PART 1 / 第 1 部份
Wendy Dinsmore (chronic1@2xtreme.net) / 溫蒂 Dinsmore(chronic1@2xtreme.net)

Author's Note: This story takes place between the end of the first Gatchaman series and Gatchaman II, episode 1. Some Japanese vocabulary used in the story: / 作家的附註: 這一個故事在第一 Gatchaman 系列和 Gatchaman 2 ,插曲 1 的結束之間發生。 被用於故事的一些日本字彙:
--1 --
The light snow had stopped, leaving Cross Karakoram frosted with a layer of silver that dusted the twisted statues and the green-suited corpses that lay sprawled in the grass between them. In places where underground tunnels had surfaced, the snow had melted from the heat that vented from numerous fires and from the passageway leading to the earth's mantle. The quakes shook the mountains with increasing frequency as the "Black Hole" machine ticked off the seconds before the last bomb was launched through the passage. / 輕的雪已經停止,留下交叉的 Karakoram 和拂去灰塵了絞在他們之間的草中擴展的反常雕像和綠色適合的屍體銀層凍結。 在地下的隧道已經升至水面的地方中,雪已經從從很多的火災和通往地球的地涵 的通道發洩的熱融化。 當 "黑色的洞" 機器在最後一個炸彈被發射經過通道秒之前走開畫勾號的時候,地震用增加頻率搖動山。
In a clearing before the entrance to the installation, Condor Joe lay in the grass and waited to die. / 在通往安裝的入口前的清掃中,禿鷹喬在於草而且等候死。
His teammates would take care of the machine, if anyone could. There was nothing else he could do. He didn't think about what would come next for him--he'd had plenty of opportunities during the past three years to contemplate what would happen in the afterlife, if there was one. It would just be good to get it all over with. Distantly he could hear his body laboring to breathe as the Galactor drug wore off and the full effects of his injuries came into play. Contrary to the Galactor "doctor's" prediction, he felt no pain; perhaps his body had decided it had had enough and shut down that part which felt pain. His fading consciousness was just along for the ride. It was pleasant, actually. / 他的隊友將會照顧機器,如果任何人可以。 否則他可以做,沒有東西。 他沒有關於然後將會為他來的東西想--他在過去三年期間有有了許多機會注視將會在死後的生活中發生的東西 ,如果那裡是一。 它將會僅僅好到處得到它由於。 遠地他可以聽到如 Galactor 的他勞動呼吸 的身體藥戴離開而且他的受傷完全的效果進入遊戲。 和 Galactor 相反 "醫生" 的預測,他覺得沒有痛苦; 也許他的身體已經決定它已經部份地有充足而且關閉那那一個毛氈痛苦。 他剛好時尚意識是沿著對於乘坐。 它是愉快的,實際上。
He opened his eyes and looked up at the sky. Silhouetted against the grey, puffy clouds, a hawk circled over him. It spiraled down, closer and closer, until Joe could see the patterns on its feathers, and the great talons clenched against its body--funny that his vision had chosen now to clear. Perhaps this was a sign: Native American legend had it that the Thunderbird collected men's souls when they died. How appropriate, since Joe had used a bird as a totem he would be delivered from life by one. The hawk landed on the nearest crumbling statue, cocked its head at him, and shrieked. / 他打開了他的眼睛而且看在天空上面。 描繪成側面影對抗灰色的, 脹大的雲,一隻鷹在他之上包圍。 它 spiraled 向下的﹐越來越靠近的,直到喬可以看見在它的羽毛上的典型,而且棒的爪緊握對抗它的身體--好笑的那個他的視野現在已經選擇清除。 也許這是一個符號: 本國的美國傳說有了它,當他們死的時候,雷鳥收集了男人的靈魂。 如何適當的,因為喬已經以一隻鳥作為一個圖騰他將會被一點之前從生活遞送。 鷹在最近的崩潰雕像上登陸﹐聳立了在他的它頭﹐而且尖叫。
Then he heard someone approaching, footsteps rustling in the tall grass. Slowly, he turned his head to see who it was. An unfamiliar shadow appeared--a tall, broad-shouldered man with long curly hair and a beard. The wind pulled at his cape as he walked with long strides, intense grey eyes fastened eagerly, purposefully, on the battered man on the ground. / 然後他聽到了某人接近,在高的草中發出沙沙聲 的腳步。 慢慢地,他轉向了他的頭看見它是誰。 一個不熟悉的影像出現--高,大範圍的-用長的捲曲頭髮和鬍鬚肩負男人。 當他和長的大步走路的時候,風在他的岬拉,強烈的灰色眼睛熱心地拴緊,有目的地, 在那之上敲打在地面上的男人。
Joe's euphoria vanished. Though he didn't appear armed, there was something sinister about this man. The stranger had been looking for him, had something planned for him.... / 喬的陶醉消失。 雖然他沒有顯得武裝的,有關於這一個男人的不吉利的東西。 陌生人已經找尋他, 某事不嗎為他計畫....
He remembered the boomerang that Ken had pressed into his hands. "Think of this as my heart, which I leave with you," he'd said. It was also a nasty weapon, and the only one he could reach. Ken would understand. His right hand tightened on the center, easing out the blades. / 他記得了回飛棒那一個肯恩已經進入他的手之內壓。 "把這當做我的心, 我和你離開",他有說。 它也是一個污穢的武器, 和唯一的一個他可以到達。 肯恩將會了解。 他的右手在中心上勒緊,緩和出刀鋒。
Unaware, the man approached. Joe waited until he loomed only a few feet away, then-- / 不知道的,男人接近。 只有一些腳之遠隱約可見的等候直到他的喬,然後--
Leave--me--ALONE! / 離開--我--孤獨的!
His left arm forced his body up; his right cocked the boomerang and threw it backhanded with all his remaining strength. The bearded man leaped aside, and the boomerang sank deep into a rock twenty yards away. / 他的左手臂壓迫了他的身體增加; 他的權利聳立了回飛棒而且丟它反手拍擊的由於他所有的剩餘力量。 有鬚的男人在一邊跳躍, 和深入地進入一塊岩石之內二十碼之遠的回飛棒洗物槽。
The man's eyes followed the path of its flight, and he lifted an eyebrow. "I'm impressed," he said. He spoke in Italian, and his voice was hoarse, grating. "That almost found its mark." / 男人的眼睛跟隨了它的飛行路徑,而且他舉起了一道眉毛。 "我被感動",他說。 他用義大利語說,而且他的聲音是沙啞的,因測量原因放置於陰極射線管前的校準幕。 "那幾乎發現它的標誌" 。
Joe wasn't listening. With that last effort his heart had stopped. / 喬沒有在聽。 與那持續他的心已經停止的努力。
The stranger wasted no time; he scooped Joe up, and carrying his body like a child's, moved away from the statues with long, rapid strides. A light flashed on the ring on his right hand, and the old man shifted his burden so he could reach the tiny radio. "Send the copter down immediately and have the gear ready," he snapped. "He's gone into total arrest." / 陌生人沒浪費時間; 他向上汲取喬, 而且攜帶像孩子的一樣他身體,從和長的, 迅速的大步雕像移開。 一個光在他的右手上的戒指上閃現,而且老人改變了他的負擔,如此他可以到達極小的收音機。 "立刻把 copter 送下來而且有工具現金",他咬斷。 "他已經討論總逮捕" 。
"Yes, Doctor," said a man's voice. / "是的,醫生",男人的聲音說。
The hawk trilled once, then flew from the statue and landed on the stranger's shoulder. "Stay off now," he protested. "The boy's heavy enough." The bird ignored him, digging its talons into the thick shoulder padding the man wore for just that purpose. / 用顫聲說一次的鷹, 然後從雕像飛而且在陌生人的肩上登陸。 "現在停留遠",他反對。 "男孩的重充足". 鳥忽略了他,挖它的爪進男人為正直的那個目的戴的厚肩墊充之內。
The old man's hair whipped back from his face as the black copter touched down before him. The door slid open, revealing shadowy figures who pulled him and his burden aboard before the copter rose and vanished into the clouds. / 老人的頭髮在他之前向後地從如黑色的 copter 的他臉鞭打接觸下來。 門 slid 打開, 揭露有陰影的數字誰在飛機上拉他和他的負擔在 copter 進入雲之內上升而且消失之前。

As he left the conference room, Dr. Nambu pulled out a handkerchief and wiped the sweat from his forehead. Years of technological advances had still done nothing to make the bright lights any more comfortable, or any less hot. Behind him he could hear the television crews packing up their equipment. He had called for the press conference shortly after receiving Ken's report--which had confirmed everything picked up by ISO sources--and now news agencies were spreading the message all over the world. He had been especially lucky when the Godphoenix had flown by the window at just the right time during the broadcast--that had earned him an incredible number of publicity points. / 當他離開了會議房間的時候,Nambu 博士拉出一條手帕而且擦了來自他的前額汗。 數年的科技進步使什麼也沒做安靜變得更舒服, 或任何的比較不熱。 在他後面他可以聽到停止他們的儀器 的電視組員。 他已經在接受肯恩的報告之後不久要求記者會-- 已經確認被國際標準組織來源逐漸恢復的每件事物--而且現在新聞機構正在全世界傳佈訊息。 當 Godphoenix 藉著窗戶已經飛的時候,他已經尤其幸運在僅僅那正確的時間在廣播期間-- 哪一已經賺他廣告點的一個難以置信的數字。
He wasn't quite sure how he felt. Of course he was glad to be able to deliver the good news, but that emotion had plenty of others to battle with: relief that the Black Hole Plan had been thwarted and that Sosai X was gone, combined with the suspicion that he was dreaming. Then there were the losses: he already grieved over the deaths of Oniishi and Masaki the remaining two members of Red Impulse. And Joe... He dreaded the return of his wards, when he'd witness their pain up close, and have to face that empty space where Joe used to be. During Ken's brief report, the Gatchaman's voice had been flat, and over the viewscreen static, Nambu had seen only four pale faces. He would glean the details when the Team came in, and he was expecting them any minute. Nambu and his young charge hadn't parted on the best of terms--Joe most likely had viewed him as the jailer who retained him for useless medical tests while his only family fought and possibly died without him. The expression on Joe's face as he watched Ken and the others depart was permanently etched in the Doctor's mind. Nambu would have preferred a less painful picture to remember him by. / 他不是相當確信他如何感覺。 當然他高興能夠遞送好消息, 但是情緒有了許多其它搏鬥由於: 黑色的洞計劃已經被反對並且 Sosai X 不見了的安心,和他正在做夢的猜疑結合。 然後有損失: 他已經悲傷超過 Oniishi 和 Masaki 的死亡紅色的衝動剩餘的二個成員。 而且喬。。。 當他將會目擊他們的痛苦向上的結束時候他恐懼了他的守衛回返, 而且必須面對喬過去一直的空空間是。 在肯恩的簡短報告的時候, Gatchaman's 的聲音已經是公寓,而且在 viewscreen 靜電之上, Nambu 已經看到只有四個蒼白的臉。 當小組進來,而且他正在期待他們任何的分鐘時候,他將會拾落穗細節。 Nambu 和他的年輕費用沒有在術語之中最好的上分開--當他的唯一家庭打仗並且可能地沒有他死的時候,喬已經很有可能視他為看守監獄的人為沒有用的醫生保有了他測試。 在喬的臉上表達當他看了肯恩,而且其餘者離開之時永久地在醫生的心中被蝕刻。 Nambu 會喜歡一張比較不痛苦照片勝過記得他被。
He walked down the hall to his office. Just as he reached his desk, the intercom buzzed. He pressed a button. "Professor," said the quiet voice of his receptionist, "the Kagaku Ninjatai have arrived." / 他走路下來到他的辦公室的門廳。 正如他到達了他的書桌,對講器發出嗡嗡聲。 他按了一個按鈕。 "教授",說了他的接待員的安靜聲音 ",Kagaku Ninjatai 已經到達".
"I'll meet them in the lobby." Full debriefing would take place later, after they were checked over and their needs were seen to. He just wanted to assure himself that they were all right. / "我將在大廳中遇見他們" 。 完整的任務報告稍後將會發生, 在他們被檢查之後在而且他們的需要被看到到之上。 他剛剛想要保證他自己他們是沒關係。
Ken and the others had just entered through the basement entrance. They had changed back to civilian style and moved with the stiffness of exhaustion. Jun, Jinpei and Ryu nodded to the Doctor but Ken passed with a wooden set to his expression. Without a word, Nambu fell in step beside him and they walked down the side corridor toward the infirmary. / 肯恩和其餘者經過地下室入口剛剛進入。 他們已經向後地改變到平民的風格而且以疲憊的堅硬移動。 六月,Jinpei 和 Ryu 對醫生點頭,但是肯恩和木製的組對他的表達通過。 沒有一個字, Nambu 在他和他們旁邊的步驟中跌落走路下來對於虛弱的旁走廊。
"Are you all right?" the Doctor asked quietly. / " 你是所有的權利"? 醫生安靜地問。
"Cuts and bruises. Jun and Jinpei took some shrapnel." The boy, Nambu noticed, was limping, but Jun looked only tired. "We patched them up a little on the way back." / "切和瘀傷。 六月和 Jinpei 帶了一些開花彈。"男孩,被注意的 Nambu,正在跛行,但是六月看起來只有疲累。 "我們在途中向上稍微補綴了他們背面" 。
Nambu dreaded the next. "And Joe? Did you find him?" / Nambu 恐懼了下一個。 " 而且喬? 你發現他嗎?"
"Yes." Ken stared straight ahead. "We found him. He showed us the entrance to the base. Then we lost him." / "是的". 肯恩向前地筆直地注視。 "我們發現他。 他給我們看通往基礎的入口。 然後我們失去了他。"
"He's gone?" / "他不見了"?
Ken stopped, turned and faced the Doctor. There was a smile on his face, but it wasn't a happy smile. It held all the irony, grief and bewilderment he had suppressed for the past forty eight hours. "Yes, Hakase, that's exactly it. He's gone." He laughed, and when he continued, his voice shook. "When we came out of the base, he was gone, and we searched and searched, but we couldn't find him. He just disappeared--" / 肯恩停止, 轉而且面對了醫生。 有在他的臉上一個微笑,但是它不是一個快樂的微笑。 它維持了他已經鎮壓過去四十八小時的所有反諷,傷痛和困惑。 "是的,Hakase,那完全它。 他不見了。"他笑,而且當他繼續的時候,他的聲音搖動。 "當我們從基礎出來的時候,他不見了,而且我們搜尋了又搜尋,但是我們不可以發現他。 他剛剛消失--"
"Ken." Jun put a hand on his shoulder. / "肯恩". 六月把一隻手放在他的肩。
Ken reacted as if she had slapped him across the face. He froze for a moment while he fought to regain control. Then, shaking his head, he looked earnestly up at the Doctor. "I'm sorry, Hakase. I think we all need a little sleep." / 肯恩反應好像她已經橫過拍擊他臉。 當他打仗取回控制的時候,他凍結一會兒。 然後,搖頭,他在醫生認真地向上看。 "對不起,Hakase。 我認為我們全部需要小小的睡眠。"
Nambu sighed. "You've earned every minute. Let's all meet tomorrow evening for the debriefing, twenty hundred hours. Agreeable?" / Nambu 歎息。 "你已經賺每一分鐘。 為任務報告,二千小時明天晚上讓我們所有的會。 愉快的?"
They all nodded. "I know it hasn't sunk in yet. What you've done. The world is indebted to you all." / 他們全部點頭。 " 我知道它沒有沉落在然而。 你已經做的。 對你全部世界是受人恩惠的。"
"Just doing our jobs," Jinpei quipped--still enough energy left for a joke. Nambu clapped a gentle hand on his back and gave him a grin. / "僅僅做我們的工作",Jinpei 說諷刺的話-- 仍然充足的能源前往一個笑話。 Nambu 鼓掌了在他的背部上的一隻溫和的手而且給予了他露齒笑。
"Good night, then. I'll be in my quarters if there's anything you need." / "晚安,然後。 如果有你需要的任何事,我將在我的四分之一中。"
"Good night, sir." / "晚安,先生" 。
Nambu watched them leave and hoped they wouldn't dream. / Nambu 看他們離開而且希望了他們將不做夢。
As he walked through the ISO complex to his quarters, he could hear other scientists and employees celebrating. Music blared from some of the rooms, glasses clinked, and the smell of food and liquor was strong. Several colleagues called from the rooms he passed, inviting him to join them. Smiling, Nambu declined, claiming exhaustion. The day had drained him completely, worse than the day Kentaro--Ken's father--had died. / 當他走路過對他的四分之一的國際標準組織合成物的時候,他可以聽到其他的科學家和職員慶祝。 音樂從一些房間高聲鳴叫, 眼鏡發叮噹聲,而且食物和酒的味道是強的。 一些同事從他通過的房間呼叫, 邀請他參加他們。 微笑,Nambu 衰退,宣稱疲憊。 那天已經完全地排出溝外他,更更壞地超過天 Kentaro--肯恩的父親--已經死。
Finally the door to his apartment closed behind him, leaving him to stand in his living room, wrapped in silence. He first went to the bar and poured himself a straight scotch, then set it on the table beside his chair and forgot it. He sat in his recliner and looked through the window at the evening sky, his mind blank. For once he didn't have to discipline himself past it. He didn't have to think about what would come next, at least until tomorrow. Tonight he could rest, and hope he didn't dream himself. / 最後到他的公寓門關閉在他後面, 留下他在他的客廳中站,在沈默方面包裝。 他首先去酒吧而且倒了他自己直的蘇格蘭人,然後支使它對付在他的椅子旁邊的桌子而且忘記了它。 他在他的臥椅中坐而且在夜空溫習窗戶,他的心留空白。 因為一旦他沒有須越過它訓練他自己。 他沒有須關於什麼然後將會來想,至少直到明天。 今晚他可以休息, 和希望他沒有做夢他自己。

"Now exhale." / "現在呼氣" 。
On his perch on the edge of the medical table, Ken let his breath out in a sigh. The doctor finished and pulled the stethoscope back around his neck. "Okay, that's it. You're looking healthy overall. As you said, some scrapes and bruises." / 在醫學的桌子邊緣上的他棲木上,肯恩在一聲歎息中放出他的呼吸。 醫生在他的脖子周圍完成而且把聽診器拉回來。 "好,那是它。 你看起來健康整體。 當你說,一些刮掉和瘀傷。"
Ken pushed himself off the table and reached into the basket for his clothes. The medical staff had been waiting for the Team when they'd arrived, and dragged each member into a separate room for a thorough check. They had showered Ken with congratulations throughout his physical, and he had tried to accept them gracefully, but he still didn't know what they had done to save the world. The Team had killed nearly fifty soldiers outside the base before they found Joe and the main entrance. Once inside the base, they had found almost no resistance--not that the soldiers ever had a chance against four enraged ninja. Ken had taken out some of his rage on a strangely unresisting Katse before X had intervened, then mockingly left them all to their doom. Katse had committed suicide, and the Black Hole machine exploded on its own--despite the fact that it had resisted all the Team's efforts to stop it. So what had they done to deserve this hero's welcome? / 肯恩走開推動了他自己桌子並且為他的衣服進入籃子之內到達。 當他們已經為完全的檢查到達, 而且拖拉每個成員進一個單獨的房間時候,醫學的職員已經等候小組。 他們在他的身體檢查各處已經用祝賀淋浴肯恩,而且他已經嘗試優美地接受他們,但是他仍然沒有知道他們已經做解救世界的。 在他們發現喬和主要的入口之前 , 小組已經在基礎之外殺將近五十個軍人。 一旦在基礎裡,他們已經發現幾乎沒有抵抗-- 不軍人曾經有了一個機會反對四激怒了忍者。 肯恩已經取出一些他的憤怒在一之上奇妙地不抵抗 Katse X 已經干涉之前,然後愚弄地對他們的命運留下他們所有。 Katse 已經自殺,而且黑色的洞機器靠它自己爆炸--不在乎事實它已經抵抗所有的小組努力停止它。 如此他們做了什麼該得到這一個英雄的歡迎?
