PART 6 / 第 6 部份
Joe left the gym, took a shower and dressed in jeans and a sweater. He moved mechanically, his mind focused on Dr. Rafael's parting words: / 喬離開了建身房, 洗澡而且穿牛仔褲和一件毛衣。 他機械地移動,他的心把重心集中在 Rafael's 博士離別的字:
"They've been selecting candidates for your replacement. There's one left. His name is Eric Getz. If he survives, I think he bears watching." Joe stopped, fist clenched around his wadded gym clothes. Your replacement. / "他們已經為你的替換選擇候選人。 剩下一。 他的名字是艾力克 Getz 。 如果他繼續生存,我認為他忍受看。"喬停止,拳頭在他的填塞建身房衣服的周圍緊握。 你的替換。
You knew they were going to do that. They need five people to run the mechs. / 你認識了他們將要做那。 他們需要五個人跑 mechs 。
Joe threw the clothing into a hamper and left his quarters, letting the door slam behind him. He stalked through the underground complex until he found an empty computer room three levels above his apartment. / 喬丟衣服進一個食盒之內而且留下了他的四分之一,讓在他後面的門砰然聲。 他悄悄靠近過地下的合成物直到他發現在他的公寓上面的一部空的電腦房間三個水準。
Idiot, his conscience chided him. They think you're dead. / 白癡 , 他的良心斥責了他。 他們認為你死。
He certainly hadn't tried to dispel that belief, had he? He'd failed them, died on the job, deserted them. / 他確定地不已經嘗試驅散那信念,是嗎 ? 他有拋棄他們,在工作上死,遺棄了他們。
Then go back. / 然後回去。
He couldn't go back. Not now. Especially not now. Again he saw himself pulling his bloody hand from the shattered remains of the Galactor's skull. He was a menace to everyone around him. What would happen if he lost control again... in the Team's presence? / 他不可以回去。 不是現在。 尤其不現在。 再一次他看見他自己拉來自 Galactor's 的頭蓋骨的被打碎的遺骸他血腥的手。 他在他周圍是對每個人一個威脅。 什麼將會發生如果他再一次失去了控制。。。 在小組的面前?
Then just leave it. It's none of your concern anymore. / 然後僅僅留下它。 不再它是沒有你的關心。
Joe paced between rows of tables, and the long lines of dark monitor screens watched him like blank faces. But it was his concern. They were still his friends. / 喬在排的桌子之間踱步, 而且踱步黑暗的監視器螢幕的長線看他喜歡空白的臉。 但是它是他的關心。 他們仍然是他的朋友。
You're dead to them. Your obligations are over. / 對他們你死。 你的義務結束。
Would Ken think this way if he were in Joe's shoes? Would any of the others? / 將會如果他處於和喬一樣的狀況,肯恩這樣想? 將會其餘者之中的任何一個?
Leave them alone! Let them do their jobs. Do your own. / 別管他們! 讓他們做他們的工作。 做你自己的。
Well, he couldn't handle his own job alone. That last battle had proved it. He was outnumbered and out of control. Who was he kidding? Joe growled and aimed a kick at one of the tables, remembered and pulled his foot back before it contacted. Four science ninja, one cybernetic disaster waiting to happen. It would never work. / 好吧,他獨自地不可以處理他自己的工作。 那最後戰爭已經證明它。 他被數目超過並且失去控制。 他在開玩笑誰? 在它連絡之前 , 喬怒吠而且把踢對準桌子之一, 記得而且把他的腳拉回來。 四個科學忍者,等候發生 的控制論的災禍。 它將會無法工作。
"I think he bears watching. Your replacement." / "我認為他忍受看。 你的替換。"
Doesn't matter, said his conscience. / 不有重大關係,說他的良心。
What would this replacement be like? Could he shoot? The team would need a gunner. Can he drive worth a damn? Do the others like him? Do they work well together? Would he fight for the Kagaku Ninjatai as hard as they deserved? What kind of man is Eric Getz? / 這一個替換將會是同類什麼? 他可以射擊嗎? 小組將會需要一個砲手。 他能駕駛價值一點嗎? 其餘者喜歡他嗎? 他們很好地一起工作嗎? 他將會為 Kagaku Ninjatai 像他們該得到一樣的難對抗嗎? 艾力克 Getz 是什麼類型的男人?
What would you do with the information, anyway? / 你將會對資料做什麼,無論如何?
What would they call him? Would they call him the Condor? / 他們將會打電話給他什麼? 他們將會稱他為禿鷹嗎?
You'll find out soon enough. If he survives. / 你將很快足夠發現。 如果他繼續生存。
Joe stopped pacing and leaned against a desk. Rafael had said that. Did he mean Getz wasn't competent? That was all the team needed--another idiot to muck up morale with his own death, risk the others' lives. / 喬停止踱步而且倚靠一張書桌。 Rafael 已經說那。 他意謂嗎, Getz 不是能幹的? 那是所有的被需要的小組-- 另一個白癡在和他自己的死亡士氣上面施肥, 冒著另一個的危險居住。
Or did it mean Galactor was gunning for him already? / 或它意謂嗎, Galactor 正在已經伺機加害他?
Abruptly Joe pushed away from the desk and left the room. In the hallway he stopped and listened carefully. Rafael was working on the same level, at the opposite end of the wing. Joe could hear him tapping on a keyboard, muttering to himself, occasionally clearing his throat. A bell jingled as Rafael's hawk, never far from him, resettled itself. / 突然地喬推動遠離書桌而且離開了房間。 在走廊中他小心地停止而且聽。 在翅膀的相反結束 Rafael 正在處理相同的水準。 喬可以聽到他在一個鍵盤上輕打,對他自己喃喃自語, 有時候清掃他的咽喉。 一個鈴作叮噹聲如 Rafael's 的鷹, 從不離他很遠,重新安置了它本身。
When the lab door opened abruptly, Dr. Rafael looked up from a bank of monitor screens. His eyes met Joe's. / 當實驗室門突然地打開的時候,Rafael 博士在從監視器的一個銀行螢幕上面看。 他的眼睛遇見了喬。
"Doctor," Joe said. "Tell me about Getz." / "醫生", 喬說。 "告訴我關於 Getz" 。

Doctor Nambu surveyed the four members of the Kagaku Ninjatai with a frown. Jinpei and Ryu refused to stand still, shifting uneasily from foot to foot. Jun's face was pale and tense, and she kept her eyes on Nambu, avoiding everyone else. Ken sported a vivid purple bruise on his left cheek, and he, too, focused only on the Professor. "That's quite a shiner, Ken. Are you all right?" / 醫生 Nambu 用皺眉審視 Kagaku Ninjatai 的四個成員。 Jinpei 和 Ryu 拒絕站好,不安地從腳到腳改變。 六月的臉是蒼白的和緊張的,而且她保持了在 Nambu 上的她眼睛, 避免其他人。 肯恩遊戲了在他的左邊頰上的生動紫色的瘀傷, 和他,也,只有在教授身上集中。 "那相當是一個外脛,肯恩。 你還好吧?"
