The House of the Seals / 印章的眾議院

by Ennien Ashbrook, / 藉著 Ennien Ashbrook,

From the Atom Bomb BBS Electronic Messaging System -- / 從原子轟炸電子佈告欄系統電子的訊息系統 --

From: Avatar Subject: Life? / 從: 天神下凡主題: 生活?

I still don't understand why they let you call here, but I'm glad they do. It still surprises me to hear that Zoltar actually has a heart. / 我仍然不了解他們為什麼讓你在這裡呼叫,但是我是高興的他們做。 它仍然使我吃驚聽到 Zoltar 實際上有一顆心。
He attacked another city today, a lot of people were hurt. I also find it difficult to believe he's as strong as you say. Every time I fight with him, he's a wimp. Yet you say you tested skills with him, and he's that good? Then why doesn't he show it? / 他今天攻擊了另一座城市,許多人被傷害。 我也發現相信是困難的,他是像你說一樣的強。 每一次我對抗他,他是軟弱者。 然而你說,你和他測試了技術,而且他是那個好處? 然後為什麼他不顯示它嗎?

I know, I know "there's more here than meets the eye".. I just wish you'd tell us what is there, one day. / 我知道, 我知道 " 在那裡是更多的這裡比較會眼睛".。 我僅僅願你將會告訴我們在那裡,一天。

You say you're being moved.. any idea where to? Why? / 你說你正在被移動。。 任何的想法在哪裡到? 為什麼?

We all miss you. Avatar / 我們全部想念你。 天神下凡

She sighed. She looked beside her, at the swollen, bleeding face of her captor, her lover. His eyes were hidden behind the mask, but the swelling indicated a black eye, surely. She reached up to daub at the trickle of blood oozing from his burst lip. He smiled at her. / 她歎息。 在膨脹者她在她旁邊看,出血她的捕捉者的臉,她的愛人。 他的眼睛被藏在假面具後面,但是膨脹指出了一個黑眼珠,當然。 她到達在上面在從他的破裂唇滲出的血滴塗抹。 他在她微笑。

"So why don't you show it?" she asked him. / " 如此為什麼不你顯示它"? 她問了他。

"What, and let him know what he's really up against??" he laughed, / "什麼, 而且使他知道他真的是向上的反對??"他笑,
"No, my dear, I have to save my strength for healing. The blows I take from your commander are nothing compared to what the Luminous One regularly dishes out at me. I cannot waste myself on him." / "不,我的親愛,我必須為治癒解救我的力量。 打擊我拿從你的指揮官什麼也不是相較什麼發光一經常地盤子在外在我。 我能夠不在他身上浪費我自己。"

"But you end up hurt anyways. How does it differ, whether you take it or retaliate?" / "但是你無論如何結束傷害。 它如何不一致,是否你帶它或報復?"

His smile turned wry. Gesturing at his body, he explained further, "It differs. If I take it, I choose where I hurt, I am not lamed by it. / 他的微笑變扭歪的。 在他的身體作手勢,他更進一步解釋,"它不一致。 如果我帶它,我選擇我傷害的地方,我不是被它打的。
You saw, after our match -- I could barely walk, though I defeated you." / 你看見, 在我們的比賽之後 -- 我無法走,雖然我擊敗了你。"

She nodded, then changed the subject, "I know the spiridium windows are ready to be installed. Has there been a decision on where I'll be moved during the renovation?" / 她點頭,然後改變了主題,"我知道, spiridium 窗戶準備好被安裝。 在那裡已經是決定在我將在哪裡在修復期間被移動?之上"

He looked away. She cocked her head at him, curiously. He hadn't been discomfited with her since.. well, since she saw his face. / 他看離開。 她聳立了在他的她頭,好奇地。 他沒有自從和她後是 discomfited 。。 好吧,因為她看見他的臉。

"Taigh nan Ro`n is finished," he began uncertainly, "I was hoping.. / "Taigh nan Ron 被完成",他不確定地開始 ",我希望。。
that is, I.. I was going to offer to put you up there." / 那是,我。。 我將要表示在那裡為你提供膳宿。"

"You mean... you want me to live with you?" / "你意謂。。。 你想要我和你居住?"

"I.. have room." / "我。。 有房間。"

"Where would I sleep?" / " 我將會在哪媞恅惟O"?

"There's the couch.. I could.." / "有長椅。。 我可以。。"

"But its your new house!" / " 但是它的你新房子"!

"Well?" his voice quavered uncertainly. How do you invite a woman to sleep with you, without looking like scum? / "湧出"? 不確定地的他聲音 quavered。 你如何邀請一個女人和你睡覺,不像浮渣看?

Her thoughts spun wildly in her head. That night.. the night she saw his face... She had slept with him then. Not sexually, just..slept. / 她的想法野性地在她的頭中快速旋轉。 那夜晚。。 夜晚她看見他的臉。。。 她已經當時和他睡。 不是性地,正直的。。睡。
It had been wonderful, the best sleep she had ever had. Her arms wrapped around him, the world's largest and best teddy bear. She craved that -- but he had been deep in a drugged sleep, barely aware of her presence. She had had to be there, he couldn't be left alone. To face him directly, sleep with him with his awareness? What would he expect of her? The thought chilled her to the bone. / 它已經是令人驚奇的, 最好的睡眠她曾經有有。 她的手臂在他周圍包裝, 世界的最大和最好的兒童玩具熊。 她渴望了那 -- 但是他已經是被下藥的睡眠深處, 幾乎知道的她出現。 她必須在那裡, 他無法向左孤獨。 為了要直接地面對他,和他以他的覺察睡覺? 他將會她期待什麼? 那想已冷的她到骨頭。

He saw her withdraw. Blast! He hastily apologized, then rose to leave, feeling upset and disgusted with himself. Her hand upon his stopped him. / 他看見她撤回。 疾風! 他匆忙地道歉,然後上升離開,感覺和他自己顛覆而且令人厭惡。 在他的之上阻止他的她手。

"Zoltar, wait..," she said, then paused,"I just.. I don't know what to think, what to expect.. I want to believe that you're different from the other men who have...." she couldn't go on. His fingers stroked her chin. / "Zoltar ,等候。。,"她說,然後暫停", 正直的我。。 我不知道該想什麼,該期待什麼。。 我想要相信,你不同於其他的男人已經...."她無法繼續。 他的手指划尾槳了她的下巴。

"Is that what you think?" he said softly, "No, Princess, that's not what I want. I want you to feel safe, secure," his voice took a teasing tone, "I was not so dead as you might think, that night. I felt you cuddle up to me. I felt your tears. You need that, don't you?" She nodded. "Well, and now's your chance. Would you like to come to Taigh Nan Ro`n with me?" / " 那是你想什麼"? 他柔和地說,"不,公主,那不是我所想要的。 我想要你覺得安全的﹐安心,"他的聲音採取了一個欺負明暗 ",那夜晚我不像你可能想那麼死。 我感覺你撫抱由我決定。 我感覺了你的淚滴。 你需要那,不是嗎?"她點頭。 "嗯, 和現在的你機會。 你願意到達 Taigh Nan Ro n 由於我?"

Again, she nodded. Might as well take the risk.... / 再一次,她點頭。 最好採取風險....

* * * / ***

It was nightfall by the time the convertable landed at the clearing, a quarter mile from the house. They skiied into the homestead site, that being the only way to access it. Taigh nan Ro`n was remote, forbidding, inaccessable, private; exactly how Zoltar wanted it. / 它在時間之前是傍晚那可轉換的在清掃登陸,來自房子的四分之一哩。 他們進入家園位置之內的 skiied, 那個作為唯一的方法存取它。 Taigh nan Ro n 是遙遠的﹐可怕的,inaccessable,二等兵; 完全 Zoltar 如何想要它。

The thought preyed on Princess' mind: The lonliness, the dark, the unfamiliarity, all alone with a dictator who made a regular practice of decimating her homeworld. For a moment, all of the kindnesses were forgotten and she felt naked fear. / 想法在 Princess' 心上捕食: lonliness ,黑暗,不親密,全部獨自地和一個使十中選一的老客戶練習成為她的 homeworld 的獨裁者。 一會兒,所有的仁慈都被忘記,而且她感覺了赤裸的恐懼。