Maybe their appearance at Cross Karakoram had been enough. / 也許他們的外表在交叉的 Karakoram 已經是充足。
"Think you'll have any difficulty sleeping?" / " 想你將讓任何的困難睡著"?
Ken blinked, jarred from his train of thought. "Why?" / 眨眼的肯恩,從他的想法火車震驚。 "為什麼"?
Regarding him sympathetically, the doctor sighed. "You're still wound up from the events of the day, and sleep is what you need most." Bending over his desk, he scribbled something on a sheet of paper and then handed it to Ken. "Stop by the pharmacy on your way out. Take two with water before you go to bed." / 關於他憐憫地,醫生歎息。 " 你仍然是從那天的事件結束,而且睡眠是你所最需要的". 彎腰他的書桌,他在一張紙上潦草地書寫某事然後佩服肯恩。 "在出去的途中順道拜訪藥房。 拿二由於水在你上床睡覺之前。"
"Thanks." / "謝謝".
As he left the medical wing, Ken glanced at the prescription, noted it was a sedative, and stuffed the paper into his pocket. Once he was back in the silence of his small apartment, he pressed the call button on his bracelet. / 當他留下了醫學的翅膀時候,在處方的瞥閃肯恩,注意了它是鎮靜劑, 而且裝填報紙進他的口袋之內。 一旦他在他的小公寓的沈默方面回來,他按了在他的手鐲上的呼叫按鈕。
Jun jumped at the sudden, unexpected sound. Reflexively she lunged out of the tub and snatched the wristband from the counter beside the sink. "G-3," she said, keeping her voice carefully neutral. / 六月在突然跳躍,意想不到的聲音。 反身地她有肺的離開浴盆而且奪取來自在洗滌槽旁邊的櫃台袖口。 "G-3",她說,使她的聲音保持小心中立。
"It's me. Sorry to startle you. I just wanted to check on you." / "是我。 難過的吃驚你。 我剛剛想要在你身上檢查。"
At the sound of Ken's voice, the ice in her veins melted instantly. "I'm fine. Just in the bath. Jinpei's asleep already, and the medic says all his hurts are superficial." Her voice dropped to a whisper. "How are you?" / 在肯恩的聲音聲音,她的靜脈冰立即地融化。 "我很好。 僅僅在沐浴中。 Jinpei's 熟睡地已經,而且苜蓿屬植物說,他所有的傷害是表面。"她的聲音降低到耳語。 "你好嗎"?
"Tired. I was just..." He paused, and Jun's hopes soared. "Worried, I guess. Glad you're okay. See you tomorrow." / "疲累的。 我很正直。。。"他暫停,而且六月的希望升高。 "擔憂,我猜測。 高興的你是好。 明天看見你。"
"Goodnight, Ken." / "晚安,肯恩" 。
Jun heaved a sigh and slipped back into the tub, careful to keep her bandages dry. Almost. He almost asked me. Should I go to him? I don't want to be alone tonight either. Or ever, anymore. / 六月用力舉起了一聲歎息而且滑倒返回浴盆, 小心的保存她的繃帶乾。 幾乎。 他幾乎問了我。 我應該找他嗎? 我今晚不想要也是獨自地。 或曾經,不再。
Ken called Ryu, but this time used the base interphone. When he opened the channel, he heard snores. The man could sleep through a nuclear holocaust--almost had, once or twice. Right now Ken envied him. / 肯恩呼叫了 Ryu, 但是這次使用了惡劣的對講機。 當他打開了頻道的時候,他聽到了鼾聲。 男人可以睡覺過一個核子的燒全獸的祭祀供物--幾乎有, 一次或兩次。 立刻肯恩羨慕了他。
Well, that was everyone. Jinpei and Ryu asleep. Jun... he shouldn't bother her with his problems. Same for Nambu. Joe... / 好吧,那是每個人。 熟睡地的 Jinpei 和 Ryu。 六月。。。 他不應該用他的問題煩擾她。 對於 Nambu 是相同的。 喬。。。
Don't think about Joe right now. Just don't. / 立刻不想喬。 正直的不。
Feeling very alone, Ken showered, then lay down on his bed and stared at the stars outside his window. It was nearly dawn when exhaustion claimed him and he slept. / 覺得非常孤獨,淋浴的肯恩,然後在他的床上躺下而且在他的窗戶之外盯著星看。 當疲憊宣稱了他的時候,它幾乎是破曉,而且他睡。

It wasn't difficult to bully the human body into some semblance of life. Blood could be pumped through arteries and air forced into lungs artificially. Functions of other organs could be imitated, keeping other tissues alive for whatever purpose, technical or emotional. But bringing the body's performance to something above basic functions was another matter--especially with Dr. Rafael's objectives in mind. / 威脅人類的身體進生活的一些外觀之內是不困難的。 血可能經過人工地被迫肺的動脈和空氣被用唧筒抽水。 其他的器官功能可能是倣效的,為任何的目的使其他的薄紗織品保持活著的,技術上的或情緒的。 但是帶著身體的表現到上述的東西基本功能是另一個事件--尤其以心的 Rafael's 博士目的。
The damage had been so extensive that if Rafael hadn't dodged Joe's attack, he wouldn't have believed the young man had been capable of moving. From the moment he set Joe's body down in the copter, the old man had fought hard to bring him back and keep him there. The young man had coded six times during the trip. Twenty-four hours after their arrival at the lab, ten of which were spent on the operating table, Joe's condition was elevated to critical. The old man had repaired what he could, replaced what he was able, and now the patient lay submerged in regen solution to speed the healing of the grafts. / 假如 Rafael 不避開喬的攻擊,損害已經是如此的廣泛以致於,他就不會相信了年輕的男人已經能夠移動。 從片刻他設定身體在 copter 中墬落的喬,老人努力地有打仗把他帶回來而且把他留在那裡。 年輕的男人在旅行期間已經把六次編碼。 二十- 他們的抵達後四小時在實驗室, 十在操作桌子上被花費, 喬的情況是提高的到重要的。 老人已經修理什麼他可以, 替換他是能夠什麼,而且現在忍耐的絞在再一般佈告解決方案方面浸水加速接枝的治癒。
Normally, when he found a body in such a damaged state, the old man merely made a recording of the patterns that made up the owner's "personality" and placed them into a new mechanical body. Though the exact technology for the mental coding was still beyond his understanding, the procedure was far easier than what he was attempting now. But this time his plans were different. The more organic his subject's mind remained, the less the likelihood of mechanical sabotage. / 正常地,當他在那時候發現一個如此被損壞的州一個身體的時候,老人只創下了組成擁有者的 "個性" ,而且把他們放進入一個新的機械身體之內的典型錄音。 雖然精確的技術對於心智的編碼仍然是超過他的理解,程序是遠比他正在現在嘗試的容易。 但是這次他的計劃是不同的。 更有機的他主題的心保持, 比較少量機械的人為破壞的可能。
His radio shrilled out an alarm. The old man checked the display above the device and confirmed the frequency before picking up a telephone receiver. "Yes?" / 他的收音機用尖銳的聲音說出一聲警報。 老人在接載一個電話接收器之前檢查了在裝置上面的展覽而且確認了頻率。 "是的"?
"Dr. Rafael," said the voice on the other end. "How are things proceeding?" / "Rafael 博士", 說了在另一端上的聲音。 "事物著手進行好嗎"?
The old man glanced at Joe through the window looking into the lab. His body lay within a clear tube filled with fluid, and was hooked to breathing apparatus and monitors which were being watched carefully by more of the doctor's silent assistants. He looked oddly fragile, and for the first time, as young as he actually was. "As planned, though he was injured worse than I thought. There was some brain damage, though it appears to be from old scarring. Amazing that he made it so far." He shook his head, unseen by his caller. "The boy is stubborn, though, and he wants to live more than he'll care to admit. We'll begin with the first of the implants as soon as he's strong enough... I'd say in two weeks." / 老人經過在充滿液體, 而且被鉤住到呼吸裝置和被小心地被醫生的沈默助理的更多看的監視器的清楚管裡面調查實驗室他的身體絞 的窗戶注視喬。 他看起來奇妙易碎, 和第一次, 像他一樣年輕實際上是。 "依照計畫,雖然他是受傷的得比我更壞。 有一些腦損害,雖然它似乎來自老的結疤。 令人驚異的那他到現在為止製造了它。"他搖頭, 未見過的藉著他的來電者。 " 但是, 男孩是頑固的,而且他想要居住超過他將關心承認。 我們將由植入器的第一個開始一旦他夠強的。。。 我在二個星期中將會說。"
"Are you sure this is a good idea?" The other's voice sounded doubtful. "Asakura's a wild card--you don't know how he's going to react. He could ruin everything." / " 你確定這是一個好想法"? 另一個宣述聽起來可疑。 "Asakura's 的一張野性的卡片--你不知道他將要如何反應。 他可以毀滅每件事物。"
"It's worth the risk. He has skills that I can't possibly obtain any other way--why waste them? Besides, I think I can appeal to his basic nature." / "它是價值風險。 他有我不能可能地獲得任何其他的方法技術-- 為什麼浪費他們? 此外,我認為我能訴諸他的基本自然。"
"It's your choice. Keep me up to date." The transmission ended, leaving static. / "它是你的選擇。 使我保持最新的。"傳輸結束,留下靜電。
Not that it will be easy, the old man amended. The first few hours of consciousness would be crucial, and the most difficult. Dr. Rafael was a scientist, not a negotiator. And his colleague was right--Condor Joe was a ticking bomb. It would take all of his resources to get that bomb to go off at the right time, and in the right direction. / 不那它將是容易的,老人修正。 第一個幾小時的意識將會是決定性的, 和最困難的。 Rafael 博士是科學家而不是一個磋商者。 而且他的同事是正確的--禿鷹喬是一個被套料炸彈。 它將會採取他的全部資源得到炸彈爆炸在那正確的時間, 和在正確的方向中。

-- 2 --
"There is an old Japanese saying: 'After victory, tighten the straps of your helmet,'" Dr. Nambu said as he paced the floor. The four sitting on the couch watched him. "We've done that. We've kept up defenses while we've had operatives combing every square inch of the planet and researchers scouring all of known space to the best of our abilities. And even if I were to go as far as to rely on 'gut reaction,' there's nothing we can find to worry about." He stopped pacing and faced his charges. "So I've made the decision. As of today, you are officially off duty. If there is still no change within a suitable period of time, you will be retired." / "有一個舊的日本人敘述: '在勝利之後,勒緊你的鋼盔繩,'"當他踱步了地板的時候, Nambu 博士說。 在長椅上的四個座位安排看了他。 "我們已經做那。 當我們已經讓職員梳毛行星和拭磨對我們的能力最好的所有已知的空間 的研究人員的每一正直的吋時候,我們已經持續防衛。 而且即使我要去當做遙遠地當做仰賴 '勇氣反應 ,' 沒有東西我們能發現煩惱關於。"他停止踱步而且面對了他的費用。 "因此我已經作出決定。 從今天起,你是正式遠的責任。 如果仍然有不改變在適當的一段時間內,你將被退休。"
Ken, Jun, Jinpei and Ryu stared at each other in stunned silence. It was Ryu who finally broke it. "Jinpei, I thought you were kidding when you said we were fired." / 肯恩,六月, Jinpei 和 Ryu 盯著使暈倒的沈默彼此看。 它是最後斷掉了它的 Ryu 。 "Jinpei,我想,當你說了我們被點燃的時候,你在開玩笑".
Nambu blinked, then began to laugh. His laughter shook his charges, who stared at him as if he'd lost his mind. "No, no. Not fired. You will continue receiving a stipend from the ISO--I've made sure of that. What it means is that you will no longer have regular patrols or emergency calls. You'll be able to live normal lives now." / 被眨眼的 Nambu,然後開始笑。 他的笑搖動了他的費用,盯著他看好像他有失去了他的心。 "不,號碼不點燃。 你將繼續接受來自國際標準組織的一個薪水--我已經那確定。 它意謂的是你將不再有一般的巡邏或緊急的呼叫。 你將能夠現在居住正常的生命。"
"Until Sosai X shows up again," Ken amended. / "直到 Sosai X 再一次出現",肯恩修正。
"And that could be a year from now or hundreds of years from now," Jun said. "I--I don't know what to say." / "而且那從現在起可能是明年的現在或數百年",六月說。 "我--我不知道該說什麼".
"I'm not sure I want to retire," Jinpei said, frowning. "Our lifestyles were normal, for us." / "我不確定我想要退休",Jinpei 說,皺眉頭。 "我們的生活方式是常態,為我們".
"I know how you feel," Nambu said. "But I think you'll adjust. I was thinking that maybe we should all take one big trip together--a vacation trip this time--to finally admit to ourselves that we've won. And then we can go about setting up new lives." / "我知道你如何感覺",Nambu 說。 "但是我認為你將調整。 我是思考的那也許我們全部應該一起拿一次大的旅行--假期旅行這次-- 最後承認我們自己我們已經嬴得。 然後我們能處理建立新的生命。"
Ken blinked. "You'll be coming too, Hakase?" / 肯恩眨眼。 "你將也來,Hakase"?
Nambu grinned. "Why not? I can't remember the last real vacation I took... unless you four want to go alone." / Nambu 露齒而笑。 " 為什麼不? 我不能記得我拿的最後一次真正的假期。。。 除非你四需要獨自地去。"
"Certainly not." Jun said, smiling. / "當然不是". 六月說,微笑。
Both Jinpei's and Ryu's eyes lit up at the mention of a vacation. "We could kick back on some sunny island in the south," Ryu said. "Think roaring surf, palm trees and grass skirts...." / Jinpei's 和 Ryu's 的眼睛發亮在一提到一次假期上面。 "我們可以在南方的一些晴朗的島上突然後退",Ryu 說。 " 想風哮雨嚎的海浪,棕櫚樹和草裙...."
"Not a snowy mountain in sight," Jinpei added. Ken nodded in agreement--he'd had enough of that recently to last a long time. / "不是視力的一座多雪的山",Jinpei 補述。 肯恩在協議中點頭--他有最近那有充足持續長的時間。
Even the professor looked enthusiastic until Jun spoke up quietly. "There's something we need to do first." / 直到六月安靜地大聲清楚地說,甚至教授看起來狂熱。 " 某事我們需要首先做".
Nambu's expression sobered. "I haven't forgotten. That is also what I want to discuss. A memorial service for the Red Impulse, and for Joe. I've insisted on privacy; no press. What will happen there is up to you." / Nambu's 的表達使沈著。 "我沒有忘記。 那也是我所想要討論的。 為紅色的衝動一個追悼儀式, 和對於喬。 我已經堅持隱私; 新聞媒體。 將發生那裡的是由你決定。"
There was a long silence. / 有一陣長的沈默。
"The memorial service for Red Impulse I agree with," Ken said. "But I don't want to hold one for Joe. Not yet." / " 紅色的衝動追悼儀式我同意 ",肯恩說。 "但是我不想要為喬支撐一。 不是仍然。"
"Ken--" / "肯恩--"
"It's only been three weeks!" / "它只有被是三個星期"!
Jinpei and Ryu backed off. They had heard this argument before. Only Jun stood up to him now. "We've gone back and searched for two of those weeks. We've had search parties all over the mountains, and there was no sign that he'd even been there." She stepped closer and put a hand on his arm. "Ken, I don't want to believe it either. I want to think that somewhere, he's alive and healing and being cared for. But he couldn't move when we left him, and there's no way he could have walked away. Not in that terrain, with the ground shaking like it was." / Jinpei 和 Ryu 退出。 他們以前已經聽到這一個爭論。 只有六月現在勇敢對抗他。 "我們已經回去而且尋找那些數個星期中的二個。 我們已經在全山舉行搜尋黨, 而且沒有符號他有甚至在那裡。" 她踏比較靠近的而且把一隻手放在他的手臂。 "肯恩,我不想要也相信它。 我想要認為某處, 他有活著的而且治癒和被照顧。 但是當我們留下了他, 而且沒有被走開的他應該可以沒有的方法時候,他不可以移動。 不是在那一個地帶中,藉由搖動它是的同類 的地面。"
"Then what happened to him?" / "然後他發生了什麼事"?
