Christmas in the Shadows / 在影像中的聖誕節
Part 2 / 第 2 部份
Wendy Dinsmore / 溫蒂 Dinsmore

"How about this one?" / "這一個怎麼樣"?
"The top's crooked. Let's look further up the hill." / "頂端是彎曲的。 在小山上面讓我們變得比較進一步。"
The sun was setting, drenching the mountains in orange and violet. Noting the fading light, Joe trudged in the direction that Ryu pointed. Though the lower altitudes probably wouldn't celebrate a white Christmas, the mountains the two men currently explored would have been a skier's dream had they not been private property. The thick snow made hiking more difficult, though, and now Joe wished he'd brought snowshoes instead of just the boots. His cybernetics added at least twenty pounds to his slim frame, enough to make a difference in punching through the surface crust. Ryu wallowed in the snow behind him, puffing. / 太陽正在下沉, 溼透柑橘和紫羅蘭的山。 輕裝地注意那個時尚, 喬在方向中沉重地走被指出的 Ryu。 雖然較低的高度可能將不慶祝一個白色的聖誕節,但是二位男人現在探究的山會是滑雪的人夢他們還沒是私人的特性。 但是,厚的雪使徒步旅行更困難,而且現在喬願他有帶了雪鞋代替只是長靴。 他的換控學把至少二十磅加入他的瘦體格, 充足在以拳重擊過表面的外殼方面有差別。 Ryu 在他後面的雪中打滾,噴出。
"That one." / "那一個".
"Naw, that's got brown on the bottom--" / "Naw, 那在底部上被褐色了--"
"They all do, and we're out of daylight. I say it's that one." Joe turned a determined glare on the larger man. "We'll cut the brown parts off." / "他們全部做,而且我們超出白晝。 我說它是那一個。"喬轉向了在較大的男人上的堅決閃耀光。 "我們將切去褐色部份" 。
"I cut, you carry," Ryu said. / "我減少,你攜帶",Ryu 說。
"In your dreams." Joe pulled off his pack and produced an electric saw. "You're the one who wanted an eight-foot tree, and I'm not eating needles all the way back." / "在你的夢中". 喬順利完成他的包裹而且生產了一把電動的鋸子。 "你是想要一棵八腳的樹那一個,而且我不是吃的針所有的方法背面" 。
Ryu held the tree steady as Joe trimmed off the undesirable branches. The smell of fresh wood and evergreen sap filled the air, and when the saw stopped, Joe took a slow, deep breath. "Oh, yeah." / 當喬走開整理不受歡迎的樹枝時候, Ryu 拿著了樹定態。 新鮮的木材和常綠樹的味道使裝滿空氣變弱,而且當鋸子停止的時候,喬作了慢的, 深的呼吸。 "哦,是的".
Ryu grinned, then swung the tree up on one shoulder and spat out a mouthful of needles. He put it down. "Dammit, I can't see." The tree wasn't heavy so much as bulky and awkward. With a snort, Joe hefted the trunk, leaving Ryu to handle the crown, and the two followed their trail back down the mountain. / 露齒而笑的 Ryu,然後在一個肩上向上搖擺樹並且輕打出針的一口。 他放下它。 "Dammit,我不能看見". 樹如此多同樣地不是重的龐大和笨拙的。 藉由鼻息,喬舉起試重量了樹幹, 留下 Ryu 處理王冠, 和那二沿山向下把他們的蹤跡跟隨回來。
They had made it halfway to the jeep when the sound of rotors caused both men to look up. Strobes flickered in the darkening sky, and then a bright spotlight engulfed them. "You there!" A voice bellowed through a microphone. "Stop where you are!" / 當轉子的聲音導致兩位男人看的時候,他們已經使它中途到吉普車在上面。 重覆在弄暗天空中閃動,然後一個明亮的焦點吞沒了他們。 " 你那裡"! 一種聲音怒吼過一個麥克風。 "停止你在哪裡"!
Joe halted and glanced behind him. "You didn't notify Security this year either, did you, Ryu?" / 喬在他後面停止而且瞥閃。 " 你今年沒有也通知安全,做了你,Ryu"?
