Title: Between / 名稱: 在
Author: Ebonbird (ebonbird@hotmail.com) / 作家: Ebonbird(ebonbird@hotmail.com)
Summary: Joe knows he's dying, but he hasn't told a soul. / 摘要: 喬知道,他死亡,但是他沒有告訴一個靈魂。
Somewhere in Arizona / 某處在亞歷桑那州中

Joe leaned his head against his hand. The soft plastic rim of the condor machine's open window bit into the sparsely haired skin of his upper-arm as he waited for the light to change. A line dimpled the skin between his eyes. / 喬倚靠了對抗他的手他頭。 當他等候光改變的時候,禿鷹機器的開放窗戶的軟塑膠的邊緣進入稀疏地頭髮的他上臂的皮膚之內咬。 一條線凹陷了在他的眼睛之間的皮膚。

Night had dragged itself over the land long ago. Nobody out but him and the coyotes. No one around, no one at all, neither / 夜晚已經很久以前在土地之上拖拉它本身。 沒有人出自除了他和叢林狼之外。 沒有人在附近,完全沒有,兩者皆不的
MP's nor cops, nor late night racers. / 議員也不警官 , 也不遲的夜晚參賽者。

Somewhere, parked off the side of the road, in the quiet gentle night were lovers. Enjoying the respite gained by his team's victory against Galactor. Alone with each other in the cool night air. / 某處,停車在道路的邊外,在安靜的溫和夜晚中是愛人。 享受被對抗 Galactor 的他小組的勝利得到的延期。 獨自地和很棒的夜晚空氣的彼此。

As for him, it was just him and his baby. Idling, when she should've been going flat out on this highway, his hands guiding and correcting her thrilling power and speed. His thoughts were too heavy. Outside of battle his secret, the same secret that fueled his dark-joyed spleen, made him a hollow thing. / 關於他,它是正直的他和他的嬰兒。 不作事, 當她在這一條公路上傾全力去的 should've ,他的指導和改正她的毛骨悚然的力量和速度 的手。 他的想法太重。 在戰爭的外邊他的秘密,激發了他的黑暗脾臟快樂的相同秘密,使他成為一件空的事物。

He turned his head a bit, and looked out of the window, seeing nothing but darkness beyond the street-lights. He studied the heavens. This sky was the biggest he'd seen in a while. It went on forever, its color dark and deep, stars scattered in it like grains of sand. Like in an hourglass. / 他轉向了他的頭一點點, 而且向窗戶外看,只看見黑暗超過街道-光。 他學習了天堂。 這天空是他已經在一會兒方面看到的最大。 它永遠地繼續, 黑暗的它顏色而且深入地,星像沙子的穀粒一樣在它裡面散佈。 相似的在一個時漏中。

How many kills had he made this afternoon? Not enough. Not nearly enough. Even now, as he waited for the light to change, enemies could fall out of the beautifully starred night with crushing fire. Between the shrapnel in his brain and fucking / 他今天午後已經做多少殺? 不是充足。 不是幾乎足夠。 甚至現在,如同他等候光改變一樣,敵人可以和打破得支離破碎的火美好地夜晚主演的解散。 在他的腦開花彈之間而且性交
Galactor he didn't have much maneuvering room. / Galactor 他多沒有調遣房間。

Tick. Tick. / 勾號。 勾號。

The light turned green. His right foot flexed. Had things been normal it would have slammed down on the gas with jarring force. / 光變綠色的。 他的右腳彎曲。 有了事物是它會以輾軋的力量在瓦斯上猛然關上下來的常態。
Nah, if he was acting normal he would've blown the fucking light without a sidewards glance, guest of a foreign country or no. / Nah, 如果他正在表現正常他被吹那個性交沒有一橫著一瞥的光,一個外國的國家或號碼的客人 would've

His lips pooched out as he bit the inner sides of his mouth. / 當他咬了他的嘴內部的邊時候,他的唇狗出。
He, Condor Joe, the scariest science ninja ever, was gonna die on account of some dog. Funny thing, he'd known that if he'd failed to rescue the puppy he would not have been able to live with himself. He'd saved the puppy, and looked like he didn't get to live with himself anyway. / 他,禿鷹喬,曾經擅長日本武士隱身術的最容易受驚的科學,將要因為一些狗死。 好笑的事物,如果他有沒有救出他將會沒有能夠和他自己居住的小狗,他已經知道那。 他有解救了小狗, 而且看起來像他一樣沒有開始和他自己無論如何居住。

The grumble of the approaching motorcycle swarmed at the edges of his concentration. He knew that motor. Had helped put it together himself. / 接近摩托車的怨言在他的集中邊緣群集。 他知道了那一個馬達。 已經幫助將它集合起來他自己。

The driver of the cycle eyed the blue racing car with curiosity, surprised that the familiar vehicle was idling on a road that begged for speed. The motorcycle came to a gentle dime-stop. / 眼的和好奇心的藍色賽車的周期駕駛員,使熟悉的車輛正在一條為速度請求的道路上不作事吃驚。 摩托車到達一個溫和的一角硬幣-停止。
The driver's sneakered feet settling lightly on the asphalt of the road as the light turned yellow. / 被運動鞋在道路的柏油上輕輕的解決如光 的腳駕駛員的變黃色的。