"I don't know. He wasn't there when we came up from the base, and the cleanup crews arrived to search before we left. So it had to have happened while we were underground. Maybe some of the locals got courageous enough to go up there, and they found him." / "我不知道。 當我們從基礎發生,而且在我們離開之前 , 清除組員到達搜尋的時候,他不在那裡。 因此當我們是地下的時候,它必須已經發生。 也許一些本地人得到了勇敢的充足在那裡上升,而且他們發現他。"
"Unlikely," Nambu said, rubbing his chin. "I hate to say it, but he was probably buried in the debris when Sosai X's craft erupted from the ground." / "不太可能",Nambu 說,擦他的下巴。 "當 Sosai X's 的飛機從地面爆發的時候,我憎恨說它,但是他在碎片可能被埋葬" 。
Shaking off Jun's hand, Ken turned his back on all of them and faced the window, staring out at the mountains. Damn the mountains. "I don't believe that. Joe always comes back. He's been through worse." / 走開搖動六月的手, 肯恩轉向他的向後地在他們全部上而且面對了窗戶,在山的注視。 詛咒山。 " 我不相信那。 喬總是回來。 他已經是經過更壞的事。"
"No he hasn't, Aniki." Feeling betrayed, Ken whirled and glared at Jinpei. "I agree with Hakase," the boy continued mournfully. "There's not much of a chance anymore." / " 沒有他不有,Aniki". 感覺出賣,肯恩在 Jinpei 使而且旋轉發眩光。 "我同意 Hakase",男孩悲慟地繼續。 "不再沒有許多機會" 。
"Someone would've contacted us if he'd been found," Ryu agreed. "There would've been news from the villages. Having a stranger appear out of the mountains, especially someone who's hurt, is big news, and one of the search teams would've picked it up. We're fooling ourselves." / " 某人假如他是, would've 連絡了我們發現",Ryu 同意。 "是來自村莊的新聞那裡 would've。 讓一個陌生人出現離山,尤其有傷害的某人,是大的新聞,而且搜尋之一聯成一組被拾起它的 would've 。 我們正在愚弄我們自己。"
"Not having some sort of service would be disrespectful, I think," Jinpei said. "Maybe he'll get mad and come back and haunt us." / " 不有服務的一些類型將會是失禮的,我想",Jinpei 說。 "也許他將瘋狂而且回來而且常到我們" 。
That was the last straw. "Fine," Ken snarled. "You make the arrangements. If there's nothing else, kindly excuse me." He turned and stalked out the door. The others watched him leave. There was nothing left for them to say. / 那是最後一根稻草。 "很好",肯恩吼叫。 "你作安排。 如果有無其他事,溫和地對不起。"他轉向並且悄悄靠近出門。 其餘者看他離開。 有被前往他們說的沒事。

The irritation was distant at first, but as he gradually floated up toward consciousness, became more and more noticeable. First came sound: the steady beeping of monitors and the hiss of life support. Then bright light shone red through his eyelids, and though he felt no heat or pain, the awareness that he should made him try to pull away. But he couldn't move... what? His head. He couldn't turn his head away. The rest of his body was numb and unresponsive, but he felt firmly seated within, with none of the floating euphoria he had experienced when he was dying. With that, awareness surfaced. He wasn't dead. He was thinking and feeling. / 刺激起先是遠的,但是當他逐漸地飄浮在對於意識上面,變成越來越引人注目。 首先來聲音: 定態監視器和生活支持的噓聲嗶嗶聲。 然後明亮的光照耀紅色穿越他的眼皮,而且雖然他覺得沒有熱或痛苦, 覺察他應該使他試著開走。 但是他不可以移動。。。 什麼? 他的頭。 他不可以拒絕他的頭。 他的身體其餘者是麻木的和反應遲鈍的,但是他在裡面感覺堅固被坐, 藉由沒有一個他已經經歷的漂浮陶醉當他死亡的時候。 由於那,覺察升至水面。 他沒有死。 他是思考的和有同情心的。
Somebody turn off the damn light. / 某人把非常的光關掉。
Against his will his eyes opened. The light burst in, dazzling, but still without pain. Why? / 相對於他的意志他的眼睛打開。 輕的破裂在,眼花撩亂的, 但是仍然沒有痛苦。 為什麼?
Then someone leaned over him, blocking out the glare--a man in green surgical scrubs, cap and mask. As Joe's eyes slowly focused, he saw the scrubs were stained with brown splotches of drying blood. The man's eyes were hidden by thick optical instruments, the kind a watchmaker might use. The rest of his face was hidden by the cap and mask, but he had bushy eyebrows that looked like wings. / 然後某人在他之上倚靠,阻斷出閃耀光--綠色的外科用力擦洗,無邊帽和假面具的一個男人。 當喬的眼睛慢慢地集中的時候, 他看見用力擦洗弄乾血與褐色污點一起沾染。 男人的眼睛被厚的光學工具藏了, 類型一個鐘錶匠可能使用。 他的臉其餘者被無邊帽和假面具藏了,但是他有了看起來像翅膀一樣的灌木一樣的眉毛。
Joe felt a flash of panic; the last person he'd seen in surgical garb had jabbed him with a needle and poured liquid fire into his veins, just so Katse could torture him a little longer. He tried to struggle, but he was frozen in place, unresponsive as a side of beef. All he could move were his eyes. / 喬感覺了恐慌的閃光; 他已經在外科的打扮方面看到的最後一個人已經用一根針戳他而且倒燃燒液進他的靜脈之內,僅僅因此 Katse 可以稍微更久拷問他。 他試著努力,但是他適當被凍結, 反應遲鈍的如牛肉的邊。 全部他可以移動是他的眼睛。
The man stopped what he was doing, lifted the goggles and waved a gloved hand toward Joe's face. Instinctively Joe's eyes followed the movement, and the surgeon grunted in satisfaction. "Good," he said. / 男人停止了他正在做的, 舉起了護目鏡而且揮舞一手套對於喬的臉手。 本能地喬的眼睛依照了運動,而且外科醫生在滿足方面哼。 "好的",他說。
Then he reached above the patient's head and adjusted something, and Joe plunged abruptly into oblivion. / 然後他在病人的頭上面到達並且調整了某事,而且喬突然地突然開始遺忘。

The memorial service was held on ISO grounds beside the grave of Ken's father, on a high cliff overlooking the sea. Three more marble slabs were set into the ground. The stones were memorials rather than graves, since none of the bodies had been recovered--the Team's grenades had slagged the section of the base where Oniishi and Masaki had been killed. Dr. Nambu's eulogy was followed by a short sermon by the ISO base chaplain, which praised those who had willingly stepped across the threshold of death to uphold their duty to the world. The weather was chilly, sharp-edged and clear. A cold wind buffeted the participants, who consisted of ISO employees and those few close friends who knew the real identities of the dead. Flowers were piled high around the stones, and sticks of incense burned before each marker, the thin blue smoke carried off by the wind. The roar of the waves served counterpoint to the chaplain's soft, but powerful voice. The Team, in Bird-Style, wore black arm bands and stood with heads bowed, listening silently. Their faces were hidden beneath their visors; expressions concealed by an air of formality. They would vent their feelings in private, later. / 在忽略海洋 的高懸崖上追悼儀式被拿著在國際標準組織上在肯恩的父親墓穴旁邊的理由。 另外三個大理石平板進入地面之內被設定。 石頭是紀念物並非墓穴,因為沒有一個身體已經被找回--小組的手榴彈已經使變成熔渣 Oniishi 和 Masaki 已經被殺的基礎部分。 Nambu's 博士讚詞被一個短訓誡跟隨了被以國際標準組織為基礎的牧師, 稱讚了那些自動地已經橫過踏死亡的入口維持到世界的他們責任的人。 天氣是寒冷的,銳利的-使而且銳利清除。 寒冷的風 buffeted 參加者, 有國際標準組織職員和那些知道了死去的人真正的身份很少的親近朋友。 花在石頭的周圍被堆起高度,而且香的樹枝在每個作記號的人,被風贏得的瘦藍色的煙之前燃燒。 波浪的吼服侍了對牧師的柔軟 , 但是有力的聲音對位法。 小組,在鳥中-風格,穿著了黑色的手臂樂團並且以被彎腰,默默地聽的頭站立。 他們的臉被藏在他們的面頰之下; 被禮節的空氣隱藏的表達。 稍後他們將會私底下發洩他們的感覺。
For some reason, all Jun could think of was meeting Oniishi for the final time. He'd thrown himself over Masaki's body, as if he could shield the corpse from the bullets that had rained down on them. After the Team had dragged both men into the shadows, Jun had found him still alive. His throat and tongue had been mutilated by enemy agents when he was a child, and he could only speak in sign. He had used his finger to scrawl his final words in the palm of her hand. / 因為一些理由, 整六月可以想到正在為最後的時間遇見 Oniishi。 他已經在 Masaki's 的身體之上丟他自己,好像他可以遮蔽來自已經在他們身上下雨下來的子彈屍體。 在小組已經拖拉兩位男人進影像之內之後,六月已經發現他仍然活著。 當他是孩子,而且他只可以在符號中說的時候,他的咽喉和舌已經被敵人代理人切斷。 他已經使用他的手指潦草地寫她的手手掌的他最後的字。
Finally those who could speak ran out of words, and the silence was cut by the distant drone of engines. The small assembly looked up in time to see a formation of three silver ISO jets roar overhead, dipping their wings in salute. Jinpei looked up at Jun and said, "Do you think the Red Impulse--Ken's father, Oniishi and Masaki--are flying together now, somewhere?" / 最後那些可以說的人用盡字,而且沈默被引擎的遠雄蜂減低了。 小的集會看在及時上面在高處看見三聲銀的國際標準組織噴射機吼的形成,浸禮砲的他們翅膀。 Jinpei 看在六月上面而且說," 你想紅色的衝動--肯恩的父親,Oniishi 和 Masaki--正在現在一起飛,某處"?
Jun blinked at the hope in his voice. / 六月在他的聲音希望眨眼。
"Maybe, neh." / "也許,neh".
"But that leaves Joe alone, doesn't it?" The boy's eyes filled with tears. / " 但是別管喬,它不不嗎"? 男孩的眼睛裝滿淚滴。
Jun opened her mouth to reply, and found she couldn't speak. She looked away. / 六月打開了她的嘴答覆, 而且發現了她不可以說。 她看離開。
Though he'd heard the exchange, Ken didn't react. When the others turned to leave, he followed them without a single look back. / 雖然他有聽到了交換,但是肯恩沒有反應。 當其餘者準備離開的時候,他不需要單一神情背面就跟隨了他們。
The sun was setting when Ken returned to walk alone among the markers. He stopped first at the grave of his father, and his finger traced the lines of the sleek jet fighter carved in the stone. He had spent plenty of time here in the past two weeks, thinking, wishing he could speak with his father, get some answers. Somehow they had won, but the sound of Katse's screams as his leader deserted him left Ken cold. There was no revenge to be had here. Only the wrenching sight of another victim staring at them, tears streaming beneath the bloody mask, before Katse leaped to his (her?) death. Ken hadn't wanted to feel pity for the one whose bizarre war machines and wicked plans had killed millions of people, including his father. Who had cackled gleefully as Oniishi and Masaki died. Who undoubtedly had been responsible for Joe's mangled condition. Who he had wanted so badly to kill with his bare hands. / 當肯恩回到的時候,太陽正在下沉在作記號的人之中獨自地走路。 他在他的父親墓穴首先停止,而且他的手指追蹤了有雕刻的在石頭的光滑戰鬥機的線。 他在過去二個星期內已經花費許多時間這裡,想, 願,他可以和他的父親說,得到一些答案。 不知何故他們被有韓幣,但是如他的領袖 Katse's 的尖叫聲的聲音遺棄他讓肯恩寒冷。 在這裡有沒有報仇。 只有盯著他們看 的另一個受害人的猛扭視力,在血腥的假面具之下流淚流, 在 Katse 到他的跳躍之前 (她?) 死亡。 肯恩沒有想要為那一個感覺遺憾其奇異的作戰機器而且壞的計劃已經殺數以百萬計人們,包括他的父親。 誰當 Oniishi 和 Masaki 死,已經愉快地咯咯地叫。 誰已經無疑地負責被亂切情況的喬。 他已經想要如此的嚴重以他的赤裸手殺誰。
Sosai X had robbed them all. / Sosai X 已經全部搶奪他們。
Now the stones for Oniishi and Masaki stood beside his father's. They had been brave men, and without their help he would never have made it so far. And their deaths he could accept. / 現在石頭對於 Oniishi 和 Masaki 在他的父親旁邊站立。 他們已經是勇敢的男人,而且沒有他們的幫忙他將會無法到現在為止已經做它。 而且他們的死亡他可以接受。
Almost. / 幾乎。
I'm sorry, he thought. I know the cause you died for was successful, and the Earth is safe for now. But why do I still feel so helpless? Why do I think it was a waste? / 對不起,他想。 我知道因素,你死因為是成功的,而且地球是現在的保險箱。 但是我為什麼仍然覺得如此無助? 我為什麼認為它是一個廢物?
As always, he received no answer, and Ken finally turned his back on the graves. He dreaded making his way to the last; looking at it would confirm what he didn't want to admit. Joe's memorial stood closer to the sea, a little apart from the others. The simple, rough-hewn marble slab bore Joe's full name and the dates--an interval of just over eighteen years. There was no epitaph, for words just didn't seem to fit. / 一如往常,他沒收到答案,而且肯恩最後轉了在墓穴上的他背部。 他恐懼製造他的到最後者的路; 看它將會確定他沒有想要承認的。 喬的紀念物站著比較靠近的到海洋,稍微除了其餘者之外。 簡單的, 粗糙- hewn 大理石平板煩擾喬的全名和日期--只是超過十八年的一個間隔。 沒有墓誌銘,對於字就是似乎不適合。
We won, Joe. Did you know that? Do you now? / 我們嬴得,喬。 你知道嗎那? 你現在?
A cold breeze ruffled his hair. / 寒冷的微風弄縐了他的頭髮。
There are so many things I want to tell you, so many things I want you to see, and then I remember that you're not there. I call your trailer, your room in the complex, and the damned phone just rings and rings. The team gets together for meetings and I want to delay them because you haven't arrived yet. Just a few more minutes, I think, and you'll burst through the door, breathing hard, like you'd run through the complex, and daring me to say anything about it. Of course it never happens. I remember seeing you lying there at the base of that statue, looking up at me with those glassy eyes and that damned sad smile, and I pray it had only been a nightmare. Now I have this to remind me that it was real. / 有我想要告訴你的這麼多事物, 這麼多事物我想要你看見,然後我記得你不在那裡。 我只是打電話給你的追蹤者 , 合成物的你房間 , 和該死的電話戒指和戒指。 因為你沒有仍然到達,所以小組為會議聚在一起,而且我想要延遲他們。 只是再過幾分鐘,我想,而且你將爆裂過門,努力地呼吸,像你將會跑過合成物, 和大膽的我說關於它的任何事。 當然它從不發生。 我記得已經看見你在那一個雕像的基礎橫躺, 看在我以那些玻璃質的眼睛和那個該死的憂愁微笑,而且我祈禱它只有已經是一個夢魘上面。 現在我有這提醒我它是真正的。
Ken sat on the grass. His father and now his adopted brother were dead, and there was nothing he could do about it. When his father had died, he'd followed Joe's advice after a fashion, and turned his grief and rage into hate for the enemy. He'd first made the mistake of letting his hate go wild, but after some sloppy missions, some near misses and several angry arguments with his team, his better nature had come forth and tempered the runaway emotions into motivation. But now, as he hurt with this new loss, there was no enemy to vent his grief against. There was no way he could make the Galactors pay for the horrible things they'd done to Joe. There was no one left to take the blame. / 肯恩坐在草上。 他的父親而且現在他的被收養的兄弟死, 而且有他可以關於它做的沒事。 當他的父親已經死的時候,他已經為敵人跟隨在一種流行後的喬忠告, 而且將他的傷痛和憤怒變成憎恨。 他有首先讓他的憎恨犯錯變野性, 但是在一些被潑水弄濕的任務之後, 一些在過錯和一些生氣的爭論附近和他的小組,他的較好自然已經往前來並且調和逃亡的情緒進動機之內。 但是現在,如與這個新的損失一起傷害的他,沒有敵人發洩他的傷痛反對。 沒有他可以為他們已經對喬做的可怕事物使 Galactors 成為薪資的方法。 剩下沒有人採取過失。
Why did I leave you there? Why didn't I follow Ryu's advice and let him take you back to the Godphoenix? Ryu wasn't needed after we got in the second time. I could've spared him and we could've saved you. Or at least we'd know where you are now. Hindsight is so damned clear... I know you said leave you, but I should have known better than to listen. / 我為什麼留下你在那裡? 我何不依照 Ryu's 的忠告而且讓他把你帶回 Godphoenix? 在我們進入第二次之後, Ryu 不被需要。 我 could've 寬恕了他和我們 could've 解救了你。 或至少我們將會知道你現在的地方。 槍的照門清楚地是如此該死。。。 我知道,你說了休假你, 但是我應該要不會傻到的聽。
And why didn't I heed the signs? I knew you were sick, for all that you fought me over it. I should have told the Doctor a long time ago. You would've hated me, but maybe you would still be alive to do it. / 而且我為什麼沒有注意到符號? 我認識,你生病了,雖然如此你在它之上打仗了我。 我應該很久以前已經告訴醫生。 你 would've 憎恨我,但是也許你將會仍然活著做它。
The letters blurred before his eyes. The name, the dates... all carved deep in stone with sickening finality. Was his brother now nothing but a bunch of letters carved into a rock? Or a corpse rotting slowly somewhere in the mountains, beneath the screaming heads of statues? His imagination provided a horribly detailed picture, and he cringed. "You were eighteen. Dammit, I'm eighteen! Now you're gone and I'll never see you again. Why did you have to leave us? Why did I leave you to die so early? Our dreams only hours away? Why? Why?" / 信在他的眼睛之前模糊。 名字,日期。。。 和令人作嘔的最後石頭的所有有雕刻的深處。 他的兄弟除了一束信之外是現在沒事有雕刻的進入一塊岩石之內? 或慢慢地在山中某處腐爛 的屍體,在尖叫頭雕像之下? 他的想像提供了一張可怕詳細的照片,而且他畏縮。 "你是十八。 該死,我是十八! 現在你不見了,而且我將不再看見你。 你為什麼必須留下我們? 我為什麼留下死如此的早你? 我們的夢唯一的小時之久? 為什麼? 為什麼?"
As Jun and Ryu reached the edge of the cemetery, they heard a scream; a raw, tortured shriek that built in volume and intensity until it chilled them through. Jun stopped, and signaled Ryu to do the same. / 當六月和 Ryu 到達了墓地的邊緣時候,他們聽到了一聲尖叫聲; 生的肉, 拷問了在體積和強烈中建造直到它的尖銳響聲已冷的他們穿越。 六月停止, 而且向 Ryu 發送訊號了做一樣的。
"We'd better leave him alone for a bit," she whispered. / "我們最好為一點點別管他",她耳語。
Ryu stopped, but showed no sign of leaving. Jun's eyes met his, and as the awful sounds continued, tears began to trickle down her cheeks. Ryu held out his arms to her, and she accepted the embrace, burying her face in his shoulder to muffle the sounds of her own grief. Ryu hugged her tightly and his eyes spilled over in silence. / Ryu 停止, 但是離開顯示沒有跡象。 六月的眼睛碰到他的,而且當可怕的聲音繼續的時候,淚滴開始滴流下來她的頰。 Ryu 對她提供他的手臂,而且她接受了擁抱, 埋他的肩她臉圍裹她自己的傷痛聲音。 Ryu 緊緊地擁抱了她,而且他的眼睛結束在沈默方面溢出。
The sun sank beyond the sea, and as the stars came out, the sounds finally died away. Jun and Ryu found Ken huddled on the ground, surrounded by a carpet of trampled petals and mangled leaves, his head and shoulders sagging in exhaustion. / 太陽沉落超過海洋,而且當星出來的時候,聲音最後逐漸消失。 六月和 Ryu 發現在地面上被推擠的肯恩,被踐踏的花瓣一張地毯包圍而且亂切樹葉, 他的頭而且肩負在疲憊方面下垂。
"Ken?" / "肯恩"?
