A Gatchaman fanfic by Cal / Cal 的 Gatchaman fanfic
Idea nicked from Ennien Ashbrook (sorry, Ennien) / 想法從 Ennien Ashbrook 刻痕於 (難過的,Ennien)
All Gatchaman characters copyright Tatsunoko Productions / 所有的 Gatchaman 個性版權 Tatsunoko 製造
Brace Hoffman, Eric Waide and Ceiran Morag Maragorm (Kai) borrowed from Ennien Ashbrook / 支撐 Hoffman,艾力克 Waide 和 Ceiran Morag Maragorm(Kai) 從 Ennien Ashbrook 借


In the bright, but etheric light of a watery white sun, two lithe figures were sprinting with shoulder bags flying over wide meadows to where a creaking, hobbling cart was nearing a painted pole over a stone road that stretched into the distance at either end. Coming to the bordering fence, the foremost of them, rather than stopping to open it, leapt over without breaking his stride, swinging up both legs to one side with a rolling movement of the hips like a professional athlete. He ran to the other side of the road where the pole was and put a hand against it, flinging up the other hand to hail the cart as he stood panting, the half-filled bag hanging straight like a dead thing from the crook of his elbow where the strap had slipped. Some yards behind him, his companion cleared the fence in a similar way, supporting himself with one hand on the fence's top beam, and landed with a grunt. He was older and less lightly dressed than the other one, who wore a tight leather tunic over tan leather leggings, his long hair gathered in a single black braid. Rather than touching the pole, he fell against it, breathing heavily. The small woman driving the cart drew the horses to a halt, grinning widely. / 在明亮者 , 但是水的白色太陽的 etheric 光中,二個柔軟的數字正在以肩奮力而跑裝入袋中飛結束廣泛的草地到在哪裡一作輾軋聲, 阻礙手推車正在近的在一條進入距離之內伸展的石頭道路上的一個描畫的桿在任一結束。 到達作圍牆之疆界,他們的最初者,不願停下來打開它,不打破他的大步結束跳躍, 在到和臀部的一次旋轉運動的邊兩者的腿上面搖擺喜歡一位專業的運動員。 他跑向桿是而且放對抗它的一隻手的道路另一邊,當他站著了喘息,懸掛像來自他的繩已經滑倒的手肘鉤一件死的事物一樣的直線一半裝滿的袋子時候,在另一個上面投傳遞向手推車歡呼。 在他,他的以相似的方式被清除的圍牆朋友後面的一些碼,用在圍牆的頂端上的一隻手支持他自己微笑, 而且以一個咕嚕咕嚕聲登陸。 他是更年長和更少輕輕的穿著勝於另一個他長的頭髮在一條單一黑色的辮子中聚集,穿著了在黃褐色的皮革綁腿上的一件緊的皮革長袍。 不願碰觸桿,他跌落對抗它,很重地呼吸。 駕駛手推車的小女人拉對停止的馬,廣泛地露齒而笑。
"You are always late," she chided the first one, although semantically rendered her sentence would sooner read `unconditionalparticle delayed pronoun second-person-singular-male vocative case indicating slight respect'. He uttered something expressing no respect at all, and she laughed. Yaana was a dignified and imposing figure, invested in addition with the air of mystery that came to people of great height, and his companion was downright icy, but it had been her privilege at every succession of the moons to see their composure break down completely as they pelted across the fields to make it on time for the only public means of transport available to the burg. They always travelled unescorted and unchaperoned, although she doubted anyone would dare lay a finger on them. Moreover, they were not particularly at risk. One was too plain to attract notice, as well as being a qualified Preserver of Justice, while the other was known as a hardened criminal. / " 你總是很遲",她斥責了第一一, 雖然與語意有關地提出她的句子搶先佔有土地之人將會讀嗎延遲代名詞的 unconditionalparticle 第二-人-單數- 男人呼格情形指出微小的敬意'. 他全然沒發出了某事表達敬意,而且她笑。 Yaana 是一個有威嚴的和令人難忘的數字,投資在有走近棒高度的人秘密的空氣附加,而且他的朋友是全然冰,但是它已經在衛星的每連續是她的特權見到他們的鎮靜當他們橫過準時為 burg 能得到的傳送唯一的公眾方法投擲的了領域製造它,完全地壓倒。 他們總是旅行不護衛而且不伴護, 雖然她懷疑任何人將敢放置在他們上的一根手指。 而且,他們不是特別地危險。 一是太簡單而無法吸引注意, 和作為一個正義的合格保存者,當另一個即是一個被變硬的罪犯時候。
"There is always much to do," Yaana said, although a more literal translation would have been `finish-imperfect tense impersonal, plural genitive pronoun-particle many-task' with the echo of a briskly polite vocative. "The new house is to be made for three, four if they all stay together. There's crops to be tended, drains to be laid and a baby to take care of, although mercifully I am spared that particular task. And then there's the case. I see you have a heavy load?" / " 總是有很多的做", Yaana 說, 雖然比較文字的翻譯會是完成- 有缺點的緊張客觀的,複數屬格代名詞-粒子多數-工作'和活潑有禮貌的呼格回聲。 " 新的房子是被有益三, 四如果他們全部一起停留。 有農作物被傾向, 排出溝外被放置和一個嬰兒照顧,雖然仁慈地我被寬恕那件特別的工作。 然後有情形。 我見到你有一個重的負荷?"
"Fortunately for you, or I would have been long past the stop," the driver quipped, and then resumed more seriously: "I've been listening to those axles groan with a worried ear. Next time, I may tell people to save their sendings for a second round. Still, I don't think you'll be the straw that breaks the horse's back." She extended an inviting hand to a free bench at the front of the loaded cart, and the first one mounted. "And I wouldn't make you walk - not after working so hard." / "幸運地為你,或我會是長的過去停止",被說諷刺的話駕駛員, 然後更嚴重重新開始: " 我已經聽到那些輪軸以一隻焦慮的耳朵呻吟。 下次,我可能告訴人為一個第二個回合解救他們的 sendings 。 使, 安靜我不認為你將是打破馬的背面稻草。"她在被裝載的手推車的前面延伸對一張自由的長椅子的一隻引人動心的手, 和第一一裝。 " 而且我將不使你走 -不是在這麼工作之後難".
"I swear I was pounding in a nail not one minute ago," the older one said, wiping back his mane. Both the palm and the back of his hand were scarred, the markings running up his wrist and disappearing into his sleeve. His long face, shaded by a springy forelock of vivid red, was made more sinister by the cuts that scored his cheeks and the black scarf covering his missing eye - the left, the fighting side. Yaana reached a hand to him to help him up. When she was satisfied they were both seated, the driver let out an explosive sound to set the heavy draught horses in motion. Sitting by the side of his companion, Yaana put an arm around him, lowering his voice and changing to a language that was hard and jagged as a magpie's chattering. "Are you all right?" / " 我發誓我一個釘子的敲以前不是分鐘", 資深者一被說,擦拭背面他的鬃毛。 他的手手掌和背面被結疤,在他的手腕上面跑而且進入他的袖之內消失的印記。 被一個生動紅色的有彈力額髮遮蔽的他長臉, 被獲得了他的頰和黑色的圍巾包含的他不見的眼睛切弄得更不吉利的 -左邊,那對抗邊。 Yaana 對他到達了一隻手向上幫助他。 當她是滿意的時候他們兩個坐,駕駛員放出一種易爆發的聲音啟動重的氣流馬。 袖手旁觀他的朋友邊,Yaana 在他周圍放一隻手臂,降低他的聲音而且改變到一種難的和鋸齒形的語言如鵲喋喋不休。 " 你是所有的權利"?
"You know how I feel." / "你知道我如何感覺" 。
"Will you be able to hold out?" / "你將能夠維持嗎"?
"Yes." / "是的".
"I may have to leave tonight. I don't know exactly when, but / "我可能必須今晚離開。 我不完全知道何時,但是
I'll have to fly and leave you at the inn." / 我將必須在旅館飛而且離開你。"
"But you'll be back tomorrow." / "但是你明天將回來" 。
"Of course. They can't continue the hearing without me." / " 當然。 他們沒有我不能繼續聽證會。"
"Then there's nothing to worry about." / " 然後沒有東西煩惱關於".
"I thought you might not want to stay alone in town." / " 我認為,你不可能想要在城鎮中獨自地停留" 。
"I'm not keen on it. But I'm not afraid. I think they're more afraid of me than the other way round," and the scarred face split in a mirthless grin. / "我對它不很熱衷。 但是我不怕。 我我超過另一個方法認為他們是更害怕回合," 和在不快樂的露齒笑中被分離的被結疤的臉。
"True," the younger acknowledged. One pale, unblemished hand folded around the scarred one and squeezed it. "You've done well." / "真實的",年紀較小者承認。 一個柵欄, 無瑕疵的手摺疊在那周圍結疤一而且緊握了它。 "你已經做得好" 。
"Thank you." After a pause, the other added: "So have you." / "謝謝你" 。 在中止之後,另一個補述: "如此有你" 。

Back at the range, a very English-speaking youth was pacing round the yard, causing flightless, downy-feathered fowl to scatter at each step. A small white dog sat watching him with cocked head, then ran along a few paces as if hoping to lessen his burden by sharing it with him. "Where the hell is he??" / 在範圍支持,一個非常說英語的年輕人正在踱步回合碼, 引起不能飛的,絨柔的-羽毛了鳥在每個步驟散佈。 一隻被坐著用聳立的頭看他的小白色的狗, 然後向前跑一些速度好像希望藉由與他分享它減少他的負擔。 "他在哪裡??"
"Stop scaring the chickens," the pretty girl carving wood on the porch said; or maybe she only seemed pretty, through the combination of her platinum-blond hair and wide-eyed, insolent smile. She was a great deal larger than the two shrew-like women sitting beside her, cleaning tack with saddle soap. She laid down the chisel and blew to clear the planks of parings. "He'll teleport if he has to. / "停止驚嚇小雞",雕刻在門廊上的木材漂亮的女孩說; 或經過她白金- 金髮的頭髮和睜大眼睛又粗野的微笑組合也許她只似乎很漂亮。 她常常是比二個像潑婦一樣的女人更大在她旁邊的座位安排,清潔以鞍肥皂以大頭針釘住。 她放下鑿子而且吹清除削皮的厚木板。 " 如果他有,他將利用心靈傳動到。
You know he'll be on time." "I can't understand why we can't just go back to Earth," he said, underscoring his statement with a vehement gesture. The dog came to a stop and sat at his ankles. / 你知道他將準時。" "我不能了解我們為什麼不能僅僅回去地球",他說,用一個激烈的手勢強調他的陳述。 狗停止而且坐在他的腳踝前。
"Believe it or not, this is easier," the girl said simply, continuing to carve decorations in the flat slab. He shrugged and went inside, the small dog following on his heels. The girl cast an eye at the setting sun, tinged orange at the underside. Although it was still light, dusk was approaching, the time when traditionally her kind became active. It would soon be time. / " 信不信由你, 這是比較容易的",女孩只是說, 繼續在平坦的平板中雕刻裝飾。 他聳肩而且進入,在他的腳後跟上跟隨的小狗。 女孩在背景太陽投一個眼睛,在下面微染柑橘。 雖然它仍然是輕的,薄暮正在接近, 時間當傳統地她的類型變成積極的時候。 它將很快是時間。