"I'm fine," Ken said stiffly. / " 我很好",肯恩呆板地說。
"They had a 'discussion,'" Jinpei whispered to Ryu. / "他們有了 '討論 ,'" Jinpei 耳語到 Ryu 。
"No shit," the big man whispered back. "What about?" / 沒有糞,大的男人向後地耳語。 " 什麼大約"?
"Dunno." Jinpei looked away. / "不知道". Jinpei 看離開。
Nambu let the background conversation pass. "You already know why you're here, so rather than tell you what's in store, I'd like to show you." He stood up. "Come with me." Exchanging his lab smock for a suit coat, he headed for the door. The others filed behind him. Jun walked behind Ken, and he could feel her eyes burning holes into his back. He risked a glance back, and her eyes stared through him to the Professor. Ken faced forward. / Nambu 讓背景交談途徑。 "你已經知道你為什麼在這裡, 如此不願告訴你是在商店中,我想要顯示你". 他站起來。 "和我來" 。 為一件訴訟外套交換他的實驗室工作服,他去門。 其餘者在他後面申請。 六月在肯恩後面走路,而且他可以感覺她的燃燒 的眼睛洞進他的背部之內。 他把一瞥冒著的危險回來,而且她的眼睛對教授注視過他。 肯恩向前地面對。
Dr. Nambu was gratified to see the ride to G-Town promoted the same sense of awe in his charges that it had on him his first trip down. Jinpei bounced in front of the window, pointing excitedly when he caught his first glimpse of the city-sized installation. Ryu pressed his face against the glass, gaping openly. "This thing has to be fifteen times the size of Crescent Base! And it moves?" / Nambu 博士被使滿足看見對 G 的乘坐-被促進它在他身上有他的第一次旅行墬落的他費用的相同震懾感的城鎮。 在窗戶之前被反彈的 Jinpei, 興奮地指出他何時捕捉了他的城市規模安裝的第一一瞥。 Ryu 壓進了對抗玻璃的他臉,公開地縫隙。 "這一件事物必須是十五次新月形的基礎大小! 而且它移動?"
"Yes," Nambu said. / "是的" , Nambu 說。
"How'd you build something so huge in secret?" / " How'd 你建立秘密的如此極大東西"?
"It wasn't easy. Construction took place in a seismically active area to hide all the radio broadcasts and energy signatures. We were lucky not to have an eruption destroy our efforts. Now we keep the base moving constantly, so docking may be confusing until you get accustomed to the routine." Ken and Jun didn't speak throughout the trip, but watched everything silently with wide eyes. / "它不是容易的。 建築在一個地震積極的區域中發生藏所有的收音機廣播和能源簽字。 我們是幸運的不要讓爆發破壞我們的努力。 現在我們維持不變地移動 的基礎, 如此入塢可能困惑直到你變習慣了到例行公事。"肯恩和六月在旅行各處沒有說, 但是默默地以寬的眼睛看了每件事物。
They docked at one of the smaller airlocks and climbed out of the sub, Ken surprised that there was no contingent of assistants or bodyguards waiting on the dock to meet the Professor. Dr. Nambu led the team up a flight of metal stairs and along a serviceway that ran behind the airlocks. Ken suspected they were being taken to their vehicles, and while he wasn't looking forward to seeing the Godphoenix and facing the memories it held, he knew Ryu missed his old warship and would be happy with the reunion. Ryu had guessed at their destination, and was hard pressed to stay behind the professor. Twice he led the way, to the amusement of the others. / 他們被在較小的 airlocks 而且急忙地脫下替代人員之一停泊,肯恩吃驚沒有助理或等候 的保鑣偶然的事情碼頭遇見教授。 被引導小組的 Nambu 博士提高金屬製的樓梯一次飛行和沿著在 airlocks 後面跑的 serviceway。 被猜想他們的肯恩正在被喜愛他們的車輛,而且當他沒有在期望看見 Godphoenix 而且面對它拿著的記憶時候,他知道了 Ryu 被錯過他的舊軍艦而且將會對團聚感到滿意。 Ryu 已經在他們的目的地猜測, 而且很難留在後面教授。 兩次他引導了方法,到其餘者的娛樂。
Nambu finally stopped before a large window overlooking an auditorium-sized airlock. He gestured and four shocked faces stared down, unprepared for what lay below. / Nambu 最後在一扇忽略禮堂規模 airlock的大窗戶之前停止。 他作手勢和四個被震動的被注視下來的臉, 無準備的為在下面放置的東西。
The warship was huge, at least five times the size of the Godphoenix, with a long fuselage and stubby, angled wings half-folded over the body. Nearly half of the craft consisted of engines. Looking like ants at this distance, workers crawled over the exterior, securing armor plating, and the primer-gray surface of the craft sparkled with the application of spot-welds. / 軍艦是極大的, 至少五次 Godphoenix 的大小, 藉由一個長的機身和斷株一般的,一半地按某一角度轉動了翅膀-在身體之上摺疊。 幾乎一半的飛機有引擎。 像螞蟻一樣在這距離看,工人在外部之上爬行,固定盔甲電鍍 , 和與地點的申請一起閃耀的入門書- 灰色的飛機表面-焊接處。
"This will be your mothership," Nambu said. "The New Godphoenix. Your individual vehicles will be ready in a week. I have schematics for those waiting in my office." / "這將是你的 mothership",Nambu 說。 "新的 Godphoenix。 你的個別車輛在一個星期中將準備好。 我為那些有圖表候補在我的辦公室中。"
All of them moved closer to the glass to get a better look. Jinpei shook his head. "Wow. This's wild." / 他們全部都移動比較靠近的到玻璃得到較好的神情。 Jinpei 搖頭。 "哇。 這一處荒野。"
Both Ken's and Jun's expressions went carefully blank, but Ryu's face clearly showed his disappointment. "What's wrong with our old ship, Hakase? The damage from Cross Karakoram wasn't that bad, was it?" / 表達小心地去的肯恩和六月留空白,但是 Ryu's 的臉清楚地顯示了他的失望。 "我們的舊船怎麼了 ,Hakase? 來自交叉的 Karakoram 的損害不是那麼壞的,是嗎 ?"