When he didn't respond, Jun knelt beside him, put a hand beneath his chin and gently lifted his head. He didn't resist. Ken's fists were swollen and bloody. His face was smeared with blood and dirt, and tracked with tears. Ryu produced a handkerchief which Jun used to dab at Ken's face, and to her relief she found the blood had come from his hands. / 當他沒有回應的時候,在他旁邊的六月 knelt,放一隻手他的下巴之下並且逐漸地舉起了他的頭。 他沒有抵抗。 肯恩的拳頭是膨脹的和血腥的。 他的臉與血和污垢一起塗, 而且以淚滴追蹤。 Ryu 生產了一條六月過去一直在肯恩的臉輕拍的手帕,而且對她的安心她發現血已經來自他的手。
Without a word, Jun took one arm and Ryu the other, and they hoisted him to his feet. Ken was too exhausted to protest as he was half-carried up the path to the complex. "I think," he said hoarsely, "I think I feel better now." / 沒有一個字,六月帶了一隻手臂和 Ryu 另一個,而且他們升起了他到他的腳。 當他是一半的時候,肯恩是太用盡而無法反對-在對合成物的路徑上面攜帶。 "我想",他沙啞地說 ",我認為我現在覺得舒服多了".

Awareness came quickly the second time around. / 覺察在附近很快地被提出第二次。
He could hear the quiet hum of machinery, and was aware that he was lying on his back. Unlike before, he could feel things--the surface beneath his body, the sheet draped over him--though the sensations were strangely dull. He flexed his fingers and toes, then the muscles in his legs, and everything responded. Nothing hurt, but he felt weak, as if he had pushed himself far beyond his reserves. / 他可以聽到機器的安靜嗡嗡聲, 而且是知道的他正在他的背部上說謊。 不像以前,他可以感覺事物-- 表面在他的身體之下,張在他之上用布簾覆蓋--雖然感覺奇妙遲鈍。 他彎曲了他的手指和足趾, 然後回應的他腿肌肉 , 和每件事物。 沒事傷害,但是他覺得弱,好像他已經推動他自己以是遠的超過他的保留。
Of course you did, you idiot. You were dead. / 當然你做, 你白癡。 你死。
Then why am I not dead now? / 然後現在我為什麼不是死?
Instinct told him to move very carefully, to try not to upset whatever might be fragile. Joe tried to move his head, and it moved a little, supported by a soft cushion that conformed to his neck and shoulders. / 本能告訴了他非常小心地移動, 試不要顛覆不論什麼可能是易碎的。 喬試著移動他的頭,而且它稍微移動, 被一個遵照他的脖子和肩的軟墊子支持。
Slowly, cautiously, he opened his eyes. / 慢慢地,慎重地,他打開了他的眼睛。
There was no dazzling light this time. Everything was fuzzy, and he blinked until his eyes adjusted. He was lying on something like a cross between an examination table and a dentist's chair, in the middle of a vast laboratory room. The ceiling was high and glowed a dim gold. The walls were lined with machinery and glittered with lights. / 這次沒有眼花撩亂的光。 直到他的眼睛調整,每件事物是模糊,而且他眨眼。 在巨大的實驗室房間的中央中他正在像在一張考試桌子和牙科醫生的椅子之間的十字架在某事之上說謊。 天花板是高的並且發紅光暗淡的黃金。 牆壁以光與機器一起排成一行而且燦爛。
What is this place? / 這一個地方是什麼?
There was a sound off to the left, and Joe turned his head to see an old man standing over him. Instead of the standard laboratory white, he was shrouded in a smoke-colored cape that tied at the collar. He had long, curly hair, a beard, and weird, piercing eyes, like some of the crazier scientists at the ISO... or like the man who'd been Nambu's friend until he joined the wrong side... The memory clicked: this was the man who had come for him in the mountains, the surgeon blocking the bright lights-- / 剩下一種聲音走開到那,而且喬轉向了他的頭見一個在他之上站立 的老人。 代替標準的實驗室白色,他在一個在衣領繫的煙- 彩色的岬中被遮蔽。 他久有,捲曲的頭髮,鬍鬚和怪異的, 刺骨的眼睛, 像在國際標準組織的一些較發狂的科學家。。。 或像是 Nambu's 的朋友直到他的男人 who'd 參加了錯誤的邊。。。 記憶按: 這是已經在山中為他來的男人,阻斷明亮的光 外科醫生--
Joe sat up, too fast. The room spun, and he shut his eyes and steadied himself until the spinning stopped. This was no time to faint. / 喬熬夜,太快。 直到紡織停止,房間快速旋轉,而且他關上了他的眼睛而且使他自己穩定了。 這不是時候昏倒。
When he opened his eyes again, he saw the old man grinning at him. "Welcome back, Joe," he said in his harsh, gravelly voice. Joe tensed at the sound of his own name. / 當他再一次打開了他的眼睛時候,他看見在他露齒而笑 的老人。 "向後地歡迎,喬",他在他的粗糙, 多碎石的聲音中說。 喬在他自己的名字聲音拉緊。
"Who're you?" Joe's voice wasn't hoarse or weak, but there was something about it that felt wrong to him. / " Who're 你"? 對他覺得錯誤,喬的聲音不是沙啞的或弱, 但是有關於它的某事。
"My name is Doctor Rafael," the old man said. "You're in my lab. How do you feel?" / "我的名字是醫生 Rafael",老人說。 "你是在我的實驗室中你感覺如何"?
"Suspicious," Joe said. "You're not with the ISO, are you? And your name sounds familiar. What do you want from me?" / "可疑的",喬說。 "你不以國際標準組織,是嗎 ? 而且你的名字聽起來熟悉。 你從我想要什麼?"
Rafael shook his head. "You're not one to waste time, are you? First I want to know how you are feeling. We'll talk about semantics and loyalties later." / Rafael 搖頭。 "你不是一浪費時間,是嗎 ? 首先我想要知道你如何正在感覺。 我們稍後將談論語意學和忠誠。"
"We'll talk about them now," Joe snarled. "I should've been dead--yet somebody's gone through great pains to keep me from being dead. Nobody does that kind of work without an incentive. What do you want from me?" / "我們現在將談論他們",喬吼叫。 " 我 should've 死的-- 仍然某人經過棒的痛苦使我不死。 沒有人做沒有激勵的那種工作。 你從我想要什麼?"
The old man bristled, then caught himself. "I want your help," he said evenly. / 剛毛的老人,然後捕捉了他自己。 "我想要你的幫忙",他平均地說。
"How is it you know so much about me?" / " 它好嗎你知道這麼多關於我"?
"I had spies working in the Syndicate. Remember the Mechaziner?" Rafael stroked his beard with one hand and grinned. "Your identity was pretty much public at that point." / "我有了在企業聯合中工作 的間諜。 記得 Mechaziner?"Rafael 用一隻手划尾槳他的鬍鬚而且露齒而笑。 " 你的身份那時非常公眾" 。
"What else? How much else do you know?" / " 什麼別的? 多少別的你知道嗎?"
"That you have four working partners, all young people. And of course there are the news reports. At the moment, your friends are fine. They issued a statement shortly after the battle, and they're upsetting the media because they won't come into the open for interviews. They've also been very closed-mouthed about you. Rumor has it that they've held a private memorial service for you and the last two members of Red Impulse." / " 你有四個工作的合夥人,所有的年輕人。 而且當然有新聞報告。 此刻,你的朋友很好。 因為他們將不為面談進入公開,所以他們在戰爭之後不久發行了一份陳述,而且他們正在顛覆媒體。 他們也已經非常關閉-關於你裝腔作勢說話。 謠言有它他們已經為你和紅色的衝動最後二個成員拿著一個私人的追悼儀式。"
"Red Impulse?" / "紅色的衝動"?
"Killed at Cross Karakoram." / "在交叉的 Karakoram 殺" 。
The shock at Oniishi's and Masaki's deaths gave way to another, more frightening realization: So they think I'm dead. That means they don't know I'm here. / 驚嚇在 Oniishi's 和 Masaki's 的死亡提供了到另外一的路,驚嚇實現 的更多: 因此他們認為我死。 那意謂他們不知道我在這裡。
"I'll explain everything in detail later. First, though, I want to check on how you're recovering, and I can only do that if you tell me how you are feeling. Other than suspicious." / "我將稍後詳細地解釋每件事物。 首先,雖然,我想要檢查在你如何正在找回,而且我才能做之上如果你告訴我你如何正在感覺。 除了可疑的之外。"
He didn't sound like a Galactor. Between his stance, his slow way of speaking and his calm, commanding tone that was soothingly similar to Nambu's, Joe gave a little ground. "Strange. I feel strange, like everything's happening a long way off. A little shaky. Nothing hurts." / 他沒有聽起來像 Galactor 一樣。 在他的態度之間,他說的慢方法和他的平穩,對 Nambu's 是撫慰相似的指揮明暗,喬提供了小小的地面。 "奇怪的。 我覺得奇怪, 像每件事物發生走開的一個長的方法。 稍微動搖。 沒事傷害。"
The doctor nodded. "The weakness is only natural--regeneration like you went through takes an incredible amount of energy. If you hadn't been in excellent physical condition before your... accidents, you would still be unconscious now. Sensation should adjust in a little while." / 醫生點頭。 "弱點是唯一的白痴-- 像你一樣的再生穿過帶難以置信量的能源。 在優良的實際情況中假如你不是以前你的。。。 意外事件,你將會仍然現在是無意識的。 感覺在小小的一會兒中應該調整。"
"How long have I been... regenerating?" / " 多久我是。。。 再產生?"
"Six weeks." / "六個星期".
"Huh. I don't feel like I'm recovering from anything." But something was different, wrong. Joe swung his legs over the side of the table, and the sheet slipped off. / "哼!。 我沒感覺像我正在恢復任何事。"但是某事是不同的,錯誤的。 喬搖擺了在桌子的邊上他腿,而且張走開滑倒。
He was naked. That was to be expected, and didn't bother him. But the second thing he noticed shook him: the body that he saw beneath him wasn't his. The build was similar--lean and tightly corded with muscles and veins--but the skin was too smooth, too perfect. There were no freckles or marks, no tan lines, and no scars. / 他是赤裸的。 那是被期望, 而且沒有煩擾他。 但是第二件事物他注意搖動了他: 他看見的身體在他之下不是他的。 那建立是相似的-- 瘦肉和緊緊用索子梱紮由於肌肉和靜脈--但是皮膚太平滑的,太完美。 沒有雀斑或標誌 , 沒有黃褐色的線 , 和沒有疤痕。
Throughout his adventures Joe had picked up plenty of scars. Souvenirs from knife fights, bullet grazes and shrapnel wounds had left a fine network of tiny white marks across his arms, legs and chest. And events at Cross Karakoram should have left some impressive bullet scars. Joe checked his left arm, then his right. The old bullet wounds from BC Island; the cut where Katse had once stabbed a scalpel into his arm; the scars on his hands from shattered glass... they were all gone. / 在他的冒險喬各處已經拾起許多疤痕。 來自刀的紀念品對抗,子彈使吃草,而且開花彈創傷已經留下橫過他的手,腿和胸的極小白色的標誌一個好的網路。 而且在交叉的 Karakoram 的事件應該要留下一些令人印象深刻的子彈疤痕的。 喬檢查了他的左手臂, 然後他的權利。 來自西元前島的舊子彈創傷; Katse 曾經已經刺一個小刀進他的手臂之內的切; 來自打碎的玻璃在他的手上疤痕。。。 他們全部不見了。
There was no way to remove scars like that. Not without replacing the skin. / 沒有方法除去像那一樣的疤痕。 不是不更換皮膚。
Joe's breath came faster and the room began spinning again. He grabbed the table beneath him and held on tightly. There was an awful creaking, popping sound, and he looked down, to find that his fingers had dug through the plastic covering of the table. The exposed metal frame was bent, and the stuffing oozed between his fingers like blood. / 喬的呼吸被提出更快速地而且房間開始再一次紡織。 他在抓取桌子之下他並且拿著在緊緊地之上。 有可怕的作輾軋聲, 取出聲音,而且他看下來, 發現他的手指已經經過桌子的塑膠覆蓋挖。 暴露的金屬製的體格被彎曲,而且填塞物在像血一樣的他手指之間滲出。
"What did you do to me?" His voice came out strangled with horror. / "你對我做什麼"? 他的聲音以驚駭出來勒死。
"Joe, sit back. You're not ready to--" / "喬,袖手旁觀。 你還沒準備好到--"
"What have you DONE?" Joe's feet found the floor, and after a moment's fight for balance, he took a step forward. Rafael backed up. / "你做了什麼"? 喬的腳發現地板, 和在片刻的戰鬥之後對於平衡,他向前地採取了一個步驟。 Rafael 支持。
Joe lunged after him--only his body responded far more quickly than he had intended. Rafael threw himself to the floor and rolled, just in time to prevent Joe's hands from contacting with his chest. Joe hurtled past and hit the opposite wall with an impact that smashed several panels and sent up a shower of sparks. Stunned, he slid down, then staggered awkwardly to his feet and braced himself for another try. / 在他之後有肺的喬--唯一的他身體回應比他更快。 Rafael 丟他自己到地板而且捲, 僅僅及時阻止喬的手以他的胸連絡。 喬碰撞了過去而且用一種粉碎了一些儀錶板,而且送上火花的一次陣雨的衝擊擊中相反的牆壁。 使暈倒, 他 slid 墬落, 然後笨拙地蹣跚到他的腳而且準備迎接另一個嘗試。
"Calm down!" the doctor snapped, still in control even though he was lying in a vulnerable position, with no way to regain his feet before the next attack. "Your cybernetics aren't calibrated yet, and you'll tear the whole lab down!" / "冷靜"! 醫生咬斷,然而在控制中即使他正在於一個易受傷害的位置, 藉由沒有方法取回在下一個攻擊前的他腳。 "你的換控學仍然不被校準刻度,而且你將拆毀整個的實驗室"!
Joe froze, his face white. The only sounds in the room were of Rafael's harsh breathing. / 喬凍結, 白色的他臉。 唯一的聲音在房間中是 Rafael's 的粗糙呼吸。
"Cybernetics?" he whispered finally. "You made me a cyborg?" / "換控學"? 他最後耳語。 "你使我成為 cyborg"?
Rafael got up from the floor, dusted himself off and looked Joe in the eyes. "Yes. It was the best way to save you, make you stronger and better than you were--" / 從地板起床的 Rafael,走開拂去灰塵了他自己而且看了眼睛的喬。 "是的。 它是最好的方法解救你, 使比你更強壯和好的你是--"
This was too much. Joe could have coped with awakening in a cell or torture room with some Galactor commander gloating over his pain. But not this; not lying in a clean, cold laboratory with a rational, dignified stranger trying to gently explain how his body had been changed, transformed into something alien and uncontrollable. A rush of panic formed deep in Joe's chest, swelled and burst, enveloping him. He's lying--he has to be lying. I'll kill him. This is a trap. I have to get out of here. / 這是太多。 喬應該可以應付細胞或拷問的喚醒和在他的痛苦之上滿足地看 的一些 Galactor 指揮官的房間。 但是不這; 不在於一間乾淨的, 寒冷的實驗室由於一個嘗試逐漸地解釋他的身體如何已經被改變 的理性, 有威嚴的陌生人, 進入外國的東西之內轉換和無法控制的。 被形成喬的胸深處的恐慌匆促,增大而且爆裂,包封他。 他正在說謊--他必須說謊。 我將殺他。 這是一個圈套。 我有在這裡離開。
Frantically he cast around for an exit, found one, and bolted for it. The door rushed toward his face. Joe braced for the impact, but it opened automatically just in time to prevent a head-on collision. But not fast enough to clear. Joe's shoulders slammed into the edges of the doors, denting them outward. The pain barely registered as he pulled past. / 狂暴地他對於一個出口在附近投, 發現一, 而且為它閂住。 門對於他的臉催促。 喬準備迎接衝擊,但是它及時自動地僅僅打開避免正面的碰撞。 但是不是夠快速清除。 喬的肩猛然地撞進門的邊緣,向外使他們凹下。 當他拉了過去的時候,痛苦幾乎登記。
"Joe," Rafael yelled. "Wait!" / "喬", Rafael 大叫。 "等候"!
