Ennien Ashbrook <ashbrook@spots.ab.ca> / Ennien Ashbrook<ashbrook@spots.ab.ca>

Yep, they're at it again. "Time Squared" is a multi-part fanwork by / Yep,他們再一次是在它。 "被一致的時間" 是多部份 fanwork 被
Ennien Ashbrook and Kat Boykin (aka Harlock), with input from Kathleen Coventry. / Ennien Ashbrook 和阿拉伯茶 Boykin(aka Harlock),藉由來自凱思琳科芬特里的輸入。
Part 1, "Landing", follows. "Landing" contains coarse language and explicit violence (but no sex). / 部份 1,登陸,跟隨。 "登陸" 包含粗糙的語言和明白的暴力。 ( 但是沒有性別)

Time Squared a Gatchaman fanfic by Ennien Ashbrook and Kat Boykin (Harlock) / 時間藉著 Ennien Ashbrook 和阿拉伯茶 Boykin 一致了 Gatchaman fanfic(Harlock)
Part I: Landing / 分開我: 登陸

"Ken!" Jun screamed, "It's not stopping! Nothing we do is having any effect!" / "肯恩"! 六月尖叫,"它沒有在停止! 我們所做的都不正在有任何的效果!"
Owashi no Ken stared as the Black Hole machine ground on and on, implacable, unstoppable. Feeling a rising rage, he turned to where / 沒有的 Owashi 肯恩不停地注視如黑色的洞機器地面,難寬恕的,無法制止的。 感覺上升的憤怒, 他轉向到在哪裡
Galactor's forsaken Leader had fallen. / 被拋棄的領袖已經落下的 Galactor's。
"There isn't any way to stop it," the whisper should have been drowned out by the terrible noise, yet all of them heard it as clearly as if s/he had spoken through a megaphone, "I trusted the Overlord.. and there isn't any failsafe. There's no way to stop it." Raising hir bloody, tear-stained face, Berg Katze started to laugh. The sound was broken and manic and Ken shivered. "Die!" s/he cried, "Everyone, everything, DIE!!" S/he bolted towards the magma pit. / "沒有任何的方法停止它",耳語應該要被可怕的噪音淹沒的, 然而他們全部都聽到了它當做清楚地好像 s/他已經經過一個擴音器講 ",我信賴了大君主。。 而且沒有任何的 failsafe。 沒有方法停止它。"升起 hir 血腥又淚滴沾染的臉,冰山 Katze 開始笑。 聲音是壞掉的和狂躁的,而且肯恩打顫。 "死"! s/他哭,"每個人,每件事物,骰子!!"S/他向岩漿深坑閂住。
"KATZE!" Ken hurled himself at hir legs, tackling hir, dragging hir down. S/he pummeled him with hir fists, then shifted hir weight, lurching backwards. Ken heard Jun scream as they tumbled over the edge. / "KATZE"! 肯恩在 hir 腿用力投擲他自己,處理 hir ,把 hir 拖拉下來。 S/他用 hir 拳頭用拳頭打他,然後改變了 hir 重量,向後突然向一邊傾斜。 當他們在邊緣之上跌落的時候,肯恩聽到六月尖叫聲。

Something cool drifted across his face. He heard birds chirping, felt the optic pressure of sunlight through his closed eyelids. Ken groaned. He remembered falling with the struggling mutant, remembered heat and a sickening stench, then the wild colours and the nauseating feeling of falling away from himself. His ears had rung with the mutant's two-voiced scream. / 某事冷卻漂流橫過他的臉。 他聽到了鳥吱喳而鳴,經過他的關閉眼皮感覺了日光的光學壓力。 肯恩呻吟。 他以努力的突變異種記得已經落下,記得了熱和一個令人作嘔的惡臬, 然後遠離他自己的野性顏色和落下的作嘔感覺。 他的耳朵已經以突變異種二- 有聲的尖叫聲鳴響。
He opened his eyes. He was in a wildflower glade in a valley, surrounded by high mountain peaks. The sun was just peeking over the shoulder of an easterly mountain - morning, then. No snow, he realized, and the air smelled fresh and pure. The mountains did not look familiar. / 他打開了他的眼睛。 他在一個山谷中的一個開花的野生植物林間空地中,被高的山峰巔包圍。 太陽正在僅僅在東的山肩之上偷看 -早晨,然後。 沒有雪, 他了解,而且空氣聞起來新鮮和純粹的。 山沒有看起來熟悉。
Sitting up, Ken took stock of himself: His visor had shattered and his wings were tattered and burned. His birdstyle was a wreck. He ached all over from pulled muscles, bruises and burns. He had few weapons; his birdrang (Ken closed his eyes briefly) he'd given to Joe.. / 熬夜,肯恩帶了他自己的存貨: 他的面頰已經打碎,而且他的翅膀是破爛的而且燃燒。 他的 birdstyle 是殘骸。 他到處痛從拉了肌肉,瘀傷和燒傷。 他有了很少的武器; 他的 birdrang(肯恩簡短地關閉了他的眼睛) 他已經給喬。。
wherever Joe might be now. Another look around revealed no sign of the / 喬可能無論那裡是現在。 另神情在附近沒顯示跡象那
God Phoenix.. or of the Galactor base, for that matter. Ken stood up and took a few steps. / 上帝鳳凰城。。 或 Galactor 基礎,就那件事而論。 肯恩站起來而且採取了一些步驟。
Movement attracted his attention and he mounted a small hillock. / 運動吸引了他的注意,而且他展開了一個小的小丘。
Most of hir mask had been burned away, along with part of hir uniform. / hir 假面具的大部分已經被燃燒離開,連同 hir 制服的部份一起。
Hir cape was as shredded as his wings. Hir hair was tangled, bloody and singed. / Hir 岬是依照撕成碎片如他的翅膀。 Hir 頭髮被使纏結, 血腥的而且唱。
"How did you get here? And where *is* 'here' anyways?" Ken asked. The mutant startled and looked around, hir expression crestfallen and dreading. / "你到達在這裡起來如何? 而且在哪裡 *是*'這裡' 無論如何?"肯恩問。 突變異種震驚而且四處看看,垂頭喪氣的並且正在恐懼的 hir 表達。
"No... oh no... not you..." s/he said wearily, "Is *nothing* going right today? Can I not even die right? Or have I died and just had the *incredible* misfortune to take you with me..?? Kuso.." S/he slumped back onto the wildflowers. / "號碼。。 表示驚訝號碼。。 不是你。。。"s/他疲倦地說 ", 是 *沒事*今天正確地去? 我不能甚至正確地死? 或死我並且剛剛有那 *難以置信的* 不幸和我帶你。。?? Kuso。。"S/他向後地在開花的野生植物之上猛然掉落。
"Wouldn't that be just your luck, Berg Katze," Ken smirked. / " 不將會那是正直的你運氣,冰山 Katze",肯恩嘻嘻做笑。
"Oh wouldn't it," s/he said sourly. S/he sat up again, pulling the remains of the mask off hir face and wrapping hir tattered cape around hirself. S/he rose to hir feet and staggered down the hill. Ken rose to follow hir. / " 哦不將會它",s/他酸酸地說。 S/他再一次熬夜,在 hir 臉外拉假面具的遺骸和在 hirself 的周圍包圍k down on hir 破爛的岬。 S/他上升到 hir 腳而且蹣跚下來小山。 肯恩上升跟隨 hir 。
Following the sound of a stream to its source, s/he fell to hir knees beside it and ripped off hir gloves. After inspecting the water, s/he drank, then washed away the worst of the blood from hir face and chest. / 在對它的來源水流的聲音之後,s/他落到 hir 在它旁邊的膝並且偷 hir 手套。 在檢查水之後,s/他喝, 然後沖走來自 hir 臉和胸的血最壞。
"Are you alright?" Ken asked gently. / " 你是好的"? 肯恩逐漸地問。
S/he turned to stare at him incredulously, "Do I *look* alright?? What the hell kind of question is that?" "I didn't ask if you looked alright, I wanted to know if you were hurt!" / S/他準備懷疑地盯著他看," 做我 *神情*好的?? 那是什麼問題的地獄類型?" "我沒有問,是否你被傷害,如果你好的看, 我想要知道"!
"Well of course I'm hurt! You tried to kill me!" Ken shut up: / "很好地當然我被傷害! 你試著殺我!"肯恩閉嘴:
He couldn't deny that without being a bald-faced liar. Katze returned to splashing water over hir wounds, "I've got at least three busted ribs, a fractured tibia, a broken nose and maxilla and what the hell's keeping me from Changing is fucking beyond me!" / 他無法不需要身為臉白的說謊者就否認那。 Katze 回到濺濕在 hir 創傷上的水," 我已經有至少三根被打破的肋骨,一個被破碎的脛骨,一個壞掉的鼻子和顎骨和什麼地獄的保管我從改變正在超過我性交"!
Ken said nothing, but knelt to wash is own face. Katze got up and staggered a little distance away, falling again to the grass. The sound of vomiting reached Ken's ears. / 肯恩什麼也不說,但是洗的 knelt 是自己的臉。 Katze 起床而且蹣跚小小的距離之遠, 再一次到草落下。 嘔吐的聲音聯絡了肯恩的耳朵。
Ken rose and knelt beside hir, rubbing hir back gently. S/he was throwing up blood, Ken saw, then looked closer. There were glints of metal in the gore. Bullets. Ken stared at them in shock. / 在 hir 旁邊的肯恩玫瑰和 knelt,逐漸地把 hir 擦回來。 S/他正在嘔吐血,肯恩鋸子,然後變得比較靠近。 有流出的血金屬的閃爍。 子彈。 肯恩在驚嚇中盯著他們看。
The effort of vomitting had sapped most of Katze's strength and s/he sagged to the grass. Ken caught hir before s/he would have fallen into hir gore, drawing hir into his arms. S/he struggled weakly. / 吐出的努力已經使 Katze's 的力量大部分和 s 變弱/他下垂到草。 肯恩捕捉了 hir 在 s之前/他會跌入 hir 流出的血,畫 hir 進他的手臂之內。 S/他微弱地努力。
"Easy," he breathed softly, "Just take it easy, Katze.. I'm not going to hurt you." / "容易的",他柔和地呼吸 ",僅僅放輕鬆點,Katze。。 我不將傷害你。"
"Th't's a sw'tch," s/he managed, hir voice sounding pitifully weak. Ken managed to maneuver them back to the stream bank. He eased hir into his arms, wrapping the remains of his wings around them both, then dipped his hand into the water and brought it to hir lips. / "Th't's 的 sw'tch",s/ 他處理, hir 宣述測錘測得的結果慈悲弱。 肯恩設法把他們調遣回水流銀行。 他緩和 hir 進他的手臂之內,在他們兩個周圍包圍k down on 他的翅膀遺骸, 然後浸他的手進水之內而且帶它去 hir 唇。
"I don't know about you," Ken began, dipping his hand a second time, "But I have a feeling we're not in Cross Karakoram anymore." / "我不知道你",肯恩開始,浸他的手第二個次 ",但是我有我們不再不在交叉的 Karakoram 中的感覺".
"I know," s/he whispered, rinsing hir mouth and spitting bloody water onto the grass, "The water's too pure, air's too clean.." S/he coughed, wracking hir whole body. Ken patted hir gently. / "我知道",s/他耳語,在草之上沖洗 hir 嘴而且唾吐血腥的水 ", 水的太純粹的,空氣太清理。。"S/他咳嗽,毀壞 hir 整個的身體。 肯恩逐漸地輕拍了 hir 。
"And there's no sign of the God Phoenix.." he was interrupted by a heavy groan. Ken looked down; Katze's face was tight with pain, "What is it? Are you alright?" / " 而且沒有上帝鳳凰城的跡象。。"他被一聲重的呻吟打斷了。 肯恩看下來; Katze's 的臉對痛苦感到緊,"它是什麼? 你是好的嗎?"
Katze groaned again and a few minutes went by before s/he was able to reply, "Will be.. 'f I s'vive this.." / Katze 再一次呻吟,而且數分鐘過去在 s之前/他能夠答覆,"將是。。 ' 第一 f s'vive 這。。"
"What? Survive what?" But Katze cried out sharply, kicking spasmodically. Ken looked around at their surroundings again, trying to find some place of shelter. He looked back at Katze. / "什麼? 繼續生存什麼?"但是 Katze 銳利地大叫,斷續性地踢。 肯恩再一次在他們的環境四處看看, 嘗試發現一些庇護所的地方。 他回看 Katze 。
Hir face was bathed in sweat and hir breathing was hoarse and rasping. Foam was forming on hir lips and for an instant Ken thought of rabies. He held hir carefully, wondering what was wrong. Hir body jerked and shuddered in his arms, drawing ragged cries from hir throat. / Hir 臉在汗和呼吸 的 hir 被沐浴是沙啞的而且用粗銼刀銼。 泡沫正在 hir 唇上形成並且對於一個立即的肯恩狂犬病的想法。 他小心地拿著了 hir, 覺得奇怪什麼是錯誤的。 Hir 身體在他的手臂中痙攣而且戰慄,圖畫戲弄了來自 hir 咽喉的哭聲。
Soon, the valley echoed with two voices. "Katze.." Ken breathed, realizing what was happening. / 很快,山谷以二種聲音隨聲附和。 "Katze。。"肯恩呼吸,正在發生的了解。
The process was very slow and very painful. By the time it was over, the sun had long passed zenith, but finally Ken was holding / 程序非常慢的和非常痛苦。 當它結束的時候,太陽已經被久通過頂點,但是最後肯恩正在握住
Galactor's woman captain in his arms. S/he had passed out from the pain. / 他的手臂 Galactor's 的女人船長。 S/他已經從痛苦昏倒。
Ken wrapped hir clothes around hir again, taking off his wings and wrapping hir in them as well, then he scooped hir up into his arms. / 肯恩再一次在 hir 的周圍包裝了 hir 衣服, 脫掉他的翅膀而且在他們裡面包圍k down on hir 也,然後他進入他的手臂之內向上汲取 hir 。
Heading back along the stream, he looked for a suitable place to make shelter. Finding one, he settled hir under a tree then searched through hir pockets and pouches, seeking some sort of blade. He came up with a dagger, using it to cut evergreens to make a lean-to. After settling / 向後地沿著水流朝向,他找尋一個適當的地方作庇護所。 發現一,他安頓了在然後經過 hir 被搜尋口袋和小袋的一棵樹下面的 hir,尋求一些種刀鋒。 他提出一把匕首, 使用它減少常綠樹製造一個單傾斜面的小屋。 在解決之後
Katze in it on a bed of evergreens, he set about making a fire with the lighter he'd found in Katze's pocket. He had it blazing nicely when he realized that Katze had regained consciousness and was watching him through slitted eyes. / 在一張常綠樹的床上它裡面的 Katze,他著手從事以點火者生火他將會在 Katze's 的口袋中發現。 他很好地有它熾燃當他了解 Katze 已經取回意識並且正在經過縱切的眼睛看他。
"Katze?" Ken said softly, coming over to kneel beside hir. S/he made a vague sound of acknowledgement. "Is there anything I can do?" / "Katze"? 肯恩柔和地說, 過來在 hir 旁邊跪。 S/他發出了一種確認的含糊聲音。 " 有我能做的任何事"?
"N't 'nls y' c'n c'nj'r 'p ' f'ft'n c'rs d'nr." Ken thought about that, eventually translating it as "Not unless you can conjure up a fifteen course dinner." S/he was terribly gaunt and thin; Ken realized that the Change must have used up a lot of hir body's resources, that s/he would need to replenish. {Shimatta!} he thought to himself, {What am I to do?} "I would," he replied, "But without any other weapons to hunt with, or any game.. I'd like to see if we can find a village.." he trailed off. He didn't even know if there were any villages close by, or if there was, how would they react to their appearances, or Katze's mutant abilities? He shook his head, "I think we should stay here for the night. It'll get dark soon and there's no guarantee we won't end up walking off a cliff." / "N't'nls y' c'n c'nj'r' p' f'ft'n c'rs d'nr". 肯恩想那, 最後翻譯它當做 " 不除非你能想出一份十五課程晚餐". S/ 他可怕憔悴和瘦; 肯恩了解,改變一定曾經用光許多 hir 身體的資源過, 那 s/他將會需要再補足。 {Shimatta!}他對他自己想,{ 我是作什麼的做?} " 我將會",他答覆 ", 但是沒有任何其他的武器狩獵由於, 或任何的比賽。。 我想要看看是否我們能發現一個村莊。。"他走開追蹤。 他沒甚至知道嗎如果有任何的村莊結束被, 或如果有, 他們如何將會產生反應他們的外表 , 或 Katze's 的突變異種能力? 他搖頭,"我認為我們應該在這裡停留過夜。 它將很快得到黑暗並且沒有我們將不最後在懸崖外步行的保證。"
S/he nodded. With difficulty, s/he managed to pull hir pistol out of its holster. Ken's eyes widened, knowing he himself was too weak to dodge. / S/他點頭。 不容易,s/他設法把 hir 手鎗從它的皮套拉出來。 肯恩的眼睛擴大,博學的他自己是太弱而無法避開。
"H're.." s/he said, proffering it, "Dn't kn'w h'w m'ny r'nds 'r l'ft. M'ght be 'mpty, f'r all I kn'w.." / "H're。。"s/他說,提供它 ", Dn't kn'w h'w m'ny r'nds'r l'ft。 M'ght 是 'mpty, f'r 全部我 kn'w。。"
Ken took it and opened the chamber, "There's five left." S/he nodded. He looked back at hir, then tucked the cape and wings around hir again, "Katze... rest. I'll stay up and keep watch." / 肯恩帶了它而且打開了會議室,"剩下五" 。 S/他點頭。 他回看 hir, 然後打橫褶了岬而且再一次在 hir 的周圍裝以翼,"Katze。。。 休息。 我將熬夜而且警戒。"
S/he looked at him, untrusting. The sky was dimming as the sun sank behind the mountains. "Dn't h've a ch'se, do I.." s/he said finally. / S/他看他,不信賴。 天空是使如太陽在山後面的洗物槽暗淡。 " Dn't h've ch'se,做我。。"s/他最後說。
"Nope," Ken grinned, "Sleep, Katze.." / "不" ,肯恩露齒而笑 ",睡眠,Katze。。"
S/he stayed awake a while longer, wondering if there'd be a bullet in hir head the instant s/he closed hir eyes, but eventually sleep won out. / S/ 他停留喚醒一會兒更久, 覺得奇怪如果 there'd 是 hir 的一個子彈前進立即的 s/他關閉了 hir 眼睛,但是最後睡眠嬴得出。
Dawn found Ken standing outside the lean-to, his hair damp from a wash, watching the sun rise. He scoured the surrounding terrain for edibles, trying to remember all of his survival training. He ate sparingly of his trophies, putting most of them in a pile for Katze. / 破曉發現肯恩正在單傾斜面的小屋 , 來自洗的他頭髮溼氣之外站立,看太陽增加。 他為食品拭磨了周圍的地帶, 嘗試記得他的全部生存訓練。 他保守地他的獎座吃,為 Katze 把他們大部份放入堆。
S/he needed it more than he did. When s/he woke, s/he went to the brush-screened section of the stream and bathed, then returned to sit opposite him, hir uniform sticking to hir wet body. / S/ 他需要了它超過他做。 當 s/他喚醒,s/他去水流的刷子審查部分而且沐浴, 然後回到坐著在他對面,hir 制服對 hir 的保留變濕身體。
"I saw the stars last night," s/he said, picking up a boletus mushroom. / " 我昨晚看見星",s/他說,拾起一個 boletus 蕈。
Ken nodded, "As did I." / 被點頭的肯恩," 當做做了我".
"Were you able to extrapolate the horizon line?" Ken nodded again. "So you know where we are." / " 你對外推法是聰明的地平線線"? 肯恩再一次點頭。 " 因此你知道我們在哪裡".
"Somewhere in Pakistan, I think," Ken confirmed. He handed hir some lamb's quarters, then offered hir the skewer of roasted fruits, roots and mushrooms he'd been toasting over the fire. S/he ate in silence. / "某處在巴基斯坦,我想",肯恩確認。 他傳遞了 hir 一些小羊的四分之一, 然後提供了 hir 烤的水果,根和蕈的串他在火之上已經敬酒。 S/他在沈默方面吃。
"Did you notice anything wrong with the stars?" s/he asked finally. / "你錯誤以星注意任何事嗎"? s/他最後問。
"They were more visible than usual.." Ken drawled, watching hir. / " 他們看得見平常的。。"肯恩懶洋洋地說,看 hir 。
Their eyes met, burning intensely. {S/he knows}, he thought. / 他們的眼睛碰到,強烈地燃燒。 {S/他知道},他想。
"Some of them were in the wrong place," s/he stated. / "他們其中的一些錯了地方",s/他陳述。
"And some were where there were none," he agreed. / " 而且一些是那裡是沒有人的地方",他同意。
S/he swung hir arm around to point, "Neptune was over there a few nights ago. Now its over there," s/he swung hir arm to point to a different section of the sky. / S/他對點搖擺了 hir 在附近的手臂,"海王星夜晚以前是在那裡。 現在它的上面那裡,"s/他搖擺了 hir 手臂指向天空的一個不同部分。
"Orion's also in the wrong spot." / "也在錯誤的地點獵戶星座".
"You know what that means, don't you?" / " 你知道什麼方法,你不不嗎"?
Ken met hir agitated gaze, his own equally troubled, "We'd better find a calendar." He looked around the mountains again, totally lost, "Any idea which way to head?" / 肯恩遇見了被使注視搖動的 hir, 他自己的相等混亂,"我們最好發現一個日曆" 。 他再一次四處看看山,完全地失去,"任何的想法前進哪一方法"?
The mutant took another look around then shrugged, "Your guess is as good as mine. I don't recognise these mountains." / 突變異種然後在附近帶了另神情聳肩," 你的猜測是當做好的當做我的。 我不承認這些山。"
"I'm not familiar with the country," Ken sighed, "We could follow the stream; most villages are built near a source of water." / "我不對國家感到熟悉的",肯恩歎息 ",我們可以跟隨水流; 大多數的村莊在一個水的來源附近被建造。"
The look Katze gave him screamed 'very good, Dumbo.' S/he snorted, "Lord, what kind of rocket scientist did I have to hook up with.. I'd've been better off with Finger." / 神情 Katze 給予他尖叫 '非常好的,Dumbo。'S/他噴著氣弄響鼻子,"統治者, 什麼類型的火箭科學家做我必須鉤住在由於上面。。 I'd've 以手指境況更好。"
Ken glared, "Well you're stuck with me." / 肯恩發眩光,"很好地你和我被欺騙" 。
"Mm," Katze grunted, "I'm more concerned with *when* we are. / "公釐",Katze 哼 ", 我感到更關心 *當*我們是。
The stars indicate a considerable lapse of time, but in which direction?" / 星指出一項時間的相當多過失, 但是在方向?"
"How much, do you figure?" Ken asked nervously. / "多少,你演算嗎"? 肯恩緊張地問。
"I don't know. Quite a lot. A few decades, maybe." / "我不知道。 相當很多。 數十年,也許。"
"DECADES??" Ken gasped. / "十年??"肯恩喘氣。
The mutant frowned at him, "You saw the stars." / 突變異種在他皺眉頭,"你看見星" 。
Ken went very quiet, thinking. "If it's been that long.. / 肯恩變非常安靜,想。 "如果它被久是那。。
then.." / 當時。。"
"You are not eating," Katze observed, jerking hir chin towards the still-moderate pile of foodstuffs beside the fire, "Why?" / " 你不是吃",Katze 觀察,痙攣對於在火旁邊的食品靜止- 溫和主義者堆的 hir 下巴 ",為什麼"?
"Oh," Ken blushed, then grabbed a mushroom to nibble, "You.. you needed it more.." / "哦",肯恩臉紅,然後抓取了一個蕈一點一點地咬 ",你。。 你需要了它更多。。"
"'Need it more'? What do you mean? What do you care?" / "'需要它更多'? 你意謂什麼? 你關心什麼?"
"You're hurt.." Ken trailed off, still rocking from the impact, / "你被傷害。。"肯恩走開追蹤, 然而來自衝擊的搖擺,
"We may be the only ones here.." He broke off. Katze was staring at him with an expression of complete bafflement. He pitched his mushroom into the fire and stood up, agitated, "I know.. I'm the one who did this to you.. but....it was different.. and now..." He paced, not sure what he was saying, what he was thinking. Katze stared at him, deciding perhaps the unexpected trip had snapped the Gatchaman's mind. Finally / "我們可能在這裡是唯一的一些。。"他中斷。 Katze 正在以完全失敗的表達盯著他看。 他紮牢他的蕈進火之內而且站起來,搖動,"我知道。。 我是對你做了這的那一個。。 但是....真是不同。。 而且現在。。。"他踱步, 不是確信他正在說什麼,他所正在想的。 Katze 盯著他看,也許決定意想不到的旅行已經咬斷 Gatchaman's 的心。 最後
Ken stopped pacing, digging his toe into the dirt, "I'm.. gonna look around a little." He started towards the woods. / 肯恩停止踱步,挖他的腳趾進污垢之內,"我是。。 去稍微四處看看。"他向森林開始。
Katze sat silent for several minutes, watching him. "Thank you for the food," s/he said at length. Glancing over his shoulder, the / Katze 坐著沈默的好幾分鐘,看他。 "謝謝你食物",s/他最後說。 瀏覽他的肩,那
Gatchaman tossed a soft "You're welcome" at hir. Katze watched him go. / 被投擲柔軟的 Gatchaman 在 hir" 你是受歡迎的" 。 Katze 看他去。
Ken mounted a slight rise and walked down the slope, perching by a low tree. He sat down, thinking. [He's.. she's.. the Leader of / 肯恩展開了一個微小的增加而且走下來傾斜,藉著一棵低的樹棲息。 他坐下,想。 [他是。。 她是。。 領袖
Galactor.. killed hundreds of people.. ] His ears twitched at a low, throbbing sound rising to the west. [Heh.. s/he's tried to kill me several times.. and now I'm worried about hir welfare..] The sound rose in volume, disturbing his thoughts. Ken looked up, apprehension welling in his chest. He knew what the sound was. / Galactor。。 殺了數以百計人。。 ]他的耳朵在一個低點猛拉,西部的一跳一跳的健全上升。 [Heh。。 s/他被嘗試殺我好幾次。。 而且現在我為 hir 福利擔憂。。]體積的健全玫瑰,煩擾的他想法。 肯恩看在,上面在他的胸中湧出 的理解。 他知道了聲音是什麼。
"Katze!" he called in a hoarse whisper, bolting back. The fire had been kicked into the stream and only a slight leaf movement betrayed the Galactor leader, flat on her belly beneath a bush, eyes watching the skies. Ken melted into the shadow of an evergreen. / "Katze"! 他收回沙啞的耳語,向後地閂住。 火進入水流之內已經被踢和只有一片微小的葉被出賣在矮樹叢之下是平坦的在她腹上的 Galactor 領袖的運動,注意看天空。 肯恩進入常綠樹的影像之內融化。
The sound Dopplered, manifesting into a helicopter. It cruised overhead and carried on eastward without pausing. As soon as it had disappeared, Ken darted towards hir, "Katze!" / 聲音都普勒,進入一架直昇機之內顯示。 它在高處巡航並且繼續東方的不暫停。 一旦它已經消失,肯恩向 hir 投射,"Katze"!
"We've got to get out of here," Katze said urgently, "And we've GOT to find a calendar!" / "我們必須離開這裡",Katze 緊急地說 ",而且我們必須發現一個日曆"!
Ken stared at hir, not understanding hir wild eyes or agitated movements, "Why?" / 肯恩盯著 hir 看,不是理解 hir 荒野?
"We *are* in Pakistan and I think we're here during the occupation!" / " 我們 *是*在巴基斯坦而且我認為我們在佔有期間在這裡"!
Ken looked after the copter, "That was a military one, ne? / 肯恩照料 copter,"那是軍隊一,舊姓的?
Umm," he glanced back at hir, "Are you well enough to travel?" / Umm,"他向後地在 hir 瞥閃 ",你夠好來旅行嗎?"
"Don't have much choice," s/he responded, "I can forage while I walk." / " 沒有多精選",s/ 他回應 ",當我走的時候,我能餵".
Ken eyed both hir costume and his own birdstyle, "Is there any way you can look less... menacing? In case we run into anyone.." / 眼的 hir 裝束和他自己的 birdstyle 的肯恩," 有任何的方法你能變得比較少。。。 威嚇? 以防萬一我們偶遇任何人。。"
S/he gave him an arch look, "What would you suggest, a leopard skin bikini??" / S/他給予了他拱門神情,"你將會建議什麼? 一套豹皮膚比基尼泳裝?"
Ken gave a half-chuckle, "No, its.. you're a bit.. noticeable." / 肯恩給予了一半-吃吃的笑聲,"不,它的。。 你是一點點。。 引人注目的。"
Immediately s/he crossed hir arms, turned hir head to one side and thrust hir nose into the air indignantly, "Says the man dressed like / 立刻 s/他交叉了 hir 手臂,憤怒地將 hir 頭轉向邊而且插入 hir 鼻子進空氣之內," 說男人穿著相似的
Sam the Eagle Visits Krakatoa!" / 山姆鷹拜訪 Krakatoa!"
Ken grinned, reaching for the clasp on his bracelet, "Close your eyes." / 肯恩露齒而笑,及於在他的手鐲, "關你的眼睛" 上的釦子。
"Why? Afraid I'll see your Underoos?" Katze grinned her poison smile, "Or does it turn you naked for a split second and you're afraid / "為什麼? 害怕我將看見你的 Underoos?"Katze 露齒而笑了她的毒藥微笑 ", 或它對於分散的秒是赤裸的轉你,而且你很害怕
I'll get a thrill." She snorted derisively. / 我將得到一陣震顫。"她嘲笑地噴著氣弄響鼻子。
"So I don't blind you, nim," Ken retorted, "Bad enough you're injured and healing; I don't want to have to lead a blind bat through this country." Katze shrugged and looked away. Ken whooped with joy as his civvies returned, undamaged, "That's one worry off my mind!" / " 因此我不盲目的你,nim",肯恩反駁 ", 你受傷的壞充足而且治癒; 我不想要必須帶領一個盲目的蝙蝠經過這一個國家。"Katze 聳肩而且看離開。 當他的平民歸還,不損害的時候,肯恩以歡喜叫喊,"那走開是一煩惱我的心"!
Katze gave him a withering once-over, "Kuso! And I always told / Katze 給予了他一個使瀏覽一遍凋謝,"Kuso! 而且我總是告訴
Soosai the numbered t-shirts were too obvious, that Nambu was too smart for that. Shut my mouth." / Soosai 有限的 T恤太明顯, 那 Nambu 對那是太聰明的。 關上我的嘴。"
Ken glared at hir but ignored the dig, "Okay, now for you. Can you take down the tops of those boots?" / 肯恩除了忽略之外在 hir 發眩光那挖,"好,現在為你。 你能帶下來那些長靴的頂端嗎?"
S/he drew herself up to hir full female height, staring him haughtily in the eye, "I can do my own disguises, Gatchaman!" s/he snapped. / S/他挺胸站立到 hir 完整的女性高度,在眼睛中傲慢地注視他,"我能做我自己的假面目, Gatchaman"! s/他咬斷。
"Fine!" Ken barked, losing patience, "Go ahead, disguise artist -- show me!" / "好的"! 肯恩吠,失去耐性,"前進 , 偽裝藝術家 -- 顯示我!"
Katze did so, turning hir outfit into a stylized version of what had to be native dress, by some means Ken was ready to call miraculous. / Katze 這麼做,轉 hir 進入一個必須是本國的服裝東西的被版本個性化的之內配備, 藉著一些方法肯恩準備好呼叫奇蹟的。
He dropped his jaw, shook his head and recovered, "Good. Can we go now?" / 他降低了他的顎, 搖頭而且找回,"好的。 我們能現在去嗎?"
"Whine, whine, whine. Fine." / "抱怨,抱怨,抱怨。 罰款。"
Ken started off in one direction, then realized Katze wasn't following him. He turned back, "Aren't you coming?" / 肯恩在一個方向中出發, 然後了解 Katze 沒有在跟隨他。 他折回," 你不是來臨"?
Katze stared at him from the other side of the clearing, "Wot, with *you*??" / Katze 從清掃的另一邊盯著他看,"Wot, 由於 *你*??"
"It *would* be better if we stick together for the moment," he trailed off, throwing up his hands in the face of hir withering stare, / " 它 *將會* 是比較好的如果我們為片刻一起黏住",他走開追蹤,舉起使注視凋謝 的 hir 的面貌他手,
"Fine, be that way.. Don't complain to me when you're lost." "I don't *get* lost," Katze replied archly. Ken resisted the urge to smack his forehead, "Alright, McDuff.. lead on," he surrendered. / "很好, 是那樣。。 當你被失去的時候 , 不要向我抱怨。" " 我不 *得到*失去的",Katze 狡猾地答覆。 肯恩抵抗了呼籲有味道他的前額,"好的,McDuff。。 帶領在,之上"他投降。
Without another word the Galactor turned and headed into the forest. Ken followed, pulling out a feather shuriken and sticking it in his mouth to chew on. He thought of Joe. / 沒有另一個字 Galactor 轉而且帶領進入森林。 肯恩跟隨, 拉出羽毛 shuriken 而且在他的嘴中黏住它咀嚼在之上。 他想到喬。
The mountain air was crisp and fresh, smelling of evergreens. / 山空氣是脆的和新鮮的,常綠樹的聞。
Ken gazed up through the canopy of trees, identifying their species, watching birds fly overhead against the azure dome of sky. The forest was so beautiful that he almost forgot the mutant skulking ahead of him and nearly ran hir down when s/he stopped. / 肯恩注視在經過樹的天篷上面,識別他們的品種,反對天空的蔚藍圓頂在高處看鳥蒼蠅。 森林是如此的美麗以致於他幾乎忘記了在他之前偷懶 的突變異種而且幾乎把 hir 跑下來當 s/他停止。
His innocent what's-up was drowned in a viciously hissed "Shh!" / 他的無辜者怎麼-在邪惡地發出噓聲的 "Shh" 向上被淹死!
Ken quieted and listened: There were voices, only a few hundred feet away. / 肯恩靜止而且聽: 有聲音,只有數百腳之遠。
"People!" he gasped in surprise. Katze turned and gave him a look of utter disgust. / "人們"! 他在意外中喘氣。 Katze 轉而且給予了他全然厭惡的神情。
"What do you think I've been doing all this time?? I've been tracking footprints!" Ken cringed with shame, colouring; some ninja.. / "你認為我已經這次做全部什麼?? 我已經追蹤足跡!"肯恩以羞愧畏縮,色彩; 一些忍者。。
he hadn't even noticed. / 他沒有甚至注意。
Katze snaked silently through the trees, hir eyes intent on the small farm in the clearing ahead. S/he strained hir ears to catch the conversation. / Katze 默默地曲折而行過樹,hir 向前地注意在清掃的小農場上的意圖。 S/ 他緊張的 hir 耳朵引起交談。
"I thought the amps were in the ears of the costume," Ken whispered snidely. / "我想,安培是在裝束的耳朵中",肯恩假地耳語。
Hir answer was almost inaudible, but crystal clear, "Will you shut the fuck up, you moron?? Why don't you yell 'Bird Spy' while you're at it??" Ken blushed again and swallowed hard. He slid up into a tree, trying to get a better look at the farm. / Hir 答案幾乎聽不見, 但是非常清楚," 將你關上那性交在,上面你低能?? 你何不大叫 '鳥偵察'當你是在它? 的時候?"肯恩再一次臉紅而且努力地吞。 他 slid 向上進入一棵樹之內, 嘗試得到農場的比較好的面貌。
Mushrooms were being loaded onto a truck that was poised to go down what passed for the road. Katze slipped around from shadow to shadow, trying to get close enough to a discarded piece of paper to see what it said. Ken watched the people, trying to read their mouths. / 蕈正在被載入一輛隨時準備下來什麼被看作是道路的卡車。 Katze 從影像到影像在附近滑倒, 嘗試把接近的充足給紙的被丟棄的塊看見它所說的。 肯恩看了人, 嘗試讀他們的嘴。
Their language was unfamiliar; they looked impovershed and afraid. / 他們的語言是不熟悉的; 他們看了 impovershed 和害怕。
As the truck's ignition turned, Katze launched back into the undergrowth, rocketting through the bracken as fast as s/he could, utterly noiseless. Ken slid from tree to tree, following hir and trying to see what had startled hir so. Finally, a safe distance away from the farm, s/he crouched beneath an evergreen, watching the skies with wary eyes and a pale face. / 當卡車的被轉點火,被發射返回下層叢林的 Katze之時, 同樣地快速地發射火箭過羊齒如 s/ 他可以,完全無聲。 從樹到樹的肯恩 slid, 跟隨 hir 而且嘗試看見已經如此震驚 hir 的東西。 最後, 安全的距離遠離農場,s/他在一棵常綠樹之下蹲下,用小心的眼睛和一個蒼白的臉看天空。
"We've got to get out of here!" s/he whispered urgently as Ken dropped down beside hir, "We're more than twenty years back from where we were! We're during the occupation.. In Pakistan during the occupation! We've got to get out of here, get out of this country.." / "我們必須離開這裡"! s/當肯恩在 hir 旁邊降低下來的時候,他緊急地耳語," 我們是超過二十年背面從我們在哪裡! 我們在佔有期間。。 在佔有期間在巴基斯坦! 我們必須離開這裡,離開這一個國家。。"
"Twenty years...!?" Ken breathed in shock. / "二十年。。。!?"肯恩在驚嚇中呼吸。
"We'll wait 'til its dark. That road leads to a town, it was / " 我們將等候 ' 胡麻它的黑暗。 那一條道路通往一個城鎮,它是
Market day, there's be crowds, clubs.. clients.." / 市集日, 那裡是群眾,俱樂部。。 客戶。。"
"Twenty years.. How? I don't understand.." Ken turned to Katze, his eyes wide. / "二十年。。 如何? 我不了解。。"肯恩轉向 Katze,廣闊地的他眼睛。
"What're you looking at me for??" Katze hissed, totally misinterpretting his look, "This isn't MY fault!" / " What're 你看我??"Katze 發出噓聲,完全地誤解他的神情 ",這不是我的過失!"
Ken blinked, "Huh? I don't understand.. How did it happen? We fell into a pit.." / 肯恩眨眼,"哼!? 我不了解。。 它如何發生? 我們跌入一個深坑。。"
"We must have fallen through some effect of Soosai X's travel.." / "我們一定曾經失敗一些 Soosai X's 的旅行效果過。。"
"But.. we're here.. in occupied Pakistan?" / "但是。。 我們在這裡。。 在佔領的巴基斯坦?"
"Soo da," Katze confirmed, "And we haven't any ID." / "Soo da",Katze 確認 ", 和我們不已經任何的身份證".
Ken reached for his wallet, then clued in, "Oh.. right. My ID won't do any good now. Are you sure town is such a good idea? How the hell does it teleport??" / 肯恩及於他的皮夾, 然後線索在,"哦。。 權利。 我的身份證將不做任何的好現在。 你是確信城鎮是一個如此好想法? 它如何利用心靈傳動??"
Katze felt like s/he was talking to a frog, "I don't know how he teleports, he just *does*, alright? No, town is NOT a good idea, but in comparison to hiding out in the sticks, it'll do." / Katze 感覺像 s/ 他正在和一隻青蛙說話,"我不知道他如何利用心靈傳動, 他僅僅 *做*,好的? 不,城鎮不是一個好想法, 但是在比較中到藏在樹枝中的,它將做。"
"Hey don't get huffy with me, I'm just a little out of it right now, okay??" Katze's look said s/he thought he'd been out of it for ages. Ken sighed wearily, "So.. have you done this procuring of ID thing before?" / " 嗨不和我得到 huffy, 我僅僅是稍微立刻從它,好??"Katze's 的神情說了 s/他想了他已經為年齡超出它。 肯恩疲倦地歎息,"如此。。 以前你做這身份證事物的獲得了嗎?"
"Yes." / "是的".
Ken glanced up at the darkening sky, "Then.. what's our next move? I'm afraid I've never really had to do this." / 肯恩瞥閃在弄暗天空上面,"當時。。 我們的下個移動是什麼? 恐怕我已經從不真的必須做這。"
Now Katze gave him a curious look, "Then stay back and let me do what I'm good at." / 現在 Katze 給予了他好奇的神情,"然後停留後面而且讓我做我擅長的".
"But I won't be far away." Katze just grunted. Ken looked at the darkening sky again, "We need shelter..?" / " 但是我將不在遠處" 。 Katze 剛剛哼。 肯恩再一次看弄暗天空,"我們需要庇護所。。?"
"No. As soon as its dark enough to cast thick shadows, we'll leave." / " 號碼像它的黑暗充足一樣的很快厚地投影像,我們將離開".
Perhaps an hour later, dusk had fallen. The female members of the farm had put their laundry out and retired indoors. Katze eyed the clothes speculatively. / 1 小時之後也許,薄暮已經落下。 農場的女性成員已經在戶內熄滅他們的洗衣店而且退休。 眼的 Katze 思索性地的衣服。
"You're not thinking... what I think you're thinking?" Ken said. / "你不是思考的。。。 我所想的你正在想?"肯恩說。
"That depends on what you think I'm thinking," Katze replied distantly. / "那在你所想的上靠,我正在想",Katze 遠地答覆。
"I suppose it'd be a good idea.. look more normal, like them.." / "我推想它將會是一個好想法。。 變得更正常,像他們。。"
"Mm," Katze evaded. Ken started to commiserate about stealing, remembering a time when he'd stolen a civilian's car to give chase to some Galactors. Nambu termed it "appropriation" but it was still stealing and he still felt kinda guilty about it.. He glanced up and realized that Katze had nicked a few garments while he was pontificating, and was half way down the road. Ken followed, shadowing hir into town. / "公釐",Katze 逃避。 肯恩開始關於偷竊憐憫, 記得次他何時已經偷平民的汽車把追求給一些 Galactors。 仍然被稱它 "撥用" 但是它的 Nambu 正在偷,而且他仍然對它感到有一點有罪的。。 他瞥閃在而且上面了解當他正在裝模作樣的說話時候, Katze 已經刻痕於一些衣服, 和一半的方法是下來道路。 肯恩跟隨,遮蔽 hir 進城鎮。
"Fuck you can move!" Ken gasped when he caught up to her. He stared at her; she had changed her clothes, the thigh boots were back and it looked like she had something for sale that definately wasn't mushrooms, "I think I liked the other outfit better.." "I outran you nearly every time, didn't I? I'm going on alone. / " 性交你能移動"! 當他捕捉的時候,肯恩喘氣由她決定。 他盯著她看; 她已經改變她的衣服, 大腿長靴回來,而且它看起來像她一樣有某事因為明確地不是蕈的售賣," 我認為我喜歡另一個配備更多。。" "我每一次幾乎超過了你,不是嗎? 我正在獨自地繼續。
Stay out of sight. If I'm not back by sunset tomorrow, try to get out overland." / 視力外出。 如果我明天藉著日落不是後面,試著逃跑陸路。"
Ken seized her arm, "What do you mean, *if* you're not back?" / 肯恩抓住了她的手臂," 你意謂什麼,*如果* 你不是後面"?
Her voice was so steady it chilled Ken, "If I'm not back, it means I've fucked up. But you should be used to that by now," she grinned her poison grin. / 她的聲音是如此穩定它已冷的肯恩," 如果我不是後面, 它意謂我已經性交在上面。 但是你應該到如今習慣於那,"她露齒而笑了她的毒藥露齒笑。
"Katze.. be careful," Ken's voice was soft. S/he eyed him once, hmphed, then turned and headed towards a posh-looking nightclub amid the squalorous town. / "Katze。。 要小心,"肯恩的聲音很軟。 S/ 他眼的他一次, hmphed,然後在 squalorous 城鎮之中轉而且前往一個看似漂亮的夜總會。