The moment passed. They skiied down the slight basin that led into the house, then took off the nordic gear. Bustling into the house, she heard Zoltar's voice crowing -- Mala had been by. The fireplace and woodstove were stoked and blazing, filling the redwood house with warmth. Princess smiled as he offered her a cup of ti, with which to warm chilled hands. She glanced around the house, then froze as she registered what was on the computer monitor. / 片刻通過。 他們 skiied 墬落進入房子之內引導的微小盆地,然後脫掉 nordic 工具。 熙熙攘攘的進入房子之內,她聽到了 Zoltar's 的聲音啼叫 -- Mala 是被。 壁爐和 woodstove 是 stoked 和熾燃的,填充紅色木材以溫暖收容。 當他提供了她一杯 ti 的時候,公主微笑,藉由該那一個溫暖已冷的手。 她在房子的周圍瞥閃, 當她登記了在電腦監視器上的東西,然後凍結。

"AIIIIIISHE!!!!!" he screamed, darting for it, "That bitch!!! That slimy, grease-cunted.." and he railed off a stream of profanity, in every language he knew, describing the lowness of his practical-joking sister. Princess was laughing hysterically. / "AIIIIIISHE!!!!!"他尖叫,為它投射 ",那一個母狗!!! 泥的,油脂女人陰部的那。。"而且他走開以橫木圍欄一條沾污神聖不敬的水流,以他知道的每種語言, 描述他的低實際的- 開玩笑姊妹。 公主正在歇斯底里地笑。

"You didn't see that!" he screamed at her, "I order you not to have seen that!" She laughed harder, then choked on her ti. The picture had evidently been from Zoltar's private picture files. Princess had tried, out of curiousity, to hack into the directory several times, never succeeding in passing the multiple security locks on it. He changed them more frequently than he changed the codes on the military files (and that, she knew, was often enough!). Evidently, he felt he had something to hide. Well, why not? She understood; she, too, had .gif files, and many she didn't want others to know about. Her sexual tastes were her own business, and what would the other G-Force members think of her if they knew she got turned on by such things? / "你沒有看見那"! 他在她尖叫,"我命令你不已經看到那"! 她更努力地笑,然後在她的 ti 上窒息。 照片已經被明顯是從 Zoltar's 私人的照片檔案。 公主已經嘗試,從 curiousity, 進入目錄之內砍劈好幾次, 從不成功地經過在它上的多樣安全鎖。 他改變了他們比他更時常在軍事檔案上的密碼 ( 和哪一,她知道, 時常是充足的!)。 明顯地,他感覺他被有某事藏。 好吧, 為什麼不? 她了解; 她,也,有。gif 申請, 和多數她沒有想要其它知道。 如果他們認識了她被如此的事物被得到打開,她的性品嚐是她自己的生意, 而且另一個 G- 力量的成員覺得她如何?

He looked to be thinking the same thing, from the humiliation etched upon his flaming cheeks. She laid her hand upon his shoulder, still giggling, "It's okay, I have .gifs that are similar. Mala must be getting to know me," and she giggled again. / 他期待想相同的事物,從恥辱在他的燃燒頰之上蝕刻。 她在他的肩之上放置了她的手,仍然吃吃地笑,"它是好, 我有。相似的 gifs。 Mala 一定要開始認識我,"而且她再一次吃吃地笑。

"I'll kill her," he muttered, "I'll freakin' kill her.. I'll murder the bitch.." / "我將殺她",他喃喃自語 ", 我將 freakin'殺她。。 我將謀殺母狗。。"

"That would just leave you alone. I'm sure she wouldn't have done it if there'd been anyone else, but me" / "那將會僅僅別管你。 我確定她就不會做它了如果是其他任何人 , 但是我的 there'd"

He spun around, glaring at her, "And I heard that 'Ol' Kinky' comment, / 他在附近快速旋轉, 閃耀的在她,"而且我聽到那 'Ol' 糾結的'意見,
I'll have you know!" / 我將讓你知道!"

She fell over laughing. He was referring to a time quite a long time ago, when Spectra used a pollution weapon on Earth's oceans. She had no idea *how* he could have overheard, but by now, she didn't doubt it. / 她從笑跌落。 當頻譜使用了在地球的大海上的一個污染武器的時候他正在很久以前相當提及次。 她不知道 *如何* 他可能無意中聽到,但是到如今,她沒有懷疑它。
He was railing on about "just what do you think you know about me, anyways??" and she was laughing so hard her ribs were starting to ache. / 他是扶手在關於之上 "究竟你認為你知道我什麼,無論如何??" 而且她正在笑如此難她的肋骨開始痛。

"One day," she said, once she'd recovered herself, "You can show me your gif files." / "天",她說, 一旦她有找回了她自己 ",你能給我看你的 gif 檔案".

He knew what she was saying. / 他知道了她正在說的。

"And," she went on, "Find out if they're physically possible" / "而且",她繼續 ", 發現如果他們身體上可能"

They both cracked up. / 他們倆都弄碎在上面。

That had all been months ago. Her cell's renovations had been completed, but she had never moved back in. All of her belongings had been moved to Taigh nan Ro`n. Mala kept watch on her when Zoltar was away; Mala or Adraig or Nalia or Tonala.. She was also watched by the ro`in, though they watched for different reasons. Now she sat on the rock at the bottom of the bluff, bundled in sweaters, capes and blankets, watching the grey swells wash the beach. Zoltar would come home tonight, and then.... / 那全部是數個月以前。 她的細胞修復已經被完成,但是她從未向後地移動在。 她的全部所有物已經被移到 Taigh nan Ron。 當 Zoltar 出去的時候, Mala 在她身上警戒; Mala 或 Adraig 或 Nalia 或 Tonala。。 她也被 ro 看了在,雖然他們留意不同的理由。 現在她在斷崖的底部坐在岩石上,在毛衣,岬和毛毯中捆,看灰色的增大洗海灘。 Zoltar 今晚將會回家,然後....

Tonight, she had decided. They had talked about it for a long time; their hopes, their fears.. It was a difficult business, the altering of memories, the changing of an experience from one of pain to one of pleasure. / 今晚,她已經決定。 他們已經談論它有很長的一段時間; 他們的希望,他們的恐懼。。 它是困難的生意,記憶的改變,一種從痛苦之一到快樂之一的經驗改變。

She had decided months ago, had asked him to make love to her. He had agreed, then spent the rest of the night kissing her, embracing her, stroking her back, her hips.. not touching her breasts or her thighs. / 她已經決定數個月以前,已經要求他作愛給她。 他已經同意,然後花費了吻她,擁抱她,划尾槳她的背部,她的臀部夜晚的其它部分。。 不碰觸她的胸部或她的大腿。
That wouldn't come for weeks. When it did, she was truly ready for it, and had accepted the caress without fear. She came to enjoy his touch, so different from the caresses of her previous boyfriends. They had been posessive; he treated her like priceless porcelain. They touched her like they owned her; his touch was reverent, as though priviledged. / 那將不長達數個星期之久來。 當它做的時候,她真實地做好準備它, 而且已經接受沒有恐懼的愛撫。 她來享受他的觸覺, 如此不同她的先前男朋友的愛撫。 他們已經是 posessive; 他對待了她的相似無價的磁器。 他們接觸她的像他們擁有了她; 他的觸覺是尊敬的, 好像 priviledged。
They were demanding; he asked her permission for everything, whether by his words or his touch or his shining, luminous eyes. She had refused once, apprehensive, fearful of scorn or derision; neither were forthcoming, and she drew strength from his acceptance. / 他們正在要求; 他為每件事物問了她的許可,是否藉著他所說的話或他的觸覺或他閃爍,發光注意。 她已經拒絕一次,惴惴不安的, 恐怕輕蔑或嘲笑; 既不是不久就要來的,而且她引起來自他的認同力量。

But tonight... / 但是今晚。。。

Yes, tonight would be different. Tonight would be magical. Tonight, all of the memories would be relegated to the past, to be replaced by something new. He loved her. She knew that, it was in his voice, in his touch, in the way he walked when he was near her; he told her, not too frequently, but saving it for moments when it would truly matter. / 是的,今晚將會是不同的。 今晚將會是魔術的。 今晚,所有的記憶都將會被命令撤離到過去, 被新的東西替換。 他愛她。 她知道,在他的觸覺中它是在他的聲音中, 在他走的方式中當他在她的附近時候; 他告訴了她, 不太時常, 但是援救的它它將會真實地有重大關係的片刻。
Often enough to convince her. She knew that she returned that love. I wonder what Mark would make of that, she mused, smiling to herself. / 時常足夠使她相信。 她知道了她歸還了那愛。 我懷疑馬克將會那製造的,她沉思,對她自己微笑。

