Title: Mistled / 名稱: Mistled
Author: Ebonbird (ebonbird@hotmail.com) / 作家: Ebonbird(ebonbird@hotmail.com)
Summary: It's the second day of the year and Jun's taking down the Christmas decorations. / 摘要: 現在是第二天的年和六月拿 墬落聖誕節裝飾。
The girl stood staring out of her recently denuded window, her hands propped against her jukebox. / 女孩站著最近從她注視使裸露窗戶,她的手支撐對抗她的自動點唱機。

Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse. / 不是生物是活潑的,不使一隻老鼠相等。

The sky shone a benign gray. The sun behind the cloud cover paled through, a fuzzy edged disk. The light posts were still dressed up to look like candy-canes and catty-corner to the check-cashing place, artificial evergreen bunting tied off by red velvet wire bows festooned the empty fruit bins of Mr. Kim's grocery. The green plastic matting, beneath the rocks Mr. Kim had used to weigh it down, looked lonely and exposed. / 天空照耀了一種良性的灰色。 在雲掩護後面的太陽變蒼白過,一個模糊使磁碟片銳利了。 輕的職位仍然盛裝看起來像糖果一樣- 手杖和狡猾的-到兌現支票的地方角落,被電線鞠躬 festooned 吉姆先生的食品雜貨的空水果箱櫃的紅色天鵝絨走開繫的人造常綠樹牴撞。 綠色的塑膠蓆子,在岩石吉姆先生之下已經使用把它秤重下來,看起來孤單的和暴露。

Two women, possibly mother and daughter, walked out of the metro exit and onto the sidewalk. The older one carried a white bag and wore a coat of a soft yellow color. She'd pinned a red ribbon to her lapel and wore metallic green earrings, bells. / 二個女人, 可能地母親和女兒, 走出都會的出口和在人行道之上。 資深者一攜帶了一個白色的袋子而且穿著了軟的黃色顏色的一件外套。 她有用針別住了對她的翻領一條紅色的緞帶而且穿著了金屬的綠色耳環,鈴。

The other woman was laughing, dangling a red and beige scarf in her mother's, she had to be her mother's, face. They both had thick lashed eyes, narrow as string. The younger's eyes curved almost shut as she smiled. They looked fresh, their glow intensifying when they spotted Jun staring at them through the window. / 另一個女人正在笑,吊動她的母親一個紅色的和淺褐色的圍巾,她必須是她的母親,臉的。 他們倆都厚地已經鞭打眼睛,縮小如線。 當她微笑的時候,年紀較小者的眼睛幾乎彎關上。 他們被看起來新鮮, 他們的赤熱增強他們何時看見了六月經過窗戶盯著他們看。
They waved. / 他們揮舞。

Jun waved back. / 六月向後地揮舞。

They stood like that, the three, waving at one another, until the daughter took hold of her mother's elbow. In synchrony they inclined their heads. Their mouths moved, also in synchrony. / 他們站著了同類那, 那三, 在彼此揮舞,直到女兒握住她的母親手肘。 在 synchrony 中他們使他們的頭傾向了。 他們的嘴移動, 也在 synchrony 中。
Reading their lips Jun smiled and bowed as much as the jukebox allowed her; whispering, "Happy New Year," in reply. / 當自動點唱機允許了她的時候,讀如很多的六月微笑而且彎腰的他們唇; 耳語," 快樂的新年",在答覆方面。

Waving, the women turned the corner and passed out of sight. / 揮舞,女人視力轉向了角落而且昏倒。

Jun sighed, then noticed that the sky had brightened a degree. / 六月歎息, 然後注意天空已經變亮一個程度。
The gold foil, hiding in the red and white twined garland of the streetlight candy-canes glinted at Jun, sharp and sweet. / 金箔,藏在路燈的紅色和白色的搓花環中糖-在六月被閃耀的手杖,高調和甜蜜。

Those woman had been so nicely dressed, thought Jun, smiling to herself. / 那些女人已經如此的好被穿著,想了六月,對她自己微笑。

She wore old jeans, a much-loved pair that did nothing for her figure, fitting snug around her hips but bagging shapeless over her bottom. Her face was puffy from too much sleep and, a black curl, having escaped the faded red kerchief that held back her hair, grazed her cheek. She looked far more tired than the amount of work she'd accomplished warranted. / 她遍及她的底部戴了舊的牛仔褲,很多愛的為她數字什麼也沒做的雙,無形狀的舒適在她的臀部但是裝袋的周圍配件。 她的臉是脹大的從太多睡眠和,黑色的捲曲, 有逃脫抑制她的頭髮已褪色的紅色頭巾,使吃草了她的頰。 她看比工作的數量更疲累她有完成的保證。

She had stuffed the lights, big old fashioned semi-ovoids of red, green, yellow, blue, orange and white, into a cardboard box, carefully put away the cellophane charms that had dangled from the sill and reduced the soap-made snow drifts that had decorated the windows to a bucketful of grimy water. / 她已經裝填光,大的老形成半- 卵形體紅色的﹐綠色的﹐和黃色的﹐藍色的﹐和橘色的和白色的,進入一個厚紙板盒子之內,小心地收拾玻璃紙已經從門檻吊動而且減少肥皂製作的雪已經裝飾對污穢的水 bucketful 的窗戶漂流物的吉祥物。

