PART 8 / 第 8 部份
Wendy Dinsmore (chronic1@2xtreme.net) / 溫蒂 Dinsmore(chronic1@2xtreme.net)
Three days ago, the captain of Global Airlines Flight 257, his plane caught in a wave of radio static that overrode both his communications and his nav aids, deviated a few degrees off course on the plane's final approach to Elo City. Though relatively minor and correctable, the error took the plane off the regularly traveled airways and over a tiny island twenty miles from the mainland. As the flight crew and two hundred passengers prepared for their landing in Elo City, a bright light flashed up from below them, flaring brighter and brighter until it engulfed the plane. Under clear skies a mere fifty miles from the airport, Flight 257 turned into a diving fireball. As controllers in Elo Center watched, horrified, the airliner's signal faded from all radar screens, and the radio fell completely silent. / 在三天以前,全球的航空公司班機 257 的船長 , 他的飛機在收音機靜電的一個波浪中捕捉, overrode 他的溝通和他的 nav 幫助,在飛機的結局接近 Elo 城市上的課程外脫離一些程度。 雖然相對地輔修和可修正的,錯誤在經常地旅行的空中航線外和在來自大陸的極小島二十哩之上搭乘飛機。 當組員班機和二百位乘客在 Elo 城市中準備他們的登陸時候, 一個明亮的光閃現在從在他們下面上面, 發光的越來越明亮的直到它吞沒了飛機。 在清楚的天空之下來自機場的僅僅五十哩,班機 257 變成一個潛水火球。 當 Elo 中心的控制人員看,驚悸的, 已褪色的客機信號從所有的雷達螢幕,而且收音機跌落完全沈默。
Within two hours, a fleet of helicopters backtracked through the plane's flight path and landed on the beach of Easton Island. Investigators found pieces of the wreckage strewn across the beach, but barely had time to report in before Galactor snipers fired on them from the bushes. / 在二小時內,直昇機的艦隊在 Easton 島的海灘上返回過飛機的航線而且登陸。 調查員發現了被撒滿海灘的殘餘塊, 但是幾乎有了時間報告在 Galactor 狙擊手從矮樹叢在他們身上點燃之前。
At base headquarters on Easton Island, GelSadora skimmed the reports. Eager to test their firepower and defend their latest installation, the second guard shift had shot down a passenger jet-- an impulsive defense maneuver, but something they could turn to their advantage. Chuckling, she handed the latest status report back to her waiting assistant, then turned to the window where she stared at the rough face of the mountain temple. "That should get the ISO's attention," she said. "Now let's see who comes to visit." / 在 Easton 島上的惡劣總部, GelSadora 略讀了報告。 熱心的測試他們的火力而且防護他們最近的安裝,第二個變化已經擊落一架民航機的守衛-- 衝動的防衛演習, 但是某事他們可以變對他們有利。 吃吃的笑,她向後地對她的等候傳遞了最新狀態報告助理, 然後轉向她盯著山寺廟的粗糙臉看的窗戶。 "那應該得到國際標準組織的注意",她說。 " 現在讓我們看見誰來拜訪".
Rain thundered against the corrugated steel roof of the hangar as Ken worked, stripping the brakes from a prewar Bonanza. Beside the work in progress sat a second small craft, and his own plane was stowed behind both, flagged and blanketed with a tarpaulin. A large space heater huffing industriously at the far end of the hangar held the bitter cold at bay. / 雨打雷對抗縮成皺紋的鋼如被工作,脫去來自一個戰前的額外好處的煞車肯恩的飛機庫的屋頂。 在進步的工作旁邊坐著了第二的小飛機,而且他自己的飛機兩者都被收藏起來後面的部分, 旗子和和一個塗焦油防水布的 blanketed。 一個在飛機庫的遠結束勤勉地嚇 的大空間加熱器拿著那非常寒冷的在海灣。
"I've decided to rent out my plane," Ken said, glancing over his shoulder to where Joe slouched against his workbench. "It brings in extra money and I hardly use it now that we're stuck on base all the time. Three other pilots are renting the strip and the storage." He tapped the wheel strut with his pliers in emphasis. / "我已經決定租用出我的飛機",肯恩說, 瀏覽他的肩到在喬無力地下垂對抗他的工作臺的地方。 "它引進額外的錢,而且我剛剛現在使用它我們始終在基礎上被欺騙。 其他三飛行員正在租用長條和儲藏。"他用強調的他鉗子輕打輪子高視闊步。
"Smart," said Joe, and took a pull from his Coke. / "聰明的", 喬說, 而且拿一從他的可樂拉。
"I don't know when I'll get back to this." With a sigh he turned back to his work. "Had another fight with Hakase yesterday. I told him that we have to move decisively on our next battle call." The brake caliper fell to the concrete floor with a clatter. "We spent three years fighting stalemates with the Syndicate. Now I want to destroy them before they get more powerful. Of course, you know what he says. We have to wait, to watch, to plan, to defend, the same as before, and it will only end the same way. We lose." / "當我將回到這的時候,我不知道" 。 藉由一聲歎息他折回到他的工作。 "昨天用 Hakase 有另戰鬥。 我告訴了他我們必須決定性地在我們的下個戰爭呼叫上移動。"煞車 caliper 落到有一個卡搭聲的具體地板。 "我們度過了戰鬥以企業聯合停頓的三年。 現在在他們更有力之前 , 我想要破壞他們。 當然,你知道他所說的。 我們必須等候, 看, 計劃, 防護, 相同於在,之前而且它只將結束相同的方法。 我們失去。"
"We haven't lost yet," Joe said. / "我們仍然沒有失去",喬說。
Ken's head snapped up and he glared at his friend. "What the hell do you call our position now? The Syndicate is back. It's like we've done nothing! And we lost you." / 肯恩的頭搶先弄到手,而且他在他的朋友發眩光。 "你現在呼叫我們的位置什麼? 企業聯合回來。 像我們已經什麼也沒做,它是! 而且我們失去了你。"
Joe took another swig from his Coke and said nothing. His presence struck Ken as an incongruity, but Ken kept talking, grateful for the company. / 喬帶了來自他的可樂另一個痛飲而且什麼也不說。 他的出現打了肯恩如一個不調和,但是肯恩保持說話,對於公司是感謝的。
"You should see the new mechs. They're insane. Performance tests out all right, but they look like they belong in a circus act. Everyone's upset about it. We've been pushing for new paint, but Hakase is adamant. It seems like we're doing nothing but making concessions." He snorted, shaking his head. "Obedient like trained dogs. No, trained birds." / "你應該看見新的 mechs 。 他們是患精神病的。 表現好測試出,但是他們看起來像他們一樣在一個馬戲團行為中屬於。 每個人關於它顛覆。 我們已經急切要求新的油漆,但是 Hakase 是堅石。 它像我們正在什麼也不做但是作出讓步。"他噴著氣弄響鼻子,搖頭。 "服從的同類訓練了狗。 不,訓練了鳥。"
"How's Jun?" / " 如何六月"?
"The same. She won't talk to me unless we're working or training." / "一樣的。 除非我們是工作的,否則她將不和我說話或訓練。"
"You should reconsider getting back with her." / "你應該和她再考慮回來" 。
"Damn it!" Ken snarled, throwing down his pliers. Metal rang against the floor, echoing through the hangar. "Why must you keep shoving us at each other? We'll get together when we're ready!" / "詛咒它"! 肯恩吼叫,丟下來他的鉗子。 金屬鳴響對抗地板,隨聲附和過飛機庫。 " 你一定要為什麼繼續推我們在彼此? 當我們準備好的時候,我們將聚在一起!"
