FUEL / 燃料
Gatchaman/Battle of the Planets/Speed Racer Fan Fiction / 行星/速度參賽者狂熱者小說的 Gatchaman/ 戰爭
Part One: Written by Katharine Foust-Martin; January 1999; editing and friendly persuasion by Wendy Dinsmore / 分開一: 被凱薩琳 Foust 寫-馬丁; 1999 年一月; 溫蒂 Dinsmore 的編輯和友好說服
Additional poking and prodding provided by James Long and Jason Hofius, whose hilarious ideas will appear in Part Two. / 另外的撥開而且戳由詹姆士提供渴望和傑生 Hofius,, 喜不自禁的想法將在部份二中出現。
Characters (c) Tatsunoko Productions; Sandy Frank; Speed Racer Enterprises. Fanfiction (c) Katharine Foust-Martin / 個性 (c) Tatsunoko 製造; 桑迪法蘭克; 加速參賽者企業。 Fanfiction(c) 凱薩琳 Foust-馬丁

[CNN Sports Release: Aug 29-30] ...which led to the Packers being able to overcome Minnesota by three points. In racing news, the official lineup for the Paris to Lisbon International Rally was finally posted at a World Championship Rally press conference in Paris this evening, and while it was no surprise that acclaimed driver Patrick Rayce has entered the 4000-kilometer cross-country event with his powerful and dare we say unique Mach V, there was one other name on the list that came as an absolute shocker to the entire racing community... / [CNN 運動釋放: 八月 29-30 日].。。那一個導致聰明克服明尼蘇達州三點的打包機存在。 在賽跑新聞方面,給對葡萄牙首都的巴黎國際的示威運動的官方陣容今天晚上最後在巴黎的一個世界冠軍賽示威運動記者會被寄, 而且當它是歡呼駕駛員帕特里克 Rayce 已經用他的進入 4000 公里越野的事件沒有意外的時候有力的而且我們說獨特的 Mach V 的挑戰, 有在來的目錄上的其他一個名字當做一絕對的對整個的競賽社區震動。。。
...as you may well know, current WRC champion Patrick Rayce has repeatedly expressed his desire to compete against the man who is undisputedly one of the giants of distance racing- winner of two consecutive Africa 9000 rally races, a record not likely to be seen broken in our lifetimes...well, yesterday he and countless fans got their wish as the participants in this year's race was announced by WCR chairman Joseph Pedrinni... / 。。。就如你理所當然知道的,現在的 WRC 冠軍帕特里克 Rayce 重複地已經表達他的欲望競爭對抗確實地是距離的巨人之一賽跑的男人-二個連續的非洲 9000 示威運動比賽的勝利者,一筆不可能被見到闖入我們的終生紀錄。。。當今年的比賽參加者被 WCR 約瑟主席 Pedrinni 宣佈了的時候,好吧,昨天他和數不盡的狂熱者得到了他們的希望。。。
...Patrick Rayce, on-air ABC Networks interview in Anchorage, Alaska after winning the Alcan Rally: "...oh, I'm very happy to hear that he's back. I mean, the WRC already has incredible talent with racers like Stephan Adalo, Koki Watanabe, and Andrei Peyakov but now that he's back it's like the field is complete. It's been a long dream of mine to compete against him; now I've finally got that chance to race against the best." / 。。。帕特里克 Rayce,在- 之上空氣的美國廣播公司網路在安克拉治接見, 阿拉斯加州在嬴得 Alcan 示威運動之後: ".。。表示驚訝,我是非常快樂聽到他回來。 我的意思是, WRC 已經有 , 有像 Stephan Adalo , Koki Watanabe 和 Andrei Peyakov 但是現在他的參賽者的難以置信的才能回來像領域是完全的,它是。 它被是我的一個長夢競爭對抗他; 現在我最後已經得到那一個機會比賽對抗最好。"
...ESPN Raceweek studio interview with Team Busch International driver Andrei Peyakov: "...I don't know why he did- I guess he got bored. Tired of sitting around and staring at the walls. Oh, I had no doubt that sooner or later he'd be back in the mix with the rest of us...(breaking out into laughter) You just can't stay away from a bunch of partying animals like me, Frank, and Koki..." / 。。。和小組 Busch 國際的駕駛員 Andrei Peyakov 的 ESPN Raceweek 工作場所面談: ".。。我不知道他為什麼做- 我猜測他無趣了。 座位安排疲倦在而且周圍盯著牆壁看。 哦, 我沒有懷疑遲早他以我們的其餘者將會在混合中回來。。。(進入笑之內爆發)你就是從一束黨像我,法蘭克和 Koki 的動物不能離開。。。"
[BBC Evening News: Aug 31] ...gave no reason for his sudden retirement after his last Africa 9000 race two years ago. He had quietly declined all of WCR's offers to return and pretty much ignored Rayce's challenges, until it was announced at the conference last night that he has indeed entered this year's 4000-kilometer race through France, Spain, and Portugal, with full backing by his former sponsor, Team Busch International. One can only assume the thrill he must be feeling right now, to be back in the excitement of international racing, competing against the likes of Patrick Rayce and Stephan Adalo... / [英國廣播公司晚上新聞: 八月 31 日].。。提供了他的突然退休的沒有理由在二年以前的他最後的非洲 9000 比賽之後。 他已經被安靜衰退所有 WCR's 的提議歸還並且非常忽略了 Rayce's 的挑戰, 直到它昨晚在會議上被宣佈他的確已經經過法國,西班牙和葡萄牙進入今年的 4000 公里比賽,藉由他的前贊助者的完全支持,聯成一組 Busch 國際的。 一才能假定震顫他一定要立刻感覺, 在國際競賽的刺激方面回來,競爭對抗帕特里克 Rayce 和 Stephan Adalo 的同類。。。

"How the hell did I get talked into this?" Jay Randall grouched to himself, rubbing his eyes with one hand while pouring another cup of coffee with the other. Twenty hours since he'd gotten any decent sleep, and now it was morning again, only this time he was on the other side of the world and he had a raving case of jet-lag to go along with everything else. / " 我進入這之內得到說話起來如何 "? 鳥蘭德爾對他自己鬧脾氣, 用一隻手擦他的眼睛當用另一個倒再來一杯咖啡的時候。 二十小時因為他已經得到任何的相當好的睡眠,而且現在再一次是早晨,只有這次他在世界的另一邊上,而且他有了一個時差失調的胡說情形配合其他每件事物。
Atleast he didn't have to hit the track until tomorrow. As dead as he felt he doubted he could have kept a car in a straight line, even on his own driveway. But his racing team and crews were still en route from Virginia, somewhere over the Atlantic in a pair of Antonov airfreighters, and wouldn't land until late in the day. Plenty of time to catch up on sleep...if circumstances were normal enough to allow it. It was not a normal day, it would not be a normal race. He, the rest of G-Force, and countless others in Earth Defense Command intelligence were in the middle of a tracking operation, acting on an Interpol tip, and had been at it non-stop since it began the week before. / 他不一定要擊中軌道直到明天的 Atleast。 如死的當做甚至在他自己的車道上他感覺他懷疑他可能被保持一條直線的一輛汽車。 但是他的競賽聯成一組,而且組員仍然從維吉尼亞是在途中, 某處遍及大西洋在一雙 Antonov 運貨飛機中, 而且將不登陸直到遲的在那天中。 許多時間趕上睡眠。。。如果環境夠正常來允許它。 它不是一個正常的日子,它將不是一個正常的比賽。 他,G 的其餘者-力量, 而且數不盡的其它在地球防衛指令智力方面在追蹤手術的中央中,在國際刑警頂端上行動, 而且已經是在它直達的自從它在那個星期以前開始之後。
"Juney, please tell me again why we're not running this from our nice warm office in Coral?" he grumbled. "You know, that big, quiet place with the Sun HPC server that has everything we need already on file? The one with the holographic display and mahogany table bigger than Robbie's boat?" / " Juney, 請再一次告訴我我們為什麼沒有在跑來自珊瑚的我們美好的溫暖辦公室的這"? 他呻吟。 "你知道, 那有有我們在檔案上已經需要的每件事物的太陽 HPC 伺服器的大又安靜的地方? 和全部手寫的展覽和桃花心木的那一個提議比 Robbie's 大的船?"