Her expression wistful, Jun pushed back from the jukebox. / 渴望的她表達,六月從自動點唱機推向後面。
Her foot hit the bucket and water sloshed over the side, wetting her tennis shoe. She'd get that later. Loosening her hand enough to release the coin she'd been holding, Jun let it slide down the valley made by her narrowed palm and settle between her index and middle finger. / 她的腳擊中桶子,而且水遍及邊飛散,變濕她的網球鞋。 她將會稍後得到那。 放鬆充足釋放她已經握住的硬幣她手, 被她做的沿山谷向下被使它滑動的六月在她的索引和中指之間縮小了手掌而且安頓。

What, she wondered as she read the display, do I want to listen to? Not Christmas music, she decided as flipped through the play lists. She'd had enough of that in the last few weeks. She was singing, a very old children's song, / 什麼, 當她讀展覽的時候,她懷疑, 我想要聽嗎到? 不是聖誕節音樂,她決定如遊戲目錄所用指頭彈。 她有在最近幾星期中那有充足。 她是唱,一首非常舊的孩子歌,
"One-two-three-FOUR-five..." with a deft twist of her wrist she sent the coin into the slot. Slim fingers punched the familiar number and letter combination, "--six-seven-eight- / "一二三四五。。。"藉由她的手腕敏捷熟練的一扭她送硬幣進水溝之內。 瘦的手指以拳重擊了熟悉的數字和信組合,"--六七八-
NINE-ten---" servos whined, "---eleven twelve..." CD's shuffled. She keyed up the volume, wanting this loud. / 九十---"伺服發出嗚嗚聲 ",--- 二十三。。。"被拖曳的 CD。 她在體積上面鍵入,高聲地想要這。

In anticipation, she started to move, pulling the kerchief from her dark hair, and backed onto the dance floor. / 在預期中, 她開始移動, 拉頭巾從她的黑暗頭髮, 而且背對著跳舞地板。

"Jun," she said aloud, as the very first drum beat came on, "you are a romantic fool." She sounded amused. Her eyes closed shut in ecstasy when the harmonica began to play. / "六月",她大聲地說, 如同非常第一的鼓打一樣發生 ",你是浪漫的愚人". 她聽起來愉快。 當口琴開始玩的時候,她的眼睛在狂喜方面關閉關上。

She caught up the broom in her hand and began to dance for real. / 她追趕她的手掃帚而且開始跳舞為真正的。

"Oh girl," crooned the jukebox, "I'd be in trouble if you left me now. . . " / " 哦女孩",低聲歌唱了自動點唱機 ",如果你現在留下了我,我將會有麻煩。 。 。 "

Shoulders swaying in counterpoint to her hips, hair brushing against her shoulder blades in perfect time with the music, / 肩負在對位法中搖動到她的臀部,在和音樂的完美時間內疏刷對抗她的肩刀鋒 的頭髮,
Jun hummed. / 六月發低哼聲。

'Cause I don't know where to look for love. I just don't know how.' / ' 引起我不知道該在哪裡找尋愛。 我就是不知道如何。'

There were some beautiful harmonies meshing behind the dreamy bass line. One of these days she would have to sit down and figure out those cords. / 有在夢幻的低音線後面以網捕捉 的一些美麗的協調。 這些數天她之一將會必須坐下和出自那些繩索數字。

'Oh girl,' how I depend on you, to give me love when I need it---" / '哦女孩 ,' 我如何仰賴你, 給我愛當我需要它的時候---"

She stopped dancing--- / 她停止跳舞---

'Right on time, you will always be," / ' 準時正確地, 你將總是,"

Walked over to the jukebox--- / 走到自動點唱機---

"All my friends think---" / "我所有的朋友想---"

Reached around behind it and flicked off the power switch. / 在它後面的附近到達而且走開輕彈電源開關。

It wasn't like she didn't know the rest of the song. / 它是不像她沒有知道歌的其它部分。

It wasn't like it really applied. / 它不像真的被應用的它。

Probably never would apply. / 可能從不將會應用。

Ken was too-well adjusted for it to apply. / 肯恩也- 湧出調整讓它應用。

Wonderful song, though. Lazy bass line, lazier drums, lush violins, great piano and incomparable vocals. / 令人驚奇的歌,雖然。 懶惰的低音線,較懶惰的鼓, 飲小提琴,棒的鋼琴和無比的聲音。

The kind song that completed the mind-body circuit, and brought a person straight out of her skin. / 完成了心- 身體的線路, 而且筆直地從她的皮膚帶了一個人的親切歌。

Jun's eyebrows gathered into that resigned expression of hers, the one that was almost indistinguishable from her 'I'm trying to think' expression, except her lips quirked upwards at the corners. / 六月的眉毛進入她的認命表達之內聚集, 從她是幾乎不能辨別的那一個 '我正在嘗試想'表達,除了她的唇以外在角落以上奇事。

Ken was, and would always be, at least until there was no more need for this particular science ninja team, her commander. No, there wasn't a thing in the world that might coax him into her arms, not while he was in full possession of his faculties, at least. / 肯恩是, 和將會總是, 至少直到沒有對這個特別的科學忍者小組的更多需要,她的指揮官。 不,在可能哄他進她的手臂之內的世界中沒有一件事物,不當他是在他的全體教員的完全所有物中,至少的時候。

Fraternization and all that. / 結有深交和全部那。

And 'coax' was such a, such a puny word to describe what she wanted, what she thought she might want, what she . . . hoped to do? / 而且 '哄' 是如此的一, 一個如此微小的字描述她所想要的,她所想的她可能想要, 什麼她。 。 。 希望做?