Joe made no acknowledgment that his solitude had been broken. / 喬沒製造承認他的孤獨有被打破。
The weight of his head had numbed his wrist. The driver's helmet came off. Black slick hair slid past her face, settling in severe flips around her shoulders as she bent to the window. / 他的頭重量已經使他的手腕麻木。 駕駛員的鋼盔脫落。 黑色的光滑頭髮 slid 過去她的臉, 在她的肩附近的嚴格香甜燙酒中解決當做她彎曲到窗戶。

"Hey, stranger," Jun said, surprised and pleased to run into Joe, / "嗨,陌生人",六月說, 吃驚而且取悅偶遇喬,
"Race --" / " 比賽 --"

Joe looked up. / 喬看在上面。

". . ya," her voice died in her throat. / ". 。 ya,"她的聲音死於她的咽喉。

Joe said nothing. His gaze was hot, his vivid eyes red-rimmed with suppresed tears. / 喬什麼也不說。 他的注視很熱, 紅色的他生動的眼睛-以 suppresed 淚滴鑲邊。

Jun's lips parted wordlessly. Her slim fingers clenched on the rim of her helmet. Dismay punched its way into her gut, and bloomed on her face. Joe shut his eyes. She reached out her hand and touched his jaw, her thumb gently brushing his cheek, just to touch him, just to let him know that it would be okay, he would be okay. His eyes opened. He swallowed. / 六月的唇沈默地分開。 她的瘦手指在她的鋼盔邊緣上緊握。 沮喪以拳重擊它的方法進她的勇氣之內, 而且在她的臉上開花。 喬關上他的眼睛。 她到達出她的手而且碰觸了他的顎, 她的拇指逐漸地疏刷他的頰, 只是碰他, 只是讓他知道它將會是好, 他將會是好。 他的眼睛打開。 他吞。

"Jun," his voice was rough. / "六月",他的聲音是粗糙。

His eyes slid shut. His face changed, and he was grinning at her. / 他的眼睛 slid 關上。 他的臉改變,而且他正在她露齒而笑。

Jun snatched her hand back. / 六月把她的手奪取回來。

Joe gunned his engine, downshifted violently and slammed his foot on the gas. / 用炮射擊他的引擎喬, 調至低檔猛烈的而且猛然關上了在瓦斯上的他腳。

For maybe a microsecond Jun straddled her bike, disoriented by the maelstrom of sound and dust the condor machine left in its wake. Then her helmet was bouncing on the road as she jerked up with a little leap and came down hard on the clutch. / 對於也許一個微秒六月跨立了她的腳踏車, 被聲音的大漩渦失去方向感而且拂去灰塵被留在它的守夜禿鷹機器。 當她痙攣的時候,然後她的鋼盔正在道路上反彈在由於一次小跳躍上面而且在抓緊上努力地落下來。
She shot forward, her hair unfurling like a flag, as she screamed into the night, an unintelligible collection of sounds that translated into, "Oh, no you don't!" / 她向前地射擊,她的像一面旗子展開 的頭髮,如同她進入夜晚,轉變為的聲音一個無法瞭解的收集之內尖叫一樣,"哦, 沒有你不"!

Joe's laugh spooled out ahead of her. / 喬的笑在她之前纏繞在線軸上出。

What just happened? Jun wondered. She saw see Joe's selfsatisfied smirk in her inner eye. It goaded her. She forgot she didn't have a helmet, she forgot it was an unfamiliar road, and pressed, pressed on, in faith that the beating of her blood and the will of her heart would win her victory. / 什麼剛剛發生? 六月懷疑。 她看見看見喬的 selfsatisfied 在她的內部眼睛中嘻嘻做笑。 它用刺棒驅趕了她。 她忘記,她沒有一頂鋼盔,她忘記,它是一條不熟悉的道路, 而且壓進, 壓進在,之上在她的心她血打和意志將會贏得她的勝利信心方面。

Thighs taut, stomach tight she sped along the road. Holding the motorcycle steady as she pushed the envelope. She would win. She had to win. / 拉緊的大腿,沿著道路緊緊地忍受她加速。 當她推到極限的時候,維持摩托車穩定。 她將會贏得。 她必須贏得。

On the long narrow road they flew, sometimes side-by-side, often neck and neck, the occasional orange lit light revealed their leap-frogging shadows, highlighting the lethal stitchery of their race. / 在長的狹窄道路上他們飛, 有時並行地,時常擁抱了又擁抱,被發亮光的偶然柑橘顯示了他們的青蛙跳躍的影像,強調他們的比賽致命的 stitchery 。

She was panting as her bike thrummed and groaned between her legs. Her eyes watered from the vicious wind. This was like old times, when she and Joe spent every spare minute at the racetracks. Ghosting drivers, ooh-ing and ahh-ing over the engines and wheedling the occasional ride. / 當她的腳踏車在她的腿之間指彈而且呻吟的時候,她正在喘息。 她的眼睛從邪惡的風澆水。 當她和喬在那時候每多餘的分鐘在賽馬場花費的時候這像舊的時代。 鬼駕駛員, ooh-ing 和 ahh- 在引擎上的 ing 而且以甜言蜜語誘惑偶然的乘坐。

Joe's arms were corded tight, as he clung to the wheel. The narrow muscles of his lower back solid with tension. He was not alone, and he was laughing. Laughing hard, and his laugh, like Jun's hair unfurled darkly across the night. / 喬的手臂緊緊地是用索子梱紮的,如同他黏附於輪子一樣。 和緊張的他比較低的後面固體的狹窄肌肉。 他不孤獨,而且他正在笑。 努力地笑, 和他的笑,像六月的頭髮暗展開橫過夜晚。