In the wee hours of the morning, an explosion shook Ken out of his light sleep. He cursed, staring as another fireball went up from a posh mansion on the side of a mountain on the other side of the town. / 在早晨的很小小時中,一個爆炸由於他的輕睡眠搖動了肯恩。 他詛咒, 注視當另一個火球從在城鎮的另一邊上的在山邊上的一個漂亮的大廈上漲。
As people started trickling out of their homes, a car pulled up near him, its window open. / 當人開始移動離他們的家時候,一輛汽車在他的附近拔出 ,它的窗戶打開。
"Gatchaman! Come on!" / "Gatchaman! 快點 !"
"Katze??" Ken darted forward and hopped into the car, "Hot wheels?" / "Katze??"肯恩向前地投射而且進入汽車之內單腳跳 ",熱的輪子?"
"Scorching," the mutant grinned. She turned in her seat and a flash of light blinded him for an instant. She tucked the camera away and put the car in gear, roaring off into the night. / "灼熱的",突變異種露齒而笑。 她在她的座位和光的閃光中轉向為立即盲人了他。 她打橫褶相機之遠而且把汽車放入工具,走開進入夜晚之內的吼聲。
"Don't suppose you'd tell me what that was all about?" Ken jerked his thumb in the direction of the explosions. / " 不要推想你將會告訴我什麼哪一是全部大約"? 肯恩痙攣了爆炸的方向他拇指。
"Nope." She waited for the polaroid to develop, then pulled over to attack it with an exacto knife, laminating the picture to a small card. Ken watched with rapt attention, noticing the bruises on the mutant's face. There was a thread of crusted blood on her lip and her hair was tangled. / "不". 她等候人造偏光板發展,然後開到一旁用一支 exacto 刀攻擊它,製成薄板對一張小的卡片照片。 肯恩以全神貫注的注意看,注意在突變異種的臉上瘀傷。 有在她的唇上一條蓋以硬皮的血線,而且她的頭髮被使纏結。
"Your clothing got better," he said, observing her more sedate dress, "..are you okay?" / "你的衣服變得比較好的",他說,觀察她的較沈著的服裝 ",.。你是好嗎?"
Katze grinned again, her eyes unnaturally bright, "I'm fine. / 再一次被露齒而笑的 Katze, 不自然明亮的她眼睛,"我是好的。
*Much* better," she handed him the small card, "Here, Watanabe-san." / *很多*在這裡更, "她傳遞了他小的卡片 ",Watanabe-san。"
"Watanabe-san?" / "Watanabe-san"?
"Watanabe Satoshi, gardener to Senor Alvarez. You've been at your post only four months and haven't fully learned the lingo." / "Watanabe Satoshi,先生 Alvarez 的園丁。 你曾經到過在你的職位只有四個月而且沒有完全學習語言不知所云。"
Ken nodded, "And who are you, now?" / 肯恩點頭,"而且你是誰,現在"?
"Gretchen Steinberger, cook," Katze put the car back in gear and rolled leisurely out onto the highway, heading away from the town. / "Gretchen Steinberger,煮",Katze 在公路之上在外在工具中把汽車放回原處而且從容地捲,朝向遠離城鎮。
"Where did you get all of this?" Ken gestured, indicating the car and the back-seat full of clothes, weapons, food and what looked like drug paraphenalia. / " 你在哪堭o到呢這全部"? 肯恩作手勢, 指出汽車和充滿衣服,武器的後座,食物和什麼看起來像藥 paraphenalia 一樣。
"These were so generously gifted to me by Senor Alvarez, the governor of this little hamlet." / "這些如此的慷慨對我被先生 Alvarez 賦予,這個小小村的管理者".
"Gifted?" Ken arched his eyebrow. Katze ignored him, then kicked the car into overdrive and burned down the mountain pass. Ken rummaged through the backseat to find some clothes to change into. / 賦予? 弓形的他眉毛的肯恩。 Katze 忽略了他,然後踢汽車進過速裝置之內而且燒毀山途徑。 肯恩翻遍過後座發現一些衣服換成。
"Want me to drive for a while?" Ken asked an hour later. He frowned as Katze pitched another something out the window. She'd been doing this intermittantly for miles now. "What are you doing?" / "想要我開車一陣子"? 肯恩 1 小時之後問。 當 Katze 出自窗戶紮牢了另外一某事的時候,他皺眉頭。 她已經現在為哩做這 intermittantly 。 "你正在做什麼"?
"Nothing," she said innocently, fishing another something out of the bag beside her and tossing it. This time Ken caught a glimpse of it, but couldn't believe what he'd seen, "Katze???" / "沒事" ,她無罪地說,從在她旁邊的袋子釣魚另外一某事和投擲它。 這次肯恩瞥見它, 但是無法相信他已經看到的,"Katze???"
"You don't want to be asking, Gatchaman. Yes, you can drive if you like. I'm getting tired, I need a smoke and women drivers aren't looked upon very kindly around here." Another object went flying. / "你不想要是問,Gatchaman 。 如果你喜歡,是的,你能開車。 我正在很疲累, 我需要煙和女人駕駛員沒被看在很和藹之上在這裡周圍。"另一個物體去飛。
Ken blinked, "Was that a..?? Katze?!" / 肯恩眨眼," 是那一。。?? Katze?!"
"The less you know the more they'll believe you if they catch us." She stopped the car and they traded places. As Ken resumed driving, she tossed another object. It was definately what Ken thought it was. / " 比較少量你知道更多如果他們捕捉我們,他們將相信你". 她停止了汽車,而且他們交易了地方。 當肯恩重新開始了趕的時候,她投擲了另一個物體。 它明確地是肯恩所想的,它是。
"I think I'd rather know if you don't mind." / "我認為,如果你不介意,我將會寧可知道" 。
"Nope." Another molar went flying. / "不". 另臼齒去飛。
"You killed them, didn't you." / "你殺了他們,你不沒有嗎".
"Of course." Fling, went an incisor. Ken slammed on the brakes. "FUUUUCK!!" Katze hollared, nearly going through the windshield, "What in hell's your problem??" Ken had gotten out of the car. She opened the door and got out as well. / " 當然". 投擲,去了一個門牙。 肯恩在煞車上猛然關上。 "FUUUUCK!!"Katze hollared,幾乎經過擋風玻璃 ", 什麼在地獄的你問題中??"肯恩已經離開汽車。 她也打開了門而且離開。
"We can't go around *killing* people! I'm not like that!" / " 我們不能走來走去 *殺害的*人! 我不像那!"
"Do you have any better ideas??" / "你好一點有想法嗎??"
"There's got to be another way.. I can't go around killing innocent people.. And we can't leave a trail of corpses, we'd be found in no time.." / " 那裡被開始是另一個方法。。 我不能走來走去殺害的無罪人。。 而且我們不能離開一條屍體的蹤跡, 我們將會在立刻被發現。。"
"BAKA YO!" Katze's shout brought Ken up short, "Didn't you study history? Are you dense? We're in *occupied Pakistan* -- you can't even *breathe* without having a picture ID! Do you think we can just walk up and whimper 'Oh Mr. Policeman, they took all our gear and all our ID won't you give us new ones'?" "I don't know!" Ken screamed, "But this is wrong! Can't you understand that?" "I don't think *you* understand, Gatchaman, these people took lessons from Hitler and Bosnia! They put people like us in *concentration camps*!" Ken thumped his head against the car roof and moaned. "My trail of corpses won't be that easy to follow: That's why I pulled all the teeth and set fire to the bodies. I'm *hoping* that by the time they identify the bodies we'll be long out of here. / "BAKA YO"! Katze's 的呼喊撫養肯恩短,"你沒有學習歷史嗎? 你是密集的嗎? 我們是在 *佔領了巴基斯坦*-- 你不能甚至 *呼吸*不有一個照片身份證! 你認為我們能僅僅走上而且嗚咽 ' 哦警察先生, 他們帶了我們所有的工具和我們所有的身份證你不將給我們新的一些嗎'?" "我不知道"! 肯恩尖叫,"但是這是錯誤的! 你不能了解那?" " 我不想 * 你*了解,Gatchaman,這些人參加了來自希特勒和波士尼亞共和國的課! 他們放人喜歡我們在 *集中露營*!"肯恩把他的頭撞擊汽車屋頂而且呻吟。 "我的屍體蹤跡將不那麼容易跟隨: 那是我為什麼拉了所有的牙齒而且縱火燒身體。 我是 *希望* 那當他們識別我們將是長的在外身體的時候在這裡。
Now can we *go*?" / 現在能我們 *去*?"
"We.. we need some ground rules.. if we're to survive each other.." / "我們。。 我們需要一些地面規則。。 如果我們要活的比彼此久。。"
Katze snorted, then smirked snidely, "If you're *that* upset, let me assure you that Senor Alvarez was in NO WAY 'innocent'." She twitched aside her skirt and pulled up one thigh. / Katze 噴著氣弄響鼻子, 然後假地嘻嘻做笑," 如果你是 *那* 加深框, 讓我保證你先生 Alvarez 以沒有方式是 '無辜者'". 她猛拉在一邊她的裙子並且拔出一條大腿。
"Katze?" Ken blinked, then gasped. He stared at her bleeding, mutilated femininity, "You're..... he did..." he turned grey, "Oh god..!" Ken turned away from her quickly, leaning over and clutching his stomach. / "Katze"? 眨眼的肯恩,然後喘氣。 他盯著她的出血看,切斷了婦女特質,"你是..... 他做。。。"他變灰色的 ", 哦神。。!"肯恩很快地轉向遠離她, 傾斜在而且之上抓牢他的胃。
"Oh relax," Katze egged him on, "It was just a little knife. I hardly even felt it. I've had much worse." / " 哦放鬆", Katze 挑唆了他在 "之上,它只是一支小刀。 我剛剛甚至感覺了它。 我已經更加更更壞地有。"
"Worse?" Ken whispered, "Are you.. Should we stop somewhere? / "更壞的事"? 肯恩耳語," 是你。。 我們應該某處停止嗎?
Get.. help?" / 得到。。 幫忙?"
"I'll be fine," Katze closed her legs and let her skirt fall back, "I've gotten this far, haven't I? Now come on, quit being a wimp and lets get going. We aren't out of Pakistan yet." / "我將是罰款",Katze 關閉了她的腿而且讓她的裙子撤退 ",我已經得到這遠,不是嗎? 現在發生 , 離開身為軟弱者而且讓流行。 我們不是離開巴基斯坦仍然。"
Ken nodded silently and started the car. They resumed their journey. / 肯恩默默地點頭而且開始了汽車。 他們重新開始了他們的旅程。
"Oh by the way," Katze tossed him an object covered with rusty stains. She grinned maliciously, "Here's the knife." Ken pitched the horrible thing out the window, nearly retching with disgust. "Awwww, I thought you'd want to keep it. A souvenier." / " 哦藉著方法",Katze 用生蛌漲穫V投擲一個物體涵蓋的他。 她懷惡意地露齒而笑,"這裡是刀" 。 肯恩出自窗戶紮牢了可怕的事物,幾乎以厭惡作嘔。 "Awwww,我想了你將會想要保存它。 souvenier。"
Ken gave her a horrifed look, "What?? Why?" / 肯恩給予了她 horrifed 神情,"什麼?? 為什麼?"
Katze winked coquettishly, "A memory of what you know you've always wanted to do to me." / Katze 娜多姿地眨眼,"你所知道的你總是已經想要對我做的記憶".
Ken blanched, then got angry, "I may have beat the living hell out of you and wanted you to die slowly.. but I never.. I would *never* do anything like that or even *wish* that on you!" Katze snorted. "I hated you.. still may.. But I would *never* do something like that." / 被漂白的肯恩,然後很生氣,"我可能已經你撲滅生活地獄而且想要你死得慢慢。。 但是我從不。。 我將會 *從不* 任何事喜歡那嗎或甚至 *希望* 在你上的那!"Katze 噴著氣弄響鼻子。 "我憎恨你。。 劇照可能。。 但是我將會 *從不*某事喜歡那嗎。"
"So noble." / "如此高貴".
"No.. I'm not noble," Ken said darkly, "I just don't believe that anyone deserves.. that. Even after what you did to me and the others. Even after my father." / "號碼。 我不是高貴的,"肯恩暗說 ",我就是不相信任何人該得到。。 那。 甚至在你所對我和其餘者做的之後。 甚至在我的父親之後。"
"Father?" Katze said blankly. / "父親"? Katze 茫然地說。
Ken took a deep breath, hatred in his voice, "My father was captain of the Red Impulse squadron. The one who took the V2 missile to his death, instead of me." / 肯恩作了深的呼吸 , 他的聲音憎恨,"我的父親是紅色的衝動騎兵營的船長。 帶了對他的死亡 V2 飛彈的那一個,取而代之的是我。"
Katze turned a look of surprised delight to him, "Ohhhh, honto??" / Katze 將驚訝高興的神情轉向他,"Ohhhh,honto??"
Ken gripped the steering wheel tightly, almost wishing it were / 肯恩緊緊地抓緊了掌舵輪子, 幾乎願它是
Katze's neck, "Yes." / Katze's 的脖子,"是的".
"Oh what a surprise," she turned back to the window, still grinning. Presently a little giggle rose from her throat. / " 哦什麼意外",她折回到窗戶,仍然露齒而笑。 目前稍微吃吃地笑來自她的咽喉玫瑰。
"What's. So. Funny." "I thought he was your lover." / " 什麼是。 如此。 好笑的。" "我想了他是你的愛人" 。
"NANI??" / "NANI??"
"After what you said later.." / "在你所稍後說的之後。。"
Ken turned about seven shades of red, "He was my father! I thought he'd died when I was a child!" / 肯恩轉向了大約紅色的七個蔭涼處,"他是我的父親! 我想,當我是孩子的時候,他有死!"
"Oh." Katze was stifling giggles, "I'd thought he was a little old for you, but.." she shrugged, "Plenty of people in the world into pretty youngflesh." / "哦". Katze 是令人發悶的吃吃地笑,"我有想了他稍微對你是舊的,但是。。"她聳肩 ",進入漂亮的 youngflesh 之內的在世界中的許多人。"
"What do you mean by that?? Pretty young.." Comprehension. / "你被那意謂什麼?? 相當年輕。。"理解。
"Ugh!" Katze dissolved in giggles. "Didn't you have parents?" Ken asked, turning the topic. / "Ugh"! 溶解的 Katze 在吃吃地笑。 "你沒有嗎父母"? 肯恩問,轉主題。
"No." / "號碼"
"No?" / "不"?
S/he looked at him and shook hir head, "No." / S/他看他而且搖動了 hir 頭, "號碼"
"You're an orphan?" / "你是孤兒"?
"I suppose," S/he shrugged, "They were eliminated after they had served their purpose and it was clear I would survive." / "我推想",S/他聳肩 ",在他們已經服侍他們的目的,而且它是清楚的之後,他們被除去我將會繼續生存".
"Eliminated after... By whom?" / "在除去之後。。。 被誰?"
"Soosai." / "Soosai".
S/he said it so matter-of-factly. Ken was silent, not sure what to say. "I'm sorry," he said finally. Katze looked confused, wondering what he was apologizing for. "That's awful.. not even to have known them.. and to find out they were murdered..." He broke off; Katze was staring at him as though he'd lost his mind. "Katze.. one thing." / S/他說了它如此有重大關係--事實。 肯恩沈默, 不確信該說什麼。 "對不起",他最後說。 Katze 看起來很困惑, 覺得奇怪他正在道歉什麼。 "那是可怕的。。 不甚至到已經認識他們。。 而且發現他們被謀殺。。。"他中斷 ; 好像他有失去了他的心, Katze 正在盯著他看。 "Katze。。 一件事物。"
"Yes?" / "是的"?
"Whatever happens, we're together. Partners. I'm in on whatever plans you have, you're in on mine. If we kill, we do it together, and no innocents. Got it?" / "不論什麼發生, 我們一起。 合夥人。 我是在任何的計劃上你有, 你是在在我的之上。 如果我們殺,我們一起做它, 和沒有無辜者。 得到它?"
S/he gave him a long, thoughtful look. / S/他給予了他長又深思的神情。

They continued driving. Katze, having found a news station on the radio, was listening to it while smoking a much-needed cigarette. / 他們繼續了趕。 Katze, 有發現在收音機上的一個新聞車站, 正在聽到它當抽煙一根非常需要的香煙時候。
"Still sounds like gibberish to me," Ken remarked. Katze gave him a black look and he changed the subject, "You hungry?" / "仍然對我聽起來像亂語一樣",肯恩評論。 Katze 給予了他一個難看的眼光,而且他改變了主題," 你饑餓的"?
"Starving." / 餓得要死。
"Maybe we can find a shop or something.." Ken trailed off as / "也許我們能發現商店或某事。。" 肯恩走開追蹤當做
Katze sat up suddenly, cranking the volume on the radio, "Nani?" / Katze 突然熬夜, 起動在收音機上的體積,"Nani"?
"Forget about breakfast," Katze said, "Burn for the border." / "忘記關於早餐的事",Katze 說 ",為邊境燃燒".
"Nani?" Ken said again. / "Nani"? 肯恩再一次說。
"Just GO!" / "僅僅去"!
Ken shrugged and floored the accelorator, "What's wrong? What's got you so spooked?" / 肯恩聳肩並且鋪地板 accelorator,"怎麼回事? 被得到你的如此驚嚇?"
"We're a hot item, you and I," Katze smiled lazily, "Are you sure you want to be partners, 'Clyde'?" / "我們是一個熱的項目,你和我",Katze 懶洋洋地微笑 ",你確定你想要當合夥人, 'Clyde' 嗎"?
Ken shrugged and gave hir a sloppy grin, "Bonnie, there's none better than you. Brace yourself." / 肯恩聳肩而且給予了 hir 被潑水弄濕的露齒笑,"漂亮的,更超過你那裡是沒有人。 支撐你自己。"
They tore down the road at a speed far from safe, hitting bumps and tossing up gravel without mercy on the car's occupants. Katze bit off hir curses, knowing time was of the essence. / 他們離保險箱很遠以速度沿道路向下撕破,在沒有在汽車的占有者上的仁慈碎石上面碰撞撞擊而且投擲。 Katze 咬斷 hir 詛咒, 知道時間是本質。
"Joe'd love this," Ken observed. / " Joe'd 愛這",肯恩觀察。
Katze smiled a little wistfully, "It's too bad about him." / Katze 稍微渴望地微笑,"關於他它太壞" 。
"Yeah," Ken sighed, "Then again, we *are* twenty years in the past. If we make it out of here alive I can hang around in Sicily and prevent what happened to him." A thought struck him and he spared the mutant a glance, "How old would you be, now?" / "是的",肯恩歎息 ",再一次然後, 我們 *是*過去的二十年。 如果我們活著用這裡製做它我能在 Sicily 中遊蕩而且避免他發生了什麼事。"一個想法打了他,而且他寬恕了突變異種一瞥 ",你是多麼的舊,現在?"
Katze thought... and thought, hir face growing paler. "oh my god.." s/he breathed almost inaudibly. / Katze 想。。。 而且想, hir 增加 的臉結為友。 " 表示驚訝我的神。。"s/他幾乎聽不見似地呼吸。
Ken looked at hir curiously, "What?" / 肯恩好奇地看 hir,"什麼"?
S/he sat up, suddenly looking determined, "The border should be only a few more kilometers. If we pass that, we're safe, they can't touch us. After that.. We go to Greece." / S/他熬夜,突然看起來堅決,"邊境應該只是再過幾公里。 如果我們通過那, 我們是安全的,他們不能碰我們。 在那之後。。 我們去希臘。"
"Greece?? What's going on in Greece??" Ken was suddenly reminded of something Nambu had said once, about the Galactor syndicate having had a stronghold near Greece, once. With more anger in his voice than he'd thought, he snapped, "Planning to join up with Galactor again?" / "希臘?? 什麼正在希臘繼續??"肯恩某事突然被提醒 Nambu 已經說一次,大約 Galactor 聯合組織有有在希臘附近的一個要塞,一旦。 在他的聲音中有更多的忿怒超過他有想,他咬斷,計劃再一次以 Galactor 入伍?
If Katze hadn't been so distracted, s/he'd've realized that replying with "in a manner of speaking" was definately the wrong thing to say. Ken felt rage boiling up inside him and was about to turn on hir, when he caught a glimpse of something in the rear-view mirror, / 假如 Katze 不是如此心煩意亂,s/ he'd've 了解了以 "以說的方法" 明確地答覆是錯誤的事物說。 當他在後面- 視野的鏡子中瞥見某事的時候肯恩感覺了煮沸提高內部他而且正要打開 hir 的憤怒,
"Wha..? Kuso! We've got company!" / "Wha。。? Kuso! 我們已經得到公司!"
"Shit!" Katze looked behind them, "Stay calm, have your ID ready. You are Satoshi Watanabe, gardener, you don't speak Urdu well. / "拉屎"! Katze 在他們後面看,"停留平靜,有你的身份證現金。 你是 Satoshi Watanabe ,園丁,你不說, Urdu 湧出。
We have been sent by Senor Alvarez to acquire silks for his new toy. / 我們已經被先生 Alvarez 送為他的新玩具獲得絲。
I've his papers here." / 我在這裡有他的報告。"
"Ladies and gentlemen, please place your trays in the upright position, we are about to experience turbulance." / "淑女和紳士,請把你的盤子放在直立的位置,我們正要經歷 turbulance" 。
Katze cracked a grin, palming a gun and slipping another to Ken. / Katze 弄碎露齒笑,對肯恩藏一隻槍於掌中而且滑倒另外一。
Swallowing hard and sending a silent prayer to his ancestors, Ken pulled over and stopped the car. / 努力地吞和送一個沈默的祈禱給他的祖先,肯恩開到一旁而且停止了汽車。
The MP vehicle pulled up behind them. Four big soldiers got out and approached, armed with machine guns. Two took up positions on either side of the doors, one at the back of the car, one near the MP vehicle. One grunted something, gesturing unmistakably with his machine gun. Katze pasted hir best annoyed-but-innocent expression to hir face and got out. Ken followed hir lead. / 議員車輛在他們後面拔出。 離開而且接近的四個大的軍人, 以機關槍武裝。 二佔據在門的任一邊上的位置, 一在汽車的背面, 一在議員車輛的附近。 一哼了某事, 明白地以他的機關槍作手勢。 Katze 用漿糊黏了被苦惱的 hir 最好-但是-對 hir 的無罪表達面對而且離開。 肯恩跟隨了 hir 線索。
The guard looked over Katze's papers and listened to hir explanation. He tossed a contemptuous look at Ken and jabbered at him. / 守衛對 hir 解釋瀏覽 Katze's 的報告而且聽。 他在他投擲了肯恩的輕蔑面貌而且快而含糊地說。
Ken swallowed and croaked out "I don't understand" the way Katze had taught him. The guards laughed. / 肯恩吞而且嗄嗄叫出 "我不了解" Katze 已經教他的方式。 守衛笑。
The first guard turned back to Katze and growled at hir some more. S/he produced more papers, bleated more explanations; Ken thought s/he was quite convincing, humble servant following orders, not certain why they'd been stopped, why they weren't being allowed to go on their way. Then he saw the way the guard was looking at hir, as though undressing hir with his eyes. One of the others made a suggestion which was greeted with coarse sniggers and nods. / 第一個守衛到 Katze 折回而且在 hir 再多一些怒吠。 S/他生產了更多的紙,鳴叫更多的解釋; 肯恩想了 s/他是在次序之後相當有力又卑下的僕人, 不是確定他們為什麼已經被停止,他們為什麼在途中沒有在被允許去。 然後他看見守衛正在看 hir 的方式, 好像用他的眼睛使 hir 脫去衣服。 其餘者之一作了一個與粗糙的吃吃竊笑和點頭一起歡迎的建議。
"Ka.. Gretchen.. What do they want?" Ken murmured, seeing the mutant's eyes narrow. / "千安培。。 Gretchen。。 他們想要什麼?"肯恩低語,看見突變異種的眼睛海峽。
Katze was weighing the situation. The other guard had suggested killing Ken and raping Katze and it was received far too favourably for hir comfort. / Katze 是秤重情形。 另一個保衛有建議殺害的肯恩而且輕敲 Katze ,而且它被為 hir 安慰遙遠地太可贊同地收到。
The first grunt crushed the papers in his hand, "To the MP truck. Now. Your master's house has been destroyed. You'll be wanted for questioning." And he shoved hir into the grunt behind hir, who locked his arms around hir. / 第一個咕嚕咕嚕聲壓破了他的手報紙,"對議員卡車。 現在。 你的主人房子已經被破壞。 你將被為詢問想要。"而且他推擠 hir 進在 hir 後面的咕嚕咕嚕聲之內,在 hir 的周圍鎖他的手臂。
S/he let out a piercing cougar's shriek and slammed hir high heel into the grunt's instep. Slamming hir fist into his throat, s/he managed to twist out of his grasp. / S/他放出一聲刺骨的美洲豹的尖銳響聲並且猛然關上 hir 高跟鞋進咕嚕咕嚕聲的腳背之內。 猛然關上 hir 拳頭進他的咽喉之內,s/他設法擰離他的把握。
"Kuso! Leggo my shoe!" The man roared with pain as Katze tugged, trying to free her heel from his foot. Ken tore himself free from the men holding him, whipped out his gun and capped off a few shots, putting the man out of his misery. Katze whirled to the ground and fired, wounding another man who was trying to garrotte Ken. The ninja knocked a third one down with the butt of his gun, plugging the last in the back of the head. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw / "Kuso! Leggo 我的鞋!"男人以如被用力拉,嘗試到來自他的腳自由的她腳後跟的 Katze 的痛苦吼。 肯恩撕破從捉住他 的男人是自由的他自己,走開鞭打出他的槍而且勝過一些注射,他的悲慘使男人惱怒。 Katze 對地面旋轉而且點燃,受傷正在對 garrotte 肯恩嘗試的另一個男人。 忍者和他的槍煙頭擊倒第三個, 塞住在頭的後面最後者。 從他的眼睛角落,他看見
Katze grappling with the wounded man, then go down under him. There was a gunshot and a startled yelp, then all movement stilled. / 和受傷的男人抓住 的 Katze,然後在他之下下來。 有一個射擊和一聲被震驚的叫喊,然後所有的運動安靜。
"Katze!" Ken screamed. He finished off the unconscious man with his own bayonet and ran to the spreading pool of blood. / "Katze"! 肯恩尖叫。 他走開完成有他自己的刺刀無意識的男人而且跑向血的傳佈池。
"Get this lug OFF of me!" / "我寄出這一個柄"!
"Are you alright? Are you hurt?" Ken dragged the body off the disshevelled mutant. She sat up with a grimace, extracting a length of razor-edged steel from her side. "Katze!!" / "你是好的嗎? 你被傷害嗎?"肯恩在 disshevelled 突變異種外拖拉身體。 她以一個面部的歪扭熬夜,吸取來自她的身邊剃刀刀口的長度鋼。 "Katze!!"
"Oh for fuck's sake, Gatchaman, I'll be fine! Are they dead? / " 哦因為性交緣故, Gatchaman,我將是罰款! 他們是死嗎?
Did they get a chance to call for backup?" / 他們得到要求後援的一個機會嗎?"
Ken stared at her, dumbfounded, "No, they didn't get to the radio.. You're bleeding.. heavily..." / 肯恩盯著她看,嚇,"不,他們沒有到達收音機。。 你正在出血。。 很重地。。。"
"Get to the fuckin' car." Ken tried to press his wadded shirt onto the wound but she shooed him away, "Just gimme a couple of super maxis and I'll be fine." / "到達 fuckin'汽車". 肯恩試著在創傷之上壓他的填塞襯衫,但是她發出噓聲趕走他離開," 正直的 gimme 一些超級迷嬉裝而且我將是罰款".
Ken opened the back door of the car, shoving stuff out of the way, "Do you want me to dress it? I do a mean field stitch." / 肯恩打開了汽車的後門, 推事情從方式,"你想要我穿著它嗎? 我做低劣的領域一針。"
Katze regarded him as he rummaged for the med kit, "I'll be fine. It's a small wound. Let's just get out of here." / Katze 把他視為他為醫藥的配套翻遍,"我將是罰款。 它是小的創傷。 在這裡就在讓我們離開。"
Ken ignored her, sliding into the cramped back seat with her, / 肯恩忽略了她,由於她進入狹促的後座之內滑,
"Here, let me see.." he grimaced, "Small wound, my ass: That's at least four inches long, ditz!" / "這裡,讓我看見。。"他扮鬼臉 ",小的創傷,我的驢: 那是至少四吋長,ditz!"
"It'll heal in no time," Katze snorted, "I've been hurt worse." / " 它立刻將治癒",Katze 噴著氣弄響鼻子 ",我更更壞地已經被傷害".
"I can have you stitched and clean in two minutes flat," Ken said, spraying hir skin with anaesthetic spray. He made quick work of the tiny stitches needed then covered the wound with antiseptic ointment and gauze. "Okay, stay put for a sec. Get comfortable." He bolted outside and dragged the bodies into the truck, removing the teeth and neck chains. After stripping the truck of weapons and useful paraphenalia, he set charges to the bodies, then ran back to the car. / "我在二分鐘中能一針你而且清理公寓",肯恩說,用麻醉的水花噴灑 hir 皮膚。 他使然後被需要的極小一針的快工作以殺菌的藥膏和薄紗涵蓋創傷。 "好,停留放,因為一個秒很舒服" 。 他閂住在而且之外拖拉身體進卡車之內,除去牙齒和脖子鏈。 在脫去武器的卡車和有用的 paraphenalia 之後,他將費用設定為身體,然後向後地跑到汽車。
He tossed his prizes to Katze then dashed for the driver's seat. / 他投擲了對然後被為駕駛員的座位猛擲的 Katze 的他獎。
"Thought we could use these." / " 想法我們可以使用這些".
"And you complain about me," s/he smirked. Ken gunned the engine and sped down the road as the charges went off behind them. / "而且你抱怨我",s/他嘻嘻做笑。 當費用在他們後面爆炸的時候,肯恩沿道路向下用炮射擊了引擎而且加速。
"It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas.." a voice sang sillily from the back seat. / "它正在開始看起來和聖誕節很多像。。"一種聲音愚蠢地從後座唱。
Ken chuckled, "Joe and Jinpei that morning.." / 肯恩吃吃的笑,"那天早晨的喬和 Jinpei。。"
"Hm?" / "Hm"?
"I'll never forget the day he first got that cable gun," Ken shook his head, grinning, "Said it was like Christmas.. and Jinpei with those damned bolos.. We had the things wrapped around our necks for weeks!" Katze listened in silence as Ken continued, "Jun was always sticking that yo-yo in the ceiling.. Ryu got snared up in.. well, everything," he broke up in giggles, "And I broke all of Nambu's windows - repeatedly!" Ken lapsed into silence, missing his team badly. / "我將從不忘記他首先得到了那一隻電纜槍的那天",肯恩搖頭,露齒而笑 ",它像聖誕節說。。 而且和那些該死的大刀 Jinpei。。 我們有了在我們的脖子周圍被包裝長達數個星期之久的事物!"當肯恩繼續的時候, Katze 在沈默方面聽 ",六月總是黏住天花板的那一個溜溜球。。 Ryu 得到以陷阱捕獲在上面。。 好吧,每件事物," 他瓦解在吃吃地笑 ", 而且我斷掉了所有的 Nambu's 的窗戶 -重複地!" 肯恩過去的進入沈默之內,嚴重地失去他的小組。
"Were you punished?" Katze's voice broke into his thoughts. / " 你被處罰"? Katze's 的聲音闖入他的想法。
"Yeah.. Lost the toy for a week, then had to go into training to learn to use it. After that, it was 'harder, faster, be more accurate'," he sighed deeply, "It never seemed to be enough, no matter how well I did." Katze's expression cleared and s/he nodded sagely. / "是的。。 為一個星期失去了玩具,然後必須進入教育學習使用它。 在那之後, 它是 '比較難的﹐比較快速的, 是更正確的',"他深深地歎息 ", 它從不似乎是充足的,無論我做多好。"Katze's 的被清除的表達和 s/他賢能地點頭。
Several minutes went by. Ken glanced out the window, then back at Katze through the rear view mirror, "We're here. The border. How are you doing, can you get up front?" / 好幾分鐘過去。 肯恩瞥閃出窗戶,然後向後地在 Katze 經過後面的視野鏡子,"我們在這裡。 邊境。 你如何做,你能籌備前面嗎?"
"'Course," Katze replied and slithered somewhat clumsily into the front seat, grimacing. / "'課程",Katze 進入前座之內答覆而且略微笨拙連走帶跑地滑,扮鬼臉。
"Don't rip out my nice stitches, you." / "不要撕開出我的美好一針,你".
"Awww but I wanted to bleed all over you." / "Awww 但是我想要到處流血你" 。
Ken gacked, "Ohh gee thanks." He composed himself as the road narrowed, rocky cliffs towering on either side of a narrow ribbon of road, barricaded and blocked, with a smallish sentry hut to one side. / 肯恩 gacked,"Ohh 向右轉謝謝" 。 當道路縮小的時候,他組成了他自己,在一條道路的狹窄緞帶的任一邊上高翔 的多岩石的懸崖,以障礙物阻塞而且阻塞,與一個有點小的步哨住在茅舍到邊。
The bored looking sentry demanded to see their IDs. As he looked them over, demanding to see their papers, Ken drummed his fingers on the steering wheel. He tried not to get too fidgetty; the gun was snug against his thigh. / 無趣的看步哨要求看見他們的身份證。 當他結束看了他們, 要求看見他們的報告,肯恩打鼓了在掌舵輪子上的他手指。 他嘗試不要也得到 fidgetty; 反對他的大腿槍是舒適的。
"Senor Alvarez's place is destroyed. Senor Alvarez is missing. / "先生 Alvarez's 的地方被破壞。 先生 Alvarez 不見。
Maybe you have something to do with it, hmm?" Ken hid his horror at / 也許你與它有關,hmm?" 肯恩藏了他的驚駭在
Katze's translation. "Or maybe if you have money.. you don't." / Katze's 的翻譯。 "或也許如果你有錢。。 你不。"
Katze pulled out hir wallet and counted bills, speaking in a clipped voice to the sentry. The sentry spoke again and s/he replied, sounding like s/he was negotiating. "I will never gripe about a corrupt government official again," Ken muttered under his breath. He looked up as Katze got out of the car, wincing, "What does he want? Katze, what does he want?" / Katze 拉出 hir 皮夾而且計算了帳單, 在一種省略一部分的聲音中說到步哨。 步哨再一次說和 s/他答覆,測錘測得的結果像 s/ 他正在談判。 "我再一次將無法發牢騷關於一個腐敗的政府事官員",肯恩在他的呼吸之下喃喃自語。 他看在當上面 Katze 離開汽車,畏縮,"他想要什麼? Katze,他想要什麼?"
S/he didn't reply. Ken watched in horror as the sentry kissed hir on the mouth, then guided hir into the shack. He felt sick, wondered if he should follow.. He fondled the gun, wondering what he should do. / S/他沒有答覆。 當吻在嘴上的 hir 的步哨,然後指導 hir 進小屋之內的時候,肯恩驚恐地看。 他覺得不舒服, 懷疑是否萬一他跟隨。。 他愛了槍, 覺得奇怪他應該做什麼。
S/he wasn't long, maybe fifteen minutes. The gate swung open and Katze got back into the car. Ken noticed pink fluid dripping down hir legs - blood and semen. / S/他不長,十五分鐘也許。 門搖擺開放的而且 Katze 得到返回汽車。 肯恩注意了滴墬落 hir 腿的粉紅液體 -血和精液。
"Go," s/he ordered, then twisted and rummaged in the back seat, / 去,s/他命令, 然後在後座中擰而且翻遍,
"Gah.. mouthwash.." / "Gah。。 洗口藥。。"
"You didn't have to," Ken drove through the gates and out into freedom. Katze grabbed a flask of water and rinsed hir mouth, then hir thighs, muttering under hir breath about how s/he never thought s/he'd have to do shit like that again. "You didn't have to do that," Ken said again. / " 你不一定要", 肯恩開車過門和在外進入自由之內。 Katze 抓取了一個水的細頸瓶而且沖洗了 hir 嘴, 然後 hir 大腿, 在 hir 呼吸之下喃喃自語關於如何 s/他從不想了 s/他將會必須再一次做糞同類那。 "你不一定要做那",肯恩再一次說。
"Look, you said a minimum of corpses, right?" s/he snapped. / "看,你說了至少屍體,對不對"? s/他咬斷。
Ken was silent for several minutes. "I'm sorry," he said at last, "I shouldn't have made you promise. I didn't think you'd have to do anything like that. I.. I'm sorry," he finished lamely. Katze gave him an unfathomable look. "It uh.. reopened your other wound?" S/he nodded and Ken blushed but continued, "I uh.. I don't know much about.. / 肯恩沈默好幾分鐘。 "對不起", 他最後說 ",我應該不要使你答應的。 我沒有認為你將會必須做任何事同類那。 我。。 對不起,"他一瘸一拐地完成。 Katze 給予了他難測的神情。 " 它 uh。。 重開你的其他創傷?"S/ 他點頭,而且肯恩臉紅但是繼續的 ", 我 uh。。 我不更加大約知道。。
um.. Can I do anything for..?" / um。。 我能做任何事嗎。。?"
"What're you gonna do, kiss it better?" Katze smirked that malicious, poison smirk, making Ken blush furiously. / " What're 你去做,吻它更多"? Katze 嘻嘻做笑了那懷惡意的, 毒藥嘻嘻笑,狂暴地使肯恩臉紅。
"Seriously, can I help some how?" / " 嚴重地,我能幫助一些嗎如何"?
"Doubtful," Katze replied curtly then changed the subject, "He gave me a road map. Let me check our route." S/he plotted a route that would take them through small towns at first. / "可疑的",Katze 然後簡略地答覆改變主題 ",他給予了我一個路線圖。 讓我檢查我們的路徑。"S/他計畫翻譯了一條起先將會帶他們經過小的城鎮路徑。
Ken drove, hoping to see signs of a restaurant or inn of some kind.. somewhere to eat and maybe shower. He mentioned this to Katze, who agreed, candidly admitting that s/he was running mostly off of adrenalyn now and was badly in need of food and sleep. / 肯恩使 , 希望看見一家餐廳的符號或看見一些類型的旅館。。 某處吃和也許陣雨。 他提到了這到 Katze 率直地承認 s/他現在是 adrenalyn 的走開大部份跑並且嚴重地需要食物和睡眠,同意。
Ken grinned, "Boy I can just see Joe now," he deepened his voice, producing a moderate imitation of Joe's deep bass, "'I see, shacking up now, huh.'" Katze gave him a puzzled look. "Sorry. You'd have to understand Joe's sense of humour.. and my," Ken blushed, "Lack of dates." The puzzled look didn't vanish. "Never mind," Ken pointed, / 肯恩露齒而笑," 男孩我能僅僅現在看見喬",他加深了他的聲音,產生一個喬的深低音的適度模仿 ",'我看見,現在向上投宿,哼!。'"Katze 給予了他被困惑的神情。 "難過的。 你將會必須了解喬的幽默感。。 而且哎呀,"肯恩臉紅 ",缺乏日期。"被困惑的神情沒有消失。 "不必介意", 尖的肯恩,
"Look, there's a place. Do you want food first?" / "神情,有一個地方。 你首先想要食物嗎?"
Katze nodded, "Yes. Might be too much to hope that they'd have room service, but we'll see.." / Katze 點頭,"是的。 可能是太很多而無法希望,他們將會有房間服務部,但是我們將看見。。"
Ken nodded, then pulled into the small parking lot and shut the car down, "I'll check us in. Anything you don't eat? I'll see if they have room service, but I'll pick stuff up and bring it back to the room in the mean time. You look about to drop." / 點頭的肯恩,然後滑進小的停車場而且把汽車關上下來," 我將檢查我們在。 任何東西你不吃? 我將看看是否他們有房間服務部 , 但是我將拾起事情而且把它帶回平均時的房間。 你看關於降低。"
"Not really, except sashimi. Can't stand raw fish. Just bring LOTS; about twice what you think we'll need." / " 不是真的,除生魚片。 不能站生魚。 僅僅帶運氣; 大約兩次你所想的我們將需要。"
Ken nodded and went to check them in. He returned with the key and was astonished to see that Katze had unloaded some of their bags. / 肯恩點頭而且去檢查他們在。 他以鑰匙歸還而且被驚訝看見 Katze 已經卸貨一些他們的袋子。
[And she's just standing there as if she hasn't been mutilated! What is with this creature?] "Can you make it? To the room?" Ken asked, handing hir the key. / [而且她僅僅已經在那裡站立好像她沒有被切斷! 什麼和這生物在一起?]"你能做到嗎? 到房間?"肯恩問,傳遞 hir 鑰匙。
S/he took it and picked up a bag, "'Course." / S/他拿了它而且拾起一個袋子,"'課程".
Ken watched, floored, "Um.. I'll.. help you with the stuff, then go for the food." / 肯恩看,鋪地板,"Um。。 我將。。 幫你解決事情,然後去拿食物。"
He returned with an obscene amount of food, to find that sleep had overcome the mutant instead. A tightly curled blonde ball lay whimpering on the bed. Ken set down the food and sat down on the edge of the bed. Blood had dried on hir thighs. Hir face was tight in a rictus of fear and another terrified wail rose from hir throat. / 他以猥褻量的食物歸還, 發現睡眠已經改為克服突變異種。 一個緊緊地弄捲的白色球放置在床上嗚咽。 肯恩放下食物而且坐在床的邊緣上。 血已經在 hir 大腿上弄乾。 Hir 臉是緊的在來自 hir 咽喉的恐懼和另外受驚嚇的悲嘆玫瑰的 rictus 中。
"Katze?" Ken shook hir very gently, "Hey, Katze?" / "Katze"? 肯恩非常逐漸地搖動了 hir,"嗨, Katze"?
He lay down beside hir and curled hir into his chest, covering hir with a blanket and rocking hir gently. Hir legs snapped up, heels digging into hir crotch as s/he sought to protect hirself from unseen demons. Ken jerked, trying to hold hir still so s/he wouldn't cause further damage, crooning softly to hir. He was worried as hell. S/he broke into sobs, moaning indistinctly in another language. / 他在 hir 旁邊躺下而且弄捲 hir 進他的胸之內,逐漸地以毛毯和搖動的 hir 包含的 hir 。 被搶先弄到手的 Hir 腿,尾隨深入如 s 的 hir 分叉處/他尋找保護 hirself 免於未見過的魔鬼。 肯恩痙攣, 嘗試仍然支撐 hir 因此 s/他將不造成進一步的損害, 柔和地低聲歌唱到 hir 。 他擔憂如地獄。 S/他闖入啜泣,不明瞭地以另一種語言呻吟。
Hir voice rose in a pleading pitch, becoming hysterical screams. / Hir 聲音在訴願的頂點中上升,變成歇斯底里的尖叫聲。
Ken struggled to hold hir. Hir eyes snapped open and he stared into their terrified depths. Recognition flashed there, but s/he lurched backwards with another scream, struggling in his grip. Hir words gradually became understandable, "Noooo.. not you.. not you too..." / 肯恩努力支撐 hir 。 Hir 眼睛咬斷開放的而且他進入他們的受驚嚇的深度之內注視。 承認在那裡閃現, 但是 s/他向後以另一聲尖叫聲突然向一邊傾斜,在他的緊握中奮鬥。 Hir 字逐漸地變成可以理解,"Noooo。。 不是你。。 不是你,也。。。"
"Katze! It's me!" Ken mentally slapped himself for stupidity, / "Katze! 是我!"肯恩心理上為愚蠢拍擊了他自己,
"Calm down! Remember where you are.. Katze, please, be still, you'll hurt yourself even worse!" Abruptly s/he sagged, collapsing expectantly. "Huh? Katze?" / "冷靜! 記得你在哪裡。。 Katze,請,仍然是,你將傷害你自己平坦的更壞事!" 突然地 s/他下垂,預期地崩潰。 "哼!? Katze?"
S/he glanced up, then looked around. Looking a little embarassed, s/he straightened hir shirt. Ken was still holding hir, / S/ 他瞥閃在,上面然後四處看看。 看一些 embarassed,s/他弄直了 hir 襯衫。 肯恩仍然正在握住 hir,
"You okay now? You had a nightmare." S/he nodded, not looking at him. / " 你現在好? 你有了一個夢魘。"S/他點頭, 不看他。
Ken sighed, "Hungry?" / 肯恩歎息,"饑餓的"?
"Very," s/he whispered. / "非常",s/他耳語。
"Good," he gestured towards the laden table, "I got a ton of stuff, like you said." He stared in wide eyed wonder. Katze grabbed a bowl and some utensils and started shovelling food into hir throat. / "好的",他向充滿的桌子作手勢 ",我得到了一噸的事情, 像你說". 他在寬的眼奇蹟中注視。 Katze 抓取了一個碗和一些器具而且開始 shovelling 食物進 hir 咽喉之內。
"And I thought Ryu could eat!" Ken shook his head, then started eating, himself. Presently, he turned to hir again, "What was your nightmare about?" / "而且我想, Ryu 可以吃"! 肯恩搖頭,然後開始吃,他自己。 目前,他再一次轉向 hir,"大約你的夢魘是什麼"?
S/he blushed and ducked hir head. "'S nothing," s/he said evasively. / S/他臉紅而且沒入水中了 hir 頭。 "' S 沒事",s/他逃避地說。
Ken shook his head. Chewing absently on a samosa, he made another attempt at conversation, "How many languages do you speak, anyways?" / 肯恩搖頭。 在 samosa 上心不在焉地咀嚼,他在交談作另一種嘗試," 你說多少語言,無論如何"?
Katze chewed on a large mouthful, thinking. "'M n't s'r," s/he managed. / Katze 在大的一口上咀嚼,想。 "'M n't s'r",s/他處理。
Ken translated that as "I'm not sure". "It sounded like Gaelic or German or something.. It was more gutteral than I can pronounce." "..arabic.." s/he whispered. / 當 "我不確定" 的時候,肯恩翻譯了那。 "它聽起來像蓋爾語或德國人或某事一樣。。 它是較我為多的 gutteral 的能宣告。" ".。arabic。。"s/他耳語。
"Oh." Ken stared wonderingly at hir ashen complexion. "I'm lucky I can speak Japanese. Never had much talent for languages." / "哦". 肯恩覺得奇怪盯著 hir 灰色的膚色看。 "我是幸運的我能說日本語。 從不有了在語言方面的很多本領。"
Katze nodded noncomittally and scraped a last plateful into hir stomach. / Katze 點頭了 noncomittally 而且刮掉一個最後的滿盤進 hir 胃之內。
"Feeling better yet?" Ken felt like he was talking to a brick wall. / " 覺得舒服多了"? 肯恩感覺像他正在和一面磚塊牆壁說話。
"Mm hmm.. Stitches'll be ready to come out by morning." / " 公釐 hmm。。 Stitches'll 準備好在早晨之前出來。"
Ken blinked, "Really? Wow. Wish I could heal like that. A wound like that would take me weeks." / 肯恩眨眼,"真的? 哇。 希望我可以像那一樣治癒。 創傷像那將會拿我數個星期。"
"Of course. You're just an ordinary human." / " 當然。 你只是一個平常的人類。"
Ken jerked back, wincing. He counted to ten, swallowing his anger, then changed the subject yet again, "Will you need a hand cleaning up? I could wear a blindfold.." He trailed off in the face of hir astonished look, "..forget it.." / 肯恩向後地痙攣,畏縮。 他計算到十,吞他的忿怒,然後再一次仍然改變了主題," 你將需要一隻手清潔嗎在?上面 我可以穿著眼罩。。"他在被使神情驚訝的 hir 的面貌中走開追蹤 ",.。忘記它。。"
Katze stared at him, wondering if that was some sort of come-on, if Gatchaman were looking for some excuse to feel up the freak. Without a word, and without taking hir eyes off him, s/he went into the bathroom to wash. Ken stared at his plate, feeling like a fool. / Katze 盯著他看, 覺得奇怪如果 Gatchaman 正在找尋一些藉口猥褻畸形人,如果那是一些在勸誘分類。 沒有一個字, 和不脫掉 hir 眼睛他,s/他進入浴室洗。 肯恩盯著他的碟子看,感覺像一個愚人。
While s/he showered, Ken rummaged through the clothes, looking for something they could use as sleep wear. S/he returned and he handed hir a loose shirt, then took the loose jeans he had found into the bathroom with him, to change into after his own shower. "Well, hopefully these'll work," he said as he returned, rubbing his head with a towel, "Good thing its a big bed. Hope you don't steal the covers." ".....I do," Katze watched him with a growing sense of dread. / s/他淋浴,肯恩翻遍過衣服,找尋某事他們可以使用如睡眠穿著。 S/他歸還,而且他傳遞了 hir 一件寬鬆的襯衫,然後帶了他已經和他進入浴室之內發現的寬鬆牛仔褲, 在他自己的陣雨之後換成。 "嗯,希望 these'll 工作",當他被歸還的時候,他說,用一條手巾擦他的頭 ", 好事物它的一張大的床。 希望你不偷掩護。" ".....我做,"Katze 和增加的恐懼感看了他。
"Hmmm.. Which do you want, the heavy one or the lighter sheet?" / "Hmmm。。 你想要那一個,一個重的或較輕的張?"
"The.. heavier one.." / "那。。 比較沈重的。。"
"Okay," Ken pulled the heavier blanket off and proffered it to hir, then pulled the sheet towards himself, "Left or right?" / "好" ,肯恩走開拉了較沈重的毛毯而且到 hir 提供了它,然後向他自己拉了張 ",左邊或右邊"?
"It.. .doesn't matter." / "它。。 。不有重大關係。"
"Alright. You stay on that side then. I'll take this one by the door. I'm less tired; it'll be better in case anyone comes in." / "好的。 你當時停留在那邊上。 我將藉著門帶這一個。 我很比較不疲累; 它將是比較好的,以防萬一任何人進來。"
Ken slid into the bed, handed hir a loaded gun and placed his on the nightstand, "Just don't sleep with it under your pillow. Could be bad if you have nightmares again." S/he didn't meet his grin. Ken stretched, yawning hugely, then settled down on the pillow, "Night / 進入床之內的肯恩 slid, 傳遞了 hir 一把上膛的槍而且放置他的在 nightstand 上,"就是以它在你的枕頭之下不睡覺。 如果你再一次有夢魘,可能是壞的。"S/他沒有遇見他的露齒笑。 肯恩伸展,巨大地打哈欠, 然後在枕頭上安定下來,"夜晚
Bonnie." "......night........... Clyde....." / 漂亮的。" "......夜晚........... Clyde....."
"Warm enough?" / "溫暖充足"?
"...............yes." / "...............是的。"
Ken snuggled down and drifted easily into an exhausted sleep. / 肯恩挨近下來並且容易地進入用盡的睡眠之內漂流。
Katze lay awake, waiting.. and waiting. Soon Ken's breathing had smoothed and deepened. He shifted and rolled onto his back, murmuring indistinctly. Katze began to relax. Then Ken turned again, his arm reaching out blindly, feeling for the source of the heat beside him. / Katze 放置醒的,候補。。 而且等候。 很快肯恩的呼吸已經使加深光滑而且。 他在他的背部之上改變而且捲,不明瞭地的 murmuring。 Katze 開始放鬆。 然後肯恩再一次轉向,他的盲目地到達出,摸索在他旁邊的熱來源 的手臂。
His arm went around hir waist, pulling hir closer, snuggling into hir hair. Katze stiffened and closed hir eyes, swallowing hard, waiting for the inevitable. / 他的手臂走來走去 hir 腰部, 拉 hir 比較靠近的,進入 hir 頭髮之內挨近。 Katze 使而且堅硬關閉了 hir 眼睛,努力地吞,等候不可避免者。
S/he wondered if s/he shouldn't have left him in Pakistan. / S/ 他懷疑是否 s/ 他應該沒有在巴基斯坦留下他。
S/he'd hoped s/he'd never have to play that game again. S/he needed Gatchaman's protection, his ninja skill, but there was Tanstaafl / S/他有希望了 s/他有從不再一次必須玩那一場比賽。 S/他需要了 Gatchaman's 的保護,他的擅長日本武士隱身術的技術, 但是有 Tanstaafl
-- There Ain't No Such Thing As A Free Lunch. Everybody had their price, usually the same one.. and s/he had nothing else to give. S/he knew humans: When they found a freak, the first thing they'd do was revile it. The second thing they'd do was rape it. It was the old deal; s/he was used to that. Just because s/he was out of practice didn't mean it had gone out of fashion. He'd been kind to hir and s/he needed his protection; s/he'd better get used to paying for it, even though it made hir sick. Perhaps if s/he could find another way... / -- 沒有如一份自由的午餐事物。 每個人都有了他們的價格, 通常一個相同的。。 而且 s/他別的什麼也不有給。 S/他認識了人類: 當他們發現一個畸形人的時候, 他們將會做的第一件事物是辱罵它。 他們將會做的第二件事物是搶奪它。 它是舊的交易; s/他習慣於那。 僅僅因為 s/ 他是荒疏沒有意謂它已經離開流行。 他已經是對 hir 和 s 的類型/他需要了他的保護; s/他最好習慣於支付它的費用,即使它使 hir 不舒服。 也許如果 s/他可以發現另一個方法。。。
Ken's breathing was deep and steady, though he did not let go of hir. Katze sighed; good.. s/he wasn't healed enough for it anyways. / 肯恩的呼吸是深的和穩定的, 雖然他沒有讓 hir 去。 Katze 歎息; 好的。。 s/他是為它無論如何治癒不的充足。

