PART 3 / 第 3 部份
"Progress?" / "促進"?
"Since the Queen Margaret incident, there has been no sign of him," said the voice on the other end of the transmission. "I think he's in hiding now, building up his resources. How is your research coming along?" / "因為瑪格麗特皇后事件,已經沒有他的跡象",在傳輸的另一端上的聲音說。 "我認為他是在現在藏,建立他的資源方面。 你的進展 的研究好嗎?"
"Much more smoothly now that I'm not being observed," Rafael smiled to himself. "The box functions exactly as you described, but some of the other upgrades will take time." / " 現在更加平滑地那我沒有在被觀察",Rafael 對他自己微笑。 " 當你描述的時候,盒子完全運作,但是一些另一個升級將花時間".
Though he couldn't see his colleague's face, Dr. Rafael could sense amusement over the transmission. "Speaking of Asakura, I see that he's wasted no time getting into trouble." / 雖然他不可以看見他的同事臉,但是 Rafael 博士可以感覺在傳輸上的娛樂。 "說到 Asakura,我看見他是浪費的沒有時間進入麻煩" 。
"I told him to enjoy the peacetime until I called him. He may not exactly be keeping a low profile, but he's not endangering our plans." / "直到我打電話給了他,我告訴了他享受平時。 他不可能完全保存低的描繪,但是他沒有在危及我們的計劃。"
"What will you do about his loyalties to the ISO?" / "你將關於對國際標準組織的他忠誠做什麼"?
"I'll let him choose. Advantages and disadvantages are about even. If he goes back, he'll have their resources, but also his obligations to them." / "我將讓他選擇。 利益和缺點是關於甚至。 如果他回去,他將有他們的資源, 但是也對他們的他義務。"
"Have you discussed it?" / " 你討論它了"?
"He's never brought it up. We'll worry about it when the time comes." / " 他從不是提出它。 當時間來的時候,我們將為它擔憂。"
"Keep me up to date," his caller said, and signed off. / "使我保持最新的",他的來電者說, 而且簽字放棄。

As promised, Ken showed up at the ISO the next day to fill in his reports on his plane accident. The procedure was standard; something that Ken had done many times. But instead of meeting with his usual flight staff, Ken met with a number of special agents who asked the questions, gave him the forms to fill out, then thanked him and ushered him out when he was finished. They were polite, but tight-lipped, and Ken could not get any details from them. When he tried to call Dr. Nambu, he was told the professor was in the middle of a conference and unavailable. He remained unavailable through several follow-up calls as well, and Ken was left to heal and stew in his own curiosity. / 依照答應,肯恩出現在國際標準組織隔天填寫他的關於他的平意外事件的報告。 程序是標準; 某事那一個肯恩已經許多次做。 但是取而代之的是遭遇到他的平常職員班機,肯恩和許多的問了問題的特別代理人見面,給予了他表格填寫 , 然後謝謝了他而且引導出他當他被完成的時候。 他們是有禮貌的, 但是緊閉嘴巴,而且肯恩不可以由他們得到任何的細節。 當他試著打電話給 Nambu 博士的時候, 他被告訴教授在會議的中央中和得不到的。 他也保持得不到完成一些追蹤呼叫,而且肯恩被留下在他自己的好奇心中治癒而且燉。
Days passed, and despite his enforced convalescence, Ken settled into an easy routine at Jun's place. Their little tryst the day of Ken's return from the hospital was not to be a one-time occurrence--Jun made that perfectly clear--and though Ken still slept in the guest room at night to keep up appearances, the mornings before they opened up shop belonged to Jun. At first, Ken was terrified of what would happen now that he had crossed the line and shown her his true feelings--he expected the ceiling to fall in or some disaster to strike, as it always had with those he had become close to. But nothing happened. The only real difference was that now he knew what he had been missing, and he no longer got flustered at Jinpei's jokes. In any case, it was the only thing that kept him from going stir-crazy while he was grounded. / 每天通過,而且不在乎他的執行漸瘉,肯恩在六月的地方進入一個容易的例行公事之內安頓。 來自醫院的他們小約會天的肯恩回返是不要是以前的發生--被使那非常清楚的六月--而且雖然在他們打通被屬於六月的商店早晨之前肯恩在晚上仍然在客房中睡持續外表。 起先,肯恩現在將會發生的東西被驚嚇,他已經交叉線而且給她看他的真實感覺-- 他期望了天花板落下在或一些災禍攻擊, 如同它總是和他已經接近地變得的那些有一樣到。 但是沒事發生。 唯一的真正不同是那現在他知道了他已經不見的,而且他不再在 Jinpei's 的笑話得到使酩醉。 無論如何,它是從去攪動保持了他的唯一事物- 發狂的當他被置於地面的時候。
It was about four o' clock, right before the afternoon crowd was due in. Ken was propped up on a stool behind the bar, up to his elbows in soapy water. True love or no, Jun never forgot a debt or passed up an opportunity, so Ken was earning his keep, washing glasses behind the bar. A few feet away, Jun was wiping tables and watching her customers. / 它是大約四 o'時鐘, 正確地在午後之前群眾是適當的在。 肯恩在獄中的一個凳子上被支持 , 決定於他的手肘在肥皂的水。 真實的愛或不,六月從不忘記了債務或錯過一個機會,因此,肯恩正在賺他的生計,在獄中清洗眼鏡。 一些腳之遠,六月正在擦拭桌子而且看她的消費者。
"You wouldn't catch me doing this if I wasn't laid up," Ken grumbled under his breath. / "如果我不被長期地臥床,你將不捕捉我做這",肯恩在他的呼吸之下呻吟。
"What's that?" / "那是什麼"?
"Aa? Oh, nothing." He grimaced. Sharp ears. Well, once this load was done, he could take his rightful place on the other side of the bar. He hoped he would be finished before Jinpei got home from school--the kid found the whole situation hilarious, and never passed up an opportunity to rub it in. / "Aa? 哦,沒事。"他扮鬼臉。 銳利的耳朵。 好吧,一旦這個負荷被做,他可以帶在酒吧的另一邊上的他合法的地方。 他希望,在 Jinpei 從學校回家之前 , 他將會是完成的-- 小孩發現整個的情形喜不自禁的, 而且從不錯過一個機會擦它在。
Ken had just gotten off dish duty and back on his usual stool when the door banged open and Jinpei walked in. Ken braced himself, but the usual noisy greeting and obligatory razz of the latest victim of Jun's Work Reform Plan never came. Jinpei stalked silently down the aisle with a sour look on his face. He looked rumpled and his jacket was stained, as if he had been in a fight. / 肯恩走開剛剛得到盤子責任和向後地在他的平常凳子身上當門重擊的時候開放的而且 Jinpei 走入。 肯恩支撐了他自己, 但是六月的最近受害人的平常吵雜的問候和義不容辭的酷評工作改革計劃從不來。 Jinpei 默默地悄悄靠近下來有在他的臉上酸神情的走廊。 他看弄縐,而且他的夾克被沾染,好像他已經在戰鬥中。
Jun stared at him, open-mouthed, as he went by. "Jinpei? What on earth--?" / 六月盯著他看,公開裝腔作勢說話的,如同他通過一樣。 "Jinpei? 什麼在地球上--?"
Ken grabbed one of his crutches from where it was leaning against the counter, and used it to block the boy's way. Jinpei turned a poisonous glare on him. "What happened to you?" Ken demanded. / 肯恩抓取了他的拐杖之一從在它正在倚靠櫃台, 而且使用了它阻塞男孩的方法地方。 Jinpei 轉了在他上的有毒閃耀光。 "你發生了什麼事"? 肯恩要求。
"Women, that's what!" Jinpei snarled. "All they are is trouble!" He shoved the crutch out of his way and continued toward the back door. "I don't need 'em!" / "女人, 那是什麼"! Jinpei 吼叫。 " 全部他們是麻煩"! 他從他的方法推擠了拐杖而且對於後門繼續。 "我不需要 'em"!
"Jinpei!" Jun sounded stricken. / "Jinpei"! 六月聽起來受打擊。
"What?" Ken grinned, trying to lighten the mood a little. "Did she try to beat you up or something?" / "什麼"? 肯恩露齒而笑, 嘗試稍微點亮心情。 " 她試著痛打你嗎或某事"?
The boy whirled back on him and there were tears in his eyes. "No, it was her damn friends. Why can't things be like they used to be? Everything was so much easier then!" He went through the door and slammed it behind him. They heard him pound up the stairs, then another door slammed, followed by silence. / 男孩在他和那裡上向後地旋轉是他的眼睛淚滴。 "不,它是她的非常朋友。 事物為什麼不像他們使用當? 每件事物然後是如此非常容易!"他經過門而且猛然關上了在他後面的它。 他們聽到他在樓梯上面強烈打擊, 然後另一扇門猛然關上, 被沈默跟隨。
Jun hurried for the door, but Ken grabbed her arm. "Leave him be." / 六月為門催促,但是肯恩抓取了她的手臂。 " 留下他是".
