BotP/Gatchaman Adaptation and Fan Fiction by Katharine Foust-Martin, edited by Wendy Dinsmore / 凱薩琳 Foust 的 BotP/ Gatchaman 改編和狂熱者小說-馬丁, 被溫蒂 Dinsmore 編輯
Characters copyright Gatchaman: Tatsunoko Productions; Battle of the Planets: Sandy Frank Productions. / 個性版權 Gatchaman: Tatsunoko 製造; 行星的戰爭: 桑迪法蘭克製造。
Fan fiction c Katharine Foust-Martin. October 1995; December 2001. Please do not reproduce or transfer electronically without the permission of the author. / 搧小說 c 凱薩琳 Foust-馬丁。 1995 年十月; 2001 年十二月. 沒有作家的許可請不要再生或者電子地轉移。
WARNING: Contains scenes of adult situations and extremely graphic violence. / 警告: 包含成人情形和非常圖解的暴力現場。

To die will be an awfully big adventure. -J.M. Barrie; Peter Pan / 死將是一種可怕大的冒險。 -J.M. Barrie; 彼得平鍋

"Matt, do me a favor. Take a look at this scan, and then please tell me that it’s wrong." / "馬特,幫我一個忙。 看一看這掃描, 然後請告訴我它是錯誤的。"
"The latest you’ve got from him?" / " 最近的你已經從他得到"?
"An hour ago, yeah. Problems again, only worse. I ran another MMI on him to back up the second, and got this." "I don’t see it-" / "在一個小時以前,是的。 問題再一次,唯一的更壞事。 我跑在他上的另外 MMI 支持秒個, 而且得到了這。" "我沒見到它-"
"Right here. This is the second scan, which I'm using for comparison, and here's the first one we ran at his commander’s request, after his release from Bethesda." / "就在這裡。 這是第二掃描, 在來自畢士大的他釋放之後我正在為比較使用,而且這裡是我們在他的指揮官的請求跑的第一一。"
"He came out of that one really well." / " 他真的很好地從那一個出來 " 。
"Yeah. He responded to treatment of that lung shot pretty quick and was back on active in only two weeks. Surprised a hell of a lot of people. Anyway, we ran the tests back then and came up with nothing. Then he comes back a couple weeks later. Shooting pain to numbness in the thoracic and cervical regions followed by sudden unconsciousness that we couldn’t pinpoint as being simple vasomotor syncope. Just like what his commander had described what happened to him during their Hontwalh run. Ran the scans, but got nothing again." / "是的。 他回應那一個肺的治療射擊相當快的而且回來在積極的之上在只有二個星期內。 使許多人的地獄吃驚了。 無論如何,我們然後把測試跑回來而且什麼也不提出。 然後他數個星期之後回來夫婦。 射擊使麻木痛苦到在那胸的和被我們無法精確地找到的突然無意識跟隨的頸區域當做作為簡單的司血管收縮的字中音省略。 僅僅相似的什麼他的指揮官已經描述 , 在他們的 Hontwalh 奔跑期間他發生了什麼事。 跑掃描, 但是再一次什麼也不得到。"
"Wait a minute. These readings can’t be right." "I know. I ran the results through the computer six times just to be sure. The man is scared, Matty. And that’s saying a lot for a guy who’s taken down Gallactor war machines head on. They came from the second and third upper vertebral implants. Right where the worst of the old shrapnel damage was done." / "等候分鐘。 這些閱讀不可能是權利。" "我知道。 我僅僅的確跑結果經過電腦六次。 男人被驚嚇,Matty。 而且那正在為一個傢伙說很多有帶下來 Gallactor 作戰機器頭在之上。 他們來自秒個和第三個上面的椎骨植入器。 正確地舊的開花彈損害的最壞被做哪裡。"
"Oh, hell- you’re not wrong. Is Dave on this?" "I called him just now. He’s on his way up." / "哦,地獄-你不是錯誤的。 在這上的大衛是嗎?" "我剛剛打電話給了他。 他是在途中向上。"
"How long have we got?" / " 我們已經得到多久 "?
"The computer projects six to ten days to full failure." / " 電腦對完全的失敗計畫六到十天 " 。
"Jesus Christ. Where is he?" / " 耶穌基督。 他在哪裡?"
"He went home. I didn’t catch this until just a few minutes ago." / "他回家。 我分鐘以前沒有直到僅僅捕捉這。"
Dr. Matthew Martinez handed the analysis back. "Get him back here now." / 馬修博士 Martinez 把分析傳遞回來。 " 現在在這裡把他得到回來 " 。

In the black vastness of space, there is nothing at all mysterious about the death of a star or planet. The history of the universe is a testimony of novas and stellar collisions, planets created in massive coils of gas and dying in decayed orbital paths; space is filled with the wreckage of worlds. Through the expanse of millennia, past and present, all that is born will eventually die out. Such is the law of the cosmos. / 在空間的黑色巨大中, 全然沒有東西神秘的關於星或行星的死亡事。 宇宙的歷史是新星和光輝的碰撞證言, 行星在瓦斯的龐大捲中創造而且在衰退軌道的路徑死亡; 空間充滿世界的殘餘。 經過幾千年的寬闊區域,過去和禮物,出生的全部將最後日漸絕跡。 如此的是宇宙的法律。
At Mount Palomar in Southern California, where for decades astronomers observed the galaxies with data compiled from their 200-meter telescope and dozens of orbital scopes and probes traveling through space, such a rare occurrence was about to become apparent: as clearly visible as the shower of the seasonal Persiedes over the swell of lights draping the San Diego skyline, as huge as the Rhilliean Rigan discovery of past. / 在乘用馬 Palomar 在十年天文學家從他們的 200 公尺望遠鏡和幾十個軌道的領域和旅行過空間的探查用資料觀察銀河編譯的南加州,一個如此稀罕的發生正要變成明顯: 像季節的 Persiedes 的陣雨一樣的清楚看得見在覆蓋聖地牙哥天涯的光增大之上 ,像過去的 Rhilliean Rigan 發現一樣的極大。
Take a look at this, quick! / 看一看這,快的!
What is it? / 它是什麼?
It’s the Andromeda galaxy; Select shifted on its axis, and it looks as though the atmosphere changed. / 是仙女座銀河; 好像大氣改變,選擇在它的軸上改變,而且它看起來。
That’s a huge wobble. Something happened- a collision? Better call Atlanta...see if they’ve got a bead on this too. / 那是極大的擺動。 某事發生-碰撞? 更呼叫亞特蘭大。。。看看是否他們也已經得到在這上的一個珠子。
Whoa- it’s gone. What the hell? / 哇- 它不見了。 什麼地獄?
Atlanta, do you concur? Coordinates are six-delta-...yes. / 亞特蘭大,你意見相同嗎? 坐標是六-三角州-.。。是的。
Correct, sir. It appears as though Select disintegrated. / 改正,先生。 好像選擇分解,它出現。
Crescent Coral, this is Palomar... yes, we can confirm the event… / 新月形的珊瑚,這是 Palomar 。。。 是的,我們能確定事件…

gone why / 去為什麼
Berg Katse cocked her head towards it. Her hair was a bright fall down her back and strands of it was carried over her face by the threading force of its breath. Dark robes shifted around her slim frame as she turned to face the alien. "Sosai. Did you summon me?" gone? / 冰山 Katse 向它聳立了她的頭。 她的頭髮是明亮的秋天下來她的背部,而且它的濱被它的呼吸線力量繼續她的臉了。 當她準備面對外僑的時候,黑暗的寬鬆長袍在她的瘦體格的周圍改變。 "Sosai。 你召喚我嗎?" 去?
Berg Katse suddenly shuddered, slapped down by chilling pain, and the deepest agony of calamity and grief collided deep in her chest. It came in a dark swooning pulse that sent her heart and senses reeling, and she cried out, flinging her hands up in a futile attempt to ward it off. A low moaning outcry rose and broke free from her chest, echoing the wailing keen she heard in her ears and in the deepest recesses of her soul. / 冰山 Katse 突然戰慄, 被無情痛苦 , 和碰撞她的胸深處的災難和傷痛的最深極大的痛苦啪的一聲放下。 它進來黑暗昏暈送了她的心和感覺於軸上的脈膊,而且她大叫, 向上在一種無用的嘗試方面投她的手防止它。 一個低點呻吟尖叫玫瑰色的而且從她的胸自由斷掉, 隨聲附和那悲嘆鋒利的她在她的靈魂她耳朵和最深休會中聽到。
Then the change tore through her body in a flaming backdraft and this time she did scream, a high howling shriek with all the agony of flaming lungs, pounding heart, tearing and swirling deep under her mons, blood hemorrhaging in a sudden sheet from deep inside her belly and down her legs. Katse collapsed into convulsions, and his eyes found the ocher malignity of it and were locked in its damnation. The change heaved out inside of him, shattered her, built him; in the blink of an eye Sosai’s will clamped down and squeezed. / 然後改變撕破過她做了尖叫聲 , 和燃燒肺,敲心的所有極大的痛苦一聲高的咆哮尖銳的響聲燃燒的 backdraft 和這次的她身體,在她的 mons 之下深入地扯裂而且搖晃, 血在她的腹裡來自深處的突然張中出血而且墬落她的腿。 Katse 進入抽筋之內倒塌,而且他的眼睛發現那阿它的惡意而且被鎖在它的非難。 改變用力舉起了他的外面內部,打碎了她,建造他; 一眨眼間 Sosai's 的意志夾緊下來而且緊握。
"Sosai!" Katse screamed. "Sosai, what is wrong? Why are you angry? The completion of the Black Hole Operation, which was ordered by you, is close at hand ... please, Sosai! Have I done something wrong?" The pain doubled, tripled. He screamed high and shrill as it twisted his body in a gruesome contortion, every muscle in his body arching and straining and about to tear free from his bones. / " Sosai"! Katse 尖叫。 "Sosai,怎麼回事? 你為什麼生氣的? 被你命令了的黑色洞手術的完成是結束在手邊。。。 請,Sosai! 我做有毛病了嗎?"痛苦加倍,三倍之數。 當它擰了一個可怕的扭彎他身體的時候,他高度地尖叫而且用尖銳的聲音說, 他的身體成弓形彎曲的每束肌肉而且勞累和大約從他的骨頭自由流淚。
No Katse / 沒有 Katse
The pathos slowly spilled out of Katse, almost apologetically, leaving him collapsed and bloody on the floor of the chamber, shaking and sobbing for breath. His hair was matted coils down his back, newly aquiline features blotched in gray and fever-scorched red. / 感傷慢慢地溢出離 Katse,幾乎辯解地, 離開他倒塌和血腥的在會議室的地板上,為呼吸搖動和發出嗚咽聲音。 他的頭髮是鋪蓆子的捲下來他的背部,最近鷹的特徵在灰色和發燒使燒焦的紅色中大斑點。
Now it flooded in high and bloody rage, mindless in grief. Katse was hit before he even knew it, and was frozen in its light, locked firm and wrenched upwards into trembling attention. / 現在它蜂擁而至高度和血腥的憤怒, 不小心的在傷痛中。 在他甚至知道之前 , Katse 被打它, 而且在它的燈中被凍結,進入發抖的注意之內以上鎖了公司而且猛扭。
Katse before we put this operation into effect we must eliminate those interfering children G-Force and David Anderson as well / 在我們前的 Katse 把這手術置於我們一定要除去正在妨礙孩子 G 的那些效果- 力量和大衛安德遜恐怕最好
"Y-yes, my Lord, yes!" Katse moaned. He shuddered as those gold and baleful eyes swimming in the dimensional void settled down on him, with the weight of every life killed in every millennia since the dawn of time. "Yes, at once!" / "Y-是的,我公爵,是的"! Katse 呻吟。 當在他身上在空間的空虛中游泳的那些金色的和有害的眼睛安頓下來的時候,他戰慄,具有每生活的重量自從時間的破曉以後在每個幾千年殺。 "是的,立刻 "!

