PART 9 / 第 9 部份
Richard Gant stared at himself in the full length mirror, at the dark Birdstyle he now wore. That was pretty cold, making him wear the uniform of the dead man he replaced. Either the ISO was horribly under budget, they didn't have time to fit Getz to a new uniform, or they didn't care about the emotional baggage these colors carried. / 理查 Gant 在充足的長度鏡子中盯著他自己看,在他現在戴的黑暗 Birdstyle 。 那是漂亮的感冒, 使他戴他替換的死男人的制服。 或國際標準組織可怕地是在預算之下,他們沒有時間適合對一套新的制服 Getz,或他們沒有關心被攜帶的情緒行李這些顏色。
Two years ago, when he wore his own face and the regular green of the rank and file under the Blue Chief's command, Gant had been the one to drag Joe into Katse's antechamber on Cross Karakoram, propped on the muzzle of his gun. The ninja had damn near broken his skull in one last attempt to get at their leader, and Gant had joined the others in shooting him. They hadn't missed--he'd lost that magical ability of his to dodge bullets. Gant had last seen him lying on his back in a puddle of blood, his chest torn to bits--the once-feared Condor Joe, now a corpse. / 在二年以前,當他在那時候在藍色的領袖指令之下穿著了他自己的臉和普通成員的一般綠色的時候, Gant 已經是那一個拖拉喬進在交叉的 Karakoram 上的 Katse's 的前堂之內,在他的槍動物之鼻口上支撐。 忍者有了靠近的一點打破他的頭蓋骨在一最後嘗試批評被有和其餘者一起射擊他的他們領袖 , 和 Gant。 他們沒有錯過-- 他有失去他的魔術能力避開子彈。 Gant 最後已經看到他在血的水池中在他的之上向後地說謊,他的被撕開到一點點的胸--一次害怕的禿鷹喬, 現在屍體。
Much to the frustration of the media, the Kagaku Ninjatai had completely withdrawn after the end of the war, allowing nothing more than one public statement acknowledging the death of the Condor and one mention of the memorial service, location unknown. But he could tell from what little had surfaced through the rumor mills that they had reacted badly to their loss. At least the ISO had given Gant a new title--he doubted the rest of the team would have tolerated another Condor. / 多對媒體的挫折, Kagaku Ninjatai 完全地已經在戰爭的結束之後撤回, 允許沒事超過承認禿鷹的死亡和提及之事追悼儀式 的公眾陳述,地點未知數。 但是他可以告訴從什麼一點點已經經過謠言升至水面壓榨機他們已經對他們的損失產生嚴重的反應。 至少國際標準組織已經給 Gant 新的名稱--他懷疑,小組的其它部分會寬容另一隻禿鷹。
He picked up the helmet from the dresser and put it on, surprised at how the violet tint of the visor barely altered his vision or sense of color. He had always wondered how the Kagaku Ninjatai managed to see through the damn things. His hearing came through clearly too, unmuffled by the material of the helmet. Pulling the helmet off, Gant inspected the padding inside and found small speakers where his ears would have been, but where they ported to he couldn't tell. Perhaps to some sort of built in receiver--the antenna in back? There was no way to know without taking the whole thing apart. Overall a nice design, better than he'd have accredited to the ISO. / 他拾起來自化妝台的鋼盔並且放它在,之上使在吃驚面頰的紫羅蘭色的色彩如何幾乎改變了他的視野或顏色感。 他總是已經懷疑 Kagaku Ninjatai 如何設法看穿非常的事物。 他的聽證會清楚地也度過 , 被鋼盔的材料不圍裹。 走開拉鋼盔, Gant 檢查了裡面的墊充而且發現了小的說者他的耳朵在哪裡,但是他們對他移植哪裡不可以告訴。 也許到一些類型在接收器中建造--背面的天線? 沒有方法不需要把整個的事物拆開就知道。 全體美好的設計,更超過他有已經認可到國際標準組織。
His wristband beeped. Carefully making sure his hair was properly tucked beneath, Gant put the helmet back on and inspected himself one last time. Crimson, indigo, dusk blue and black: those colors did much to make a man look formidable. That must have been what had transformed a skinny kid barely out of his teens into the terror of the Syndicate. It was all in the costume, the staging. Gant thought it made him look great. For as short a time as he'd be wearing it. / 他的袖口嗶嗶聲。 小心地確定,他的頭髮適當地在被打橫褶之下, Gant 把鋼盔放回原處在而且之上上次檢查了他自己一。 變為深紅色,靛青,藍色的薄暮和黑色: 那些顏色多做使一個男人看強大。 那一定要已經是什麼已經幾乎從他的青少年進入企業聯合的恐怖之內轉換一個薄的小孩。 所有的它是在裝束中,那個舉行。 Gant 想了它使他看很棒。 為如短次當他將會穿著它之時。
Barely discernible beneath its deep violet shield, the face in the mirror smiled. / 幾乎可辨別在它的深紫羅蘭色的防禦物之下,被微笑的鏡子臉。
The call came shortly after breakfast. When Ken's bracelet pinged its familiar summons, he leaped from his chair, overturning it, and dashed for the door. Carelessly, he transmuted in mid-run and ignoring startled bystanders, swooped in full Birdstyle toward the elevator that would take him to Nambu's office. / 呼叫不久在早餐之後被提出。 當肯恩的手鐲嗖地飛過了它的熟悉召喚的時候,他從他的椅子跳躍,推翻它, 而且為門猛擲。 不注意地,他在中部中變形- 跑而且不理睬震驚了旁觀者,在對於將會把他帶到 Nambu's 的辦公室的電梯完整的 Birdstyle 抓取。
The others arrived seconds after he did, standing straight-backed and alert. Ken could almost hear their hearts pounding as fast as his own. No one spoke as they waited for Nambu to enter. Yet it didn't seem right. The way they stood, positioned unconsciously in a semicircle, left open an obvious gap in their group, like a chain with one link missing. Any moment, Ken expected the door to slide open and the Condor to rush in. The door to the outer corridor remained stubbornly closed. / 在他做之後,其餘者到達秒,筆直地站立-回而且提醒。 肯恩可以幾乎聽到他們的心敲當做快速地如他自己的。 當他們等候 Nambu 進入的時候,沒有人說。 然而它沒有似乎正確。 方法他們站著,無意識地放置在一個半圓形中,向左打開他們的團體一個明顯的縫隙, 像和失去 的一個連結的鏈。 任何的片刻, 肯恩期望了門滑動開放的和禿鷹催促在。 到外部的走廊門頑固地保持關閉。
The professor straightened his coat as he entered the room from his back office, and briefly, his expression saddened at the sight of the four expectant faces; older, scarred by experience. His children forced to become soldiers once more. / 當他進入了來自他的後面辦公室的房間,而且簡短地,他的表達一看見四個預期的臉悲傷的時候,教授弄直了他的外套; 資深者,藉著經驗結疤。 他的孩子強迫再一次成為軍人。
"You have orders for us, Hakase?" Ken asked. / "你有命令給我們,Hakase"? 肯恩問。
Nambu blinked. "Ah. Yes." Activating the display behind his desk, he began to outline the latest findings: the downed airliner and the sightings of Galactor weapons and troops on Easton Island. "I don't care for the way the Syndicate has everything out in the open, almost inviting our surveillance teams. It may be a snare, but after we have lost so many--twenty three noted researchers and over ninety three military experts--before this incident, we have to find some way to recoup our losses. The wreck, unlike many, seems largely intact, so we have a better chance at finding survivors--in this case, hostages." / Nambu 眨眼。 "啊。 是的。"啟動在他的書桌後面的展覽,他開始概略說明最新調查結果: 在 Easton 島上的被墬落的客機和 Galactor 武器和軍隊的瞥見。 "我不照顧企業聯合在露天下有每件事物在外的方式,幾乎邀請我們的監視小組。 它可能是一個陷阱, 但是在我們已經失去之後這麼多-- 二十三注意了研究人員和超過九十三個軍事專家--在這一個事件之前,我們必須發現一些方法償還我們的損失。 殘骸,不像多數,似乎相當尚未被人碰過,因此,我們在發現生還者有一個較好的機會--在這情況,人質。"
"So we go back into action." Jun sounded uncertain. / " 因此我們進入行動之內回去". 六月聽起來不確定。
"Hey, we can handle it, no problem!" Ryu unholstered his weapon and flicked it at an imaginary enemy until a warning glance from Ken made him stop. / "嗨,我們能處理它,沒有問題"! 直到來自肯恩的警告一瞥使他停止, Ryu 在一個想像的敵人不皮套了他的武器而且輕彈了它。
"If only Joe was still alive," Jinpei said quietly. "For a minute it was almost like old times." His gaze traveled to the floor. "It still hurts." / " 如果只有喬仍然活著",Jinpei 安靜地說。 "對於分鐘它幾乎像舊的時代" 。 他的注視到地板。 "它仍然傷害" 。
Lowering her head, Jun put a gentle hand on Jinpei's shoulder. Ken grimaced and swallowed hard, looking away toward the window. "Damn it," he said softly. "Two years. It's like nothing." / 降低她的頭,六月把一隻溫和的手放在 Jinpei's 的肩。 肯恩努力地扮鬼臉而且吞,對於窗戶看離開。 "詛咒它",他柔和地說。 "二年。 它像沒事。"
"Don't dwell on it, Ken," Nambu said. "Joe fought bravely and died a noble death. You can't let your grief undo all he fought for." / "不要大談它,肯恩",Nambu 說。 "喬勇敢地打仗而且死一個高貴的死亡。 你不能讓你的傷痛解開他打仗的全部。"
Don't lose your head, Ken. You're the leader. He shook his head. / 不要失去理智 ,肯恩。 你是領袖。 他搖頭。
"We won't, Hakase," Jun said after a moment. "We keep him with us. We'll do his part." Ken glanced at her, wondering if Joe haunted her dreams as well. / " 我們不將,Hakase",六月在片刻之後說。 "我們和我們保存他。 我們將做他的部份。"肯恩注視她, 覺得奇怪如果喬也常到了她的夢。
"There's the right attitude to take," Nambu said. "Speaking of G-2, I've had to make a difficult decision. Your weapons and methods have always required a five-person team to operate most effectively, so I have appointed a replacement." / "有正確的態度拿",Nambu 說。 "說到 G-2,我必須作出困難的決定。 你的武器和方法總是已經需要一個五人的小組操作得最有效,因此,我已經任命一個替換。"
"What?" Jinpei gasped. / "什麼"? Jinpei 喘氣。
"You're not replacing Joe, are you?" Ryu burst out. / "你沒有在更換喬, 是你"? Ryu 爆裂出。
"You're choosing a G-6, right?" Jinpei said. / "你正在選擇 G-6,對不對"? Jinpei 說。
The Professor's gaze dropped to his desk. / 教授的注視降低到他的書桌。
"But you promised we'd retire Joe's number!" Jinpei's voice cracked. / "但是你答應了我們將會退休喬的數字"! Jinpei's 的聲音弄碎。
"It's only a number." Nambu reached behind him and pressed a button, activating the Hawk's bracelet. "I'm sorry. Much of this decision was out of my hands." / "它只是一個數字" 。 Nambu 在他後面到達並且按了一個按鈕,啟動鷹的手鐲。 "對不起。 許多的這決定超出我的手。"
Ken's eyes widened as he stared at the professor. Who could possibly have forced Nambu into such a decision? Chief Anderson? What gave him the right? And why now, with no warning at all? Had he planned this so that the Team would have no time to protest? Nambu caught his expression and quickly looked away. / 當他盯著教授看的時候,肯恩的眼睛擴大。 誰可以已經可能地壓迫 Nambu 進一個如此決定之內? 主要的安德遜? 什麼給予了他權利? 而且為什麼現在,藉由沒有警告究竟 ? 他計畫這了,以便小組將會沒有時間反對嗎? Nambu 引起了他的表達並且很快地看離開。
"This candidate is an ISO agent who was highly recommended by our Intelligence division for the job. I regret not introducing him to you earlier, but there was no time." Activated by a sensor in the hallway, a screen flickered on, revealing a tall, lean figure approaching. Quickly, Jun and Jinpei exchanged glances, then looked over at Ken, who stared at the viewscreen, his jaw tight. / "這一位候選人是高度地被工作的我們智力區分推薦了的國際標準組織探員。 我為不感到遺憾早些時候介紹你給他認識, 但是沒有時間。" 藉著走廊的一個感應器刺激, 一個螢幕閃動在,之上揭露高的, 瘦的數字接近。 很快地,六月和 Jinpei 交換了一瞥, 然後在肯恩瀏覽 ,盯著 viewscreen 看,緊緊地的他顎。
"I would like to introduce to you, the new G-2, Getz the Hawk." The door whirred, rising like a curtain to reveal the agent, smiling crookedly. / "我想要對你,新的 G-2 介紹, Getz 鷹". 門作呼呼聲, 像帳一樣的上升顯示代理人,彎曲地微笑。
"Oh, hell," Ryu said under his breath. / "哦,地獄",Ryu 在他的呼吸之下說。
The Hawk's footsteps sounded loud as he walked into the room. / 當他走入房間的時候,鷹的腳步聽起來大聲。
"Everyone," said Nambu. "This is Eric Getz. Getz, I assume you know the others." / "每個人",Nambu 說。 "這是艾力克 Getz 。 Getz,我假定你知道其餘者。"
"Of course." Gant sidled to where Ken stood. "I've been wanting to meet you for a long time." Unmoving, the Gatchaman stared into the Hawk's face with eyes like ice. Neither man offered a hand, and Gant swayed slightly like a self-conscious punk. / " 當然". Gant 橫著走到在肯恩站著的地方。 "我已經想要遇見你有很長的一段時間" 。 不移動,Gatchaman 注視起來和冰進入和眼睛的鷹臉之內像。 沒有一個男人提供了一隻手,而且 Gant 些微地像一個自我意識強的龐克一樣搖動。
After what seemed to be an eternity, Nambu broke the standoff. "Let's get to business. Getz has inside knowledge that will benefit you. On the other hand, he will need to get accustomed to your fighting style, so you may need to cover for him on this first mission." / 在似乎是永,Nambu 斷掉了疏遠之後。 "讓我們到達生意。 Getz 有將對你有益的內部知識。 另一方面,他將需要變習慣了到你的戰鬥風格,因此,你可能需要在這一個第一個任務上為他涵蓋。"
"I'll be fine, Hakase," Gant said, smiling widely. "I may even show them a few new tricks." / "我將是罰款,Hakase",Gant 說,廣泛地微笑。 "我可能甚至給他們看一些新的詭計" 。
Behind him, Ken's face remained masklike, but concealed by the folds of his cape, his right fist clenched until the material of his glove creaked in protest. "Aniki...." Jinpei whispered. A quick stiffening of Ken's shoulders kept him from saying more. / 在他後面,肯恩的臉保持 masklike, 但是被他的岬摺層隱藏,他的正確拳頭緊握到在抗議中被作輾軋聲的他手套的材料。 "Aniki...."Jinpei 耳語。 肯恩的肩快堅硬從說更多保持了他。
Through the rest of the briefing, the team stood very still. Jun's face didn't waver from its initial startled expression. Ryu frowned at the viewscreen displays outlining their mission, his thoughts deeply buried. Jinpei's eyes flickered from Ken to Jun to the professor as he tried to determine what to do next. The Hawk stood in front of them all, seemingly oblivious to the tension he was causing. / 經過簡報的其它部分,小組非常仍然站立。 六月的臉從它的被震驚表達的起始沒有動搖。 在 viewscreen 被皺眉頭的 Ryu 顯示概略說明他們的任務,他的想法深深地埋葬。 當他試著決定該然後做什麼的時候, Jinpei's 的眼睛從到六月的肯恩到教授閃動。 鷹在他們之前全部站立, 表面上地易忘的對他正在引起的緊張。
In closing, Nambu said, "As your first mission in over two years, this will be the most dangerous ever. Be extremely careful. I wish you the best of luck." / 在結束中, Nambu 說,"如你的第一個任務在超過二年中,這將曾經是最危險的。 要非常小心。 我願你運氣之中最好的。"
As the five filed past him to the outer door, Nambu caught flashes of emotion: Smirking confidence from Getz. Confusion reflected in Jun's green eyes. Resentment in Jinpei's face. The first stirrings of anger in Ryu's. Ken passed him last, and briefly he paused. His gaze flickered from the door where Getz and the others had left, then met the Professor's and hardened. His voice barely registered the rage that burned behind his eyes: How could you? / 當做那五申請了過去他到外部的門,Nambu 引起了情緒的閃光: 嘻嘻做笑來自 Getz 的信心。 混亂在六月反映綠色的眼睛。 Jinpei's 的臉怨恨。 對 Ryu's 的忿怒活潑的第一個。 肯恩最後通過了他,而且簡短地他暫停。 他的注視從門閃動在哪裡有左邊的 Getz 和其餘者,然後遇見了教授的而且變硬。 他的聲音幾乎登記了在他的眼睛後面燃燒的憤怒: 如何可以你?