Jun Himuro hid a smile as she scrolled through an updated database of Gallactor outposts on her own PowerBook, sitting cross-legged in a reclining leather chair. "Because Paris is so beautiful this time of year?" / 當她捲動過在她自己的 PowerBook 上的一個 Gallactor 前哨的被更新的資料庫的時候,六月 Himuro 藏了一個微笑, 坐著盤著腿的在一張靠在皮革椅子中。 " 因為巴黎年這次是如此美麗 "?
Jay growled something profane in Italian. / 怒吠的鳥某事用義大利語褻瀆。
"I'm telling Marc what you said," she chided back. / " 我正在告訴馬可什麼你說",她向後地斥責。
The pair were inside a massive and luxurious Gulfstream motorhome coach, parked triangularly with two other identical motorhomes at the end of the Montreuil Internationale Raceway staging area. The trio was surrounded by a sea of semi trucks and super-duty transports, tents, trailers, and a sprawling souvenir bazaar; rows of garages, scores of racing crewmen and reporters passing back and forth in the middle of their racing and reporting errands, and spectators come to see the drivers practice for the Paris to Lisbon International Rally. The air was filled with their noise, hustle, and the tangy smell of gasoline. In the distance Jay and Jun could hear the low drone of cars on the track, drivers taking their practice turns. And above it all was a beautiful blue and cloudless Parisian autumn sky. / 雙在龐大的和豪華的 Gulfstream motorhome 裡是教練,在 Montreuil 國際歌水道結束的時候成三角形地以二其他的同一 motorhomes 停車舉行區域。 三人一組被半卡車和超級- 責任傳送,帳篷,追蹤者的海洋 , 和一個擴展紀念品市集包圍了; 車庫的排,賽跑機組人員和在他們的競賽中央中來回地經過而且報告差事的記者得分,而且觀眾來為對葡萄牙首都國際的示威運動的巴黎見駕駛員練習。 空氣充滿他們的噪音,急遽活動 , 和汽油的強烈味道。 在距離鳥和六月可以聽到在軌道上的汽車低雄蜂,帶他們的練習駕駛員轉向。 而且在它上面全部是美麗的藍色和晴朗的巴黎秋天天空。
The digital fax machine behind him gave a greeting beep as yet another file slid through, sent via coded signal from Crescent Coral Island. On the table was a pile of more just like it: documents, maps, countless updates, and aerial imagery. Buried somewhere under them was his notebook computer, also linked to CCI, who was in turn in constant contact with other EDC bases and their sources within the International Police. / 在他後面的數位傳真機器目前為止給予了一聲問候嗶嗶聲另一個檔案滑動過, 經由把信號編碼的從新月形的珊瑚島送。 在桌子上是比較正直同類的堆它: 文件,映射,數不盡的更新 , 和空中的肖像。 某處在他們之下埋葬是他的筆記型電腦, 也連接到 CCI,在與其他的 EDC 基礎的持續接觸和他們的國際警察裡面的來源中是依次。
It had started benignly enough. One Interpol agent, evidently close to a northern faction of the Gallactor Syndicate, had slipped them information about a plan in the works against unknown targets that possibly involved race personnel. The findings were confirmed by Interpol and separate EDC informants; Gallactor was indeed on the move. So the EDC took the bait and they were off to the races. Literally. / 它已經仁慈地足夠開始。 對 Gallactor 企業聯合的北方派系明顯接近的一個國際刑警探員,已經滑倒他們關於對抗可能地牽涉了比賽人員的未知目標的作品一個計劃的資訊。 調查結果被國際刑警和分開 EDC 通知者確認了; Gallactor 在行進間是的確。 如此 EDC 採取了餌,而且他們去比賽。 照字面上地。
Then someone had the bright idea of having Jay run ground surveillance as a competitor himself. / 然後某人有明亮想法讓鳥跑如一個競爭者的土地監視他自己。
He shuffled over to the machine to retrieve the papers, sleepwalking in black sweatpants and the T-shirt that Key Akihiro, G-Force's professional wiseass, had gotten him as a joke towards the whole affair: WILL RACE FOR FOOD. All so ha-ha cute, but ultimately it wasn't a damn bit funny- it was a horrible idea. The last time he'd tried chasing Gallactor in the middle of a race, it ended in disaster. / 他拖曳在到機器之上取回文件, 黑色的 sweatpants 和 T恤的夢遊病關鍵的 Akihiro,G- 力量的專業 wiseass, 已經得到他當做對於整個的事件一個笑話: 將為食比賽。 全部如此哈哈! 可愛的, 但是最後它不是非常的一點點好笑的-它是一個可怕的想法。 最後一次他已經嘗試追比賽的中央 Gallactor,它在災禍方面結束。
He sorted through the sheets as they came through. They were the aerial images of the Caceres nuclear power station that he'd asked for, an installation just a kilometer from the racecourse as it wound through west-central Spain. A Coral Ops cartographer had overlaid it in GIS colorform, detailing possible areas of approach by anything from airborne mecha to car bombs. There were more just like it, possible targets that were deemed major considerations by the EDC and Interpol. Just from statistical probability, attractiveness, and plain old gut feeling, the count was up to lucky seven. Seven possibilities for Gallactor death, destruction, and mayhem on a grand scale. All of them were waiting for clarification from their informant, and in the meantime, the list was growing. / 當他們來過的時候,他分類過張。 當它受傷過西方- 中央的西班牙的時候,他們是只是他已經要求的 Caceres 核電站的空中影像,一個安裝來自 racecourse 的公里。 一個珊瑚 Ops 地圖製作者已經在 GIS colorform 中覆蓋它, 從空運的 mecha 到汽車炸彈被任何事細說方式的可能區域。 像它那裡是更正直的,被認為 EDC 和國際刑警的主要考慮的可能目標。 僅僅從統計的可能性,吸引人和簡單的舊勇氣感覺,計數是向上的到幸運的七。 為在壯觀的刻度上的 Gallactor 死亡,破壞和傷害罪的七種可能性。 他們全部正在等候來自他們的通知者的澄清,而且在此際內,目錄正在增加。
