PART 10 / 第 10 部份
Ken boarded the New Godphoenix via the hatch leading from the craft's massive main landing gear. He moved slowly, his head and shoulder pounding in synch. When he entered the cockpit, the others turned to face him, and he tried to ignore the feeling of their eyes on him as he took his seat. / 肯恩經由艙口搭乘了新的 Godphoenix 來自飛機的龐大主要的起落架的領先。 他移動得慢慢, 他的頭和肩 synch 的敲。 當他進入了駕駛員座艙的時候, 其餘者準備面對他,而且他試著不理睬在他上的他們眼睛的感覺當他佔據了他的座位。
"I sent Ryu to look over the airliner wreckage right after we talked with Dr. Rafael," Jun said. / " 我送要就在我們之後遍及客機殘餘看的 Ryu 和 Rafael 博士說話",六月說。
"And?" / "而且"?
"Wasn't anything important there," Ryu said. "The wreck wasn't even the same plane that got reported missing. I don't think there had been anybody in it--there wasn't even any luggage or belongings or..." He looked at Jinpei. "Anything else." / " 重要的東西不在那裡",Ryu 說。 "殘骸不甚至得到報告不見的相同飛機。 我不認為已經有任何人在它裡面-- 沒有平坦的任何行李或所有物或。。。"他看 Jinpei 。 " 別的東西".
"A lure," Ken said softly, shaking his head. "Of course." / "一個餌",肯恩柔和地說,搖頭。 " 當然".
"Where to now?" Ryu asked. / " 在哪裡到現在"? Ryu 問。
Ken sighed. "Home. Let the ISO handle the cleanup." / 肯恩歎息。 "家。 讓國際標準組織處理清除。"
Once the island had vanished from their viewscreens, the radio pinged and Dr. Nambu's image appeared on center screen. Ken spoke first. "We're sorry, Hakase. We were unable to find the passengers from that fallen airliner. The wreck we found on Easton Island wasn't the same plane." / 一旦島已經從他們的 viewscreens 消失,收音機嗖地飛過,而且 Nambu's 博士影像在中央的螢幕上出現。 肯恩首先說。 " 我們是難過的,Hakase。 我們不能夠發現來自那架墮落的客機乘客。 殘骸我們在 Easton 島上發現不是相同的飛機。"
The image nodded. "I understand. I have new information on Getz." Ken's eyes narrowed, but before he could reply, the doctor continued. "We found the body of the real Eric Getz in a London hotel room, alongside the bodies of several Galactor soldiers." An image flashed on the screen: a leering mug shot of Getz's impostor in Birdstyle, his helmet off. "We're doing a background check of his replacement now, but we have no results so far." / 影像點頭。 "我了解。 我有關於 Getz 的新資訊。"肯恩的眼睛縮小,但是他可以答覆之前,醫生繼續。 "我們在一個倫敦旅館房間中發現真正的艾力克 Getz 的身體,靠著一些 Galactor 軍人的身體". 一個影像在螢幕上閃現: Birdstyle 的一個送秋波臉 Getz's 的冒名頂替的人注射,走開的他鋼盔。 "我們正在現在做他的替換背景檢查,但是我們到現在為止沒有結果" 。
"We're sorry, Hakase," Ken said, but there was an edge to his voice that caused the others to stare. "This mission was a failure." / " 我們是難過的,Hakase",肯恩說, 但是有對他的導致其餘者注視的聲音邊緣。 "這一個任務是失敗" 。
"Not entirely. Return to base. Good work, people." / "不是完全。 回到以作基礎。 好工作,人。"

Joe found Rafael sitting at the helm of his boat in the little cove not far from the ruined temple. Joe's boat was roped to the stern. Without a word, the young man broke from the jungle and leaped lightly from the shore to the back of Rafael's boat. Dr. Rafael grabbed the wheel as the boat rocked violently, and jostled from its perch, Rafael's hawk launched into the air with a loud flapping of wings. / 喬發現 Rafael 在離毀滅的寺廟不很遠的小小海灣中坐在他的船舵前。 喬的船被以繩將尾部繫住到。 沒有一個字,年輕的男人從叢林而且輕輕的斷掉從海岸到 Rafael's 的船背面跳躍。 Rafael 博士抓取了輪子如被搖動的船猛烈的, 而且從它的棲木推擠,Rafael's 的鷹進入和大聲的翅膀拍打的空氣之內發射。
"I thought you would be here waiting," Rafael said. "Why did you go back?" / "我想,你將會在這裡等候",Rafael 說。 "你為什麼回去"?
Joe shrugged and threw himself into the seat beside Rafael's, setting the boat rocking again. The old man glared at him. / 喬進入在 Rafael's 旁邊的座位之內聳肩而且丟他自己,再一次設定船搖擺。 老人在他發眩光。
"Are you certain you don't want to go back to the ISO?" / "你是確定的你不想要回去國際標準組織嗎"?
"Positive." / "積極的".
"Your actions still tell me a far different story," Rafael said. "You deliberately used a feather shuriken on Getz's imposter. You lured the others through the base with a second feather, and even now you can't leave them alone." "I didn't intend--" Joe stopped. The horror in the impostor's expression as Joe confronted him hardly made up for the horror of Eric Getz's death, but it was only fitting, and the feather the most appropriate weapon. That bastard got an easy death. I hope I left him shivering all the way to hell, at least. Turning his gaze skyward, he watched the hawk glide over the boat in wide, lazy circles. "It all worked out in the end." / "你的行動仍然告訴我一個遠的不同故事",Rafael 說。 " 你故意地使用在 Getz's 上的羽毛 shuriken 決定關稅。 你經過和一根第二根羽毛的基礎引誘了其餘者,而且甚至現在你不能別管他們。""我沒有計劃--"被停止的喬。 喬剛剛面對了他的冒名頂替的人表達的驚駭為艾力克 Getz's 的死亡驚駭組成,但是它是唯一的配件 , 和羽毛最適當的武器。 那一個私生子得到了一個容易的死亡。 我希望我留下了顫抖所有的路地獄的他,至少。 向天空轉他的注視,他看了寬的, 懶惰的圓圈在船上的鷹滑動。 "它全部在結束中試算 " 。
"You were very lucky. This time." Rafael's voice lowered. "Look, Joe. I told you before, I don't care if you rejoin the Kagaku Ninjatai or not, just as long as you know to come to me when the time is right. But you have to commit. You either join them or stay far away from them--don't continue to hover between. It can hurt us all if your judgment slips because you're trying to help your old team from outside. Besides, it'll only hurt you in the long run." / "你非常幸運。 這次。"Rafael's 的聲音降低。 "神情,喬。 我以前告訴了你, 如果你再加入 Kagaku Ninjatai ,我不關心, 正如只要當時間是正確的時候,你知道走近我。 但是你必須委託。 你或接合處在遠處的他們或停留從他們-- 不繼續盤旋在之間。 因為你正在嘗試從外面幫助你的老小組,所以如果你的判斷力滑倒,它能傷害我們全部。 此外,它只將最後傷害你。"
"We'll wind up on the same sites. We have the same goals." / "我們將在相同的位置上結束。 我們有相同的目標。"
"Yes, that's something to consider. But bear this in mind: either the Condor is dead or he's not." / "是的,那是某事考慮。 但是記住這: 或禿鷹死,否則他不是。"
Joe glared at the sky. Above him, the hawk tilted its wings, flashing patterned feathers as it completed another slow circle. / 喬在天空發眩光。 在他上面,鷹傾斜了它的翅膀,當它完成了另外慢的圓圈時候,閃爍模仿了羽毛。
"Thanks for covering for me back there," he said finally. / " 謝謝為我包含的在那裡回",他最後說。
"Aa." Rafael twisted the key in the boat's ignition and the dual engines roared. "I don't think they believed me, but at this point, they don't have much of a choice." / "Aa". Rafael 擰了被吼的船點火和雙重的引擎鑰匙。 "我不認為,他們相信了我,但是此時,他們沒有許多選擇" 。

No one spoke for the rest of the flight home. Ken reclined on a seat in the back of the cockpit, helmet off, asleep. Ryu watched the instruments, thankful for something to keep him occupied, and Jinpei stared blankly through the forward viewscreen. Jun sat beside Ken, watching him. He was battered, drained, his face pale and bruised, but to Jun he looked stronger than he had in the past two years. The moment he opened his eyes, she knew, he would be the same old Ken, the same indomitable Gatchaman. No matter how many times he was knocked down, he would bounce back, unstoppable. / 沒有人為飛行的其餘者家說。 肯恩在駕駛員座艙的後面一個座位上靠在, 鋼盔走開,睡熟了的。 Ryu 看了工具, 感謝的讓某事使他被佔領,而且 Jinpei 茫然地注視過向前的 viewscreen 。 六月在肯恩旁邊坐,看他。 他被敲打,排出溝外,他的臉變蒼白而且打傷,但是到六月他看比他在過去二年內有更較強壯。 片刻他打開了他的眼睛,她知道,他將會是老樣子肯恩,相同的不屈服的 Gatchaman 。 無論他被打倒地多許多次,他將會恢復,無法制止的。
What had Ken seen? After ordering Ryu to head for home, he'd fallen asleep, shutting everyone out. But this would not be the last of it. They still had the debriefing to attend, questions to answer, details to review. / 肯恩已經看到什麼? 在命令 Ryu 去家之後,他已經睡著,關上出每個人。 但是這將不是它的最後者。 他們仍然有了任務報告參加,詢問回答,細說檢討。
Now she felt embarrassed for losing control, for chasing shadows and calling them Joe. They'd spent two years trying to cope with the death of their teammate, trying to let go. They had held a service for him and put away his personal effects. Even now, Joe's trailer sat moldering in a warehouse on the outskirts of Utoland. Perhaps they should have thrown everything out, but no one had wanted to give the order. / 現在她為失敗的控制感覺困窘,為追影像而且稱他們為喬。 他們有度過二年嘗試應付他們的隊友死亡, 嘗試讓去。 他們已經為他拿著一個服務而且放棄他的個人效果。 甚至現在,喬的追蹤者坐著在 Utoland 的近郊上的一間倉庫中腐朽。 也許他們應該要把每件事物丟出去的,但是沒有人已經想要給次序。
The day they put the trailer into storage, Ken had refused to go near it, so Jun and Jinpei had spent the afternoon cleaning out cabinets, searching for food that might spoil and securing loose items in the closets. They'd found a carton of orange juice and a tub of butter that had grown two inches of fuzz in the refrigerator, but no other food at all. The trailer had been a mess--normally tidy as a matter of survival in that tiny space, Joe had let the housekeeping slide for weeks before the end. Jun remembered picking up the clothing scattered on the floor, muttering to herself about men and dirty socks; taking it all back to the Snack and throwing it into the washer. It wasn't until she had pulled his clothes from the dryer to fold that she'd realized what she had been doing. Jun had clutched a shirt that would stay empty forever, feeling the cotton crumple in her hands, warm and smelling of fabric softener; robbed of any trace of its owner and as dead as the man who had worn it. Jinpei had found her sitting on the floor in the middle of a scattered pile of clean laundry, sobbing like a child. / 那天他們把追蹤者置於儲藏,肯恩已經拒絕去在它的附近,因此,六月和 Jinpei 已經度過午後為可能破壞的食物清潔出內閣 , 搜索而且固定壁櫥的寬鬆項目。 他們將會發現了橘子汁的一個硬紙盒而且發現了已經栽種電冰箱的二吋細毛, 但是完全沒有其他的食物奶油的浴盆。 追蹤者已經是一團亂-- 正常地整齊的如極小的空間生存的一個事件,喬已經在結束之前讓家事幻燈片長達數個星期之久。 六月記得已經拾起在地板上被散佈的衣服,關於男人和骯髒的襪子對她自己喃喃自語; 全部向後地帶它到小吃而且將它丟進洗衣機。 它是不直到她拉了來自乾衣機的他衣服摺疊她有了解了她已經做的。 六月已經抓牢一件將會永遠地停留空的襯衫,感覺棉花在她的手中弄皺, 溫暖的而且織物柔軟劑的聞; 任何的它擁有者的痕跡和像已經穿它的男人一樣的完全地搶奪。 Jinpei 已經發現乾淨的洗衣店的離散堆中央的在地板上的她座位安排,像一個孩子發出嗚咽聲音。
Jun lowered her head, wiping her eyes with a gloved hand. That had been the only time she'd taken the chance to mourn, and after seeing what it had done to Jinpei, she had never allowed herself to fall apart like that again. Instead she'd kept busy caring for the others. Ryu had been open, but quiet about his grief. Jinpei had cried off and on for weeks. He had written long letters and burned them without letting anyone read what was in them. Ken had been the worst--refusing to eat, work out, or speak to anyone; spending his time either alone or asleep. All the light had drained out of him, and Jun had been truly afraid Joe's death had been the blow that had finally brought him down. Maybe, because of that, she had refused to let go of him, even when he'd recovered and wanted to go. I used Joe's death as a weapon, hanging it above Ken's head whenever he did something I disapproved of. I am so ashamed.... That was a dirty move. I shouldn't have been so selfish. But now this... it hurts even worse than the day... than the day he-- / 六月降低了她的頭,用一隻被手套的手擦拭她的眼睛。 那已經是唯一的一次她已經利用機會哀悼,而且在看見它已經對 Jinpei 做的之後,她從未允許她自己再一次分別地落下起來像那一樣。 改為她有保持了忙碌的照顧其餘者。 Ryu 已經是公開 , 但是關於他的傷痛安靜。 Jinpei 已經哭離開和在長達數個星期之久之上。 他不需要使任何人讀在他們裡面的東西就已經寫長的信而且燃燒他們。 肯恩已經是最壞-- 拒絕吃﹐試算﹐或跟任何人說話; 花費他的定時或孤獨的或睡熟了的。 所有的光已經排出溝外離他,而且六月已經是真實害怕喬的死亡已經是最後已經把他帶下來的打擊。 也許,因為那,她已經拒絕讓他去,即使當他已經找回而且想要去。 我以喬的死亡作為一個武器,在肯恩的頭上面懸掛它無論何時他做了某事我反對。 我是這麼慚愧的.... 那是一次骯髒的移動。 我應該沒有是如此自私。 但是現在這。。。 它傷害甚至更糟超過那天。。。 超過那天他--
Ryu broke the silence. "Brace yourselves. We're going under." There was a jolt as the craft splashed below the ocean surface. The viewscreen dimmed, and ocean froth cleared to reveal the underwater view. / Ryu 斷掉了沈默。 "支撐你們自己。 我們正在去在之下。"當飛機在大海表面下面濺濕的時候,有一次搖晃。 viewscreen 暗淡,而且大海使生泡沫清除的顯示在水中的視野。
Another five minutes, and the lights of the fortress came into sight. When the airlock drained, Jun moved to Ken's side and woke him with a hand on his shoulder, then gently guided him to the door. He glanced back at her, eyes startled at the contact. Jun shook her head and gave him a little push. It was time to move on. / 另外五分鐘,而且城堡的光呈現眼前。 當 airlock 排出溝外的時候,六月搬到肯恩的身邊而且用在他的肩上一隻手喚醒他,然後逐漸地指導了他到門。 他向後地在她瞥閃,眼睛在連絡震驚。 六月搖頭而且給予了他小小的推動。 它是該繼續的時候。
"Your CT scan checks out fine," the physician said. "You have a minor cut on your head, a few burns and bruises and that wrenched shoulder. We'd like to keep you overnight for observation. Not because we expect anything, but because the effects of that kind of trauma sometimes show up late and unannounced. Otherwise, you should be sore for a week or two, but that's all." / "你的 CT 掃描檢查罰款",醫師說。 "你有在你的頭,一些燒傷和瘀傷上的較小切,而且那猛扭了肩。 我們想要為觀察使你保持前一晚的。 不因為我們期待任何事,但是因為那種外傷的效果有時出現遲的而且不宣佈。 否則,你應該對一星期或二星期是疼痛的, 但是所有的。"
"Aa." Ken scooted up on the bed and nodded, eyes at half mast. His body ached more from fatigue than from his injuries. The nap he'd taken during the trip home hadn't even made a dent. / "Aa". 肯恩輕快地奔跑在床上上面而且點頭,在一半的天線柱的眼睛。 他的身體多從疲累痛超過從他的受傷。 他在旅行期間已經佔據家的小睡不有甚至製造了一個凹痕。
"Have you put him on painkillers of any sort?" Nambu asked from the doorway. / " 你把他放在任何的類型止痛藥了"? Nambu 從門口問。
"No, Hakase. He refuses to take them. I've prescribed ibuprofen if he changes his mind." To Ken he said, "Have a good rest." Then he left the room, flanked by a nurse, to continue his rounds. Nambu shook the physician's hand as he passed, then stepped into the private room and closed the door before taking a chair beside the bed. / "不,Hakase。 他拒絕帶他們。 如果他改變他的想法,我已經規定 ibuprofen 。"對肯恩他說 ",有好休息。"然後他離開了房間,面臨著一位護士, 繼續他的回合。 當他通過的時候, Nambu 握醫師的手, 然後進入私人的房間之內踏而且在佔據在床旁邊的一張椅子之前關閉了門。
"The others?" Ken shoved a pillow beneath his back, wincing as his stiff shoulder protested. The physician had confined his arm in a sling which he'd bound to Ken's chest with a warning to keep it still, but Ken kept forgetting. / "其餘者"? 被推擠一個枕頭他的背部之下的肯恩 , 畏縮如他的強烈肩反對。 醫師已經限制一個投石器的他手臂他有約束的到肯恩的胸以一個警告使它保持靜止的,但是肯恩繼續忘記。
"They're fine. Jinpei has some second-degree burns on his arm from whatever you found in that temple, but the burns are small and otherwise he's in good shape. You picked up the worst of it." / "他們很好。 Jinpei 有一些第二- 程度從不論什麼在他的手臂上燃燒你在那寺廟中發現,但是燒傷很小,而且否則他狀況良好。 你拾起它的最壞。"
"Oh. Good," Ken said absently. / "哦。 好的,"肯恩心不在焉地說。
"So maybe you can explain to me why." The Professor's voice took on a knife's edge. "Why you took it into your head to perform such a rash and irresponsible move, to unnecessarily endanger your own life. I know this was your first mission in over two years, but I did not expect you to throw common sense out the window." / " 如此的也許你能對我解釋為什麼". 教授的聲音承擔刀的邊緣。 "你為什麼拿它進你的頭之內表現一次如此輕率的和不負責任的移動, 不必要地危及你自己的生活。 我知道,這在超過二年中是你的第一個任務,但是我沒有期待你把常識丟出去窗戶。"
Ken let the words roll over him, distantly hearing the anger and concern. Hadn't he heard these words before, from another source? Fairly recently? / 肯恩讓在他上的字捲物,遠地聽忿怒和關心。 以前他還沒聽到這些字,從另一個來源? 最近公平地?