Ken woke to a tingling sensation in his arm and realized there was something heavy on it. Slowly he opened his eyes and started, "Holy shit!" / 肯恩對他的手臂興奮感覺喚醒而且了解有在它上的重東西。 慢慢地他打開了他的眼睛而且開始,"神聖的糞"!
The mutant lay in his arms. Hir flaxen brows were slightly tensed, hir smooth skin the colour of cream. He reached up and touched a lock of golden hair, brushing it gently from hir face, [She seems so young.. so scared.. I wonder how we got like this?] Ken tried to extract his arm. S/he woke with a frightened little whimper. "Katze! / 突變異種在於他的手臂。 亞麻的 Hir 眉毛些微地被拉緊,hir 使皮膚乳酪的顏色光滑。 他到達在而且上面碰觸了一個金頭髮的鎖,逐漸地從 hir 疏刷它臉,[她似乎如此年輕。。 如此驚嚇。。 我懷疑我們如何得到起來像這一樣?]肯恩試著吸取他的手臂。 S/ 他喚醒由於一驚嚇小的嗚咽。 "Katze!
Oh.. uh.. I'm sorry! I didn't mean anything.. or try anything.. ahh!" / 哦。。 uh。。 對不起! 我沒有意謂任何事。。 或試任何事。。 ahh!"
Ken rocketted backwards and fell out of bed, landing hard on his rump, / 肯恩向後發射火箭而且床爭吵,在他的臀部上努力地登陸,
"Oww.." / "Oww。。"
Katze focussed on him, blinking sleep out of hir eyes, "What are you doing down there?" / 在他上的 Katze focussed,從 hir 眨眼睡眠注意,"你正在那裡做下來什麼"?
"I.. we.. you... I... oh, hell," Ken looked miserable, "We were all wrapped up together in bed." / "我。。 我們。。 你。。。 我。。。 表示驚訝,地獄,"肯恩看起來悲慘 ",我們全部在床中被一起完成。"
"Yes," s/he stated. /Its the old deal, same thing. I'm used to it../ "I.. I usually sleep alone," Ken scratched the back of his head, unable to meet the mutant's cold eyes, "I don't know why I did that.." / "是的",s/他陳述。 /它的舊交易,相同的事物。 我習慣於它。。/ "我。。 我通常獨自地睡覺,"肯恩擦了他的頭背面, 不能遇見突變異種的寒冷眼睛 ",我不知道我為什麼做了那。。"
/Just because I'm out of practice doesn't mean its gone out of fashion. / / 僅僅因為我是荒疏不意謂它的離開流行。
I need his protection.../ "I thought you wanted payment, but I'm not healed." /..but I can't, *can't* do it again!/ / 我需要他的保護。。。/ "我想,你想要支付金額,但是我不被治癒" 。 /.。但是我能不再 ,* 不能 * 做它!/
Ken was still fuzzy-headed. "I don't think I tried.." he broke off, staring up at hir as hir words sunk in, "Hey! I'm not like that!" / 靜止的肯恩是模糊帶領的。 "我不認為我嘗試。。"他中斷 , 注視在 hir上面如被沉落的 hir 字在 ",嗨! 我不像那!"
"Oh?" s/he stared at him, hir eyes hard as marble, "Well you're not getting any after I Change, either. I don't need you *that* badly." / "哦"? s/他盯著他看, hir 眼睛努力地如大理石的,"在我也改變之後,很好地你沒有在有任何。 我不需要你 *那*嚴重地。"
"Whuh...? What are you talking about?" "I *do* become male fifty percent of the time." / "Whuh。。。? 你正在談論什麼?" " 我 *做*變成男性的百分之五十的時間".
Ken blanched, "Uh... I'm... I don't do... uh, guys... thanks.." / 肯恩漂白,"Uh。。。 我是。。。 我不做。。。 uh,用支索撐住。。。 謝謝。。"
Katze stared at him, beginning to fear just what Ken *did* do and hoping s/he wouldn't have to find out. / 被盯著他看的 Katze, 開始究竟害怕什麼肯恩 ** 做而且希望 s/ 他將不須發現。
"I'm not gay," Ken said staunchly, then his expression changed, / "我不是歡迎的",肯恩堅固地說,然後他的表達改變,
"And what did you mean by payment?" / " 而且你藉著支付金額意謂什麼"?
Katze's answer left him flat. In perfectly reasonable, even tones, s/he said, "You brought me food and sheltered me; I brought you ID and brought you out of Pakistan. You bandaged me, brought me more food. What do you want?" / Katze's 的答案平直地留下了他。 在非常合理,甚至調和,s/他說,"你帶給我食物並且庇護我; 我離開巴基斯坦帶給你身份證並且帶你。 你繃帶了我,帶給我更多的食物。 你想要什麼?"
Ken stared at hir, open-mouthed. All of hir behaviour up to now... "Is that all the world is to you? Just a bargain? One deal after another, everybody out for themselves? I'd be quite dead right now, if you didn't speak... whatever that gibberish was.." / 肯恩盯著 hir 看,公開裝腔作勢說話的。 到目前為止的所有 hir 行為。。。 "所有的世界是對你是嗎? 只是一個交易? 一處理在另外一之後, 每個人在外為自己? 如果你沒有說,我將會立刻相當死。。。 任何的那一個亂語是。。"
"It was Urdu." / "它是 Urdu" 。
"Gibberish." / "亂語".
Hir eyes narrowed into a vicious expression and Ken realized he was insulting hir, "Okay, Urdu.. heh.." He returned to his topic, "You took wounds for me.. and that's all it is? Just a bargain?" S/he looked at him as if he were mad, a look that plainly asked /What else is there?/ / Hir 眼睛進入邪惡的表達之內縮小,而且肯恩了解了他正在侮辱 hir,"好,Urdu。。 heh。。"他回到他的主題 ",你為我採取了創傷。。 而且那是全部它是? 只是一個交易?"S/ 他看他,好像他是瘋狂的, 簡單地問的神情 / 什麼別的在那裡?/
He changed the subject, remembering something s/he had said. / 他改變了主題, 記得某事 s/他已經說。
"What's in Greece?" At hir puzzled look, he elaborated, "You wanted to head to Greece. You said something about hooking up with Galactor again." "I did?" / " 什麼在希臘"? 在 hir 困惑了神情,他詳細地說明,"你想要前往希臘。 你關於鉤住說了某事在再一次由於 Galactor上面。" "我做"?
"Yes," Ken tried to keep his expression level, "What are you planning to do? Take over *now*, while the world is vulnerable? / "是的" ,肯恩試著保存他的表達水準 ", 你正在計劃什麼做? 接管 *現在*,當世界是易受傷害的? 時候
Present it to X as a fait accompli?" / 現在的它到 X 如 fait accompli?"
Katze blinked in some astonishment, "I never thought of that!" / Katze 在一些驚異中眨眼,"我從不想到那"!
Ken cringed while s/he mulled the idea over, [Brilliant, Ken.. / 肯恩畏縮當 s的時候/他結束深思熟慮了想法,[燦爛的,肯恩。。
Give hir ideas.. Like s/he needed any..] / 提供 hir 想法。。 像 s/ 他需要了任何。。]
S/he looked up with a satisfied smirk, "YOU thought I was seriously thinking it over! I'm not THAT dumb, Gatchaman. Make the same mistake twice? -- Hah!" / S/ 他看在由於滿意的嘻嘻笑上面,"你想了我正在嚴重地仔細考慮它! 我不是那麼啞的,Gatchaman。 犯相同的錯誤兩次? -- Hah!"
"So? What's in Greece." "I am." / "如此? 什麼在希臘。" "我是" 。
"Huh?" / "哼!"?
S/he leaned forward, resting hir fingertip near the outside corner of hir eye with a sly grin, "You could say, 'I'm going to find myself.'" / S/他向前地倚靠,休息在 hir 的外面角落附近的 hir 指尖以狡猾的露齒笑注意,"你可以說,'我將要發現我自己。'"
"OH!" Ken blinked, comprehending, "You're going to stop it from happening!" S/he nodded. "Good," Ken said, then took hir hands and leaned towards hir, "Then let's take it a step further. Help me take out Galactor and X before it can happen again. Help me crush it." / "哦"! 肯恩眨眼,了解,"你將要阻止它發生"! S/他點頭。 "好的",肯恩說,然後向 hir 拿了 hir 手而且倚靠 ",然後更進一步讓我們拿它一個步驟。 在它再一次能發生之前 , 幫助我取出 Galactor 和 X 。 幫助我壓破它。"
S/he drew back, crossing hir arms and turning hir face aside, hir nose thrust into the air, "I'm not out to save the world, Gatchaman. / S/他倒退, 交叉 hir 手臂而且轉 hir 在一邊面對,hir 鼻子進入空氣之內插入,"我不外面的解救世界, Gatchaman 。
The world can take a flying leap: I just don't want to go through Ovanon again." / 世界能帶一次飛的跳躍: 我就是不再想要去過 Ovanon 。"
Ken's mind raced, trying to think how to convince hir. "It's better than sex," he wheedled. / 肯恩的心比賽, 嘗試想該如何說服 hir。 " 它是比性別好的",他以甜言蜜語誘惑。
S/he arched an eyebrow at him, then snorted, "So you *do* want something after all." Ken spread his hands, grinning with mock bashfulness. "I'll never understand humans," s/he sighed. / S/ 他弓形的在他一道眉毛,然後噴著氣弄響鼻子," 因此你 *做*畢竟想要某事". 肯恩傳佈他的手,以假的害羞露齒而笑。 "我將從不了解人類",s/他歎息。
"It's a deal, then?" / "它是交易,然後"?
"Alright, alright. But that's a lot to ask for: You just brought me dinner!" / "好的,好。 但是很多要求 : 你剛剛帶給我晚餐!"
"And I'll help you save yourself from.. whatever it is that's got you so upset." / " 而且我將幫助你解救你自己從。。 無論它是那什麼被使你如此煩亂。"
"Um," Katze looked thoughtful, "Alright. *That* I'll buy into." / "Um",Katze 看起來深思 ",好的。 *那* 我將買進入之內。"
"Good!" Ken beamed, "Now... How's that cut doing?" / "好處"! 有樑的肯恩,"現在。。。 如何哪一減少做?"
Katze felt hir side, "Stitches should come out. It's almost healed." / 感覺 hir 的 Katze 偏袒,"一針應該出來。 它幾乎被治癒。"
"You're kidding??" Ken blinked in amazement when s/he twitched away hir robe, showing him what was left of the gash. He whistled surprise, then made quick work of removing the stitches. "There. All out. Hows... um... the other wound? Is it.. better?" / "你在開玩笑??" 肯恩驚訝地眨眼當 s/他猛拉離開 hir 寬鬆長袍, 成績他什麼砍得很深的傷口被留下。 他吹口哨了意外,然後製造了除去一針的快工作。 "在那裡。 所有的在外。 如何。。。 um。。。 另一個受傷? 是它。。 比較好的?"
Katze smirked at his embarrassment, "Much." / Katze 在他的困窘嘻嘻做笑,"很多".
"Good. Why don't you get cleaned up?" / "好的。 你何不得到清除?"
While Katze showered, Ken rooted through maps and pamphlets, figuring out where they were and plotting a route. He stretched, wincing, "Urgggggh... Man, could I use a good massage right now. That's something I'm going to miss -- we had an awesome masseur back at base." / Katze 淋浴,不過肯恩植根過地圖和小冊子, 理解他們在哪裡而且計畫翻譯一條路徑。 他伸展,畏縮,"Urgggggh。。。 為, 配備人手我可以立刻使用一個好按摩嗎。 那是我將要錯過的某事 -- 我們在基礎把一個有威嚴的按摩師有回來。"
Katze emerged from the bathroom, tightly wrapped in a towel, "I... can do massage.." s/he said tentatively, taking Ken's complaint as a hint. / Katze 從浴室浮現,緊緊地在一條手巾中包裝,"我。。。 能做按摩。。"s/他試驗性地說,採取肯恩的抱怨如一個暗示。
Ken glanced up, surprised (having had no such intention), "Oh, really? Wow, that'd be really great if you would. I'll return the favour; I know some shiatsu. Oh, my turn for the shower? Great.." / 肯恩瞥閃在,上面感到驚訝的 ( 有沒有如此的意圖),"哦,真的? 哇,that'd 真的棒,如果你將會。 我將歸還好意; 我知道一些指壓按摩。 哦, 我的輪到機會對於陣雨? 大師。。"
Katze nodded and laid out some clothes, "We should leave soon. / Katze 點頭並且放置外面的一些衣服,"我們應該很快離開。
We need better ID, then we can get a plane." / 我們需要較好的身份證,然後我們能得到一個飛機。"
Ken grinned, "Cool, I get to fly! Katze, I could kiss you. You plan it all out and I'll just follow along!" He whirled by hir into the bathroom, singing some song. Katze winced: Ken sang off-key. / 肯恩露齒而笑,"涼爽的, 我開始飛! Katze,我可以吻你。 你在外全部計劃它,而且我將僅僅向前跟隨!"他進入浴室之內藉著 hir 旋轉,唱一些歌。 Katze 畏縮: 肯恩唱走開的。

..to be continued... / 。。被繼續。。。

Time Squared, part 2: Ovanon continues the Time Squared story a few days after the end of Part 1: Landing. / 時間一致,第 2 部份: Ovanon 繼續,時間一致了故事數天在部份 1 的結束之後: 登陸。
This story is definately rated R and contains graphic horror, violence and coarse language. Something along the lines of Clive Barker. Reader discretion is definately advised. / 這一個故事是明確定格的 R 並且包含圖解的驚駭,暴力和粗糙的語言。 某事沿著克萊夫叫客員的線。 讀者慎重明確地被勸告。

Time Squared a Gatchaman fanfic by Ennien Ashbrook and Kat Boykin (Harlock) / 時間藉著 Ennien Ashbrook 和阿拉伯茶 Boykin 一致了 Gatchaman fanfic(Harlock)
Part 2: Ovanon / 第 2 部份: Ovanon

Ken stared down at his ID with mixed emotions. Getting it had been easier than he had thought, although Katze's method had left him flat-footed. He remembered how astonished and bewildered he'd felt when s/he'd suddenly dumped a handful of dust onto his head and rubbed it in. / 肯恩在和混合的情緒他身份證注視下來。 得到它已經是比他已經想更容易,雖然 Katze's 的被有方法讓他扁平足。 他記得如何使而且驚訝不知所措他有感覺當 s/ 他有突然在他的頭之上傾卸了一把灰塵而且擦了它在。
"Right. Now hit me," s/he then said. / "權利。 現在碰撞我,"s/他然後說。
"Wh.. What?" Ken gaped. / "Wh。。 什麼?"肯恩裂開。
"Hit me! C'mon, you haven't forgotten how." Ken stared at hir, wondering what on earth had gotten into hir. "C'mon," s/he urged, then launched an uppercut at his face, "Like that! You remember." / "碰撞我! C'mon, 你沒有忘記如何。"肯恩盯著 hir 看, 覺得奇怪什麼在地球上已經進入 hir。 "C'mon",s/他催促,然後在他的臉發射一個上擊 ",喜歡那! 你記得。"
Ken daubed at the blood seeping down his lip, staring at it in shock and rising anger, "Katze, I'm warning you..." / 肯恩在滲出下來他的唇 血塗抹,在驚嚇和上升中盯著它看激怒,"Katze,我正在警告你。。。"
"C'monnnn, whassa matta, afraid to hit a woman all of a sudden?" / "C'monnnn , whassa matta, 害怕突然碰撞一個女人"?
s/he goaded him, "It didn't stop you when I nailed your father!" / s/他用刺棒驅趕了他,"當我用釘釘牢了你的父親時候,它沒有阻止你"!
"KISAMA!" Ken screamed and lashed out. The mutant landed sprawling in the dusty alley. / "KISAMA"! 肯恩尖叫而且鞭打出。 突變異種登陸在灰塵多的小路中擴展。
"That's the idea! ...ow," s/he cupped a hand to hir bleeding nose, then abruptly kicked his feet out from under him and ground him into the dirt. Ken snarled, rolling on top of hir and smashing hir chin. For minutes they brawled, snarling and cursing, then finally rolled apart. Ken curled into a ball, feeling hateful and betrayed. / "那是想法! 。。。表示突然疼痛所發出之聲,"s/他把對出血鼻子 的 hir 的一隻手置於杯內了, 從在他之下然後突然地踢出去而且將他置於地面進污垢之內。 肯恩吼叫,在 hir 和非常出色的 hir 下巴的頂端上滾動。 他們爭吵數分鐘,吼叫和詛咒,然後最後分別地捲。 肯恩進入一個球之內弄捲,覺得憎恨而且出賣。
Katze inspected hirself carefully, smiled with satisfaction, then as a finishing touch s/he reached up and tore hir shirt, exposing hir bra. Ken ogled, then turned away, embarrassed. / Katze 小心地檢查了 hirself,以滿足微笑, 然後當最後的觸覺 s/ 他到達在而且上面撕破了 hir 襯衫,暴露 hir 胸罩。 肯恩注視, 然後轉離開,困窘。
"Was that really necessary?" he asked under his breath. / " 那真的必需"? 他在他的呼吸之下問。
Katze sneered, "You've never been a woman. They don't stop with your wallet when they mug women, you know." / Katze 嘲笑,"你從未是女人。 當他們扮鬼臉女人的時候,他們以你的皮夾不停止,你知道。"
"When who mugs women?" Ken asked, puzzlement getting the better of him, "And why are you looking so smug? What was the point of all that anyways?" / " 當誰扮鬼臉女人"? 肯恩問,得到他之中較好的 迷惑,"而且你為什麼看起來如此自以為是? 全部的重點是什麼那無論如何?"
Katze looked at him with rank surprise, "How else are they going to believe us when we tell them we were jumped, mugged and our ID stolen?" / Katze 以茂盛的意外看他," 如何否則當我們告訴他們我們被跳躍的時候,他們將要相信我們嗎, 扮鬼臉和我們的被偷身份證"?
Ken's mouth fell open, "N.. Nani??" / 肯恩的嘴跌落開放的,"N。。 Nani??"
"What's your birthdate?" / "你的 birthdate 是什麼"?
"*That's* what all this was about??" / "* 哪一是* 什麼全部這是關於??"
"You have any better ideas? Didn't think so. Now c'mon.." / "你好一點有想法? 沒有這麼認為。 現在 c'mon。。"
An hour later, Katze had walked back down the steps of the police station, waving two folders and smiling happily. S/he handed one of the folders to Ken. / 1 小時之後, Katze 已經把背面走下來警察局的步驟,揮舞二個文件夾而且快樂地微笑。 S/他把文件夾之一交給肯恩。
"Here. I put you down as 22, that'll make you legal almost everywhere." / "在這裡。 我認為你是 22, that'll 幾乎各處使你合法。"
Ken nodded, flipping through the folder, noting contents, / 肯恩點頭,用指頭彈過文件夾,注意內容,
"Driver's license, passport.. Pilot's license?! Katze, I love you! / "駕駛員的執照,護照。。 飛行員的執照?! Katze,我愛你!
Hey.. waitaminnit.." / 嗨。。 waitaminnit。。"
"Whuzzat?" / "Whuzzat"?
"These are made out for Kentaro Washio.." / "這些被為 Kentaro Washio 了解。。"
"Yeah well.. Owashi, Washio.. B'sides, I think I remember something about that being Red Impulse's name.. Thought you might appreciate it.." / " 是的湧出。。 Owashi , Washio。。 B'sides,我認為我記得關於那作為紅色的衝動名字的某事。。 想你可能感激它。。"
"That was *my father's name*, Katze." / " 那是 *我的父親名字*,Katze".
"Uh? Oh," Katze's expression was a cross between crestfallen and apprehensive. / "Uh? 哦," Katze's 的表達是十字架在垂頭喪氣的和惴惴不安的之間。
"Never mind.." Ken shook his head regretfully, "It'll do. It's fine. There's probably lots of Kentaro Washios around. So.. we can go anywhere now, right?" / "不必介意。。"肯恩惋惜地搖頭 ",它將做。 它是罰款。 可能有許多在附近的 Kentaro Washios。 如此。。 我們現在能去在任何地方,對不對?"
"As long as the money holds out." / "像錢一樣長維持" 。
"How much do we have left, anyways?" / "我們已經留下多少呢,無論如何"?
"Enough," Katze shrugged, "Not as much as I'd hoped, but enough. / "充足" , Katze 聳肩 ", 不像我有希望一樣的很多, 但是充足。
We can get more." / 我們能變更多。"
Ken quirked an eyebrow, "Oh? And how do you plan on that? Or are you going to work at one of the factories nearby?" / 肯恩奇事了一道眉毛,"哦? 而且你如何在那之上計劃? 或你將要在附近在工廠之一工作嗎?"
S/he evaded the question, instead booking a flight to Greece. A suspicion formed in the pit of Ken's stomach. He hoped he was wrong. / S/他逃避了問題,改為訂購前往希臘的一次班機。 一種猜疑在肯恩的胃深坑中形成。 他希望他是錯誤的。

Now, it seemed he might have been right. He watched the mutant, freshly showered, combing out hir hair. S/he was dressed in a slinky black jersey mini-dress, with a high, halter neck that left her shoulders and back bare. Ken tried to make conversation, hoping he was wrong about hir intentions. / 現在,它似乎他應該可以是權利。 他看了突變異種,新淋浴,出自 hir 頭髮的梳毛。 S/ 他穿著一件 slinky 黑色毛織運動衫迷你-服裝,藉由一個高度,停止左邊她的肩和背面使赤裸的脖子。 肯恩試著作交談, 希望他是錯誤的關於 hir 意圖的事。
"So.. What is it you're planning to do? We're in Cypress, what happens next?" / "如此。。 你正在計劃做的它是什麼? 我們是在絲柏中, 什麼然後發生?"
"I'll be at... an... important event, in my life. Hopefully, / " 我將是在。。。 一。。。 重要的事件,在我的生活方面。 希望,
I'll catch myself up before it happens." / 在它發生之前 , 我將向上捕捉我自己。"
"Want to let me in on it? So I don't shoot the wrong person?" / "想要在它上讓我進去? 因此我不射擊錯誤的人?"
Ken's grin wasn't returned. "Are you going to be able to fight in that? / 肯恩的露齒笑不被歸還。 "你將要能夠在那對抗嗎?
That's not an easy outfit to hide things in. I've still got some explosives and some shuriken.." / 那不是一個容易的用具藏事物在。 我仍然已經得到一些炸藥和一些 shuriken 。。"
"I'd rather you didn't come with me, Gatchaman." / " 我將會寧可你和我沒有來,Gatchaman".
Ken's stomach twisted. The mutant was putting the finishing touches on hir makeup. "But.. How can I back you up if I don't go with you?" "I won't need backup." S/he rose and stepped into a pair of stiletto heels, hir hair tumbling loosely over hir shoulders, "I'll be back in a while. Don't wait up." / 肯恩的胃擰。 突變異種正在把最後的觸覺放在 hir 化菕C "但是。。 如果我和你不去,我如何能支持你?" "我將不需要後援" 。 S/他進入一雙短劍腳後跟,鬆弛地在 hir 之上跌落肩 的 hir 頭髮之內上升而且踏,"我將在一會兒方面回來。 不要等候不睡。"
Ken stepped toward hir, "Katze.... I know we're short on cash.." / 肯恩對於 hir 踏,"Katze.... 我知道我們是短在現金上。。"
S/he gave him a little grin and shook hir head, "That's not it." / S/他給予了他小露齒笑而且搖動了 hir 頭,"那不是它" 。
"Then.. why? It's obvious you're not looking forward to it." / "當時。。 為什麼? 它是明顯的你沒有在期望它。"
S/he grabbed hir purse and turned the hotel room door. "Katze.. you can trust me.." / S/他抓取了 hir 錢包而且轉了旅館房間門。 "Katze。。 你能信賴我。。"
S/he looked back at him, "Trust you? I don't even know your name, Gatchaman." / S/他回看他,"信賴你? 我不甚至知道你的名字, Gatchaman 。"

Well past midnight, s/he still hadn't returned. Ken lay awake, thinking back. It was true: He hadn't told hir his name. In all their conversations, s/he hadn't called him anything other than / 湧出過去午夜,s/他仍然沒有歸還。 肯恩放置醒的,向後地想。 真是真實: 他沒有告訴 hir 他的名字。 在他們所有的交談中,s/ 他沒有叫做他任何事除了
Gatchaman. He hadn't even confirmed that Washio was his real name. Ken thought about that for a long time, trying to decide whether the omission had simply been an oversight, or whether it was a sign that he himself didn't trust hir. / Gatchaman。 他沒有甚至確認 Washio 是他的真正名字。 肯恩想那有很長的一段時間, 嘗試決定無論省略已經被只是一個勘漏否則是否它是一個他自己沒有信賴 hir 的符號。
He started awake, not realizing he had fallen asleep. He strained his ears, trying to catch what it was that had wakened him. An ugly sound came from the bathroom and Ken winced. He flicked on the light, squinting, and got up to fix a glass of juice from the hotel room mini-bar. The clock read three A.M. / 他開始醒的, 不了解他已經睡著。 緊張的他耳朵的他, 嘗試捕捉它是那的已經喚醒他。 一種醜陋的聲音來自浴室,而且肯恩畏縮。 他在光上輕彈,使變斜視眼, 而且趕上固定來自旅館房間的一杯汁迷你-除之外。 讀三上午的時鐘
"Katze?" Ken called softly, knocking on the bathroom door. / "Katze"? 肯恩柔和地呼叫,撞浴室門。
There was the sound of dry heaves for a minute before s/he answered. "I have some juice for you." / 有在 s 前的分鐘乾舉的聲音/他回答。 "我有一些汁給你" 。
The door cracked open and a slim hand took the proferred glass. / 門弄碎開放的而且一隻瘦的手帶了 proferred 玻璃。
Ken tried to sneak a look inside, wondering what had happened to hir, but he could see nothing. / 肯恩試著偷偷地逃走神情內部, 覺得奇怪什麼已經發生在 hir 上,但是他可以什麼也不看見。
"Aregato," s/he said softly, "Go back to bed. I'm going in for a shower." / "Aregato",s/他柔和地說 ", 回去固定。 我正在參加一次陣雨。"
"Are you alright?" / " 你是好的"?
"I'm fine. Go back to bed." / "我很好。 回去固定。"
"Vomiting is 'fine'?" / "嘔吐是 '好的'"?
"I had some bad seafood. Go back to bed." And s/he shut the door on him. He stood facing it for several seconds. / "我有了一些壞的海鮮。 回去固定。" 而且 s/他關上在他上的門。 他站著了裝飾面它好幾秒。
"Katze?" / "Katze"?
"Nani?" / "Nani"?
"... My name is Ken." / ".。。 我的名字是肯恩。"
"Oh. Go back to bed, Ken." / "哦。 回去固定,肯恩。"
Ken gave up and lay back down. He tried to lie awake worrying, but sleep overcame him instead. / 肯恩放棄而且放置向後地下來。 他試著躺著醒的煩惱,但是睡眠改為克服了他。

The next day was spent shopping, gathering clothes, weapons and, for Katze, a notebook computer. Ken wondered at the expense, but Katze assured him that this would be their key to many things, additional finances included if necessary. He also wondered at hir choices in clothing, then noticed that s/he was putting together a skeletal selection of masculine clothes. / 隔天被花費購物, 集會衣服,武器和,對於 Katze, 一台筆記型電腦。 肯恩在費用懷疑,但是 Katze 保証了他,這將會是許多事物的他們關鍵,附加的財政如果有需要的話包括。 他也在衣服的 hir 選擇懷疑, 然後注意那 s/他正在集合一個男性衣服的骨骼選擇。
As s/he was slashing and fraying hir jeans, Ken asked hir about hir plans. "What now? What are we waiting for?" / 當 s之時/他正在減除而且磨損 hir 牛仔褲,肯恩問了關於 hir 計劃的 hir 。 " 什麼現在? 我們正在等候什麼?"
"Me." / "我".
"Well duh, but what's your next move?" / "湧出 duh ,但是你的下個移動是什麼"?
S/he grinned and shook hir head, "No, you don't understand: I'm not here yet. I'm not certain of the exact date. I only remember that the moon was full when I.. arrived. It's still gibbous." / S/他露齒而笑而且搖動了 hir 頭,"不,你不了解: 我仍然不在這裡。 我精確的日期不是確定的。 我只記得月亮是充滿的何時我。。 到達。 它仍然是凸圓的。"
"Full..." Ken looked out the window at the bright blue sky, then back at Katze, "Are we even in the right month?" / "全部。。。"肯恩小心在明亮的藍色天空的窗戶,然後向後地在 Katze",我們甚至在正確的月中嗎?"
"Don't know. Maybe not. Might have to wait a while. I just hope we're not *late*." / "不要知道。 也許不。 可能必須等候一會兒。 我們是的正直希望的我不 *遲的*."
"Um." Ken looked out the window again, then down at the gun he was polishing, then back at Katze, "What if we *are* late?" / "Um". 在再一次被小心窗戶的肯恩, 然後在槍墬落他是拋光,然後在 Katze 回," 什麼如果我們 *是*遲的"?
S/he looked decidedly distraught, "I'd rather not think about that yet." / S/他看起來確定煩惱,"我將會仍然寧可不想那" 。
Ken sighed in exasperation. / 肯恩在惱怒中歎息。
Later that night s/he went out again, returning near dawn. / 那夜晚稍後 s/他再一次外出 ,在破曉的附近歸還。
Again Ken faced the door, listening to hir being sick. / 再一次肯恩面對了門,聽到身為病人 的 hir 。
"Bad seafood again?" / " 壞的海鮮再一次"?
"Go back to bed, Ken." / " 回去固定,肯恩".
"This is the second night you've done this." / "這是你已經做這的第二個夜晚" 。
"Yeah, well, get used to it." / "是的,很好地,習慣於它".
Ken started to get angry, "If you're going out to have fun, you could at least let me come with you!" / 肯恩開始很生氣,"如果你正在出去有樂趣, 你可以至少和你使我來"!
The door cracked open and Ken saw hir face. It was drawn, pasty under the makeup and hir eyes held an expression that dropped Ken's jaw. / 門弄碎開放的而且肯恩看見 hir 面對。 它被畫,在化菑U面的 pasty 和 hir 眼睛拿著了降低了肯恩的顎表達。
"Its not fun," s/he said, and closed the door in his face. A minute later, the shower was going full force. / "它的不開玩笑",s/他說, 而且正對著關閉了門。 一分鐘之後,陣雨正在去完全的力量。
The third night, s/he returned shortly after one A.M. and Ken was still awake, pacing. He nearly pounced on hir as s/he came through the door. / 第三個夜晚,s/ 他不久在上午之後歸還和仍然肯恩是醒的,踱步。 他幾乎在 hir 上攫住當 s/他度過門。
"You look green. More botulism?" / "你看起來綠色。 更多的波特淋菌中毒?"
"Get out of the way." / "離開方法" 。
"Katze, what the hell are you doing?? You're dressing up every night like a tart, staying out 'til all hours, then coming home sick and spending an hour in the shower!" / "Katze,你正在做什麼?? 你是在每個夜晚同類上面穿衣酸, 外出 ' 胡麻整小時, 然後回家病人而且在陣雨中度過 1 小時!"
"Sounds like you already know what I'm doing. You're going to be wearing my dinner if you don't get outta the way." / " 已經聽起來像你一樣知道我正在做的。 如果你不拿方法給 outta ,你正在去穿著我的晚餐。"
Ken stepped aside and let hir pass. He sighed in exasperation, fixing another juice for hir. An hour later, s/he finally emerged from the bathroom. Clouds of steam followed hir. Hir robe was pulled chokingly tight around hir. / 肯恩站開而且讓 hir 通過。 他在惱怒中歎息,為 hir 固定另汁。 1 小時之後,s/他最後從浴室浮現。 蒸氣的雲跟隨了 hir 。 Hir 寬鬆長袍在 hir 的周圍被窒息地緊緊地拉。
Ken took hir hand, noticing the red skin, "Look at this, what did you do, boil yourself? You look like a lobster!" S/he snatched hir hand back and glared at him. / 肯恩帶了 hir 手,注意紅色的皮膚,"在這的神情, 你做什麼,煮沸你自己? 你看起來像一隻龍蝦一樣!"S/他奪取了 hir 手背面並且在他發眩光。
"Can I go to bed now??" / "我能現在上床睡覺嗎??"
Ken inspected hir face. Other than that it was pink from too-hot water, he could detect no signs of violence, no indications that anything had happened to hir. He nodded slowly, resolving to raid hir wallet the next morning -- if he found a wad of cash, he'd know. / 肯恩檢查了 hir 臉。 除了之外它是粉紅的從也-熱的水,他可以沒發現暴力的跡象, 沒有指示任何事已經發生在 hir 上。 他點頭得慢慢, 解決突襲 hir 皮夾隔天早晨 -- 如果他發現一個現金的填料,他將會知道。
He frowned as s/he crawled into bed, keeping hir robe tightly wrapped around hir, then shook his head. Probably nervous about hir body, though from what he'd seen (he still cringed when he thought of that), there was nothing to give away that s/he was really a hermaphrodite mutant. He shrugged it off and turned out the light. / 他皺眉頭當 s/他爬進床,保存 hir 在 hir 的周圍緊緊地穿著長袍包裝,然後搖頭。 可能緊張關於 hir 身體的事,雖然從他已經看到 (當他想到那的時候,他仍然畏縮) 的,沒有東西分送 s/他真的是一個雌雄同體的突變異種。 他走開聳肩了它而且把光關掉。
Presently he remembered that he hadn't set his gun on the nighttable and flicked the light back on. He wished he hadn't. / 目前他記得了他沒有設定在 nighttable 上的他槍而且把光輕彈回來在之上。 他願他不有。
"KATZE!!!" S/he had thrown off hir robe but had yet to get beneath the covers, so hir naked body was fully revealed. Hir skin was raw and covered with welts, many broken and bleeding. "What happened??" / "KATZE!!!"S/ 他已經走開丟 hir 寬鬆長袍但是還沒有在掩護之下得到,因此 hir 赤裸的身體完全被顯示。 Hir 皮膚是生的肉並且以滾邊涵蓋, 許多壞掉的和出血。 "發生什麼事??"
"Nothing happened." / "沒事發生" 。
"You're covered in bleeding wounds, look at you!" Ken's face grew hard, "Who was he?? Don't tell me 'nothing happened': Name him!" / "你在出血創傷方面被涵蓋,看你"! 肯恩的臉變很難,"他是誰?? 不要告訴我 '沒事發生': 命名他!"
"Who're you to pry into my private life?" / " Who're 你進入我的私人生活之內打聽"?
"Well excuse me for giving a shit!" / "很好地原諒我給糞"!
"I just went on a date." / "我剛剛繼續進行一個日期" 。
"A *date* does this to you?! Kamisama, Katze..!" / " 一 *日期*對你做這?! Kamisama , Katze。。!"
"Yes, so you'd better get used to it." S/he was trying to cover hirself up. Ken wasn't sure whether hir face was red from the hot water or from embarrassment. / "是的, 因此你最好習慣於它". S/他正在嘗試向上涵蓋 hirself 。 從熱的水或困窘肯恩不確定是否 hir 臉是紅色的。
"Why did you go on a date, if it does this to you? Is it something to do with your younger self?" / "如果它對你做這? ,你為什麼繼續進行一個日期 它是某事和你的年紀較小者做自己的嗎?"
"No.." Katze said almost inaudibly, "S/he won't experience this until puberty." Ken made a puzzled noise and s/he reddened, "Why does anyone go on a date? To get laid!" / "號碼。"Katze 幾乎聽不見似地說 ",S/他將不經歷這直到思春期。"肯恩製造了被困惑的噪音和 s/他變紅 ",任何人為什麼繼續進行一個日期? 得到放置!"
Ken blinked rapidly, feeling a blush crawl up his own face, / 快速地被眨眼的肯恩 , 感覺一在他自己的臉上面臉紅爬行,
"Ohhhh umm... I thought only guys had.. um... urges that strong.. Guess women do too but.." / "Ohhhh umm。。。 我只想傢伙有。。 um。。。 呼籲那強勁地。。 猜測女人也做但是。。"
S/he looked away, "No.. just me. It's even worse then I'm male." / S/他看離開,"號碼。 正直的我。 它然後我是男性的。"
Ken blushed heatedly now, remembering something he had once read. He looked at hir skin again, "Uh.. then this is.. uh... what you like?" / 肯恩現在熱地臉紅, 記得某事他有一次讀。 他再一次看 hir 皮膚,"Uh。。 然後這是。。 uh。。。 你喜歡什麼?"
S/he looked like s/he was about to punch him for that, then the fire died and s/he looked away again, "I just scrubbed a little hard." / S/ 他看起來像 s/ 他一樣正要為那以拳重擊他, 然後火死和 s/ 他再一次看離開," 我僅僅稍微努力地用力擦洗".
"You.." Ken blinked as it sank in, "You did this to YOURSELF?? / "你。。" 當它沉落的時候,肯恩眨眼在 ",你對你自己做了這??
Just now?? *This* is 'scrubbed a little hard'? Katze, you've taken the top layer off this forearm!" S/he snatched the arm out of his hands, wincing a little. Ken gazed at hir, "Do you do this a lot? How do you live?" / 剛剛?? *這* 是 '稍微努力地用力擦洗'? Katze,你已經脫掉高層層這一個前臂!"S/他從他的手奪取了手臂,稍微畏縮。 肯恩注視 hir,"你做這很多嗎? 你如何居住?"
S/he nodded, "Get used to it." / S/他點頭,"習慣於它".
"Is there a less painful way for you?" / " 為你有一個比較不痛苦方法"?
"No. I outlast myself." / " 號碼我較我自己經久".
Ken motioned towards the abrasions, "This can't be good for anyone.. even you." / 肯恩向磨滅運動,"這不能對任何人是好的。。 甚至你。"
"I've survived this way for years, Gatchaman." / " 我已經這樣繼續生存長達數年之久,Gatchaman".
Ken sat back, the sudden use of his title making him feel rejected and closed out. "I wish I could do something for you," he said helplessly, not understanding. / 肯恩袖手旁觀,他的使他感覺 的名稱突然使用拒絕而且結束。 "我願,我可以為你做某事",他無助地說, 不了解。
"I'll just bet," s/he smirked mirthlessly. / "我將剛剛打賭",s/他不快樂地嘻嘻做笑。
"Huh! What does that mean?" / "哼!! 什麼意謂?"
"You've been wondering ever since you found out, haven't you? / " 你是覺得奇怪由你被發現,不是嗎? 至今
Of course you have -- they all do." / 當然你有 -- 他們全部做。"
Ken recoiled at the sudden venom in hir voice, "Wonder what?" / 肯恩在 hir 聲音的突然毒液退卻," 奇蹟什麼"?
"What its like to fuck a freak." Hir voice grew sick and hateful, "What have I got, what do I have.. What would it feel like for me to Change during.. Well I'm not giving you the satisfaction!" / " 什麼它的喜歡性交一個畸形人". Hir 聲音變不舒服和憎恨," 什麼得到我,我有什麼。。 它將會感覺起來像什麼讓我改變在的時候。。 很好地我沒有在給你滿足!"
Ken gagged, "I... never.. NO! I didn't think that!" He got up and stomped around the room, agitated, "I've always been taught to protect and look after my team mates.. I guess some of that is tranferring to you.." "A likely story," s/he spat. / 肯恩塞物於口中,"我。。。 從不。。 不! 我沒有想那!" 他在房間的周圍起床而且跺,使 "搖動,我總是已經被教保護並且照料我的小組朋友。。 我猜測一些那是對你 tranferring。。" "一個有可能的故事",s/他輕打。
Ken sank into a chair, staring aghast at hir, "You're in pain.. / 進入一張椅子之內的肯恩洗物槽, 凝視的大為震驚的在 hir,"你是痛苦的。。
of some kind.. and I can't fix it. I want to, but I don't know how.." / 一些類型。。 而且我不能固定它。 我想要到, 但是我不知道如何。。"
Katze's face changed from a malicious glare to a puzzled expression as / Katze's 的臉從懷惡意的閃耀光變成被困惑的表達當做
Ken continued, "I lost Joe because I couldn't figure out how to fix him.. I blocked off all the rest of the team because I was scared to lose them.." "I didn't ask you to fix me, Gatchaman." / 肯恩繼續,"因為我無法理解該如何固定他,所以我失去了喬。。 因為我被驚嚇失去他們,所以我封鎖小組的所有其餘者。。" "我沒有要求你固定我,Gatchaman".
"I know," Ken's voice was strangled, "I guess I'm going about this all wrong.. I don't know.." He got up and grabbed his gun, "I'm... / "我知道",肯恩的聲音被勒死 ",我猜測我正在全部錯誤處理這。。 我不知道。。"他起床而且抓取了他的槍 ",我是。。。
gonna go for a walk. I'll be back in a bit.." / 去去散步。 我將是一點點的背面。。"
Katze's puzzled frown deepened as Ken's words sank in, "But.. / 當肯恩所說的話沉落的時候,被困惑皺眉的 Katze's 加深在,"但是。。
we're enemies.. You hate me.. tried to kill me.." / 我們是敵人。。 你憎恨我。。 試著殺我。。"
"We were.. I'm not sure what the hell we are now. There's some ointment in the medikit in the bathroom.. Your skin could use it," he opened the door, "... I just don't know." / "我們是。。 我不確定我們是現在什麼地獄。 在浴室中的 medikit 中有一些藥膏。。 你的皮膚可以使用它,"他打開了門 ",.。。 我就是不知道。"
Katze stared at the door for a long time, then pulled the blankets around hir head and lay awake for a while, trying to figure that all out. / Katze 盯著門看有很長的一段時間, 然後在 hir 頭的周圍拉毛毯而且絞喚醒一陣子, 嘗試在外全部演算那。