She stared at him, indignant. "But he's--" / 她盯著他看,憤怒的。 "但是他是--"
"He's fine. Do you really think he'd let a bunch of kids beat him up?" Ken shook his head. "Leave him be. If he wants our help, he'll ask." / "他很好。 你真的認為他將會讓一束小孩痛打他?"肯恩搖頭。 " 留下他是。 如果他想要我們的幫忙,他將問。"
Back in his room, Jinpei threw his bags down and flung himself on the bed. He wanted to break something; instead he yanked his pillow from the bed and threw it against the wall. He had taken Ken's advice, and to his surprise, it had worked. Laura was charmed by him. Laura thought he was cute. Laura thought it'd be fine if they studied together. But now it wasn't Laura that was the problem. / 在他的房間中回,Jinpei 在床上把他的袋子丟下來而且投他自己。 他想要打破某事; 改為他反對牆壁強拉了來自床的他枕頭而且丟它。 他已經帶肯恩的忠告,而且令他驚訝地,它已經工作。 蘿拉被他迷人的了。 蘿拉想了他很可愛。 蘿拉想,如果他們一起學習,它將會是罰款。 但是現在它不是問題的蘿拉。
"It wasn't the ambush," he said to the ceiling, and his voice, which was just on the verge of changing, wobbled and cracked. He hated the sound of it. "And it wasn't the fight. Those damn football players can't fight their way out of a paper sack. They hated me. They wanted to hurt me. For what? For trying to make friends inside their elite group. For not being a big, musclebound, pointy-headed... moron like them. They think they're so cool... And all the while, Laura just sits there, oblivious, like some queen." He lunged off the bed, stepped over to the dormer window in his attic room, and yanked it open. "I risked my life to save you guys!" he screamed out over the street. "And you're not worth it!" / "它不是埋伏",他對天花板 , 和他的聲音說,剛好快要改變, 搖動而且弄碎。 他憎恨它的聲音。 "而且它不是戰鬥。 非常的那些人足球運動員從一個紙麻布袋不能對抗他們的方法。 他們憎恨我。 他們想要傷害我。 為什麼? 為嘗試使裡面的朋友成為他們的精英團體。 因為不作為大, musclebound,相當尖的-帶領。。。 低能喜歡他們。 他們認為他們是如此涼爽。。。 而且所有的一會兒,蘿拉僅僅在那裡坐,易忘的,像一些皇后。" 他有肺的遠床, 踏在到在他的閣樓房間中的宿舍窗戶之上, 而且強拉了它開放的。 "我冒著我的生活危險了解救你用支索撐住"! 他遍及街道大叫。 "而且你不是值得"!

The signal came at three in the morning: an electronic shriek similar to modem feedback. It sent Joe bolt upright in bed. He looked wildly around, half expecting to be in the old briefing room at Crescent Base with Ken glaring at him for falling asleep. Instead he found himself on a king-sized bed in a dark, expensively decorated bedroom. A young woman lay asleep beside him, her face turned away. She hadn't heard the alarm at all--it had come from inside his head. / 信號在早晨在三點鐘被提出: 與數據機回應類似的一聲電子的尖銳響聲。 它在床中直立地送了喬門閂。 他在附近野性地看,期待是在舊的簡報中 的一半對他為睡著在和閃耀的肯恩新月形的基礎住宿。 改為他在黑暗的一張國王規模床上發現他自己,貴地裝飾了臥室。 一個年輕的女人熟睡地在他旁邊放置,她的臉轉離開。 她沒有聽到在全部的警報--它已經在他的頭裡來自。
Joe had just enough time to catch his breath before the second summons came, this time with a set of coordinates, whispered in radio static on the insides of his eardrums. Joe ground his teeth and swore under his breath--Rafael had told him what to expect, but that didn't make it any more comfortable to deal with. If the old man could stick messages in his brain, what else could he put there? Joe loathed the idea of anyone messing with his head. / 在第二個召喚來之前 , 喬有了僅僅充足的時間使他屏息,這次以一系列坐標,在收音機在他的中耳內部方面的靜電方面耳語。 喬在他的呼吸之下將他的牙齒置於地面了而且咒罵--Rafael 已經告訴他該期待, 但是沒有變得更舒服處理什麼。 如果老人可以黏住他的腦訊息, 什麼別的他可以在那裡放嗎? 喬不情願的了以他的頭弄糟 的任何人的想法。
Beside him the woman stirred but didn't waken. Her long, black hair spilled across the pillow and one slim arm hung over the edge of the bed. A gap in the sheet revealed the seductive curve of one bare breast; the line of her lower back where it merged with her hips, and Joe was tempted to run his fingers along the smooth valley above her spine. He hadn't sought their affair, but at this point he didn't regret it. Her red Ferrari F-50 had gotten his attention, he had gotten hers, and the conversation had proceeded to a small cafe, then back to the car and eventually to her bedroom. He'd balked at first, afraid that his changes would become obvious, or that he might hurt her; but her kisses drew the same responses from his new body as they would have in the old, and she was anything but fragile in his arms. It was ironic that after a night spent confirming this one particular aspect of his humanity, Dr. Rafael would call him this way and spoil the illusion. / 在他旁邊女人激起但是沒有喚醒。 她渴望,黑色的頭髮溢出過枕頭,而且一隻瘦的手臂在床的邊緣之上吊。 張的一個縫隙顯示了赤裸的胸部誘惑的曲線; 比較低的她線向後地它以她的臀部合併哪裡,而且喬被誘惑在她的脊椎上面沿著平滑的山谷跑他的手指。 他沒有尋找他們的事件,但是此時他沒有為它感到遺憾。 她的紅色法拉利 F-50 已經得到他的注意,他已經得到她的,而且交談已經前進到一間小的咖啡館, 然後向後地到汽車和最後到她的臥室。 他起先有阻止, 害怕他的改變將會變成明顯, 或他可能傷害她; 但是當他們將會有在老年人中,而且她決不是易碎的在他手臂中的時候,她的吻拉來自他的新身體的相同反應。 在一個夜晚花費確定這一個他的人性特別的方面之後,它是冷嘲的那,Rafael 博士將會這樣打電話給他而且破壞幻影。
It really wasn't fair to just leave her like this. He thought about leaving a note, but trying to explain would only make things worse. Joe could imagine how she'd react to the truth: "Oh sure, you're leaving to save the world from an extraterrestrial menace. I've never heard that one before." / 它真的不公平的僅僅留下她的同類這。 他想留下一個附註, 但是嘗試只解釋將會使事物更糟。 喬可以想像她將會如何對事實產生反應: " 哦當然,你正在離開解救來自一個外星的威脅世界。 我以前從未聽到那一個。"
And yet... this call could mean that X has returned already. Joe could stop wasting his time playing with the gangs and get back to work. / 而且仍然。。。 這一個呼叫可以意謂 X 已經歸還了。 喬可以停止浪費他的時間和隊玩而且回到工作。
Good. / 好的。
He grabbed his backpack and silently left the house. / 他抓取了他的背包並且默默地離開了房子。

Joe was sent to an office-style room in the top floor of the complex. Rafael turned and faced him the moment the door opened. "So how was the physical?" he asked in that slow, ponderous way of his, with a smirk that was barely concealed behind his beard. / 喬在合成物的頂尖地板中被送到一個辦公室- 風格的房間。 Rafael 轉而且面對了他片刻門打開。 "如此身體檢查好嗎"? 他慢地在那問, 他的沈重方式,藉由幾乎在他的鬍鬚後面被隱藏的嘻嘻笑。
"Fine," Joe growled. The thorough checkup had tested his patience as much as his physical condition. No doubt Rafael already had the damn results on his desk. "So where is X?" / "很好",喬怒吠。 完全的審查已經測試他的耐性如很多如他的實際情況。 無疑地 Rafael 已經有了在他的書桌上的非常結果。 "如此 X 在哪裡"?
"Sit down, Joe." The young man sat where Rafael pointed, and the doctor turned on the screen at his end of the room. The lights dimmed, and the screen glowed to show film footage taken from a satellite camera and computer enhanced. Above the blue curve of the Earth, a glowing light shot across the screen, then spiraled down through the clouds. The camera pulled in, following the movement. The light appeared to pause for a moment, then dove, plowing through the dark shape of a ship and cleaving it in two before vanishing deep into the ocean. The date displayed on the lower right corner of the screen was one month ago to the day. Joe felt a rush of resentment at that. / "坐下,喬". 年輕的男人坐著在哪裡被指出的 Rafael,而且醫生在他的房間結束打開螢幕。 光暗淡,而且螢幕發紅光顯示從一部人造衛星相機和電腦被拿的電影英尺可提高的。 在地球的藍色曲線上面,一個白熱的光射擊過螢幕,然後 spiraled 墬落過雲。 相機停車 ,跟隨運動。 光似乎暫停一會兒, 然後鴿子, 橫掃船的黑暗形狀而且劈開它在二在消失深處進大海之內之前。 在螢幕的比較低的正確角落上被顯示的日期在一個月以前是到那天。 喬感覺了在那的怨恨匆促。
"This footage was taken by an Ameris military satellite, just beyond the coast of Espania," Rafael said. "The ship it struck was the Queen Margaret, a luxury cruise ship. Five hundred and twenty six passengers were rescued. All eyewitness accounts reported a bright light that crashed through the deck like a missile, then disappeared into the ocean." / "這英尺被 Ameris 帶了軍事人造衛星,僅僅超過 Espania 的海岸",Rafael 說。 " 船它打是瑪格麗特皇后,一艘豪華巡航船。 五百二十六位乘客被救出。 所有的目擊者帳戶報告,一個嘩啦一聲倒入甲板的明亮光喜歡一個飛彈,然後進入大海之內消失。"
Joe grimaced; the Queen Margaret had been one of the biggest pleasure barges in the ocean. If it had been full when it set out, less than a fifth of its passengers had survived. "Any motive?" / 喬扮鬼臉; 瑪格麗特皇后已經是最大的快樂之一大海的舢板。 當它宣布的時候,假如它是全部,一點也不五分之一的它乘客已經繼續生存。 "任何的動機"?