"Is that the Caceres aerial?" Jun asked. / " 那是 Caceres 天線"? 六月問。
"Yup. Just the latest on a long, long, long....Jesus, I wish someone would bang on that sleeper a little harder. Give us some clue as to what exactly Gallactor has in mind..." Jay sank down onto the sofa to study one while handing another off to her. "...so I don't have to end up running in this mess. I still think it's too damned risky. With all the media out there," he motioned towards the outside, "I wouldn't be a bit surprised if my cover was blown up by this afternoon." As if to punctuate his misgivings, a network helocraft flew by overhead, so low its engine noise made the motorhome quiver slightly. / "Yup。 只是在長的﹐長上的最近,渴望....耶穌,我願某人稍微更努力將會在那一個小耳環上重擊。 給我們一些線索關於什麼完全 Gallactor 認為。。。"當走開對她傳遞另外一的時候,鳥在沙發之上沉落下來學習一。 ".。。因此我不一定要最後在這雜亂中跑。 我仍然認為它太該死危險的。 藉由所有的媒體向那邊, " 他向外面運動 ", 如果我的掩護在今天午後之前被炸毀,我將不有一點感到驚訝。" 好像加標點符號他的擔憂,被額外開銷飛的網路 helocraft,如此低的它引擎噪音些微地使 motorhome 成為震動。
"It never worried you before." / " 它以前從不使你擔憂 " 。
"That's because I was racing for just kicks and cash," he reminded. "Back then I wasn't fighting Gallactor Goons at the same time, at least not until that Africa run..." He trailed off, sadness drifting through his blue eyes. / " 因為我正在為正直的踢和現金賽跑,所以那是 ",他提醒。 "支持,然後我沒有在同時對抗 Gallactor 呆子,至少不直到非洲跑。。。"他走開追蹤,漂流過他的藍色眼睛的悲哀。
"Well, like it or not, it is the best way to run recon until he contacts us again," Jun spoke while studying, not noticing. "Just in case they are using a driver for..." Her expression promptly fell. "Oh, this thing's only a kilometer from the race course." / " 嗯,像它,它是最好的方法跑 reconnaissance 的簡縮字直到他再一次連絡我們 ",當學習的時候,六月說, 不注意。 " 僅僅以防萬一他們正在使用一個駕駛員。。。"她的表達敏捷地跌落。 "哦, 這件事物只有來自比賽課程的公里".
"That's why it's been red-flagged. But- suppose a reporter finds out? What am I supposed to say? 'Be vewy, vewy quiet, I'm hunting Gawactors?'" / "那是 , 它為什麼被是示警紅旗。 但是- 假如一位記者發現? 我被推想到什麼說? 'vewy 是,vewy 靜止嗎,我正在擺動 Gawactors?'"
Jun grinned at his perfect yet cynical Elmer Fudd imitation. "Keep telling them the same thing Andrei said: that you were bored. If they get too pushy, let security take care of them." She pointed an admonishing finger at him. "Just remember not to transmute." / 六月仍然在他的完成式露齒而笑憤世嫉俗的榆樹 Fudd 模仿。 "告訴他們相同的事物 Andrei 的生計說: 哪一你感到無聊。 如果他們太強求,使安全照顧他們。"她以一根勸告手指瞄準他。 " 僅僅記得不要再變形".
Jay gave her a dark, exasperated look. "If it were up to me, I'd cancel this whole event and let Charleville Ops smoke 'em out. See, that way, thousands of spectators won't be endangered when Gallactor decides to pull...whatever it is they're going to pull. So that if they are using the race, they'd have to scramble to find another method of approach. Therefore we may see them, and catch them." He hardened his glare at her, voice dropping into an equally exasperated growl. "In birdstyle, with the warship. Me, in my other car." / 鳥給予了她黑暗,使神情惱怒。 " 如果依我的意思, 我將會取消這個整個的事件而且讓 Charleville Ops 吸煙 '在外的 em。 見到,當 Gallactor 決定拉的時候,那樣,數以千計觀眾將不被危險。。。無論它是他們什麼將要拉。 以便如果他們正在使用比賽, 他們將會必須搶著發現方式的另一個方法。 因此我們可能看他們, 而且捕捉他們。"他變硬了在她的他閃耀光,宣述點滴進一個相等地吠聲惱怒的之內。 "在 birdstyle 中,藉由軍艦。 我,在我的其他汽車中。"
"Believe me, I wish we had that option too. It was discussed, but the officials and sponsors couldn't handle the loss of income. They want to keep a lid on it so people won't panic, they're willing to put up with the security and scanners instead, and they hope that we can stop them quietly before people get hurt." / "相信我,我願我們也被有那選擇。 它被討論,但是官員和贊助者無法處理收入的損失。 他們想要保存在它上的一個蓋子,如此人將不驚慌,他們願意改為忍受安全和掃描器,而且他們希望,在人得到傷害之前 , 我們能安靜地阻止他們。"
"I'm hoping I don't have to shoot at mechas through window of my car. That'd look good on CNN." / "我希望 , 我不一定要經過我的汽車窗戶在 mechas 射擊。 That'd 在 CNN 上看起來很好。"
Jun shrugged slightly, sympathetic. "Nothing else we can do, but be extra careful." / 六月些微地聳肩,有同情心的。 " 毫不別的我們能做, 但是額外的小心".