A head poked out of the water to look at her. As she watched, unmoving, a ro`n slowly pulled itself out of the sea. It used a humping crawl like that of a seal, to propell itself over the sand towards her. Its black hair streamed, otterlike, over its shoulders. / 一個頭撥開離水看她。 當她看,不移動,ron 慢慢地離開海洋拉了它本身。 它使用了像印章的一樣隆起成圓丘形爬行,到在沙子上的 propell 本身向她。 它的黑色頭髮流出,otterlike,在它的肩之上。
Its whiskers were thick and coarse; male? She thought so. She watched the ro`n come closer, curiosity written on his face. / 它的腮鬚是厚的和粗糙的; 男人? 她這麼想。 她看了 ro n 來比較靠近的,在他的臉上被寫的好奇心。

Zoltar had said they were sapient, related more closely to the Spectran humans than the Terrans were to apes. They had been hominid, he said. / Zoltar 已經說,他們是裝聰明樣的, 更嚴密對 Spectran 人類相關勝於 Terrans 是到猿。 他們已經是原始人類,他說。
Yes, she thought, looking at the ro`n; the flippers could have been feet, the face apeish, with a short muzzle. The hand was similar to her hand; thicker, with shorter, stubbier fingers. Zoltar had said that the ri, the merfolk of the southern hemisphere, had hands identical to humans, with similar faces. / 是的,她想,看 ron; 鰭狀肢可能是腳,臉 apeish,藉由一個短動物之鼻口。 手與她的手類似; 更厚地,藉由比較短又比較斷株一般的手指。 Zoltar 已經說 ri ,南方的半球 merfolk, 有手與人類相同,藉由相似的臉。

Earth and Spectra, she mused again. How was it that the two seemed so linked? The ri, the ro`in -- Zoltar's racial ancestry, from the Magh / 地球和頻譜,她再一次沉思。 它好嗎那二這麼似乎連接? ri,ro 在 -- Zoltar's 的種族祖先,從 Magh
Tuireach region of Lower Feileidh, they were much as the Tuatha de / 較低的 Feileidh 的 Tuireach 區域, 他們多當做 Tuatha de
Danann were described in Scotland and Ireland. Adraig's race, from / Danann 在蘇格蘭和愛爾蘭被描述。 Adraig's 的比賽,從
Upper Fheidhleich -- he was slimmer than most of them, but shared their characteristics of heavy bones, stout bodies and heavy body hair. A sea people, fisherfolk, who wore the sleek, seal-like pelts of bhariche, their womenfolk as lovely and delicate as the men were sturdy -- did they not match the descriptions handed down of the Selkies, the seal people? Yet here, in front of her, was a genuine selkie. / 上面的 Fheidhleich-- 他是比他們大部份減肥者, 但是分享了他們的重骨頭的特性,烈啤酒體和重的身體頭髮。 像男人是強健的一樣可愛的和細緻優雅穿著了 bhariche 的光滑又像印章一樣毛皮,他們的婦女一個海洋人,fisherfolk-- 他們沒與 Selkies 被傳遞下來的描述相配嗎? 印章人 仍然在這裡,在她之前,是真正的 selkie。

She smiled as he stared at her. His blunted hand reached out to touch her ankle, then snatched back as though burnt. An angry bark broke the silence and the ro`n hurled himself to the sand, hurrying towards the waves. A young one, she realised. Just entered puberty? Probably; he was nearly full sized. The ro`n who had called him must be his parent, she thought. / 當他盯著她看的時候,她微笑。 他的鈍手接觸碰觸她的腳踝, 然後向後地奪取好像燃燒。 一片生氣的吠聲斷掉了沈默和 ron 對沙子用力投擲了他自己,向波浪催促。 一個年輕的,她了解。 剛剛進入了思春期? 可能; 他幾乎完全地被按規定尺寸製作。 ro n 誰已經打電話給他一定是他的父母,她想。

Her mind returned to the problem of Earth and Spectra. They were too close, yet how was it possible? The fossil records showed humans to have lived on Earth for over 35,000 years -- they had gone through an / 她的心回到地球和頻譜的問題。 他們太接近,然而它如何可能的? 成化石的紀錄顯示了人類已經倚賴地球生活達超過 35,000 年之久 -- 他們已經穿過一
Ice Age. Spectra's humanity was undergoing an industrial revolution at the time Earth's humans were just figuring out how to make fire from flints. Earth's fossil records showed the human ancestry, through Homo erectus and habilis, through the Australopithecines and back through / 冰凍年齡。 頻譜的人性正在那時歷經一個產業革命地球的人類正在僅僅理解該如何利用打火石做成火。 經過 Homo erectus 和 habilis 地球的成化石的紀錄顯示了人類祖先, 經過 Australopithecines 和背面穿越
Ramapithecus -- yet similar fossil identities were found on Spectra. / Ramapithecus-- 仍然相似的成化石的身份在頻譜上被發現。
Other hominids, like the ri and ro`in, were alive on Spectra, yet mere myth on Earth. The Spectrans had myths about great, tusked mammals, with noses like snakes; snake-deer, who fed on the branches of trees; a bizarre creature, composed of ro`in, mole and waterfowl -- it had taken her little to recognise Earth's own, living, elephants, giraffes and duck-billed platypus. / 其他的原始人類, 像 ri 和 ro在,是活著的在頻譜 , 然而小湖在地球上的神話上。 Spectrans 有了關於大師的神話,被以牙刺戳的哺乳動物, 與鼻子喜歡蛇; 蛇-鹿,以樹的樹枝為食; 奇異的生物,ro 組成在, 痣和 waterfowl-- 它已經採取她的一點點承認地球的自己,生活,象, giraffes 和鴨子送帳單的 platypus。

Tath La`an, she thought. The Lost Continent of Atlantis? The legends of the Ragnarok, the Armageddon -- they had long been thought to have been prophecies of nuclear war. Could they have been memories of an event that happened here? How? / Tath La一,她想。 亞特蘭提斯的失去大陸? 萬物滅絕的傳說, 世界末日善惡決戰的戰場 -- 他們已經被久認為已經是核戰的預言。 他們可以已經是一件在這裡發生的事件記憶嗎? 如何?

How.. that was the eternal question. The more she saw, the more questions there were. / 如何。。 那是永恆的問題。 更多她看見,更多的問題有。

Mala was descending the path to the stony beach, a vacuum bottle in her hand. She smiled as she approached, noting the marks in the sand from the ro`n's passage. / Mala 是降到面無表情海灘的路徑,她的手一支真空瓶子。 當她接近的時候,她微笑,注意來自 ro 的沙子標誌n's 的通道。

"They've been investigating you?" Princess nodded. "I thought they might. They've never seen an Earth person before and are curious as to how different you might be." / "他們已經調查你"? 公主點頭。 "我想他們可能。 他們從未看到一個地球人在和之前是好奇的關於如何不同的你可能是。"

"That's what I've been thinking. We're not different at all. / "那是我所已經想的。 我們一點也不是不同。
Genetically, we're identical to you. The only differences are in how you've adapted to your planet, we to ours." / 遺傳基因地,我們和你相同。 唯一的不同是在你如何已經適應你的行星, 我們到我們的。"

Mala nodded. It was as much a puzzle to them as it was to Princess. / Mala 點頭。 它是當做多一個謎題對他們當它是對公主。
They all wondered the same things -- Who had come from where, how and why? / 他們全部懷疑了相同的事物 -- 誰已經來自在哪裡, 如何和為什麼?

"Are you looking forward to tonight?" / " 你正在今晚期望"?