When the long quiet Mount Bulusan in the Philippines started rumbling with petite earthquakes targeted miles down in the depths of the slopes, an ISO team of volcanologists wasted no time setting up their lab in a small village shack on the north face of the mountain. This would be the finest chance to monitor a volcano’s emergence from over twenty years of inaction up to a possible eruption, since Mount Pinatubo erupted over thirty years before. With all the newest ground sonar monitoring equipment they had at their disposal, they had a better chance at an accurate eruption prediction than their predecessors on Pinatubo had before. / 當久安靜的乘用馬 Bulusan 在菲律賓以嬌小地震開始發隆隆聲的時候瞄準哩在傾斜的深度方面墬落,一個火山學家的國際標準組織小組沒浪費時間背景在一個小的村莊中的他們實驗室上面在北方上的小屋山的臉。 這將會是最好的機會監視來自超過二十年的怠惰火山的出現決定於可能的爆發, 因為乘用馬 Pinatubo 爆發超過在三十年以前。 藉由所有的最新土地的聲納監聽儀器他們有在他們的處理, 他們超過在 Pinatubo 上的他們前輩以一個正確的爆發預測有了一個更好的機會有在之前。
So when the seismograph beeped that a temblor was occurring under Mount Bulusan, the scientists’ first reactions were not unlike a mother’s at a child’s first spoken word. They were thrilled at the sudden action deep inside the core, and in moments they all had every implement locked on the internal plumbing of that high South Pacific volcano. This was the fourth minor earthquake in as many days, originating deep inside the mountain. Early speculation was that it was just another cycle in the life of the mountain, about to soon vent steam, maybe blast a few phreatic eruptions of ash over the surrounding land, and then fall silent again. / 如此的當地震計嗶嗶聲以致於一個地震正在乘用馬 Bulusan 之下發生,科學家的第一反應在孩子最口語的字不是不像母親的。 他們在核心裡在突然的行動被震顫深處,而且在片刻內他們全部鎖定每個工具那座高的南方太平洋的火山內在鉛工業。 這是第四個較小的地震在如許多天,開始裡面的深處山。 早的推測是,它是山的生活老套的周期, 大約很快發洩蒸氣,也許摧殘在周圍的土地上的一些灰的 phreatic 爆發, 然後秋天沈默的再一次。
As expected, the temblor lasted only a few seconds, then dwindled away. Internal density readings and the quake’s epicenter and range were already being crunched by the lab’s computers. In a few moments they’d know whether or not the volcano was starting to swell with gasses as a precursor to a possible eruption or was just settling down. / 依照期望,地震只持續了數秒,然後減少離開。 內在的密度閱讀和地震的震央和範圍已經被實驗室的電腦嘎扎嘎扎的咬嚼。 在幾片刻之內他們將會知道,是否火山開始以 gasses 增大當可能的爆發一個先驅者或者正在僅僅安定下來。
A few minutes later, the seismograph twitched again. / 一些分鐘之後,地震計再一次猛拉。
And the readings went off the scale. / 而且閱讀爆炸刻度。
The earthquake came in a massive jarring wrench that heaved the slope upwards a full ten feet. The lab was instantly torn from its foundation and sent sliding down the hillside in a bouncing, disintegrating explosion of wood and glass, equipment flying everywhere, the occupants screaming down with it. The size and suddenness of it would hit other seismologists worldwide with as much shock as the terror in the ISO volcanologists final conscious moments as they tumbled down the hill with the remains of the lab, the baking pyroclastic flow just milliseconds behind their crushed bodies, rolling down the collapsing and liquefying slopes in a black tidal avalanche. / 地震進來一個以上用力舉起了傾斜完整的十呎龐大的輾軋扳鉗。 實驗室立即地從它的基礎被撕開並且送滑下來跳躍的山坡,分解木材和玻璃,各處飛的儀器爆炸,以它尖叫下來的占有者。 大小和它的突然將會在全世界碰撞其他的地震學家由於當如國際標準組織火山學家的恐怖很多的驚嚇最後的有意識的片刻當他們弄翻小山由於那實驗室保持,灼熱的 pyroclastic 流動在他們的粉碎身體後面的正直毫秒,滾動下來那個崩潰而且溶解一個黑色的潮汐雪崩的傾斜。
Then the ash boiled up to stratospheric heights in a thunderous flash; with all the power of several hundred nuclear blasts the top half of the mountain was blown into the darkened sky in the blink of an eye, and all of the land and villages surrounding it were stripped bare by dozens of pyroclastic flows for miles in every direction. The skies would rain fire and ash for weeks on end, the death toll would come in the estimates of the high thousands, and the scientists’ bodies would never be found among them. / 然後灰直到生雷的閃光同溫層的高度煮沸; 藉由一些百的所有力量核子責罵頂尖人一半的山一眨眼間進入被弄暗的天空之內被吹,而且所有的土地和圍繞著它的村莊對於每個方向的哩被幾十個 pyroclastic 流程除去赤裸的。 天空將會連續下雨火和灰長達數個星期之久,死亡人數將會進來高的數千估計,而且科學家的身體將會無法在他們之中被發現。


Jay Randall was off the USS Muriel the moment the hydroplane cruiser’s crew docked her into port at Naval Air Station Alameda, and he silently headed for the base’s kennels. Sam the dog was already loose from her lieutenant handler and running his way, cheerfully bounding over at his calling whistle and then falling in beside at a slow guarding trot. Damn but she was a good dog, the best bomb tracker they had, almost comical with her near-human sensibilities and feminine quirks. She ranged ahead of her sole master and roamed around the EDC sedan he would drive home- intuitive taking over without even needing a search command- then jumped in through one of the open windows. / 鳥蘭德爾走開是片刻水上飛機巡洋艦的組員在海軍的車站航空散步道路所停泊她進港口的美國 Muriel ,而且他默默地去基礎的狗舍。 山姆狗已經是寬鬆的從她中尉處理的人而且跑他的方法, 高高興興地在他呼叫口哨結束跳躍然後跳躍的下降在一慢地保衛快步旁邊。 一點但是她是一隻好狗, 最好的炸彈追蹤者他們有, 幾乎好笑由於她接近- 人類的感性和女性的奇事。 她在她的腳掌之前排列主人並且在他將會開車回家的 EDC 私家轎車的周圍漫遊-直覺的沒有平坦的需要一個搜尋指令接管- 然後跳躍在經過開放的窗戶之一。
You wanna drive? Jay thought as the golden retriever gave him a superior doggy smile. He was in love with her, but as he rubbed the point at the back of his neck where the probes had been slipped to run the scans into his cerebonic hardwiring and got a light ripple of pain spiraling through his right arm in response to the pressure, he wondered if she’d been worth it. But then again, one puppy-dog look was all it took, then and now. / 你想要駕駛? 當金的復得者給予了他一個優越的小狗微笑的時候,鳥想。 他與她相戀,但是當他在他的探查已經被滑倒跑掃描進他的 cerebonic hardwiring 之內而且得到了一陣回應壓力成螺旋狀下降過他的右手臂的痛苦輕漣波的脖子背面擦點, 他懷疑假如她是值得。 但是再一次然後,小狗- 狗的神情是它拿的全部,然後和現在。
Jay slid in behind the wheel with a long and tired sigh. The car was a lame excuse in comparison to the high-strung power of the G-2 even out of transmutation, but it was secure in the Phoenix’s nosedock and he’d quietly left it in place. He reached over and rumpled Sam’s ears. "You’re a manipulative little bitch, you know that?" / 鳥滑動在輪子後面以一聲長的和疲累的歎息。 汽車是甚至從變形對 G-2 的高度緊張力量的在比較中的差勁藉口,但是它是安心的在鳳凰城的 nosedock 中,而且他有安靜地適當地留下了它。 他伸過手去而且弄縐了山姆的耳朵。 " 你是一個用手處理的小母狗,你知道那 "?
Sam batted her tail agreeably against the passenger door. Yeah, but I know you love me anyway. / 山姆反對乘客門愉快地蝙蝠了她的尾部。 是的,但是我知道你無論如何愛我。
He’d officially been off for a two day furlough six hours before, but at the very end of his tour he had finally gone in to the medical staff on Crescent Coral Island. It hurt far more than even he could ignore. One warning shot was all his cerebonics had given him. The sudden raking fire that seared down his back and arms early that morning in his officer’s quarters had come like a frag explosion, and instantly his pulse skyrocketed above 100, hyperventilating in shock, not even knowing if he had screamed and somehow that had been the worst of all. / 他已經被正式在六個小時以前離開達二天之久休假,但是在他的旅遊最結束他已經被最後對在新月形的珊瑚島上的醫學職員進入。 它傷害更多的比較甚至他可以不理睬。 警告的注射是他所有的 cerebonics 已經給他。 向船尾烤焦下來他的背部,而且在他的官員四分之一內那天早晨武裝得早的火突然已經像一個 frag 爆炸來,而且立即地他的脈膊飆漲上述的 100,驚嚇的 hyperventilating, 不是甚至博學假如他尖叫,而且不知何故那已經是全部的最壞。
Then everything went numb. Everything. He didn’t even feel the floor when he passed out. Just bang- into the black. / 然後每件事物變麻木。 每件事物。 當他昏倒的時候,他甚至沒有感覺地板。 僅僅重擊-進入黑色之內。
Not out for long, but it was enough for worry to escalate into profound fright. / 不在外為長的,但是煩惱進入極深的驚駭之內擴大是充足的。
Something was very, very wrong. / 某事是非常非常錯誤。
He was halfway down Highway One into Pacifica when his wristband flashed, and it nearly made him jump out of his skin. When he opened up the comm his hands were shaking. "Two." / 當他的袖口閃現,而且它幾乎使他跳躍離他的皮膚時候,他進入 Pacifica 之內是中途的向下公路一。 當他打通他的手正在搖動的 comm 的時候。 " 二 ".
"Jay, wherever you are, turn around and head back to Marin. We know what’s wrong." / "鳥,無論你在何處,回過頭而且返回馬林。 我們知道什麼是錯誤的。"
"Talk to me now, Matty," Jay called out, and now all of him was shaking. For the first time since that first day when he had gone under the knife and waded out of the anesthesia feeling those new and strange harmonic sensations whispering under his skin, the cerebonics’ familiar pulses made him want to throw up. "What’s causing it? What’s wrong with me?" / "現在和我說話,Matty",鳥大叫,而且現在他全部正在搖動。 自從那個他已經在刀之下去而且跋涉離感覺那些在他的皮膚之下耳語的新和奇怪的調和感覺的麻醉第一天以後第一次, cerebonics' 熟悉的脈膊使他想要嘔吐。 " 什麼正在引起它? 我怎麼了 ?"
And at that very second a dark shadow passed over his speeding car. Slowly cruised over, blotting out the sun and stopped. / 而且以那一個最第二個一個黑暗的影像忽略他的駕車超速汽車。 慢慢地結束巡航,污點出太陽而且停止。
"It’s the two vert-ssssk!" Dr. Martinez’s voice suddenly evaporated into static. Something was cutting the signal. Jay looked up at the hovering supercraft and felt grinding shock at the sheer size of the thing. / "它是二 vert-ssssk"! Martinez's 博士聲音突然進入靜電之內蒸發。 某事正在減低信號。 鳥在事物的絕對大小看在上面盤旋 supercraft 而且被感覺磨的驚嚇。
Like striking snakes, the Gallactor cruiser’s two drone hovercrafts shot down on him. / 喜歡打擊蛇,Gallactor 巡洋艦的二雄蜂 hovercrafts 在他身上擊落。
Both swooped low over the car, cannons strafing automatic fire. Under them Jay slammed on the brakes and spun the sedan around, its engine howling. Sam, caught off guard by the sudden evasive turn, scrambled for footing and smacked the dashboard with a painful yelp. The sedan sped forward, tires squealing smoke. Two rounds slapped the windshield just inches from Jay’s head. Another punched into the car’s ceiling and left a two-inch dent in the armor. Jay sent it veering hard to the left, then back. A hovercraft screamed past then curved around and down to face him head-on, the gunner swinging his cannon down. A line of fire chipped the road directly in front of Jay as the other coursed down low from behind, blocking his escape. Several rounds popped the left fore tire and sent it flying in shredded black chunks whipping away from the rim. / 兩者都低下地在汽車之上抓取,大砲 strafing 自動機械火。 在他們之下鳥在煞車上猛然關上而且在附近快速旋轉私家轎車, 咆哮的它引擎。 山姆,走開捕捉突然的逃避旋轉的守衛,為步行而且有味道有一聲痛苦的叫喊儀表板攀緣。 向前地被加速的私家轎車,使疲倦發出尖銳的叫聲煙。 拍擊擋風玻璃的二個回合僅僅從鳥的頭慢慢前進。 另外一進入汽車的天花板之內以拳重擊而且留下了盔甲的一個二吋凹痕。 鳥送了它努力地改變方向到左邊,然後向後地。 hovercraft 然後尖叫過去彎在而且周圍墬落正面地面對他,搖擺他的大砲砲手墬落。 當另一個從後面的部分低下地課程下來的時候,一個火線在鳥之前直接地削了道路, 阻斷他的逃亡。 一些回合在前輪胎取出左邊並且送了它在撕成碎片黑色的大塊鞭打遠離邊緣飛。
The sedan crumpled down instantly when the tire blew. Velocity rocked it hard down into the asphalt and sent it flipping side over side across the highway’s grassy median, metal and turf flying in every direction. The armored frame ground itself into the grass with a spraying cloud of dust and scattering dirt, finally rolling back onto all fours with a slow groaning thump at the end of its momentum, the body crumpled and scarred beyond recognition. / 當輪胎吹的時候,私家轎車立即地弄皺下來。 被搖動它的速度努力地進入柏油之內墬落而且送了它用指頭彈橫過公路的綠色 像草的中動脈,金屬的在邊上的邊而且趕出在每個方向中飛。 進入和灰塵和散佈的噴霧雲的草之內土地的它本身污垢的武裝體格, 最後迫使後退在所有的四之上由於慢的在它動力結束的時候呻吟重打,身體弄皺而且結疤超過承認。
Inside, Jay’s vision swam in and out of focus as he tried to wriggle free from the seatbelts to reach his dropped gun, and from outside he heard the two smaller hovercrafts’ engines slowly cycling down as they landed. Overhead the cruiser drifted past, content to let the men in the two drones deal with the crash. Footsteps approached the mangled car. Sam was gone. Jay collapsed onto the passenger seat, awareness suddenly fuzzing out. He absently wiped one hand over his forehead, feeling the warm smear of blood where the airbag had missed, then promptly forgot about the wound. His Sig Sauer was under the seat. He heard their voices, soft and cautious, and the quick snap of a rifle’s action jacking the first round in. He grasped the butt of the Sig, but couldn’t feel it solid in his hand. His right hand was prickling in and out of pain. Rolling sheets of it was coursing down his back. / 內部, 鳥的視野游泳在而且從焦點當他試著從 seatbelts 自由蠕動到達他的降低槍,而且從他慢慢地聽到了二個更小的 hovercrafts' 引擎騎車下來的外面當他們登陸。 在高處被漂流過去的巡洋艦,使讓男人進去二個雄蜂和墜毀的交易滿足。 腳步接近了被亂切的汽車。 山姆不見了。 鳥在乘客座位之上倒塌, 覺察突然作絨毛狀飛散出。 他心不在焉地擦了在他的前額上的一隻手,感覺空氣囊已經錯過的血溫暖污跡,然後敏捷地關於創傷忘記。 他的 Sig Sauer 在座位之下。 他聽到了他們的聲音,軟的和謹慎的, 和抬起第一個回合進入的來福槍的行動快大聲叱罵。 他抓住了 Sig 的煙頭, 但是無法在他的手中感覺它堅硬的。 他的右手正在刺在和從痛苦。 旋轉張的它正在課程下來他的背部。
A low chuckle from outside- and suddenly the muzzle of a rifle was being poked through the smashed passenger window and into the side of his face. His hand, still down under the seat, sagged down in surrender and humiliation. / 從外面的一個低的吃吃笑聲-而且突然來福槍的動物之鼻口正在被撥開過被粉碎的乘客窗戶並且進入他的臉邊之內。 他的手,仍然在座位之下墬落,在放棄和恥辱方面下垂下來。
"This was almost too easy," the laughing voice murmured. "Not what we expected out of a G-Forcer." He motioned up with the muzzle of the rifle, and the front sight scraped along Jay’s cheekbone. "Come on out, hands on your head." / " 這幾乎太容易 ",笑著的聲音低語。 " 不什麼我們期望離 a G-Forcer". 他在由於來福槍的動物之鼻口 , 和前面的視力沿著鳥的頰骨刮掉上面運動。 " 發生外面的,傳遞你的頭".
Shaking miserably in shock from the crash, Jay looked up and saw the form of a Gallactor officer aiming the rifle at his face, the green of his uniform fading in and out of focus, blending with the treeline beyond his peripheral vision. The officer yanked the door open, and busted glass clattered onto the ground. His hardwiring buzzing, Jay squeezed his eyes shut and reopened them, trying to regain visual focus, rally down his faltering muscles. It was too late to transmute. There was no place for him to go. / 在來自墜毀的驚嚇中非常不幸地搖動, 鳥看在而且上面見到了把來福槍對準他的臉 Gallactor 官員的形式, 他的制服時尚的綠色在和從焦點, 以 treeline 混合超過他的周邊視野。 官員強拉了門公開, 而且打破 , 玻璃在地面之上發出嘩啦聲。 他的 hardwiring 發蜂音,鳥緊握 , 他的眼睛關上而且重開了他們, 嘗試取回視覺的焦點,集結下來他的蹣跚肌肉。 它是太晚而無法變形。 他沒有地方去。
Sam shot out of the car’s rear passenger window like a golden furry bullet, clamping onto the arm of the trooper at the officer’s left and driving him down screaming in terror and firing his weapon into the air. The rest of them ducked at the swinging arc of bullets, and the trooper was howling, Sam snarling and shredding his arms, face, and chest with quick and efficiently vicious fury. The remainder of the troopers scrambled away in all directions from her and Sam’s prey was shrieking "-off! Get ‘im off! Get ‘im off-!!" / 山姆射擊離 , 汽車的後面乘客窗戶喜歡一個金的毛皮子彈,在官員的左邊在騎兵的手臂之上定位而且把他駕駛下來在恐怖中尖叫和開火他的武器進空氣之內。 他們的其餘者在子彈的搖擺弧沒入水中,而且騎兵是咆哮的,和快的和有效率邪惡的憤怒吼叫和撕碎他的手臂,臉和胸的山姆。 被從她和獵物正在尖叫的山姆往四面八方攀緣離開的騎兵剩餘者 "-走開! 寄出‘ im! 寄出‘ im-!!"
Jay swung his arm up and shot the closest trooper dead-blank in the face; he dropped like a sack of feed and sprawled onto the ground. Jay snatched up the trooper’s weapon and leveled a tight arc of fire at their knees from the wrenched open door; he couldn’t aim any higher trapped behind it. Return fire clanked against the car’s frame, Jay pulled back with his arms over his head, and his dog suddenly yowled high. The officer was bellowing commands to round him off and corner him. He couldn’t hear the dog. He looked around and saw her strewn body sprawled on the ground, and the bitten trooper was weakly moaning and trying to crawl away. Sam? / 鳥搖擺 , 他的手臂提高而且射擊最靠近的騎兵死-臉的空格; 他降低像一個飼養的麻布袋而且在地面之上擴展。 鳥在騎兵的武器上面奪取而且在來自被猛扭的門戶開放的他們膝消除一個火的緊弧; 他無法在它後面對準目標更更高了困住。 回擊發鏗聲對抗汽車的體格,鳥向後地以在他的頭上他手臂拉,而且他的狗突然高度地號叫。 官員正在怒吼指令走開把他弄圓而且迫至一隅他。 他無法聽到狗。 他四處看看而且見到她被撒滿在地面上被擴展的身體,而且被咬的騎兵正在微弱地呻吟和嘗試爬行離開。 山姆?
SAM!" Jay screamed, and a whitewash of pain and hate blistered behind his eyes. The first trooper in front of him was splattered in his next shot. The one behind and to the right was sent spinning back minus his left cheekbone in a kaleidoscope of red airborne spray. The next was too close to shoot; Jay insanely reached out and grabbed the muzzle of the astonished trooper’s rifle, yanked him forward into arm’s range, and broke his neck. More men began to swarm from the other hovercraft, firing on him. He swung the Gallactor’s body around and let the bullets chop deep into the back of their dead member. The officer screamed something unintelligible. Jay heard him and had his position calculated in less than a heartbeat, sliding one hand across the sheath holding his quillspike shuriken. He felt combat-heightened cerebonic fire whip down his back and his arms in reply to the motion. His vision sparkled peregrine sharp. / 山姆!"鳥尖叫,而且一個痛苦和憎恨的白色塗料在他的眼睛後面水泡。 第一個騎兵在他之前在他的下個注射中被使水等飛濺。 一個後面的部分而且對右邊被送減一個紅色空運的水花萬花筒的他左邊的頰骨向後地紡織。 下一個是太接近而無法射擊; 鳥患精神病地到達出並且抓取被騎兵驚訝的來福槍的動物之鼻口,進入手臂的範圍之內向前地強拉了他, 而且斷掉了他的脖子。 更多的男人開始從另一個 hovercraft 群集,在他身上開火。 他在附近搖擺 Gallactor's 的身體並且進入他們的死成員的背面之內讓子彈肉片深處。 官員尖叫無法瞭解的東西。 鳥聽到了他而且計算他的位置在小於一個心跳, 滑一越過握住他的 quillspike shuriken 的鞘傳遞。 他感覺戰鬥加強的 cerebonic 把鞭開除下來對運動的在答覆的他背部和他的手臂。 他的視野閃耀了外僑高調。
When another moved too fast for him to compensate for. / 當另外一移動太快地他而無法償還的時候。
The trooper slammed the butt of his rifle hard into the back of Jay’s neck. / 騎兵進入鳥的脖子背面之內猛然關上了難的他來福槍的煙頭。
And bang- into the black. / 而且砰然-進入黑色之內。