Never mind he might not be attracted to her in the first place. / 不必介意,他不可能被對她首先吸引。

She laughed, a short soft exhalation and leaned her head against her quiet jukebox, the painted metal cool against her cheek. Soothing, almost. / 她笑, 一個短軟的呼氣而且倚靠了對抗她的安靜自動點唱機的她頭,描畫的金屬冷卻對抗她的頰。 撫慰的,幾乎。

She caressed her music box. She'd worked hard for this jukebox. / 她愛撫了她的音樂匣。 她有為這一個自動點唱機而努力工作。
Almost every CD in there was hers. And there were two thousand, four hundred, and twenty six more in the attic, just as much hers. / 幾乎每個 CD 在那裡中是她的。 而且有二千,四百, 和另外二十六個在閣樓中, 正如如很多她的。
More music, her adopted brother Jinpei liked to point out, then she could possibly play in a year. / 更多的音樂,她的被收養的兄弟 Jinpei 喜歡指出,然後她可以可能地在一年中玩。

But it was all hers. Every inch of it. / 但是它是她所有的。 每吋的它。

Thanks to Dr. Nambu, she had so much. A roof over her head. A somewhat thriving business. A patron who respected her. Honest work. A chance to etch, "Jun was here" across the annals of history . . . and she had the boys. / 由於 Nambu 博士, 她有這麼多。 在她的頭上屋頂。 略微繁榮的生意。 一個尊敬了她的贊助人。 誠實的工作。 一個機會蝕刻,越過歷史的紀年表 "六月在這裡" 。 。 。 而且她有了男孩。

Jun smiled for real. She might not have Ken's heart, but she had his love, and that was a very good thing. / 六月微笑為真正的。 她可能沒有肯恩的心,但是她有了他的愛,而且那是一件非常好的事物。

One of the best things. / 最好的事物之一。

Maybe best of all. / 也許最好地全部。

Preparing to stand, she placed her hand against the wall, her eye settling on a bit of very dirty floor that was by the planter. / 準備站,她把她的手放反對牆壁, 她的在一點藉著種植者的非常骯髒的地板上解決 的眼睛。
She leaned over and pulled the planter away from the wall, only to blush at what the planter had concealed. / 她倚靠在而且之上拉了種植者遠離牆壁,不料竟會在種植者已經隱藏的臉紅。

She'd forgotten she could be so silly. / 她已經忘記她可能是如此愚蠢。

She'd bought it for the holidays, had bound it with red ribbon and attached a loop of string, in tending to hang it. / 她有買了它假日,有了範圍它由於紅色的緞帶而且附上了線的一個環,在容易懸掛它方面。

But she'd chickened out. And now it sat, dirty and discarded, a sprig of poisonous green leaves and dusty white berries. / 但是她有膽小退出。 而且現在它坐著, 骯髒的而且丟棄,有毒的綠色樹葉和灰塵多的白色漿果的一根小樹枝。

Mistletoe. / 解寄生。


Jun eyed the lopsided bunch of dusty greenery critically. / 批評性地眼的灰塵多的綠葉傾向一方的串六月。
It didn't look like much, but once upon a time the Ainu of / 它看起來不像很多, 但是從前蝦夷人
Japan and ancient Europeans, interestingly enough, had thought it sacred. It was believed that mistletoe could cure illnesses, nullify poisons and encourage fertility. / 日本和遠古的歐洲人,有趣地足夠, 已經想它神聖的。 一般相信解寄生可以治療疾病, 取消毒藥而且鼓勵生產力。

In many cultures it had symbolized peace. To such an extent that warriors might declare a day-long truce should they meet beneath a sprig of mistletoe, even in the heat of battle. / 在許多文化方面它已經象徵和平。 對如此的一範圍以致於戰士可能宣布長達一天的停戰他們應該在解寄生的一根小樹枝之下見面嗎,甚至在戰爭的熱方面。

She'd found mistletoe's modern connotations far more interesting. / 她將會發現解寄生的現代含蓄更有趣的。

Many were the plans she'd had for this particular bunch of green leaves. Almost all of those plans - no, she smiled, fantasies if she were going to be frank about it - had been sitcom and shouju inspired. / 多數是她有為綠色的樹葉特別的串有計劃。 幾乎所有的那些計劃 -不,她微笑, 幻想如果她正在去關於它是坦白的 -已經是情境喜劇和被激發的 shouju。

She pulled a ratty bandanna out of her pocket and wiped away the worst of the dust that covered it. Its leaves were still a healthy color. They only looked a little pinched. "What a hardy little thing you are," Jun told it. "Guess that's why you're an evergreen." / 她把一個像老鼠的絲巾從她的口袋拉出來而且掃除涵蓋了它的灰塵最壞。 它的樹葉仍然是一種健康的顏色。 他們只看稍微被掐。 " 什麼一件難的小事物你是",六月告訴了它。 " 猜測那是你為什麼是一棵常綠樹".