"Not that I can ascertain. There were some ISO people and retired military personnel on the passenger list, but dead or alive, their whereabouts have all been confirmed. Perhaps it was done out of spite." / " 不那我能確定。 有在乘客目錄上的一些國際標準組織人和隱退的軍事人員, 但是死的或活著的,他們的行蹤全部已經被確認。 也許它被做離惡意。"
"Where is X now?" / "現在 X 在哪裡"?
The screen switched off. "I'm not sure," Rafael said. "The ocean floor lies over fifteen thousand meters deep. There is no way to track an object at that depth without special equipment. However, if it is X, perhaps I can offer an educated guess. Due to its remote location, unfriendly terrain and previous familiarity, I suggest we keep a close eye on the Himalayas." / 螢幕切斷。 "我不確定",Rafael 說。 "海底在深處一萬五千公尺之上躺臥。 沒有方法在沒有特別的儀器那深度追蹤一個物體。 然而,如果它是 X,也許我能提供一個受過教育的猜測。 由於它的遙遠地點, 不友善地地帶和先前的親密,我建議我們密切注意喜馬拉雅山。"
Again? Joe didn't look forward to returning to those harsh, forbidding mountains and the memories they held. "Cross Karakoram? I thought the ISO had set up a research facility there." / 再一次? 喬沒有盼望回到他們拿著的那些粗糙的, 可怕的山和記憶。 "交叉 Karakoram? 我想了在那裡在研究設備上面被有組的國際標準組織。"
Rafael shook his head. "I don't think he'll return to Cross Karakoram. It wouldn't be wise to alert the ISO at this time by setting up shop in front of their noses." / Rafael 搖頭。 " 我不認為他將回到交叉 Karakoram 。 藉由在他們的鼻子之前建立商店在這次提醒國際標準組織將不會是明智的。"
"So what are our options? We watch and wait?" Joe almost wished he hadn't been called in for this. All he could do now was fidget until more info came in. / "如此我們的選項是什麼? 我們看而且等候?"喬幾乎願了他沒有被為這收回。 全部他現在可以做是急急忙忙直到更多的資訊進來。
It was almost as if the Doctor had read his mind. He glanced at the young man sideways, and raised one bushy eyebrow. "Don't worry, Joe," he said. "I don't think we'll be kept waiting long." / 它幾乎好像醫生已經讀他的心。 他向傍邊注視年輕的男人, 而且升起了一道灌木一樣的眉毛。 "不要煩惱,喬",他說。 "我不認為我們將被繼續久等候" 。
Joe left the complex and wandered down the corridors to the docks, his mind working furiously. He hated feeling helpless. There had to be something he could do now. / 被留下合成物並且遊蕩下來到碼頭的走廊喬,他的狂暴地工作 的心。 他憎恨覺得無助。 那裡必須是某事他現在可以做。
Bright sunshine fell onto his face, and he squinted up at the sky--he had made it outside. His little speedboat waited below, rocking gently in the waves of the tiny inlet. He leaned against the rock wall and reviewed his conversation with Rafael yet again. / 明亮的陽光在他的臉之上跌落,而且他使變斜視眼在天空上面--他已經使它外面。 他的小高速遊艇在下面等候, 搖擺逐漸地在極小的插入物的波浪中。 他再一次仍然倚靠岩石牆壁而且用 Rafael 檢討他的交談。
"I don't think he'll return to Cross Karakoram. It wouldn't be wise to alert the ISO at this time." / " 我不認為他將回到交叉 Karakoram 。 在這次提醒國際標準組織將不會是明智的。"
No, not for X, it wouldn't. / 不, 不對於 X, 它不會。
Suddenly, Joe grinned. There wasn't anything he could act upon until he had more information, but nobody had said he couldn't pass along what little information he had. After all, he thought, misery loves company. / 突然,喬露齒而笑。 沒有任何事他可以對直到他有所反應有更多的資料,但是沒有人已經說他向前不可以通過他有多麼小的資料啊。 畢竟,他想,悲慘愛公司。

The agent Julia stood behind the professor's desk and watched him review the data yet again. It was all she could do to keep from hanging her head in embarrassment. / 代理人茱莉亞在教授的書桌後面站立並且看他再一次仍然檢討資料。 它全都是她可以做避免懸掛困窘的她頭。
"You found this where?" / " 你發現這在哪裡"?
"As standard e-mail, sitting in the ISO mailbox, addressed to you." / " 如標準的電子郵件,在國際標準組織郵筒中坐,對你演說".
"Yet you can't trace this?" / "然而你不能追蹤這"?
"We traced the message back to a student computer at Boston University. Time of transmission was 2 am. None of the night watch we questioned recalled any activity at that time--all videotaped footage is clean." / "我們在波士頓大學把訊息追蹤回一部學生電腦。 傳輸的時候是早上 2 點。 沒有一個我們詢問的守夜那時取消了任何的活動-- 全部把英尺錄在錄影帶上是乾淨的。"
"Why does this not surprise me," Nambu muttered. / "這為什麼不使我吃驚",Nambu 喃喃自語。
"Our friend had to use a student's name to log on, and went under the name Tina Mckendricks. Mckendricks is in traction in the university hospital, recovering from an automobile accident." / "我們的朋友必須命名為蒂娜 Mckendricks 使用學生的名字登錄, 而且去。 Mckendricks 在大學醫院中的曳中,恢復汽車意外事件。"
"What were the factors surrounding the accident?" / "圍住意外事件 的因素是作什麼的"?
Julia opened the manila folder she was holding and paged through it. "Drunk driver, hit and run. It was late at night. Mckendricks was found about ten minutes after it happened. A passerby called paramedics and possibly administrated first aid--she was lying beside the car and had been treated for shock before the paramedics arrived. He didn't stay around or leave a name, though." / 茱莉亞打開了她正在握住並且標明它的頁數過的 manila 文件夾。 "喝駕駛員,碰撞和奔跑。 它在晚上很遲。 Mckendricks 在它發生大約十分鐘之後被發現。 一個過路人打電話給了醫療人員並且可能地管理了急救--在醫療人員到達之前 , 她正在汽車旁邊說謊而且為驚嚇已經被對待。 他沒有停留在附近或留下一個名字,雖然。"
"It was male?" / " 它是男性的"?
"According to the dispatcher, yes." / "依照發送者,是的".
"Do they have a recording of the call?" / "他們有呼叫的錄音嗎"?
"We're putting a copy through analysis now." / "我們正在現在經過分析放副本" 。
"Have someone interview Miss Mckendricks and find out if she has received any visitors she doesn't know." This could be a dead end, but better than nothing. This messenger--providing it was the same person who was using the ISO access codes, and he suspected it was--was starting to intrigue him. It was an unspoken challenge, and Nambu had the impression that the person was playing with him. The agent excused herself and left the office. / "如果她已經收到她不知道的任何訪客,某人已經接見 Mckendricks 小姐而且發現嗎" 。 這可能是一個盡頭, 但是比較好的超過沒事。 這一個報信者-- 提供它是正在使用國際標準組織通路密碼的相同人,而且他猜想它是--開始密謀他。 它是不言而喻的挑戰,而且 Nambu 有了人正在和他玩的印象。 代理人原諒了她自己而且離開了辦公室。
The doctor shifted the mouse and ran the sequence again. It was simple: computer enhanced satellite footage of the Queen Margaret attack, but different footage than what was in the ISO archives. The footage had been attached to a simple e-mail message, which contained only three words: "WATCH THE MOUNTAINS." / 醫生再一次改變了老鼠而且跑序列。 它很簡單: 電腦超過什麼是在國際標準組織檔案中提高了瑪格麗特皇后攻擊的人造衛星英尺 , 但是不同的英尺。 英尺已經被附著在一個簡單的電子郵件訊息, 只包含了三個字: "看山" 。
It wasn't the meaning of the message as much as what it implied. / 它不是訊息的意義當做更加如它所暗示的。
The professor's intercom beeped; absently he switched it on. "Engineer Kamo wishes to speak with you sir," said his receptionist. "Are you available?" / 教授的對講器嗶嗶聲; 心不在焉地他轉變了它在之上。 " 設計 Kamo 希望說由於你 "先生,他的接待員說。 " 你有空"?
"Let him in, please." / "讓他進去" 。
Engineer Kamo had come into Professor Nambu's office to deliver the news personally. It came abruptly, without the usual greetings and preambles: "Launch day has arrived, Hakase." / 工程師 Kamo 已經進入教授 Nambu's 的辦公室親自地遞送新聞。 它突然地來,沒有平常的問候和前文: "日子已經到達的發射,Hakase".