Jay subconsciously rubbed at his eyes again. He didn't want this, chasing Gallactor in a rallycar for God's sake...it was wrong, dangerously wrong. He'd given up professional racing because of Gallactor in the first place when they began to step up their attacks, leaving G-Force not only with precious little time for normal, outside lives, but at risk for security compromise out of his own notoriety. The fight against them had always been first and foremost in his and once upon a time he'd enjoyed racing as an aside to that, but until that last race in Africa, (plus another time before that when a code-red call had come just moments after being handed a trophy for a short-track win) those two facets of his world had been separate from one another, each untouched by the other. When they started to collide, he retired. / 鳥再一次潛在意識在他的眼睛擦。 他沒有想要這,為上帝的緣故在 rallycar 中追 Gallactor 。。。它是錯誤的,危險地錯誤。 當他們開始促進 ] 他們的攻擊時候,他因為 Gallactor 已經首先放棄專業的競賽,離開 G- 力量不只有以寶貴的一點常態的時間,外面的生命, 但是置於險境因為安全妥協處理離他自己惡名。 對抗他們的戰鬥已經被總是第一和最初的在他而且從前他已經喜歡賽跑如對那來說的一個旁白,但是直到那最後在非洲比賽,( 加上下次以前當一個密碼- 紅色的呼叫在被為短傳遞一個獎座之後已經來正直的片刻時候- 軌道贏) 他的世界那二個方面已經是來自彼此的分開, 每個未觸及的被另一個。 當他們開始碰撞的時候,他退休。
Now, he didn't have the slightest clue how he was going to juggle both at the same time. / 現在,他沒有最微小的線索 , 他如何同時將要變戲法兩者。
Well enough to get away with it, anyway. / 足夠湧出以它逃離,無論如何。
Too tired to argue any further, Jay fell back into the mission parameters. Of all the potential targets Caceres was the most worrisome, the highest priority, this nuclear power installation that supplied a good chunk of Spain but was also a stone's throw from Lake Alcantara. With just one thermal detonator, an ionic bomb about the size of a beer can, hundreds of square miles could be destroyed, thousands killed, Lisbon's water supply irradiated for hundreds of years. / 太疲累的爭論更更進一步了,鳥進入任務參數之內撤退。 所有的潛在目標 Caceres 是最令人煩惱的,最高的優先,這一個供應了一個西班牙的好大塊的核能安裝但是來自湖 Alcantara 的石頭投也是。 藉由只是熱的 detonator,關於啤酒罐子的大小一個離子的炸彈,數以百計正直的哩可能被破壞,數千殺,葡萄牙首都的自來水照耀數百年。
Maybe that'll convince them to cancel, Jay thought. / 也許 that'll 使他們相信取消,鳥想。
Outside, pre-race activity continued in its festive fast-lane tempo, punctuated by the distant roar of cars navigating the road-course track. Jun was right. Despite the two years gone he'd still maintained friendships with Team Busch International racing. He still had many contacts, magnified by his champion status. He would be able to see and hear things that ordinary EDC special would miss. / 外面,前比賽活動在它的慶祝齋戒- 小路的拍子中繼續, 被航行道路- 課程的軌道汽車的遠吼加標點符號。 六月是正確的。 儘管二不見了的年他將會仍然用小組 Busch 國際的競賽維護友誼。 他仍然有了許多連絡, 被他的冠軍狀態放大。 他將會能夠見到而且聽到事物平常的 EDC 特別的將會錯過。
A group of men walking nearby outside; Jay easily recognized two of them. John Gellen and Luis Linares, two of Castrol Racing's top drivers and masters of their powerful and agile Toyota Celicas. For a fleeting moment he started thinking about totally different variables, deciding how he was going to match and surpass them in on the racecourse, comparing the power of his car to theirs, while at the same time trying to decide if they or someone within their teams were in league with Gallactor. / 外面的附近步行的一群男人; 鳥容易地辨認出了他們中的二個。 約翰 Gellen 和 Luis Linares,他們的有力和敏捷的豐田 Celicas 的 Castrol 競賽的高層駕駛員中的二個和主人。 他開始想完全不同的變數短暫的片刻, 決定他將要如何與而且相配超越他們在 racecourse 上,比較他的汽車力量和他們的, 當同時的時候嘗試決定是否他們的小組裡面的他們或者某人是與 Gallactor 聯合。
He tried to derail the thought and go back to Caceres, but it was no use. He had to let the two worlds collide. For all his reconnaissance within the race would depend on those variables too, speed and performance and all the endurance he could muster. Like it or not, he was going to have to join the race. Eventually. / 他試著使想法出軌而且回去 Caceres, 但是它是沒有使用。 他必須讓二個世界碰撞。 儘管他有偵察在比賽裡面也將會仰賴那些變數, 速度和表現和所有的忍耐他可以召集。 不管喜歡它與否,他正在去必須參加比賽。 最後。
This time, he hoped that nobody would get killed. / 這次,他希望沒有人將會得到殺。

At 8,000 feet all the landscape of rural France was a luxuriant spread of deep greens and blue; vineyards, orchards, and vast pasturelands dotted by the occasional farm building and small town dominated the region outside of Paris. The maternal half of his human/Rigan hybrid lineage was French, but G-Force commander Mareccu Dumeneau had only been to the country a few times. He supposed he should have been enjoying this trip, but there was only a faint wisp of nostalgia as he guided his Cessna Javelin over the Parisian countryside, marginally felt and stifled fast. This was business. / 以 8,000 呎法國鄉下地區的所有風景是深綠色和藍色的繁茂傳佈; 有點的被偶然的農場建築物和小的城鎮葡萄園,果園和巨大的 pasturelands 支配了巴黎的區域外面。 母親一半的他人類/ Rigan 混合的血統是法國的, 但是 G- 力量的指揮官 Mareccu Dumeneau 只有是到國家數時代。 他推想,當他指導了在巴黎的鄉下地方上的他 Cessna 標槍的時候,他應該要享受這一次旅行的, 但是只有有一個鄉愁的微弱小把,邊緣地感覺而且被不能呼吸齋戒。 這是生意。