Ken wandered the unfamiliar streets, thinking of the recent events. [Joe, where the hell are you when I need you.. You most likely wouldn't be in this situation. You'd've just killed hir.] He kicked a stone, [If s/he can be killed. After what I've seen, I'm not so sure. / 肯恩遊蕩不熟悉的街道,想到最近的事件。 [喬,當我需要你的時候在哪裡是你。。 你很有可能將不是在這一種情形中。 You'd've 剛剛殺了 hir 。]他踢了一塊石頭,[ 如果 s/他能被殺。 在我已經看到的之後,我不是如此確信。
Kamisama, why did s/he do that to hirself? Does it have something to do with what s/he's trying to prevent?] / Kamisama, 為什麼 s/他做那給 hirself? 它有某事做由於什麼 s/他正在嘗試避免?]
He stared up at the moon. [Nearly full. When was the last time we'd had a moon-viewing party? It must have been before Jinpei's birthday. Joe and Ryu got so smashed.. and they kept spiking Jun's drink,] Ken smiled at the memory, then the smile vanished, [I'll never party with you guys again. You're dead, imploded along with our entire world, and I got trapped in the past with our enemy. You haven't even been born yet and when you are, I'll be too old..] Ken sank down against a wall, tears rolling down his cheeks. / 他注視在月亮上面。 [幾乎完全。 我們有舉行了一個看月亮的黨最後一次是何時? 它一定要已經在 Jinpei's 的生日之前。 喬和 Ryu 這麼得到粉碎。。 而且他們保持了閃燦六月的飲料,]肯恩在記憶微笑,然後微笑消失,[ 我將從不黨由於你再一次用支索撐住。 你死,連同我們的整個世界一起內破,而且我過去和我們的敵人陷入困境了。 你仍然沒有甚至被出生,而且當你是的時候, 我將太舊。。]肯恩反對一面牆壁沉落下來,流淚滾動下來他的頰。
Sunrise found Ken knocking on the door of their room, having forgotten the key. After a few minutes, it was opened by a sleepy, scruffy mutant with a sheet wrapped around hir body. / 日出發現肯恩撞他們的房間門, 有忘記鑰匙。 在數分鐘之後,它被用在 hir 身體的周圍被包裝的張打開被一個睏乏又不整齊的突變異種。
"Sorry I woke you," Ken whispered, slipping quickly through the door, "I forgot the damned key." / " 難過的我喚醒了你",肯恩耳語,很快地經過門滑倒 ",我忘記了該死的鑰匙".
S/he closed the door behind him silently. Ken sat down on a chair and kicked off his shoes, laying his gun on the table. "What did you mean by all of that?" s/he asked presently. / S/他默默地關閉了在他後面的門。 肯恩坐在一張椅子上而且踢走他的鞋子,放置在桌子上的他槍。 " 你意謂什麼被那全部"? s/他目前問。
Ken sighed, exhausted, "By what, exactly?" / 肯恩歎息,用盡," 被什麼,完全"?
S/he sat on the bed, the sheet still tightly around hir, "What you said." / S/他坐在床上, 張仍然緊緊地在 hir 的周圍," 什麼你說".
"I don't know," Ken sighed hard, "I'm sorry. I came a little unglued. The last few months have been pretty stressful and this.." he waved his hand to take in everything that had happened to them, "Is kinda more than I can take.." / "我不知道",肯恩努力地歎息 ",對不起。 我稍微來不黏。 最近幾月已經是相當壓力大的和這。。"他揮舞了他的手接受已經發生在他們身上的每件事物 ", 有一點超過我能帶。。"
S/he looked away, "Oh." / S/他看離開,"哦".
He sensed that s/he seemed to want something, but wasn't sure what. "Do you.. want me to put some of that ointment on your back?" he offered lamely. S/he shrugged and nodded, so Ken got up, stretched and popped a few joints, then shuffled to the bathroom to get the stuff. / 他感覺那 s/ 他似乎想要某事, 但是不確定什麼。 "做你。。 想要我戴上一些藥膏你的背部?"他一瘸一拐地提供。 S/他聳肩而且點頭,因此,肯恩起床, 伸展而且取出一些接合, 然後拖曳到浴室得到事情。
The mutant rolled onto hir belly, rearranging the sheet to expose hir back. / 突變異種在 hir 之上捲腹, 再安排張暴露 hir 背面。
Ken hissed, "God, Katze.." He sat down and took off his shirt to avoid dragging the coarse material across the open wounds. They were already healing well, but many were still raw. He squeezed out some ointment and daubed it on the least abused spot. / 肯恩發出噓聲,"上帝, Katze。。"他坐下而且脫掉他的襯衫避免拖拉橫過開放的創傷粗糙的材料。 他們已經正在治癒得好,但是多數仍然是生的。 他在濫用地點的最少上緊握出一些藥膏而且塗抹它。
"What?" / "什麼"?
"Your back." / "你的背部".
S/he shrugged, "It's normal." / S/他聳肩,"它是常態" 。
"Katze, this is *not* normal!" / "Katze, 這是 *不*常態"!
After a long silence, "It is for me." / 在一陣長的沈默之後, " 它是給我" 。
"Well then I need to redefine your view of 'normal'," Ken declared, continuing to hiss and make noises as he treated hir wounds. / "然後很好地我需要重新定義你的 '常態' 的視野",肯恩宣佈, 繼續當他對待了 hir 創傷,發出噓聲而且製造噪音。
S/he craned hir head over hir shoulder to peer back at him with a funny expression. "How're your legs? Here, give me one.." S/he gave him another unfathomable expression and exposed a leg. "The welts aren't as bad here.. oooo this one will hurt. At least none of these are really bad, not like your arms.. Just welts, really," Ken finished hir legs and extended a hand, "How about your arms?" He clucked as s/he extended the forearm s/he had scrubbed the skin off of. He treated it, the rest of hir arm, and the other arm, until he had dabbed ointment on almost every inch of hir. / S/ 他 craned hir 在 hir 之上前進肩向後地在他以好笑的表達凝視。 " How're 你的腿? 這裡,給我一。。"S/他給予了他另外難測的表達而且暴露了一隻腿。 " 滾邊是不如壞的在這裡。。 oooo 這一個將傷害。 至少沒有人這些真的壞, 不像你的手臂。。 僅僅上接縫皮,真的, "肯恩完成了 hir 腿而且延伸了一隻手 ",你的手怎麼樣?" 他咯咯叫當 s/他延伸了前臂 s/ 他已經走開用力擦洗皮膚。 他對待了它, hir 手臂的其餘者,而且另一個武裝,直到他已經輕拍在幾乎每吋的 hir 上的藥膏。
"Well," he said finally, "That's everything, except for your chest and, uh, pelvis.. I'll duck into the bathroom if you want to do those.." / "嗯" ,他最後說 ",那是每件事物, 除了你的胸以外和,uh ,骨盤。。 如果你想要做那些,我將躲進浴室。。"
".......Alright." / ".......好的。"
Ken touched hir cheek briefly, "At least they didn't get your face." / 肯恩簡短地碰到了 hir 頰,"至少他們沒有得到你的臉" 。
Katze shook hir head, "I never scrubbed my face off. Too noticeable. Soosai would complain." / Katze 搖動了 hir 頭,"我從不走開用力擦洗了我的臉。 太引人注目的。 Soosai 將會抱怨。"
Ken got up and moved to the bathroom, "No I meant.. uh.. it.. / 肯恩起床而且搬到浴室," 沒有我意謂。。 uh。。 它。。
kinda grows on you." He ducked out with a wink. / 有一點長在你上。"他以眨眼躲避。
Katze thought about that one for a moment, spreading ointment across hir breasts. / Katze 想那一個一會兒,橫過傳佈藥膏 hir 胸部。
"How's it coming?" Ken called as s/he spread ointment between hir thighs. Hastily s/he slithered back under the blankets, "Done." / " 如何它來臨"? 肯恩呼叫如 s/ 他在 hir 大腿之間的擴延藥膏。 匆忙地 s/他向後地在毛毯之下連走帶跑地滑,做。
He came out and inspected hir, poking a shoulder and touching hir arm, "The goop's sinking in well. Your skin is drying already," he smiled at hir. S/he just looked at him. "I still wish I could heal like that. But does it ever get.. um.. used up? Like you've done too much?" / 他出來而且檢查了 hir,撥開一個肩和碰觸 hir 武裝," goop's 的沈沒在很好地。 你的皮膚正在已經弄乾,"他在 hir 微笑。 S/他剛剛看他。 "我仍然願我可以像那一樣治癒。 但是它曾經得到嗎。。 um。。 用光 ? 相似的你已經做太多?"
"Oh yes." / " 哦是的".
Ken frowned, "Hmm. How much do you have left? Or is it a definate kind of thing?" he examined hir leg, noticing that hir shins were fading to pink patches. / 肯恩皺眉頭,"Hmm。 你已經留下多少呢? 或是它一個事物的 definate 類型?"他調查了 hir 腿,注意 hir 外脛正在時尚到粉紅的碎屑。
"The last two years I'd been Changing much too frequently," / " 最後二年我已經更加太時常改變",
Katze replied hesitantly, "I'm not at my limit yet but I soon will be. / Katze 遲疑地答覆,"我仍然不在我的限制,但是我很快將是。
I'm hoping I won't have to Change again for a while." / 我希望我將不須再一次一陣子改變。"
Ken looked at hir, studying hir face, "So Changing.. happens when you get hurt too badly?" / 肯恩看 hir,學習 hir 面對,"如此改變。。 當你太嚴重得到傷害的時候,發生?"
"Sometimes," Katze studied his face with equal intensity. / "有時" , Katze 用相等的強烈學習他的臉。
"Well we can control that aspect - the not getting hurt part," / " 很好地我們能控制那一個方面 - 那不拿部份給傷害",
Ken said decisively, then noticed the clock, "Shimatta.. its almost eight. I'm beat.. I know I woke you; do you feel like going back to sleep?" S/he nodded and Ken smiled, relieved, "Good. Umm.. where do you want me? Ah.. um.. on the floor?.. or.." / 肯恩決定性地說,然後注意了時鐘,"Shimatta。。 它的幾乎八。 我是打。。 我知道我喚醒了你; 你想要回去睡覺?"S/他點頭,而且肯恩微笑,如釋重負 ",好的。 Umm。。 你在哪媟Q要呢我? 啊。。 um。。 在地板上?。。 或。。"
S/he shrugged, mystified, "Wherever." / S/他聳肩,神祕化,"無論那裡".
"Um.. my back's pretty sore.. Would you mind if I stayed in the bed..?" / "Um。。 我的背部相當疼痛。。 是否我停留在床中,你將會介意嗎。。?"
"You didn't have a problem with it the other night." / "你前幾天晚上沒有它的問題" 。
"Uhh.." / "Uhh。。"
"I'll still steal the sheets, though." / "但是,我將仍然偷張" 。
"..I'll stay on my side.." / ".。我將停留在我的身邊上。。"
S/he shrugged. / S/他聳肩。
"Unless... umm.. you need.." Ken blushed furiously. Katze looked at him, not comprehending. "Are.. are you okay? I mean.. your hormones.. If you, uh.. " / "除非。。。 umm。。 你需要。。"肯恩狂暴地臉紅。 Katze 看他, 不了解。 "是。。 你是好嗎? 我意謂。。 你的荷爾蒙。。 如果你,uh。。 "
Katze clued in, turning a slight shade of pink hirself, "Oh! / Katze 線索在,轉一個粉紅 hirself 的微小蔭涼處,"哦!
Mm.. yes. You were.. touching me.. after all." / 公釐。。 是的。 你是。。 碰觸我。。 畢竟。"
Ken turned scarlet, "Oh god I'm sorry!! I didn't mean to.. to cause you.. problems..!" Katze stared at him for a few minutes, then abruptly burst into giggles. "What? What's so funny?" / 肯恩變肥斐色的," 哦神對不起!! 我不是故意要。。 引起你。。 問題。。!" Katze 盯著他看數分鐘, 然後突然地爆裂進入吃吃地笑之內。 "什麼? 什麼是如此好笑?"
"Kuso," s/he chortled, "You act like you're.. *Are* you a virgin?" / "Kuso",s/他咯咯笑 ", 你行動起來像你一樣是。。 *是* 你一個處女?"
"Nan..?? NO!" Ken's face went through every shade of red in the spectrum, "I just didn't have a whole lot of time to.. well.. pursue more than a few relationships." He withdrew into a humiliated ball. / "Nan。。?? 不!"肯恩的臉經過光譜的紅色每個蔭涼處 ", 我就是沒有時間的很多到。。 湧出。。 追求超過一些關係。"他進入一個丟臉的球之內撤回。
"I'm sorry," Katze touched his hand gently, "I'm used to guys pontificating about how good they are in bed and trying to impress me. / "對不起",Katze 逐漸地碰觸了他的手 ", 我習慣於傢伙裝模作樣的說話關於如何好的他們在睡覺而且嘗試使我感動。
I've never had one practically gibbering in terror before," s/he grinned and then looked thoughtful, "At least.. not before I got started." / 我從未以前實際地有一在恐怖中喋喋不休地說廢話,"s/他露齒而笑然後看起來深思 ",至少。。 不在我之前得到開始。"
Ken blinked, "What... What do you mean, 'before you got started'?" / 肯恩眨眼,"什麼。。。 你意謂什麼,' 在你得到開始之前'?"
S/he saw his apprehensive look and waved reassuringly, "Oh, don't worry. I won't do that to you. I promise." / S/他令人安心地看見了他的惴惴不安的神情而且揮舞,"哦,不煩惱。 我將不做那給你。 我答應。"
Ken quirked an eyebrow and touched hir shoulder, blushing slightly, "Just.. don't rub it in if I'm too pathetic, okay?" / 肯恩奇事了眉毛和精神失常的 hir 肩,些微地臉紅,"正直的。。 不要擦它在如果我太悲哀的,好?"
S/he giggled, "Okay." / S/他吃吃地笑,"好" 。
Ken swallowed and leaned closer, their lips touching gently. / 比較靠近的被吞而且倚靠的肯恩,他們的逐漸地碰觸 的唇。

It hadn't been his first time, but it had felt like it, Ken mused. He sat under the shade of a coffee shop awning, sipping sweet / 它沒有是他的第一時間,但是它被有像它一樣的毛氈,肯恩沉思。 他在咖啡店遮陽篷的蔭涼處之下坐,啜飲甜蜜
Greek coffee, his pastry untouched. Across the square, Katze sat on a scarf playing the flute, a growing pile of coins at hir feet. Ken toyed with his cup, his eyes drawn to his hands. / 希臘的咖啡, 未觸及的他麵粉糕餅。 越過正方形, Katze 坐在一個吹笛 的圍巾上,在 hir 腳的硬幣成長堆。 肯恩以他的杯子玩弄,他的被畫到他的手眼睛。
He was so embarrassed by his hands. They were calloused and rough, the knuckles broken from bashing too many Galactor jaws. Between his duties as a Science Ninja and his maintenance of his plane, they were covered in thick scar tissue. His hands were rough and untutored, totally unsuitable to caressing ivory skin. / 他被他的手如此困窘。 他們是變得無情的和粗糙的,被從怒毆太多 Galactor 口打破的指節。 在他的責任之間如他的飛機一個科學忍者和他的維護,他們在厚的疤痕薄的紗織品中被涵蓋。 他的手是粗糙的和未受教育的, 完全地不適合的到愛撫的象牙製的皮膚。
He glanced at hir. Dressed as s/he was, in frayed jeans and a batik shirt, s/he looked quite androgynous. S/he wasn't. S/he was female, definately female. Ken blushed: His previous girlfriends (all two of them) hadn't let him do that, they thought it was gross. Katze had liked it. Katze had reciprocated and Ken squashed *that* memory down fast: It wouldn't do to get an erection, here. He picked up his pastry and ate it. They had done it again, upon waking. S/he had finally told him about hir fluxes and Ken had picked hir brains about how to take care of hir. He was determined to take care of hir. / 他注視 hir 。 在磨損的牛仔褲和一件用蠟染色法襯衫中穿著如 s/ 他,是 s/他看起來相當雌雄同體。 S/他不是。 S/他是女性的,明確地女性。 肯恩臉紅: 他的先前女朋友 (他們二個全部都) 沒有使他做那,他們想了它是總數。 Katze 已經喜歡它。 Katze 已經報答,而且肯恩壓扁 *那* 記憶下來快速: 在這裡它將不做得到一個直立。 他拾起他的麵粉糕餅並且吃它。 他們再一次已經做它,一叫醒。 S/他已經被最後告訴他關於 hir 流出,而且肯恩已經挑選 hir 腦關於該如何照顧 hir 的事。 他決定照顧 hir 。
Katze sat on hir cloth, playing hir flute. S/he hadn't done so with the intention of getting money, but s/he wasn't about to refuse the appreciation of hir talent. S/he scanned the market again. When they'd stepped into the market square, the wave of nausea and deja vu had nearly brought hir to hir knees: They weren't late. They were right on time. / Katze 坐在 hir 布料上,玩 hir 笛。 S/他沒有以得到錢的意圖這麼做, 但是 s/他不打算拒絕 hir 才能的賞識。 S/他再一次掃描了市場。 當他們已經進入市場正方形之內踏的時候,反胃的波浪和似曾相識已經被幾乎帶 hir 去 hir 膝: 他們不遲到。 他們準時是正確地。
Presently s/he spotted a figure cruising near the vegetable stalls and a chill ran down hir spine. S/he caught Ken's gaze and flicked hir eyes towards the vegetable stall meaningfully. Ken followed with a quick glance of his own, then nodded imperceptibly, his hand checking the position of his gun. / 目前 s/他看見了一個在蔬菜的貨攤附近巡航 的數字,而且寒冷跑下來 hir 脊椎。 S/他有意義地引起了肯恩的注視而且輕彈了對於蔬菜的貨攤 hir 眼睛。 肯恩以他自己的快一瞥跟隨, 然後不可覺地點頭,他的檢查他的槍位置 的手。
There were several greasy-looking men at various points around the square, surreptitiously scanning the market. Katze cudgelled hir memory, seeing other faces. A Greek mama with a small train of children of various ages moved through the fruit stalls. Katze caught Ken's eye, jerking hir chin towards the train of kids. One was taller, pale-skinned and had a cheap brown rinse already streaking out of his blonde hair. / 在正方形附近的各種不同的點有一些看似油膩的男人,祕密地掃描市場。 Katze 用棍棒打了 hir 記憶,看見其他的臉。 由於各種不同年齡的一列孩子的小火車的一個希臘的媽媽移動過水果貨攤。 Katze 引起肯恩的注意,痙攣對於小孩的火車 hir 下巴。 一是比較高的, 柵欄剝皮的而且有便宜的褐色從他的白色頭髮已經沖洗裸奔。
Ken left the coffee shop. One of the greasy guys had also noticed the tall child and nudged his companion. Ken sidled through the crowd, getting between the children and the goons. The pale boy looked around warily, his face hiding his fear well. / 肯恩離開了咖啡店。 油膩的傢伙之一也已經注意高的孩子而且用肘輕推他的朋友。 肯恩橫著走過群眾,在孩子和呆子之間得到。 留心地被四處看看的蒼白男孩,他的把他恐懼藏得很好 的臉。
Seeing Katze moving to intercept the goons, Ken flipped a coin at a stall dealer and picked up a guava. Walking casually, he knelt by the boy with the rinse and offered it to him. [Skinny, scared, but almost the same face,] Ken thought wonderingly. The boy took the fruit, feigning a happy smile. Ken straightened up, smiling at him, casting a quick glance at the situation. Katze had disappeared; the goons had intercepted the mother and one was distracting her. The boy saw this, smiled and waved at Ken in a 'farewell, bud' gesture, then started to walk away. People flowed, cutting the goons off for a brief time. / 看見採取行動來攔截呆子 的 Katze,肯恩在一個貨攤經銷商用指頭彈一個硬幣並且拾起一個芭樂。 偶然地步行, 他有清洗的男孩 knelt 而且提供到給他。 [薄的,驚嚇, 但是幾乎相同的臉,]肯恩覺得奇怪想。 男孩帶了水果,假裝一個快樂的微笑。 肯恩弄直在,上面在他微笑,在情形投快的一瞥。 Katze 已經消失; 呆子已經攔截母親,而且一正在轉移她。 男孩在 '辭別 , 芽'手勢的肯恩看見了這, 微笑而且揮舞, 然後開始走開。 人們流動, 減低呆子離開對於簡短的時間。
Ken wasn't sure whom he should pay attention to, the goons or the boy. He looked around for Katze again, but didn't see hir. The boy was weaving through the people, but the goons had started to move faster and were drawing guns. Ken's blood started to hum in his head. / 肯恩不確定誰他應該注意,呆子或男孩。 他再一次為 Katze 四處看看, 但是沒有看見 hir 。 男孩是經過人織動,但是呆子已經開始移動更快速地而且正在畫槍。 肯恩的血開始在他的頭中發低哼聲。
The child was running now, as fleetly as hir elder self. Ken cursed and leaped a barrel to keep him in sight -- it was hard enough keeping up to the six-foot version. A gunshot panicked the crowd: More goons were flowing into the square, trying to corner the child. Ken leaped and raced across a few rooftops, managing to drop behind him. / 孩子正在現在跑, 像 hir 年長者一樣的迅速地自己的。 肯恩詛咒而且跳躍了一個桶把他留在視力中 -- 它直到六腳的版本夠難的保管。 一個射擊使群眾恐慌了: 更多的呆子正在進入正方形之內流動, 嘗試迫至一隅孩子。 肯恩跳躍而且比賽橫過一些屋頂, 設法在他後面降低。
He rounded a corner and a large hulking goon appeared before him, cutting him off. The child panicked and backpedalled, slamming into Ken. Ken seized him and leaped, kicking the huge man in the head and using him as a vaulting horse to ascend to the nearest roof. / 他把一個角落弄圓了,而且一個大的笨重呆子出現在他之前,走開切他。 孩子恐慌和 backpedalled,猛然地撞進肯恩。 肯恩抓住了他而且跳躍, 踢頭的大批男人而且以他作為一匹跳的馬登上到最近的屋頂。
"LET ME GO!" the boy screamed, kicking and struggling. / "讓我去"! 男孩尖叫,踢和奮鬥。
"Quit it!" Ken said, trying to hold the boy and get his gun, / "離開它"! 肯恩說, 嘗試捉住男孩而且得到他的槍,
"I'm not going to hurt you. AOOWW!" The kid sank his teeth into Ken's forearm. Ken yelped but didn't let go, "Look, kid, I'm one of the good guys. I'm here to help you get away from them." There was motion below as several goons dropped in their tracks. / "我不將傷害你。 AOOWW!"小孩沉落他的牙齒進肯恩的前臂之內。 肯恩叫但是沒有讓去,"神情,哄騙,我是好傢伙之一。 我在這裡幫助你遠離他們。"當一些呆子偶然造訪他們的軌道時候,在下面有運動。
"I'm not going back there!" the boy screamed, "I'll die first! / "我沒有在那裡回去"! 男孩尖叫,"我將首先死!
Lemme go!!" / Lemme 去!!"
Ken wrestled with him, "I said I won't hurt you! I'm not here to take you back there." He looked around for Katze, then remembered the name s/he had been using, "Montague??" The sounds of a gun battle rose from the streets. Ken hopped to a higher roof, trying to calm the boy down. / 肯恩奮鬥他,"我說了我將不傷害你! 我不在這裡在那裡把你拿回來。"他為 Katze 四處看看,然後記得了名字 s/他已經使用 ",Montague??"槍戰的聲音從街道上升。 肯恩單腳跳到較高的屋頂, 嘗試使男孩鎮定下來。
"Lemme go! Bastard!" kick, stomp, fight, "Lemme go!!" / "Lemme 去! 私生子!"踢,跺腳,對抗 ",Lemme 去!!"
"Kuso! Will you hold still.. Jellylorum?! MONTAGUE, WHERE ARE / "Kuso! 你將保持靜止嗎。。 Jellylorum?! MONTAGUE, 在哪裡是
YOU??" Sirens and police started to flow into the square. / 你??"女海妖和警察開始進入正方形之內流動。
"Will you shut up?" / "你將閉嘴嗎"?
Ken swore at Katze's sudden appearance, "Took you long enough. / 肯恩在 Katze's 的突然外表咒罵,"帶了你長的充足。
Here, you take him.. brat bit me!" / 在這裡,你帶他。。 乳臭未乾的小孩咬了我!"
"Well of course he did, he's terrified," Katze looked down at hir younger self, "Berg Katze, come: We're not safe yet. They're sending reinforcements." / "很好地當然他做,他被驚嚇",Katze 往下看 hir 年紀較小者自己 ",冰山 Katze,來: 我們仍然不是安全的。 他們正在送增強。"
The boy went so white Ken was afraid he'd faint, "H..hh... how do you know my name???" "I know everything about you, Berg Katze. Including where you come from and where they want you to return." / 男孩去如此白色肯恩很害怕他將會昏倒,"H。。hh。。。 你如何知道我的名字???" "我知道關於你的每件事物,冰山 Katze 。 包括你來自的地方和他們想要歸還的你哪裡。"
"What do you want?" the child's voice was terrified, staring at / " 你想要什麼"? 孩子的聲音被驚嚇,盯著看
Katze's face. / Katze's 的臉。
"To get you out." / " 得到出你".
A bullet narrowly missed Ken's ear. "Kuso.. Things are getting a little hot. Can you handle him?" / 一個子彈狹窄地錯過了肯恩的耳朵。 "Kuso。。 事物正在稍微熱得到。 你能處理他嗎?"
Katze looked at him with amusement, "No." / Katze 以娛樂看他,"號碼"
"Great," Ken rolled his eyes, "I don't want to have to knock him out, but.." He broke off as the child slammed his foot into Ken's instep, then bolted. "Kuso!!! Great, just great!" / "大師",肯恩捲了他的眼睛 ",我不想要必須敲擊出他,但是。。"當猛然關上他的腳進肯恩的腳背之內的孩子,然後閂住的時候,他中斷。 "Kuso!!! 大師,正直的大師!"
"You cover me, I'll cover the younger," Katze took off at full speed. Ken limped along as best he could, spouting curses. / "你涵蓋我,我將涵蓋年紀較小者", Katze 以全速起飛。 肯恩向前跛行如最好他可以,噴出詛咒。
The child was cornered in a blind alley. Katze dropped behind the encroaching goons and picked one off, then rolled to exchange gunfire with another. A third snuck up behind hir, managing to put hir into a choke-hold. Ken flung a rock with all his strength, freeing hir, then whirled and shurikened the remaining goon. / 孩子在一條盲目的小路中被迫至一隅。 Katze 在侵犯呆子後面降低並且挑選一走開, 然後捲和另外的交換槍擊。 第三個 snuck 向上在 hir 後面, 設法把 hir 放入抗流圈-把握。 肯恩用他所有的力量投一塊岩石,釋放 hir, 然後旋轉和 shurikened 剩餘的呆子。
Katze's anguished wail drew him out of his bloodlust. Ken whirled in time to see a rope ladder being reeled into a helicopter which hovered high above. "No.... ohh no.." Ken had mistaken the sound for his own blood, pounding in his head. He stared as the helicopter peeled away, taking the child with it. / Katze's 的痛苦悲嘆他的殺戮慾使他拖延。 肯恩及時旋轉進入一架在上面高度地盤旋的直昇機之內看見一個被於軸上 的粗繩梯。 "沒有.... ohh 號碼。"肯恩已經把聲音誤認為他自己的血,他的頭敲。 當直昇機皮離開的時候,他注視,用它帶孩子。
Katze let out an enraged, grief-laden keen, plunging hir knife deeply into the unconscious goon beside hir. Ken was too stunned to say anything. He was drawn back to the present by pounding footsteps, / Katze 放出一激怒,傷痛- 充滿的鋒利,深深地倒下 hir 進入在 hir 旁邊的無意識的呆子之內用刀切割。 肯恩是太使暈倒而無法說任何事。 他藉著敲腳步被倒退到禮物,
"Katze, come on. We'd better grab our stuff and get out of here." / "Katze,發生。 我們最好抓取我們的事情而且在這裡離開。"
They raced back to the hotel, collected their belongings and were gone before anyone was the wiser. At an airstrip, Katze chartered a small private plane. / 他們向後地比賽到旅館,在任何人是比較聰明之前收集了他們的所有物而且不見了。 在一個飛機跑道, Katze 特許了一架小的私人飛機。
"How much have we got?" Ken whispered while he filled out the paperwork. / " 我們已經得到多少"? 當他填寫文書工作的時候,肯恩耳語。
"Better," Katze pulled out the jingling wad of cloth s/he'd stuffed into hir jacket, "This'll take care of dinners for a week, maybe." Ken nodded and they went out onto the tarmac to load the plane. / "更" , Katze 拉出布料 s/ 他的作叮噹聲填料有進入 hir 夾克之內裝填 ",This'll 照顧晚餐達一個星期之久,也許". 肯恩點頭,而且他們在飛機跑道之上外出裝載飛機。
As they taxied out onto the runway, Ken looked at hir, "Are you okay?" / 當他們在跑道之上乘計程車出的時候,肯恩看 hir," 你好"?
S/he shook hir head, hir face grey. "Where are we going?" / S/他搖動了 hir 頭, hir 臉灰色。 "我們正要去哪裡"?
"They've taken hir back to Ovanon." Ken looked at hir in confusion. "Ever heard of it?" / "他們已經把 hir 帶回 Ovanon" 。 肯恩看混亂的 hir 。 "曾經聽說它"?
"A little," Ken said doubtfully, "Mostly tabloid stuff. Nothing definate or possible-sounding." / "稍微 " ,肯恩可疑地說 ", 大部份小報事情。 沒事 definate 或可能的-測錘測得的結果。"
"It's possible. It's real." / "真是可能。 真是真正。"
"Just what is it?" / "究竟它是什麼"?
Katze was thumbing through their funds again, "A pleasure dome." / Katze 是再一次快速翻過他們的基金,"一個快樂圓頂" 。
"Oh?" That didn't jive with what Ken had heard, "Define?" / "哦"? 那沒有和肯恩已經聽到的 jive,"定義"?
"It's a pleasure dome. Anything you want to experience - rape, murder, kidsex, bestiality - its all there," s/he made another face at the money total, "Children a specialty." / "它是一個快樂圓頂。 任何事你想要經歷 -搶奪,謀殺, kidsex, 獸性 -它的所有那裡,"s/他在錢總數製造另一個臉 ", 孩子一個專門。"
Ken gagged, "I'd.. heard a little about the S and M, but nothing really detailed.. That's where they have.. you? him?" / 肯恩塞物於口中," 我有。。 真的稍微聽到關於 S 和 M, 但是沒事起來詳細的。。 那是他們有的地方。。 你? 他?"
"Yes. I was extremely popular there." / "是的。 我是非常受歡迎在那裡。"
Ken paled, swallowing hard. He changed the subject, "What about the cash?" / 肯恩變蒼白,努力地吞。 他改變了主題,"現金怎麼樣"?
"Not enough." / "不是充足".
"Huh? It was fine a little while ago, you said." S/he didn't answer, was silent for several minutes. Ken took hir hand and squeezed it briefly, "Katze.. We'll get him out. I promise. Don't worry." / "哼!? 它在以前的時候是罰款一點點,你說。"S/他沒有回答,沈默好幾分鐘。 肯恩帶了 hir 手並且簡短地緊握了它,"Katze。。 我們將得到出他。 我答應。 不要煩惱。"
S/he sounded distant, as though thinking out loud, "I don't think it'd help. I was *extremely* popular, a very lucrative source of income. They won't let me go easily.. and I'm too old.." S/he trailed off, thinking, then shook hir head, "Yes, too old. They might have taken me as part of a deal with other children, but even so they wouldn't give up the younger. Two freaks, why give either up?" Ken swallowed, unable to credit his ears. Katze was in further thought, / S/他聽起來遠, 好像高聲地想出,"我不認為它將會幫助。 我是 *非常地*受歡迎的,一個收入的非常有利益來源。 他們將不讓我容易地去。。 而且我太舊。。"S/ 他追蹤遠的﹐思考的,然後搖動了 hir 頭 ",是的,太舊的。 他們應該可以帶我當和其他的孩子交易的部份,但是甚至因此他們將不放棄年紀較小者。 二個畸形人, 為什麼也向上給?"肯恩吞, 不能具有他的耳朵。 Katze 是在更進一步想法中,
"No, they wouldn't give either of us up. When s/he hits puberty, they could breed us. There's no other choice," s/he shook hir head, "I was hoping to avoid this, but.. we'll have to go in." / "不,他們我們向上將不也給。 當 s/他擊中思春期,他們可以飼養我們。 沒有其他的選擇,"s/他搖動了 hir 頭 ",我希望避免這,但是。。 我們將必須進入。"
"Good," Ken said darkly. / "好的",肯恩暗說。
Katze stared at him for long seconds, "It won't be easy, / Katze 盯著他看長的秒," 它將不是容易的,
Gatchaman. Two people against the Dome? No, it won't be easy." / Gatchaman。 反對圓頂的二個人? 不,它將不是容易的。"
The eyes that turned to hir held an expression s/he had seen in mirrors and in Italian, violet eyes. "You forget: I'm Gatchaman. How many untold numbers of goons have I slaughtered to get to you in the past?" Ken's hands tightened on the flightstick, "Between us, they don't stand a chance." / 轉向被拿著表達 s 的 hir/ 他的眼睛已經用鏡子和義大利語看到,紫羅蘭注意。 "你忘記: 我是 Gatchaman 。 多少不告訴呆子的數量已經我過去殘殺到達你?"肯恩的手在 flightstick 上勒緊 ",在我們之間,他們不忍受一個機會。"
Katze stared at him, "You'll have to slaughter that many. These are trained, not like the Galactor you know. They were cannon fodder: / Katze 盯著他看,"你將必須殘殺多數。 這些被訓練, 不像你知道的 Galactor。 他們是砲灰:
These are guards." / 這些是守衛。"
Ken looked out the canopy, away from hir, "Then I'll die trying, / 肯恩小心天篷,遠離 hir,"然後我將死嘗試,
Katze." / Katze。"
"I'm afraid that may be the case." / " 恐怕那可能是情形".
"Do you think we could get any of the other children out as well?" / "你認為我們恐怕最好可以在外其他孩子變任何嗎"?
"I don't know," s/he said softly, "How many it'd be worth getting out.. I don't know that either." / "我不知道",s/他柔和地說 ",它將會值得得到多少。。 我不也知道那。"
Ken glanced at the controls, "How much farther is it?" / 肯恩注視控制," 多少更遠的是它"?
"Head that way, into the desert. It's well protected." / "那樣前進,進入沙漠之內。 它很好地被保護。"
Ken touched hir hand again, "It's going to be okay." / 肯恩再一次碰到了 hir 手," 它正在去是好" 。
"I wish I shared your confidence." / "我願我被分享你的信心" 。