* * * / ***

Joe chucked his bag on the empty seat beside him and pushed both the / 喬輕叩了在他旁邊的在空座位上的他袋子而且推動兩者的那
"On" buttons, waiting impatiently while the computer ran through the whole rigmarole of startup procedures, virus scanners and security codes. He was alone in the lab, the regular employees having long gone home. Computers had never been a favourite with him, but if he was going to use them, he thought, they'd have done better to give him the old Unix. You would think, he continued his mental monologue, that with internal memory boosted up to ten times that of last century, more and more of the OS functions programmed into EPROM and system speeds soaring up to 200 Mhz and more, computers might actually have become a bit faster. No such chance. Whatever the hardware improvement, the software developers kept right up with it and developed even more ponderous programmes. Today's computers were mammoths, and he bitterly regretted their lack of simplicity, his lack of understanding of their complexity and Nambu's insistence that he brush up on his computer skills. He was no good at this, he told himself. This was Jun's area, maybe Jinpei's... / " ON" 扣住, 不耐煩等候當電腦跑過初創公司程序的整個冗長的廢話,病毒掃描器和安全密碼的時候。 他是孤獨的在實驗室中, 回家的久有一般的職員。 電腦從未和他是一個喜歡的事物,但是如果他將要使用他們,他想,他們有已經更做給他舊的 Unix 。 你將想,他繼續了他心智的獨白, 與內在的記憶上世紀推進了達到十次那, 越來越多的進入 EPROM 和系統之內被規劃的作業系統功能加速上升的達到 200個百萬赫茲而且多,電腦可能更快速地已經實際上變得一點點。 沒有如此的機會。 任何的硬體進步,軟體開發者正確地向上以它保持而且發展了甚至更沈重的計劃。 今天的電腦是長毛象,而且他怨恨地為他們的缺乏單純感到遺憾了, 他的缺乏他們的複雜和 Nambu's 的堅持了解他溫習他的電腦技術。 他擅長這,他告訴了他自己。 這是六月的區域, 也許 Jinpei's。。。
Messages appeared onscreen, leading him to believe some action was needed of him and then disappearing as the computer completed one procedure and went onto another, ignoring him. He hated it. He would have much preferred that the damn thing shut up and keep a blank face until it was ready. How this was going to help him in the war against / 訊息在螢幕上出現, 領導他相信一些行動他被需要然後消失如被完成一個程序而且在另外一之上去的電腦,不理睬他。 他憎恨它。 他將多已經偏愛,非常的事物閉嘴而且保存一個空白的臉,直到它準備好。 這將要如何在對抗幫助他的戰爭中
Galactor he had no idea. Good thing he'd discovered a way of combining business with pleasure; apparently these contraptions and their connections were used for more than scientific research alone. And the fact that he worked on a borrowed machine, to which he had no access until the owners were gone, leaving no one there to spy on him, made it all the easier. / Galactor 他不知道。 他有發現了歡喜地聯合生意的方法好事物; 顯然地這些新發明物和他們的連接獨自地作為多於科學的研究。 而且他處理一部他沒有通路的借來機器直到擁有者不見了的事實, 在那裡離開沒有人偵察他使它成為所有的比較容易。
At that moment, a brief message "Systems load completed" flashed onscreen and his internal monologue was cut short by the instant appearance of the long-awaited Desktop. Eagerly, he clicked on Networks-NetKit-Telnet and typed in the address scribbled on the envelope that he kept his ID pass and lab keycard in to prevent them from becoming grubby with Coke and breadcrumbs. Domestic hygiene wasn't his thing, not when he was used to lying under a car's greasy, grimy underside with his eyes screwed up against the falling bits of mud dislodged by his tinkering. The monitor flashed again and settled into the imitation, at least, of the old familiar Unix screen, scrolling up rapidly as it filled with the initials XAX and the mainframe's login frame. It was a multinational server that predominantly used the Roman alphabet, although he had seen Cyrillic, kana, kanji and even Hindi characters. He had stumbled on it purely by accident, when in a fit of boredom he had opened the Networks menu and started clicking at random. Most of it was restricted, but the particular area where he was headed was a free-for-all chatserver with the nature of an officer's mess, but less formal, and a morbidity of imagery that suited him well. The sysop was strict in flinging out people who disrupted the telnet meets, and it had become his habit to drop in at the end of every week when some of the weirder customers were passing. He gave in the email address of the account, altered with ghost characters to prevent any unauthorized person tracing it or replying to its mails, to gain admission to the public area and, once there, typed in the address of Crossroads and entered his handle and password. Then the screen scrolled up again, showing: / 在那片刻, 一個簡短的訊息 "系統負荷完成" 在螢幕上閃現而且他內在的獨白被期待已久的桌上型的立即外表中斷了。 熱心地,他在網路上按-NetKit- 遠端登入而且在他保持了他的身份證途徑和實驗室 keycard 的信封上被潦草地書寫的住址中打字在阻止他們變成生蛆由於可樂和麵包屑。 國內的衛生保健不是他的事物, 不當他在和他的被振作起來對抗被他做銲鍋匠逐出的泥落下一點點的眼睛汽車的油膩又污穢的下面之下習慣於說謊的時候。 被再一次閃現而且進入模仿之內安頓的監視器,至少,舊的熟悉 Unix 審查, 捲動在快速地當它裝滿起始 XAX 和電腦主機的登錄體格上面。 它是多國的居多使用了羅馬人的字母伺服器,雖然他已經見到 Cyrillic , kana , kanji 和平坦的北印度語個性。 當在厭煩的適宜中他已經打開網路菜單並且隨意開始按的時候他純粹地意外地已經偶然發現它。 它大部份被限制,但是他是印有抬頭的特別區域是一自由的-為-和官員的雜亂個性的所有 chatserver, 但是比較不正式, 和一個非常適合他的肖像病態。 sysop 是嚴厲的在投出打亂了遠端登入會的人方面,而且它已經變得他的習慣偶然造訪在每個星期結束的時候當一些較怪異的消費者正在經過的時候。 他屈服帳戶的電子郵件住址,和鬼個性改變阻止任何的未授權的人追蹤它或答覆它的郵件, 得到到公眾的區域許可和,一旦那裡,在交叉路的住址中打字並且進入了他的柄和密碼。 然後螢幕捲動在再一次上面,成績:

__ You are now at . . . / __你現在是在。 。 。
// \\ !!!!!! !!!!!! !!!!!! !!!!!! !!!!!! / //\\ !!!!!! !!!!!! !!!!!! !!!!!! !!!!!!
|| || !! !! !! !! !! !! !! !! / || || !! !! !! !! !! !! !! !!
||----|| :: :: :: :: :: ::::: ::::: / ||----|| :: :: :: :: :: ::::: :::::
___/ ||____|| \___ :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: / ___/||____||\___ :: :: :: :: :: :: :: ::
//___ // \\ ___\\ ...... .. .. ...... ...... ...... / //___// \\___\\ ...... 。。 。。 ...... ...... ......
(( ___(( ))___ )) / ((___(( ))___))
\\___ \\.____ // ___// !!!!!! !!!!!! ! !!!!!! !!!!!! / \\___\\.____//___// !!!!!! !!!!!! ! !!!!!! !!!!!!
\ || | / !! !! !! !! ! ! !! !! !! / \|| |/ !! !! !! !! ! ! !! !! !!
||---- | :: :: :: :: ::::: :: :: ::::: / ||---- | :: :: :: :: ::::: :: :: :::::
|| | :: :: :: :: .. .. :: :: :: / || | :: :: :: :: 。。 。。 :: :: ::
|| | .. .. ...... .. .. ....... ...... / || | 。。 。。 ...... 。。 。。 ....... ......
|| | /`\ / || | /\
|| | /`\ / || | /\
|| | /`\ / || | /\
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ / ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
A public talker for people of all walks of life / 為各行各業的人一個公眾的說話人

Welcome User 23.58743386.6 / 歡迎使用者 23.58743386.6
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Current date is Wednesday, 29 January 2067 at 12:36pm GMT. / 現在的日期在 12 點是 2067 年一月 29 日星期三:36 pm 格林威治標準時間。
You were last here 6 days, 22 hours, 44 minutes and 42 seconds ago. / 你 6 天在這裡是最後的,22 小時, 44 分鐘和在 42 秒以前。
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.-._.-._.-._.-._.-._.-._.-._.-._.-._.-._.-._.-._.-._.-._.-._.-._.-._ / 。-._.-._.-._.-._.-._.-._.-._.-._.-._.-._.-._.-._.-._.-._.-._.-._.-._
This is the central point of Crossroads, where all paths meet: a stone cross, and four roads leading in opposite directions. Overhead, ravens circle, searching for carrion. Suicides were buried here, and if you look carefully you can see the depressions in the grass where their graves used to be. Tread carefully, lest a hand comes out from the earth to grab you. / 這是交叉路的中央點, 所有的路徑遇見: 一塊石頭交叉, 和相反的方向四條道路帶領。 在高處,大烏鴉包圍,尋找死肉。 自殺在這裡被埋葬, 而且如果你小心地看你們能見到他們的墓穴過去一直的草不景氣是。 小心地踏,以免一隻手脫離地球抓取你。

Exits to : Abyss, Forest, Graveyard, Meadow, Mountain / 出口到 : 深淵,森林,墓地,草地,山
Talkers present : Wicked_Witch of the Highlands / 說話的人禮物 : 高地的 Wicked_Witch
Blow_Monkey Havabanana
Beltane the Holy Fire / 農曆五月一日神聖的火
Codename Blenny a Private Dick |8*) / Codename 黏魚私人的狄克 |8*)

There are 35 messages on the board. / 有在董事會上的 35個訊息。
The topic is: Military Intelligence: a contradiction in terms??? / 主題是: 軍事智力: 術語的矛盾???
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In the interaction screen that had opened above the prompt, he could see his own entrance announced: / 在交互作用中審查那已經打開在提示上面, 他可以見到他自己的入口宣佈:

** SpeedRacer - an Outsider has come to the Crossroads ** / ** SpeedRacer- 一個局外人已經到達交叉路 **

* * * / ***

Blow_Monkey snorts / Blow_Monkey 噴著氣弄響鼻子
Blow_Monkey says: Hi Speedy / Blow_Monkey 說: 嗨快的
** Willy_Wonka the Mad Hatter has come to the Crossroads ** / ** Willy_Wonka 瘋狂的帽子製造者已經到達交叉路 **
Wicked_Witch says TO Willy_Wonka: You're mixing your metaphors / Wicked_Witch 對 Willy_Wonka 說話: 你正在混合你的隱喻
Willy_Wonka says TO Wicked_Witch: Wrong. I'm mixing my kidlit. / Willy_Wonka 對 Wicked_Witch 說話: 錯誤的。 我正在混合我的 kidlit 。
Willy_Wonka claps Speedracer on the back / Willy_Wonka 鼓掌在背面上的 Speedracer
Willy_Wonka says TO SpeedRacer: When are you going to change that .desc of yours? / Willy_Wonka 對 SpeedRacer 說話: 你將要當改變那。你的 desc?
Willy_Wonka says: You're not a newbie any more. / Willy_Wonka 說: 你再不是一個新手。
Codename_Blenny says: Maybe he's ashamed to be named after a tacky show. / Codename_Blenny 說: 也許他有慚愧的依一場發黏的表演命名。
SpeedRacer says: I'm flattered. / SpeedRacer 說: 我被過份誇讚。
Blow_Monkey says: Speaking of people who are named after tacky shows... / Blow_Monkey 說: 說到人依發黏的表演命名。。。
Beltane exclaims: Blenny Splash! / 農曆五月一日大叫: 黏魚濺!
Blow_Monkey says: How do you know it's a he, anyway? / Blow_Monkey 說: 你如何知道,它是一他,無論如何?
Blow_Monkey says: Come to think of it, how do I know you're a she? / Blow_Monkey 說: 來想到它, 我如何知道,你是一她?
Codename_Blenny grins / Codename_Blenny 露齒而笑
Codename_Blenny says TO Blow_Monkey: You'd better hope it / Codename_Blenny 對 Blow_Monkey 說話: 你最好希望它
Beltane says TO Wicked_Witch: No little green men on? / 農曆五月一日對 Wicked_Witch 說話: 沒有小綠色的男人在?之上
Wicked_Witch says: not tonight / Wicked_Witch 說: 不今晚
Wicked_Witch says: not if they value their lives / Wicked_Witch 說: 不如果他們評價他們的生命
Wicked_Witch says: oh, you mean those kind? / Wicked_Witch 說: 表示驚訝,你意謂那些類型?
Wicked_Witch says: they're not green / Wicked_Witch 說: 他們不是綠色
** Suicide_Mission of the Kamikaze Klan has come to the Crossroads ** / ** 神風隊的 Klan 的 Suicide_Mission 已經到達交叉路 **
Suicide_Mission says: Hi all. / Suicide_Mission 說: 嗨所有的。
Beltane says: Still alive, you old bastard? / 農曆五月一日說: 仍然活著, 你舊的私生子?
Suicide_Mission says: Not for long. / Suicide_Mission 說: 不為久。
Blow_Monkey says TO Suicide_Mission: Do I detect a hint of pessimism? / Blow_Monkey 對 Suicide_Mission 說話: 我發現少量的悲觀嗎?
<Codename_Blenny has left Roadsign> / <Codename_Blenny 已經留下 Roadsign>
Suicide_Mission says: Not with what they've got brewing in the vats this time / Suicide_Mission 說: 不以他們已經得到把桶這次的釀造
Willy_Wonka says: Does it look like a squid? / Willy_Wonka 說: 它看起來像一個烏賊一樣嗎?
Wicked_Witch raises her broomstick / Wicked_Witch 舉起她的帚柄
Wicked_Witch exclaims: AHEM! / Wicked_Witch 大叫: 啊咳!
Wicked_Witch says: excuse me, I'm being paged / Wicked_Witch 說: 對不起,我正在被標明的頁數
Beltane says TO Speedracer: So, are you going to stay here and chat with us, or run off to a room by yourself? / 農曆五月一日對 Speedracer 說話: 如此, 是你去在這裡停留並且與我們閒談, 或走開獨自跑到一個房間?
Speedracer says: I don't know yet / Speedracer 說: 我不仍然知道
Speedracer says: depends if Cougar comes in / Speedracer 說: 如果美洲豹進來,靠
Beltane says: You like the old Cougar? / 農曆五月一日說: 你喜歡舊的美洲豹?
Speedracer says: I liked what he did with the soundfile. / Speedracer 說: 我喜歡他處置的 soundfile 。
Beltane says: Isn't it amazing what some people can do with beeps. / 農曆五月一日說: 不是它令人驚異的一些人能以嗶嗶聲做什麼。
Suicide_Mission says: Beeps? Who beeped? / Suicide_Mission 說: 嗶嗶聲? 誰嗶嗶聲?
Willy_Wonka says: Go back to sleep, Sue. / Willy_Wonka 說: 回去睡覺,蘇。
Suicide_Mission says TO Willy_Wonka: You talking to me, Willy Wanker? / Suicide_Mission 對 Willy_Wonka 說話: 你和我說話,用威羅機清理手淫者?
Beltane says TO Suicide_Mission: If you want to fight, take him out to the Hayshack. / 農曆五月一日對 Suicide_Mission 說話: 如果你想要對抗,帶他出去到 Hayshack 。
Blow_Monkey says: Now, now... All that repressed anger... / Blow_Monkey 說: 現在,現在。。。 全部那抑制了忿怒。。。
Blow_Monkey grins / Blow_Monkey 露齒而笑
Suicide_Mission says TO Blow_Monkey: You'd feel some repressed anger if some idiot told you to fly over an army base and take pictures / Suicide_Mission 對 Blow_Monkey 說話: 你將覺得一些抑制了忿怒如果一些白癡告訴了你飛過一個陸軍基地而且照照片
Suicide_Mission says TO Blow_Monkey: and "forgot" to mention their anti-aircraft equipment. / Suicide_Mission 對 Blow_Monkey 說話: 而且 "忘記" 提到他們防空用的儀器。
Beltane says TO Suicide_Mission: Whisper it, Sue. / 農曆五月一日對 Suicide_Mission 說話: 耳語它,蘇。
Beltane says TO Suicide_Mission: We have guests. / 農曆五月一日對 Suicide_Mission 說話: 我們有客人。
Willy_Wonka says TO Suicide_Mission: Our Wiccan could toss you out for that. / Willy_Wonka 對 Suicide_Mission 說話: 我們的 Wiccan 可以為那投擲出你。
Willy_Wonka says: Whoo. / Willy_Wonka 說: Whoo。
Willy_Wonka says: Sue just "whispered" something to me. / Willy_Wonka 說: 蘇剛剛對我 "耳語" 某事。
Wicked_Witch sings "A boy named Sue" / Wicked_Witch 唱 "一個叫做蘇的男孩"
Wicked_Witch says: back / Wicked_Witch 說: 背面
<Suicide_Mission has left Roadsign> / <Suicide_Mission 已經留下 Roadsign>
Harald_Hammer shouts: WHERE THE HELL IS PRIVATE BLIMP???? / Harald_Hammer 呼喊: 私人的軟式小型飛船在哪裡????
Willy_Wonka says: uhoh. / Willy_Wonka 說: uhoh。
Willy_Wonka says: Someone's in trouble. / Willy_Wonka 說: 某人的在麻煩中。
Speedracer says: You all type so fast. / Speedracer 說: 你全部打字如此的快速。
Willy_Wonka says: Fastest typists in the West, m'boy. / Willy_Wonka 說: 西部, m'boy 的最快速的打字員。
Wicked_Witch says: Practice, practice / Wicked_Witch 說: 練習,練習
Wicked_Witch says: sitting in front of a screen all day typing code / Wicked_Witch 說: 整天在一個螢幕之前坐打字密碼
Blow_Monkey says: for a very demanding boss... / Blow_Monkey 說: 對於一個非常要求多的老板。。。
** Crossberry hah! has come to the Crossroads ** / **Crossberry hah! 已經到達交叉路 **
** Nurim_Artiprashankti has come to the Crossroads ** / ** Nurim_Artiprashankti 已經到達交叉路 **
** Bald_Cougar a furless feline has come to the Crossroads ** / ** Bald_Cougar 無毛皮的貓科動物已經到達交叉路 **
** Robin_the_Hood steals from the rich has come to the Crossroads ** / ** Robin_the_Hood 從富有者偷已經到達交叉路 **
Blow_Monkey says: Speak of the devil... / Blow_Monkey 說: 說到魔鬼。。。
Cougar shouts: Smooooooke on the water / 美洲豹呼喊: 在水上的 Smooooooke
Beltane says: Revving up and ready to go, I hear. / 農曆五月一日說: 加速和現金去,我聽到。
Blow_Monkey says: Cougie's a nut. / Blow_Monkey 說: Cougie's 的一個堅果。
Blow_Monkey says: Him and Unicorn Progress. / Blow_Monkey 說: 他和獨角獸進步。
Willy_Wonka says: Whatta couple. / Willy_Wonka 說: Whatta 夫婦。
SpeedRacer says: Him and who? / SpeedRacer 說: 他和誰?
Willy_Wonka says: Tune in to -- wait, I'd better whisper that. / Willy_Wonka 說: 調整頻率到 -- 等候,我最好耳語那。
Wicked_Witch is looking at Willy with pursed lips / Wicked_Witch 正在看有錢包的唇大柳條筐
Bald_Cougar swats Willy with a paw / Bald_Cougar 用手掌用力打下去大柳條筐
Bald_Cougar chases Blowmonkey up a tree / Bald_Cougar 在一棵樹上面追捕 Blowmonkey
Blow_Monkey exclaims: awright awright!!! / Blow_Monkey 大叫: awright awright!!!
Blow_Monkey says: Trees? Here? / Blow_Monkey 說: 樹? 在這裡?
Blow_Monkey peels a banana. / Blow_Monkey 削一根香蕉皮。
<Nurim_Artiprashankti has left Roadsign> / <Nurim_Artiprashankti 已經留下 Roadsign>
<Robin_the_Hood has left Roadsign> / <Robin_the_Hood 已經留下 Roadsign>
Crossberry slaps Beltane on the shoulder / Crossberry 拍擊在肩上的農曆五月一日
Beltane says: Ow. / 農曆五月一日說: 表示突然疼痛所發出之聲。
Bald_Cougar purrs and rubs up against SpeedRacer / Bald_Cougar 姑嚕姑嚕叫而且擦在反對 SpeedRacer上面
SpeedRacer exclaims: Hey! / SpeedRacer 大叫: 嗨!
>> Bald_Cougar whispers to SpeedRacer: Howya been? / >>Bald_Cougar 耳語到 SpeedRacer: Howya 是?
>> SpeedRacer whispers to Bald_Cougar: Sortof okay. life's been a drag / >>SpeedRacer 耳語到 Bald_Cougar: 好的 Sortof。 是一個累贅的生活
Wicked_Witch wonders if maybe Baldy could spare a second for her? / Wicked_Witch 懷疑是否也許 Baldy 可以為她寬恕秒?
Crossberry sets the title to "To Baldly go where No Man has gone / Crossberry 設定名稱到 " 率直地去沒有男人已經去的地方
Before" / 以前"
Bald_Cougar rests head on paws and gazes reflectively at Crossberry / Bald_Cougar 反射地在 Crossberry 休息在手掌和注視上的頭
>> Bald_Cougar whispers to SpeedRacer: Still no luck with missions? / >>Bald_Cougar 耳語到 SpeedRacer: 和任務的仍然沒有運氣?
>> SpeedRacer whispers to Bald_Cougar: The boss stuck me on an ff*ing / >>SpeedRacer 耳語到 Bald_Cougar: 老板在 ff 上附著我*ing
VAXPro and told me I'm not getting off until I know the system unless they bomb Tokyo that is / VAXPro 而且告訴我除非他們轟炸,否則我沒有在離開直到我知道系統東京是
Beltane says: Sorry people, got to log off. Got a shift coming up / 農曆五月一日說: 難過的人, 開始走開伐木。 使變化即將來的增加
Willy_Wonka says TO Beltane: You mean you don't slack on the job like the rest of us? / Willy_Wonka 對農曆五月一日說話: 你意謂你在工作上不鬆懈喜歡我們的其餘者?
>> Bald_Cougar whispers to SpeedRacer: Give me your ID and squad number and I'll see about getting you some of the action. / >>Bald_Cougar 耳語到 SpeedRacer: 給我你的身份證和小隊數字,而且我將關於拿一些行動給你見到。
Crossberry eyes Bald_Cougar nervously / Crossberry 緊張地注意 Bald_Cougar
Willy_Wonka says: Out of my eyes, you swot. / Willy_Wonka 說: 從我的眼睛,你苦讀。
Beltane says TO Willy_Wonka: I'm patrolling. Security staff don't get to access computers on-duty like you lucky bastards. / 農曆五月一日對 Willy_Wonka 說話: 我正在巡邏。 安全職員不開始存取電腦在-之上責任相似的你幸運的私生子。
Willy_Wonka says TO Beltane: Oops. Sorry. / Willy_Wonka 對農曆五月一日說話: 啊。 難過的。
>> SpeedRacer whispers to Bald_Cougar: Thanks, but I couldn't do that - it's classified. boss would go crazy if he knew I logged on here, let alone if I started handing out secret information / >>SpeedRacer 耳語到 Bald_Cougar: 謝謝, 但是我無法做那 -它被分類。 老板將變發狂,如果我開始傳遞出秘密的資料,如果他認識我被登錄這裡, 獨自地讓
>> Bald_Cougar whispers to SpeedRacer: There's always boss over boss. / >>Bald_Cougar 耳語到 SpeedRacer: 總是有在老板之上指揮。
I *am* the leader of this joint, you know. / 我 *是*這一個接合的領袖,你知道。
Willy_Wonka says TO Beltane: See ya round. / Willy_Wonka 對農曆五月一日說話: 見到 ya 圓的。
Crossberry says TO Beltane: Yeah, see you. / Crossberry 對農曆五月一日說話: 是的,見到你。
Wicked_Witch says TO Beltane: Come again. / Wicked_Witch 對農曆五月一日說話: 再一次來。
Blow_Monkey mumbles bye through a mouthful of banana / Blow_Monkey 喃喃而語再見經過香蕉的一口
Bald_Cougar gives the tree a mighty swipe with his paw, sending / Bald_Cougar 給樹和他的手掌一個有勢力的強打,送
Blowmonkey crashing to the ground / Blowmonkey 嘩啦一聲掉在地面
Bald_Cougar says TO Blow_Monkey: And that's for being rude. / Bald_Cougar 對 Blow_Monkey 說話: 而且那是為粗魯無禮。
>> SpeedRacer whispers to Bald_Cougar: I think it would be a bad idea. But thanks all the same / >>SpeedRacer 耳語到 Bald_Cougar: 我認為它將是一個差勁的想法。 但是仍然謝謝
>> Bald_Cougar whispers to SpeedRacer: :shrug: / >>Bald_Cougar 耳語到 SpeedRacer: :聳肩:
Blow_Monkey says: Sheesh. / Blow_Monkey 說: Sheesh。
Blow_Monkey rubs his sore behind. / Blow_Monkey 擦他疼痛的後面。
>> Bald_Cougar whispers to SpeedRacer: Anytime. / >>Bald_Cougar 耳語到 SpeedRacer: 隨時。
Wicked_Witch says: sorry people, I'm being paged again. / Wicked_Witch 說: 難過的人,我正在再一次被標明的頁數。
Wicked_Witch says TO Bald_Cougar: I want to see you before I log off. / Wicked_Witch 對 Bald_Cougar 說話: 在我走開伐木之前 , 我想要見你。
Willy_Wonka exclaims: Ooh! Baldy's gonna get it! / Willy_Wonka 大叫: Ooh! Baldy's 去得到它!
Wicked_Witch says TO Willy_Wonka: You wish. / Wicked_Witch 對 Willy_Wonka 說話: 你願。
Bald_Cougar says: I'm leaving too - going to graveyard. Anyone come with me? / Bald_Cougar 說: 我正在也離開 -去墓地。 任何人和我來?
SpeedRacer says: I'm coming. / SpeedRacer 說: 我來了。
Crossberry giggles / Crossberry 吃吃地笑
Crossberry says TO SpeedRacer: You are? / Crossberry 對 SpeedRacer 說話: 你是?
Willy_Wonka says TO Bald_Cougar: nope. / Willy_Wonka 對 Bald_Cougar 說話: 不。
Willy_Wonka says: Waiting for some friends. / Willy_Wonka 說: 等候一些朋友。
Blow_Monkey says: Ditto. / Blow_Monkey 說: 同上。
Crossberry wonders if Bald_Cougar will be server-hopping again / 是否 Bald_Cougar 將再一次是單腳跳伺服器的, Crossberry 懷疑
Bald_Cougar says: Maybe, maybe not. / Bald_Cougar 說: 也許,也許不。
>> Bald_Cougar whispers to SpeedRacer: type .grave and I'll be with you in a minute / >>Bald_Cougar 耳語到 SpeedRacer: 類型。墓穴和我在分鐘中將是和你在一起