Joe shrugged and silently raised his hands. Ken suddenly felt ashamed, deflated under his friend's sharp gaze. "I can't get close to her again, not now. She has to wait just a little longer. Until the fighting stops." / 喬聳肩並且默默地舉起了他的手。 肯恩突然覺得慚愧,在他的朋友銳利的注視之下放氣。 "我能不再到達在她的附近,現在不要。 她必須僅僅稍微更久等候。 直到戰鬥停止。"
"If it stops." / " 如果它停止".
"When it stops, I'll ask her again. I'll try to make it up to her." / "當它停止的時候,我再一次將問她。 我將試著使它由她決定。"
"She might not wait. She might not give you the chance." / "她不可能等候。 她不可能給你機會。"
"It's all I can do. If we can stop this war now. If we can crush Galactor before they get a chance to get any stronger...." / " 它全都是我能做。 如果我們現在能停止這一個戰爭。 如果在他們得到一個機會變得比較強壯之前 , 我們能壓破 Galactor...."
"They may already be too strong." / " 他們可能已經太強" 。
"I hate it when you talk like this. Disaster usually follows." / "當你像這一樣說話的時候,我憎恨它。 災禍通常跟隨。"
"It's your conscience talking. You're dreaming this, you know." Joe shoved himself off the workbench and tossed his now empty can into a waste bin by the double doors. "I have to go." / "它是你的講話 的良心。 你正在做夢這,你知道。" 喬推擠了他自己在工作臺外而且投擲他的現在進入兩邊開的門一個廢棄的箱櫃之內的空罐子。 "我必須去" 。
"Why?" / "為什麼"?
"Don't lose your head, Ken. You're the leader." He slid one of the doors aside, stepped out, and closed the door behind him. / "不要失去理智 ,肯恩。 你是領袖。" 他 slid 門在一邊之一,放大步伐走, 而且關閉了在他後面的門。
Ken heard no receding footsteps, no sound of a car engine starting. When he opened the door, he saw only the empty runway outside, the rain coming down in sheets and his own breath fogging in the cold. Alone again. / 肯恩沒聽到後退的腳步,沒有一個汽車引擎出發的聲音。 當他打開了門的時候,他只看見空的跑道外面,在張和在感冒中被霧籠罩 的他自己的呼吸方面下來 的雨。 再一次獨自地。
"Damn it." / "詛咒它" 。
Turning back to the hangar, he stopped. The planes, his tools, the heater, all had disappeared, leaving the building a hollow metal shell. / 折回到飛機庫,他停止。 飛機,他的工具,加熱器,已經全部消失,離開建築物一個空的金屬製的貝殼。
The buzzing of his alarm brought him back into his dark quarters. A porthole looked out at the ocean, but at G-Town's current depth, the light never changed. His bedside clock read six AM. Time to dress, shave, do his morning workout, then have breakfast with the others at eight and spend the rest of the day on standby. Ken despised the waiting, but today might be different. After the professor's meeting with the UN this morning, they might finally be called into action. / 他的警報發蜂音進入他的黑暗四分之一之內把他帶回來。 一個舷窗在大海小心, 但是在 G-城鎮的現在深度,從不被改變的光。 他的床邊時鐘讀六是。 時間穿著,修面,做他的早晨練習,然後在八點鐘與其餘者一起吃早餐而且花費那天對備用的其餘者。 肯恩輕視了等候, 但是今天可能是不同的。 在和聯合國的教授會議之後今天早晨,他們可能進入行動之內最後被叫做。
Stretching, feeling the sharp snap of tension across his shoulders, he headed for the bathroom and slapped on the light. As he shaved, staring at his disheveled face in the mirror, he expected the disconnected, dreamlike sensation to fade, but it did not. Perhaps if he stepped through the bathroom door now, he would find himself back at his old shack, the hangar just outside the front window, and his dead friend waiting within. / 伸展作業,橫過感覺緊張的銳利大聲叱罵他的肩,他去浴室而且拍打光。 當他修面,盯著鏡子的他使蓬亂臉看,他期望了分離的, 夢一般的感覺褪色,但是它沒有。 也許如果他現在踏過浴室門,他將會在他的舊小屋向後地發現他自己,僅僅在前面的窗戶 , 和他的在裡面等候 的死朋友之外的飛機庫。
Don't lose your head, Ken. / 不要失去理智 ,肯恩。
"I'm already losing my mind," he muttered. / "我已經正在失去我的心",他喃喃自語。
"I'm glad that's over." / " 我很高興那結束".
Murray slapped a hand around the wall beside the entry and found a light switch. Lamps came on within Eric Getz's apartment, revealing neutral decor--a nondescript beige couch, two chairs and coffee table, mass production art on the walls. It revealed little about the man who'd lived here. But what the hell, Murray thought. It beat sitting outside in the cold, waiting for Getz to come home. / 默里在進入旁邊的牆壁周圍拍擊一隻手並且發現了一個輕的開關。 燈發生艾力克 Getz's 之內的公寓,顯示中立的裝飾--一張莫可名狀的淺褐色的長椅,二張椅子和咖啡桌子,在牆壁上的大量生產藝術。 它揭露了在這裡被居住的關於男人 who'd 的一點點。 但是什麼,默里想。 它在感冒中的外面打座位安排, 等候 Getz 到回家。
He led the way inside, pulling off his heavy, wet topcoat as he did so. Tony and Darren, two of Murray's associates, flopped onto the couch, propping muddy feet on the coffee table. Adam, their subchief, found the thermostat and turned up the heat before he collapsed into one of the chairs. / 他引導了裡面的方式, 順利完成他的重, 濕的輕便大衣當他這麼做。 湯尼和 Darren ,默里的同伴中的二,在長椅之上笨重的摔,支撐在咖啡桌子上的泥濘腳。 在他進入椅子之一之內倒塌之前 , 亞當,他們的子領袖, 發現了自動調溫器而且把熱調大。
"Hey, Murray," Adam said casually, tipping his head back to look at the first man. "Go see if there's anything in the refrigerator." / "嗨,默里",亞當偶然地說,把他的頭提示回看第一個男人。 " 去看看是否那裡在電冰箱是任何事 ".