"We're not through with this, Hakase," he snarled. / " 我們不與這斷絕關係 ,Hakase",他吼叫。
Nambu didn't reply. He watched his adopted son leave, posture bristling, and suddenly his strength left him. He clutched the desk for support. I've had to send you in blind before, but not like this. It's all up to you now, Ken. I know you can take him. Don't fail me. It's all up to you. / Nambu 沒有答覆。 他看了他的養子休假,使剛毛作姿勢,而且突然他的力量留下了他。 他為支持抓牢了書桌。 我以前在盲人中必須送你, 但是不喜歡這。 它全部現在是由你決定,肯恩。 我知道你能帶他。 不要失敗我。 它全部是由你決定。
As if they had practiced for months rather than weeks, the Team scrambled quickly to their new warship and sped away from the base. Five minutes after they broke free of the ocean, the Hawk disappeared from the cockpit. Ken stared through the forward screen. Jun read their headings to Ryu, who repeated them as he set the controls. Jinpei glared back in the direction Getz had disappeared. / 好像他們已經練習長達數個月之久並非數個星期,小組很快地從基礎攀緣到他們的新軍艦而且加速離開。 五分鐘在他們斷掉之後免於大海,鷹從駕駛員座艙消失。 肯恩注視過向前的螢幕。 六月讀對 Ryu 的他們標題, 當他設定控制,重複了他們。 方向 Getz 的向後地被發眩光的 Jinpei 已經消失。
"What's our ETA?" Ken said. / "我們的希臘語字母的第七字是什麼"? 肯恩說。
"Forty five minutes," Jun said. "Once we level off at altitude, we'll be traveling at Mach eight." / "四十五分鐘",六月說。 "一旦我們在高度平飛,我們將在 Mach 八旅行" 。
"At least the new performance takes the sting out of things, and she doesn't look too bad from the inside," Ryu said, hands busy. He grinned. "Maybe we could scrape the paint real good during this mission." / "至少新的表現從事物取出刺,而且她從內部沒看起來太壞",Ryu 說,手忙著。 他露齒而笑。 "也許我們可以在這一個任務的時候刮掉油漆真正的好處" 。
Ken sighed, suddenly irritated at the reminder. "Where's Getz?" / 歎息的肯恩,突然在提醒的人激怒。 "Getz 在哪裡"?
"Taking a look around the ship," Jun said from the back. He glanced back at her, surprised at the lack of venom in her tone. / 帶神情在船周圍逛,六月從背面說。 他向後地在她瞥閃,在她的明暗缺乏毒液吃驚。
"What are we gonna do with him?" Jinpei said. "He's really full of himself." / "我們將要和他做什麼"? Jinpei 說。 "他真的充滿他自己" 。
Any reply was cut off by the sound of the elevator. "Hey," Getz called from within the tube. "Nice setup you got here, Ken. Think it'll last the mission?" / 任何的答覆被電梯的聲音切斷了。 "嗨" , Getz 從管之內呼叫。 " 美好的裝置你到達在這裡,肯恩。 想它將持續任務?"
The sudden first-name familiarity jarred Ken. "There's no reason why it shouldn't," he snapped. / 突然的名親密震驚了肯恩。 "沒有理由它為什麼不應該",他咬斷。
"Of course. Not that we know what we're up against. Galactor could have fresh new weapons that'll squash this thing like a bug." Passing by Jinpei's seat, he patted the Swallow on the head. "Right, kid?" / " 當然。 不我們知道什麼我們向上是反對。 Galactor 可以有新鮮的新武器 that'll 這一件事物喜歡一個蟲的摺皺不堪。"經過 Jinpei's 的座位,他輕拍了在頭上的咽喉。 "權利,哄騙"?
"Who're you calling 'kid?'" Jinpei snarled up at him, ready to launch from his seat. / " Who're 你呼叫 '哄騙?'" Jinpei 吼叫在他上面,預備從他的座位發射。
"Jinpei!" Jun's voice jerked him up short. When he glanced back at her, she shook her head. / "Jinpei"! 六月的聲音痙攣了他向上的短。 當他向後地在她瞥閃的時候,她搖頭。
"Getz," Ken said sharply, the beginnings of a snarl on his own face. "We don't rely strictly on weapons--there's training and teamwork, and it would benefit you to take that into consideration." / "Getz",肯恩銳利地說, 開始一在他自己的臉上吼叫。 "我們不嚴格地仰賴武器-- 在那裡正在教育和聯合作業,而且它將會對你有益把那列入考慮".
"Oh sure. Right. Of course!" Getz laughed and shrugged, turning to look at them all. "I truly have to admire your blind faith--" / " 哦確信。 權利。 當然!"Getz 笑而且聳肩,準備全部看他們。 "我真實地必須讚美你的盲目信心--"
Ken's reply was cut off by the chime announcing a broadcast from headquarters. "We have more information on the Easton Island layout," Nambu said, coming on screen. A second display covered the forward viewscreen: the still-smoking wreckage of the airliner, followed by a diagram of the coast and what appeared to be a fenced in structure. "There is an abandoned stone temple in the immediate vicinity of the crash. We believe the Syndicate is using this as a cover." "A temple?" Ken and Ryu exchanged glances. / 肯恩的答覆被宣布來自總部的廣播 的報時切斷了。 "我們有關於 Easton 島地面區劃的更多資訊",Nambu 說,在螢幕上來。 一個第二個展覽涵蓋了向前的 viewscreen: 客機的靜止- 抽菸殘餘, 被海岸的一個圖表跟隨和什麼似乎當一在結構中用籬笆圍住。 "在墜毀的立即接近中有墮落的石頭寺廟。 我們相信,企業聯合正在以這作為掩護。""寺廟?"肯恩和 Ryu 交換了一瞥。
"Who'da thunk?" the big man muttered. / "Who'da 編譯次程式"? 大的男人喃喃自語。
"Getz can be of assistance here. He was assigned to investigate this area before." / "Getz 在這裡可能是協助。 他以前被分配調查這一個區域。"
"Three years ago," Getz said, stepping closer to the screen. "Yeah, leave it to me. I'll show you all how it's done." / "在三年以前" , Getz 說, 走比較靠近的到螢幕。 "是的,對我留下它。 我將全部顯示你它如何被做。"
"You wish," Jinpei said through his teeth. / "你願",Jinpei 說過他的牙齒。
Unaware of the commentary, Nambu continued. "This won't be the same Galactor you're accustomed to fighting. Be extremely careful." / 不知道的註釋, Nambu 繼續。 "這將不是你習慣戰鬥的相同 Galactor 。 要非常小心。"
Ken nodded. "Yessir." The screen faded, replaced by the forward view of streaming cirrus clouds and the light of the coming dawn. He became suddenly aware of a presence next to him, a hand in his. At the same time, Jun noticed, and the two quickly stepped apart without a word, Jun turning her back on him. All of them returned to their seats--Getz propping his feet on the console--for the remainder of the trip. / 肯恩點頭。 "Yessir". 已褪色的螢幕,被流卷鬚雲和來臨破曉的光向前的視野替換。 他突然知道緊鄰他的出現,在他的一隻手。 同時,六月注意, 和那二不需要一個字就很快地分別地踏, 六月轉她向後地在他身上。 他們全部都回到他們的座位--支撐在控制檯上的他腳 的 Getz--對於旅行的剩餘物。
"Well," Ryu said finally. "We're closing in on Easton. And if you're looking for a bright spot in this mission..." He flipped a series of switches and a soft whirring filled the cockpit. "This ship has a full autopilot." He grinned widely. "So I'll be joining you." / "嗯" , Ryu 最後說。 " 我們正在關閉在 Easton 上。 而且如果你正在這一個任務中找尋一個明亮的地點。。。"他用指頭彈了一系列的開關,而且柔軟作呼呼聲裝滿了駕駛員座艙。 "這一艘船有一個完整的自引示" 。 他廣泛地露齒而笑。 " 因此我將參加你".

Joe arrived at Easton Island before dawn, cutting the small boat's engine and gliding to shore beneath a fading quarter moon. From the beach he could see the great stone temple rising above the jungle, its walls completely ringing the island's inner core. The southwestern breeze carried the stink of jet fuel and burning debris from the plane wreck on the north beach. He'd heard about the wreck via news broadcast during the flight to Elo City, the crew assuring the passengers throughout that they were traveling on a completely different route than Flight 255. / 喬到達在破曉前的 Easton 島, 減低小的船引擎而且滑動在一個時尚四分之一月亮之下支撐。 從海灘他可以看見升起在叢林上面 的棒石頭寺廟,完全地鳴響島的內部核心 的它牆壁。 西南方的微風傳達了來自在海灘北部上的平殘骸的噴射機燃料和燒的臭味碎片。 他有在前往 Elo 城市的班機期間經由新聞廣播聽說殘骸, 保證的組員在他們正在超過班機 255 在一條完全不同的路徑上旅行各處的乘客.
The advance knowledge and preparation, however, could not completely dampen his apprehension. He'd failed to rescue anyone from the surprise attack on the Tiger base. He'd failed to save Getz. Not this time, he promised himself. I know the enemy's here. I'm prepared. I will not be cornered. I'll think my way through this. I cannot fail here. / 進步知識和準備,然而,不可以完全地抑制他的理解。 他有沒有從在老虎基礎方面的意外攻擊中救起任何人。 他有沒有解救 Getz 。 不是這次,他答應了他自己。 我在這裡認識敵人的。 我被準備。 我將不被迫至一隅。 我將經過這想我的方法。 我能夠不在這裡失敗。
Faces leered at him from the dark; primitive gods, heroes or demons. A fit place for Galactor. Joe never understood why they leaned so heavily toward religious themes. The Team had fought a flaming lava Christ statue, a mechanized Buddha, a Chinese dragon and a giant kachina-- "Equal opportunity blasphemers," Jun had called them, and Joe had laughed at the time. The Syndicate built bases beneath churches, temples and holy grounds, culminating in that one great site at the roof of the world, Cross Karakoram; both destroying and using as refuge the icons that numerous cultures held dear. Maybe this practice was the Syndicate's way of coping with the demon that leads them. Or maybe it had all been X's idea--one demon mocking the faith of men. / 臉在他從黑暗送秋波; 原始的神,英雄或魔鬼。 為 Galactor 的一個適宜的地方。 喬從不了解了他們為什麼如此的重偏向宗教性的主題。 小組有打仗一個燃燒的熔岩基督雕像,被機械化的佛佗,一條中國龍和龐大的 kachina-- "等於機會褻瀆",六月已經打電話給他們,而且喬已經笑時間。 在教堂,寺廟和神聖的理由之下的建造基礎的企業聯合, 達絕頂的在那一個中在世界的屋頂棒位置,交叉 Karakoram; 兩者都破壞而且使用如避難所很多的文化捉住了親愛的圖像。 也許這一個練習是控制帶領他們的魔鬼企業聯合的方法。 或也許它已經全部是 X's 的想法--嘲弄男人的信心 的一個魔鬼。
Leaving the boat in a small cove, Joe spotted an opening in the rock wall of the temple, right above the cliff that rose above the beach. After making sure the opening was empty and unused, he slung his pack over his shoulders and began to climb up the sheer rock face. The way was treacherous, slick and filthy with seabird droppings. Joe found enough purchase on a ledge of rock to leap the rest of the way, skidding on the outer lip of the tunnel and biting back curses. / 留下船在一個小的小海灣中,喬看見了寺廟的岩石牆壁的一個開始, 正確地在海灘上面上升的懸崖上面。 在確定之後開始是空的和不用的,他投擲了在他的肩上他包裹而且開始爬上絕對的岩石臉。 方法對海鳥點滴感到叛逆的﹐光滑的和污穢。 喬發現在岩石的一個岩架上的充足購買跳躍方法的其它部分,在隧道的外部唇上剎車而且咬後面的詛咒。
The tunnel, once a natural cave, seemed long deserted. Pulling a set of night goggles from his belt, Joe descended slowly into the darkness, careful not to slip, listening intently for any sign of life. / 隧道,一旦自然洞,似乎很長廢棄。 拉來自他的帶子一組夜晚護目鏡,喬慢慢地進入黑暗之內降, 小心的不要滑倒,為任何的生活符號一心一意地聽。
Before long the path twisted upward, and wet volcanic rock gave way to flat stone; first moss-covered and ancient, then appearing freshly cut. Joe heard a faint humming which grew louder as he proceeded. When he placed his hands against the wall, he could feel the faint tingle of electrical current deep within. In the darkness he smiled. / 不久路徑以上擰,而且濕的火山岩石給予了到公寓的路石頭; 第一的苔蘚涵蓋的和遠古的, 然後似乎新被切割。 喬聽到變得比較大聲的嗡嗡叫 的昏厥當他著手進行。 當他把他的手放反對牆壁的時候,他可以在裡面感覺電流的微弱興奮深處。 在黑暗方面他微笑。
Breaking in took only a few minutes, and he skulked through empty corridors, searching for some sort of directory or reference. This sector appeared to be used for storage. If Galactor kept to its old base designs, all the weaponry and supplies would be cached in the lower floors, while administration lay upstairs; the more important the contents, the higher the level. That way Katse'd had fewer floors to blast through with his escape rocket when the Kagaku Ninjatai had trashed his installations. / 闖入只花數分鐘,而且他偷懶過空的走廊,尋找目錄或參考的一些類型。 這一個部門似乎作為儲藏。 如果被保持它的舊基礎的 Galactor 設計,所有的武器和補給將會在較低的地板中被貯藏, 當行政俗人的二樓時候; 那更重要的內容, 那更高地水準。 當 Kagaku Ninjatai 已經弄壞他的安裝時候,那樣 Katse'd 有了較少的地板以他的逃亡摧殘過火箭。
Katse, dead. The news never provided details of the Syndicate taicho's death, only said he'd leaped to his demise. Joe hoped it had been painful, though no torture on earth could begin to match what that monster deserved. / Katse,死。 新聞從不提供企業聯合 taicho's 的死亡細節 , 只說他已經跳躍給他的終止。 喬希望了它已經是痛苦的,雖然沒有在地球方面的拷問可以開始與那一個怪物所該得到的相配。
He found the fire stairs. Keeping clear of the cameras, he hopped up the stairs one flight at a time. The corridor on the floor he chose was empty except for another camera. Slipping past, he disabled it by yanking out its power cord, then surveyed the schematic below. On the other end of the floor, to the west, lay a guard outpost. Perfect. / 他發現火樓梯。 保管相機清除,他在樓梯一次一次飛行上面單腳跳。 在他選擇的地板上的走廊除了另一台相機以外是空的。 滑倒過去, 他被藉由強拉出它的電線無效它, 然後審視那概要的在下面。 在地板的另一端上,到西部,放置一個守衛前哨。 完美的。
But the halls on this level, harshly lit and paneled in smooth metal, offered little by way of concealment. Joe considered the standard procedure, swapping uniforms with some unfortunate guard, but he had yet to see a breathing person anywhere on the base. Hugging the wall, he moved on. / 但是在這一個水準上的門廳,嚴厲地在平滑的金屬發亮而且嵌鑲板,提供隱匿的方式一點點。 喬考慮了標準的程序,和一些不幸的守衛交換制服, 但是他還沒有見在基礎上的一個呼吸人任何地方。 擁抱牆壁,他繼續。
Still, not a soul showed himself until he found what appeared to be the surveillance center. Voices murmured behind the door; Joe guessed at two, maybe three men. The trick here was to get in and past them before they could trigger an alarm. Another problem: the door consisted of a smooth, solid sheet of metal with no knob and no activating switch other than a card key slot in the wall beside it. A small video camera watched the door, and he disabled it quickly. / 劇照而不是一個被顯示他自己直到他發現似乎是監視中心的東西靈魂。 聲音在門後面低語; 喬在二點鐘猜測, 也許三位男人。 詭計這裡是進入和越過他們在他們可以引起一聲警報之前。 另一個問題: 門有有在它旁邊的牆壁一個卡片鑰匙水溝之外的沒有把手和沒有啟動開關的金屬平滑的, 堅硬的張。 一台小的錄影機看了門, 和他很快地無效它。
Joe decided to live dangerously. Edging up beside the door, he knocked. From inside came confused male voices, one confirming the camera was out of order. Someone swore, then footsteps sounded as he approached the door, then stopped. / 喬決定危險地居住。 使在上面銳利在門旁邊,他敲擊。 從裡面來困惑的男人聲音, 確定相機的一混亂。 某人咒罵,當他接近了門的時候,然後腳步聽,然後停止。
"If he's supposed to be in here, he has a key," said a voice from further back. / "如果他應該是在這裡中,他有一支鑰匙",說了來自進一步的背面一種聲音。
"Yeah, but if the power to the camera's out, the power to the lock is out too." / "是的, 但是如果在外的相機電源,鎖的電源也外出".
"How do you know that?" / " 你如何知道那"?
"Just open the door!" / "僅僅打開門"!