Graveyard / 墓地
.-._.-._.-._.-._.-._.-._.-._.-._.-._.-._.-._.-._.-._.-._.-._.-._.-._ A dank mist hangs eternally over the dreary tombs where warriors have found their last abode. Gravestones seal the underground burial chambers, and one shows a slight opening where adventurous tomb robbers forced their way inside - never to return. Behind the fog, the sun shines a dull and bloody red. / 。-._.-._.-._.-._.-._.-._.-._.-._.-._.-._.-._.-._.-._.-._.-._.-._.-._透水的霧永恆地在戰士已經發現他們最後的住所沉悶的墳墓之上懸掛。 墓石封閉地下的埋葬會議室,而且一出示一個微小的愛冒險的墳墓搶匪強迫了裡面的他們方法的開始 - 從不歸還。 在霧後面,太陽使遲鈍的和血腥的紅色發亮。

Exits to : Catacombs, Roadsign / 出口到 : 地下墓穴,Roadsign
Talkers present : Erin_Slash I don't *need* a desc / 說話的人禮物 : Erin_Slash 我不 *需要*desc
GoonProof is a Super Genius / GoonProof 是超級天才
Kimberley_Nolan Born2Code (IDLE) / Kimberley_Nolan Born2Code(不作事)

There are 35 messages on the board. / 有在董事會上的 35個訊息。
The topic is: Will Ryo and Kira get together again? / 主題是: Ryo 和 Kira 將再一次聚在一起嗎?
.-._.-._.-._.-._.-._.-._.-._.-._.-._.-._.-._.-._.-._.-._.-._.-._.-._ / 。-._.-._.-._.-._.-._.-._.-._.-._.-._.-._.-._.-._.-._.-._.-._.-._.-._