Murray grimaced, but being on the low end of the pecking order, he went into the tiny kitchen without comment. Yanking open the refrigerator, he found three cans of generic soda and two beers. The rest of the kitchen contained only dry goods, though he managed to salvage a bag of corn chips from the pantry. Walking back outside, he tossed the beers to Darren and Tony. "That's all there is." / 默里扮鬼臉, 但是在以喙啄次序的低結束上,他進入沒有意見的極小廚房。 強拉開放的電冰箱,他發現總稱的蘇打和二啤酒的三個罐子。 廚房的其它部分包含了唯一的雜貨,雖然他設法搶救來自餐具室的一袋玉黍蜀薄片。 外面向後地步行,他對 Darren 和湯尼投擲了啤酒。 "那是所有的以有" 。
"There's a liquor store down the block," said Adam. "Go down and get us a case." / "有一間酒商店下來區段",說了亞當。 "下來而且拿一個情形給我們" 。
"Hey, Chief said we were to stay here," / " 嗨,領袖說我們是在這裡停留",
"Chief isn't here. I am, and I rank. Do it." Adam leaned back against the chair, hands behind his head. The other two smirked. / "領袖不在這裡。 我是,而且我排列。 做它。"亞當反對椅子向後地倚靠,在他的頭後面傳遞。 被嘻嘻做笑的另外二。
Murray swore under his breath as he shrugged on his coat. Adam's promotion had been a fluke, but he never turned down a chance to use his newfound rank. Murray slammed the front door behind him. / 當他在他的外套上聳肩的時候,默里在他的呼吸之下咒罵。 亞當的晉升已經是一個僥倖,但是他從不拒絕一個機會使用他的新發現的排名。 默里猛然關上了在他後面的前門。
The lift was broken, forcing him to take the stairs to the front entrance, and he thought about how the wet, bitter cold would slam into him when he opened that door; all the worse now for the respite. Damn Adam anyway, and damn this stupid city and its depressing skies and its dirty, icy rain. / 舉起被打破, 強迫他拿對前面的入口樓梯, 而且他想如何濕氣, 非常寒冷的將會猛然地撞進他當他打開了那一扇門的時候; 所有的更壞事現在對於延期。 無論如何詛咒亞當, 而且詛咒這座愚蠢的城市和它的鬱悶天空和它的骯髒, 冰的雨。
Just as he reached for the handle, an arm snaked around his neck and locked tight, strangling his startled cry. Murray flailed for the gun he kept in the right pocket of his coat, but a hand grabbed his right wrist and wrenched his arm behind his back. Still he struggled, kicking back at his attacker, swinging with his free hand, trying to get his balance for a shoulder throw. He connected once or twice, but his efforts were as effective as trying to knock down a brick wall. / 正如他及於柄,一隻手臂在他的脖子周圍曲折而行而且緊緊地鎖,勒死他的震驚哭聲。 默里為他在他的外套正確的口袋中保持的槍用連迦打,但是一隻手抓取了他的正確手腕而且猛扭了在他的背部後面的他手臂。 然而他努力, 在他的攻擊者突然後退,以他的自由手搖擺, 嘗試得到他的平衡因為一個肩丟。 他連接了一次,否則兩次,但是他的努力像嘗試那樣有效打倒一面磚塊牆壁。
The arm around his neck tightened painfully, hauling him off balance. "Not a word, not another move," a low voice growled in his right ear. "Or I rip your head off where you stand. Got it?" Sparks flared around the corners of Murray's vision. He froze, and the grip eased enough that he was able to nod. / 手臂在他的脖子周圍痛苦地勒緊,在平衡外拖他。 "不是一個字, 不另一次移動",一種低的聲音在他的右耳朵中怒吠。 "或我走開撕開你的頭你站著哪裡。 得到它?" 火花搖曳即將來臨默里的視野。 他凍結,而且緊握緩和了他能夠點頭的充足。
"Good." The arm relaxed a little more, and Murray's vision cleared. / "好的". 手臂放鬆了小的更多 , 和默里的被清除的視野。
Murray caught only a glimpse of a shadowy figure before he found himself spun around and propelled down the dark hall to the end of the building and the locked service entry. His captor shoved him to the side, then kicked high on the thick wooden door, near the deadbolt and chain. Murray gaped as the locks snapped and the door slammed open, cracking hard against the outside wall. The cold air and drizzle enveloped them as they moved down the stairs and into the alleyway. / 在他發現他自己快速旋轉在而且周圍推進下來黑暗的門廳為目的建築物和那被鎖服務進入之前 , 默里只引起了有陰影的數字一瞥。 他的捕捉者推擠了他到邊,然後在厚的木製門上高度地踢,在 deadbolt 和鏈的附近。 當鎖咬斷的時候,默里裂開,而且門猛然關上開放的,努力地反對外面的牆壁弄碎。 當他們沿樓梯而下的時候,冷空氣和細雨信封了他們和進入小巷之內。
Murray stumbled for nearly a block, down two side streets and into a narrow, unpaved alley full of junk and rotting garbage. The arm left his throat, and his captor quickly removed the gun from his pocket. Murray twisted his head around for a better look at the man who patted him down, but he couldn't see much; his captor wore a dark gray raincoat with the hood pulled up over his head, obscuring his face. Finding Murray's other gun as well a knife, he tossed the weapons into the garbage pile. "Hey, shame on you," Murray said. "What if a little kid finds those?" / 對於幾乎一個區段被絆倒的默里, 墬落二條旁的街道和進入一條狹窄的, 沒有鋪石磚的充滿垃圾的小路之內而且腐爛垃圾。 手臂留下他的咽喉 , 和他的捕捉者很快地被把槍從移開他的口袋。 默里對於把他輕拍下來的男人比較好的面貌在附近擰他的頭,但是他多不可以看見; 他的捕捉者用頭巾穿著一種黑暗的灰色雨衣在他的頭之上拔出 ,使他的臉陰暗。 發現默里的其他槍恐怕最好一支刀,他投擲武器進垃圾堆之內。 "嗨,在你身上侮辱",默里說。 " 什麼如果一個小小孩發現那些"?
"Shut up." / "閉嘴" 。
"So what do you want? You Interpol or ISO?" / "如此你想要什麼? 你 Interpol 或國際標準組織?"
"Where's Eric Getz?" / "艾力克 Getz 在哪裡"?
"Hell if I--" / " 地獄如果我--"
"WHERE?" / "在哪裡"?
The grip on Murray's forearm tightened and the thug felt the bones creak in warning. "Aagh! Damn! Look, I was just ordered to wait for him, okay? Another detail was dispatched to get him." / 在默里的前臂上的緊握勒緊,而且宗教性暗殺團員感覺了警告的骨頭輾軋聲。 "Aagh! 該死! 神情,我僅僅被命令等候他,好? 另一件細節被派遣得到他。"
"You know where he is." / "你知道他在哪裡" 。
"If you're going to kill me anyway, then yaaAAAAAGH!" Over a sickening, muffled crunch, Murray's voice climbed to a falsetto shriek. Engulfed in a cloud of pain, his vision went bright green for a moment, and when it returned, he found himself lying in the mud. His right arm hung uselessly, broken. His captor towered over him, silhouetted against the gray sky. In his left hand he held Murray's pistol, aimed at his midsection. / " 如果你將要無論如何殺我, 然後 yaaAAAAAGH"! 在令人作嘔之上 ,圍裹了咬碎,默里的聲音攀登到一聲假音尖銳的響聲。 在一大堆痛苦中吞沒,他的視野去了明亮的綠色一會兒,而且當它歸還的時候,他發現他自己在於泥。 他的右手臂沒有用地吊,打破。 他的捕捉者在他之上高聳,描繪成側面影對抗灰色的天空。 在他的左手中他捉住了默里的手鎗,瞄準他的中央部分。
"I don't have time for games. You can live, die whole or in pieces. It doesn't matter to me." The man's voice dropped to a harsh snarl. "Galactor." / "我沒有比賽的時間。 你能居住, 整個的骰子或在塊中。 它不對我有重大關係。" 男人的聲音降低到一粗糙的吼叫。 "Galactor".
Murray's skin prickled at the last. Three years ago he had heard this voice on surveillance tape, preceding the demise of fifteen men. He'd prayed he would never hear it in person. / 默里的皮膚在最後者刺。 在三年以前他已經聽到這在監視錄音帶上宣述,在前的十五位男人的終止。 他已經祈禱他將會無法在人中聽到它。
"Gatchaman?" he whispered. / "Gatchaman"? 他耳語。
"No." The man made a sound that might have been a chuckle. "You'll wish I was." / "號碼" 男人發出一種聲音應該可以是一個吃吃的笑聲。 "你將願,我是" 。
Gasping, Murray raised his good hand. "Okay, okay! Look. He's at the Prince Hotel. Don't know the room number. I'm not lying, I swear that's all I know!" / 喘氣,默里舉起了他的好手。 "好,好! 神情。 他在王子旅館。 不要知道房間數字。 我沒有在說謊, 我發誓那是我知道的全部!"