The professor looked up from his work and raised an eyebrow. "You're three days ahead of schedule," he noted. / 教授看在從他的工作上面而且升起了一道眉毛。 "你在時間表之前是三天",他注意。
The portly old engineer gave him a wide grin and adjusted his coat, unable to conceal his pride. "The work went more smoothly than we expected. The transport is waiting, and we can leave as soon as you're ready." / 肥胖的老工程師給予了他寬的露齒笑而且調整了他的外套, 不能隱藏他的自傲。 "工作進行比我們更平滑。 傳送正在等候,而且我們能離開一旦你準備好。"
"Hm." Nambu nodded, then pressed a button on the intercom and instructed his secretary to cancel the day's appointments. In a few smooth, efficient movements, he swept the day's work into his briefcase, traded his lab smock for a suit coat, and motioned for the chief engineer to lead the way. / "Hm". 被點頭的 Nambu,然後按了在對講器上的一個按鈕而且教了他的祕書取消天的約會。 在一些平滑的, 有效率的運動方面,他清掃天的工作進他的公事包之內﹐為一件訴訟外套交易了他的實驗室工作服﹐而且運動讓主要的工程師帶領方法。
A hovercraft took them from the roof of the ISO building, over the city and toward the ocean. Six hours later, they descended onto an old military aircraft carrier remodeled for ISO use. Nambu and Kamo were ushered into the ship for a thirty-minute cruise. The professor walked up to the bridge and stood with the captain, grateful for the chance to stretch his legs. / hovercraft 從國際標準組織建築物的屋頂帶他們, 遍及城市和對於大海。 六小時之後,他們在被為國際標準組織使用改造的一個舊的軍事航空母艦之上降。 Nambu 和 Kamo 進入到的運送之內被引導一三十-微小的巡航。 教授到橋走上而且和船長站立, 感謝的讓機會伸展他的腿。
Finally the ship arrived at the proper coordinates. The captain escorted them to a small rampway set at the rear of the ship, hidden just beneath the flat top. Sitting on the ramp was a small submarine; the final leg of the journey. / 最後船達成適當的坐標。 船長護衛了他們到在船的後面被設定的小 rampway,僅僅在平坦的頂端之下藏著。 坐在斜坡上是一艘小的潛水艇; 旅程的最後腿。
The trip didn't last long. Although he had been studying the schematics for years and was completely familiar with the design, Dr. Nambu found himself staring through the tiny porthole in amazement. / 旅行沒有最後渴望。 雖然他已經學習圖表長達數年之久並且完全地熟悉設計, 但是 Nambu 博士發現他自己驚訝地注視過極小的舷窗。
The construction of the ISO's second top-secret research installation, dubbed "G-Town" by the engineers who had designed it, had started shortly after the first Galactor attack on its predecessor, Crescent Coral. Larger, more advanced, more mobile and more heavily-armored than Crescent Base, G-Town's primary problem lay in where and how something so large could be built in secrecy. Construction finally took place in a volcanically active area, where interference from the seismic activity would confuse enemy radar. Of course there had also been the chance that an unfortunate eruption would destroy all the ISO's work. Now the product of all their efforts lay before the two men, larger than life. Their transport drifted like a tiny speck through the gates of the main airlock and vanished within. / 國際標準組織的第二極機密的研究安裝的建築, 配音 "G-城鎮"藉著已經設計它的工程師,已經在它的前輩,新月形的珊瑚上的第一個 Galactor 攻擊之後不久開始。 大的﹐更先進的﹐和更多的行動電話和更很重- 武裝的超過新月形的基礎,G- 城鎮的初期問題在於在哪裡而且如此大東西如何可能在秘密中被建造。 建築最後在來自地震的活動衝突將會使敵人雷達困惑的一個火山似積極的區域中發生。 當然在那裡也已經是機會不幸的爆發將會破壞所有的國際標準組織的工作。 現在他們所有的努力產品在二位男人之前放置,比生活大的。 他們的傳送經過主要的 airlock 的門漂流了同類一個極小的斑點而且在裡面消失。
The new staff lined up on the dock as Nambu stepped out of the sub. He looked from face to face, noting the eager expressions, as if they couldn't wait to show him the new toy. "How does it look?" he asked them. / 新的職員排成一行在碼頭上當 Nambu 踏出替代人員上面。 他從面對面看,注意熱心的表達,好像他們等不及要給他看新的玩具。 "它看起來如何"? 他問了他們。
"Everything's operating without a hitch, sir. All that's left is for the rest of the research staff to move in." / "沒有一個猛拉,先生的每件事物操作。 左邊的全部為研究職員的其它部分搬進。"
"Good." / "好的".
The Security Chief then took over, leading the professor on a tour through the main security headquarters. All was in order there. They then went through the research wing where Dr. Nambu's new office was located. Their footsteps echoed though the empty corridors--empty for the last time before the new staff arrived. On his way he passed through the main briefing room at the bow of the complex. It was a vast, high-ceilinged room--wasteful in a structure where space was at such a premium. The small trio of couches at the opposite end were dwarfed by windows that took up the entire back wall. Schools of fish drifted past the glass. That view could prove to be a distraction later. As if reading his mind, Kamo said, almost defensively, "We figured we could allow for one extravagance. You deserve it." / 安全領袖然後接管,經過主要的安全總部領先在一個旅遊上的教授。 全部是井然有序在那裡。 他們然後經過研究翅膀在哪裡新的辦公室被設置的 Nambu's 博士。 雖然被隨聲附和的他們腳步空的走廊--對於在新的職員前的最後一次是空的到達。 在途中他在合成物的弓通過了主要的簡報房間。 它是一個巨大的, 高度天花板的房間-- 浪費的在空間在一個如此額外費用的結構中。 長椅的小三人一組在相反的結束被著手進行整個的後面牆壁的窗戶矮子了。 魚的學校越過玻璃漂流。 那視野可以證明稍後是一種娛樂。 好像讀他的心,Kamo 說,幾乎防禦地,"我們演算我們可以考慮到奢侈。 你該得到它。"
"Hm," Nambu said. / "Hm",Nambu 說。
His office was of a much more comfortable size. His computer was already on line, and all his files were in place. His desk had been meticulously arranged to match the one at ISO Headquarters, every item in its place. He looked up at Kamo, who had followed him in, and motioned for the Chief Engineer to sit. / 他的辦公室是較加舒服的大小。 他的電腦已經在線上,而且他所有的檔案適當。 他的書桌已經嚴密地被安排在國際標準組織總部與那一個相配,在它的地方中的每個項目。 他看在 Kamo上面而且運動讓主要的工程師坐著, 已經跟隨他在。
"Is this office secure?" / " 這一個辦公室是安心的"?
"Yes, Hakase. Airtight." / "是的,Hakase。 密閉的。"
Nambu didn't smile at that. He sincerely hoped the security was indeed airtight--more so than ISO Headquarters, anyway. With recent events, he was starting to feel very vulnerable. / Nambu 沒有對那微笑。 他誠摯地希望,安全的確密閉-- 更多如此超過國際標準組織總部,無論如何。 藉由最近的事件,他開始覺得非常易受傷害。
"The Conservatory Operation is in full swing," Kamo continued without prompting. "Assembly of the vehicles has begun, and the frames will be shipped here by the end of the week. We'll need about four weeks to complete assembly, and another four for testing." / "保存性的手術正全力進行中",Kamo 不需要刺激就繼續。 "車輛的集會已經開始,而且體格在星期底之前將在這裡被裝船運送。 我們將需要大約四個星期完成集會, 和另外四對於測試。"
That's moving slowly, but then there is nothing wrong with the old weapons, should it come to that. The professor nodded and said nothing. / 那正在慢慢地移動,但是然後那裡毫不對舊的武器感到錯誤,萬一它到達那。 教授點頭而且什麼也不說。
"After that, we'll need to take measurements for the seats and controls," Kamo added. "I take it you haven't told the kids yet?" / " 在那之後,我們將需要為座位和控制拿測量",Kamo 補述。 "我帶它你沒有告訴小孩"?
The kids... That was tactful, Kamo. "No. Let them enjoy the peace while it lasts." / 小孩。。。 那是機智的,Kamo。 "當它持續的時候,號碼讓他們享受和平" 。
"I wish it would." The Old Man looked uncomfortable. "There is one more thing... the construction of the machine for G-2. Should we continue with it?" / " 我願它將會". 老人看起來不舒服。 "有另外一個事物。。。 為 G-2 的機器建築. 我們應該繼續嗎它?"