<SpeedRacer strolls into the Graveyard> / <SpeedRacer 進入墓地之內閒逛>
Erin_Slash gives SpeedRacer a big hug / Erin_Slash 給 SpeedRacer 一個大的擁抱
Erin_Slash says: Anyone been watching soaps lately? / Erin_Slash 說: 任何人近來看肥皂?
GoonProof says: Anyone here been *using* any lately? / GoonProof 說: 任何人這裡是 *使用* 任何的近來?
SpeedRacer grins / SpeedRacer 露齒而笑
GoonProof drapes herself around Speed's shoulders / GoonProof 在速度的肩周圍用布簾覆蓋她自己
GoonProof says TO SpeedRacer: You watch soaps, honey? / GoonProof 對 SpeedRacer 說話: 你看肥皂,蜂蜜?
Bald_Cougar comes strolling in majestically, with swishing tail / Bald_Cougar 來閒逛在宏偉地,由於帶著嗖嗖聲揮動尾部
Erin_Slash exclaims: Hi Baldy! / Erin_Slash 大叫: 嗨 Baldy!
Bald_Cougar asks: What's the subject? / Bald_Cougar 問: 主題是什麼?
GoonProof says: see topic / GoonProof 說: 見到主題
SpeedRacer says: I don't watch TV much / SpeedRacer 說: 我不多看電視
** Blue_Lagoon of Waveworld has come to the Crossroads ** / ** Waveworld 的 Blue_Lagoon 已經到達交叉路 **
** HexaDecimal Happy Happy Happy has come to the Crossroads ** / ** 十六進位快樂的快樂快樂的已經到達交叉路 **
** Gravity's_Angel descless on purpose has come to the Crossroads ** / ** Gravity's_Angel descless 故意已經到達交叉路 **
Erin_Slash says: Hey, it's the asterisk people. / Erin_Slash 說: 嗨,它是星號人。
SpeedRacer says: They're missing one / SpeedRacer 說: 他們不見一
<Blue_Lagoon strolls into the Graveyard> / <Blue_Lagoon 進入墓地之內閒逛>
<Gravity's_Angel strolls into the Graveyard> / <Gravity's_Angel 進入墓地之內閒逛>
Blue_Lagoon says: Hiyall. What's cooking? / Blue_Lagoon 說: Hiyall。 什麼正在煮?
GoonProof says TO Gravity's_Angel: I'd been meaning to ask you. Are you American? / GoonProof 對 Gravity's_Angel 說話: 我已經意謂問你。 你是美國人嗎?
Blue_Lagoon says TO GoonProof: Like pizza pie. / Blue_Lagoon 對 GoonProof 說話: 喜歡比薩派。
** Rayek of Sorrow's End has come to the Crossroads ** / ** 悲傷的結束 Rayek 已經到達交叉路 **
<Rayek strolls into the Graveyard> / <Rayek 進入墓地之內閒逛>
Gravity's_Angel says TO GoonProof: Home of the Brave. / Gravity's_Angel 對 GoonProof 說話: 勇敢者的家。
Gravity's_Angel says TO Rayek: You're *LATE*. / Gravity's_Angel 對 Rayek 說話: 你是 *遲的*.
Gravity's_Angel has set h* desc to The Naked Ape / Gravity's_Angel 已經設定 h*對赤裸的猿 desc
Bald_Cougar says TO Gravity's_Angel: That's disgusting. Change it back. / Bald_Cougar 對 Gravity's_Angel 說話: 那是令人厭惡。 把它改變回來。
Blue_Lagoon licks h* lips. / Blue_Lagoon 舔 h*唇。
Blue_Lagoon pounces on Gravity's Angel!! / Blue_Lagoon 在地心引力的天使身上攫住!!
Gravity's_Angel exclaims: help me someone! I'm being debauched! / Gravity's_Angel 大叫: 幫助我某人! 我正在被墮落!
Rayek says TO Gravity's_Angel: A thousand pardons. / Rayek 對 Gravity's_Angel 說話: 千原諒。
Rayek turns Blue into a newt. / Rayek 將藍色的變成一個蠑螈。
Rayek says: Never disrobe in the presence of damsels. / Rayek 說: 不要在 damsels 之前脫去衣服。
Bald_Cougar wonders if apes make good eating / 是否猿製造好吃, Bald_Cougar 懷疑
<Kimberley_Nolan leaves the Graveyard> / <Kimberley_Nolan 離開墓地>
SpeedRacer says TO GoonProof: ,wHow come they never miss on the asterisks? / SpeedRacer 對 GoonProof 說話: , wHow 來他們從不在星號上錯過?
SpeedRacer quickly stamps out his escaped .whisper / SpeedRacer 很快地徹底消除他的逃脫。耳語
GoonProof says TO SpeedRacer: Mistyped that period again what hey? :) / GoonProof 對 SpeedRacer 說話: Mistyped 再一次那時期什麼嗨? :)
GoonProof says TO SpeedRacer: Special codes. You'll notice Baldy overrides the defaults from time to time. / GoonProof 對 SpeedRacer 說話: 特別的密碼。 你將注意, Baldy 時常棄絕假設值。
GoonProof says TO SpeedRacer: Just like you have an unhackable address. / GoonProof 對 SpeedRacer 說話: 僅僅相似的你有一個無法砍劈的住址。
Erin_Slash has changed the topic to Why Gabardine is Timeless / Erin_Slash 已經改變主題到甲巴甸為什麼是永久的
Gravity's_Angel says: Yes, why? / Gravity's_Angel 說: 是的,為什麼?
SpeedRacer says TO GoonProof: Huh? You tried? / SpeedRacer 對 GoonProof 說話: 哼!? 你嘗試?
Blue_Lagoon has changed the topic to A Windoze Survival Guide. / Blue_Lagoon 已經將主題換成一個 Windoze 生存指引。
Bald_Cougar says TO Blue_Lagoon: You still work under Windows? / Bald_Cougar 對 Blue_Lagoon 說話: 你仍然在視窗之下工作?
Blue_Lagoon says TO Bald_Cougar: Doors, windows, chimney-pots. / Blue_Lagoon 對 Bald_Cougar 說話: 門,窗戶,煙囪頂管。
Blue_Lagoon says TO Bald_Cougar: It's a pain. / Blue_Lagoon 對 Bald_Cougar 說話: 它是一種痛苦。
GoonProof says TO SpeedRacer: I'm a professional hacker. B'sides, we check out everyone who comes here - we are a military base, after all. But the sysop hasn't banned you yet, so I assume it's OK. / GoonProof 對 SpeedRacer 說話: 我是專業的電腦黑客。 B'sides, 我們退房每個人誰來這裡 -我們是一個軍事基地,畢竟。 但是 sysop 仍然沒有禁止你,因此,我假定它是好。
Gravity's_Angel says: Computers are a pain period. I was just whispering to OldanWise about fitting multiple SCSIs to hang on all the extras. / Gravity's_Angel 說: 電腦是一種痛苦時期。 我正在僅僅耳語到 OldanWise 關於適宜的多樣 SCSIs 的事在所有的額外之物身上懸掛。
SpeedRacer gives Grav thumbs-up / SpeedRacer 給 Grav 拇指-增加
Blue_Lagoon says: But they're fuuuuuuun!!! / Blue_Lagoon 說: 但是他們是 fuuuuuuun!!!
Bald_Cougar says: What's a SCSI? / Bald_Cougar 說: SCSI 是什麼?
** Kiran Anonymous has come to the Crossroads ** / ** Kiran 作者不詳的已經到達交叉路 **
** Thoth wants his pyramids has come to the Crossroads ** / ** Thoth 需要他的金字塔已經到達交叉路 **
Erin_Slash says: What, you don't know? / Erin_Slash 說: 什麼,你不知道?
Rayek says: Small Computer Systems Interface. First peripheral device interface to solve the incompatibility problem. Maximum of seven peripherals, although the standard's been improved since then. / Rayek 說: 小的電腦系統界面。 第一個周邊設備裝置界面解決不兩立問題。 七個周邊設備的極大, 雖然在自從當時以後被改良的標準。
Gravity's_Angel says: and the big joke is, it's pronounced "scuzzy". / Gravity's_Angel 說: 而且大的笑話是,它被發音 "scuzzy" 。
SpeedRacer says: We call that a Multiple Device Interface. / SpeedRacer 說: 我們稱那為一個多樣的裝置界面。
Gravity's_Angel says: MDI? Wasn't that originally just the system bus? / Gravity's_Angel 說: MDI? 那不是本來只是系統公共汽車嗎?
Blue_Lagoon chortles / Blue_Lagoon 咯咯笑
Blue_Lagoon says: You'll never guess what ISO used to stand for. / Blue_Lagoon 說: 你將無法猜測國際標準組織過去一直代表的。
Blue_Lagoon says: bar codes! <clue> / Blue_Lagoon 說: 條碼! <線索>
Erin_Slash says TO Bald_Cougar: You honestly didn't know? / Erin_Slash 對 Bald_Cougar 說話: 你真誠地沒有知道?
Bald_Cougar's tail begins to swish / Bald_Cougar's 的尾部開始帶著嗖嗖聲揮動
Bald_Cougar says TO Erin_Slash: I'm perfect. But not *that* perfect. / Bald_Cougar 對 Erin_Slash 說話: 我是完美的。 但是不 *那*完美的。
<Thoth strolls into the Graveyard> / <Thoth 進入墓地之內閒逛>
Thoth says: Quiet night. / Thoth 說: 靜止夜晚。
SpeedRacer nods to Thoth. / SpeedRacer 點頭到 Thoth 。
SpeedRacer says TO Thoth: Do I know you? / SpeedRacer 對 Thoth 說話: 我認識你嗎?
GoonProof says TO Thoth: Hey, it's Friday. People are either going on leave or getting soaked. / GoonProof 對 Thoth 說話: 嗨,今天是星期五。 人們是,或繼續進行休假或得到浸濕。
Thoth introduces himself to SpeedRacer / Thoth 介紹他自己到 SpeedRacer
Thoth says TO SpeedRacer: Thoth, god of wisdom and learning. / Thoth 對 SpeedRacer 說話: Thoth,智慧和學問的神。
Enchante. / Enchante。
Erin_Slash says: SpeedRacer, speed freak, computer illiterate and general incorrigible. Pleasedtameetya. |:*) / Erin_Slash 說: SpeedRacer, 加速畸形人,無藥可救的目不識丁的和一般的電腦。 Pleasedtameetya。 |:*)
Thoth says: So. What's the subject? / Thoth 說: 如此。 主題是什麼?
SpeedRacer says TO Erin_Slash: Hey. / SpeedRacer 對 Erin_Slash 說話: 嗨。
SpeedRacer says TO Erin_Slash: I can handle my own introductions. / SpeedRacer 對 Erin_Slash 說話: 我能處理我自己的介紹。
Erin_Slash says: Well, it *used* to be soaps... / Erin_Slash 說: 好吧, 它 *使用過的* 是肥皂。。。
Blue_Lagoon laughs / Blue_Lagoon 笑
Blue_Lagoon says: Anyone ever seen Deadline? It's a newspaper soapslash-comedy / Blue_Lagoon 說: 任何人曾經見到截止期限? 它是報紙 soapslash-喜劇
Blue_Lagoon says: with this megalomaniac boss and their staff who're always getting into family/love life complications / Blue_Lagoon 說: 與這個誇大狂的老板和他們的職員 who're 在一起總是進入家庭/愛生活複雜化
Blue_Lagoon says: yet they always manage to meet the deadline. Ep always ends with the day's newspaper rolling off the press. / Blue_Lagoon 說: 仍然他們總是設法遇見截止期限。 EP 盤 唱片總是以走開滾動新聞媒體的天報紙結束。
Blue_Lagoon exclaims: "I don't care if a building just fell on your wife! Finish that article!!" / Blue_Lagoon 大叫: "如果一棟建築物僅僅落在你的太太,我不關心! 完成那一個文章!!"
Blue_Lagoon says: Or, if you're more into Dragon Masters / Blue_Lagoon 說: 或,如果進入龍主人之內你是更多的
Blue_Lagoon says: the ep where Zybold finds out the old hermit he killed was actually the last person who could have told him where his mother was? / Blue_Lagoon 說: Zybold 發現他實際上殺的老隱士的 ep 是最後的人可能告訴他他的母親在哪裡?
Rayek says: If indeed she was still alive. / Rayek 說: 如果的確她仍然活著。
Erin_Slash says: Hey yeah, I remember that one. / Erin_Slash 說: 嗨是的,我記得那一個。
Bald_Cougar says: "Somebody's going to pay for this. I know - The / Bald_Cougar 說: " 某人去支付這的費用。 我知道 - 那
Planet!!!" / 行星!!!"
GoonProof doubles up / GoonProof 加倍在
SpeedRacer says: that show's so pompous it's funny / SpeedRacer 說: 那表演如此傲慢它是好笑的
GoonProof says TO SpeedRacer: Ah, so you *do* watch tv! / GoonProof 對 SpeedRacer 說話: 啊, 因此你 *做*看 tv!
Erin_Slash says: I watch that show whenever it's on, god knows why. / Erin_Slash 說: 我看那一場表演,無論何時它是開的, 神知道為什麼。
SpeedRacer says TO Erin_Slash: You don't like Dragon Masters? / SpeedRacer 對 Erin_Slash 說話: 你不喜歡龍主人?
Bald_Cougar exclaims: I utterly DESPISE Dragon Masters!!!!!!!!!!!!! / Bald_Cougar 大叫: 我完全地輕視龍主人!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Blue_Lagoon whips out a microphone and TV camera: Could you tell me what, precisely, you dislike about the show? / 出自一台麥克風和電視相機的 Blue_Lagoon 鞭: 可以你告訴我什麼,精確地,你關於表演討厭?
Blue_Lagoon says: Could it be the century-old plots? The abysmal voice acting? The incredible-what-they-can-get-away-with animation? / Blue_Lagoon 說: 它可以是長達世紀的情節嗎? 代理的深不可測的聲音? 難以置信者-什麼-他們-罐子- 小遊- 由於的動畫?
SpeedRacer says: The animation isn't so bad. / SpeedRacer 說: 動畫不是如此壞。
Erin_Slash says: huh huh / Erin_Slash 說: 哼! 哼!
Erin_Slash says: Like, when the club-tailed dragon is run through but no blood shows, and then suddenly it topples and coughs up buckets of red? / Erin_Slash 說: 相似的, 當俱樂部附於其後的龍被跑的時候經過但是沒有血顯示,然後突然它推翻而且交出桶紅色?
Gravity's_Angel says: Or each time that wooden ostrich flies around pretending to be a crane just before the Hero rides in? / Gravity's_Angel 說: 或木製的駝鳥在附近飛假裝就在英雄之前是起重機乘坐的每時間在?
Blue_Lagoon says: Dig that subtle metaphor!! / Blue_Lagoon 說: 挖那個敏感的隱喻!!
Thoth says: That show has the thematic subtlety of a rhino's horn up the backside. / Thoth 說: 那一場表演在背部上面有犀牛的喇叭語幹精妙。
Gravity's_Angel says: There's the good guys and the bad guys. The good guys trash the bad guys. The End. / Gravity's_Angel 說: 有好傢伙和壞傢伙。 好傢伙弄壞壞傢伙。 結束。
Blue_Lagoon says: Or is it. / Blue_Lagoon 說: 或是它。
Blue_Lagoon says: To be continued in the next 1000,000,000 episodes. / Blue_Lagoon 說: 在下一段 1000,000,000段插曲中被繼續。
Bald_Cougar says TO Thoth: Don't you despise bird character shows? / Bald_Cougar 對 Thoth 說話: 你沒輕視鳥個性表演嗎?
Thoth says: I should hope not. I *am* a bird. / Thoth 說: 我應該希望不。 我 *是*一隻鳥。
SpeedRacer says TO Thoth: you are?? / SpeedRacer 對 Thoth 說話: 你是??
Thoth says: though not a crane. / Thoth 說: 雖然不起重機。
Blue_Lagoon says TO SpeedRacer: Thoth was an ibis. / Blue_Lagoon 對 SpeedRacer 說話: Thoth 是一個朱鷺。
Rayek says: There's nothing wrong with cranes. They're beautiful animals. / Rayek 說: 有起重機沒有毛病。 他們是美麗的動物。
Erin_Slash: Except when animated by Inkawa Studios. / Erin_Slash: 除當活生生的被 Inkawa 工作場所。
Bald_Cougar says: Cranes are the symbol of peace. / Bald_Cougar 說: 起重機是和平的象徵。
GoonProof mwa-ha-has. / GoonProof mwa-嘿-有。
>> Rayek whispers to Bald_Cougar: Coming to Darkest Heart with us? / >>Rayek 耳語到 Bald_Cougar: 和我們得到最黑暗的心?
>> Bald_Cougar whispers to Rayek: Maybe. / >>Bald_Cougar 耳語到 Rayek: 也許。
>> Bald_Cougar whispers to Rayek: Got something to settle with Kai. / >>Bald_Cougar 耳語到 Rayek: 得到了某事以 Kai 安頓。
think I'll .smail her. / 想我將。smail 她的。
GoonProof says: And that ancient sensei prick with his allegoric anecdotes: "If memory serves me well..." / GoonProof 說: 而且那遠古的 sensei 以他的 allegoric 軼事刺: "如果記憶非常我服務。。。"
GoonProof says: Every Bloody Ep!!! / GoonProof 說: 每一血腥的 EP 盤 唱片!!!
Thoth says: We have a Dragon Masters Drinking Game... / Thoth 說: 我們有一條龍征服喝比賽。。。
>> Rayek whispers to Bald_Cougar: Okay. We'll be leaving in five mins or so, just .attach to us / >>Rayek 耳語到 Bald_Cougar: 好。 我們將留在五個最小左右, 僅僅。對我們附上
Bald_Cougar says: I could quote those shows verbatim. / Bald_Cougar 說: 我可以逐字地引述那些表演。
Bald_Cougar says: That's why I never watch them. / Bald_Cougar 說: 那是我為什麼從不看他們。
Thoth says TO Bald_Cougar: We know. Your photographic memory. / Thoth 對 Bald_Cougar 說話: 我們知道。 你照相的記憶。
Bald_Cougar says: I could quote every line I've seen on this screen. / Bald_Cougar 說: 我可以引述我已經在這一個螢幕上見到的每條線。
GoonProof says: We know. / GoonProof 說: 我們知道。
Bald_Cougar says: Ask me anything. Ask me what Blue said about / Bald_Cougar 說: 問我任何事。 問我怎麼到處被說的藍色
Windoze. / Windoze。
Bald_Cougar says: Doors, windows, chimney-pots. / Bald_Cougar 說: 門,窗戶,煙囪頂管。
Bald_Cougar takes a bow. / Bald_Cougar 採取弓。
SpeedRacer says TO Bald_Cougar: You really have total recall? / SpeedRacer 對 Bald_Cougar 說話: 你真的讓總數取消?
Bald_Cougar says TO SpeedRacer: Heavens no. I'd be suffering from memory overload. / Bald_Cougar 對 SpeedRacer 說話: 我將蒙受記憶超載的天堂號碼。
Bald_Cougar says TO SpeedRacer: I'd go insane. / Bald_Cougar 對 SpeedRacer 說話: 我將變患精神病。
Bald_Cougar says TO SpeedRacer: I only remember if I happen to be paying attention at the time. If I commit it to memory, so to speak. / Bald_Cougar 對 SpeedRacer 說話: 我只記得,是否我碰巧在那時專心。 如果我牢記它,可以說。
Blue_Lagoon says TO Bald_Cougar: What was the first topic at Roadsign when we came in? / Blue_Lagoon 對 Bald_Cougar 說話: 當我們進來的時候,在 Roadsign 第一個主題是什麼?
Blue_Lagoon says: "Military Intelligence: a contradiction in terms???" / Blue_Lagoon 說: "軍事智力: 術語的矛盾???"
Bald_Cougar starts / Bald_Cougar 開始
Bald_Cougar BC says TO Blue_Lagoon: How did you know? / 對 Blue_Lagoon 的西元前發言權的 Bald_Cougar: 你如何知道?
Blue_Lagoon says: It's called scrollback. / Blue_Lagoon 說: 它叫做 scrollback 。
Bald_Cougar says TO Blue_Lagoon: I hate you. / Bald_Cougar 對 Blue_Lagoon 說話: 我憎恨你。
Bald_Cougar says TO GoonProof: What are you two whispering about? / Bald_Cougar 對 GoonProof 說話: 你是作什麼的二耳語關於?
Gravity's_Angel says: Privacy protection laws, actually. / Gravity's_Angel 說: 隱私保護法律,實際上。
Gravity's_Angel says: So stop screening our conversation, you paranoid puma. / Gravity's_Angel 說: 如此停止檢查我們的交談,偏執狂的美洲獅的你。
GoonProof says TO Bald_Cougar: I was telling Grav about security versus privacy here on XAX. About how you never know when you're being spied on. / GoonProof 對 Bald_Cougar 說話: 我正在告訴關於安全和隱私比較在 XAX 上的這裡 Grav 。 關於當你正在被偵察的時候 , 你如何從不知道。
Gravity's_Angel says: QED. / Gravity's_Angel 說: QED。
GoonProof says TO Bald_Cougar: So Grav took it to civilian level, with the question is screening still justified when the people being screened are harmless and their personal data of no significance. / GoonProof 對 Bald_Cougar 說話: 因此 Grav 拿了它到平民的水準, 與問題正在檢查仍然証明當正在被審查的人是無害處的時候和沒有重要性的他們個人資料。
Gravity's_Angel says: I mean if you can't even blow off steam... / Gravity's_Angel 說: 是否你不能甚至吹走蒸氣,我意謂。。。
Bald_Cougar says: If you've got nothing to hide, you've got nothing to worry about. / Bald_Cougar 說: 如果你已經得到沒事藏, 你已經得到沒事煩惱關於。
Blue_Lagoon says TO Bald_Cougar: If your boss is a card-carrying member of the Gene Police and *e's checking out your ancestry, you have *everything* to worry about. / Blue_Lagoon 對 Bald_Cougar 說話: 如果你的老板是基因警察的一個運送卡片成員和 *e's 檢查你的祖先, 你有 *每件事物* 煩惱關於。
Bald_Cougar says TO Blue_Lagoon: Point taken. / Bald_Cougar 對 Blue_Lagoon 說話: 指出拿。
SpeedRacer says: I wouldn't want to be screened in any case. / SpeedRacer 說: 我將不想要無論如何被審查。
SpeedRacer says: except if it was a security issue and then I'd still demand an explanation. / SpeedRacer 說: 如果它是一個安全議題,除,然後我將仍然要求一種解釋。
SpeedRacer says: my life is my own. / SpeedRacer 說: 我的生活是我自己的。
GoonProof says: Hear hear. / GoonProof 說: 聽到聽到。
Bald_Cougar laughs. / Bald_Cougar 笑。
Bald_Cougar says TO SpeedRacer: You *are* a newbie. / Bald_Cougar 對 SpeedRacer 說話: 你 *是*一個新手。
Rayek says: Speed is right. To be known is to be interfered with. / Rayek 說: 速度是正確的。 是已知的是被干擾。
Invisibility is the key to freedom. / 看不見是自由的關鍵。
Bald_Cougar says: Which is why you're invisible most of the time. / Bald_Cougar 說: 那一個是你為什麼是看不見大部份的時間。
Rayek says TO Bald_Cougar: Would we be speaking so freely here if we could see each other's faces? / Rayek 對 Bald_Cougar 說話: 將會如果我們可以見到彼此,我們在這裡說如此的自由面對?
SpeedRacer says: Getting heavy. / SpeedRacer 說: 重。
Bald_Cougar says TO SpeedRacer: Whaddya want? We're standing on gravestones. / Bald_Cougar 對 SpeedRacer 說話: Whaddya 想要? 我們站在墓石上。
Erin_Slash says: Not conducive to merriness and high spirits. / Erin_Slash 說: 不是有益於對愉快和快樂。
Blue_Lagoon says: Hey people, we're leaving. / Blue_Lagoon 說: 嗨人,我們正在離開。
GoonProof exclaims: Bummer!!!!!!!!!! / GoonProof 大叫: 無賴!!!!!!!!!!
SpeedRacer says: That's early. / SpeedRacer 說: 那早是。
Gravity's_Angel says: and taking the furless feline with us. / Gravity's_Angel 說: 而且和我們帶無毛皮的貓科動物。
Blue_Lagoon says: Now where'd I leave that muzzle... / Blue_Lagoon 說: 現在我離開那的 where'd 戴口絡於。。。
Blue_Lagoon says: It's getting late. Let's all do a micro-second group hug. / Blue_Lagoon 說: 它正在晚得到。 讓我們所有做一個微-秒聚集擁抱。
*** group hug *** / *** 團體擁抱 ***
** Blue_Lagoon of Waveworld has left the Crossroads ** / ** Waveworld 的 Blue_Lagoon 已經留下交叉路 **
** Rayek of Sorrow's End has left the Crossroads ** / ** 悲傷的結束 Rayek 已經留下交叉路 **
** Gravity's_Angel The Naked Ape has left the Crossroads ** / ** Gravity's_Angel 赤裸的猿已經留下交叉路 **
** Bald_Cougar a furless feline has left the Crossroads ** / ** Bald_Cougar 無毛皮的貓科動物已經留下交叉路 **
SpeedRacer says: Wow. That was quick. / SpeedRacer 說: 哇。 那是快的。