The road flowed beneath them, narrowing then widening, dipping ever so slightly in certain intervals. Jun, who'd been a little behind him, swerved to the left, drilling into a tight turn that / 道路在他們之下流動, 然後縮小擴大,曾經在特定的間隔中如此的些微浸。 六月, who'd 稍微在他後面,使脫開到左邊, 演練進入一個緊的旋轉之內那
Joe hadn't seen coming. / 喬沒有看到來臨。

"Shit!" Joe scowled as she disappeared from beside him. He fought the wheel, his vehicle shrieking as he forced it to mirror / "拉屎"! 當她消失的時候,喬皺眉頭從在他旁邊。 當他強迫了它反映的時候,他打仗了輪子,他的車輛尖叫
Jun's sudden turn. Down-shift, more gas, up shift, more gas and all the while chanting, "shitshitshit." / 六月的突然旋轉。 墬落- 變化,更多的瓦斯, 提高變化,更多的瓦斯和所有的那當呤唱的時候,"shitshitshit".

The lampposts were now few and far between and the road felt like chatahoochee. / 街燈柱現在很少的和遠在而且道路感覺像 chatahoochee 之間。

"Shit!" Joe swore as he ran over a pothole. / "拉屎"! 當他輾過一個壺洞的時候,喬咒罵。

Red and yellow taillights teased him from ahead. / 紅色的和黃色的尾燈從向前地欺負了他。

"Jun," he growled. / "六月",他怒吠。

The road dipped. His teeth clicked together. Jun's red lights winked out of existence. He was going so fast that he flew through the dip, and landed with a harsh jounce, Jun's taillights brighter then before. He was gaining, flying blind, but gaining, gaining, his teeth barred with admiration. / 道路浸。 他的牙齒一起按。 六月的紅燈由於存在眨眼。 他正在變如此的齋戒以致於他飛過磁傾角, 而且以粗糙的搖動登陸,以前然後的比較明亮的六月尾燈。 他正在得到,飛盲人, 但是得到,得到,他的牙齒以讚賞禁止。

Don't look back, Jun thought. Don't look back. / 不要向後地看,六月想。 不要向後地看。

Yellow Bob's barricades flashed alongside them, marking the home- / 黃色的鮑伯路障靠著他們閃現,標示家-
stretch. The condor machine's straining engine chewed up the distance between them as the signs cried: Road Ends in 100! Road ends 50 ft! They caught air, Joe's teeth clicked, the end of the road reared up to meet them, the road dipped again. Jun spurted forward, free and clear. Raising a cloud of dust, Joe's car came to a sudden stop. His headlights bleached her resting figure titanium white. / 伸展。 當符號哭的時候,禿鷹機器勞累引擎那咬碎在他們之間的距離: 道路在 100 結束! 道路結束 50 ft! 他們捕捉了空氣,喬的牙齒按, 道路的結束養育在上面遇見他們,道路再一次浸。 六月向前地噴出,自由和清楚地。 升起一大堆灰塵,喬的汽車突然停止。 他的前燈漂白了她休息數字鈦白色。

Joe swore at Jun through the windshield. "You cheated!" he accused, jumping out of his car and running at her. / 喬在六月經過擋風玻璃咒罵。 "你欺騙"! 他控告,從他的汽車跳躍而且在她跑。

"You -- *gack* -- cheated -- *wheeze*-- first!" she replied, her eyes sparkling. Joe laughed up at the sky. Jun hunched over her knees, coughing hard. / " 你 -- *gack*-- 欺騙 -- *氣喘*-- 第一!"她答覆, 閃閃發光的她眼睛。 喬笑在天空上面。 六月在她的膝之上彎腰駝背,努力地咳嗽。

He slapped her back, "Yeah, I guess I did! Good thinking following that road." / 他把她拍擊回來,"是的,我猜測我做! 好的思考在那一條道路之後。"

She began to reply then doubled over, coughing again. / 她結束然後開始答覆加倍,再一次咳嗽。

Joe winced in sympathy. She must have swallowed a bug. "You want something to drink?" he asked. / 喬在同情方面畏縮。 她一定曾經吞一個蟲過。 "你想要喝的東西"? 他問。

"Anything," Jun replied over her hand, and coughed some more. / "任何事",六月在她的手之上答覆, 而且咳嗽再多一些。

Joe ran to his car, long arms pumping fluidly. / 喬跑向他的汽車,流動地渴望手臂抽泵。

Jun watched him. Struck, for the first time in a long time, by his strength and grace. It was different from Ken's. / 六月看了他。 在長的時間中第一次打,藉著他的力量和優雅。 它不同於肯恩。
Different from her own. In Utoland he stuck out as foreigner, even from behind. But out West, be it Hawaii, or mainland / 不同的她自己的。 甚至從後面在 Utoland 中他附著出如外國人。 但是外面的西方,是它夏威夷 , 或大陸
America, Joe stuck out as something more different still. He cultivated that difference it seemed. In battle it came out as recklessness, and she'd decried it many a time, but tonight, she thought, here and now, as she watched him stick his torso in the passenger window of his vehicle, and raise a ruckus of noise and curses as he dug up something for her to drink, it made her heart expand. / 美國 , 喬附著出如更不同的東西劇照。 他種植了它似乎的那一種不同。 在戰爭中它出來如鹵莽,而且她有許多次責難了它,但是今晚,她想, 這裡而且現在,如同她看一樣當他挖的時候,他黏住他的車輛乘客窗戶的他軀幹, 而且升起噪音和詛咒的一個喧鬧在東西讓她喝,它使她的心擴張上面。