Nambu had looked over the schematics. The machine was indeed specialized, yet... "Yes. However, set it last in priority." / Nambu 已經瀏覽圖表。 機器的確被特殊化,仍然。。。 "是的。 然而, 最後在優先權方面設定它。"
"Consider it done." / "考慮它被做" 。
Kamo left, and Nambu sat alone in his new office, glaring around the room. It was completely silent, save for the drone of the fluorescent lamps and the hush of air conditioning, and he felt a sense of total isolation. It wasn't comforting. He wished the Old Man hadn't brought the issue of the Team up so soon, but he was only doing his job. Now, he chided himself, I should be doing mine. / Kamo 離開,而且 Nambu 在他的新辦公室中獨自地坐, 閃耀的在房間的周圍。 它完全沈默, 為日光燈的雄蜂和空調的肅靜解救,而且他感覺了總隔絕感。 它不是令人欣慰。 他願,老人沒有提出小組的議題如此的快,但是他正在只有做他的工作。 現在,他斥責了他自己,我應該做我的。
The professor pulled open his briefcase and piled the contents on his desk. First was Ken's report--his account of the test plane crash--along with the fresh analyses from Aviation Engineering. Both documents were in agreement--there was no evidence of negligence on the parts of either pilot or engineer. There was no evidence he had hit a bird; no evidence of any outside influence that could have caused those engines to explode. Both reports suggested sabotage. / 教授拉了開放的他公事包而且堆起了在他的書桌上的內容。 第一是肯恩的報告-- 他的測試飛機失事的帳戶--連同新鮮者一起從航空工程學分析。 兩份文件是在協議中--沒有在飛行員或工程師的部份上的對於疏忽的證據。 沒有他已經打一隻鳥的證據; 沒有對於任何的外面影響力的證據應該可以導致那些引擎爆炸。 兩項報告意味著了人為破壞。
But who, and why? Was it the new design, or the pilot? Outside of the Blue Hawk, none of the other test pilots had ever been targeted, and the Blue Hawk had been years ago, when Galactor was at its peak. Could someone be targeting Ken? Someone who knew his identity and had a grudge? Galactor couldn't possibly still be active, could it? And the ISO had many other enemies. / 但是誰, 和為什麼? 它是新的設計 , 或飛行員嗎? 在藍色的鷹外邊,沒有另一個曾經測試飛行員已經被瞄準, 和藍色的鷹是數年以前, 當 Galactor 在它的山頂時候。 某人可以瞄準肯恩嗎? 知道了他的身份,而且有了怨恨的某人? Galactor 不可以可能地仍然是積極的,是嗎 ? 而且國際標準組織有了許多其他的敵人。
Could it be their strange informant? Nambu didn't think so. / 它可以是他們的奇怪通知者嗎? Nambu 沒有這麼認為。
Frowning, he pulled out a legal pad and jotted down his orders, then picked up the phone. Ken would chafe at the order to stay put, but he would just have to cope. The professor had already sent too many agents off to their deaths. Ken's father for one, and Ken a number of times. He had only been lucky, so far. / 皺眉頭,他拉出一個合法的填補而且略記下來他的次序, 然後拾起電話。 肯恩將會由於次序而惱怒停留放,但是他將會僅僅必須應付。 教授對他們的死亡已經送別太多代理人了。 肯恩的父親為一, 和肯恩許多的時代。 到現在為止他只有已經是幸運的。
"After victory, tighten the straps of your helmet." Old General Tokugawa was wiser than he knew. / "在勝利之後,勒緊你的鋼盔繩". 舊的上將 Tokugawa 比他更聰明知道。
Next he picked up a folder crammed with photos and dossiers. One by one, he spread them on the desk until the faces of ten young people stared up at him. He had spent weeks carefully reviewing each dossier, researching each candidate personally. He would have to choose one of them, as soon as possible. He had done this kind of work many times before, but this particular choice was the last one in the world he wanted to make. / 然後他拾起與相片和有關的檔案一起塞滿的一個文件夾。 一一點之前,他在書桌上傳佈他們直到十個年輕的人臉注視在他上面。 他已經度過數個星期小心地檢討每個有關的檔案, 研究親自地的每位候選人。 他將會必須選擇他們之一, 儘快地。 他已經以前許多次做這種工作,但是特別的選擇在世界中是一個最後的他想要製造。
Dr. Nambu had chosen many candidates for many teams over the years. Of all of those teams, only the Kagaku Ninjatai consisted of people he hadn't chosen. Those five children had just... fallen into his lap. Ken had been volunteered by his own father. Joe had become his responsibility after he saved the boy from certain death and Ryu had volunteered himself against everyone else's judgment. Even Jun had happened when Nambu had gone to the orphanage to check out another candidate, and discovered the boy he'd chosen had been adopted. And Jun had brought Jinpei with her. / Nambu 博士已經在數年以來為許多小組選擇許多候選人。 所有的那些小組,只有 Kagaku Ninjatai 有他沒有選擇的人。 那五個孩子僅僅有。。。 跌入他的膝蓋。 肯恩已經被他自己的父親志願。 在他解救了來自特定的死亡男孩,而且 Ryu 已經反對其他人志願他自己判斷力之後,喬已經變得他的責任。 當 Nambu 已經去要檢查另一位候選人, 而且發現他已經選擇的男孩孤兒院的時候,甚至六月已經發生已經被採用。 而且六月已經帶著 Jinpei 。
Of all the teams, only the one he hadn't hand-picked had succeeded. / 在所有的小組中, 只有那一個他不有精選的已經成功。
That doesn't do much for one's self confidence, does it? / 那為一個自己的信心不多做,是嗎?
One of the young people from these files would have to take Joe's place, if only because all their equipment required the cooperation of a five-person team. One of these candidates would have to try and live up to Joe's reputation, and would face the prejudices of the others. Even worse, this candidate would come in cold; well-trained, but without the fire and familiarity that drove the others. / 來自這些檔案的年輕人之一將會必須取代喬, 如果只有因為他們所有的儀器必需的一五合作-人聯成一組。 這些候選人之一將會必須試而且實行喬的名譽, 而且將會面對其餘者的偏見。 甚至更更壞,這一位候選人將會進來感冒; 訓練精良的, 但是沒有火和駕駛其餘者的親密。
If only I didn't have to make this choice. If only one more candidate would just... turn up and be the right one.... If only Joe would turn up alive. But that is asking too much, isn't it? Even if he'd survived, he would probably be crippled and embittered beyond all help. / 如果只有我沒有須作這選擇。 如果只有另外一個候選人將會正直的。。。 出現並且是權利一.... 如果只有喬將會活著出現。 但是正在問太多, 它不是? 即使他已經繼續生存,他將會可能被損傷而且使受苦超過所有的幫忙。
But that troublemaker who has been raiding our files... the one who just slipped all the disturbing information into our systems with no trace... if only he would get dropped into my lap as well.... / 但是已經突襲我們的檔案惹麻煩的人。。。 剛剛以沒有痕跡滑倒所有的煩擾資料進我們的系統之內的那一個。。。 如果只有他也將會得到跌進我的膝蓋....
Then again, maybe I can call him out of hiding, providing I can figure out his puzzle. / 再一次然後,也許我能藏召喚他, 提供我能理解他的謎題。
The professor sighed. He no longer had the time. Kamo had driven that fact home. / 教授歎息。 他不再有了時間。 Kamo 已經駕駛那一個事實家。
Pulling a red pen out of his desk, he numbered each dossier according to preference, shuffled the photos in order, and again reached for the phone on top of his desk. / 把一枝紅色的鋼筆從他的書桌拉出來, 他有限的依照偏愛的每個有關的檔案,井然有序地拖曳了相片, 而且再一次及於在他的書桌頂端上的電話。

Even forty five thousand feet below the surface of the ocean, all was not totally silent. Sharp sensors could pick up a million different sounds, from the sighs and groans of distant sea creatures to the rush of currents. And now there were new sounds: the creaking and clashing of artificial materials--metals and ceramics and plastics--twisting and joining into new forms. / 甚至在大海的表面下面的四萬五千呎,全部不是完全地沈默。 銳利的感應器可以拾起一個百萬不同的聲音,從遠的海洋生物的歎息和呻吟到湧流的匆促。 而且現在有新的聲音: 那個作輾軋聲而且人造的材料衝突--金屬和窯業和塑膠--進入新的表格之內扭轉和參加。
Using scrap metal from what was left of the Queen Margaret in addition to materials from his own ship, the alien slowly and patiently molded himself into a new frame, expanding upward and outward until he had created an enormous saucerlike craft. He would not repeat his previous mistake of remaining in one location. Now he knew he had enemies who were actually capable of hurting, if not destroying him. And now that these enemies knew some of his old secrets, it was time to start with a clean slate. / 使用小片以金屬覆蓋從被除了來自他自己的船材料之外瑪格麗特皇后留下,外僑慢慢地而且忍耐地進入一個新的體格之內形成了他自己, 以上擴張而且向外直到他已經創造巨大的 saucerlike 飛機。 他將不重複他在一個地點中保持的先前錯誤。 現在他認識了他有了實際上能夠傷害的敵人, 如果不破壞他。 而且既然這些敵人知道了一些他的舊秘密,它是該從一個乾淨的板色開始的時候。
At four am Greenwich time, the armored saucer burst free of the ocean's surface and skimmed low over the water toward China. As his craft moved, he began to broadcast the call. Sosai X had gone through a great deal of trouble to establish a subtle link with his underlings, in the event that Katse ever decided to turn traitor. Not that he had ever expected that--Berg Katse had been too weak, too trusting--but it paid to be prepared. This call would summon his best officers and closest soldiers, if any had survived since his flight. Of course, he expected a lot of them had. Both the United Nations and the ISO regarded their weakness and stupidity as kindness and morality and would not have exterminated his men. Once they were assembled and organized, he could activate the next step of his plan. / 在四點鐘是格林威治時間, 武裝的茶碟爆裂免於大海的表面而且略讀了在對於中國的水上低點。 當他的飛機移動的時候,他開始廣播呼叫。 Sosai X 已經經過很多的麻煩建立與他的部下一個敏感的連結, 在事件中 Katse 曾經決定轉叛逆者。 不那他曾經已經期望那--冰山 Katse 已經太弱的,太信任的--但是它支付被準備。 如果任何自從他的飛行後已經繼續生存,這一個呼叫將會召喚他最好的官員和親近的軍人。 當然,他期望許多他們有。 聯合國和國際標準組織把他們的弱點和愚蠢視為仁慈和道德而且不會撲滅他的男人。 一旦他們被裝配而且組織,他可以刺激他的計劃下一個步驟。
Suspended in a growth capsule deep within the saucer, that next step--the future leader of Galactor--writhed and changed and dreamed the disjointed dreams of a four-year-old child. / 在茶碟裡面中斷在一個生長膠囊中深處,那個下個步驟--Galactor 的將來領袖-- writhed 而且改變而且做夢了四歲的孩子被脫節的夢。

"So how's the leg?" / " 如此如何腿"?