The corridors rushed past as Joe half stumbled, half ran through them, away from the lab and Rafael. Out. The corridors twisted around and around, with rows of faceless storage room doors and no sign of an exit--not even an air duct or serviceway. An L-junction came up, and before he could turn he slammed into it, wrenching his shoulder and denting the wall. That slowed him down, and he decided to try and walk fast instead of run. He could barely walk. The muscles in his legs felt like water. / 走廊催促了如被絆倒的喬一半的過去,一半跑過他們,遠離實驗室和 Rafael 。 在外。 走廊擰在和周圍在附近,藉由排的無面儲藏房間門和沒有一個出口的跡象--不使空氣管或 serviceway 相等。 L-聯接發生 ,在他可以將他猛然關上變成它,猛扭他的肩而且使牆壁凹下之前而且。 那使他減慢,而且他決定試而且走路齋戒代替奔跑。 他無法走路。 他的腿肌肉感覺像水。
There was a dark, empty room off to the right that looked safe. Joe staggered inside, and, remembering what he had done to the wall, reached very carefully for the close button. The door shut and locked. / 走開對看起來安全的權利有黑暗,空的房間。 喬蹣跚了內部,和,記得他已經對牆壁做的,非常小心地為接近的鈕扣到達。 門關上而且鎖。
The lights were off, but Joe had no trouble seeing in the near-dark--not now. After the past few months of blurry vision, his sight was too clear, almost painfully sharp. He could hear--as a matter of fact, he could now feel--the whine of the fluorescent lights in the hall, and somehow realized without trying that a power line lay under the floor directly beneath his feet. He went to the desk and tore out the drawers. Office supplies--no directory, nothing he could use. The room looked like an office or lab reserved for a temporary worker, empty and impersonal. There was a phone, but when he picked it up, he found the line was dead. As he stared at the receiver in his hand, the plastic cracked and crumpled in his grip. / 光是遠的,但是喬在看見方面沒有麻煩在那接近-黑暗-- 不現在。 在過去幾個月的模糊視野之後,他的視力太清楚,幾乎痛苦地整。 他可以聽到--事實上,他現在可以感覺--門廳的螢光光抱怨, 而且不需要嘗試就不知何故了解直接地在他的腳之下的在地板下面的高壓電線絞。 他去書桌而且撕破了抽屜。 辦公用品--沒有目錄,毫不他可以使用。 房間看起來像一個辦公室一樣,否則實驗室為一個暫時的工人保留,空的和客觀的。 有一具電話,但是當他拾起它的時候, 他發現線沒電。 當他盯著他的手接收器看的時候,塑膠在他的緊握中弄碎而且弄皺。
In his past three years of "official" battle with the Galactors, Joe had come across plenty of cyborgs; ingeniously built, singleminded, cold and deadly in a way that went beyond evil. Except for Lucy. All too vividly, he remembered his old racing partner turned Galactor cyborg--her rebellion, her burning drive to win above all odds. The horror he'd felt at her transformation. The way she'd bitterly fought her own body, finally bursting through a wall and exploding on the street five stories below. / 在和 Galactors 的他過去三年的 "官員" 戰爭中,喬已經偶然發現許多 cyborgs; 靈敏地建造,singleminded, 寒冷的和致命的在一個去超過邪惡的方法中。 除了露西以外。 全部太生動地,他記得,他的老競賽合夥人轉向了 Galactor cyborg--她的謀反, 她的燃燒駕車最重要者贏得機會。 他有在她的轉形感覺的驚駭。 她有怨恨地打仗了她自己的身體方法,最後爆裂過一面牆壁而且在下面的街道五個故事上爆炸。
Is that what I've become? / 是那什麼我已經變成?
There was a glass screen behind the desk, and in it Joe could just see his own reflection. The thin, pale face that stared back at him with haunted eyes still looked human--still looked like himself. / 有在書桌後面的一個玻璃螢幕,而且在它裡面喬可以僅僅看見他自己的反映。 瘦者,注視向後地在他由於常到的眼睛仍然看起來人類 -- 仍然被看起來像他自己一樣的蒼白臉。
I can escape from here, go to the ISO, he thought desperately. Maybe Dr. Nambu can get me out of this. / 我能從這裡逃脫,去國際標準組織,他絕望地想。 也許 Nambu 博士能把我趕出這。
But what if that's what Rafael wants? I don't even know what he's done to me. I get past ISO security, get into the same room with him, then a bomb inside me goes off, or some unknown program kicks in and makes me start attacking. I'd kill him before anyone could stop me. / 但是什麼如果那是 Rafael 所要的? 我不甚至知道他已經對我做的。 我得到過去的國際標準組織安全,和他進入相同的房間, 然後一個炸彈在我之內爆炸, 或一些未知的計畫踢在而且使我開始攻擊。 在任何人可以阻止我之前 , 我將會殺他。
For the first time ever, he felt completely alone and out of control. Even when captured in the past, he'd always had an option. He could wait for his teammates to bail him out, or he could fight, run or die. Now he couldn't turn to his friends for help, and he didn't even have death as an option--Dr. Rafael had brought him back before, and he could do it again. He probably had a black box somewhere that could control Joe's every move. / 曾經第一次,他覺得完全孤獨和失去控制。 即使當過去捕獲,他有總是有了選項。 他可以等候他的隊友保釋他,或他可以對抗,奔跑或骰子。 現在他不可以請求他的朋友幫忙,而且他不甚至有如選項的死亡--Rafael 博士以前已經把他帶回來,而且他再一次可以做它。 他可能某處有了一個黑盒子那可以控制喬的每次移動。
He could make me fight against my family. Destroy them while they trusted me! / 他可以使我對抗我的家庭。 當他們信賴了我的時候,破壞他們!
Joe's fist slammed into the screen, and his reflection exploded in a cloud of shattered glass. The desk splintered and the chair flew across the room and smashed against the opposite wall. He screamed, a long, incoherent cry that reverberated in the close confines of the room and scared him even more. Each move--the inhuman strength in it--hammered home the reality of what he'd become and what he could do, and his panic escalated until he could no longer feel anything at all. / 喬的拳頭猛然地撞進螢幕,而且他的反映在一大堆打碎玻璃中爆炸。 書桌劈開,而且椅子飛過房間並且粉碎對抗相反的牆壁。 他尖叫,長,在房間的接近疆界中回響並且驚嚇了他相等更多的不連貫的哭聲。 每次移動--在它裡面的殘忍力量-- 他已經變得鎚打在家事實和他可以做什麼, 和他的被擴大的恐慌直到他可以不再全然感覺任何事。
Joe awoke in the lab, feeling bruised, sore and tired. Looking around, he noticed the damage he had done to the room had been repaired. Or perhaps it hadn't happened at all.... That hope vanished when he spotted Dr. Rafael sitting in a chair nearby. Instantly Joe leaped off the lab table, overturned the doctor's chair and pinned Rafael to the floor. One hand was pressed lightly over the doctor's throat. Bright blue eyes bored into Rafael's own, pupils dilated like a hunting cat's. / 喬在實驗室中喚醒,感覺打傷,疼痛的和疲累的。 四處看看,他注意,他已經做到房間的損害已經被修理。 或也許它一點也不發生.... 當他在附近的一張椅子中看見 Rafael 博士座位安排的時候,那一個希望消失。 立即地走開被跳躍的喬實驗室桌子,推翻了醫生的椅子而且用針別住了到地板的 Rafael 。 一隻手被在醫生的咽喉之上輕輕的壓。 自己的進入 Rafael's 之內感到無聊的明亮藍色的眼睛,被擴大的學生喜歡狩獵貓的。
"You learn fast," the doctor rasped. / " 你學習齋戒",醫生用粗銼刀銼。
"One of the job requirements," Joe hissed through his teeth. / "工作需求之一",喬發出噓聲過他的牙齒。
Rafael took a slow, constricted breath. Joe was being careful, which meant he was rational, wanted to talk and knew that Rafael was the only one who could get him out of his predicament. That was a good sign. Show him your authority. Stay in charge. / Rafael 拿了慢,壓縮呼吸。 喬是小心, 意謂他是理性的,想要說話而且知道了 Rafael 是可以把他趕出他的狀態唯一的。 那是一個好符號。 給他看你的權威。 停留掌管。
"Don't be a fool, Joe. You've hurt yourself enough for one day, even if it hasn't come to your attention yet." "I won't work for Galactor," Joe snarled. "You won't use me." / "不要是愚人,喬。 你已經為一天傷害你自己充足,即使它沒有仍然得到你的注意。""我將不為 Galactor 工作",喬吼叫。 "你將不使用我" 。
The doctor snorted. "Nobody's trying to get you to work for Galactor. The Syndicate was trying to kill you, if I remember. And if I was Galactor and wanted to control you like you believe I do, we wouldn't be having this conversation. Especially not in this position. Let me up, and we'll discuss things like gentlemen. Or are you afraid I'll rot your ears?" / 醫生噴著氣弄響鼻子。 "不重要之人嘗試得到你為 Galactor 工作。 如果我記得,企業聯合正在嘗試殺你。 而且如果我是 Galactor 並且想要控制你喜歡,你相信,我做,我們將會不在有這交談。 尤其不在這一個位置中。 讓我提高,而且我們將討論像紳士一樣的事物。 或你很害怕我將腐爛你的耳朵?"
Joe glared at him for a timeless interval, then released him and slowly backed away. Already he felt drained; all his reserves used up in the attack. / 喬為一個永久的間隔在他發眩光, 然後釋放他而且慢慢地退縮。 已經他感覺排出溝外; 他所有的保留在攻擊中用光。
Rafael didn't feel much better; his ears rang and his body shook with delayed reaction. With as much dignity as he could muster, the old man stood up, brushed himself off, then set his chair upright again and sat down. "Thank you. I want your help, and I'm asking you to give it to me of your own free will. It's the only way we'll achieve our goal." / Rafael 沒有好多了感覺; 他的耳朵鳴響,而且他的身體以延遲的反應搖動。 由於當做他可以召集的很多尊嚴,被站起來的老人,走開疏刷了他自己, 然後再一次直立地設定他的椅子而且坐下。 "謝謝你。 我想要你的幫忙,而且我正在要求你你自己的自由意志把它給我。 它是我們將達成我們的目標唯一的方法。"
"Well, you're off to a great start." / "嗯,你去一個棒的開始" 。
"Just listen. I made you a cyborg because it was the only way to revive you, and the only way to return you to active combat. You and I both know how badly hurt you were, and I dare say that had you been taken back to the ISO and revived--in itself a very slim possibility--you would have spent the rest of your life in a wheelchair, half-blind and paralyzed. You don't strike me as the kind who would enjoy that, especially a few years from now." / "僅僅聽。 因為它是唯一的方法使你甦醒,所以我使你成為 cyborg, 和唯一的方法歸還你給積極的戰鬥。 你和我倆都知道如何嚴重地傷害你是,而且我敢發言權你已經被送還到國際標準組織哪一而且使-甦醒- 本來一種非常瘦的可能性--你會渡過一個輪椅的你生活的其餘者,一半- 盲人而且麻痺。 你不如將會享受的類型攻擊我, 尤其從現在起的數年。"
He's baiting me, Joe thought. "Being made a machine has its drawbacks too." / 他正在以餌引誘我,喬想。 " 被使一部機器有它的不利點,也".
Dr. Rafael leaned forward in his chair. "But you're not a machine. Not in the sense of a cold metal contraption. I've enhanced your body, not replaced it. Cut you, and you still bleed." He pointed, and Joe only then noticed the blood that was running down his arm. The IV bag still hung on its hook above his chair, and its contents were spilling through the broken tube and pooling on the floor. He'd ripped the line loose when he'd attacked. "And those bandages aren't for decoration. May I?" / Rafael 博士在他的椅子中向前地倚靠。 "但是你不是一部機器。 不是在某種意義上一個寒冷的金屬製的新發明物。 我已經提高你的身體,不替換了它。 減少你,而且你仍然流血。"他被指出,而且喬只有然後注意了正在跑下來他的手臂血。 4 袋子仍然在他的椅子上面的它鉤上吊,而且它的內容是溢出過壞掉的管而且在地板上告發。 當他有攻擊的時候,他有撕開了線解放。 " 而且那些繃帶是不裝飾。 可能我?"
Joe didn't move from where he stood, and he looked into the doctor's eyes with another of his long, appraising looks. The blood continued to drip from his arm and patter audibly onto the stone floor. Rafael frowned in concern, but forced himself to wait. / 喬沒有移動從在他站著的地方,而且他他的和另外一調查醫生的眼睛很長,評價容貌。 血繼續從他的手臂而且可聽見地滴下在石頭地板之上急速地唸。 Rafael 在關心中皺眉頭, 但是被迫的他自己等候。
"All right," Joe said finally. / "好的",喬最後說。
Rafael vanished into the next room and reappeared with a new IV setup, and gently took Joe's right arm. He wiped the blood off, then pressed at a spot in the crook of his elbow. Joe stared, half in horror, as Rafael pushed back a tiny flap of skin to reveal a duct where the old needle remained. Quickly he exchanged the needles and wrapped a bandage over Joe's arm to hold everything in place. "You still require food and sleep and a chance to heal. And if you stay in control of yourself, there won't be anything wrong with your sex life." Joe's expression turned venomous at that. / Rafael 進入下一個房間之內消失而且以一種新的 4種裝置再出現, 而且逐漸地帶了喬的右手臂。 他走開擦了血, 然後在他的手肘鉤一個地點壓。 喬注視,驚駭的一半,如同 Rafael 推向後面皮膚的極小拍打顯示一個舊的針保持的管一樣。 很快地他交換了針而且包裝了在喬的手臂上的一條繃帶適當支撐每件事物。 " 你仍然需要食物而且睡覺和一個機會治癒。 而且如果你停留在你自己的控制中,錯誤具有你的性別生活將沒有任何事。"喬的表達在那變有毒的。
"What have you put in my head?" / "你提出我的頭了什麼"?
The old man grinned, then thought better of his reply. "I had to add an implant that regulated motor functions--to compensate for the old injury that almost killed you. There's another implant that increases sensory input and speeds your reflexes. There's nothing that modifies your behavior, if that's what you're worried about. If I could control you that way, it means someone else could find a way to do so. That's why I need your voluntary cooperation." / 老人露齒而笑, 然後更他的答覆想。 " 我必須增加一個植入器管理馬達的功能-- 為幾乎殺了你的舊受傷償還。 有增加知覺的輸入和速度你的反射另一個植入器。 如果那是你所擔憂的,有修正你的行為沒事。 如果我可以那樣控制你,它意謂其他人可以發現一個方法這麼做。 那是我為什麼需要你的自動合作。"
Rafael produced a remote control and pressed a button. A screen rolled down near the chair, and the enclosed projector displayed rows of schematics, crowded around a human outline that Joe recognized as his own. "Now look here. Most of the additions I made consist of external armor," the doctor explained. "You can withstand extreme temperatures and harden your skin to deflect injuries--however, that's something you must learn to do, and that's why you injured yourself." He looked back from the screen to Joe, who for some reason felt embarrassed and looked away. "Your extra strength comes from implants placed here, here, here and here." He pointed to parts of the schematic. "Which kick in whenever your natural system is overstressed. That is why, right now, you can run, but you can't walk. You're so weak that the boost happens constantly, giving you too much, too fast. You'll adjust, and I'll help you." / Rafael 生產了遙遠的控制而且按了一個按鈕。 一個螢幕在椅子的附近捲下來,而且所附的投影機顯示了排的圖表,蜂湧圍繞喬辨認出如他自己的一個人類的大綱。 "現在在這裡看。 大部份的附加我做有外部的盔甲,"醫生解釋。 "你能抵抗極端的溫度而且變硬你的皮膚使受傷偏斜-- 然而,那是某事你一定要學習做,而且那是你為什麼傷害了你自己". 他向後地從螢幕到喬看,喬對於一些理由毛氈使而且困窘看離開。 "你的額外力量來自被放置在這裡的植入器,這裡,在這裡和在這裡". 他指向概要者的部份。 " 踢在無論何時你的自然系統被過分強調。 那是為什麼,立刻,你能跑,但是你不能走路。 你是如此的弱以致於推進不變地發生,給你太多,太快速的。 你將調整,而且我將幫助你。"
"Huh." / "哼!".
"Your senses are enhanced; vision and hearing sharpened. You can also pick up certain electrical fields, good for detecting bugs and tracers, and making it easier to home in on enemy craft." He was talking eagerly now, like a salesman extolling the virtues of an expensive new sports car. The comparison made Joe shudder. / "你的感覺被提高; 視野和聽證會尖銳。 你也能拾起特定的電領域,發現蟲和追蹤者的好處, 而且使它更容易到家在敵人飛機上。"他正在現在熱心地講話,像一個頌楊貴的新運動汽車的德行 的售貨員。 比較使喬戰慄。
"What's wrong?" / "怎麼回事"?
"Nothing. No, one thing. You're not telling me why. Who am I supposed to be fighting?" / "沒事。 不,一件事物。 你沒有在告訴我為什麼。 我被推想到誰對抗?"
"Sosai X." / "Sosai X".
"What?" / "什麼"?
"Not right away, of course. He hasn't realized he's failed yet, so we still have some time." / " 不是立刻 , 當然。 他沒有了解他仍然已經失敗,因此,我們仍然有數時間。"
"What do you mean?" / " 你意謂什麼"?
"Oh that's right. You haven't seen the news." Dr. Rafael walked to a console and pressed a call button. A few minutes later, the door beeped and two assistants entered. A woman in a white coat brought in a video tape and a bundle of newspapers, then left. A young man cleaned up the spilled blood and broken equipment. When he left, Rafael continued. "You won this battle. Berg Katse is dead and Sosai X is fleeing. There are forensics teams crawling all over Cross Karakoram, and now there's a permanent ISO facility set up to study the Mantle System through the hole that the Galactors opened up. The Syndicate itself is falling apart, fighting among themselves with no leader to solidify them. At their current rate, they won't last long." / " 哦哪一是權利。 你沒有看到新聞。"Rafael 博士走路去控制檯而且按了一個呼叫按鈕。 一些分鐘之後,門嗶嗶聲,而且二個助理進入。 被引進錄影帶和報紙的捆一件白色的外套一個女人,然後離開。 一個年輕的男人清掃被溢出的血和壞掉的儀器。 當他離開的時候,Rafael 繼續。 "你嬴得了這一場戰爭。 冰山 Katse 死,而且 Sosai X 正在逃走。 有法醫小組到處爬行交叉的 Karakoram ,而且現在有被建立經過 Galactors 有話直說的洞學習地涵系統的永久國際標準組織設備。 企業聯合本身正在分別地落下, 和沒有領袖在他們自己之中對抗凝固他們。 以他們的現在比率,他們不將最後渴望。"
"So X is gone and Galactor's disbanding--" / " 因此 X 不見了和 Galactor's 解散--"
"And I expect the reprieve to last a little over a year," Rafael finished for him. / "而且我期待緩刑在一年以來稍微持續",Rafael 為他完成。
"Why?" / "為什麼"?
"Because once he discovers that his plan didn't work, X will return. He's like a stubborn, spoiled child with a four-digit IQ, and he doesn't like being defied by anything or anyone. When he comes back, it will be to destroy." Rafael punched another button and a new display appeared on screen--this time a map of space, marked with a red line that curved back toward the earth. "This is the estimated trajectory for X's craft. From these calculations, I estimate he'll be back in fourteen months." / "因為一旦他發現,他的計劃沒有工作,X 將歸還。 他有用四個數字的 IQ 喜歡一個頑固的, 受破壞的孩子,而且他不喜歡被任何事或任何人藐視。 當他回來的時候,它將是破壞。"Rafael 以拳重擊了另一個鈕扣,而且一個新的展覽在螢幕上出現--這次空間的一張地圖,以一條對於地球向後地彎的紅色線標示。 "這是 X's 的飛機被估計的軌道。 從這些計算,我估計他將回到十四個月。"
"Where did you get the map?" Joe was no astronomer, but he could tell that this map was more elaborate than any used at the ISO. "And how is it you know Sosai X so well?" / " 你在哪堭o到呢地圖"? 喬不是天文學家,但是他可以告訴這張地圖更精細任何的在國際標準組織使用。 " 而且它好嗎你知道 Sosai X 如此湧出"?