"Not at all. But the design is outdated. Let's go to my office and I'll show you the details." Dr. Nambu motioned, and after taking one last glance at the construction project below, the team followed. Ryu scowled as he turned his back on the new ship. Ken gave him a warning glance as they turned the corner into another corridor. / "決不。 但是設計被過時。 讓我們去我的辦公室,而且我將給你看細節。"Nambu 博士運動,而且在動人的最後在下面注視建築計畫之後,小組跟隨。 當他轉向了在新的船上他背部的時候, Ryu 皺眉頭。 當他們將角落變成另一個走廊的時候,肯恩給予了他警告的一瞥。
Nambu led them to a spacious conference room, one curved wall swallowed by windows. The feeling it evoked was not comforting, as if the glass was straining to hold back the tremendous weight of the ocean and would give at any moment. Ken frowned, remembering Galactor's attack on Crescent Coral. One missile strike here would easily put an end to the Professor's existence. / Nambu 引導他們走向一個廣大的會議房間,一彎了被窗戶吞的牆壁。 感覺它喚起不是令人欣慰的,好像玻璃正在勞累抑制大海的巨大重量而且將會隨時給。 肯恩皺眉頭,記得 Galactor's 對新月形的珊瑚攻擊。 一個飛彈攻擊這裡將會容易地放教授的存在結束 。
"This is what you call an office with a view." Jinpei grinned. / "這是有視野的你所稱的一個辦公室" 。 Jinpei 露齒而笑。
"Hm. This is more of a conference room, actually." Nambu gestured uneasily for them to continue. / "Hm。 這是一個會議房間的更多,實際上。" Nambu 不安地作手勢讓他們繼續。
From the arena they walked into a smaller and more comfortable office, the professor's actual workspace. Nambu unlocked his desk, pulled out a handful of manila folders and handed them to Ken. The folders were crammed with photos, blueprints and test results for four new vehicles as well as the mothership. Ken skimmed over the contents quickly before handing all but one of the folders to the others. / 從競技場他們走入一個較小和更舒服辦公室,教授的真實工作空間。 Nambu 開啟了他的書桌, 拉出一把 manila 文件夾而且把他們交給肯恩。 文件夾與相片,藍圖和測試一起塞滿四輛新的車輛和 mothership 的結果。 肯恩在幾乎傳遞對其餘者的文件夾之一之前在內容之上很快地略讀。
The stats were impressive: the new bird-shaped craft possessed double the speed and engine capacity of the old Godphoenix and much higher tolerance for altitude and pressure--with attachable engine boosters she was even spaceworthy. The team would be sacrificing some maneuverability for that, though. Extendable missile launchers could fire salvos of up to six Bird Missiles at once (in the corner of his mind Ken heard Joe snort at that). Like the old Godphoenix, the new ship was home to four other vehicles, and Ryu now had a craft of his own: a tank. There was no vehicle for G-2, but according to the plans, there was an empty and unmarked vehicle bay under the left wing. / 靜是令人印象深刻的: 被持有的新鳥形的飛機對於高度加倍舊的 Godphoenix 和非常高的包容速度和引擎能力而且強迫--由於可連接的引擎後推的人她是平坦的 spaceworthy 。 小組將會為那犧牲一些可操作性,雖然。 可延伸的飛彈發射者可以立刻發射達到六個鳥飛彈的齊聲歡呼。 (在他的被聽到喬的心肯恩的角落中在那噴著氣弄響鼻子) 像舊的 Godphoenix ,新的船是對其他四車輛的家,而且 Ryu 現在有了他擁有的飛機: 一個槽。 剩下沒有車輛為 G-2, 但是依照計劃 , 那裡是一個空的和未被注意的車輛海灣在那之下翅膀。
Ken paged through the schematics for his new fighter. Dubbed the Eagle Sharp, it was another overpowered brute armed with missiles instead of the old laser cannons. It was also as ungainly as the mothership, with an oddly shaped tail rudder and stubby quadruple wings. Already he missed the sweeping, ferocious lines of the old vehicles. Why had they changed the designs so much? / 肯恩為他的新鬥士標明圖表的頁數過。 配音了鷹高調,是另外一在擊敗與飛彈一起武裝的畜生代替舊的雷射大砲。 它也是像 mothership 一樣的難看,藉由一隻奇妙地成形的在後面的舵和斷株一般的四倍翅膀。 已經他錯過了掃除,舊的車輛殘忍的線。 他們為什麼改變設計了這麼多?
Then Ken remembered. Professor Matsumoto, the man who had engineered their first vehicles, had been killed during Galactor's final assault on Crescent Base, along with so many others. Most of the staff here would be fresh and untried, destined to fight an entirely new war. / 然後肯恩記得。 教授松本,已經設計他們的第一輛車輛的男人,已經在在新月形的基礎方面的 Galactor's 的最後攻擊期間被殺,連同這麼多其它一起。 大部份的職員這裡將會是新鮮的和未試過的,註定對抗一個完全新的戰爭。
Ken looked over at Jun; she ignored him, busy with her own folder. Jinpei gawked openly at the folder for the G-4 Swallow Helico. "This isn't anything like my old buggy. What's the alternate shape?" / 肯恩在六月瀏覽 ; 她忽略了他,以她自己的文件夾忙著。 Jinpei 對於 G-4 咽喉 Helico 公開地在文件夾癡呆著看。 "這像我的舊雙輪單座的輕馬車不是任何事。 交互的形狀是什麼?"
"There are no alternate shapes for your new vehicles," Nambu said. "We decided that the shapeshifting mode was too much of a liability for the expense, especially now that Galactor has the Mechaziner." / "為你的新車輛沒有交互的形狀",Nambu 說。 " 我們決定, shapeshifting 模態是太多對費用責任, 尤其現在那 Galactor 有 Mechaziner".