Father? / 父親?
No. He remembered being jostled, the feel of a shoulder supporting him, the faded silhouettes of trees. The old man? / 號碼他記得已經被推擠, 那一個支持他 的肩感覺,樹的已褪色的黑色半身側面影。 老人?
The shadow? / 影像?
The memories came in a flash: a familiar voice--Ken! Wake up, damn you! The shadow on the sandstone walls; the fake Getz lying dead, a feather buried in his throat. That strange Dr. Rafael whose explanations didn't ring entirely true. / 記憶一瞬間來: 一種熟悉的聲音--肯恩! 醒來,詛咒你! 在沙岩牆壁上的影像; 假的 Getz 說謊死,一根羽毛在他的咽喉中埋葬。 完全真實的那沒有鳴響的奇怪 Rafael 博士。
Outside, this circle of thought, Nambu continued. "Do you realize what you could have done? Do you realize what you might have done to the team if you'd been badly injured or killed? You're not sixteen anymore, and even Jinpei is showing better judgment at age twelve than you did today!" / 外面,想法的這一個圓圈,Nambu 繼續。 " 你了解什麼你應該可以做? 你了解什麼你應該可以對小組做如果你嚴重地已經受傷或殺? 比較你今天做,你不再不是十六,而且平坦的 Jinpei 正在十二歲顯示較好的判斷力!"
Ken lunged up in bed toward the Doctor, eyes wide and blazing. "You want to talk about judgment?" he shouted, and the Professor pulled back in his chair. "Our very first mission in two years, and you dump that snake Getz on us! With no warning, with little introduction, with Joe's rank and Joe's colors! Didn't you think about how we would feel? Did you expect us to trust him? And then you don't even act surprised when you find out that your people didn't do enough of a background check to realize he was a Galactor agent! You set us up to fail, and now you have the nerve to be angry about a risk I took? Where the hell is your judgment? Where is your conscience?" / 在對於醫生, 寬的和熾燃的眼睛床中向上有肺的肯恩。 "你想要談論判斷力"? 他呼喊,而且教授在他的椅子中向後地拉。 " 我們的非常第一的任務在二年中,而且你傾卸在我們上的那蛇 Getz! 藉由沒有警告,藉由小的介紹,藉由喬的排名和喬的顏色! 你沒想我們將會如何感覺嗎? 你期待我們信賴他嗎? 然後當你發現你的民族背景檢查沒有足夠做了解他是 Galactor 代理人的時候,你不甚至表現感到驚訝! 你建立我們失敗,而且現在你到處有神經很生氣風險我拿? 地獄是你的判斷力哪裡? 你的良心在哪裡?"
His voice reverberated off the walls of the hospital room. The door opened a crack and the concerned faces of two of the nurses appeared. Nambu waved them off. One left, but the other hesitated. Turning to glare at her, he waved again, and reluctantly she retreated. / 他的聲音走開回響醫院房間的牆壁。 門打開了裂縫和被出現的護士二關心的臉。 Nambu 走開揮舞了他們。 一左邊,但是另一個猶豫。 準備在她發眩光,他再一次揮舞,而且不情願地她撤退。
"Don't mind them, Hakase," Ken snarled. "Answer me!" / "不要留意他們,Hakase",肯恩吼叫。 "回答我"!
"Ken, bring your voice down. We can discuss this quietly." / "肯恩,把你的聲音帶下來。 我們能安靜地討論這。"
"We're used to playing the pawns for you, but this time you crossed the line!" Ken shouted. "You lied to us!" / "我們習慣於為你玩典當,但是這次你交叉了線"! 肯恩呼喊。 "你對我們說謊"!
"Tell me where and when I lied to you." / " 告訴我在哪裡而且當我對你說謊的時候".
Ken stopped and swallowed, thinking furiously. "All right, so you didn't lie. You just withhold the truth. You never told us you were considering a replacement for Joe. In the past two years you never told us what the ISO was doing about the Syndicate's return; about this base. About the vehicles we'd use to fight. About Joe's injuries--and you knew, even before he left!" He swallowed again. "You know, if you had said something to us, just one thing, maybe Joe would still be alive today! Do you think so little of us that you constantly have to leave us out of the loop, blundering around like fools, eagerly grabbing for every little tidbit you toss at us? With the kind of responsibility we hold, the team deserves better than that! I deserve better than that!" / 肯恩停止而且吞,狂暴地想。 "好的,因此,你沒有躺著。 你僅僅扣留事實。 你從不告訴了我們你正在為喬考慮一個替換。 在過去二年中你從不告訴了我們什麼國際標準組織正在做關於企業聯合的回返事; 關於這一個基礎。 關於車輛我們將會使用對抗。 關於喬的受傷--而且你知道, 甚至在他離開! 之前"他再一次吞。 " 假如你說,你知道某事對我們, 只是一件事物,也許喬將會仍然是活著的今天! 你想嗎如此的我們一點點以致於你不變地必須從環留下我們, 浮躁的在相似的愚人周圍,熱心地為你在我們投擲的每一小少而好吃的東西抓? 與責任的類型我們支撐,小組該得到比那更! 我該得到比那更!"
"Ken--" "I thought of you as a mentor, as family!" His voice rose again, his face flushed. "Is this what I can expect from family?" / "肯恩--""我把你當做一個良師, 當做家庭"! 他的聲音再一次上升,他的臉臉發紅。 " 這是我所能從家庭期待的"?
"Ken--" / "肯恩--"
"It wouldn't surprise me if you knew Getz was a traitor before you let him in." Ken let his voice drop and he turned his face away from Nambu in disgust. "See what good it did you. You let him lead us on, and we escaped his traps only through luck and the good graces of some mysterious stranger! From now on, in each successive mission, I'll be wasting valuable time wondering what you haven't told us and why." / "如果你知道,它將不使我吃驚,在你讓他進去之前 , Getz 是叛逆者" 。 肯恩讓他的聲音下降,而且他從厭惡的 Nambu 拒絕他的臉。 "看見它做了你什麼好處。 你讓他帶領我們在,之上而且我們只經過運氣和一些神秘的陌生人的好優雅逃脫了他的圈套! 從現在開始,在每個連續的任務中,我將浪費有價值的時間覺得奇怪你所沒有告訴我們的和為什麼。"
Deliberately, the doctor stood and approached the bed. In a move that surprised the young man, he placed a hand on Ken's uninjured shoulder and stared him directly in the face. "Ken, this is neither the time nor the place," he said, very softly. "But I'll give this to you. I'll tell you what you want to hear." Ken strained against the hand that forced him gently but firmly back onto the pillows, surprised at the older man's strength. "Yes, I knew about Getz's replacement. It was last-minute information that we were lucky to receive. I had to make a tough decision, but it turned out to be the right one: with your help, we were able to track down and eliminate an informant from within the ISO building." / 故意地,醫生站著並且接近床。 在一次使年輕的男人吃驚的移動中,他在臉中直接地放一隻手在肯恩的未受傷害的肩上而且注視了他。 "肯恩,這既不是時間也不是地方",他說,非常柔和地。 "但是我將把這給你。 我將告訴你你所想要聽到的。" 肯恩緊張的反對向後地在枕頭之上逐漸地但是堅固強迫了他的手,在較年長的男人力量吃驚。 "是的,我知道 Getz's 的替換。 最後的資料是我們幸運接受。 我必須作出一個艱難的決定,但是它變成權利一: 藉由你的幫忙,我們能夠追蹤找到並且除去來自國際標準組織建築物之內的一個通知者。"
He continued to explain, quietly and patiently, about his plans for a new fifth member of the team; of the countless candidates who had died because of the informant they had just caught; about his reluctance to bring the team back into battle before they knew the Syndicate's return was absolute. As he backtracked over two years worth of plans, Ken slowly drew back from his hands, his gaze distant, his mind working. / 他繼續解釋,安靜地而且忍耐地,關於關於小組的一個新的第五個成員的他計劃的事; 因為他們僅僅已經捕捉的通知者已經死的數不盡的候選人; 關於他的不情願進入戰爭之內把小組帶回來在他們知道了企業聯合的回返是絕對的之前。 當他在二年以來返回計劃的價值時候, 肯恩慢慢地從他的手,遠的他注視倒退, 工作的他心。
"As for Joe, I knew something was wrong, but not to what extent," Nambu said. "I'd received a report from a physician who had examined him after an accident, and to be honest, I couldn't believe what I'd heard. I tried to get Joe in for CT scans and x-rays, but as you can see, he didn't stay around long enough for that. Even if I had told you everything immediately, I doubt either of us could have kept events from proceeding as they had." / " 關於喬,我知道,某事是錯誤的, 但是不到什麼範圍",Nambu 說。 " 我已經收到來自一個在意外事件之後已經調查他的醫師一項報告, 和是誠實的,我不可以相信我有聽到的。 我試著為 CT 讓喬獲得錄取掃描和 X光,但是當你能看見的時候,他對於那沒有停留在附近長的充足。 即使我已經立刻告訴你每件事物, 我我們懷疑任一應該可以從著手進行保持事件當他們有。"
Ken felt suddenly weary and his head began to pound. Settling back in the pillows, he closed his eyes, retreating. / 肯恩覺得突然疲倦,而且他的頭開始強烈打擊。 在枕頭中向後地解決,他關閉了他的眼睛,撤退。
"You need to rest," Nambu said, standing. "Ken, I'm sorry. I regret the gaps in communication, and I can't even promise you it won't happen again. Just know that I trust you. I believe in you. Please bear with me." / "你需要休息",Nambu 說,站著。 "肯恩,對不起。 我為溝通的縫隙感到遺憾,而且我不能甚至答應你它將不再發生。 僅僅知道我信賴你。 我相信你。 請忍受我。"
With that, he left the room, and the door swept shut behind him, leaving only the white noise of the hospital air conditioning. / 由於那,他離開了房間,而且門在他後面清掃關上, 離開只有醫院空調的白色噪音。
"In due time," Ken said softly. / "在適當的時間中" ,肯恩柔和地說。
"Joe, wait!" / "喬,等候"!
"That's not Joe. It can't be. Otherwise, why would he run from us? He's dead. He's gone. We know that." / "那不是喬。 它不能是。 否則,他為什麼將會從我們跑? 他死。 他不見了。 我們知道那。"
Why would he run from us? / 他為什麼將會從我們跑?
"Joe, wake up. Wake up, now." / "喬,醒來。 現在醒來。"
The cyborg opened his eyes and blinked at the light above him. The team's voices still echoed in his mind, piercing and raw. Squeezing his eyes shut, he stretched on the metal operating table and heard stiff muscles squeak in protest. When he opened his eyes again, he found Dr. Rafael's bulky form blocking out the light. His arm snagged on something, and he discovered a line leading from that arm to an IV bag suspended above the table. / cyborg 在他上面的光打開了他的眼睛而且眨眼。 小組的聲音仍然在他的心中隨聲附和, 刺骨的和生肉。 擠壓被關上的他眼睛,他在金屬操作桌子上伸展並且聽到了抗議的強烈肌肉吱吱聲。 當他再一次打開了他的眼睛時候,他出自光發現 Rafael's 博士龐大的形式阻斷。 他的手臂在某事之上粗磨,而且他從那一隻手臂到被中斷在桌子上面的一個 4 袋子發現了一條線領先。
"Tired?" / "疲累的"?
"Of course." Joe stretched again and groaned, then sat up, refusing the doctor's offered hand. / " 當然". 喬再一次伸展而且呻吟, 然後熬夜,拒絕被提供手的醫生。
"After experiencing three close-range explosions in one day, that's normal." Rafael didn't smile. / "在一天內經歷三個結束- 範圍爆炸之後,那是常態" 。 Rafael 沒有微笑。
"What's this for?" Joe glanced at the fluid in the IV bag--not blood. / "這是為什麼"? 喬注視 4 的液體袋子-- 不血。
"Antibiotics to boost your natural defenses. Just a precaution." / " 抗生素推進你的自然防衛。 只是預防。"
"Should I expect this every time, or am I still in the break-in period?" Piercing blue eyes regarded the doctor, and Joe's voice carried an edge. / " 應該我每一次期待這, 或我仍然是在休息- 在的時期中"? 刺骨的藍色眼睛視為了醫生,而且喬的聲音攜帶了邊緣。
"As I said, it's a precaution. Wounds deep enough to draw blood run the risk of infection." Dr. Rafael turned, scooped some folded garments into his arms and presented them to Joe. "You'll have three days to rest before you proceed to the next installation." / "當我說的時候,它是預防。 受傷深的充足抽被跑傳染的風險血。"Rafael 博士將 , 汲取一些摺疊衣服變成他的手臂而且將他們呈現給喬。 "在你前進到下一個安裝之前 , 你將有三天休息" 。
Joe took the bundle and found briefs and one of his well-worn sweatsuits. With another glance at Rafael, he pulled on his clothes, leaving the shirt off because of the IV. / 喬帶了捆而且發現了摘要和他的用舊了的 sweatsuits 之一。 藉由在 Rafael 的另一瞥,他在他的衣服上拉, 留下襯衫離開因為 4.
"Three days. Where did the lead come from?" / "三天。 線索來自哪堜O?"
"Why did you think I was there?" This time, Rafael did smile. "You took them by surprise, so their evacuation from that installation was a little less tidy than they'd planned. We were able to track them to their next location." / " 你為什麼認為我有"? 這次, Rafael 做了微笑。 " 你使他們驚訝,因此,來自那一個安裝的他們撤退稍微是比他們少的椅子背罩有計畫。 我們能夠追蹤他們到他們的下個地點。"
"Why not just pursue them now?" / " 為什麼不僅僅現在追求他們"?
Rafael's smile faded. "They've already made more progress than I'd like. You need to be in top condition. This next job will take all your resources." / 已褪色的 Rafael's 的微笑。 "他們已經使較我為多的進步想要了。 你需要當在頂尖的情況。 這下個工作將採取你所有的資源。"
"As I told you on the trip home, we have the body of Eric Getz, but we were unable to recover the body of his double," Nambu said, pacing the space between his desk and the bank of viewscreens behind it. "That portion of the temple remained relatively intact, but our search teams found no remains." / "當我在旅行家上告訴你的時候,我們有艾力克 Getz 的身體,但是我們不能夠找回他的加倍身體",Nambu 說,踱步在它後面的在他書桌和 viewscreens 的銀行之間的空間。 "寺廟的那部分保持相對地尚未被人碰過,但是我們的搜尋小組沒發現遺骸" 。
"I'm sorry, Hakase." Jun sat in a single chair before the desk, looking small and out of place in the oversized office. In her new civilian clothes, the ends of her hair still damp from a recent shower, she kept her hands folded in her lap and her knees tightly together. "We should have thought to take him back to the New Godphoenix, but in light of what we saw... we were distracted." She let her head drop. "Now Galactor may have his Birdstyle." / "對不起,Hakase". 六月在書桌前的一張單一椅子中坐, 看起來很小和離開地方在被特大號的辦公室中。 在她的新平民的衣服 , 來自一次最近的陣雨她頭髮然而溼氣的結束中,她緊緊地一起保持了在她的膝蓋和她的膝中被摺疊的她手。 "我們應該要想的把他帶回新的 Godphoenix, 但是在光中我們所看見的。。。 我們被分心。"她讓她的頭下降。 "現在 Galactor 可能有他的 Birdstyle" 。
"No matter." Nambu waved that away. "I refitted one of Joe's old uniforms. Even if they do have and analyze it, they won't have any more information then they did when they found your shoe." Jun winced at that. "Nevertheless, I have all of you scheduled for a refitting in two weeks, and I've reset the Birdstyle transformation signal." / 沒有事件. Nambu 揮舞那離開。 "我改裝了喬的舊制服之一。 即使他們確實有並且分析它, 他們然後將沒有任何的資料當他們發現你的鞋時候,他們做。"六月在那畏縮。 "然而,我在二個星期中為一個改裝預定你全部都,而且我已經重新設定 Birdstyle 轉形信號" 。
"Why did you give him the old uniform? Did you suspect him?" / "你為什麼給他舊的制服? 你懷疑他嗎?"
Nambu waved again. "A time constraint," he said absently, and she frowned. "Now. Ken's report said that Gant was killed by a feather shuriken." / Nambu 再一次揮舞。 "一個次限制",他心不在焉地說,而且她皺眉頭。 "現在。 肯恩的報告說了 Gant 被羽毛 shuriken 殺了。"
"Yes." / "是的".
"None of you threw feather shuriken on this mission?" / "你沒有一個丟在這一個任務上的羽毛 shuriken"?
"No, Hakase. We rarely use them anyway, and they became so much Joe's trademark that it no longer seems right. Especially now. We didn't think to take the evidence with us, things happened so fast. I'm certain the feather was one of his." / "不,Hakase。 我們很少地無論如何使用他們,而且他們變成如此的很多喬商標以致於它不再似乎正確。 尤其現在。 我們沒有想和我們採取證據,事物發生如此的快速。 我是特定的他羽毛是一。"
Nambu shook his head. "That doesn't mean much in itself. There is a collector's market for your spent weapons. People scavenge them once the fighting ends." / Nambu 搖頭。 "那不更加本來意謂。 為你的花費武器有蒐集家的市場。 一旦戰鬥結束,人們打掃他們。"
"Whoever threw it knew how," Jun countered quietly. "The shuriken wouldn't have killed Getz--Gant--so quickly unless the poison gas charge had deployed, so the gas charge had either been unused or hadn't fired the first time the feather had been thrown. Also, the point of the shuriken had been imbedded deep in his throat, which is a difficult target to hit with any degree of force." In her mind's eye, she saw the weapon sunk straight to the feathering; by her assessment, the tip of the blade had probably struck bone. / " 任何人丟它知道如何",六月安靜地制止。 "shuriken 不會殺 Getz--Gant-- 如此的快除非毒藥瓦斯費用已經展開,因此,瓦斯費用已經不是不用的就是沒有點燃第一定時羽毛已經被丟。 同時, shuriken 的點已經被使插入他的咽喉深處,是以任何的力量程度碰撞的一個困難的目標。"在她的想像力中,她看見被沉落對那個羽毛的直線武器; 藉著她的評估,刀鋒的頂端可能已經打骨頭。
"You reported that later Dr. Rafael had demonstrated he could throw the shuriken with proficiency. He mentioned that he had several." / "你報告了較遲的 Rafael 博士已經示範他可以用精通丟 shuriken 。 他提到了他有一些。"
"Yes. He knew how to handle the shuriken, but he didn't throw it with any force. The feather barely stuck where it hit." Jun shook her head. "I suspect he has people working for him; people we didn't see. He was a big man--tall, with broad shoulders--but I don't think he could have done it all. He certainly couldn't have rescued Ken from the burning Eagle Sharp like he claimed." / "是的。 他知道了該如何處理 shuriken ,但是他沒有用任何的力量丟它。 羽毛幾乎附著它碰撞的地方。"六月搖頭。 "我懷疑他為他讓人工作; 人們我們沒有看見。 他是大的男人--高的,藉由大範圍的肩--但是我不認為他應該可以被全部做它。 他確定地就不會救出來自燒鷹的肯恩銳利的同類了他宣稱。"
Nambu stopped pacing and sat. Propping his elbows on his desk, folding his hands and leaning toward her, he regarded Jun with a calculating stare. "I've heard the others' accounts," he said. "Tell me. Do you believe it was Joe?" / Nambu 停止踱步而且坐著。 對於她支撐在他的書桌,折疊的他手而且傾斜上的他手肘,他用一個計算注視視為六月。 " 我已經聽到另一個解釋",他說。 "告訴我。 你相信它是喬嗎?"