Three agents in operations were struggling in feverish panic at communications when David Anderson stormed in and tracked them down. It was two minutes since the link to Jay Randall was cut, and whatever it was had them effectively blocked in every conceivable frequency. / 當大衛安德遜狂怒咆哮的時候,手術的三個代理人正在溝通在興奮的恐慌方面奮鬥在而且把他們追蹤下來。 它是,對鳥蘭德爾的連結被減低,而且無論它是什麼後二分鐘他們有效地在每一想得到的頻率方面阻塞了。
"We just found the car," one of them said as David approached. "But no sign of him-" / " 我們剛剛發現汽車 ",當大衛接近的時候,他們的其中之一說。 " 但是沒有他的跡象-"
"They had to have been using a cloak," his partner added. "Alameda didn’t trace any off-signal aircraft approaching, but witnesses said that a ship and two choppers came down out of nowhere. Never had a chance." / " 他們必須已經使用一個斗蓬 ",他的合夥人補述。 " 散步道路沒有追蹤任何的走開-信號飛機接近,但是目擊者說了一艘船和二個切物之人無處落下來離。 從不有了一個機會。"
David reached down and traced the line of the signal that was blocking their own, and backed up to search for the source. No good- wherever they were, they weren’t going to let themselves be traced so easily. Make the CCI intelligence teams waste effort, and in the meantime Jay would be minced for everything he knew. It wasn’t a pretty thought. All they could do was to wait for his signal from the outside, if he could send it, and be quick enough to catch it before it was lost. / 他們自己的, 而且支持尋找來源的被伸手拿下而且追蹤正在阻斷的信號線大衛。 沒有好的- 無論他們在何處,自己不將讓被追蹤如此的容易。 使 CCI 智力聯成一組廢棄的努力, 而且在那其間鳥中將會被為他知道的每件事物切碎。 它不是一個漂亮的想法。 全部他們會做是等候來自外面的他信號,如果在它被失去之前 , 他可以送它, 而且夠快來捕捉它。
From the onboard camera of an Earth Defense Command ship that was cruising over the long abandoned wreckage, David could see the remains of the bomb dog like scraps of red-blotted gold cloth, and the mental picture grew uglier. / 從一艘地球防衛指令正在遍及長的墮落殘餘巡航的船那在板子上相機,大衛可以見到那保持炸彈尾隨相似小片紅色的 - 被污點金色的布料,而且心智的照片變得比較醜陋。
"Base to yellow," David ordered, the reflection of the visual glimmering off his glasses. "And round up the squads." / " 以黃色作基礎到 ",大衛點,在他的眼鏡外的視覺發微光的反映。 " 而且圓的提高小隊".
"Yes, sir," the first agent replied, and around him his people jumped into action. / "是的,先生",第一個代理人答覆,而且在他周圍他的民族進入行動之內跳躍。