Instead, he scrutinized the land with practiced eyes, trained to look for trouble and tactical value in every town, road, topographic detail, and vegetative cover. The industrial centers at the outskirts of Paris particularly drew his attention, as well as ports on the river Seine. Paris itself was a gray mass off to his left, a sprawling mix of 21st century glassine skyscrapers and centuries-old architecture. Notre Dame de Paris was a buttressed crucifix of stone and glass beside the Seine; the Eiffel Tower a graceful steel spire on the Champ de Mars. He looked for anything out of the ordinary, large transport movements, unmarked armored carriers. He communicated to Crescent Coral and the French Armee de L'air via coded interlink through his headset, alternating fluently between English and French depending on who was at the other end. His thoughts were his own, silent brooding in his native Marjillian Rigan. Like Jay he had serious misgivings about this operation, and for somewhat similar reasons: EDC intelligence might as well had painted a phoenix insignia right on the hood of Jay's vehicle. / 相反的,他用練習的眼睛仔細檢查土地,訓練在每個城鎮中找尋麻煩和戰術的價值,道路,地誌的細節和有生長力的掩護。 工業的中心在巴黎的近郊特別地引起他的注意 , 連同在河曳網上的港口。 巴黎本身是走開到他的左邊灰色的大眾,一個 21 世紀薄玻璃紙摩天樓和長達世紀的建築學的擴展混合。 Notre 夫人 de 巴黎是在曳網旁邊的一個石頭和玻璃的被支持的耶穌釘在十字架上的像; Eiffel 塔優美的鋼在選手 de 火星上突出。 他找尋任何事異常 ,大大地傳送運動,未被注意的武裝運送者。 他經由把互鏈編碼的穿越溝通到新月形的珊瑚和法國 Armee de L'air 他的耳機, 誰交互的流利地在英國人和法國人之間仰賴在另一端。 他的想法是他自己的,他本國的 Marjillian Rigan 的沈默沉思。 像鳥他有了關於這手術的嚴重擔憂, 和對於略微相似的理由: EDC 智力最好有畫在鳥的車輛頭巾上的一個鳳凰勳章權利。
Yet there was also the maddening lack of information. Whoever this agent was, he was forwarding intelligence so slowly that the EDC was forced to guess Gallactor's motives and infiltrate the race on their own behalf. / 然而也有令人發狂缺乏資料。 無論這一個代理人是誰, 他正在轉寄智力如此的慢慢地以致於 EDC 不得不猜測 Gallactor's 的動機而且浸潤在他們自己的利益上的比賽。
Olame maat nieliah, he thought dourly. In the closest English approximation of the sentence: this is fucking insane. G-Force had never gone into a mission so blind before. At the very least they left knowing what type of mecha they were up going against, or what specific target Gallactor had their sights on. He made another pass over to the southeast, the racetrack and multitude surrounding it a colorful sprawl underneath. He couldn't find a single thing that could be categorized as unusual, and it worried him even more. Whatever Gallactor had in mind, they were keeping it close, which meant it wasn't likely to be a massive and grandiose ground-pounding mecha. No, intuition told him that it was going to be something smaller, something easily camouflaged, something that could be carried in a backpack, a purse, the trunk of a car. A bioweapon, an ionic bomb, a harmonic-emitting device to drive thousands of race fans mad? Now a bloody urban riot was right up Berg Katse's alley. What better place for the Gallactor warlord to drive people mad than in Paris, or Barcelona? Or even Madrid- five days into the event, officials relaxed because nothing happened during its first stages, then hello-! / Olame maat nieliah,他不愛講話地想。 在句子的最靠近英文近似值中: 這正在性交患精神病的。 G- 力量從未進入一個任務如此盲目以前。 在那非常最少的他們離開知道他們正在向上去什麼打字的 mecha 反對, 或什麼特性目標 Gallactor 有了他們的視力在之上。 他製造了另外途徑在到東南之上,在下面周圍的它一個五彩繽紛的伸開手足而睡的賽馬場和多數。 他無法發現一件可能被分類的事物當做不尋常的, 和它焦慮的他甚至多。 任何的 Gallactor 認為 ,他們正在使它保持接近的, 這意謂它不可能是龐大的和宏偉的地面- 敲 mecha 。 不,直覺告訴了他,它將要是比較小的東西,某事容易地偽裝,可能在背包,一個錢包中被攜帶的某事,汽車的行李箱。 一個生化武器,一個離子的炸彈, 駕駛數以千計比賽的一個發出和音的裝置搧瘋狂的? 現在血腥的都市暴動是正確向上的冰山 Katse's 的小路。 什麼比較放置讓 Gallactor 軍閥使人發狂超過在巴黎, 或巴賽隆納? 或使馬德里相等- 進入事件之內的五天,因為沒事在它的第一個階段期間發生,所以官員放鬆, 然後哈囉-!
Mareccu switched signal codes and called out to Key. "Four, actual." / Mareccu 轉變了信號密碼並且大叫調音。 "四,真實的".
Down below, Key was casually strolling by and through the staging area garages, watching the competing teams working over their vehicles in preparation. It had been earlier surmised that Gallactor might be working close to a driver or a sponsor, but all of them had checked out clean. Still, he kept his eyes and ears open for any Gallactor sign, looking for trouble. Media was all over the place; reporters interviewing drivers, cameramen recording snippets of video for the newsfeeds, all making a general nuisance of themselves. None of them bothered him, safely anonymous in his flannel shirt over Levis and a plain white T-shirt, a track medic's pass dangling from his neck. / 在下面墬落, 鑰匙偶然地正在閒逛被和經過舉行區域車庫,看準備的在他們的車輛上的競爭團隊工作。 它已經早些時候被推測, Gallactor 可能在一個駕駛員或一位贊助者的附近工作, 但是他們全部已經檢查出乾淨的。 使, 安靜他為任何的 Gallactor 保持了他的眼睛和耳朵公開符號,找尋麻煩。 媒體到處; 接見駕駛員,為新聞供應,所有的創下一個一般他們自己的討厭東西記錄錄影帶的小人物的 cameramen 的記者。 他們沒有一個煩擾了他, 安全作者不詳在 Levis 牌牛仔褲和一個簡單的白色 T恤上的他法蘭絨襯衫中,從他的脖子吊動的軌道苜蓿屬植物的途徑。
When his wristband gave its warning flash he broke from the crowd and found a private spot around the corner of garage number eleven. "Four." / 當他的袖口提供了他從群眾斷掉而且十一號車庫發現一個私人的地點為期不遠的它警告的閃光時候。 " 四 ".
Mareccu sent the Cessna soaring high over the racetrack, its twin turbines placidly whining. Below him, lower-flying planes pulling advertisement trailers clogged the air. Ahead was a lazily floating Fujifilm blimp, reflecting sunlight off its white cigar-shaped back. "Are you finding anything down there?" / Mareccu 把在賽馬場上的上升高度送給了 Cessna, 它的雙胞胎的渦輪平靜地發出嗚嗚聲。 下面他,拉廣告追蹤者的比較低- 飛的飛機阻礙了空氣。 向前地是一個懶洋洋漂浮的富士軟片軟式小型飛船, 離開它的反映日光白色的雪茄形的向後地。 " 你正在那裡把任何事發現下來"?