Jun's eyes widened, her mouth opened slightly and she nearly recoiled as if his words had been an accusation rather than an honest question. "I--I want to believe it," she said softly, looking down at her folded hands. "I really want to believe he's alive, but it doesn't make sense. Why wouldn't he have contacted us directly, if only to warn us away?" / 六月的眼睛擴大, 她的嘴些微地打開,而且她幾乎退卻,好像他所說的話已經是一個指控並非一個誠實的問題。 "我-- 我想要相信它",她柔和地說,往下看被摺疊手的她。 "我真的想要相信,他活著,但是它一點道理也沒有。 他為什麼不已經直接地連絡我們, 如果不料竟會警告我們離開?"
The interview ended, and with her shoulders sagging, Jun walked out of the office to find Jinpei leaning against the opposite wall, waiting. When he saw her, he pushed away from the wall and walked beside her until they reached the elevator. / 面談結束,而且由於她的肩下垂,六月走出辦公室發現倚靠相反的牆壁,等候 的 Jinpei 。 當他看見了她的時候,他遠離牆壁推動而且在她旁邊走路直到他們到達電梯。
"Are you okay, Oneechan?" / " 你是好,Oneechan"?
She nodded slowly. / 她點頭得慢慢。
"He asked you about Joe too, didn't he?" / " 他問你關於喬的事也,他不沒有嗎"?
"I don't want to talk about it." She jabbed at the button for their floor, then startled as she felt his small arms wrap around her middle. Silently she returned his hug and held him tightly, watching the numbers on the panel as the elevator descended. / "我不想要談論它" 。 她對於他們的地板在鈕扣戳, 然後震驚當她在她的中央周圍感覺他的小手臂外套。 默默地她緊緊地歸還了他的擁抱而且捉住了他, 看在儀錶板上的數字當電梯降。
Waves crashed against jagged rocks beneath a cloudless sky. A small yellow plane puttered overhead while a park guide, droning through her script, led a group of tourists off a small ferry and past the gates of the Alamo Prison. / 波浪在晴朗的天空之下墜毀對抗鋸齒形的岩石。 一個小的黃色飛機無精打釆地工作了額外開銷當一個公園指引的時候, droning 穿越她的手寫體,在一艘小的渡輪外和越過白楊監獄的門引導一群觀光客。
Joe watched the tourists file past, then taking care not to be seen by the guide, slipped in behind them and darted in the opposite direction, across the prison yard. As he moved along concrete walls sprinkled with grafitti, he could already feel the resonance of power beneath his feet, vibrations from some sort of activity. / 喬看觀光客檔案過去, 然後小心不被指引看到, 滑倒在他們後面而且在相反的方向中投射,越過監獄碼。 當他移動了與塗鴉一起灑的向前具體的牆壁時候,他可以已經在他的腳之下感覺力量的共鳴,來自活動的一些類型的震動。
Unlike Easton Island, this time he had a map which included maintenance accessways not shown on the tour. Surely the Syndicate had engineered one or two of those accessways into passages from their installation to the surface. Joe began his search on the west side, listening and feeling carefully along the doors and corridors, hoping for some sign that he was getting closer to the activity downstairs. He found it on the north side, in what had once been the prison kitchen. The door was heavily armored, but the lock yielded quickly enough, and soon Joe was on his way below ground level. / 不像 Easton 島,這次他有了一張包括了不被在旅遊上顯示的維護 accessways 的地圖。 當然企業聯合已經設計那些 accessways 中的一或二進從他們的安裝到表面的通道。 喬小心地沿著門和走廊開始了在西方邊,聽而且感覺上的他搜尋,希望他正在變比較靠近到活動樓下的一些符號。 他在邊北部上發現它,在曾經已經是監獄廚房的東西。 門很重武裝,但是鎖很快地足夠產生,而且很快喬在途中是在土地的水準下面。
The walls changed from musty stone and cinderblock to brushed steel, lit by spotlights that dimmed regularly as some sort of manufacturing cycle drained the power. His enhanced hearing picked up a distant grinding noise and he felt the vibration of heavy machinery. As he followed these signs he found the number of soldiers in the area increased as he neared the source. / 牆壁改變從發霉的石頭和煤渣磚到疏刷鋼, 被如被排出溝外力量的一些種製造業的周期經常地暗淡的焦點發亮。 他的可提高的聽證會拾起遠的研磨噪音,而且他感覺了重的機器震動。 當當他近的了來源的時候,他跟隨了他在被增加的區域中發現軍人的數字這些符號。
At last, a double door with tiny glass portholes revealed the work site he'd been looking for. An enormous drill, like one used to dig subway tunnels, pointed straight down and kicked up dirt in its wake. / 最後,和被顯示工作的極小玻璃舷窗的一個兩邊開的門位於他已經找尋。 一個巨大的鑽孔機, 像一過去一直挖地下鐵隧道,筆直地指下來而且踢起它的守夜污垢。
Okay, so they're digging. Why? They could be expanding the base, building a tunnel for a missile like the Garender he'd just destroyed, tunneling down to the mantle again or operating on a new option. The conversations of the men shouting over the noise of the drill offered little, so Joe placed a small tracer behind a light panel, then left the work area, striking out to explore. / 好,因此他們正在挖。 為什麼? 他們可能擴張基礎,為像他有剛剛破壞的 Garender 一樣的一個飛彈建築隧道, 透納再一次墬落到地涵或在新的選項上操作。 在鑽孔機的噪音之上呼喊 的男人交談少提供,因此,喬放置了在輕的儀錶板後面的一個小的追蹤者, 然後留下了工作區域, 打擊出探究。
As he moved toward what he perceived to be the core of the base, the corridors became more ornate, with rich carpet on the floors, ceilings studded with crystal chandeliers and the walls finished in burgundy and trimmed with gold. Something felt odd here. Now that he was away from the vibration of the drills, an eerie hissing resonated along his nerves--not quite a sound, not quite a feeling, but a combination of the two. His first instinct was to get away, but he paused and waited, leaning against the wall in the shadow of a curving stairwell. Two guards moved past him, jogging with their guns held at the ready. Had they detected him, or were they just changing shift? After several minutes of watching quietly, Joe went on. / 當他對於他感覺是基礎的核心移動的時候,走廊變得更裝飾的,藉由在地板上的富有地毯,天花板以水晶的吊燈和在紅紫色中被完成並且以黃金整理的牆壁佈滿顆粒。 某事在這裡覺得奇數。 既然他遠離鑽孔機的震動,怪誕的發出嘶嘶聲沿著他的神經共鳴-- 不相當一種聲音, 不相當感覺 , 但是一個組合那二。 他的第一本能是逃離,但是他暫停而且等候,倚靠彎曲的樓梯井的影像牆壁。 二個守衛移動了過去他,和他們的槍慢跑拿著在現金。 他們發現他了,或他們正在僅僅改變變化嗎嗎? 在安靜地看的好幾分鐘之後,喬繼續。
As he continued, the hissing grew louder and more uncomfortable. The brightly lit corridors here made it harder to move unseen, and his instincts warned him to back away, to get out of there. Surely he had enough information for Rafael. He had at least enough to confirm the doctor's suspicions and form a basis for a plan. Still a growing curiosity forced him on. / 當他繼續的時候,那個發出嘶嘶聲變得更大聲和更不舒服。 明亮地發亮的走廊在這裡使移動是困難未見過,而且他的本能警告了他退縮 , 在那裡離開。 當然他為 Rafael 有了充足的資料。 他至少足夠有為一個計劃確定醫生的猜疑而且形成一種基礎。 然而一種增加的好奇心強迫了他在之上。
He found an ornate, carved double door where the hissing came louder and stronger than anywhere else. Nearly unbearable at this point, it grated against his nerves like tinfoil scraping teeth, and he shuddered. The hallway offered nowhere for him to conceal himself, so he turned to the ceiling: a small chandelier glittered in the center of a gilt-lined dome right before the doors. Better than nothing. He jumped straight up, bracing his arms and legs against the insides of the dome, contorting his body to get around the light fixture. Glass tinkled as his side brushed the tiny prisms of the chandelier, and he could feel the heat of the bulbs through his clothing. Breathing shallowly, he listened. / 他發現裝飾,比任何地方大聲和強壯的那個發出嘶嘶聲來的有雕刻的兩邊開的門。 幾乎無法忍受此時,它像扔棄牙齒 的錫紙爐篦對抗他的神經,而且他戰慄。 走廊無處提供讓他隱藏他自己, 因此他轉向天花板: 一個小的吊燈在門之前正確地在鍍金排成一行的圓頂中心中燦爛。 比較好的超過沒事。 他筆直地向上跳躍,支撐對抗圓頂的內部他手和腿, 扭他的身體傳開輕的固定物。 當他的身邊疏刷了吊燈的極小稜鏡,而且他可以經過他的衣服球莖感覺到重大壓力的時候,玻璃發出 tinkle 的聲響。 淺地呼吸,他聽。
GelSadora's voice came to him faintly, and his breath caught. "Yes, of course I realize the Kagaku Ninjatai are not to be underestimated. That's another difference between me and that idiot Katse." / GelSadora's 的聲音微弱地走近他,而且他的呼吸捕捉。 " 是的,當然我了解, Kagaku Ninjatai 是不被低估。 那是在我和那白癡 Katse 之間的另一種不同。"
"That remains to be seen." That deeper, resonant voice startled Joe, and he nearly lost his purchase on the ceiling. That's X. He's here? He began to shiver steadily as the hissing came louder and louder, roaring through his body. Rafael said he'd keyed some system in me to detect him. X is really here! / "那保持被看到" 。 那更深入地,共鳴的聲音震驚了喬,而且他幾乎失去了在天花板上的他購買。 那是 X 他在這裡?。 當那個發出嘶嘶聲來得越來越高聲的時候,他開始穩定地打顫,經過他的身體吼聲。 Rafael 說了他有在我裡面鍵入一些系統發現他。 X 在這裡是真的!
"What is the basis of our next operation?" / "我們的下個手術的基礎是什麼"?
"Look at the screen, GelSadora. Our next project-- Wait!" The hissing stopped. Joe tensed. / "看螢幕, GelSadora 。 我們的下個計畫-- 等候!"那個發出嘶嘶聲停止。 喬拉緊。
Suddenly a supersonic squeal rang through the corridor, sending a white-hot spike of pain through Joe's skull. His vision clouded and both hands went numb. Joe cried out, both hands going to his head, and he fell. / 突然一聲超音波的尖叫鳴響過走廊,經過喬的頭蓋骨送痛苦的一支白熱的長釘。 陰雲密佈的他視野和兩隻手變麻木。 喬大叫,沖昏他的頭 兩者的手,而且他跌落。
Right on top of the guard standing below. / 在下面的在站立 的守衛頂端上的權利。
"There's an intruder!" X roared. "Call the guards!" / "有一個侵入者"! X 吼。 "打電話給守衛"!
Both men went sprawling. The soldier yelped and tried to simultaneously regain his feet and bring his gun to bear. Joe kicked out blindly and his foot met flesh. The Galactor hit the wall, dropped and lay unmoving. Inside the control room, GelSadora shouted, "Intruder on the grounds! Outside the command center! Deal with him!" / 兩位男人去擴展。 被叫而且嘗試同時地取回他的腳而且帶著他的槍到軍人忍受。 喬盲目地踢出去,而且他的腳遇見了肉。 Galactor 擊中了牆壁, 降低而且放置不移動。 在控制房間裡, GelSadora 呼喊,"在理由上的侵入者! 在指令中心的外面! 處理他!"
An alarm shrieked. With a curse, Joe staggered to his feet and ran. He heard the footsteps behind him and willed himself to run faster, but X's attack had left him weak and clumsy. He heard gunfire, and a wide stripe of pain lashed across his back from his hip to opposite shoulder. His armor tightened, making his flight more awkward, and more shots drew a burning line across the back of his leg. Snarling, he found a weapon on his belt and threw it at the guards that materialized around him, and was rewarded with a strangled cry of pain. Coming to a dead end, he glanced up in time to see the open, unfinished vent shaft above him. Gathering himself, he leaped straight up and climbed the seamed metal walls, hearing the shouts dwindling behind him. / 一聲警報尖叫。 藉由詛咒,喬蹣跚到他的腳而且跑。 他聽到在他後面的腳步而且被決意他自己跑更快速地,但是 X's 的被有攻擊讓他弱的和笨拙。 他聽到了槍擊,而且痛苦的一條寬的斑紋越過從他的臀部到相反的肩他背部鞭打。 他的盔甲勒緊,使他的飛行更笨拙,而且更多的注射拉橫過他的腿背面的一條燃燒的線。 吼叫,他以在他周圍賦與實質, 而且與痛苦的被勒死的哭聲一起獎賞的守衛發現在他的帶子上的一個武器而且丟它。 到達一個盡頭, 他瞥閃在及時上面看見在他上面的開放, 未完成的排氣口軸。 集會他自己, 他筆直地向上跳躍而且攀登那縫合金屬製的牆壁,聽在他後面減少 的呼喊。
Another squeal hit him and he grimaced, but the signal was much fainter now, the pain bearable. As he wound his way back to the surface, he heard screams above, meaning the guards must have materialized on the prison grounds, looking for him. He found a door and shoved it open into the startled faces of five green-suits waiting outside, but before they could react, he leaped over their heads, landing on the high stone wall that surrounded the compound. As they shouted and pointed, he glanced over his shoulder at the sharp rocks and crashing waves below. Then he turned and dove off the wall, wishing for the gliding power of his birdstyle, hoping he would make it past the rocks. / 另一聲尖叫碰撞他和他扮鬼臉,但是信號現在是非常微弱的, 可忍受的痛苦。 當他把他的方法受傷回表面的時候,他聽到尖叫聲上方,意謂守衛一定曾經在監獄理由上賦與實質過,找尋他。 他進入五的被震驚的臉之內發現了一扇門而且推擠了它起來開放的起來綠色的-適合等候外面,但是他們可以反應之前,他被跳過他們的頭,在包圍了混合物的高石頭牆壁上登陸。 當他們呼喊和尖的,他在下面的銳利岩石和絕對的波浪瀏覽他的肩。 然後他轉向和在牆壁外鴿子,期望他的 birdstyle 的滑動電源, 希望他將會使它過去岩石。
His body crashed into the water, sinking several feet before he bobbed to the surface, then turned back to the mainland, swimming with powerful strokes. The waves battered and pounded him, slapping his face when he tried to surface for air, but at the same time, concealing him in the churning foam. The current tried to drag him back. But at last he fought his way to a rock on the opposite shore and pulled himself onto it, chest heaving. He stayed there and watched the sun set over the base before he climbed up the rocks to safety. / 他的被墬落水的身體,沉沒在他前的一些腳對表面振動, 然後折回到大陸,以有力的筆劃游泳。 波浪敲打而且強烈打擊了他, 出奇地快他的臉當他試著為空氣升至水面的時候, 但是同時,在攪乳泡沫隱藏他。 湧流試著把他拖拉回來。 但是最後他在它之上打仗了在相反的海岸上的到一塊岩石的他路而且拉了他自己,胸用力舉起。 他在那裡停留並且看太陽設定在基礎之上以前他被爬上對安全的岩石。
A bearded man pushing an ancient shopping cart full of garbage bags eyed him warily as Joe stood at a public phone booth, waiting to be relayed through to Rafael. He'd traded his tattered combat suit for a sweatshirt, jeans and a jacket, all overpriced from local tourist shops--at this point he was beginning to appreciate the indestructible qualities of his old ISO uniforms. / 眼的一個推動一個遠古的充滿垃圾的購物車袋子 的有鬚男人他留心地當喬在一個公眾的電話亭站立, 等候被接替經過到 Rafael。 他有為一個運動衫,牛仔褲和一件夾克交易了他的破爛戰鬥訴訟,全部從地方遊客的商店定價過高--此時他正在開始感激他的舊國際標準組織制服的不能破壞的品質。
After a final series of clicks, he heard a familiar voice: "Rafael here." / 在一最後的系列點擊之後,他聽到了一種熟悉的聲音: "在這裡的 Rafael".
"I'm in the city," Joe said. "The beacon's planted. And X is here, Doctor. He knew I was close." / " 我在城市中",喬說。 "被種植的信號。 而且 X 在這裡,醫生。 他認識了我是接近的。"
"How did he react?" / "他如何反應"?