A hand fumbled with a switch and the door slid aside. The guard peeked outside and found himself staring past the barrel of a formidable looking pistol to the steely grin of its wielder. Slowly he lifted his hands. / 一隻手在一邊以一個開關和門 slid 摸索。 守衛偷看在而且之外發現他自己凝視的過去對它的鋼鐵露齒笑的強大看手鎗的桶使用。 慢慢地他舉起了他的手。
"Congratulations," Joe whispered to him. "Now you know what locks are for. Turn slowly and quietly, and walk back into the room." / "祝賀",喬對他耳語。 "現在你知道鎖的目地。 將慢慢地而且安靜地 , 和散步向後地變成房間。"
The guard swallowed hard and followed instructions. Using the man as a shield, Joe scanned the room and found three more guards, their backs turned. One looked back. "Who was--" / 守衛努力地吞而且跟隨了指令。 以男人作為一個防禦物,喬掃描了房間而且發現了另外三個守衛,他們的背部轉。 一看起來後面。 " 誰是--"
Five seconds later, four men sprawled on the metal floor, wearing a shuriken apiece. Joe retrieved the weapons before moving to the console. / 五秒之後,四位男人在金屬製的地板上擴展,每人穿著 shuriken 。 喬在移到控制檯之前取回了武器。
The guard outpost provided video access to all the corridors in the sector, plus schematics of the entire base. The computer system, geared toward the lowest common denominator, was the ultimate in user friendly--to Joe's amusement, some misguided geek had even customized the user interface with fancy graphics: "Welcome to Solar Base Alpha." True to his suspicions, the base honeycombed the entire island and featured a wall of jungle and stone structures surrounding two crater-sized radar dishes and an unlikely-looking mountain labeled "Garender." Joe frowned at the mountain, then zoomed in to get an interior schematic. The screen flickered blue with an ominous message: DENIED. Joe scaled his inquiry back to the core around the mountain: DENIED. He backed up further: DENIED. INSUFFICIENT CLEARANCE. / 守衛前哨提供影像通路給部門的所有走廊,加上整個的基礎圖表。 電腦系統,對於最低的普通分母以齒輪連起, 使用者的終極友善地--到喬的娛樂,一些被錯誤引導的玩家甚至已經用想像的圖形根據客戶需要修改使用者界面: "歡迎來到太陽的基礎阿爾發" 。 真實的對他猜疑,基礎開多孔使成蜂巢狀了整個的島而且以叢林和石頭的一面牆壁為特色圍住 的結構二個火山口規模雷達盤子,而且一座看似不太可能的山分類了 "Garender" 。 喬在山皺眉頭, 然後縮放在得到一內部的概要。 螢幕用一個惡兆的訊息閃動藍色: 否認。 喬在山的周圍把他的質詢依比例決定回核心: 否認。 他更進一步支持: 否認。 不夠的清除。
"Huh," he growled. The more he looked at the mountain, the more it looked like something in dire need of destruction. He needed maps, schematics, printouts; anything to help him figure out how the hell to take the Garender down on his own. Warehouses full of hapless gangsters were one thing. This project would have daunted the Kagaku Ninjatai all together. Especially without the necessary firepower. / "哼!",他怒吠。 更多他看山, 更多它在破壞的可怕需要中看起來像某事一樣。 他需要了地圖,圖表,印出; 任何事幫助他理解要帶 Garender 的地獄如何靠他自己墬落。 充滿倒霉的歹徒倉庫是一件事物。 這一個計畫會一起嚇 Kagaku Ninjatai 。 尤其沒有必需的火力。
An alarm squealed, making him jerk away from the console. Following the sound, Joe found a computer screen showing a radar blip and the message, UNIDENTIFIED AIRCRAFT ON 50 MILE APPROACH. His eyes widened. Could it be another airliner? Another look at the radar showed the blip approaching at a much higher airspeed than a common passenger jet, which implied a military craft. / 一聲警報發出尖銳的叫聲,使他痙攣遠離控制檯。 在聲音之後,喬發現,一部電腦審查顯示一個雷達影像和訊息,在 50 哩方式上的未經確認的飛機。 他的眼睛擴大。 它可以是另一架客機嗎? 另外看雷達出示了以一個較非常高的對氣速度超過一架普通的民航機接近 的影像, 暗示了軍事飛機。
The vehicle came within range of the base cameras, lighting up five more screens. Joe turned up the radio, rewarded with the frantic babble of Galactor voices as they tried to figure out what was going on. First a moving grey dot, closing in fast, then the cameras zoomed in, and-- / 車輛在惡劣的相機範圍裡面來,點燃另外五個螢幕。 喬把收音機調大 ,當他們試著理解什麼正在繼續,以 Galactor 聲音的狂亂牙牙之語獎賞。 第一的一個感人的灰色點,在齋戒中關閉, 然後相機縮放在,和--
"What the fuck is that thing?" he muttered aloud. / " 什麼那性交是那一件事物"? 他大聲地喃喃自語。
"Signal confirms craft is an ISO warship," announced the radio. "Lock on target and--" / " 信號確定飛機是一艘國際標準組織軍艦",宣佈了收音機。 " 鎖定目標和--"
"Hold your fire. Repeat, hold your fire! Our agent is on board, and will be bringing the Kagaku Ninjatai onto the base. All foot patrols assemble at Sector A immediately! Taicho's orders!" / "支撐你的火。 重複,支撐你的火! 我們的代理人在機上, 而且將在基礎之上帶 Kagaku Ninjatai 。 所有的腳巡邏立刻在部門一集合! Taicho's 的次序!"
Joe's jaw dropped. That was their new command ship? The bulky, stubby-winged fighter craft looked more like a Galactor mech with indigestion; functional in spite of its awkward design, not because of it. Cameras followed the thing as it zoomed in closer, then turned toward the beach, as inconspicuous as a clown at a funeral. / 喬的顎降低。 那是他們的新指令船? 龐大的, 斷株一般- 有翼的鬥士飛機看起來更像和消化不良的 Galactor mech; 功能的儘管它的笨拙設計, 不因為它。 當它縮放的時候,相機跟隨了事物在比較靠近的, 然後對於海灘轉, 像一個小丑一樣的不顯眼在一個葬禮。
Joe put his head in his hands and his shoulders shook as he allowed himself a moment of silent, helpless laughter. Ken has got to be pissed. / 當他允許了他自己片刻的沈默, 無助的笑時候,把他的頭放入他的手和他的肩喬搖動。 肯恩已經開始是忿怒的。
His amusement was short-lived. Though he'd come here to intercept Getz, he found more things to do now that he'd actually seen the layout. The Team's arrival meant he had little time left to deal with the base. From here they had to locate either a landing spot or a dropoff point, then find their way into the temple. Joe estimated he had fifteen minutes at most--no time to investigate the mountain and whatever lay within. Alarms continued to clamor in his ears, the babble of voices increasing in pitch, adding to the urgency. Joe found the printer and called up the system's print command and hoped the order would spool to the right place. He grabbed the sheets as the printer spat them out, tucked them into a belt pouch, then surveyed the guards lying on the floor and growled. / 他的娛樂是短暫的。 雖然他已經來這裡攔截 Getz ,但是他發現更多的事物現在做他實際上已經看到地面區劃。 他有一點時間的小組被意謂的抵達離開處理基礎。 從這裡他們也必須設置登陸當場的或 dropoff 點,然後發現他們的方法進寺廟。 喬估計,他最多有了十五分鐘-- 沒有時間在裡面調查山和任何的絞。 警報繼續在他的耳朵中喧嚷,在頂點中增加,增加到迫切性 的聲音牙牙之語。 喬發現了印表機而且想起系統的印刷指令並且希望,次序將會纏繞在線軸上到正確的地方。 他抓取如印表機的張輕打出他們,打橫褶他們進一個帶子小袋之內,然後審視了在地板上說謊 的守衛而且怒吠。
"Dammit, just my luck." / "該死,正直的我運氣".
Joe made do with what he had; the hems of the too-short pants riding high on his ankles, the uniform shirt ballooning as he ran, the standard Galactor-issue rifle in one hand and his pack slung carelessly over one shoulder. The other guards rushing down the corridors didn't spare him a second glance, though he made sure to steer clear of anyone who looked like an officer. He ran for what seemed like miles of corridors, down sloping accessways, due north until the metal walls gave way once more to stone. Instead of volcanic rock, however, enormous blocks of sandstone formed the walls of what appeared to be an ancient labyrinth. Only a close look at the chisel marks and the occasional conduits that ran through the stone, and the oily whiff of machinery gave away the facade. / 被做的喬以他有的做; 邊緣那也-騎在他的腳踝上的高度 的短褲子, 猛漲 的統一襯衫當做他跑,標準的 Galactor- 議題的一隻手和他的包裹來福槍不注意地投擲超過一個肩。 另一個保衛催促下來走廊沒有寬恕他第二個一瞥,雖然他確定清楚地看起來像一個官員一樣的任何人引導。 他競選像哩的走廊,向下的傾斜 accessways, 應得的東西向北直到金屬製的牆壁再一次屈服投扔石子。 代替火山的岩石,然而,巨大範圍的沙岩似乎是一個遠古的迷宮東西形成了牆壁。 只有鑿子的接近面貌標示和跑過石頭的偶然導管,而且機器的多油一陣分送正面。
In the labyrinths Joe slowed down for a more careful look around. By this time most of the other guards had scattered to their posts, and retreating into a quiet corner, he yanked off his mask, pulled out his printouts and confirmed his location. Three levels of corridors surrounded what appeared to be a central audience chamber: where Joe suspected the Team was headed. The layout appeared suspiciously like the multifloored arenas he and his team had repeatedly stumbled into in older battles. The more things change.... / 在迷宮喬中在附近為較小心的神情減慢。 藉著另一個的這次大部分保衛有散佈到他們的職位, 而且撤退進入一個安靜的角落之內,他走開強拉他的假面具,拉出他的印出而且確認了他的地點。 三層走廊包圍了似乎是中央的聽眾會議室的東西 : 在猜想小組的喬被帶領的地方。 地面區劃像被多鋪地板的競技場一樣可疑地出現他,而且他的小組重複地已經絆倒進入在較舊的戰爭中之內。 更多的事物改變....
He found the floor of the audience chamber occupied by a single stone statue of a deity with its hands pressed together; the walls haphazardly formed by square sandstone blocks which protruded unevenly, offering ledges and recesses--plenty of hiding places. Before the statue was a sunken pit with ledges or stairs leading down, but the end blocked off. Joe approached the statue first, and as he drew near, he smelled wet plaster. Gentle prodding crumbled some of the surface away, exposing the metal beneath. Another Asiatic figure; he wondered how Galactor planned to utilize it--given the chance, would it have spewed fire, or sprouted fangs and leaped to the attack? / 他一起發現被和它的手神一個單一石頭雕像佔領的聽眾會議室的地板缺少的; 牆壁偶然地藉著不平順地凸出的正直沙岩區段形成,提供岩架和休會-- 許多藏身處。 在雕像是有岩架或領先下來 的樓梯一個沉沒的深坑,但是結束封鎖之前。 喬首先接近了雕像,而且當他接近的時候,他聞了濕的石膏。 溫和的戳崩潰一些表面之遠,在暴露金屬之下。 另外亞洲人的數字; 他懷疑如何被計畫利用它的 Galactor--提供機會, 不是嗎已經吐火, 或對攻擊使發芽了尖牙而且跳躍?
Pulling a small explosive from his pack, he armed the device and set it squarely between the statue's shoulders. Then he gathered himself and leaped, jumping from block to block until he looked down from a vantage point three stories up. The block on which he stood had an opening behind it, and within he spotted the machinery: monstrous gears and tracks hooked to the blocks of stone that made up the walls, creating a movable maze. / 拉來自他的包裹一個小的炸藥,他方形地在雕像的肩之間武裝了裝置而且設定了它。 然後他聚集了他自己而且跳躍,從區段到區段跳躍直到他向上從一個觀點看下來三個故事。 他站著的區段有了在它後面的一個開始, 而且在他裡面看見機器: 巨大的工具和軌道鉤住到組成牆壁的石頭區段,創造可動的迷宮。
Then he heard them. / 然後他聽到了他們。
Distant and barely audible through the far entry came the footfalls and the hushed voices, their familiarity sending an icy shock up his arms and to his face. Joe crouched down, peeking over the edge of the ledge, waiting. He couldn't help but watch. / 遠的和幾乎聽得見完成的遠進入被提出腳聲和被肅靜的聲音,他們的在他手臂上面和正對著送一個冰的驚嚇 的親密。 喬蹲下下來,在岩架的邊緣之上偷看,等候。 他無法不看。
Two years had passed since Joe had said goodbye to them for what he thought would be the last time. Only two years, yet it felt like forever. The same people he had known and trained with, argued with and fought beside for eight years, had changed in a million tiny ways that made them almost seem like strangers; unreal. They'd all grown, matured, turned more adult. Jun had filled out, evened her proportions, and now glided like a dancer as she walked. Joe remembered how she had rushed toward him at Cross Karakoram, awkwardly favoring one ankle, her face twisted with grief, and it ached to watch her now. The kid--was that really Jinpei?--had shot up like a weed and grown some muscle to pad out those gangly arms and legs. His voice had also developed a distinct honk; "Jinpei the Goose," Joe might have called him, then laughed as the enraged preteen chased him, squawking a string of epithets in a voice like an abused clarinet. Ryu's waistline had widened to the point where it affected the way he walked; genetics or too much home cooking? How Joe longed to warn them; to get them out of here and back to their weird looking warship to blast the base apart and go home, so maybe later they could talk about old times. So tempting, but it would destroy them. It would destroy him. / 自從喬已經說之後,二年已經通過再見對他們為他想的將會是最後一次。 只有二年,然而它永遠地感覺起來像。 相同的人他已經知道而且訓練由於, 爭論由於而且打仗在達八年之久旁邊,已經在幾乎製造了他們的極小方法像陌生人的一個百萬中改變; 不真正的。 他們已經全部生長,成熟,變得更成人。 六月已經填寫 , evened 她的比例,而且當她走路,現在像一個舞者一樣滑動。 喬記得了她如何已經對於他在交叉的 Karakoram 催促,笨拙地支持一個腳踝,她的臉以傷痛擰,而且它現在痛看她。 小孩-- 真的是那 Jinpei?-- 有像雜草快速成長而且栽種一些肌肉隊填補出那些手和腿。 他的聲音也已經發展一個清楚的雁鳴; " Jinpei 鵝", 喬應該可以打電話給他, 然後笑當被激怒的青春期以前的孩子追捕了他,瓜瓜地叫鳴像一個被濫用的豎笛一樣的一種聲音的一連串渾名。 Ryu's 的腰圍已經對它影響了他走路的方式點擴大; 遺傳學或太多回家烹飪? 喬如何渴望警告他們; 把他們趕出這裡和向後地到他們的怪異看軍艦分別地摧殘基礎而且回家,如此的也許稍後他們大約舊的時代可以說話。 如此誘惑人,但是它將會破壞他們。 它將會破壞他。
Ken looked stronger, more solid, and walked with the self-assurance only experience could provide. His posture also broadcast his outrage and distrust for the man leading the way. And that man, that smirking gargoyle wearing his colors... / 肯恩變得比較強壯,更多的固體, 而且以唯一的經驗可以提供的自信走路。 他的姿勢也為領先方法 的男人廣播他的暴行和不信任。 而且那一個男人,那個嘻嘻做笑戴他的顏色 的怪獸飾。。。
What in hell had possessed Nambu to put this man in his place, and in the Condor's uniform? The thought of the real Getz taking his place had been grating enough to send him halfway across the world after that individual. What was he trying to do, rub everyone's noses in it? The uniform hung off the impostor, as if he were wearing second hand castoffs. And he didn't walk, he skulked, as if he knew he was stepping into areas best not trespassed. / 已經在地獄方面持有要放這的 Nambu 的在他地方中配備人手, 和在禿鷹的制服中? 取代他 的真正 Getz 的想法已經是因測量原因放置於陰極射線管前的校準幕充足半路地送他越過在那一個個體後的世界。 他正在嘗試什麼做, 擦每個人在它裡面嗅到? 制服走開吊冒名頂替的人,好像他是穿用的秒手被丟棄的人。 而且他沒有走路,他偷懶,好像他認識了他正在進入區域之內走不最好地侵奪。
A man lay dying in his arms: I never wanted to be you. Getz--the real Getz--had not deserved this. Ken didn't deserve to see this. / 一個男人放置在他的手臂中死亡: 我從不想要當你。 Getz--真正的 Getz--沒有該得到這。 肯恩沒有該得到看見這。
The gargoyle spoke, mocking: "Jinpei, you scared?" / 怪獸飾說,嘲弄: "Jinpei,你驚嚇"?
"Of this place?" the kid snorted. "Oh please." / "這一個地方"? 小孩噴著氣弄響鼻子。 " 哦請".
But they all looked nervous. Dislodged by Joe's arrival a couple of loose stones clattered down from his hiding place. He heard Ken's intake of breath, the snap of a weapon being drawn. Below, Getz smirked. / 但是他們全部看起來神經緊張。 藉著一些寬鬆的石頭從他的藏身處發出嘩啦聲下來的喬抵達逐出。 他聽到了肯恩的呼吸吸入,被畫 的武器大聲叱罵。 在下面, Getz 嘻嘻做笑。
Joe's eyes narrowed. Soon. Very, very soon. / 喬的眼睛縮小。 很快。 非常,很快地。
"These catacombs run through the entire island. There are miles of them, some built by the natives and the rest natural caves. It's pretty easy to get lost, so stick close." / "這些地下墓穴跑過整個的島。 有哩的他們, 一些被本地人和其餘者自然洞建造。 迷路是相當容易的,因此,樹枝關。"
"Shouldn't you keep it down?" Jun whispered. Her voice, unheard in years, sent the hair rising on the nape of Joe's neck and spread gooseflesh up his arms, regardless of his armor. / "你不應該把它保存下來"? 六月耳語。 她的聲音, 聽不到的多年來, 送了在喬的脖子項上的升起 的頭髮而且擴延的雞皮疙瘩提高他的手臂,不管他的盔甲。
Getz shrugged. "Naah. The ceilings here are too broken down for anybody to use without causing a cave-in. We have miles before we run into anyone. Stick with me, kiddies. I'll lead you right to their doorstep." / Getz 聳肩。 "Naah。 天花板這裡太壞掉向下的讓任何人不需要引起一個陷落就使用。 在我們偶遇任何人之前 , 我們有哩。 與我不分離,小山羊。 我將向右帶領你到他們的門階。"
"Jerk," Jinpei muttered. / "性情古怪的人",Jinpei 喃喃自語。
"Well come on, then," said Ryu as he hoisted himself over one of the blocks toward what appeared to be a corridor. The others followed, leaving the room. / "湧出發生 ,然後",當他在區段之一之上對於似乎是一個走廊的東西升起了他自己,說了 Ryu。 其餘者跟隨,離開房間。
Again Joe checked the map. Twelve side corridors led into the main arena, perfect for letting in the soldiers when the battle began. Joe slipped through the opening behind the ledge and threaded his way among the machinery. / 再一次喬檢查了地圖。 當戰爭開始的時候,十二個進入主要的競技場之內被引導的旁走廊, 為讓軍人進去完美。 喬從在岩架後面的開始溜走而且穿線於了在機器之中的他方法。
A red light glowed in what appeared to be the next chamber down, and Joe went to check it out. At the entrance, he stopped. A new statue, shaped like a giant hand and decorated with what appeared to be eyes, filled the inner sanctum. Its thick, riveted armor showed this one was clearly a weapon. Unslinging his backpack, Joe unloaded and dispersed some of its contents: Semtex on battery fuses, dynamite on old-fashioned windup timers... all cheap and perfectly serviceable antiques that worked undetected where more sophisticated bombs would have set off alarms. And they left no personal signature, something he had learned during the gang wars. He placed them so they would explode in a chain reaction that would hopefully rip the mecha apart. Joe had been hoping for a situation like this for months, ever since the enemy had reappeared. If only he could bring down the base without injuring anyone on the Team.... / 一個紅燈在似乎是下一間會議室下來的東西發紅光,而且喬去檢查出它。 在入口,他停止。 被像一隻龐大的手成形而且由於似乎是眼睛的東西裝飾的一個新的雕像,裝滿了內部的至聖所。 它的厚,用鉚釘固定了被顯示這一個清楚地是一個武器的盔甲。 由懸掛處取下他的背包,喬卸貨而且驅散了一些它的內容: 在電池上的 Semtex 融化,在舊式的終結定時器上的炸藥。。。 所有的便宜和工作的非常維修古董未被發現的較複雜的炸彈會在警報外設定哪裡。 而且他們沒離開個人的簽字, 他在隊戰爭期間已經學習的某事。 他放置了他們,如此他們將會在一個將會有希望地分別地撕開 mecha 的連鎖反應中爆炸。 喬已經希望像這一樣的一種情形長達數個月之久,由敵人已經再出現至今。 如果只有他可以不需要在小組身上傷害任何人就打倒基礎....