"Let's go." The man stooped over, grabbed Murray's lapel and lifted him like he would a wet dishrag. At the abrupt movement, Murray's head spun and then everything plunged into black. / "讓我們去" 。 結束被彎下的男人, 抓取了默里的翻領而且像他一樣舉起了他將會濕的 dishrag。 在突然的運動,默里的頭快速旋轉,然後每件事物突然開始黑色。
These new Galactor agents were a nastier breed, but still short on stamina. Joe let Murray slump back onto the ground, then pulled a small ammonia capsule from a pocket in his backpack and held it under the thug's nose. He responded quickly, coughing and choking, then suddenly twisted onto his good side. Joe stepped clear as Murray vomited onto the mud, then hauled him to his feet when he was through. / 這些新的 Galactor 代理人是較污穢的族類, 但是使在精力上的短安靜。 喬向後地在地面之上讓默里猛然掉落,然後在宗教性暗殺團員的鼻子之下拉了他的背包來自一個口袋的一個小的氨膠囊而且拿著了它。 他回應得很快,咳嗽而且窒息,然後突然在他的好邊之上擰。 喬清楚地在泥之上踏如默里 vomited, 然後拖他到他的腳當他穿越的時候。
They walked from the alley to a campus road where Joe flagged down a taxi. During the short, tense ride, Murray groaned softly and shivered, cradling his broken arm and glaring through bleary eyes at his captor. Dark glasses obscured Joe's eyes, and what little Murray could see beneath was cold and grim. / 他們從小路到喬旗子下來一輛計程車的一條校園道路走路。 在短,緊張的乘坐時候,默里柔和地呻吟而且打顫, 放在搖籃內他的壞掉手臂和閃耀的經過眼睛模糊的眼睛在他的捕捉者。 黑暗的眼鏡使喬的眼睛陰暗了,而且什麼小的默里可以看見之下很寒冷的和冷酷。
The cab pulled in front of the Prince Hotel. Without a word, Joe thrust a roll of cash at the bewildered driver and got out of the car, hauling Murray along behind him. Quickly they walked through the entryway toward the elevators. They had gotten halfway throughout he lobby when Joe froze, cocking his head as if he was listening to something above them. Very faint, above the shuffling of feet on marble floor and the murmur of voices, the staccato pop of gunfire. / 計程車在王子旅館之前拉。 沒有一個字,喬在令人困惑的駕駛員插入現金的一個捲物並且離開汽車, 拖默里沿著在他後面。 很快地他們走路過對於電梯的通道。 當喬凍結的時候,他們已經使他遊說,聳立他的頭好像他正在聽到上述的東西他們。 非常微弱的,在大理石的地板上的腳拖曳和聲音的低語上面,槍擊的頓促流行樂曲。
"C'mon!" Dragging Murray by the collar, Joe dashed for the nearest lift. / "C'mon"! 藉著衣領拖拉默里,喬為最近的舉起猛擲。
The doors closed behind them and the ancient car began its slow crawl upward. Someone must have pressed all the buttons as a prank, for at each level, the car stopped and opened its doors to admit more passengers. Impatiently Joe jabbed at the Close button, glaring down a gaggle of tourists on the fourth floor and thoroughly frightening an elderly couple on the fifth. Reaching for the emergency control panel, he ripped the cover from its hinges, turned the fire key set the lift on manual control. Though it no longer stopped on each floor, the car crawled upward with agonizing slowness while Joe stared at the ceiling, jaw clenched. / 門關閉在他們後面,而且遠古的汽車以上開始了它的慢爬行。 某人一定曾經壓所有的按鈕如一場惡作劇過, 因為在每個水準,汽車停止而且打開它的門承認更多的乘客。 不耐煩喬在接近的鈕扣戳, 閃耀的下來在四樓上的一群觀光客而且徹底地驚嚇在第五個上的老年夫婦。 及於緊急的控制儀錶板,他撕開了來自它的鉸鏈掩護,轉了被設定在人工的控制方面的舉起火鑰匙。 雖然它不再在每地板上停止,當喬盯著天花板看的時候,汽車以上以苦惱的緩慢爬行,顎緊握。
Another burst of gunfire sounded, this time clearly audible to both men. Murray smirked. "Maybe they decided to just shoot him. Put him out of our misery." He leaned back against the wall. "What are you planning to do about it, anyway?" Joe afforded him a quick glance, and his expression darkened. / 被聽的槍擊另破裂, 這次清楚聽得見對兩位男人。 默里嘻嘻做笑。 "也許他們決定到正直的射擊他。 我們的悲慘使他惱怒。"他向後地反對牆壁倚靠。 " 你正在計劃什麼關於它做,無論如何"? 喬提供了他快的一瞥,而且他的表達弄暗。
Before the Galactor agent could say anything else, the doors opened onto the eighth floor. Grabbing his collar, Joe half threw him through the opening. As Murray stumbled into the hotel corridor, he caught glimpse of four startled faces: the crew sent to pick up Getz. He saw them jump back; saw the muzzles of their weapons come up. But before he could shout to stop them, a horrible ripping pain blasted through his midsection, he heard the thunder of gunfire, and then nothing at all. / Galactor 代理人可以說別的東西之前,門在八樓之上打開。 抓他的衣領,喬一半地經過開始丟他。 當默里進入旅館走廊之內絆倒的時候, 他引起一瞥四震驚了臉: 組員送拾起 Getz 。 他看見他們向後地跳躍; 看見被發生的他們武器的動物之鼻口。 但是在他之前可以呼喊阻止他們,枯萎的穿越他的中央部分的一種可怕的頂帥痛苦,他聽到了槍擊的雷電, 然後毫不全然。
Getz stood beside the bedroom window of his hotel suite, well out of sight, watching the activity on the street below. The suite, the largest the Prince had to offer, had seen better days and was not something Getz would personally prefer, but he and Mako wouldn't be here long anyway. He had received the ISO's recall signal an hour ago, something he had never expected to hear. He'd almost made it. Now he only waited for Mako to arrive. The apprehension he felt over their future discussion was now tempered by relief that his exposure was almost over. Never in his life had he felt so alone. / Getz 在他的旅館隨員的臥室窗戶旁邊站立,很好地從視力,在下面看在街道上的活動。 隨員 , 最大的王子必須提供, 每天已經看到起來比較好的和某事不是 Getz 將會親自地偏愛,但是他和 Mako 將不久無論如何在這裡。 他在一個小時以前已經接受國際標準組織的取消信號, 某事他從不有期望聽到。 他有幾乎做到。 現在他只等候 Mako 到達。 理解他現在在他們的將來討論之上感覺被他的暴露幾乎結束的安心調和了。 從不在他的生活方面如此獨自感覺他。
Footsteps, nearly muffled by thick carpet, sounded in the hallway outside the hotel room. Eric tensed, but the footsteps passed by and receded down the hall. He hadn't noticed anyone following him, and was almost confident that he had passed from his old hotel room to this one without being tailed. He let out a long, slow breath, then pulled a cigarette from the carton in his jacket pocket and lit it. / 腳步, 被厚的地毯幾乎圍裹, 在旅館房間的外面走廊中聽。 艾力克拉緊, 但是被經過並且後退下來門廳的腳步。 他沒有注意任何人跟隨他, 而且是幾乎自信他不需要被附於其後就已經從他的舊旅館通過對這一個的房間。 他放出長的, 慢的呼吸,然後拉了他的夾克來自硬紙盒的一根香煙口袋並且發亮了它。
The tension in the air hadn't escaped him either. Before long the fighting would resume full force. He could already see it in the eyes of everyone who lived here: the lost hope, the fear, the resignation. So many would die. Could he take Mako back with him? Once he saw her face, he might not be able to restrain himself, no matter what she thought and no matter what the professor thought. Eric scowled. At any rate, she would be far safer within the ISO stronghold than she would be out here. / 空氣的緊張也還未逃脫他。 不久戰鬥將會重新開始完全的力量。 他可以已經看見它以每個人的觀點而論誰在這裡居住: 失去的希望,恐懼,辭職。 這麼多將會死。 他可以隨身把 Mako 拿回來嗎? 一旦他看見她的臉,他不可能能夠抑制他自己, 無論她所想的和無論教授所想的。 艾力克皺眉頭。 比較她在這裡將會外出,無論如何,她將會安全地在國際標準組織要塞裡面是遠的。
A quick glance at his watch showed only five minutes had passed: quarter after two. Mako was due at two thirty. He hoped he would see her pull up in front of the hotel. Eric's eyes clouded as he thought of her standing at the door, her small red lips spreading in a wide smile, the feel of her arms wrapped around him, her soft, dark hair tickling his cheek. For the last time? Could he stand it? He wished he hadn't exchanged her ring for the locket, but after all, the locket could be just as much a promise as the ring. All I have to do is drop to one knee and ask her. That's what she's expecting, isn't it? Nambu can't fault my bringing in my fiancee for protection. My wife. / 快的一瞥在他的手錶只顯示五分鐘已經通過: 在二之後四等分。 Mako 以三十二是應得的東西。 他希望,他將會看見她的在旅館之前拔出。 陰雲密佈的艾力克的眼睛當做他想到她在門,她的在一個寬的微笑中傳佈 的小紅色的唇站立, 那她的在他,她的柔軟周圍被包裝的手臂,胳肢他的頰 黑暗的頭髮感覺。 因為最後一次? 他可以站它嗎? 他願,他沒有把她的戒指換成小盒,但是畢竟,小盒可能是的很多一個諾言就像一樣多戒指。 全部我必須做是對一個膝的下降並且問她。 那是她所正在期待的, 它不是? Nambu 不能過失我為保護引進我的未婚妻。 我的太太。
A knock sounded at the door. Eric jumped, turning toward the entry. Had he missed her? She was early. / 一次敲在門聽。 艾力克跳躍,對於進入轉。 他想念她了嗎? 她早是。
"Mako?" / "Mako"?