Ryu leaned against the doorframe to his little boathouse and stared out at the ocean. It was a beautiful day. The morning sun glittered on the water. Seagulls circled and called to each other overhead, and a boat motor droned in the distance. / Ryu 在大海的外倚靠對他的小船庫的門框而且注視。 它是一個美麗的日子。 早晨太陽在水上燦爛。 海鷗在遙遠之處對彼此包圍而且呼叫額外開銷 , 和船馬達 droned 。
"Better, thanks," said Ken's voice on the other end of the line. He was now off the crutches, working back to his old fighting shape, and champing at the bit. "Though not getting there fast enough for me. Why don't you come down?" / "更,謝謝",在線的另一端上的肯恩聲音說。 他現在在拐杖外,向後地對他的舊戰鬥形狀工作, 而且在一點點使勁地嚼。 " 雖然不在那裡得到足夠為我齋戒。 你為什麼不下來?"
"Got a new scuba class starting in half an hour--bunch of college girls, really cute." / "在半個小時中得到了一個新的水中呼吸器班級出發--學院女孩的串,真的可愛".
"Think you'll get lucky?" There was a teasing note in Ken's voice. / " 想你將幸運"? 有肯恩的聲音一個欺負附註。
"There's always a chance one of them will see me for the charming guy I am," Ryu said and chuckled. "Or I could stage a rescue; play the big hero. Which reminds me." Ryu frowned suddenly. "I didn't tell you about this because of your accident, but when I bought that truck a coupla weeks ago, there was a holdup." / " 總是有一個機會他們之一將為迷人的傢伙看見我我是",Ryu 說而且吃吃的笑。 "或我可以舉行援救; 玩大的英雄。 那一個提醒我。"Ryu 突然皺眉頭。 " 我沒有告訴你關於這因為你的意外事件, 但是當我買那的時候數個星期以前交易 coupla,有一個劫盜".
"You mentioned that." / "你提到了那" 。
"Did I mention that the guy had an old Galactor-issue rifle?" / "我提到傢伙有了舊的 Galactor 嗎- 議題來福槍"?
Ken's voice lowered dangerously. "No." / 肯恩的聲音危險地降低。 "號碼"
"Well I got curious about it, so I worked my way through the police station. There's a cute sergeant there... um, anyway, the gun was purchased through this guy's gang, who picked it up from a branch of the Chinese mafia." / "很好地我關於它好奇了,因此,我工作我的方法經過警察局。 在那裡有一個可愛的警官。。。 um,無論如何,槍經過這一個傢伙的隊被購買,隊從中國黑道的一個部門拾起它。"
"And?" / "而且"?
"I didn't get much further than that. The gang's main warehouses in Honkong went up in flames about the same time as the holdup. Some sort of war--papers said somebody used plastique in there, and they think it was someone from the other gang. Case closed, and there goes our evidence, right? Afterward, I went to Dr. Nambu and told him about it. He said there was nothing to worry about, that he had people working on it." / "我沒有比那進一步許多。 Honkong 的隊主要部份倉庫在關於如同劫盜一般的時間火焰中上漲。 一些種戰爭-- 紙說,某人使用了 plastique 在那裡,而且他們認為它是某人從另一個一組。 情形關閉,而且那裡去我們的證據,對不對? 然後,我給 Nambu 博士而且告訴他關於它。 他說沒有東西煩惱關於,他有了處理它 的人。"
"You should've told me this sooner." / " 你 should've 告訴了我這一個搶先佔有土地之人".
Ryu scratched the back of his head uneasily, thankful he wasn't looking at Ken's face at the moment. "Dr. Nambu told me not to. He said it'd just make you stir-crazy, and that we didn't have to get involved." / Ryu 不安地擦了他的頭背面, 感謝的他沒有在此刻看肯恩的臉。 " Nambu 博士告訴了我不到。 他說,它將會僅僅使你激起-發狂的,而且我們沒有須有關。"
"That's not the point," Ken growled. "If it's Galactor activity, we're going to get involved." / "那不是點",肯恩怒吠。 "如果它是 Galactor 活動,我們將要有關" 。
Ryu made an embarrassed noise. He'd been afraid this would happen. But before he could say anything else, he spotted a car coming down the road leading from the main gate. "Looks like they're here, Ken. I gotta go." / Ryu 製造了被噪音困窘的。 他有是害怕這將會發生。 但是在他之前可以說別的東西,他看見了一輛汽車來臨下來道路來自主要的門領先。 " 看起來像他們一樣在這裡,肯恩。 我必須去。"
"Come over here when you're done." He tried not to make it sound like a command, but it did. / "當你被做的時候,來在這裡" 。 他嘗試不要使它健全起來像一個指令一樣,但是它做。
"Sure. Later." Ryu hung up and breathed a sigh of relief. True, it was only a short reprieve, but he couldn't have picked a better diversion. And who cared how the rest of the day went if he could get lucky for a change? / "確信。 稍後。"Ryu 掛斷而且鬆了一口氣。 真實的,它只是一個短緩刑,但是他就不會挑選較好的轉移了。 而且誰關心如果他可以為一個改變變幸運,那天的其餘者如何去?
Outside the car pulled into a parking space and the doors opened. Ryu saw who was getting out, and groaned: His new students had all brought boyfriends. / 外面汽車滑進被打開的一個停車位和門。 Ryu 鋸子誰正在逃跑, 而且呻吟: 他的新學生全部已經帶男朋友。
Back at the Snack Jun, Ken hung up the phone and slammed his fist down on the counter. No one was around to see his show of temper--Jun was upstairs and Jinpei was at school--so he was free to indulge. Always concerned about others.... "Dammit," he said through clenched teeth. / 回在小吃六月,在電話上面,而且猛然關上他的拳頭吊肯恩在櫃台上墬落。 沒有人在附近看見他的脾氣表演-- 六月是樓上的,而且 Jinpei 在學校--因此他有空縱情於。 總是關於其它掛慮.... "該死",他說過緊握的牙齒。
First the shutout over the test plane crash, and now this. He didn't know what made him angrier, Dr. Nambu's attempt to keep him in the dark about the guns and the gangs, or Ryu's obeying him. For years, the team had always gone to Ken first. He'd been the leader, with firsthand knowledge of what was going on; someone they had trusted. And Ken had done his best not to betray that trust; to behave the way a leader should. But now that his war was over, he found himself isolated, out of the loop, suspended from duty though he'd proved he hadn't been negligent. And the Doctor wouldn't even explain why. / 首先在測試飛機失事上的排除 , 和現在這。 他沒有知道使他更生氣, Nambu's 博士嘗試關於槍和隊 , 或 Ryu's 服從他把他留在黑暗中。 好幾年,小組總是已經去肯恩第一。 他已經是領袖, 藉由直接的知識正在繼續的東西 ; 他們已經信賴的某人。 而且肯恩已經盡全力不要出賣信賴; 行為表現一位領袖應該行為表現的方法。 但是現在那個他的戰爭結束,他發現他自己隔離的,從環,從責任中斷雖然他有證明了他不已經是疏忽的。 而且醫生甚至不會解釋為什麼。
What the hell am I now? he wondered. Don't I matter anymore? After all I've sacrificed and held back, does it mean nothing? Am I to be babied and catered to now, as if the wound in my leg has damaged my brain as well? / 現在我是什麼? 他懷疑。 我沒不再有重大關係嗎? 畢竟我已經犧牲而且抑制 ,它什麼也不意謂嗎? 我即將被縱容而且迎合現在,好像在我的腿中創傷已經恐怕最好損害我的腦? 嗎
You're being unreasonable, the little voice of his conscience chided him. / 你是不合理,小的他良心的聲音斥責了他。
"Well, fuck reasonable!" he snarled aloud, lunging up from his stool and limping furiously across the room. "I've been reasonable all my life, and look where it's getting me!" / "嗯, 性交合理的"! 他大聲地吼叫, 肺在從他的凳子上面而且橫過狂暴地跛行房間。 "我已經一生是合理的, 而且看它正在得到我的地方"!