Katze smoothed back a stray lock of hair from hir face, looking up at the forbidding, sand-blasted fortress that was the pleasure dome. / Katze 向後地光滑來自 hir 臉的一個頭髮的迷途鎖, 看在可怕又沙子摧殘的快樂圓頂的城堡上面。
They had staked it out, gathered information, conducted a few ambushes: / 他們已經打樁出它,聚集了資料,引導一些埋伏:
Now they were ready. / 現在他們準備好。
"Looks relatively benign from here, ne," Ken observed. / "從這裡相對地看良性,舊姓的",肯恩觀察。
Katze nodded weakly, hir face pale and bloodless. S/he looked like s/he was facing hir worst nightmare. "Soosai X put me here.. to make me strong.. to teach me the true nature of humanity.." / Katze 微弱地點頭, hir 面對柵欄和無血色的。 S/ 他看起來像 s/ 他一樣正在面對 hir 最壞的夢魘。 "Soosai X 在這裡放我。。 使我強。。 教我人性的真實個性。。"
Ken brushed the dust off his expensive suit and smoothed back his hair, "This is NOT the 'true nature of humanity'. True, we can be petty and selfish... but most of us are not like THIS." / 肯恩從他的貴訴訟疏刷了灰塵而且向後地光滑他的頭髮,"這不是 '人性的真實個性' 。 真實的,我們可能是瑣碎的和自私的。。。 但是我們大部份不像這。"
"You'll be surprised," s/he turned to look at him, hir eyes like hollow moons, "If I remember the date correctly, you'll be very surprised. I don't envy you, Gatchaman: Your illusions will be shattered," s/he turned back, the setting sun glazing hir with bloody light, "But then.. mine were.. when Soosai left me to die..." S/he felt / "你將感到驚訝",s/他準備看他,hir 注意同類空的衛星 ",如果我正確地記得日期, 你將非常驚訝。 我不羨慕你,Gatchaman: 你的幻影將被打碎,"s/他折回,和血腥的光背景太陽起釉 hir", 但是當時。。 我的是。。 當 Soosai 留下了我死的時候。。。"S/他感覺
Ken's fingers twine with hirs and held them in a brief, hard grip, "So. / 肯恩的手指以 hirs 搓而且在摘要,難的緊握中捉住他們,"如此。
Let's break a few mirrors, shall we, old enemy?" Hir fingers were icy and shaking, but abruptly the shaking stopped. / 使我們打破一些鏡子,我們不將嗎? 老敵人" Hir 手指是冰的而且搖動,但是突然地那搖動停止。
A contingent of guards were approaching the main gate. Katze nodded to Ken, "Remember what I told you, and pray my memory was clear." / 守衛的偶然事情正在接近主要的門。 Katze 對肯恩點頭," 記得我所告訴的你, 而且祈禱我的記憶是清楚的".
Ken nodded. S/he checked hir weapons, patted over the guard's uniform s/he had appropriated and re-checked hir androgynous appearance. / 肯恩點頭。 S/他檢查了 hir 武器,在守衛的統一 s 之上輕拍/他已經充用並且再檢查了 hir 雌雄同體的外表。
All of the guards had the same soft, effeminate quality as Katze. With a final glance at Ken, s/he slipped into their ranks and was gone. / 所有的守衛都有了相同的柔軟,如 Katze 的柔弱品質。 藉由最後的一瞥在肯恩,s/ 他進入他們的排名之內滑倒而且不見了。
Ken check his own self over, rechecking his stolen ID, rehearsing the words Katze had drilled into him. A howl rang through the desert air: Some scavengers found the bodies already? Ken hoped not, hoped they were buried deeply enough beneath the sand. He thought of the no-kill promise he had extracted from Katze and gave a brief chuckle -- how naive. The man who's suit he now wore had begged, pleaded for his life, but Ken could find no mercy in his heart. During the flight, Katze had told him what to expect; these.. these people were as bad as - worse than - Galactors. Using children in their sick games, children who'd been abducted from parents and babysitters or children they'd bred from their own stock of captives. Ken felt ill. / 肯恩檢查他自己的自己結束,再檢查他的偷身份證,預演字 Katze 已經進入他之內鑽孔。 一聲吠聲鳴響過荒癈的空氣: 一些清道伕已經發現身體? 肯恩希望不,希望他們在沙子之下被深深地足夠埋葬。 他想到那不- 殺答應他已經從 Katze 吸取而且給予了一個簡短的吃吃笑聲 -- 如何天真的。 現在有適合他的男人穿著已經請求,為他的生活辯護,但是肯恩可以沒發現他的心仁慈。 在飛行的時候, Katze 已經告訴他該期待什麼; 這些。。 這些人是同樣地壞的當做 - 更糟的超過 - Galactors。 使用他們的不舒服比賽的孩子 , 孩子 who'd 被綁架從父母和臨時照顧幼兒者或孩子他們有從俘虜的他們自己存貨飼養。 肯恩覺得生病。
A small knot of clients was approaching. Ken fell in among them, passing the ID check, and was admitted into Ovanon. / 一個客戶的小結正在接近。 肯恩跌落在他們之中,經過身份證檢查, 而且進入 Ovanon 之內被承認。
It was loud, heavy with smoke and drugs, filled with women, men and animals. The air was filled with screams and cries of pain and pleasure. A group of Keepers passed him and Ken tried not to stare: / 它對煙和藥感到大聲的, 重,裝滿女人,男人和動物。 空氣充滿痛苦的尖叫聲和哭聲和快樂。 一群監護人通過了他,而且肯恩嘗試不要注視:
They were enormous, the smallest would have towered over Joe, their bulk easily matching Ryu's, yet their faces were as ambiguous as Katze's. / 他們是巨大的,最小的會在喬之上高聳, 他們的大多數容易地與 Ryu's 相配,然而他們的臉是像 Katze's 一樣的曖昧。
Ken was shown to a table in the dining hall, a large room with a runway and stage in the middle. Doors honeycombed the walls, leading off into corridors and other rooms. / 肯恩被顯示到吃飯門廳的一張桌子,和中央的一個跑道和階段的一個大的房間。 門開多孔使成蜂巢狀了牆壁,進入走廊和其他的房間之內走開帶領。
The crowd in the banquet hall were laughing as they threw darts at a black bear, trying to kill it through the eye. Ken sat down, tightening his jaw at the sight. He ordered a beer from the buxom, vacant-stared server, trying not to look obviously out of place. / 當他們丟在一隻黑色的熊飛鑣的時候,宴會門廳的群眾正在笑, 嘗試經過眼睛殺它。 肯恩坐下,在視力勒緊他的顎。 他點了來自健美者的啤酒,空的-注視伺服器,嘗試不要明顯地外看地方。
Another patron leaned over to Ken. "Isn't that cool??" he enthused, "Those animals are rare as hen's teeth since the war, but they brought one here for us!" / 另一個贊助人倚靠在對肯恩之上。 "那不很涼爽嗎??"他熱狂 ",因為戰爭那些動物是稀罕的如母雞的牙齒,但是他們為我們帶一到這裡!"
Ken nodded, saying nothing. At the edges of the arena, he could see men and women in all states of dress and undress. Chains hung from the walls and from the people. / 肯恩點頭,毫不說。 在競技場的邊緣,他可以看見所有服裝和便衣的狀態男人和女人。 鏈從牆壁和人吊。
Finally, a patron nailed the bear. It spasmed, dying, amid cheers from the crowd as they congratulated the winner. A nude, oiled emcee awarded the man a prize and a guard led him off to enjoy it. Ken squashed a reflex gag and took a sip of his beer, breathing slowly to keep control. / 最後,一個贊助人用釘釘牢了熊。 它抽筋,垂死的,在來自群眾的愉快之中當他們祝賀了勝利者。 裸體畫,被頒發一個獎和一個守衛走開引導了他享受它的男人塗油的司儀。 被壓扁一個反射的箝口物並且拿了他的啤酒啜飲的肯恩 , 呼吸慢慢地維持控制。
For the next act, a small midget was brought onto the stage, to couple with an enormous, over-hung stud. Ken turned his gaze away, looking more closely at his surroundings, trying to find the landmarks / 對於下一個行為,一個小的侏儒在階段之上被帶, 以巨大加倍,在-之上吊圖釘。 被拒絕他的注視,在他的環境更嚴密看, 嘗試發現陸標的肯恩
Katze had told him about. Third exit from the left ramp... / Katze 已經告訴他關於。 來自左邊的斜坡第三個出口。。。
The midget screamed as he was penetrated. Laughter and cheers went up from the watching crowd. Ken got up and moved to the door, third from the left ramp. Pushing through the heavy curtain, he entered the hallway. / 當他被穿透的時候,侏儒尖叫。 笑和愉快從看群眾上漲。 肯恩起床而且移到門, 第三從左邊的斜坡。 推動過重的帳,他進入了走廊。
A Keeper stared down at him briefly before pushing through into the banquet hall. Ken swallowed, [Shimatta! - he's huge! If they're all that big, s/he might have been right after all..] He turned down the corridor then stepped back as a trio of guards marched past. He watched them, slender and effeminate as Katze, with lean, wiry muscles. / 一個監護人在進入宴會門廳之內推動過之前在他簡短地注視下來。 肯恩吞,[Shimatta! - 他是極大的! 如果他們全都是那麼大的,s/ 他應該可以是正確地畢竟。。]當三重的守衛進軍了過去的時候,他然後把走廊關小踏背面。 他看了他們, 苗條的而且藉由瘦肉使柔弱如 Katze 金屬線製的肌肉。
He recognised the marks of trained assassins, probably his equals in every way. He turned another corridor. / 他辨認出了訓練的暗殺者的標誌, 可能每個方法的他對手。 他轉向了另一個走廊。
A Keeper was leading his charge, a six-year-old girl, by a leash around her neck. Fresh blood and semen oozed down her legs. Ken choked down a wave of rage and nausea. An open door showed two Keepers holding down a child while a third extracted a blade from her vagina. Ken thought of Katze's wound in Pakistan and wondered if Senor Alvarez had been a regular here. His stomach lurched and he ducked down another hall. This matched Katze's descriptions. Ken looked up to see a guard approaching, leading a donkey. Katze met his eye briefly before turning down another corridor. Ken followed. S/he signaled him to stay in the shadows and watch, then moved to a door and knocked. Ken faded into the walls. / 一個監護人正在帶領他的費用,一個六歲的女孩, 藉著一條栓狗頸之皮帶在她的脖子周圍。 新鮮的血和精液滲出下來她的腿。 肯恩窒息下來憤怒的浪潮和反胃。 一扇開放的門給二個監護人看把持下來一個孩子當三分之一的時候吸取了來自她的鞘刀鋒。 在巴基斯坦被想到 Katze's 的創傷肯恩而且懷疑假如先生 Alvarez 在這裡是老客戶。 他的胃突然向一邊傾斜,而且他沒入水中下來另一個門廳。 這與 Katze's 的描述相配了。 肯恩看在上面見一個接近,帶領一隻驢子 的守衛。 Katze 在把另一個走廊關小之前簡短地碰到了他的眼睛。 肯恩跟隨。 S/他向他發送訊號了停留在影像和手錶中, 然後移到一扇門而且敲擊。 進入牆壁之內的已褪色的肯恩。
The door opened. Upon seeing Katze, it opened wider to admit the donkey, allowing Ken a brief look at the scene and the people within. Some of the faces seemed naggingly familiar. Katze bowed and exitted the room without the animal. Catching Ken's eye, s/he directed a glance towards the ceiling. Ken followed it, seeing the vent. He nodded and s/he slipped around a corner and disappeared. / 門打開。 一看見 Katze ,它打開比較寬的承認驢子,在裡面的現場和人允許肯恩簡短的神情。 一些臉似乎嘮叨熟悉。 Katze 彎腰而且退出沒有動物的房間。 易傳染的肯恩眼睛,s/他指示了對於天花板的一瞥。 肯恩跟隨了它,看見排氣口。 他點頭和 s/他在一個角落的周圍滑倒並且消失。
Ken climbed up the rough wall and got the vent open, slipping into the vent shaft and closing it behind him. Conveniently large, he thought, his scalp crawling. There was something wrong with that. He focussed on the sounds of voices and followed them, finding himself peering through a vent into the opulant room he'd glimpsed through the door. / 肯恩爬上粗糙的牆壁而且得到了排氣口公開,進入排氣口軸之內滑倒而且關閉在他後面的它。 方便地大大地,他想,他的頭皮爬行。 那有毛病。 他在聲音的聲音上的 focussed 而且跟隨他們, 發現他自己凝視過一個排氣口進 opulant 之內住宿他有投以一瞥過門。
In the middle of the room was a small, terrified girl. Ken choked back a gasp, recognising the young Katze. Female? Hadn't s/he been.. Ken's blood surged: They must have beaten hir or killed hir or otherwise made hir Change. He looked around as other faces came into view. They nagged his mind with a feeling that he should know them. / 在房間的中央中是小又受驚嚇的女孩。 肯恩向後地窒息喘氣,承認年輕的 Katze 。 女性? 不 s/ 他是。。 肯恩的血暴漲: 他們一定曾經打 hir 過或者殺了 hir ,否則其它的做 hir 改變。 當其他的臉進入視野的時候,他四處看看。 他們用他應該認識他們的感覺不斷地嘮叨惱人他的心。
They were raping the child. / 他們正在輕敲孩子。
Ken blanched at the realization. "Katze.." his voice was barely audible, even to himself. / 肯恩在實現漂白。 "Katze。。"他的聲音幾乎聽得見,甚至對他自己。
"I warned you," the whisper shook him nearly out of his skin, coming from near his elbow, "Do you recognise them?" / " 我警告你",耳語幾乎從他的皮膚搖動了他,在他的手肘附近來自 ",你承認他們嗎"?
Ken stared at the older Katze, "How.. oh.. kamisama.. I have to stop this..!" He clawed at the grate. There was another form on the floor; the child's Keeper, unconscious but regaining his senses. / 肯恩盯著較舊的 Katze 看,"如何。。 表示驚訝。。 kamisama。。 我必須停止這。。!"他以爐篦用爪抓。 有在地板上的另一種形式; 孩子的監護人, 無意識的但是取回他的感覺。
"They're going to kill me, Gatchaman. It's what they paid for. / "他們將要殺我,Gatchaman。 它是他們所支付的費用。
It's what they bought me for." / 它是他們所買了我的。"
Ken nearly had the grating off, the girl's screams echoing in his mind. He stared hir, horrified, "The hell they are!" The grating was ripped out, but was unheard over the commotion below. The child's / 肯恩幾乎走開有了因測量原因放置於陰極射線管前的校準幕,在他的心中隨聲附和 的女孩尖叫聲。 他注視了 hir,驚悸的," 地獄他們是"! 因測量原因放置於陰極射線管前的校準幕被撕開出, 但是在下面在騷動之上是聽不到的。 孩子的
Keeper had lauched himself at the current rapist with an inarticulate cry, and broken his neck. Another man knocked him unconscious again, then there was laughter as he started raping the senseless form. / 監護人以發音不清的哭聲在現在的強姦者有了 lauched 他自己, 而且打破他的脖子。 另一個男人敲擊了他無意識的再一次,當他開始輕敲無感覺的形式,然後有笑。
"There you have it, Gatchaman: The true nature of humanity. / "在那裡你有它,Gatchaman: 人性的真實個性。
Behold your fathers of peace and global unity." / 看到你的和平和全球的個體父親。"
Ken stared at the men, their faces finally finding names, "Oh god.. Anderson? .. and Kirkland.. and.." He forced back the tears that had sprung to his eyes, "Damn them all -- BIRD GO!" and he flung himself into the fray amid the blinding light, landing on the man raping the girl. With an enraged cry he flung him into the wall. / 肯恩最後盯著男人 , 他們的臉看發現名字," 哦神。。 安德遜? 。。 而且 Kirkland。。 而且。。"他向後地強迫已經跳到他的眼睛淚滴 ", 全部詛咒他們 -- 鳥去!"而且他在使人眩目的光之中進入騷動之內投了他自己,在輕敲女孩 的男人身上登陸。 藉由被激怒的哭聲他投他進牆壁之內。
Katze dropped from the ceiling like a snake, landing atop one of the would-have-been UN leaders and slit his throat. The girl whimpered and scrambled away, terrified. / Katze 從天花板掉落喜歡一隻蛇, 在頂上登陸那之一將會-- 是聯合國領袖而且縱切了他的咽喉。 女孩嗚咽而且攀緣離開,驚嚇。
"Gatchaman! Watch out for the horse!" / "Gatchaman! 留意馬!"
"Horse?" Ken ducked in time to avoid the hoof that smashed into the panelling, grazing his helmet. "Kuso - what kind of circus is this?" Ken ducked another flying hoof, flinging a shuriken to bring the animal's misery to an end, then whirled as he felt a fist connect with his shoulder. / "騎馬"? 肯恩及時沒入水中避免撞到嵌板的蹄, 放牧他的鋼盔。 " Kuso- 這是什麼類型的馬戲團?"肯恩沒入水中了另外一飛蹄, 投 shuriken 結束動物的悲慘, 然後使當他感覺一個拳頭旋轉以他的肩連接。
"Ex-CUSE me! I didn't order this kind of thing -- who are you people and what do you think you're doing??" / " 前任 CUSE 我! 我沒有命令這種事物 -- 你是誰人而且你認為你正在做什麼??"
Ken stared. Young and slim, Anderson was facing him, full of indignant fury, angry at having had his play-time interrupted. He rose from the remains of the man who's throat he'd just slit, gore dripping from his white birdstyle, dripping from the point of his blade. A dark, feral expression on his face, he stalked the young man who, in Ken's day, would have been director of the United Nations, "I am the white shadow that slips in unseen.." Katze rolled hir eyes and continued cajoling the Keeper to consciousness. "..Science Ninja Gatchaman." / 肯恩注視。 年輕的和瘦,安德遜正在面對他, 充滿的憤怒憤怒, 生氣的在有有他的遊戲-打斷的時間。 他從是他有剛剛縱切,足可滴水地從他的白色 birdstyle 縫以補襠的咽喉,來自他的刀鋒點滴的男人遺骸上升。 黑暗 , 在他的臉上野生的表達,他悄悄靠近了年輕的男人 , 他在肯恩的日子中, 會是聯合國的指導者," 我是滑倒的白色影像在未見過的。。"Katze 捲了對意識的 hir 眼睛和繼續的 cajoling 監護人。 ".。科學忍者 Gatchaman。"
"Never heard of you. Do you know who I am??" Anderson returned fearlessly. / "從不聽說你。 你知道我是誰嗎??"安德遜大膽地歸還。
Ken flung a shuriken at one of the men who'd been reaching for an alarm, a man who would later have won the Peace Prize, "I know exactly who you are," Ken's voice filled with bile, "And you make me sick. I should kill you for this.." / 肯恩在男人 who'd 是及於一聲警報,一個稍後會嬴得和平獎的男人之一投 shuriken,"我完全知道你是誰",肯恩的聲音裝滿膽汁 ",而且你使我不舒服。 我應該為這殺你。。"
"Won't be long before the alarm goes out, Gatchaman," Katze said lowly. Ken nodded and looked back at Anderson. / "在警報出去之前 , 將不很長,Gatchaman",Katze 位置低下的說。 肯恩點頭並且回看安德遜。
Katze looked back at the Keeper in hir arms, who had regained consciousness and was staring at hir. "Wh.. who are you?" he gasped. / Katze 回看 hir 手臂的監護人,已經取回意識並且正在盯著 hir 看。 "Wh。。 你是誰?"他喘氣。
S/he grinned, "I'm Luke Skywalker. I'm here to rescue you." / S/他露齒而笑,"我是路加人行天橋。 我在這裡救出你。"
The Keeper looked at hir like s/he was completely off hir nut. / 監護人看像 s 一樣的 hir/他是完全遠的 hir 堅果。
There was a heavy pounding on the door. Ken snarled. Looking back at Anderson, he slashed the man's chest then threw him aside. He knelt beside the semi-conscious girl and curled hir into his chest, / 有在門上的一個重的敲。 肯恩吼叫。 回看安德遜,他減除了胸然後丟他旁白的男人。 他在半- 有意識的女孩旁邊的 knelt 而且弄捲 hir 進他的胸之內,
"Lets get the hell out of here." / "在這裡讓把地獄趕出".
Katze nodded, pulling the Keeper to his feet, then gathering hir legs under hir, s/he leaped back up into the vent. Ken handed up the girl and followed. She latched onto her Keeper's hand, looking terrified. / Katze 點頭,拉監護人對他的腳, 然後在 hir 下面的集會 hir 腿,s/ 他向後地跳躍在進入排氣口之內上面。 肯恩在女孩上面傳遞而且跟隨。 她在她的監護人的手之上以閂栓住,看起來受驚嚇。
"Who is this?" Ken asked Katze, indicating the Keeper. / "這是誰"? 肯恩問了 Katze,指出監護人。
Katze smiled tenderly, "This is Brace." / Katze 溫和地微笑,"這是支柱" 。
"How do you know my name??" Brace gasped. / "你如何知道我的名字??"支柱喘氣。
"She knows my name, too -- my *real* name!" the child exclaimed. / " 她也知道我的名字 -- 我的 *真正的*名字!"孩子大叫。
Ken looked them over, then looked at Katze's face and nodded. / 肯恩結束看了他們, 然後看 Katze's 的臉而且點頭。
He bowed as best he could in the cramped vent, "Ken Washio, Gatchaman. / 他彎腰如最好他可以在狹促的排氣口中,"肯恩 Washio , Gatchaman。
Now lets get out." He pulled out a gun and offered it to Brace, "Can you use one of these?" The Keeper nodded and Ken turned to Katze, indicating hir younger self, "Can she shoot yet?" / 現在讓逃跑。"他拉出一隻槍而且提供了它支撐 ",你能這些使用一嗎?"監護人點頭,而且肯恩轉向 Katze,指出 hir 年紀較小者自己的 ",她能射擊嗎?"
"Oh yes," Katze grinned. / " 哦是的",Katze 露齒而笑。
"Good," Ken pulled out another gun and gave it to the child, / "好的",肯恩拉出另一隻槍而且把它給孩子,
"Here, take this, little one. Protect yourself if we can't." / "這裡,拿這, 一點點一。 保護你自己如果我們不能。"
"Who are you? What do you want with us?" Brace demanded. / "你是誰? 你和我們想要什麼?"支柱要求。
Ken smiled, "We're here to rescue you both. Come on, we can talk about it later." / 肯恩微笑,"我們在這裡救出你兩個。 發生 ,我們稍後能談論它。"
"We'd better move, they're coming," Katze hissed. Ken heard sounds, scrabbling sounds.. Suddenly his blood went cold: *That's* why the vents were so large -- the guards moved through them! / "我們最好移動,他們即將到來",Katze 發出噓聲。 肯恩聽到了聲音,潦草地寫聲音。。 突然他的血變寒冷: * 哪一是* 排氣口為什麼是如此大 -- 守衛移動過他們!
"Maybe you'd better lead," Ken told Katze, "You know this place; I don't. I'm liable to get us trapped." He shoved them all forward, / "也許你最好帶領",肯恩告訴了 Katze",你知道這一個地方; 我不。 我有義務讓我們被困住。"他全部向前推擠了他們,
"Move!" / "移動"!
Katze slid out of the vent and dropped into a hallway, taking off at a run. After an instant's hesitation, Brace followed. Ken brought up the rear guard, keeping one eye forward and one eye behind. / Katze slid 從排氣口而且跌進一個走廊,在奔跑起飛。 在立即的暫停之後,支柱跟隨。 撫養後面的守衛肯恩 , 保管一向前地注意,而且他注意後面。
A contingent of guards cut them off. Katze rushed them and leaped at them, snarling, then vanished into a vent overhead before they could react. Brace kicked a few down before handing up the girl and following. Ken threw himself into a brawl, then followed the scrabbling sounds above his head. A moment later he found another vent and leaped. / 守衛的偶然事情切去他們。 Katze 在他們催促了他們而且跳躍,吼叫, 然後進入一個排氣口之內消失額外開銷在他們可以反應之前。 一些的被踢支柱在女孩和下列各項上面傳遞之前墬落。 肯恩進入一次爭吵之內丟他自己, 然後跟隨了潦草地寫聲音他所不懂的。 一片刻之後他發現了另一個排氣口而且跳躍。
He scrabbled along the vent, pulling himself along with elbows, knees and toes like a lizard. Soon his vent had joined Katze's and he panted at hir side, "Which way?" / 他向前潦草地寫排氣口,連同手肘,膝和足趾一起像一隻蜥蜴拉他自己。 很快他的排氣口已經參加 Katze's ,而且他在 hir 喘息邊," 方法"?
"I'm not sure," Katze panted. / "我不確定",Katze 喘息。
"This way!" Brace pointed, then took off. The girl looked around, frightened, "They're coming! I can hear them!" / "這樣"! 被指出的支柱,然後起飛。 女孩四處看看,驚嚇,"他們即將到來! 我能聽到他們!"
"Where?" Ken looked around, "From which direction?" As if in answer, a guard appeared, scrambling wickedly fast along the vent shaft. / "在哪裡"? 肯恩四處看看," 從方向"? 好像在答案中,一個守衛出現,壞地攀緣沿著排氣口軸齋戒。
"He's mine," Ken hissed, "Yuke!" He didn't watch hir vanish, turning instead to grapple with the guards. / " 他是我的",肯恩發出噓聲 ",Yuke"! 他沒有看 hir 消失, 改為轉和守衛抓住。
Minutes later, Ken slid down the shaft, covered in fresh gore. / 數分鐘之後,肯恩 slid 墬落軸,在新鮮的流出血中涵蓋。
He listened for Katze or any signs of Brace and the child. The only sound was a slow murmer from the banquet hall. [Shimatta.. I have to get out of this damned vent. I need space!] He crawled forward, sliding out of a vent to find himself in a corridor on the other side of the hall, quite lost. / 他為 Katze 或任何支柱和孩子的符號聽。 唯一的聲音是來自宴會門廳的慢 murmer 。 [Shimatta。。 我必須離開這個該死的排氣口。 我需要空間!]他向前地爬行, 滑離一個排氣口在門廳的另一邊上的一個走廊中發現他自己,相當失去。
A sound-system squealed and Ken startled, then flattened himself against the wall to listen as the emcee spoke. "Sorry to cut our 'pet show' short, ladies and gentlemen - Maria and Tembo, her pachydermic companion, will return for another showing later if you so desire. But tonight, we have an unexpected pleasure: It seems a pair of undercover agents - doubtless law enforcement officers - have decided to bust up our party." Ken shivered as a roar of anticipation went up from the crowd. "As a special added bonus, one of our treasured Keepers, in whom we invest so much time and money, has turned traitor. Therefore ladies and gentlement, it is our honour to present to you an impromptu auction: / 一種聲音-系統發出尖銳的叫聲,而且肯恩震驚, 然後反對牆壁將他自己變平當司儀說,聽。 " 難過的減少我們的 '寵物顯示' 短,淑女和紳士 - 如果你如此需要,瑪麗亞和 Tembo ,她的 pachydermic 朋友, 將稍後為另一個成績歸還。 但是今晚,我們有意想不到的快樂: 它似乎一雙臥底探員 - 無疑的執法官員 -已經決定在我們的黨上面打破。"當一聲預期的吼從群眾上漲的時候,肯恩打顫。 "當一個我們投資這麼多時間和錢的特別附加的紅利,我們的珍愛監護人之一,已經轉叛逆者。 因此淑女和溫和的,它是我們的光榮呈現給你即席的拍賣:
To the highest bidder, the lives of this beauteous lady and this treacherous Keeper!" / 到最高的出價人,這位美麗的淑女生命和這個叛逆的監護人!"
Ken blanched as the impact hit him: They had Katze and Brace! / 當衝擊碰撞他的時候,肯恩漂白: 他們有了 Katze 而且支撐!
[Fuck! I hadn't counted on this..!] / [性交! 我沒有仰賴這。。!]
The announcer continued, "We shall start the biddin at one hundred thousand, ladies and gentlemen. To entice you further.. / 廣播員繼續,"我們將讓 biddin 從在十萬,淑女和紳士開始。 更進一步慫恿你。。
Ranoof?" There was the sound of ripping cloth. "There, ladies and gentlemen: See her firm breasts, so perfectly round? See her pink nipples, the colour of candyfloss? Why, one would almost believe she was of our own perfect Ovanon stock.." / Ranoof?"有頂帥布料的聲音。 "那裡,淑女和紳士: 看見她的堅定胸部,如此的完全弄圓? 看見她的粉紅乳頭, candyfloss 的顏色? 為什麼,一將會幾乎相信她是有我們自己完美的 Ovanon 存貨的。。"
Guards slunk about as the dome's forces were mobilized, but the / 守衛偷偷地走關於當圓頂的軍隊被動員, 但是那
Keepers had vanished utterly to protect their charges. Ken ducked into an empty room and detransmuted, figuring he'd have a better chance of rescuing them if he looked normal. A very small whisper said, "How did you do that?" / 完全地被有的監護人消失保護他們的費用。 肯恩躲進空的房間和 detransmuted, 演算如果他看起來正常,他將會有救出他們的較好機會。 非常小的耳語說,"你如何做那"?
Ken whirled, startled, and knocked down whomever was there. / 肯恩無論誰在那裡被使, 旋轉震驚, 和敲擊下來。
"YOU!" he gaped. / "你"! 他裂開。
"OW!" the little Katze held her jaw and looked at him reproachfully, "I *knew* you weren't to be trusted!" / "表示突然疼痛所發出之聲"! 小 Katze 申斥地拿著了她的顎而且看他," 我 *知道* 你是不被信賴"!
Ken knelt down to her and hugged her tightly, "Thank god..! Are you alright? Are you hurt?" / 肯恩 knelt 墬落對她而且緊緊地擁抱了她,"謝謝神。。! 你是好的嗎? 你被傷害嗎?"
Chiisai-Katze was surprised, "I'm.. I'm alright. Why are you doing this? How do you know us? Did Soosai send you?" / Chiisai-Katze 感到驚訝,"我是。。 我是好的。 你為什麼做這? 你如何認識我們? Soosai 送你嗎?"
"No.. I know.. um.. a relative of yours," Ken looked at her, then out towards the jeering banquet hall, "Shimatta.. I don't know what to do. Do I get you out of here first or get them and all of us out?" / "號碼。 我知道。。 um。。 你的親戚,"肯恩看她, 然後在外向嘲弄宴會門廳 ",Shimatta。。 我不知道該做什麼。 我在外把你趕出這裡第一或得到我們的他們和全部嗎?"
The little one cocked her head at him, "They'll kill her. It's / 一點點一聳立了在他的她頭,"他們將殺她。 它是
Brace I'm worried about." / 支撐我擔憂。"
"No.." Ken breathed, looking out towards the hall. He could see the stage from here and what he saw made him ill: The announcer was holding back the lips of Katze's vulva, enticing the crowd about how nice s/he would be to rape before killing. The bidding went higher. / "號碼。"肯恩呼吸,向門廳小心。 他可以看見來自這裡的階段,而且他看見的使他生病: 廣播員正在抑制 Katze's 的陰戶唇, 慫恿群眾關於如何美好的 s/他將會是在殺害之前掠奪。 命令更高地去。
Ken looked back at the little girl and took her hand, "Do you like fireworks?" / 肯恩回看小女孩而且帶了她的手,"你喜歡煙火嗎"?
Her eyes lit, "Blow things up? Sure!" / 她的眼睛發亮,"炸毀事物? 當然!"
"Come on; we're gonna have some fun." Ken took her out and found the makings for Molotov cocktails. The child looked on for a moment, then slipped away and returned with different chemicals. Ken lifted her into the ceiling, "What are those?" / "發生 ; 我們將要有一些樂趣。"肯恩為 Molotov 雞尾酒帶她出去而且發現了製造。 孩子看在一會兒之上, 然後滑倒離開而且以不同的化學藥品歸還。 肯恩舉起她進天花板之內,"那些是什麼"?
"This will make a cover gas," the child said proudly, holding up a bottle, "And this will make fumes that will choke people." / "這將製造一種掩護瓦斯",孩子傲慢地說,在一支瓶子上面握住 ",而且這將製造將窒息人的臭氣".
Ken smiled, "Good girl! Now stay close to me; we're going down the chandelier, then we'll light these and throw them. Alright?" She nodded. Ken went to birdstyle, then slipped up beside her, "Let's go." / 肯恩微笑,"好女孩! 現在停留在我的附近; 我們正在下來吊燈,然後我們將點燃這些而且丟他們。 好的?"她點頭。 肯恩去 birdstyle, 然後滑倒在她旁邊上面,"讓我們去".
"Don't you want to see my flares?" / "你不想要看見我的閃光"?
Ken laced her over his back and shimmied down the chain holding the chandelier. The lights in the banquet hall were low and they were in flickering shadow, the attention of the crowd focussed on the stage. / 肯恩在他的背部之上結帶子了她而且下來車輪擺動握住吊燈 的鏈。 宴會門廳的光是低的,而且他們在閃動影像,在階段上的群眾 focussed 的注意方面。
The bidding was going higher and higher, and several bidders were being restrained from trying to grope the merchandize. Tied spread-eagle to a rack, Katze was trying surreptitiously to work hirself out of the cuffs. / 命令正在越來越高地去,而且一些出價人正在被從嘗試以摸索尋找商品抑制。 繫了傳佈-對一個架的鷹,Katze 正在祕密地嘗試從袖口操作 hirself 。
Ken, perched on the chandelier, glanced back at the child, "Alright, now we throw these, but don't leave here. I'll be back for you: I have to get the woman and Brace, but I'll be back for you. Stay safe." / 肯恩,在吊燈上棲息,向後地在孩子瞥閃,"好的,現在我們丟這些, 但是不離開這裡。 我將為你回來: 我必須得到女人和支柱,但是我將為你回來。 停留安全。"
Ken lit one of the cocktails and dropped onto the announcer, tying it to him with the microphone cord. He whirled and kicked at the stage hand, then shot open the cuffs holding Brace. The Keeper dropped down and grappled with the other stage hand. / 被發亮雞尾酒而且降低在廣播員之上之一,對他以麥克風繩索綁它的肯恩。 他使而且旋轉抗拒階段手,然後射擊公開袖口把持支柱。 下來被降低的監護人而且抓住以另一個演出手。
"Ken, look out!!" Guards were swarming into the dining hall, spraying the stage with bullets. Ken leaped, kicking down several like dominoes, but his heart sank when he heard the agonized cry from the stage. / "肯恩,小心!!"守衛正在進入吃飯門廳之內群集,用子彈噴灑階段。 肯恩跳躍,落至低速一些相似的骨牌遊戲,但是當他聽到了來自階段的被哭聲煩惱的時候,他的心沉落。
"Oh," whispered a voice in Katze's ear, "I was going to let you go, but I guess its too late now." / "哦",耳語了 Katze's 的耳朵一種聲音 ", 我將要讓你去,但是我猜測它的太晚現在".
"You'll be surprised," Katze rasped through the blood welling up in hir throat, "I'm not dead yet." The little one shrugged and picked the locks on Katze's cuffs. The older mutant dropped to hir feet and flashed Ken a quick thumbs-up. / "你將感到驚訝", Katze 用粗銼刀銼過血湧出在 hir 咽喉中上面 ",我仍然沒有死". 一點點一聳肩並且挑選在 Katze's 的袖口上的鎖。 較舊的突變異種降低到 hir 腳而且閃現了肯恩一隻快的拇指-增加。
Ken did not smile, staring at the ruin of hir chest. [Oh god.. / 肯恩沒有微笑,盯著 hir 胸的毀滅看。 [ 哦神。。
Got to get hir out of here.. if s/he Changes and they find out there's two of them..!] / 在這裡到達把 hir 趕出。。 如果 s/他改變,而且他們發現他們共有二個。。!]
"Hold your breath!" the child cried, then let loose a gas bomb. / "屏息以待 "! 孩子哭,然後讓解放一個瓦斯炸彈。
Amid the screams of the patrons and the thwarted guards, they bolted. / 在贊助人的尖叫聲和被反對的守衛之中,他們閂住。
Ken scooped up the little girl, knowing she could never keep up with them otherwise. Brace's side showed red but he seemed unimpeded. / 肯恩在小女孩上面汲取, 博學的她無法否則趕上他們。 支柱的邊顯示了紅色,但是他似乎不阻礙。
Katze was running well, but hir front was black with blood; s/he wouldn't last long. "Ready to get out of here, kid?" / Katze 正在跑得好,但是 hir 前面對血感到黑色; s/他不將會最後渴望。 "預備離開這裡,小孩"?
The little girl nodded, "Are we going to blow it up?" / 小女孩點頭,"我們將要炸毀它嗎"?
"Yup!" He looked back at Brace, who was following the weakening / "Yup"! 他回看支柱, 正在跟隨那減弱的
Katze, "Come on! We're out of here!" Ken plowed through people, not caring whom he knocked down or killed along the way. Bullets howled. / Katze,"發生 ! 我們超出這裡!"肯恩橫掃人而不是他沿著方法打倒或殺的關心。 子彈狂吠。
The girl looked up from her finished bomb, "Now?" / 女孩看在從上面她被完成炸彈, "現在"?
"Now!" She hurled it with all her might. Ken and Brace looped their arms through Katze's and they bolted for the moonlit desert. As they reached the hidden plane, explosions rocked the desert, lighting up the sky. Additional explosions followed: Ovanon contained every kind of chemical and sheltered vehicles. It would burn to the ground. / "現在"! 她用她所有的力量用力投擲它。 肯恩和支柱經過 Katze's 使他們的手臂成環了,而且他們為月光照耀的沙漠閂住。 當他們到達了隱藏的飛機時候,爆炸搖動沙漠,點燃天空。 附加的爆炸跟隨: Ovanon 包含每個類型化學的而且庇護了車輛。 它將會對地面燃燒。
Ken wasted no time, ripping off his bracelet, then his shirt, pressing it to Katze's open chest, "How are you?" He cradled hir against him, trying to stop the bleeding. / 肯恩沒浪費時間, 頂帥的在他手鐲外, 然後他的襯衫,壓迫它到 Katze's 的開放胸,"你好嗎"? 他放在搖籃內了對抗他的 hir, 嘗試停止出血。
"G.. gatchama..." Hir eyes rolled back into hir head and hir body convulsed. / "G。。 gatchama。。。"Hir 眼睛進入 hir 之內迫使後退頭,而且 hir 身體使震動。
"NOOOOOOOOOO Katze!!" Ken screamed. Hir body jerked in his arms. Tears streamed down his face as he rocked back and forth, "No.. / "NOOOOOOOOOO Katze!!"肯恩尖叫。 Hir 身體在他的手臂中痙攣。 當他來回地搖動的時候,淚滴流出下來他的臉,"號碼。
no... Not you too... No.." / 號碼。。 不是你,也。。。 號碼。"
Unseen, a small face peeked around the fuselage of the plane, peering at him. Katze's body twisted and heaved, joints snapping as hir spine started to lengthen. Hir hips began to migrate and as the wounds in hir chest started to close, hir breasts swelled and flattened. / 未見過的,一個小的臉在飛機的機身周圍偷看,凝視他。 Katze's 的身體擰而且用力舉起,當 hir 脊椎開始加長,連接咬斷。 Hir 臀部開始移動而且當在 hir 胸中的創傷開始關的時候,hir 胸部增大而且變平。
Ken's joy that s/he wasn't dead was crushed when he realized what was happening. "Oh no.. not again.. oh, Katze.. It's too soon!" / 肯恩的歡喜 s/當他了解了正在發生的東西時候他沒有死被壓破。 " 哦號碼。 不是再一次。。 表示驚訝,Katze。。 它太很快!"
Sapphire eyes widened, watching Ken with the stranger. / 藍寶石眼睛擴大,和陌生人看肯恩。
Katze's body lengthened. Hir genitals flexed, configured, re-formed. Hir face changed subtly, becoming sharper. Ken looked up and saw the watching blue eyes and wondered how much she had heard, "Get me some water and a blanket.. In the plane." She nodded and vanished. / Katze's 的身體加長。 Hir 生殖器彎曲,配置,再形成。 Hir 臉敏銳地改變,變成較鮮明。 被看的肯恩在和上面鋸子那看藍色的眼睛而且懷疑她已經聽到多少," 有我一些澆水和一條毛毯。。 在飛機中。"她點頭而且消失。
After a few moments' frantic rummaging in the plane, the little girl and Brace returned with the requested blanket and water. Ken wrapped Katze's body, shielding hir from the night air. Hours passed. / 在數片刻狂亂的在飛機中翻遍之後,小女孩和支柱歸還由於那請求毛毯和水。 肯恩包裝了 Katze's 的身體,從夜晚空氣起的屏隔 hir。 數小時通過。
Finally it was over and Katze was quiet. / 最後它是上面的,而且 Katze 是安靜。
Ken was still rocking hir in his arms, tracks of silent tears dried on his face. He wiped away the blood from Katze's face. The little Katze exchanged a glance with Brace, then knelt beside Ken. / 肯恩仍然是他的手臂搖動的 hir,沈默淚滴的軌道在他的臉上弄乾。 他掃除來自 Katze's 的臉血。 小 Katze 用支柱交換一瞥, 然後在肯恩旁邊的 knelt。
S/he reached out hesitantly, then touched the gaunt face, the whole, flat chest, ran hir hand down the male genitals. S/he felt underneath the scrotum, looking for any signs of a vulva or vagina. / S/他遲疑地到達出,然後碰觸了憔悴的臉,全部,平坦的胸, 跑 hir 傳遞下來男性的生殖器。 S/他在陰囊的下面感覺,找尋任何一個陰戶或鞘的符號。
S/he sat back, staring wonderingly at the older Katze's face. / S/他袖手旁觀,在較舊的 Katze's 的臉覺得奇怪注視。
Katze groaned weakly, then began to cough violently. Ken rolled hir to hir side to let the breath come more easily. S/he coughed harder, spat out a few bullets, then leaned over further to vomit more bullets onto the sand. Ken held hir, holding hir hair out of hir face. / 微弱地被呻吟的 Katze, 然後開始咳嗽猛烈的。 肯恩捲了對 hir 邊的 hir 讓呼吸更容易來。 S/他更努力地咳嗽,輕打出一些子彈, 然後倚靠在比較進一步的之上在沙子之上吐出更多的子彈。 肯恩拿著了 hir,從 hir 臉握住 hir 頭髮。
Finally s/he rolled back, shaking. / 最後 s/他迫使後退,搖動。
Ken hugged hir to him tenderly, a sob breaking, "Oh.. Katze.. I thought you were gone for sure.." / 肯恩對他溫和地擁抱了 hir,啜泣打破,"哦。。 Katze。。 我想了你確實不見了。。"
"Takes more than a few bullets to kill me, Gatchaman," s/he managed weakly and coughed. A small hand poured water into hir mouth. / "帶超過一些子彈殺我,Gatchaman",s/他微弱地處理而且咳嗽。 一隻小的手倒水進 hir 嘴之內。
Katze rinsed hir mouth and spat, then looked up into the moonlit face of hir child self. The girl wiped hir face with a wet rag, cleaning away the blood. / Katze 沖洗了 hir 嘴和貝卵, 然後看在進入 hir 孩子的月光照耀面貌之內上面自己的。 女孩用一個濕的碎布擦 hir 臉, 清潔離開血。
"Are.. Are you my mother?" the child asked finally. / "是。。 你是我的母親嗎?"孩子最後問。
"No," Katze replied, "I'm not your father either. But I'm just like you. We come from the same place." / "不" , Katze 答覆 ",我也不是你的父親。 但是我是正直的同類你。 我們來自相同的地方。"
"Soosai-sama never mentioned that there were others like me." / "Soosai- sama 從不提到那裡是其它喜歡我".
"No," Katze winced as Ken shifted hir into a more upright position, "There's a lot he hasn't been telling you. That's why we're here." / "不" ,當肯恩改變 hir 進一個較直立的位置時候, Katze 畏縮 ", 那裡是很多他沒有告訴你。 那是我們為什麼在這裡。"
The girl glanced at Ken, "Is he...?" / 女孩注視肯恩," 是他。。。?"
"No. He's human. He has special abilities, though, special training. He can help us, if we help him." / " 號碼他是人類的。 他雖然有特別的能力特別的訓練。 如果我們幫助他,他能幫助我們。"
"Help him what?" / " 幫助他什麼"?
"Stop the Overlord." / "停止大君主" 。
"Why does he want to do that?" / "他為什麼想要做那"?
Katze glanced up at Ken, "We'd better leave. Galactor will send investigators quickly." Ken nodded and slid out from under hir, then helped hir up. / Katze 瞥閃在肯恩上面," 我們有較好的休假。 Galactor 將很快地送調查員。" 肯恩點頭和在外 slid 從在 hir 之下,然後向上幫助 hir。
The child tugged hir hand, "He called you Katze. Is that your name too?" / 孩子用力拉了 hir 手,"他稱你為 Katze 。 那也是你的名字嗎?"
"Yes," Katze cast a quick dark glance at Ken, who blushed. / "是的" , Katze 在肯恩投快的黑暗一瞥,肯恩臉紅。
Katze wrapped hirself in the blanket as Ken helped Brace and the little / Katze 在毛毯中包裝 hirself 當做幫助支柱和一點點的肯恩
Katze into the plane, "Think I'm going to need a new wardrobe.." / 進入飛機之內的 Katze,"認為我將要需要一個新的衣櫥。。"
"Heh.. No more slinky dresses," Ken winked, sliding into place. / "Heh。。 沒有更多的 slinky 穿著,"肯恩眨眼,進入地方之內滑。
"Mm.. Back to bar-hopping.." / "公釐。。 回禁止-單腳跳。。"
Ken gunned the throttle and got the plane moving. "Maybe," he glanced back at hir, then blushed, "We'll see." / 肯恩用炮射擊了節流閥而且使飛機感人的。 "也許" ,他向後地在 hir 瞥閃, 然後臉紅 ",我們將看見".
The plane lifted into the night, leaving the burning pleasure dome to light the way. / 飛機進入夜晚之內升高,離開燒快樂隆起成圓頂狀點燃方法。