"He hit me with some kind of sonic attack. I can't get near him." / "他用音波的攻擊一些類型碰撞我。 我不能到達在他的附近。"
"Don't even try," Rafael said quickly. "Just stay put for now. I want you back here, but they might be watching for you. Lie low, look around and play tourist until I contact you again." / "不要甚至試",Rafael 說得很快。 "正直的停留為現在放。 我想要你後面的這裡,但是他們可能留意你。 直到我再一次連絡你,躺著低, 四處看看而且玩觀光客。"
"I'll phone you. My radio's broken." / "我將打電話給你。 打破的我收音機。"
"Wait until Sunday at least. Be careful." / "至少等候到星期日。 要小心。"
The phone clicked, leaving a dial tone. After all this work, he was left waiting again, hiding. With a growl, Joe slammed the receiver back onto its hook and stalked back down the dark street. / 電話按, 留下一個發訊。 在所有的這一個工作之後,他被留下再一次等候,藏。 藉由一個吠聲,在它的鉤之上把接收器猛然關上回來而且悄悄靠近的喬沿黑暗的街道向下回。
Julia stretched in her chair, wincing at the pain in her side. She'd received three days off to rest after her encounter with the Syndicate spy within ISO headquarters, a meeting that had given her a hematoma and two cracked ribs. Taken off active duty for a month, she was restricted to desk work, but she couldn't complain. Thankfully she'd been absent when they brought in Getz's body, so she hadn't been forced to look at his dead face, at the accusation only she could see. After all, he had paid the ultimate price for unearthing that mole, not Julia, and now his corpse lay in a refrigerated drawer at the city morgue, pending notification of next of kin. / 茱莉亞在她的椅子中伸展,在她的身邊中的痛苦畏縮。 在與企業聯合的她相會在國際標準組織總部裡面偵察之後,她已經收到三天假休息, 一個會議已經給她一根 hematoma 和二根破碎的肋骨。 為一個月拿走開積極的責任,她被限制到書桌工作,但是她不可以抱怨。 當他們引進 Getz's 的身體時候,慶幸地她已經缺席,因此,她沒有不得不看他的死臉,在指控不過她可以看見。 畢竟,他已經為發掘那一個痣而不是茱莉亞付出代價,而且現在他的屍體在城市陳屍所在於一個被抽屜冷卻的,當親戚的下一個的通知時候。
As she straightened to look back at her computer screen, the phone rang. Without looking at it, she snagged the receiver and put it to her ear. "Evers." / 當她弄直回看她的電腦螢幕的時候,電話鳴響。 不看它,她粗磨了接收器而且放了它到她的耳朵。 "曾經".
"Julia, it's Mike. How're you doing?" / "茱莉亞,它是麥可。 How're 你做?"
"Oh, I'm all right, though there has to be an easier way to get paid time off in this outfit." She smiled. / "哦,我是沒關係 , 雖然在那裡必須是一個較容易的方法在這一個用具中得到還清時間". 她微笑。
The voice on the other end chuckled. "Yeah, there should be, but that's the price you pay for being indispensable." / 在被吃吃的笑另一端上的聲音。 "是的,應該有, 但是你支付不可缺少的費用價格".
"I'll remember that. What can I do for you?" "I need you to come to my office as soon as you can break away--I want some input on an item I received today. Get up here, and we'll discuss it in more detail." / " 我將記得那。 我能為你做什麼?"" 我需要你到達我的辦公室一旦你能脫離 --我想要在我今天收到的一個項目上的一些輸入。 籌備這裡,而且我們將更詳細地討論它。"
"I'll be right there." / " 我將就在那裡" 。
Julia took an elevator to the 105th floor and walked past five guards and two administrative assistants to find Mike Oliva, chief administrator at the ISO building, pacing behind his desk, a panoramic view of the city behind him. When she closed the door behind her, he stopped and smiled wearily. / 茱莉亞將一個電梯帶到 105 樓並且走路過去的五個守衛和二個管理的助理發現麥可 Oliva, 主要的管理人在國際標準組織建築物,在他的書桌後面踱步,在他後面的城市全景的視野。 當她關閉了在她後面的門時候,他疲倦地停止而且微笑。
"By the way, thanks for the flowers," Julia said. "Irises are my favorite." / "順便一提,為花謝謝",茱莉亞說。 "虹膜是我的喜歡事物" 。
He shook his head. "I thought they'd send you back to G-Town right away," he said, "But I'm glad they haven't." A small tape player sat on his desk. He pressed a button, popped the lid and took out a tiny cassette, holding it between thumb and middle finger. "This arrived in our mailroom an hour ago via Federal Express, addressed to Dr. Nambu. The return address is bogus, and there were no fingerprints on the package or the cassette. Listen to this and please tell me I'm not crazy." He pushed the tape back into the machine and pressed Play. / 他搖頭。 "我想,他們將會把你送回 G- 城鎮立刻 ",他說 ", 但是我很高興他們不已經". 一個小的錄音帶運動員坐在他的書桌上。 他按了一個按鈕,取出蓋子而且取出一個極小的卡帶, 握住在拇指和中指之間的它。 "這經由聯邦的快遞在一個小時以前抵達我們的 mailroom,對 Nambu 博士演說。 回行的住址是假的, 而且沒有在包裹或卡帶上的指紋。 聽到這而且請告訴我我不是發狂的。"他進入機器和缺少的遊戲之內把錄音帶推動回來。
Fifteen seconds of silence passed, then Julia's eyes went wide as a deep male voice began to speak, describing the base the Syndicate had planned for somewhere in San Frangelis. No static blocked the voice here, and the familiarity brought rows of goose bumps standing at attention along her arms. / 十五秒的被通過的沈默,當一種深的男性聲音開始說的時候,然後茱莉亞的眼睛廣闊地去, 描述企業聯合已經計畫的基礎為某處在桑河 Frangelis 中。 沒有靜電阻塞了聲音這裡,而且被帶排的鵝親密沿著她的手臂碰撞在注意站立。
The recording stopped. The button popped up on its own. / 錄音停止。 鈕扣靠它自己出現。
"You're not crazy," Julia said. "Or we both are." / "你不是發狂的",茱莉亞說。 "或我們倆都是" 。
Mike sighed, straightening his sharp grey suit. "I will never forget that voice, or the day G2 pulled us out of that hostage situation in our Chicago satellite office. Nasty customer." He shook his head. "But this can't be him. I'd toss this as a prank, but I don't want to risk throwing away this information as well." "I agree with you. It sounds just like him, Julia said. "This isn't the first time. We have some other recordings we can compare this to. Recent ones," she added as he opened his mouth. "We have some theories." / 麥可歎息, 矯直他的銳利灰色的訴訟。 "我將無法忘記那一種聲音,或天 G2 在我們的芝加哥人造衛星辦公室中把我們從那一種人質情形拉出來。 污穢的消費者。"他搖頭。 "但是這不能是他。 我將會投擲這如一場惡作劇,但是我不想要冒著也丟棄這資料的危險。""我同意你。 它聽起來就像他一樣,茱莉亞說。 "這不是第一次。 我們有我們能比較這和的一些其他的錄音。 最近的一些,"當他打開了他的嘴時候,她增加。 "我們有一些理論" 。
"What theories?" / " 什麼理論"?
"That Joe has an admirer or group of admirers trying to carry on in his stead. That it might be a prank leading us on. I think this tape should reach Dr. Nambu, and with your permission, I'll deliver it myself." / "那喬有欽佩者或群體的欽佩者嘗試在他的代替中繼續。 哪一它可能是一場領先我們 的惡作劇在之上。 我認為,這一捲錄音帶應該聯絡 Nambu 博士,而且由於你的許可,我將遞送它我自己。"
Two hours later, Julia stood beside the door and watched Dr. Nambu pace. Behind his desk, a large screen showed the frowning face of Chief Anderson. On the table sat the tape player with the mysterious microtape inside. / 二小時之後, 在門旁邊的站立茱莉亞而且看 Nambu 博士踱步。 在他的書桌後面,一個大的螢幕顯示了主要的安德遜的皺眉頭臉。 在桌子上坐著了有神秘的 microtape 在內的錄音帶運動員。
"You have to admit," Nambu said, "That this isn't much information to go on, and it could be a trap or a prank. Whoever sent it wanted to get our attention, badly." / "你必須承認",Nambu 說 ",這不是很多的資料繼續,而且它可能是一個圈套或一場惡作劇。 任何人送它想要得到我們的注意,嚴重地。"
Anderson spoke. "True, but consider this. The research institutions in northern San Frangelis are too valuable to lose. You know how much of the ISO's funding is centered there. If there's even one percent of truth to this claim, I think it's worth sending some of your operatives down to investigate. What is the Kagaku Ninjatai doing these days?" / 安德遜說。 "真實的, 但是考慮這。 北方的桑河 Frangelis 的研究機構是太有價值而無法失去。 你知道多少國際標準組織的資金籌備在那裡被集中。 如果那裡甚至百分之一的對這一個要求的事實,我認為它是一些你的職員墬落調查的值得送。 這些數天做 的 Kagaku Ninjatai 是什麼?"
Recovering from the last trap they were dumped into, and helping us reassess our security, Nambu thought, but let none of it show. "They've unearthed a base on Easton Island." / 恢復那最後困住他們被傾卸進入,之內而且使我們再評價我們的安全,Nambu 想, 但是讓它沒有一個顯示。 "他們已經發掘在 Easton 島上的一個基礎" 。
"Send them to the city. See what they can find." / "送他們到城市。 看見他們能發現的。"
"Chokan, they're highly visible, and they could be vulnerable. What if this message is merely a lure?" / "Chokan,他們高度看得見,而且他們可能是易受傷害的。 什麼如果這一個訊息只是一個餌?"
"It's something we can't afford to ignore." Something beeped offscreen, and Anderson glanced down at his wrist. "Speaking of which, I have a meeting with the council. Send your team to the city." The screen fuzzed then switched off. / "它是某事我們不能負擔不理睬" 。 某事嗶嗶聲了 offscreen ,而且安德遜在他的手腕瞥閃下來。 " 說到 ,我有有會議的一個會議。 送你的小組到城市。"螢幕然後作絨毛狀飛散切斷。
Nambu might have cursed, Julia thought. He bowed his head and his lips moved, but she heard nothing. Then he looked at her. "I'm sending another research team to Easton Island to see if they can find any other clues in the ruins," he said. "I want you to return to city headquarters and take charge of that investigation fom there. I want to know more about our mysterious benefactors. We will crack this." / Nambu 應該可以詛咒,茱莉亞想。 他彎腰了他的頭,而且他的唇移動,但是她什麼也不聽到。 然後他看她。 "如果他們能發現毀滅的任何其他的線索,我正在送另外研究小組到 Easton 島看見",他說。 "我想要你回到城市總部而且在那裡掌管那調查 fom 。 我想要知道更多有關我們的神秘恩人。 我們將弄碎這。"
"Yes sir." / " 是的先生".
As she turned to leave, Dr. Nambu opened a panel on his desk and pressed a button, activating the bracelets of the Kagaku Ninjatai. / 當她準備離開的時候,Nambu 博士打開了在他的書桌上的儀錶板而且按了一個按鈕,啟動 Kagaku Ninjatai 的手鐲。

Mere moments after the team's briefing, the New Godphoenix flew toward the West coast of Ameris, cruising at Mach 3 while Jun formulated a search method. The recording of Joe's voice hadn't been terribly specific. San Frangelis had once been two cities on opposite ends of the coastline, but over the years, a booming economy and high demand for space had linked a gap of over four hundred miles. The team would not have an easy time finding any Syndicate installation there until the destruction started. / 小組的簡報後小湖片刻,新的 Godphoenix 對於 Ameris 的西方海岸飛, 在 Mach 3 巡航當六月制定了一個搜尋方法的時候。 喬的聲音錄音不已經可怕特定。 桑河 Frangelis 曾經已經是在海岸線的相反結束上的二座城市,但是在數年以來,急速發展經濟和對空間的高要求已經連接超過四百哩的一個縫隙。 直到破壞開始,小組將會沒有容易的時間在那裡發現任何的企業聯合安裝。
A warning chimed on the forward console, signaling an incoming call. Ken hit the release button to find a dispatch scrolled on four of the forward screens onboard: "A train carrying nuclear materials has been hijacked in the Cascades area, ninety kilometers south of the town of Stillwater. Attackers are using sophisticated weaponry and what was described as a flying tank...." / 一個警告在向前的控制檯上鳴,象徵一個收入呼叫。 肯恩擊中釋放鈕扣發現在板子上的向前螢幕中的四個上被捲動的特派: "Stillwater 的城鎮向南方九十公里處一列搭載核子的材料 的火車已經在小瀑布區域中被劫持。 攻擊者正在使用複雜的武器和什麼被描述為一個飛的槽...."
"There," Jinpei said. "That's where Galactor is." / "那裡" , Jinpei 說。 " 那是在哪裡 Galactor 是".
"We're better off going there than chasing phantoms on the west coast," Ryu said. / "我們超過追在西方海岸上的幻影在那裡是較好的遠去",Ryu 說。
Ken frowned. "Ryu, plot a course for Stillwater, full power. We're closer to them. We'll deal with them first." / 肯恩皺眉頭。 "Ryu,為 Stillwater 計畫翻譯課程,完全的力量。 我們比較靠近他們。 我們將首先處理他們。"
"Wait." The main screen flickered, and the forward view was replaced by an image of Dr. Nambu. "The Syndicate has surfaced in San Frangelis. Just two minutes ago, they commenced several attacks in the northwest bay area, wiping out a military outpost and a nuclear research facility. There were no survivors in either installation." The screen flashed a thankfully blurry image of crumbled buildings and strewn bodies. "We think they're continuing through the area." / "等候". 主要的螢幕閃動,而且向前的視野被 Nambu 博士的一個影像替換了。 "企業聯合已經在桑河 Frangelis 升至水面。 在二分鐘以前僅僅,他們在海灣區域西北部中開始一些攻擊,擦拭出一個軍事前哨和核子的研究設備。 沒有任一安裝的生還者。" 螢幕閃現了崩潰的建築物的一個慶幸模糊的影像而且撒滿身體。 "我們認為他們正在繼續過區域" 。
"Any ultimatum delivered? Reason for the attacks?" Ken said. / "任何的最後通牒遞送? 攻擊的理由?"肯恩說。
"None given, but the pattern could give away their position." / "沒有人被給,但是典型可以分送他們的位置" 。
"Roger," Ken said, but when the screen blinked back to the forward view. "Ryu, stay on course for Stillwater." / "羅傑", 肯恩說, 但是當螢幕向後地眨眼到向前的視野時候。 "Ryu,為 Stillwater 停留在課程上" 。
"But, we have orders--" / "但是,我們有命令--"
"We can handle both," Ken said. "Once we pass the site, we split up. I'll handle the train myself. The rest of you continue to San Frangelis and see what you can find." / "我們能處理兩者",肯恩說。 " 一旦我們通過位置, 我們分離在上面。 我將處理火車我自己。 你的其餘者繼續到桑河 Frangelis 而且調查你能發現的。"

"GelSadora," rumbled the alien, "Where is the intruder?" / "GelSadora",發隆隆聲了外僑 ",侵入者在哪裡"?
"My men are pursuing him now, Sosai." GelSadora swallowed hard at the half-truth. The incompetent fools had lost him after a few minutes. The captain would pay for that. On the screen, X glowered at her but said nothing. "We did, ah, find something unusual on one of the casualties." From the folds of her purple robe, she produced a silver feather and held it up before the screen. "We found a similar one on our operative on Easton Island, but--" / "我的男人正在現在追求他,Sosai". GelSadora 在一部為事實的語努力地吞。 無能力的愚人在數分鐘之後已經失去他。 船長將會支付那的費用。 在螢幕上, X 在她瞪眼但是什麼也不說。 "我們做,啊,發現在意外事件之一上的不尋常的東西". 從她的紫色寬鬆長袍的摺層,她生產了一根銀的羽毛而且拿著它在螢幕之前提高。 "我們發現在 Easton 島上的在我們的職員上的一個相似的,但是--"
X's image brightened, then shuddered violently. "Why wasn't I told this earlier?" / 變亮的 X's 的影像, 然後戰慄猛烈的。 " 為什麼不是我告訴這早些時候"?
"Is something wrong, Sosai-sama?" / " 有毛病是,Sosai-sama"?
"Do you--do you realize what you are holding?" She had never heard her leader sputter before. "That weapon belongs to one of the Kagaku Ninjatai. Specifically, one who is supposed to be dead!" / "做你--你了解你正在握住的嗎"? 她以前從未聽到她的領袖咕噥。 "那一個武器屬於 Kagaku Ninjatai 之一。 明確地, 人應該死!"
"But--" / "但是--"
The alien's voice rose to a roar. "Find him immediately! Search the area around this base. I don't care if you have to tear down the entire city to do it, but find him and kill him!" / 外僑的聲音上升到一聲吼。 "立刻發現他! 在這一個基礎的周圍搜尋區域。 如果你必須沿整個的城市向下流淚做它, 但是發現他而且殺他,我不關心!"
Hastily, GelSadora bowed and fled the chamber. Behind her, the apparition of Sosai X flickered in agitation. "Impossible... impossible! There is only one man who can raise the dead, but he should be long dead himself!" / 匆忙地, GelSadora 彎腰並且逃出會議室。 在她後面, Sosai X 的鬼在激動中閃動。 "不可能的。。。 不可能的! 只有一個能升起死去的人男人,但是他應該是長的死他自己!"

"Another coffee for you?" / "你的另外咖啡"?
"Yeah." Joe didn't look up from the computer screen in the cybercafe. At his elbow, a fifteen year old waitress with spiky black hair, black lipstick and a right ear encrusted with silver loops snatched up his bill to see what he'd ordered. She scowled at the scrawl there. "So what did you have? Caffe Latte? Espresso, cappucino or mocha?" / "是的". 喬沒有看在從電腦網絡咖啡廳的螢幕上面。 在他的手肘,有對銀的環感到蓋住的道釘一般的黑色頭髮,黑色的口紅和一隻右耳朵的一個十五歲女服務生在他的帳單上面奪取看見他有命令的。 她皺眉頭在那在那裡潦草地寫。 "如此你有什麼? Caffe 拿鐵? 濃縮咖啡, cappucino 或 mocha?"
"Coffee," Joe growled, leaning toward the monitor. "Black." / "咖啡",喬怒吠,偏向監視器。 "黑色的".
"Colombian, Moroccan or Kona Blend?" / "哥倫比亞人,摩洛哥人或 Kona 混合"?
"Whatever the house coffee is." / "任何的房子咖啡是" 。
"We have three different kinds--" / "我們有三個不同的類型--"
He glanced sharply back at her and the girl backed away. "Okay, I'll see what I can do." Heaving a dramatic sigh, she stalked back toward the barrista, who shrugged and refilled the cup from a pot in the corner. "Not even a biscotti to go with it," she grumbled. "Tourists!" / 他銳利地向後地在她和女孩瞥閃退縮。 "好,我將看見我能做的" 。 用力舉起一聲戲劇性的歎息,她向後地對於 barrista 悄悄靠近,聳肩並且再將角落的來自一個壺的杯子注滿。 " 不甚至 biscotti 與它搭配 ",她呻吟。 "觀光客"!