Awareness came back in a frozen snap, and instantly Jay had the entire space under focus the moment he opened his eyes. Both arms and his back were warm with mellow, tolerable pain under the clamp of the men holding him up. The space in the humming mecha cruiser was huge, ceilings high and catwalk lined. Ostensibly decorated, rich trappings decked with the Gallactor insignia hung from military iron. There were two men on each side, weapons aimed at his chest. Three more were in front. He could feel the tense air of more behind his back on the ground and lining the catwalks. Another pair guarded behind the low-slung dais in front of him. And on that dais, seated in a relaxed and unfearing cross-legged posture, wide open and practically defenseless from the front, the robed and hooded figure laughed softly as though he knew Jay could pounce and cut his throat in less than a second if he wanted to, but also knowing that he wouldn’t. / 覺察在冷凍大聲叱罵中回來,而且立即地鳥有了在焦點下面的整個空間他打開了他的眼睛片刻。 手臂和他的背部對在向上捉住他的男人螺絲鉗下面的成熟又可容忍的痛苦感到溫暖。 嗡嗡叫 mecha 巡洋艦的空間是極大的,天花板高度和狹小甬道排成一行。 表面上用從軍事鐵被吊的 Gallactor 勳章裝飾 , 富有的陷擾裝飾。 有在每邊上的二位男人,武器瞄準他的胸。 另外三個是在前面中。 他可以感覺更多後面的部分緊張空氣他的向後地在地面和襯裡狹小甬道上。 另雙在他之前被投擲臺的低後面保衛。 而且在那一個臺上, 坐在一放鬆而且不害怕盤著腿的姿勢,廣泛的公開和實際無防備從前面,被穿著長袍而且罩上的數字柔和地笑,好像他認識,如果他想要,鳥在小於秒內會攫住而且減低他的咽喉到, 但是也博學的他不會。
"I apologize for interrupting your commute earlier," the hooded figure spoke, smug humor in the low and sweetly complacent voice. "Do forgive us." / " 我打斷你的早些時候交換道歉 ,",被罩上的數字說,書呆子在低點和甜美滿足的聲音中迎合。 " 確實原諒我們 " 。
Beside him, the troopers loosened their hold and slowly backed away. Jay watched them retreat from the corners of his eyes, slowly relaxing, his muscles winding down from the tension of their grip. Then bleak, tired, exasperation. The connection had already been made long before, by Gallactor’s discovery of that long empty grave beside his parents’, and he secretly knew that it had only been a matter of time. "What does Gallactor want with a racer like me?" / 在他旁邊,騎兵放鬆了他們的把握並且慢慢地退縮。 鳥從他的眼睛角落看他們撤退,慢慢地放鬆,他的從他們的緊握緊張停止的肌肉。 然後蕭瑟的﹐疲累的,惱怒。 連接已經被在以前被做長, 被 Gallactor's 的在他父母旁邊的那個長的空墓穴的發現,而且他暗中知道它已經被只有是一個時間的事件。 " Gallactor 用像我一樣的一個參賽者想要什麼 "?
"Racer?" the figure chuckled. "Mr. Randall, you haven’t enjoyed a single race with your old team at Busch International since two years ago." And around him the cruiser’s interior echoed with the laughter of the troopers surrounding him, the shareholders of some secret and undelivered punchline. / " 參賽者 "? 數字吃吃的笑。 "蘭德爾先生, 你沒有和 Busch 的你老小組享受一個比賽國際的自從二年以前". 而且在他周圍巡洋艦的內部以圍繞著他的騎兵笑,一些秘密的股東隨聲附和而且未遞送了 punchline 。
"I’m retired," Jay replied dryly. / " 我被退休 ",鳥冷淡地答覆。
The figure nodded slowly, understandingly. "Hmm, indeed. Nonetheless, information has come to our organization that you’re also the very much active G-Forcer second. Is that true?" / 數字點頭得慢慢,理解。 "Hmm,的確。 然而,資料已經得到你也是非常積極的 G 的我們組織- Forcer 秒。 那是真實的嗎?"
Jay himself laughed in mild amazement. "I’m who?" / 鳥他自己在溫和的驚愕中笑。 " 我是誰"?
The figure leaned back, and Jay felt a dozen weapons suddenly shift closer. "One who has hurt us terribly," the figure continued in a low and sharpening growl. "In short, one who can be counted among the combat specialists’ pedigree of the Earth Defense Command. One, who- shall we say, has announced himself among some called ‘allies of justice’." He blew the notion off with a bored wave of his hand. "So to speak." / 數字向後地倚靠,而且鳥變得比較靠近。 " 人已經可怕地傷害我們", 數字在一個低點中繼續而且使吠聲尖銳。 "簡而言之, 人能在戰鬥專家的地球防衛指令的系譜之中被計算。 一,- 將我們說,已經在一些之中宣佈他自己叫做正義的‘盟友'."他以他的手一個無趣波浪把觀念吹走。 " 可以說 ".
The officer who’d confronted him in the wreckage of the car moved in closer, his rifle held even with Jay’s stomach. A captain, Jay noted, giving him a quick look of knowing appraisal. The captain jerked to a stop at Jay’s notice, wariness heightening, the muscles in his face hard and tight. / 官員 who'd 在汽車的殘餘中面對他搬進比較靠近的,他來福槍甚至和鳥的胃拿著。 一位船長 , 鳥注意,給他博學評價的快神情。 船長以鳥的注意,注意加強痙攣到一個停止, 正對著難的和緊肌肉。
Jay shifted his gaze back to the figure under the hood. "And you’re saying I remind you of him?" He suddenly brightened, frankly flattered, and nearly every man around him fairly balked at his sudden amusement. "I’m honored!" / 鳥把他的注視改變回在頭巾下面的數字。 " 而且你正在說我使你想起他 "? 他突然變亮,坦白地過份誇讚,而且幾乎每個男人在他周圍公平地在他的突然娛樂阻止。 " 我被尊敬 "!
The figure leaned down from the dais again, eyeing him closely. "Be that as it may," he spoke slowly, every word a borderline death sentence. "The reason for this little talk, is that I want you to tell me the identities of all the other members of your G-Force squad." / 數字再一次從臺倚靠下來,嚴密地注意他。 " 是當做它可能",他說得慢慢, 每個字一個邊界的死刑。 " 小談話的理由,是我想要你告訴我所有你的 G- 力量的小隊其他成員的身份 " 。
He slid one hand under the draped hood, slowly pulling it back. The light in the space caught the deepness of the fabric underneath and made it glow like dying light over poisoned air. / 他滑動了在被用布簾覆蓋的頭巾下面的一隻手,慢慢地把它拉回來。 空間的光在下面捕捉織物的深並且使它發紅光同類死亡在毒害的空氣上的光。
"What do you think of that, Mr. Randall?" / "你覺得那如何,蘭德爾先生"?
The figure’s low laughter echoed through the air at Jay like a damnation, as the cloth of the hood was tossed and pooled at the foot of the dais into a limp puddle. With the sight of the Gallactor warlord came the memory of all the blood that had blown out of his mother’s belly before she collapsed onto the patio table; thirteen years before but wide and brilliant behind Jay’s flaming eyes as though it had happened yesterday, that morning, that instant; that bright red spray all over her breakfast china, the explosive splatter out of the back of his father. / 數字的低笑隨聲附和過 , 在鳥的空氣喜歡一個非難, 因為頭巾的布料被進入柔軟的水池之內在臺下方投擲而且告發。 在她倒塌在庭院之上桌子之前 , 與 Gallactor 軍閥的視力來所有的已經他的母親腹吹熄的血記憶; 十三年以前但是寬的和燦爛的在鳥燃燒的眼睛後面好像那天早晨它昨天已經發生,那立即; 那一個大紅色到處噴灑她的早餐磁器,從他的父親背面的易爆發的飛濺。
And the orange blast of fire that sent him grinding broken and burned into the sand. / 而且把進入沙子之內被打破而且燃燒的研磨派遣給了他的火橘色疾風。
"Katse." Jay hissed. / " Katse". 鳥發出噓聲。
Berg Katse grinned under the cover of the mask. "Jason Randall, second of the infamous G-Force squad. You’re some piece of work. Squad hotshot and kamikaze with more balls than the entire EDC Beta Specialist Squads combined. But you might die, right here, just like that, with a single word from me. Well?" / 冰山 Katse 在假面具的掩護之下露齒而笑。 "傑生蘭德爾,無恥的 G- 力量的小隊秒。 你是一些工作。 小隊貨物快車和神風隊隊員由於更多的球超過整個的 EDC 貝它專家小隊聯合。 但是你可能死,就在這裡, 僅僅喜歡那,藉由來自我的一個字。 好的?"
"Well what?" Jay growled. / " 湧出什麼"? 鳥怒吠。
Berg Katse cackled delightedly, rising from the dais and approaching the captured G-Forcer. "Aren’t you scared?" / 冰山 Katse 高興地咯咯地叫,從臺升起而且接近被捕獲的 G-Forcer 。 " 你沒被驚嚇"?
Jay’s dark and lethal smile paused Katse at the foot of the dais. "Take your mask off, and let’s see if you’re as scared as you think I should be." / 鳥的黑暗和致命的微笑在臺下方暫停 Katse 。 " 脫掉你的假面具, 而且讓我們看看是否你是同樣地驚嚇當你認為我應該是 " 。
The warlord actually froze, and under the mask his skin tightened into an animal sneer. The captain strode forward, swinging his rifle’s muzzle up even with Jay’s chest. "Bastard! That’s no way to talk to Lord Katse!" He shouldered the weapon in direct emphasis of the offense and aimed directly at the side of Jay’s head. "Apologize!" / 軍閥實際上凍結, 和在他的皮膚進入一個動物冷笑之內勒緊的假面具之下。 船長向前地邁大步走,以鳥的胸向上甚至搖擺他的來福槍的動物之鼻口。 "私生子! 那不是方法和 Katse 公爵說話!"他肩負了犯罪的直接強調的武器並且直接地瞄準鳥的頭邊。 " 道歉 "!
Jay turned his head towards the captain, and his eyes narrowed into glacial chips at the sight of him. His expression shifted from simple fury into something colder than wrath; black, calculating, and deadly. / 鳥轉向了對於船長的他頭,而且他的眼睛一看見他進入冰的薄片之內縮小。 他的表達超過憤怒從簡單的憤怒到寒冷的東西改變; 黑色的,計算, 和致命的。
The captain’s hand under the action of the rifle trembled, just enough so that they could both hear it softly rattle. Fear- just a flitting blink of uncertainty hounded by returning and hardening anger at that moment of indecisiveness- flashed through his own eyes. / 在被戰慄的來福槍的行動之下的船長手, 僅僅足夠以便他們兩個可以柔和地聽到它驚慌失措。 恐懼- 只是一倏地飛在藉由在那片刻的非決定性歸還而且變硬忿怒被帶獵犬狩獵的不確定眨眼-閃現過他自己的眼睛。
"Back off, little boy," he heard the G-Forcer in a low and savage growl. / " 支持遠又小男孩 ",他聽到了 G-一個低的和天然的吠聲 Forcer。
Berg Katse raised his hand at his officer. "That’s enough. I don’t want him dead." He grinned maliciously. "Not just yet." / 冰山 Katse 舉起了在他的官員他手。 "那是充足。 我完全地不想要他。"他懷惡意地露齒而笑。 " 不僅僅仍然".
The Gallactor warlord fearlessly stepped into the range of the G-Forcer, resting his hand on the barrel of his officer’s weapon and easing it down. The captain’s face was waxed with rage, but he obediently stepped back, eyes fixed on their captive. Berg Katse thoughtfully circled Jay, appraising his tightened form. "I might let you live, but only if you tell me the identities of the other four." / Gallactor 軍閥大膽地進入 G-Forcer 的範圍之內踏,休息在他的官員武器的桶上他手而且把它緩和下來。 臉與憤怒一起變大的船長,但是他服從地向後地踏,眼睛在他們的俘虜身上修理。 冰山 Katse 深思地包圍了鳥,評價他的勒緊形式。 " 我可能讓你居住,但是只有當如果你告訴我另外四的身份 " 。
The request had been expected, but hearing it still startled the G-Forcer. Berg Katse sensed it, and moved away to face him from the foot of the dais. "Well? It’s that simple...tell me who the other members are, and I’ll spare your life and yours alone." / 請求已經被期望, 但是聽它仍然震驚 G-Forcer 。 冰山 Katse 感覺了它, 而且移開從臺的腳面對他。 "湧出? 真是那麼簡單。。。告訴我誰其他成員是,而且我將寬恕你的生活和你的孤獨。"
Another hard bite of pain raced down his back, and with it Kelley Takahashi’s memory rode shotgun. Then Key, just a lump sitting on her grave for hours on end. She’d succeeded, hadn’t she? Carried that Gallactor assassin along with her, and that nameless and searching thing burrowed deep in her body and mind. She’d taken it past Jun, past Mareccu, past Key. All the way to the harbors off the Embarcadero, where she took her own life to escape it. She’d saved them all from whatever it was, and he could tell by the honest sincerity in the manner of the Gallactor warlord. It could only mean that whatever it was that held Katse’s leash, that same thing that had taken Kelley, genuinely didn’t know. None of them knew. / 另外痛苦的難咬比賽下來他的背部, 和由於它記憶騎散彈獵槍的凱萊 Takahashi's。 然後調音, 只是在她的墓穴上的腫塊坐數小時連續。 她有成功,不是嗎? 連同她一起攜帶了那一個 Gallactor 暗殺者,而且那件無名的和搜索的事物在她的身體和心中深入地掘洞穴。 她已經拿它過去六月,越過 Mareccu,越過鑰匙。 在 Embarcadero 外的所有路港,在她拿了她自己的生活逃脫它的地方。 她有從不論什麼解救了他們全部 , 它是,而且他可以以 Gallactor 軍閥的方法藉著誠實的誠實告訴。 它只可以意謂,無論它是那什麼拿著了 Katse's 的栓狗頸之皮帶,那一件已經帶凱萊的相同事物,真正地沒有知道。 他們沒有一個知道。
And now they had him. / 而且現在他們有了他。
For the first time, real fear shimmered through his whipcorded nerves. / 第一次,真正的恐懼發閃爍之光過他的 whipcorded 神經。
The G-Forcer’s shoulders suddenly sagged, and Berg Katse leaned forward, expectantly, eager to hear his response, gleefully drinking in his saddened resignation. / G- Forcer's 的肩突然下垂,而且冰山 Katse 向前地倚靠,預期地, 熱心的聽到他的回應,愉快地在他的辭職悲傷中喝。
"All right," Jay whispered, wincing in sudden pain, a growing starburst erupting behind his temples. / " 好的 ",鳥耳語,在突然的痛苦中畏縮,在他的寺廟後面爆發的成長 starburst。
Berg Katse moved close. "A little louder, please. I want to hear you loud and clear, so there won’t be any mistake." / 冰山 Katse 接近地移動。 "稍微更高聲地,請。 我想要聽到你大聲的和清楚的, 因此將沒有任何的錯誤。"
No innocent girls like last time? Rage boiled up. Jay straightened up to the warlord, ignoring the warning flow from his hardwiring. Like the intimacy that one has with old wounds and long-carried pain, Jay knew another occurrence was close again, and that he didn’t have much time. / 沒有一樣的無罪女孩上次? 憤怒煮沸在上面。 鳥弄直由軍閥決定,不理睬來自他的 hardwiring 的警告流程。 喜歡一以舊的創傷和長- 被運的痛苦有的親密,鳥知道,另發生再一次是結束,而且他沒有很多的時間。
"Listen up," he spoke clearly. "The true identities of G-Force..." He trailed off, faintly shaking his head at the dawning absurdity of it all. Even if it were ordinary folks who were innocently asking the same question out of curiosity, there was no way his people could be summed up by names alone. There was no title to the strength they shared together, something that had evolved far past duty’s bond to beyond family...their helmsman Robert Harper’s easy and laid-back charm, their commander Mareccu Dumeneau’s raw nobility. Grief moved through his heart over Key Akihiro’s suddenly evaporated clownish exuberance. All the sweetness he’d ever known since fourteen and his parents’ murders, wrapped up in Jun Himuro’s demure smile. "What can I say? They’re all brave, good people." / " 聽在"上面,他清楚地說。 "G 的真實身份-力量。。。"他走開追蹤,微弱地全部在它的曉荒謬搖頭。 即使它是無罪地是好奇心的邀相同的問題出去的平常人們,沒有他的民族可能被名字總結孤獨的方法。 沒有對他們一起分享的力量名稱, 已經越過責任的束縛遙遠地進展的某事到超過家庭。。。他們的舵手羅勃特 Harper's 的容易和放鬆的吉祥物,他們的指揮官 Mareccu Dumeneau's 的生貴族。 傷痛突然移動過在關鍵的 Akihiro's 上的他心蒸發滑稽的茂盛。 所有的甜食他曾經已經知道自從十四以後而且他的父母謀殺,在六月 Himuro's 的裝成端莊的微笑中穿得暖和。 "我能說什麼? 他們是全部勇敢又好的人。"
Oh God, Marc I don’t know if I can get out of this one- / 哦上帝 , 馬可是否我能離開這一個,我不知道-
"And?" Berg Katse spoke, impatient to hear names. / " 而且 "? 冰山 Katse 說, 不耐煩聽到名字。
The G-Forcer turned on him then, whipping around low and viciously fast before a single man could react, and smashed his right fist full into Katse’s face. The warlord collapsed like a poleaxed steer, and Jay spun around to take the rest with him. / G-Forcer 然後打開他,在一個男人可以反應, 而且粉碎他的正確拳頭全部進 Katse's 的臉之內之前 , 鞭打在附近低下地和邪惡地齋戒。 軍閥倒塌 poleaxed 引導的同類,而且鳥在附近快速旋轉和他採取其餘者。
He dropped down low and felt the first two volleys pass so close to his head the rush of air fluttered his hair. The first trooper in focus charged forward to retake him captive and died for his mistake when Jay kicked him in the face hard enough to splinter his nose and both cheekbones into dust. Another behind, and in an almost impulse reaction Jay slammed his elbow into the trooper’s chest, taking the young Gallactor by the neck as he crumpled over and slammed him onto the ground, wrenching one arm back. He heard the trooper’s shoulder dislocate with a wet pop, followed instantly by the shatter of his collarbone. Far above, more fired on him and smashed the body of the wounded man to shreds. Jay leaped out of range in a lunging jump, taking a dropped rifle with him. He moved so fast the shooters around and above missed him by just a millisecond, a snap of time that was enough for him to dive into a darkened corner out of short range, and there he swung the rifle up and quickly sniped every spotlight and mounted motion sensor he could find. The enclosure plunged into darkness. / 他在空氣的匆促擺動了他的頭髮他頭的附近低下地降低下來而且如此感覺最初二個齊射途徑。 當鳥踢他在臉中難的充足劈開他的鼻子和兩者的頰骨進灰塵之內的時候,焦點的第一個騎兵向前地指控再取他俘虜而且為他的錯誤死。 另一個後面的部分, 和在一幾乎推動被猛然關上他的手肘進騎兵的胸之內的反應鳥, 藉著脖子帶年輕 Gallactor 當他弄皺之時在而且之上在地面之上猛然關上了他,把一隻手臂猛扭回來。 他聽到了肩以濕的流行樂曲脫臼的騎兵,藉由他的鎖骨碎片立即地跟隨。 遠的上方,多在他身上點燃並且粉碎了對碎片的受傷男人的身體。 鳥跳躍離一次肺跳躍的範圍,和他帶一把被降低的來福槍。 他在附近移動如此的快速射手,而且上方藉著只是毫秒想念他, 充足的時間大聲叱罵讓他從短範圍跳入一個被弄暗的角落, 和那裡他搖擺來福槍提高並且很快地剪斷了每個焦點而且展開了他可以發現的運動感應器。 附件突然開始黑暗。
Then silence. All the captain could hear around him was the frightened breathing of his men, and the occasional creak of a weapon sling’s leather as they continually turned back and forth to sweep-cover the area. / 然後安靜。 所有的船長可以在附近聽到 , 他是他的男人被驚嚇的呼吸, 和武器投石器的皮革偶然輾軋聲當他們不斷地折回和往前掃除-涵蓋區域。
The captain held the remainder of his men back with one upheld cautioning hand, slowly circling the expanse with his weapon down to kidney level, ready to cut his adversary in half. The G-Forcer was close, invisible in the darkness. "Where are you..." the captain whispered in a low growl, as two more troopers accompanied him, covering his back. / 船長妨礙他的男人剩餘者由於一維持警告手,慢慢地用對腎水準是向下的他武器包圍寬闊的區域,預備把他的敵手減低成一半。 G-Forcer 在黑暗方面是接近的, 看不見的。 " 在哪裡是你。。。"船長在一個低的吠聲中耳語, 因為另外二個騎兵陪伴了他,包含的他背部。
From the corner of his eye he saw one of them suddenly shiver, his eyes wide and rolling, as though a ghost had appeared before him, made eye contact, and smiled hello. / 從他的眼睛角落他突然見到他們的其中之一打顫,寬的他眼睛和旋轉,好像一個鬼已經在他之前出現,使眼睛成為連絡, 而且微笑了哈囉。
With a haunted moan the trooper convulsed and dropped to the ground. Blood dotted steel shone from under his jaw. / 藉由一聲被常到的呻吟騎兵對地面使震動而且降低。 鋼的有點血照耀從在他的顎之下。
Every one of his men jumped, two steps from full panic. "Careful," the captain warned. "He’s close." He pointed at a control panel nearby, motioning at one of his men. "Try that one; get the lights back on." / 他的被跳躍的男人之中的每一個,來自全部的二個步驟驚慌。 " 小心的 ",船長警告。 " 他是接近的 " 。 他在附近瞄準控制儀錶板,在他的男人之一運動。 "試那一個; 把光得到回來在之上。"
Glad to get out of the G-Forcer’s range, one of the troopers popped open the panel and traced the keyboard with his fingers, looking for the right one. In the urgency to get the lights back on he never checked his own back. / 高興的離開 G- Forcer's 的範圍,被取出的騎兵之一用他的手指打開儀錶板而且追蹤了鍵盤,找尋一個正確的。 在迫切性方面在他身上從不把光得到回來檢查了他自己的背面。
He screamed, high and shrill, as the blade slipped deep under his ribs. His knees instantly bucked and on the way down his rifle was torn from his hands. The rest of the troopers whirled at the sound of his cry, and strafed the wall with panicked gunfire for nearly a full minute. The captain screamed at them to cease fire. / 他被尖叫,高度和尖銳的聲音,如刀鋒在他的肋骨之下深入地滑倒。 他的膝立即地頑強反抗和在途中墬落他的來福槍從他的手被撕開。 騎兵的其它部分在他的哭聲聲音旋轉, 和 strafed 對於將近整個分鐘的和使槍擊恐慌的牆壁。 船長在他們尖叫停止火。
Every round punched into empty wallspace. Their target had already disappeared. / 每一回合進入空的 wallspace 之內以拳重擊。 他們的目標已經消失了。
"Over here!" a terrified lieutenant yelled, catching the movement of darker shadow. / " 遍及這裡 "! 一個受驚嚇的中尉大叫,引起更黑暗的影像運動。
"Damn you, find the lights!" the captain bellowed, and another punched the right buttons, rattled by his captain’s shout. Instantly the expanse was dappled by the light from the remaining floods, and the sudden brightness nailed Jay’s eyes like spikes. / "詛咒你,發現光"! 船長怒吼,而且另外一以拳重擊了正確的鈕扣, 被他的船長呼喊嘎嘎響。 立即地藉著來自剩餘的洪水光寬闊的區域是斑紋的,而且突然的光亮用釘釘牢了鳥的像長釘的眼睛。
The Gallactor lieutenant he’d been about to kill spun around and caught him, pouncing onto his back and wrestling him down onto the ground. But before the lieutenant could maneuver his weight over the pinned G-Forcer and hold him immobile, Jay managed to roll back up, his eyes squeezed painfully shut against the hard halogen beams. Kinesthetics took over- the lieutenant’s weight and movement and the high electric air of his fear was a digital broadcast to Jay’s senses. He wrapped one leg around the lieutenant’s and threw him off-balance. The lieutenant’s body shifted aside just enough, open horror rushing over his face in the awareness of his terrible mistake and what was going to happen next. He couldn’t recover in time. Breathtakingly swift, Jay scrambled up to his knees behind the lieutenant and viciously snapped his neck, letting the man’s body slip dead through his hands, getting ready to leap back into shadow. / 他在附近已經正要殺織成的並且捕捉了他的 Gallactor 中尉,在他的背部之上攫住而且在地面之上把他摔角下來。 但是在中尉之前可以調遣在被用針別住的 G 上的他重量- Forcer 而且捉住他不動的,被設法迫使後退的鳥提高,他的眼睛痛苦地緊握關上對抗難的鹵素光線。 肌肉運動知覺的接管-中尉的重量和運動和他的恐懼高電動空氣是對鳥的感覺數位廣播。 他在中尉的周圍包裝一隻腿而且走開丟他-平衡。 中尉的被改變旁白僅僅充足又開放的驚駭在對他的可怕錯誤的注意中在他的臉之上催促的身體和然後將要發生的身體。 他無法及時恢復。 懾人心魄迅速,直到在中尉後面的他膝和邪惡地被攀緣咬斷他的脖子,穿越讓男人的身體滑死他的手, 準備好跳躍返回影像的鳥。
"Catch him!" he heard Katse scream from somewhere up above, and now the warning pain racing through his hardwiring was digging nails. His vision suddenly dappled into gray. Swimming euphoria rolled over him in black, nauseating waves. Too late to move, too late to escape. He could barely inhale one panicked breath before the captain was over him, swinging the butt of his rifle high. / " 捕捉他 "! 他從某處向上的上方聽到 Katse 尖叫,而且現在賽跑過他的 hardwiring 的警告痛苦正在挖釘子。 進入灰色之內的突然斑紋的他視野。 游泳陶醉在黑色又作嘔的波浪中在他之上捲。 太晚移動, 太晚逃脫。 在船長是在他之上之前 , 他無法吸入 , 一使呼吸恐慌了,搖擺他的來福槍的煙頭高度。
The captain brought the weapon down in a solid mauling swing across the G-Forcer’s back. Jay buckled down hard, new raking agony wailing up and down his body. His scream from it echoed over the expanse inside the mecha, and over him, Katse spat out the last of the blood in his mouth in open contempt at his fallen captive. / 船長帶 , 武器在一種橫過打傷搖擺 G- Forcer's 的背面固體墬落。 鳥努力地扣緊下來,上下地悲嘆他的身體新向船尾極大的痛苦。 來自它的他尖叫聲在 mecha 裡在寬闊的區域之上隨聲附和,而且在他之上, Katse 在他的墮落俘虜在開放的輕視方面輕打出他的嘴血最後者。
Then the rest of the troopers were on top of Jay, beating him down, and every blow was meant for pain-forcing him up, tossing him from one to the next, every strike sending new white hot bolts squealing through his head and body, driving the faintness back and denying him the sweet quiet of unconsciousness. / 然後騎兵的其它部分在鳥的頂端上,降低他,而且每打擊為痛苦被意謂-向上強迫他, 投擲他從一到下一個,白色的新每罷工送熱地閂住發出尖銳的叫聲過他的頭和身體,駕駛微弱背面而且否認他無意識的甜安靜。
The captain delivered the last crushing blow, sending Jay collapsing to the ground, and behind the panting and grinning captain Berg Katse approached, cackling at the sight. "How’s that ferocious spirit?" Katse gloated, and the rest of his men echoed his glee. "Ready to name the other four?" / 船長遞送了最後的打破得支離破碎的打擊,派遣對地面崩潰的鳥,而且在那個喘息後面而且露齒而笑船長冰山 Katse 接近,在視力咯咯地叫。 " 凶猛的精神好嗎 "? Katse 滿足地看,而且他的男人其餘者隨聲附和了他的歡樂。 " 預備命名另外四 "?
Amusedly, Katse watched him instead try to get up. Jay managed to get as far as his knees, before doubling over and sagging back down, defeated. / 愉快地, Katse 改為看了他嘗試起床。 鳥設法像他的膝一樣的遙遠地得到, 在加倍之前在而且下垂向後地墬落之上,擊敗。
Katse leaned forward, catching the hoarse whisper. "What was that?" / Katse 向前地倚靠,捕捉沙啞的耳語。 " 那是什麼 "?
Jay tried again, straightening up as far as he could before spinning queasiness took over. The form in front of him was a churning sea of bloated plum color, dead color. He couldn’t stop shaking. / 再一次試驗過的鳥 , 矯直向上當做遙遠地當做他可以在紡織之前惡心接管。 形式在他之前是發脹李子顏色的攪乳海洋,死的顏色。 他無法停止搖動。
"You just don’t get it," he trembled. Sickening coils were twisting inside his nerves, and he felt them numb one by one. "I’m not going to tell you a goddamned thing-" He slowly sank down, trying to hold in a hoarse groan but not even able to manage that much because it hurt so much. / " 你就是不得到它 ",他戰慄。 令人作嘔的捲是扭轉的內部他的神經,而且他一點之前感覺他們麻木的。 " 我不將告訴你一件被討厭的事物-"他慢慢地沉落下來, 嘗試在一聲沙啞的呻吟中支撐但是不是甚至聰明處理那麼多因為它傷害這麼多。
Katse shook his head in solemn disappointment. "When all of your squad is like you, what a pathetic sight that will be. I’d hoped for better." He sighed in dejection. / Katse 在嚴肅的失望方面搖頭。 "當你的全部小隊像你的時候,真是將是的悲哀視力。 我有希望更多。"他在灰心中歎息。
"No matter," Katse finished reflectively after a moment’s thought. "For all of the EDC it will be just a matter of time, no matter how hard they fight us, for our work is almost finished. I’ll just hold you hostage at Cross Karocolm to stop your people in the meantime, in case they’re stupid enough to try." / 沒有事件,Katse 反射地在片刻的想法之後完成。 "就全部而言 EDC 它將只是一個時間的事件, 無論如何難的他們對抗我們,因為我們的工作幾乎被完成。 我將僅僅捉住你在交叉的 Karocolm 的人質在此際中阻止你的民族,以防萬一他們夠愚蠢來試。"
He motioned for the captain. "Take him." / 他為船長運動。 " 帶他 " 。