"It's not gonna be very convenient," Jinpei said. "I may be getting old enough to drive legally, but not old enough to go through town in this thing without turning heads." He looked over Ryu's shoulder, then suddenly snatched a paper from his hand. "What's this? Check it out--the 'Horned Tank?'" He burst out laughing. "That's perfect for you, Ryu--a horny tank for a--OW!" Jun's swift slap caught him across the back of his head. "Jeez, Oneechan, I was just kidding!" / " 它沒有正在去很方便",Jinpei 說。 "我可能變夠老法律上開車, 但是不是夠老不需要轉頭就在這一件事物中去過城鎮". 他瀏覽 Ryu's 的肩,然後突然奪取來自他的手一張紙。 "這是什麼? 檢查出它-- 那 '有角的槽?'"他爆裂出笑。 "那是你的完成式 , Ryu-- 一個角的槽為一--表示突然疼痛所發出之聲"! 六月的褐雨燕正面地捕捉他橫過他的頭背面。 "Jeez , Oneechan,我正在僅僅哄騙"!
No one else responded. Ryu continued to scowl at the New Godphoenix plans. Ken walked over to him. "We won't know until we get behind the controls, Ryu," he said very softly, leaning close. "Give them a chance." Focused on his own work, Dr. Nambu didn't appear to notice the exchange or feel the tension in the room. / 沒有人別的回應。 Ryu 繼續在新的 Godphoenix 計劃皺眉頭。 肯恩走到他。 "我們將不知道直到我們到達在控制後面,Ryu",他非常柔和地說,傾斜關。 "給他們一個機會" 。 把重心集中在他自己的工作,Nambu 博士沒有似乎在房間中注意交換或感覺緊張。
"Do we get new Birdstyles too, Hakase?" Jinpei asked. / "我們也得到新的 Birdstyles 嗎,Hakase"? Jinpei 問。
Nambu looked up. "The basic designs remain the same, though I've made a few technical modifications. As a matter of fact, if you're finished with the vehicle plans, we'll go down to the Development wing to take your measurements for your new uniforms and the seats for your vehicles." He looked Ken in the eye and half smiled. "Jinpei is not the only one who has gotten taller." / Nambu 看在上面。 "基本的設計保持一樣的,雖然我已經作一些技術上的修正。 事實上,如果你被用完車輛計劃,我們將下去到發展為你的新制服帶你的測量和為你的車輛取得座位的翅膀。"他看了眼睛的肯恩,而且一半微笑。 "Jinpei 不是唯一的誰已經變得比較高的" 。
The fittings took more than two hours, but were the first familiar things they had done all day. The Kagaku Ninjatai had had to refit their Birdstyles more than once. During their first years of battle, Jinpei had put on two additional inches of height, and all of them had filled out. Beneath the mathematical scrutiny of the scanners, Ken discovered he had put on weight; his chest, arms and legs had thickened and his shoulders had broadened into a sturdy shape that more closely resembled his father's. Ken remembered the strength in those shoulders, too, as Kentaro had lifted him from the ground and thrown him across the deck: a final gift from father to son. / 配件花超過二小時, 但是第一個他們整天已經做的熟悉事物。 被有的 Kagaku Ninjatai 必須改裝他們的 Birdstyles 超過一次。 在他們的第一數年的戰爭時候, Jinpei 已經穿上二附加的高度吋,而且他們全部都已經填寫。 在掃描器的數學仔細研討之下,肯恩發現他已經增加重量; 他的胸,手和腿已經變濃,而且他的肩已經進入更嚴密相似了他的父親強健的形狀之內擴大。 肯恩也記得了那些肩的力量,如同 Kentaro 已經從地面舉起他而且橫過丟他甲板一樣: 從父親到兒子的一個最後的禮物。
He met the others outside the Development wing. They all looked tired, but Jinpei was still bouncing. "It's so cool. Nothing fits anymore, and I'm getting buffed!" He flexed his arms and Ryu snorted. "That's just your head swelling." / 他在發展翅膀之外遇見了其餘者。 他們全部看起來很疲累,但是 Jinpei 仍然正在反彈。 "它是如此涼爽。 沒事不再適合,而且我正在得到擦光輪!"他彎曲了他的手臂,而且 Ryu 噴著氣弄響鼻子。 "那是正直的你頭膨脹" 。
Jinpei slapped him on the stomach. "Hey, I bet the only place you filled out is in the middle!" Ryu swiped at him and missed, and no one else had the energy to chase Jinpei as he darted out of range. / Jinpei 在胃身上拍擊他。 "嗨, 我打賭你填寫的唯一地方在中央中"! 在他的 Ryu swiped 而且錯過,而且當他投射離範圍的時候,沒有人別的有了能源追捕 Jinpei 。
Their new apartments were back toward Dr. Nambu's office, and as they trudged down the corridors, the techs they passed either gave them curious stares, nodded or waved. One didn't--a craggy faced man with shoulder length blonde hair and a preoccupied scowl. Instead of the Institute lab coat, tech jacket or security uniform, he was dressed casually in a cream sweater and khakis. He walked toward the fitting rooms, from where the team had come. Ken afforded him a quick, curious glance before his mind turned back inward. / 他們的新公寓對於 Nambu's 博士辦公室回來,而且當他們沉重地走下來走廊, 科技他們通過或給予了他們好奇的注視, 點頭或揮舞。 didn't-- 一崎嶇的用肩長度金髮碧眼的女人頭髮和一個被先占的愁容面對男人。 代替學會實驗室外套,科技夾克或安全制服,他在乳酪毛衣和卡其色中被偶然地穿著。 他對於適宜的房間走路, 從在小組已經來的地方。 在他的心折回內心之前 , 肯恩提供了他快的, 好奇的一瞥。

A moment after he passed them, Getz stopped in his tracks. Surrounded by older scientists and uniformed techs, the four youths stood out like neon signs. He had never seen them outside of publicity photos, but there was no mistaking those four for anyone other than the Kagaku Ninjatai. His future teammates. The people he would be working with, working for. He leaned against the wall and watched their backs until they vanished down the corridor. / 片刻在他通過了他們,Getz 在他的軌道中停止之後。 藉著較年長的科學家和穿制服的科技包圍,像氖簽署,四個年輕人突出。 他從未在廣告相片的外邊看到他們, 但是不准犯錯那些四為任何人除了 Kagaku Ninjatai 之外。 他的將來隊友。 他將會合作的人, 工作。 他倚靠牆壁而且看他們的背部直到他們被消失下來走廊。
Considering their records, it was amazing how unimposing they looked outside of Birdstyle: four shaggy-headed kids, still all long legs and elbows. They didn't look old enough to be on a high tech base, preparing for a second round of battles in an older man's war. But Ken was only a year younger than Getz. Eric had always looked older than he was. / 考慮他們的紀錄, 它是令人驚異的如何不堂皇的他們在 Birdstyle 的外邊看: 四毛髮蓬鬆的-帶領了小孩,仍然所有長的腿和手肘。 他們沒有看舊的充足在一個高科技基礎上,準備一個較年長的男人戰爭的戰爭第二回合。 但是肯恩只是年輕於 Getz 的年。 艾力克總是已經看比他是更年長。
Perhaps he should have stopped them and said hello, but what could he have said to them at this point? No, it was better to let the Professor make the introductions, smooth the transitions. Let us go our own ways for now, Getz thought. We'll be crossing paths again soon enough. / 也許他應該要阻止他們而且說哈囉的, 但是什麼他可以此時已經對他們說嗎? 不,讓教授製造介紹是比較好的,使轉變光滑。 讓我們為現在去我們自己的方法,Getz 想。 我們將再一次很快足夠交叉路徑。

"Hakase, I'd like to request some leave time." / "Hakase,我想要請求一些休假時間".