The hotel room door burst open with a shower of plaster and splintered wood. Through the opening poured ten men in black business suits, guns ready in their hands. With a stifled gasp, Eric yanked the pistol from the holster beneath his coat, threw himself behind the doorjamb to the bedroom, and longing bitterly for an automatic weapon, opened fire. Three men dropped before the return fire began. / 旅館房間門破裂以石膏的一次陣雨打開而且劈開了木材。 經過開始倒了黑色的西裝十位男人,在他們的手中槍預備。 藉由被喘氣不能呼吸的,艾力克強拉來自皮套的手鎗他的外套之下,在大門柱後面丟他自己到臥室, 而且渴望怨恨地對於一個自動的武器,開了火。 在回行的火開始之前 , 三位男人降低。
Bullets chewed the wall beside him. Leaping high, Getz cleared the flying debris and pulled a second gun holstered off his belt to replace the now empty shoulder pistol. To his horror, one of the men he had shot kept crawling toward him reaching for his legs. Getz kicked the man in the head; a loud hollow sound, and the thug stopped moving. A bullet tore Getz's jacket and shirt, deflecting off the Kevlar vest beneath. A second followed, bouncing low off his left side. / 子彈咀嚼了在他旁邊的牆壁。 跳躍高度,被清除的飛碎片並且拉一隻第二隻槍的 Getz 走開皮套他的帶子替換那現在空的肩手鎗。 對他的驚駭,男人他之一已經射擊繼續對於他爬行及於他的腿。 Getz 踢了頭的男人; 健全的一個大聲的洞,而且宗教性暗殺團員停止移動。 一個子彈撕破了 Getz's 的夾克和襯衫,在走開偏斜凱夫拉爾背心之下。 秒跟隨, 在他的左邊外反彈低點。
Two more men fell, but the ones behind kept coming until Getz's ammunition ran out. In the moment it took for him to rip out the empty clip and slam home a replacement, four men had reached the door. One dove for him, and he gasped at the sight of the man's face: a mirror reflection of his own, twisted into a hideous grimace. Getz leaped back out of reach, but now stood exposed in the doorway. / 直到 Getz's 的軍火耗盡,另外二個男人跌落,但是一些後面保持即將來。 在片刻中它拿讓他撕開出空的夾子而且砰然聲回家一個替換,四位男人已經到達門。 一隻鴿子為他,而且他一看見男人的臉喘氣: 他自己的鏡子反映,進入一個醜惡的面部歪扭之內擰。 Getz 由於範圍跳躍了背面,但是現在在門口站著暴露。
At such close range, his armor did nothing to protect him from the gunshot fired at near point-blank range. Agony exploded through his belly, shattering his spine; his legs, numb and useless, folded beneath him. He returned fire, but the shot went wild as he collapsed. Another bullet slammed into him, this time high on his chest, driving him into the ground with the force of a jackhammer. He didn't feel the other two bullets, only heard them and saw his body jerk like a puppet's. Blood gushed from the wounds, soaking the cheap red carpeting as he lay on his back, gasping, staring at the ceiling. / 在如此接近的範圍,他的盔甲什麼也沒做保護他免於被點燃的射擊在直射的範圍附近。 極大的痛苦爆炸過他的腹,打碎他的脊椎; 他的腿, 麻木和沒有用的,在他之下摺疊。 當他倒塌的時候,他回擊,但是注射變野性。 另一個子彈猛然地撞進他,高的在他胸上的這次,以手提鑽的力量駕駛他進地面之內。 他沒有感覺另外二個子彈,只聽到了他們而且看見了像傀儡的一樣他身體性情古怪的人。 血從創傷使湧出, 浸泡便宜的紅色舖以地毯當他在他的背部上放置,喘氣,盯著天花板看。
Two of the black-suited agents stepped on his hands to keep them in place. His double leaned over him and leered. "Loser." Hands quickly searched Eric's body. The agent found the transmitter in Getz's sock; tossed it up and caught it with a flourish. "And here's the ISO passkey. You should have taken our offer so I wouldn't've wound up wearing your ugly face." Eric snarled silently at him, unable to do more. / 黑色適合的代理人中的二個在他的手上踏把他們留在適當。 他的加倍在他之上倚靠而且送秋波。 "失敗者". 傳遞得很快搜尋艾力克的身體。 代理人發現 Getz's 的襪子發射器; 向上投擲了它而且捕捉它一活躍。 "而且這裡是國際標準組織總鑰匙。 你應該要採取我們的提議因此我 wouldn't've 結束穿著你的醜陋臉。"艾力克默默地在他吼叫, 不能做更多。
Turning to the other men who waited, guns trained on the bleeding man on the floor, the double grinned wide. "Now all I do is grab his luggage and head for the rendezvous point at four." / 求助於等候的其他男人,槍在出血上訓練了在地板上的男人,加倍廣闊地露齒而笑。 " 現在全部我做在四點鐘是抓握約會的他行李和頭點".
"Then get out of here," said a man standing behind the double, by Eric's guess their leader. "We'll take care of cleanup." / "然後離開這裡", 說了一個男人立著的在加倍後面,藉著艾力克的猜測他們的領袖。 "我們將照顧清除" 。
The double half-turned, then noticed the cigarette smoldering on the carpet. "Oops, you forgot something." Kneeling, he picked up the cigarette and stuck it in Getz's mouth. "Pity, though. You'll never find out if these things would've killed you." He laughed. / 那兩倍的一半轉的,然後注意了在地毯上冒煙 的香煙。 "啊,你忘記了某事". 跪,他在 Getz's 的嘴中拾起香煙並且附著它。 "同情,雖然。 如果這些事物 would've 殺了你,你將無法發現。"他笑。
"Bastard!" Eric hissed. / "私生子"! 艾力克發出噓聲。
"Richard, dammit!" growled the leader. "Will you quit fucking around and get out of here?" / "理查,該死"! 怒吠了領袖。 " 你將離開在附近性交而且在這裡離開嗎"?