Jay's right arm, long numb, was being held by the Gallactor captain. The captain was conversing casually to the younger corporal at his still working left arm, about how they were going to entertain themselves with the wounded G-Forcer as they dragged him away. / 鳥的右手臂,久麻木,被 Gallactor 船長拿著。 船長正在他的靜止工作左手臂對更年輕的下士偶然地交談, 關於他們將要如何用受傷的 G 娛樂他們自己- Forcer 當他們拖拉他離開。
The corporal laughed, almost politely. Yes sir. It will be fun, sir. I look forward to it, sir. The youngster was trembling as he walked, still afraid. The captain was entirely too relaxed. They passed beside a loading hatch, the familiar central coast landscape outside the porthole clear and bathed with afternoon sun. / 下士笑,幾乎有禮貌地。 是的先生。 它將是樂趣,先生。 我盼望它,先生。 當他走的時候,年青人是發抖的,仍然害怕。 船長完全地也被放鬆。 他們在一個負載旁邊通過艙口,熟悉的中央海岸外面清楚地進行造園工程舷窗而且以午後太陽沐浴。
Jay jerked back with his left arm, twisting the corporal’s underneath his and pulling back. The man howled under the sudden ripping pain and dropped, and before the captain could react, Jay had the corporal’s pistol up in his left hand and in between the captain’s startled and then glowering eyes. / 鳥向後地以他的左手臂痙攣,在他的下面扭轉下士的而且向後地拉。 男人在突然的頂帥痛苦之下狂吠而且降低,而且船長可以反應之前,鳥在他的左手中向上有下士的手鎗和在船長的之間震驚然後瞪眼眼睛。
"-don’t ... move-" Jay gasped, moving back towards the airlock. Fragments of one or two ribs were grinding under his side where one of them had brutally kicked. The captain calmly raised his hands, gauging the distance between himself and the G-Forcer, about to pounce and beat him unconscious for even trying. / "- 不。。。 移動-"鳥喘氣,向 airlock 向後地移動。 一或二根肋骨的碎片正在他們的其中之一已經被殘忍踢的他身邊之下磨。 船長平靜地舉起了他的手,精確計量他自己和 G-Forcer 之間的距離, 大約攫住而且難倒他無意識的為甚至嘗試。
Jay made it to the airlock, slumping against it. The captain leaped forward. Jay’s squeezed-off shot was just off-side of the Gallactor’s head, and the recoil sent his shoulder jarring against the hatch’s steel. The captain froze in mid-stride, suddenly unsure, and Jay took the moment to force his right hand to work, just for a second, to pop the lock. / 鳥做到到 airlock,猛然掉落對抗它。 船長向前地跳躍。 被緊握的鳥- 走開注射確實遠-Gallactor's 的頭邊 , 和反對艙口的鋼被送輾軋的他肩畏縮。 船長在中部中凍結-大步,突然不肯定,而且鳥花片刻強迫他的右手工作,僅僅秒, 取出鎖。
The hatch swung open and the pressured air ripped out unleashed, dragging the captain to his hands and knees. He reached out, scrabbling desperately for a handhold on a nearby railing. Dirt and debris blasted out, some workman’s wrench whipped past his head. The ship slowed suddenly and rocked to one side, tumbling him down. He looked up through wind-squinted eyes, and saw the G-Forcer slumped on the floor under the opening, buffeted by the wind. / 開放的被搖擺的艙口和被強迫的空氣撕開出解放,拖拉船長到他的手和膝。 他到達出,強烈地對於在附近的扶手上的一個握住潦草地寫。 污垢和碎片摧殘出,一些工人的扳鉗越過他的頭鞭打。 船突然減慢而且到邊搖動,把他跌落下來。 他在完成的風使變斜視眼的眼睛上面看, 而且被風見到了在開始之下在地板上被猛然掉落的 G- Forcer , buffeted 。
Jay raised up. The wind was tearing at his back. / 鳥升起在上面。 風正在他的背部扯裂。
Managed to raise his head, slide one arm up the sill of the hatch. The ship gave another shuddering lurch as it braked to emergency land. / 設法抬起他的頭,在艙口的門檻上面滑動一隻手臂。 當它煞車到緊急的土地時候,船給予了另外戰慄慘敗。
He gave the captain a triumphant smile. / 他給予了船長一個得勝的微笑。
And let himself get sucked out into the air. / 而且進入空氣之內讓他自己得到吸出。
The captain insanely jerked forward, the impulse to reach out and save the suicidal enemy an irrational silver flash inside his head, but Jay was long gone, screaming away and down in freefall. The captain crawled to the door, the sucking jetwash now a moderate breeze as the ship slowed, and watched in petrified awe as the G-Forcer dropped like a stone. / 船長患精神病地向前地痙攣, 衝動到達出並且解救裡面的自殺敵人無理性的銀閃光他的頭,但是鳥很長去, 尖叫離開而且在 freefall 墬落。 船長爬行到門, 吸奶的 jetwash 現在如在使震懾化成石頭的中被減慢, 而且看如 G 的船適度的微風-像一塊石頭被降低的 Forcer。
The Gallactor ship passed overhead, blotting out the sun, then away. Jay plunged down, the whole world spinning underneath. / Gallactor 船在高處通過,污點出太陽, 然後離開。 鳥倒下下來,在下面的整個世界紡織。
With it the memory of countless parachute jumps years and years past rocketed over his mind and the calculation of distance and time and speed was an instinctive thing, an instant thing, as natural as breathing. / 藉由它數不盡降落傘的記憶跳躍過去在他的心和距離和時間的計算之上發射火箭的數年和數年,而且速度是一件本能的事物,一件立即的事物,像呼吸一樣的自然。
His heart stopped anyway. His sheer fright in that fall was beyond firestorm magnitude. / 他的心無論如何停止。 他的絕對驚駭在那秋天是超過大爆發大小。
The wave of the transmutation cycle twisted around him and made him howl from the pain. In a single crackling snap the leathers were tight over his skin and the weight of it punched him tumbling in midair. Fire seared down his back as he twisted back over, arms flung out. Then the mantles spread and checked his fall, and the wrenching pain across his shoulders as a low thermal tossed him back and stabilized his decent was like being hit by a truck. / 變形周期的波浪在附近從痛苦擰了他而且使他狂吠。 在脆皮大聲叱罵中在他的皮膚之上皮革是緊的,而且它的重量以拳重擊了他在半空中中跌落。 當他向後地結束擰的時候,火烤焦下來他的背部,手臂投出。 然後地涵傳佈而且檢查了他的秋天, 和猛扭痛苦橫過他的肩當低的上升溫暖氣流把他投擲回來而且穩定他的相當好的像被一輛卡車打。
He slowed out of the fall by pure luck and the kindness of the coast’s off-shore breeze, and was able to bounce down the side of a road’s cutbank cliff without breaking both legs. He hit the middle of the road so hard it jarred every muscle and bone in him anyway, and he simply collapsed against the warm asphalt, long past exhaustion, miles past the end of his strength. / 他減慢離純粹運氣和海岸的遠- 海岸微風的仁慈秋天, 而且能夠沒有打破兩者的腿反彈下來道路的 cutbank 懸崖的邊。 他如此努力地擊中道路的中央它無論如何在他裡面震驚了每束肌肉而且去骨,而且他只是倒塌對抗溫暖的柏油,越過疲憊渴望,越過他的力量結束的哩。
With the top down, one real estate agent and Mazda Miata lover Jim Franklin could hear every ocean wave and raptor call sounding symphonic over the purr of his engine as he cruised to work. He knew every inch of the coastal highway One and coursed the turns at a fearless sixty miles per. / 與頂端墬落,當他巡航工作的時候,一個不動產代理人和馬自達喜愛 Miata 的人吉姆富蘭克林可以在他的引擎姑嚕姑嚕聲之上聽到每海浪和猛禽呼叫起來發聲的起來交響樂的。 他知道海岸的公路每吋一並且在大膽的六十哩課程旋轉每。
Until he downshifted around that tough east-bending hairpin curve. / 直到他在那個強硬的彎曲東方的簪曲線的周圍調至低檔。
His first thought was that it was a deer. / 他的第一個想法是它是一隻鹿。
Still panting for breath, Jay heard the engine and feebly raised his head. Oh, no- / 仍然為呼吸喘息,鳥聽到了引擎並且柔弱地抬起了他的頭。 哦,不-
Every muscle in him tightened, every whipcorded nerve suddenly forced alive to leap out of the way. The scream of the tires was deafening, right on top of him, burned rubber hot in the air. Too late. / 每束肌肉在他裡面勒緊, 每 whipcorded 鼓起勇氣突然被迫活著的跳躍離方法。 輪胎的尖叫聲是振耳欲聾的,在他的頂端上的權利,燃燒了熱的在空氣中的橡皮。 太晚。
He didn’t even feel being slammed down, landing over ten feet away from the car’s bumper. / 他甚至沒有感覺被猛然關上下來, 登陸遠離汽車的緩衝擋超過十呎。
Just bang. / 僅僅重擊。
Flying into the black. / 進入黑色之內飛。