She'd thought of hanging it from the glitter ball and pulling Ken onto the dance floor one evening should the mood be right. Then, she observed Joe rapping another one of her regulars, all sly smiles and flashing eyes, and she'd quashed the idea as too dangerous. / 她有想到懸掛從燦爛球它而且拉肯恩在跳舞之上鋪地板一個晚上萬一心情是正確的。 然後,她觀察了輕敲另外她的老客戶之一,所有的狡猾微笑和閃爍的眼睛 的喬,而且她有壓碎了想法如太危險的。

Holding the bunch of mistletoe up to the light, she let it dangle by the string from her fingertips until it spun itself straight. It would have looked very pretty beneath the glitter ball, twirling in the reflected spotlights. / 直到光握住解寄生的串,她藉著來自她的指尖線筆直地讓它吊動直到它快速旋轉它本身。 它會在燦爛球之下看起來非常漂亮,在被反映的焦點中使滴溜溜地旋轉。

But she'd been afraid; afraid that if Ken had caught sight of her mistletoe he would have understood completely what was going on and she'd not see him outside of the mission field for at least a month. / 但是她有是害怕; 害怕那假如肯恩瞥見他就會完全地了解了什麼正在繼續的她解寄生,而且她有不在任務的外邊看見他領域在至少一個月之中。

Jun lowered the mistletoe to the table top, rested her hand against her shoulder and her head against her hand. / 六月降低了對桌子頂端的解寄生, 休息了對抗她的肩她手而且休息了對抗她的手她頭。

She liked him too much to risk that. / 她喜歡他太多冒著那的危險。

With renewed purpose, Jun bound up her hair. She left her seat, hopped over the bar top and went into the kitchen to get more cleaning things. / 由於更新目的,約束的六月提高她的頭髮。 她離開了她的座位, 在酒吧頂端之上單腳跳而且進入廚房得到更多的清潔事物。

Minutes later she returned, bearing four types of housekeeping mitts, three buckets, her home chemistry set and a surgical mask. The lock of hair that had tickled her cheek all morning had escaped its confines once again. / 數分鐘之後她歸還,生家事棒球手套,三個桶子的四類型,她回家化學組和外科的假面具。 整早晨已經胳肢她的頰頭髮的鎖已經再一次逃脫它的疆界。

She stalked into the center of the dance-floor and cast her gaze upwards, a feral gleam in her eye. "You," she said to the clotted dust that crept down the electric cord and coated the top of her glitter ball, and got to work. / 她進入跳舞的中心之內悄悄靠近- 地板而且以上投了她的注視,她的眼睛野生的微弱閃光。 "你", 她說被凝結的灰塵爬下來電動的繩索而且外面覆蓋了她的燦爛球的頂端, 而且開始工作。

As the sun pressed brighter and brighter through the thin cloud cover, Jun dusted, scraped, mixed and scrubbed until the skin around her eyes was white and moist. Eventually, the harsh tang of chemicals combined with the sting of sweat in her eyes drove her to take a seat on the floor, right where she'd been working loose a calcified smear. / 當壓越來越明亮的完成瘦雲掩護的太陽 , 六月拂去灰塵, 刮掉, 混合而且用力擦洗直到在她的眼睛周圍的皮膚是白色的和潮溼的。 最後,被和她的眼睛汗刺結合的化學藥品的粗糙強烈的味道使她在地板,她已經工作解放被變成石灰質的污跡權利上坐。

Gum, she decided, pulling off her face mask with a heavy sigh, ought to be illegal. She stretched her legs and indulged in a slouch. / 塗以樹膠,她被決定,順利完成她的臉以一聲重的歎息掩飾, 應該是違法的。 她伸展了她的腿而且沉迷於一個向前彎腰。

The bell above her door tinkled. She looked up and winced, momentarily blinded by the daylight blazing behind the man's familiar silhouette. / 在她的被發出 tinkle 的聲響門上面的鈴。 她看在而且上面畏縮, 被白晝人暫時地盲人熾燃的在男人的熟悉黑色半身側面影後面。

"Hey," he said, laughing "didn't mean to blind you." He carried pink box, diagonally striped with broad red bands and tied with a big green bow. He smiled as he walked towards Jun, his gait easy. His hair swung shiny and loose around his wind-flushed face. / "嗨",他說,笑 "不是故意要盲人你" 。 他攜帶了粉紅的盒子, 對角的有斑紋由於大範圍的紅色樂團而且以大的綠色弓繫。 當他向六月走路的時候,他微笑, 容易的他步法。 他的頭髮搖擺有光澤的而且在他的風臉發紅的臉周圍釋放。

"Ken," Jun said. / "肯恩", 六月說。

He got down on his haunches next to her and propped the box, it looked like a cake box, on his knee. "Hi," he said a little breathlessly. He smelled of cold. / 他在緊鄰她的他腰上得到下來並且支撐了盒子,在他的膝上它看起來像一個蛋糕盒子一樣。 "嗨",他稍微喘不過氣來說。 他感冒聞。

"Hi," Jun replied, regretting her decision to go without a bra. / "嗨" ,六月答覆, 為她的決定感到遺憾不需要一件胸罩就去。

"What're we doing down here?" he asked. / " What're 我們在這裡做下來"? 他問。

"I'm," she leaned forward, planted her palm on the ground and got to her feet, "taking a break from cleaning." She pulled off her right hand glove and extended her hand. He took it. His eyes, warm and largely unreadable, locked with hers. / "我是",她向前地倚靠,種植在地面上的她手掌而且到達她的腳 ",帶來自清潔的休息". 她順利完成她的右手手套而且延伸了她的手。 他帶了它。 他的眼睛, 變溫暖和相當無法讀取,由於她的鎖。

They stood toe-to-toe. A hint of a smile played at the corners of his mouth. / 他們站著了腳趾-到-腳趾。 少量的一個微笑在他的嘴角落玩。

"What is it, Ken?" Jun finally asked. / "它是什麼,肯恩"? 六月最後問。

"Happy New Year," he grinned. He had a slight smear of cream colored frosting off-center of his chin. / " 快樂的新年",他露齒而笑。 他有了乳酪的微小污跡彩色的霜白狀糖覆離開-他的下巴中心。

"Happy New Year." / " 快樂的新年".