They holed up in a two-bedroom suite in a ritzy hotel, Ken having decided they could all use some luxury. After feeding almost as ravenously as the two mutants, Ken had showered and now lay on the bed. / 他們挖洞在一間像高雅的旅館中的一組雙臥室隨員中上面, 決定的肯恩有他們全部可以使用一些豪華。 在飼養之後幾乎像二個突變異種一樣的狼吞虎嚥地,肯恩已經淋浴而且現在在床上放置。
Katze was in tucking the two rescuees in. Ken could hear their soft voices, but couldn't discern what was being said. Finally, Katze emerged and closed the door behind hir. / Katze 是在打橫褶二 rescuees 方面在。 肯恩可以聽到他們的軟聲音, 但是無法辨別正在被說的東西。 最後, Katze 浮現而且關閉了在 hir 後面的門。
"How is she?" Ken asked, rolling onto one side. / "她好嗎"? 肯恩問,在邊之上滾動。
"Better," Katze replied, sinking down to sit on the bed, / "更" , Katze 答覆, 沉沒下來坐在床上,
"Recovering faster than I do, which I suppose isn't surprising. Brace got creased a few times, but the wounds are minor. I'm still amazed we made it out of there." "I am too," Ken confessed, "I wasn't so sure, at a few points." / " 恢復比我更快速做, 我推想那一個不是令人驚訝的。 支柱得到摺痕數時代,但是創傷是較小的。 我仍然被吃驚我們了解它在那裡。" " 我也",肯恩承認 ",我不是如此確信,在一些點".
"Thanks a lot for blowing my cover," Katze snorted, "At least you didn't use my *full* name." / "為吹我的掩護謝謝很多",Katze 噴著氣弄響鼻子 ", 至少你沒有使用我的 *全部* 命名".
Ken stammered and blushed, "I.. I'm sorry.. I was... upset." / 肯恩口吃而且臉紅,"我。。 對不起。。 我是。。。 加深框。"
Katze softened, "I know. S/he told me." / Katze 變柔軟,"我知道。 S/他告訴了我。"
"God.. when they had you up.. there.. strung up.. I.." A blonde eyebrow arched up, "A week ago you were trying to kill me; now you're crying because you were afraid I might be dead." / "上帝。。 當他們向上有了你的時候。。 在那裡。。 捆紮在上面。。 我。。" 向上的弓形一道白色的眉毛,"在一個星期以前你正在嘗試殺我; 因為你很害怕,所以現在你是叫喊的我可能死。"
Ken ran a hand through his hair, "Yeah. I know. Confuses the fuck out of me, too," he shook his head, "Everything I know is gone. / 肯恩經過他的頭髮跑一隻手,"是的。 我知道。 使那困惑也性交離我,"他搖頭 ",我知道的每件事物不見了。
You're all I have left." / 你全都是我已經留下。"
"We changed it," s/he said softly after a few minutes. / "我們改變了它",s/他柔和地在數分鐘之後說。
"Heh.. Yeah.. we did, ne." / "Heh。。 是的。。 我們做,舊姓的。"
"Whatever happens now, it won't be the same." / " 不論什麼現在發生, 它將不是相同的" 。
Ken shuddered, "I still feel.... slimy.. after seeing them do that," he walked to the bar and poured a drink, "Want one?" / 肯恩戰慄,"我仍然感覺.... 泥的。。 在看見他們做那之後, "他走路去酒吧而且倒了一種飲料 ",想要一?"
"Yes, please. Scotch. Glenmorangie if its there." Ken found the bottle and poured out the amber liquid, his hand shaking. S/he downed it in one swallow, "I mean, *I* didn't blow up Ovanon until I was fourteen!" / "是的, 請。 蘇格蘭人。 Glenmorangie 如果它的在那裡。"肯恩發現了瓶子而且倒琥珀色的液體,他的手搖動。 S/ 他墬落它在一個咽喉中,"我意謂,*我* 沒有炸毀 Ovanon 直到我是十四"!
"You spent *five years* in that godforsaken place?" Ken gasped. / " 你花費 *五年*在那個被上帝拋棄的地方中"? 肯恩喘氣。
Katze nodded. "I wanted to die when I saw you.. kill with my bare hands," Ken's eyes grew dark, "I wanted to rip out their beating hearts with my fingers.." / Katze 點頭。 "當我看見你的時候,我想要死。。 以我的赤裸手殺,"肯恩的眼睛變很黑暗 ",我想要撕開出和我的手指他們的打心。。"
"The true nature of humanity," Katze smirked, "You can put whatever noble labels onto it you please: It's the same. Still there." "NO! I can't believe that.. I won't believe it!" Ken turned, pacing, "Not all people are like that..." He sank to the bed, his head in his hands, elbows on knees, "I just can't believe that.." / "人性的真實個性",Katze 嘻嘻做笑 ", 你能在它之上放任何的貴族標籤你請: 真是相同。 仍然在那裡。" "不! 我不能相信那。。 我將不相信它!"肯恩轉向,踱步 ",像那的不是所有的人。。。"他沉入床 , 他的手他頭,在膝上用手肘推開 ",我就是不能相信那。。"
"You slashed throats at every turn. I saw you. If you had had your Birdrang -- where is your Birdrang anyways? Never mind -- Those guards wouldn't have been kicked down, they'd've had their throats sliced open. What makes you any different but the labels you use to justify it?" S/he walked to him and tipped his chin up, cold sapphire eyes meeting his, "You hated as much as I do -- and you had *far* less reason." / "你在每個旋轉減除咽喉。 我看見你。 假如你有你的 Birdrang-- 無論如何你的 Birdrang 在哪裡? 不必介意 -- 那些守衛被落至低速, they'd've 有開放的他們被切成薄片的咽喉。 使你任何不同的但是標籤你使用証明它?"S/他對他走而且向上提示他的下巴,寒冷藍寶石注意遇見他的 ", 你像我做一樣的多憎恨 -- 而且你有 *遠的*比較少的理由。"
Ken blinked back tears and looked away. S/he was right. He had slaughtered and murdered and thieved -- Galactor or Ovanon, it didn't matter. S/he had destroyed a house, burned the bodies and pulled the teeth so they couldn't easily be identified, buying them time to escape and what had he done? Condemned hir. Condemned hir by a code no longer valid. Everywhere he'd gone he'd seen only violence and chaos; the news held no peace talks, no economic updrafts, only strife and bloodshed and poverty. Katze had been made for this world, not his, Ken realized. / 肯恩向後地眨眼淚滴而且看離開。 S/他是正確的。 他已經殘殺而且謀殺而且偷 -- Galactor 或 Ovanon,它沒有有重大關係。 S/他已經破壞一棟房子, 燃燒了身體而且拉了牙齒因此他們無法容易地被識別, 買時間給他們逃脫和什麼做他? 譴責了 hir 。 藉著一個密碼譴責了 hir 不再有效。 各處他已經去他已經看到只有暴力和大混亂; 新聞沒維持和平談話 , 沒有經濟的 updrafts, 只有爭吵和流血和貧窮。 Katze 已經被往這一個世界去, 不他的,肯恩了解。
S/he didn't need him; he needed hir. Without hir, he'd've been killed the first day. Without hir, he'd never have known half of what he needed, to survive here. He didn't know this world; s/he did. / S/他沒有需要他; 他需要了 hir 。 沒有 hir,被殺第一天的 he'd've。 沒有 hir ,他有從不已經知道一半的他被需要, 在這裡繼續生存。 他沒有知道這一個世界; s/他做。
His world had yet to be born. He was trapped in the past and / 他的世界還沒有出生。 他過去被困住和
Utoland, Nambu and everything he knew were so very, very far away. "I.. / 他知道的 Utoland , Nambu 和是如此的在非常非常遠處。 "我。。
did it.. to save ..what I believed in...." he whispered brokenly. / 做了它。。 解救。。我相信的...."他斷斷續續地耳語。
S/he sighed, "I believed in the Overlord. S/he still does. But I believe in myself, too." / S/他歎息,"我相信大君主。 S/他仍然做。 但是我也相信我自己。"
"But... if humanity is like that.. then everything I did.. / "但是。。。 如果人性像那。。 然後我做的每件事物。。
everything I believed in.... was a lie.." / 每件事物我相信.... 一則謊言是。。"
"Soo. And I was not created to rule the world. I told you your illusions would be shattered." / "Soo。 而且我沒被創造規定世界。 我告訴你你的幻影將會被打碎。"
Ken got up and paced, "I.... If places like that exist.. Then what was the point of what we did, if it will continue on?" Katze watched him. He leaned against the window ledge, looking out at the moon, "I guess I'm pretty damned naive." / 肯恩起床而且踱步,"我.... 如果地方喜歡那存在。。 如果它將繼續? ,然後我們做的重點是什麼"Katze 看了他。 他倚靠窗戶岩架,在月亮小心," 我猜測我是相當該死的天真".
Katze was silent for several minutes. "I did what I did because... because.. " hir voice shook, "Because I spent the next twenty years reliving it night after night and the Overlord would *never* erase it no matter how much I begged him. He'd remind me, grind my face in it and *every time* I encountered you I'd almost faint with terror that you'd do the same to me." / Katze 沈默好幾分鐘。 " 我做了我所做的因為。。。 因為。。 因為我度過未來的二十年夜晚後夜晚重溫它,所以 "hir 聲音搖動 " 和大君主將會 *從不* 抹掉它無論我請求了他多少。 他將會提醒我, 在它裡面磨我的臉和 * 每一次* 我遇到了你我將會幾乎和你將會做一樣的給我恐怖昏倒。"
"No.. No, I would never.." Ken moved to hir and caught hir shoulders, "I think.. If I'd known.. then I would have tried to help you then.. before." / "號碼。 不, 我將會無法。。"肯恩移到 hir 而且捕捉了 hir 肩 ",我想。。 假如我知道。。 然後我當時會嘗試幫助你。。 以前。"
Katze poured another scotch, "I erred in listening to the / Katze 倒了另蘇格蘭人," 我在聽方面犯錯到那
Overlord. It ended with me throwing myself down a lava tube. They say 'if I had it to do over again' -- well, now I do, and i'm not letting hir make the same mistake. Somehow, I have to convince hir." S/he fixed him with a cold stare, "My reasons are selfish, Gatchaman: They have nothing to do with the world or peace or people. They've solely to do with *me*." / 大君主。 它和我結束丟我自己下來熔岩管。 他們說 '如果我再一次結束有了它做'-- 好吧,現在我做,而且我沒有在讓 hir 製造相同的錯誤。 不知何故,我必須說服 hir 。"S/他用一個寒冷的注視修理他 ", 我的理由是自私的,Gatchaman: 他們與世界或和平或人無關。 他們獨自地必須做由於 *我*."
Ken poured some scotch for himself, "Understandable." / 肯恩為自己倒了一些蘇格蘭人,"可以理解的".
The flaxen brow arched again, "You think so." / 再一次弓形的亞麻眉毛,"你這麼認為" 。
"After the hell you went through," Ken said, pouring another, / " 在地獄之後你穿過",肯恩說,倒另外一,
"That I still don't fully comprehend.. I wouldn't wish that on anyone. / " 我仍然不完全了解。。 我將不願在任何人上的那。
It was worth it, to rescue.. her.. you.." he shook his head, "No one should ever be subjected to that -- ever. Maybe that's what I was fighting for." He swallowed the second shot. / 它值得, 救出。。 她。。 你。。"他搖頭 ", 沒有人曾經應該受制於那 -- 曾經。 也許那是我所正在對抗的。"他吞了第二注射。
Katze stripped off hir clothes and sank into the hot tub that whirled in the center of the room, sighing, "As for the others.. the other children, the ones who died in the explosion.." / Katze 進入在房間的中心中旋轉的熱水缸之內走開除去 hir 衣服和洗物槽,歎息,"關於其餘者。。 其他孩子,死於爆炸的一些。。"
Ken blanched and slammed his glass down hard, hating himself for not getting to them, too. Katze shrugged, "Don't worry about them; we did them the only kindness we could. Not many survived Ovanon besides me. I was the only one who came out anything remotely resembling sane." / 肯恩努力地漂白而且把他的玻璃猛然關上下來, 帽子他自己為不到達他們,也。 Katze 聳肩,"不為他們擔憂; 我們做了他們唯一的仁慈我們可以。 除了我以外的不多被繼續生存的 Ovanon。 我是唯一的出來任何事很遠地相似神智健全的。"
Ken chuckled, "Sane.. A word I can no longer define.. We used to think you were insane. Now, I'm not so sure." / 肯恩吃吃的笑,"神智健全的。。 一個字我能不再定義。。 我們過去一直認為你是患精神病的。 現在,我不如此當然。"
"They're better off dead, Gatchaman. Believe me." "I do," Ken whispered, "That's what makes me so upset." He clutched the glass, yelping as it shattered, "Shimatta!!" / "他們是比較好的遠死, Gatchaman 。 相信我。" "我做",肯恩耳語 ",那是使我如此煩亂的東西 ". 他抓牢了玻璃, 叫當它打碎,"Shimatta!!"
Katze came out of the tub to pick the slivers out of his hand. / Katze 從浴盆出來他的手挑選裂片。
"That was pretty stupid, ne?" s/he chuckled, "You shouldn't do things like that. You can't heal the way I do." / " 那是相當愚蠢,舊姓的"? s/他吃吃的笑,"你不應該做像那一樣的事物。 你不能治癒我做的方式。"
Ken gave hir a half smile, "No, I don't have nine lives." / 肯恩給予了 hir 一個一半的微笑,"不,我沒有九個生命" 。
"I've had far more than nine." / " 我已經有超過九".
Ken flexed the bandage s/he'd wrapped about the wound, "Thanks." / 肯恩彎曲了繃帶 s/他有關於創傷包裝,"謝謝".
Katze slid back into the tub, "But.. Now s/he won't know *exactly* how many times s/he can Change before s/he does die." / Katze slid 進入浴盆之內回,"但是。。 現在 s/ 他將不知道 *完全* 如何許多次 s/ 他能改變在 s之前/他做骰子。"
"You can tell her. You can forwarn her of everything that happened. Prevent almost everything." / "你能告訴她。 你發生的每件事物將 forwarn 裝於罐頭她。 幾乎避免每件事物。"
"And have hir figure out who I am? S/he's not stupid." / "而且 hir 已經理解我是誰嗎? S/他不是愚蠢的。"
Ken squatted down at the edge of the tub beside hir, "No, you were never stupid." / 肯恩在 hir 旁邊的浴盆邊緣蹲下下來," 不,你從不是愚蠢的" 。
"Your Mimizuku no Ryu thought I was. I heard that, by the way." / " 你的 Mimizuku 沒有 Ryu 想,我是。 我聽到了那,藉著方法。"
Ken made a scoffing sound, "What did he know?? We kept him in the damned plane all the time." Katze chuckled. "Mind if I join you? / 肯恩發出了一種嘲笑聲音,"他知道什麼?? 我們始終把他留在該死的飛機中。"Katze 吃吃的笑。 "是否我參加你,介意?
I could use a soak." / 我可以使用浸。"
"Not at all." / "決不".
Ken set the scotch beside the tub, peeled off his clothes and stepped into the tub. Katze sipped hir drink more slowly this time. / 肯恩進入浴盆之內設定了在浴盆旁邊的蘇格蘭人, 剝落他的衣服而且踏。 Katze 這次更慢慢啜飲了 hir 飲料。
"Be right back," Ken said and disappeared fully under the water, coming up and smoothing his wet hair back from his face, "Ahh. Better," he picked up his drink and sipped, "So where do we go from here? What about keeping her safe?" / "要正確地後面",肯恩向後地從他的臉完全在水,發生和抹光之下說而且消失他的濕頭髮 ",Ahh。 更, "他拾起他的飲料而且啜飲 " ,因此,從在這裡我們去哪? 保存她的保險箱怎麼樣?"
"Forge some diplomas, get a job.. Get as far away from the / " 鎔爐一些文憑,找到一個工作。。 得到當做在遠處從那
Middle East as possible, for now." "X is still out there. I still want to take it down." / 中東當做可能的,對於現在。" "X 仍然向那邊。 我仍然想要把它拿下來。"
"Next year will see Hirohito work his magic. Then the treaties will be signed, the Japanese Conglomorate become Utoland and the global focus will shift there." / " 在明年將看見 Hirohito 工作他的魔術。 然後條約將被簽署,日本 Conglomorate 變成 Utoland ,而且全球的焦點將在那裡改變。"
[And my world will be born], Ken thought. / [而且我的世界將出生],肯恩想。
"Good job, Gatchaman. Domo aregato gozaimasu." / "好工作, Gatchaman。 Domo aregato gozaimasu。"
Ken blushed, "Oh.. Thanks.. I almost got you killed." / 肯恩臉紅,"哦。。 謝謝。。 我幾乎讓你送命。"
Katze shrugged, "I didn't expect to come out of there. I just prayed s/he would." / Katze 聳肩,"我沒有期待在那裡出來。 我剛剛祈禱了 s/ 他將會。"
Ken sat up, "What do you mean, 'you didn't expect to come out'? / 肯恩熬夜," 你意謂什麼,'你沒有期待出來'?
I told you I would get you out, both of you!" "I know. I didn't expect you to come out of there either." / 我告訴了你我將會得到出你你兩個!" "我知道。 我沒有期待你也在那裡出來。"
S/he heaved up out of the tub and wrapped hirself in a towel, then sat on the bed to comb out hir hair. / S/ 他用力舉起在離開浴盆上面而且包裝了一條手巾的 hirself, 然後坐在床上梳頭髮 hir 頭髮。
Ken grinned lopsidedly, "Surprise. I toldja, between the two of us, they didn't stand a chance." The grin vanished, "I almost didn't. / 肯恩傾向一方地露齒而笑,"意外。 我 toldja,在我們中的二個之間,他們沒有忍受一個機會。"露齒笑消失 ", 我幾乎沒有。
If your younger self hadn't had those chemicals.. had we not bumped into each other - I still can't forgive myself for losing hir like that - I probably would have died trying to get to you on that stage," he sighed, thinking of his childhood samurai stories, "Ahh, but it would have been a glorious death..." / 假如你的年紀較小者自己的不有那些化學藥品。。 我們還沒碰巧遇到彼此 - 因為失敗的 hir 喜歡那,我仍然不能原諒我自己 - 我可能會死嘗試在那一個階段上到達你,"他歎息,想到他的孩童時期陸軍將校故事 ",Ahh,但是它會是一個光榮的死亡。。。"
"Being lynched in a brothel is glorious?" / " 在一個妓院中被處以私刑是光榮的"?
Ken had to laugh, "No.. I was just thinking about the samurai stories. To die glorious, painful deaths.." / 肯恩必須笑,"號碼。 我正在僅僅想陸軍將校故事。 死光榮又痛苦的死亡。。"
"Moronic," Katze snorted, "I used that sort of psychology on / "低能的",Katze 噴著氣弄響鼻子 ", 我使用了那種心理學在
Galactors a lot. Never ceased to amaze me how often it worked." / 很多的 Galactors。 從不停止使吃驚我它多久工作。"
"Uh huh," Ken grinned and got out of the water, wrapping a towel around himself, "I never said I agreed with it." He walked over to the bed and shook his head over hir, spraying hir with water. Katze squawked and snatched at him, ripping off his towel and using it to dry hirself off again. / " Uh 哼!",肯恩露齒而笑而且離開水,在附近包圍k down on 一條手巾他自己 ",我從不說了我同意它". 他在 hir 之上走到床而且搖頭,用水噴灑 hir 。 Katze 在他瓜瓜地叫鳴而且奪取, 頂帥的在他手巾外而且使用它再一次走開弄乾 hirself。
"Gotcha!" Ken laughed, finding another towel to dry his hair. / "Gotcha"! 肯恩笑, 發現另一條手巾弄乾他的頭髮。
"Bastard," s/he grinned. / "私生子",s/他露齒而笑。
Ken wrapped the damp towel around his waist, "No, my parents were married." / 肯恩在他的腰部周圍包裝潮溼的手巾," 不,我的父母是已婚的" 。
S/he arched hir back with a little groan, "So sure are you." / S/ 他弓形的 hir 以一聲小呻吟回," 如此的當然是你".
"Yes. Cramp?" / "是的。 抽筋?"
"Sore. Always really sore after a Change to male. It's the extra height." / "疼痛的。 總是真的疼痛在對男人的一個改變之後。 它是額外的高度。"
"Want me to rub your back? Would it help?" / "想要我擦你的背部? 它將會幫助嗎?"
"Sure," s/he stretched again and rolled over onto hir belly. / "當然",s/他在 hir 腹之上再一次伸展而且結束捲。
Ken grabbed the massage oil out of the bathroom and hopped up onto the bed beside hir. With gentle, firm strokes he kneaded it in, working out the knots and relaxing the tight muscles. Slowly, hir grunts changed from noises of pain to noises of relaxed pleasure. / 肯恩離開浴室抓取了按摩油而且單腳跳在在 hir 旁邊的床之上上面。 藉由溫和又堅定的筆劃他揉了它在,試算結而且放鬆緊的肌肉。 慢慢地, hir 咕嚕咕嚕聲從痛苦的噪音變成放鬆的快樂噪音。
"Feeling better? Want me to do the rest of you?" / "覺得舒服多了? 想要我做你的其餘者?"
"If you wish. I won't say no." / "如果你願。 我將不說號碼"
Ken smiled and worked down hir legs to hir feet. Flipping hir over, he straddled hir to knead hir abdomen, watching the tension slowly leaving hir face. He finished hir arms and chest then stroked hir face, smoothing the pain out. / 肯恩微笑而且工作下來對 hir 腳的 hir 腿。 結束用指頭彈 hir,他跨立了 hir 揉 hir 腹部,看緊張慢慢地離開 hir 面對。 他完成了手臂和胸然後划尾槳了 hir 臉的 hir, 抹光在外的痛苦。
He was surprised by how changeable it was, how expressive. It was slowly settling into more recognisably masculine lines, with high, sharp cheekbones, a firmer jaw and a sharper nose. Hir lips were still pink and full, golden brows slightly thicker. Hir eyes flicked open, startling him a little, the clear, rich, inhuman blue of sapphires. / 他感到驚訝被它是多麼可改變, 如何表達的。 它慢慢地正在進入更多的 recognisably 之內解決陽性線,藉由高度,銳利的頰骨,一個較堅硬的顎和一個較鮮明的鼻子。 Hir 唇仍然是粉紅的和充滿又金的些微地更厚的眉毛。 Hir 眼睛輕彈開放的, 令人吃驚的他稍微 ,藍寶石的清楚﹐富有的﹐和殘忍藍色。
"Better?" he asked. S/he nodded. "Good. You should get some sleep. / "比較好的"? 他問。 S/他點頭。 "好的。 你應該得到一些睡眠。
You need it." He slid off the bed and opened a drawer, pulling out a pair of pajama bottoms for himself, "You want?" / 你需要它。" 他在床外的 slid 而且打開一個抽屜,拉出一雙睡衣褲為自己根據 ",你想要?"
S/he shook hir head, "I strangle myself. I'm *definately* going to have nightmares tonight," s/he said ruefully. / S/他搖動了 hir 頭,"我勒死我自己。 我是 *明確地* 去今晚有夢魘,"s/他悲傷地說。
"Heh.. Nambu forbade us to sleep naked, in case there was an emergency and we had to go into battle. You shoulda heard the lecture he gave Joe," Ken paused to grin, then stepped into the PJs, "If any one of us *would* have charged naked into battle, it would have been Joe." / "Heh。。 Nambu 禁止了我們睡覺赤裸的, 以防萬一有一件緊急而且我們必須進入戰爭。 你 shoulda 聽到了他給予了喬的演講,"肯恩暫停露齒而笑, 然後進入 PJs 之內踏 ", 如果任何的我們 * 之一將會* 已經指控赤裸的進入戰爭之內,它就會是喬。"
Katze grinned, "Pity. That would have been a sight." S/he slithered between the sheets, rolling onto the far side of the bed. Ken looked at hir for a moment, then shrugged and took to the sofa. He didn't want to impose or seem improper, now that s/he was male. Katze flicked out the light. / Katze 露齒而笑,"遺憾。 那會是視力。"S/他在張之間連走帶跑地滑,在床的遠邊之上滾動。 肯恩看 hir 一會兒,然後聳肩並且喜愛沙發。 他沒有想要強制或似乎不合適, 既然 s/他是男性的。 Katze 輕彈出光。
After half an hour of tossing and turning, Ken got up and sat on the edge of the bed, "Um, Katze?" / 在投擲而且轉的半個小時之後,肯恩起床而且坐在床的邊緣上,"Um,Katze"?
"Mmph?" / "Mmph"?
"Would you mind if I shared the bed? The couch isn't as comfortable as it looks." / "是否我分享了床,你將會介意嗎? 長椅是不像它看一樣的舒服。"
"Mhh.. G'head.. 'll still steal th' sheets.." / "Mhh。。 G'head。。 'll 仍然偷 th'張。。"
Ken chuckled and climbed in next to hir, asleep within minutes. / 肯恩吃吃的笑而且攀登在緊鄰 hir,在數分鐘內熟睡地。
Katze fell asleep and curled into hir customary extra-tiny ball, hir fists clenched and raised over hir head. Presently s/he began to moan, choking on hir own voice. They dreamed. / Katze 進入 hir 之內睡著了而且弄捲習慣的額外之物- 極小的球,hir 拳頭在 hir 頭之上緊握而且抬起。 目前 s/他開始呻吟,在 hir 上的閘喉作用擁有聲音。 他們做夢。
Ken broke into a sweat.. /Joe.. his dear friend.. their last fight, his dying body on the cold, hard ground../ *the Condor's fist plowing into hir.. Brace's dying face.. an announcer fingers hir before a depraved crowd..* /..Katze, laughing and sobbing as the Black Hole machine ground on.. then strung up and exposed crudely.. the hands of the crowd clawing at him, keeping him from rushing to hir side../ *..the Mechanizer explodes and hir mask is ripped away.. the Condor yanks hir to hir feet and s/he is cuffed to a pillory.. Nambu rips hir clothes away, exposing hir secrets..* /..he is being dragged down.. / 肯恩闖入汗。。 /喬。。 他的親愛朋友。。 他們的最後對抗,在寒冷上的他垂死的身體,努力地置於地面。。/*進入 hir 之內用犁耕田 的禿鷹拳頭。。 支柱的垂死臉。。 在墮落的群眾前的廣播員手指 hir。。*/.。Katze, 笑和發出嗚咽聲音如黑色的洞機器置於地面在之上。。 然後捆紮在而且上面照自然狀態暴露。。 在他用爪抓,使他不催促到 hir 邊 的群眾手。。/*.。Mechanizer 爆炸,而且 hir 假面具被撕開離開。。 禿鷹強拉對 hir 腳和 s 的 hir/他被袖口到一個頭手迦。。 Nambu 撕開 hir 衣服之遠,暴露 hir 秘密。。*/.。他正在被拖垮。。
down into their madness, he can see Katze shot because he wasn't fast enough, he can see Joe's accusing eyes, mocking him, condemning him as he comforts the soft female in his arms../ *..Gatchaman penetrating hir and he's good, so good s/he enjoys him immensely in spite of hirself and is ashamed, so ashamed of hir enjoyment..* /..Katze dies again and again, torn open by the crowd.. the little girl is raped by a line of men.. Joe sneers and Nambu disapproves and Anderson throws him out of the UN meeting.. Katze, broken and torn, holding a dead child who looks just like hir, blaming him.. / *..s/he is making love and its so good, like nothing s/he's ever experienced.. "you're in pain.. I wish I could help you"..* */..and Soosai X laughs and laughs and laughs.../* / 墬落因為他不是夠快速的,所以進入他們的瘋狂之內,他能看見被射擊的 Katze,當他安慰他的手臂軟女性的時候,他能看見喬責備眼睛,嘲弄他, 譴責他。。/*.。敏銳的 hir 的 Gatchaman 和他是好又如此好 s/他無限地儘管 hirself 享受他而且對 hir 享樂是慚愧的, 如此慚愧。。*/.。Katze 一次又一次死,被群眾撕開開放的。。 小女孩被一條男人的線掠奪。。 喬嘲笑,而且 Nambu 不贊成,而且安德遜聯合國會議把他趕出去。。 Katze,打破而且撕開,捉住一個只是看同類 hir 的死孩子,責備他。。 /*.。s/ 他正在作愛和它的如此好,同類沒事 s/他曾經被經歷。。 "你是痛苦的。。 我願我可以幫助你".。* */.。而且 Soosai X 笑了又笑而且笑。。。/*
Katze jerked awake, crying out incoherantly. Ken's wide eyes stared into hirs, "Katze?" / 被痙攣的 Katze 喚醒, 大叫 incoherantly。 肯恩的寬眼睛進入 hirs 之內注視,"Katze"?
"Ken.." / "肯恩。。"
He opened his arms and s/he fell into them with a little cry. / 他用小哭聲打開他的手臂和 s/ 他跌入他們。
Ken held hir tightly, stroking hir hair, as much to comfort him as hir. / 肯恩緊緊地拿著了 hir,划尾槳 hir 頭髮, 如很多安慰他如 hir。
They were both shaking. "Was it bad?" he asked. S/he nodded. "I know.. I know.. Me too. Do you want to talk about it?" / 他們兩個正在搖動。 " 它很壞"? 他問。 S/他點頭。 "我知道。。 我知道。。 我,也。 你想要談論它?"
S/he was silent for a few moments. "You'll.. laugh?" s/he said doubtfully. / S/他沈默數片刻。 "你決意。。 笑?"s/他可疑地說。
Ken shifted down into the pillows, drawing hir down, "No." S/he told him. He held hir tightly to him, letting hir burrow into his chest, weeping silently. His own tears flowed as he told hir about his own nightmare. "We knew it'd be bad," he whispered finally, "But how can you prepare for that.." S/he shook hir head, hugging him hard. Ken stroked hir hair, slowly slipping into a dreamless sleep. / 肯恩進入枕頭之內改變下來,把 hir 畫下來,"號碼" S/他告訴了他。 他緊緊地對他拿著了 hir,讓 hir 進入他的胸之內掘洞穴,默默地哭泣。 當他告訴了關於他自己的夢魘 hir 的時候,他自己的淚滴流動。 " 我們知道,它將會很壞",他最後耳語 ",但是你如何能準備那。。"S/他搖動了 hir 頭,努力地擁抱他。 肯恩划尾槳了 hir 頭髮,慢慢地進入無夢的睡眠之內滑倒。

..to be continued... / 。。被繼續。。。

Time Squared part 3: The Puppet Masters, by Ennien Ashbrook and Kat Boykin, / 時間一致了第 3 部份: 傀儡征服,藉著 Ennien Ashbrook 和阿拉伯茶 Boykin,
(Harlock) contains coarse language, violence and innuendo. / (Harlock)包含粗糙的語言,暴力和諷刺。

Time Squared a Gatchaman fanfic by Ennien Ashbrook and Kat Boykin (Harlock) thanks to Alara Rogers and "Marionette" for the keyword and the concept of Berg Katze's being programmed. / 時間對於關鍵字和冰山 Katze's 被規劃的觀念對 Alara 羅傑和 "木" 藉著 Ennien Ashbrook 和阿拉伯茶 Boykin(Harlock) 一致了 Gatchaman fanfic 謝謝。
Part 3: The Puppet Masters / 第 3 部份: 傀儡征服