The series of three moderate earthquakes that had rolled through North Hollywood wasn’t much of a surprise to the California Institute of Technology seismologists; quakes in California were as common as the surfers and the highway congestion. A few windows had been cracked, a few grocery shelves dumped onto the floor. The triggered car alarms alone rattled more nerves than the temblors themselves. Respectively, none of them had measured higher than five on the Richter Scale, and the local news anchors blew the whole thing off in the afternoon reports, following up the quakes’ numbers with the weather and the traffic as though nothing had happened. All of them obviously weren’t the fabled Big One. / 一系列的三個已經捲過的適度地震好萊塢北部不是到技術地震學家的加州學會的許多意外; 地震在加州是像玩衝浪的人一樣的普通和公路混雜。 一些窗戶已經被弄碎,一些食品雜貨在地板之上裝架傾卸。 被引起的汽車警報獨自地使神經嘎嘎響的比地震多他們自己。 分別地,他們沒有一個已經比較高地測量比較五在里克特震級上,而且地方新聞錨在午後報告中把整個的事物吹走, 以天氣和交通追蹤地震的數字好像沒事已經發生。 他們全部明顯地不是虛構的大。
Until that late Thursday afternoon, 3:54 PM. / 午後,下午 3:54 直到那星期四傍晚。
And the floor of the San Fernando Valley dropped a full three feet. / 而且桑河 Fernando 山谷的地板降低了完整的三呎。
A few hours later, the two-hundred foot tidal wave wiped the Hawaiian Islands’ east shores clean. / 一些小時之後, 那二-百個腳海嘯擦 , 夏威夷的島東海岸清理。

