / 沒有人曾經知道嗎? 沒事曾經完成了嗎?

No one, except maybe Mark, was good enough for Anderson. Jason tried so hard to win Anderson's approval, yet was doomed to failure. He hated Mark for being Anderson's favorite. / 沒有人,除了也許馬克以外,為安德遜夠好的。 傑生嘗試如此的努力贏得安德遜的贊成, 然而對失敗被命中注定。 他為作為安德遜的喜歡事物憎恨馬克。

Was he better? / 他是比較好的嗎?

No, that's what bothers Jason the most. He's the best marksman, the best fighter on the team and he knows it. Sometimes he's even better at tactics. But he's never good enough for Anderson. He rarely gets a word of praise out of him. / 不,那是煩擾傑生大部分的東西。 他是最好的射手,在小組上的最好鬥士和他知道它。 有時他在戰術。 但是他從不為安德遜夠好的。 他很少地他說出一個讚美的字。

Tiny? Well, he's fat, so he's lazy and incompetant. Yes, he's the pilot, the best there is. Better than Mark, especially at piloting such a vessel as the Phoenix. He's the only one who can do the link-up properly, without anyone getting hurt. It's tough to match speeds with a motorcycle long enough to pick it up, without inertia sending the cyclist through the windscreen. Tiny can do that. But that seems to be almost incidental, to Anderson. He hasn't got much regard for him... perhaps you've noticed he's hardly ever with us? / 極小的? 好吧,他很胖,因此,他很懶惰和 incompetant。 是的,他是飛行員,最好的那裡是。 比馬克好的, 尤其在領航如鳳凰城的一艘船。 他是唯一的能做連結-向上適當地,沒有任何人得到傷害。 沒有經過防風物送騎腳踏車的慣性,使速度與夠長拾起它的一輛摩托車相配是強硬的。 極小的能做那。 但是似乎幾乎附帶,到安德遜。 他沒有為他得到很多的關心。。。 也許你已經注意他曾經剛剛和我們在一起?
Well, that's why.. / 好吧,那是為什麼。。

Yes, its possible that the boys had been molested too. Never really thought of that before.... / 是的, 它的可能那個男孩也已經被折磨。 從不真的以前想到那....

* * * / ***

They sat silent a long time. / 他們坐著沈默的長時間。

"How do you feel?" he asked, finally. / " 你感覺如何 "? 他問,最後。

She thought about that. She shrugged, "The others I can't do anything about. The other rapes, I mean. The two here.." she sighed, "I feel better, strangely enough. They won't be out in four years, won't be getting early parole.. they won't be hurting me or any one else ever again." / 她想那。 她聳肩," 其餘者我不能採取行動。 其他搶奪,我意謂。 那二在這裡。。" 她歎息 ",我覺得舒服多了,奇妙充足。 他們在四年中將不外出,將不變得早的誓言。。 否則再一次曾經,他們將不傷害我或任何的。"

"I guess our justice system is barbaric to you" / " 我猜測我們的正義系統對你是野蠻的"

"We have systems like it on Earth, still functioning, sometimes better than our own country's. I guess its barbaric but these are barbaric times, for you. Frankly," she sighed again, knowing her feelings,"I feel more satisfied, like justice was done, over this trial, than I did at the other one, the one on Earth. There was no justice in that, and I felt like I was the one who was on trial. Here, I was the wronged victim, against whom a crime had been commited. Hell, I not only had the court's support I had the whole damned world's support." / "我們有像它在地球上的系統,仍然運作, 有時比較超過我們自己的國家。 我猜測它的野蠻但是這些是野蠻的時代,為你。 坦白地,"她再一次歎息,知道她的感覺", 我覺得更滿意,像正義被伸張, 在這試驗之上,比較我在另一個做,在地球上的那一個。 沒有那裡的正義,而且我感覺像我是在試驗上的那一個。 在這裡,我是被錯誤的受害人, 反對誰犯罪已經是 commited 。 地獄,我不只有了我有了全部該死的世界支持的法院支持。"
Tears ran down her face. / 淚滴跑下來她的臉。

"That's why I made it that way," he said softly,"They hardly ever change, and we haven't got the time or the resources, or frankly, the approval, to try to correct their behaviour. I don't want it happening, I don't want repeat offenders, and I don't want the victims to feel powerless, at the mercy of the courts. So I put the power in the victims' hands, be they young or old, male or female, military or civilian. You do things like that, I don't want you on my planet. / "那是 , 我為什麼那樣製造了它 ," 他柔和地說,"他們曾經剛剛改變,而且我們沒有得到時間或者資源, 或坦白地,贊成, 試著改正他們的行為。 我不想要它發生,任由法院擺佈我不想要累犯,而且我不想要受害人覺得無力。 因此我把力量放入受害人的手,是他們年輕的或舊, 男性的或女性,軍隊或平民。 你做事物同類,我在我的行星上不想要你。
Heh.. its one of the few laws I've made since I ascended that the / Heh。。 它的少數法律之一我已經自從我以後做登上那那
Spirit actually approves of" he said wryly. / 實際上誘拐贊同"他扭歪地說。

"Why's that?" / " 為什麼那"?

"It's gory and involves the unforgiving slaughter of disobedient malcontents," he said with a cheerful grin. She had to laugh. / " 它是血淋淋的並且包括不服從不滿現狀的人不寬恕殘殺 ",他以快活的露齒笑說。 她必須笑。

"Are you going to be okay for the night?" he asked finally. / " 你正在去是好過夜"? 他最後問。

She nodded. He turned to leave. / 她點頭。 他準備離開。

"Zoltar?" / " Zoltar"?

"Hm?" / " Hm"?

She twisted her shirt in her hands, "You won't take this the wrong way, will you?" Worry creased her forehead, and her insecurity was palpable. He cocked his head at her. / 她擰了她的手她襯衫," 你將不帶這個錯誤的方法,你不將嗎 "? 煩惱摺痕了她的前額,而且她的不安全是可觸知的。 他聳立了在她的他頭。

"Can I.... can I have a kiss?" She blushed and looked down, wondering what he would do. / "將我裝於罐頭.... 我能有一個吻嗎?"她臉紅而且看下來, 覺得奇怪他將會做什麼。

"Of course you can have a kiss." / " 當然你能有一個吻 " 。

His arms were around her, his lips soft upon hers. Lightly. Gently. / 他的手臂是在她周圍, 他的唇在她的之上柔軟。 輕輕的。 逐漸地。
Kindly. Not a kiss of passion, this, nor of simple friendship -- this spoke deeply of a kind of caring her soul craved. It spoke of a silent love, unknown to her, yet understood by some shadowed portion of her psyche. They separated, then embraced. / 親切的。 不是一個熱情,這的吻, 也不簡單友誼 -- 這深深地一種關心她的被渴望的靈魂說。 它談到沈默的愛, 未知者對她, 被一些仍然了解遮蔽了她的靈魂部分。 他們分開,然後擁抱。

She stayed for a while, in his arms, listening to his heart beat. / 在他的手臂中她停留一陣子,對他的心打聽。

It was over. / 它結束。

by Ennien Ashbrook, / 由 Ennien Ashbrook,