Princess nodded, smiling. She had found Mala as easy to talk to as / 公主點頭,微笑。 她已經發現 Mala 如容易的說話到當做
Zoltar, and delighted in having a real girlfriend; someone with whom she could share her deepest thoughts, her fears, her feelings. Mala, in turn, had found someone in whom she could confide her fears about her brother, herself, her work. Friends were hard to find on Spectra, and Princess' life didn't allow her the luxury. / Zoltar, 而且使在有一個真正的女朋友方面高興; 她可以最深入地分享她想法,她的恐懼某人,她的感覺。 Mala,依次 , 已經發現她可以吐露關於她的兄弟她恐懼的某人,她自己,她的工作。 朋友是困難在頻譜上發現,而且 Princess' 生活沒有允許她的豪華。

They sat in silence, drinking the herb ti from the vacuum flask, watching the grey sky and greyer waters. Ro`in, bharichean, and other unidentified sea creatures sported in the surf. The wind picked up threads of Mala's unbound hair. It was nearly as long as her brother's, and as rich. Princess' own black hair, grown longer during her sojourn, blew in strands about her face. Occasionally the wind would pass the two colours over each other, making tangles the two women laughingly unsnarled. / 他們在沈默方面坐,喝來自真空細頸瓶的藥草 ti ,看灰色的天空和較灰色的水域。 Ro在,bharichean,而且其他的未經確認的海洋生物在海浪中遊戲。 風拾起 Mala's 的已獲得自由的頭髮線。 它是幾乎像她的兄弟一樣的長, 和如富有的。 Princess' 擁有黑色的頭髮以在她的逗留期間被變比較長,在她的臉附近的濱中吹。 有時候風將會通過在彼此上的二個顏色,製造纏結二個女人笑著地解開結子。

"What's it like?" Princess asked softly. / "它像甚麼"? 公主柔和地問。

Mala continued to gaze at the sea. "It's different when you want it. / Mala 繼續注視海洋。 "當你想要它的時候,它是不同的。
Your body changes, becomes accomodating. It might hurt, it might not. / 你的身體改變,變成容納。 它可能傷害, 它不可能。
It won't hurt as much as when you're forced, and it's a different kind of hurt," she shrugged, "You've already lost the physical barriers; they're what make a lot of the pain for a first time. I think what will hurt more will be the memories." / 它將不傷害當做多當做當你被強迫,而且它是不同類型的傷害時候,"她聳肩 ",你已經失去實際的障礙了; 他們是製造許多第一個次的痛苦東西。 我認為,將傷害更多意志的東西是記憶。"

Princess nodded. The memories had interfered with their explorations, over the months. Fear was strong for both of them; they had both suffered much. For her, each act had its repellant associations: For him... well, simply being touched was bad enough. / 公主點頭。 在數個月以來記憶已經干擾他們的探險。 恐懼對他們兩個是強的; 他們兩個已經多遭受。 為她,每個行為有了它的排斥協會: 就他而言。。。 好吧,只是精神失常夠壞的。

"What does it feel like? Is it different, too?" / "它感覺起來像什麼? 它也是不同的嗎?"

Mala smiled warmly, closing her eyes, remembering her first time -- and all the times after it that she had chosen. "Yes, it's very different. / Mala 親切地微笑,關閉她的眼睛, 記得她的第一時間 -- 而且所有的時代在它之後她有選擇。 "是的,它非常不同。
It's hard to feel full and stretched, but it doesn't hurt, it feels good. And if he touches your cervix..Mm!" She turned her shining green eyes to look into Princess', "And of course, there's that great ego-stroke of knowing you're driving him crazy. You can twist, flex, turn, use muscles you didn't even know you had, let alone control.. and all the while you're bringing new sounds from his throat, new expressions to his face. It's pretty great," she summerized. / 描述是困難。。你覺得充滿而且伸展,但是它不傷害,它覺得舒服。 而且如果他碰觸你的子宮頸。。公釐!"她轉向了她光亮的綠色眼睛調查 Princess'", 和當然,有那一個大師自我- 知道的筆劃你正在把他逼瘋。 你能擰,彎曲,轉, 使用肌肉你甚至沒有知道你有,獨自地讓控制。。 而且所有的那當你正在帶來自他的咽喉新聲音的時候,正對著的新表達。 它是漂亮的大師," 她 summerized。

"That sounds like the understatement of the year!" Princess laughed. / "那聽起來像那年的打著折扣說一樣"! 公主笑。

"It is. But you'll know.. You'll find out." / "它是。 但是你將知道。。 你將發現。"

"I hope so. You've been right about everything else, so far. Thank you." / "我這麼希望。 到現在為止你已經關於其他每件事物是正確地。 謝謝你。"

"Hey, you think I want my brother to be a lousy lover?? If I can give him any benefit of experience, I will! I know he wants to be good for you, and I do too. I want you both to learn what I learned." / "嗨,你認為我想要我的兄弟是污穢的愛人?? 如果我能給經驗的任何受益的他,我決意! 我知道,他想要對你是好的,而且我也做。 我想要你兩個學習我所學習的。"

Tears sprang to Princess' cobalt eyes. Why was it she had to become a prisoner to find real friends? / 淚滴跳到 Princess' 鈷眼睛。 為什麼是它她必須成為一個囚犯發現真正的朋友?

* * * / ***

The convertable had arrived, the snow brushed off and a light meal taken. Mala had left, with reminders that she would be back to help with breakfast. Conversation had flowed, life was bitched about, and finally they sat silent, their arms around each other, staring at the fire. / 可轉換者已經到達, 雪拒絕和被拿的輕一餐。 Mala 已經留下,與提醒的人她將會以早餐回來幫助。 交談已經流動, 生活到處被母狗,而且最後他們坐著沈默的, 他們的手臂在彼此的周圍,盯著火看。

"How do you feel?" she asked at last. She had grown more fluent in / "你感覺如何"? 她最後問。 她已經變更流利的在
Lower Feileidh, and spoke it now more often than English. He turned to look at her. His eyes were hidden by the mask, yet she could still feel the tenderness in his face. / 較低的 Feileidh, 而且現在說了它更時常超過英國語。 他準備看她。 他的眼睛被假面具藏了,然而她可以仍然正對著感覺柔軟。

"Scared," he admitted, "I'm afraid of hurting you." / 驚嚇,他承認 ",我害怕傷害你".

She smiled shyly, remembering Mala's words, "I'll tell you if it does." / 她害羞地微笑,記得 Mala's 的字,"如果它做,我將告訴你" 。
Their lips met. / 他們的唇碰到。

She too had heard the whispered rumours, and knew the truth of them. / 她已經也聽到被耳語的傳聞, 而且知道了他們的事實。
Supple indeed, were the lips of Zoltar; she well understood the / 柔軟的確,是 Zoltar 的唇; 她湧出了解那
Spectran women's fascination with full lips, understood why the men were envious of their Leader. His kisses were sweet, his tongue quick and light. He pulled her lower lip lightly with his teeth, sending a shiver down her spine. She had never thought of her lips as an erogenous zone -- yet, at least with Zoltar, she responded quickly. / 和完整的唇 Spectran 女人的魔力,了解了男人為什麼對他們的領袖是嫉妒的。 他的吻是甜蜜,快的和輕他舌。 他輕輕的以他牙齒拉了她較低的唇, 送一打顫下來她的脊椎。 她從未把她的唇當做一個性感帶 -- 仍然,至少以 Zoltar ,她回應得很快。

Gently, she peeled a glove down his arm, off his fingertips. He had removed the tiny blades from his nails and the pink beds caught the firelight, turning salmon in the golden light. She kissed the pad of each finger, traced the scars on his wrists with her tongue. The other glove came off and the process was repeated. He bent to remove his thigh-high boots, rolling the suede over his legs. The belt came off next, then he reached up. / 在他的指尖外逐漸地,她把一雙手套他的手臂皮下來。 他已經把極小的刀鋒從他的釘子移開,而且粉紅的床捕捉了火光,轉金的光鮭魚。 她吻了每根手指的填補,用她的舌追蹤在他的手腕上的疤痕。 另一個手套脫落,而且程序被重複。 他彎曲除去他的大腿- 高的長靴,滾動在他的腿上絨面革。 帶子然後脫落, 然後他到達在上面。

The mask was pulled away, and the silken hair cascaded down over his shoulders. He shook it into place, pulling out the pins, then looked at her shyly. / 假面具被開走,而且綢的頭髮在他的肩之上成瀑布落下下來。 他搖動它進地方,拉出大頭針,然後害羞地看她。

"Will you brush it for me?" / "你將為我疏刷它嗎"?