The drills were as big in diameter as school buses, and the production line was cranking them out as fast as they could be forged. Over the third one that day, a line worker pulled off his hardhat to wipe off the sweat and grime on his face. "How many left to go?" he shouted over the noise. / 鑽孔機是同樣地大的在直徑中如學校公共汽車,而且製造線在外是起動他們當做快速地當做他們可能被偽造。 那天在第三個之上,一個線工人順利完成他的 hardhat 拭去在他的臉上汗和塵垢。 " 多少離開去"? 他在噪音之上呼喊。
"Six more!" his partner called out. "They’ve doubled the order since yesterday!" / " 另外六個 "! 他的合夥人大叫。 " 他們自從昨天以後已經加倍次序 "!
"Hell of a lot to go," the first shouted back. "What’re they saying these are all for?" / " 地獄很多去",第一向後地呼喊。 " What're 說這些的他們是所有的對"?
"Don’t know!" The second man paused for a moment, and likewise wiped his forehead. "The rumor is that the overlord Sosai personally designed the mecha, and Lord Katse is overseeing the details! Lord Katse’s following its instructions!" / " 不要知道 "! 第二個男人暫停一會兒, 而且同樣地擦了他的前額。 "謠言是,大君主 Sosai 親自地設計了 mecha ,而且 Katse 公爵正在監督細節! 跟隨它的指導 Katse's 公爵!"
The first man grinned, watching the third drill draw past, tugged along by the production line. "Gonna be a hell of a mess for the EDC, if these are going into a puppy that fucking big!" And beside him his partner cackled in agreement. / 第一個被露齒而笑,看第三個鑽孔平局過去, 向前被製造線用力拉的男人。 " 去是 EDC 的一團亂的地獄, 如果這些正在進入一隻小狗性交大的"! 而且在他旁邊他的合夥人在協議中咯咯地叫。
Far above their heads, Berg Katse paused along the catwalk and surveyed the construction. "Everything seems to be going as planned, captain," he spoke warmly. "At this rate, we might finish faster than projected." / 遙遠地他們所不懂的,冰山 Katse 向前暫停狹小甬道並且審視了建築。 "當計畫的時候 , 每件事物似乎去,船長",他親切地說。 " 以這比率,我們超過計畫可能更快速地完成 " 。
The captain nodded steely, still angry and cheated over their captive’s suicidal jump. "Yes, Lord Katse. Sosai will be pleased." / 船長點頭鋼鐵的, 仍然生氣而且在他們的俘虜自殺的跳躍之上欺騙。 "是的,Katse 公爵。 Sosai 將被取悅。"
"M-hm," Katse mulled. "Once we begin, not even the remaining four members of G-Force will be much to worry about. Chances are, they and the rest of the EDC will be held back by the United Nations while they consider our demands." / "M-hm",Katse 考慮。 "一旦我們開始,不使 G 的剩餘四個成員相等- 力量將多是煩惱關於。 機會是,當他們考慮我們的要求時候,他們和 EDC 的其它部分將被聯合國抑制。"
Deep in thought, the Gallactor warlord continued on his way, his subordinate following behind. / 深入地在想法中, Gallactor 軍閥在途中繼續, 他的屬下在後面之後。

This time, awareness was a long time coming. / 這次,覺察是一個長的時間來臨。
Every muscle and bone seemed to be lit in pain, but the sensation was detached, a dull, swirling haziness. He couldn’t focus his eyes; he tried to open them and all the world was tripled into a swirling spiral. Someone’s distant voice was nothing but a hollow murmur. / 每束肌肉和骨頭似乎被發亮痛苦的,但是感覺被分離,遲鈍,搖晃朦朧。 他無法集中他的眼睛; 他試著打開他們,而且所有的世界進入一個搖晃螺旋形之物之內被三倍之數。 某人的遠聲音只是空的低語。
...Yes, I just got to him an hour ago. That’s why I called you...yes. He was terribly wounded... / 。。。是的,我剛剛在一個小時以前到達他。 那是 , 我為什麼打電話給了你。。。是的。 他可怕地受傷。。。
Jay squeezed his eyes shut, then reopened them. This time the light was a bright field of white. He tried to raise one hand out to rise but was checked by intravenous lines taped to his arm. His abdomen was wrapped, darkening bruises showing under the edge. Worse than anything, he felt horribly weak, and once again the familiar pulses from his hardwiring was replaced by dark nausea. Inhaling brought dizzying pain, and for a moment he totally blacked out again. / 緊握被關上的他眼睛的鳥,然後重開了他們。 這次光是一個白色的明亮領域。 他試著升起一傳遞出上升但是被被錄音到他的手臂靜脈內線檢查了。 他的腹部被包裝,弄暗在邊緣下面的瘀傷成績。 更壞地超過任何事,他覺得可怕弱,而且再一次來自他的 hardwiring 的熟悉脈膊被黑暗反胃替換了。 吸入帶使痛苦暈眩,而且一會兒他完全地再一次變黑。
...the external injuries are nothing serious, really, but... No, I have the scans they ran this morning right here in front of me. There’s no mistake. / 。。。外部的受傷不是什麼嚴重的東西,真的,但是。。。 不,我有他們在我之前就在這裡跑今天早晨的掃描。 沒有錯誤。
Then awareness snapped up and planted deep, his heightened hearing picking out the words of the familiar voice- it sounded like one of the medics from Crescent Coral Island. But the place was strange- a hospital, and a small one at that. Turning his head up as far as he could, he saw the main drag of Pacifica out the window. His own home was five miles away. He wanted to laugh at the knock-down irony. They’d found him. The relief he felt was drowning. / 然後覺察把種植搶先弄到手並且深處, 他的加強聽證會採集出自熟悉的聲音字-它聽起來像來自新月形的珊瑚島的苜蓿屬植物之一一樣。 但是地方很奇怪-在那的一所醫院 , 和一個小的。 把他的頭調大當做遙遠地當做他可以,他出自窗戶見到 Pacifica 的大街。 他自己的家是五哩之遠。 他想要笑最低的反諷。 他們將會發現他。 安心他感覺正在淹死。
Until he heard what the medic said next. / 直到他聽到了什麼苜蓿屬植物然後說。
"...yes, that’s right. It’s an old wound, but it looks like there’s still several microscopic fragments at the fourth vertebrae and around the left scapula...maybe a few lodged into the implants- right. The response was so sporadic, nobody even caught it until he started passing out. Now, leaving the other problems aside, it’s the second and third vertebreals that are life-threatening. I’ve got to agree with Matt Martinez…God, Dave, I’m so sorry, but optimistically? A week, maybe at the most ten days..." / ".。。是的,那是正確的。 它是舊的創傷,但是它看起來像在第四 vertebrae 和在左邊的 scapula 的周圍仍然有一些顯微鏡的碎片。。。也許一些進入植入器之內投宿-權利。 回應是如此偶爾發生, 沒有人甚至捕捉了它,直到他開始昏倒。 現在,在一邊離開其他問題,它是秒和第三個威脅生命的 vertebreals 。 我必須同意馬特 Martinez …上帝,大衛, 我是如此難過, 但是樂觀地? 一個星期,十天最多也許。。。"
Dead numbing cold. / 完全地使寒冷麻木。 the most ten days... / 。。。十天最多。。。

Alone in his office in the Marin base, David Anderson hung up the phone, staring blankly at the wall. He had raced across the ocean with the rest of the squad the moment Jay’s car was discovered wrecked on the road, ready to start the search. They were all waiting for him outside. / 獨自地在馬林基礎的他辦公室中,大衛安德遜掛斷電話,在牆壁茫然地注視。 他已經由於小隊的其他成員橫過比賽大海片刻汽車被發現在旅途中破壞的鳥,預備開始搜尋。 他們全部正在外面等候他。
He didn’t know what to tell them. / 他沒有知道該告訴他們什麼。
He couldn’t even move. / 他無法甚至移動。

Shoulders bravely set in case the G-Forcer had awakened, the doctor entered the room. The words he wanted to say, rehearsing again and again in his head, were heavy with comfort and optimism. Behind them was the dead fear in knowing that the G-Forcer was going to see right through them anyhow and know the truth, just from reading the look in his eyes. He didn’t want to go in there. He didn’t want to be the one to tell him. / 勇敢地肩負設定以防萬一 G-Forcer 已經喚醒,醫生進入了房間。 字他想要說,在他的頭中一次又一次預演,對安慰和樂觀主義感到重。 在他們後面是在知道方面死的恐懼 G-Forcer 將要無論如何徹底地見到他們而且知道事實,僅僅從讀他的眼睛神情。 他沒有想要在那裡進入。 他沒有想要是那一個告訴他。
He stopped at the doorway, and it all became meaningless anyway. / 他在門口停止,而且它全部無論如何變成無意義。
Jay Randall was long gone. / 鳥蘭德爾很長去。

"Lord Katse, all four tunnel tests ended with the projected results," the scientist spoke. "Although Mount Etna hasn’t erupted yet, the action created by the second warhead has built up enough pressure to cause one inevitably. Perhaps within the week." / " Katse 公爵 , 所有的四個隧道測試以被計畫的結果結束 ",科學家說。 " 雖然乘用馬酒精燈煮水器仍然沒有爆發,被第二個彈頭創造的行動已經建立充足的壓力不可避免引起一。 在星期內也許。"
Berg Katse brightened. "That will be more than enough to bend the United Nations to my demands. And the EDC?" / 冰山 Katse 變亮。 "那將不只是充足彎曲對我的要求聯合國。 而且 EDC?"
A Gallactor officer in attendance spoke up. "Only precautionary evacuations, Lord." / 出席的一個 Gallactor 官員大聲清楚地說。 "唯一的預先警戒的撤退,公爵".
"Very well. You may activate the four warheads, spaced five hours apart." Berg Katse grinned maliciously. "One or two should do it; by tonight we’ll be the newest replacement for the UN’s Security Council. Any more and they’ll discover how easily the entire country of India can be broken apart from the Himalayas." All the other officers chuckled at the possibility. Katse turned back to the first. "Begin the operation, immediately!" / "非常好的。 你可能刺激四個彈頭,分別地隔開五小時。"冰山 Katse 懷惡意地露齒而笑。 " 一或二應該做它; 在今晚之前我們將是聯合國的安全理事會的最新替換。 任何的更多和他們將發現整個印度能除了喜馬拉雅山之外被打破地多容易。"所有的其他官員在可能性吃吃的笑。 Katse 折回到第一。 "開始手術,立刻"!

Choked with traffic and dueling taxis, the financial district of San Francisco was a blazing pit of rush-hour noise. Pedestrians wove along the streets, panhandlers and street performers clogged the corners. Through it all, Jay Randall roamed in a dead haze for nearly an hour. He couldn’t even remember how he had gotten there; which commuter train he’d taken, how long he’d walked. The sunlight had evaporated from sunset and a smoggy dirty golden into bleary dusk. / 以交通窒息而且決鬥脫腸還納術,舊金山的財政區域是一個尖峰時間噪音的熾燃深坑。 沿著街道,乞丐和街道表演者被編織的行人阻礙了角落。 經過它全部,鳥蘭德爾在一片死的薄霧中漫遊達將近 1 小時。 他無法甚至記得他如何已經到那; 哪個通勤者訓練他已經拿, 他有走。 日光已經從日落蒸發和一煙霧迷漫的骯髒金進入眼睛模糊的薄暮之內。
Until he somehow strayed up Grant Street to the spot where the Jun’s bar dominated the corner, and it all came crashing back. / 直到他不知何故在對六月的酒吧支配了角落的地點授與街道上面迷路,而且它全部向後地來撞碎。
-at the most ten days- / - 最多十天-
The Shiratori was still dark and abandoned, long closed after the assault onto Kelley, and all of Jun and Key’s windows in the lofts above were locked shut and curtained. Jay squeezed his eyes shut- no damn wonder. They were all on active at Crescent Coral. On active and hunting for Gallactor, trying to pinpoint where they fit into all of the seismic disasters rocking the planet at once. / Shiratori 仍然很黑暗的和墮落的, 長關閉在攻擊之後在凱萊之上,而且頂樓的所有六月和鑰匙的窗戶在上面被鎖關閉的而且帳。 鳥緊握了他的眼睛關閉- 沒有一點奇蹟。 他們全都是在積極的之上在新月形的珊瑚。 在積極的之上和狩獵對於 Gallactor, 嘗試精確地找到他們立刻適合所有的地震災禍搖擺行星的地方。
Katse’s voice, a jovial reminder in the back of his mind. No matter...I’ll just hold you hostage at Cross Karocolm, in case they’re stupid enough to try. / Katse's 的聲音,在他的心後面的一個快活的提醒人。 沒有事件。。。我將僅僅捉住你在交叉的 Karocolm 的人質,以防萬一他們夠愚蠢來試。
Understanding rippled down his whipcorded nerves like steel guitar strings. / 理解使下來起漣漪 , 他的 whipcorded 鼓起勇氣相似的鋼吉他線。
He headed for a rapid transit train station and boarded the next northern run. Everything he needed to make his staging point was on the base in Marin. / 他去一個迅速的經過火車站而且搭乘了下個北方人奔跑。 每件事物他需要製造他舉行觀點在馬林的基礎上。