"What for?" Ryu shook his head. "Some sorry ninja we are--we can't even swipe a tree unnoticed." / " 什麼為"? Ryu 搖頭。 " 一些難過的忍者我們是-- 我們不能甚至強打一棵樹不引人注意的".

Dr. Nambu was in the entry when Ken opened the door to reveal ten security guards and their two captives. Joe wore a tolerant smirk; Ryu just looked embarrassed. "Sorry to bother you, Hakase," said the lead guard. "Do you know these two?" / 當被造成的肯恩顯示十個保安人員和他們的二個俘虜的時候, Nambu 博士是在進入中。 喬穿著了寬容的嘻嘻笑; Ryu 剛剛看困窘。 " 難過的煩擾你,Hakase",率先守衛說。 " 你知道這些嗎二"?
"Oh, great," Ken muttered. / "哦,棒的",肯恩喃喃自語。
"Yes, they're here for the holiday party. Do you need a damage report signed?" / "是的,他們為假日黨在這裡。 你需要一項被簽署的損害報告嗎?"
Joe's smirk widened into a grin, and the guard beside him moved back a half step. / 喬的嘻嘻笑進入露齒笑之內擴大,而且在他旁邊的守衛向後地移動一個一半的步驟。
"No, sir, though they insisted on carrying the tree they chopped down with them. Sir, even a top security clearance does not mean they can deface ISO property--" / "不,先生,雖然他們堅持攜帶他們和他們剁碎下來的樹。 先生,甚至一個頂尖的安全清除不意謂,他們能傷毀國際標準組織財產外表--"
"I'll discuss it with them. Thank you." When the men dispersed, Nambu turned a severe look on Joe and Ryu. "I wish you wouldn't do that." / "我將和他們討論它。 謝謝你。"當男人驅散的時候,Nambu 轉了在喬和 Ryu 上的嚴厲神情。 "我願你將不做那" 。
"You'd think they'd be used to it." / "你將會認為他們將會習慣於它" 。
"We changed staff after the war, and it's been two years, Joe." Nambu turned and walked back to the warmer reception room. Behind him, Joe frowned. / " 我們改變了在戰爭後的職員,而且它是二年,喬". Nambu 向後地轉而且走路到較熱的接待房間。 在他後面,喬皺眉頭。
"What was that about? I'm not the one who does this every year." / "那是什麼? 我不是那一個誰每年做這。"
"Yeah," Ryu said. "But I'm better at looking innocent." / "是的",Ryu 說。 "但是我在看起來無罪是比較好的" 。
Joe shook his head and turned to help Ryu bring their trophy inside. / 喬搖頭而且準備幫助 Ryu 帶裡面的他們獎座。

"Thanks." Julia took the coffee cup full of eggnog, her eyes scanning the screens. With no family obligations, she'd specifically asked for this shift and for this project. Though she doubted Dr. Nambu could be in better hands in terms of protection, it was still ISO policy to keep him under surveillance, and she enjoyed working behind the scenes. Today she wore a red sweater with a holly pin, and tied her dark hair into a ponytail with a green ribbon. / "謝謝". 茱莉亞帶了咖啡充滿 eggnog 的杯子,她的掃描螢幕 的眼睛。 藉由沒有家庭義務,她有明確地要求這變化和這一個計畫。 雖然她懷疑, Nambu 博士可能根據保護是在較好的手中, 靜止的它是在監視之下保存他的國際標準組織政策,而且她在幕後喜歡工作。 今天她用一個冬青屬植物大頭針穿著一件紅色的毛衣, 而且以一條綠色的緞帶繫她的黑暗頭髮進一個馬尾巴之內。
She didn't know how the team had celebrated their Christmas Eve, since they had scattered out of G-Town as soon as they'd gone through their last mission debriefing. She suspected they'd spent the evening at Jun's old snack bar--now under new management. But Dr. Nambu had reserved Christmas Day for a private party with the team at the ISO's old mountain installation. / 她沒有知道小組如何已經慶祝他們的聖誕夜,自從他們已經從 G 散佈之後- 城鎮一旦他們已經經過他們的最後任務聽取報告。 她猜想他們有在六月的舊小吃度過晚上除-之外-現在在新的管理之下。 但是 Nambu 博士已經在國際標準組織的舊山安裝為一個私人的黨被小組保留聖誕節。
"I just got off the phone with Foley," Takashi said. "He's steaming about the tree." / "我剛剛以 Foley 下電話",Takashi 說。 "他正在蒸發關於樹的事" 。
She sighed. "Tell him to email me his report. I'll take care of things from here." Shaking her head, she muttered, "Where's his Christmas spirit?" / 她歎息。 "告訴他寄我他的報告。 我從在這裡將照顧事物。"搖頭,她喃喃自語 ",他的聖誕節精神在哪裡?"