"How long?" / " 多久"?
"Two weeks." / "二個星期".
Nambu nodded hesitantly. Though it would be more convenient to have Getz out of the way for now--he was not ready to introduce him to the Kagaku Ninjatai--he was not comfortable with Getz leaving the safety of the base. It was too early. Still, the young man had loose ends he needed to wrap up, and there was no viable excuse Nambu could use to keep him here, short of a direct order. If only the time hadn't come so soon. / Nambu 遲疑地點頭。 雖然從方式有 Getz 現在將會是更方便的--他還沒準備好介紹 Kagaku Ninjatai 給他認識--他不對留下基礎的安全 的 Getz 感到舒服的。 它太早是。 仍然,年輕的男人有他需要穿得暖和, 而且沒有有活力的藉口 Nambu 的鬆散事物可以使用保存他這裡,一個直接的次序短。 如果只有時間沒有來如此的快。
"I see. Where will you be going?" / "我知道了。 你將在哪裡要去?"
"Home on personal business." / "在個人的生意上回家" 。
"We need you here for training." / "我們需要你訓練的這裡" 。
"I understand, but you said yourself we have some leeway." / "我了解,但是你說了你自己我們有一些彈性" 。
"That I did..." Eric's eyes pierced him in a way that was uncomfortably familiar. Dr. Nambu opened his mouth to issue a denial, then caught himself and closed it again. He turned to the document on his desk, checked a paragraph absently, then looked up. "All right. Two weeks. Be back on the morning of the twenty fifth--no later." / " 我做。。。"艾力克的眼睛在一個不舒服地熟悉的方法中刺穿他。 Nambu 博士打開了他的嘴發行否認, 然後捕捉他自己而且再一次關閉了它。 他轉向在他的書桌上的文件,心不在焉地檢查了一個段落, 然後看在上面。 "好的。 二個星期。 在五的分之二十的早晨回來-- 沒有比較遲的。"
Getz nodded. "Thank you, sir." Turning his back, he headed for the door. / Getz 點頭。 "謝謝你,先生". 轉他的背部,他去門。
"Getz." / "Getz".
He stopped. / 他停止。
"Be careful." / "要小心" 。
The young man looked over his shoulder, and his lips twisted into a grin. "Consider it my first test, sir." The door slid closed behind him. / 年輕的男人瀏覽他的肩,而且他的唇進入露齒笑之內擰。 "考慮它我的第一個測試,先生". 門 slid 關閉在他後面。
"I hope you pass," Nambu said softly. / "我希望,你通過",Nambu 柔和地說。
Picking up the telephone receiver, he dialed Julia's extension, spoke a few terse words and hung up. / 接載電話接收器,他撥了茱莉亞的延長, 說了一些簡潔的字而且掛斷。

The clock on the nightstand read 2:43 AM, and the small lamp above it cast the only light in the room Joe sat cross-legged on his bed, flipping through a sheaf of printouts. Even in this era of automation, he preferred reading hard copy to scanning information from a screen. With paper, the data was solid, more tangible, something he could literally grasp, and it made the subject seem more real. Both Rafael and his staff of assistants had collected this data a week ago at Joe's request. ISO security would have a fit if they realized how much confidential information had been pulled from their archives. / 在 nightstand 上的時鐘讀早上 2:43 ,而且在它上面的小燈投在被坐著的房間喬的唯一光盤著腿的在他床上,用指頭彈過印出的一個束。 甚至在自動化的這一個時代中,他喜歡讀硬板勝過掃描來自一個螢幕的資料。 藉由紙,資料是固體,更多的有形資產, 某事他可以照字面上地抓住,而且它變得更真正。 Rafael 和他的助理職員在一個星期以前已經在喬的請求收集這一筆資料。 如果他們了解,國際標準組織安全將會有適宜多少機密的資料從他們的檔案已經被拉。
The papers he flipped through now contained stats on Eric Getz, age twenty one, straight-A grad student, martial artist and aspiring security agent. A real overachiever. Eric's thin face glared at him from several snapshots, the gaze narrow and wary, a slight curve to his lips as if he were smiling at some inner joke. Eric's parents were dead; his father from suspicious circumstances involving Ameris and the CIA, his mother from cancer. His uncle was his closest surviving relative, and Eric's contact with him was fairly regular. ISO profiles described Getz as careful, methodical and shrewd. Joe wondered about instinct, one talent that had saved his own skin on occasion. / 報紙他用指頭彈過被包含在艾力克 Getz 上的靜現在,變老二十一,直線-一位大學畢業生學生,軍事的藝術家和積極的安全代理人。 真正的 overachiever。 艾力克的瘦臉在他從一些迅速射擊發眩光, 注視海峽和小心的, 他的唇一個微小的曲線好像他正在一些內部的笑話微笑。 艾力克的父母死; 來自包括 Ameris 和中央情報局 的可疑環境的他父親,來自癌症的他母親。 他的叔叔是他的最靠近繼續生存親戚,而且艾力克與他的接觸非常規則。 國際標準組織描繪把 Getz 說成是小心的﹐有方法的和精明。 喬關於本能,一個已經解救在場合上的他自己的皮膚才能懷疑。
He might work out. / 他可能試算。
But what do the others think of him? The profiles also described Getz as quiet and solitary. Would he fit in? The data couldn't tell Joe that. Only his own assessment could tell him that. Or Ken's. Or Jun's. / 但是其餘者覺得他如何? 描繪也把 Getz 說成是安靜和獨居者。 他將會適合嗎在? 資料不可以告訴喬那。 唯一的他自己的評估可以告訴他那。 或肯恩。 或六月。
With a sigh, Joe tossed the notes on top of a pile of rumpled blankets and left his quarters. He spent the rest of the night topside, wandering among the ruins of the old fishing village beneath a sky illuminated only by stars. / 藉由一聲歎息,喬弄縐毛毯投擲在堆的頂端上的附註而且留下了他的四分之一。 他花費了夜晚乾舷的其它部分, 徘徊的在舊釣魚的毀滅之中在只有被星照明的天空之下的村莊。

The timer chimed, marking the end of the session. Ken leaned back in the simulator, pulled off his helmet and ran fingers through sweaty dark hair. He found it both alarming and exhilarating how easily these things came back to him--to all of them. He had expected them all to fumble badly, but it seemed like they had never stopped fighting. And this was only their third day of training. / 定時器鳴,評鑑會議的結束。 肯恩經過出汗的黑暗頭髮在模擬器中向後地倚靠, 順利完成他的鋼盔而且跑手指。 他發現它兩個驚慌和令人喜歡的這些事物回到他地多容易--到他們全部。 他已經期望他們嚴重地摸索的全部,但是它像他們從未停止對抗。 而且這是唯一的他們訓練的第三天。
"Nice work, all of you," he said over his wristband--another old and welcome friend returned. "We meet here tomorrow, same time." / "美好的工作,你全部",他在他的袖口之上說--另外老的和受歡迎的朋友歸還。 " 我們明天在這裡遇見,相同的時間".