"Want to share some red-velvet cake with me?" he asked. / "想要與我分享一些紅色- 天鵝絨的蛋糕"? 他問。

"Sure," she said. "Give me a minute, though, okay?" / "當然" ,她說。 "給我分鐘,雖然,好"?

In the bathroom, she splashed her face and neck with warm water, scrubbed her hands and retied her bandanna twice before giving up. Her hair wasn't paying attention to her today. / 在浴室中,她在放棄之前用溫暖的水濺濕她的臉和脖子, 用力擦洗了她的手而且再繫了她的絲巾兩次。 她的頭髮不在今天注意她。

Folding the kerchief three times, she slipped it into her back pocket. / 折疊的頭巾三次,她進入她之內向後地滑倒了它口袋。

She licked her nude lips, placed her hand high on the bathroom door, and took a deep breath, reminding herself that she had practically grown up with the person waiting for her in the other room. / 她舔了她的裸唇﹐放她的手高度在浴室門上﹐而且作了深的呼吸, 提醒她自己她實際地已經和在另一個房間中等候她 的人長大。

She found Ken in the booth, holding the ribbon bound bunch of greenery up to the light. It twirled and twisted on the string while he poked at it with his finger. He appeared transfixed, his sweet mouth partially open. / 她在亭中發現肯恩,直到光握住綠葉的緞帶範圍串。 當他在它以他的手指撥開的時候,它在線上使滴溜溜地旋轉而且擰。 他似乎被刺穿,他的甜嘴部份地打開。

The bandanna would have hidden her burning ears. / 絲巾會藏著她的燃燒耳朵。

"Found one of your Christmas decorations," he said when she sat down, his eyebrows quirking. She held out her hand. He lowered the mistletoe to her palm, folded her fingers around it. / "發現你的聖誕節裝飾之一",當她坐下的時候,他說,他的眉毛奇事。 她伸出她的手。 他降低了對她的手掌解寄生,在它周圍摺疊她的手指。
For a moment, his hand enveloped her own. / 一會兒,他的手信封她自己的。

Fixing her with a look that meant she was at the center of his attention, he leaned over, so close that she saw that his eyelashes were not just black, but also brown-black and burnt bronze. The white of his eyes were very clean. Their color benign. His irises, she lost a second seeking out the many hues of his irises, looked like the heart of a deep blue chrysanthemum. Luckily, when he spoke his breath was not as sweet. So, Jun pulled back a little, the hammering of her heart the slowest it had been since he'd walked through the door. / 用意謂的神情固定她她在他的注意中心,他結束倚靠, 如此的接近以致於她看見,他的睫毛也是不但黑色的 , 而且褐色- 黑色而且燃燒了青銅。 他的眼睛白色非常乾淨。 他們的彩色良性的。 他的虹膜,她被失去秒尋找許多他的虹膜色,看起來像深的藍色菊花的心一樣。 所幸,當他在那時候說的時候他的呼吸是不如甜蜜。 因此,六月向後地稍微拉, 她的心鎚打最慢的它是自從他有走路過門之後。

Ken was already opening the cake box. Jun smiled to herself when she that the smear of frosting that graced Ken's chin matched the frosting on the cake. / 肯恩已經正在打開蛋糕盒子。 六月對她自己微笑當她優雅肯恩的下巴霜白狀糖覆的污跡與在蛋糕上的霜白狀糖覆相配了。

"This," he said, as his strong hands slid the box apart, "is incredible. The woman who made this ---" / "這",他說,如同他的強勁地分別地傳遞 slid 盒子一樣 ", 是難以置信的。 製造了這的女人 ---"

"Woman?" Jun asked. / "女人"? 六月問。

Ken nodded, "She's one of my customers, lives all the way out in Ugari." His eyes met hers. "She used to be a chef at Dano's Diner in New Chicago." / 肯恩點頭,"她是我的消費者之一,居住 Ugari 的所有出路 ". 他的眼睛碰到了她的。 " 她過去一直在新的芝加哥當在 Dano's 的用餐者主廚".

Jun looked suitably impressed though she could not remember having heard of Dano's Diner. The world was a big place, and if word of this 'Velvet' cake had reached Ken's ears it must be pretty impressive stuff. Ken cut two thick slices, revealing cake of a queer red color. / 雖然她不可以記得已經有聽說 Dano's 的用餐者,六月看合適地被感動。 世界是一個大的地方,而且假如這一個 '天鵝絨' 蛋糕的字聯絡它一定要是相當令人印象深刻的事情肯恩的耳朵。 肯恩減少二個厚的薄切片,顯示一種奇怪的紅色顏色的蛋糕。

"What's it made of?" Jun asked. / " 它被做什麼"? 六月問。

While fixing their plates he answered, "Some special kind of chocolate, red food coloring I think." He made a little face, "lots of red food coloring. Other stuff, but Miranda wouldn't tell me. I think there's cherry juice in here, too." / 當固定他回答的他們碟子的時候,"一些特別的類型巧克力,把我上色的紅色食物想". 他製造了一個小臉,"許多紅色的食物上色。 其他的事情,但是米蘭達將不告訴我。 我想有櫻桃汁在這裡,也。"

"A red chocolate cake?" Jun queried, squaring the plate in front of her. / "一個紅色的巧克力蛋糕"? 六月質疑,在她之前一致碟子。

Ken rolled his eyes, his fork wavered over his slice. He was picking the best angle to begin, "Yeah, and is it ever good." / 肯恩捲了他的眼睛,他的叉子在他的薄切片之上動搖。 他正在摘最好的角度開始,"是的, 和它是曾經好".