"Not really, no," Key replied, a little disappointedly. He looked up and spotted the civilian conversal jet zipping across the sky. "Just the usual pre-race mechanical mess going on around here. Haven't heard from track security, so none of the scanners have been tripped by weapons-grade or anything..." / " 不是真的,不",鑰匙答覆,稍微失望。 他看在而且上面看見了平民的 conversal 噴射機拉拉鍊越過天空。 " 只是平常的前比賽機械的雜亂繼續在這裡周圍。 沒有從軌道安全聽到,因此,沒有一台掃描器已經被跌倒被武器類的或任何事。。。"
"Doesn't mean much." Mareccu pulled hard to port, radioing ahead his intentions to land. "I don't think they'd try to load a car this early on, if that's what they have in mind. We need to worry more about mid-course in between their pit stops and the checkpoints, towards that scenario." / " 不多意謂 " 。 Mareccu 努力地拉移植, 向前地收音機他的意圖登陸。 "我不認為他們將會稍早試著裝載一輛汽車這,如果那是他們認為的。 我們需要煩惱更多有關在-之中課程在他們的深坑停止和檢查站之間,向那一個情節。"
From the other side the garage, Key could hear an Italian speaking angrily, his voice almost at a shout but still discreet enough to not draw attention. Key knew a little of the language; his guy was going off at somebody about the pathetic performance of his vehicle, and he wanted another yesterday. Or something to that effect. "Yeah. Hey, listen- some guy by me is about to have a stroke over something about his car." / 從另一邊車庫,鑰匙可以聽到憤怒地說的義大利人, 他的聲音幾乎在呼喊但是仍然小心的充足不引起注意。 鑰匙語言稍微知道; 他的傢伙正在大約在某人爆炸他的車輛悲哀表現,而且他想要另外昨天。 或某事對那效果。 "是的。 嗨,聽-我的一些傢伙正要有在關於他的汽車某事上的筆劃。"
Mareccu could pick it out in the transmission's background. "I can hear it clear up here. Sure it's not Jay?" / Mareccu 可以在傳輸的背景方面挑選它。 "我能在這裡清楚地向上聽到它。 當然它不是鳥?"
Key laughed. "Nah. This guy's swearing isn't nearly as colorful." / 鑰匙笑。 "Nah。 傢伙發誓那不幾乎如五彩繽紛的。"
Mareccu grinned at that. "Go ahead and check it out. I'll be back in about an hour." / Mareccu 在那露齒而笑。 "前進而且檢查出它。 我在左右 1 小時中將回來。"
"Got it." Key peeked around the corner of the garage and saw a muscular and dark-haired racer in the process of verbally pounding someone. The target was a thirtyish woman, corporate business clad, and a silent accountant-looking man standing compliantly behind. She regarded the racer with the bored expression of an adult watching a teen throwing a self-righteous tirade. "-no, unacceptable!" he said, now nearly shouting. A few others outside could now overhear, Key saw some of them breaking bemused, knowing smiles, and that's when he realized he was looking at Italian Solo-Event Champion Stephan Adalo, the WCR's famous tantrum-throwing bad boy. "How can you expect me to practice with that car's injection problems?" Adalo ranted, as well as Key could tell. "My crew's been working on it all night and they can't-" / " 得到了它 " 。 鑰匙偷看為期不遠車庫而且見到了口述地敲的程序一個肌肉的和黑頭髮的參賽者某人。 目標是順從地後面站立的 thirtyish 女人,企業的生意包蓋 , 和一個沈默的看會計員的男人。 她用看一個丟一個自以為是的長篇大論的十幾歲的青少年的成人無趣表達視為參賽者。 "-不,無法接受的"! 他說,現在幾乎呼喊。 一些其它現在外面可以無意中聽到,當他了解 , 他正在看義大利的獨奏- 事件冠軍 Stephan Adalo 的時候,鑰匙見到打破困惑又博學的微笑他們其中的一些,而且那是,WCR's 的出名亂發脾氣的壞男孩。 " 你如何能期待我以那個汽車的注射問題練習 "? Adalo 大聲叫嚷,連同鑰匙可以告訴。 " 整夜晚處理它的我組員和他們不能-"
Then the woman spoke something, too soft for even Key's heightened hearing above all the noise, but it was short and cold and made the racer shut his mouth like a tripped bear trap. Key almost winced himself at his reaction. Racers had a high degree of clout with their sponsors, after all it was their driving skill and showmanship that generated the advertising exposure each sponsor wanted. Was this one telling Adalo to put up with a sub-standard car? What the hell for? Suddenly the alarms started going off in Key's head. / 然後女人說了某事,對於被加強最重要者聽噪音的平坦鑰匙是太軟的,但是它是短和寒冷並且使參賽者關上他的像一個被跌倒的熊圈套的嘴。 在他的反應幾乎調音畏縮他自己。 參賽者有了對高程度的影響力的他們贊助者,畢竟它是他們的駕駛技術和產生了每位贊助者想要的廣告暴露的主技演出的技巧。 這一個是忍受一個子標準汽車的有效 Adalo 嗎? 什麼地獄為? 突然警報開始在鑰匙的頭中爆炸。
"Hey," a youngish male voice asked behind Key. He turned and saw a friendly-faced kid only a few years younger than himself walking up. "What's going on?" / " 嗨 " ,一種 youngish 男性聲音在鑰匙後面問。 他轉向和鋸子一友好的- 面對只哄騙比他自己走上年輕的數年。 " 什麼正在繼續"?
"I dunno." The racer had started again, but was noticeably muted, as though all his fire had been extinguished but still stubbornly wanted to smolder. It suddenly ended with him stomping off to his trailer, and the unruffled woman left as well, conversing privately with her partner as they walked off to a waiting chauffeur-driven Mercedes. Key instinctively noted the car's license plates, mentally recording them for future reference. Something about the racer, the woman, and the scene in its entirety was definitely starting to bother him, something to bring up at the pow-wow later that afternoon. "Sounded like he was pissed off about his car." / " 我不知道 " 。 參賽者再一次已經開始, 但是顯著地被啞子,好像他所有的火已經被熄滅但是仍然頑固地想要冒煙。 它突然和他結束走開對他的追蹤者跺,而且不騷動的女人也離開, 私下和她的合夥人交談當他們走開走到候補司機驅動的賓士汽車之時。 本能地調音注意汽車的牌照,心理上記錄他們作為將來的參考。 關於參賽者的某事,女人, 和現場在它的全部正在一定開始煩擾他, 某事在 pow 提出-那天午後稍後的哇。 " 聽起來像他一樣是忿怒的離開關於他的汽車事".