"That was pretty cool!" Jinpei's voice came back over the tiny link, deeper than in the old days. How old was he now? "When do we get to do the real thing?" / " 那是相當涼爽"! Jinpei's 的聲音在極小的連結之上回來, 深的超過在舊的數天中。 現在他幾歲? " 我們何時開始做真正的事物"?
"Soon as the paint dries," Ken said, parroting the chief engineer's reply. He pulled the handle and the simulator hatch opened with a hiss. / "很快如油漆弄乾",肯恩說,鸚鵡主要的工程師的答覆。 他拉了柄,而且模擬器艙口以一聲噓聲打開。
The others also exited simulators, capsule-shaped enclosures surrounded by wires and hoses and hydraulics in a soundproofed room with black painted walls. All of them looked weary but satisfied. Jun had already transmuted back to civilian style, and while her baggy new jersey didn't quite flatter her, the tight white jeans certainly did. Ken imagined his hands on her hips, her leaning back against his chest, warm and reassuring--then he kicked himself. That's over now. / 其餘者也退出模擬器,在和被畫牆壁的黑色一個被房間裝隔音裝置的中被電線和水管和水力學包圍的膠囊形的附件。 他們全部都看起來疲倦但是滿意的。 六月向後地已經使到平民的風格變形了,而且當她的鬆垮垮的紐澤西州不相當過份誇讚她的時候,緊的白色牛仔褲確定地做。 想像在她的臀部上的他手肯恩 , 她的傾斜向後地反對他的胸, 溫暖的和安心的--然後他自責。 那在現在以來。
Jun met Ken's gaze. Her eyes flashed coldly and she turned away. Ken's mouth tightened as he watched her leave. When would she get over this and see reason? She had to understand. / 六月遇見了肯恩的注視。 她的眼睛冷淡地閃現,而且她轉向離開。 當他看了她的休假時候,肯恩的嘴勒緊。 她將會何時克服這而且看見理由? 她必須了解。
You're the one who ought to understand. Joe's voice again. It stung. / 你是應該了解的那一個。 再一次的喬聲音。 它刺。
Go away, Ken snarled in his mind. You're not really here. Leave me the hell alone. / 走開,肯恩在他的心中吼叫。 你在這裡不真的。 獨自地留下我地獄。
"I'm off to the gym," he said. "Anyone else care to come with me?" / "我去建身房",他說。 "其他任何人願意和我來"?
Ryu squinted at him. "Aren't you tired?" / Ryu 在他使變斜視眼。 " 你不很疲累"?
"Not that tired. C'mon, a workout will do you good." / " 不那疲累的。 C'mon,一個練習將對你有好處。"
"Hunh-uh. Enough's enough." Ryu shook his head. / "Hunh-uh。 充足的充足。"Ryu 搖頭。
"Suit yourself. Jinpei?" / "適合你自己。 Jinpei?"
Jinpei blinked. "Maybe in a few minutes. " / Jinpei 眨眼。 "在幾分鐘之內也許。 "
"All right." / "好的" 。
All of them stared at Ken's back as he departed. "I don't like this," Ryu said. "He's going weird on us again." / 他們全部都向後地當做他盯著肯恩看起來過去的。 " 我不喜歡這",Ryu 說。 "他正在再一次在我們身上變怪異" 。
"Yes," Jun said softly. / "是的" ,六月柔和地說。
"Oneechan," Jinpei turned to her. "What're you gonna do? You two can't keep on acting like this!" / "Oneechan",Jinpei 求助於她。 " What're 你去做? 你們二個不能繼續行動同類這!"
"Mind your own business." / "留意你自己的生意" 。
"It is my business." The boy scowled. "What happens with you two when we go back to fighting Galactor?" / "它是我的生意" 。 男孩皺眉頭。 " 什麼和你發生二當我們回去對抗 Galactor 的時候"?
"We do our jobs," Jun said grimly. "Don't ask me about it again." / "我們做我們的工作",六月嚴格地說。 "不再向我詢問它" 。
"That's it," Jinpei said, throwing up his hands and heading for the door. "I'm outta here." / "那是它",Jinpei 說,舉起他的手而且去門。 "我在這裡是 outta" 。
"Jinpei," Jun's voice made him pause in the doorway. "Don't let Ken run himself into the ground." / "Jinpei",六月的聲音在門口中使他暫停。 "進入地面之內不要讓肯恩跑他自己" 。
"Sure, leave it to me." There was no confidence in his voice. / "當然,對我留下它". 沒有對他的聲音信心。
As the door closed behind him, Ryu came up beside Jun and touched her arm. "What about you? Will you be all right?" / 當門關閉在他後面的時候,Ryu 在六月旁邊發生而且碰觸了她的手臂。 " 什麼關於你? 你將是沒關係嗎?"