>>>>>>Transferring / >>>>>>轉移

The Guardian wishes to know your name / 監護人願知道你的名字
[Sharkey] *e wishes to know your password / [Sharkey]*e 願知道你的密碼
[ ] / [ ]

Welcome to / 歡迎到

Darkest Heart / 最黑暗的心

A chatserver for Persons of Ambiguous Gender / 為曖昧性別的人 chatserver

You are in a high cave. Rays of sunlight penetrate through cracks in the rock, faintly illuminating the rows of hanging vampire bats sleeping in the dark. There is the sound of water running through subterranean passages, forming a maze of streams housing white shrimps and other forms of life whose eyesight has long vanished in their adaptation to life in perpetual darkness. / 你是在高的洞中。 日光的光線穿透過岩石的裂縫,微弱地照明懸掛在黑暗中睡覺的吸血鬼蝙蝠的排。 有跑過地下的通道,形成收容白色的蝦和其他形式的生活 , 視力久已經在對永久的黑暗生活的他們改編中消失的水流迷宮的水聲音。
Where everything is invisible, nothing needs to remain hidden. / 在每件事物是看不見的地方,沒事需要保持隱藏。

You can sense: Blue Lagoon of Waveworld / 你能感覺: Waveworld 的藍色鹹水湖
Rayek of Sorrow's End / 悲傷的結束 Rayek
Gravity's Angel The Naked Ape / 地心引力的天使赤裸的猿
Gabriel-Ernest would never eat a tourist / 加百列-歐內斯特將會無法吃一個觀光客
Storm thinks computers are kewl / 暴風雨認為,電腦是 kewl