"Oh. Small wonder, he was scheduled to run his practice laps this hour. Looks like he'll have to bump off 'till morning." He noticed Key's pass, then smiled amiably, extending his hand. "One of the new medics on duty, eh? I'm Christopher Keller, chief mechanic for Gordon Rayce. My friends call me Sparky." / "哦。 小的奇蹟, 他預定跑他的練習這小時重疊。 看起來像他一樣將必須碰撞離開 '直到早晨。"他注意鑰匙的途徑,然後和藹可親地微笑,延伸他的手。 " 新的苜蓿屬植物之一值勤 ,eh? 我是克里斯多夫 Keller,對於戈登 Rayce 的主要機械工。 我的朋友認為我是 Sparky 。"
Key shook it. "Key Akihiro. Hey, you're on Patrick Rayce's team?" / 鑰匙搖動了它。 "關鍵的 Akihiro。 嗨,你在帕特里克 Rayce's 的小組身上?"
"Yep." He motioned towards the end of the row, where one of the garages was surrounded by Gordon Rayce Industries emblazoned transport trucks and motorhomes that rivaled the Gulfstreams they were staying in. The place was opened and packed with every conceivable tool, provision, and diagnostic device known, staffed by at least twenty people bustling inside and out. The whole arrangement dripped of huge amounts of money and technological expertise, and dominating the crowd was Gordon Rayce himself: engineering and design genius and father to Patrick, a large and jolly man running the scene with tight-wired intensity. Then Key felt his hardwiring make a tingling trip down his back. From where he stood he could see the pointed shark-like snout of the fabled vehicle that was the company's masterpiece, hood off and lifted on its custom on-board struts. The thing practically radiated power, promising blazing speed potential, and he suddenly had to stifle a wild grin at the thought it pitted against the G2. / " Yep". 他向排的結束運動, 車庫之一被被用紋章裝飾傳送卡車和 motorhomes 的戈登 Rayce 業包圍了 rivaled 他們正在停留在 Gulfstreams。 地方被用被知道的每一想得到的工具,準備和診斷的裝置打開而且包裝, 被熙熙攘攘的進裡面的至少二十個人配備人員和在外。 整個的安排極大量錢和科技的專長滴下,而且支配群眾是戈登 Rayce 他自己: 對帕特里克,一個用緊- 以線加強的強烈跑現場的大和愉快的男人工程學和設計天才和父親。 然後鑰匙感覺他的 hardwiring 把一次興奮旅行展開下來他的背部。 從他站著哪裡他可以見到公司的傑作虛構的車輛尖像鯊魚一樣鼻口部, 罩上離開而且在它的習慣在- 之上董事會的高視闊步上升高。 事物實際幅射的力量,有希望的熾燃速度潛能, 而且他突然必須在想法使野性的露齒笑不能呼吸它有痘痕的反對 G2。
"We're almost ready to go," Sparky continued. "I was about to take a break when I heard Adalo screaming over there. Want to come along? I hear the coffee around here is halfway decent." / " 我們幾乎準備好去 ",Sparky 繼續。 "當我聽到了在那裡尖叫的 Adalo 的時候,我正要休息一下。 需要進展 ? 我在這裡的周圍聽到咖啡是中途的相當好的。"
Key fell in beside, at ease with the mechanic's friendly nature and suddenly brimming with fanboy questions about their famous Mach Five. "Hey, yeah, sure! They've got really good French roast in the medical center. That's the car you took the Lasken Rally in-?" / 鑰匙跌落在,旁邊在和機械工的友好自然的安逸和突然盈滿由於關於他們的出名 Mach 五的 fanboy 問題。 "嗨,是的,確信! 他們已經真的爭取好法國人醫學的中心烤肉。 那是你採取了 Lasken 示威運動的汽車在-?"

"I thought I knew just about everyone around here," Sparky commented later. "But everywhere I look there's a new face. How about you? Just come in from the states?" / " 我認為,我在這裡的周圍差不多知道每個人 ",Sparky 稍後批評。 " 但是各處我看有一個新的臉。 如何關於你? 僅僅從州進來?"
Key nodded, sipping his coffee. Heading back they had to weave their way around a parade of rally cars entering and leaving the track, the air heavy with their exhaust and noise. Announcements were made over the PA system in three different languages; people milled everywhere, talking, working. Key watched them, knowing that about a quarter of them were EDC special posing as spectators or track security, but he wasn't about to tell the mechanic that. "Came in from San Francisco last night. I've worked some of the smaller American oval tracks, but nothing like this." / 鑰匙點頭,啜飲他的咖啡。 向後地朝向他們必須編織他們的方法進入和離開軌道,對他們的排氣和噪音感到重的空氣示威運動汽車的大約一個遊行。 公告被以三種不同的語言移轉 PA 系統; 人們各處磨細,說話的,工作。 鑰匙看了他們,知道那大約他們的四分之一是 EDC 特別的佯裝成觀眾或者軌道安全, 但是他不打算告訴機械工。 "昨晚從舊金山進來。 我已經工作一些比較小的美國橢圓形追蹤, 但是沒有像這者。"
"It's a great scene." Sparky took a long look around, his light brown eyes unfazed by the commotion. "Luckily there aren't as many wrecks in this type of racing as there are on ovals. It's funny, you'd think there'd be more with all the spectators hanging just inches from the road. But only once in a while drivers smash up to the point where their cars are crippled. Usually the distance getsm, or they just get stuck somewhere and need a tow. The real challenge is driver fatigue, and handling the logistics." They passed the Adalo garage again, and Sparky motioned their way. "And getting around this guy. Alado's a very aggressive driver. He's apt to run you off the road if you're in his way." "I remember when he smacked Jay Randall's car in Belgium a couple years back." Key said. He was fishing for more info on the driver but he couldn't help reminiscing it, when Adalo had deliberately tried to force Jay's dominating Audi into a guardrail just two miles from the Antwerp finish line. Jay had naturally parried the attack, and both cars ultimately went careening into a ditch. Seconds later, it had taken six very brave bystanders to peel Jay off the brash and arrogant Italian. The spectacular crash and its aftermath continued to be replayed in best-of videos for months to come, and the front page of the local paper picturing the fight was framed on the wall of the loft at Jun's nightclub. A rip-roaring classic, one for the ages. / " 它是棒的現場 " 。 