"Here," Joe said, coming up with a hip flask and tossing it to her. It caught light as it flipped end over end, winking with a metallic glint. / "這裡" ,喬說,對她提出一個臀部細頸瓶而且投擲它。 當它用指頭彈了在結束上的結束時候,它輕裝地捕捉,以金屬的閃爍眨眼。

Jun caught it with outstretched hand, suppressing all expression as she examined it. Joe had every race car driver's vice in the book. / 六月用伸開的手捕捉它, 鎮壓所有的表達當她調查了它。 喬有了每個比賽汽車司機副在書中。

"Jun," Joe said, "please don't." / "六月",喬說 ", 請不".

Jun uncapped the flask. Held it, tried not to sniff obviously. / 六月脫掉帽子了細頸瓶。 拿著了它, 嘗試不要明顯地嗅。

"Remember when we were kids and used to sneak out to go drinking with the pit-men?" Joe asked. / " 當我們是小孩的時候,記得而且過去一直偷溜以深坑喝-男人"? 喬問。

"I never drank, Joe," she rasped. "I just listened to the stories," but she smiled to take the sting out of the words. She tipped the flask to lips. Her eyes widening in surprise as she tasted the liquid. "This is water!" she exclaimed. / "我從不喝,喬",她用粗銼刀銼。 "我剛剛聽到故事" ,但是她微笑從字取出刺。 她提示了對唇的細頸瓶。 她的在意外中擴大 的眼睛當做她嚐了液體。 "這是水"! 她大叫。

Joe crossed his arms, and leaned against the car, "Yeah, that one's mine. You want the one I keep for girls?" / 喬交叉了他的手臂, 而且倚靠汽車,"是的, 那一個我的。 你想要我為女孩保存的那一個?"

Her eyes widened. "Joe!" she said. / 她的眼睛擴大。 "喬"! 她說。

He reached into his car and brought up another hip-flask, identical to the one in her hand. "C'mon. You really don't expect me to drink and drive, do you?" he asked. / 他進入他的汽車之內到達而且提出另一個臀部-細頸瓶,與她的手那一個相同。 "C'mon。 你真的不期待我喝而且開車,你不嗎?"他問。

"How many girls have you taken advantage of that way?" Jun demanded. / "你已經利用那一個方法多少女孩"? 六月要求。

"I don't need to take advantage!" / "我不需要採取利益"!

She snorted and cried, "Oh, you're the Great Lover Joe!?" / 她噴著氣弄響鼻子而且哭,"哦,你是偉大的愛人喬!?"

Joe's eyes bugged. / 喬的眼睛煩擾。

Jun dissolved into laughter. / 六月進入笑之內溶解。

Was this Jun? Joe wondered. Smiling, laughing, giggling, flirting? / 這六月是嗎? 喬懷疑。 微笑,笑,吃吃地笑,忽然彈出?
He smirked, then tried to cover up the smirk. Jun, watching his face, saw everything and laughed harder. / 他嘻嘻做笑, 然後嘗試隱蔽嘻嘻笑。 六月,看他的臉,更努力地看見了每件事物而且笑。

Joe stretched, basking a little in her attention. He bent to touch his toes. His supple gymnast's body moving with his singular grace. / 喬伸展,稍微在她的注意方面曬太陽。 他彎曲碰觸他的足趾。 他的以他異常的優雅移動 的柔軟體操教員的身體。
She laughed harder. / 她更努力地笑。

From the ground-up Joe studied his teammate, "What has gotten into you?" / 從地面- 向上的喬學習了他的隊友," 什麼已經進入你"?

Jun pondered this for a few seconds, hopping onto the hood of his car and drawing her jacket tighter around her. The hour was late, later then she was used to, so Joe gave her time. Her eyes were thoughtful. Her hair had flattened out in the driving wind and hung limp around her face. She yawned. / 六月沉思了這數秒,在他的汽車頭巾之上單腳跳而且在她周圍畫比較緊的她夾克。 小時很遲,然後稍後她習慣於,因此,喬給予了她的時間。 她的眼睛是深思的。 她的頭髮已經在強勁的風中而且變平在她的臉周圍吊跛行。 她打哈欠。

He yawned as well. To his suddenly sleepy eyes she looked warm and soft. / 他也打哈欠。 到他的突然睏乏的眼睛她看起來很溫暖的和軟。

"It's good to be alive," she said. / " 活著是好的",她說。

Joe's shoulders tensed, his spine straightened. The defeated look that had ashed his face earlier that evening came back with sudden force. / 喬的肩拉緊,他的脊椎弄直。 被擊敗的那天晚上稍早已經灰他的臉神情以突然的力量回來。

"Joe," asked Jun, "What's wrong?" / "喬",問了六月 ",怎麼回事"?