Blue Lagoon swoops down at you!! / 藍色的鹹水湖在你抓取下來!!
You say: That always gives me the creeps. / 你說: 那總是給我爬。
Blue Lagoon pools at your feet / 在你的腳藍色的鹹水湖池
Gravity's Angel says: watch where you walk / 地心引力的天使說: 看你走的地方
Gabriel-Ernest grins widely / 加百列-歐內斯特廣泛地露齒而笑
You say: Wait a sec while I get used to direct echo / 你說: 當我得到的時候,等候 sec 過去一直指示回聲
Gabriel-Ernest says grinning: makes a diff, dunnit? / 加百列-歐內斯特說露齒而笑: 製造 diff , dunnit?
Blue Lagoon says: No encryption, eh? / 藍色的鹹水湖說: 沒有密碼技術,eh?
You say: Don't you ever worry about having people tap into your system? / 你說: 你不曾經關於有人輕打進你的系統之內煩惱嗎?
Blue Lagoon says: How? We're in another dimension. / 藍色的鹹水湖說: 如何? 我們是在另尺寸中。
You say: Oh yes, I forgot. You're aliens. :*) / 你說: 哦是的,我忘記。 你是外僑。 :*)
Storm says: You think you're watching a computer screen, when in fact we're messing with your head. / 暴風雨說: 你認為,當事實上我們正在以你的頭弄糟的時候你正在看一個電腦螢幕。
Gabriel-Ernest plays the Twilight Zone theme / 加百列-歐內斯特玩微明的地域主題
Gabriel-Ernest says: we control the vertical... we control the horizontal... / 加百列-歐內斯特說: 我們控制垂直。。。 我們控制水平線。。。
Rayek says: We're demons. In the literal sense. / Rayek 說: 我們是魔鬼。 在文字的感覺中。
Storm says: So. Howya been. / 暴風雨說: 如此。 Howya 是。
Gabriel-Ernest says: Yeah. Long time no see. / 加百列-歐內斯特說: 是的。 沒有的長時間調查。
Gravity's Angel says: We *missed* you, you crazy cat. / 地心引力的天使說: 我們 *錯過*你,發狂的貓你。
You say: I've been - heh. Busy. / 你說: 我是 -heh。 忙著。
Storm says: Still conquering the world? / 暴風雨說: 仍然征服世界?
You say: And not making much headway. / 你說: 而且不作很多的前進。
Gabriel-Ernest says: Try stealing the world's sugar. / 加百列-歐內斯特說: 試偷世界的糖。
You say: Been there, done that. / 你說: 是在那裡,做那。
You say: Binged on sticky buns while the whole world was going into withdrawal. :*> / 你說: 當整個世界正在討論撤回的時候,在黏黏的小麵包上單人牢房。 :*>
Storm says: You are such a meanie. / 暴風雨說: 你是一個如此反派。
Storm says: What's your next plan? / 暴風雨說: 你下個計劃是什麼?
You say: I'm a-gonna build me a biiiig rocket and set the world on fire. / 你說: 我是一- 去建立我一枚 biiiig 火箭並且使世界著火燃燒。
Gabriel-Ernest says: As The World Collides - Next ep featuring Roast / 加百列-歐內斯特說: 當世界碰撞 - 下個 ep 以烤肉為特色
Mutant Rump! / 突變異種臀部!
Storm says: Seriously? / 暴風雨說: 嚴重地?
You say: Of course not. I'm not stupid. / 你說: 當然不。 我不是愚蠢的。
You say: I want to *rule* it not *roast* it. / 你說: 我想要到 *規則* 它不 *烤肉*它。
Gravity's Angel says: I see. I think. / 地心引力的天使說: 我知道了。 我想。
Blue Lagoon says: although what you would want with a whole planet is beyond me. I have a hard enough time running the range. / 藍色的鹹水湖說: 雖然你將會以整個的行星想要的太難。 我有難的充足時間跑範圍。
You say: Yes, but it's all *yours*. / 你說: 是的,但是它全都是 *你的*.
Blue Lagoon says: Of course it is. And I've got a couple of sharp nasty weapons for people who think otherwise. / 藍色的鹹水湖說: 當然它是。 而且我已經為否則想的人爭取銳利污穢的武器夫婦。
You say: That's more or less what I mean. Normally, I wouldn't have the right to own a single inch of anything. Legally, I don't exist. / 你說: 那或多或少是我意謂的。 正常地,我將會沒有權利擁有單身吋的任何事。 合法地,我不存在。
Storm says: Is that true now? / 暴風雨說: 那現在是真實的嗎?
You say: Well.... / 你說: 好的....
You say: Remember I told you some things I say are lies and some aren't... / 你說: 記得我告訴你我說的一些事物是謊言,而且一些不是。。。
Rayek says: You have a right to your own secrets. / Rayek 說: 你有對你自己的秘密權利。
Blue Lagoon says: Anyway, you decided to go the whole hog and take the planet. :) / 藍色的鹹水湖說: 無論如何,你決定去整個的豬而且帶行星。 :)
You say: Well, I didn't so much decide... / 你說: 好吧, 我沒有這麼多決定。。。
Gabriel-Ernest says: A big yellow glowing thing came out of the sky and told you to. / 加百列-歐內斯特說: 大的黃色白熱的事物從天空出來而且告訴了你到。
Gravity's Angel: You're a sort of second Jeanne d'Arc. / 地心引力的天使: 你是一種第二珍妮 d'Arc 。
You say: I'm not even going to ask who that was. / 你說: 我不是平坦的去問誰哪一是。
Rayek says: Maid of Orleans. / Rayek 說: Orleans 的少女。
You say: ah. / 你說: 啊。
Storm says: Only I don't think Jeanne d'Arc ever went bwahahahahaha. / 暴風雨說: 只有我不認為,珍妮 d'Arc 曾經去了 bwahahahahaha 。
0 You say in Storm's head: Ahh, shuddup / 0 你在暴風雨的頭中說: Ahh,shuddup
Gravity's Angel says: Hey. / 地心引力的天使說: 嗨。
0 Storm says in your head: Bite me. / 0 暴風雨在你的頭中說: 咬我。
Gravity's Angel thwapps Storm. / 地心引力的天使 thwapps 暴風雨。
Storm says: Do it again baby honey. / 暴風雨說: 它再一次縱容蜂蜜嗎。
Gravity's Angel says: In your dreams. / 地心引力的天使說: 在你的夢中。
Gravity's Angel says: Don't mind h*, Sharkey / 地心引力的天使說: 不要留意 h*,Sharkey
You begin to sniffle / 你開始鼻子哼哼做聲
You say: Storm said something bad to me boohoohoohoo! / 你說: 暴風雨對我說壞的東西 boohoohoohoo!
You say: I'm very sensitive :*) / 你說: 我非常敏感 :*)
Storm pats you on the shoulder / 暴風雨拍你的肩
Storm says: There now. / 暴風雨說: 現在的那裡。
Storm offers you a Girl Scout cookie / 暴風雨提供你一塊女童軍餅乾
You say: Made of real Girl Scouts? :*) / 你說: 真正女孩做斥候? :*)
You say: Won't be staying long BTW - have to get up early / 你說: 將不停留長的 BTW- 必須起床很早
You say: wouldn't want to miss my favourite radio show now would I? / 你說: 現在將不想要錯過我喜愛的收音機表演將會我?
Rayek says: Don't forget to page Kai. / Rayek 說: 不要忘記標明 Kai 的頁數。
Gabriel-Ernest says: You 'n Kai still hot? / 加百列-歐內斯特說: 你 ' n Kai 仍然熱?
Blue Lagoon says: Nonoyoflaminbusiness / 藍色的鹹水湖說: Nonoyoflaminbusiness
You say: Yep. Next week we're getting married. Got a little house in the country with flowery curtains and a white picket fence. / 你說: Yep。 下個星期我們正在結婚。 在和多花的帳和一個白色的樁圍牆的國家中得到一棟小房子。
Gravity's Angel says: Ooh yeah. / 地心引力的天使說: Ooh 是的。
Gravity's Angel says: "Good Home" / 地心引力的天使說: "好家"
You say: And I'll come back from work and *e'll come out of the kitchen with h* oven mitts still on and give me a big hug and ask me how my day was / 你說: 而且我將從工作回來和 *e'll 以 h 從廚房出來* 烤箱棒球手套劇照在而且之上給我一個大的擁抱而且問我我的日子是如何
Blue Lagoon says: Dream, baby, dream / 藍色的鹹水湖說: 夢,嬰兒,夢
Storm says: "Not too bad... Exterminated Japan today... Put a few craters in the Caucasus..." / 暴風雨說: "不是太壞。。。 今天撲滅了日本。。。 把一些火山口放入 Caucasus 。。。"
Storm says: Slaughter! Bloodshed! Gotta love it bwahahahahaha / 暴風雨說: 殘殺! 流血! 必須愛它 bwahahahahaha
Storm starts to stab bats at random / 暴風雨開始隨意刺蝙蝠
Blue Lagoon says: Hey! I was going to save those for later! / 藍色的鹹水湖說: 嗨! 我將要解救那些為比較遲的!
You say: (to Storm) I can tell you're a warrior. / 你說: ( 狂怒咆哮)我能告訴你是戰士。
Storm says: <hem> Stable hand, actually / 暴風雨說: <邊緣>趕入馬房堣,實際上
Storm says: But I can do some interesting things with two Galactor goons and a knife. / 暴風雨說: 但是我能對二個 Galactor 呆子和一支刀做一些有趣的事物。
You say: I'm a lowly office grunt. / 你說: 我是一個地位低的辦公室咕嚕咕嚕聲。
Gabriel-Ernest says: At least you don't use yoyos. / 加百列-歐內斯特說: 至少你不使用 yoyos 。
Gabriel-Ernest says: Oooo pull the other one! / 加百列-歐內斯特說: Oooo 拉另一個!
You look confused / 你看起來很困惑
You say: what other one? / 你說: 什麼其他的?
Gabriel-Ernest says: BTW I was going to ask - does Kai morph too? / 加百列-歐內斯特說: 我將要問的 BTW- 做 Kai 變種,也?
You say: not that I noticed :*) / 你說: 不那我注意 :*)
Storm says: Does *e mind if you do? / 暴風雨說: *是否你做, e 介意?
You say: I've had no comments yet. / 你說: 我已經仍然沒有意見。
0 You say in Rayek's head: Can I talk to you for a sec? / 0 你在 Rayek's 的頭中說: 我能說話嗎對你對於 sec?
Gabriel-Ernest grins / 加百列-歐內斯特露齒而笑
Gabriel-Ernest says: I morph. / 加百列-歐內斯特說: 我變種。
You say: You told me. / 你說: 你告訴了我。
You say: Howling at the moon. / 你說: 咆哮的在月亮。
0 Rayek says in your head: Of course. What is it, though, that you can't say it in public? / 0 Rayek 在你的頭中說: 當然。 它是什麼,雖然, 你當眾不能說它?
Gabriel-Ernest goes yip yip yoooooowwl / 加百列-歐內斯特去 yip yip yoooooowwl
Blue Lagoon says: MoonS. seven. / 藍色的鹹水湖說: 衛星。 七。
Blue Lagoon says: spinning round the earth... / 藍色的鹹水湖說: 紡織把地球弄圓。。。
0 You say in Rayek's head: I shouldn't even be talking about this. / 0 你在 Rayek's 的頭中說: 我平坦的不應該談論這。
It's confidential. But you don't sound like a squealer. / 真是機密。 但是你不聽起來像一發出尖銳的叫聲。
0 Rayek says in your head: I have no incentive to pass on any information you give me, if that's what you mean. / 0 Rayek 在你的頭中說: 如果那是你意謂的,我沒有激勵傳遞你給我的任何資料。
Blue Lagoon says: H'lo? Sharkey? / 藍色的鹹水湖說: H'lo? Sharkey?
Gravity's Angel says: Asleep / 地心引力的天使說: 睡熟了的
0 Rayek says in your head: So, speak. / 0 Rayek 在你的頭中說: 如此,說。
Blue Lagoon shrugs and starts to skin a lizard / 藍色的鹹水湖聳肩而且開始剝皮一隻蜥蜴
0 You say in Rayek's head: You know how I told you about taking over the world and all that. / 0 你在 Rayek's 的頭中說: 你知道我如何告訴你關於接管世界和全部那。
Storm says: Phew gross! / 暴風雨說: 匝舌頭總數!
0 You say in Rayek's head: So what would you say if I told you I'm involved in a military operation to conquer a modest amount of territory? And I mean, for real? / 0 你在 Rayek's 的頭中說: 是否我告訴了你我參與軍事手術征服謙遜量的領土,如此你將會說什麼? 而且我的意思是, 為真正的?
Gabriel-Ernest says: There's no good eating on a lizard. / 加百列-歐內斯特說: 沒有在一隻蜥蜴上的好吃。
Gabriel-Ernest says: BTW How's Brace? / 加百列-歐內斯特說: BTW 如何是支撐?
0 Rayek says in your head: Your life is your own. / 0 Rayek 在你的頭中說: 你的生活是你自己的。
You say: H* usual meaty, succulent self. / 你說: H* 平常的肉, 多汁的自己。
Gabriel-Ernest begins to drool. / 加百列-歐內斯特開始流口水。
0 You say in Rayek's head: Yes, but what do you think? / 0 你在 Rayek's 的頭中說: 是的,但是你想什麼?
Blue Lagoon hits two rocks together / 藍色的鹹水湖將二塊岩石撞擊在一起
0 Rayek says in your head: I don't think for other people. You are intelligent enough to make your own choices. / 0 Rayek 在你的頭中說: 我不為其他的人想。 你夠聰明來作你自己的選擇。
0 You say in Rayek's head: I'm not so sure. / 0 你在 Rayek's 的頭中說: 我不如此當然。
Blue Lagoon starts to build a Bar-B-Q / 藍色的鹹水湖開始建立一根酒吧-B-Q
You say: Hey! Touch Brace and you touch me!! / 你說: 嗨! 碰到支柱,而且你碰我!!
0 You say in Rayek's head: So you'd give me the go-ahead? / 0 你在 Rayek's 的頭中說: 因此你將給我那去-向前地?
Gabriel-Ernest looks at you and considers / 加百列-歐內斯特看你而且考慮
Gabriel-Ernest says: Are you good eating? / 加百列-歐內斯特說: 你是好吃嗎?
0 Rayek says in your head: Are you asking my approval? / 0 Rayek 在你的頭中說: 你正在問我的贊成嗎?
Rayek says: Leave h* alone, people. / Rayek 說: 離開 h*孤獨的,人。
Blue Lagoon is gabberflasted / 藍色的鹹水湖是 gabberflasted
0 You say in Rayek's head: I don't know. I just want to know what you think about it. / 0 你在 Rayek's 的頭中說: 我不知道。 我僅僅想要知道你想它的。
Blue Lagoon squeals ooooooo wanna keep h* all to yourself? / 藍色的鹹水湖發出尖銳的叫聲 ooooooo 想要保存 h*全部對你自己?
You say: I'm all skin and bones / 你說: 我全部是皮膚和骨頭
Rayek says: (to Blue) go play with yourself for a bit. / Rayek 說: ( 到藍色的)為一點點用你自己去遊戲。
Blue Lagoon says: Phooey. / 藍色的鹹水湖說: 表示輕視。
0 Rayek says in your head: What should I think? We live on different worlds. Nothing you could do would have any effect on me. / 0 Rayek 在你的頭中說: 我應該想什麼? 我們倚賴不同的世界生活。 你可以做的沒事將有在我上的任何效果。
Consequently, I have no reason to meddle with your life in any way. / 結果,我沒有理由具有你的生活以任何方式干預他人之事。
Gabriel-Ernest says: Phooey. / 加百列-歐內斯特說: 表示輕視。
Storm says: Phooey. / 暴風雨說: 表示輕視。
0 You say in Rayek's head: I'm serious. / 0 你在 Rayek's 的頭中說: 我是嚴重的。
0 Rayek says in your head: What are you afraid of? / 0 Rayek 在你的頭中說: 你是作什麼的害怕?
0 You say in Rayek's head: I'm not afraid. / 0 你在 Rayek's 的頭中說: 我不怕。
0 You say in Rayek's head: I just don't think you see the danger. / 0 你在 Rayek's 的頭中說: 我就是不認為你見到危險。
You say: The Phooey Club :*) / 你說: 那表示輕視俱樂部 :*)
0 Rayek says in your head: I am no more in danger than you are. / 0 Rayek 在你的頭中說: 我不是比你是更有危險。
0 You say in Rayek's head: If you knew more about me you wouldn't be saying that. / 0 你在 Rayek's 的頭中說: 如果你知道更多有關我 , 你將不說那。
0 You say in Rayek's head: You just can't take me seriously, can you? / 0 你在 Rayek's 的頭中說: 你就是嚴重地不能帶我,是嗎 ?
0 Rayek says in your head: If you want to warn me, go ahead. But don't ask me to judge you. / 0 Rayek 在你的頭中說: 如果你想要警告我,前進。 但是不要求我判斷你。
Blue Lagoon starts to play the drum, making one hell of a racket / 藍色的鹹水湖開始打鼓,作一個球拍的地獄
Gabriel-Ernest gets out h* banjo / 加百列-歐內斯特逃跑 h*班究琴
Gravity's Angel starts to belt out "Walk This Way" / 地心引力的天使開始繫住 "這樣走"
Gabriel-Ernest says: I don't think I'll be needing that banjo / 加百列-歐內斯特說: 我不認為我將需要那一個班究琴
Storm feels left out and indulges in some senseless slaughter / 暴風雨覺得左邊外面而且沉迷於一些無感覺的殘殺
You say: You're justa buncha little kids. / 你說: 你是 justa buncha 一點點小孩。
Storm sticks a toe in h* mouth and starts to suck on it / 暴風雨黏住 h 的一隻腳趾*裝腔作勢說話而且開始在它上吸
Gravity's Angel cries: wahaaaaaah! mama! mama! / 地心引力的天使哭: wahaaaaaah! 媽媽! 媽媽!
Blue Lagoon says: You were asking for it :) / 藍色的鹹水湖說: 你正在自討苦吃 :)
Blue Lagoon says: Finished yakking in people's heads? :) / 藍色的鹹水湖說: 人頭的完成 yakking? :)
You check the chronometer / 你檢查天文
You say: I have to leave. / 你說: 我必須離開。
0 You say in Rayek's head: Will we see each other again next time? / 0 你在 Rayek's 的頭中說: 我們將下次再一次見到彼此嗎?
0 Rayek says in your head: Provided we're both still alive, I don't see why not. / 0 Rayek 在你的頭中說: 提供我們兩個仍然活著, 我沒見到為什麼不。
Blue Lagoon hugs you tite!! / 藍色的鹹水湖擁抱你 tite!!
0 You say in Rayek's head: And what if you die in a military offensive? / 0 你在 Rayek's 的頭中說: 而且什麼如果你死於一個軍事攻勢?
0 Rayek says in your head: Whose? Yours? / 0 Rayek 在你的頭中說: 誰的? 你的?
Gabriel-Ernest bites you on the leg / 加百列-歐內斯特在腿上咬你
Storm gives you a mighty bear hug / 暴風雨給你一隻有勢力的熊擁抱
0 Rayek says in your head: If you don't want people to die in military offensives, my advice is don't launch any. Even so, nothing guarantees we'll still be here. That's life. / 0 Rayek 在你的頭中說: 如果你不想要人死於軍事攻勢, 我的忠告是不發射任何。 甚至如此,沒事保証我們將仍然在這裡。 那是生活。
Rayek extends a hand to you. / Rayek 把一隻手延伸到你。
0 You say in Rayek's head: Thanks, sunshine. / 0 你在 Rayek's 的頭中說: 謝謝,陽光。
0 Rayek says in your head: For you, only the truth. / 0 Rayek 在你的頭中說: 就你而言, 只有事實。
You shake Rayek's hand. / 你握 Rayek's 手。
0 You say in Rayek's head: Yeah. / 0 你在 Rayek's 的頭中說: 是的。
You say: See yall again next week? / 你說: 下個星期再一次見到 yall?
Blue Lagoon says: o'coooooourrrse!!!!! / 藍色的鹹水湖說: o'coooooourrrse!!!!!
Gravity's Angel says: love ya! / 地心引力的天使說: 愛 ya!
Gabriel-Ernest says: Stay longer next time. / 加百列-歐內斯特說: 下次變得比較長。
You say: I'll try. I have a busy schedule :*) / 你說: 我將試。 我有一種忙碌的時間表 :*)
Rayek says: Good luck. / Rayek 說: 好運氣。
You wave one last time .detach / 你上次揮舞一。分離