"Probably at home, where he wants to be," Takashi said. "Too bad he doesn't know who he arrested--it would've been a great story to tell his kids." / " 可能在家,他想要當哪裡",Takashi 說。 " 太壞的他不知道他拘捕誰-- 它是一個棒的故事 would've 告訴他的小孩".
"What about you? Any holiday plans?" "I get overtime and New Year's off. I'm going home to see the folks." Takashi shrugged and poured himself another cup of eggnog. "Paul left us a bottle of rum." / " 什麼關於你? 任何的假日計劃?""我超出時間的得到和走開新年。 我正在回家見人們。"Takashi 聳肩而且倒了他自己再來一杯 eggnog 。 "保羅留下我們一瓶甜酒" 。
"Not for me, thanks." / " 不是為我,謝謝".
"Aren't you going to celebrate Christmas?" / "你不將慶祝聖誕節"?
"Once I'm off the clock, sure." She looked at Takashi for a moment. "Oh, right. My folks sent me a package. But I think this beats sitting at home after Mass, eating takeout chicken in front of the tree." / " 一旦我在時鐘外,確信". 她看 Takashi 一會兒。 "哦,權利。 我的人們送了我一個包裹。 但是我在大眾後的家想這一個拍坐,在樹之前吃外賣的小雞。"
"Boy, I thought my social life was bad." / "男孩, 我想我的社會生活很壞".
"Comes with the job, my friend. Besides, look at what we've got on TV tonight--the networks would kill for it." / "帶工作來,我的朋友。 此外,看我們已經上電視今晚的--網路將會為它殺。"

On the screen Jinpei sat on the floor in the middle of the great room, untangling Christmas tree lights and singing hoarsely along with the sound system: / 在螢幕 Jinpei 上在棒的房間中央中坐在地板上,沙啞地連同健全的系統一起解開糾結聖誕樹光而且唱:

"Later on, we'll perspire / " 稍後在,之上我們將出汗
As we cringe by the fire / 當我們藉著火畏縮
And face so afraid / 而且面對這麼害怕
The bills left unpaid / 帳單左邊未付款的
From shopping at the malls in Utoland..." / 從在 Utoland 的商場購物。。。"
On its rotation, the camera caught Ken standing by the window, staring outside. Jun opened old cardboard boxes filled with decorations. / 在它的旋轉上,相機捕捉了站在窗戶旁,外面注視 的肯恩。 六月用裝飾打開舊的厚紙板盒子裝滿。
The door banged open, and in came the tree, dusted with snow. With Joe and Ryu steadying it and Ken acting as critic, they secured the tree in its stand. Joe sprawled onto the nearest couch and watched as Ken, Jun and Jinpei wound lights and ribbons, passing them from hand to hand, and hung ornaments, occasionally arguing over what went where. / 重擊的門開放的, 和在來樹,以雪拂去灰塵。 與喬和使它和行動如批評家 的肯恩穩定 的 Ryu 在一起,他們保護了它的臺子樹。 喬在最近的長椅之上擴展而且如肯恩看,六月和 Jinpei 受傷了光和緞帶,從手到手經過他們, 而且吊了裝飾, 有時候結束爭論什麼去在哪裡。
"So whaddaya think?" Ryu grabbed the trunk and gave the tree a little rattle. "Impressive, huh?" / "因此 whaddaya 想"? 抓取樹幹的 Ryu 而且稍微給予了樹驚慌失措。 "令人印象深刻的,哼!"?