The sun filtered through a gap in the lavish curtains covering the windows. Ken made a noise and tried to raise his arm to shield his eyes. It wouldn't move and he opened his eyes to see what was preventing it. Berg Katze lay partially across him, hir head on his chest, legs tangled up with his, one arm looped around his waist. Hir grip was tight and desperate. / 太陽過濾過包含的窗戶 的大方帳一個縫隙。 肯恩製造了噪音而且試著升起他的手臂遮蔽他的眼睛。 它將不移動,而且他打開了他的眼睛看見正在避免它的東西。 冰山 Katze 橫過部份地放置他,hir 在他的胸上前進, 腿使纏結在由於上面他的,一隻手臂在他的腰部周圍成環。 Hir 緊握是緊的和絕望的。
Ken shifted under hir, looking hir up and down and smiling silently at the spill of golden locks across both of them. With a gentle hand, he touched hir forehead, pulling the mass from hir face and tucking it behind one ear. S/he whimpered, but didn't wake. / 肯恩在 hir 之下改變,上下地看 hir 而且越過他們兩個在金鎖的溢出默默地微笑。 藉由一隻溫和的手,他碰到了 hir 前額,拉來自 hir 臉的大眾而且打橫褶在一隻耳朵後面的它。 S/他嗚咽, 但是沒有叫醒。
Ken's mind turned back to the events of the past week. He remembered the first night he and Katze had had - he looked down at hir again - No, it wasn't just sex. They had made love. He remembered the warmth and softness of hir, how relieved s/he'd looked. He remembered his last girlfriend, who had walked out on him when he'd tried to kiss her all over (the one bit he remembered from a surreptitious glance through the Kama Sutra). He'd bored her; Katze hadn't been bored. / 肯恩的心折回到過去的一個星期的事件。 他記得了第一個夜晚他和 Katze 已經有 - 他再一次往下看 hir- 不,它不只是性別。 他們已經作愛。 他記得了 hir 的溫暖和柔和, 如何如釋重負 s/他有看。 他記得了他的最後女朋友, 當他有試著全部結束吻她的時候,女朋友已經在他身上的走。 ( 一點點他經過 Kama 佛經從祕密的一瞥記得) 他已經煩擾她; Katze 沒有被煩擾。
S/he'd seemed intensely interested, as though no one had ever done that before. Perhaps they hadn't, Ken thought. / S/他已經似乎強烈感興趣,好像沒有人以前曾經已經做那。 也許他們不有,肯恩想。
S/he'd let him do other things, too, like taste hir. He'd heard that that was pleasant for girls, but the girlfriends he'd had had thought it was gross: The one who'd let him try it stared at him the whole time, until he stopped, humiliated. Neither of them had reciprocated. Katze had reciprocated. The sensation had shocked Ken so much s/he nearly fell off the bed, laughing. Then s/he resumed, experimented, as curious as a cat to see what he'd make of it all. / S/他也將會讓他做其他的事物,像品嚐 hir 。 他已經聽到那哪一對女孩是愉快的,但是他已經有的女朋友已經想它是總數: 被讓他的 who'd 試它盯著他看整個時間,直到被停止,蒙羞的他。 他們都不已經報答。 Katze 已經報答。 感覺已經震動肯恩這麼多 s/他幾乎從床跌下來,笑。 然後 s/他重新開始,實驗, 像一隻貓一樣的好奇看見他將會它製造所有的。
Later s/he'd told him that that was among the best ways to take care of hir when s/he had a flux. / 稍後 s/ 他有告訴了他,那是在最好的方法之中照顧 hir 當 s/他有了一個流出。
A thought crossed his mind; the feel of hir body against him was different, now. Not as soft, lacking the curves. He looked into hir tense, pale face again and stroked hir arm and shoulders, reaching down hir back. / 一個想法交叉了他的心; 那感覺對抗他的 hir 身體是不同的,現在。 不是如軟的,缺乏的曲線。 他調查 hir 時態, 蒼白的臉再一次而且划尾槳了 hir 手臂而且肩負,伸手拿下 hir 背面。
It occurred to him that s/he had a lot in common with Joe. / 他忽然想起 s/他和喬一樣有很多。
Revenge had motivated both of them, but there were other things, little things. He wondered if s/he liked auto races. / 報仇已經刺激他們兩個, 但是有其他的事物,小事物。 他懷疑是否 s/他喜歡汽車比賽。
S/he was male now, and said that the fluxes always hit harder when s/he was male. He sighed, still absently stroking hir hair. He'd never thought about having sex with another guy; always thought of himself as straight, really. But if he didn't.. Would s/he come home and scrub hir skin off, the way s/he did when s/he was female? Ken looked again at the pale face. S/he was unmistakeably male now; bishonen and pretty, yes, but male. S/he would. Only the gender had changed, not the warped mind that governed (and was governed by) the body. S/he'd go out, find some floozy to sleep with, come home sick and scrub hirself raw. Ken sighed, his conscience wrestling with his upbringing. / S/他現在是男性的, 而且說流出總是重擊當 s/他是男性的。 他歎息,仍然心不在焉地划尾槳 hir 頭髮。 他有從不想與另一個傢伙性交; 總是把他自己當做直線,真的。 但是如果他沒有。。 將會 s/他走開回家而且用力擦洗 hir 皮膚, 方式 s/ 他做當 s/他是女性的? 肯恩再一次看蒼白的臉。 S/他是無法犯錯男性的現在; bishonen 和漂亮的,是, 但是男人。 S/ 他將會。 只有性別已經改變, 不被弄歪的統治 ( 而且被統治被) 了身體的想法。 S/他將會出去 , 發現一些行為不檢點的女子睡覺由於,回家病人並且用力擦洗 hirself 生的肉。 肯恩歎息,和他的教養他良心摔角。
He thought of Nambu's highly-conservative lectures, comparing them to what he knew of the old Indian philosophies, that said sex was pleasurable for both and not wrong. He sighed; he couldn't let hir do that to hirself. S/he'd suffered enough. Maybe if he talked to hir, s/he could tell him what to expect. / 他高度地想到 Nambu's-保守的演講,比較他們和他知道舊的印度哲學的, 說性別是快樂的對兩者的和不是錯誤。 他歎息; 他無法讓 hir 做那給 hirself 。 S/他有足夠遭受。 也許如果他和 hir 說話,s/他可以告訴他該期待什麼。
A whimper rose from the blonde mess on his chest, catching in hir throat with a slight jerk. Ken was still lost in strange thoughts, wondering just what he'd do if s/he asked him. He looked down at hir, / 嗚咽從在他的胸上白色的雜亂上升,在和一個微小的性情古怪的人 hir 咽喉中捕捉。 肯恩仍然在奇怪的想法中被失去, 覺得奇怪究竟他將會做什麼如果 s/他問了他。 他往下看 hir,
"Ohayo gozaimasu." S/he flinched, startling a little, then looked up at him, blinking slowly. Ken smiled, "Sleep better? Oh, uh.. Do you mind?" he blushed, indicating their wrapped-up cuddle, "I kinda like this," he said sheepishly. / "Ohayo gozaimasu". S/他畏縮, 令人吃驚的稍微 , 然後看在他上面,慢慢地眨眼。 肯恩微笑,"睡覺更多? 哦,uh。。 你介意嗎?"他臉紅,指出他們的綜合報導摟抱 ", 我有一點喜歡這",他羞怯地說。
S/he lay hir head back down on his chest, "I guess not." / S/他在他的胸上下來放置 hir 頭背面,"我猜測不" 。
Ken sighed and flexed under hir, stretching, "It's warm. Always wanted to wake up like this." He yawned, "I'm glad you don't mind too much. I know I'm not your favorite face to wake up to." / 肯恩在 hir 之下歎息而且彎曲,伸展,"它很溫暖。 總是想要像這一樣醒來。"他打哈欠 ", 我很高興你不太多介意。 我知道我不是你的喜歡事物臉醒來到。"
"Your eyes aren't green..." s/he shrugged, "I'll get used to you. It's more that I'm used to seeing you up close through pain." / "你的眼睛不是綠色。。。"s/他聳肩 ",我將習慣於你。 它是更多的我習慣於經過痛苦向上接近地看見你。"
"Green eyes?" Ken asked, perplexed, then went quiet. He couldn't quite believe that he actually did feel bad for beating hir up so much.. but if he'd known then what he knew now.. / "格林注意"? 肯恩問,困惑了,然後變安靜。 他無法相當相信他實際上對打 hir 確實覺得壞向上這麼多。。 但是如果他然後已經知道他現在知道的。。
Did it even happen, after what they'd done? S/he hadn't left / 它甚至發生嗎,在他們已經做什麼? 之後 S/他沒有留下
Ovanon until s/he was fourteen -- the child they'd just rescued was nine (give or take a few; Katze didn't know hir birth date and wasn't *entirely* sure of hir age). Could he continue to condemn hir for what s/he'd done if it didn't happen? / 直到 s/ 他的 Ovanon 是十四 -- 他們剛剛救出的孩子是九 ( 給或拿一些; Katze 沒有知道 hir 出生日期和是不 *完全地*當然 hir 變老). 會他繼續譴責 hir 為什麼 s/如果它沒有發生,他已經做?
Katze sighed, hir breath whiffling across his nipple, causing it to contract and grow erect. "Any more dreahhhhhh..! Don't.. do that!" / 被歎息的 Katze ,橫過他的乳頭 hir 呼吸 whiffling, 導致它縮短而且變直立。 "任何的 dreahhhhhh。。! 不。。 做那!"
Ken gasped. / 肯恩喘氣。
"Huh? Do what? Breathe?" / "哼!? 什麼? 呼吸?"
"No.. uh.. don't.. play with my chest like that.." / "號碼。 uh。。 不。。 和我的胸遊戲喜歡那。。"
Katze put hir head back down, "I guess my voice bothers you more than my face. You hardly ever saw my face." S/he rolled off his chest. / 放 hir 的 Katze 把背面前進下來," 我猜測我的聲音煩擾你超過我的臉。 你曾經剛剛看見我的臉。"S/他走開捲他的胸。
Ken misunderstood. "No.. Katze," he reached for hir, "I.. I like your face... and your voice.." He blushed with shame, realizing that *had* been one of the things that was bothering him, "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to upset you. Your voice is fine." / 肯恩誤解。 "號碼。 Katze,"他及於 hir",我。。 我喜歡你的臉。。。 而且你的聲音。。"他以羞愧臉紅, 了解那 *有*是正在煩擾他的事物之一 ",對不起。 我不是故意要顛覆你。 你的聲音是罰款。"
"It's flat and nasal and I sound like a fag, but I get a sore throat if I use any other voice for long," Katze grimaced. Ken grinned, realizing s/he was caught in a flash of self-loathing of the adolescent kind. He shuffled out of bed and headed into the bathroom. Returning a few minutes later, he paced, trying to think of the right words. / " 它是平坦的和鼻,而且我聽起來像一個吃力的工作一樣, 但是如果我使用任何其他的聲音,我得到一個喉嚨痛為長的",Katze 扮鬼臉。 肯恩露齒而笑,了解 s/他一瞬間自己的被捕捉-青春期的類型非常討厭。 他拖曳離床而且帶領進入浴室。 歸還一些分鐘之後,他踱步, 嘗試想到正確的字。
"Look.. I've.. been thinking.. about you.. about me.. How do I explain this?," he jammed his hands into the pajama bottom pockets, / "神情。。 我有。。 想。。 關於你。。 關於我。。 我如何解釋這?,"他擠他的手進睡衣褲之內底部口袋,
"Look, my head's really messed up, I'll try not to bore you.." / "看,真的弄糟我頭, 我將試不要煩擾你。。"
"That's a switch," Katze quipped. / "那是一個開關",Katze 說諷刺的話。
Ken glared at hir briefly then took a deep breath and resumed pacing, "I.. We were taught things about.. what was right and what was.. / 肯恩然後簡短地在 hir 發眩光作了深的呼吸而且重新開始踱步,"我。。 我們被教關於的事物。。 是正確的和什麼是。。
not right.. but.. I don't think any of it exactly applies here.." / 不是正確。。 但是。。 我不認為它之中的任何一個完全在這裡應用。。"
Katze winced, wondering if s/he were in for another lecture on morals. Just what s/he didn't need, first thing in the morning. / Katze 畏縮, 覺得奇怪如果 s/ 他是在對於在道德上的另一個演講。 究竟什麼 s/他沒有需要,在早晨的第一件事物。
Ken ran a hand through his hair, "I don't know what to do now. / 肯恩跑一隻手穿越他的頭髮,"我不知道該現在做什麼。
I've read some Indian philosophies on," he coughed and cleared his throat, "Uh, sex and all, but uh.. well, we were taught.. uh, by Nambu.. / 我已經讀一些印度的哲學在,之上" 他咳嗽而且清除的他咽喉 ",Uh ,性別和全部 , 但是 uh。。 好吧,我們被教。。 uh,藉著 Nambu。。
well," he blushed, "What we did the other night.. he'd think it was pretty depraved." / 好吧, "他臉紅 ", 什麼我們前幾天晚上做。。 他將會認為它是相當墮落。"
"We had our own theories about Nambu," Katze smirked. / "我們有了關於 Nambu 的我們自己的理論",Katze 嘻嘻做笑。
"Uh yeah well.." Ken swallowed, "When you Change.. your hormones go all out of whack, right? And I imagine it takes some time to get them sorted out again?" / " Uh 是的湧出。。當你改變的時候 "肯恩吞 " 。。 你的荷爾蒙從重擊變所有,對不對? 而且我想像它花數時間再一次使他們分類出?"
"Soo da. By the time they are its time to Change again. You won't like me when I have a natural Change to female," s/he grinned nastily, "I get estrogen poisoning!" / "Soo da。 當他們是再一次改變的它時間的時候。 當我對女性有一個自然改變的時候,你將不喜歡我,"s/ 他污穢地露齒而笑 ",我使雌激素毒害!"
"Right," Ken paced some more, "I can't seem to think straight," he sat down on the edge of the bed, "I.." and jumped up again, "Kuso." / "權利" ,肯恩踱步再多一些 ",我不能似乎筆直地想",他坐在床的邊緣上 ",我。。" 而且跳躍在再一次上面 ",Kuso。"
"Will you quit jumping up and down? You're making me nervous." / "你將離開上下地跳躍嗎? 你正在使我緊張。"
Ken took a really deep breath and started fresh, "Look, I know you may need to.. but see, you're male.. I'm a guy.. You may not even like men.. in the male state.. or that I'm even your type.. and I don't know.. if I could.." he ran a hand through his hair again, agitated, "Am I making any sense at all? / 肯恩最新地作了非常深的呼吸而且開始,"神情, 我知道你可能需要到。。 但是看見,你是男性的。。 我是傢伙。。 你不可能甚至喜歡男人。。 在男性的州中。。 或我甚至是你的類型。。 而且我不知道。。 如果我可以。。"他再一次跑一隻手穿越他的頭髮,使 "搖動, 是我有任何的道理?
Katze was trying very, very hard not to laugh, "Much." Ken sagged in relief. "So what you're saying is..." Katze's eyes twinkled with mischief, "You're afraid you'll get buttfucked." / Katze 正在嘗試非常非常努力地不要笑,"很多". 肯恩在安心方面下垂。 " 如此你正在說什麼是。。。"Katze's 的眼睛以傷害閃爍 ", 你很害怕你將有 buttfucked 。"
"I'd rather you didn't go out and risk getting hur.. NANI??" / " 我將會寧可你沒有出去而且冒著的危險得到 hur 。。 NANI??"
Ken turned BEET purple and Katze nearly died laughing. "Fuck.. Forget I said anything.." Ken stalked into the bathroom and shut the door, humiliated. / 肯恩幾乎轉向了甜菜紫色和 Katze 死笑。 "性交。。 忘記我說了任何事。。"肯恩進入浴室之內悄悄靠近並且關上了門,蒙羞。
"I'm sorry, I'm sorry. Don't get upset," Katze chuckled, "You really like throwing me curve-balls, don't you Gatchaman." / "對不起,對不起。 不要煩亂,"Katze 吃吃的笑 ", 你真的喜歡丟我彎-球, 不你 Gatchaman。"
Ken's voice was muffled by the bathroom door, "It's just as much a curve for me," he opened the door and looked at hir, "It's just as new for me. I just don't want you having to get hurt.. by some thug or something.. then I'd have to kill him and we'd be on the run again." / 肯恩的聲音被浴室門圍裹了," 正如如很多它是一個曲線為我",他打開了門而且看 hir", 它是正如新的為我。 我就是不想要你是必須得到傷害。。 藉著一些宗教性暗殺團員或某事。。 然後我將會必須殺他,而且我們再一次將會是逃跑。"
Katze cocked hir head at him, "Why would you have to kill him?" / Katze 聳立了在他的 hir 頭,"你為什麼將會必須殺他"?
"You've been through enough... don't you think?" Ken dug a hole in the carpet with his toe, "And what am I supposed to do with your younger self if something happened to you?" / "你已經是經過充足。。。 你沒想嗎?"肯恩挖了和他的腳趾地毯的一個洞 " ,而且我被推想什麼和你的年紀較小者做自己的如果某事發生在你身上?"
Katze shrugged, "You're Gatchaman: Protect hir." / Katze 聳肩,"你是 Gatchaman: 保護 hir 。"
"Yeah right, s/he bit me!" Ken snorted. / " 是的權利,s/他咬了我"! 肯恩噴著氣弄響鼻子。
"S/he was terrified! S/he'd just finagled an escape from Ovanon and sold hirself for passage across the Mediterannean. S/he knew the agents were after hir and that they'd caught up. What did you expect hir to do?" / "S/他被驚嚇! S/他有剛剛為通道越過 Mediterannean 欺騙了來自 Ovanon 的逃亡而且賣了 hirself 。 S/ 他認識,代理人是在 hir之後和他們有追趕。 你期待 hir 做什麼?"
"And I don't even know that much about you - about what happened to you or how your body works. What if s/he got sick or hurt and I can't help hir? Then what?" Ken sighed and sank into a chair, "We still don't know much about each other.." / " 而且我不甚至知道更加關於你 - 關於你發生了什麼事,或你的身體如何工作。 什麼如果 s/他不舒服了或傷害,而且我不能幫助 hir? 然後什麼?"肯恩進入一張椅子之內歎息而且沉落 ", 我們仍然不知道很多有關彼此。。"
"Enemies usually don't." / " 敵人通常不".
"Are we enemies?" / " 我們是敵人"?
"You tell me." / "你告訴我" 。
"I don't want to be.." "I have trouble believing your motivation..." / "我不想要當。。" "我已經困擾相信你的動機。。。"
"My motivation? I don't follow," Ken looked puzzled, "Do you think I'd hurt you? Hell, I don't even know if I *can* anymore.." / "我的動機? 我不跟隨,"肯恩看困惑 ",你認為我將會傷害你嗎? 地獄, 我不甚至知道是否我不再的 *罐子*。。"
Katze shook hir head, "While I was at Ovanon, there were a few clients - a very few - who learned what I was, what I could do. They became regular clientele and paid *quite* highly for me. For me to / Katze 搖動了 hir 頭,"當我是在 Ovanon 的時候, 有一些客戶 - 一少許的 - 誰有學問的我是什麼,我可以做什麼。 他們變成一般的訴訟委託人並且支付 *相當*高度地為我。 就我而言到
Change, which they would induce by whatever means pleased them. When I left Ovanon, there were still times when someone would stumble across my secret, with the same result. I spark curiosity." / 改變,他們將會藉著被取悅他們的任何方法引誘那一個。 當我離開了 Ovanon,仍然有某人將會偶然發現我的秘密時代的時候,藉由相同的結果。 我發動好奇心。"
Ken blanched, remembering the ugly scenes of last night, "No. / 肯恩漂白, 記得昨晚的醜陋現場,"號碼
I'd never do that to you." / 我有從不做那給你。"
"But you see, I have trouble believing that. One of my akas was / "但是你看見,我已經困擾相信那。 我的 akas 之一是
El-ahrairah. Do you know that one?" Ken shook his head and Katze continued, "El-ahrairah, Elil-Hrair-Rah, the Prince with the Thousand / El-ahrairah。 你知道那一個嗎?"肯恩搖頭,而且 Katze 繼續 ",El-ahrairah,Elil-Hrair-Rah,有千的王子
Enemies. From Richard Adams' 'Watership Down'." Ken shook his head again; the book wasn't familiar to him. "'All the world will be your enemy, Prince with the Thousand Enemies," Katze quoted, "And whenever they catch you, they will kill you. But first they must catch you, / 敵人。 從理查亞當 'Watership 墬落'."肯恩再一次搖頭; 書對他不是熟悉的。 "'所有的世界將是你的敵人, 王子由於千個敵人",Katze 引述 ",而且無論何時他們捕捉你,他們將殺你。 但是第一他們一定要捕捉你,
Digger, Listener, Runner, Prince with the Swift Warning. Be cunning and full of tricks, and your people shall never be destroyed.'" / 挖掘者,聽者,跑步者,由於迅速的警告王子。 對詭計是狡猾的和充滿的,而且你的民族將從不被破壞。'"
Ken nodded thoughtfully. The words were fitting to the mutant who had so much to hide, so much to fear. "How can we trust each other more?" he asked softly, "We're all we have, now. I don't want to go on hating and not trusting." / 肯恩深思地點頭。 字是適宜的突變異種誰有這麼多藏, 這麼多害怕。 "我們如何能信賴彼此更多"? 他柔和地問," 我們全都是我們有,現在。 我不想要繼續帽子和不信賴。"
Katze sighed deeply, "You're right, that we just have each other. I thought I needed your protection, but I feel almost at home here and it seems you need me more than I need you. But, you're the only other person who knows anything of what went 'before'.. and I really don't want to be the *only* one who knows why I'm doing this." "I *am* a little out of my waters, ne," Ken cringed, "Nambu gave us everything: IDs when we went undercover, money, tools, vehicles, training.. All I know is how to use them, not how to get them." / Katze 深深地歎息," 你是正確的, 我們僅僅有彼此。 我想,我需要了你的保護, 但是我在家這裡幾乎感覺,而且它似乎,你需要我超過我需要你。 但是,你是去了 '以前' 的東西知道任何事的唯一其他的人。。 而且我真的不想要當那 *唯一的* 人知道我為什麼正在做這。" " 我 *是*稍微從我的水域,舊姓的",肯恩畏縮 ",Nambu 給予了我們每件事物: 身份證當我們變秘密的時候,錢,工具,車輛,教育。。 全部我知道是該如何使用他們而不是該如何得到他們。"
"I've been living so long by my wits alone." / "我藉著我的機智獨自地已經住如此的久" 。
"Guess I need to start taking lessons, huh." / " 猜測我需要開始參加課,哼!".
"I've already resolved to start taking lessons from you. And.." s/he stretched and sagged back into the pillows, "Oh.. hell.. if that offer's open, I guess I'll accept it, whatever your real motives are. / " 我已經決定了開始參加課從你。 而且。。"s/他伸展而且下垂返回枕頭 ",哦。。 地獄。。 如果那提議的公開, 我猜測我將接受它,任何的你真正的動機是。
Hell. It's gotta be better than barhopping." S/he blushed, remembering hir dream, "I liked..the other time. That upset me; I really hate sex." "I liked it too." Ken got up and sat on the edge of the bed next to hir, taking hir hand, "Katze.. I won't hurt you. I don't even know how to.. like this.. like we are now." / 地獄。 它是必須比從這家喝到那家更好。"S/他臉紅,記得 hir 夢 ",我喜歡。。另一個定時。 那加深框我; 我真的憎恨性別。" "我也喜歡它" 。 肯恩起床而且坐在床下一個的邊緣上到 hir,帶 hir 傳遞,"Katze。。 我將不傷害你。 我不甚至知道如何到。。 喜歡這。。 相似的我們是現在。"
"That's what I'm afraid of," s/he said softly. / "那是我所害怕的",s/他柔和地說。
"What are you afraid of? That I'll mess up and hurt you somehow?" S/he nodded. Ken looked sad, "I'll try my best not to.. I promise.." / " 你是作什麼的害怕? 哪一我將不知何故弄糟而且傷害你?"S/他點頭。 肯恩看起來很憂愁," 我將盡全力不到。。 我答應。。"
"I'm afraid you'll hurt me unintentionally.. and that it'd be worse than when you were deliberately trying to hurt me." / "恐怕你將無心地傷害我。。 而且它將會是更糟的超過當你正在故意地嘗試傷害我的時候。"
"I'll try," Ken said simply. "By the way.. You said you wanted lessons from me.. In what? What could I possibly teach you? How to fight?" / "我將試",肯恩只是說。 "藉著方法。。 你說了你想要來自我的課。。 在什麼? 我可以可能地教你什麼? 該如何對抗?"
"How....... to trust." / "如何....... 信賴。"
Ken reached out wordlessly and touched hir face. S/he laid hir hand over his and met his eyes. "I'm sorry," he said with a nervous chuckle, "Now what? I'm nervous again.... Do you think I'll ever get over that?" "I hope so." / 肯恩沈默地到達出而且碰到了 hir 臉。 S/ 他放置了 hir 手在他的之上而且遇見了他的眼睛。 "對不起",他以一個緊張的吃吃笑聲說 ", 現在什麼? 我再一次是緊張的.... 你認為我曾經將克服那嗎?" "我這麼希望" 。
"....Teach me?" / "....教我?"
Katze tilted hir head at him, "Teach you what?" / Katze 傾斜了在他的 hir 頭," 教你什麼"?
Ken moved a little closer to hir, "How to get over being so nervous around you." / 肯恩移動稍微比較靠近到 hir,"該如何得到上面的在你周圍如此緊張".
S/he leaned a little closer, "Alright." / S/ 他倚靠稍微比較靠近,"好的".
Ken laced his fingers through hir hair, partially cupping hir cheek. He let his other hand trail across hir shoulders and down one arm, "Your skin is so soft." / 肯恩經過 hir 頭髮結帶子了他的手指,部份地把 hir 頰置於杯內。 他讓橫過 hir 肩的他其他的手蹤跡而且墬落一隻手臂," 你的皮膚是如此軟" 。
Katze snorted, "Its getting rougher. I'll have to find a source for essential oils, get it back into shape.." / Katze 噴著氣弄響鼻子,"它比較粗糙。 我將必須對於必要的油發現一個來源,進入形狀之內把它得到回來。。"
"Oils?" he touched hir chest, along hir collar bones, "Maybe we can find something for my hands, too." / "油"? 他碰到了 hir 胸,沿著衣領去骨的 hir , "也許我們也能為我的手發現某事" 。
"They're very calloused," Katze observed, taking one gently, / " 他們非常變得無情",Katze 觀察,逐漸地帶一,
"Scarred. Like a mechanic's. Do you do a lot of engine work?" / "結疤。 喜歡機械工的。 你做許多引擎工作嗎?"
"Yeah, on my plane and Joe's car. And bashing Galactor heads. / "是的,在我的飛機和喬的汽車上。 而且怒毆 Galactor 頭。
See this?" he pointed to a scar, "Broke all the bones in the back of my hand, hitting a Galactor goon too hard. Collapsed his skull. Had to be in a cast for a while. I've broken open most of my knuckles practicing or fighting with Galactors or Joe.." Ken twisted, pointing to other scars on his body, "This was from an encounter with one of your captains." Katze stroked it lightly with a fingernail. Ken inhaled sharply and pointed to another, "And this one is shrapnel from.. hell, I forgot which mecha it was.." S/he stroked the other one, just as lightly. "And.. you gave me this one.." He shivered as s/he stroked it, then looked closely at hir skin, "You don't have any scars?" / 看見這?"他指向一道疤痕 ",在我的手後面斷掉所有的骨頭,太努力碰撞一個 Galactor 呆子。 倒塌他的頭蓋骨。 必須是在演員陣容方面一陣子。 我已經和 Galactors 或喬打破我的指節練習的公開大部分或對抗。。"肯恩擰,指向在他的身體上的其他疤痕 ",這來自和你的船長之一的一次相會。"Katze 輕輕的以手指甲划尾槳了它。 肯恩銳利地吸入而且指向另外一," 而且這一個是開花彈從。。 地獄,我忘記了它是那一個 mecha 。。"S/ 他划尾槳了另一個, 正如輕輕的。 "而且。。 你給予了我這一個。。" 他打顫當 s/他划尾槳了它, 然後嚴密地在 hir 看皮膚 ",你沒有任何的疤痕?"
"Only on my soul," s/he answered softly, "When I Change, they all heal up and vanish." / "只有在我的靈魂上",s/他柔和地回答 ",當我改變的時候,他們全部痊癒而且消失".
"Neat trick," Ken looked into hir eyes and touched hir chest, over hir heart, "But there are too many here.." / "整潔的詭計",肯恩調查 hir 眼睛和精神失常的 hir 胸,在 hir 心之上 ",但是那裡是太許多在這裡。。"
S/he nodded, looking into his eyes. Ken moved around hir, stretching out and pulling hir down beside him, stroking hir hair and face gently, "Anything you want to talk about?" / S/他點頭,調查他的眼睛。 肯恩在 hir 的周圍移動,在他旁邊伸展出和把 hir 拉下 ,逐漸地划尾槳 hir 頭髮和臉," 任何事你想要談論"?
"Like what?" / " 像什麼"?
"I dunno.. What do you want now? House and picket fence?" / "我不知道。。 你現在想要什麼? 眾議院和樁用籬笆圍住?"
Katze grinned, "No.. Never did want that. I don't know. / Katze 露齒而笑,"號碼。 從不確實想要那。 我不知道。
Everything I did was govorned by Soosai. I don't know what I want." / 我做的每件事物是藉著 Soosai govorned 。 我不知道我所想要的。"
"X's head on a platter?" / "在一個大盤子上的 X's 的頭"?
Katze giggled, "He doesn't have one." / Katze 吃吃地笑,"他沒有一" 。
"A head? Or a platter?" / "一個頭? 或一個大盤子?"
"Both. Neither." S/he flinched as Ken's fingers trailed lightly down hir ribs, accidently hitting hir ticklish spots. / "兩者的。 兩者皆不的。"S/當手指輕輕的追蹤肯恩墬落 hir 肋骨的時候,他畏縮,意外事件碰撞 hir 易倒的地點。
"Hmm? Oh I forgot.. You're ticklish," Ken got an evil grin, / "Hmm? 哦我忘記。。 你是易倒的,"肯恩得到了邪惡的露齒笑,
"C'mere, you..!" / "C'mere,你。。!"
"Oh NO!" / " 哦不"!
"Oh YES!" Ken lunged for hir as s/he lurched backward away from him. S/he grabbed a pillow and thwacked him in self-defense. "Awk! Oi, hey!" He grabbed another pillow and whapped hir. S/he pummelled him back, getting tangled in the blankets. Ken dug around in the sheets for hir, blushing as his fingers encountered different, sometimes unidentifyable, parts of hir anatomy. Suddenly he was engulfed in sheets and trapped, "Ahh! Let me out!" / " 哦是的"! 向後地對 hir 是有肺的如 s/ 他的肯恩突然向一邊傾斜遠離他。 S/他在正當防衛中抓取了一個枕頭而且打他。 "Awk! Oi,嗨!"他抓取了另一個枕頭和 whapped hir 。 S/他把他用拳頭打回來,得到在毛毯中使纏結。 對於 hir 在張中的附近被挖的肯恩 , 臉紅如他的手指遇到不同的, 有時無法識別的,hir 剖析的部份。 突然他在張中被吞沒並且困住,"Ahh! 放出我!"
S/he burrowed up beside him, hair tangled and messy, "Got you, / S/ 他掘洞穴在他旁邊,頭髮使纏結上面和散亂的,"有了你,
Gatchaman!" / Gatchaman!"
Ken thrashed, then thrust his arms up and seized hir, "And I've got you!" He leaned closer to hir, pushing hir hair from hir face. His lips grazed hirs, "Now what are you going to do? You're in my power." / 肯恩打撲, 然後插入他的手臂提高而且抓住了 hir,"而且我已經得到你"! 他倚靠比較靠近的到 hir,推動來自 hir 臉的 hir 頭髮。 他的唇使吃草了 hirs,"現在你將要做什麼? 你在我的力量方面。"
"You keep saying," s/he whispered, hir lips moving against his, / "你繼續說",s/他耳語,hir 反對他的以嘴唇碰移動,
"That that's nothing to fear." / " 哪一什麼也不是害怕".
"I'm more afraid of yours," Ken kissed hir lightly, "Mmm.. I give in. I'm yours." He snaked his arms around hir, pulling hir tightly against him, "Why do you feel so good?" "I don't know." / " 我是更害怕你的",肯恩輕輕的吻了 hir",Mmm。。 我屈服。 我是你的。"他在 hir 的周圍曲折而行他的手臂,緊緊地反對他拉 hir",你為什麼覺得如此好?" "我不知道" 。
"I don't know either," Ken said, kissing hir neck, "I suppose / "我不也知道",肯恩說,吻 hir 擁抱 ",我推想
I'll have to find out why." S/he put hir head back, relaxing. Ken tried to move but was bound by the sheets. He ripped them up and off, billowing them into the air, then pulled them back down over them, / 我將必須發現為什麼。"S/他放 hir 頭背面,放鬆。 肯恩試著移動但是張的範圍。 他撕開他們提高和走開,洶湧他們進空氣之內,然後在他們之上把他們拉回來下來,
"There, that's better. C'mere you.." / "在那裡,那是比較好的。 C'mere 你。。"
S/he slid hir arms around him. He snuggled hir closer, fitting hir body next to his and rested his head against hir shoulder, "Mmm.. I could get used to this." / S/ 他 slid hir 在他周圍武裝。 他緊鄰他的挨近了 hir 比較靠近又適宜的 hir 身體並且休息了對抗 hir 的他頭肩,"Mmm。。 我可以習慣於這。"
"Could you?" / " 可以你"?
"Uh huh.. You're male and all.. but.. I still like the way you feel against me. The taste of your skin," he chuckled briefly, "If only / " Uh 哼!。。 你是男性的和所有的。。 但是。。 我仍然喜歡方法你感覺對抗我。 你的皮膚品嚐,"他簡短地吃吃的笑 ", 如果唯一的
I'd known." / 我已經知道。"
Katze gave a slight grin, "What would you have done?" / Katze 給予了微小的露齒笑," 什麼你將會已經做嗎"?
Ken propped his head up on one hand, "Sorry Nambu, old boy.. but s/he's way more fun than you are," he gave a silly grin and booped hir nose. / 肯恩一方面支持他的頭,"難過的 Nambu ,老男孩。。 但是 s/他是較你為多的樂趣是的方法,"他給予了愚蠢的露齒笑和 booped hir 鼻子。
Katze smiled, "Perhaps I should have ravished you after all." / Katze 微笑,"也許我應該要畢竟強奪你的" 。
"You had your chance, a couple of times." / "你有了你的機會,一些時代" 。
"I know I had my chance. And, there *were* a few times.. Once, I even drugged myself on your behalf." / "我認識我被有我的機會。 並且, 那裡 *是* 數時代。。 一次,我甚至代表你下藥了我自己。"
Ken blinked, astonished, "Really?" S/he nodded. "I.. never really thought anything like that would ever happen to me. 'Course, those suits could've been a little looser.." / 肯恩眨眼,驚訝,"真的"? S/他點頭。 "我。。 從不真的想了任何事相似的哪一曾經將會發生在我身上。 '課程, 那些訴訟 could've 稍微比較寬鬆。。"
Katze shrugged, "Well, it was more to preserve *me* than to preserve you. Once, they brought you to me while I was in the middle of a terrible flux. 'Katze-sama, do you want to question him?' and I was thinking 'No, I want to fuck his brains out, thankyouverymuch, get him out of my sight before I do something I'll regret'." S/he grinned widely while Ken howled with laughter, "I kept having these nightmarish visions of ripping off my uniform and falling across your lap screaming 'take me NOW, Gatchaman!'" / Katze 聳肩,"嗯, 保護是更多的 *我* 超過保護你。 一次,當我在可怕的流出中央中的時候,他們帶你給我。 'Katze-sama,你想要詢問他嗎?' 而且我正在想 '不,我想要在外性交他的腦,在我做我將感到遺憾的某事之前 , thankyouverymuch, 把他趕出我的視力'."S/當肯恩以笑狂吠的時候,他廣泛地露齒而笑 ", 我繼續有這些惡夢般視野頂帥的走開我的統一而且落下過你的膝蓋尖叫 '現在帶我,Gatchaman!'"
"Really?" Ken wiped at his eyes, "I never knew.." "I didn't *intend* for you to know! Or anybody!" / "真的嗎"? 肯恩在他的眼睛擦,"我從不知道。。" " 我沒有 *計劃*讓你知道! 或任何人!"
"Yeah.. I can see how that wouldn't have been a good thing." / "是的。。 我能看見如何哪一不會是一件好事物。"
S/he nodded, "The leader's a nymphomaniac, great.." / S/他點頭,"領袖的 nymphomaniac,大師。。"
Ken laughed again, "But maybe it would have changed things. / 肯恩再一次笑,"但是也許它會改變事物。
'Look what I found, Hakase.. s/he followed me home!'" / ' 神情我所發現的, Hakase。。 s/他跟隨我回家!'"
"Nearly did that with the Condor, once.." / "幾乎對禿鷹做那,一旦。。"
"Oh that would have been interesting," Ken said, then grinned evilly, "I'd love to show up arm in arm and see what they'd do.." He ran a hand across hir chest and tweaked a nipple. / " 哦哪一會是有趣的",肯恩說, 然後邪惡地露齒而笑 ",我將會愛出現手臂的手臂並且看見他們將會做的。。"他跑橫過 hir 胸的一隻手而且扭了一個乳頭。
S/he gasped, then relaxed. "Was actually a fairly miserable life. I couldn't believe it when the Overlord actually ordered me to rape your Shiratori no Jun." / S/他喘氣,然後放鬆。 "實際上是非常悲慘的生活。 當大君主實際上命令了我掠奪你的 Shiratori 沒有六月的時候,我無法相信它。"
Ken blinked, "It did??" / 肯恩眨眼,"它做??"
Katze nodded, "Mind you, it turned out funny enough." / Katze 點頭," 心你, 它把夠好笑的關掉 ".
"Kamisama... Jun would've been... well.. then again, she's tougher than she looked.." / "Kamisama。。。 六月 would've 是。。。 湧出。。 然後再一次,她比她更強硬看。。"
"Pretty good in bed, too." / "床的漂亮好處,也".
"OHH??? What do you know that I don't??" / "OHH??? 你知道我做不什麼??"
Katze grinned nastily and sing-songed, "I'm not tel-ling," then glanced at Ken, "She never told you, then?" / Katze 污穢地露齒而笑而且唱-歌,"我不是電話-鱈",然後注視肯恩 ",她從不告訴了你,然後"?
Ken shook his head, "No." / 肯恩搖頭,"號碼"
"Not even 'I was raped by Galactors'? You *had* to wonder where the bruises came from." / " 不是平坦 '我被 Galactors 掠奪了'? 你 *有* 懷疑瘀傷來自的地方。"
"We get them all the time, between duty and practice. C'mon, out with it -- what did you do to Jun?" "I couldn't do it. I wussed out. Chickened out completely." / "我們始終得到他們,在責任和練習之間。 C'mon, 在外以它 -- 你對六月做什麼?" "我無法做它。 我在外的 wussed。 完全地膽小退出。"
"Oh?" / "哦"?
"But he was going to check, y'see, so I was in a spot.." / "但是他將要檢查,y'see,因此我是在一個地點中。。"
"C'mon, out with it. What happened? I want all the details." / "C'mon, 在外以它。 發生什麼事? 我想要所有的細節。"
Katze covered hir face, laughing and turning pink, "She saw through it." / 正在涵蓋 hir 臉, 笑而且轉粉紅色的 Katze,"她看穿它" 。
"Through what, the fact that you didn't want to rape her?" / " 完成的什麼,你沒有想要掠奪她的事實"?
S/he nodded, still blushing, "I was *so* embarrassed! Here I was supposed to be the tyrranical overlord and I couldn't even rape one helpless girl. I was ready to let her go, let her do her ninja schtick, and make up some excuse to tell the Overlord.. She asked what kind of trouble I'd get into and like a fool I blabbed.." / S/他點頭,仍然臉紅," 我是 *如此*使!困窘 在這裡我應該是 tyrranical 大君主,而且我無法甚至掠奪一個無助的女孩。 我準備好讓她去,讓她做她的擅長日本武士隱身術的 schtick, 而且組成一些藉口告訴大君主。。 她問了我將會進入並且喜歡我洩漏的一個愚人什麼類型的麻煩。。"
"And then?" Ken's grin was threatening to split his face. / "然後"? 肯恩的露齒笑正在恐嚇分離他的臉。
"So she says, well she could be fair, since I was being fair to her, and she'd go along with it if I wouldn't hurt her and I was like / " 因此她說,很好地她可能是公平的, 如果我將不傷害她,而且我是,因為我正在對她作為展覽會,而且她將會配合它像
'Are you out of your mind????'" / '你瘋了嗎????'"
Ken burst out laughing, "Oh god..!! She didn't..!! The vixen!" / 肯恩爆裂出笑," 哦神。。!! 她沒有。。!! 雌狐!"
"She did. Was fun. Took a lot longer than any rape should, and we spent a good hour with the makeup kit after, making her look beaten," / "她做。 是有趣的。 拿很多比任何的搶奪更久,而且我們在以化菾t套之後度過了一個好的小時,使她的神情挨打,"
Katze grinned, "It was actually pretty funny. We had to turn out the lights cuz there was NO way to get around the mask and that damned visor of hers.. Kept smacking into each other, elbowed her in the face by mistake.." / Katze 露齒而笑,"它是實際上相當好笑。 我們必須把光 cuz 關掉沒有方法傳開假面具而且那詛咒了她的面頰。。 進入彼此之內保持咋舌,在錯誤旁邊的臉中用手肘推開她。。"
Ken was doubled over with laughter, "She never mentioned it, not *once*! Even when we thought you might be a woman, she never said word one about it, no 'nope, he's definately a guy' or anything." / 肯恩結束被笑加倍,"她從不提到了它, 不 *一次*! 即使當我們想,你可能是女人, 她從不說了字一關於它, 不 '不,他明確地是傢伙' 或任何事。"
"Presumably because you would have said 'and what makes you so certain'," Katze smirked. / "推測上因為你會說 '和什麼使你如此確定'",Katze 嘻嘻做笑。
Ken sat up, wiping his face with the sheet, "I guess you were too good. She turned me down, twice." / 肯恩熬夜,用張擦拭他的臉,"我猜測你太好。 她拒絕我,兩次。"
"Did she?" Katze said, interested, "I got the impression she liked you. She mentioned you quite a bit." / "做了她"? Katze 說,感興趣,"我得到了她喜歡你的印象。 她相當提到了你一點點。"
"Yeah. I kissed her once and she slapped me. Joe said she was just trying to play hard to get. Then, one New Year's - I think Joe had been spiking my drink - We went out and played in the snow. One thing led to another and we kissed, all tangled up. I.." he scratched his head, blushing, "Tried to cop a feel and suddenly her thighs are around my waist like a vise.. and she ruptured my spleen!" Katze burst out laughing. "She tried to make amends for hurting me but.. after that, I kinda thought it safer to stay away." / "是的。 我吻了她的一次,而且她拍擊了我。 喬說了她正在僅僅嘗試努力地玩得到。 然後, 新年 - 我認為,喬已經是閃燦我的飲料 - 我們在雪中外出而且玩。 一件事物導致被吻的另外一和我們, 全部使纏結在上面。 我。。"他擦了他的頭,臉紅 ", 對警官嘗試一感覺而且突然她的大腿在像一個虎頭鉗一樣的我腰部的周圍。。 而且她使我的脾臟破裂了!"Katze 爆裂出笑。 " 她試著對傷害我作賠償除了之外。。 在那之後,我有一點更安全地想了它離開。"
"She did have strong thighs.." Katze said musingly. / "她確實有強的大腿。。"Katze 沈思地說。
"And that short skirt.. Nambu's only response was that if I was so distracted, then so were the Galactors, but *I* wouldn't *do* anything about it if I caught her!" / " 而且那件短裙子。。 Nambu's 的唯一回應是,如果我是如此心煩意亂,然後 Galactors 也是, 但是 *我* 不將會 *做* 關於它的任何事如果我捕捉了她!"
"Mmm, true 'nuff, there. I'm surprised they never actually tried to rape *you*, to be honest. They'd rape anything. Me included, especially when I was female. I always made sure I had one of my personal entourage hanging around, whenever I went out female. Knowing any violations would be reported to Katze-sama seemed to stop them." / "Mmm, 真實的 '有能力的,在那裡。 我感到驚訝他們從不實際上試著掠奪 *你*, 是誠實的。 他們將會掠奪任何事。 我被包括,尤其我何時是女性的。 我總是確定我有了我的遊蕩 的個人隨從人員之一,無論何時我外出女性。 知道任何的違反將會被報告 Katze-sama 似乎阻止他們。"
"The Overlord would have let them rape you?" / "大君主會使他們掠奪你"?
Katze gave him a funny look, "Who do you suppose put me in / Katze 給予了他好笑的神情," 你推想誰把我放入
Ovanon?" / Ovanon?"
"Bastard." Ken threaded his hand into hir hair, pulling and shifting it so that it fell around them in a curtain. "I still can't quite grasp it.. Anderson.. and Kirkland.. and those others.. How'd they get to where they were? How'd they get elected?" / "私生子". 肯恩穿線於他的手進 hir 頭髮之內, 拉和改變它以便它在帳中在他們周圍跌落。 "我仍然不能相當抓住它。。 安德遜。。 而且 Kirkland。。 而且那些其它。。 How'd 他們到達他們在哪裡? How'd 他們當選?"
"Probably hid it quite well. Nobody knew. That sort of thing has happened all throughout history: Belgium, Trinidad.. It sparked off the civil war when it happened to the United States of America." / "可能相當很好藏了它。 沒有人知道。 那種事物在歷史各處已經發生全部: 比利時,千里達。。 當它發生在美國上的時候,它走開發動內戰。"
"That broke up into Ameris and the Southern Star Union, ne?" / "那進入 Ameris 和南方星之內瓦解聯盟,舊姓的"?
Katze nodded and Ken lay back with a sigh, "I didn't kill him. Left him with proof though; if he got out, if he gets elected this time around, I got a surprise for him." He nuzzled hir gently. / Katze 點頭,而且肯恩向後地以一聲歎息放置,"我沒有殺他。 雖然用證明留下他; 如果他離開,如果他這次在附近當選,我為他得到了意外。"他逐漸地將鼻插入了 hir 。
Katze gazed at him. Strange that s/he felt so comfortable with him, right now. S/he was naked, he wearing only a pair of pajama bottoms. Virtual strangers, yet s/he felt more at ease now than s/he had in a very long time. His eyes weren't green and his complexion was warm Japanese rather than Alban white -- yet his behaviour was evoking a peaceful emotion s/he hadn't felt in more than a year. / Katze 注視他。 奇怪的那 s/立刻他對他感到如此舒服。 S/ 他是赤裸的, 他穿著只有一雙睡衣褲根據。 虛擬的陌生人, 然而 s/他感覺比 s 更現在在安逸 / 他被在非常長的時間內有。 他的眼睛不是綠色,而且他的膚色是溫暖的日本人並非阿爾班白色 -- 仍然他的行為是喚起和平的情緒 s/他在超過一年內沒有感覺。
Ken's mind was a turmoil of emotion. He kept expecting hir to make a move on him and was trying his best to indicate that he was, at the very least, receptive. Not that he didn't like the cuddling or the games -- he did; very definately he did. However, s/he hadn't taken him up on his offer, though s/he had said s/he would. He wondered if s/he were having second thoughts, or if s/he just didn't *need* to yet.. or maybe s/he just didn't really like him that much. S/he always seemed to get wistful whenever he mentioned Joe... / 肯恩的心是情緒的騷動。 他繼續期待 hir 作在他上的一次移動而且正在盡全力指出他在非常最少者, 是善於接納的。 不那他沒有喜歡那個撫抱或比賽 -- 他做; 非常明確地他做。 然而,s/他沒有在他的提議上搭載他, 雖然 s/他已經說 s/他將會。 他懷疑如果 s/他正在有第二個想法, 或如果 s/ 他就是沒有 *需要* 到仍然。。 或也許 s/ 他就是沒有真的喜歡他那麼多。 S/他總是似乎渴望,無論何時他提到了喬。。。
Katze got up from hir snuggling and drew on a robe, then went to peek into the other room. S/he sighed in relief. / 從 hir 挨近被起床並且利用一件寬鬆長袍的 Katze,然後去進入另一個房間之內偷看。 S/他在安心方面歎息。
"What?" Ken whispered softly, "Did you expect hir to be gone?" / "什麼"? 肯恩柔和地耳語,"你期待 hir 不見了嗎"?
S/he nodded, "Yes." / S/他點頭,"是的" 。
He got up and slid and arm around the mutant, "But s/he's still here." S/he nodded. "And we're safe.." S/he nodded again. Ken gazed at the two on the bed. Chiisai-Katze was curled up into a tiny ball against Brace's chest. Brace's arm was around hir. Both were sound sleep. "They're so cute like that. I see the sleeping pattern stuck." / 他起床和在突變異種的周圍 slid 和手臂," 但是 s/他仍然在這裡". S/他點頭。 "而且我們是安全的。。"S/他再一次點頭。 肯恩注視床。 Chiisai-Katze 進入對抗支柱的胸一個極小的球之內被蜷縮而臥。 支柱的手臂在 hir 的周圍。 兩者都是健全的睡眠。 "像那他們是如此可愛。 我看見睡著的典型被附著。"
"I've slept like that for years. I hope s/he'll grow out of it." / "我已經像那一樣長達數年之久睡。 我希望 s/他將戒除它。"
"Do we wake them?" / "我們叫醒他們嗎"?
Katze shook hir head, "No, let them sleep. Let them sleep until they wake, unless we're forced otherwise. S/he hasn't slept in days." / Katze 搖動了 hir 頭,"不,讓他們睡覺。 讓他們睡覺,直到他們叫醒,除非我們否則被強迫。 S/他在數天內沒有睡。"
Ken went back into their room and searched out his clothes, "We need to go shopping, get some decent clothes for all of us." / 肯恩進入他們的房間之內回去並且搜尋出他的衣服,"我們需要去購物,有我們全部的一些相當好的衣服".
"Aa," s/he agreed, closing the other room's door. S/he sat on the edge of the bed and rooted through their stash. "Hmph," s/he grimaced at hir female ID, "Going to need another ID, too. Hand me my clothes." / "Aa",s/他同意,關上另一個房間的門。 S/ 他坐在床的邊緣上而且植根過他們的藏起來。 "Hmph",s/他在 hir 女性身份證扮鬼臉 ", 去也需要另一個身份證。 傳遞我我的衣服。"
Ken hauled out the slinky knit dress and held it up, grinning playfully, "I like this one. Wanna wear this one?" / 被拖出 slinky 的肯恩向上編織服裝而且拿著了它,愛打趣地露齒而笑,"我喜歡這一個。 想要穿著這一個?"
"Wot, go in drag *here*??" / " Wot, 進入累贅 *這裡*??"
Ken giggled and tossed the dress back into its pack, rooting through and finding Katze's jeans and shirt. "The lycra, too." He found the spandex leggings and tossed them out as well. He watched as s/he clothed hirself, strapping hir gun and several blades to hir spandex-covered legs before pulling on hir jeans. The slashes allowed quick and easy access, while the frayed edges concealed the armaments. / 肯恩進入它的包裹之內吃吃地笑而且把服裝投擲回來,植根過而且發現 Katze's 的牛仔褲和襯衫。 "lycra,也". 他也發現了斯潘德克斯彈性纖維綁腿而且投擲出他們。 他在 hir 牛仔褲上拉之前看當做 s/ 他被布料對 hir 斯潘德克斯彈性纖維涵蓋的腿 hirself ,魁偉的 hir 槍和一些刀鋒。 斜線允許了快的和容易的通路而被磨損的邊緣隱藏了軍備。
"You're a street thug," Ken concluded. Katze gave him a dark look but he continued, "You are, aren't you. You're a hood!" / "你是一個街道宗教性暗殺團員",肯恩推論。 Katze 給予了他黑暗的神情,但是他繼續,"你是,不是你。 你是一塊頭巾!"
"Thugs are soldiers. Leaders are cultured, educated and above that sort of petty brawling." / "宗教性暗殺團員是軍人。 領袖被栽培, 教育和在那種瑣碎的爭吵上面。"
Ken's smile was pure victory, "I thought so!! You fought me once and I suspected it then. Why didn't you fight back more often? / 肯恩的微笑是純粹的勝利,"我這麼想!! 你打仗了我一次,而且我當時猜想了它。 你何不向後地更時常對抗?
Was it because of the 'cultured leader' crap?" Katze looked like s/he was about to deck him. "So what'd X do, toss you into Toastmasters, give you speech lessons and make you go to wine'n'cheese parties, but never tossed you into a doojo? He DID!" Ken almost cheered, thrilled at himself for having penetrated another of Katze's secrets, "Well, I'll fix that. You're good, but you could be better, and it'd be good for her to learn as well. I mean, you saw Jun in action: *She* didn't have much to worry about." / 它因為 '有教養的領袖' 擲兩個骰子出現的輸數目嗎?" Katze 看起來像 s/ 他一樣正要裝飾他。 "因此 what'd X 做, 投擲你進 Toastmasters 之內, 給你演講課而且使你去 wine'n'cheese 黨, 但是從不投擲你進 doojo 之內? 他做!"幾乎鼓舞的肯恩,為有在他自己震顫 Katze's 的秘密穿透另外一 ",嗯,我將固定那。 你很好,但是你可能是比較好的,而且它將會讓她很好也學習。 我意謂,你在行動中看見六月: *她* 多沒有煩惱關於。"
"True," Katze grudged. / "真實的",Katze 懷恨。
"What about Brace? You were right about those guards; it was like fighting Joe, and I was sure that one or two of them were *better* than me. Who is Brace, anyways?" / "支撐怎麼樣? 你關於那些守衛是正確地; 它是像對抗喬, 而且我確定,他們中的一或二個是 *比較好的*超過我。 支柱是誰,無論如何?"
Katze smiled wistfully, "He was my Keeper, as you've surmised. / Katze 渴望地微笑,"他是我的監護人,如同你已經推測一樣。
He helped me escape. The way *my* life went, he helped me escape several times. I took him with me when I blew up the dome. We'd been together ever since: Everywhere I went, I insisted that Brace accompany me or I wouldn't cooperate. Soosai finally gave in, figuring maybe I'd be better off. Once it became apparent that I needed an entourage I could trust, he stopped questioning that decision. Brace became my chief-of-staff. I always thought of him as my brother." / 他幫助我逃脫。 方法 *我的*生活去,他好幾次幫助我逃脫。 當我炸毀圓頂的時候,我隨身帶了他。 我們有是由一起至今: 各處我去, 我堅持,支柱陪伴我,否則我將不合作。 Soosai 最後屈服, 也許演算我將會境況更好。 一旦它變成明顯,我需要了一個我可以信賴的隨從人員,他停止詢問那決定。 支柱變成我的幕僚長。 我總是把他當做我的兄弟。"
"What happened to him?" / "他發生了什麼事"?
"Condor got him." / "禿鷹得到了他" 。
Ken winced, not expecting that, "Joe.. killed your brother?" / 肯恩畏縮不期待那,"喬。。 殺你的兄弟?"
Katze nodded. Ken sighed, wondering what Joe would have made of that information. "You said Ovanon bred some of their captives: Is that what accounts for the way they look? The guards and Keepers all looked like you, bishonen and sort of androgynous." / Katze 點頭。 肯恩歎息, 覺得奇怪什麼喬會那資料做。 "你說, Ovanon 飼養了一些他們的俘虜: 是什麼解釋他們看的方式? 守衛和監護人全部看起來像你, bishonen 和類型一樣雌雄同體的。"
"They have - had - a eugenics program going for the Keepers: / " 他們 - 有 -一個去拿監護人 的優生學計畫:
Brace is the offspring of an Icelandic heavyweight and a Japanese woman whose line were sumo wrestlers. He was bred for size, reared on special diets to increase it. He's actually young for a Keeper. Most Keepers aren't put into service until they're fifteen or sixteen." / 支柱是冰島的重量級人物和一相撲摔角選手的日本女人的子孫。 他對於大小被飼養,在特別的飲食上養育增加它。 他實際上對一個監護人是年輕的。 直到他們是十五或十六,大多數的監護人進入服務之內沒被放。"
"...How old is Brace??" / ".。。支柱幾歲??"
"Fourteen." / "十四".
Ken's jaw dropped, "That's all?? He looks full grown! I thought he was a man!" / 肯恩的顎降低,"那是所有的?? 他看起來充滿長大! 我想了他是男人!"
Katze grinned enigmatically, "Not even my Brace was ever a man." / Katze 難解地露齒而笑,"不平坦的我支柱曾經是男人" 。
"What do you mean?" / " 你意謂什麼"?
"You haven't figured it out, have you? They're eunuchs. The guards are castrati, cut before puberty; the Keepers are allowed to go through their adolescent growth spurts before they're cut." / "你沒有理解它,是嗎 ? 他們是太監。 守衛是 castrati,在思春期之前切割; 在他們被減低之前 , 監護人被允許去過他們的青春期的生長衝刺。"
Ken's jaw dropped. That certainly explained the ambiguous faces and odd voices, and the snake-lean slimness of the guards. He shut his face and changed the subject, "Do you want to sneak down to breakfast or order in?" / 肯恩的顎降低。 那確定地解釋了曖昧的臉和奇數的聲音 , 和守衛的蛇- 瘦肉瘦。 他關上了他的臉而且改變了主題," 你想要偷偷地逃走下來到早餐或次序嗎在"?
"Order in. I ate in private a lot. Less embarrassing." / " 命令在。 我私底下非常吃。 比較不令人困窘。"
They looked up as the other door opened. A small, scruffy figure shuffled in, rubbing her eyes blearily. "Well hello," Ken smiled. / 他們看在當另一個門打開上面。 一個小又不整齊的數字拖曳在,眼睛模糊地擦她的眼睛。 "湧出哈囉",肯恩微笑。
"Oh'yo g'zaim's," the child yawned. / "Oh'yo g'zaim's",孩子打哈欠。
"We were just discussing breakfast," Katze said. The child nodded, indicating that she was hungry, too. / "我們正在僅僅討論早餐",Katze 說。 孩子點頭,指出她也很饑餓。
Ken found the room service menu and proferred it, "Order anything you like.. and as much as you want of it." / 肯恩發現房間服務部菜單和 proferred 它,"命令你喜歡的任何事。。 而且如很多當做你它想要。"
She eyed him warily, "I eat a lot." / 她眼的他留心地, "我吃很多" 。
"So does he," Ken jerked his chin at the older Katze. / "他也是",肯恩痙攣了在較舊的 Katze 的他下巴。
"Would you like a hug?" Katze hedged. S/he remembered (foggily) how s/he had felt as a child, but was generally uncomfortable around children. The little one was equally hedgey and eyed hir suspiciously, then shrugged and shuffled over to accept hir embrace, then the two of them decided on breakfast. By the time it had arrived, Brace had also joined them. He had dressed in the only clothes he had, the Kevlar, leather and chainmail garments of a Keeper. / " 你想要一個擁抱"? Katze 圍以樹籬。 S/ 他記得 (霧深地) 如何 s/ 他已經感覺如一個孩子, 但是通常不舒服的在孩子的周圍。 一點點一可疑地相等地是 hedgey 和眼的 hir,然後結束聳肩而且拖曳接受 hir 擁抱,然後他們中的二個選定早餐。 在它已經到達的時間之前,支柱也已經參加他們。 他已經穿他有的唯一衣服,監護人的凱夫拉爾,皮革和 chainmail 衣服。
"Why did you bring him?" the little one asked, "He's just a / "你為什麼帶他"? 一點點一被問," 他僅僅一
Keeper." / 監護人。"
Katze smiled, "You'll understand some day. You don't realize it right now, but he did try to save you last night." / Katze 微笑,"你來日將了解。 你立刻不了解它,但是他確實昨晚試著解救你。"
"He did??" The child swung around to stare at Brace, "But.. / "他做??"孩子在附近搖擺盯著支柱看 ",但是。。
that's against the rules! They paid for me!" / 那是反對規則! 他們支付我的費用!"
Brace blushed deeply, looking ashamed, "She's right. They weren't doing anything they weren't allowed to. I had no right to interfere with them." / 支柱深深地臉紅,看起來慚愧,"她是正確的。 他們沒有在做任何事他們不被允許到。 我沒有權利干擾他們。"
Ken gazed at him, "But what they were doing was wrong, inhuman." / 肯恩注視他," 但是他們正在做的是錯誤的,殘忍的" 。
The eunuch boy looked up at him with huge, soulful eyes and Ken realized he was on the verge of tears, "We're supposed to take care of them - bathe them, make them ready, give them healing - but we're not supposed to.. to.. to *care* about them....?" / 被看的太監男孩在他以極大又充滿精神的眼睛和被了解的肯恩他快要淚滴上面," 我們應該照顧他們 -沐浴他們,使他們準備好, 給他們治癒 -但是我們不被推想到。。 到。。 到 *照料*關於他們....?"
What kind of world was it where a child was ashamed for loving somebody, Ken wondered. He put his arm around the boy's shoulders, / 它是什麼類型的世界一個孩子是慚愧的哪裡對親愛的某人,肯恩懷疑。 他在男孩的肩周圍放他的手臂,
"It's not wrong to care about someone. It's good. You did the right thing, both by helping her to escape and by trying to save her. We're all - " Ken pointed to each of them in turn, "We're like a family now and we can all care about each other." Katze gave him a really weird / "關心某人是不錯誤的。 真是好。 你做了正確的事物, 兩者都藉由幫助她逃脫和藉由嘗試解救她。 所有的我們是 - "肯恩依次指向他們每一個 ", 我們現在像一個家庭,而且我們全部能關心彼此。" Katze 給予了他一非常怪異
Look for that and he blushed, wondering if he'd crossed some line. / 找尋那,而且他臉紅, 覺得奇怪如果他有交叉了一些線。
The little one noticed. "You don't agree with him?" she asked the older Katze. / 一點點一注意。 "你不同意他"? 她問了資深者 Katze 。
"We've................ had our differences," Katze said slowly, / "我們有................ 有了我們的不同,"Katze 說得慢慢,
"We're more like partners. We had our differences, but circumstances have dictated that we behave otherwise. We had to find you, and to do that, we had to be able to rely on each other." / "我們是較相似的合夥人。 我們有了我們的不同,但是環境已經聽寫我們否則行為表現。 我們必須發現你, 和做那,我們必須能夠仰賴彼此。"
"Do you like him?" the child asked, stabbing at another matter. / "你喜歡他嗎"? 孩子問, 刺穿的在另一個事件。
Katze turned and looked at Ken as though seeing him for the first time, "I suppose I do, at that. He is......... interesting." / Katze 轉而且看肯恩好像第一次看見他,"我推想我做,在那。 他是......... 有趣的。"
The child swung her intense sapphire gaze to Ken, "And you?" / 孩子對肯恩搖擺了她的強烈藍寶石注視," 和你"?
Ken blinked and looked from the younger to the elder. With a deep blush he nodded, shaking his hair down over his face and hunching down over his breakfast. Katze did hir best not to fall over laughing. / 肯恩從年紀較小者到年長者眨眼而且看。 與一個深處臉紅他點頭,在他的臉之上把他的頭髮搖動下來而且在他的早餐之上彎腰駝背下來。 Katze 最做 hir 不要從笑跌落。
The little one slid off the bed and went to sit beside Brace, taking his hand. "Brace likes me," she announced defiantly. / 在床外的一點點 slid 而且去在支柱旁邊坐,帶他的手。 "支柱喜歡我",她挑釁地宣佈。
"Of course he likes you. That's why he tried to help you," / "當然他喜歡你。 那是他為什麼試著幫助你,"
Katze returned, "We were discussing going shopping for clothes. Will you come along?" The little one snatched up the last items of food and crammed them into her mouth, nodding. / Katze 歸還,"我們正在討論去為衣服購物。 你將進展嗎?" 一點點一在食物的最後一個項目上面奪取而且塞滿他們進她的嘴之內,點頭的。
Ken smiled, "Still hungry, little one? We can get more when we go out, if you like." / 肯恩微笑,"仍然饑餓, 一點點一? 如果你喜歡,當我們出去的時候,我們能變更多。"
"She's always hungry," Brace smiled fondly. / " 她總是很饑餓",支柱溺愛地微笑。
"That's the other thing," Ken frowned, "We have a name problem here. I can't keep calling you 'little one'," Ken's gaze shifted from the younger Katze to the elder, "And what do I call you?" / "那是另一個事物",肯恩皺眉頭 ",我們在這裡有一個名字問題。 我不能繼續稱你為 '一點點一',"肯恩的注視從較年輕的 Katze 到年長者改變 " ,而且我打電話給你什麼?"
"ID'll read Loki L. Ahrairah," Katze shrugged. / "被讀洛基 L. Ahrairah 的 ID'll",Katze 聳肩。
"Loki.. isn't that.. That's a Norse trickster-demon-god sort of thing, ne? Arrgh, you..!" Katze grinned. Ken shook his head and looked at the younger Katze, "And what about you?" / "洛基。。 那是不。。 那是 Norse 騙子-魔鬼-事物分類的神,舊姓的? Arrgh,你。。!"Katze 露齒而笑。 肯恩搖頭而且看較年輕的 Katze," 和什麼關於你"?
She looked at Brace, who responded, "She's called Nadia." / 她看回應的支柱,"她叫做 Nadia" 。
"Nadia.. That has a nice sound to it," Ken smiled, then stopped, / "Nadia。。 那有對它的一種美好的聲音,"肯恩微笑,然後停止,
"But do you want to hear that, if thats what they called you.. there?" / "但是你想要聽到那嗎, 如果那他們所打電話給了你的。。 在那裡?"
The child shrugged, her eyes full of curiosity. Ken shrugged too, then rooted through his pack again to find a t-shirt that might fit Brace, / 孩子聳肩,她的充滿好奇心的眼睛。 肯恩也聳肩, 然後再一次經過他的包裹植根發現一個可能適合支柱的 T恤,
"Your jeans and boots are fine, but you need different clothes. / "你的牛仔褲和長靴很好,但是你需要不同的衣服。
Anything you like, if it fits, its yours." He checked Katze's nod for confirmation that their finances could handle it, "Anything else you might need?" / 任何事你喜歡, 如果它適合, 它的你。"他為他們的財政可以處理它的證實檢查了 Katze's 的點頭 ", 別的東西你可能需要?"
Brace looked apprehensive, "Do you.. uhm.. we should have.. we need.. um.." / 支柱看起來惴惴不安,"做你。。 uhm。。 我們應該有。。 我們需要。。 um。。"
"What?" / "什麼"?
"...Weapons?" / ".。。武器?"
Ken pointed, "Sure, take your pick from that bag." / 被指出的肯恩,"確信,從那一個袋子任你選擇".
Brace pulled out a few revolvers and chose one, "Uhm.. We should have other things, too.." / 支柱拉出一些連發左輪手槍而且選擇一,"Uhm。。 我們也應該有其他的事物。。"
"Like?" / "喜歡"?
"Stiletto, shuriken, chain, pellets, chemicals.." / "短劍, shuriken ,鏈,圓球,化學藥品。。"
"Hai," Katze nodded, "We'll find a shop." / "Hai",Katze 點頭 ",我們將發現一家商店".
Ken beamed, "C'mon kids -- lets go shopping!" / 有樑的肯恩," C'mon 哄騙 -- 讓去購物!"