Joe rolled his eyes, but ignored her as she set his coffee on the table. Returning his attention to the computer screen, he phrased another inquiry. San Frangelis had incorporated the scientific research center of the nation with the entertainment center, providing a rich raiding ground for Galactor as well as the perfect way for them to blend in. Geeks and freaks, Joe thought with a grimace. As long as he was in limbo, he might as well try to find out which research resources Galactor was most likely to take advantage of. Eight defense companies, a laser technology developer and a radical group who'd taken over the antique linear accelerator near the San Andreas Reservoir seemed the most likely candidates. The old accelerator might even be worth investigating, and at the very least would keep him busy. As long as he backed off if X seemed remotely-- / 喬捲了他的眼睛, 但是當她設定在桌子上的他咖啡的時候忽略了她。 歸還他的注意給電腦螢幕,他片語了另一個質詢。 桑河 Frangelis 已經以休閒娛樂中心合併國家的科學研究中心, 提供為 Galactor 和完美的方法被磨的富有突襲讓他們混合在。 玩家和畸形人 , 喬以一個面部的歪扭想。 只要他是在地獄邊土中,他最好試著發現那一個研究資源 Galactor 最有可能利用。 八家防衛公司,一個雷射技術開發者和被接管在桑河安德里亞水庫附近的舊式直線加速器的基本團體 who'd 似乎最有可能的候選人。 舊的加速者可能甚至是值得調查, 而且在非常最少者將會使他保持忙碌的。 只要如果 X 很遠地似乎,他退出 --
The abrupt roar of an explosion sent Joe leaping off his stool, and around him, the other patrons cried out in surprise. The floor shook beneath his feet,and as he turned toward the window, a crack flashed across one of the panes and it shattered. / 爆炸的突然吼送了走開跳躍他的凳子 的喬,而且在他周圍,其他贊助人在意外中大叫。 地板搖動他的腳之下,而且當他對於窗戶轉向的時候,一個被閃現過窗玻璃和它之一的裂縫打碎。
Patrons fled, screaming, to the back of the cafe. Shouldering his way through them, Joe rushed outside, trying to track the source of the noise. To the left of the cybercafe, a steep hill characteristic of this section of San Frangelis blocked his view, but the sounds seemed to be coming from that direction. Over the top of the hill a column of black smoke billowed. Joe ran up the hill toward it, stumbling as the ground shook from another explosion. At the top, Joe halted, staring down the other side. / 贊助人逃出,尖叫,到咖啡館的背面。 經過他們肩負他的方法,喬外面催促, 嘗試追蹤噪音的來源。 到左邊網絡咖啡廳,對桑河 Frangelis 的這一個部分特性的一個險峻的小山阻塞了他的視野,但是聲音似乎來自那一個方向。 超過限度小山一縱隊的黑煙洶湧。 喬對於它在小山上面跑, 絆倒當地面從另一個爆炸搖動。 在頂端,喬停止,注視下來另一邊。
In the tourist shops he'd seen a postcard with what had once been the view from this hill. A cluster of skyscrapers had once huddled against the morning fog in the valley below. Now all that remained was a blackened swatch of smoking, crumbled concrete and jagged metal skeletons. In the distance, a swarm of small craft scattered into the clouds. / 在遊客的商店中他已經由於曾經已經是來自這一個小山的視野東西看到一張明信片。 摩天樓的群曾經已經在下面的山谷中推擠對抗早晨霧。 現在保持的全部是抽菸的一個被一小片變黑的,崩潰混凝土和鋸齒形的金屬製的骨骼。 在遙遠之處,一群小的飛機進入雲之內散佈。
What the hell? / 什麼?
Joe half leaped, half ran down the side of that steep hill, and by the time he reached the edges of the destruction, he could hear the groans of wounded and the voices calling for help. Joe passed a man who lay dead in the street, his torso crushed beneath an automobile, his eyes glazing over. Fifty feet away, two other men, covered in dust and splashed with blood, were performing CPR on a small child while the mother stood dazed, clutching an infant to her chest. / 喬一半跳躍, 一半那個險峻的小山沿邊向下跑,而且當他到達了破壞的邊緣時候, 他可以聽到呻吟被傷和要求幫忙 的聲音。 喬結束通過了一個在街道,他的在一輛汽車之下被壓破的軀幹中完全地放置的男人 , 他的眼睛起釉。 五十呎之遠,其他二男人,以血涵蓋在灰塵而且濺濕, 正在表演在一個小的孩子上的 CPR 當被站著的母親茫然,抓牢一個嬰兒到她的胸時候。
Joe moved through the wreckage, seeking the epicenter of the attack, some clue to the cause. Along his way he came across wounded and dying people, and he helped who he could and steeled himself against the worst. At the center of the devastation, he expected some sort of clue. A bank, a research center, an administrative office... He found nothing. The ISO had a branch office in the area, but it was far to the south. So what had prompted this attack? That Galactor was responsible Joe knew beyond a doubt. At this particularly rare point in history, Ameria had no political enemies. / 喬移動過殘餘,尋求攻擊的震央,因素的一些線索。 沿著他的方法他偶然遇見受傷的和垂死的人,而且他幫助誰他可以而且反對最壞使他自己堅如鋼了。 在荒廢的中心,他期望了線索的一些類型。 一個銀行,研究中心,一個管理的辦公室。。。 他什麼也不發現。 國際標準組織有一個分公司在區域中,但是它對南方是遠的。 如此什麼已經激勵這一個攻擊? 那 Galactor 是有責任的喬知道超過懷疑。 在歷史的特別稀罕的點, Ameria 沒有政治的敵人。
The wail of sirens and the pounding of helicopter rotors grew louder as the city's rescue forces closed in on the flattened section of town. Moving more slowly now, Joe walked a small spiral out from the center, searching for answers. When the rescue crews arrived, he helped them with the wounded and the dead, working tirelessly as the sun climbed higher in the sky. / 當城市的援救軍隊關閉的時候,女海妖的悲嘆和直昇機轉子的敲變得比較大聲在城鎮的被部分變平的上。 現在更慢慢移動,喬從中心在外走路一個小的螺旋形之物,尋找答案。 當援救組員到達的時候, 他幫助他們那受傷的和死去的人, 不疲倦地工作當太陽在天空中更高地攀登。

"Did we get a callback about whatever hit the roof?" / " 我們得到一個回呼嗎關於任何的打屋頂"?
The green-suit in the copilot's chair turned to the pilot of the tank mecha and shook his head. "No call yet. We ought to disembark. GelSadora-sama wanted our payload yesterday." / 綠色-訴訟在副駕駛員的椅子中求助於槽 mecha 的飛行員而且搖頭。 "仍然的沒有呼叫。 我們應該起岸。 GelSadora-sama 昨天想要我們的負載量。"
The pilot shook his head and began flipping switches, warming up the engines. As he added power and the tank mecha slowly pulled away from the ground, he said to the copilot, "Retract the gear." / 飛行員搖頭而且開始用指頭彈開關,加溫引擎。 當他附帶說明,力量和槽 mecha 慢慢地從地面開走的時候,他對副駕駛員說,"縮回工具".
A sickening thud sounded beside him, and the pilot whirled to see the other man slumped over the console. The last thing he saw was something white flash from the corner of his eye. / 一個令人作嘔的砰擊聲在他旁邊聽,而且飛行員使在控制檯之上看見另一個為猛然掉落配備人手被旋轉。 他看見的最後一件事物是白色的東西來自他的眼睛角落的閃光。
The cockpit tilted hard to the left. Ken shoved the pilot's body from its chair and yanked the throttles back, and the huge machine dropped back to the ground with a grinding crunch. With the mech stationary, he slipped back out of the cockpit, past the sprawling bodies of the guards, and raced toward the main hold. / 駕駛員座艙努力地傾斜到左邊。 肯恩推擠了來自它的椅子飛行員的身體而且把節流閥強拉回來,而且極大的機器向後地對和磨的咬碎地面降低。 藉由 mech 固定之物體,他向後地從駕駛員座艙,過去的守衛擴展身體滑倒, 而且對於大艙比賽。
Less experienced than the troops of two years ago, these Galactors didn't have the sense to turn tail when they noticed their efforts to stop this white suited fury weren't working, and Ken snarled in frustration as he brawled his way down the corridor. At the end he saw a glass window and the frightened commander gesturing wildly to two of his men. / 比較不富有經驗超過軍隊當他把他的方法爭吵下來走廊的時候,在二年以前,當他們注意要阻止這一個白色的適合憤怒的他們努力不是工作的時候這些 Galactors 沒有感覺變在後面的,而且肯恩在挫折中吼叫。 在最後他看見一扇玻璃窗戶和對他的男人中的二位野性地作手勢 的被驚嚇的指揮官。
Suddenly, the green-suits scattered. Loud, heavy footfalls sounded against the metal deck, and Ken found troops in gleaming black armor pouring in through every accessway he could see. / 突然,綠色-訴訟散佈。 大聲的, 重的腳聲聽對抗金屬製的甲板,而且肯恩在閃爍方面發現軍隊注入他可以看見的完成每 accessway的黑色盔甲。
Great. / 大師。
Nothing short of explosives could get through that armor. They converged on Ken, guns ready, but before they could fire, Ken threaded his way through them as if they were standing still. Turning he hurled his cutting saucer through the glass. Over the crash, he heard the commander scream, "Keep him away from the control center!" / 缺少炸藥的沒事可以通過那盔甲。 他們在肯恩身上聚集,槍預備,但是他們可以點燃之前,肯恩經過他們穿線於了他的方法好像他們站著劇照。 轉他經過玻璃用力投擲了他的銳利茶碟。 在墜毀之上,他聽到了指揮官尖叫聲, "使他遠離控制集中"!
Ken grinned wickedly. He popped open one of his belt packs and the spring-loaded dispenser spat several mini-bombs into his hand. These followed the saucer into the control room. The entire ship shook with the detonation, and when Ken came up from his crouch, he found he was the only one conscious. The men in the control room were dead. The men in the armor thrashed on the floor, then one by one stilled. / 肯恩壞地露齒而笑。 他取出開放的他帶子之一包裹和春天裝載的藥劑師貝卵一些迷你-進入他的手之內的炸彈。 這些跟隨茶碟進控制房間。 整個的船以爆炸搖動,而且當肯恩從他的蹲伏發生的時候,他發現他是唯一的一個有意識的。 男人在控制房間中死。 盔甲的男人在地板上打撲, 然後一一點之前安靜。
Scowling, Ken approached the nearest one. After kicking his gun out of reach, the Gatchaman reached down and pulled the black helmet free. His eyes widened as he took in the close-cropped hair and the scars... and the numbers marked on one cheek. / 皺眉頭,肯恩接近了一個最近的。 在把他的槍踢出範圍之後, Gatchaman 自由伸手拿下而且拉了黑色的鋼盔。 當他接受結束收割的頭髮和疤痕的時候,他的眼睛擴大。。。 而且數字在一個頰上標示。
Condemned prisoner, marked for Death Row. The man was alive and breathing, his eyes open, but completely blank. Ken unmasked another and another, and found more scars, more numbers, more blank stares. Galactor had often used convicts to fill their ranks, but not men as dangerous and uncontrollable as these. / 譴責了囚犯, 為自殺隊標示。 男人活著和呼吸,他的眼睛打開, 但是完全地留空白。 肯恩脫去假面具了另外一和另外一, 而且發現了更多的疤痕,更多的數字,更多的空白注視。 Galactor 時常已經使用囚犯裝滿他們的排名, 但是不是像這些一樣的危險和無法控制的男人。
Moments later, he was back in his new Eagle Sharp (painted, unfortunately, to match the old one) and climbing, heading due west toward San Frangelis. The sounds from the New Godphoenix piped into his cockpit. / 數片刻之後,他回來在他的新鷹中高調 (描畫的,不幸地, 與一個老的相配) 和攀登,朝向應得的東西對於桑河 Frangelis 的西方。 來自新的 Godphoenix 的聲音用管子輸送的進入他的駕駛員座艙之內。
"We're still scanning the area--Jinpei and Ryu are out working independently," Jun said. "We found more of those men in black armor, the one's they're calling the Black Knights. Some of them fell in the last attack, but not many." / "我們仍然正在掃描區域--Jinpei 和 Ryu 外出獨立地工作",六月說。 "我們發現更多的黑色盔甲的那些男人,他們正在打電話給黑色的騎士那一個。 他們其中的一些在那最後攻擊中跌落, 但是不多的。"
"They're condemned prisoners, and I think they're under some sort of mind control," Ken said. "When I took out the control center aboard their mecha, they just collapsed. There has to be some command center that's controlling them where you are." / "他們被譴責囚犯,而且我認為,他們是在心控制的一些類型之下",肯恩說。 "當我取出控制中心在飛機上他們的 mecha 的時候,他們剛剛倒塌。 那裡必須是正在控制他們的一些指令中心你在哪裡。"
"What did the mecha look like, Aniki?" Jinpei called from his craft. / " mecha 看起來像什麼,Aniki"? Jinpei 從他的飛機呼叫。
Ken frowned. "No animal design this time. It didn't look like anything in particular. Just a blocky, armored transport. Even the commander... he didn't ring any bells. Galactor used to work on some sort of theme, but not this time." / 肯恩皺眉頭。 "沒有動物這次設計。 它特別地看起來不像任何事。 只是短而結實的, 武裝的傳送。 使指揮官相等。。。 他沒有鳴響任何的鈴。 Galactor 過去一直處理主題的一些類型, 但是不這次。"
"What about Easton Island?" Jun said. "We didn't see any kind of theme there." / "Easton 島怎麼樣"? 六月說。 "我們在那裡沒有看見任何的類型主題" 。
"What about all those religious statues, Oneechan? That sounds like a theme to me. Hey Aniki, what about the prisoners? Could Galactor be operating from a prison somewhere--Hey!" The boy's voice cracked. / "所有的那些宗教性的雕像怎麼樣,Oneechan? 那對我聽起來像一個主題一樣。 嗨 Aniki,囚犯怎麼樣? Galactor 可以正在某處從一所監獄操作嗎--嗨!"男孩的聲音弄碎。
"What?" / "什麼"?
"Isn't there a famous old prison around here? San Frangelis... yeah! The Alamo Prison! Wasn't there a news report about a group of tourists disappearing there?" / " 沒有一所出名的舊監獄在這裡周圍? 桑河 Frangelis。。。 是的! 白楊監獄! 沒有關於一群觀光客的一項新聞報告在那裡消失嗎?"
"Last night. I remember now," Jun said. "They said nobody could escape from it. It isn't far." / " 昨晚。 我現在記得,"六月說。 "他們說了沒有人可以從它逃脫。 它不是遠的。"
"Ryu," Ken said, "You with us?" / "Ryu",肯恩說 ", 你由於我們"?
"Yeah, and I'm three miles east of Alamo Island. Heading there now." / "是的,而且我是三哩白楊島的東方。 現在在那裡的標題。"
"Good. Keep us posted. I'll join you in twenty minutes." / "好的。 使我們被寄。 我在二十分鐘中將參加你。"

Joe heard the familiar roar and discreetly stepped beneath a concrete overhang to watch the New Godphoenix pass overhead. It was going northeast, the wrong direction. Maybe they wanted to survey the destruction first. Did they know about the base? Joe envisioned a big red arrow painted over the rubble, pointing toward the Alamo Prison, then closed his eyes and shook his head. At this point, all he could do was wait. / 喬聽到了熟悉的吼而且小心地在踏了具體的突出部份看新的 Godphoenix 途徑額外開銷之下。 它正在向東北去,錯誤的方向。 也許他們想要首先審視破壞。 他們知道基礎嗎? 被想像一支大的紅色箭喬在粗石之上畫,對於白楊監獄指出, 然後關閉他的眼睛而且搖頭。 此時, 全部他可以做是等候。
Within the past hour, the rescue crews had spread across the ruins, setting up tents for triage of the injured. Men and women shouted to each other over the clatter of debris and the whining of the search dogs. Joe continued to help search for survivors, lifting away some of the heavier chunks of debris when he knew no one was looking. / 在過去的一個小時內,被有的援救組員包括毀滅,為受傷者的揀選建立帳篷。 男人和女人對在碎片的卡搭聲和搜尋狗的發出嗚嗚聲上的彼此呼喊。 喬繼續幫助針對生還者的搜尋, 升高離開碎片的一些較沈重的大塊當他知道了沒有人正在看的時候。
He still couldn't figure out why Galactor had chosen this particular section of city to attack. The district had housed real estate and finance companies, a theater, a couple of coffee houses and a hotel. Certainly nothing threatening or important. There had been a bank, but wouldn't the Galactors have stopped to take the money out? / 他仍然不可以理解 Galactor 為什麼已經選擇城市的這個特別的部分攻擊。 區域已經收容不動產和融資公司,一家戲院,一些咖啡房子和一間旅館。 確定地毫不恐嚇或重要的。 已經有一個銀行,但是 Galactors 不將會已經開始取出錢嗎?
Then he chilled. He hadn't been far from the site... What if the target was him? Sosai X had sensed him on the base. If X had been looking for him.... / 然後他已冷的。 他不已經離位置很遠。。。 什麼如果目標是他? Sosai X 已經在基礎上感覺他。 假如 X 是找尋他....
Looking at the sky, Joe clenched his jaw and folded his arms tightly against his chest, feeling the muscles shaking. If that was the case, he was to blame for these deaths. Not that Galactor needed an excuse to destroy, but if not for him, they would have focused their attentions on less populated technical sites. / 看天空,喬緊緊地反對他的胸緊握了他的顎而且摺疊了他的手臂,感覺肌肉搖動。 如果是那種情形,他應該為這些死亡受責。 不那 Galactor 需要了藉口破壞,但是如果不為他,他們就會將他們的注意集中在被居住在技術上的位置比較少量了。
Oh damn it.... / 哦詛咒它....
The bird-ship vanished over the horizon. As Joe stepped back into the open, a hand tapped his arm and he turned to see a rescue worker holding an open canteen to him. "Here. Why don't you rest a minute? You don't look too good." / 鳥-船在地平線之上消失。 當喬重回公開的時候,一隻手輕打了他的手臂,而且他準備見一個對他握住一個開放的軍中福利社 的援救工人。 "在這裡。 你何不休息分鐘? 你沒看起來太好。"
He wasn't thirsty, but he took a swallow of water anyway and handed back the canteen. "Thanks." / 他不是口渴的,但是他無論如何採取了水的一個咽喉而且向後地傳遞軍中福利社。 "謝謝".
"Appreciate the help, man. Especially now," the worker said. "If you're gonna stay with us, put this stuff on." He handed an orange hard hat emblazoned with a red cross to Joe. "It'll let us know who's doing the rescuing and who needs to be rescued." / "感激幫忙,男人。 尤其現在,"工人說。 " 如果你將要在我們家逗留, 放這一種事情在"之上. 他把與一個紅十字會一起用紋章裝飾的一頂橘色的安全帽交給喬。 "它將讓我們知道誰正在做那個救出和誰需要被救出" 。
Joe took the hat and the accompanying orange vest and put them on, then continued on his way. / 喬帶了帽子和那陪伴橘色的背心而且放了他們在,之上然後在途中繼續。

"Ryu, what do you see?" / "Ryu, 你看見什麼"?