The footsteps grew louder again, sounding like they were above him, and Joe stopped to listen. / 腳步再一次變得比較大聲,像他們一樣的測錘測得的結果是在他上面,而且喬開始聽。
"Hey, this is a dead end!" Ryu's voice. / "嗨, 這是一個盡頭"! Ryu's 的聲音。
"We've been going around in circles." Jun's voice, trying to hide her irritation. / "我們已經在圓圈中走來走去 " 。 六月的聲音, 嘗試藏她的刺激。
"That's weird," said Jinpei. "I thought there was an opening here." / " 那是怪異的", Jinpei 說。 "我想在這裡有一個開始" 。
"Looks like your guide skills need work." Ken didn't bother to conceal his impatience. "Where are we?" / " 看起來像你的指引技術一樣需要工作". 肯恩沒有煩擾隱藏他的性急。 "我們在哪裡"?
"What's the problem, Getz?" Jun said. / "問題, Getz 是什麼"? 六月說。
Only footfalls. / 只有腳聲。
"Getz?" / "Getz"?
"He's gone!" Jinpei shouted. / "他不見了"! Jinpei 呼喊。
Above Joe's head, something switched on with a high-pitched whine, like a weapon warming up. Ken, watch it.... The whine turned into a screech, the sound of some energy weapon cutting loose, and Joe heard the others cry out. Ken swore and a gunshot sounded, followed by an explosion that echoed throughout the temple--Joe's first charge had gone off. / 在喬的頭上面,某事以尖銳的抱怨打開 ,像一個武器加溫。 肯恩,看它.... 抱怨變成一個尖聲喊叫, 減低 的一些能源武器的聲音解放, 而且喬聽到其餘者大叫。 肯恩咒罵,而且一個射擊聽, 被一個在寺廟各處隨聲附和的爆炸跟隨--喬的第一項費用已經爆炸。
As the sound dissipated into the rattle of crumbling stone, Ken snarled, "Getz! You bastard! You set us up!" / 當健全人之時沈迷於酒色的進入那之內崩潰石頭,被吼叫的肯恩驚慌失措,"Getz! 你私生子! 你建立我們!"
"Ken!" Jun shouted, and a second later, Joe heard the whistle of a thrown weapon followed by a grunt of pain. Leaving the statue behind, Joe tried to backtrack, to get back to their level. Getz had obviously tried to attack Ken from behind, and though Joe knew Ken was more than capable of defending himself, he wanted a piece of the impostor. Even if the only thing he could do was shoot him from the dark. / "肯恩"! 六月呼喊, 和一秒之後,喬聽到被痛苦的一個咕嚕咕嚕聲跟隨的被丟武器的口哨。 忘記雕像,喬試著返回, 回到他們的水準。 Getz 明顯地已經嘗試攻擊來自後面的部分肯恩,而且雖然喬認識,肯恩防護他自己很有能力的,他想要冒名頂替的人塊。 即使他可以做的唯一事物從黑暗是射擊他。
Somewhere in the interim, the walls had shifted and the access from the red chamber was now blocked off. The red light in the chamber went out, leaving total blackness that even Joe's enhanced vision couldn't penetrate. He swore, staring upward as if he could see through solid stone to the battle above. / 某處在中間時期中,牆壁已經改變,而且來自紅色的會議室的通路現在被封鎖。 會議室的紅燈熄滅,留下平坦的喬可提高的視野不可以穿透的總黑。 他咒罵,以上注視好像他可以在上面看穿對戰爭的堅硬石頭。
Getz howled: "DIE!" The cry ended in the sound of impact as Ken hurled him against the wall. Angrily Joe felt along the walls of the chamber, searching for a way out. It suddenly occurred to him that he might have been detected, and he whirled back to where he remembered the statue-- the most logical source of attack--to be. But the machine remained dormant, the room still, dark and quiet. / Getz 狂吠: "死"! 當肯恩反對牆壁用力投擲了他的時候,哭聲在衝擊的聲音中結束。 憤怒地喬沿著會議室的牆壁感覺,尋找一個出路。 他忽然想起他應該可以被發現, 而且他向後地旋轉到他記得了雕像哪裡-- 攻擊的最合乎邏輯的來源-- 是。 但是機器保持睡眠狀態,房間劇照,黑暗和安靜。
His search along the walls yielded nothing but rough, solid stone. Cautiously, Joe made his way back to the statue and sat on the pedestal behind it, away from where he remembered the "eyes" to be. The most obvious use of this weapon would be to aim it at the Team. If he stayed with it, the battle would come to him. / 沿著牆壁的他搜尋產生了什麼也沒有但是粗糙,堅硬的石頭。 慎重地,喬在它後面把他的方法製造回雕像而且坐在基架上, 離開從在他記得了 "眼睛" 當的地方。 這一個武器的最明顯的使用將會是把它對準小組。 如果他以它停留,戰爭將會走近他。
Above him, Getz laughed. "It doesn't really matter if I kill you, you know. Your time is over. I know all your secrets." / 在他上面, Getz 笑。 "如果我殺你,它不真的有重大關係,你知道。 你的時間結束。 我知道你所有的秘密。"
"Shut up, you bastard!" Jinpei yelled. / "閉嘴, 你私生子"! Jinpei 大叫。
"Come out and fight!" / "出來而且對抗"!
Joe heard more footfalls, but not from Getz. It sounded like several sets... the sound of troops gathering. Weird laughter echoed through the stone chamber, and a new voice called out. "We've been waiting for you...." / 喬聽到了更多的腳聲, 但是不從 Getz。 它聽起來像一些組一樣。。。 軍隊集會的聲音。 怪異的笑隨聲附和過石頭會議室,而且一種新的聲音大叫。 "我們已經等候你...."
The trap had been sprung. With the rattle of gunfire, the fighting began. Glaring blindly at the ceiling, Joe ground the loose stones beneath his hands. He could only imagine what was happening up above; see in his mind's eye the graceful strikes that accompanied the Team's battle cries; imagine the troops toppling as the fighting slowed. / 圈套已經被跳。 由於那槍擊驚慌失措,戰鬥開始。 閃耀的盲目地在天花板,喬在他的手之下將寬鬆的石頭置於地面。 他只可以想像正在發生的東西在上面上面; 在他的想像力陪伴了小組的戰爭哭聲的優美罷工中看見; 當戰鬥減慢的時候,想像軍隊推翻。
Suddenly, the whole room shuddered, and Joe felt the pedestal shift upward. Cracks appeared in the walls, letting in pinpoints of light, restoring sight. Above Joe's head, the tips of the fingers on the statue touched the ceiling, and then, as he stared in amazement, began to push through. He pressed himself against the trunk of the mecha, using one of its outlying stalks to shield himself as the thing burst up into the floor above. / 突然,整個的房間戰慄,而且喬以上感覺了基架變化。 裂縫在牆壁中出現,讓光的極小之物進去,回復視力。 在喬的頭上面,在雕像上的手指指尖碰觸了天花板,然後,如同他驚訝地注視一樣,開始推動過。 他反對 mecha 的樹幹壓進了他自己, 使用它的在外莖之一遮蔽他自己如事物破裂在進入在上面的地板之內上面。
Chunks of sandstone fell around him. Joe kept his arms above his head to deflect falling debris until the shuddering movement stopped. He heard the Team's cries of shock above the deep vibration of power--the mecha warming up--and he stared upward at the bombs he'd planted, trying to assess which explosive would start the chain reaction while allowing him enough time to get clear. / 沙岩的大塊在他周圍跌落。 喬保持他的手臂他所不懂使落下的碎片偏斜直到被停止的戰慄運動。 他聽到在力量的深震動上面的小組驚嚇的哭聲 -- mecha 加溫 -- 和他被在炸彈以上注視他有放置, 嘗試估計當允許他充足的時間時候 , 那一個炸藥將會開始連鎖反應清楚。
Then there was no time to wonder. He had to make it work. / 然後沒有時間懷疑。 他必須使它工作。
Ken glanced around: on the ledge above stood a squadron of goons, and in the middle, the commander. Frowning, Ken stared at her. She was female, which was unusual for a subcommander; usually the female commanders led special groups like the Devil Stars or that set of mannequin mechs they'd encountered three years ago. And Ken had seen some weird outfits on the doomed commander of the week, but this one took the cake: black, thigh-high boots beneath a half-robe with long, flowing purple sleeves; a half mask that left exposed white skin and a feminine mouth--even at this distance he could see the lipstick--and a hat with a high, pointed crest. The robe made her shoulders look even wider than they were, but even so, they were much wider than the average woman's. And her strange voice was too deep to be feminine, like a male parody of a woman's voice. Could this be not a commander, but their new general? Were they dealing with another mutant like Katse? / 肯恩在附近瞥閃: 在岩架上上方站著了呆子的一個騎兵營, 和在中央中,指揮官。 皺眉頭,肯恩盯著她看。 她是女性的, 對一個子指揮官是不尋常的; 通常被引導特別的團體女性的指揮官喜歡魔鬼星或那組服裝模特兒 mechs 他們在三年以前有遇到。 而且肯恩在星期的被命中注定的指揮官已經看到一些怪異的用具,但是這一個帶了蛋糕: 在一半之下的黑色, 大腿- 高的長靴-和長的, 流動的紫色袖的寬鬆長袍; 左邊暴露了白色的皮膚和一張女性的嘴一半的假面具--甚至在這距離他可以看見口紅--而且和一個高度的一頂帽子,指了冠。 寬鬆長袍使她的肩看比他們是更甚至寬,但是甚至如此,他們比平均的女人寬許多。 而且她的奇怪聲音是太深而無法是女性的,像女人的聲音一個男性的打油詩文。 這可以不是一個指揮官 , 但是他們的新上將嗎? 他們正在像 Katse 處理另一個突變異種嗎?
"At last we meet, Gatchaman," she crowed. "I wondered when you would crawl out from under your rock." / "最後我們遇見,Gatchaman",她啼叫。 "當從在你的岩石之下你將會爬行出的時候,我懷疑" 。
"I believe that's our line," he snapped back. "Identify yourself!" / "我相信,那是我們的台詞",他向後地咬斷。 "識別你自己"!
"But of course! We owe you at least that courtesy." She spread her hands wide. "I am GelSadora, general of Galactor, and on its behalf, I welcome to the beginning of a new era: an era of Galactor rule! Our first task shall be to remove you from our path." / " 但是當然! 我們至少虧欠你那禮貌。"她廣闊地傳佈她的手。 "我是 GelSadora , Galactor 的上將,而且代表它,我歡迎來到新的時代開始: Galactor 規則的一個時代! 我們的第一件工作將是把你從我們的路徑移開。"
Oh-kay, Ken thought, a grim smile tugging at his mouth. The old games begin again. He gauged the distance from the ground to the ledge--she might be within throwing or firing range. He saw Jun and Jinpei doing the same, and they stopped to glance at him. Ken nodded. / 哦-K 字,肯恩想,一個在他的嘴用力拉 的冷酷微笑。 舊的比賽重做。 他從地面到岩架精確計量了距離-- 她可能是在丟裡面或靶場。 他看見六月和做一樣的 Jinpei ,而且他們開始注視他。 肯恩點頭。
"You're new yet," Ken said. "Since this is the first time you've met the White Shadow, I'll grant you that. But that's all. We've knocked you down before, and this time we'll make sure you stay that way!" / "你仍然是新的",肯恩說。 "既然這是你已經遇見白色的影像第一次,我將允許你那。 但是所有的。 我們以前已經擊倒你,而且這次我們將確定你那樣停留!"
"Perhaps." GelSadora smirked. "But not today." She gestured at her men. "Fire." / "也許". GelSadora 嘻嘻做笑。 " 但是不今天". 她在她的男人作手勢。 "火".
Ken gave the signal and leaped high as the bullets chewed the stone where they had once stood. Landing on a high ledge, he pushed off and dropped toward GelSadora; her startled shriek cut off as his boot slammed into the side of her helmet. She toppled and fell dangerously close to the edge as Ken dropped past her and right into a knot of troops. He lashed out with fists and feet and dropped into a graceful flip as the bodies scattered around him. Those who were unfortunately close enough to see his face caught glimpse of a feral smile. The others, from what he saw and heard, had slipped right back into their old fighting patterns. / 當子彈咀嚼了他們曾經已經站著的石頭時候,肯恩高度地提供了信號而且跳躍。 在一個高的岩架上登陸,他對於 GelSadora 離開而且降低; 當他的長靴猛然地撞進她的鋼盔邊時候,她的震驚尖銳的響聲切斷。 當肯恩進入軍隊的一個結之內越過她和權利降低的時候,她在邊緣的附近危險地推翻而且跌落。 當身體在他周圍散佈的時候,他以拳頭和腳鞭打出而且跌進一個優美的香甜燙酒。 那些不幸地夠接近來看見他的被引起一個野生的微笑一瞥的臉人。 其餘者, 從他所看見的而且聽到,已經正確地向後地進入他們的舊戰鬥典型之內滑倒。
The screams and gunfire faded, and at last the team stood alone in a sea of sprawling bodies. Even the general had vanished. Ken scanned the room and caught the sight of a black figure slinking toward an opening in the wall. / 已褪色的尖叫聲和槍擊,而且最後小組在擴展身體的海洋中獨自地站立。 甚至將軍已經消失。 肯恩掃描了房間而且捕捉了對於牆壁的一個開始偷偷地走 的黑色數字的視力。
"Getz!" / "Getz"!
But he slipped through before Ken could reach the opening. Motioning to the others, he followed. / 但是在肯恩可以達成開始之前 , 他溜走。 運動到其餘者,他跟隨。
They found themselves in a narrower chamber this time, and like a rat, Getz vanished through a new opening, which slid shut. The last one through, Jinpei glanced at the opening behind him and found it gone. "Um, we just lost our door." / 他們這次在一間較狹窄的會議室中發現他們自己, 而且喜歡一隻老鼠,Getz 消失過一個新的開始,slid 關上。 完成的一個最後的,Jinpei 注視在他後面的開始而且發現它不見了。 "Um,我們剛剛失去了我們的門".
Of course. Ken cursed himself. How many times will I let us be led? / 當然。 肯恩詛咒了他自己。 如何許多次我將讓我們被引導嗎?
The ground rumbled, dropping from beneath their feet, and the four staggered. Rock crumbled and fell as the sandstone blocks pulled back into the walls, leaving a smooth surface. Then something new erupted from the ground. Jun, Jinpei and Ryu stared, transfixed, at the thing emerging from below. / 地面發隆隆聲,在他們的腳之下掉落, 和那四蹣跚。 當沙岩區段拉返回牆壁的時候,岩石崩潰而且跌落,離開一個平滑的表面。 然後新的東西從地面爆發。 六月, Jinpei 和被注視的 Ryu,刺穿, 在事物出現從在下面。
A new statue, shaped like a hand and studded with eyes, rose to the surface like a stage prop in a play. The room vibrated with a rising hum as something within the metal monster activated. Ryu drew his gun and fired at it. Two shots bounced off the statue before Ken touched his arm. "Hold your fire. It's not doing any good." A sudden crackle, and a burst of bright light fired just past Ken's shoulder. He froze, catching movement out of the corner of his eye; there was a second crackle, and the statue fired in that direction. / 一個新的雕像, 作形像一隻手而且以眼睛佈滿顆粒, 對表面上升喜歡一場遊戲的一個階段支柱。 當某事在金屬製的怪物裡面刺激的時候,房間以一聲上升的嗡嗡聲振動。 Ryu 拉他的槍而且向它開槍。 在肯恩碰觸了他的手臂之前 , 二注射走開反彈雕像。 "支撐你的火。 它沒有在做任何的好。"突然的啪啪響,而且明亮的光破裂僅僅越過肯恩的肩點燃。 他凍結,從他的眼睛角落引起運動; 有第二個啪啪響,而且雕像在那一個方向中點燃。
Motion activated. Shit. / 運動刺激。 糞。
Behind him, Jinpei swore and, before Jun could stop him, drew his pistol. The bolt caught him in the shoulder. GelSadora's laugh began again, echoing over the Swallow's cry of pain. / 在他後面, Jinpei 咒罵和,六月可以阻止他之前,拉他的手鎗。 門閂在肩中捕捉他。 GelSadora's 的笑重做,在咽喉的痛苦哭聲之上隨聲附和。
"This is one of our smaller weapons, the Jinzo Robo," she said. "As Science Ninja, I'm sure you know the effectiveness of lasers." The general stood above him in a convenient niche of stone, her shoulders shaking with laughter. / "這是我們的較小武器之一,Jinzo Robo",她說。 "如科學擅長日本武士隱身術,我確定你知道雷射的效力". 將軍在石頭的一個方便的適當地方中在他上面站立,她的以笑搖動 的肩。
"I could get to hate her," Ryu said under his breath. "If we get outta this." / " 我可以開始憎恨她",Ryu 在他的呼吸之下說。 " 如果我們得到 outta 這".