"I'll be just fine." Jun's lips quivered as she turned away from him. Ryu's gentle question did more to unravel her composure than all the day's tensions combined. Quickly she headed for the door before Ryu could say anything else or she could dissolve into tears. / "我將是正直的罰款" 。 當她轉向遠離他的時候,六月的唇顫抖。 比較整天的緊張聯合, Ryu's 的溫和問題多做闡明她的鎮靜。 很快地在 Ryu 可以說別的東西之前 , 她去門,否則她可以進入淚滴之內溶解。

Ken entered the dressing room, changed into sweats, and after a quick stretch, began running on the track that circled the perimeter of the exercise area. The gym was amazingly well-equipped with everything from weight machines to boxing bags and gymnastic equipment--even a training ring. All of it smelled new and unused; sterile, expectant. He picked a hard but steady pace, a little harder than his routine running sessions, and could feel each part of his body working, pushing, moving ever forward. / 被進入化菻ヰ漯眳,換成汗, 和在快的伸展之後,開始在包圍了練習區域的周長軌道上跑。 令人驚異地很好地建身房是-裝備從重量機器到拳擊的每件事物袋子和體操的儀器--使一個訓練戒指相等。 它全部都聞起來新的和不用; 不孕的,預期者。 他挑選了一個難的但是穩定的速度,稍微更努力地超過他的跑會議 的例行公事, 而且可以感覺他的身體工作的每個部份,推動,向前地曾經移動。
Forward. Running straight into an uncertain future. Again he heard Nambu's words from the morning's briefing: "No, we don't know what we're up against--how large or powerful it is. We do know that Sosai X has returned to Earth and is gathering his forces. We don't yet know how well these forces are organized. For this reason, the four of you will be staying on base between missions." The others had loved that: their freedom lost, the money and effort they had poured into the past two years now abandoned. The fact that they were now hiding from their enemy galled Ken the most. / 轉寄。 跑直線進不確定的未來之內。 再一次他聽到了來自早晨的簡報 Nambu's 的字: " 不,我們不知道什麼我們向上是反對-- 如何大的或有力的它是。 我們確實知道 Sosai X 已經回到地球並且是集會他的軍隊。 我們不仍然知道這些軍隊是多好組織。 因為這說服,你中的四個將在任務之間的基礎上停留。" 其餘者已經愛那: 他們的被失去的自由,他們已經注入被拋棄的過去二年現在的錢和努力。 他們現在正在從他們的敵人藏的事實屈辱了肯恩大部分。
The sounds of Ken's footsteps echoed in the large gym, and the wind cause by his movement cooled his face and lifted his sweaty hair from his neck. He could already feel the fresh perspiration trickling beneath his clothes as he ran. / 肯恩的腳步聲音在大的建身房中隨聲附和,而且他的運動風因素冷卻了他的臉而且舉起了來自他的脖子他出汗的頭髮。 當他跑的時候,他可以已經感覺在移動之下他的衣服 的新鮮汗。
Four teammates piloting unfinished vehicles, represented by ambiguous computerized shapes, fighting against... what? It was Gallactor, but a strange, more competent organization, as his recent combat experience had revealed. Who led them now that Katse was dead? / 領航未完成的車輛, 被曖昧的用電腦處理形狀代表, 對抗 的四個隊友反對。。。 什麼? 它是 Gallactor, 但是一個奇怪的, 更能幹的組織,如同他的最近戰鬥經驗已經顯示一樣。 誰現在引導了他們 Katse 死?
The rest of the team performed as well as they could in the simulators, but the two years of inactivity had taken their toll. And Nambu's obvious caution wasn't doing much for Ken's confidence. He felt as if they were all sixteen again, inexperienced and vulnerable. Even more so since they were short one member. This time Joe wasn't there to share the strain, to help anchor them. Gallactor had killed him, one Ken had thought to be unkillable, and now Gallactor was even more formidable. / 小組的其它部分表現和他們可以在模擬器中,但是二年的不活動已經採取他們的通行費。 而且 Nambu's 的明顯小心沒有在為肯恩的信心多做。 他感覺好像他們全部再一次是十六,無經驗的和易受傷害的。 甚至更如此因為他們是矮一個成員。 這次喬不在那裡分享緊張, 幫助錨他們。 Gallactor 已經殺他, 一個肯恩已經想是無法殺的,而且現在 Gallactor 是甚至更強大的。
The four of them. Nambu had said that the mothership would be operated by an autopilot, freeing Ryu to join them in battles where they'd have to split up. But there was still a big gap in their ranks. With even one piece gone, they were weak, and even if no one mentioned it, all of them felt it. / 他們中的四個。 Nambu 已經說, mothership 將會被一個自引示操作, 釋放 Ryu 在他們有必須分離的戰爭中參加他們在上面。 但是仍然有他們的排名一個大的縫隙。 與平坦的修補去,他們是弱的,而且即使沒有人提到了它,他們全部都感覺了它。
Ken's feet pounded harder on the track; the soles of his running shoes slapping hard on the rubberized surface, pushing it away.What are we going to do? / 肯恩的腳在軌道上更努力地強烈打擊; 難的在被塗橡膠的表面上的出奇地快的他流動的鞋子腳掌,推動它離開。我們將要做什麼?
He heard himself saying jokingly to Ryu on the first day Joe turned up missing from the track: Oh, he's okay, He's too mean to die. They had laughed. He saw his own hands folding Joe's icy fingers around the blades of his boomerang. / 他聽到了他自己開玩笑地說到在第一天被出現從軌道失去的喬上 Ryu: 哦,他是好,他是太低劣而無法死。 他們已經笑。 他在他的回飛棒的刀鋒周圍看見他自己的手折疊的喬冰手指。
Jun, in her car after he came out of the hospital: When Red Impulse died, then Joe... I got so scared. I keep thinking our luck has run out. / 六月,在他後的她汽車中從醫院出來: 當紅色的衝動死的時候, 然後喬。。。 我這麼得到驚嚇。 我繼續想我們的運氣已經用完。
Ken's breath came faster. / 肯恩的呼吸被提出更快速地。
Who can replace you, Joe? I need you here. Tell me I'm being stupid. / 誰能替換你,喬? 我在這裡需要你。 告訴我,我是愚蠢。
Ken tried to imagine his friend running beside him, keeping pace with easy, long-legged strides, but the vision eluded him. He scowled; after what had happened in Jun's bar--after hearing Joe's voice in the simulator room only minutes ago--he should be able to do it, to bring Joe back at least in his memories. He tried again. Dammit, where are you now? / 肯恩試著想像他的在他旁邊跑 的朋友,保管和容易的, 長- 腿的大步踱步,但是視野逃避了他。 他皺眉頭; 在六月已經發生酒吧的東西之後--在在唯一的分鐘以前在模擬器房間中聽喬的聲音之後--他應該能夠做它, 在他的記憶中至少把喬帶回來。 他再一次嘗試。 該死,現在你在哪裡?
