An Alternative Gatchaman/Battle of the Planets Short Story: Adult Fan Fiction (c) November 1994; May 2001 by Katharine Foust-Martin. Characters c Tatsunoko Productions, Sandy Frank Enterprises, and Katharine Foust-Martin. Do not reproduce without permission from the author. Warning: storyline contains scenes of violence and sexual themes. / 行星的替代 Gatchaman/ 戰爭短故事: 成人的狂熱者小說 (c)1994 年十一月; 凱薩琳 Foust 的 2001 年五月-馬丁。 個性 c Tatsunoko 製造,桑迪法蘭克企業和凱薩琳 Foust-馬丁。 不要沒有來自作家的許可再生。 警告: 劇情包含暴力和性的主題現場。

Of all his team, Jun Himuro was the best at hacking and hamstringing entire Gallactor networks, so when Mareccu Dumeneau decided that it was time to disable the Gallactor base's missile launch system, he chose her to go with him, with Key Akihiro and their warship's helmsman Robert Harper to remain on the warship for support. He would have liked to have had Jay Randall along for backup, but his second was going to be gone for at least three more weeks. / 他所有的小組,六月 Himuro 在砍劈而且切斷腿筋使成跛腿整個的 Gallactor 網路是最好,因此,當 Mareccu Dumeneau 決定,它是該 Gallactor 基礎的飛彈失去能力的時候發射制度, 他隨身選擇她進行,與關鍵的 Akihiro 和他們的軍艦舵手羅勃特彈奏豎琴為支持留在軍艦上。 他將會已經喜歡已經向前為後援有鳥蘭德爾,但是他的秒將要不見了另外至少三個數個星期。
The warship Phoenix cruised silently through the Pacific Ocean. Ahead of them was the base, hidden within a deep trench along the Philippine coastline, undetectable to anyone without the most advanced energy wave detection technology known to man. Jun ran through the system schematics from Gallactor bases they infiltrated in the past on the warship's secondary viewscreen, boning up on the best way to disable their operations. She had been at it for nearly two days, the only amount of time that Intelligence had given them for preparation. Hands flying over a small keyboard in the console, she finally wrote out a short program, only about twenty lines long. She revised it once, then shaking her head with a look that was almost furious, she changed it again. / 軍艦鳳凰城默默地巡航過太平洋。 在他們之前是基礎,沿著菲律賓的海岸線藏在一條深的渠裡面, 無法發覺的對任何人沒有最先進的能源揮舞被知道的發現技術配備人手。 六月跑過來自 Gallactor 的系統圖表他們過去在軍艦的中級 viewscreen 上浸潤作基礎, 去骨在最好的方法上上面使他們的手術失去能力。 她已經是在它長達將近二天之久, 唯一量的時間智力已經為準備給他們。 在控制檯中在一個小的鍵盤之上飛的手,她最後寫出一個短計畫, 只有大約二十條行長的。 她校訂了它一次, 然後以幾乎狂怒的神情搖頭,她再一次改變了它。
Still miles from the base, Rob killed the warship's engines. Forward momentum kept the Phoenix moving until he found a satisfactory place to hide. He brought the ship about to position her low above the sea floor, hidden behind a long coral reef. Then he held the ship stationary, engines silently cycling, not one grain of sand rising beyond her to give away their position. / 然而來自基礎的哩, 搶奪殺了軍艦的引擎。 向前的動力保持了鳳凰城移動,直到他發現一個滿意的地方藏。 他到處帶了船放置在海洋地板上面的她低點,藏在長的珊瑚暗礁後面。 然後他默默地拿著了船固定之物體,引擎騎車而不是超過她升起分送他們的位置沙子的穀粒。
Key carefully surveyed the base, reading their transmission waves. It was no easy trick, with Gallactor's technology nearly superior to the EDC's. Even so, long hard battles with the Earth Defense Command had left the Gallactor syndicate desperately low on manpower and material, and it had been surmised that they would try to attack some easy target; a small but financially rich nation, and bend them to their will before the EDC and the United Nations got a chance to react. Then the Philippine base was located, stuffed full with North Korean made black-market long-range ballistic missiles, wired with the most sophisticated launching system that the syndicate could muster, and the assignment to cripple it was delegated to G-Force. / 小心地調音審視基礎,讀他們的傳輸波浪。 它不是一個容易的詭計,藉由對 EDC's 的是幾乎優越的 Gallactor's 的技術。 甚至如此, 長的難戰爭與向左被有 Gallactor 的地球防衛指令在人力和材料上低下地聯合組織強烈地,而且它已經被推測他們將會試著攻擊一些容易的目標; 一個小的但是財政富有的國家, 而且對他們的意志彎曲他們在 EDC 和聯合國得到了一個機會反應之前。 然後菲律賓的基礎被設置, 完全地和被做的北韓人裝填在黑市賣長程的彈道飛彈, 以線加強的由於最複雜的發射企業聯合可以召集的系統, 和任務損傷它被代表到 G-力量。
Key finished and looked at his watch. "Time," he intoned. / 鑰匙完成而且看他的手錶。 " 時間 ", 他 intoned。
Jun looked up at Mareccu, her expression calm and unaffected. "Ready," she quietly said, and Mareccu read the program which she would transmit when possible. His eyebrows arched in surprise: she had written a simple Greenwood Loop, patterned after the virus that a high-school kid had designed for laughs way back around the turn of the 21st, that had scrambled the entire Chicago public works department for nearly a week. It was kid stuff. / 六月看在 Mareccu上面,平靜的和不矯揉造作的她表達。 " 現金 ",她安靜地說,而且 Mareccu 讀她將會傳輸當可能的時候計畫。 弓形的在意外中的他眉毛: 她已經寫一個簡單的綠磷環, 模仿在病毒之後一個中學小孩已經在第 21 個的旋轉周圍為笑方法向後地設計,那已經攀緣民眾操作部門將近一個星期的整個芝加哥。 它是小孩事情。
"It might not work," Jun warned. / " 它不可能工作 ",六月警告。
Mareccu slowly shook his head at the absurdity of it all. In his opinion the whole run was unnecessary and the objective could be obtained just as easily with a direct hit. At this stage in the war against Gallactor, he felt that subtleties were not obligatory. / Mareccu 慢慢地在它的荒謬搖頭全部。 依他之見整個的奔跑是不必要的,而且目的可能被獲得正如容易地以一個直接的碰撞。 在現階段在對抗 Gallactor 的戰爭中,他感覺了敏銳不是義不容辭。
So they canceled transmutation in the ship's diving chamber, and stripped out of their clothes to put on diving gear. Mareccu couldn't help keeping his eye on her. Jun's body, with nothing on but a blue lycra Speedo racing swimsuit, was rock hard with lean muscle. She was tall, nearly five-seven, and her black hair nearly reached the small of her back. Moving quickly, she braided and wrapped her hair into a short tail and pulled her wetsuit on, saying nothing, stopping once to help Mareccu pull the black neoprene fabric of his over his broad shoulders. She packed a hand-held PC into a wet-bag and tied it to her waist, then pulled the single tank on her back. She nodded ready, and Mareccu punched a button on a pad near the seal. The chamber began to fill with sea water. / 因此他們取消了船的潛水會議室的變形, 而且除去離他們的衣服穿上潛水工具。 Mareccu 無法不保存在她上的他眼睛。 六月的身體, 藉由沒事在但是賽跑游泳衣的藍色 lycra Speedo,是對瘦的肌肉感到難的岩石之上。 她是高的, 將近 57,而且她的黑色頭髮幾乎聯絡了她的背部小者。 很快地移動, 她辮子而且包裝她的頭髮進一隻短尾部之內而且拉了她的 wetsuit 在,之上毫不說, 停止一次幫助 Mareccu 拉在他的大範圍的肩上他黑色氯丁橡膠織物。 她包裝一個手上型個人電腦進濕氣之內- 袋子而且繫了它到她的腰部,然後拉了在她的背部上的單一槽。 她點頭了現金,而且 Mareccu 以拳重擊了在印章附近的在一個填補上的一個鈕扣。 會議室開始裝滿海洋水。