"Oh hell, there's nothing here," Ryu growled over the radio. Jinpei could just see him ambling through the grounds, scowling at the empty towers. "This place is a ghost town." / " 哦地獄,沒有東西這裡",Ryu 在收音機之上怒吠。 Jinpei 可以僅僅看見他緩行過理由,在空的塔皺眉頭。 " 這一個地方是一個廢棄市鎮" 。
"Well, watch your step," Ken said. / "嗯,看你的步驟",肯恩說。
"Yeah, yeah." Jinpei grinned at the irritation in the Owl's voice. / "是的,是". Jinpei 在貓頭鷹的聲音刺激露齒而笑。
Ryu's vehicle sat just inside the compound, though Ryu couldn't be seen from the air. Jinpei pulled the stick back, and the little hovercraft rose. Through the tinted bubble of the Swallow Helico, Jinpei could see the bay surrounding the Alamo Prison as well as both San Frangelis city bridges, which had miraculously survived the recent attack. The ocean was tinged a weird ochre color, moving in lines away from the prison island, pushed by the currents. / Ryu's 的車輛在混合物裡僅僅坐,雖然 Ryu 不可以被從空氣看到。 Jinpei 拉了樹枝背面,而且小 hovercraft 上升。 經過咽喉 Helico 的有色泡沫, Jinpei 也可以看見,奇蹟地已經平安渡過最近的攻擊。 大海被微染一種怪異的 ochre 顏色,搬進線遠離監獄島,藉由湧流推動。
Wait a minute... / 等候分鐘。。。
This area was a national preserve, with no industrial sites and no known volcanic activity. Jinpei hit a few buttons and fed by a link to the main computer aboard the New Godphoenix, his readouts confirmed that. The attack which had flattened several square blocks of downtown hadn't extended this far. So what was fouling up the water? / 這一個區域是國家的保護區,藉由沒有工業的位置和沒有已知的火山活動。 Jinpei 擊中一些鈕扣而且被對主要的電腦一個連結餵搭乘新的 Godphoenix ,他的資料解析確認了那。 已經將一些正直範圍的市中心區變平的攻擊沒有遙遠地延伸這。 如此什麼正在水上面弄髒?
"Aniki, I think I found something!" Jinpei called. "The bay's all cloudy, like something's being dumped from somewhere--maybe somebody's digging!" / "Aniki,我認為我發現某事"! Jinpei 呼叫。 " 海灣的所有多雲的,像某事在從某處被傾卸-- 也許某人挖"!
"Go take a closer look," Ken said. / " 去帶較靠近的神情",肯恩說。
"This lead is mine--cool!" Grinning widely, Jinpei chopped the power and dropped the Swallow Helico into the ocean, switching from air to ocean modes. / " 這一個線索是我的--涼爽的"! 廣泛地露齒而笑,Jinpei 剁碎了力量而且降低咽喉 Helico 進大海之內,從空氣到大海模態轉變。
Five seconds later, he realized that had been a mistake. The same dirt that had flagged him to this location now completely blocked his view. Outside visibility dropped to fifty feet, then ten, then two; and though the craft's radar told him nothing was around him but water, he began to feel claustrophobic and disoriented. / 五秒之後,他了解了那已經是一個錯誤。 已經現在完全地旗子他到這一個地點的相同污垢阻塞了他的視野。 外面能見度降低到五十呎, 然後十, 然後二; 而且雖然飛機的雷達告訴了他,沒事在附近他但是水,他開始感覺 claustrophobic 而且失去方向感。
"Aniki, this is no good. I can't see anything. I'm coming back up." / "Aniki,這不好。 我不能看見任何事。 我正在向上回來。"
The radio fuzzed. What sounded like a muffled voice came over the channel, but he couldn't make out the words--probably Ken telling him to pull back. Jinpei tried to fine-tune the frequency. / 收音機作絨毛狀飛散。 聽起來像一種被圍裹的聲音一樣的遍及頻道來,但是他不可以了解字-- 可能告訴他向後地拉 的肯恩。 Jinpei 試著罰款-調節頻率。
"What was that?" / "那是什麼"?
"Stop, Jinpei, stay on course." The voice came a little clearer, but barely. / "停止, Jinpei,停留在課程上" 。 聲音來稍微比較清楚, 但是幾乎。
"Huh?" / "哼!"?
"I said, stay on course!" / "我說,停留在課程上"!
"But--" / "但是--"
"Do what I tell you!" Jinpei startled. That came through clearly enough. / "做我告訴你的"! Jinpei 震驚。 那清楚地足夠度過。
"Roger...." / "羅傑...."
"Turn right five degrees." / "向右轉五度" 。
Huh? The boy scanned the console, but the instruments told him nothing. Maybe Ken had seen something from his vantage point. I hope he knows what he's doing. / 哼!? 男孩掃描了控制檯,但是工具告訴了他沒事。 也許肯恩已經從他的觀點看到某事。 我希望他知道他正在做的。
"Right five degrees," Jinpei said. / "正確的五度",Jinpei 說。
"Good. Good, you're on it. Now fire." / "好的。 好的,你在它上。 現在點燃。"
"What? Are you sure?" / "什麼? 你確定嗎?"
"Do it now!" / "現在做它"!
The command rattled him. Ken hadn't spoken this way for so long.... Jinpei hastily armed the Swallow Attacker and squeezed the trigger. The little craft shuddered as the missile fired. Then, shoving the throttle to full, Jinpei pulled the Swallow Helico frantically toward the surface. / 指令使他嘎嘎響了。 因為如此渴望,肯恩沒有這樣講.... Jinpei 匆忙地武裝了咽喉攻擊者而且緊握了板機。 當飛彈發射的時候,小的飛機戰慄。 然後, 推對全部的節流閥,Jinpei 對於表面狂暴地拉了咽喉 Helico 。
Once out of the ocean, the static cleared from the radio. "Look at the prison now!" Jun said. "Something exploded there. It's causing a tremendous fire." / 一旦從大海, 靜電從收音機被清除的。 "現在看監獄"! 六月說。 "某事在那裡爆炸。 它正在引起巨大的火。"
"Jinpei? Do you read?" Ken called. / "Jinpei? 你讀嗎?"肯恩呼叫。
"Yeah, I'm out of the water. I'm okay." / "是的,我超出水。 我是好。"
"Ryu! Report! Are you all right? What do you see?" / "Ryu! 報告! 你還好吧? 你看見什麼?"
"Aa, ow, dammit. Nothing at the moment. I just fell down a--hold on." His voice dropped to a whisper. Over the radio, Jinpei heard rustling, then the distant whine of an alarm. Ryu spoke again, voice tight. / "Aa,表示突然疼痛所發出之聲,該死。 此刻的沒事。 我僅僅跌倒一-- 把握在之上。"他的聲音降低到耳語。 在收音機之上, Jinpei 聽到發出沙沙聲, 然後警報的遠抱怨。 Ryu 再一次說,緊緊地宣述。
"Ken, we have our base." / "肯恩,我們有我們的基礎".
"Good. Get out of there. We'll take care of it from above." / "好的。 在那裡離開。 我們從在上面將照顧它。"
Ryu must have left the channel open, for the next thing they all heard was the rattle of crumbling bricks, the sound of Ryu hitting something, and then a very familiar sound: the clatter of many rifles being cocked. / Ryu 一定曾經留下頻道公開過, 因為他們全部聽到的下一件事物是那崩潰磚塊,碰撞某事 的 Ryu 的聲音驚慌失措, 然後一種非常熟悉的聲音: 被聳立 的許多來福槍的卡搭聲。
"Ryu!" / "Ryu"!
Ken's bracelet beeped, then began to flash steadily: Bird Scramble. "Good going," Ken muttered. "Jinpei, you take the south beach, Jun, take the east. Report the moment you see movement. We're going to follow him." / 肯恩的被嗶嗶聲的手鐲,然後開始穩定地閃現: 鳥攀緣。 "好處去",肯恩喃喃自語。 "Jinpei,你佔據海灘南部,六月,帶東部。 報告你看見運動的片刻。 我們將要跟隨他。"

Ryu had seen this scenario played before, but seldom had he been alone. Staring down the barrels of at least fifty rifles, he remained perfectly still. A now familiar hollow laugh sounded above him, and he looked up to see the new taicho standing on the level above, surrounded by troops. / Ryu 已經看到這一個在以前被玩的情節,但是很少假如他是孤獨的。 注視下來至少五十把來福槍的桶,他非常保持靜止。 現在熟悉的洞笑在他上面聽,而且他看在上面看見站在水準上上方 的新 taicho, 被軍隊包圍。
She began to speak, but another voice drowned her out. "Not so fast, Galactor. Do you really think we'd let you see this operation through?" / 她開始說,但是另一種聲音淹死出她。 "不如此齋戒,Galactor。 你真的認為我們將會讓你穿越看見這手術嗎?"
The men froze, and three ominous shapes--two white, one blue--swooped down on them from above. The chamber erupted into chaos; guns firing, guards screaming over the whistling shriek of the Gatchaman's cutting saucer. With a whoop, Ryu leaped into the action, mowing down the guards around him / 男人凍結, 和三惡兆的形狀--二白色 , 藍色--從在上面在他們身上下來抓取。 會議室爆發大混亂; 槍砲擊,在 Gatchaman's 的銳利茶碟的吹口哨尖銳的響聲之上保衛尖叫。 藉由一聲大叫, Ryu 進入行動之內跳躍, 刈草墬落守衛在他周圍
As the enemy troops fell back, Ken moved back to Ryu so that their shoulders touched. "Good work, Ryu," he said. / 當敵人軍隊撤退 , 肯恩向後地移動到 Ryu ,以便他們的肩接觸。 "好工作,Ryu",他說。
The Owl shook his head. "No, Jinpei deserves the credit for this one. He's the one who found the weak spot on the installation." / 貓頭鷹搖頭。 "不, Jinpei 為這一個該得到信用。 他是發現在安裝上的弱點那一個。"
Jinpei moved up beside them. "No, it's thanks to Aniki that I found it." / Jinpei 移動在他們旁邊上面。 "不,它對 Aniki 是謝謝,我發現它" 。
Ken's brow furrowed beneath the visor. "What are you talking about?" / 肯恩的眉毛在面頰之下犁。 "你正在談論什麼"?
"You told me to fire the missile." / "你告訴了我發射飛彈" 。
"No, I didn't." Ken and Jinpei exchanged puzzled looks. / "不, 我沒有". 肯恩和 Jinpei 交換困惑容貌。
"Ken! This way!" Ahead of them, Jun motioned. The Galactors continued to pull back as the four moved quickly to what appeared to be the base's central power generator. "It's all here--the power source and the main broadcasting station!" / "肯恩! 這樣!"在他們之前,六月運動。 Galactors 繼續向後地拉當做那四很快地到似乎是基礎的中央發電公司的東西移動。 "它全部在這裡--力量來源和主要的廣播安置"!
Ken produced a small but powerful detonator from a compartment in the heel of his boot; fixed it to the base of the generator, and set the timer for three minutes. Just as he signed for the rest of the team to clear out, the gates of the trap slammed into place. There were two low partitions forming a path from the generator to the exit, and suddenly they crackled with power. As the four members of the Kagaku Ninjatai stared, a glittering energy field formed around them, the crackling just audible above GelSadora's hollow laughter. / 肯恩生產了他的長靴腳後跟的來自一個區劃的小但是有力的 detonator; 對發電機的基礎修理了它, 而且設定了定時器三分鐘。 正如他簽署讓小組的其它部分清除出,圈套的門猛然地撞進地方。 有二從發電機到出口形成一條路徑 的低分割,而且突然他們以力量發出啪聲。 身為被注視的 Kagaku Ninjatai 的四個成員,一個燦爛能源領域在他們周圍形成,聽得見的在 GelSadora's 的空笑上面的正直脆皮。
Two panicked Galactors were trapped inside with them. One of them turned to flee and ran into the barrier. A harsh crackling followed, and Jun quickly turned her face away from the sight and stench of burning flesh. / 由於他們二被 Galactors 恐慌的被困住進裡面。 他們之一準備逃走而且陷入障礙。 一個粗糙的脆皮跟隨,而且六月很快地從燃燒的肉視力和惡臬拒絕她的臉。
From her vantage point above them, the new taicho laughed again. "I don't mind so much that you decimated our new little task force," she said. "They were high maintenance anyway. But it really is too bad you've found our base--do you have any idea what I went through to get it constructed? My only consolation is that you'll share its fate." / 從在他們上面的她觀點,新的 taicho 再一次笑。 " 我不介意如此的多以致於你十中選一了我們的新小特別工作小組",她說。 "無論如何他們是高維護。 但是它真的太壞你已經發現我們的基礎--你有任何的想法我穿過讓它被構造什麼嗎? 我的唯一安慰是你將分享它的命運。"
Ken stared at the barrier around them, then glanced at the ticking detonator. This one hadn't been built with a shutoff. In such close quarters, their mantles wouldn't offer that much protection against the concussion or against that energy field should they hit it. The remaining Galactor huddled in a ball at the far end of the enclosure and whimpered. / 肯恩在他們周圍盯著障礙看,然後注視被套料 detonator。 這一個不已經與一個用以遮閉之物一起建造。 在如此接近的四分之一中,他們的地涵將不提供反對激動或那一個能源領域的很多保護萬一他們擊中它。 剩餘的 Galactor 在附件的遠結束的一個球中推擠並且嗚咽。
Two minutes left. / 二分鐘離開。
With one last laugh, GelSadora turned and disappeared down a corridor. / 由於一最後笑,GelSadora 轉而且消失下來一個走廊。
"You know, I remember it now," Jinpei said suddenly. "That voice on the radio--if it wasn't Aniki's, then it was Joe's. Only you guys talk to me that way. It sounded like him, too." / " 你知道, 我記得它現在",Jinpei 突然說。 "在收音機上的那一種聲音--如果它不是 Aniki's,然後它是喬的。 只有你對我那樣用支索撐住談話。 它也聽起來像他一樣。"
"That's impossible!" Ken snapped. "What can the dead do?" / " 那是不可能的"! 肯恩咬斷。 "死去的人能做什麼"?
"I'd say that if we don't think of something, we're going to find out," Ryu said. Ken's mouth twisted sourly as he glanced back at the Owl. / " 我將會說,如果我們不想到某事,我們將要發現",Ryu 說。 當他向後地在貓頭鷹瞥閃的時候,肯恩的嘴酸酸地擰。
One minute. / 分鐘。
They couldn't withstand the blast, but maybe they could circumvent it. Ken sifted through his memories of dealing with bombs in the past, but the only method he found needed more space than they had within the field. Unless.... / 他們不可以抵抗疾風,但是也許他們可以繞行它。 肯恩篩撒過他過去處理炸彈的記憶,但是他發現需要較他們為多的空間唯一的方法有在領域裡面。 除非....
Ken straightened, lifted his head and spoke. / 肯恩弄直, 舉起了他的頭而且說。
"Tatsumaki Fighter." / "Tatsumaki 鬥士".
Jun drew in her breath quickly. Ryu said, "The new one? But you know how unstable that is--" / 六月很快地變短她的呼吸。 Ryu 說,"一個新的? 但是你知道如何不穩定的那是--"
"It's all we've got--now move!" Ken herded the others into a tight circle, and quickly they fumbled with the tiny switches in their belts. / " 它全都是我們已經得到--現在移動"! 肯恩聚集其餘者進一個緊的圓圈之內,而且很快地他們以他們的帶子極小的開關摸索。
In the old days, the Tatsumaki Fighter was a difficult, but awesome maneuver. The five stood linked in a pyramid formation, and Joe and Ryu initiated the footwork and spiraling motion. As their speed increased, they switched places in a delicate and terrifying choreography as the winds from their passage blasted everything within range. Even without the full team present, they'd been able to do offshoot maneuvers: the Tatsumaki Fighter with two people; the Cross Fighter with three... But they needed space. The new technology Nambu had given them relied on generated fields, not movement, and while it took up little space, it offered little by way of control. / 在舊的數天中, Tatsumaki 鬥士是困難 , 但是有威嚴的演習。 那五在金字塔形成方面站著連接, 和喬和被開始腳的動作而且成螺旋狀下降運動的 Ryu。 當他們的速度增加的時候, 他們轉變了地方在一細緻優雅的而且驚嚇舞蹈術如來自在範圍裡面被摧殘每件事物的他們通道的風。 甚至沒有完整的小組禮物, 他們有能夠做分枝演習: 由於二個人的 Tatsumaki 鬥士; 交叉的鬥士由於三。。。 但是他們需要了空間。 新的技術 Nambu 已經給他們仰賴產生的領域而不是運動,而且當它著手進行小的空間時候, 它提供控制的方式一點點。
The four braced hands against shoulders and held tightly as the Tatsumaki Device came on line. The air stirred, gathered its strength, then snapped into its familiar spiral formation with a terrible roar. Closing their eyes and clenching their teeth, the four counted down the final seconds to detonation. / 那四當 Tatsumaki 裝置發生線,緊緊地支撐了對抗肩的手而且拿著。 激起的空氣,聚集了它的力量, 然後進入和一聲可怕的吼它熟悉的螺旋形的形成之內咬斷。 關閉他們的眼睛而且緊握他們的牙齒, 那四計算下來結局對爆炸的秒。

Gentle movement. Waves... / 溫和的運動。 波浪。。。
Ken sensed the gentle sound of water lapping outside his helmet, the heat of the sun on his face; felt his body rocking rhythmically. Absently he knew that he had to wake or he would drown, but the motion dragged him deeper into the darkness, soothing him out of awareness. His arms and legs felt like lead weights. / 肯恩在他的鋼盔之外感覺了水的溫和聲音研磨,在他的臉上太陽的熱; 節奏地感覺他的身體搖擺。 心不在焉地他知道,他必須叫醒,否則他將會淹死,但是運動更深入地進入黑暗之內拖拉了他, 撫慰的他由於覺察。 他的手和腿感覺像線索重量。
Jun? Jinpei? Ryu? Where were they? Could they help him, or were they in the same danger? Ken strained to open his eyes, but the lids were heavy and swollen and refused to obey. / 六月? Jinpei? Ryu? 他們在哪裡? 可以他們幫助他, 或他們在相同的危險方面嗎? 緊張打開他的眼睛肯恩,但是蓋子是重的和膨脹的並且拒絕服從。
Water lapped against his chin, running into his helmet. He was floating, stretched out, facing the sky. How long have I been here? He could breathe, though the air came in shallow gasps. The skin on his lower face and lips stung, and his mouth was full of salt. / 水重疊對抗他的下巴,進入他的鋼盔之內跑。 他是漂浮的,伸展出,面對天空。 我已經在這裡多久? 他可以呼吸,雖然空氣進來淺的喘氣。 在他的較低臉和唇上的皮膚刺,而且他的嘴充滿鹽。
Something droned in the distance; whether from an outside source or from the ringing in his ears, Ken couldn't tell. / 某事在遙遠之處的 droned; 是否從一個外面的來源或從他的耳朵那個鳴響,肯恩不可以告訴。
"Here. Cut the engine here." / "在這裡。 在這裡減少引擎。"
The drone died, leaving the sounds of water striking metal, in countertime to the water against his helmet. Still too far away, too dreamlike to Ken, he was content to remain still and wait. A stray wave slapped him. Purplish light shone through his eyelids, then something blocked the sun. / 雄蜂死,離開水的聲音醒目的金屬, 在 countertime 中到對抗他的鋼盔水。 仍然在太遠處, 太夢一般的對肯恩,他滿足保持靜止而且等候。 一個迷途的波浪拍擊了他。 帶紫色的光照耀過他的眼皮,然後某事阻塞了太陽。
A hand touched his face, felt along his neck, then grazed his nose and mouth. A man's voice sounded, low and muffled. "He's still breathing." / 接觸他的臉一隻手,向前感覺他的脖子, 然後使吃草他的鼻子和嘴。 男人的聲音聽, 低點而且圍裹。 "他仍然正在呼吸" 。
That voice.... / 那一種聲音....