How fast is it? Ken thought. A glance back at the rest of the team showed they were wondering the same thing, carefully slipping weapons from their belts. Their eyes met Ken's, and he nodded slightly. "On my signal, throw your weapons toward the ceiling. I'll go for the eyes when it fires." / 它是多快? 肯恩想。 一瞥背面在小組的其它部分顯示了他們是覺得奇怪相同的事物,小心地滑倒來自他們的帶子武器。 他們的眼睛遇見了肯恩,而且他些微地點頭。 "在我的信號上,丟對於天花板的你武器。 當它點火的時候,我將去拿眼睛。"
They threw edged weapons and explosives, but with another crackle, all of their weapons vaporized. Light flashed, and a thick line of pain seared itself across the back of Ken's hand. Too fast. He fired at the eyes, with no result, then dropped and rolled to dodge the return fire. Reflexively the others dropped to the floor to make smaller targets of themselves. Ken's mind raced: Next plan.... / 他們丟使武器和炸藥銳利, 但是由於另外啪啪響, 他們的全部武器被蒸發。 光閃現,而且痛苦的一條厚的線越過肯恩的手背面烤焦了它本身。 太快。 他向眼睛開槍,藉由沒有結果,然後降低而且捲避開回行的火。 反身地其餘者降低到地板作較小的他們自己的目標。 肯恩的心比賽: 下個計劃....
"Time to make peace with your god, Gatchaman. For when this god wakes up, all is finished for you!" With that, the woman vanished into the wall, leaving them alone with the mecha. / " 時間用你的神, Gatchaman 來製造和平。 因為這一個神何時醒來,全部被為你完成!"由於那,女人進入牆壁之內消失,以 mecha 別管他們。
Indeed the huge eye at the monster's base was opening, glowing, ominously brighter. Ken fired again, and the answering bolt seared his mantle, leaving a blackened stripe across his right shoulder. The monster blinked as his own shot bounced harmlessly off, and the eye began to open again. A new sound keyed in: a piercing, high-pitched oscillation that seemed to drill through the protective material of his helmet to his brain. Ken cursed under his breath. Some sort of sonic weapon. We're pinned. Think! What kind of beam will it emit? How can we counter it, deflect it? / 的確極大的眼睛在怪物的基礎正在打開,白熱的,惡兆比較明亮。 肯恩再一次點燃,而且回答門閂烤焦了他的地涵,橫過留下一條被斑紋變黑的他正確的肩。 當他自己的注射無害處地走開反彈,而且眼睛再一次開始打開的時候,怪物眨眼。 一種新的聲音鍵入在: 刺骨,似乎鑽孔過對他的腦他鋼盔的保護材料的尖銳振動。 肯恩在他的呼吸之下詛咒。 一些種音波的武器。 我們被用針別住。 想! 它將發出什麼類型的光線? 我們如何能制止它,使它偏斜?

Clinging to the back of the mech, Joe could feel the thing powering up; preparing for a massive discharge of energy. With a grimace, he reached over to the final bomb he had set and twisted the timer all the way to its stop. / 黏附於 mech 的背面,喬可以向上感覺事物動力估計; 準備能源的龐大解除。 藉由一個面部的歪扭,他伸過手去到他已經設定而且擰定時器所有的路它停止的最後炸彈。

The statue exploded. / 雕像爆炸。
In slow motion, Ken saw the light appear from cracks within, splitting the thick plating apart. He saw himself leaping for the rest of the team, the others all huddled behind what little protection their mantles provided. The blast of heat nearly flattened the team against the far wall, and from the corner of his eye, Ken saw the tip of one of the huge "fingers" pass inches from his helmet and land heavily on the ground beside him. / 在慢的運動中,肯恩在裡面看見光從裂縫出現,分別地分離厚的電鍍。 他看見他自己為小組的其它部分跳躍,其餘者全部在他們的地涵提供什麼小的保護之後推擠。 熱的疾風幾乎將對抗遠的牆壁小組變平了,而且從他的眼睛角落,肯恩看見途徑在他旁邊的地面上很重地從他的鋼盔和土地慢慢前進的極大 "手指" 之一的頂端。
Finally, the hiss of raining shrapnel died down enough for them to hazard a cautious look. When Ken raised his head, he found the mech had been reduced to a twisted, smoldering stump. / 最後,下雨開花彈的噓聲足夠漸息讓他們冒謹慎的神情危險。 當肯恩抬起了他的頭時候,他發現 mech 已經被減少到反常,冒煙殘株。
Joe clawed at the stones, struggling to get his bearings. His ears rang from the blast. Dust and smoke hung thick in the air, obscuring his vision, and he had to fight not to cough. The others might hear. / 喬在石頭用爪抓, 奮鬥有他的舉止。 他的耳朵從疾風鳴響。 灰塵和煙在空氣中厚地吊,使他的視野陰暗, 而且他必須對抗不要咳嗽。 其餘者可能聽到。
Pausing a moment to get his bearings, he crawled slowly through the debris, past torn chunks of metal and stone, then sat behind the ruins of the statue, taking care to stay hidden from the others in the chamber. / 暫停片刻有他的舉止,他慢慢地爬行過碎片,被撕開金屬和石頭的大塊過去, 然後在雕像的毀滅後面坐, 小心從會議室的其餘者停留隱藏。
The Team, huddled tightly on the floor, was just starting to stir. Assuming the Kagaku Ninjatai was done for GelSadora and her entourage had disappeared. Joe took a moment for a few deep breaths and a quick physical inventory. He'd leaped away from the mech, and the explosion had caught him a split second later, slamming him into the back wall and dropping him to the floor. He ached all over, but nothing felt broken. For the first time since he had awakened in Rafael's lab, he saw his own blood. It dripped from his nose, and Joe could taste it back in his throat. His borrowed Galactor uniform was reduced to rags. Exposed to the blast, the skin on his face and forearms was abraded in spots that stung like childhood scrapes. Joe frowned, thinking of the bullet and shrapnel dings he had suffered in previous battles, the pistol whipping he'd received on the destroyed Tiger base... Those assaults were nothing compared to the damage he should have received from the close-range explosion. / 在地板上被緊緊地推擠的小組,正在僅僅開始激起。 假定 Kagaku Ninjatai 被做已經為 GelSadora 和她的隨從人員消失。 喬為一些深的呼吸和快的實際存貨清單花一些時間。 他已經跳躍遠離 mech ,而且爆炸秒之後已經捕捉他一個劈開,猛然關上他進後面的牆壁之內而且降低他到地板。 他到處痛,但是沒事覺得壞掉。 第一次因為他已經在 Rafael's 的實驗室中喚醒,他看見他自己的血。 它從他的鼻子滴下,而且喬可以在他的咽喉中把它嚐回來。 他的借來 Galactor 制服被減少到碎布。 暴露到疾風,在他的臉上皮膚和前臂在像孩童時期一樣的刺地點刮掉中被擦傷。 喬皺眉頭, 子彈的思考和開花彈響他已經在先前的戰爭中遭受,他已經在被破壞的老虎基礎上收到的手鎗鞭打。。。 那些攻擊是他所應該要從結束- 範圍的爆炸收到的被與損害相較的沒事。
At the memory of that pain, Joe felt his armor tighten, and suddenly the stinging stopped. Joe wiped the blood off his left arm and found the skin beneath unbroken, as if he had never been touched. Damn. Rafael must have explained this at one time, but Joe didn't remember listening. / 在那一種痛苦的記憶,感覺他的盔甲喬勒緊, 和突然那刺人的停止。 喬從他的左手臂擦了血而且發現皮膚在不打破之下被,好像他從未被接觸。 一點。 Rafael 一定曾經解釋過這以次,但是喬沒有記得已經聽。
"Sound off," Ken called. "Are you all right?" / "走開聽",肯恩呼叫。 " 你是所有的權利"?
Joe clenched his teeth. "I'm fine," Jun said after a beat. Jinpei and Ryu confirmed they were unhurt. / 喬緊握了他的牙齒。 " 我很好",六月在一拍打之後說。 Jinpei 和 Ryu 確認他們是毫髮無傷地。
"What happened?" said Jinpei. "Why'd it explode?" / " 什麼發生"? Jinpei 說。 " Why'd 它爆炸"?
"I don't--wait. Look at this." Ken found a fragment of the bomb and his voice dropped. "Somebody set this on short timer. Too short to get clear in time. Whoever it was must have died in the blast." / " 我 don't--等候。 看這。"肯恩發現炸彈的一個碎片和他的聲音降低。 "某人設定在短定時器上的這。 太短及時清楚。 無論它是誰一定曾經死於疾風過。"
In his hiding place, Joe grasped his elbows and shuddered. / 在他的藏身處中,喬抓住了他的手肘而且戰慄。
More footsteps sounded from the right, and in unison, everyone turned in their direction. At the sight of a blond haired man in black edging toward an opening in the stones, Ken yelled, "Getz!" / 更多的腳步從權利聽,而且在調和中,每個人在他們的方向中轉向。 一看見一金髮的頭髮了被大叫的石頭對於一個開始的黑色邊緣的男人 , 肯恩 , "Getz"!
The traitor turned and ran, and the Team followed, leaving Joe alone. Looking up, he saw a new opening in the wall above his head, and he leaped up and through it. Joe heard the grinding of rock as more of the stage walls began to shift. The Team wouldn't reach Getz before they were blocked off. / 叛逆者轉向而且跑,而且小組跟隨,別管喬。 看在,上面他看見在牆壁的一個新的開始他所不懂的,而且他跳躍在和上面經過它。 被聽到岩石的研磨喬如更多的階段牆壁開始改變。 在他們被封鎖之前 , 小組將不到達 Getz 。
That's all right, Joe thought. I will. / 那是沒關係 ,喬想。 我決意。
Cursing silently, Gant ran. Nobody had expected the Kagaku Ninjatai to elude the Jinzo Robo, and now Gant could do nothing but retreat and hope the ground troops can contain the enemy enough for GelSadora to evacuate before the base was destroyed. / 默默地詛咒,Gant 跑。 沒有人已經期望 Kagaku Ninjatai 逃避 Jinzo Robo ,而且現在 Gant 可以什麼也不做但是撤退而且希望,在基礎被破壞之前 , 地面軍隊能包含敵人充足讓 GelSadora 疏散。
It was difficult to run. Blood oozed from his shoulder where Ken's saucer had cut him, and he suspected some ribs were cracked as well. The pain made it hard to breathe, and he wheezed, steps flagging. He should have known better than to try and take the Eagle down--at least unwounded. The bastard had thrown him into a wall and then nearly kicked his intestines through his backbone. Gant knew the Kagaku Ninjatai could be killed, but he'd forgotten just how hard it was to accomplish. The sons of bitches have nine lives--a hundred lives. Dammit, Gant, that slipup was almost lethal. / 跑是困難的。 血從他的肯恩茶碟已經切割他的肩滲出,而且他猜想一些肋骨被也弄碎。 痛苦使呼吸是困難,而且他氣喘, 下垂的步驟。 他應該要不會傻到的試而且把鷹拿下來--至少展開。 私生子已經丟他進一面牆壁之內並且然後幾乎經過他的脊椎踢了他的腸。 Gant 知道, Kagaku Ninjatai 可能被殺,但是他已經究竟忘記完成是多麼難。 母狗的兒子有九個生命--一個百生命。 該死,Gant,那 slipup 幾乎致命。
And it might still be. No doubt his popularity with the high officers had decreased, and he'd best be watching his back. At least as long as he carried valuable information about the ISO's new undersea installation, no one in the Syndicate would want to kill him outright. / 而且它可能仍然是。 無疑地和高的官員他名聲已經減少,而且他將會最好地看他的背部。 至少只要他傳達了關於國際標準組織的新海面下的安裝有價值的資訊,沒有人在企業聯合中將會想要率直地殺他。
Gant zigzagged between the stone blocks, hearing his pursuers fall back, hoping they thought he would head toward the main entrance to the temple to escape instead of deeper in, where he knew the emergency escape craft were stowed. The twisting accessways opened into a larger, dimly lit antechamber. The area was deserted--the rest of the troops had either fought and died, or bolted. / Gant 在石頭區段之間曲折,聽他的追趕者撤退 , 希望他們想了他將會前往通往寺廟的主要入口逃脫代替比較深的在,在他知道了緊急的逃亡飛機被收藏起來的地方。 扭轉 accessways 進入比較大之內打開,微暗發亮前堂。 區域被遺棄-- 軍隊的其它部分有或打仗而且死, 或閂住。
Not hearing anyone behind him, he slowed to a walk and tried to catch his breath. Almost. He was almost free. There'd be other opportunities. This battle was only the beginning. He'd gotten close to the enemies once, seen their weaknesses. With more planning and foresight, he'd destroy them yet. / 不聽在他後面的任何人,他減慢到一次散步而且試著使他屏息。 幾乎。 他幾乎自由。 There'd 是其他的機會。 這一場戰爭只是開始。 他已經到達在敵人的附近一次,看到他們的弱點。 由於更計劃和遠見,他將會仍然破壞他們。
The eerie whistle brought him up short. It seemed to come from everywhere and nowhere, echoing confusingly off the walls. Glancing wildly around, Gant backed up until his back hit the wall. Surely the Eagle had been hurt in the explosion. How had he caught up so quickly? / 怪誕的口哨帶給他向上的短。 它似乎各處和無處來自,困惑地走開隨聲附和牆壁。 在附近野性地瞥閃,Gant 支持直到打牆壁的他背部。 當然鷹已經在爆炸中被傷害。 他如何追趕如此的快了?
Then came the footsteps. One set of footsteps, hard heels ringing against the stone floor. The sound came not from where he'd come, but from where he was headed. Gant's breath caught. Was Gatchaman psychic as well as unkillable? / 然後來腳步。 腳步的組,努力地尾隨鳴響對抗石頭地板。 聲音來不從在他已經來的地方, 但是從在他被帶領的地方。 Gant's 的呼吸捕捉。 Gatchaman 是靈魂的和無法殺的嗎?
The footsteps grew louder, closer, as the whistle died away. Gant drew his pistol and waited, squinting into the dark, hoping to catch sight of his enemy before he saw him. If the Eagle could outrun him, he could no doubt outfight him. Gant had to shoot him first. / 腳步變比較大聲的﹐比較靠近,如同口哨逐漸消失一樣。 Gant 拉他的手鎗而且等候,進入黑暗之內使變斜視眼, 希望瞥見他的敵人在他看見他之前。 如果鷹可以跑得更快他, 他沒有懷疑可以打敗他嗎。 Gant 必須首先射擊他。
The shadow of a man fell across the opening before him, but it wasn't the familiar bird-shaped shadow he expected. Gant raised his gun as casually, the intruder walked into the open and turned to face him. The light fell across his face. Gant's eyes went wide. / 男人的影像跌落過在他前的開始,但是它不是熟悉的鳥形影像他期望。 當偶然地,侵入者走入公開而且準備面對他的時候, Gant 升起了他的槍。 光越過他的臉跌落。 Gant's 的眼睛廣闊地去。
No! You're dead, damn you! / 不! 你死的, 非常你!
Gant had seen him dying--he'd seen him dead. No one survived those wounds! The ISO had publicly buried him! He was dead! / Gant 已經看到他死亡--他已經看到他死。 沒有人平安渡過那些創傷! 國際標準組織公然地已經埋葬他! 他死!
Yet there he stood, undeniably, the man from countless file photos that the Syndicate frantically circulated as soon as they'd obtained them. Naked hate blazing in his eyes, focused on Gant's face. His teeth clenched around a silver feather, lips pulled back in an animal snarl. / 仍然在那裡他不可否認地站著來自數不盡的檔案相片的男人,企業聯合狂暴地像他們有獲得一樣很快流通他們。 熾燃的在他眼睛中的赤裸憎恨,把重心集中在 Gant's 的臉。 他的牙齒在一根銀的羽毛周圍緊握, 唇在一隻動物中向後地拉吼叫。
Nine lives--a hundred lives! Why won't you stay dead? / 九個生命--百居住! 你何不停留死?