With a derisive wave, Getz's double turned and strode out of the room. / 藉由一個嘲笑的波浪, Getz's 的加倍轉而且邁大步走離房間。
One of the goons drew a bead between Eric's eyes. Seeing what he was about to do, the two men standing on his hands yelped and jumped back. Instinctively Eric jerked his head to the side right before the gun fired. The bullet ripped through the floor millimeters from his left ear. / 呆子之一拉在艾力克的眼睛之間的一個珠子。 看見他正要做的,站在他的向後地被叫而且跳躍的手上 的二位男人。 本能地在槍點燃之前 , 艾力克正確地痙攣了到邊的他頭。 子彈撕開過來自他的左邊耳朵的地板公釐。
"What are you doing, you asshole!" / "你正在做什麼, 你屁眼"!
"We should finish him off," the man with the gun said, aiming again. / "我們應該結束他的性命",有被說,再一次對準目標的槍男人。
"He's already done for. Don't waste any more ammo. Pick up the casualties and let's go." / "他已經是完蛋了。 不要浪費任何的彈藥。 接載意外事件而且讓我們去。"
Holstering their weapons, the surviving agents turned first to their fallen comrades, groaning as they hoisted up the bodies of the dead and staggered toward the hotel corridor. "Use the stairs to the fire exit," their leader warned. / 皮套他們的武器,繼續生存代理人對他們的墮落同志變第一的, 呻吟當他們在死去的人身體上面升起而且對於旅館走廊蹣跚。 "使用到火出口的樓梯",他們的領袖警告。
In the distance, the elevator dinged as the door opened. A man shouted, and the roar of gunfire followed: one sharp machine gun burst followed by five deliberate reports. With a curse, the leader left the room, moving toward the hallway. One more gunshot echoed down the corridor, then silence. Eric found himself alone. / 當門打開的時候,在遙遠之處,電梯響。 一個男人呼喊,而且槍擊的吼跟隨: 一個被爆裂的銳利機關槍被五項深思熟慮的報告跟隨。 藉由詛咒,領袖離開了房間,對於走廊移動。 另外一個射擊隨聲附和下來走廊, 然後沈默。 艾力克獨自地發現他自己。
Slowly, painfully, he propped himself on his elbows, fighting to stay upright in a room that spun violently around him, trying to grind him into the floor. Looking down, he realized that the cigarette was still in his mouth. A long cylinder of ash fell from the end and landed on his white shirt, burning a hole down to the useless armored vest. From force of habit, he tried to take a pull from the cigarette, but coughed and spat a mouthful of blood. It dribbled down his chin. / 慢慢地,痛苦地,他在他的手肘上支撐他自己, 對抗在一個快速旋轉的房間中在他周圍停留直立猛烈, 嘗試磨他進地板。 看下來,他了解了香煙仍然是在他的嘴中。 灰的一個長的圓筒在他的白色襯衫上從結束掉下而且登陸,把一個洞燃燒下來到沒有用的武裝背心。 從習慣的力量,他試著拿一從香煙拉, 但是咳嗽而且輕打血的一口。 它流口水下來他的下巴。
"Oh fuck," he groaned. / " 哦性交",他呻吟。
He put the cigarette back between his lips, took a shallow drag and closed his eyes. The familiar motion and the smoke comforted him just a little. More footsteps sounded now, coming closer, treading softly on the carpet. Not now, Mako, he thought. Not now. Please, God. Don't let her see this. / 他在他的唇之間把香煙放回原處,帶了一個淺的累贅而且關閉了他的眼睛。 熟悉的運動和煙僅僅稍微安慰了他。 更多的腳步現在聽, 即將來的比較靠近的,在地毯上柔和地踏。 不是現在,Mako,他想。 不是現在。 請,上帝。 不要讓她看見這。
"Getz?" The deep voice was vaguely familiar. / "Getz"? 深的聲音含糊熟悉。
He coughed. / 他咳嗽。
"Getz!" / "Getz"!
He turned his head. A man stood in the doorway, dressed in a gray uniform and holding a blood-spattered overcoat in one hand. At the sight of a familiar face, though one of a man he had never met, Getz grinned and the cigarette teetered precariously on his lower lip. / 他轉向了他的頭。 一個男人在門口中站立,穿一套灰色的制服而且握住一隻手的一件血焊濺物的外套大衣。 一看見一個熟悉的臉,雖然一個男人他之一從不有碰到,Getz 露齒而笑,而且香煙不穩定地在他的較低唇上搖搖欲擺。
He must have blacked out for a moment, for next he found the man kneeling beside him. One gloved hand peeled back Eric's shirt, revealing the ruin beneath. "Shit," Joe said under his breath. "Getz. You're Eric Getz, right?" / 他一定曾經使一會兒變黑過,為他發現在他旁邊跪 的男人下一個。 一手套了被削後面的艾力克的襯衫皮,在揭露毀滅之下的手。 "糞",喬在他的呼吸之下說。 "Getz。 你是艾力克 Getz,對不對?"
"Aa." Getz coughed. "Either I'm already dead, or you're not." / "Aa". Getz 咳嗽。 " 或我已經死, 或你是不".
Joe pulled at the shirt. Fabric ripped, revealing tattered Kevlar and foam and the rhythmic gush of blood. Ripping out the lining of the overcoat, Joe rolled the torn fabric into a pad and pressed down on the worst wound in an attempt to stanch the bleeding. Eric gasped as broken ribs ground together, then coughed. A dark red puddle soaked the carpet around his body, spreading wider. "Damn you--" Getz grated out. "Why--didn't you--tell them--" / 喬在襯衫拉。 織物撕開,顯示破爛的凱夫拉爾和泡沫和血的旋律湧出。 頂帥地出自外套大衣的襯裡,喬在最壞的創傷上捲被撕開的織物進一個填補之內而且壓進下來試圖止住出血。 當一起被磨的壞掉肋骨,然後咳嗽的時候,艾力克喘氣。 黑暗的紅色水池在他的身體周圍浸濕地毯, 傳佈比較寬的。 "詛咒你--"Getz 爐篦出。 "為什麼-- 沒有你--告訴他們--"
"Stay still. We gotta get you to a hospital." / "停留靜止。 我們必須讓你到達一所醫院。"
"Don't waste your time." Eric could see his own face, a white, bloodstained mask, reflected in Joe's dark glasses. "Listen. They've got an impostor posing as me... being sent to the Kagaku Ninjatai." / "不要浪費你的時間". 艾力克可以看見他自己的臉,白色的, 充滿血跡的假面具,在喬的黑暗眼鏡反映。 "聽。 他們已經得到一個佯裝成我 的冒名頂替的人。。。 被送到 Kagaku Ninjatai 。"
"What?" / "什麼"?
His mouth curled into a crazed, lopsided grin. "They wanted me to do the job... spy for them... I said no, so.... Now he's on his way to G-Town." / 他的嘴弄捲進入一之內發狂,傾向一方的露齒笑。 "他們想要我做工作。。。 為他們偵察。。。 我不說,如此.... 現在他在前往 G 的途中-城鎮。"
G-Town. Their new base. "Ken--where are Ken and the others?" / G-城鎮。 他們的新基礎。 "肯恩--肯恩和其餘者在哪裡"?
Eric's face twisted into a grimace of pain. "Getz--the fake--please, you've got to go after them. And then... Sorry... I've got something to ask of you." He reached into a coat pocket and brought out a blood-slicked jumble of glass and gold chain. "Give this to a girl named Mako." / 艾力克的臉進入痛苦的一個面部的歪扭之內擰。 "Getz--假貨--請,你必須追求他們。 然後。。。 難過的。。。 我已經得到某事你問。" 他進入一個外套口袋之內而且到達帶了玻璃和金色的鏈血光滑的雜亂。 "把這給一個叫做 Mako 的女孩" 。
His hand wavered, and Joe caught it, clenched over it. "Mako?" / 他的手動搖,而且喬捕捉了它,在它之上緊握。 "Mako"?