Joe looked at her, really looked at her, thinking that a guy'd never known she'd killed hundreds of men in the service of the / 喬看她,真的看她, 思考從不被認識的 guy'd 她有在服務中殺數以百計男人那
ISO. She looked like a kid again. Like she had when they'd first met and he'd thought her uncomfortably pretty for a boy. / 國際標準組織。 她再一次看起來像一個小孩一樣。 喜歡當他們有首先遇見的時候,她有,而且他有對於一個男孩是漂亮的不舒服地想了她。
Her eyes were that same sudden thick-lashed green and her skin white, as white as it had always been, whiter even. She looked serious, and smart and kind, her lips a promise of all things lush and lovely. Joe shook his head and looked away. / 她的眼睛是那麼相同的突然厚的- 鞭打綠色和她的皮膚白色, 像它一樣白色總是, 比較白的平坦。 她看起來嚴重, 和聰明的和親切的, 她的唇所有的事物一個諾言飲和可愛的。 喬搖頭而且看離開。

"Joe?" she insisted, going cool with dread. After today's battle, Jinpei had taken her aside and said, "Aniki's trying to kill himself." At the time she'd dismissed the comment. / "喬"? 她堅持,和恐懼變涼爽。 在今天的戰爭之後, Jinpei 已經帶她旁白而且說,"Aniki's 嘗試殺他自己". 當她有摒棄了意見的時候。
But now... / 但是現在。。。

"Later," he replied, "I'll tell you later." / "稍後" ,他答覆 ",我稍後將告訴你".

"Okay," / "好",

Then, "Where's your helmet?" / 然後, "你的鋼盔在哪裡"?


Backtracking to the starting line took much longer than Joe expected because he was worrying. Worrying over Jun's helmetlessness ("Why didn't you get your helmet, numbskull?!" / 退回到出發線拿多比較久比較因為他正在煩惱,喬期望。 在六月的 helmetlessness 之上煩惱 ("你為什麼沒有得到你的鋼盔, numbskull?!"
"You had too much of a head start!") and what he was going to tell Jun when she cornered him. / " 你一個領先有太多"!)而且他將要告訴她迫至一隅了他的六月什麼。

The stop lights of the intersection blinked off and on. Jun's helmet was where she'd dropped it. / 十字路口的停止光走開眨眼和在之上。 六月的鋼盔是她有降低了它的地方。

"I can't believe how deserted this place is," she said. / " 我不能相信如何遺棄這一個地方是",她說。

"This is a desert," Joe replied. / "這是一個沙漠",喬答覆。

He made no protest when she pulled up beside him, nor when she followed him into the rented cabin and sat herself on the couch. / 當她在他旁邊拔出的時候,他沒製造抗議, 也不當她在長椅上跟隨他進被租用的小屋而且參加她自己的時候。

She could not help remarking to herself that the loaned room looked a lot like his place in Utoland. That made her very sad. / 她對她自己無法不評論那被借出的房間看起來和 Utoland 的他地方很多像。 那使她非常憂愁。

"Thirsty?" Joe asked, walking to the fridge. / "口渴的"? 喬問, 走路去電冰箱。

She was tired, her eyes drooping with fatigue. / 她很疲累,她的以疲累下垂 的眼睛。

"No," she replied. She'd rest her eyes for a few minutes. / "不" ,她答覆。 她將會休息她的眼睛數分鐘。

Her head settled against the armrest of the couch. She heard the refrigerator door open and shut. Water gush from the tap. / 她的頭安頓對抗長椅的扶手。 她聽到電冰箱門公開而且被關上。 加水給來自輕打的湧出。
Joe murmured something. Jun didn't answer. Joe looked over to where she was curled up in the corner of the couch. He went to get a blanket. / 喬低語了某事。 六月沒有回答。 喬瀏覽到在她在長椅的角落中被蜷縮而臥的地方。 他去得到一條毛毯。

"Sleepy?" he asked as he approached her. / "睏乏的"? 當他接近了她的時候,他問。

Her eyes fluttered open, "No." / 她的眼睛擺動開放的,"號碼"

"You look it," Joe replied. / "你看它",喬答覆。

She sat up, and pulled Joe down beside her. "What's wrong? What were you doing at the stoplight?" / 她熬夜, 而且在她旁邊把喬拉下。 "怎麼回事? 你正在停止行進號誌做什麼?"

Lot's of things, Joe wanted to say. Only it seemed more logical to put his hands on hers. It felt right to allow his head to drop on her shoulder. Like old times, when he was a new orphan and she was barely a girl and they'd talked in the language of kittens. / 許多事物,喬想要說。 只有它變得更合乎邏輯在她的之上放他的手。 它覺得正確允許他的頭在她的肩上降低。 相似的舊時代,當他在那時候是新的孤兒,而且她幾乎是女孩,而且他們有以小貓的語言說話的時候。

Jinpei didn't really liked to be hugged and kissed. Not as much as / Jinpei 不真的喜歡被擁抱而且吻。 不同樣地很多的當做
Joe had. It had gone on for a very long time, despite Nambu's best efforts to impress upon Jun the need to behave like a proper young lady, and for Joe to accept the mores of his adopted country. Then they grew up, and full-fledged adolescence accomplished what Nambu and cultural injunctions never could. / 喬有。 它已經繼續達非常長的時間之久, 不在乎 Nambu's 最好的努力在六月之上感動需要像一位適當的年輕淑女行為表現, 而且讓喬接受他的被收養的國家習俗。 然後他們長大 , 和羽毛生齊的青春期完成的什麼 Nambu 和文化的禁制令從不可以。