Suddenly, Mareccu felt an uncharacteristic pang of fear stab deep into his heart. The image that had flown through his head was that something was going to go horribly wrong, and the thought sent cold knives running up and down his hardwired nerves. It came as such a shock- he never went out into situations without the calm professional attitude that he was famous for: to face what came and act accordingly- that he paused at the seal when it opened, and Jun had to give him a sharp push to get going. Like him, she wasn't thrilled with the mission parameters, and wanted to get it done and over with. / 突然, Mareccu 進入他的心之內感覺一陣恐懼的不特性劇痛刺深處。 已經經過他的頭飛影像是,某事將要可怕地錯誤去,而且想法送了上下地跑他的 hardwired 神經的寒冷刀子。 它同樣地來一個驚嚇-他從不外出進入沒有他而聞名的平靜專業的態度情形: 因此面對來的東西和行為 - 當它打開,而且六月必須給他銳利的推動流行的時候,他在印章暫停。 喜歡他, 她不與任務參數一起震顫, 而且想要讓它被做和結束由於。
He pushed out into the ocean, moving through the water with powerful strokes. He carried along a harpoon gun, his boomerang blade, and a packet of Jay's quillspike shuriken, which his second had tossed to him when he boarded the ship, winking evilly as Mareccu caught the leather. You never know... / 他進入大海之內推動出,移動過有有力的筆劃水。 他向前攜帶一隻魚叉槍,他的回飛棒刀鋒和一個鳥的 quillspike shuriken 的小包,當他登上了船的時候,他的秒已經對他投擲, 邪惡地眨眼當 Mareccu 捕捉了皮革之時。 你從不知道。。。
Mareccu forgot about the momentary lapse; this was business. Key's voice filtered through the receiver that he had set in his ear before they left; now he was able to hear about any changes in plan as Key tracked them throughout the base through the video supplied by the micro-cams built into their diving gear. He swam harder. It was nearly ten minutes before he reached another reef that marked the outer perimeter of the base. If they were going to be detected, it would happen now. / Mareccu 關於瞬間的過失忘記; 這是生意。 在他們離開之前 , 鑰匙的聲音過濾過他已經在他的耳朵中設定的接收器; 當鑰匙在基礎各處經過被微供應的錄影帶追蹤了他們的時候,現在他能夠聽到關於在計劃方面的任何改變-凸輪進入他們的潛水工具之內建造。 他更努力地游泳。 它在他到達了標示了基礎的外部周長的另暗礁將近十分鐘之前。 如果他們正在去被發現,它現在將會發生。
Mareccu stopped, floated upright, and held one arm up with his hand closed, signaling Jun to stop and hide. She ducked down behind an urchin-coated rock, fish darting out of her way. / Mareccu 停止,直立地飄浮, 而且以他的被關閉的手向上拿著一隻手臂, 象徵六月停止而且藏。 她在一塊淘氣鬼外面覆蓋的岩石後面沒入水中下來,投射離她的方法魚。
On the bridge of the ship Key ran another sweep of the area. "Looks good so far," he reported calmly, watching their progress on the viewscreen above his head. Then he turned to another screen on the console, where the perimeter of the base, it's schematics, and the locations of Mareccu and Jun were pinpointed. "Okay. At about twenty meters at your nine o'clock there should be a channel opening." / 在船鑰匙的橋上跑另外區域的掃除。 " 到現在為止看起來很好 ",他平靜地報告,看在 viewscreen 上的他們進步他所不懂的。 然後他轉向在控制檯上的另一個螢幕, 在哪裡基礎的周長,它是圖表,而且 Mareccu 和六月的地點被精確地找到。 "好。 在你的九點鐘在大約二十公尺應該有一個頻道開始。"
Mareccu pointed with the tip of his harpoon before moving. / Mareccu 在移動之前以他的魚叉頂端指。
"Affirmative," Key said. "That's a duct of some kind, probably to a flood chamber. I'm reading trace elements coming out of it, mostly engine exhaust." / " 肯定的 ",鑰匙說。 "那是一個一些類型的管,可能到一間洪水會議室。 我正在讀從它出來的痕跡元素,大部份引擎用盡。"
Mareccu pushed over, signaling Jun to follow. / Mareccu 推倒 , 象徵六月跟隨。
"Okay," Key said. "About six more meters...there. That's your door. You have seven minutes, in and out. Have fun." / " 好 " ,鑰匙說。 "關於另外六個公尺的事。。。在那裡。 那是你的門。 你七分鐘有, 在和在外。 有樂趣。"

It turned out that Key was right. They ended up inside a massive flood channel for submarines and amphibious ships; from below Mareccu could see the bottoms of three ships as elongated black silhouettes. He swam past one, running his hand along the bottom. It was too easy. Jun glided past and up, heading for the surface. Mareccu saw her, and shot his hand up to grab her ankle. She looked down at him with an expression mixed of outrage and surprise, and saw him shake his head once. He would surface first. / 它把那一支鑰匙關掉是正確的。 他們對於潛水艇和水陸兩棲船在一個龐大的洪水頻道裡結束 ; 從在 Mareccu 下面可以見到三艘船的底部當做被延長黑色黑色半身側面影。 他游泳越過一,沿著底部跑他的手。 真是太容易。 六月滑動過去並且提高,去表面。 Mareccu 見到她, 而且向上射擊他的手抓取她的腳踝。 她以暴行和意外被混合的表達往下看他, 而且見到他搖頭曾經。 他將會首先升至水面。
Five minutes left. Mareccu took a deep breath then shut off his tank. He didn't want a mass of bubbles announcing their presence. He swam up, gently lifting his head above the waterline, exhaling slowly. / 五分鐘離開。 Mareccu 在他的槽外然後作了深的呼吸關上。 他沒有想要宣布他們的出現大量的泡沫。 他游泳在,上面逐漸地舉起在 waterline 上面的他頭,慢慢地呼氣。
The bay was empty. If there was anyone there, they raised no alarm. Mareccu waited motionless, scanning the area back and forth. Finally, he motioned for Jun. / 海灣是空的。 如果那裡在那裡是任何人,他們沒升起警報。 Mareccu 等候不動的,來回地掃描區域。 最後,他運動六月。
She broke the surface and pushed up onto the platform, holding herself in a low crouch. Then she moved forward to a terminal, stepping carefully with the fins on her feet, leaving a trail of seawater. Mareccu remained in the water for another minute, ducking his head under once to check if another ship was approaching, then he followed her up. / 她在月台之上斷掉了表面而且強行上升,在低的蹲伏中握住她自己。 然後她向前地移動到一個終點,小心地以在她的腳上鰭走,離開一條海水的蹤跡。 Mareccu 保持在水中另分鐘, 鑽入水中在一次下面的他頭檢查如果另一艘船正在接近,然後他追求她。
Three minutes left. / 三分鐘離開。
She pulled out the PC, ran a datacable from it into a jack set in the wall, and had the missile guidance systems up in a matter of seconds. Mareccu knelt behind her, facing the arena, the speargun held out and ready, three of Jay's black-lined shuriken folded between the fingers of his left hand. / 她拉出個人電腦,跑來自它的 datacable 進一個在牆壁中被設定的插座之內, 而且在大約數秒內向上有飛彈指導制度。 在她後面的 Mareccu knelt,面對競技場,被維持的 speargun 和現金, 鳥中的三黑色的- 排成一行 shuriken 在他的左手手指之間摺疊。
It wasn't long before someone discovered the unauthorized entry in the guidance systems. A Gallactor commander at the primary control and operations room saw the breach of security alarm, and sent the dozen men in his presence to investigate. They silently left, slinging high-powered weapons. / 在某人發現了指導制度的未授權的進入之前 , 它不長。 一個 Gallactor 指揮官在初期的控制和手術房間見到了安全警報的裂口, 而且在他的面前派遣一打的男人調查。 他們默默地離開,投擲精力充沛的武器。
One minute left. / 分鐘離開。
Jun tapped impatiently at the board. "Hurry," Mareccu warned. / 六月不耐煩在董事會輕打。 " 匆忙 ",Mareccu 警告。
"It's not working-" Frustrated, she began another virus loop from scratch. / "它不是工作-"失望的,她從頭開始了另病毒環。
"What?" / " 什麼 "?