In slow motion Gant felt himself pull the trigger, felt the gun buck in his hands, saw the piece of stone wall explode behind the apparition's left shoulder. Saw the dead man straighten slowly, the rage in his face relaxed to an expression of disgust. Gant tried to fire again, but his body wouldn't move. Only his eyes... he looked down and saw the tip of the steel quillspike that was buried in his neck. Paralyzed, he watched Joe turn his back and vanish from the room the same way he had come. / 在慢的運動 Gant 中感覺他自己拉板機,感覺了他的手槍錢, 看見石頭牆壁的塊在鬼的左邊肩後面爆炸。 看見死的男人弄直得慢慢,正對著對厭惡的表達放鬆的憤怒。 Gant 再一次試著點燃,但是他的身體將不移動。 唯一的他眼睛。。。 他看下來而且看見了鋼的在他脖子中被埋葬的 quillspike 的頂端。 麻痺, 他看喬從他已經來的房間相同的方法轉向他的背部而且消失。
When he heard the others approaching, running toward the new entrance to the chamber, Joe realized he should have pulled that feather. Better yet, he should have used something else. He grimaced silently. This was going to leave a bigger impression than he'd intended to make, and it was too late to correct the situation. / 當他聽到了其餘者接近的時候,連續地對於通往會議室的新入口,喬了解了他應該已經拉了那一根羽毛。 更仍然,他應該要使用別的東西。 他默默地扮鬼臉。 這將要留下較大的印象勝於他有想要製造,而且它是太晚而無法改正情形。
With the Team out of harm's way, at least for the moment, Joe's attention turned back to the Garender. But he had no more weapons to use on the thing, not that the explosives he'd carried would even have had much effect on whatever the mountain contained. What are my other options? He pulled out his printed map and studied it. As a military base, surely the Syndicate had munitions stores somewhere, but Joe doubted he had time to pick up the supplies he needed, haul them out and make his way to the site. That new taicho was no doubt implementing the damned thing even now. / 與小組在一起從傷害的方法,至少片刻,喬的注意折回到 Garender 。 但是他沒有更多的武器在事物上使用,不他有攜帶的炸藥將會已經甚至在任何的山之上有很多的效果包含。 我的其他選項是什麼? 他拉出他的印刷地圖而且學習了它。 如一個軍事基地,當然企業聯合某處有了軍需品商店,但是喬懷疑,他有了時間拾起補給 , 他需要, 拖出他們而且製造到位置的他路。 新的 taicho 不是甚至現在推行該死的事物 的懷疑。
On the other hand, he thought, I've got four fully-armed ninja on my heels, and surely that ugly-looking bird ship has some missiles on it. All I have to do is point them at the target. / 另一方面,他想,我完全已經得到四-在我的腳後跟上的武裝忍者, 和當然那隻看似醜陋的鳥船有在它上的一些飛彈。 全部我必須做在目標是點他們。
Hit it with a bird missile--my old solution to everything. / 用一個鳥飛彈擊中它--我的對每件事物的舊解決辦法。
He tossed his pack on the ground and ripped it open. He tore what was left of the Galactor uniform away, then pulled off the grey suit and boots and stuffed them into the pack. He changed into his old tattered civvies--clothes he hadn't worn in over two years--fastened the bracelet and activated it. / 他投擲了在地面上的他包裹而且撕開它開放的。 他撕破了 Galactor 被留下的東西制服之遠,然後順利完成灰色的訴訟和長靴而且裝填他們進包裹之內。 他換成他的舊破爛的平民-- 衣服他在超過二年內沒有穿--拴緊手鐲而且刺激它。
The bracelet let out a high-pitched squeal that hurt in its intensity, and currents raced visibly across his skin, crackling violently--that wasn't right. Joe realized as the air shimmered around him that maybe it wouldn't work--that the bracelet had been too badly damaged. Each bracelet was keyed to the individual's body patterns, and now whatever physical key he'd used to activate it in the past might be gone thanks to Rafael's handiwork. But after a moment, the dark uniform flared into place. On the wall behind him stood a shadow from the past: the Condor. / 手鐲放出一聲在它的強烈中傷害的尖銳尖叫,而且湧流看得見地比賽橫過他的皮膚, 猛烈的脆皮-- 不是正確的。 當空氣在附近發閃爍之光他的時候,喬了解,也許它將不工作-- 那手鐲已經太嚴重地被損害。 每個手鐲被鍵入到個體的身體典型,而且現在他過去已經使用刺激它的任何實際的鑰匙可能不見了對 Rafael's 的手工謝謝。 但是在片刻之後,黑暗的制服進入地方之內搖曳。 在他後面的牆壁上從過去起站著了一個影像: 禿鷹。
Joe pulled a feather from a belt pouch and hauled up his pack with one arm, then moved up to the entrance and listened. / 喬在和一隻手臂的他包裹上面拉了來自一個帶子小袋的一根羽毛而且拖, 然後直到入口移動而且聽。
It wasn't hard to tell when the Team found Getz. Joe had to give the bastard credit--he was still standing when they entered the chamber. A second later, a rattling thud told Joe he'd fallen. And then they found the feather. / 當小組發現 Getz 的時候 , 告訴是不困難。 喬必須提供私生的信用--當他們進入了會議室的時候,他仍然立著。 秒稍後,一個卡答卡答的砰擊聲告訴了喬他已經落下。 然後他們發現羽毛。
"But those are Joe's weapons!" Jinpei said. / "但是那些是喬的武器"! Jinpei 說。
"What the hell--" "I wonder," Ryu said. "I wonder if the same person blew up the statue." / " 什麼--""我懷疑",Ryu 說。 "是否相同的人炸毀雕像,我懷疑" 。
"That's impossible," Ken said. / " 那是不可能的",肯恩說。
"Someone is close," Jun said in almost a whisper. "Watching out for us." / " 某人是接近的",六月在幾乎耳語中說。 留意我們。
Joe tried not to think about what he heard--it would just ruin his concentration. Damn, damn, damn. / 喬嘗試不要想他聽到的--它將會僅僅毀滅他的集中。 非常的﹐非常的﹐和非常的。
"Look here! There're footprints, and they're fresh...." / "在這裡看! There're 足跡, 而且他們是新鮮的...."
"All right. I may regret this," Ken growled. "But let's take a look." / "好的。 我可能感到遺憾這,"肯恩怒吠。 " 但是使我們帶神情".
They began to walk. Joe slipped down the corridor, watching carefully behind him. If the map was right, this corridor should lead out of the temple and toward the base itself. / 他們開始走路。 喬滑倒下來走廊,在他後面小心地看。 如果地圖是正確的, 這一個走廊應該帶領離寺廟和對於基礎本身。
The ground changed from sand to hard stone, eliminating the footprints the Team could follow, and predictably, their progress slowed. Time for another lure. Joe backtracked and dashed across the clearing, and this time they called out. / 地面從沙子變成難的石頭,除去小組可以跟隨的足跡,而且可預測地,他們的進步減慢。 另一個餌時間到了。 喬返回而且猛擲橫過清掃,而且這次他們大叫。
He stood at the end of the corridor. The light behind him cast his shadow on the opposite wall. Watching it, he held the feather up almost like bait: you want another one? Here it is--just follow me. / 他在走廊結束的時候站立。 在他後面的光投在相反的牆壁上的他影像。 看它,他像餌一樣幾乎向上拿著羽毛: 你想要另外一一? 它這裡--僅僅跟隨我。
"Joe!" Jinpei's voice cracked. "That's Joe n'aniki!" / "喬"! Jinpei's 的聲音弄碎。 "那是喬 n'aniki"!
Aniki: big brother. Jinpei's nickname to him and Ken. Joe had ignored it in years past as routine, but now, now it hurt to hear it. / Aniki: 大的兄弟。 到他和肯恩的 Jinpei's 的綽號。 喬多年來已經忽略它過去如例行公事,但是現在,現在它傷害聽到它。
And then Jun screamed his name, and the sound hit him like the blow of a fist. He stood for a heartbeat longer, then darted away. The voices echoed after him, battering him from behind. / 然後六月尖叫他的名字, 和健全的碰撞他喜歡拳頭的打擊。 他代表一個心跳更久,然後投射離開。 聲音隨聲附和在他之後,從後面敲打他。
"Where are you ?" Jun called. / " 你在哪裡"? 六月呼叫。
"Why is he hiding?" Ryu said. / "他為什麼藏"? Ryu 說。
"He has to be close!" Jun cried. "Joe!" / " 他必須是接近的"! 六月哭。 "喬"!
Ken called, "Wait--please!" Was that to him, Joe wondered, or to the others? / 肯恩叫做,"等候--請"! 對他那是,懷疑的喬, 或到其餘者?
The caverns offered more places of concealment. Once again, he leaped high and crowded back into the darkness of a crevasse as they entered the room and paused. / 巨穴提供了更多的隱匿地方。 當他們進入了房間而且暫停的時候,再一次,他高度地跳躍而且擁擠返回裂縫的黑暗。
"Why is he hiding from us?" / "他為什麼從我們藏"?
Concentrate. Don't lose it. Don't listen to what they're saying. Get them to follow. / 集中。 不要失去它。 不要聽到他們正在說的。 得到他們跟隨。
"That shadow was not Joe!" Ken snapped. "It's a mistake!" / "那一個影像不是喬"! 肯恩咬斷。 "它是一個錯誤"!
"How can you say that?" / " 你如何能說那"?
"But it looks exactly like--" / "但是它完全看起來像--"
"If it were really Joe, he wouldn't run from us." / "如果它真的是喬,他從我們將不跑" 。
"Then who is it and why would he help us?" Jinpei said. / " 然後它是誰而且他為什麼將會幫助我們"? Jinpei 說。
"I don't know, but I'm positive it isn't Joe." / "我不知道,但是我是積極的它不是喬" 。
"Ken--" / "肯恩--"
"Jun, forget him." Ken's voice was strained. "He's dead. He's no longer here. We have to accept that. We have to be objective." / "六月,忘記他" 。 肯恩的聲音是緊張的。 "他死。 他在這裡是不再。 我們必須接受那。 我們必須是客觀的。"
Jun's voice quivered. "I know." / 六月的聲音顫抖。 "我知道" 。
"What if this is yet another trap? We were already fooled by Getz." / " 什麼如果這仍然是另一個圈套? 我們已經被 Getz 愚弄了。"
"Yeah," Ryu said, "But then, why did that statue get blown up? Why did Getz wind up dead this way? In either situation, we could've been killed." / "是的",Ryu 說 ",但是然後,那一個雕像為什麼吹出增加? Getz 為什麼這樣結束死? 在任一情形中, 我們被殺的 could've。"
C'mon you idiots, will you just move on? / C'mon 你白癡,你將僅僅繼續嗎?
Finally, mercifully, they stopped talking, and Joe heard them pass below. Now they moved on their own, driven by curiosity. Joe lurked in the shadows, watching as they edged along a narrow ledge of stone and waded through knee-deep underground lakes. / 最後,仁慈地,他們停止講話,而且喬聽到他們在下面通過。 現在他們靠他們自己移動, 被好奇心驅使。 喬在影像中潛藏, 看當他們向前銳利石頭的一個狹窄的岩架而且跋涉過深及膝的地下湖。
"Are we there yet?" Jinpei said. / " 我們在那裡"? Jinpei 說。
"Listen, smartass--" / "聽,smartass--"
"Ssh!" Ken snapped back. "Do you hear that?" / "Ssh"! 肯恩向後地咬斷。 "你聽到那嗎"?
"Hear what? I don't-- wait a second. Sounds like some kind of machinery." / " 聽到什麼? 我不-- 等候秒。 聽起來像機器的一些類型一樣。"
All right, Joe thought. That's the base ahead. It's up to you. / 好,喬想。 那向前地是基礎。 依你的意思。
And he left them there. / 而且他在那裡留下他們。
Joe felt like a load had been lifted from his shoulders as he left his old friends behind. Finding the nearest access to the surface, he moved through thick jungle growth toward the installation, homing in on the mountain in the center. He noticed that the buildings became more sparse and the trees thicker the closer he got to the mountain, with no access in sight. / 喬感覺像一個負荷當他忘記他的老朋友,從他的肩已經被升高。 發現對表面的最近通路,他移動過對於安裝的厚叢林生長,追蹤中心的山。 他注意了建築物變得更稀疏的和更厚地愈親近樹他被到達山,藉由視力的沒有通路。
Then he found a spot where the jungle growth had been trimmed back, and beneath, the entrance to a bunker made from the same kind of stone as the temple. Joe pulled the lock apart, slid the steel door aside and carefully checked before going in, but it appeared that the damp, musty corridor wasn't used often. The sounds of activity further back led him on. / 然後他發現一個叢林生長向後地已經被整理的地點,而且在通往一個燃料庫的入口從如同寺廟一般的類型石頭製造之下,。 喬分別地拉了鎖, slid 鋼門在一邊而且小心地在進入之前檢查,但是它出現了潮溼的, 發霉的走廊不被時常使用。 活動的聲音更進一步向後地引導了他在之上。
He found the main corridor before long, and again he was shocked at the scale of the base. The schematics barely reflected the size of the operation. How incredible that these bastards could do so much work right under the ISO's noses, staying hidden in plain sight until it was time to attack. That had always been an infuriating ability of the Syndicate's. They couldn't be caught. The Kagaku Ninjatai couldn't be killed. / 他不久發現主要的走廊,而且再一次他在基礎的刻度。 圖表幾乎反映了手術的大小。 如何難以置信的這些私生子可以做這麼多工作在國際標準組織的鼻子下面的權利, 停留藏在清楚可見的地方直到它是該攻擊的時候。 那總是已經是企業聯合的一種令人發怒的能力。 他們不可以被捕捉。 Kagaku Ninjatai 不可以被殺。
Sort of. / 種。
Voices and the clatter of boots on metal plating sounded ahead. Joe jumped up and flattened himself against the ceiling, watching the troops run past. They never looked up. After they passed, Joe realized he'd been carefully keeping his mantle from drooping down--an instinctive move. He hadn't switched out of Birdstyle, and decided not to do it now either. What a surprise that would be for anyone who found him. / 在金屬製的電鍍上的聲音和長靴的卡搭聲向前地聽。 喬跳躍在而且上面反對天花板將他自己變平了,看軍隊奔跑過去。 他們從不看在上面。 在他們通過之後,喬了解了他已經小心地使他的地涵不下垂下來--一次本能的移動。 他沒有轉變離 Birdstyle, 而且決定不要現在也做它。 真是將會是給發現他的任何人的意外。
Joe followed the troops, and the sound of a familiar laugh made him pick up the pace. Suddenly the corridor opened into a larger dome like an observatory, skylights crisscrossing the ceiling. In the middle of the room stood the leader he'd heard in the temple, glaring at a video screen. "What do you mean, they escaped?" she snarled. "How did they get past the Jinzo Robo?" / 喬跟隨了軍隊,而且熟悉的笑聲音使他拾起速度。 突然進入一個較大的圓頂之內被打開的走廊喜歡一座天文台,劃十字天花板 的天窗。 在房間的中央中站著了他有在寺廟中聽到的領袖, 閃耀的在一個影像螢幕。 "你意謂什麼,他們逃脫"? 她吼叫。 " 他們過去起來如何 Jinzo Robo"?
"I don't know, GelSadora-sama. The mecha was destroyed--it exploded. And Getz is dead. We found his body nearby." / "我不知道,GelSadora-sama。 mecha 被破壞--它爆炸。 而且 Getz 死。 我們在附近發現他的身體。"
"There's a traitor in our midst." She straightened. "Fine. Fire the Garender. Target ISO Headquarters." A missile? / "有我們的中間一個叛逆者" 。 她弄直。 "罰款。 點燃 Garender 。 瞄準國際標準組織總部。"一個飛彈?
"But what about our op--" / "但是我們的 op 怎麼樣--"
"Just do it!" she screamed. "It'll be a message from Galactor to the rest of the world. We will not be trifled with!" / "僅僅做它"! 她尖叫。 "它將是從 Galactor 到世界的其它部分一個訊息。 我們將不是 trifled 由於!"
GelSadora-sama. Joe's eyes narrowed. She looks weirder than she sounds. He couldn't believe this was Katse's replacement. Something about her seemed wrong, but he couldn't put his finger on it. Maybe he had become too used to Katse and his own particular brand of nastiness. / GelSadora-sama。 喬的眼睛縮小。 她看比她聽更怪異。 他不可以相信這是 Katse's 的替換。 關於她的某事似乎錯誤,但是他不可以把他的手指放在它。 也許他已經太變得使用過到污穢的 Katse 和他自己的特別商標。
No matter. A taicho is a taicho. If this one's incompetent, all the better for me. / 沒有事件。 taicho 是 taicho 。 如果這一個無能力者,更加正因我。
Long lines of freestanding consoles formed a labyrinth across the floor of the dome, and Joe popped his head up briefly, trying to determine which areas were uninhabited by troops. Staying low, he threaded his way through, toward the center of the room. / 獨立的控制檯的長線形成了橫過圓頂的地板一個迷宮,而且喬向上簡短地取出他的頭, 嘗試決定哪一個區域藉著軍隊是無人居住的。 停留低,對於房間的中心他穿越穿線於他的方法。
The muffled sounds of explosions marked the beginning of the Team's attack on the base, and the buzz of activity in the control room increased. The cavalry was on the way. / 爆炸的被圍裹的聲音在被增加的控制房間中評鑑了小組的開始對基礎的攻擊 , 和活動的謠言。 騎兵在途中。
Some of the consoles had removable panels on the sides to give access to the wiring. Joe pulled one panel aside and found enough room to slip inside without being visible from above. / 一些控制檯有了在邊上的可移去的儀錶板把通路給配線。 喬在一邊拉儀錶板並且發現了充足的房間不需要從在上面看得見就滑倒內部。
"Thirty seconds to launch." / " 三十秒發射".
"Hurry it up!" She waved a fist. "Idiots!" / "催促它增加"! 她揮舞了一個拳頭。 "白癡"!
"Fifteen seconds." / 十五秒.