With Joe's hands around her wrists and the memory of his sorrowful face the old need, the old affection, reasserted itself. She freed one hand from his, his fingers rougher then she remembered, and curled it around his shoulder. The fingers of her other hand splayed over the unfamiliar bulge of his bicep, as she said with wonder, "We almost died again today." / 藉由喬的手在她的手腕和他的 sorrowful 的記憶周圍面對舊的需要,舊的愛,再斷讞它本身。 她釋放一傳遞從他的, 然後比較粗糙的他手指她記得, 而且在他的肩周圍弄捲它。 她的手指其他的手在他的 bicep 的不熟悉的脹之上張開,當她以奇蹟說的時候,"我們幾乎今天再一次死" 。

Joe said nothing, merely pulled her closer, turning and shifting into a position he hadn't assumed with a girl since Jun was thirteen. He'd been told that his sense of smell would be the first to go. He inclined his head to Jun's hair. She smelled like slightly sweaty Jun. Brain damage? he thought, what brain damage? and chuckled. / 喬什麼也不說, 只拉她的比較靠近的, 將而且改變變成一個位置他沒有和一個女孩假定自從六月以後是十三。 他已經被告訴他的味道感將會是第一去。 他使對六月的頭髮他頭傾向了。 她聞了同類些微出汗的六月。 腦損害? 他想,什麼腦損害? 而且吃吃的笑。

Facing him Jun smiled placidly. Already he seemed better, happier. / 面對他六月平靜地微笑。 已經他變得比較好,比較快樂的。
This was as things should be. She had always been able to make him feel good and he her. When they'd done this as children, he'd been a new orphan and she barely a girl. They'd been grubby little rug-rats who liked cuddling just as much a fighting. She was sick of fighting. Sick of open flame and hard noise and the smell of iron everywhere. / 當事物應該是的時候,這是。 她總是已經能夠使他感覺很好和他她。 當他們已經做這如孩子的時候, 他已經是新的孤兒和她幾乎一個女孩。 他們已經是生蛆的小毯子- 喜歡正如撫抱如很多一個戰鬥的老鼠。 她對戰鬥厭煩。 各處的開放火焰和難的噪音和鐵的味道病人。

They toed off each others sneakers, Joe giggling a little (he'd always been more ticklish down there). Jun twisted, trying to figure out the right fit of her legs over his. Their bodies had changed so much. / 他們走開到彼此運動鞋稍微吃吃地笑 的喬。 ( 他有總是更易倒的在那裡墬落) 六月擰, 嘗試在他的之上理解她的腿正確的適宜。 他們的身體已經改變這麼多。

"Here," Joe said, and half lifted her hip, sliding under her so that she lay half on, half off him. She twisted so that both arms reached over his shoulders, looping herself over him like she'd done when they were younger. This new position brought Joe to sudden stillness. / "這裡" ,喬說,而且一半舉起了她的臀部, 在她下面的滑以便她放置一半在,之上一半離開他。 她擰,以便兩手臂伸過手去他的肩, 當他們是比較年輕的時候,在他之上使她自己成環像她已經做。 這個新的位置帶喬去突然的靜止。

"Uh, Jun." / "Uh,六月".

"What," she murmured sleepily and rubbed against him. He went light- / "什麼",她想睡地低語而且摩擦他。 他輕裝地去-
headed, thrilling at the sweet give of her breasts against his chest. / 印有抬頭的, 毛骨悚然的在甜蜜對抗他的胸她胸部給。

"I don't remember these," he answered, his head swaying back as he pulled her even closer to him. / "我不記得這些",他回答, 他的搖動背面 的頭當他拉了她甚至比較靠近對他。

Jun could not say who kissed who. Lips met and met, at first almost parallel, soft, and gossamer. Then warmer, softer, wetter, realer, until with shocking awareness Jun knew that she was tasting him was, inside him, lip curved around lip, the secret places of her mouth sought out and revealed by his subtle tongue. / 六月不可以說誰吻誰。 唇碰到了又碰到,起先幾乎平行,柔軟 , 和小蜘蛛網。 然後比較熱的﹐比較軟的﹐和比較濕的﹐比較真正, 直到由於令人震驚的覺察六月知道,她正在嚐他是, 內部他,在唇的周圍被彎的唇,她的被他敏感的舌尋找而且顯示的嘴秘密的地方。

She was in him. / 她在他裡面。

Her mind reeled. He felt so good. Her hands came up and pulled his head closer still. Her fingers crept along his scalp, winding in the sliding strands of his thick hair. She came up for air, dazzled by the heat of his mouth and the darkness of the room. / 她的心於軸上。 他覺得如此好。 她的手發生而且拉了他的頭比較靠近的劇照。 她的沿著他的頭皮被爬的手指,在他的厚頭髮的滑濱中捲繞。 她為空氣發生 , 被他的嘴和房間的黑暗熱眼花。