"It didn't work," Jun spat out, now genuinely scared. "Oh, no-" / " 它沒有工作 ",六月輕打出,現在真正地驚嚇。 "哦,不-"
"Actual to bridge! Fire it up!" Mareccu ordered into the commlink. Behind the reef, Rob wordlessly engaged the warship's engines. He navigated over and around the reef, the Phoenix rising like a manta, sending a storm of sand and coral swirling around her hull. Beside him Key jumped into the commander's seat, and raised the weapons systems. / " 真實的以橋連接! 點燃它增加!"Mareccu 進入 commlink 之內命令。 在暗礁後面,沈默地搶奪預訂軍艦的引擎。 他航行在和之上在暗礁的周圍,像 manta 升起,送一陣沙子和在她的殼周圍搖晃的珊瑚暴風雨的鳳凰城。 在他旁邊進入指揮官的座位之內調音跳躍, 而且升起了武器系統。
A Gallactor trooper appeared at the entrance to the bay, skidding to a stop, waving more down to his position. He leveled a rifle down at the pair. / 一個 Gallactor 騎兵在通往海灣的入口出現, 剎車到一個停止,更下來揮舞到他的位置。 他在雙把一把來福槍消除下來。
Engrossed in her work, Jun didn't notice the trooper's arrival. Mareccu did. Rising to his full height he pointed the harpoon out with one arm and shot the bolt into the trooper's face. Blood rained on the white cement floor and the trooper fell backwards against another. / 在她的工作中完全吸引,六月沒有注意騎兵的抵達。 Mareccu 做。 對他的完全高度升起他以一隻手臂指出魚叉而且關上門閂進騎兵的臉之內。 血下雨在白色的水泥上地板,而且騎兵向後反對另外的跌落。
"I've got it!" Jun cried, exhaltation and relief on her face. She jerked the cord out of the wall and tossed the PC into the water where the salt water would quickly corrode it to uselessness. Mareccu reloaded another bolt. Now Galactor men were sprinting towards them. / " 我已經得到它 "! 六月哭,exhaltation 和在她的臉上安心。 她從牆壁痙攣了繩索而且投擲個人電腦進含鹽的水將會很快地對沒有用使腐蝕它的水之內。 Mareccu 再裝貨了另門閂。 現在 Galactor 男人正在向他們奮力而跑。
It was too late to dive into the water. Within seconds, they were under fire. Bullets crashed into the wall just inches from Jun's head; she ducked and rolled out from behind Mareccu and leaped high into the air. In mid-air she managed to shrug out of the oxygen tank's harness and flip it into the chest of a trooper underneath her, before landing on the back of the closest sub. Crouching low on his feet, Mareccu shot the next bolt into the chest of another, then sent the shuriken flying with a hard, backhand pitch into two more before following Jun. / 它是太晚而無法跳入水。 在秒內,他們是在火之下。 墬落牆壁的子彈僅僅從六月的頭慢慢前進; 她沒入水中而且捲出從在 Mareccu 後面而且進入空氣之內高度地跳躍。 在空中她設法在她的下面聳肩離氧箱的馬具而且用指頭彈它進騎兵的胸之內,在最親近的替代人員的背面上登陸之前。 蹲下在他的腳上低點,Mareccu 關上下門閂進另外一的胸之內,然後送了以難飛的 shuriken,反拍在未來六月之前著手於另外二個。
Landing on the sub he saw Jun lying prone on it's back, giving as little a target as possible for the troopers to fire at. She had palmed her blade, her arm extended for the toss at an approaching trooper. Instead, Mareccu signaled at her to escape, now. With a curt nod she splashed into the water, and Mareccu dove in behind her. / 在替代人員身上登陸他在它上見到六月橫躺俯伏的回來, 給當一點點一個目標之時當做可能的讓騎兵點燃在。 她已經藏她的刀鋒於掌中,她的手臂在一個接近騎兵為投擲延伸。 現在相反的, Mareccu 在她發送訊號逃脫。 藉由簡略的點頭她進入水 , 和 Mareccu 鴿子之內濺濕在她後面。
Underwater, Jun flipped around like a dolphin and swam frantically for the channel, moving fast without the weight of the oxygen tank, Mareccu right on her tail. Behind them, an enterprising and uncharacteristically smart Gallactor trooper strapped on Jun's discarded tank and dove into the water after them. / 在水中的, 六月在附近用指頭彈喜歡一隻海豚而且狂暴地為頻道游泳,移動沒有氧箱的重量齋戒,就在她的尾部上的 Mareccu。 在他們後面,一個有企業精神的和異常聰明的 Gallactor 騎兵在被丟棄槽和鴿子進在他們後的水之內的六月綑綁。
After a few minutes Mareccu saw Jun suddenly falter, desperately needing air. Mareccu sided up along her and let her breathe from his apparatus for a few moments. Her hair came unbound and curled around her straining face in a waving black curtain. Mareccu's heart pounded; she was in trouble. / 在數分鐘 Mareccu 突然見到六月之後支吾地說,強烈地需要空氣。 Mareccu 袒護在沿著她上面而且從他的裝置讓她呼吸數片刻。 她的頭髮來已獲得自由的而且在她周圍弄捲在一揮舞黑色的帳中勞累臉。 Mareccu's 的心強烈打擊; 她有麻煩。
Jun took three quick breaths from him and broke loose, swimming hard for the Phoenix with renewed strength. She escaped the channel and reached upwards towards the coral reef. The underbelly of the Phoenix loomed in above her, dark and spectral in the sea, buffeting Jun with waves of turbulent water from her motion. / 六月作了來自他的三快呼吸而且斷掉了解放,為和更新的力量鳳凰城努力地游泳。 她向珊瑚暗礁以上逃脫了頻道而且到達。 鳳凰城的下腹部的隱約可見在海洋中的她,黑暗和頻譜上面,用來自她的運動狂暴水的波浪擊六月。
Mareccu didn't appear behind her. Sudden and sharp fear snapped through her whipcorded nerves. Without hesitation she turned back and ducked into the channel. / Mareccu 在她後面沒有出現。 突然的和銳利的恐懼咬斷過她的 whipcorded 神經。 沒有暫停她折回而且躲進頻道。
She found Mareccu still halfway down the channel, grappling with the pursuant trooper. She saw the flash of a knife in the Gallactor's hand; Mareccu caught his wrist and twisted his hand down. Jun unsheathed a blade of her own and curled up behind the trooper, clutching him by the chin and swiping the blade across his throat. Blood flooded the water. / 她發現 Mareccu 仍然中途下來頻道,以依據的騎兵抓住。 她見到 Gallactor's 的手刀閃光; Mareccu 捕捉了他的手腕而且把他的手擰下來。 六月在騎兵後面不鞘了她自己的刀鋒而且蜷縮而臥,藉著下巴和 swiping 橫過他的咽喉刀鋒抓牢他。 血氾濫了水。
The trooper convulsed violently from the wound as Mareccu pushed him off, and one of his arms swung back in a spasm and struck Jun across the stomach. All of her inheld air burst out of her from the strike, and she dropped to the floor of the channel, slowly sagging down. / 騎兵使震動猛烈的從創傷當 Mareccu 走開推動了他,而且他的手臂之一在一個抽筋中向後地搖擺而且打六月橫過胃。 她的全部 inheld 空氣從罷工爆裂離她,而且她降低到頻道的地板,慢慢地下垂下來。
Mareccu would have screamed if he had been able. He pulled her up, attempted to give her more air from his set; she wasn't breathing at all. He turned and frantically swam out of the channel, pulling her with him. At the belly of the warship the diving chamber gates slid open and he shoved her in, then climbed up himself. / 假如他是, Mareccu 就會尖叫了聰明的。 他把她拉起來 ,嘗試給來自他的組她更多的空氣; 她沒有在全然呼吸。 他轉向並且狂暴地游泳離頻道,和他拉她。 在軍艦的腹潛水會議室門滑動開放的而且他推擠了她在, 然後爬上他自己。
The gates slowly closed, and bilge pumps automatically switched on and pumped the captured water back out to the ocean. Internal oxygen tanks hissed on and filled the space with fresh air. / 門慢慢地關閉,而且船底自動地用唧筒抽水打開而且用唧筒抽水被捕獲的煮開水裝置向外到大海。 內在的氧箱發出噓聲在而且之上將空間裝滿新鮮的空氣。
"Key!" Mareccu screamed into a comm. From the bridge Key leaped up and sprinted down the access for the hatch down to the diver. Inside Mareccu cradled Jun in his arms, pinched off her nose and gave her two hard breaths. Her skin had discolored to a pasty blue, her pulse a sluggish and barely traceable beat. Mareccu counted the beats -oh no not Juney oh please- and gave her two more. He shook her, pleaded to her, "Jun, please wake up!" above his head Key popped open the top hatch and reached down to her neck, feeling for her pulse. "Onechan...!" / " 關鍵的 "! Mareccu 進入 comm 之內尖叫。 從橋鑰匙跳躍在而且上面奮力而跑下來通路因為艙口對潛水者墬落。 他的手臂放在搖籃內六月的內部 Mareccu,走開掐她的鼻子而且給予了她二難的呼吸。 她的皮膚已經對 pasty 藍色不染色, 她的脈膊一拍偷懶的和幾乎可追蹤的打。 Mareccu 計算了打 - 表示驚訝沒有不 Juney 表示驚訝請- 而且給予了她的另外二個。 他搖動了她,對她辯護," 六月,請醒來 "! 他所不懂的鑰匙取出公開頂尖的艙口並且伸手拿下到她的脖子,摸索她的脈膊。 "Onechan。。。!"