"Worth the hassle?" Ken said. / "值得麻煩"? 肯恩說。
"Yeah!" Ryu said. "That's half the fun, getting something to put the presents under." / "是的"! Ryu 說。 "那是一半的樂趣, 得到某事把禮物置於"之下.
Joe said, "Figures." / 喬說,"數字".
Ken headed for the couch, and Joe moved over to make room. "Seems like a lot of work for an oversized air freshener." / 肯恩去長椅,而且喬結束移動製造房間。 " 像許多工作為一特大號空氣清涼劑".
Joe chuckled. "You're just sore because you had to buy something to put under it." / 喬吃吃的笑。 "因為你必須買某事在它之下放,所以你確實疼痛" 。
Jinpei snickered. "Got you there, Aniki." / Jinpei 吃吃地笑。 "在那裡得到你,Aniki".
"That's not true." Ken blinked and put a hand to his chest. "You wound me!" The others laughed, and Jun cracked a tight-lipped smile. / "那不是真實的" 。 肯恩眨眼而且放了對他的胸一隻手。 "你受傷我"! 其餘者笑,而且六月弄碎一個緊閉嘴巴微笑。
Ryu disappeared into the coat room to find the packages, and Jinpei followed suit and helped him arrange the gifts beneath the tree. / Ryu 進入外套之內消失房間發現包裹,而且 Jinpei 在樹之下跟隨了訴訟而且幫助他安排禮物。
"Did they get our stuff?" Takashi asked, leaning on the back of Julia's chair. / "他們得到我們的事情嗎"? Takashi 問,倚靠茱莉亞的椅子背面。
"All five packages. I think we have a couple of hours before they open them." / "所有的五個包裹。 我認為我們在他們打開他們一些數小時之前有。"

Dinner, prepared by ISO chefs, was served an hour later. Dr. Nambu arrived first and stood behind his chair as he waited for the other five to come into the dining room. Decorated for holiday functions earlier in the week, the formal dining area was decked with real garlands of holly and pine, and white candles supplied all available light. Outside the picture window that covered the far wall, stars glittered above a silvered landscape. / 被國際標準組織主廚準備的晚餐,在 1 小時之後被服侍。 當他等候另外五進入飯廳的時候, Nambu 博士首先到達而且在他的椅子後面站立。 用冬青屬植物和松樹的真正花環裝飾為假日功能比較早的在星期 , 正式的吃飯區域是裝飾,而且白色的蠟燭供應了所有的可得光。 在涵蓋了遠的牆壁展望窗之外,星在一片 silvered 風景上面燦爛。
Jinpei arrived first in all his adolescent grace, skidding through the door in a flurry of arms and legs, then teetering as he took in the formal place settings. "Check out the spread! Now I know for sure Oneechan didn't cook--Oww!" He hadn't ducked fast enough. Ryu followed Jun, grinning. The five took their accustomed seats, old habits from dinners long before the war had started. Ken sat at Nambu's left shoulder. / Jinpei 首先在他所有的青春期的優雅方面到達,剎車過手和腿的一個慌張的門, 然後搖搖欲擺當他接受正式的地方背景。 "檢查傳佈! 現在我知道,因為確信 Oneechan 沒有煮--Oww!"他沒有沒入水中快速的充足。 Ryu 未來六月,露齒而笑。 那五佔據了他們的習慣了的座位,在戰爭已經開始之前 , 來自晚餐的舊習慣渴望。 肯恩坐在 Nambu's 的左邊肩前。
Dr. Nambu took his seat and raised his glass. "I'd like to start with a toast," he said. The others found their glasses and raised them. "To the holiday, and our opportunity to celebrate together, with those who matter most. To peace on Earth, at least for this day." / Nambu 博士佔據了他的座位而且升起了他的玻璃。 "我想要從一片土司麵包開始",他說。 其餘者發現了他們的眼鏡而且養育了他們。 "到假日, 和我們的機會一起慶祝,藉由那些最有重大關係的人。 對在地球方面的和平,至少這天。"
Glasses clinked to the soft murmurs of "Kampai." / 眼鏡對 "Kampai" 的軟低語發叮噹聲。
Two servers appeared with platters of food. Nambu watched as Jinpei and Ryu dove headlong into the repast. With a long-suffering expression, Jun said, "Will you slow down? It's not running anywhere. Besides, we're supposed to pass the dishes clockwise, starting with Hakase." / 二個伺服器以食物的大盤子出現。 Nambu 進入餐之內看如頭向前的 Jinpei 和 Ryu 鴿子。 藉由堅忍的表達,六月說,"你將慢地墬落嗎? 它不是流動的任何地方。 此外,我們應該順時針方向通過盤子,以 Hakase 開始。"
"Aww man...." / "Aww 男人...."