Her heart stopped. Tears sprang into her eyes as she nodded. She had been offered a monumental honour, as great as the honour she offered him. She jumped up to find a hairbrush. He had finished undressing when she returned. / 她的心停止。 當她點頭的時候,淚滴進入她的眼睛之內跳。 她已經被提供一個紀念碑的光榮,像光榮一樣的棒她提供了他。 她跳躍在上面發現一個髮刷。 當她歸還的時候,他已經脫去衣服完。

She positioned him facing a window. The moons gazed down upon them, but more importantly, the firelight reflected off the spiridium glass. / 她放置了他面對一扇窗戶。 衛星注視他們,但是更重要,火光走開反映 spiridium 玻璃。
She would be reflected too, reminding him of who was touching him. / 她將會也被反映, 使他想起誰正在碰觸他。

His eyes were closed, the tension showing. His knuckles were white and he swallowed audibly. She remembered doing the same things, when she first touched him, a task of as much significance. / 他的眼睛被關閉,緊張成績。 他的指節是白色的,而且他可聽見地吞。 當她最初碰了他的時候她記得已經做相同的事物,當做很多的重要性的一件工作。

Gently she touched the fall of shining, tangled strands. Then she applied the brush, straightening the mass, bringing them to order. His hair was like sandwashed silk, with an almost-powdery feel, exquisite and opulent. She understood why it had drawn such attention -- the beauty of it delighted the eye, invited the touch. The feel of it invited more. / 逐漸地她碰觸了閃爍的秋天,使纏結濱。 然後她應用了刷子, 矯直大眾,使他們甦醒命令。 他的頭髮像 sandwashed 絲, 由於一幾乎- 粉狀的感覺,精緻的和豐裕的。 她了解了它為什麼已經引起如此的注意 -- 它的美人使眼睛愉快了,邀請觸覺。 那感覺它被邀請更多。

She worked quickly, but gently. "Are you okay?" she asked. He nodded, "It feels different when you do it," he replied in a whisper. / 她工作得很快, 但是逐漸地。 " 你是好"? 她問。 他點頭,"當你做它的時候,它覺得不同",他在耳語中答覆。
Tears glistened on his lashes. She stroked his hair, admiring the length of it, then buried herself in it, nuzzling the nape of his neck. / 淚滴在他的鞭子上閃亮。 她划尾槳了他的頭髮,讚賞的它長度, 然後埋頭於它,將鼻插入他的脖子項。
Rooting through it, she found his ear and nibbled lightly, flicking the lobe with her tongue. / 植根過它,她輕輕的發現了他的耳朵而且一點一點地咬,用她的舌輕彈圓形突出部。

His face had relaxed, a soft, relieved pleasure putting a slight curve to his lips. She played with it some more, holding up handfuls and letting them fall, watching the way they broke the light. The hair felt almost frictionless, like holding strands of light. Such a gift, to have such hair, and she the only person priviledged to enjoy it. / 他的臉已經放鬆,柔軟,減輕了放對他的唇一個微小的曲線快樂。 她和它玩了再多一些,在少數上面握住和使他們落下,看他們斷掉了光的方式。 頭髮覺得幾乎無摩擦,喜歡握住光的濱。 一個如此禮物, 有如此的頭髮, 和她唯一的人 priviledged 享受它。
Not even Mala could delight in his hair. She stroked the roots, at his scalp, then drew her hands away down the strands. She stopped close to two feet left to go; she had run out of arm. / 不是平坦的 Mala 可以對他的頭髮很喜歡。 她划尾槳了根,在他的頭皮, 然後拉她的手之遠墬落濱。 她在二呎的附近停止離開去; 她已經用光手臂。

She knew when to stop, and did. They embraced, kissed, caressed and she peeled off her own clothes. Soon they were both nude, the firelight golden on their skins. / 她知道何時該停止, 而且做。 他們擁抱,吻, 愛撫,而且她削走開她自己的衣服皮了。 很快他們兩個是裸的,金在他們的皮膚上的火光。

His body was not pretty. His lines were pleasing enough, slim, slightly bony, the muscles defined; a sleek form, like that of a biathlete, a nordic skier. His was not the form of a body builder. / 他的身體不漂亮。 他的台詞夠令人喜愛的,瘦﹐些微如骨,肌肉定義; 一種光滑的形式, 像 biathlete 的,一個 nordic 滑雪的人。 他的不是身體建立者的形式。
His hips were high like a man's, his chest defined -- the subtle roundness was easy to miss, easy to confuse with the developed pecs underneath, yet the breasts were there, visible only to the observant. / 像男人的他臀部是高的, 他的胸定義 -- 敏感的圓是容易錯過, 容易的在下面以被發展的 pecs 困惑,然而胸部在那裡, 看得見的只有對深切注意者。
His legs were well shaped, more like a woman's than a man's, yet showing a masculine ruggedness. / 他的腿很好地被成形, 更多的同類女人的超過男人的,仍然顯示男性的高低不平。

The scars marred the beauty of his body. There were puncture wounds, where he had been stabbed; rakes of scar tissue from the spiked straps and canes used as scholastic discipline; blood tatoos, where he had been bruised too many times to heal. There were the white knots on his wrists, from his many attempts at suicide, and his neck showed the fine white line of a slit throat. Over all were the curdled scars left by the energies of the Luminous One. / 疤痕損毀了他的身體美人。 有破壞創傷,在他已經被刺的地方; 來自被以大釘釘牢的繩疤痕薄的紗織品的耙子和手杖使用如學校的紀律; 血刺青,在他太許多次已經被打傷治癒的地方。 有在他的手腕上的白色結,從在自殺的他許多嘗試,而且他的脖子顯示了裂縫咽喉的好白色線。 在全部之上是被使凝結的被發光的能源留下一的疤痕。

Her body was little better. Her legs were thin-boned, heavily muscled, showing the bone stress suffered by child athletes. Her waist was long, her breasts high on her slim torso. She too wore the strong, sleek muscles of a trained athlete. Her body was marked by fewer scars, but those that were present took as much from the esthetics of her lines. / 她的身體少更。 她的腿是瘦的-骨骼的,很重地肌肉,顯示被孩子運動員遭受的骨頭壓力。 她的腰部很長,高的在她瘦軀幹上的她胸部。 她也穿著了被訓練的運動員的強又光滑肌肉。 她的身體被較少的疤痕標示了,但是在場的那些拿如來自她的台詞美學的很多。

He reached out, his fingers caressing her shoulder, slipping down, tracing the thick scar of a stab wound near her heart. He bent to kiss it, then nuzzled and kissed her throat. He bit, lightly but firmly, sending a shiver of sensation down her nerves. She ran her fingers down his back, tracing over the slugs of scar tissue, other stab wounds. They had tested the sensitivities of the scars, along with birthmarks, freckles and various stretches of skin -- a game of 'what feels good', in which they came to learn about each other, and themselves. / 他到達出,他的愛撫她的肩,滑倒下來,追蹤在她的心附近的刺厚疤痕創傷的手指。 他彎曲吻它,然後將鼻插入而且吻了她的咽喉。 他咬,輕輕的但是堅固, 送一感覺打顫下來她的神經。 她把她的手指跑下來他的背部,在疤痕薄的紗織品的芯塊之上追蹤,其他的刺受傷。 他們連同胎記一起已經測試疤痕的敏感皮膚的雀斑和各種不同伸展 -- 一場比賽 ' 什麼覺得舒服', 他們來學習關於彼此的事, 和他們自己。

Then, too, she had discovered the reason for the Spectrans' fascination with long hair. A sensual people, the Spectrans -- much given to appreciating the gifts of their five (though some would say six) senses. Seldom had she met people who just ate to live, didn't put great enthusiasm into the cooking and the eating. Houses, businesses, the military installations -- wherever art could be hung, music played, scents diffused, they were. Nor was it ever too much; there were prohibitions regarding the drowning of the self in perfume -- anything which overwhelmed the senses was discouraged. The senses were to be enjoyed, not abused. Another of Zoltar's enlightened enactments, bringing back the culture destroyed by the Luminous One. / 然後,也,她已經用長的頭髮發現 Spectrans' 魔力的理由。 一個官能的人, Spectrans-- 多給感激他們的五 ( 雖然一些將會說六)個感覺的禮物。 她有很少遇見了剛剛吃居住的人,沒有把棒的狂熱放入烹飪和吃。 眾議院,生意, 軍事安裝 -- 藝術可能無論那裡被吊,音樂玩,氣味散播,他們是。 曾經太多它也不是; 關於溺死有禁令那自己的在香水中 -- 淹沒感覺的任何事是氣餒的。 感覺是被享受,不濫用。 另外一 Zoltar's 的被啟發的扮演,使被發光破壞一的文化回復。

Long hair, she had discovered, was an exquisite sensation, when run over bare skin. With Zoltar's hair, it was like being caressed by fog, misty and ticklish. She picked up handfuls to wrap around her face, her eyes sparkling with mischief. He smiled back at her, then bent to caress her nipple with his tongue. / 渴望頭髮,她已經發現,是精緻的感覺, 當輾過赤裸的皮膚。 藉由 Zoltar's 的頭髮,它像被霧愛撫,有霧的和易倒的。 她拾起少數在她的臉周圍包裝,她的以傷害閃爍的眼睛。 他向後地在她微笑, 然後彎曲用他的舌愛撫她的乳頭。