You're getting restless, said his conscience again. Still grounded and confined. It's making you edgy. / 你正在不安靜,他的良心再一次說。 仍然將限制置於地面而且。 它正在使你刀口銳利。
No, he argued. It's more than that! He came to a wall and pounded his fist against it. The pain made him look down. / 不,他爭論。 它超過那! 他到達一面牆壁並且強烈打擊了對抗它的他拳頭。 痛苦使他看下來。
Ken had replaced his bracelet with a wristwatch, but the feeling was awkward, the weight wrong. He took the watch off and stared at the familiar pale band of skin underneath. The mark seemed to be burned in as permanently as any tattoo. The sight of it comforted him. / 肯恩已經以一個手錶替換他的手鐲,但是感覺是笨拙的,錯誤的重量。 他在下面脫掉手錶而且盯著皮膚的熟悉蒼白的樂團看。 標誌似乎被燃燒在像任何的紋身一樣的永久地。 它的視力安慰了他。
What had he told Jinpei earlier when he came in with girl problems? "We're just lying low, waiting for our next orders." And those orders will come, because X is not dead yet. / 當他以女孩問題進來的時候,他早些時候告訴 Jinpei 了什麼? "我們正在僅僅說謊低點,等候我們的下個次序". 而且因為 X 仍然沒有死,所以那些次序將來。
I am still the Gatchaman, on temporary hiatus. And when Ryu comes down here later, I will remind him of that fact. And we may be retired, but that doesn't mean we have to sit around and rot. / 在暫時的裂縫上我仍然是 Gatchaman 。 而且當 Ryu 稍後在這裡下來的時候,我將使他想起那一種事實。 而且我們可能被退休, 但是不意謂我們必須無所事事而且腐爛。
Besides, something's happening now. I can feel it. / 此外, 某事現在發生。 我能感覺它。
Ken took a deep breath and let it out slowly. Then he heard Jun's footsteps on the stairs, and moved to the back door to meet her. / 肯恩慢慢地作了深的呼吸而且放出它。 然後他聽到了在樓梯上的六月腳步, 而且搬到後門遇見她。

It happened very suddenly, as if it had been known that something on this scale couldn't be hidden. / 它非常突然發生,好像它已經被知道某事在這刻度上不可以被藏著。
Joe found out in Ameris, from a source in one of the San Frangelis gangs; news that one of the rival gangs had simply vanished in thin air. A few phone calls to other connections told him the same thing had happened to other groups. By the time Rafael's summons came, Joe was already on his way to meet him. Inside Rafael's headquarters, they silently watched the information roll in via satellite and teletype and worldwide net. Rafael looked positively grim. Joe was amazed; he had always known what they were up against, but seeing it was another matter entirely. / 在 Ameris 發現的喬,從桑河 Frangelis 之一的一個來源一組; 競爭的隊之一只是已經消失的新聞在薄地播映。 對其他的連接一些電話告訴了他相同的事物已經發生在其他的團體上。 藉著時間 Rafael's 的召喚來, 喬已經在前往遇見他的途中。 在 Rafael's 的總部裡,他們默默地在經由人造衛星和電傳打字和全世界的網看了資料捲物。 Rafael 看起來肯定冷酷。 喬被吃驚; 他總是已經知道什麼他們向上是反對,但是看見它完全地是另一個事件。
Hundreds of thousands of people--mercenary soldiers, ex-cons, and gang members of all nationalities--were gathering--no, they were migrating--to various locations around the world; hot spots that showed no cities, no installations, no resources, no special features whatsoever. Then they simply vanished, as if they'd poured into black holes set in the earth. / 數十萬計的人--所有的國籍為錢而工作的軍人,前任騙局和隊成員--是集會--不,他們正在移動--到各種不同的全球地點; 顯示了沒有城市的熱地點,沒有安裝,沒有資源, 沒有特別的特徵無論什麼。 然後他們只是消失,好像他們有注入黑色的洞地球的組。
Joe broke the hours of silence, finally. "I have connections with some of the gangs," he said. "I want to follow them in. I want to know where they're going." / 喬斷掉了數小時的沈默,最後。 "我和一些隊有連接",他說。 " 我想要跟隨他們在。 我想要知道他們要去哪裡。"
The doctor frowned at him, considering. "Sosai X might be there, and you must stay away from him for now." / 醫生在他皺眉頭,從各方面來看。 "Sosai X 可能在那裡,而且你一定要從他離開現在" 。
Joe blinked in surprise. "What? I thought my 'grand purpose' was to destroy him. Why can't I stop him before he starts causing trouble?" / 喬在意外中眨眼。 "什麼? 我想,我的 '壯觀的目的' 是破壞他。 在他開始引起麻煩之前 , 我為什麼不阻止他?"
Rafael shook his head. "No, while he has fled, he may have become stronger; upgraded his abilities. We don't know what we're up against now. We must watch and wait until we do." / Rafael 搖頭。 "不,當他已經逃出的時候,他可能已經變得比較強壯的; 升級了他的能力。 我們不知道我們向上是反對現在的。 直到我們做,我們一定要看而且等候。"
"Just more recon work. Huh." Joe shook his head. I'm not even part of the Kagaku Ninjatai anymore, and I'm still stuck doing reconnaissance. Then he wished he hadn't dredged up that memory, and the pain that came with it. / " 只是更多的 reconnaissance 的簡縮字工作。 哼!。"喬搖頭。 我不再不甚至 Kagaku Ninjatai 的部份,而且我仍然被欺騙做偵察。 然後他願了他沒有在那記憶 , 和帶它來的痛苦上面用挖泥機疏浚。
"You seem to be in a hurry to get yourself killed," Rafael said. "You know that is very possible once it comes down to your battle with X." / "你似乎急著要讓你自己送命",Rafael 說。 "你知道,那非常可能,一旦它由於 X 降低至你的戰爭" 。
"I thought you said I was indestructible." / " 我想了你說了我是不能破壞的" 。
"Don't mock me, Joe. Nothing on Earth is completely indestructible." / "不要嘲弄我,喬。 在地球上的沒事完全不能破壞。"
The young man shrugged. "I don't mind if it means I can take X with me. I'm supposed to be dead anyway." / 年輕的男人聳肩。 "是否它意謂我能和我帶 X ,我不介意。 我應該無論如何死。"
Rafael looked at Joe for a moment, and the old man's face was actually sad. Joe looked away, scowling. C'mon, Doctor. You knew it would come to this when you revived me. Isn't that why you chose me? I have nothing to lose. / Rafael 看喬一會兒,而且老人的臉實際上憂愁。 喬看離開,皺眉頭。 C'mon ,醫生。 你知道,當你使我甦醒了的時候,它將會到達這。 那是不你為什麼選擇我? 我沒有什麼可失去。
Joe stood up. "I'm off to see what I can find out. I can't just sit here." / 喬站起來。 " 我去看見我能發現的。 我不能僅僅在這裡坐。"
"Stay away from him," Rafael repeated, and Joe stopped and turned to glare at him. "There is another reason. If X learns of your abilities, and sees you as a threat--and that will happen if you fail in an attack on him--you will never get near him again. He will track us down and destroy us both. If he can't do that, he will watch for you and flee from you. Likewise, you should refrain from revealing your special gifts to the soldiers." / "從他離開 ",Rafael 重複,而且喬停止而且準備在他發眩光。 "有另一個理由。 如果 X 你的能力學習, 而且視你為一種威脅--而且如果你在對他的攻擊中失敗,那將發生--你再一次將無法到達在他的附近。 他將把我們追蹤下來而且破壞我們兩個。 如果他不能做那,他將從你留意你而且逃走。 而且,你應該對軍人克制不要顯示你的特別禮物。"
"Oh, I wouldn't worry about that." Most of them wouldn't live long enough to notice. / "哦,我關於那將不煩惱". 他們大部份將不活得夠久注意。
"Be careful." / "要小心" 。
Joe waved, then vanished through the door. / 揮舞的喬,然後消失過門。

Dr. Nambu's prime candidate, eighteen-year-old Hiroshi Miyagi had spent the happiest years of his life in Okinawa, where he cultivated a love of scuba diving, jet skiing, hang gliding and other daredevil sports. With this love came its share of injuries, but Hiroshi also displayed an amazing resilience and ability to bounce back, both physically and mentally. / 主要的候選人的 Nambu's 博士 , 十八歲的 Hiroshi Miyagi 已經度過在他種植了潛水的愛琉球最幸福的數年他生活,射出滑雪, 懸掛滑動和其他的蠻勇運動。 與這愛被提出它的受傷股票,但是 Hiroshi 也顯示了一種令人驚異的彈性能和恢復的能力,身體上地而且心理上。