"I was forced to work with him for two years." That wasn't the whole story, but it was all the young man needed to know for now. / "我不得不與他合作二年" 。 那不是整個的故事,但是它全都是年輕的男人需要為現在知道。
It was too much. Instantly Joe was back on the defensive, hackles raised and muscles tensed to leap off the table. "Goddammit, I knew it--" / 它是太多。 立即地喬在守勢上回來,頸部長羽毛升起,而且肌肉拉緊走開跳躍桌子。 "Goddammit,我知道了它--"
For the first time Rafael's patience gave out. "That's why I know he must be stopped!" he shouted. "Before, you swore to destroy Galactor at all costs. Do you still?" / 第一次 Rafael's 的耐性耗盡。 "那是我為什麼知道他一定要被停止"! 他呼喊。 " 以前,你保證不惜任何代價破壞 Galactor。 你? 安靜嗎"
"Of course. I--" / " 當然。 我--"
"Then listen to me, Joe! I know how X can be eliminated." He stabbed a finger at the young man. "And you must do it! I have the knowledge. You have the skills, the drive and the connections. You want revenge for what Galactor did to you, to your family? Sosai X is the source of it all! You want satisfaction? You can end this threat for good, but you need my help to do it! Now do you understand?" / "然後聽我的話,喬! 我知道 X 能如何被除去。"他刺了在年輕的男人一根手指。 "而且你一定要做它! 我有知識。 你有技術,駕車和連接。 你想要報仇為什麼 Galactor 對你做,對你的家庭? Sosai X 全部是它的來源! 你想要滿足? 你能永久結束這一種威脅,但是你需要我的幫忙做它! 現在你了解嗎?"
Joe seemed to withdraw, pulling back pensively in his chair as he regarded the doctor. He recognized the obsession. He'd seen it many times, in others and in himself. / 喬似乎撤回, 在他的椅子中沈思地拉背面當他視為了醫生。 他辨認出了熱衷。 在其它和他自己中他已經許多次看到它。
"I think I do," he said softly. / "我認為,我做",他柔和地說。
The old man's big shoulders relaxed, and he sighed. "Good." He placed the newspapers and remote control beside Joe's chair. "Here's what the media's had to say for the past several weeks. You have some catching up to do. Take a look at these, then get some rest. Use the remote to call if you need anything. Be as careful as you can. We'll begin your adjustments in the morning." / 老人的大肩放鬆,而且他歎息。 "好的". 他放置了在喬的椅子旁邊的報紙和遙遠的控制。 "媒體的所必須說過去一些個星期的在這裡。 你有一些捕捉在上面做。 看一看這些,然後得到一些休息。 如果你需要任何事,使用遙遠者呼叫。 儘可能小心的是。 我們在早晨將開始你的調整。"
"Aa." / "Aa".
The doctor turned to leave. Just as he reached the door, Joe stopped him. "Doctor Rafael." / 醫生準備離開。 正如他到達了門,喬阻止了他。 "醫生 Rafael".
"Yes?" / "是的"?
"If destroying Sosai X is your only goal, as you say, then I'll do all I can to help you. But--" Though he spoke quietly, Joe's voice carried more menace than anything Rafael had heard from any man. "If I find you're lying to me, you'll wish you'd left me for dead." / " 如果破壞 Sosai X 是你的唯一目標, 當你說的時候, 然後我將做全部我能幫助你。 但是--"雖然他安靜地說,但是喬的聲音攜帶的威脅比任何事多 Rafael 已經收到任何的男人信。 "如果我發現 , 你正在對我說謊,你將願你有為死留下了我" 。
Rafael left. Once the laboratory door closed behind him, he stopped and leaned against the wall for support. / Rafael 離開。 一旦實驗室門關閉在他後面,他為支持停止而且倚靠牆壁。
Ticking bomb indeed. / 被套料的確轟炸。
Joe tore apart the first newpaper without meaning to, and had to piece together the shreds in order to read it. The process was maddening because he had to slowly, delicately control hands that shook with the effort. Using the remote was easier--he found he could work the controls by letting the weight of his hand rest on the buttons. / 喬不需要意謂就分別地撕破第一 newpaper 到, 而且必須為了要讀它 , 綜合碎片。 因為他有,所以程序是令人發狂的到慢慢地,細緻優雅地控制以努力搖動的手。 使用遙遠者是比較容易的--他發現他可以藉由讓在鈕扣上的他手重量休息操作控制。
Some time during the fourth broadcast he fell asleep. / 在第四廣播的時候數時間他睡著了。

-- 3 --
In a scene straight out of a picture postcard, the ocean rolled steadily onto a smooth expanse of snow-white sand, interrupted only by a stand of palm trees and a lone sunbather sprawled beside a green beach umbrella. Fluffy clouds dotted a sky that was a shade of blue usually found only in a developer's laboratory. In the distance, the bright red, orange and white of Ryu's rented sailboat dipped among turquoise waves. The air was filled with the roar of the surf and the cries of seabirds. / 在現場中筆直地從一張風景明信片,大海穩定地在雪白的沙子一片平滑的寬闊區域之上捲, 只有被手掌的一個臺子打斷樹而且孤單的 sunbather 在一把綠色的海灘傘旁邊擴展。 有點的毛絨絨的雲通常是藍色的一個蔭涼處的天空只在開發者的實驗室中發現。 在遙遠之處,被租用帆船的 Ryu's 的大紅色,柑橘和白色在土耳其玉波浪之中浸。 空氣充滿海浪的吼和海鳥的哭聲。
At the sound of a stranger's footsteps approaching, Ken turned lazily over on his stomach and propped himself up on one elbow to see who it was. First he saw a shapely pair of tanned legs, and as he looked up, shading his eyes, he found they belonged to a curvy brunette in a pink string bikini. She was openly looking him over, noting the wide shoulders and the powerful rolls of muscle in his arms and back. When she finished her appraisal, she met his eyes and smiled. "Hi," she said. / 在接近 的陌生人的腳步聲音,肯恩在他的胃身上懶洋洋地結束轉向而且在一個手肘上支持他自己看見它是誰。 首先他看見一雙像樣子的曬黑腿,而且當他看在,上面留下陰影他的眼睛,他發現他們屬於一套粉紅的線比基尼泳裝的一個彎曲的深色髮膚的人。 她正在公開地結束看他,注意他的手臂和背面的寬肩和肌肉的有力捲物。 當她完成了她的評價時候,她遇見了他的眼睛而且微笑。 "嗨",她說。
"Hi," he returned. / "嗨",他歸還。
"Hi, I'm back," said a third voice. The brunette jumped and turned startled eyes on Jun, who settled herself on the towel next to Ken's and placed a can of Coke in front of him. The brunette looked from Jun back to Ken. They both regarded her with polite but inquiring expressions. Her expression changed quickly from embarrassment to anger, and she turned on her heel and continued down the beach. / "嗨,我回來",一種第三種聲音說。 跳躍而且轉的深色髮膚的人在六月震驚了眼睛,在緊鄰肯恩的手巾上安頓她自己而且在他之前放置了可樂的一個罐子。 深色髮膚的人從六月背面到肯恩看。 他們倆都用有禮貌的但是尋問的表達視為她。 她的表達很快地從困窘到忿怒改變,而且她沿海灘向下打開她的腳後跟而且繼續。
"What was all that about?" Jun asked. / " 什麼到處是所有的那"? 六月問。
Ken opened his can and took a pull from it. "She just walked up here." / 肯恩打開了他的罐子而且拿一從它拉。 "她剛剛在這裡走上" 。
"Not your type, trust me," Jun said drily. "I saw her last night at the bar with three different men." / "不是你的類型,信賴我",六月乾地說。 " 我昨晚在和三位不同的男人酒吧看見她" 。
"Hm," said Ken, watching the waves rolling in and hoping she would change the subject. / "Hm", 肯恩說, 看波浪滾動在而且希望她將會改變主題。
Jun was already rummaging in her beach bag and produced a bottle of sunscreen. "Want some of this on your back? You're turning pink." / 六月已經正在她的海灘中翻遍袋子並且生產了一瓶太陽油。 "想要一些在你的背部上的這? 你正在轉粉紅色。"
"Aa." / "Aa".
Jun rubbed the lotion in with long, firm strokes, starting with Ken's back, then moving to his arms and legs, kneading the muscles as she went along. It felt wonderful, and with only a little guilt, Ken let himself enjoy it. / 六月擦了外用藥水在由於長的, 堅定的筆劃,以肯恩的背面開始, 然後移到他的手和腿, 揉肌肉當她向前去。 它覺得令人驚奇,而且由於只有一點罪行,肯恩讓他自己享受它。
All during their training and work together, they had felt a mutual attraction that Ken knew he had to ignore for the sake of the Team. Still, there were the little things; the arm slipped around the shoulders or waist, the times when Jun's hand found its way into his, the tight embrace after a close call; the longing he was so accustomed to shutting down. Jun was all that he wanted in a woman: strong, self-sufficient, smart enough to humble the lot of them, sensitive to another's needs... and willing to love him. Despite Jinpei's childish jokes, the others encouraged the relationship, and hadn't Joe's last words to Jun been something about she and Ken spending their lives together? / 在他們的訓練和工作期間全部一起,他們已經感覺肯恩認識了他必須為了小組不理睬的相互吸引。 仍然,有小事物; 手臂在肩或腰部,六月的手進入他的之內發現它的方法時代的周圍滑倒, 在一個千鈞一髮後的緊擁抱; 渴望他對關閉是如此習慣了。 六月是所有的他在一個女人中想要: 強的﹐可以自給的﹐和聰明的充足貶抑他們的運氣,到其他人的是敏感的需要。。。 而且樂意的愛他。 不在乎 Jinpei's 的天真笑話,其餘者鼓勵了關係, 和對六月的喬最後的字還沒是關於的某事她和一起花費他們的生命 的肯恩?
Then there was the incident in Paris. Somehow, by accident or design, they had wound up alone together in a place where the atmosphere crackled with romance. Jun had turned to look at him, and the way the lights from the fountain reflected from those soulful green eyes had awakened a powerful, irresistable urge. On impulse he'd kissed her for the first time--a long, personal kiss which, in Joe's terms, "means something." Since then, instead of his usual aloofness, he'd turned shy, almost ticklish with her and she delighted in it. Remembering their first encounter made him blush, and when he turned to her, he saw a serene, knowing smile that told him she remembered as well, and that there was more to come. Maybe, with this peace, they truly could make something of a life together.... / 然後在巴黎有事件。 不知何故,藉著意外事件或設計,他們結束孤獨的一起在大氣以浪漫史發出啪聲的一個地方中。 六月已經準備看他,而且來自泉的光從那些充滿精神的綠色眼睛反映的方式已經喚醒有力,irresistable 呼籲。 在衝動上他第一次有吻了她--長,,以喬來說, "意謂某事" 的個人吻. 自從那時以後,取而代之的是他平常的疏遠,他有變害羞的, 幾乎易倒由於她和她在它裡面愉快。 記得他們的第一次相會使他臉紅,而且當他求助於她的時候,他看見寧靜,告訴了他她也記得 , 而且那裡更多來的博學微笑。 也許,藉由這和平,他們真實地可以一起用生活做成某事....
Between the rhythmic pounding of the ocean, the warmth of the sun and the feel of Jun's hands as they massaged his neck, Ken started to drift off. Jun's voice brought him back. "Feels like you're finally starting to relax." / 在大海的旋律敲之間, 太陽的溫暖和那六月的手感覺當他們按摩了他的脖子時候,肯恩開始走開漂流。 六月的聲音把他帶回來。 " 感覺像你正在最後開始放鬆".
"If I get any more relaxed," he mumbled into his towel, "I'll melt into the sand." / "如果我變任何更多放鬆",他進入他的手巾之內喃喃而語 ",我將進入沙子之內融化".
Doctor Nambu had collected his funds, picked up his charges and taken off for parts unknown. His colleagues at the ISO had nearly gone into cardiac arrest at the news, but the Doctor pointed out that he had gone for three years without a break, and when it came to security, he couldn't imagine who he'd feel safer with than the Kagaku Ninjatai. As it was, few recognized him. Even the Team had trouble picking him out when he wore casual clothes. / 醫生 Nambu 已經收集他的基金,為部份拾起他的費用而且起飛未知數。 他的同事在國際標準組織幾乎已經在新聞討論心臟的逮捕,但是醫生指出,他不需要休息就已經去達三年之久,而且當它得到安全的時候,他不可以想像他將會對 Kagaku Ninjatai 感到安全勝於誰。 當它是的時候,少數的辨認出了他。 當他穿著了偶然的衣服時候,甚至小組在挑選他方面有了麻煩。
They traveled without obligations, plans or concerns. Someone would come up with a destination, and if they all liked the idea, they made a few phone calls and off they went. Supplies were purchased along the way, and discarded if they became too bulky to carry. They toured all the major cultural centers, learning more about places they had only passed through on missions; filling in the gaps. / 他們不需要義務,計劃或關心就旅行。 某人將會提出目的地,而且如果他們全部喜歡想法,他們打了一些電話,而且走開他們去。 補給向前被購買方式, 而且丟棄是否他們變成太龐大而無法攜帶。 他們旅行了所有的主要文化的中心,更多的學問關於他們只在任務上有通過的地方事; 在縫隙中填充。
As the weeks passed, Ken's soul slowly healed, as did the cuts on his hands. His appetite came back, and he filled out again, regaining the weight he had lost after their return from Cross Karakoram. The only rough spot of the tour had been through Spain and Italy, when Joe's memory haunted them in the cities. Ken constantly expected to see him arguing with the men in the pubs, terrorizing the streets on something with wheels, or pointing out items of interest in the markets. Over and over he wished Joe was there to share the peace with them. No doubt the others felt the same way, but no one mentioned it. The subject was unofficially declared taboo. / 當數個星期通過的時候,肯恩的靈魂慢慢地治癒, 如同在他的手上切。 他的食慾回來,而且他再一次填寫 , 取回他在來自交叉的 Karakoram 的他們回返之後已經減的重量。 旅遊的唯一粗糙的地點是經過西班牙和義大利,當喬的記憶在城市中常到他們的時候。 肯恩不變地期望見他在酒館中和男人爭論,用輪子令人恐怖在某事上的街道, 或指出對項目的興趣市場。 一再地他願,喬在那裡與他們分享和平。 無疑地其餘者感覺了相同的方法,但是沒有人提到了它。 主題非正式地是公告的禁忌。
When their energy wore down they took refuge in the south Pacific, winding down in a small resort on the island of Tonga. And it was here that Ken was finally starting to relax. / 當他們的精力穿著下來的時候他們佔據了在太平洋南部的避難所,在東加的島上一個小的渡假勝地中捲繞下來。 而且它在這裡那一個肯恩正在最後開始放鬆。
Somewhere along his digression, Jun had stopped and was now sprawled on her towel beside him. Ken opened one eye, debated getting up, then let that eye rove over the smooth lines of her bare back and the curves of her hips. That made up his mind. "Jun. Want me to return the favor?" he asked. / 某處沿著他的離題部分,六月已經停止而且現在在在他旁邊的她手巾上被擴展。 被打開一個眼睛的肯恩,辯論起床, 然後讓那一個眼睛在她的赤裸背面的平滑線和她的臀部曲線之上漂泊於。 那決定。 "六月。 想要我歸還好意?"他問。
"If you want to." That meant yes. Ken hauled himself up to a sitting position and picked up the sunscreen. / " 如果你想要到". 那意謂是的。 肯恩拖了他自己決定於一個座位安排位置並且拾起太陽油。
He was getting involved in his task when they both heard footsteps pounding toward them and looked up. Jinpei skidded to a stop in front of them, showering them with sand. / 當他們倆都對於他們聽到了腳步敲而且看的時候,他正在參與他的工作在上面。 Jinpei 在他們之前剎車到一個停止,用沙子淋浴他們。
"Aagh," Jun said. They were now covered with a gritty white layer that the lotion plastered to their skin. Ken spat sand. / "Aagh",六月說。 他們是佈滿含沙的白色層現在外用藥水爛醉如泥到他們的皮膚。 肯恩貝卵沙子。
"You won't believe this." The boy was bouncing, excited. "Have I got something to show you! C'mon!" / " 你將不相信這". 男孩正在反彈,刺激的。 " 我得到某事了顯示你! C'mon!"
"It better be good," Jun growled, brushing futilely at the sand. "Or I know someone who's going to be breathing seawater." / " 它最好很好",六月怒吠,在沙子無用地疏刷。 " 或我認識某人誰正在去呼吸海水".
"Oh, it will be. C'mon!" / "哦,它將是。 C'mon!"
His enthusiasm was infectious. Leaving their belongings behind, Ken and Jun ran behind him, up the beach toward the end of a peninsula that lead to rougher sea. There they stopped. Jun's mouth dropped open. Ken grabbed the binoculars from Jinpei's hand and focused, frowning behind the lenses. / 他的狂熱是有傳染性的。 在對於通往較粗糙的海洋半島的結束海灘上面留下他們的所有物後面的部分,肯恩和六月在他後面跑。 在那裡他們停止。 六月的嘴降低開放的。 肯恩抓取了來自 Jinpei's 的手雙眼望遠鏡而且集中,在透鏡後面皺眉頭。
"You're right," he said. "I don't believe it." / " 你是正確的",他說。 "我不相信它" 。
They'd had a hard enough time getting used to seeing Dr. Nambu in anything other than suits and lab smocks. The first shock was that the squarish, businesslike clothing concealed the body of a much younger, fitter man. He was broad-shouldered and stocky, and his build was as tightly packed and powerful as Ken's. Of course he had trained them when they were children, but that seemed so long ago. And now.... / 他們有有了難的充足時間習慣於除了訴訟和實驗室工作服之外在任何事裡面看 Nambu 博士。 第一個驚嚇是拘謹的, 事務性的衣服隱藏了非常年輕的, 比較適當的男人身體。 他是大範圍的- 肩負和矮胖的, 而且他的建立是當做緊緊地包裝和有力的如肯恩。 當他們是孩子, 但是以前似乎如此長的時候,當然他已經訓練他們。 而且現在....