"You can shovel in your food any other day than today. Now pass the turkey to Hakase." / "你超過今天將你的食物鏟裝於罐頭任何其他的日子。 現在通過火雞給 Hakase 。"
"Is that a promise? Ow-ow-ow! Oneechan, you're not supposed to hit people at the table." / "那是一個諾言嗎? 表示突然疼痛所發出之聲-表示突然疼痛所發出之聲-表示突然疼痛所發出之聲! Oneechan,你沒被推想在桌子碰撞人。"
Ken stared into his glass. Joe watched the others for a long moment until the platter came his way. Then he elbowed Ken. "Better grab something before it disappears." / 肯恩進入他的玻璃之內注視。 喬為長的片刻看了其餘者直到大盤子來他的方法。 然後他用手肘推開了肯恩。 "在它消失之前 , 更抓取某事" 。
"Hm?" / "Hm"?
"And pass the butter." / " 而且途徑奶油".
"Aa. Right." / "Aa。 權利。"
Nambu watched them: five familiar faces altered by time and events he wouldn't have believed if he hadn't documented them himself. Ken had turned wary, and while a little caution would temper the recklessness characteristic of both Ken and his father, Nambu hoped that he wouldn't take it too far. The optimism that had given him so much strength during the first war was fading. Joe had noticed it too, and was watching Ken more carefully than before. As for Joe, the drastic changes he had faced over the past two years had taken the edge off his rage; now he budgeted his energy, though he still smoldered at the core. Jun had also become more reserved, but with a tougher exterior than in the beginning. She relied less on her teammates now. Jinpei and Ryu had probably changed the least of the five, despite Jinpei's voice change. But even Ryu seemed sadder. The professor could only hope that the wore would end before it sapped them further. / Nambu 看了他們: 五在時間之前被改變的熟悉臉和事件他就不會相信了假如他不証明他們他自己。 肯恩已經變小心的,而且當小小心將會鍛鍊肯恩和他的父親鹵莽特性的時候,Nambu 希望他將不太遠帶它。 在第一個戰爭期間已經給他這麼多力量的樂觀主義正在時尚。 喬已經也注意它, 而且正在看肯恩更小心地超過在之前。 關於喬, 激烈的改變他在過去二年以來已經面對已經在他的憤怒外帶邊緣; 現在他編入預算了他的精力,雖然他仍然在核心冒煙。 六月也已經變得更沉默寡言的, 但是由於較強硬的外部超過最初。 她現在在她的隊友上比較不信賴。 Jinpei 和 Ryu 可能已經改變最少那五,不在乎 Jinpei's 的聲音改變。 但是平坦的 Ryu 變得比較悲哀。 教授只可以希望那戴將會結束在它更進一步使他們變弱了之前。
Thanks to a well-scheduled enemy rout, the ISO had bought some time for the holidays. Today they could forget, at least for a little while. / 由於一很好地-預定的敵人徹底潰敗 , 國際標準組織已經為假日買數時間。 今天他們可以忘記,至少小小的一會兒。

In her plush quarters with the burgundy and gold-trimmed walls, GelSadora reclined in an easy chair in front of a wall-sized television, watching cartoons. She wore a silk bathrobe instead of her usual costume, and a cup of hot chocolate warmed her bare hands. On the side table sat a plate of sugar cookies and a candy cane. / 在和紅紫色和黃金整理的牆壁她長毛絨製的四分之一中, GelSadora 在一台牆壁規模電視之前在一張安樂椅中靠在,看卡通。 她穿著了一件絲浴袍代替她的平常裝束,而且一杯熱的巧克力變溫暖了她的赤裸手。 在被坐著糖餅乾的一個碟子和一根糖果手杖的旁桌子上。