Chortling, the woman-taicho danced on her heels. At this point, there was nothing Joe could do technically to stop the launch of the rocket. He could only hope that the team had put two and two together and assembled their heaviest artillery. But he couldn't wait long. Joe drew his airgun from the holster at his side and considered it. From his hiding place he had a clear shot. Killing the taicho would provide enough of a distraction to delay the launch, but he didn't know how long. / 咯咯笑,女人-taicho 在她的腳後跟上跳舞。 此時,有喬可以技術上做停止火箭的發射沒事。 他只可以希望,小組已經放二和二一起而且裝配了他們最重的火砲。 但是他久不可以等候。 喬在他的身邊拉來自皮套的他 airgun 並且考慮了它。 從他的藏身處他有了清楚的注射。 殺害 taicho 將會足夠一種娛樂提供延遲發射,但是他沒有知道多久。
Quietly, he changed the weapon's load from hook point and line to live ammunition, then peered along the sight at the woman's face. The white mask covering her eyes and forehead didn't appear to be armored, but there was always that risk as well as the added disadvantage of a smaller target. Her chest appeared to be vulnerable. A chest shot, between the folds of her purple robe, might be a better option, but given the small size of the load, might not take her down as immediately as Joe would like. She'd have time to scream orders. / 安靜地,他改變了來自鉤點和線的武器負荷居住軍火, 然後在女人的臉沿著視力凝視。 包含的她眼睛和前額 的白色假面具沒有似乎是武裝的, 但是總是有那風險和較小的目標附加的缺點。 她的胸似乎是易受傷害的。 被射擊的胸,在她的紫色寬鬆長袍的摺層之間,可能是較好的選項, 但是提供負荷的小大小,不可能下來像喬想要一樣的立刻帶她。 她將會有時間尖叫命令。
Still, she looked so wrong; out of place, more like a clown or a child playing dress-up, than the highest general of the Syndicate. Maybe she wasn't the only one--had they changed their structure? / 使, 安靜她看起來如此錯誤; 離開地方,更多喜歡一個小丑或一個玩服裝 的孩子-提高,超過企業聯合的最高上將。 也許她不是唯一的一個--他們改變他們的結構了嗎?
Joe heard Ken's voice, a voice from long ago: "Sure, Katse is the head of operations. Sure he's our target, but he's a devil we know. By gunning him down so fast, we lose a known enemy, and he'll only be replaced by a second general. And a third." / 喬聽到了肯恩的聲音, 一種聲音從很久以前: "當然, Katse 是頭手術。 當然他是我們的目標,但是他是我們知道的魔鬼。 藉由把他射擊下來如此的快速,我們失去一個已知的敵人,而且他只將在瞬間被替換將軍。 而且三分之一。"
This was by no means the entire body of Galactor. If Joe took this leader out, would she be replaced by someone more competent? / 這是藉著沒有方法 Galactor 的整個身體。 如果喬帶這一位領袖出去, 她將會被某人替換嗎更能幹的?
Rafael's voice: "Sosai X is the one we must destroy. All others are inconsequential." / Rafael's 的聲音: "Sosai X 是我們一定要破壞的那一個。 全部其它是不合邏輯的。"
Joe's gunsight moved from GelSadora's forehead to her chest, then from her chest to her shoulder, wavered. I can't wait too long, or she'll launch the rocket-- / 喬的 gunsight 從 GelSadora's 的前額移到她的胸,然後從她的胸到她的肩,動搖。 我太久不能等候,或她將發射火箭--
"Five seconds." / 五秒.
The shriek of alarms made everyone jump. Voices babbled as officers and techs scrabbled over their equipment. "What is it? What's wrong?" GelSadora shrieked. / 警報的尖銳響聲使每個人跳躍。 當官員和科技在他們的儀器之上潦草地寫的時候,聲音呀呀學語。 "它是什麼? 怎麼回事?"GelSadora 尖叫。
"The Kagaku Ninjatai--they've found the control center!" / "Kagaku Ninjatai--他們已經發現控制中心"!
Outside, Joe heard the thump of explosions, the Dopplered roar of vehicles flying past. One tech ran directly past him, oblivious. Through the skylight he saw the quadruple-winged shadow of a plane pass directly overhead. The roar died and returned, and the plane circled overhead. That had to be Ken. / 外面,喬聽到了爆炸的重打, 車輛的被都普勒的吼飛過去。 一個科技直接地越過他跑,易忘的。 經過天窗他直接地看見平的途徑四倍數- 有翼的影像起來頭上的。 吼死而且歸還,而且飛機在高處包圍。 那必須是肯恩。
GelSadora chortled. "Those fools are firing at the Garender--they'll never take it down in time. Launch the missile now!" / GelSadora 咯咯笑。 "那些愚人正在向 Garender 開槍--他們將無法下來及時帶它。 現在發射飛彈!"
Below her, Joe snarled, leveling the sight at her chest. / 下面她,喬吼叫,在她的胸消除視力。

The thunder of approaching jet engines suddenly overrode the alarm, and the metal floor began to vibrate beneath Joe's knees. Through the narrow skylight of the dome, the red shadow of an aircraft bloomed in size. Realizing Ken's intent, Joe clamped both hands over his ears and retreated as far back into the open compartment as he could. / 突然接近噴射引擎 overrode 警報的雷電,而且金屬製的地板開始在喬的膝之下振動。 經過圓頂的狹窄天窗,飛機的紅色影像在大小方面開花。 了解肯恩的意圖,喬盡量遙遠地向後地進入開放的區劃之內夾緊了在他的耳朵上的兩者手而且撤退。
Above their heads, a bright red plane burst through the glass and tore through the chamber with the scorching blast of jet exhaust. The entire dome shimmied violently. Several of the techs went down, clutching their heads, blood leaking from their noses and ears. Then the plane crashed through the skylight on the opposite side and disappeared. The jet noise faded, then swelled again for another pass. Guards and techs ran around frantically, stepping over fallen bodies, and GelSadora screamed, "Close the blast shields now!" / 他們所不懂的,一個經過玻璃被爆裂並且撕破過有噴射機排氣的灼熱疾風的會議室的大紅飛機。 整個的圓頂車輪擺動猛烈的。 一些科技下去 ,抓牢他們的頭,從他們的鼻子和耳朵漏 的血。 然後飛機嘩啦一聲倒入在相反的邊上天窗而且消失。 噴射機謠傳已褪色的, 再一次然後為另外途徑增大。 守衛和科技狂暴地在附近跑,在墮落的身體之上走,而且 GelSadora 尖叫,"接近地疾風現在遮蔽"!
Joe crawled back out of the compartment and stood, searching for the taicho, but she had flattened against the floor, obscuring his aim. The roar of engines faded and swelled again. This time, he thought, Ken should fly over, strafe the base and rattle the shields, but through the rapidly closing shutters, Joe saw the plane's shadow again, growing ominously larger with both missile launchers exposed. / 喬向後地從區劃爬行而且站著,尋找 taicho,但是她已經將對抗地板變平,使他的目標陰暗。 已褪色的並且在再一次被增大的引擎吼。 這次,他想,肯恩應該飛過, 猛烈砲轟基礎而且驚慌失措防禦物,但是完成的那快速地結束關門,喬再一次看見飛機的影像,由於兩者的飛彈發射者增加惡兆比較大暴露。
Holy shit! / 神聖的糞!
Joe cleared the banks of consoles and rushed for the nearest exit, bowling over two green-suits who were too startled to do anything but sprawl. Down the exit corridor and out the bolt-hole he raced until he stood, gasping for breath, in the jungle a quarter of a mile from the installation. He turned toward the dome just in time to see it explode. / 被清除的控制檯的銀行而且爭先衝至最近的出口喬, 綠色的超過二的保齡球-是太震驚而無法決不做伸開手足而睡的訴訟。 墬落出口走廊和外面的逃避處所他比賽到被站著的他,為呼吸喘氣,在叢林來自安裝的四分之一的一哩中。 他對於圓頂僅僅及時轉向看見它爆炸。
Tossed by the blast, Ken's plane tumbled out of control. The small fighter righted itself and bellyflopped, tearing up the trees and kicking up undergrowth as it skidded through, then stopped with a solid whump. The fireball from the control center rolled over the jungle, setting the growth ablaze. Tropical birds fled in screeching clouds and the greenery spat angry sparks as it fed the flames. / 藉著疾風投擲, 肯恩的飛機跌落失去控制。 小的鬥士權利了它本身和 bellyflopped, 撕毀樹而且踢起下層叢林當它剎車過,然後以堅硬的 whump 停止。 來自控制中心的火球在叢林之上捲, 設定生長著火的。 當它餵了火焰的時候,熱帶的鳥在尖著聲音講雲和被吐口沫生氣的火花綠葉方面逃出。
"Ken!" / "肯恩"!
Even without the Birdstyle providing insulation, Joe's armored skin could withstand open flame, and Rafael had told him once that he could handle heavy smoke for a short time. If he went to the plane, Ken would see him. If he didn't, Ken would die. / 甚至沒有提供絕緣 的 Birdstyle ,喬的武裝皮膚可以抵抗開放的火焰,而且 Rafael 已經告訴他一次他可以處理重的煙達短時間之久。 如果他去飛機,肯恩將會看見他。 如果他沒有,肯恩將會死。
Joe headed for the crash site at a dead run. / 喬在死的奔跑去墜毀的位置。
The light from the flames was almost blinding. Bits of burning branches rained down. Smoke and ashes swirled in furious currents of hot air, floating up beneath his visor and making his eyes water. He pulled his cape up around the lower half of his face to keep the worst of it out. In the midst of the shimmering heat, he caught sight of a metallic gleam and ran for it. / 來自火焰的光幾乎使人眩目。 一點點的燃燒部門下雨下來。 煙和灰燼在熱氣的狂怒湧流中搖晃, 浮控提高他的面頰之下而且使他的眼睛澆水。 他把他的岬拉起來在比較低人的周圍一半的他臉把它的最壞留在外。 在發閃爍之光熱之中,他瞥見金屬的微弱閃光而且競選它。
Ken's plane lay pinned beneath the split half of a massive tree trunk. Debris jammed the cockpit canopy shut. The canopy was shattered, so maybe Ken had crawled out... no, there was a flash of white inside. / 肯恩的飛機絞用針別住在那之下分散的一半一個龐大的樹樹幹。 碎片擠了被關上的駕駛員座艙天篷。 天篷被打碎,如此的也許肯恩已經爬行出。。。 不,有裡面的白色閃光。
Ken was strapped in the pilot's seat, out cold, blood on his face. Shit--how bad? The tree blocked Joe's way; there wasn't enough space to climb into the cockpit to pull Ken out, and the fire was moving in too fast for him to try and wrestle with the debris. Standing on a piece of broken branch to reach the cockpit, Joe reached for Ken's shoulder and called to him. / 肯恩出自感冒在飛行員的座位中被綑綁在他的臉上血。 糞-- 如何壞的? 樹阻塞了喬的方法; 沒有充足的空間急忙地穿上駕駛員座艙在外拉肯恩,而且火是搬進太為他齋戒試而且奮鬥碎片。 站在一個壞掉的部門上到達駕駛員座艙,被及於肯恩的肩並且對他呼叫的喬。
"Ken! C'mon, wake up! You're in danger here. Ken!" / "肯恩! C'mon,醒來! 你是有危險在這裡。 肯恩!"
The Gatchaman responded, opening eyes that were glassy with pain and shock. They focused on his friend for a second and went huge. "Joe!" he screamed. One hand hit the release for the seat harness, and the other yanked the canopy lever again. He tried to pull himself forward toward Joe, struggled weakly, then fell back. "Can't move," he ground through his teeth. "Hurts bad..." / Gatchaman 回應,打開對痛苦和驚嚇感到玻璃質的眼睛。 他們把重心集中在他的朋友秒而且變極大。 "喬"! 他尖叫。 一隻為座位被打釋放的手管理,而且另一個再一次強拉了天篷槓桿。 他試著拉對於喬是向前的他自己,微弱地努力,然後撤退。 "不能移動",他將他的牙齒置於地面過。 " 傷害壞的。。。"
Joe glanced around quickly. The flames were closing in on the plane, and the fuel tanks would ignite in a matter of seconds. Grimacing, he looked back at Ken. The pilot didn't appear to be pinned anywhere, just stunned. / 喬很快地在附近瞥閃。 火焰是關閉在飛機上,而且燃料箱在大約數秒內將會點燃。 扮鬼臉,他回看肯恩。 飛行員沒有似乎被用針別住任何地方,剛剛使暈倒。
"Snap out of it," he snarled urgently. "You don't have time to hurt. Grab my hand!" / "咬斷離它",他緊急地吼叫。 "你沒有時間傷害。 抓取我的手!"
This is going to hurt even more. I'm sorry. / 這將要傷害甚至更多。 對不起。
Ken reached out with one straining hand. No time to be gentle; Joe reached in, grabbed, and with a powerful yank, hauled Ken's body out of the fighter. The Gatchaman's cape and boots protected him from the razor edges of the broken canopy, but the force of the yank dislocated his shoulder. He cried out, then went limp. / 肯恩以一隻勞累手到達出。 沒有時間是溫和的; 喬到達在,抓取, 和由於一個有力的猛拉,從鬥士拖了肯恩的身體。 Gatchaman's 的岬和長靴保護他免於壞掉的天篷剃刀邊緣,但是猛拉的力量脫臼了他的肩。 他大叫,然後變柔軟。
Gritting his teeth at the damage he must be doing, Joe hoisted Ken roughly in his arms, turned his back on the wreck and leaped. / 在損害覆以砂礫他的牙齒他一定要做,在他的手臂中被概略地升起肯恩的喬,轉了在殘骸上的他背部而且跳躍。
The jet exploded. / 噴射機爆炸。
The blast came just as Joe's feet touched the ground nearly eighty yards from the wreck. It yanked the earth from under him. Joe hurled himself forward, then rolled to shield Ken's body with his own. The fireball rolled over them, and fragments of wood, rock and metal shrapnel whistled past like bullets. Several pieces struck Joe's back, bouncing off his mantle; though they didn't do any damage, the force of the impact rattled him. One struck the back of Joe's helmet and he both heard and felt the superhard polymer alloy ring with the impact. Shades of another shrapnel hit, years ago.... / 正如喬的腳碰觸了來自殘骸的地面將近八十碼,疾風來。 它強拉了地球從在他之下。 喬向前地用力投擲了他自己, 然後捲用他自己的遮蔽肯恩的身體。 火球在他們之上捲,而且木材的碎片 , 岩石和金屬製的開花彈吹口哨了過去的相似子彈。 一些塊打了喬的背面,反彈在他的地涵外; 雖然他們沒有做任何的損害,但是衝擊的力量使他嘎嘎響了。 一打了喬的鋼盔背面,而且他倆都聽到而且感覺 superhard 聚合體合金和衝擊的戒指。 被打的另一個開花彈的蔭涼處,數年以前....
Third big explosion today, he thought with a half grin. This is getting old. / 第三個大的爆炸今天,他以一半的露齒笑想。 這正在老。
The firestorm blew past, leaving the brush in flames. Joe sat up and looked at Ken. The Gatchaman was still out cold, face gray under the beak visor. Blood trickled along the inside of the clear blue plex. Joe's gut twisted. "Don't you dare die on me," he whispered, then used two fingers to probe beneath the thick collar. He felt a pulse, rapid but strong. / 大爆發吹過去,留下火焰的刷子。 喬熬夜而且看肯恩。 Gatchaman 仍然是外面的感冒,臉在鳥嘴面頰之下變灰色。 血沿著清楚的藍色 plex 的內部滴流。 喬的勇氣擰。 " 不你敢在我上的骰子",他耳語, 然後使用二根手指在厚的衣領之下探查。 他感覺了脈膊,迅速的但是強的。
The transmitter at his belt let out a beep. Joe pulled it off and flipped the cover back so that the device resembled a cellular phone. "Yeah." / 發射器在他的帶子放出一聲嗶嗶聲。 喬走開拉了它而且把掩護用指頭彈回來,以便裝置相似了一個行動電話。 "是的".
Rafael's voice: "Meet me at the south cove where you landed." / Rafael's 的聲音: "在你登陸的小海灣南部遇見我" 。
"Can't do that," Joe told him grimly. "I have my hands full. There've been some complications." / "不能做那",喬嚴格地告訴了他。 "我讓我的手充滿。 是一些複雜化的 There've。"
There was a pause, then, "I understand. Is he conscious?" / 有中止,然後,"我了解。 他是有意識的嗎?"
"No." Joe looked at the spreading flames. "I have to move him." / "號碼" 喬看傳佈火焰。 "我必須移動他" 。
"Be careful. Get to a safe area and leave the transmitter on. I'll come to you." / "要小心。 到達一個安全的區域而且留下發射器在之上。 我將走近你。"
"Bring your little black bag with you?" / "帶著你的小黑色的袋子"?
"Now why would an old physician do that?" There was a grin in his voice. "Rafael out." Joe rehung the transmitter on his belt, shaking his head. You old bastard, how did you know? / "現在一個老醫師為什麼將會做那"? 有他的聲音露齒笑。 "在外的 Rafael". 喬再吊了在他的帶子上的發射器,搖頭。 舊的私生子的你,你如何知道?
As gently as he could, he lifted Ken's body in a fireman's carry, then moved quickly through the burning forest and toward the sea, using a fluid cat-step to keep from jostling his burden. Even so, Ken bounced bonelessly on his shoulders and Joe prayed he wasn't hurting him worse. / 當做逐漸地當做他可以,他舉起了救火隊員的進位肯恩的身體, 然後很快地經過燃燒的森林移動和對於海洋,使用一隻流動的貓-避免推擠他的負擔步驟。 甚至如此,被反彈在他的被祈禱他的肩和喬上的 bonelessly 的肯恩沒有在傷害他更壞的事。
He didn't know when he started swearing under his breath, but the words became a litany that punctuated every four steps: "Ken, you moron! Of all the damn-fool, hot headed, stupid showcase stunts you've ever pulled in your short goddamn life, this takes the fuckin' cake! Dive-bombing an enclosed armored fortress, you stupid asshole, trying to fuckin' kill yourself, after all the times you said just one death would devastate the team, you crazy bastard...." / 當他在他的呼吸之下開始發誓的時候,他沒有知道,但是字變成一個加標點符號了每個四個步驟的哀求: "肯恩, 你低能! 在所有的一點中- 愚人,熱地帶領, 愚蠢的展示櫥窗阻礙成長你曾經已經吸引你的短討厭的生活,這拿 fuckin'蛋糕! 跳水-轟炸一個被附上的武裝城堡,愚蠢的屁眼你,嘗試到 fuckin'殺你自己, 在所有的時代之後你只是說一個死亡將會毀壞小組, 你發狂的私生子...."