Her body suddenly shook, and she sucked in a long rasping breath, then coughed and choked out water. Mareccu held her off to one side, then hugged her close. Above them Key collapsed prone onto the deck, sighing in relief. / 她的身體突然搖動,而且她在長的用粗銼刀銼呼吸中吸,然後咳嗽而且窒息出水。 Mareccu 將她延遲到邊, 然後擁抱她的結束。 在他們上面調音倒塌俯伏的在甲板之上,在安心方面歎息。
In Mareccu's arms Jun coughed again and again, breathing in hoarse gasps, her body trembling. "I'm sorry..." she moaned, choked again. / 在 Mareccu's 的手臂六月一次又一次咳嗽,在沙啞的喘氣方面呼吸,她的身體發抖。 "對不起。。。"她呻吟,再一次窒息。
"It's okay," Mareccu whispered, shaking hard himself, holding her even tighter, smoothing out her tangled hair. "It's okay..." / " 它是好",Mareccu 耳語,努力地搖動他自己,甚至更緊緊捉住她,抹光出自她使纏結了頭髮。 "真是好。。。"

Upon returning to Crescent Coral Island and Center Neptune, Mareccu learned during debriefing that their little excursion only bought another month's time before the base would become active again. It was more than he could take, risking his and Jun's lives like that for one lousy month when they could have just as easily disabled the base for good with a well-aimed Bird missile. The Marjillian Rigan half of his Earth-hybrid lineage nearly reared out of control, and it was all he could do to keep himself from burying his fist into David Anderson's face. / 一回到新月形的珊瑚島和中央的海王星, Mareccu 在他們的小遠足只在基礎再一次將會變成積極另一個月的時間之前買的任務報告期間學習。 它超過他可以拿,冒著他的和六月的像那對於一個他們可以有的污穢月正如容易地用一個對準目標良好的鳥飛彈無效好處的基礎生命的危險。 Marjillian Rigan 一半的他地球- 混合的血統幾乎養育失去控制, 而且它全都是他可以做進入大衛安德遜的臉之內從埋保存他自己他的拳頭。
He left the conference room out of transmutation, expression black with rage, saying nothing to anyone. Before leaving he checked in on Jun in the infirmary. She had been asleep, so he didn't bother her. His last act before leaving altogether was ordering the release of his FA/116A Eagle Sharp from the Phoenix and having it lifted to the surface airstrip on the island, it's transmutation canceled into it's conversal Cessna jet. On the flight home all he could think of was Jun, slumped on the bottom of that fill channel, all of her air gone; he trying to resuscitate her in the Phoenix. It had been close, so very, very close. He couldn't stop shaking, even while on the final approach to the grass landing strip beside his two-story cliff house south of Shelter Cove. Landed and inside the house he finally let go, and thankfully he lived three miles from his nearest neighbor, when the realization slammed hard that she had nearly died in his arms. / 他從變形,對憤怒感到黑色的表達留下了會議房間,對任何人說沒事。 在離開之前他在六月在虛弱中檢查。 她已經睡熟了的,因此,他沒有煩擾她。 他的最後在全部離開之前行動正在從鳳凰城整命令他的 FA/116 A 鷹的釋放而且升高它到在島上的表面飛機跑道, 它是被取消的變形進入它之內是 conversal Cessna 噴射機。 在飛行上回家全部他可以想到是六月, 在那的底部上猛然掉落裝滿頻道,她的全部不見了的空氣; 他嘗試在鳳凰城恢復她。 它已經是結束,如此的非常非常接近。 他無法停止搖動,甚至當在最後的達成方式上在他的二層樓高的懸崖旁邊的草飛機跑道庇護所小海灣向南方收容的時候。 擁有土地的和在房子裡他最後讓去,而且當實現努力地猛然關上她已經被幾乎死於他的手臂時候慶幸地他居住在距離他最近的鄰居三哩處。

Two days later, Mareccu went back to the loft. / 二天之後, Mareccu 回去頂樓。
Jay Randall was already there, absorbed in a game of solo pool on the antique Bruinswick table they had received as a gift from the prime minister of Germany two years before. The room was dark, both shades pulled to block out the sun, two of the five neon beer signs on for light. They gave a soft reddish-gold illumination, giving the loft and the mahogany bartop that graced the far wall a surreal ruby glow. The only brilliant light on was the hanging table lamp, an antique brass and red stained-glass Budweiser lamp with the Clydesdales prancing across the top. Acid-jazz softly filtered up from Jun's nightclub downstairs with a slow urban beat. As Mareccu approached Jay stretched out on one side, all of his weight balanced on his good leg, took careful aim, and sent the striped five spinning into a corner pocket. / 鳥蘭德爾在那裡是已經, 在他們在二年以前已經收到如來自德國的總理一個禮物的舊式 Bruinswick 桌子上的一場單獨池的比賽中吸收。 房間是黑暗又兩者的蔭涼處拉空出太陽 , 五個氖啤酒符號中的二個在對於光之上。 他們提供了軟的微紅- 黃金照明,給頂樓和優雅了遠的牆壁一塊夢幻般的紅寶石赤熱的桃花心木 bartop 。 那唯一的燦爛輕裝地在是絞死桌燈,舊式的胸罩和被沾染的紅色之上-和越過頂端騰躍的 Clydesdales 的玻璃 Budweiser 燈。 酸- 爵士樂柔和地過濾在從和一拍慢的都市打在樓下的六月夜總會上面。 就如 Mareccu 接近鳥在邊上的外伸展的,他全部重量在他的好腿上平衡,小心 , 而且送有斑紋的五個紡織進一個角落口袋之內。
Mareccu walked behind the bar and filled a glass with ale from one of the taps. Jay moved around the table, not noticing him, attention fixed on his game. Along with his shorts, Tevas, and a t-shirt that proclaimed his past patronage at Baja Bill's Sea Charter Service of Laguna Beach, CA ("If you wanna think like a fish, you gotta drink like a fish") he wore a brace that encased his right leg, a black aluminum frame with blue neoprene fabric strapped snugly around his thigh and calf. The bullet wound above his knee had already healed nicely along with the other four he had sustained high in his shoulder and chest but the injury had caused ligament damage, and to date was the veteran of three reconstructive surgeries. Shot down by a Gallactor contingent only three weeks before, inside the Sicilian Isla di Baronia Castella church that had once been the parish of his family, he had made it his imperative to get back on his feet as soon as possible, negating a full cast for the brace, tossing the crutches into the nearest dumpster. / Mareccu 在獄中走並且將玻璃裝滿來自輕打之一的麥酒。 鳥在桌子的周圍移動不注意他,注意在他的比賽上修理。 連同他的短褲, Tevas, 和一個在小湖海灘的 Baja 比爾海洋特許狀服務,他戴了一個裝入了他的右腿支柱的加州 ("如果你像一條魚想要想,你必須豪飲 ") 宣佈他的過去贊助的 T恤一起,黑色的鋁以在他的大腿和小牛的周圍被舒適地綑綁的藍色氯丁橡膠織物構成。 被纏繞在上面他的膝子彈很好地連同另外四他一起已經治癒了已經維持他的肩和胸但是受傷的高度已經造成結帶損害, 而且到日期是三個再建的外科手術的退伍軍人。 只有在三個星期以前藉著 Gallactor 偶然的事情擊落,在已經被曾經是他的家庭教區的西西里人的 Isla di Baronia Castella 教堂裡,他已經使它成為他的命令儘快地在他的腳上向後地得到,為支柱否定完全的演員陣容,投擲拐杖進最近的 dumpster 之內。
"How's your leg?" / " 你的腿好嗎 "?
Jay looked up, rubbing chalk onto the tip of his cuestick for the next shot. "Fucking hurts," he said flatly. His eyes, blue and as hard as ice, bored into Mareccu's. "How are you doing?" / 鳥看在,上面摩擦為下注射在他的 cuestick 的頂端之上用粉筆寫。 性交傷害,他平平地說。 他的眼睛,藍色和像冰一樣的難,進入 Mareccu's 之內煩擾。 " 你如何做 "?
Mareccu didn't answer. Jay reached out and -crack!- drove another ball into a pocket, then limped around for another shot. Mareccu sipped his beer, deep in thought. One thing was for sure, Jay didn't need to take out a billboard advertisement to let the world know that he was as pissed about the mission as himself. / Mareccu 沒有回答。 鳥到達出和 -裂縫!- 開車另一個球進一個口袋之內, 然後為另注射在附近跛行。 Mareccu 啜飲了他的啤酒,想法的深處。 一件事物是確實, 鳥沒有需要取出一個布告板廣告讓世界知道,他是當做忿怒的關於任務的事當做他自己。
"Marc." / " 馬可 ".
Mareccu didn't hear him. He was running the events through his head again, wondering if there was anything that he could have done or said beforehand to make the outcome any different. / Mareccu 沒有聽到他。 他再一次正在穿越跑事件他的頭, 覺得奇怪如果那裡是任何事,他可能做或者預先對使結果任何不同說。
"Marc!" / " 馬可 "!
Startled, Mareccu looked up. Jay was pointing at his hand with his cuestick. "You're about to break that glass." / 震驚, Mareccu 看在上面。 鳥正在以他的 cuestick 瞄準他的手。 " 你正要打破那玻璃 " 。
Mareccu hadn't realized that he was gripping the glass that hard. He pushed it away and pressed the fingers of one hand against the corners of his eyes, trying to bring himself down. / Mareccu 沒有了解他正在努力地抓緊玻璃那。 他推動它離開而且壓進了對抗他的眼睛角落的一隻手的手指, 嘗試帶他自己下來。
Jay pulled out the triangle and tapped it against the table. "Game?" / 鳥反對桌子拉出三角形而且輕打了它。 " 比賽 "?