A hundred yards out to sea, the professor was standing on a surfboard, riding high on top of a twelve foot wave and making it look easy. He wore only a pair of bright blue swim trunks. His glasses were gone. His wet hair was slicked back, and the expression on his face was that of an exuberant teenager who lived for the sport. He deftly swung the board in a graceful slalom, keeping his balance long after Ken or Ryu would have wiped out. Defeated, the wave died peacefully. The professor dropped off the board, then surfaced, shaking the water from his hair. Catching sight of his audience, he grinned widely and waved. / 在外的百碼到海洋,教授站在一個衝浪板上, 衝浪而且使它看容易的。 他只穿著了一雙明亮的藍色游泳樹幹。 他的眼鏡不見了。 他的濕頭髮向後地被光滑的,而且在他的臉上表達是為運動居住的繁茂青少年的。 他敏捷熟練地搖擺了一個優美的障礙滑雪賽的董事會,在肯恩或 Ryu 會消除之後,保存他的平衡渴望。 擊敗,波浪和平地死。 被減少董事會的教授,然後升至水面,搖動來自他的頭髮水。 瞥見他的聽眾,他廣泛地露齒而笑而且揮舞。
Weakly, Ken and Jun waved back. / 微弱地,肯恩和六月向後地揮舞。
"I didn't know you could surf," Jinpei said as they all walked back to their beach house. / "我沒有知道,你可以漫遊",當他們全部向後地走路到他們的海灘房子的時候, Jinpei 說。
"It's been a long time. You don't think I spent my entire life behind a desk, did you?" / "它被是長的時間。 你不認為我渡過了在一張書桌後面的我整個的生活,是嗎?"
"Actually, yes," Ken said. The Doctor gave him a surprised look, then snorted good-naturedly at the joke. / "實際上,是的",肯恩說。 醫生給予了他感到驚訝的神情,然後噴著氣弄響鼻子了好處-在笑話的 naturedly。
"Well, it's been long enough," Jun exclaimed, prodding his bare shoulder with a finger. The pressure left a white mark on skin that was turning crimson. "Look at you! You'll be hurting in a little while." "I already am," Nambu said ruefully. / " 嗯,它是久足夠",六月大叫,用一根手指戳他的赤裸肩。 壓力留下了在正在轉深紅色的皮膚上的一個白色的標誌。 "看你! 你將在小小的一會兒方面傷害。"" 我已經是",Nambu 悲傷地說。
Another week passed before they all began thinking of the work that awaited them. There was rebuilding to do, new plans to make. It was time to go home. / 在他們全部開始想到等候了他們的工作之前 , 在另一個星期通過。 那裡正在再建做, 新的計劃訂定。 它是該回家的時候。
Two days after returning to Utoland, the Team turned in their vehicles and equipment. Ken took one long, last flight in G-1 before docking it into the back of the Godphoenix. Then he spent some time walking about the mother ship, looking and remembering. Ryu had said once that all ships--whether they sail or fly--have souls. Not only had this ship a soul, but had picked up part of those who flew it. The service passages and vehicle compartments echoed with voices and the sounds of combat, and Ken listened for awhile before moving to the cockpit. / 在回到 Utoland 二天之後,小組在他們的車輛和儀器中轉向。 肯恩在駛入船塢它進 Godphoenix 的背面之內之前在 G-1 中搭乘一次長的, 最後的飛行。 然後他度過數時間步行關於母親船的事,看和記得。 Ryu 已經說一次所有的船--是否他們航行或飛--有靈魂。 不但有這裝船運送一個靈魂 , 而且已經拾起那些飛了它的人部份。 服務通道和車輛區劃以聲音和戰鬥的聲音隨聲附和,而且肯恩聽為一會兒在移到駕駛員座艙之前。
All over the control center were reminders of past missions: the lines Jinpei had etched to mark victories... The frayed surface around the missile control, where countless protective panels had been shattered as fists slammed onto the fire button... The good luck talisman from Ryu's hometown that dangled over the pilot's seat... The dents on the sides of the headrests from where Joe had constantly leaned on the seats.... / 在全控制中心是過去的任務提醒的人: 線 Jinpei 已經蝕刻標示勝利。。。 那在飛彈控制的周圍磨損表面, 當拳頭在火鈕扣之上猛然關上的時候,數不盡的保護儀錶板已經被打碎。。。 來自 Ryu's 的遍及飛行員的座位吊動的家鄉好運氣護身符。。。 在靠頭之物的邊上凹痕從喬不變地已經倚靠座位哪裡....
They'd spent three hard years in there; three years of monotonous patrols interspersed with white-knuckle dogfights and near-misses. The Godphoenix had been good to them, kept them safe as best she could, despite the fact that they constantly pushed her past her limits--and sometimes into the wall. / 他們有度過了三難的數年在那裡; 三年的單調巡邏以白色- 指節混戰和 near miss 散佈。 Godphoenix 對他們已經是好的, 保持了他們保險箱如最好她可以, 不在乎事實他們不變地推動了她的過去她的限制-- 和有時進入牆壁之內。
Ken sat in his old command seat and turned on the viewscreen. Though the forward view showed little more than the inside of the hangar, he could imagine the white, puffy clouds and the blue sea below. / 肯恩在他的舊指令方面坐座位而且打開 viewscreen 。 雖然向前的視野出示了小於飛機庫的內部,但是他可以在下面想像白色的, 脹大的雲和藍色的海洋。
Ken folded his hands and bowed his head, and prayed, thanking the fighting ship for her service. From now on, she would sit here in storage, save for the possible honorary flight or two. Perhaps in a few years she'd wind up in the Smithsonian or a special ISO exhibit. Unless the need ever came.... / 肯恩摺疊了他的手而且彎腰了他的頭, 而且祈禱,謝謝戰鬥到她的服務運送。 從現在開始,她將會在儲藏中坐,為可能的榮譽飛行或二節省。 在幾年之內也許她將會在 Smithsonian 或特別的國際標準組織展覽品中結束。 除非需要曾經來....
Will we ever fly you again? / 我們將曾經再一次飛你嗎?
He left the usual way, leaping from the top bubble to the floor of the hangar. He was startled to find Ryu waiting there. "Saying goodbye?" Ryu asked. His eyes were red and had deep circles under them. / 他留下了平常的方法,從頂尖的泡沫到飛機庫的地板跳躍。 他被震驚發現在那裡等候 的 Ryu 。 " 敘述再見"? Ryu 問。 他的眼睛是紅色的並且有了在他們下面的深圓圈。
"Yes. You?" / "是的。 你?"
"Already did, all of last night. It was rough. I'll miss her." / "已經做, 所有的昨晚。 它是粗糙。 我將想念她。"
"Aa." Ken switched out of Bird-style, and the two walked together toward the exit. Ken glanced back at the Godphoenix, which loomed over them like a shadow. She looked lonely. Putting a hand on Ryu's shoulder, he turned away and the men left the hangar. / "Aa". 肯恩轉變離鳥-風格, 和那二對於出口一起走路。 肯恩向後地在 Godphoenix 瞥閃, 在他們之上隱約可見喜歡一個影像。 她看起來孤單。 把一隻手放在 Ryu's 的肩,他轉向離開,而且男人離開了飛機庫。
"So what do you plan to do from here?" he asked Ryu. / " 如此你從在這裡計劃做什麼"? 他問了 Ryu 。
The large man scratched his head. "Cleanup, I guess. My marina was trashed by a tidal wave a few weeks back--the whole bay was. It'll take some months to clean up the mess." / 大的男人擦了他的頭。 "清除,我猜測。 我的散步道被一個海嘯數個星期背面弄壞了--整個的海灣是。 它將採取數個月清掃一團亂。"
"Need some help?" / "需要一些幫忙"?
"You offering?" / " 你提供"?
Ken shrugged. "Yeah. I don't have anything planned myself." Not with no money and now nothing to fly, he added silently. / 肯恩聳肩。 "是的。 我沒有計劃中的東西我自己。" 不以沒有錢和現在沒事飛,他默默地增加。
"What about Jun and the Snack J?" / "六月和小吃 J 怎麼樣"?
"They're hiring a contractor to rebuild the place--somebody owed Jun a favor. I'll just be in the way." Ryu wiggled his eyebrows doubtfully. "No, really. Besides, have you heard the latest plans for the bar? I'd be stuck playing referee all the time." / "他們正在僱請一個承包商再建地方--某人虧欠了六月好意。 我將僅僅是以那方式。"Ryu 可疑地躊躇了他的眉毛。 "不,真的。 此外,你不嗎聽到關於酒吧的最新計劃? 我將會被欺騙始終玩仲裁人。"
Ryu grinned. He'd heard Jinpei's 'we'll do karaoke over my dead body' speech more than once, and at top volume. "Well then, yeah." / Ryu 露齒而笑。 他有聽到了 Jinpei's'我們將絕不可以做卡拉 OK' 演講超過一次, 和在頂尖的體積。 "然後湧出,是的".
The Team gathered in the Doctor's office to return their bracelets and to hear the terms of their retirement. Each member would receive a monthly check of more than they had made when they were active ("The paperwork for raises finally got through," said Nambu drily) and full medical, care of the ISO. There was still a test pilot spot open for Ken if he wanted it, as soon as the ISO finished rebuilding and went back into full operation. Ken was looking forward to that. Now if he could only hang in there until he could afford to replace his plane.... / 小組在醫生的辦公室中聚集歸還他們的手鐲並且聽到他們的退休術語。 每個成員將會接受每月的檢查超過當他們是積極的 ("舉起的文書工作最後通過 ",乾地說了 Nambu) 和完整的醫生,國際標準組織的照料時候,他們已經做。 如果他想要它,像被再建完並且進入完全的手術之內回去的國際標準組織一樣的很快,為肯恩仍然有測試飛行員地點公開。 肯恩正在期望那。 現在如果他只可以懸掛在那裡直到他可以負擔替換他的飛機....
Four white bands with very worn straps lay on Nambu's desk. For a long moment the four members of the Kagaku Ninjatai stared down at them, unbelieving. It was really over. / 和非常磨損的繩四條白色的樂團在 Nambu's 的書桌上放置。 Kagaku Ninjatai 的四個成員在他們注視下來長的片刻,沒信心的。 它真的結束。
"Gokuroo," said Nambu. A standard Japanese phrase used when a person's duty had been fulfilled, he'd said it at the end of each successful mission, but this time it sounded like the toll of a funeral bell. / "Gokuroo",Nambu 說。 當人的責任已經被實現的時候,一個標準的日本片語使用, 他有說它在每個成功的任務結束的時候,但是這次它聽起來像葬禮鈴的通行費一樣。
The four stared at each other, looking lost, then Jun burst into tears. Ken held her until they subsided. "I'm sorry," she sniffed. "I can't help but think our little family is breaking up." / 那四盯著彼此看,看起來失去,然後六月突然大哭。 直到他們平息,肯恩捉住了她。 "對不起",她嗅。 "我無法不認為,我們的小家庭瓦解 " 。
"Not at all," Ken said, giving her shoulders a squeeze. "We all live close enough to each other. And there's always the phone. You'll see." / "決不" ,肯恩說,給她的肩擠壓。 "我們全部對彼此居住接近的充足。 而且總是有電話。 你將看見。"
Then they piled together in a five-way hug that included the startled professor. When they finally broke the clinch, they closed the meeting and their jobs, Japanese style, with a shout and a single clap of their hands. / 然後他們在一個五方法的包括了被震驚的教授擁抱中一起堆起。 當他們最後斷掉了釘牢的時候,他們關閉了會議和他們的工作,日本風格,藉由他們的手一聲呼喊和單一拍手。
Dr. Nambu watched his wards turn to leave. They moved hesitantly and looked subdued, almost terrified at the idea of lives as civilians. His little ninja squad who charged eagerly into battle--who had trained for it since they were old enough to wield weapons--now hung onto their weapons for security. But then, he thought with a pang of guilt, that was all he'd been able to give them. / Nambu 博士看了他的守衛旋轉離開。 他們遲疑地移動而且看起來抑制, 幾乎在生命的想法驚嚇如平民。 他的小擅長日本武士隱身術的小隊誰進入戰爭之內熱心地指控-- 誰已經為它訓練自從他們夠老來使用武器之後--現在為安全繼續保留他們的武器。 但是然後,他以罪行的一陣劇痛想, 那是全部他有能夠給他們。
The time they had spent traveling together had been remarkable to Nambu. For the past four years, he'd seen little more of the Team than five tense faces in the briefing room. During the trip he'd seen the little quirks; the marks of maturity and the way their personalities interacted. They mourned the loss of their families, but the relationship they had put together was stronger than most family bonds. / 當他們已經花費一起旅行的時候已經是令人注目的到 Nambu。 過去四年,他已經在簡報房間中超過五個緊張的臉看到小的小組更多。 在旅行的時候他已經看到小奇事; 成熟的標誌和方法他們的個性互相影響。 他們哀悼了他們的家庭損失, 但是關係他們已經集合是比大多數強壯的家庭束縛。
It was too bad there were only four of them now. Nambu wondered how Joe would have reacted to the victory. What would he have been like, with the weight of his vendetta off his shoulders? / 它太壞現在只有他們中的四個。 Nambu 懷疑了喬如何會對勝利產生反應。 什麼他將會已經是相似的嗎, 藉由他的仇殺重量在他的肩外?
Nambu snapped out of his reverie just as the Team reached the door. He called out to them. "Wait. There is one more thing." He gestured. "Come with me." / 正如小組到達了門, Nambu 咬斷離他的空想。 他對他們大叫。 "等候。 有另外一個事物。"他作手勢。 "和我來" 。
With quick glances at one another, they followed. / 藉由快的一瞥在彼此,他們跟隨。
The Doctor led his wards down the hall to the block where spare weapons and equipment were usually stored. The room they entered was the size of a medium-sized aircraft hangar, and was almost empty. Four vehicles were parked in the center. / 醫生把他的守衛引導下來對剩餘武器和儀器通常被儲存的區段門廳。 房間他們進入是中型的飛機飛機庫的大小, 而且幾乎空。 四輛車輛被停放在中心中。
"These are gifts from the staff of the complex. I finagled the funds and the staff made the selections. I hope they suit you." The Doctor smiled. The funds had been "finagled" out of his own pocket, and would put him in debt for years to come, but they didn't need to know that. "You didn't think we'd leave you stranded, did you?" / "這些是來自合成物的職員禮物。 我欺騙了基金,而且職員作出了選擇。 我希望他們適合你。"醫生微笑。 基金已經被欺騙離他自己的口袋, 而且將會把他置於債務長達數年之久來, 但是他們沒有需要知道那。 "你沒有認為我們將會留下你被擱淺,是嗎"?
There were two planes, a car and a motorcycle. The bright yellow Cessna 185 went to Ryu. The car, a white sports convertible, was Jun's. The motorcycle was Jinpei's. And then there was the plane meant for Ken: a single-passenger aerobatic plane, candy-apple red. / 有二個飛機,一輛汽車和一輛摩托車。 明亮的黃色 Cessna 185 去 Ryu 。 汽車,白色的運動可變換之物,是六月的。 摩托車是 Jinpei's 的。 然後有被為肯恩意謂的飛機: 一個單一乘客 aerobatic 飛機,糖-蘋果紅色。
With a loud whoop, Ken led the way into the hangar, circled his new acquisition once, then climbed up, pulled back the canopy and hopped into the pilot's seat. The craft had that coveted new plane smell, and a closer look showed some extra equipment had been installed. He flipped switches and inspected the controls carefully, unable to suppress a very wide grin. He couldn't wait to try it out. / 藉由一聲大聲的大叫,肯恩引導方式進飛機庫包圍他的新取得被包圍他的新取得曾經然後爬上,進入飛行員的座位之內向後地拉天篷而且單腳跳。 飛機有那妄想了新的平味道,而且較靠近的神情顯示了一些額外的儀器已經被安裝。 他小心地用指頭彈了開關而且檢查了控制, 不能鎮壓非常寬的露齒笑。 他等不及要試出它。
The others were laughing and exclaiming over their new toys. "Oh this thing is gorgeous," Jun breathed. "How did you manage?" / 其餘者正在他們的新玩具之上笑和大叫。 " 哦這一件事物是華麗的",六月呼吸。 "你如何處理"?
"A bike!" Jinpei crowed. "This is great! I can get away with this better than a car!" Racing back to the Doctor, the boy hugged him again, then ran back to the motorcycle. / "一輛腳踏車"! Jinpei 啼叫。 "這是大師! 我能以比一輛汽車好的這人逃離!"向後地對醫生賽跑,男孩再一次擁抱了他,然後向後地跑到摩托車。
"She's not the Godphoenix," Ryu was saying as he ran a gentle hand over the body of his new Skywagon. "But I think I can handle this. Na, Ken?" / "她不是 Godphoenix",當他輾過一隻溫和的手他新 Skywagon 的身體時候, Ryu 正在說。 "但是我認為我能處理這。 Na?肯恩"
There was no answer. Puzzled, they looked around and found no sign of him. "Oi, KEN!" Ryu bellowed. / 沒有答案。 困惑,他們四處看看而且沒發現他的跡象。 "Oi,肯恩"! Ryu 怒吼。
"Huh?" A head popped up from within the cockpit of the red plane and a preoccupied Ken blinked down at him. "What?" Ryu roared with laughter and the others joined in. / "哼!"? 一個頭在他從紅色的飛機和一被先占的肯恩駕駛員座艙之內出現眨眼下來。 "什麼"? Ryu 以笑和其餘者吼加入。
From his spot beside the door, Dr. Nambu watched them with a smile on his face. This kind of sendoff was much better. / 從在門旁邊的他地點, Nambu 博士用在他的臉上一個微笑看他們。 這種 sendoff 更好。
A few hours later, Ken followed Ryu to the small airstrip twenty five miles from his marina. It was nearly dark when they arrived, but Ken could see the bay was indeed a mess, and there wasn't much left of Ryu's business. Only half of his little boathouse was standing, and all his belongings were gone. / 一些小時之後,肯恩在距離他的散步道二十五哩處跟隨對小的飛機跑道的 Ryu 。 當他們到達的時候,它幾乎黑暗,但是肯恩可以的確看見海灣是一團亂,而且 Ryu's 的生意剩下不多。 只有一半的他小船庫站著,而且他所有的所有物不見了。
"Who could that be?" Ken asked, pointing to a large travel trailer parked in the middle of the wreckage. There were lights burning inside. / " 誰可以是"? 肯恩問,指向一個大的旅行追蹤者在殘餘的中央中停車。 有裡面的燃燒 的光。
"Dunno what's going on, but I'll find out." Ryu growled. He shoved the door open and climbed out of the taxi, leaving Ken to pay the fare. He walked up to the door and pounded it with his fist, making the entire trailer shake. As Ken caught up, he heard footsteps creaking inside, then the door was flung open wide. / "不知道正在繼續的東西,但是我將發現" 。 Ryu 怒吠。 他推擠了門公開並且急忙地脫下計程車, 留下肯恩支付費用。 他走上到門而且用他的拳頭強烈打擊它,作整個的追蹤者搖動。 當肯恩追趕的時候,他聽到了作輾軋聲內部 的腳步, 然後門被投開放的寬。
"Ryu! Where on Earth have you been?" / "Ryu! 在哪裡在地球上你是?"