"Jun," he whispered, eyes still closed. She pressed her face into his shoulder, burying it in his abundant hair. Her thighs rubbed together. She could smell him. He was drying on her mouth. Then he was kissing her again, his hands warm and severe against her burning face, their mouths swimming together, their hair tangling around them. Jun forgot her hands, her will, her mind and breathed only when her body begged her to. "Joe," she inhaled, catching his gasp as she cooled her hot hands against the velvet of his skin. / "六月",他耳語,眼睛仍然關閉。 她壓進她的臉進他的肩之內, 埋它在他的豐富頭髮中。 她的大腿一起擦。 她可以聞他。 他正在她的嘴上弄乾。 然後他正在再一次吻她, 溫暖的和嚴格的他手反對她的燃燒臉,他們的一起游泳 的嘴,他們的在他們周圍使纏結 的頭髮。 六月忘記了她的手,她的意志,她的心和無聲的只有當她的身體請求了她的時候到。 "喬",她吸入, 引起他的喘氣當她熱地冷卻了她傳遞對抗他的皮膚天鵝絨。

She could feel his heart, beating, beating, beating against hers. / 她可以感覺他的心,打,打,反對她的打。
Her stomach felt hollow. Something fluttering light as a fairy inside. Beneath her Joe squirmed, forward, ever forward, one of his hands pressing down on the flat of her back. His fingers dug pale into the soft flesh between the end of her shirt and start of her pants. His other hand had pressed around past the curve of her rear and was rubbing against the narrow wedge of her jeans. / 她的胃覺得空。 某事擺動光如一個仙女進裡面。 在她的喬蠕動之下,曾經向前地轉寄他的向後地在她的公寓上壓迫下來 的手之一。 他的手指挖柵欄進在她的褲子她襯衫和開始的結束之間的軟肉之內。 他的其他手已經在附近壓過去的她後面的曲線並且正在擦對抗她的牛仔褲的狹窄楔子。
Her legs parted. She whimpered, yelped, then sobbed as his hand found better purchase between her denim covered legs. / 她的腿分開。 她嗚咽,叫, 然後發出嗚咽聲音當他的手發現在她的粗斜紋棉布之間的較好購買隱蔽著的腿。

She fell on him like stars. / 她在他身上跌落喜歡星。

Joe moaned, gasping for air. His eyes flickered open. He'd hadn't meant to touch her there. He'd meant to keep his hands out of her shirt. She was kissing him, massaging his chest, grinding down tentatively on his lap, not so tentatively. / 喬呻吟,為空氣喘氣。 他的眼睛閃動開放的。 他有沒有意謂在那裡碰她。 他有意謂不讓他的手靠近她的襯衫。 她正在吻他,按摩他的胸,在他的膝蓋上試驗性地磨下來,不如此的試驗性。

His pelvis leapt in reply, heavy with burning. / 他的骨盤在答覆方面跳躍, 重的由於燒。

They found a rhythm, rubbed against each other, rising together, falling apart, straining, pulling, pushing against each other--- / 他們發現旋律, 摩擦彼此,一起升起, 分別地落下,勞累,拉, 推動對抗彼此---

"Oh, God," Joe gulped, and pushed her up and away before he embarrassed them both. Her eyes blinked open in protest, her irises were shading black into green. She loomed over him, her hands on either side of his face. He'd never seen her like this. / "哦,上帝", 喬吞, 而且強迫她上升和離開在他使他們兩個困窘了之前。 她的眼睛眨眼開放的在抗議中,她的虹膜是進入綠色之內黑色的留下陰影。 她在他之上隱約可見,在他的臉任一邊上的她手。 他從未看到她的同類這。
Her normally set pale face was flushed high with color, red at her temples, and neck. / 她正常地在她的寺廟創臉被由於顏色高度地臉發紅的柵欄,紅色, 和脖子。

He'd done this to her. / 他已經對她做這。

"Joe," she said, her voice sweet and high. / "喬",她說,甜的她聲音和高度。

He blushed, felt it blaze up his neck and into his face. / 他臉紅, 感覺它熾熱地燃燒起來他的脖子和進入他的臉之內。

She bent her head to his, to kiss him again, and again. That taste, that crazy taste of Jun. So good. What about Ken? / 她到他的彎曲了她的頭, 再一次吻他, 和再一次。 那一個品嚐,六月的那個發狂的品嚐。 如此好。 肯恩怎麼樣?
Their mouths made hungry noises as he sat up, desperate to hold her, to slow down. / 當他熬夜的時候,他們的嘴製造了饑餓的噪音, 絕望的捉住她, 減慢。

And then she touched him. Jun was touching him(waitwaitwait) holding him(himeangel)pressing him(waitplease)squeez--- he ignited, blazing in inner light, his arms, his lips, legs, his stomach, his thighs were everywhere and everywhere was Jun. / 然後她碰了他。 六月正在碰觸他 (waitwaitwait) 捉住他 (himeangel) 壓迫他 (waitplease) squeez--- 他點燃, 熾燃的在內部的光,他的手,他的唇,腿,他的胃中,他的大腿在各處而且各處是六月。
She felt bright and she felt good, and he had to see her(please) had to see her. He had to see her. / 她覺得明亮,而且她覺得舒服,而且他必須見她 (請) 必須見她。 他必須見她。

Halting her magical movements he circled her wrists with his hands. She cried out. "Shhhh, Juni, shhh." Their foreheads pasted together, he caressed the back of her head, breathing hard, "Shhh." / 停止他用他的手包圍她的手腕她魔術的運動。 她大叫。 "Shhhh , Juni,shhh". 他們的前額一起用漿糊黏,他愛撫了她的頭背面,努力地呼吸,"Shhh".