Mareccu nodded, and selected a stick from the rack as Jay set the table. Mareccu fished around the bar for a coin, found a quarter and flipped it. Heads won, and being the commander, heads was automatically his, so he got the break. Jay leaned back against the bar and finished his third bottle of Sam Adams, as Mareccu sank three on the break and went to work on the solids. Jay watched him with an expression of amusement. He wasn't just hitting the balls, he was drilling them. / 當鳥設定桌子的時候, Mareccu 點頭, 而且選擇了來自架的一根樹枝。 Mareccu 對於一個硬幣在酒吧的周圍釣,發現四分之一而且用指頭彈了它。 頭嬴得, 而且身為指揮官, 頭自動地他的,因此他得到了休息。 鳥反對酒吧向後地倚靠並且完成了他的山姆亞當的第三瓶子, 因為 Mareccu 沉落三在休息上而且去在固體上的工作。 鳥用娛樂的表達看他。 他不正在僅僅碰撞球,他正在演練他們。
"There wasn't anything you could have done," Jay finally said as Mareccu paused to chalk the tip of his cuestick. "Dave was working with bad information from EDC intelligence. If it helps, he sent you out against his better judgment." / " 沒有任何事你可能做",當 Mareccu 暫停用粉筆寫他的 cuestick 的頂端時候,鳥最後說。 "大衛正在與來自 EDC 智力的差勁資料合作。 如果它幫助,他反對他的較好判斷力派遣出你。"
"We nearly lost Jun," Mareccu growled. His eyes, normally blue and mild, burned with fury. / " 我們幾乎失去的六月",Mareccu 怒吠。 他的眼睛,正常藍色和溫和的,和憤怒燃燒。
"I know." / " 我知道 " 。
Mareccu went back to the game. He sank two more, then scratched. Jay reached into the leather pocket for the cueball and set it back on the table, then rolled it back and forth with the tip of his stick while deciding on a shot. Mareccu sat at the far corner of the bar and stared off into space, again lost in thought. The walls of the loft, painted bottle green and paneled in dark oak, were covered with all sorts of Americana, metal beer signs, mirrors, antique black and white photographs. A framed Sports Illustrated cover from years and years ago of Rob running yet another ball into the end zone for Louisiana State, before he answered the call of the military and later met the kids who would someday make up the squad. Another one, more recent, of Jay being hauled out of his car and lifted high by dozens of his roadcrew at the end of his second and last recordbreaking Africa 9000 mile rally race, two years before. And mixed among them were photographs taken of better, happier times, when they were still so young and audacious, still untormented by the wars, unscarred by pain. There was the best of the batch taken in Ensenada, on the back of Rob's cabin cruiser, among them one of Jun posing beside the 300 lb. bluefin that she had reeled in all by herself. There was another of Rob, lifting Dr. Allyson Glenn's then two-year-old daughter Sara high in the air like an airplane. He and Allie, so deep in love and totally unafraid and uncaring. / Mareccu 回去比賽。 他沉落了另外二個,然後擦。 鳥對於 cueball 進入皮革之內到達口袋並且在桌子上把它設定回來, 然後來回地被他的樹枝頂端捲它當在注射上決定的時候。 Mareccu 進入空間之內走開坐在酒吧的遠角落前而且注視, 再一次在想法中失去。 頂樓的牆壁,將暗綠色而且嵌鑲板在黑暗的橡樹 , 是涵蓋漆上所有的美國史料 , 金屬啤酒符號,鏡子,舊式的黑白相片。 一項被構成的在從數年和數年以前被舉例掩護的運動搶奪跑然而另一個球進入結束地域之內對於路易斯安那州, 在他回答了軍隊的呼叫之前和稍後遇見將會有一天組成小隊的小孩。 另外,更最近的,被在他的第二和最後的 recordbreaking 非洲 9000 結束的時候被幾十個他的 roadcrew 拖離他的汽車而且舉起高度哩示威運動比賽的鳥,在二年以前。 而且使在他們之中是比較好又比較快樂的時代被拿的相片混合, 當他們仍然是如此年輕和大膽的時候, 被戰爭仍然不苦惱,被痛苦不結疤。 有被接受 Ensenada 的一屆最好, 在背面上搶奪小屋巡洋艦, 在他們之中六月之一在 300 磅旁邊擺姿勢。 她已經於軸上的 bluefin 在獨自。 那裡是另外一搶奪, 然後舉起 Allyson 博士格列 2 歲的女兒莎若高的在空氣中喜歡一架飛機。 他和 Allie, 如此深在愛方面和完全地不害怕而且不關心。
His stare lingered on their picture. "She didn't have to help me." / 他的注視在他們的照片上逗留。 " 她不一定要幫助我 " 。
"No greater love," Jay said softly. He made his shot, then straightened with a weary sigh. "What are you waiting for?" / 沒有較棒的愛,鳥柔和地說。 他製造了他的注射, 然後以一聲疲倦的歎息弄直。 " 你正在等候什麼 "?
Mareccu's expression visibly sagged. For the last few days, he could think of little else. Again and again he tallied the long list of reasons through his head and each time they were utterly destroyed by her face, raising unbidden in his memory. She wasn't just beautiful; she was heavenly, and he was afraid to touch her. Mareccu's heart ached, and depressed ripples ran up and down the nerves in his limbs and back. I can't, he thought sadly. I just can't. / Mareccu's 的表達看得見地下垂。 最近幾天,他可以別的想到一點點。 一次又一次他計算理由的長目錄穿越他的頭和每一次他們完全地被她的臉破壞了, 升起未奉命的在他記憶中。 她不是僅僅美麗; 她是天上的,而且他害怕碰她。 Mareccu's 的心痛,而且沮喪的漣波上下地跑他的四肢和背面的神經。 我不能,他悲傷地想。 我就是不能。
"Impropriety," he finally answered. / " 錯誤 ",他最後回答。
Jay let the butt of his cuestick slip though his hand and thump on the floor, eyes rolling heavenward. / 雖然在地板上的他手和重打,注意朝向天空地滾動,鳥讓他的 cuestick 的煙頭滑。
"I can't," Mareccu said. "I can't be her lover and her commanding officer at the same time. I can't watch the woman I love get shot at or beaten. I can't ask her to run into situations where she has to put her life on the line for some stupid cause, or a useless mission that I know is going to ultimately fail, and then come home and ask 'Hey babe, how was your day?'" / " 我不能",Mareccu 說。 "我同時不可能是她的愛人和她的指揮官員。 我不能看我愛的女人得到射擊在或被打。 我不能要求她陷入她必須為一些愚蠢的因素把她的生活放在線的情形, 或一個沒有用的任務我知道將要最後失敗, 然後回家而且問 ' 嗨小孩,你的日子好嗎?'"
"Why?" Jay countered. "Doesn't Key worry about that every day? They're like brother and sister for chrissakes! She's loved you for a long time. What are you afraid of?" / " 為什麼 "? 鳥制止。 "每天不調音對那的擔憂? 他們為 chrissakes 像兄弟和姊妹! 她是愛你有很長的一段時間。 你是作什麼的害怕?"
"Do you really want to know?" Mareccu shouted. He slowly moved around the table until he was opposite Jay, and his voice lowered to a dangerous growl. "My father is dead. Julia and Damian are dead. Everyone I've let myself get close to has been killed or tortured, and every time it kills me back." He ignored the look of absolute pain that washed over Jay's face and kept going. "Every time I see the rest of you get hurt it tears me up inside. I don't think I could handle it if Jun was next." / " 你真的想要知道嗎 "? Mareccu 呼喊。 他慢慢地在桌子的周圍移動直到他是相反的鳥,而且他的聲音降低到一個危險的吠聲。 "我的父親死。 茱莉亞和 Damian 死。 每個人我已經讓我自己接近地得到已經被殺或者拷問,而且每一次它把我殺回來。"他忽略了在鳥的臉之上洗,而且保持流行的絕對痛苦的神情。 "每一次我見到你的其餘者有它撕毀我進裡面的傷害。 我不認為,如果六月是下一個,我會處理它。"
"You think you're the only one?" Jay said hoarsely. He looked as though he wanted to pound his cuestick upside Mareccu's head. "You think that you've got the monopoly on all the grief around here?" / " 你認為你是唯一的一個 "? 鳥沙啞地說。 好像他想要強烈打擊他的 cuestick 上側 Mareccu's 的頭,他看起來。 " 你認為你已經得到在所有的傷痛上的壟斷在這裡周圍"?
Mareccu sank back against the bar, regretting what he'd said, that he had forgotten about Father Alan Lucano and the miserable circumstances of his death in the gunfight within that same Isla di Baronia Castella church. "Oh, hell... I'm sorry." / Mareccu 反對酒吧,為他有說的感到遺憾,他已經在那裡面的槍戰相同的 Isla di Baronia Castella 教堂中忘記關於父親愛倫 Lucano 和他的死亡悲慘環境的事向後地沉落。 "哦,地獄。。。 對不起。"
Then they saw that the door was open and Key Akihiro and Robert Harper were standing in the doorway, watching them with eyes wide in fear and faces paled. Jay nailed them both with his enraged gaze. "What?" / 然後他們見到門是公開和關鍵的 Akihiro ,而且羅勃特彈奏豎琴在門口中站立,用寬的在被變蒼白的恐懼和臉中的眼睛看他們。 鳥用他的激怒注視用釘釘牢他們兩個。 " 什麼 "?
Recoiling, they both slowly backed off, hands raised in submission. "Whoa. Peace, man," Rob said lowly, regarding Jay with his steady and disapproving stare. He turned behind Key and they both disappeared, softly closing the door behind them. / 退卻,他們倆都慢慢地退出 ,手在服從方面升起。 "哇。 和平,配備人手," 搶奪位置低下的說, 關於有他的定態鳥而且不贊成注視。 他在鑰匙後面轉向,而且他們倆都消失,柔和地關上在他們後面的門。
Jay slowly relaxed. "Life's too short, Marc." / 鳥慢慢地放鬆。 " 生活太短,馬可".