They were already there. / 他們在那裡是已經。
Before going through the gates and past the sentry’s shocked stares Jay had to stop, vision suddenly doubling and then clearing with a sudden burst of pain, to rethink his options. He could tell them about Cross Karocolm and let Jun do the rest, but then... / 在去過之前門和被震動注視鳥的過去步哨的必須停止, 視野突然加倍然後清掃由於痛苦的突然破裂, 重新考慮他的選擇。 他可以告訴他們關於交叉的 Karocolm 而且讓六月做其餘者, 但是當時。。。
-at the most ten days- / - 最多十天-
His first prayer as he entered the estate was that none of his squad knew yet. His second was that David Anderson would let him go with them, after reporting what Katse had let slip. Nothing would be more blessed, or quicker, he thought, than letting go while in combat. / 他的第一個祈禱當他進入之時不動產是沒有一個他的小隊仍然知道。 他的秒是大衛安德遜將會和他們讓他去, 在報告之後 Katse 有放手使走掉的。 沒事將會是更受祝福的, 或比較快的,他想,比較讓在戰鬥中去一會兒。
Inside, it was near pandemonium. Personnel were coordinating assistance to all points of the globe; going deeper down into the estate and past the operations link to Crescent Coral he heard the report that the Beta Squad’s gunship Black Griffon had been dispatched to Italy. Whatever had happened, it had to have been bad to send the Griff. Another about an earthquake in Southern California- the entire San Fernando Valley from Northridge to Burbank had been flattened, and God almighty the death toll was high and rising. / 內部,它在大混亂的附近。 人員正在協調對所有地球的點協助; 更深入地去進入不動產和過去之內墬落手術對他聽到了報告貝它小隊的武裝直昇機黑色半獅半鷲的怪獸已經被派遣到義大利的新月形的珊瑚連結。 不論什麼已經發生,它必須已經是壞的送 Griff 。 另外關於一次地震的事在南加州- 整個的從 Northridge 到伯班克的桑河 Fernando 山谷已經被變平, 和上帝萬能的死亡人數是高的和上升的。
"At nine-fifty Greenwich Mean Time, there was an earthquake in the province of Punjab, India, targeted at eight-nine magnitude on the Richter scale..." an ISO geologist backed by three EDC brass spoke as he entered the room. The area was filled with people. Against the glass of the far bay window Jay’s commander Mareccu Dumeneau stood with two Beta Squad officers and a mix of special forces from the EDC Northern, his hands tucked firmly into the pockets of his old naval flight jacket. He caught Jay’s movement off to the side and did a double-take in amazed and angry surprise. The people in between them shifted to make room for him as he headed Mareccu’s way. / " 以九點五十分個格林威治平均時,有旁遮普省,印度的一次地震, 對準在里克特震級上的八點九分大小。。。"當他進入了房間的時候,一個回來三 EDC 胸罩的國際標準組織地質學者說。 區域充滿人。 相對於遠的凸窗杯鳥的指揮官 Mareccu Dumeneau 以來自 EDC 北方人的二個貝它小隊官員和一個特種部隊的混合站立,他的手堅固進入他的舊海軍的夾克班機的口袋之內打橫褶。 他走開引起了鳥的運動到邊而且做了一個加倍- 接受吃驚和生氣的意外。 人在當他帶領了 Mareccu's 的方法,在他們之間改變讓出空間給他。
"What the hell are you doing?" Mareccu started, low enough to not be overheard. / " 你正在做什麼 "? 開始的 Mareccu, 低下地足夠到沒被無意中聽到。
"I’m fine," Jay replied wearily. / " 我很好 ",鳥疲倦地答覆。
"Sure. That gunship was two thousand meters up when we finally spotted it. What’d you do, transmutation in freefall?" / "確信。 當我們最後看見了它的時候那一個武裝直昇機是二千公尺提高。 What'd 你做, 變形在 freefall?"
"Yeah. And then I was hit by a car. What happened in Italy?" / "是的。 然後我被一輛汽車打了。 什麼在義大利發生?"
Mareccu shook his head. "Forget it. With two broken ribs and a concussion, I can’t believe you can walk straight. You’re saying here." / Mareccu 搖頭。 "忘記它。 藉由二根壞掉的肋骨和一個激動,我不能相信你能筆直地走。 你正在這裡說。"
Jay breathed an inward sigh of relief. Mareccu didn’t know yet, which meant that either David was keeping the news close, or he had chosen not to counsel them just yet. That was just fine. "Marc, I think I can handle a simple recon mission," he defended, but Mareccu wasn’t listening. David Anderson had just entered the room. / 鳥呼吸了一聲安心的內心歎息。 Mareccu 沒有仍然知道, 意謂也大衛正在保存新聞結束, 或他已經選擇不要再僅僅仍然商議他們。 那是正直的罰款。 "馬可,我認為,我能處理一個簡單的 reconnaissance 的簡縮字任務",他防護,但是 Mareccu 沒有在聽。 大衛安德遜剛剛才進入房間。
The geologist stopped what he was saying and backed away, making room. Then Jun silently followed, and they saw her bend down and whisper something to Key, seated at the front beside Robert. Both their corpsman and helm’s faces drained of color. She looked even worse. Jun spoke with David for a moment, showing him the monitor of a laptop computer pointed away from the crowd. He nodded back in agreement to whatever she added, then faced the crowd. / 地質學者停止了他正在說而且退縮的,製造房間。 然後六月默默地跟隨,而且他們見到她的彎曲墬落而且耳語某事調音,在羅勃特旁邊的前面坐。 他們的兩個陸軍醫護兵和舵的臉顏色排出溝外。 她看了平坦的更壞事。 六月和大衛說一會兒,顯示他遠離群眾被指出的膝上型電腦電腦的監視器。 他在向後地的同意中點頭 , 她增加無論什麼,然後面對了群眾。
"Since this morning we suspected that Gallactor was generating some underground nuclear tests," Mareccu explained to Jay. "But there’s been three majors just today, since that volcanic eruption last night. Every tectonic plate has moved from four central points." / " 自從今天早晨以後我們猜想, Gallactor 正在產生一些地下的核子測試 ",Mareccu 對鳥解釋。 " 但是今天僅僅已經有三個主修科目, 自昨晚的火山爆發之後。 每個板塊已經從四中央的點移動。"
"If they’re causing this artificially on purpose- how the hell could they pull that off...?" "I don’t know." / "如果他們正在故意人工地引起這: - 。。。?" " 我不知道 " 。
Then David Anderson began to speak, his wearied gaze scanning the faces in the room. He caught Jay in the corner and for just a moment he paused, overwhelming sadness crossing his features. / 然後大衛安德遜開始說,在房間中掃描臉的他疲倦注視。 他捕捉了角落的鳥和對於他暫停的只是片刻,橫越他的特徵壓倒性的悲哀。
Jun looked over at his fallen expression, and only Key and Rob could barely hear her whisper to him. "Hakase?" / 六月在他的墮落表達瀏覽 , 而且只調音而且搶奪無法對他聽到她的耳語。 " Hakase"?
David steeled himself. The room was dead silent. / 大衛使他自己堅如鋼了。 房間死沈默的。
"As you all know, we suspected that Gallactor was running underground nuclear explosions, a theory backed up by the seismic action from the four central points of initial motion in both the Pacific and the Indian Oceans." David began. "Not actually the earthquake epicenters themselves, but points we tracked and monitored as four separate explosive temblors that shifted the continental plates as much as twenty feet in some areas, triggering in turn separate earthquakes as far as two thousand miles away. / " 就如你全部知道的, 我們猜想了 Gallactor 正在跑地下的核子爆發,一個在太平洋和印度洋被來自最初運動的四中央點的地震行動支持的理論 " 。 大衛開始。 " 不實際上地震震央他們自己, 但是點我們追蹤而且監視如四個在一些區域中改變大陸的碟子多達二十呎的單獨易爆發的地震, 在旋轉分開地震中觸發當做遙遠地當做二千哩之遠。
"Just fifteen minutes ago, we received a Gallactor communication from an unknown source. They are now openly admitting to causing these earthquakes, and have agreed to cease on the demand that they receive all command and control of the Untied Nations, and our unconditional surrender." / "在十五分鐘以前僅僅,我們接受了來自一個未知的來源 Gallactor 溝通。 他們正在現在公開地承認引起這些地震, 而且已經同意在他們接受所有的指令和被不繫的國家控制 , 和我們的無條件的放棄要求上停止。"
Instantly the room was rocked, by the angered dissenting shouts of many, by others questioning how even Gallactor could possibly pull it off. In the multitude they heard Key, shouting loud and clear above the voices of the rest. "How? If they think that we can’t trace every source of the explosions and track down their bases before they make another quake hit-" / 立即地房間被搖動, 被那激怒持異議多數的呼喊, 被其它詢問平坦的 Gallactor 可以如何可能地走開拉它。 在多數中他們聽到了鑰匙,呼喊高聲地而且清楚地高於其餘者的聲音。 "如何? 如果他們認為,在他們使另一個地震被打之前 , 我們不能追蹤爆炸的每個來源而且追蹤找到他們的基礎-"
"They can," David said. The room hushed. "We’ve analyzed every location, and have discovered that at the very least, they are trying for a reaction that might create what’s called ‘neutrino lines’. By setting off neutron reactions up to three miles down, they can melt the crust completely and create fumarole cracks and voids at the surface. The fumaroles could eject massive explosions of gasses and ash, devastating the surface for miles in every direction. If they can send more nuclear blasts penetrating deep enough, a latticework pattern of flowing irradiated magma- the neutrino lines- might start a chain reaction that could trigger a shift clear down to the core and offset entire earth’s gravitational balance." / " 他們裝於罐頭 ",大衛說。 房間肅靜。 "我們已經分析每個地點, 而且已經在非常最少者發現那,他們正在為可能創造被稱為‘微中子線的東西反應嘗試。 藉由建立遠的中子反應到三哩墬落,他們能完全地融化外殼而且在表面創造噴氣孔裂縫和空虛。 噴氣孔可以逐放 gasses 和灰的龐大爆炸,為每個方向的哩毀壞表面。 如果他們能送 , 更多的核子摧殘敏銳的深充足,照耀岩漿的流動格子典型-微中子排成一行- 可能開始一個可以清楚地引起變化的連鎖反應墬落到核心而且彌補了整個的地球重力的平衡。"
"That’s impossible!" someone shouted. Several more shouted up in disbelief. / " 那是不可能的 "! 某人呼喊。 一些更多呼喊在不信仰中上面。
David raised one hand to quiet them. "No, it’s understandable not to be able to believe it. I can’t myself. I can’t imagine even them conceiving such a horrible plot, but that is their intent, and we must take them seriously." / 被升起一的大衛傳遞靜止他們。 "不,不能夠相信它是可以理解的。 我不能我自己。 我不能甚至想像他們構思一個如此可怕的情節, 但是他們的意圖,而且我們一定要嚴重地帶他們。"
"What’s the time frame?" Mareccu called out. / " 現在幾點鐘體格 "? Mareccu 大叫。
Now David looked more drained than ever. "They haven’t given us one. If this is a bluff on their part, then we have to call it. Annihilation or complete Gallactor control, either way with them is doomed. Our only hope is to try to track their bases of operation down and systematically wipe them out." / 現在大衛看更多的排出溝外超過曾經。 "他們沒有給我們一。 如果這是在他們的部份上的一個斷崖,那麼我們必須呼叫它。 殲滅或完全的 Gallactor 控制,任一方法由於他們被命中注定。 我們的唯一希望是試著把他們的手術基礎追蹤下來並且有系統地擦拭出他們。"
He spoke directly to a Beta Squad officer standing aside. "Captain Romero, you and your squad will investigate the Philippine Gallactor installations; you will be briefed further and given coordinates during your gunship’s launch. Velacruz, yours must go to Alaska and search for any Gallactor activity in the North Pacific- they might target the Aleutian Islands." The room quickly emptied, and in the middle of it Mareccu caught their orders to go undersea and track the Mid-Atlantic Ridge into Iceland. / 他直接地對一個站立旁白的貝它小隊官員說。 "船長 Romero, 你和你的小隊將調查菲律賓的 Gallactor 安裝; 你將更進一步被作摘要和在你的武裝直昇機的發射期間給予的坐標。 Velacruz,你的必須在太平