When he was twelve years old, his parents were killed in a confrontation over property, and he was sent to Tokyo to live with his aunt and her family. The relationship was cold and unloving--his relatives viewed Hiroshi as an unwelcome burden who contributed nothing to the family. So he spent very few hours at home, instead taking refuge in the dojo. At sixteen, he'd reached professional competition levels in both Kendo and Kung-fu, and won the nickname, "Tatsumaki (Tornado) Miyagi." But at this point, he dropped out, ignoring the pleas of his senseis. Competition was not what he wanted. There was something else he was searching for, though he wasn't sure what. / 當他十二歲的時候,他的父母在財產上的一個敵對中被殺,而且他被送到東京和他的伯母和她的家庭居住。 關係很寒冷的和不親愛--他的親戚視 Hiroshi 為對家庭什麼也不有助於的不受歡迎的負擔。 因此他在家度過少許的小時,改為佔據 dojo 的避難所。 在十六點鐘,他有到達了 Kendo 和 Kung 的專業競爭水準-fu, 而且嬴得了綽號," Tatsumaki(龍捲風) Miyagi". 但是此時,他離去 ,不理睬他的 senseis 的懇求。 競爭不是他所想要的。 有他正在尋找的別東西, 雖然他不確定什麼。
At seventeen, Hiroshi quit school to work full time as an acrobat at a local amusement park. Once he completed the special "combat course" designed for show personnel and graduated to the larger, more lucrative theme shows, he moved into his own apartment and cut off ties with his step-family with an attitude more of weariness than resentment. It was during one of these shows that he was "discovered." ISO intelligence reported him to be in superb physical condition, deadly accurate at throwing knives and shuriken, and more than able to account for himself against several opponents at once. With his smiling, mostly easygoing nature, he was the most likely to fit in with the Team. / 在十七點鐘, Hiroshi 離開學校在一個地方遊樂園操作整個時間如一個表演特技者的。 一旦他完成了被設計來作表演人員的特別 "戰鬥課程" 而且畢業到大的, 更有利益的主題表演,他搬進他自己的公寓而且切斷有他的步驟關係-由於疲倦的態度更多超過怨恨的家庭。 它在這些他被發現的表演其中一個期間。 國際標準組織智力報告他的事是在超級的實際情況中, 嚴重正確在丟刀子和 shuriken, 和更多的超過能夠立刻反對一些對手解釋他自己。 藉由他的微笑, 大部份逍遙自在的自然,他是適合小組的最有可能者。
Sunday afternoon, Hiroshi was backstage preparing for his round of stunts as Zap Ninja Red in the Zapman Zed Live Adventure Show. Squinting at the bright summer sun, he wiped the sweat from his face with a towel and sighed. Summer was the best time of the year for business , but also the most hazardous. With sweltering temperatures averaging ninety five degrees Fahrenheit and eighty percent humidity, and confined in a tight Spandex suit with a fiberglass helmet restricting his breathing, it was all too easy to succumb to heatstroke. Takahashi, who was doing Zap Ninja Black on this shift, had already wound up in the hospital twice. Hiroshi was tired--this was his fourth performance today--and he had probably drunk in and perspired out all of the moisture in his body at least twice. At least this was the last show of the day, and it was only twenty minutes of dodges, poses and backflips. Not like his last incarnation, Rocket Dekka, where he'd had to swing onto the stage from a steel cable three stories up. Once this was over, it was time for a cold shower, then a quick motorcycle ride home to his air-conditioned two-room apartment, where Mie-chan, with her sweet smile and magic fingers, would be waiting. / 星期日午後, Hiroshi 是準備他的特技回合如活力忍者 Zapman Z字母的紅色活的冒險表演 的後台。 在明亮的夏天太陽使變斜視眼,他用一條手巾擦來自他的臉汗而且歎息。 夏天是生意的那年最好的時間 , 但是也最危險的。 藉由平均華氏九十五度和八十個百分比濕度 的悶熱溫度, 而且在一個緊的斯潘德克斯彈性纖維中限制和一頂限制他的呼吸 的玻璃纖維鋼盔的訴訟,它全部是太容易而無法屈從到中暑。 Takahashi, 正在做颯颯在這變化上的擅長日本武士隱身術的黑色,在醫院中結束兩次。 Hiroshi 很疲累--這是他的第四個表現今天-- 而且他可能已經喝在而且出汗出他的身體所有的溼氣至少兩次。 至少這是那天的最後一場表演, 和它不過是二十分鐘避開,姿勢和 backflips。 不喜歡他的最後化身,發射火箭 Dekka,他有在哪裡必須向上在來自一個鋼的電纜三個故事的階段之上搖擺。 一旦這結束,它是一次寒冷的陣雨時間,然後一輛快的摩托車在家騎到 Mie- chan 的他裝有空調冷氣的二個房間的公寓,藉由她的甜微笑和魔術的手指,將會等候。
"Oi, Miyagi! Cue's up in two minutes," his choreographer called. Hiroshi waved to show he'd heard. / "Oi,Miyagi! 開端在二分鐘中向上,"他的舞蹈指導呼叫。 Hiroshi 揮舞顯示,他有聽到。
"Miyagi-san!" Another voice, female this time. Morikawa-chan, who handled props, appeared at the backstage entrance. "You've got a visitor--someone in a suit." / "Miyagi-san"! 另一種聲音,這次的女性。 Morikawa-chan, 處理了支柱,在後台的入口出現。 "你已經爭取一個訪客-- 某人在訴訟中".
Well, that could only mean trouble... most likely some sort of legal hassle. Hiroshi grimaced. "I'm going on now. He'll have to wait until the show's over." / 好吧,那只可以意謂麻煩。。。 最有可能的一些種合法的麻煩。 Hiroshi 扮鬼臉。 "我正在繼續進行現在。 他將必須結束等候到表演的。"
" He says it's very important." / " 他說它非常重要" 。
Of course it is, he thought sarcastically, but he gave Morikawa a charming smile--flash of white teeth in his tanned, sculpted face--and saw her knees melt. Works every time. "He can wait fifteen minutes. There's my cue. Gotta go." Hastily, he took a swig from his can of Gatorade, pulled on his helmet and ran through the curtain. / 當然它是,他諷刺地想,但是他給予了 Morikawa 一個迷人的微笑--在他的曬黑白色的牙齒閃光,雕刻臉-- 和鋸子她的膝融化。 每一次工作。 "他十五分鐘能等候。 有我的開端。 必須去。"匆忙地,他帶了來自他的 Gatorade 的罐子一個痛飲,在他的鋼盔上拉並且跑過帳。
The show went off without a hitch. Nobody strayed from position, none of the mechanics glitched, and the explosives all fired on cue. The audience--mostly elementary school-age children and their parents, with a few star-struck teenage girls there to drool over the acrobats--participated perfectly, screaming the names of the heroes, egging them all on at the right times. Hiroshi didn't realize anything was wrong until the show was almost over. / 表演不需要一個猛拉就爆炸。 沒有人從位置,沒有被過失的機械學迷路,而且炸藥全部在開端上點燃。 聽眾--大部份小學- 年齡的孩子和他們的父母, 藉由一些星打的青少年女孩那裡在表演特技者的之上流口水--完全地參加, 尖叫英雄的名字, egging 他們所有的在正確的時代之上。 Hiroshi 沒有了解,直到表演幾乎結束,任何事是錯誤的。
As the acrobats all appeared on stage to take their bows, the ground began to spin around him, and Hiroshi found he could barely stay on his feet. His ears roared, and his vision darkened. Strange... I don't remember getting overheated... / 當表演特技者的全部在階段上出現採取他們的弓時候,地面開始在他周圍快速旋轉,而且 Hiroshi 發現他無法停留在他的腳上。 他的耳朵吼,而且他的視野弄暗。 奇怪的。。。 我不記得已經得到過熱。。。
With all the discipline he could muster, he kept himself walking straight and steady as he followed his friends offstage. He reached for his helmet and pulled it off with hands that were fast growing numb. It felt as if pins and needles were spreading from his arms and legs and closing in on his heart. / 藉由所有的紀律他可以召集,當他在舞台後[旁跟隨了他的朋友時候,他保持了他自己步行直線和定態。 他走開以正在快速地增加麻木的手及於他的鋼盔而且拉了它。 它感覺,好像大頭針和針正在從他的手和腿傳佈而且關閉在他的心上。
This doesn't feel like heat exhaustion... / 這不感覺像中熱衰竭。。。
Once through the curtain and out of the sight of the public, Hiroshi staggered, then collapsed on the ground. The other ninjas yelped in surprise and rushed to him. Alerted by the cries of the acrobats, the ISO agent waiting just outside the backstage entrance forced his way through the door and pushed his way to the boy's side. / 一旦經過帳而且從民眾的視力, Hiroshi 蹣跚, 然後在地面上倒塌。 其他忍者在意外中叫而且對他催促。 藉著表演特技者的哭聲提醒,在後台的入口外面僅僅等候 的國際標準組織探員經過門壓迫了他的方法而且推動了到男孩的身邊他路。
But Hiroshi's heart had stopped before he'd hit the ground. A short ride away from the amusement park, his girlfriend, Mie-chan, lay dead on the kitchen floor of his apartment. / 但是在他將會碰撞地面之前 , Hiroshi's 的心已經停止。 一次短乘坐遠離遊樂園,他的女朋友,Mie-chan,在他的公寓廚房地板上完全地放置。

To Be Continued / 是繼續的