"Jay, please..." / "鳥, 謝謝。。。"
"Fine." He slapped the stick down onto the table. "All I know is that she loves you very much. Whether or not you love her back is entirely up to you." / " 罰款 ". 他在桌子之上啪的一聲放下樹枝。 " 全部我知道是她非常愛你。 是否你愛她的背部完全地是由你決定。"

Jun Himuro sat silently cross-legged in the center of the exercise mat in the primary training arena at Crescent Coral, a huge room with a full view of the warship Phoenix set on her docking pylons in the main launch tube. The window between the arena and the dock was one-sided, exposing the warship but not the occupants of the arena on the other side to the technicians that oversaw the ship's maintenance. The ship was pointed nose in, facing the woman inside the arena directly like a sensei, or a watchful and scolding deity. / 六月 Himuro 坐默默盤著腿在練習的中心中在新月形的珊瑚糾纏在一起在初期的訓練中競技場,和軍艦鳳凰城的充足視野的一個極大的房間攻擊主要的發射她入塢的塔門管。 在競技場和碼頭之間的窗戶是一邊,對監督了船的維護技術人員暴露軍艦但不暴露在另一邊上的競技場的占有者。 船是尖的鼻子在,面對裡面的女人直接地像 sensei 一樣的競技場, 或一注意的而且責罵神。
Jun paid no notice to the ship. She sat with her eyes closed, her mind drifting far away in her meditation, and had been just so for the past three hours. Wearing a simple black bodysuit and the white trousers of a karate uniform, the only part of her body that moved was her chest, rising and falling in slow, even breaths. In her mind, she was reciting Shinto prayers, seeking the return of her strength. In her heart, she relived her fall. It was not the same to her, being injured. With Mareccu, Jay, or Key, severe injuries were only a matter of course and the only importance to them was healing up as soon as possible and getting back to work. To Jun, the accident was the result of a nearly fatal mistake, not severing the trooper's spinal column at the base of his neck instead of simply cutting his throat, and he had hit her. The mistake had nearly cost her life, and her spirit, her ki, was severely shaken. / 六月不支付注意給船。 她以她的被關閉的眼睛,她的在她沉思方面在遠處漂流的心坐, 而且已經是僅僅如此過去三小時。 穿著空手道制服的簡單黑色的緊身衣褲和白色褲子, 她的身體唯一部份移動是她的胸,上升和的下降慢又平坦的呼吸。 在她的心中,她正在背誦神道教祈禱,尋求她的力量回返。 在她的心中,她重溫了她的秋天。 它對她不是一樣的,受傷。 藉由 Mareccu ,鳥或鑰匙,嚴重的受傷只是當然一個事件,而且唯一的重要對他們正在儘快地痊癒,而且回到工作。 到六月,意外事件是幾乎致命的錯誤結果不代替只是減低他的咽喉在他的脖子基礎切斷騎兵的脊柱專欄,而且他已經打她。 錯誤已經被幾乎花費她的生活 , 和她的精神,她的 ki,嚴重地被搖動。
Before returning to Center Neptune, she had visited the gardens at Golden Gate Park, spending a great deal of time there in prayer at the shrines, trying to obtain some degree of reconciliation with herself. But each time she tried she was visited by the same memory of the emptiness, the total unconsciousness of sleep, the sheer blackness. Had she died? She simply didn't know, nor could she tell. All she remembered was being hit, then being cold and wet, and Mareccu had been holding her. / 在回到之前集中海王星,她已經在金的門公園拜訪花園,在聖地花費祈禱的很多時間那裡, 嘗試用她自己獲得一些和解的程度。 但是每一次她嘗試她被空虛的相同記憶,睡眠的總無意識拜訪了,絕對的黑。 她死了嗎? 她只是沒有知道,她也不會告訴。 全部她記得正在被打, 然後寒冷的和濕,而且 Mareccu 已經捉住她。
Mareccu... / Mareccu。。。
She lifted her head, opened her dark eyes so filled with dejection and sorrow, her heart heavy with that same familiar ache. She couldn't remember when she had fallen for him, only that it had come on slowly, not as a hard hormonal crush. Everything about him appealed to her; his calm, quiet manner, his light skin in contrast to his dark hair and eyes, his tall frame rippling with lean muscle. She wasn't the only one; everywhere he went he had the full attention of every woman present. Yet somewhere along his life he had decided that it was easier to keep himself detached from the rest of the world, that he simply could not afford to maintain a relationship as long as he had his command. She looked out at the warship resting on its pylons in wait for the next crisis and hated all that it represented; the wars, the constant watch for one disaster after another, the loss of lives, the loss of loves. She knew that as long as the war against Gallactor lasted, the warship and her commander would be needed, and Mareccu would never drop his coldly professional temperament towards his duty. / 她舉起了她的頭,用灰心和悲傷打開她的黑暗這麼注意裝滿,對那種相同的熟悉痛感到重的她心。 當她已經被他,唯一的它在慢慢地已經來騙的時候,她無法記得,不如難的荷爾蒙壓碎。 關於他的每件事物訴諸她; 他的平穩,靜止方法, 他的燈剝皮與他的黑暗頭髮和眼睛相反,他的以瘦肌肉起漣漪的高體格。 她不是唯一的一個; 各處他去他有了每個女人禮物的完全注意。 然而某處沿著他的生活他已經決定從世界,他只是無法像他一樣的長負擔維持關係有他的指令其它部分使他自己被分離是比較容易的。 她在正在停留在它的塔門上的軍艦小心在等候下一個危機而且全部憎恨它代表; 戰爭,常數留意在另外一,生命的損失後的災禍,愛的損失。 她知道只要對抗被持續的 Gallactor 的戰爭,軍艦和她的指揮官將會被需要,而且 Mareccu 將會無法降低對於他的責任他冷淡專業的氣質。
Nonetheless, she never stopped hoping, never gave up and ceased loving Mareccu, and was so infinitely patient, quietly waiting for him to come to her first, whenever he was ready. In the meantime, he had her total, undivided loyalty, whether he wanted it or not. She would kill for him, or die for him, without a second thought. / 然而,她從不停止希望,從不放棄而且停止了親愛的 Mareccu, 和是如此的無限忍耐, 安靜地等候他復甦她的首先,無論何時他準備好。 在此際中,他有了她的總數,未分開的忠誠, 是否他想要它。 沒有一個第二個想法,她將會為他殺, 或為他死。
In one fluid and supple move she rose to her feet as though she had been pulled up by strings. For the first time since her accident, she began her Tandoku Dosa, her solo exercises of Aikido. Besides her devotion she had her duty, and she wanted to keep herself as prime a fighter as possible. Strength and confidence, she knew, would return in time. / 好像她已經被線拔出,在一次流動的和柔軟的移動中她上升到她的腳。 因為她的意外事件第一次,她開始了她的 Tandoku Dosa ,她的合氣道的單獨練習。 此外她有了她的責任她熱愛, 和她想要保存她自己如精華一位鬥士如可能的。 力量和信心,她知道, 將會及時歸還。
She moved with quick and easy grace, pivoting from one stance to another like a dancer, her arms raised to defense, hands extended, then curled to fists, then fingers pointing out straight as though blades. She moved as though she fought imaginary opponents, dozens of hated Gallactor troopers, who would never cease in their effort to kill her. She was as fluid and languid as a cat and silent as smoke, turning outward, turning back, locking and pinning one opponent, throwing another down. Then Tachi-Tori, sword-taking, for any who were foolish enough to charge her with a blade or an outthrust rifle. Moving low, as though faced with a weapon-wielding opponent, she side-stepped to one side and planted her right fist through the air where her opponent's ribs would be. Simultaneously, she swung her left arm for a strike to the throat, turning again to face the fallen body, balancing to execute a final lethal kick. She centered on the strong and moderate pace of her heart, her whipcorded nerves singing. / 她以快的和容易的優雅移動, 依樞軸轉動從一個態度到另外像一個舞者,她的手臂對防衛升起,手延伸, 然後弄捲到拳頭, 然後手指筆直地指出好像刀鋒。 她移動,好像她打仗將會無法在他們的努力中停止殺她的想像對手,幾十個被憎恨的 Gallactor 騎兵。 像一隻貓一樣的流動和疲倦她是和沈默的如煙,向外轉,折回, 鎖定而且用針別住一個對手, 丟另外一墬落。 然後 Tachi-柱腳凸形圓盤,拿刀劍的,對於任何誰夠愚蠢來用刀鋒或一把 outthrust 來福槍要價她。 移動低點, 好像和一個使用武器的對手面對,她到邊向傍邊靠而且經過她的對手肋骨將會是的空氣種植她的正確拳頭。 同時地,她為對咽喉的罷工搖擺了她的左手臂, 再一次準備面對墮落的身體, 平衡執行最後的致命踢。 她在她的心強和適度速度上集中,她的 whipcorded 鼓起勇氣歌唱。