Joe? / 喬?
I'm dreaming again. / 我正在再一次做夢。
Another voice, more distant, said, "I can't believe this--all four of them?" / 另一種聲音,更遠的,說," 我不能相信這--他們四個全部都"?
"They're all alive," growled the first voice. "Move in a little closer." / " 他們全部活著",怒吠了第一種聲音。 " 搬進稍微比較靠近".
Ken felt the litter being arranged beneath his body, and he struggled again to open his eyes. The lids spasmed, then parted, letting in blinding light. He gasped, then tried to turn his head toward the man leaning over him. He caught the brief glimps of a dark shape that moved quickly away from him, then suddenly he was pulled from the ocean with an abrupt lurch. A wave of sickness overwhelmed him before his awareness fell mercifully away. / 肯恩感覺了垃圾在被安排之下他的身體,而且他再一次努力打開他的眼睛。 被抽筋的蓋子,然後分開,讓使人眩目的光進去。 他喘氣, 然後嘗試轉在他上的對於男人的他頭傾斜。 他捕捉了很快地移動遠離他的黑暗形狀的簡短 glimps,然後突然他從和一個突然的慘敗大海被拉。 在他的覺察仁慈地跌落離開之前 , 疾病的浪潮淹沒了他。

Once again he lay in the cockpit of the burning Eagle Sharp. The face of his friend glared down at him through the shattered canopy, outlined by the burning trees. "Ken! Give me your hand, dammit!" / 再一次他在於燒鷹的駕駛員座艙高調。 他的朋友臉在他經過被打碎的天篷發眩光下來, 被燃燒的樹概略說明。 "肯恩! 給我你的手,該死!"
"Joe! You're behind all of this, aren't you?" he shouted. "You rescued me from the water! You made that tape, didn't you? Tell me!" / "喬! 這你在全部後面, 你不是?"他呼喊。 "你從水中救起我! 你製造了那一捲錄音帶,不是嗎? 告訴我!"
The apparition glanced over one shoulder then back at Ken, his teeth bared in a grimace. "If I say yes, will you do what I tell you?" Ken moved his head. "Then yes, it was me! Give me your hand!" / 鬼然後在肯恩向後地瀏覽一個肩,他的牙齒在一個面部的歪扭中使赤裸。 " 如果我說是的, 你將做我告訴的嗎你"? 肯恩移動了他的頭。 "然後是的,它是我! 給我你的手!"
Ken reached out. Joe grasped his forearm and pulled him free of the cockpit, throwing him to the ground outside the burning plane, then shielding him with deep blue wings. / 肯恩到達出。 免於駕駛員座艙的被抓住他的前臂並且拉了他的喬,對地面在燃燒的飛機之外丟他, 然後屏隔他由於深的藍色翅膀。
"How..." Ken half-whispered, his breath too shallow. "How is this possible?" / "如何。。。" 肯恩一半-耳語,他的呼吸太使變淺。 "這如何可能的"?
Joe glared down at him, his face shadowed in the orange light. "You tell me. You're the expert on what the dead can do." / 喬在他發眩光下來,他的臉在柑橘光中遮蔽。 "你告訴我。 你是專家死去的人能做。"
"Why won't you come forward? Why are you doing this to us?" / "你為什麼不挺身而出 ? 你為什麼做這給我們?"
"Ken..." The Condor's head bowed, his eyes half closed. "You have to stop taking these risks. The team can't last long this way." / "肯恩。。。"禿鷹的頭彎腰,他的眼睛一半地關閉。 "你必須停止採取這些風險。 小組不能最後久這樣。"
Then he vanished. The trees continued to burn high overhead. Ken stared as they swayed, awash in orange light. His eyes ached, and he felt the tears trickling from the corners of his eyes, running down into his hair. / 然後他消失。 樹繼續燃燒高的額外開銷。 當他們搖動的時候,肯恩注視, 與水面齊平的在橘色的光中。 他的眼睛痛,而且他感覺了從他的眼睛角落移動,進入他的頭髮之內跑下來 的淚滴。
"Ken..." / "肯恩。。。"
The flames faded, brightening to the antiseptic fluorescent white of a hospital room. The face staring down at him was Dr. Nambu's. / 已褪色的火焰,對醫院房間的殺菌螢光的白色變亮。 在他注視下來 的臉是 Nambu's 博士。
"Hakase." / "Hakase".
"Ken, do you know where you are?" / "肯恩,你知道你在哪裡嗎"?
"No, but I can hazard a guess. G-Town medical ward?" / "不,但是我能冒一個猜測的危險。 G- 城鎮的醫生守衛?"
"Aniki wins the prize!" Ken looked past Dr. Nambu to see the rest of the team. Their faces were blotchy with red marks and smears of salve, and Jun wore a brace on her right wrist. They surrounded the bed, moving stiffly. / "Aniki 贏得獎"! 肯恩看了過去的 Nambu 博士看見小組的其它部分。 他們的臉對軟膏的紅色標誌和污跡感到到處有污點,而且六月穿著了在她上的一個支柱正確的手腕。 他們包圍了床,呆板地移動。
Ken strained to sit up. Reaching over, Dr. Nambu pressed a button and elevated the head of the bed. Ken gave him a halfhearted glare, but settled back against the pillow. "Everyone... is everyone all right?" / 緊張熬夜的肯恩。 伸過手去, Nambu 博士按了一個按鈕和提高的床頭。 肯恩給予了他不認真的閃耀光, 但是固定的向後地反對枕頭。 "每個人。。。 每個人還好吧?"
Ryu waved a hand, which also sported a bandage. "Ah, we're fine. We were worried about you--you took the longest to wake up." / Ryu 揮舞了一隻手,也遊戲了一條繃帶。 "啊,我們很好。 我們為你擔憂--你帶了最長的醒來。"
"What happened?" Ken said. "How were we rescued?" / " 什麼發生"? 肯恩說。 "我們如何被救出"?
"Do you remember anything at all?" Nambu asked. / " 你記得嗎任何事全然"? Nambu 問。
Ken opened his mouth, then paused and shook his head. "No. Nothing. We initiated the Tatsumaki Fighter, the bomb detonated, and... that's all. None of you remember?" Jun, Jinpei and Ryu shook their heads. / 打開他的嘴肯恩,然後暫停而且搖頭。 "毫不的號碼。 我們開始了 Tatsumaki 鬥士,炸彈引爆,和。。。 那是所有的。 你沒有一個記得?"六月,Jinpei 和 Ryu 搖頭。
"Nothing past the explosion," Jun said. / " 沒事過去的爆炸",六月說。
"You were pulled out of the ocean and taken to an aid station, and from there, a rescue worker called the ISO," Nambu said. "We have no details. We still don't know who found you. There were many rescue crews working in the area, and nobody has come forward." / "你被脫離大海而且拿到一個幫助站,而且從那裡,一個援救工人呼叫了國際標準組織",Nambu 說。 "我們沒有細節。 我們仍然不知道誰發現你。 有在區域中工作 的許多援救組員,而且沒有人已經挺身而出。"
"You'd think somebody would," Jinpei said. "That must be a real surprise, to have to go rescue the Kagaku Ninjatai." Ken winced, and the boy came up to the bed. "I didn't mean it like that, Aniki." / " 你將會認為某人將會",Jinpei 說。 "那一定是真正的意外, 必須去援救 Kagaku Ninjatai". 肯恩畏縮,而且男孩到床。 "我像那一樣不是故意的,Aniki".
"I know," he said quietly, then reached out and patted the boy on the arm. "At least the base is gone." / "我知道",他安靜地說,然後到達出並且輕拍在手臂上的男孩。 "至少基礎不見了" 。
"We've finished analysis on the tape," Nambu said, and four sets of eyes fastened on the doctor, frightening in their intensity. / "我們已經完成針對錄音帶的分析",Nambu 說,而且眼睛的四組在醫生身上拴緊,在他們的強烈中驚嚇。
"Well?" / "湧出"?
"Was it Joe?" Jun asked, trying to soften Ken's abruptness. / " 它是喬"? 六月問, 嘗試使肯恩的突然變柔軟。
"No." Nambu clasped his hands behind his back and regarded the floor. "It wasn't Joe. It was generated mechanically. A skillful reproduction... but it wasn't Joe. I'm sorry." / "號碼" Nambu 扣緊了在他的背部後面的他手而且視為了地板。 "它不是喬。 它被機械地產生。 熟練的再現。。。 但是它不是喬。 對不起。"
Of course. Of course it wasn't Joe. Ken suddenly hated himself. What was he thinking? Joe was dead. / 當然。 當然它不是喬。 肯恩突然憎恨他自己。 他正在想什麼? 喬死。
Ken sat up, threw his legs over the side and slid out of bed. He was clothed in boxers and a t-shirt, and his right arm was back in its sling. Awkwardly he walked toward the nearest window and stared out at the ocean. / 熬夜的肯恩,床把在邊和 slid 上的他腿丟出去。 他在拳擊家和一個 T恤中被布料,而且他的右手臂是它的投石器的背面。 笨拙地他對於最近的窗戶走路而且在大海的外注視。
"Ken?" Jun's voice. / "肯恩"? 六月的聲音。
"It's all right. I'm all right. Thank you, everyone. You need to rest." / "它是沒關係。 我是沒關係。 謝謝你,每個人。 你需要休息。"
Ken didn't turn away from the window until they had gone. / 直到他們已經去,肯恩沒有遠離窗戶轉。

Joe sat hunched in a seat by the window, duffel bag at his feet. Outside an airliner taxied by and line crews bustled around the jets, loading and unloading luggage. Other travelers shuffled through the waiting area, absorbed in their own affairs. Over the intercom, an attendant announced final boarding call for Flight 2457 at Gate 10A. Now six hundred miles from San Frangelis, he had one more connection before he took a private plane, then a boat back to Rafael. / 喬在窗戶旁邊的一個座位中坐著彎腰駝背,粗呢大衣在他的腳裝入袋中。 外面的一架被乘計程車的客機被而且線組員在噴射機的周圍奔忙,負載和卸貨行李。 其他的旅客拖曳過等候區域,在他們自己的事件中吸收。 在對講器之上,一位隨從在第 10 門一為班機 2457 宣佈了最後的登機呼叫。 現在在距離桑河 Frangelis 六百哩處,在他帶了一架私人飛機之前 , 他有了另外一個連接, 然後向後地到 Rafael 的一艘船。
Another failure. Another near miss. / 另一個失敗。 另外在過錯的附近。
As he worked with the rescuers, the explosion at the Alamo Prison had dropped the ground from beneath his feet, sending more debris tumbling over the attack site. Thinking it a renewed attack, Joe had gone toward the sound, racing toward the bay on foot. The previous attack had stopped traffic dead, jamming cars tightly in the streets, and Joe dodged both around and over vehicles, then finally took to the rooftops. From his new vantage point, he could see the huge plume of smoke rising from what had once been the Alamo Prison. Most of the island was gone, the smoke and flames seeming to rise directly from a hole in the ocean. On the highest point of nearby Angel Island, the New Godphoenix sat quietly, streaked with soot. Joe stopped, staring. That wasn't right. Where was the team? / 當他與救助者合作的時候,爆炸從在他的腳之下在白楊監獄已經放棄地面,送遍及攻擊位置跌落 的更多碎片。 想它一個被更新的攻擊, 喬已經對於聲音去, 走路對於海灣賽跑。 先前的攻擊已經停止交通死,在街道中緊緊地擠汽車,而且喬在附近而且在車輛之上避開,然後最後喜愛屋頂。 從他的新觀點,他可以看見從曾經已經是白楊監獄的東西升起 的煙極大的羽毛。 大部份的島不見了,煙和火焰似乎直接地從大海的一個洞上升。 在附近的天使島的最高點上,新的 Godphoenix 安靜地坐,以煤煙加條紋。 喬停止,注視。 那不是正確的。 小組在哪裡?
He scanned the bay from left to right. The concussion had churned the ocean into chaotic white peaks, but there, near the prison ruins, Joe caught a flash of orange metal. Wishing for binoculars, he squinted. A sharp, angled wing bobbed in the ocean, and he focused on that as best he could. Slapped by a wave, the craft moved. Joe caught sight of a curved yellow canopy and the stylized beak painted on the nose, and he sucked in his breath. / 他從左邊到右邊掃描了海灣。 激動已經攪拌大海進混亂的白色峰巔之內,但是在那裡,在監獄毀滅的附近,喬引起了橘色的金屬閃光。 期望雙眼望遠鏡,他使變斜視眼。 一個高調,按某一角度轉動了在大海中被振動的翅膀,而且他把重心集中在那如最好他可以。 藉著一個波浪拍擊,飛機移動。 喬瞥見一彎黃色的天篷而且被鳥嘴個性化的在鼻子上畫,而且他在他的呼吸方面吸。
The memory blurred, the details unimportant. Somehow he'd gotten back to the rescue crews, grabbed two of the volunteers and commandeered a motorboat from the pier. The search, though it seemed to take forever, was brief. / 記憶模糊, 不重要的細節。 不知何故他已經回到援救組員, 抓取志願者中的二個而且徵募來自碼頭的一艘汽船。 搜尋,雖然它似乎永遠地拿,是摘要。
Joe found Jun first, thanks to the pink and red of her uniform. She'd been floating face-up, unconscious. Jinpei and Ryu were in worse shape, floating face down, their mantles blending in with the sea. The boy had stopped breathing, but still had a pulse, and the two men in the boat began CPR on him as Joe dragged Ryu's awkward bulk aboard the boat by himself. Ryu had inhaled some ocean as well, but Joe was able to force the water from the Owl's lungs; after a moment, Ryu gasped and began breathing on his own. / 發現六月的喬第一,對她的制服粉紅色和紅色謝謝。 她已經是漂浮的臉-提高,無意識的。 Jinpei 和 Ryu 是在較糟的形狀中, 漂浮的臉下來, 他們的混合 的地涵在由於海洋。 當喬獨自搭乘船拖拉了 Ryu's 的笨拙大多數的時候,男孩已經停止呼吸, 但是仍然有了脈膊,而且船的二位男人開始了在他上的 CPR 。 Ryu 也已經吸入一些大海,但是喬能夠壓迫來自貓頭鷹的肺水; 在片刻之後, Ryu 喘氣而且開始靠他自己呼吸。
And then Ken, his face burned and battered, struggled to wake up as Joe secured the litter around him. As the Gatchaman's eyes opened, Joe pushed away from him, surprised at the suddenness of the move. I don't... I don't want.... / 然後肯恩 , 他的臉燃燒而且敲打,當喬在他周圍保護了垃圾,努力醒來。 當 Gatchaman's 的眼睛打開的時候,喬推動遠離他,在移動的突然吃驚。 我不。。。 我不想要....
Either rejoin them or stay away from them. Don't hover between. / 或從他們再加入他們或離開。 不要盤旋在之間。
It's not fair--I wasn't even involved! / 它不是公平的--我不是甚至有關!
He could just hear Ken's voice: "You weren't there. We needed a team of five. We needed you." / 他可以僅僅聽到肯恩的聲音: "你不在那裡。 我們需要一隊五。 我們需要了你。"
The team of five. The fifth member should have been Getz. / 五的小組。 第五個成員應該要是 Getz 的。
"Getz is dead. You deserted us." / "Getz 死。 你遺棄了我們。"
He would only hurt them by returning, but here... they were being hurt without him. Jun's face had been burned and bruised, pale in the cold ocean, her lips white. The kid had almost drowned again. If he had been with them, would he have been able to prevent this? Could he have tipped the scales in their favor? / 他只將會藉由歸還傷害他們, 但是在這裡。。。 他們正在沒有他被傷害。 六月的臉已經被燃燒而且打傷,在寒冷的大海中變蒼白, 白色的她唇。 小孩幾乎已經再一次淹死。 假如他是和他們在一起,不是嗎已經能夠避免這? 他可以已經提示他們的好意刻度嗎?
Joe leaned back in his seat, rubbing his eyes with one hand. Taking a deep breath, he forced himself to look out the window and at the people around him. To see the everyday bustle of travelers instead of the wounded and dying. / 喬在他的座位中向後地倚靠,用一隻手擦他的眼睛。 作深的呼吸, 他強迫了他自己小心窗戶和在人在他周圍。 看見旅客的每天擾嚷代替那受傷的和垂死的。

Nambu left the team with orders to rest and heal. Though he didn't restrict them to base, none of them had the energy to leave G-Town and instead stayed at their quarters on base. Now Ryu sprawled on a large recliner in the open lounge near their quarters and watched football on the wall-sized television. / Nambu 用命令離開小組休息而且治癒。 雖然他沒有限制他們作基礎,但是他們沒有一個有了能源在基礎上留下 G- 城鎮和改為被停留在他們的四分之一。 現在 Ryu 在他們的四分之一附近的開放閒逛的一個大的臥椅上擴展並且看了在牆壁規模電視上的足球。
At this hour of the night, that particular wing was deserted, so Ryu glanced over briefly at the sound of footsteps and saw Jinpei coming down the hall. / 在夜晚的這小時, 那特別的翅膀被遺棄,因此, Ryu 簡短地在腳步和鋸子的聲音瀏覽 Jinpei 下來門廳。
"Hey, kid, what's up?" / "嗨,小孩, 什麼向上"?