She sighed with pleasure. It was speculated among the gossipers that / 她歡喜地歎息。 它在 gossipers 之中被深思那
Zoltar's tongue was talented in many ways. She smiled smugly, reveling in the thought that no one but her knew just how talented. He covered her torso with kisses, each one sending a ribbon of fire down her nerves. His hands stroked her skin, gently kneading her muscles. She ran her fingers up and down his spine, knotting in his hair, gently raking his shoulders with her fingernails. Then he lay down full length beside her. / Zoltar's 的舌以許多方式被才能。 她自以為是地微笑, 在想法中狂歡作樂沒有人但是她究竟知道如何才能。 他被以吻涵蓋她的軀幹,送一條火的緞帶每一個墬落她的神經。 他的手划尾槳了她的皮膚,逐漸地揉她的肌肉。 她上下地跑她的手指他的脊椎,在他的頭髮中打結,逐漸地用她的手指甲向船尾他的肩。 然後他放置在她旁邊的下來充足的長度。

For a long time they lay like that, running their hands along each other. The sensations gave new meaning to "pleasures of the flesh" -she had seldom thought of the phrase as anything more than a metaphor, had never really considered that the whole of the body could give such diffuse, vivacious, intense and differing sensations. They paid a great deal of attention to the marks of their abuse. It sang strongly to Princess of respect, of appreciation for her survival, her strength and will -- she knew she herself stood in awe of what he had survived, and viewed his scarred body as a living trophy, a testemony to the human drive for survival. / 有很長的一段時間他們像那一樣放置, 沿著彼此跑他們的手。 感覺把新的意義給 "肉的快樂"-她很少已經沒有把片語當做超過東西一個隱喻,已經被從不真的考慮身體的全部可以提供如此的漫射,活潑又強烈的而且不一致感覺。 他們對他們的濫用標誌給予很多的注意。 它強烈地對敬意的公主唱, 賞識對於她的生存, 她的力量和意志 -- 她認識,她自己在他已經繼續生存, 而且視他的結疤身體為一個生活獎座的震懾中站立,為生存的到人類的駕車 testemony。

She stroked and nuzzled his chest. His body was firm and strong, yet the small breasts gave a plush feel, firm beneath, pleasant to burrow into. His nipples were as sensitive as hers; it had pleased her to discover that, and she liked the way his skin tasted. She trailed her tongue down his flank, around the impression of his hip, down his thigh, her fingers following. Then she worked her way back. / 她划尾槳並且將鼻插入他的胸。 他的身體是堅定的和強, 然而小的胸部給予一個長毛絨感覺, 公司在,之下愉快的掘洞穴進入之內。 他的乳頭是同樣地敏感的當做她的; 它已經取悅她發現那,而且她喜歡他的皮膚嚐的方式。 她把她的舌追蹤下來他的側面,在對他的臀部印象的周圍,墬落他的大腿, 她的手指在之後。 然後她工作她的方法背面。

More kisses, more cuddles.. Love with Zoltar was sensual, tactile, leisurely.. Romantic? Yes, in a way, but there was an intensity of emotion that romance seldom attained. Passion, desire, love, apprehension -- no fear. It surprised both of them, that that emotion should be lacking. / 更多的吻,更多的摟抱。。 和 Zoltar 的愛是官能的﹐觸覺的﹐和悠閒的。。 浪漫的? 是的,在一定程度上 , 但是有一種很少被達到的情緒那一個浪漫史的強烈。 熱情,欲望,愛, 理解 -- 沒有恐懼。 它使他們兩個吃驚了, 那那情緒應該是缺乏的。

His fingers stroked her inner thigh, slowly working higher. She closed her eyes, a soft sigh escaping her lips, when he slipped one through the moist folds. / 他的手指划尾槳了她的內部大腿,慢慢地更高地工作。 她關閉了她的眼睛,一聲逃脫她的唇軟歎息, 當他滑倒的時候一經過潮溼的摺層。

It was completely different from any manual penetration she had experience previous to him. It has surprised her, at first, when they first attempted it. Now, knowing the difference, she relaxed into it, allowing the feelings to wash over her; his fingers tickling, his lips on her throat, her hands knotted in the roots of his hair. / 它完全地不同於她對他有經驗先前的任何人工的滲透。 當他們最初嘗試了它的時候起先它已經使她吃驚。 現在,知道不同,她進入它之內放鬆, 允許感覺在她之上洗; 他的手指胳肢,在她的咽喉上的他唇,她的手在他的頭髮根中打結。

Two can play at this game, she thought, and reached for him. He lay with his head against her shoulder, eyes closed, focussed on her touch. / 二能在這一場比賽玩,她想, 而且及於他。 他以對抗她的肩他頭放置,眼睛關閉,在她的觸覺上的 focussed。

She remembered when she first got up the nerve to touch him. His erection had brought horrible memories to her, thoughts only of its potential as a weapon, a bringer of pain. His size was not the source of her fear -- Zoltar had been blessed well, with a good size and shape, neither overly large, nor underwhelming. No, merely its existance was enough to bring her anxiety. / 當她最初籌備神經碰他的時候,她記得。 他的直立已經帶可怕的記憶給她,只把它的潛能當做一個武器, 一痛苦帶。 他的大小不是她的恐懼來源 -- Zoltar 是受祝福的很好地,藉由好大小和形狀, 既非過度大, 也不未能吸引。 不,只它的 existance 是充足帶她的焦慮。

He had understood, and phrased his words carefully. If she wanted to, when she wanted to, she could. She had known what he had meant -- she was not the only one with a fear of being touched. / 他已經小心地了解, 而且片語他所說的話。 如果她想要到, 當她想要的時候到, 她可以。 她已經知道他已經意謂的 -- 她不是和被接觸的恐懼唯一的一個。

Then, a stir of air had caused his scrotum to contract. She watched the writhing flesh with interest, noting the speed of the contraction, how it relaxed again almost immediately, only to curl up once more. / 然後,空氣的攪動已經導致他的陰囊縮短。 她用興趣看 writhing 肉,注意收縮的速度, 如何在再一次被幾乎立刻放鬆的它, 不料竟會再一次蜷縮而臥。
Not quite aware of it, she stroked the skin, wondering what the texture was like. / 不是相當知道它,她划尾槳了皮膚, 覺得奇怪質地像甚麼。

Now, she had no such fear, but retained the curiosity and fascination. / 現在,她沒有如此的恐懼, 但是保有了好奇心和魔力。
Each feather caress brought a rush of blood, briefly swelling the organ even more. She twitched it lightly with her fingernails, watching the instant reactions, listening to the changes in his breathing. This wasn't an ordeal; this was fun. / 每羽毛愛撫帶了血的匆促,簡短隆起器官相等更多。 她輕輕的以她手指甲猛拉了它,看立即的反應,對在他的呼吸方面的改變聽。 這不是一個嚴酷的考驗; 這是樂趣。

Fixing her eyes with his, he withdrew his fingers from her nest, lasciviously drawing each one over his tongue, a wicked smile curving his lips. A small moan escaped her. Then he dove, and a shock of pleasure exploded in her brain, a firework of sensations screaming down her nerves. Oh you bastard, she thought. I'll get you for this... / 用他的固定她的眼睛,他撤回了來自她的巢他手指,淫蕩地畫在他的舌上每一個,一個彎曲他的唇壞微笑。 一聲小的呻吟逃脫了她。 然後他鴿子,而且一個快樂的驚嚇在她的腦中爆炸,一個感覺的煙火尖叫下來她的神經。 哦你私生子,她想。 我將為這得到你。。。

Oral sex had been the worst obstacle, second only to actual intercourse. Both of them had been forced to perform, had been forced to endure. The human body in terror can respond by flooding the erectile tissues with blood, under stimulation can produce spasms similar to orgasm. But they are painful and humiliating, more because of what they mimic. She remembered the shame she had felt at those times, as her tormentors laughed, saying she enjoyed it rough. As for him... / 口交已經是最壞的障礙,只有對真實的交往秒。 他們兩個都已經不得不表現,已經不得不忍耐。 恐怖的人類身體能藉著氾濫回應和血的可使直立的薄紗織品,在刺激之下能生產與激烈的興奮類似的抽筋。 但是他們是痛苦的和丟臉的, 更多的因為什麼他們模擬的。 她記得了羞愧她被在那些時代有毛氈, 當笑的她使苦痛之人, 說她享受了它粗糙的。 關於他。。。

At least she bore no scars there. Decorating his erection were the fine white lines of scars, cuts where his abusers had tested "to see if it was real". There was a long scar, the reminder of an operation done to correct a problem origionating in his faulty separation from his twin. The worst of the lot, were the crescent-shaped marks of a human bite. She kissed them gently, wondering how anyone could bite a child so cruelly. He had refused to talk about it, past acknowledging its presence. Not even Mala knew its origion. / 至少她在那裡沒煩擾疤痕。 裝飾他的直立是疤痕的好白色線, 他的 abusers 已經測試的切 " 看看是否它是真正的 ". 有一道長的疤痕,被做改正他的他雙胞胎的錯誤分離的問題 origionating 的手術提醒的人。 運氣的最壞,是人類的咬新月形標誌。 她逐漸地吻了他們, 覺得奇怪任何人可以如何咬一個孩子如此的殘忍。 他已經拒絕談論它,越過承認它的出現。 不是平坦的 Mala 知道了它的 origion 。