Despite the destruction of their latest battle mecha, Gallactor's operations were ahead of schedule. Two bases were nearing completion and a third was being surveyed. Feeling generous, GelSadora gave the troops two days off for the holidays. It kept them from griping, though no doubt they would squander their time drinking themselves sick. As long as nobody was hung over when she did her inspection rounds, she didn't care. For now, she had locked her doors with orders that she was not to be disturbed. / 不在乎他們最近的戰爭 mecha 的破壞, Gallactor's 的手術在時間表之前。 二個基礎是近的完成和三分之一正在被審視。 覺得有雅量,GelSadora 給予了軍隊二天假假日。 它從抓緊保持了他們, 雖然沒有懷疑他們將會浪費他們的時間喝他們自己病人。 只要沒有人被吊在當她做了她的檢驗回合的時候,她沒有關心之上。 現在,她已經用命令鎖她的門她是不到被擾亂。
On the table in the dining area, surrounded by shredded wrapping paper and ribbon, sat her gift. One of her base commanders had given her the holiday sweets and a crystal music box with a tiny twirling ballerina inside; something that had made her smile when she opened it. Best watch that commander, she knew. He showed initiative and ambition. Too much ambition, and she'd have to have him shot. / 在吃飯區域中的桌子上被撕成碎片包裝紙紙和緞帶被包圍,坐著了她的禮物。 她的惡劣指揮官之一已經給她有一個極小的使滴溜溜地旋轉芭蕾舞女在內的假日甜蜜和一個水晶的音樂匣; 已經做她的微笑某事當她打開了它的時候。 最好看那一個指揮官,她知道。 他顯示了率先和野心。 太多野心,而且她有必須射擊他。
On the screen, an animated reindeer and a giant snow monster had begun a song and dance routine. GelSadora stared, hypnotized. Her evening had been filled with the magic and wonder of Christmas, or at least the idealized version on the screen. Rudolph, Scrooge, the Grinch, the kid with the half-dead Christmas tree, and Santa Claus... all seemed familiar in a very recent way that she couldn't define. Picking up the candy cane, she sniffed it, and the smell of peppermint brought more impressions flooding in. / 在螢幕,一隻活生生的馴鹿和一個龐大的雪怪物上已經開始歌和跳舞例行公事。 GelSadora 注視,施催眠術。 她的晚上已經被裝滿聖誕節的魔術和奇蹟, 或至少在螢幕上的被理想化的版本。 Rudolph , Scrooge , Grinch, 和一半- 死的聖誕樹的小孩 , 和聖誕老人。。。 全部在一個非常最近的方法中似乎熟悉,她不可以定義。 拾起糖果手杖, 她嗅了它,而且薄荷的味道帶了更多的印象氾濫在。
Small hands stealing candy canes from a Christmas tree. A woman's voice: "You have to be a good girl if you want Santa to come on Christmas Eve." / 偷糖果的小手從一個聖誕樹以杖擊。 女人的聲音: " 如果你想要聖誕老人來在聖誕夜上,你必須是好女孩" 。
"I'm always a good girl." / "我總是一個好女孩" 。
"Sosai," she had asked during yesterday's audience. "Everyone is celebrating something--do you?" / "Sosai",她在昨天的聽眾期間已經問。 "每個人正在慶祝某事--做你"?
"We celebrated the solstices... back when Selectoru was still on the star charts," X snarled. "Why must you ask such stupid questions?" / "我們慶祝了至。。。 當 Selectoru 仍然在星圖解上的時候,回,"X 吼叫。 "你為什麼一定要問如此愚蠢的問題"?