"Toochan!" / "Toochan"!
Father and son collided, pounding each other on the back in a bearhug that looked painful to Ken. "I got your letter, and I figured I'd come and help." / 父親和兒子碰撞,對肯恩看起來痛苦的 bearhug 的在背面上的敲彼此。 "我收到了你的信,而且我演算我已經來而且幫助" 。
"But what about your business?" Ryu asked. / "但是你的生意怎麼樣"? Ryu 問。
"The boys can handle it. One good thing about those earthquakes was they dredged up a lot of fish. We'll be way in the black this season." Then he noticed Ken. "Your friend--Ken, is it? He'll be staying with you?" / "男孩能處理它。 關於那些地震的好事物是他們在許多魚上面用挖泥機疏浚。 我們將這季節是黑色的方法。"然後他注意了肯恩。 "你的朋友--肯恩,是嗎 ? 他將在你家逗留?"
"Hi, Mr. Nakanishi," Ken said sheepishly, feeling very in the way. / "嗨, Nakanishi 先生",肯恩羞怯地說,非常以那方式感覺。
Ryu's father reached over and slapped a friendly hand on his back. "Hey, there's plenty of room." He indicated the trailer. "Not much of these left to rent, so I couldn't be choosy. But boy, is it nice. You'd almost expect a swimming pool! C'mon. Let's get you settled in." He ushered the young men inside. / Ryu's 的父親伸過手去而且拍擊了在他的背部上的一隻友好的手。 "嗨,有許多房間". 他指出了追蹤者。 " 不是被留下租用的許多這些,因此我不可能是慎重選擇的。 但是男孩, 是它美好的。 你將會幾乎期待一個游泳池! C'mon。 讓我們讓你被安頓在。"他引導了裡面的年輕男人。
The next two months were spent out in the sun and wind, reconstructing the piers, hammering the boathouse together and hauling garbage off the beaches. Those residents whose homes had survived the onslaught pitched in and helped. Ken was surprised at Ryu's skill with woodworking--yet another of his teammates' talents that he had known nothing about. The days were pleasant, the winter weather surprisingly mild, and it only snowed twice. The nights left them too tired to do much other than eat and sleep, though Ken did find the time to occasionally lock himself into one of the tiny rooms with the phone. / 未來的二個月在太陽下被花費出和風,重建碼頭,一起鎚打船庫和在海灘外拖垃圾。 那些已經平安渡過被開始努力工作而且幫助的突擊居民。 肯恩以木工藝在 Ryu's 的技術感到驚訝-- 仍然另外一他的隊友才能他有知道關於的沒事。 數天是愉快的, 令人驚訝溫和的冬天天氣,而且它只下雪水於兩次。 夜晚留下了他們太疲累而無法做多另外地超過吃而且睡覺,雖然肯恩確實發現時候有時候進入和電話的極小房間之一之內鎖他自己。
Just as the January winds turned harsh, the marina was finished--smelling of new wood and fresh paint--and the customers were already coming in to store their boats for the season. Ken said his farewells, paid the storage fee on his plane, and headed for home. / 正如一月風變粗糙的,散步道被完成--新的木材和新鮮的油漆聞--而且消費者已經正在進來為季節儲存他們的船。 肯恩說了他的辭別﹐支付了在他的飛機上的儲藏費用﹐而且去家。

Weight work, isotonics, katas, aerobics and endurance work running up and down the mountains of the island that housed Dr. Rafael's complex--it all became Joe's routine, twice a day. Exercise had long been part of the Team's existence, as keeping fit was essential to their survival. The daily routine was comforting as well, since it was one of the few constants in their lives. No doubt Ken and the others were still working out, trying to get accustomed to peace and not willing to give up the level of fitness so hard won. / 重量工作,等滲的,katas, 好氧性的而且忍耐上下地工作跑收容了 Rafael's 博士合成物的島山--一天兩次它全部變成喬的例行公事。 是小組的存在部份的久被有的練習,當做保存適宜對他們的生存是很重要的。 每日的例行公事正在也安慰,因為它是他們的生命很少的常數之一。 無疑地肯恩和其餘者仍然正在試算 , 嘗試對和平變習慣了和不是樂意這麼放棄健身的程度難的韓幣。
Joe found himself struggling for it again, with a difficulty he had never experienced before--not even when he was first training for Dr. Nambu. The therapy he underwent was more than pain, more than struggling to find and extend his limits: it was patience. Trying not to lose his temper while dealing with a condition as unique and frustrating as adjusting to a new and unfamiliar body. / 喬發現他自己再一次為它奮鬥,藉由他以前從不有經歷的一種困難--不即使當他正在首先為 Nambu 博士教育。 他歷經的治療不只是痛苦,超過奮鬥發現並且延伸他的限制: 它是耐性。 當調整到一個新的和不熟悉的身體時候,當處理一種情況如獨特的而且挫敗的時候,嘗試不要發脾氣。
There were new functions he had to learn to control, such as changing the density of his armor, regulating respiratory and circulatory functions and activating special blood filters that in the future could make him almost immune to blood toxins or poison gas. It was awkward at first, as if he'd been given two extra arms to coordinate and control, but after a few weeks of intense practice, the functions became second nature. / 有他必須學習控制的新功能,像是改變他的盔甲密度,管理呼吸器官的和循環的功能而且啟動特別的血未來可以使他幾乎免疫到血毒素或毒藥瓦斯的過濾器。 它起先是笨拙的,好像他已經被給二額外之物手臂協調而且控制,但是在數個星期的強烈練習之後,功能變成第二的自然。
He had more difficulty controlling the boosters. Before he had worked to be stronger, faster, more accurate. But now the astonishing speed and strength the implants gave him confused his senses and destroyed his accuracy. In the beginning Joe blundered through everyday tasks that a child could do. Things shattered, crumpled or shredded in his hands. A feat as simple as catching a rubber ball was maddening, as he watched his fingers close over empty air, seconds before the ball reached his hand. Sometimes the frustration was too much for him to keep contained, but Dr. Rafael oversaw the repairs of the complex without complaint. Joe suspected that the doctor was proud of the destructive power of his creation. / 他有了控制後推的人 更多的困難。 在他已經工作是比較強壯的﹐比較快速的﹐和更正確的之前。 但是現在可驚異的速度和力量植入器給予他混亂他的感覺而且破壞了他的準確性。 最初喬失策過每天的工作一個孩子可以做。 事物在他的手中打碎, 弄皺或撕成碎片。 一個壯舉如簡單的同樣地捕捉一個橡皮球是令人發狂的,如同在球到達了他的手秒之前他在空的空氣之上看他的手指接近的一樣。 有時挫折是太很多的他而無法保存包含,但是 Rafael 博士監督了沒有抱怨的合成物的修理。 喬猜想了醫生以他的創造毀滅性的力量為傲。
Now he worked on the bench press, trying for fifteen reps at his old working weight. With the cybernetics Joe could lift the entire machine one-handed, but he was trying to push himself to the limit of his natural endurance. He wanted to see how far he could go before the cybernetics sensed the strain and kicked in. He also wanted to get the feel of how the boost kicked in, so he could avoid it if necessary. Above all, he wanted complete familiarity and control. It was the only way to alleviate his fear; the fear he had felt ever since his vision had first started to blur and his hands cease to respond in those months before his death. / 現在他處理長椅子刊物,在他的舊工作重量為十五 reps 嘗試。 與換控學喬在一起可以調高那整個的機器一傳遞的,但是他正在嘗試逼迫他自己到他的自然忍耐的限制。 在換控學感覺了緊張而且踢之前 , 他想要看見他可以去多遠在。 他也想要得到那感覺推進如何踢在,因此他如果有需要的話會避免它。 最重要者,他想要完全的親密和控制。 它是唯一的方法減輕他的恐懼; 他由已經感覺他的視野至今的恐懼首先已經開始模糊,而且他的手在那些數個月內在他的死亡之前停止回應。
He was straining hard on the last rep, gritting his teeth, when he felt the now-familiar snap, then all effort vanished. Joe let the weight down, then sat up, ending the session. The muscles in his chest ached, the familiar burn a good sign. His hair and clothes were soaked with sweat--the new armor was porous and acted just like skin. The only differences were that he'd learned to control its density, and that his sense of touch was still a little dull--as if he was wearing an indestructible shell that he couldn't take off. The feeling was more of confinement than comfort, but he was slowly getting used to it. / 他正在最後 rep 上努力地勞累,覆以砂礫他的牙齒, 當他感覺的時候那現在-熟悉的大聲叱罵,然後所有的努力消失。 喬讓重量失望, 然後熬夜,結束會議。 他的被痛胸肌肉, 熟悉的燒傷一個好符號。 他的頭髮和衣服是以汗浸濕--新的盔甲是多孔的並且表現了正直的相似皮膚。 唯一的不同是,他有學習控制它的密度,而且他的觸覺感仍然稍微遲鈍--好像他正在戴一個他不可以起飛的不能破壞的貝殼。 感覺是比安慰限制的更多,但是他慢慢地正在習慣於它。
Joe went back to his rooms, showered, changed into jeans and T shirt and lay back on the bed to watch the news. Other than the exercise, he had no other schedule. Rafael noticed he was getting restless--"A sure sign of recovery." / 喬回去他的房間, 淋浴, 換成牛仔褲和 T 襯衫而且在床上向後地放置看新聞。 除了練習之外,他沒有其他的時間表。 Rafael 注意了他正在不安靜--"恢復的一個確信符號".
Rafael gave Joe free run of the area; even though the doctor didn't like it, he felt it essential in gaining the young man's trust. Rafael's laboratory complex consisted of a warren of underground tunnels and rooms that had evidently been there for hundreds of years. The rooms were either modified with insulation and metal paneling, or left with their original walls of brick and stone. The island itself was only three square miles, and appeared to be somewhere on the Mediterranean. It was uncharted, as both the ISO and the Syndicate had taken advantage of the chaos created by the last world war to make certain records disappear. The only sign of habitation were the crumbling stone buildings of small fishing village, deserted after a tidal wave had devastated the area. / Rafael 給予了喬區域的自由奔跑; 即使醫生沒有喜歡它,他在得到年輕的男人信賴方面感覺它必要的。 複雜的 Rafael's 的實驗室有地下的隧道和明顯地已經在那裡數百年的房間一個養兔場。 房間是或以絕緣和金屬製的嵌鑲板修正, 或以他們的磚塊和石頭的最初牆壁離開。 島本身只是三平方哩, 而且看起來某處在地中海上。 它是海圖未載的,如同國際標準組織和企業聯合已經利用被最不可能確定紀錄消失的世界戰爭創造的大混亂一樣。 居住的唯一符號是小的釣魚崩潰石頭建築物村莊,在一個海嘯已經毀壞區域之後遺棄。
Rafael didn't work alone. He had a number of assistants who did related research and maintained the complex. Some were cyborgs, though most were not. They reminded Joe of worker ants; silent, colorless and professional in their duties. Joe rarely spoke to them--they were so different from the young, vital crowd that he was accustomed to being part of, and they kept a respectful distance, as if he were some sort of sensitive and dangerous weapon. Though he considered himself a loner, Joe didn't care for this kind of forced loneliness. His only alternative was talking to Dr. Rafael, so he occasionally spent his time in the lab, asking questions or simply watching the goings-on. The old man was in many ways like the scientists at the ISO, but his dignified and slightly eccentric demeanor also accompanied a wicked sense of humor. Joe suspected that he had been a hell-raiser in his youth, not unlike himself, and that age and experience hadn't quite worn away a fondness for mayhem. / Rafael 沒有獨自地工作。 他有了許多的做了相關的研究,而且維護合成物的助理。 一些是 cyborgs,雖然大部分不是。 他們使喬想起工人螞蟻; 沈默的, 無色的和他們的責任專業人士。 喬很少地跟他們說話--他們年輕者是如此不同, 重要的群眾他習慣作為部份,而且他們維持了表示尊敬的距離,好像他是一些種敏感的和危險的武器。 雖然他考慮了他自己一個喜孤獨者,喬沒有照顧被迫的寂寞這一個類型。 他的唯一替代選擇正在和 Rafael 博士說話,因此,他有時候在實驗室中度過他的時間,問問題或只是看 goings-在之上。 老人在國際標準組織在許多方面像科學家, 但是他的有威嚴的和也被陪伴壞的幽默感的些微古怪的態度。 喬猜想,他已經是地獄-他的青年時期的提高者,不不像他自己,而且那一個年齡和經驗沒有相當戴離開對傷害罪的喜愛。
He was prowling the north wing when he came across a dark storeroom filled with strange shadows. He found the light switch, and a few low-wattage bulbs came on, barely enough to illuminate the room. At first he thought they were statues, but as he ventured further into the gloom, he saw animals of every shape, size and species. He walked silently between shelves of dragonflies and spiders and along display platforms of rats, dogs, cats, birds, deer, monkeys, wolves, lions, seals and elephants. All looked real, and all were frozen in various poses. Joe touched the flank of a crouching tiger and felt hard metal beneath the fur. Then he grasped his forearm, feeling the muscles slide beneath his armored skin--reassuring. / 當他偶然發現一個充滿奇怪的影像黑暗的儲藏室的時候,他正在潛行以覓食北方翅膀。 他發現輕的開關,而且一些低瓦特數球莖發生 , 幾乎充足照明房間。 起先他想,他們是雕像,但是當他更進一步進入消沉之內冒險一試的時候,他看見每形狀,大小和品種的動物。 他默默地在蜻蜓和蜘蛛的架之間和沿著老鼠,狗,貓,鳥,鹿,猴子,狼,獅子,印章和象的展覽月台走路。 全部看起來真正,而且全部在各種不同的姿勢中被凍結。 喬在毛皮之下碰觸了蹲下老虎的側面而且感覺了難的金屬。 然後他抓住了他的前臂,感覺肌肉在他的武裝皮膚之下滑動--安心的。
He walked around to the animal's head. The tiger's jaws were slack, exposing a rough pink tongue and canines like daggers. Its golden eyes stared blankly ahead. / 他在附近走路到動物的頭。 老虎的口是鬆弛的,暴露像匕首一樣的一個粗糙的粉紅舌和犬齒。 它的金眼睛向前地茫然地注視。
Then they blinked. / 然後他們眨眼。
Joe froze. All around him, he could sense the high-pitched whine of circuits coming on line. / 喬凍結。 在他的周圍四處,他可以感覺在線上的線路尖銳的抱怨來臨。
Oh shit. / 哦糞。
The cat looked directly at Joe; the head snapped up, the jaws closed, and the ears pricked forward in interest. Joe eased back into a ready crouch, hands up, and waited for it to spring. / 貓直接地在喬看; 頭搶先弄到手 ,口關閉,而且耳朵在興趣中向前地刺。 被緩和返回準備好的蹲伏喬, 傳遞在,上面而且等候它跳。
The tiger lifted its muzzle high and sniffed in his direction. Then apparently satisfied, it turned its back on him, shook itself, and walked away. / 老虎舉起了它的動物之鼻口高度並且在他的方向中嗅。 然後顯然地滿意,它轉了在他上的它背部﹐搖動了它本身﹐而且走開。
All around him, the rest of the animals were becoming active, and the room was filled with sounds and movement. A toucan flew over his head, landed on a shelf not far away, and squawked. / 在他的周圍四處,動物的其它部分正在變成積極,而且房間充滿聲音和運動。 一個巨嘴鳥飛過他的頭﹐在不遠處的一個架上登陸﹐而且瓜瓜地叫鳴。
The door opened and Dr. Rafael walked in. As usual, the hawk was riding on his shoulder, and didn't seem the least bit perturbed by the open menagerie. Joe wondered yet again if the bird was a cyborg as well. / 門打開,而且 Rafael 博士走入。 像往常一樣,鷹正在搭乘他的肩, 而且沒有似乎被開放的動物園擾亂的最少一點點。 如果鳥也是 cyborg ,喬再一次仍然懷疑。
Rafael noticed his stance. "They won't attack you," he said. "I have no desire to see them destroyed." / Rafael 注意了他的態度。 "他們將不攻擊你",他說。 "我沒有欲望見他們破壞" 。
Thanks for the confidence, Joe thought as he straightened up. Something ran past his foot, and he turned to see a white rat scurry around the corner. / 當他弄直的時候,謝謝信心喬想法在上面。 某事跑過去他的腳,而且他準備見一隻白色的老鼠匆忙地跑即將來臨。
"What do you think?" Rafael asked. / " 你想什麼"? Rafael 問。
"You'd think they were real." / " 你將會認為他們是真正的" 。
"I can duplicate them right down to their scents. Not that I'd want to do that in here." He grinned in satisfaction. "These are some of my best pieces, though they are old. The smaller ones I've used for years." / "我能正確地對他們的氣味複製他們下來。 不那我將會想要做那在這裡。"他在滿足方面露齒而笑。 " 這些是一些我的最好地修補,雖然他們很老。 較小的一些我已經使用長達數年之久。"
"Yeah, I may have run into them once or twice," Joe muttered. / "是的, 我可能已經偶遇他們一次或兩次",喬喃喃自語。
"Those weren't mine. Too clumsy," Rafael said, and when Joe fixed him with a piercing stare, shrugged. "And that was the past. Not like now. How are you progressing?" / "那些不是我的。 太笨拙的,"Rafael 說, 而且當喬用一個刺骨的注視修理他的時候,聳肩。 "而且那是過去。 不相似的現在。 你如何促進?"
"Steadily." Joe looked away. / "穩定地". 喬看離開。
"Really? Catch." / "真的嗎? 捕捉。"
Joe's hand snapped up instantly and the object slapped gently into his palm. He regarded Rafael with a grin as he closed his hand and brought it down, then slowly opened the fingers for the doctor to see. / 喬的手立即地搶先弄到手,而且物體逐漸地進入他的手掌之內拍擊。 當他關閉了他的手而且把它帶下來的時候,他用露齒笑視為 Rafael,慢慢地然後為醫生打開手指看見。
The egg he held was undamaged. / 蛋他拿著被不損害。
Dr. Rafael's expression spread into a grin of delight. "I think it's time to turn you loose on the world," he said. / Rafael's 博士表達進入高興的露齒笑之內傳佈。 " 我認為,現在是該轉你的時候寬鬆的在世界上",他說。

To Be Continued / 是繼續的