Her eyes blinked wide at her first mouthful. The taste had exploded in her mouth, at least five different kinds of sinfully good. Even the aftertaste sparkled. She took another bite, smiling closemouthed as she chewed. She swallowed and exclaimed, "Good!" / 她的眼睛廣闊地在她眨眼第一一口。 品嚐已經在她的嘴中爆炸, 至少五個不同的類型有罪好。 使被閃耀的回味相等。 她帶了另咬, 微笑的寡言當她咀嚼。 她吞而且大叫,"好處"!

Ken chuckled. "Told you," he said, and took his first bite. / 肯恩吃吃的笑。 "告訴了你",他說, 而且帶了他的第一咬。

The sound started low in his deep chest, trembled up the column of his throat. One of his hands curled in on itself and the tendons in his solid forearm shifted. / 聲音在他的深胸中低下地開始,在縱隊的他咽喉上面戰慄。 他的手之一弄捲在它本身之上而且他的堅硬前臂的腱改變。

Jun's mouth went dry. / 六月的嘴變乾。

Ken was moaning. / 肯恩正在呻吟。

He swallowed. "Sorry," he said, smiling apologetically. "It's just so good." He took another bite, and instead of moaning, sighed. / 他吞。 "對不起",他說,辯解地微笑。 " 它確實如此好" 。 他帶了另咬, 和取而代之的是呻吟,歎息。

The toes of Jun's left foot pressed down on the toes of her right. / 六月的左邊腳足趾在她的足趾右邊上壓進下來。

Oblivious to her scrutiny, Ken wriggled in his seat, slow. He looked to be having the time of his life. / 易忘的到她仔細研討,肯恩在他的座位中蠕動,慢地。 他期待正在有他的生活時候。

Fascinated, Jun watched him swallow. His Adam's apple slid up into the tender shadows beneath his jaw. His eyes squeezed shut and he did it again. He moaned. Right there in front of her. / 令人入神,六月看他吞。 向上進入溫和的影像之內在他的顎之下的他喉結 slid。 他的眼睛緊握關閉的而且他再一次做了它。 他呻吟。 就在那裡在她之前。

She blushed. / 她臉紅。

Ken's eyes blinked open. "Hey," he said, "Why aren't you eating your cake? Miranda worked really hard on this." / 肯恩的眼睛眨眼開放的。 "嗨",他說 ", 為什麼不是你吃你的蛋糕? 米蘭達努力地在這之上工作真的。"

Jun brushed crumbs from her cake into a small pile with her fork. "This is a really nice gift, she gave you," she said. / 六月從她的蛋糕到和她的叉子小堆疏刷了碎屑。 "這是一個非常美好的禮物,她給予了你",她說。

"Isn't it, though?" Ken replied. "She's a really nice lady. Really friendly. I guess she gets lonely living all the way out in Ugari. / " 它不是,雖然"? 肯恩答覆。 "她是非常美好的淑女。 真的友善。 我猜測她在 Ugari 中拿所有的出路給孤單的生活。
Doesn't have many friends, I don't think." He took another bite. / 沒有許多朋友,我不想。"他帶了另咬。

"I can imagine," Jun said, raising a forkful of icing to her lips, doing her best to ignore how he kissed the morsel off his fork. / "我能想像",六月說,升起對她的唇糖衣的 forkful, 最做她不理睬他如何在他的叉子外吻一口。

"Probably my best customer. For Thanksgiving she got me a scarf." / "可能我最好的消費者。 她給我一個圍巾感恩節。"

"Really?" Jun said. "You're kidding me." / "真的嗎"? 六月說。 "你正在哄騙我" 。

Ken made a complicated face, somewhat incredulous and mostly exasperated, "Why," he asked, "would I do that?" / 肯恩製造了一個複雜的臉, 略微懷疑而且大部份惱怒,"為什麼",他問 ",我將會做那嗎"?

"She bought you a scarf for Thanksgiving." / "她為感恩節買一個圍巾給你" 。

"Unh-hunh," Ken rubbed his thumb at the corner of his mouth, / "Unh-hunh",肯恩在他的嘴角落擦他的拇指,
"Knitted it herself." / "編織了它她自己" 。

"How old is Miranda?" Jun asked. / "米蘭達幾歲"? 六月問。

Ken shrugged, "Twenty-eight maybe, twenty-nine." / 肯恩聳肩," 二十八也許,二十九".

"Is she married?" / " 她是已婚的"?

"I don't think so," he put his index finger in his mouth, moistened it. / "我不這麼認為",他把他的食指放入他的嘴,弄溼它。

"She dating anybody?" / " 她和任何人約會"?