No reply. He felt nothing. Empty. / 沒有答覆。 他什麼也不感覺。 清空。
Ken ran and ran. He no longer saw the track, no longer counted the laps. He lashed at the ground with his feet, struggled against muscles that were beginning to ache. Ken gasped for air, his strides erratic as the panic washed over him. His foot scuffed hard against the track, which grabbed on and pulled back. Ken stumbled and fell. He hit the ground in a roll and came to rest on his back, staring up at the ceiling. His chest felt as if it was going to explode; lungs pumping, heart pounding like a sledgehammer against his ribcage, rattling his entire body. / 肯恩跑了又跑。 他不再看見軌道,不再計算了膝蓋。 他在和他的腳地面鞭打,與正在開始痛的肌肉起爭執。 空氣喘氣的肯恩 , 不穩定的他大步如恐慌在他之上洗。 他的腳努力地反對軌道跛著腳走路, 抓取在而且之上向後地拉。 肯恩絆倒而且跌落。 他碰撞了一個捲物的地面而且來停留在他的背部上, 注視在天花板上面。 他的胸感覺好像它將要爆炸; 肺抽泵,心敲喜歡對抗他的 ribcage 的一個大鎚,驚慌失措他的整個身體。
"Aniki!" / "Aniki"!
The sound of quick footsteps, then Jinpei was leaning over him. "You okay?" / 快的腳步聲音,然後 Jinpei 正在他之上傾斜。 " 你好"?
Ken didn't bother to move. It felt good to just lie there, staring at the ceiling tiles, his sweat-soaked back pressed against the cool floor. "Hokay," he panted. / 肯恩沒有煩擾移動。 它在那裡覺得舒服到正直的謊言,盯著天花板瓦片看,他的汗-浸濕了被壓對抗很棒的地板背面。 "Hokay",他喘息。
"I was gonna work out, but now I'm too tired just from watching," Jinpei said. "You've been at it for hours." Ken's face was flushed, but the glazed look Jinpei had seen in his eyes was fading. "You sure you're all right, Aniki?" / "我將要試算,但是現在我僅僅從看太疲累",Jinpei 說。 "你已經是在它長達數小時之久" 。 肯恩的臉被臉發紅,但是像玻璃的神情 Jinpei 已經在他的眼睛中看到正在時尚。 " 你當然你是沒關係 ,Aniki"?
Ken's breathing slowed. He focused on Jinpei's worried face and his expression compressed into a glare. "I'm fine." With a determined lurch, he pushed himself to his feet and walked past the boy to the showers. / 肯恩的呼吸減慢。 他把重心集中在 Jinpei's 的焦慮臉和他的進入閃耀光之內被壓縮的表達。 " 我很好" 。 藉由一個堅決的慘敗,他到他的腳逼迫了他自己而且越過男孩走路到陣雨。

Carry-on bag in hand, Getz let the crowd sweep him to British Immigration and Customs. An ISO shuttle had taken him to Utoland, and from there he'd arranged a cheap flight to London after a layover in New Jork. He hadn't slept on either flight, and his eyes felt like they'd been rubbed with sandpaper. / 手的隨身攜帶的袋子,Getz 讓群眾掃除他到英國移民和關稅。 一個國際標準組織太空梭已經帶他到 Utoland ,而且從那裡他在新的 Jork 的一個短暫中斷之後有安排了前往倫敦的一次便宜的班機。 他沒有在任一飛行上睡,而且他的眼睛感覺像他們已經與砂紙一起擦。
A woman bumped into him and apologized. Getz nodded to her and moved to the shortest Immigration line. His skin was itching: it was starting already. He only hoped there wouldn't be a confrontation now. Galactor wasn't the type to be deterred by crowds of bystanders, and it wouldn't do to have all those innocent deaths on his conscience. / 一個女人碰巧遇到他而且道歉。 Getz 對她點頭而且移到最短的移民線。 他的皮膚正在搔癢: 它已經開始。 他不過希望現在將會沒有一個敵對。 Galactor 不是類型被一大群旁觀者制止,而且它將不做有在他的良心方面的所有那些無罪的死亡。
He passed through security and made his Customs declarations: a case of expensive cigarettes and two bottles of Ameris bourbon for his uncle, the man who had gotten him into this mess in the first place. He deserved the rotgut. The airport staff worked with their usual cool efficiency, masking their boredom. / 他通過安全而且作了他的關稅公告: 為他的叔叔,已經首先得到他進這雜亂之內的男人貴香煙和二瓶 Ameris bourbon 的一個情形。 他該得到了劣質的威斯忌酒。 機場職員與他們的平常涼爽的效率合作 , 掩蔽他們的厭煩。
Before he reached the bus and taxi terminal, Getz stopped in the men's lavatory, stepped into a stall and closed the door. He took off his coat then pulled a small box from his bag, an item that looked like a calculator. He flushed the toilet, and with the water running, ran the device over his clothes, then his coat. At the collar of his coat, the display flashed. Getz took a closer look, then with his fingernails, extracted a small, pronged device from the fabric. Flipping the tracer behind the toilet, he shrugged his coat on and left the stall. / 他到達了公共汽車和計程車終點,在男人的盥洗室中被停止的 Getz 之前,進入一個貨攤之內踏而且關閉了門。 他然後脫掉他的外套拉了來自他的袋子一個小的盒子,一個看起來像一個計算者一樣的項目。 他臉發紅了廁所, 和由於水賽跑,輾過裝置他的衣服, 然後他的外套。 在他的外套衣領,展覽閃現。 Getz 帶了較靠近的神情,然後以他的手指甲,吸取來自織物的一個小的, 尖端分叉的裝置。 用指頭彈在廁所後面的追蹤者, 他聳肩了他的外套在而且之上留下了貨攤。
So far so good, but this was only the beginning. His greatest point of vulnerability lay with meeting Mako. / 到現在為止如此好,但是這只是開始。 弱點的他最好的觀點由於遇見 Mako 放置。

To Be Continued
/ 是繼續的