"Nothing, really. Oneechan is reading and I think Aniki's sleeping. I can't sleep" Ducking past the television, Jinpei took off his shoes and curled up on the far end of the couch by the window. His bruises were more vivid now, and Ryu looked him over for a long moment before they both turned to watch the game. / "沒事,真的。 Oneechan 正在讀,而且我想 Aniki's 的睡眠。 我不能睡覺" 鑽入水中越過電視, Jinpei 在窗戶的長椅遠結束上脫掉他的鞋子而且蜷縮而臥。 他的瘀傷現在是更生動的,而且 Ryu 看他結束為長的片刻以前他們倆都被準備看比賽。
"Neh, Ryu." / "Neh,Ryu".
"Hm?" / "Hm"?
"Do you believe in ghosts?" / "你相信鬼嗎"?
Ryu let the back up on the recliner and put the footrest down so that both feet rested flat on the floor. He regarded Jinpei with a frown. "What brought this on?" / Ryu 在臥椅上向上讓背面並且放下腳凳,以便兩腳在地板上休息平坦。 他用皺眉視為 Jinpei 。 " 什麼導致這"?
The boy shrugged, not looking at him. "Do you?" / 男孩聳肩, 不看他。 "做你"?
"I guess. My folks always did. Nobody in my village laughed at you if you said you saw one." Ryu spoke slowly, measuring the words as he watched the kid. "Why?" / "我猜測。 我的人們總是做。 如果你說了你看見一,沒有人在我的村莊中笑你。"Ryu 說得慢慢, 測量字當他看了小孩。 "為什麼"?
"Yesterday... all the stuff that went on yesterday. I'm thinking that maybe it really was Joe." / "昨天。。。 所有的繼續進行昨天的事情。 我是思考的那也許它真的是喬。"
"Yeah?" The big man didn't even smile, and taking a deep breath, Jinpei plunged on. / "是的"? 大的男人不甚至微笑, 而且作深的呼吸, Jinpei 倒下在之上。
"Yeah. That was pretty weird. I thought that was Aniki calling me on the radio. Nobody else talks to me that way, so it had to be either Ken or Joe. But Aniki said he never called me. And Oneechan... she thought it was Joe at Easton Island." Jinpei turned his face toward the window, and hugged his knees to his chest. "I mean, right after he died, I found myself talking to him a lot. I'd tell him about the day I'd had. I'd imagine hearing him talking to me, joking or giving me a hard time like he always did." / "是的。 那是相當怪異。 我想了那是在收音機上打電話給我 的 Aniki 。 沒有人別的那樣和我說話,因此,它必須是肯恩或喬。 但是 Aniki 說了他從不打電話給了我。 而且 Oneechan。。。 她想了它在 Easton 島是喬。"Jinpei 轉了對於窗戶的他臉, 而且擁抱了對他的胸他膝。 "我意謂,就在他之後死,我發現我自己和他說話很多。 我將會告訴他關於我有有的那天。 我將會想像聽他和我說話,總是開玩笑或給我像他一樣的一個苦頭做。"
"What reality were you in?" Ryu snorted. "Joe never joked around. He just drank his coffee, read the paper and glared at people." / "你是在什麼事實"? Ryu 噴著氣弄響鼻子。 "喬從不在附近開玩笑。 他剛剛在人喝了他的咖啡, 讀了報紙而且發眩光。"
"That's because you were always being antisocial back in the booths. He used to rag me all the time about the All-Blacks in soccer and the Jaybees in baseball. I used to rag him about his racing record and the driver who looks like Tom Cruise--he hated that guy." The boy dropped his head. "Anyway, I wrote letters, too. Right after he died, then when I started going to school, and then just now. I thought maybe that the letters might be keeping him here, like I was holding him here by keeping him in my mind." / " 那是因為你總是在亭中作為非社交的背面。 他過去一直始終關於所有者揶揄我-棒球的足球和 Jaybees 的黑色。 我過去一直揶揄他關於他的競賽事紀錄和看起來像湯姆一樣巡航的駕駛員--他憎恨那個傢伙。"男孩降低了他的頭。 "無論如何,我也寫了信。 就在他之後死, 然後當我開始去上學的時候, 然後剛剛。 我也許想,信可能保存他這裡, 像我正在藉由把他留在我的心中捉住他這裡。"
"Hmm. I guess I did that too," Ryu said, and Jinpei turned away from the window to look at him. "Remember, right before we left him in the mountains, he tried to apologize to me for being a jerk, and I told him I wouldn't forgive him unless he was well again and he let me hit him in return." Ryu looked at the floor. "I'd been kidding, actually, though I kinda liked the thought of clocking him one." He smiled slightly. "I didn't think at the time that he didn't have a choice; that he couldn't do anything other than die. Well, maybe I knew, but I didn't want to admit it. I wish I could have stayed there with him--Ken and Jun didn't need me." / "Hmm。 我猜測我做那也,"Ryu 說,而且 Jinpei 轉遠離窗戶看他。 "記得,正確地我們在山中留下他之前,他試著為作為一個性情古怪的人向我道歉,而且我告訴了他,除非他再一次很好,而且他讓我碰撞他作為回報,否則我將不原諒他" 。 Ryu 看地板。 "我已經在開玩笑,實際上, 雖然我有一點喜歡時鐘他一的想法". 他些微地微笑。 "我在那時沒有想他沒有選擇; 哪一他除了骰子之外不可以做任何事。 好吧,也許我知道,但是我沒有想要承認它。 我願我應該可以在那裡被他停留--肯恩和六月沒有需要我。"
"But we didn't know that." / " 但是我們沒有知道那".
"I should have fought for it. When I saw that shadow in the temple, I thought that maybe it was my fault that Joe could be haunting us, but then again, why the hell would he care whether I forgave him or not? He didn't like me all that much." / "我應該為它有打仗。 當我看見的時候影像在寺廟中,我想,也許它是我的喬可能是不易忘懷的我們過失, 但是再一次然後, 地獄為什麼將會他關心我是否原諒他? 他沒有喜歡我所有的那麼多。"
"That's total bullshit, Ryu." / "那是總胡說, Ryu" 。
"You think so?" Ryu raised his head and looked at him. / "你這麼認為"? Ryu 抬起了他的頭而且看他。
"Yeah! I know that he didn't act like he liked any of us all that much, but it was just an act. You guys used to go to the games all the time. And the races, right?" / "是的! 我知道,他沒有全部表現起來像他一樣起來像我們之中的任何一個一樣那多,但是它只是一個行為。 你用支索撐住過去一直始終去比賽。 而且比賽,權利?"
"Yeah...." / "是的...."
"You remember the time that we lost Crescent Base?" / "你記得我們失去了新月基礎的時間"?
"I'd rather not," Ryu mumbled. / " 我將會寧可不",Ryu 喃喃而語。
"It was the time you pulled the Godphoenix out of the airlock after it got flipped back over. Me and Joe started swimming through the base to meet Hakase, but it was farther than I could go, and I ran out of air." Jinpei stared into space. "After it was all over and I woke up, Joe waited until everyone had gone, and then he grabbed me by the front of the shirt and shook me. He said, 'I would rather take a bullet through the heart than watch anybody on this team die. Don't you ever pull something so stupid again.' I didn't find out til later that he nearly drowned trying to rescue me." / "在它結束得到用指頭彈背面之後,它是你把 Godphoenix 從 airlock 拉出來的時候。 我和喬開始游泳過基礎遇見 Hakase ,但是它更遠勝於我可以去,而且我用盡空氣。"Jinpei 進入空間之內注視。 "在它到處,而且我醒來之後,喬等候直到每個人已經去,然後他藉著襯衫的前面抓取了我而且搖動了我。 他說,' 我寧願經過心拿一個子彈勝於手錶任何人在這一個小組身上死。 不再你曾經拉如此愚蠢東西。'我沒有發現胡麻較遲的他幾乎淹死嘗試救出我。"
"He did? Nobody ever mentioned it." / "他做? 沒有人曾經提到了它。"
Jinpei nodded. / Jinpei 點頭。
"All those years, I never could figure him out." Ryu rubbed his forehead and closed his eyes. "Damn, I should have stayed with him." / "整那些數年,我從不可以理解他" 。 Ryu 擦了他的前額而且關閉了他的眼睛。 "詛咒,我應該要在他家逗留的" 。
"If he really is a ghost, I think he's watching out for us. It's not fair to him to be stuck here, though. I think it would drive me crazy if I were him, but I'd probably do all the same things." / "如果他真的是一個鬼,我認為他正在留意我們。 它對他不是公平的在這裡被欺騙,雖然。 我認為,它將會把我逼瘋,如果我是他,但是我將會可能仍然做事物。"
Ryu's voice softened. "Do you still talk to him?" / Ryu's 的聲音變柔軟。 "你仍然和他說話嗎"?
Jinpei looked away. "Yeah, but I don't get any answer. Right before the fighting started again, it got to where I couldn't feel him around any longer. Like he was trying to fade away and move on. And then the war began again and we went to Easton Island and started seeing shadows and hearing voices." / Jinpei 看離開。 "是的,但是我不得到任何的答案。 正確地戰鬥再一次開始之前,它到達我不可以感覺他哪裡在再周圍。 相似的他正在嘗試褪色離開而且繼續。 然後戰爭重做,而且我們去 Easton 島而且開始看見影像和聽證會聲音。"
Ryu twisted around in his chair, looking around the corner and down the corridor where Jinpei had come in. "Did you hear something?" he asked, voice low. / Ryu 在他的椅子中的附近擰, 看起來即將來臨和下來 Jinpei 已經進來的走廊。 "你聽到某事嗎"? 他問,低下地宣述。
"No," Jinpei whispered back. "What was it?" / "不" , Jinpei 向後地耳語。 "它是什麼"?
"Footsteps. I thought. There's nobody back there now." / "腳步。 我想。 現在在那裡沒有人背面。"
The boy glared at him. "You're messing with me, aren't you?" / 男孩在他發眩光。 "你正在和我弄糟, 你不是"?
"No, I swear I heard something!" / "不,我發誓我聽到了某事"!
"You're gonna tell me it's Joe, I bet." Jinpei raised his voice. "Hey, Joe n'aniki! Come on in here and watch the game!" / "你將要告訴我,它是喬,我打賭" 。 Jinpei 升起了他的聲音。 "嗨,喬 n'aniki! 在這裡中發生並且看比賽!"
"Jinpei!" Ryu grinned uneasily. "It's not smart to make fun of the dead." / "Jinpei"! Ryu 不安地露齒而笑。 "嘲弄死去的人是不聰明的".
"I'm not making fun. Besides, if he didn't show at Easton Island, why would he show now? C'mon, Joe, put up or shut up!" / "我沒有在作樂趣。 此外,如果他在 Easton 島沒有顯示,現在他為什麼將會顯示? C'mon ,喬, 投宿或關閉的增加!"
They waited for a moment, but heard only silence. / 他們等候一會兒, 但是只聽到了沈默。
"It'd be wild if he really could," Ryu said. "Seems like he's saying more now than he did when he was breathing." / " 它將會是荒野如果他真的可以",Ryu 說。 " 像他正在說比他更現在當他正在呼吸的時候做".
"Ooh, that's cold." But Jinpei giggled. "Maybe being dead makes you more talkative." / "Ooh, 那很寒冷". 但是 Jinpei 吃吃地笑。 "也許死使你更喜歡說話".
"Yeah, and heaven help us all when you pass away, loudmouth." / "是的,而且當你過世的時候,天堂幫助我們所有,loudmouth".
Jinpei grabbed a pillow from the couch and lobbed it at him, and Ryu fended it off with a laugh. "Who's loud?" / Jinpei 在他抓取了來自長椅的一個枕頭而且打高而慢的球了它,而且 Ryu 以一聲笑避開它。 " 誰是大聲的"?
"Shh!" / "Shh"!
"Shhhh!" / "Shhhh"!
Jinpei threw a pillow at him, which he threw back. They lobbed cushions back and forth until Jinpei ran out of extras. Their giggles subsided, and the two turned back to the television. / Jinpei 丟在他的一個枕頭, 他向後地丟。 直到 Jinpei 用盡額外之物,他們來回地打高而慢的球了墊子。 他們的吃吃地笑平息, 和那二折回到電視。
Ken leaned against the wall beside the entrance to his room, his head bowed. He'd heard the low voices and laughter and was about to ask why, but when Jinpei called Joe's name, it stopped him in his tracks. Before anyone could notice, he moved silently out of the corridor and back to the elevator. / 肯恩倚靠在通往他的房間入口旁邊的牆壁,他的頭彎腰。 他有聽到了低的聲音和笑而且正要問為什麼,但是當 Jinpei 打電話給了喬的名字時候,它在他的軌道中阻止他。 任何人可以注意之前,他默默地移動離走廊和向後地到電梯。
The air was warmer now, but the brisk sea breeze still assaulted Ken as he walked among the markers. He hadn't been here since Joe's funeral, not even to visit his father's monument. Instead of the sickening sweetness of incense and flowers, the smell of the ocean and of freshly cut grass filled his nostrils, but otherwise, not much had changed here. Someone, probably Jun, had put a small bouquet of flowers at the base of each of the four stones. From the wilted look of the blooms, they'd been left a few days ago. / 當他在作記號的人之中走路的時候,空氣現在是比較熱的,但是爽快的海洋微風仍然襲擊了肯恩。 他自從喬的葬禮以後沒有在這裡, 不甚至拜訪他的父親紀念碑。 代替香和花的令人作嘔的甜食, 大海的味道而且新減低的草裝滿了他的鼻孔, 但是否則,不已經多在這裡改變。 某人,可能六月,已經估計花的一把小的花束有每一塊四塊石頭的基礎。 從花的被枯萎的神情,他們已經在天以前被留下。
His father's stone seemed to loom a little taller than the others, dark and reproachful. Ken approached it and touched the front, tracing the carvings with his fingers the way he always did. Father, I'm sorry I haven't been by, he thought. But then, it doesn't really matter, does it? I couldn't handle the memories of last time I was here. I know you can't help me. You're not here anyway. Just carved marble and flowers and pretty words. What's left of you is probably up circling the earth with the Van Allen Belt. I wonder if you've been watching me from there? Wondering at what a fool your son has become? / 他的父親石頭似乎隱約可見比其餘者稍微高﹐黑暗的和申斥的。 肯恩接近了它而且碰觸了前面,用他的手指他總是做的方式追蹤雕刻品。 父親, 對不起我已經沒有是被,他想。 但是然後,它沒真的有重大關係嗎,是嗎? 我不可以處理我在這裡的上次記憶。 我知道你不能幫助我。 你無論如何不在這裡。 正直的有雕刻的大理石和花和漂亮的字。 你被留下的正在可能向上用貨車艾倫帶子包圍地球。 是否你已經從在那裡看我,我懷疑? 覺得奇怪在你的兒子已經變得什麼一個愚人?
With a sigh, he turned away and walked past the monuments to Oniishi and Masaki to the last stone, the one that stood closest to the sea. With eyes narrowed and blinking, he glared at the name inscribed in the marble, the dates. / 藉由一聲歎息,他轉向離開而且走路過去對最後一塊石頭的對 Oniishi 和 Masaki 的紀念碑, 那一個站著最靠近到海洋。 藉由被縮小而且眨眼的眼睛,他在大理石被登記的名字,日期發眩光。
Pulling the microtape player out of the pocket of his jacket, Ken shook it at the stone. "Talk to me, damn you," he growled. "Tell me what the hell this means. These shadows, these voices, these rescues. Stop the games. If you can do anything, then prove me wrong and talk to me!" / 把 microtape 運動員從他的夾克口袋拉出來,肯恩在石頭搖動它。 "和我說話,詛咒你",他怒吠。 " 告訴我這意謂什麼。 這些影像,這些聲音,這些援救。 停止比賽。 如果你能做任何事,然後錯誤證明我和對我談話!"
Nothing changed. The wind continued to eddy around the stones and pull at Ken's hair and clothing. The waves crashed against the rocks below. The dying flowers fluttered and swayed in their cut stone vase. And Ken stood alone. / 沒事改變。 風繼續在石頭的周圍起漩渦而且在肯恩的頭髮和衣服拉。 波浪在下面墜毀對抗岩石。 垂死的花擺動而且搖動在他們的切中石頭花瓶。 而且肯恩獨自地站立。
He'd listened to the tape in his hospital bed all through the night, even after Dr. Nambu had dashed all of their hopes. The voice on the recording still gave him chills. Yet the analysts had said that a machine had generated this recording. It didn't sound mechanical to Ken. He could almost see the expression on Joe's face as he spoke into the microphone: solemn, tense. The expression Ken had most hated to see in his second because it meant they were in a great deal of trouble. / 他整個夜晚已經聽到他的醫院床的錄音帶, 甚至在 Nambu 博士已經猛擲他們的全部希望之後。 在錄音上的聲音仍然給予了他寒冷。 仍然分析家已經說一部機器已經產生這錄音。 它沒有聽起來對肯恩是機械的。 當他進入麥克風之內說的時候,他可以幾乎看見在喬的臉上表達: 嚴肅的,時態。 因為它意謂,所以表達肯恩有最憎恨在他的秒中看見 , 他們有很多的麻煩。
Ken left the stone and sat on the edge of the grounds, staring out at the ocean. He pulled a tiny set of earphones from his pocket, plugged them in, and turned on the tape. / 肯恩留下了石頭而且坐在理由的邊緣上,在大海的注視。 他拉了來自他的口袋一極小組的耳機, 插入了他們在, 而且打開錄音帶。
"Hakase: The Syndicate's next operation will target San Frangelis. They're in the process of constructing a huge base within city limits, and if allowed to continue...." / "Hakase: 企業聯合的下個手術將瞄準桑河 Frangelis 。 他們是在城市限制裡面構造一個極大的基礎程序中, 而且如果允許繼續...."
Tell me--what can the dead do? / 告訴我--死去的人能做什麼?
Ken returned to Nambu's summer house at sunset. Before he departed the graveyard, he sprung the microtape cassette from its player and left it at the base of Joe's stone, beside the flowers. / 肯恩在日落回到 Nambu's 夏天房子。 以前他過去的墓地, 他跳來自它的運動員的 microtape 卡帶而且在喬的石頭基礎留下它,在花旁邊。

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