"Dunno," he replied around his finger, withdrew it from his mouth, pressed it against the plate to pick up a crumb of cake, and put it back into his mouth. / "不知道",他在他的手指周圍答覆,從他的嘴撤回了它,反對碟子壓進了它拾起蛋糕的碎屑, 而且進入他的嘴之內把它放回原處。

"You really have no idea, do you?" she blurted. / "你真的不知道,你不嗎"? 她衝口說出。

Ken leaned back into his seat, all smiles and lightness gone from his expression. "No idea what?" he asked. / 肯恩倚靠返回他的座位,所有的微笑和從他的表達不見了的輕。 " 沒有想法什麼"? 他問。

"No idea that half of your clients are dying in love with you?" / 一半的你客戶在愛方面和你死亡的沒有想法?

His brow beetled, "You're being silly." / 他的眉毛悄悄溜掉," 你是愚蠢".

"A lot of the girls that come to the J, come because they know you're here." / "因為他們知道你在這裡,所以許多到達 J 的女孩, 來" 。

At this, he scowled. / 在這,他皺眉頭。

"Ken, how can you not hear them whispering about how beautiful you are?" / "肯恩, 你如何不能聽到他們耳語關於如何美麗的你是"?

Ken blushed, "C'mon, Jun, stop it." / 肯恩臉紅,"C'mon ,六月,停止它" 。

She leaned across the table, her expression earnest, "What's it like? Having three quarters of a room drop what they're doing when you appear?" / 她倚靠過桌子,認真的她表達,"它像甚麼? 有房間下降中的四分之三當你出現的時候,他們正在做什麼?"

"Weird," he said. "And it doesn't happen all the time." He looked down at his hands, "Can we change the subject?" / "怪異的",他說。 " 而且它始終不發生" 。 他往下看他的手,"我們能改變主題嗎"?

"Sorry, it's just ---" she took pity on his discomfort, "---never mind." / "對不起, 它很正直 ---"她同情他的不適 ",---不必介意".

Ken's head nodded ever so slightly and favored her with another one of his slightly smiling stares, his eyes thoughtful as he examined her. The beautiful thing about Ken was that she felt neither frightened nor embarrassed. / 肯恩的頭曾經如此的些微點頭而且用另外他的些微微笑的注視之一偏愛她, 深思的他眼睛當他調查了她。 美麗的關於事物肯恩是,她感覺既非驚嚇也不困窘。

"Can I ask you a question, Jun?" / "我能問你一個問題嗎,六月"?

"You can ask me anything you want, Ken," Jun said. / " 你能問我任何事你想要,肯恩",六月說。

"Why didn't you put up your mistletoe?" / "你何不搭起你的解寄生"?

Jun hadn't been prepared for that. She hadn't been prepared for that at all. / 六月沒有被準備那。 她沒有被準備在全部的那。

"Um..." / "Um。。。"

Her fork twisted and turned in her grip, hovering over her remaining cake. She put it aside. / 她的叉子在她的緊握中擰而且轉,在她的剩餘蛋糕之上盤旋。 她儲存它。

"Um?" Ken supplied. / "Um"? 肯恩供應。

He appeared to be stealing himself for whatever she had to say, his mouth compressing until it was bud-like. His eyes dark blue wells of --- / 他似乎正在為她必須說的不論什麼偷他自己, 他的嘴壓縮直到它是像芽一樣的。 他的眼睛深藍色湧出 ---

"Sorry," he said, "never mind." He cleared his throat, "You've got frosting all over your cheek." / "對不起",他說 ",不必介意". 他被清除的他咽喉,"你已經到處有霜白狀糖覆你的頰".

Her eyes smiled first. "You've had some on your chin since you got here." She pushed herself out of the booth, "I'll get us some napkins." / 她的眼睛首先微笑。 "你已經自從你以後在你的下巴上有一些到達在這裡" 。 她離開亭推動了她自己,"我將拿一些餐巾給我們" 。

She felt his eyes on her back the entire way to the kitchen. / 她把在她上的他眼睛感覺回來到廚房的整個路。

On the other side of the double doors Jun leaned against the counter. What, she asked herself, was that? / 在兩邊開的門六月的另一邊上倚靠櫃台。 什麼,她問了她自己, 是那?

Shaking her head she strode back to the set of double doors. / 搖頭她向後地對兩邊開的門組邁大步走。
Ducking her head, she pulled it open, and ran directly into Ken. / 鑽入水中她的頭, 她拉了它開放的, 而且直接地進入肯恩之內跑。

A small shriek escaped Jun's mouth. The napkins she'd been carrying fluttered out of her grasp. The sound of the padded doors bumping against their backs filled her ears. Ken, being taller, reached over her head and braced his hand against the door nearest her. The fabric of his jacket, still cold from outside, enveloped her on one side; he himself radiating nothing but heat, and a tangy scent that was all his own. Her hands were crossed over her chest. She stood on her toes, her legs tensed. His other arm held back the closing of the other door. / 一聲小的尖銳響聲逃脫了六月的嘴。 她已經攜帶從她的把握擺動的餐巾。 碰傷他們的背部 的被填補的門聲音裝滿了她的耳朵。 肯恩, 比較高的存在, 最靠近伸過手去她的頭而且支撐對抗門的他手她。 他的夾克織物,然而從外面的感冒,在邊上信封她; 他自己放射沒事但是熱 , 和一種他所有自己的強烈氣味。 她的手被跨越她的胸。 她在她的足趾上站立,她的腿拉緊。 他的其他手臂抑制另一個門的結束。

Sandwiched, Jun thought, and feared the coming of a giggle fit. / 插入, 六月想, 而且害怕來臨一吃吃地笑適宜。
She felt something, touch, spider-like, the top of her hair. / 她感覺了某事,觸覺,像蜘蛛一樣的,她頭髮的頂端。