"My girlfriend. Please. That's all I ask." / "我的女朋友。 請。 那是我問的全部。"
Joe frowned at him, not knowing what to say. / 喬在他皺眉頭, 不知道該說什麼。
"All right." / "好的" 。
"One more thing... so you know...." For a moment, Eric's eyes cleared as he stared into Joe's face; a bright flash of anger cutting through the fog. "I never wanted to... to be you." / "另外一個事物。。。 因此你知道...."一會兒, 艾力克的被清除的眼睛當他進入喬的臉之內注視; 減低過霧 的忿怒明亮的閃光。 " 我從不想要到。。。 是你。"
Another spasm shook him; one last, all-engulfing wave of pain before the blackness rose around him and snuffed him out. Eric's body shuddered and went limp, eyes wide and empty. The cigarette dropped from his lips and rolled away across the carpet. / 另一個抽筋搖動了他; 一最後,所有的- 吞沒在黑前的痛苦波浪在附近上升他並且弄熄出他。 艾力克的身體戰慄而且變柔軟,寬的和空眼睛。 香煙越過地毯從他的唇掉落而且捲離開。
Joe heard the sound of sirens growing louder--the police on their way. Gently he eased Eric's body to the floor. The cigarette was smashed beneath his heel as he left the room. / 喬聽到了增加比較大聲 的女海妖的聲音--在途中的警察。 逐漸地他緩和了到地板的艾力克的身體。 當他離開了房間的時候,香煙被粉碎他的腳後跟之下。
From an isolated payphone in the lobby Joe called a number and waited as the relay took him to Rafael. / 當接替者帶了他到 Rafael 的時候,從大廳喬的隔離 payphone 打了一個數字而且等候。
"Is Getz with you?" / " Getz 和你在一起"?
"I was too late. He's dead." Blood soaking the carpet a deeper crimson. Eric's face frozen in an expression of shock and pain, eyes empty. Such a waste. / "我太晚。 他死。"浸泡地毯較深的深紅色 的血。 艾力克的在驚嚇和痛苦的表達中被凍結的臉,眼睛清空。 一個如此廢物。
"Take a commercial flight to Elo City. When you arrive, call me again. I'll have private transport arranged for you to the coast, supplies and a boat to Easton Island." / "搭乘前往 Elo 城市的一次商業的班機。 當你到達的時候,再一次打電話給我。 我將安排私人的傳送為你到到 Easton 島的海岸,補給和一艘船。"
"Why there?" / " 為什麼在那裡"?
"I have a lead. I don't think they're watching for you, but be extremely careful." / "我有一個線索。 我不認為他們正在留意你, 但是很小心。"
Joe hung up, staring at the red pile carpet on the wall behind the phone. No questions, just arrangements and a warning to be careful. Nambu would have fed Joe his own lungs for running off unannounced, but Rafael sounded... relieved? Why? Relieved that Getz was dead? That was ridiculous. / 喬掛斷 ,盯著紅色的堆在電話後面的牆壁上的地毯看。 沒有問題,正直的安排和一個警告很小心。 Nambu 會為離開不宣佈跑餵喬他自己的肺,但是 Rafael 聽。。。 減輕? 為什麼? 如釋重負 Getz 死? 那是荒謬的。
"Scientists," Joe muttered, shaking his head. Leaving the booth, he walked through the lobby and toward the airport. / "科學家", 喬喃喃自語,搖頭。 離開亭, 他走路過大廳和對於機場。
The Chief of ISO Security, stood outside the airlock with a group of guards, waiting for the minisub containing Eric Getz. With the craft already thirty minutes behind schedule, she wondered if it would appear at all, and if it did, the stone-faced young agent would be in it. She didn't relish telling Dr. Nambu they had lost yet another one, their final candidate. I can't say I told you so. / 國際標準組織安全的領袖,在和一群守衛的 airlock 之外站立,等候包含艾力克 Getz的 minisub 。 藉由飛機已經落後時間表三十分鐘,如果它將會全然出現, 而且它做,她懷疑, 石頭面對的年輕代理人將會在它裡面。 她沒有品嚐他們仍然已經失去另外的有效 Nambu 博士一,他們的最後候選人。 我不能說我告訴了你如此。
"Ma'am?" She turned to find one of her junior agents standing at her elbow. "Call for you on line two." / "夫人"? 她準備發現她的在她手肘站立 的年少代理人之一。 "在第二行上召來你" 。
The LCD on the phone read only PRIVATE, no extension number. Frowning, she picked up the receiver. "Julia Evers." / 在電話上的 LCD 只讀私人的, 沒有分機數字。 皺眉頭,她接載接收器。 " 茱莉亞曾經".
"Julia." The familiar gravelly voice knifed through her. / "茱莉亞". 經過她的熟悉多碎石的聲音 knifed。
Her eyes widened quickly before she neutralized her expression. "Yes." Why are you calling me here? How did you find out? How did you find me? / 在她使中立了她的表達之前 , 她的眼睛擴大得很快。 "是的". 你為什麼在這裡打電話給我? 你如何發現? 你發現我起來如何?
"Eric Getz is dead. The man arriving at your base is a fake." / "艾力克 Getz 死。 達成你的基礎 的男人是假貨。"
Getz. Dead. A sickening wave of grief washed over her, her fears realized: I knew it. I knew this would happen. We let him go. We let him die. Why didn't I fight Nambu over this? / Getz。 死。 傷痛的一個令人作嘔的高潮在她之上洗,她的恐懼了解: 我知道了它。 我知道了這將會發生。 我們讓他去。 我們讓他死。 我何不在這之上對抗 Nambu?
"I see." / "我看見" 。
"Play along with him. He will lead you to a legitimate site." "A trap?" she whispered. / "與他配合。 他將引導你走向一個合法的位置。""一個圈套?"她耳語。
"A trap I will spring." The receiver clicked, leaving her with the drone of a dial tone, and quietly, she hung up the phone. / " 一個圈套我將跳". 接收器按, 用發訊的雄蜂留下她,而且安靜地,她掛斷電話。
Rafael. For the past five years, he had been a valuable, if exasperating contact. Julia wasn't accustomed to playing by the rules of others, but Rafael called without warning, then vanished without a trace. She often wondered about his motives, but she played her hunches and followed through, and none of his information had failed her yet. / Rafael。 過去五年,他已經是有價值, 如果氣死人的連絡。 茱莉亞不習慣遵守其它的規則,但是 Rafael 不需要警告就呼叫, 然後消失沒有痕跡。 她時常懷疑關於他的動機事,但是她玩了她的肉峰而且貫徹,而且沒有他的資料已經仍然拋棄她。
This time, however, so much was at stake. If she followed along, she would put the Kagaku Ninjatai, the entire base in jeopardy. Was it worth the risk? / 這次,然而, 這麼多在賭注。 如果她向前跟隨,她將會放 Kagaku Ninjatai,危難的整個基礎。 它是價值風險嗎?