"Nothing, Sosai-sama. I just wondered." / "沒事,Sosai-sama。 我剛剛懷疑。"
"Wonder about keeping us on schedule. That's your job." / "關於按時保存我們懷疑。 那是你的工作。"
She'd bowed and left, smarting at the anger in his voice. That's when she'd retreated to her quarters and the television. Sosai would come around once the Solar Shift Plan was executed. And with the world in Gallactor's control, he'd give her the kind of celebration she saw on the screen. The whole world would. She'd mandate it. / 她有彎腰而且離開,在他的聲音忿怒聰明的。 那是當她有撤退到她的四分之一和電視。 一旦太陽的變化計劃被執行, Sosai 將會復甦。 而且由於 Gallactor's 的控制世界,他將會給在螢幕上的慶祝類型她看見的她。 整個世界將會。 她將會委任統治它。
The song and dance routine finished, and the program cut to a commercial. A man and woman held hands in the falling snow. Putting the candy cane back on the plate, GelSadora reached for a cookie. / 歌和跳舞例行公事完成, 和減低到商業的計畫。 一個男人和女人在落下的雪拿著了手。 在碟子上向後地放糖果手杖,GelSadora 及於一塊餅乾。

"I need more of these--thanks, Ryu!" Ken flipped through the leather-bound flight log. / "我需要更多的這些--謝謝,Ryu"! 肯恩用指頭彈過皮革- 範圍的圓木班機。
"Figured you did," Ryu said. "Though with the time you put in, you should have a library of them. Just think, you could retire at any time and get a plum job with the airlines." Ken wrinkled his nose, and Ryu laughed. / " 演算你做",Ryu 說。 " 雖然由於當你提出的時候,你應該有一間他們的圖書館。 僅僅想,你隨時可以退休而且用航空公司找到一個李子工作。"肯恩起皺了他的鼻子,而且 Ryu 笑。
One by one, the gifts lost their disguises, and discarded wrapping paper piled up on one side of the room. Joe received a bathrobe and found himself well-supplied with driving gloves--no one had forgotten the pair he'd shredded the day of his return. (Ken couldn't help grimacing when Joe opened his second pair.) Ken's gifts had been mostly videos and some home accounting software. Jun had gotten photography equipment, Jinpei a backpack and several video games, and Ryu some scuba gear and fishing lures. The professor had gotten a new coffee cup and gourmet samples as well as some books he'd asked for. / 一一點之前,禮物失去了他們的假面目, 而且丟棄了紙在房間的邊上增加很多的包裝紙。 喬以強勁的手套收到了一件浴袍而且發現他自己很好地 - 被供應--沒有人已經忘記他有撕成碎片了天的他回返的雙。 (當喬打開了他的第二雙的時候,肯恩無法不扮鬼臉)。 肯恩的禮物已經大部份錄影帶和一些家庭的會計軟體。 六月已經得到攝影儀器, Jinpei 一個挑運和一些電視遊樂器 , 和 Ryu 一些水中呼吸器工具和釣魚的餌。 教授已經得到一種新的咖啡他已經要求的杯子和美食者樣品和一些書。
After the familiar gifts had been opened, five more remained. Instead of names, they bore the team's numbers. / 在熟悉的禮物已經被打開之後,另外五個保持。 代替名字,他們煩擾小組的數字。
"From the security staff?" Ken said, frowning at the tag. "That's odd." / "從安全職員"? 肯恩說,在標籤皺眉頭。 " 那是奇數的" 。
"They asked to contribute this year," Nambu said. / "他們今年問有助於",Nambu 說。
"Why, if all we do is cause them trouble?" Ryu asked. / "為什麼, 如果全部我們是引起他們困擾"? Ryu 問。
"They think highly of you all," Nambu said. "They specifically requested it, and I gave the okay." / "他們高度地全部想到你",Nambu 說。 "他們明確地請求了它,而且我給予了好人" 。
Together, the five opened their packages to find Christmas stockings full of small gifts: candy, picture frames, and toy models of their old vehicles. The team looked at each other with raised eyebrows, though Ryu seemed especially enamored of his toy Godphoenix. "They got the details down pretty good," he said. "I want the whole set!" / 一起, 那五打開了他們的包裹發現充滿小的禮物聖誕節長襪: 糖,照片構成, 而且玩弄他們的舊車輛的模型。 小組看有升起的眉毛彼此,雖然 Ryu 尤其他的供玩耍的 Godphoenix 似乎迷住。 "他們使細節下來相當好",他說。 "我想要整個的組"!