Ken's eyes pulled hard on hers. She was unable to look up and see what grazed the top of her head. The tip of Ken's tongue (was it white pink or pink white?) darted out and grazed the bottom of his lip. / 肯恩的眼睛在她的之上努力地拉。 她不能夠看在而且上面看見使吃草了她的頭頂端的東西。 肯恩的舌頂端 ( 是它白色的粉紅或粉紅的白色?) 投射出並且使吃草他的唇底部。

A delicious shiver, not unlike the one that flooded her mouth with the first bite of the red velvet cake, soared through her. / 一可口的打顫,不是不像用紅色的天鵝絨的第一咬氾濫她的嘴蛋糕的一個,升高過她。
It started from the crown of her head swept down her neck, down her shoulders, the back of her calves and to the soles of her feet. / 它從她的頭頂開始清掃下來她的脖子, 墬落她的肩,她的小牛背面和到她的腳腳掌。

Ken's hand, dry almost papery, settled on her upper arm. / 肯恩的手, 弄乾幾乎薄, 在她的上臂上安頓。
Her eyes almost closed in reaction to feel of his fingers on her skin. They must be glowing, Jun thought, they were so warm. / 她的眼睛幾乎在反應方面關閉在她的皮膚上的他手指感覺。 他們一定要是白熱的,六月想, 他們是如此溫暖。

Her head tilted up, ever so slowly. In time with the slow smile spreading across Ken's face. / 她的頭傾斜在,上面曾經如此的慢。 及時以慢的微笑包括肯恩的臉。

She looked up and saw twirling from a string held in his hand --mistletoe. / 她看在而且上面從被拿著在他的手中線看見使滴溜溜地旋轉 --解寄生。

End Mistled / 結束 Mistled

Author's notes: The idea for this came to me on the 24 of / 作家的附註: 想法對於這在 24 上走近我
December, 1997. This Christmas present is a little late. / 1997 年十二月. 這一個聖誕禮物稍微晚。
Hope y'all don't mind. / 希望 y'all 不介意。

Please direct all feedback to ebonbird@hotmail.com. All comments laudatory, flammatory and in between are deeply appreciated. / 請將所有的回應集中於 ebonbird@hotmail.com 。 讚美的所有意見, flammatory 和在深深地被感激之間。

Miscellania / 雜集

1. The old children's song Jun sings is the "One-two-three-fourfive, six-seven-eight-nine-ten, eleven-twelve song," that used to be on "The Electric Company," a show once produced by the Children's Television Workshop. / 1. 六月唱的老孩子的歌是那 "一二三-fourfive,六七八九十,十一十二首歌", 那過去一直在 "電動的公司" 上, 被孩子的電視工作室曾經生產的一場表演。

2. The lyrics to "Oh girl" by the Chi-lites / 2. 抒情詩到 " 哦女孩"藉著 X -精簡的
(Which is available on Vol I of the "Crooklyn" soundtrack.) / ( 是可得的在 "Crooklyn" 的第一 Vol 上原聲帶.)
Oh girl, / 哦女孩,
I'd be in trouble if you left me now. / 如果你現在留下了我,我將會有麻煩。
Cause I don't know where to look for love, I just don't know how. / 引起我不知道該在哪裡找尋愛, 我就是不知道如何。

Oh girl, how I depend on you, / 哦女孩,我仰賴你的方式,
To give me love when I need it, right on time you will always be. / 給我愛當我需要它的時候, 準時正確地你總是決意是。

All my friends call me a fool. / 我所有的朋友稱我為愚人。
They say, let the woman take care of you. / 他們說,讓女人照顧你。
So I try to be hip, think like a crowd. / 因此我試著是臀部,像群眾一樣想。
But even the crowd can't help me now. / 但是甚至群眾現在不能幫助我。

Oh girl, tell me what am I gonna do. / 哦女孩,告訴我我將要做什麼。
I know I got a guilty face, / 我知道我得到了一個有罪的臉,
Girl, I feel so out of place. / 女孩,我地方覺得如此外面。

Don't know where to go, who to see. / 不要知道該在哪裡去,該看見。

Oh, girl, I guess I better go, I could save myself a lot of useless tears, / 哦,女孩, 我猜測我更多去,我可以解救我自己許多沒有用的淚滴,
Girl, I gotta get away from here. / 女孩,我必須在這裡遠離。

Oh girl, pain will double if you leave me now, 'cause I don't know where to look for love, and I don't, I don't know how. / 哦如果你現在留下我,女孩 , 痛苦將加倍,' 引起我不知道該在哪裡找尋愛,和我不, 我不知道如何。
Oh yeah, / 哦是的,

Oh girl, / 哦女孩,
Why do I love you so? / 我為什麼愛你如此?
Better be on my way, I can't stay here. / 更在途中,我能不在這裡停留。

Have you ever seen such a helpless man? / 你曾經看到一個如此無助的男人嗎?

3. Red Velvet cake does exist. There are many different recipes available on-line. Try a search engine. / 3. 紅色的天鵝絨的蛋糕確實存在。 有許多不同的食譜可以用線上的。 試一個搜尋引擎。

Happy Christmas, all the time. / 快樂的聖誕節, 始終。
~~~Ebonbird (ebonbird@hotmail.com) / ~~~ Ebonbird(ebonbird@hotmail.com)

End Mistled Notes / 結束 Mistled 附註