Gradually, she relaxed herself, until her motion had melted into a slow and dreamlike T'ai Chi. She closed her eyes again, letting herself slide back into meditation as she moved, letting the charging rush of her cerebonics abate, her pulse lower to normal levels. As always when she worked the arts in solitude, she lost all track of time and forgot the rest of the world, and that alone was her rest and peace. / 逐漸地,她放鬆了她自己,直到她的運動已經進入一個慢的和夢一般的 T'ai X 之內融化。 她再一次關閉了她的眼睛,當她移動的時候,讓她自己滑動返回沉思,使她的 cerebonics 的要價匆促緩和,她的脈膊降低度的到正常的。 一如往常當她操作了孤獨的藝術時候,她失去了所有時間的軌道而且忘記世界的其它部分,而且那獨自地是她的休息和和平。
Jun didn't feel Mareccu's presence behind her for a long time, as he trailed her every move as though a shadow, miming her actions with his body scarcely inches from hers, following her motion in a slow duet. She opened her eyes, sensing someone's closeness to her body, and saw his reflection in the glass. She froze in pure shock and surprise, and something in her nerves jumped and sang high. / 六月沒有有很長的一段時間感覺在她後面的 Mareccu's 的出現, 因為他追蹤了她的每次移動好像一個影像,簡直不用他的身體模仿她的行動從她的慢慢前進,跟隨一個慢的二重唱的她運動。 她打開了她的眼睛,測知對她的身體 , 和鋸子玻璃的他反映的某人接近。 她在純粹的驚嚇和意外中凍結,而且某事在她的神經中高度地跳躍而且唱。
It had been the last thing he expected, to walk in intending only to lift weights and try to work off some of the tightwired tension thrumming through him and threatening to snap, and to instead see her in the motions of Aikido. He had beheld her with sheer veneration, in that rare chance to see her in motion outside of the pressure of combat, to simply stand by himself and witness her poetry in progress. Her style was as graceful as a ballerina's, and as deadly quick as a striking viper. He had stood there for only the gods knew how long, watching her work right under the sentinel nose of his warship, and all his attraction for her blew into stratospheric heights with the rush of a rocket. / 它已經是他期望的最後一件事物, 走入計劃不料竟會舉起重量而且試著排除指彈過他而且恐嚇咬斷的一些 tightwired 緊張, 和改為在合氣道的運動中見到她。 他有用絕對的尊敬看她, 在那個稀罕的機會中在戰鬥的壓力外邊在運動中見她, 只是站在他自己旁而且目擊進步的她詩。 她的風格是像芭蕾舞女的一樣優美, 和當做致命的快如一個醒目的毒蛇。 他已經在那裡站立,因為只有神知道多久,看在他的軍艦守衛者鼻子下面的她工作權利,而且他所有的吸引為她進入有火箭的匆促同溫層的高度之內吹。
It took less than a heartbeat's time to make his decision. / 它拿得比心跳的時間少作決定。
And so he had joined her. / 而且因此他已經參加她。
He finally touched her, his hands sliding down her arms to her hands, taking her wrists and holding her arms opened wide, brushing her neck with gentle kisses. Her breath caught in a short gasp, and she let her head fall back against his shirtless chest. She felt him undoing the clasp of her wristband and pulling it off, throwing it violently off to one side; then he slid his hands across her stomach, embracing her, and in the embrace he removed his own communicator and sent it clattering across the floor towards her own. Holding her close, he slowly sank to his knees, taking her down to the mat with him. / 他最後碰了她,他的滑下來對她的手她手臂的手,帶她的手腕而且握住她的手臂廣闊地打開,用溫和的吻疏刷她的脖子。 她的呼吸在短喘氣方面捕捉,而且她反對他的無襯衫的胸向後地讓她的頭秋天。 她感覺他毀滅她的袖口釦子而且拉它走開, 丟它猛烈的走開到邊; 然後他滑動他的手橫過她的胃,擁抱她, 而且在擁抱中他移走了他自己的通訊器而且送了它發出嘩啦聲越過地板向她自己的。 握住她的結束,他慢慢地沉入他的膝,和他把她拿下來到墊。
Jun turned and faced him, sliding her thighs over his, her body trembling as though charged by live current, her eyes puzzled and wary. He buried his hands into her hair, and without reservation or trepidation he pressed her close and kissed her, deeply and forcibly. He took her with all the overflowing love and passion that he had for her, all that he had carried in heavily guarded restraint within himself for the past five years, and there was no turning back. / 六月轉而且面對了他,在他的之上滑她的大腿, 她的身體發抖好像被活湧流指控, 她的被困惑並且小心的眼睛。 他埋葬他的手進她的頭髮之內,而且沒有保留或者恐懼他壓進了她的結束而且吻了她,深深地而且強制地。 他用他為她有的所有氾濫愛和熱情拿她, 所有的他已經在裡面在很重被防護著的抑制方面攜帶他自己過去五年, 而且不准折回。
Jun slid her hands up and down Mareccu's back as he explored her mouth and neck with his kisses, wandered down her chest to her breasts and pulled at her nipples under the fabric of her bodysuit with his teeth. Her touch on his back sent fiery currents up and down his body, and in his arms he felt her heat rise with him. He reached under the waistband of her trousers and unsnapped the crotch of her bodysuit, pulling it up over her head and off, and with a low growling moan caressed her skin with his hands and tongue. / 當他用他的吻探究她的嘴和脖子, 遊蕩下來對她的胸部她胸並且在和他的牙齒她緊身衣褲的織物之下在她的乳頭拉的時候,六月上下地滑動了她的手 Mareccu's 的背面。 在他的背部上的她觸覺上下地送了熾熱的湧流他的身體,而且在他的手臂中他感覺她的熱和他上升。 他在她的褲子腰帶之下到達而且不咬斷了她的緊身衣褲的分叉處, 在她的頭之上把它拉起來和走開, 而且與一個怒吠呻吟的低點用他的手和舌愛撫她的皮膚。
With each moment that passed his touch became more ardent, more fierce, and Jun tossed back her head with a short crying scream when he ran his hand down under the fabric of her trousers and expertly stroked the folds of her vagina, sending a sizzling bolt of energy like she had never felt before raging through her body. In the convulsive shudder of her orgasm her nails raked his back and nearly drew blood, and Mareccu screamed out in as much pure rapture as pain. In three quick movements he stripped the trousers off of her and pushed her down, kicked his own off as she impatiently pulled him down and wrapped her legs around his waist. / 當他跑他的手在她的褲子織物之下和專家地墬落划尾槳她的鞘摺層的時候,與通過他的觸覺每片刻變成更熱心的﹐更凶猛,而且六月向後地投擲和一聲短叫喊的尖叫聲的她頭, 送像她的能源嘶嘶做聲門閂以前從未感覺狂暴的經過她的身體。 在她的激烈興奮的搖撼戰慄中她的釘子向船尾了他的背部並且幾乎抽血,而且 Mareccu 大叫在如如痛苦的多純粹的興高彩烈。 在三次快的運動方面他走開她除去了褲子而且把她推動下來, 踢他自己的走開當她不耐煩在他的腰部周圍把他拉下而且包裝她的腿。
When he slid into her the sensory overload was like a boiling explosion of fire up and down his hardwired nerves. He plunged deep and hard into her, and with every stroke she ground herself against him, her hands gripping his thighs and pulling him in, panting cries escaping her throat. She was on fire. Charges of energy surged up and down her nerves, slamming her hard in sycronicity with each of his powerful thrusts. Every cerebonically-enhanced sense in her intensified; her sense of smell, hearing and touch; she could hear his heart pounding deep in his chest. The building orgasm that started deep inside of her peaked and under him Mareccu felt every muscle in her body suddenly lock. / 當他進入她之內滑動知覺的超載上下地像一個火的沸騰爆炸他的 hardwired 神經的時候。 他深入地而且努力地進入她之內倒下, 和由於她反對他將她自己置於地面的每筆劃, 她的手抓緊他的大腿而且拉他在,喘息逃脫她的咽喉哭聲。 她在火上。 能源的費用上下地暴漲她的神經,在和每他的有力推進的 sycronicity 中努力地猛然關上她。 每一 cerebonically 提高的感覺在她裡面增強; 她的嗅覺,聽證會和觸覺; 她可以聽到他的胸他心敲深處。 深入地開始她的內部建築物激烈的興奮達到高峰,而且在他之下 Mareccu 突然感覺了她的身體每束肌肉鎖。