She stroked her tongue along the underside, tasting a pearl of sweetish fluid at the tip. Testing lightly with her teeth, she took him in, bracing her tongue against him. He moaned and she glanced at him -his eyes were closed, erotic tension suffusing his face. Watching, she flicked her tongue; he flinched, flinched again, his breath coming short and fast. Another thing Mala was right about...It was a good feeling to bring a man such pleasure, willingly. She tongued him a bit longer, nuzzling him, lightly stretching the skin of his sac between her lips, enjoying the animal sounds from his throat. / 她沿著下面划尾槳了她的舌,在頂端嚐一顆略甜液體的珍珠。 輕輕的以她牙齒嘗試, 她帶了他在,支撐對抗他的她舌。 他呻吟,而且她注視他 -他的眼睛被關閉,遍佈他的臉性愛的緊張。 看,她輕彈了她的舌; 他畏縮,再一次畏縮, 他的呼吸來臨短和快速地。 另外事物 Mala 是正確地大約。。。它是好感覺帶給一個男人如此的快樂,自動地。 她更久以舌觸了他一點點,將鼻插入他,輕輕的伸展在她的唇之間的他 sac 的皮膚,享受來自他的咽喉動物聲音。

He pushed her away, his chest heaving. She sat up, concern on her face. / 他推動她離開,他的胸用力舉起。 她熬夜,在她的臉上掛慮。

"Not yet," he whispered hoarsely. She smiled then. "You?" She nodded. He lay her down on the fur rug in front of the fireplace, then bent between her thighs. He nuzzled her gently, his tongue touching so lightly she barely felt it. Waves of pleasure washed over her as his lithe tongue darted through her folds. His fingers stroked, slipped inside, producing a deep sensation that brought a groan of ecstacy from her. He glanced at her, grinning wickedly, his tongue performing a quick dance over her pearl. The firelight glistened off the persperation gathering on her skin. Soon.. / " 不是仍然",他沙啞地耳語。 她當時微笑。 "你"? 她點頭。 他在壁爐之前在毛皮毯子上與她性交下來,然後在她的大腿之間彎曲。 他逐漸地將鼻插入了她,他的幾乎碰觸如此的輕輕她舌感覺了它。 當他的柔軟舌吐過她的摺層時候,快樂的高潮在她之上洗。 他的手指划尾槳,滑倒了內部,產生帶了來自她的一聲 ecstacy 的呻吟深感覺。 他注視她,壞地露齒而笑,他的表演在她的珍珠上的快跳舞的舌。 火光離開在她的皮膚上的 persperation 集會閃亮。 很快。。

"AOW!!!" she screamed as a spark popped from the fire, cleared the glass fireshield and landed on her belly. / "AOW!!!"當火花從火取出的時候,她尖叫, 清除的玻璃 fireshield 而且在她的腹上登陸。

"Aishe! are you okay?? What happened?" / "Aishe! 你是好嗎?? 發生什麼事?"

She was laughing almost too hard to speak, but managed to explain. "It had lousy timing too!" / 她正在幾乎笑太努力地說, 但是設法解釋。 "它也有了污穢的時間點"!

They laughed, and he kissed the small red spot, then they laughed again, embracing, tickling, rolling about on the fur rug. They rolled to a halt, she on top of him, his hair spread out and in disarray. She gazed at him -- He was beautiful, and the thought brought tears to her eyes. / 他們笑,而且他吻了小的紅色地點,然後他們再一次笑,擁抱,胳肢, 滾動關於在毛皮毯子上。 他們捲到停止, 她在他的頂端上,他的頭髮傳開和在無秩序中。 她注視他 -- 他很美麗,而且想法帶淚滴去她的眼睛。

"I love you," she said to his concerned look. The worry evaporated and he embraced her, nuzzling her hair, "I love you too. Don't ever forget that." / " 我愛你",她對他的關心神情說。 煩惱蒸發,而且他擁抱了她,將鼻插入她的頭髮,"我也愛你。 不要曾經忘記那。"

"I won't" Not for as long as she lived, she would not forget. Then he fuzzed her face with the ends of his hair, lauging insanely, and the moment was over. / " 我不將"不因為只要她居住,她將不忘記。 然後他用他的頭髮結束作絨毛狀飛散她的臉, lauging 患精神病地,而且片刻結束。

She settled herself so that his erection slid easily through her wet folds, in a game they had invented to accustom both of them to the idea. She liked the feelings it produced, sliding back and forth along him, made slick with her juices. She got into the rhythm of it, lost herself in the sensations. Then she came down wrong and he screeched, his fingers gouging into her thighs, his back arching spasmodically. / 她安頓了她自己以便他的直立 slid 在一場他們已經發明使對想法的他們兩個習慣的比賽中容易地穿越她的濕氣摺疊。 她喜歡它生產的感覺,來回地沿著他滑,由於她的汁製造光滑。 她進入它的旋律,在感覺方面失去她自己。 然後她錯誤落下來,而且他尖著聲音講, 他的手指熔刮進入她的大腿之內,他的斷續性地成弓形彎曲的背部。

He was inside. That simple. She slid down a little further, bringing another spasm from him. No pain. None. She marvelled at the absense. / 他在裡面。 簡單的那。 她 slid 下來稍微促進,帶來自他的另一個抽筋。 沒有痛苦。 沒有人。 她對 absense 嘖嘖稱奇。
Her muscles contracted on their own -- yes, she could feel him, thick and warm, solid, easy to grasp.. and utterly painless. There was something else, a feeling... she stretched out a little more, raising herself off him a bit. More.. yes, she could feel that. Down again.. / 她的肌肉靠他們自己感染 -- 是的,她可以感覺他, 厚的和溫暖的﹐堅硬的﹐和容易的抓住。。 而且完全無痛。 有別的東西,感覺。。。 她伸展出小小的更多,離開他升起她自己一點點。 更多。。 是的,她可以感覺那。 再一次墬落。。
oh yes.. yes.. Her muscles contracted again, and the dam broke. Her orgasm burst upon her, driving her into a bucking frenzy, completely lost in sound and sensation. His voice joined hers, his hips meeting her thrusts as the fury of climax overcame them both. / 表示驚訝是的。。 是的。。 她的肌肉再一次感染,而且水壩斷掉。 她的激烈興奮在她之上爆裂,駕駛她進頑強反抗狂暴之內,完全地在聲音和感覺方面失去。 他的被參加她的聲音,他的遇見她的推進如高潮的憤怒臀部克服了他們兩個。

Finally they slowed, stilled, and she collapsed into his arms. His eyes were closed, strands of hair sticking to his forehead and cheek. / 最後他們減慢,安靜,而且她進入他的手臂之內倒塌。 他的眼睛被關閉,黏住他的前額和頰的頭髮濱。
His lips were relaxed, looking crimson in the firelight. Her head swam, dizzy from the power of her climax. She had never experienced one like that before, but it whetted her appetite for more. She lay in his arms, feeling the muscles twitch in her thighs, listening to his heart beat. She felt safe. / 他的唇被放鬆,在火光中看起來深紅色。 她的頭游泳,從她的高潮力量暈眩。 她從未經歷一個同類以前,但是它為更多增強了她的食慾。 她在於他的手臂,感覺肌肉在她的大腿中猛拉,對他的心打聽。 她覺得安全。

She felt a light touch on her chin and opened her eyes. / 她感覺了在她的下巴上的輕觸覺而且打開了她的眼睛。

"Are you okay?" he asked softly. She nodded, smiling, "Couldn't possibly be better. You?" / " 你是好"? 他柔和地問。 她點頭,微笑的," 無法可能地是比較好的。 你?"

There were tears in his eyes. "Thank you," he whispered. She shook her head, tears coming to her eyes, "I should be thanking you." They kissed, then cuddled some more. Finally, she looked up at him. / 有他的眼睛淚滴。 "謝謝你",他耳語。 她搖頭,流淚對她的眼睛來臨,"我應該謝謝你" 。 他們吻,然後撫抱再多一些。 最後,她看在他上面。

"That was fun, can we do that again?" / "那是樂趣,我們能再一次做那嗎"?