* * * / ***

Logging off after an hour's chatting, Joe was satisfied; not only for implicitly disobeying Nambu's orders, but also, which was even more disobedient, for taking part in a community outside of the team, that shared his hopes and ambitions: for although both sides had been cautious in speaking of their professional lives, he had no doubt that this was one of the UN's secret military enclaves dedicated to fighting the forces of Galactor, like himself. Or maybe just an academy, and the chatters were young recruits. There were a number of people he couldn't place, but on the whole they sounded tough and professional, and he liked it. Regretfully remembering Cougar's offer, he wondered if he would ever be permitted to contact the base officially and meet the people he had spoken to. He considered taking it up with Nambu, tried to imagine what the Doctor's response would be if he found out about Joe's illicit netsurfing. Disciplinary measures, a reprimand, maybe a grounding... No, he decided. This would be his secret. / 砍伐原木在 1 小時閒談之後走開,喬被滿意; 不只有為暗示地違反 Nambu's 的次序, 但是也, 是甚至更不服從的,為參加小組的社區外面,那分享了他的希望和野心: 因為雖然兩者的邊在說到他們的專業人士生命方面已經是謹慎的,但是他沒有懷疑這是被呈現到對抗 Galactor 的軍隊聯合國的秘密軍事被包圍的領土之一, 像他自己。 或也許只是一個學院,而且廢話是年輕的新兵。 有他無法放置的若干人,但是大致上他們聽起來強硬的和專業,而且他喜歡它。 惋惜地記得美洲豹的提議,是否他曾經將被允許正式地連絡基礎而且遇見他已經說話的人,他懷疑。 他以 Nambu 考慮著手進行它, 試著想像什麼醫生的回應將是如果他關於喬的不法 netsurfing 發現。 訓練的措施,一個譴責, 也許一個接地。。。 不,他決定。 這將是他的秘密。

* * * / ***

Coming to his senses after an intensive mindsession in a specially created pocket of reality, Angel was the first to remove the black hood from his head. "Air!" he exclaimed, sucking it into his lungs. / 在一個特別地創造的事實口袋的密集 mindsession 之後甦醒 ,天使是把黑色的頭巾從他的頭移開的第一。 "播映"! 他大叫,吸它進他的肺之內。
"Your fault for not breathing," Storm said, removing hers. She abruptly flopped onto her back. / " 你的過失因為不是呼吸",暴風雨說,除去她的。 她突然地在她的背部之上笨重的摔。
Win came out of her trance by degrees. "Okay, gang, fine going. / 贏漸漸地從她的夢幻之境出來。 "好,隊,去的罰款。
Jon, what was he saying to you?" / Jon, 他正在說什麼到你?"
"It was private," Yaana said. "Basically, she feared the consequences of her actions. Practically speaking, I'd say withdraw anyone currently stationed in Slobodia and Transylvania, and see about warning the authorities." / " 它是私人的",Yaana 說。 "基本上,她害怕她的行動結果。 實際地說, 我將說在 Slobodia 和德蘭斯斐尼亞現在撤回任何人安置, 而且關於警告主管當局見到。"

* * * / ***

The person of indeterminate age and gender sitting alone among the wires and metal of the XAX mainframe's main control room extended hir hands with palms flat on either side of the keyboard, and heaved a controlled sigh. These sessions drained hir - the cloaking of identity while sustaining a new one, the necessity of shielding hir mind from the god-computer that ruled hir life - but they were worth it. / 不確年齡的人和在電線和 XAX 電腦主機的主要部份控制房間的金屬之中獨自地坐的性別用手掌延伸 hir 手在鍵盤的任一邊上的公寓, 而且用力舉起了一聲受約束的歎息。 這些會議排出溝外了 hir- 身份的 cloaking 當維持一個新的時候,來自神的屏隔 hir 心的需要- 規定了 hir 生活的電腦 -但是他們是值得。
What was it Grav had said? *Blowing off steam.* Playing the Prince and the Pauper, mingling with the commoners. So much safer than going out into the streets. And so much more satisfying. / Grav 已經說的它是什麼? *吹遠的蒸氣。*玩王子和貧民,以平民混合。 如此加安全的超過出去進入街道。 而且如此更加滿意。
Back to reality. The day would start early, and s/he would be expected. Escapism served no purpose to those who wanted to conquer the world. Taking a deep breath, s/he twisted hir hair into one long tail and laid it around hir head, then pulled over the mask. It snapped into place, fitting perfectly. / 回到事實。 那天將開始得早, 和 s/他將被期望。 逃避現實不服侍了對那些想要征服世界的人目。 作深的呼吸,s/他擰 hir 頭髮進一隻長的尾部之內而且將它放在 hir 的周圍頭,然後開到一旁假面具。 它進入地方之內咬斷,完全地的配件。
Tomorrow would be a long day. / 明天將是一個長的日子。