"Hmm.. Nope. See the seams? This'll fall apart in no time. / "Hmm。。 不。 看見縫合線? This'll 立刻分別地落下。
Look at this one, this is much better quality." / 看這一個,這是更好的品質。"
Nadia leaned over to look. S/he was munching on a tomato sprinkled with salt and spices, and shopping for clothes with Loki. / Nadia 結束倚靠看。 S/他正在一個為和洛基的衣服與鹽和藥料 , 和購物一起灑的蕃茄上用力咀嚼。
"You sure know a lot about clothes," s/he said, craning hir head to look behind hir. Brace and Ken were in another part of the shop, trying on jeans and such. They had found several items and were paying for them, / "你當然知道很多關於衣服的事",s/他說,craning hir 前進在 hir 後面看。 支柱和肯恩是在商店的另一個部份中, 在牛仔褲上嘗試和如此的。 他們已經發現一些項目並且正在支付他們的費用,
Ken having finally learned to forge the signatures properly. / 學習的最後有 的肯恩適當地偽造簽字。
They emerged into the brilliant sunlight, Loki wearing a sand-washed silk shirt over hir skin-tight, frayed jeans, and Nadia now dressed in loose slacks and a cotton sweater. Brace emerged in a light poet shirt that concealed his weaponry and allowed him free movement without making him sweat like a pig. / 他們進入燦爛的日光之內浮現,穿著在 hir 上的一件沙子洗的絲襯衫 的洛基剝皮-緊的,磨損了牛仔褲,而且 Nadia 現在穿寬鬆的鬆長褲和一件棉花毛衣。 支柱在一件不需要像一頭豬讓他擔心就隱藏了他的武器,而且允許了他自由的運動輕詩人襯衫中浮現。
They entered a weapons shop to acquire armaments while Brace and / 他們進入了一家武器商店獲得軍備當支柱的時候和
Nadia got snacks from the kibbeh stand next door. A moment later, Brace was back, "We've got trouble!" / Nadia 由 kibbeh 臺子隔壁得到小吃。 一片刻之後,支柱回來,"我們已經得到麻煩"!
Ken finished the transaction and he and Loki gathered up the weapons. "Where is Nadia?" he asked, slipping Brace his selections. / 肯恩完成了交易,而且他和洛基在武器上面聚集。 "Nadia 在哪裡"? 他問,滑倒支柱他的選擇。
"Over there, with the snake guy." Ken looked; Nadia had gone into 'hide' mode and had blended in with a crowd of children watching a snake charmer. / "遍及那裡,藉由蛇傢伙". 肯恩看; Nadia 已經進入 '獸皮' 模態並且已經混合在由於看一個蛇魔術師 的很多孩子。
"I see the problem," Loki murmured, "Ken.. there, there and there.. They've spotted hir," s/he sighed, "Here we go again." / "我看見問題",洛基低語 ",肯恩。。 那裡,那裡和在那裡。。 他們已經看見 hir,"s/他歎息 ",再一次我們去這裡了。"
"Go get her. Quietly, like a parent. Brace and I will keep our eyes on them." / " 去得到她。 安靜地,像一個父母。 支柱和我將保存在他們上的我們眼睛。"
The men had started to move towards Nadia, then hung back as / 男人已經開始向 Nadia 移動, 然後吊了背面當做
Loki approached hir. S/he bent down over Nadia and handed hir something, like a daddy giving his daughter a present. S/he took hir hand and lead hir away into the crowds. / 洛基接近了 hir 。 S/他在 Nadia 之上彎下身而且傳遞 hir 某事, 像一個給他的女兒一個禮物 的爸爸。 S/他 hir 之遠進入群眾之內帶了 hir 手和線索。
"I swear, s/he'll be the death of me.." Ken murmured, "Brace, stick close." / "我發誓,s/他將是我的死亡。。"肯恩低語 ",支撐,接近地黏住。"
"They're going after them!" / "他們正在追求他們"!
"Come on!" Ken surged through the crowd, trying to catch Loki's eye. Brace extracted his weapons and slipped them about his person, all the while moving. Ken was surprised: The boy was nearly seven feet tall and weighed easily as much as Ryu, but he was as silent and fleet as Katze hirself. The goons were herding the two mutants towards a blind alley. Loki hissed instructions to Nadia regarding the possibility of them being separated. Abruptly, two goons appeared in front of them. "Shimatta.." Loki hissed. / "發生 "! 肯恩暴漲過群眾, 嘗試引起洛基的注意。 支柱吸取了他的武器而且滑倒了他們隨身攜帶著, 所有的那當移動的時候。 肯恩感到驚訝: 男孩是將近七呎高的而且容易地秤重如很多如 Ryu, 但是他是當做沈默的和如 Katze hirself 的艦隊。 呆子正在聚集對於一條盲目的小路二個突變異種。 洛基關於被分開 的他們可能性發出噓聲了對 Nadia 的指令。 突然地,二個呆子在他們之前出現。 "Shimatta。。"洛基發出噓聲。
Ken slipped up behind one of the rearmost goons and punched him, knocking him out almost instantly. Brace slipped up behind another and sucker-punched him, yanking his head back and slitting his throat. Ken leaped, took out two more, gutting them like deer, fury pounding his blood. This wasn't about stopping the bad guys anymore; this was personal, as personal as the death of his father. / 肯恩在最後的呆子而且之一以拳重擊了他的後面部分上面滑倒,幾乎立即地敲出他。 另外的在後面的部分上面被滑倒的支柱和吸管-以拳重擊了他,強拉他的頭背面而且縱切他的咽喉。 肯恩跳躍,取出另外二個,像鹿毀損他們, 憤怒敲他的血。 這不是關於不再阻止壞傢伙; 這是個人的,像死亡一樣的個人他的父親。
There were sounds of fighting from the blind alley, then two figures sprinted out at breakneck speed. A voice shouted, "Berg Katze, / 從盲目的小路對抗有聲音, 然後二個數字以神速奮力而跑出。 一種聲音呼喊,"冰山 Katze,
Absiviquel!!" / Absiviquel!!"
Both mutants stopped dead, as though their legs had been cut out from under them. They collapsed to the road, their momentum carrying them forward to scrape along the gravel. "Katze..!" Ken gasped. / 兩者的突變異種完全地停止,好像從在他們之下他們的腿已經被切割出。 他們倒塌到道路,他們的攜帶他們的動力轉寄沿著碎石刮掉。 "Katze。。!"肯恩喘氣。
There was a rather puzzled-looking official person in the alley, wondering why *both* people had dropped. His voice and face nagged Ken as familiar. He knelt beside Nadia, "Berg Katze: You will forget this incident. You will forget these people. You will forget that your shelter was des--*" / 那裡是一寧可困惑-看小路的官方人, 覺得奇怪為什麼 *兩者的*人們已經降低。 他的聲音和臉不斷地嘮叨惱人了肯恩如熟悉的。 他在 Nadia 旁邊的 knelt,"冰山 Katze: 你將忘記這一個事件。 你將忘記這些人。 你將忘記你的庇護所是 des--*"
"THE FUCK SHE WILL!" Ken screamed, knocking the guy back in mid-command. "Bastard! What have you done to them?!" Ken pummeled the guy's face repeatedly, trying to make him break. The man gurgled, his face a bloody ruin. "Shimatta..!" Ken blinked, surprised at his own rage. He hauled up the barely-conscious man and dragged him back to where Loki and Nadia lay sprawled in the dirt. / " 那性交她決意"! 肯恩尖叫, 把傢伙敲回來在-之中指令。 "私生子! 你已經對他們做什麼?!"肯恩重複地用拳頭打了傢伙的臉, 嘗試使他打破。 男人流動且發出如倒水的聲音, 他的臉血腥的毀滅。 "Shimatta。。!"肯恩眨眼,在他自己的憤怒吃驚。 他拖在那上面幾乎- 有意識的男人而且把他拖拉回在洛基和 Nadia 在污垢放置擴展的地方。
"So that's what they were doing," Brace breathed, astonished, / " 以便是他們所正在做的",無聲的,驚訝的支柱,
"Her memory was weird. Sometimes she'd forget things, whole blocks of time, like where she was before they brought her to Ovanon - she doesn't know that. They must have been doing this to her.. but why is Loki out, too? Look at him, his face is the same!" / "她的記憶是怪異的。 有時她將會忘記事物,整個範圍的時間, 像在他們帶她去 Ovanon 之前 , 她在哪裡 - 她不知道那。 他們一定曾經做這給她。。 但是為什麼洛基在外,也? 看他, 他的臉是相同的!"
Ken passed his hand over Loki's eyes, covering the top half of his face: Sure enough, the expression that was left was all too familiar. He'd never before seen the eyes that went with the slack-jawed, shattered, terrified look. He stared down at the mess of a man in his grip, realizing that he had died. "Shimatta," he cursed, then looked closer: He mentally aged the face, finally placing the voice as belonging to the captain of that armadillo mecha, Finger. He threw the body down. "There was a word.. he said it. Abys.. absee.. / 肯恩通過了在洛基的眼睛上的他手,包含的頂尖人一半的他臉: 當然足夠,被留下的表達是全部都太熟悉了。 他有從不在看到和發呆者去的眼睛,打碎,驚嚇神情之前。 他在他的緊握一個男人的一團亂注視下來,了解他已經死。 "Shimatta",他詛咒,然後變得比較靠近: 心理上年老臉的他, 最後放置聲音當做屬於那犰狳 mecha ,手指的船長。 他把身體丟下來。 "有一個字。。 他說了它。 Abys。。 absee。。
Absivicle..? / Absivicle。。?
"I think it was 'absiviquel'.." / "我認為它是 'absiviquel' 。。"
Ken nodded and sent up a silent prayer, "Berg Katze .... / 肯恩點頭並且送上一個沈默的祈禱," 冰山 Katze....
Absiviquel." A tremor ran through both of them. "It worked," Ken gasped, then gently picked up Nadia, hugging Loki close, "Are you both all right?" / Absiviquel。"一個震動跑過他們兩個。 "它工作",肯恩喘氣,然後逐漸地拾起 Nadia,擁抱洛基結束 ",是你倆都所有的權利"?
"Wh.. whuh...?" / "Wh。。 whuh。。。?"
"This guy.. I think its Captain Finger.. He said a word and the two of you dropped like stone." / "這一個傢伙。。 我想它的船長手指。。 他說了一個字和你中的二個降低了相似的石頭。"
Nadia began to cry, getting angry at hirself for hir weakness. / Nadia 開始哭,為 hir 弱點在 hirself 變生氣。
Loki blinked at him slowly, "A word?" / 洛基慢慢地在他眨眼,"一個字"?
"Yeah," Ken nodded, trying to soothe Nadia, "He said your name and another word." / "是的",肯恩點頭, 嘗試緩和 Nadia",他說了你的名字和另一個字".
"A word..... They did it with a word...." "I think we've done enough shopping for now," Ken peered at Loki carefully, "Let's get back to the hotel. Brace?" / "一個字..... 他們對一個字做它...." "我認為,我們已經為現在做充足的購物",肯恩小心地凝視洛基 ",讓我們回到旅館。 支柱?"
Brace nodded slowly, staring at Loki. / 支柱點頭得慢慢,盯著洛基看。

At the hotel, Brace took Nadia into their room to treat hir wounds. In the main room, Ken bandaged Loki and ranted, "Kuso, I never saw that one coming.." / 在旅館,支柱拿 Nadia 進他們的房間對待 hir 創傷。 在主要的房間中,肯恩繃帶了洛基而且大聲叫嚷,"Kuso,我從不看見那一個來臨。。"
"Neither did I," s/he responded slowly, "So they used a word.. a keyword..." / "我也沒有 ",s/他回應得慢慢 ",因此他們使用了一個字。。 一個關鍵字。。。"
"Yes. Here," Ken wrote it down as best he could. Katze's face paled as the sound of it echoed in hir mind. He snatched the paper away, swearing. / "是的。 這裡," 肯恩把它寫下來如最好他可以。 當它的聲音在 hir 心中隨聲附和的時候, Katze's 的臉變蒼白。 他奪取報紙之遠,發誓。
"I'm alright" / " 我是好的"
The other door opened. The two children faced them, side by side, with eyes like stone and expressionless faces. / 另一個門打開。 二個孩子面對了他們, 並排, 與眼睛喜歡石頭和無表情的臉。
"But they aren't.." Ken nudged hir. / "但是他們不是。。"肯恩用肘輕推了 hir 。
"Who are you *really*?" Nadia demanded. / " 你是誰 *真的*"? Nadia 要求。
"You said hir name and said the word and *he* responded too," / " 你說了 hir 名字並且說了字和 *他*也回應",
Brace jerked his chin at Loki, "He changed like s/he does, changed sex and healed the same way. You called him Katze then." "I don't think you're 'just like me'," Nadia locked eyes with / 支柱痙攣了在洛基的他下巴," 他改變相似的 s/他做, 改變了性別而且治癒了相同的方法。 你當時稱他為 Katze 。" " 我不認為,你是 '僅僅喜歡我'",Nadia 鎖眼睛
Loki, "I think you *are* me!" / 洛基," 我認為你 *是*我"!
"Soo da," Loki replied in a cool voice. / "Soo da",洛基在一種涼爽的聲音中答覆。
"You are me?" / " 你是我"?
Loki nodded. / 洛基點頭。
Ken sank to one of the chairs and gestured to the sofa, "Why don't we sit. This will take a while." "I didn't think time travel was possible," Nadia drew hir legs up under hir on the couch, "What are you doing *here*?" / 肯恩沉入椅子而且之一作手勢到沙發,"為什麼我們不坐著。 這將花一會兒。" " 我沒有認為,時間旅行是可能的",Nadia 在長椅上的 hir 之下擬訂 hir 腿 ", 你正在做什麼 *這裡*"?
Loki sighed and began at the beginning, telling hir entire life story from its beginning to its almost-end. S/he left nothing out; / 洛基歎息而且開始從最初的地方,從它的開始到它的幾乎告訴 hir 整個的傳記-結束。 S/他遺漏沒事;
Guiseppe, Kai, the programming, the V2 plan, Red Impulse and the fact that s/he bluffed them and they fell for it, Joe, and hir feelings for / Guiseppe , Kai ,規畫, V2 計劃, 紅色衝動和事實 s/ 他嚇唬了他們,而且他們被它,喬和 hir 感覺騙
Kai and Joe. S/he finished up with the accidental time jump and hir decision, upon realizing the date, to try to prevent hir younger self from suffering all of those things. S/he apologized that fate had dumped them *then* instead of earlier, when they might have prevented previous atrocities or what happened to Brace. / Kai 和喬。 S/他以意外的時間跳躍和 hir 決定結束,一了解日期, 試著從蒙受所有的那些事物避免 hir 年紀較小者自己的。 S/ 他道歉,命運已經傾卸他們 *然後* 代替比較早的, 當他們應該可以避免先前的殘暴或什麼碰巧支撐。
Ken sat silently throughout the telling, emotions cold in the pit of his stomach. He looked at the childrens' impassive faces, wondering what they were thinking. / 肯恩在有效者,寒冷的在他胃深坑中的情緒各處默默地坐。 他看孩子的無感情的臉, 覺得奇怪他們正在想什麼。
"So that's why you want to stop Soosai," Nadia said thoughtfully. Loki composed hir face, trying not to look miserable since s/he'd just exposed to everybody what a damned fool s/he'd been. / " 以便是你為什麼想要停止 Soosai",Nadia 深思地說。 洛基組成了 hir 臉, 嘗試不要看起來悲慘因為 s/ 他有對每個人剛剛暴露什麼該死的愚人 s/ 他有是。
Ken got up and silently poured hir a drink. / 肯恩起床並且默默地倒了 hir 一種飲料。
"So.. People tried to tell you, and its not that you wouldn't listen," Brace began, and Nadia finished, "They'd keep using that word and.. reprogram you?" Loki nodded and Ken touched hir shoulder lightly. / "如此。。 人們試著告訴你, 和它的不你將不聽,"支柱開始,而且 Nadia 完成 ", 他們將會繼續使用那一個字和。。 重新規劃你?"洛基點頭,而且肯恩輕輕的碰到了 hir 肩。
Nadia's voice went cold, "How long have they been using it on me?" / Nadia's 的聲音變寒冷,"他們已經在我身上使用它多久"?
"I don't know," Loki said sadly, "I didn't start remembering at all, until Kai." S/he took Ken's hand and gripped it hard. / "我不知道",洛基悲傷地說 ",我沒有全然開始記得,直到 Kai". S/他努力地帶了肯恩的手而且抓緊了它。
Brace looked up at him, "You were enemies? S/he tricked your father into killing himself?" / 支柱看在他上面,"你是敵人? S/他進入殺害他自己之內戲弄了你的父親?"
Ken took a long pull at his drink, then nodded. / 肯恩拿一長的在他飲料拉,然後點頭。
"Sure," Loki added, "He used to beat me up all the time, too." / "當然" ,洛基增加 ", 他過去一直也始終痛打我".
"But now.. He said you were like a family?" / "除了現在之外。。 他說了你像一個家庭?"
Ken's jaw was tight, fighting to keep a lot of emotions from erupting, "Yes." / 肯恩的顎是緊的, 對抗維持來自爆發,"是的" 許多情緒.
Loki looked cryptic, "I think being stuck with each other has a lot to do with that." / 洛基看起來隱秘," 我想與彼此一起附著有很多以那做".
"They say you should apologize when you've done something," / "他們說,當你已經做某事的時候,你應該道歉",
Nadia said uncertainly, "Are you going to apologize?" / Nadia 不確定地說,"你將要道歉嗎"?
Loki shook hir head, "No." / 洛基搖動了 hir 頭, "號碼"
"What?" Ken blinked, "Why not?" / "什麼"? 肯恩眨眼," 為什麼不"?
Loki squeezed his hand lightly, meeting his gaze, "Because in my lifetime, I've seen apologies handed out like bandaids and seldom did anybody mean them. They'd toss off an 'I'm sorry' without really being sorry or regretting anything. / 洛基輕輕的緊握了他的手,遇見他的注視,"因為在我的終生中,我已經看到被傳遞出相似的 bandaids 而且很少做了任何人的道歉低劣的他們。 他們將會走開投擲一 '對不起'沒有真的難過或為任何事感到遺憾。
"I was very proud of tricking Red Impulse and the rest of you: / "我戲弄紅色的衝動和你的其餘者非常驕傲:
It never once occurred to you to wonder what I intended to do with that unmanned missile if he *hadn't* thrown his life away. I was also very proud of destroying the Crescent Coral base. However, those victories are hollow in light of how the Overlord reacted then and how he later abandoned me," s/he turned back to face Nadia, "It's also a sticky point in my partnership with Ken. I will not apologize to Ken until I have figured out why I should. In other words, if I'm ever going to apologize to him, I want it to be one he can accept." / 它從不曾經對你發生懷疑我想要以那個無人操縱的飛彈做的如果他 *不有*丟棄他的生活。 我破壞新月形的珊瑚基礎也非常驕傲。 然而,那些勝利是空的鑒於大君主如何然後反應,而且他如何稍後拋棄了我,"s/他折回面對 Nadia",它也是我的與肯恩的合夥黏黏的點。 我將不對肯恩道歉,直到我已經理解我為什麼應該。 換句話說,如果我曾經將要對他道歉,我想要它是他能接受的一個。"
Ken turned away, his thoughts in turmoil. / 肯恩轉向離開,騷動的他想法。
"If you'd been brought back far enough," Nadia sounded hesitant, / " 假如你是遙遠地足夠回復",Nadia 聽起來遲疑,
"Would you have prevented me from being born?" / "你將會已經阻止我被出生嗎"?
Loki smiled sadly, "I know you; I *am* you. I know how you hate the Changes, how you hate the secrets and the way people treat you when they find out. You'll hate yourself even more when you start puberty.. / 洛基悲傷地微笑,"我認識你; 我 *是*你。 我知道你如何憎恨改變,當他們發現的時候 , 你憎恨人們對待你們的秘密和方式的方式。 你將憎恨你自己甚至更多當你開始思春期的時候。。
when you start having fluxes that turn you into a sex-fiend no better than the animals at Ovanon. Yes, I would have prevented you from being fused into Berg Katze. Prevented your birth? No -- you would have been the twins you were originally supposed to be." / 當你開始有將你變成性別的流出時候- 魔鬼沒有更超過在 Ovanon 的動物。 是的,我會阻止你進入冰山 Katze 之內被融化。 避免你的出生? 不 -- 你會是你本來被推想是的雙胞胎。"
Tears ran down Nadia's face, "When I first saw you.. I thought you were my mother." Hir voice broke, "I wish you were my mother." / 淚滴跑下來 Nadia's 的臉,"當我最初看見你的時候。。 我想了你是我的母親。"Hir 聲音斷掉 ",我願你是我的母親。"
"We don't have a mother. She was killed after we were born." / "我們沒有一個母親。 在我們出生之後,她被殺。"
"I'm a.. pet? He told me Ovanon was necessary, but.. its not?" / " 我是一。。 寵物? 他告訴了我 Ovanon 是必需的,但是。。 它的不?"
"No. It seems all he was interested in was curiosity as to how much we could take." / " 號碼它似乎他感興趣的全部是好奇心關於我們可以多少拿".
Ken launched his glass at the wall, "Bastard!!" / 肯恩在牆壁發射他的玻璃,"私生子!!"
They stared at him in shock. "Gatchaman?" Loki's voice was low. / 他們在驚嚇中盯著他看。 "Gatchaman"? 洛基的聲音是低點。
"How could they do that to a child...!" / "他們如何可以做那給一個孩子。。。!"
"It's been happening for centuries, Gatchaman. They weren't the first, nor will they be the last." "I know," Ken sobbed, putting his face in his hands, "But it doesn't make it any better. It doesn't make it any less revolting." / "它已經被發生長達數世紀之久了,Gatchaman。 他們不是第一個, 他們也將不會是最後者。" "我知道",肯恩發出嗚咽聲音,把他的臉放入他的手 ",但是它好一點不使它。 它不使它任何比較不背叛。"
Loki's lip twisted into a little smile, "You see why I was so glad not to be human..." Ken looked back at hir, eyes full of pain. / 洛基的唇進入一個小微笑之內擰,"你看見我為什麼是如此高興沒有是人類的。。。"肯恩回看 hir,充滿痛苦的眼睛。
"Did you ever rape anybody?" Nadia asked suddenly. / "你曾經掠奪任何人嗎"? Nadia 突然問。
Loki blushed, "No. I was ordered to, once -- I couldn't do it. / 洛基臉紅,"我被命令到的號碼, 一次 -- 我無法做它。
I chickened out. It turned my stomach, lowering myself like that, acting like the clients.. It was bad enough that I had to have sex in the first place." / 我膽小退出。 它被轉我的胃,降低我自己喜歡那,像客戶行動。。 它夠壞的我必須首先有性行為。"
Nadia frowned, "Do you still have sex? I don't *ever* want to have sex again!" "I know," Loki said softly, "That's what made puberty - and / Nadia 皺眉頭,"你仍然有性行為嗎? 我不再 * 曾經 * 想要有性行為!" "我知道",洛基柔和地說 ", 那是製造了思春期的東西 -和
Guiseppe - so hard." S/he felt Ken move behind hir and place his hands on hir shoulders. "Has Soosai made the contact with you?" / Guiseppe- 如此努力。"S/他感覺了在 hir 和地方後面的肯恩移動在 hir 肩上的他手。 " 有 Soosai 作了與你的接觸"?
"Yes. I worry about that." / "是的。 我關於那煩惱。"
"Well?" / "湧出"?
Nadia hesitated, "Can I... Can I think about this for a while?" / Nadia 猶豫,"第一罐子。。。 我能想這一陣子嗎?"
Loki nodded. / 洛基點頭。
"Contact?" Ken asked softly, "What do you mean?" / "連絡"? 肯恩柔和地問," 你意謂什麼"?
Loki sighed deeply, "Soosai X had a.. telepathic communication with me. He was there in my head all the time. He's in hir head, which is why its dangerous; if he wants to, he can 'listen' to anything s/he sees or hears or even thinks. But, its possible to disturb or break that link: That's what Kai did with me." / 洛基深深地歎息," Soosai X 有一。。 精神感應術的溝通我。 他始終在我的頭中在那裡。 他是在 hir 頭中, 是為什麼它的危險; 如果他想要到, 他能 '聽' 到任何事 s/他看見或聽到或甚至想。 但是, 它的可能擾亂或打破那一個連結: 那是 Kai 所處置我的。"
"So.. it can't link up with you now, just hir?" "I think so, yes," Loki nodded, "I don't 'feel' him in my head anymore. It's.. It's very....." s/he swallowed hard, "It's not there." / "如此。。 它不能連接在現在由於你上面,正直的 hir?" "我這麼認為,是的",洛基點頭 ", 我不 '感覺' 他在我的頭中不再。 它是。。 它是非常....."s/他努力地吞 ",它不在那裡。"
Ken looked into hir eyes, "Its.. lonely? Is that it?" Loki blushed and turned away. Ken leaned down and enfolded hir in his arms. / 肯恩調查 hir 眼睛,"它的。。 孤單的? 那是它嗎?"洛基臉紅而且轉離開。 肯恩倚靠下來而且包裹了他的手臂 hir 。
"If you're me," Nadia said softly, "And I believe you are.. Why do you want to change my life? Then I won't be you anymore. I won't grow up to be you." / " 如果你是我",Nadia 柔和地說 ",而且我相信,你是。。 你為什麼想要改變我的生活? 然後我不再將不是你。 我將不長大是你。"
Loki was trying to hold back tears and turning just about every colour of the spectrum, "Because... I'm a pathetic, overwrought mutant who's so... twisted, s/he doesn't even realize when... when somebody's trying to help." S/he was very near to breaking down. / 洛基差不多正在嘗試維持後面的淚滴和旋轉光譜的每個顏色,"因為。。。 我是悲哀,是如此的過度緊張的突變異種。。。 反常的,s/ 他不甚至了解何時。。。 當某人嘗試幫助。"S/他對壓倒是非常近的。
Ken moved around to perch on the arm of hir chair, where he could slide his arms around hir more easily. "Most people say they'd like to go back and do things over, knowing what they learned. S/he got that chance and this is it." "I... I need to think," Nadia said, "The Overlord won't take it well if I just go missing.. He might..... I need to think." S/he took / 肯恩到處移動在 hir 椅子的手臂上棲息,在他更容易可以在 hir 的周圍滑動他的手臂地方。 "大多數的人說他們想要回去而且將事物重做,博學的他們所學習的。 S/他得到了那一個機會,而且這是它。" "我。。。 我需要想,"Nadia 說 ",如果我僅僅不見,大君主將不帶得很好。。 他可能..... 我需要想。"S/他拿
Brace's hand and lead him into the other bedroom, leaving Ken and Loki alone. / 支柱的手而且帶領他進另一個臥室之內,別管肯恩和洛基。
"How are you holding up?" Ken asked hir softly, "You look pretty out of it." / " 你如何握住在"上面? 肯恩柔和地問了 hir,"你它看起來相當外面" 。
"I am out of it." / "我超出它" 。
Ken took hir hand and led hir to sit next to him on the couch. / 肯恩帶 hir 然後傳遞而且領導 hir 在長椅上對他坐。
Wrapping his arms around hir, he drew hir down against him, "It's okay, / 在 hir 的周圍包圍k down on 他的手臂,他把 hir 拉下來對抗他," 它是好,
I'm here. Let go." / 我在這裡。 讓去。"
Katze tried, but could no longer hold back the flood of emotions. Ken leaned back, rubbing hir back, whispering soothingly to hir. Silent tears trickled down his cheeks. Katze wept into Ken's hair for a long time, before finally falling silent. S/he lay against him, listening to his heart beat. / Katze 嘗試, 但是可以不再抑制情緒的洪水。 肯恩向後地倚靠, 把 hir 擦回來,撫慰地耳語到 hir 。 沈默的淚滴滴流下來他的頰。 Katze 進入肯恩的頭髮之內哭泣有很長的一段時間, 以前最後落下沈默的。 S/他放置對抗他,對他的心打聽。
"You know," Ken said softly, "I don't think I've cried like this since my mother died, years ago." / "你知道",肯恩柔和地說 ", 我不認為我已經像這一樣自從我的母親死 , 數年以前哭".
Katze glanced up at him, "Not even your father?" / Katze 瞥閃在他上面,"不使你的父親相等"?
Ken shook his head, "Not even then. There was too much rage. / 肯恩搖頭," 不是甚至當時。 有太多憤怒。
I cried for him when I was four and not again, not like this. I turned it inside, turned it into rage. I almost cost my team their lives." / 當我是四的時候,我為他哭而且不再一次,不像這。 我轉向了裡面的它,將它變成憤怒。 我幾乎花費我的小組他們的生命。"
Katze settled hir head back onto his chest, "I couldn't cry for / Katze 向後地在他的胸之上安頓了 hir 頭," 我無法哭
Brace; there wasn't time.. and Soosai X erased her before I could cry for Kai." / 支柱; 沒有時間。。 而且在我可以為 Kai 哭之前 , Soosai X 抹掉了她。"
"You loved her, didn't you." S/he nodded. Ken rubbed hir back, / "你愛她,你不沒有嗎". S/他點頭。 肯恩把 hir 擦回來,
"I'm sorry you lost her like that. Did I ever tell you we were listening? Joe and I. We used to listen to Unicorn Progress in the mornings before I did my mail run. We heard it all." He sighed, "I wonder what they would think now.. Kai and Joe..." / "對不起你失去了她的同類那。 我曾經告訴你我們正在聽嗎? 喬和我。 我們過去一直聽到獨角獸在我做了我的郵件奔跑在早晨之前促進。 我們全部聽到了它。"他歎息 ",我懷疑他們現在將會想的。。 Kai 和喬。。。"
"Condor's pretty obvious. Kai? I don't know. She'd want to help, I think. She'd probably want to do her mind work on the younger." / " 禿鷹相當明顯。 Kai? 我不知道。 她將會想要幫助,我想。 她將會可能想要做她的心在年紀較小者上的工作。"
S/he reached for a box of tissues and Ken handed them to hir, / S/他及於一個薄的紗織品的盒子,而且肯恩把他們交給 hir,
"What do you mean that Joe'd be obvious?" / " 你意謂 Joe'd 是明顯的什麼"?
"He'd still want me dead." / "他將會仍然想要我死" 。
Ken sighed heavily, "Maybe. Maybe not, if he knew everything and had a chance to cool out," he grinned, "Maybe after I sat on him for a while." / 肯恩很重地歎息,"也許。 也許不,如果他知道了每件事物而且有了一個機會冷卻出,"他露齒而笑 ", 在我之後也許在他之上坐一陣子。"
"After what he said when you unmasked me?" Katze asked incredulously, then shrugged, "Mind you, I could be wrong. I don't remember that very clearly for some reason. I think Soosai must have erased me, though I can't imagine why." / " 在什麼之後當你脫去假面具了我的時候,他說"? Katze 懷疑地問,然後聳肩," 心你,我可能是錯誤的。 我為一些理由不非常清楚地記得那。 我認為, Soosai 一定曾經抹掉我過, 雖然我不能想像為什麼。"
Ken pondered it, then shrugged and put the problem aside, turning to another problem, "So what do you think little Katze is going to decide?" / 被沉思它的肯恩,然後聳肩而且儲存問題,轉向另一個問題," 如此你認為什麼小 Katze 將要決定"?
"I think s/he already has," Katze replied, burrowing into his hair, "I think s/he's decided s/he believes me, but s/he's right: It'd cause a major problem if s/he just vanished with us." / "我想 s/他已經有",Katze 答覆,進入他的頭髮之內掘洞穴 ",我想 s/他是確定的 s/他相信我, 但是 s/ 他是正確的: 它將會引起一個主要的問題如果 s/他剛剛和我們消失。"
"Shimatta.. I was hoping... well, never mind what I was hoping. / "Shimatta。。 我希望。。。 好吧,不必介意我希望的。
We can still give hir some measure of protection and choice. Could we keep that link open, and maybe with puberty, shut it down? Make X think it was some side effect of the hormones?" / 我們能仍然給 hir 數的衡量保護和選擇。 可以我們維持那連結公開, 和也許以思春期, 關上它墬落? 使 X 認為它是一些荷爾蒙的副作用?"
"That could be," Katze said thoughtfully, "I think s/he was thinking of another problem, too: If s/he vanishes, what if the / "那可能是",Katze 深思地說 ",我想 s/他也正在想到另一個問題: 如果 s/他消失, 什麼如果那
Overlord makes another leader?" / 大君主製造另一位領袖?"
"Hmm. How many of you could it make?" "I don't know. I don't even know if he'd try making another one of me or go on to something different." "*I* just want to blow it to hell and be done with it. I don't want to go into Galactor or have you or hir anywhere near it." / "Hmm。 多少你它可以製造嗎?" "我不知道。 是否他將會試使另外我或之一繼續到不同的東西,我不甚至知道。" "*我*僅僅想要對地獄吹它而且與它一起做。 我不想要進入 Galactor 或有在它附近的你或 hir 任何地方。"
".... Ken?" / ".... 肯恩?"
"Hmm?" / "Hmm"?
"Is that offer still open?" / " 那提議仍然是開放的"?
Ken blushed, "Ohh... that... uh, yeah.." / 肯恩臉紅,"Ohh。。。 那。。。 uh,是的。。"
"You don't have to," s/he shrugged, "It's not *that* bad. I could take care of myself, this time." / " 你不一定要",s/ 他聳肩 ", 它是不 *那*壞的。 這次我可以照顧我自己。"
Ken chuckled, "After everything we've been through today, you're horny." He smiled at hir, running his hands through hir hair. / 被吃吃的笑肯恩," 在每件事物之後我們已經是整今天, 你是角的". 他在 hir 微笑,經過 hir 頭髮跑他的手。
"It's not *my* fault!" / " 它是不 *我的*過失"!
"C'mere," Ken teased, and kissed hir passionately. / "C'mere",肯恩欺負, 而且熱情地吻了 hir 。

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