When Rafael arrived at the clearing, his eyebrows went up at what he saw: Joe in his old crimson and indigo with the Gatchaman at his feet, lying on the Condor's detached cape. "I thought you wanted to avoid these people," he said. Joe glared at him, but didn't reply. / 當 Rafael 到達清掃的時候,他的眉毛在他看見的上漲 : 喬在和 Gatchaman 的他舊深紅色和靛青方面在他的腳,在禿鷹的超然岬上說謊。 "我想,你想要避免這些人",他說。 喬在他發眩光, 但是沒有答覆。
Rafael spread a small rubberized mat on the ground, then helped Joe ease Ken onto the mat. Joe removed Ken's helmet carefully, then followed with the gloves and boots. Under Joe's sharp scrutiny, the doctor checked Ken over. To Joe's relief, he found the blood had come from a scalp wound just above the hairline and that the wound had clotted well. "No signs of broken bones; could be a concussion, but I doubt it," Rafael said. "He's singed, cut, bruised up... should be watched for effects of trauma. The worst is his shoulder. We should get it back in place before he wakes up." Joe nodded, frowning. / Rafael 傳佈一小的塗橡膠了在地面上的墊,然後在墊之上幫助喬緩和肯恩。 喬小心地移走了肯恩的鋼盔,然後和手套和長靴跟隨。 在喬的銳利仔細研討之下,醫生結束檢查了肯恩。 對喬的安心,他發現,血已經來自一個受傷僅僅高於髮際的頭皮和創傷已經凝結得好。 "沒有壞掉的骨頭跡象; 可能是一個激動,但是我懷疑它,"Rafael 說。 " 他被唱, 切, 打傷在上面。。。 應該被留意外傷的效果。 最壞是他的肩。 在他醒來之前 , 我們應該適當把它得到回來。"喬點頭,皺眉頭。
They turned Ken on his side, onto his good shoulder. Rafael gently maneuvered his arm and shoulder into position, then showed Joe where to grip and where to pull. As gently and firmly as he could, Joe did as he was told, and as the joint popped back into place with a sickening crunch, he winced, grateful that Ken wasn't awake to feel it. / 他們轉向了在他的身邊上的肯恩,在他的好肩之上。 Rafael 逐漸地 maneuvered 進入位置之內的他手臂和肩, 然後顯示了喬該在哪裡抓緊和該在哪裡拉。 同樣地逐漸地而且堅固當做他可以,當他被告訴的時候,喬做,而且當接合取出返回有令人作嘔的咬碎地方的時候,他畏縮,感謝的那一個肯恩不醒的感覺它。
"He should be all right after some rest," Rafael said. "Though I'd have him in the hospital for a couple of days at least." He looked up at Joe--the dark Condor hovering over his fallen leader. "Why don't you stay with him? Go back with your friends?" / "在一些休息之後他應該是沒關係 ",Rafael 說。 " 雖然我至少將會有他在醫院中達一些數天之久". 他看在喬上面--在他的墮落領袖之上盤旋 的黑暗禿鷹。 "你何不在他家逗留? 和你的朋友回去?"
"What about your plans?" / "你的計劃怎麼樣"?
"Just as long as you respond when I call you, I don't see any conflict of interest. You're bound to meet with your team again, so you might as well coordinate your efforts." / "正如只要當我打電話給你的時候,你回應, 我沒看見任何的利害衝突。 你得再一次和你的小組見面,因此你最好協調你的努力。"
Joe shook his head. "No, I don't want to do that," he muttered, unaware that the slump of his shoulders and the tightness around his eyes told a far different story. / 喬搖頭。 "不,我不想要做那",他喃喃自語, 不知道的那他肩和堅固的暴跌在他的眼睛周圍說了一個遠的不同故事。
"After Getz, Dr. Nambu will probably be more careful, but he will still have to call in another replacement for you." / "在 Getz 之後, Nambu 博士將可能是更小心的,但是他將仍然必須為你收回另外替換" 。
"I know that." / " 我知道那".
"You can go either way, you know. Stay with me and fight X alone, or rejoin your friends and use their strength and resources." / "你能去任一方法,你知道。 獨自地以我和戰鬥停留 X, 否則再加入你的朋友而且使用他們的力量和資源。"
"I'm dead to them," Joe said flatly. Again he heard Jun screaming his name, her voice echoing through the cold stone corridors. He shook the memory away and swept his mantle back around his shoulders, fastening the double clasp beneath his collar. / "對他們我死",喬平平地說。 再一次他聽到了六月尖叫他的名字,她的隨聲附和過寒冷的石頭走廊 的聲音。 他記憶之遠搖動而且在他的肩周圍把他的地涵清掃回來, 繫結物在他的衣領之下的兩倍釦子。
Rafael stared at the young man as if searching his face for some sort of affirmation, and Joe turned his back, cutting him off. The old doctor grunted to himself. / 好像為肯定的一些類型 , 和被轉向他的背部,走開切他的喬尋找他的臉, Rafael 盯著年輕的男人看。 老醫生對他自己哼。
"The rest of your friends will be here soon. I'll meet you back at the lab after I tie up some loose ends." / "你的朋友其餘者將很快在這裡。 在我綁好一些鬆散事物之後,我將在實驗室把你遇見回來。"
"All right." With one last look at Ken, Joe left. / "好的" 。 由於一最後看肯恩,喬離開。
Once out of sight, he switched out of Bird-style and changed back to the tight grey uniform he had "borrowed" from the Tiger troops. Time to change again, from Condor to cyborg vigilante... he wasn't sure which identity was more disconcerting. He packed his old clothes away, but instead of going to the boat he had stashed in the cove below, he headed back toward Dr. Rafael and Ken. He could hear the chorus of voices as the Team discovered the doctor and his patient. / 一旦從視力,他轉變離鳥- 風格而且向後地改變到他已經從老虎軍隊借的那緊緊地灰色的制服。 時間再一次改變,從禿鷹到 cyborg 義警警員。。。 他不確定身份正在更使困惑那一個。 他包裝他的舊衣服之遠,但是取而代之的是去船他已經在下面的小海灣中藏起來,他對於 Rafael 博士和肯恩向後地前進。 當小組發現了醫生和他的病人時候,他可以聽到聲音的合唱。

Julia slumped against the wall, gasping in shallow breaths, holding her side where the bullets had struck. The base paramedics swarmed over her, checking her pupils, pulling at her jacket and shirt, trying to ease her onto her back. None of them paid attention to the body slumped over the console, gun still clutched in its hand, its head a smear of gore. Careful not to touch it, a security agent worked a nearby keyboard, trying to recover the last message transmitted. He grumbled in Japanese with the occasional English word surfacing. "Tricky bastards, c'mon...." / 茱莉亞猛然掉落對抗牆壁,在淺的呼吸方面喘氣,握住子彈已經打的她身邊。 在她之上被群集的惡劣醫療人員, 檢查她的學生,在她的夾克和襯衫拉, 嘗試在她之上向後地緩和她。 他們沒有一個注意在控制檯之上被猛然掉落的身體,槍仍然在它的手中抓牢, 它的頭流出的血污跡。 小心的不要碰它,一個安全代理人操作了一個附近的鍵盤, 嘗試找回被傳輸的最後訊息。 他用日本語以偶然的英文字塗焊呻吟。 "狡猾的私生子,c'mon...."
One tiny string of unauthorized code, that was all it took. They were lucky just to get that, and even luckier to be searching for it when it happened. The short transmission, broadcast from G-Town at six in the morning, had set off an alarm in the command center Julia had set up in the ISO building. Where, for several days, four shifts of technicians had surveyed every phone call, every email, every delivery... even the commercial radio piping a steady diet of "soft rock" into the building for its employees. They had traced the signal here. Unfortunately, the agent had heard them coming, and had opened fire the moment the door opened. Julia caught only a split-second glimpse of his face before her return fire brought him down. / 一個極小的線未授權的密碼,那是它拿的全部。 他們只是幸運的得到那, 和甚至比較幸運尋找它當它發生的時候。 短傳輸,從 G 廣播- 城鎮在早晨在六點鐘,從中央的茱莉亞已經在國際標準組織建築物中建立的指令一聲警報有組。 在哪裡,好幾天,技術人員的四變化已經審視每個電話,每封電子郵件,每次遞送。。。 為它的職員使商業電台吹笛 "軟的岩石" 的一種穩定的飲食相等進建築物。 他們已經在這裡追蹤信號。 不幸地,代理人已經聽到他們來臨, 而且已經開點燃片刻被打開的門。 在她的回行火把他帶下來之前 , 茱莉亞只引起了他的臉劈開- 秒的一瞥。
"Takashi," Julia wheezed from the corner, trying to look at him through the bodies of the paramedics. "What've you got?" / "Takashi",茱莉亞從角落氣喘, 嘗試經過醫療人員的身體看他。 " What've 你得到"?
"Nothing yet, Boss." / "毫不仍然,老板".
"Julia, hold still, will you?" snapped one of the medics. "Put your arms down--we can do this on our own. Act like someone who's been shot, dammit!" / "茱莉亞,保持靜止,你不將嗎"? 咬斷了苜蓿屬植物之一。 "放下你的手臂--我們能靠我們自己做這。 表現相似的已經被射擊的某人,該死!"
She ground her teeth, fighting not to moan as pain lanced through her side. The paramedics finally loosened the armored vest beneath her blouse, exposing the vivid purple blooms across her skin. / 她將她的牙齒置於地面,當痛苦以鎗矛攻擊過她的身邊時候,戰鬥不要呻吟。 醫療人員最後在她的寬鬆上衣之下放鬆了武裝的背心,暴露橫過她的皮膚生動的紫色花。
"No bullet wounds, no external bleeding. That doesn't rule out internal, but your BP's good for now. You are one lucky lady. The vest caught both shots. Get the stretcher down here!" / "沒有子彈受傷,沒有外部的出血。 那不排除內在的, 但是對於現在的你 BP's 的好處。 你是一位幸運的淑女。 背心捕捉了兩注射。 在這裡得到擔架墬落!"
"If I were that lucky, I'd know what just got through to our friends outside." / " 如果我是那麼幸運的, 我將會知道剛剛外面對我們的朋友通過的東西 " 。
"That you are, Boss." Takashi shouldered aside one of the paramedics to kneel beside her. He grinned. "It was an order from our friend Getz to pull out. Your target was broadcasting the coordinates to G-Town when you nailed him." / "你是,指揮". Takashi 肩負了醫療人員之一在她旁邊跪的旁白。 他露齒而笑。 "它是來自我們的朋友 Getz 的一個次序拉出。 你的目標是廣播對 G 的坐標- 城鎮當你用釘釘牢了他的時候。"
"Good. Send that to Kamo-gishicho and tell him I suggest they move. And keep looking! Where there's one roach hidden in the works, there's bound to be more." / "好的。 送那給 Kamo- gishicho 而且告訴他我建議他們移動。 而且繼續看! 在那裡是一被藏在工廠中的蟑螂地方, 那裡約束是更多的。"
"Got it." Takashi stood and left the room as the stretcher appeared, and four paramedics carefully hoisted the security chief onto it. / "得到了它" 。 站著而且留下房間如擔架的 Takashi 出現,而且四個醫療人員小心地在它之上升起了安全領袖。

Once they had found the plane, it hadn't taken the Team long to trace the footprints from the wreck to the clearing where Ken lay. Jun had suggested a more secure place, and Ryu had carried Ken to a cave on the eastern face of the island. Now they gathered around Rafael. Ken was awake; still grey-faced, but sitting up and coherent. A bandage had been wrapped around his head, more to remind him that he was hurt than anything else. Joe grinned at that--Rafael knew the psychology. Ken scowled as Rafael explained that the familiar shadow, the person who'd set the bombs and who'd killed Getz with a feather shuriken had been him. The others looked suspicious of it as well. But unless a better reason stepped out of the shadows, what other option did they have but to accept it? / 一旦他們已經發現飛機,它沒有帶長從殘骸到肯恩放置的清掃追蹤足跡的小組。 六月已經建議一個較安心的地方,而且 Ryu 已經將肯恩攜帶到在島的東方臉上的洞。 現在他們在 Rafael 的周圍聚集。 肯恩是醒的; 仍然灰色面對, 但是熬夜和互相密合著的。 一條繃帶已經在他的頭周圍被包裝, 更多提醒他他超過別的東西被傷害。 喬在那露齒而笑--Rafael 知道了心理學。 當 Rafael 解釋的時候,肯恩皺眉頭熟悉的影像, 人 who'd 設定炸彈,而且 who'd 用羽毛 shuriken 殺 Getz 已經是他。 其餘者看可疑的它也。 但是除非一個較好的理由踏出影像, 他們有什麼其他的選項但是接受它?
The hawk pulled out a loose feather. Rafael took it and threw--perfect dart toss--and the feather stuck in the wall. The Team gaped. / 鷹拉出一根寬鬆的羽毛。 Rafael 帶了它而且丟--完成式飛鑣投擲--而且羽毛在牆壁中附著。 小組裂開。
"Wait," Ken said. "You're saying you made the feather we found in Getz's throat?" / "等候",肯恩說。 "你正在說你製造了我們在 Getz's 的咽喉中發現的羽毛"?
"Not at all," Rafael pulled another feather shuriken from his pants pocket and handed it to Ken. "I've found plenty of these over the years. They handle beautifully--excellent balance. I have more, if you'd like to see them." / "決不" , Rafael 拉了來自他的褲子另外羽毛 shuriken 口袋並且佩服肯恩。 " 我已經發現許多這些在數年以來。 他們美好地處理--優良的平衡。 如果你想要見他們,我有更多。"
Jun's shoulders sagged. The others stared at Dr. Rafael. / 六月的肩下垂。 其餘者盯著 Rafael 博士看。
"I'm sure we'll see each other again." The old physician grinned, picked up his bag and walked out of the cave. / "我確定我們再一次將看見彼此" 。 老醫師露齒而笑, 拾起他的袋子而且離開洞。
Jinpei and Ryu followed him. Jun knelt beside Ken just a moment longer and whispered, "Are you all right?" / Jinpei 和 Ryu 跟隨了他。 在肯恩旁邊的六月 knelt 只是片刻更久而且耳語,"是你所有的權利"?
"Aa," he said, not looking at her. / "Aa",他說, 不看她。
"Something's not right here," she frowned, "but I'm not sure what it is." / " 某事不就在這裡",她皺眉頭 ",但是我不確定它是什麼".
"Aa." He nodded slightly. He was waiting for her to leave; Jun took the hint and walked out with one last look behind her. / "Aa". 他些微地點頭。 他正在等候她離開; 六月拿了暗示而且走路出由於一最後在她後面看。
Once Ken knew he was alone, he scanned the room carefully, eyes sharp. Joe felt a twinge of apprehension--had he been found out? No, Ken couldn't possibly see him behind the ledge. Joe saw the Gatchaman's eyes glaring straight at him and his breathing stopped. Then Ken's gaze moved on. / 一旦肯恩認識,他很孤獨,他小心地掃描了房間,整的眼睛。 喬感覺了理解的一個一陣一陣痛--他被發現了嗎? 不,肯恩不可以可能地看見在岩架後面的他。 喬在被停止的他和他的呼吸看見 Gatchaman's 的眼睛閃耀的直線。 然後肯恩的注視繼續。
"I know you're here," Ken said in a whisper, then he raised his voice so that it echoed off the stone walls. "I know you're here, and I know you're watching me! Step out here and show yourself! Tell me why you helped us! Tell me who you are!" / "我知道,你在這裡",肯恩在耳語中說, 然後他升起了他的聲音,以便它走開隨聲附和石頭牆壁。 "我知道,你在這裡,而且我知道你正在看我! 行走外面的這裡和表演你自己! 告訴我你為什麼幫助了我們! 告訴我你是誰!"
There was so much of the old command in his voice, Joe nearly obeyed. He stopped himself just in time, flattening himself hard against the stone. / 有大多數的他聲音的舊指令,喬幾乎服從。 他僅僅及時停止了他自己,努力地反對石頭將他自己變平。
Ken waited, and after what seemed an eternity, stood up, shoulders slumped. "There's nothing for you to fear. All I want is to know why." / 肯恩等候, 和在什麼之後似乎永,站起來,肩猛然掉落。 "你有沒事害怕。 全部我想要是知道為什麼。"
Again he listened, hoping. The echoes of his voice died into silence. / 再一次他聽,希望。 他的聲音回聲進入沈默之內死。
His voice lowered. "I'll find you eventually." He turned and walked slowly for the door, then turned back. "Make no mistake." / 他的聲音降低。 "我將最後發現你" 。 他轉向並且慢慢地為門走路,然後折回。 "沒製造錯誤" 。
Then he left. / 然後他離開。
Joe waited for the sound of his footsteps to fade, then feeling more exhausted than he had in a long time, he sagged against the stone wall and sighed. Joe didn't leave his hiding place until he heard the distant roar of the New Godphoenix departing from the island. / 喬等候他的腳步聲音褪色, 然後比他更用盡在長的時間內有,他下垂對抗石頭牆壁而且歎息。 喬沒有留下他的藏身處直到他被聽到從島離開 的新 Godphoenix 的遠吼。

To Be Continued / 是繼續的