The guards murmured among themselves, one man pointing through the window to where lights approached through the ocean gloom. Standing at the rear of the squadron, Julia waited for the craft to dock, the lock to clear and the crew to disembark. Through the airlock's observation window, she saw the lanky young man climb from the sub and onto the deck. She'd interviewed Eric Getz herself. If she hadn't been warned, she could have sworn that was him. / 守衛在他們自己之中低語, 一為指出過窗戶配備人手到在光接近過大海消沉的地方。 在騎兵營的後面站立,茱莉亞等候飛機停泊, 鎖清除和組員起岸。 經過 airlock's 的觀察窗戶,她看見瘦長的年輕男人從替代人員和在甲板之上攀登。 她有接見了艾力克 Getz 她自己。 假如她不被警告, 她應該可以宣誓那是他。
As the landing party left the airlock, she approached him, extending her hand. "Getz. Good to have you back." / 當登陸黨留下了 airlock 的時候,她接近了他,延伸她的手。 "Getz。 好處把你有回來。"
He took her hand, looking into her eyes with a cold smile. "It's good to be back." Inwardly, Julia stifled a shudder. Then he was past her and walking toward the exit. / 他帶了她的手,調查有一個寒冷的微笑她眼睛。 "回來是好的". 向內的,茱莉亞使一種戰慄不能呼吸了。 然後他是越過對於出口的她和步行。
"Escort him to his quarters and don't let him out of your sight," she whispered to her nearest agent. "Be discreet. If he asks, it's standard procedure for the base until he goes through debriefing. I'll contact you when the shift changes." Silently, the man nodded and left, following the entourage. / "護衛他到他的四分之一而且不你的視力放出他",她對她耳語最近的代理人。 "要小心。 直到他經過任務報告,如果他問, 它是基礎的標準程序。 當變化改變的時候,我將連絡你。"默默地,男人點頭而且離開,跟隨隨從人員。
Julia glanced at her watch. The Doctor would return to his office in twenty minutes if his evening meeting didn't run over. That gave her enough time to formulate what she wanted to tell him. / 茱莉亞注視她的手錶。 如果他的晚上遇見沒有輾過,醫生在二十分鐘中將會回到他的辦公室。 那給予了她充足的時間制定她想要告訴他的。
Anything but I told you so. / 決不我告訴了你如此。
"Sir, did I understand you correctly?" / "先生, 我了解嗎你正確地"?
Dr. Nambu paused to let the door from the videoconference arena close before he used a handkerchief to mop the perspiration from his face. "Yes. Let the impostor continue. I will send him out with the Kagaku Ninjatai and wait until he plays his hand. Have there been any communications between this Getz and anyone within G-Town or on ISO channels?" / 在他使用了一條手帕用拖把洗擦來自他的臉汗之前 , Nambu 博士暫停讓來自視訊會議競技場的門關。 "是的。 讓冒名頂替的人繼續。 直到他玩他的手,我將以 Kagaku Ninjatai 和等候送出他。 在那裡已經在 G 裡面是在這 Getz 和任何人之間的任何溝通- 城鎮或在國際標準組織頻道上?"
"Not yet." / " 不是仍然".
"Listen for it. Take as many people as you need to cover him, but be discreet." / "為它聽。 當你需要涵蓋他, 但是小心的時候,帶和人一樣多的。"
"Of course. But sir, doesn't this endanger the Kagaku Ninjatai?" / " 當然。 但是先生,這不危及 Kagaku Ninjatai 嗎?"
"No. Not really. Thank you for your report." Turning his back on his astonished chief agent, Nambu continued to his office. The door slid closed behind him, shutting her out. / "不真的號碼。 謝謝你的報告。"把他的背部打開他的主要代理人 , Nambu 驚訝繼續到他的辦公室。 門 slid 關閉在他後面,關上出她。
Pulling off his glasses, he rubbed his eyes, thinking of the blond-haired young man who had stood on the other side of his desk only two weeks before. His final resource whom he had willingly thrown to the wolves. Another life snuffed out by the Syndicate. However,the appearance of a double gave him one final card to play. All he could do now was see the plan through and hope it worked; risk all so Eric's death would not be for nothing, not like the others'. / 順利完成他的眼鏡,他擦了他的眼睛,金髮者的思考- 頭髮只有在二個星期以前已經在他的書桌另一邊上站立的年輕男人。 他的他自動地已經丟到狼的最後資源。 被企業聯合弄熄出的另外生活。 然而,加倍的外表給予了他一張最後的卡片玩。 全部他現在可以做是看見計劃完成的而且希望它工作; 冒著全部的危險,如此艾力克的死亡將不免費,不像另一個。
He had hoped to call the team in early in order to ease the introduction of Getz the Hawk, but now he canceled those plans. Grabbing his phone, he punched in a number. / 他為了要緩和 Getz 的介紹鷹 , 已經希望邀請小組來早的,但是現在他取消了那些計劃。 抓他的電話,他打卡上班一個數字。
"Kamo here." / "在這裡的 Kamo".
"Kamo-gishicho, have you loaded the G-6 vehicle onto the New Godphoenix?" / "Kamo-gishicho, 你不嗎在新的 Godphoenix 之上裝載 G-6 車輛"?
"Yes." / "是的".
"I want you to unload it. Also, retrieve the uniform and weapons for Hawk Getz." / "我想要你卸貨它。 同時, 為鷹 Getz 取回制服和武器。"
"What? Is he dead?" The old engineer's voice sounded suddenly weary. / "什麼? 他是死嗎?"老工程師的聲音突然聽疲倦。
"He's on base now." / "他現在是在基礎上" 。
"Hakase?" / "Hakase"?
"Just do it. I'll explain later." "I understand. But Hakase, are you removing him from the team?" / "僅僅做它。 我稍後將解釋。""我了解。 但是 Hakase, 是你把他從小組移開?"
"No, I plan to make some last-minute modifications." / "不,我計劃作一些最後的修正" 。
He could almost hear Kamo bristle defensively. "Is there something wrong with the designs?" / 他可以幾乎防禦地聽到 Kamo 剛毛。 " 有設計有毛病"?
"Not at all. I have some ideas for enhancements." / "決不。 我為提高有一些想法。"
"What will he use in the meantime?" / "他在此際中將使用什麼"?
"I believe he and G-2 were the same size." / "我相信,他和 G-2 是相同的大小" 。
A brief, heavy silence. Then, "I'll take care of it." Kamo hung up slowly and the connection ended with a soft click. / 摘要,重的沈默。 然後, "我將照顧它" 。 Kamo 慢慢地掛斷,而且連接以軟的點擊結束。
Nambu placed the receiver back in its cradle, but didn't release it. He clutched the plastic handset until the pain lanced through his palm, his knuckles. Anything to stop his hand from shaking. / Nambu 把接收器放置回來在它的搖籃中, 但是沒有釋放它。 他抓牢了塑膠的電話聽筒直到經過他的手掌被以鎗矛攻擊的痛苦,他的指節。 任何事阻止他的手搖動。
(To Be Continued) / (被繼續)

Shadows 8: Author's note I took a couple of liberties with the G-II script in this section, specifically in dealing with the death of Getz. In the series, Getz's death seems to have taken place at his home, though I could not justify his returning home when he knew enemy agents had to be waiting for him there. I also took the liberty of adding a few more things to Getz's final speech. Eric's statement about Joe not being dead and that he never wanted to take Joe's place , and Joe's wanting to get to a hospital are all "artistic license." My rationale here is, in the episode, Joe only recounts to Mako the key parts of their final conversation. There could have been more that he did not care to discuss. / 影像 8: 作家的附註我用這一個部分的 G-2 手寫體帶一些自由,明確地在處理 Getz 的死亡方面。 在系列中, Getz's 的死亡似乎已經在他的家發生, 雖然當他認識了敵人代理人當的時候,我不可以証明他返回家必須在那裡等候他。 我也帶了把再過幾事物加入 Getz's 的最後演講的自由。 關於喬的艾力克的陳述不死和他從不想要取代喬,而且喬想要到達一所醫院那是所有的 "藝術的執照" 。 不過詳述到 Mako 他們的最後交談的關鍵部份,在插曲中的我原理這裡, 是喬。 那裡應該可以是更多的他沒有關心討論。