The sudden gripping pressure of her climax sent his senses flying. He felt his rising in a massive rolling wave of heat, shrieking up his nerves with the velocity of a high-balling freight train, lighting him up like a dragstrip lighttree. It finally bolted free in one pounding wave after another, and as he screamed out from its intensity his cry was more the roar of a lion. Through slitted eyes he looked at the dissenting nose of his warship pointing down at them and he damned it and all the hell and carnage they fought against, all the peace and love their enemy had robbed from them over all those long bloody years. He held her tight against him, his body shuddering in the extremity of his orgasm, one pulse firing into her after another, until he finally collapsed over her, his body slick with sweat, panting in total exhaustion. / 抓緊她的高潮壓力的突然送他的感覺飛的。 他感覺在一個熱的龐大旋轉高潮方面的他提高,一列球高度的船貨火車以速度在他的神經上面尖叫, 點他像 dragstrip lighttree 一樣提高。 它最後在另外一後的一個敲波浪中自由閂住, 而且當他從它的強烈大叫他的哭聲是更多獅子的吼。 經過縱切的眼睛他看他的在他們和他指出下來的軍艦持異議鼻子詛咒了他們對抗的它和所有的地獄和大屠殺,所有的和平而且愛他們的敵人已經那些長的血腥數年以來從他們搶奪。 他捉住了她緊的反對他,他的在他激烈的興奮,在另外一之後進入她之內開火的脈膊極端中戰慄的身體,直到他最後在她,對汗感到光滑的他身體之上倒塌,在總疲憊方面喘息。
Jun's body fell limp under him, her dark eyes rolling back and fluttering shut. Mareccu felt his heart take a sudden skip; for a moment he thought that he had killed her. Then she inhaled in a long sighing gasp, her eyes reopening glazed over with fatigue and faintness. / 六月的身體跌落在他下面的跛行, 她的黑暗注意迫使後退和擺動關閉的。 Mareccu 感覺他的心帶一個突然的跳躍; 一會兒他認為他已經殺她。 然後她在長的歎息喘氣方面吸入,她的眼睛重開以疲累和微弱呆滯。
For a long time he was unable to move, utterly spent and every muscle in his body as weak as water. Then he was finally able to rise, cradling Jun up with him. He managed to carry her and their clothes into the officers' quarters adjacent, into his own rooms where he gently laid her down onto his bed and covered her. He tossed their wristbands indifferently into a corner, and slid into bed behind her. / 有很長的一段時間他不能夠移動, 完全地花費和像水一樣的弱他身體的每束肌肉。 然後他最後能夠上升,向上和他放在搖籃內六月。 他設法帶她和他們的衣服在官員的四分之一毗連的,進入他逐漸地在他的床之上放下她而且涵蓋了她的他自己的房間之內。 他進入一個角落之內不關心地投擲了他們的袖口, 而且進入在她後面的床之內滑動。
"What took you so long?" Jun whispered tiredly. / " 什麼你花了如此長的時間"? 六月疲累地耳語。
"Junne," he replied after a long moment, his Marjillian Rigan accent suddenly apparent in his fatigue. "I don't know." / " Junne", 他在長的片刻之後答覆, 他的 Marjillian Rigan 重讀突然明顯在他的疲累方面。 " 我不知道 " 。
He pushed her hair aside and kissed the back of her neck, and rediscovered one of the greatest pleasures of all: simply lying against the warmth and love of a beautiful woman, at ease, and at rest. Sleep came in an instantaneous padded slap, and was long and undisturbed. / 他在一邊推動她的頭髮並且吻了她的脖子背面, 而且再發現了全部的最大快樂之一: 在安逸只是說謊對抗溫暖和一個美麗的女人愛, 和休息。 睡眠進來一即時的填補了摑, 而且很長的和未受到干擾。
Later it was Jun who woke him, teasing him to sluggish and surprised awareness with her kisses and her touch. This time their lovemaking was with unhurried and unconstrained abandon, and lasted well into the morning. / 稍後它是喚醒了他的六月,對和她的吻和她的觸覺偷懶的和感到驚訝的覺察欺負他。 這次他們的調情是由於不慌忙的和不受拘束的放棄, 而且進入早晨之內持續得好。

"Whoever this is, call me back later." / " 任何人這是,稍後認為我後面的".
"It's me. Dave wants you on duty tonight." / "是我。 大衛今晚值勤想要你。"
Jay groaned softly, pushing himself up onto one elbow. "Did everyone forget about my leg?" / 鳥柔和地呻吟,在一個手肘之上向上推動他自己。 " 每個人關於我的腿忘記嗎 "?
"Beats me- maybe he figures that if you're up enough to shoot pool, you can work too." Jay detected the amused tone in Mareccu's voice. "By the way," Mareccu continued, "About what you said in the bar- thank you." / "難倒我-也許他演算,如果你夠向上來射擊池,你也能工作". 鳥發現了 Mareccu's 的聲音愉快的明暗。 "順便一提 ," Mareccu 繼續,"關於你在酒吧中說的事-謝謝你".
"For what?" Jay started, then suddenly remembered. "'re welcome," he said, his voice small in complete shock and surprise. / " 為什麼"? 鳥開始,然後突然記得。 "哦。。。你是受歡迎的,"他說,小的在完全的驚嚇和意外中的他聲音。
"I'd forgotten," Mareccu softly admitted. "It feels...good." / " 我已經忘記 ",Mareccu 柔和地承認。 "它感覺。。。好的。"
"Yeah, it does." Jay trailed off, suddenly at a loss for words in his amazement. "I'll come in, but not until tomorrow morning." / "是的,它做". 鳥走開追蹤, 突然困惑對於他的驚愕字。 "我將進來, 但是不直到明天早晨".
"Fine, I'll let him know," Mareccu replied, suddenly all business. "You're still off active; just show up. See you tomorrow." / "很好,我將讓他知道",Mareccu 答覆, 突然所有的生意。 " 你仍然是遠的積極; 僅僅出現。 明天見到你。"
Jay thumbed down the END button on his cellular and handed it back to Dr. Andrea Niles, Crescent Coral's resident physical therapist, who obligingly tossed the phone over her shoulder. It landed with a soft thump on their clothes, piled in the bedroom doorway of the worn ten-wide that was his temporary excuse for a home while the 3500-square foot cedar log kit cabin behind it was being built. Disturbed from her slumber by the cellular's landing, the golden retriever Sam raised her head with a look of sour disdain towards her master, then yawned and dropped back into her nap and happy doggie dreams. / 鳥以拇指撥弄下來在他的格狀自動化上的結束鈕扣而且把它傳遞回安德里亞博士尼羅河,新月形的珊瑚居留的實際治療師,治療師親切地投擲了在她的肩上電話。 它被以在他們的衣服上的一個軟的重打登陸, 在臥室門口堆起那磨損的十-當 3500個平方英尺的西洋杉圓木裝備在它後面的小屋正在被建造的時候,廣闊地那是一個家的他暫時的藉口。 從格狀自動化的登陸她睡眠擾亂,金的復得者山姆向她的主人用酸輕蔑的神情抬起她的頭,然後打哈欠而且降低返回她的小睡和快樂的小狗夢。
Jay leaned back into the pillows and Andrea went back to work, finishing the hard rubdown that had little by easy soothed off most of the pain in his body (and oh dear God in Heaven she was doing amazing things down there with her mouth and tongue) then finally, being mindful of his injured knee, she carefully and maddeningly slowly eased herself down over his hips and rode him with gentle violence. She purred softly in her pleasure as Jay ran his hands up through her close-cropped auburn hair and down over her breasts, teasing her into her orgasm. He came with her, and as it rippled through his body all of his pain dissipated with it, suddenly lightheaded and every muscle unwound. Andrea sank down with a satisfied sigh over his chest and snuggled close, and deep dreamless sleep beckoned to him in slow waves. At that moment, all of the world beyond the screen of pines that surrounded his property was suddenly light-years distant, nothing would touch them until morning at least. There would be no desperate calls to duty; the Phoenix would rest dormant in her launch tube throughout the night. / 鳥倚靠返回枕頭,而且安德里亞回去工作, 完成難的摩擦身體有一點點被容易的然後最後走開真實他的身體 ( 和表示驚訝天堂的親愛上帝她正在做令人驚異的事物以她的嘴和舌在那裡墬落) 的大部份的痛苦,他的受傷膝深切注意, 她慢慢地小心地而且令人發狂地緩和她自己在他的臀部之上墬落而且用溫和的暴力騎他。 她柔和地在她的鳥跑他的手快樂的 purred 在她的胸部之上提高過她的結束收割的赤褐色的頭髮而且墬落,欺負她進她的激烈興奮之內。 他和她來, 而且當它使他的身體起漣漪過他的全部痛苦沈迷於酒色的由於它, 突然頭昏眼花和每束肌肉展開。 安德里亞以在他的胸上一聲滿意的歎息沉落下來而且接近地挨近,而且深的無夢睡眠在慢的波浪中對他招手。 在那片刻, 所有的世界超過松樹的螢幕包圍他的財產突然是光年遠的,沒事將會至少碰他們直到早晨。 將會有不對責任的一個絕望的呼叫; 鳳凰城整個夜晚期間將會在她的發射管中休息睡眠狀態。
Marc and's about time... Jay thought as he drifted off to sleep, all at once relieved and gratified. All the devastation conceivable by Gallactor wouldn't rip what they had. For years they had fought against and been witness to the most horrendous warfare in Earth's history, and in it's incredible rarity Mareccu and Jun's love was like the ultimate of triumphs, at long last. It was good, and it was right, for something wonderful to finally happen out of the whole miserable mess. / 馬可和六月。。。它是關於時間。。。 當他走開漂流睡覺的時候,鳥想,突然減輕而且使滿足。 想得到的所有荒廢由 Gallactor 將不撕開他們有的。 好幾年他們已經對地球的歷史最可怕的戰鬥對抗而且是目擊者, 而且在它裡面是難以置信的稀奇事 Mareccu ,而且六月的愛像凱旋的終極,經過很多苦惱之後。 它很好,而且它是正確的, 為令人驚奇的東西最後發生離整個的悲慘雜亂。

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