He threw back his head and roared with laughter. / 他以笑擲回他的頭而且吼。

* * * / ***

A light scratching sound woke Princess. She looked around, seeking its source, then glimpsed Mala's face peeking in at the kitchen window. / 一個擦聲音的光喚醒了公主。 她四處看看,尋求它的來源, 然後投以一瞥了 Mala's 的臉偷看在廚房窗戶。
Morning already? she thought, and the dawn-streaked sky confirmed it. / 早晨已經? 她想,而且破曉加條紋的天空確認了它。
She signed to Mala, then got up and went to find some clothes. As quietly as possible she stoked up the fire in the stove, but her sleeping lover never moved. She smiled, then slipped out the balcony door to the porch that overlooked the sea. / 她簽署到 Mala,然後起床而且去發現一些衣服。 儘可能安靜地她 stoked 在火爐的火上面,但是她的睡著愛人從不移動。 她微笑, 然後滑倒出對忽略了海洋的門廊陽台門。

"Go okay?" Mala asked. Princess nodded, unable to stop smiling. / "好去"? Mala 問。 公主點頭, 不能停止微笑。
"See, I told you it would." / " 看見, 我告訴了你它將會".

"You were right, again. Thank you." / "再一次你是正確的。 謝謝你。"

Mala made a scoffing noise, "Why are you thanking me, you two did all the work." but she smiled and seemed very pleased. / Mala 製造了嘲笑噪音,"你為什麼謝謝我, 你二做了所有的工作". 但是她微笑而且似乎非常高興。

"He's good," Princess pronounced, "At least I think so, and I've been raped by guys who thought they were the best." / " 他好的", 顯著的公主 ",至少我這麼認為,而且我已經被想了他們是最好的傢伙掠奪".

"Best at rape perhaps," Mala snorted. They chuckled. / " 在搶奪的最好也許",Mala 噴著氣弄響鼻子。 他們吃吃的笑。

"I was completely amazed, it didn't hurt at all." / " 我完全地被吃驚, 它一點也不傷害" 。

"Thought maybe. Much memory interferance?" / "也許想。 很多的記憶 interferance?"

"Some, but no where near what I had feared. It didn't happen quite the way I expected it to, though," and she explained how it had happened. / "一些, 但是沒有在哪裡近的我所已經害怕的。 它沒有相當發生方式我期望了它到,雖然,"而且她解釋了它如何已經發生。
Mala laughed, saying that it was probably for the best. Princess was in full agreement. / Mala 笑, 說它可能是給最好。 公主是在完全的協議中。

They turned as the door opened, revealing a very scruffy-looking Zoltar in a snuggle-coat. / 當門打開的時候,他們轉向, 顯示非常看似不整齊的 Zoltar 在一挨近-外套。

"Good morning, Sleeping Beauty," Mala greeted her brother. He grunted, commenting that two hours of sleep rather made him SleepLESS Beauty. / "早安,睡著的美人",Mala 歡迎了她的兄弟。 他哼, 批評二小時的睡眠寧可使他成為不睡眠的美人。
Mala laughed, then came inside and began unpacking the food she had brought. The northern hemisphere was about to go through the coldest part of winter, and the people were eating huge amounts, packing on fat in preparation for their month-long sleep. Zoltar and Mala, their frames naturally spare, had to be even more conscienscious about their appetites, lest they wake partially starved. / 被笑的 Mala,然後進來而且開始卸下她已經帶的食物。 北方的半球正要經過最寒冷部份冬天去,而且人正在吃極大的數量,在為他們的月準備的脂肪上的包裝-長的睡眠。 Zoltar 和 Mala ,自然多餘的他們體格,必須是關於他們的食慾甚至更多的 conscienscious,以免他們部份地叫醒餓得要死。

As Princess filled the kettle and put it on the burner, Mala fixed her brother with a glare, "I'll have you know I got no sleep last night at all!" / 當公主裝滿了茶壺而且把它放在火爐的時候,Mala 用閃耀光修理她的兄弟," 我將讓你知道我昨晚全然沒有了睡眠"!

Sympathy, concern, support -- these emotions entirely failed to cross / 同情,關心, 支持 -- 這些情緒完全地沒有交叉
Zoltar's features. "Take your own medicine, bitch, I've put up with you for enough years" They laughed. Princess smiled, marvelling at their psychic link as *Mala* told *Zoltar* how many times he and / Zoltar's 的特徵。 "服用你自己的藥,母狗,我已經忍受你充足的數年" 他們笑。 公主微笑, 當 *Mala* 告訴了 *Zoltar* 的時候, marvelling 在他們的巫女連接如何許多次他和
Princess had made love last night. / 公主昨晚已經作愛。

Seen together, side by side, they were absolutely identical. Only close observation revealed the slightly more bony frame of Zoltar's face -- a real case of "blink and you'll miss it". She had seen them together in his guise as "Zarabeth", and had been none the wiser -she, who had been trained to spot the physical differences that pointed out a gender disguise! / 一起看到, 並排,他們完全同一。 唯一的接近觀察顯示了 Zoltar's 的臉些微更如骨體格 -- 一個真正情形 " 眨眼而且你將錯過它". 她已經在他的方式中一起看到他們如 "Zarabeth", 而且已經是沒有人比較聰明人 -她,已經被訓練認出指出性別假面目的實際不同!

They poured ti, and Princess went to get the hairbrush, brushing out the tangles caused by their night's activities. Mala's eyes grew wide, but she said not a word. Then, the twins excused themselves to go out onto the balcony together. / 他們倒了 ti ,而且公主去有髮刷,疏刷出由他們的夜晚活動所引起的纏結。 Mala's 的眼睛變寬,但是她說不一個字。 然後,雙胞胎原諒了他們自己一起在陽台之上出去。

Keeping an eye on the cooking porridge, she watched them together. He was telling her about their night, she knew. She hoped it had been as wonderful for him as it was for her. She tried to think of the rapes, but found she couldn't -- the images shattered, reforming into a beautiful face, framed by a halo of gold. She smiled: That was what she had hoped for. / 注意烹飪粥,她一起看了他們。 他正在告訴她關於他們的夜晚,她知道。 她希望它是當做令人驚奇的為他當它是給她。 她試著想到搶奪, 但是發現她無法 -- 影像打碎,進入一個美麗的臉之內改革, 被一個黃金的暈輪構成。 她微笑: 那是她所已經希望的。

A touch of envy crossed her as she watched the twins, standing hip to hip, their golden hair swaying in the wind. She envied their closeness, their psychic rapport that allowed them to know always what the other was doing, thinking. She envied them that closeness. / 當她看了雙胞胎的時候,羨慕的觸覺交叉了她,站著對臀部的臀部,他們的在風中搖動的金頭髮。 她羨慕了他們的接近,他們的允許了他們總是知道什麼另一個正在做,想的靈魂關係。 她羨慕了他們那接近。
G-Force claimed to be like a family, but she felt closer to these people than she had ever been to G-Force. Felt, but could not be. She felt terribly alone, an outsider more than ever. / G-被宣稱像一個家庭的力量,但是她對這些人覺得靠近勝於她曾經曾經到過 G-力量。 感覺, 但是無法是。 她覺得可怕孤獨,曾經超過的一個局外人。

Some inner whisper made her look out the window again. Zoltar was beckoning to her. She stepped out, wondering why Mala had tears in her eyes. / 一些內部的耳語再一次使她的小心成為窗戶。 Zoltar 正在對她招手。 她放大步伐走, 覺得奇怪 Mala 為什麼有了她的眼睛淚滴。

"But you're not alone," she said. Princess' eyes widened in shock. / "但是你不孤獨",她說。 Princess' 眼睛在驚嚇中擴大。
She turned to Zoltar, who smiled. / 她轉向 Zoltar,微笑。

"There are other bonds than that of blood," he explained, "Hadn't you felt the difference?" / "血超過那有其他的束縛",他解釋 ",你不有感覺了不同嗎"?

The whispers in her head, the feelings, as though she were feeling them.. It couldn't be the same strength that the twins' experienced, but allowed to grow, it would be. Somehow, they had included her into their unique communion, made her part of their family. Tears of joy streamed down their three faces, turned to diamonds by the rising sun. / 她的頭,感覺的耳語,好像她正在感覺他們。。 它無法是相同的力量被經歷, 但是允許生長的雙胞胎的,它將會是。 不知何故,他們已經包括她進他們的獨特靈交之內,做他們的家庭她部份。 歡喜的淚滴流出下來他們的三個臉, 被上升太陽轉向鑽石。

by Ennien Ashbrook, / 藉著 Ennien Ashbrook,