"Let me know when you find it, "Ken said. / "當你發現它的時候,讓我知道 ",肯恩說。
Joe pulled from the toe of his stocking a box of neon Band-Aids and a small card. Heopened the card and stared, then flipped it shut. / 喬從他的長襪腳趾拉氖的一個盒子樂團-愛滋病和一張小的卡片。 Heopened 卡片而且注視, 然後用指頭彈它關上。
"What is it, Joe n'aniki?" / "它是什麼,喬 n'aniki"?
"Just a card." / " 只是一張卡片".
"Then you don't care if we see it, right?" Jinpei said, and as Joe turned toward him, Ken plucked the card from his fingers. / "如果我們看見它,然後你不關心,對不對"? Jinpei 說,而且當喬對於他轉向的時候,肯恩拉了來自他的手指卡片。
"What's it say?" Jun asked. / " 它是什麼說"? 六月問。
"Just a lot of signatures," Ken said, "And, 'Welcome home.'" / "正直的許多簽字",肯恩說 ",和,'在家的歡迎。'"
"They missed him terrorizing the guards that bad?" Jinpei said, grinning. / " 他們想念他令人恐怖守衛那壞的"? Jinpei 說,露齒而笑。
"Our investigative team put a lot of energy into tracking him down when the clues started appearing," Nambu said. "If anything, you kept them on their toes, Joe." / "當線索開始出現的時候,我們的研究小組把許多能源放入把他追蹤下來",Nambu 說。 " 如果任何事,你把他們留在他們的足趾上,喬".
"Us, too," Jun said. / "我們,也",六月說。
"You never gave me a card." When Jun glared at him, Joe flopped back against the couch and stared at the ceiling. "I know, I know." He sighed. "I get the message. No more playing dead. I promise." / "你從不給予了我一張卡片" 。 當六月在他發眩光的時候,喬向後地反對長椅笨重的摔而且盯著天花板看。 "我知道,我知道" 。 他歎息。 "我收到訊息。 沒有玩死 的更多。 我答應。"
Ken snorted, then snatched a pillow from the corner chair. It hit Joe squarely on the side of the head. Joe turned, smoothly reached for the nearest sofa cushion.... / 噴著氣弄響鼻子的肯恩,然後奪取了來自角落椅子的一個枕頭。 它在頭的邊上方形地碰撞喬。 喬轉向,平滑地及於最近的沙發墊子....

"Damn, Jun got him good!" / "詛咒,六月給他好處"!
"She's fast, too," Julia said. "Notice she got all the gifts out of the way." / "她也很快速",茱莉亞說。 " 注意她把所有的禮物趕出方法".
The sound of their laughter brought two more staff members into the room, where they crowded around the monitor. "Ow, that's gotta hurt." / 他們的笑聲音帶另外二個職員進他們蜂湧圍繞監視器的房間。 "表示突然疼痛所發出之聲, 那是必須傷害".
"Oh man, good one!" / " 哦男人,好處一"!
"And again!" / " 而且再一次"!
"Ah, that's it. Dr. Nambu's kicking them outside." / "啊,那是它。 外面踢他們 的 Nambu's 博士。"
"Bill's got all the exterior monitors. C'mon." / "被得到所有的外部監視器的比爾。 C'mon。"
Julia waved Takashi off, and he left to join the others at the next station. Taking another sip of her eggnog, she watched as the camera panned to show Dr. Nambu standing by the window, watching the snowball fight outside. / 茱莉亞走開揮舞了 Takashi ,而且他離開在下一個車站參加其餘者。 帶她的 eggnog 的另啜飲,當相機用平底鍋煮出示站在窗戶旁,外面看雪球戰鬥 的 Nambu 博士的時候,她看。

--end-- / --結束--