She cooed as the flat plane of his joined fingers glided over her ribs, sighed as they curved round to stroke the muscles of her back, the feeling so delicate, so pretty. Her mouth was delicate on his jaw in thanks, on his ear on his mouth. / 她 cooed 如他的參加手指的平坦飛機在她的肋骨之上滑動,當他們彎了回合把她的肌肉划尾槳回來,歎息, 如此細緻優雅,如此漂亮的感覺。 在他的嘴上他耳朵上她的嘴是細緻優雅的在謝謝的他顎上。
She was straddling his thigh. He could feel her, she was so damp---her belt, he had to get her belt. ('But what about Ken?' slicked through his thoughts.) / 她正在跨立他的大腿。 他可以感覺她, 她是如此潮溼---她的帶子,他必須得到她的帶子。 ('但是肯恩怎麼樣?'光滑的過他想法)。

His fingers danced at her waist. His fly was open and his hands were beneath her shirt, her breasts warm pulsing weights in his flexing fingers. Her head was on his shoulder, her eyes half open. Joe murmured something, murmured something soft and low and wondering. Her hand was on his thigh. Shoulder to shoulder they sat, so close, beautifully close. / 他的手指在她的腰部跳舞。 他的蒼蠅是開放的,而且他的手在她的襯衫之下,她的胸部變溫暖跳動他彎曲手指的重量。 她的頭在他的肩上,她的眼睛一半公開。 喬低語了某事, 低語了軟的東西和低的和覺得奇怪。 她的手在他的大腿上。 肩負肩負他們坐著,如此的接近,美好地接近。

She needed to be closer still. / 她需要是比較靠近的劇照。

She leaned back, breaking contact, with a soft cry Joe reached for her. She pulled off her shirt and came to rest against him again. / 她向後地倚靠,打破連絡,與軟的哭聲喬及於她。 她順利完成她的襯衫而且再一次來休息對抗他。
They breathed in unison, soft and deep. / 他們在調和,柔軟和深處中呼吸。

"Why me?" Joe rasped. His gaze riveted on the sight of his dark fingers on her pale skin. He looked up at her. His eyes colorless in the predawn light. / " 為什麼我"? 喬用粗銼刀銼。 他的注視在她的蒼白皮膚上的他黑暗的手指視力上用鉚釘固定。 他看在她上面。 無色的在黎明前的光中他眼睛。

"Ken," she inhaled deeply. "Ken doesn't. . ." she looked up at / "肯恩",她深深地吸入。 " 肯恩不。 。 。" 她看在上面
Joe. Her fingertips trailed along his shoulder, slid under his arm and stroked the sensitive skin of his armpit, "Ken doesn't want me." / 喬。 她的指尖向前追蹤他的肩, 在他的手臂下面的 slid 而且划尾槳了他的腋窩敏感的皮膚,"肯恩不想要我" 。

Shivering, Joe leaned back against the couch, his face set. / 顫抖,喬向後地反對長椅倚靠, 固定的他臉。

Jun took one of his hands and kissed it repeatedly as dawn made the night a blue-tinged memory. His hand felt small in her grasp. / 六月帶他的手而且之一當破曉使夜晚成為藍色- 淡色的記憶,重複地吻了它。 他的手在她的把握中覺得小。
Small and heavy. It was getting lighter out. Somewhere along the line, he'd lost his T-shirt, too. His upper body was scored with battle-scars. His skin, where whole, was a gorgeous olive gold. / 小的和重。 它正在外得到點火者。 某處沿著線,他也有失去了他的 T恤。 他的上面身體與戰爭一起得分-疤痕。 他的皮膚, 在哪裡全部,是華麗的黃綠色的黃金。

He let his hand glide down to Jun's waist. / 他讓他的手滑動下來到六月的腰部。

"Joe," she asked, palming his skin, the scent of his cooling sweat was sharp in her nostrils, "what's going on? Why were you crying?" / "喬",她問,藏他的皮膚於掌中,他的冷卻汗氣味是她的鼻孔高調 ", 什麼正在繼續? 你為什麼哭泣?"
"I'm dying, Jun," he replied, giving voice to his secret, as dawn made the night a soft blue-tinged memory. He added softly, "I don't have much time." / "我死亡,六月",他答覆,把聲音給他的秘密,如同破曉使夜晚成為軟的藍色- 淡色的記憶一樣。 他柔和地增加,"我沒有很多的時間" 。
Of course he was. How had she not known it? / 當然他是。 如何她還沒知道它嗎?
"Jun?" / "六月"?
How had she managed to not see it for so long? / 她如何設法了不看見它為如此長?
Her shoulders shook, her hair spilled black across her white shoulders. The news she'd dreaded since meeting up with him at the cross-roads. The news she'd dreaded to hear. She wept. / 她的肩搖動,她的頭髮溢出了橫過她的白色肩黑色。 她有自從見面以後恐懼的新聞在由於他上面在跨道路。 她有恐懼聽到的新聞。 她哭泣。
Wept hard. Her hands were white doves obscuring her face, "I know." / 努力地哭泣。 她的手是使她的臉陰暗 的白色鴿子,"我知道" 。
She'd known for a long time. / 她已經知道有很長的一段時間。
The End of Between / 結束在
Notes: This was inpsired by a chance remark Joe made to Ken in the prologue to Alara Roger's Alatan Saga. / 注意: 這是藉著給予在開場白的肯恩到 Alara 羅傑的 Alatan 傳說的機會評論喬 inpsired 。
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