Sparky 在附近帶長的神情,他的淡褐色注意騷動的 unfazed 。 " 所幸有不和殘骸一樣多的在這類型賽跑當那裡在橢圓形上。 它是好笑的,你將會認為 there'd 是和懸掛來自道路的正直吋所有的觀眾更多。 但是只有偶爾駕駛員對他們的汽車被損傷的點搗毀。 通常距離 getsm,或他們僅僅某處被欺騙而且需要拖。 真正的挑戰是駕駛員疲累, 而且操作物流管理。"他們再一次把車庫通過給了 Adalo ,而且 Sparky 運動了他們的方法。 " 而且傳開這一個傢伙。 Alado's 的一個非常積極的駕駛員。 他容易從道路跑你如果你是以他的方式。" " 當他有味道鳥蘭德爾汽車在比利時夫婦數年背面的時候,我記得 " 。 鑰匙說。 他正在探聽在駕駛員上的更多資訊,但是當 Adalo 已經被故意嘗試強迫鳥在距離安特衛普只有二哩處支配 Audi 進一個護欄之內完成線的時候他無法不追憶它。 鳥已經被自然擋開攻擊,而且兩者的汽車最後進入一條溝渠之內傾斜。 第二稍後,它已經帶六個非常勇敢的旁觀者在性急的和傲慢的義大利人外削鳥皮。 公開展示的墜毀和它的結果繼續在最好- 的錄影帶中被重新比賽長達數個月之久來,而且描寫戰鬥的地方紙的頭版在六月的夜總會的頂樓牆壁上被構成。 一個吵鬧的古典作品, 一對於年齡。
"Boy, wasn't that great?" Sparky laughed. "We were just getting started then. Speed, Pops, and I were watching that race and Pops said, 'I know that Randall- Adalo better watch out! He'll rip his head clean off!'" He quickly turned serious. "I'm surprised the stewards didn't fine Adalo or ban him outright." / "男孩, 那一個大師不是"? Sparky 笑。 " 我們很正直當時的開始。 速度,郵局協議,而且我正在看那一個比賽和郵局協議說,' 我知道那蘭德爾-Adalo 更留意 ! 他將撕開他的頭清掃!'"他很快地變嚴重的。 " 我感到驚訝管理人率直地沒有罰款 Adalo 或者禁止他".
"Maybe they thought he'd gotten enough punishment from Randall." / " 也許他們認為他已經由蘭德爾得到充足的處罰 " 。
Sparky cracked a sly grin. "Maybe so. You know, Speed's been wanting to race against him for the past year. But somehow I think Adalo versus Randall is going to be much more entertaining." / Sparky 弄碎狡猾的露齒笑。 "也許如此。 你知道,想要比賽對抗他過去的年速度。 但是不知何故我認為 Adalo 和蘭德爾比較正在去是更加愉快的。"
Key chuckled at the thought. "I'll make sure the medivac's stocked." / 鑰匙在想法吃吃的笑。 " 我將確定被進貨的 medivac's 的 " 。
Up ahead at the Rayce garage, a dark-haired man waved and shouted out to Sparky: Patrick "Speed" Rayce. Key was already familiar with his talent and wins from watching his televised races but it was still striking to see him in person- he wasn't much older than his lead mechanic. / 在 Rayce 車庫的向前地提高,一個黑頭髮的男人揮舞而且大叫到 Sparky: 帕特里克 " 速度 " Rayce。 鑰匙從看他的廣播比賽已經熟悉他的才能和贏,但是它仍然正在打擊在人中見他-他不是比他的率先機械工年長許多。
Sparky answered him, expression darkening. "Something's up. I'd better get back." He shook Key's hand. "Good talking to you!" / Sparky 回答了他,表達弄暗。 "某事提高。 我最好回來。"他握鑰匙手。 " 好的和你說話 "!
"Same here," Key answered, watching him head off. "I'll see you around." Sparky turned and waved back then jogged to the Rayce garage. / " 相同的這裡 ",鑰匙回答,看他防止。 " 我將在附近見到你 " 。 Sparky 轉而且然後向後地揮舞輕推到 Rayce 車庫。
On his way out, Key slowed to get another look at the Adalo barn. His car looked stock, a BMW 328i, white and red and decorated with sponsor logos, the number 96 plastered all over its doors and roof. But he wondered what else might be riding in the coupe's chassis. The mechanics were doing mechanic stuff, working on the engine, tinkering with the suspension, pre-race fine tuning done by everyone. / 在出去的途中,鑰匙減慢得到 Adalo 穀倉的另外面貌。 他的汽車看起來存貨, BMW 328 i, 白色和紅色而且以贊助者理法裝飾, 那第 96 大爛醉如泥遍及它的門和屋頂。 但是他懷疑別的可能搭乘雙座汽車的底盤東西。 機械學正在做機械工事情,處理引擎,胡亂地修理中止,被每個人做的前比賽微調。
Thinking about it, he headed back to their corner of the infield. / 想它,他返回他們的耕地角落。

"Wow, look at all the reporters!" eight year old Spritle Rayce exclaimed as he peered down through the helicopter's door. He was kneeling on the seat, baseball cap tilted backwards so he could plaster his face against the glass, and beside him the family's pet chimpanzee with the simple yet adorable name of Chim-chim happily chattered. / " 哇,看所有的記者 "! 當他經過直昇機的門凝視下來的時候,八歲 Spritle Rayce 大叫。 他正在座位上跪,棒球無邊帽向後傾斜,如此他可以塗以灰泥對抗玻璃的他臉, 和在他旁邊和 Chim 的簡單然而可崇拜名字的家庭寵物黑猩猩-chim 快樂地喋喋不休。
"M-hm," Patricia Marston agreed. "Does look like there's more than usual, doesn't it?" Slim with young, elfish features, she pushed a stubborn lock of fine brown hair behind her headset. Called Trixie by all who knew her, the Rayce team logistician piloted her old Bell Jet Ranger down towards the pad reserved for her at the end of the infield. Underneath, scores of satellite trucks and media stations crowded one corner of the facility, a mass encampment that from the air looked larger than all of garage row. "I guess they're all here because Jay Randall's out of retirement. That's really big news; he's a very famous and skilled racer, one of the best." / "M-hm",派翠西亞 Marston 同意。 " 在那裡確實看起來像很平常的,它不不嗎"? 瘦的由於年輕又如小精靈的特徵,她推動了在她的耳機後面的一個好褐色頭髮的頑固鎖。 打電話給了全部的特里克西認識她,Rayce 小組 logistician 領航 , 她的老鈴噴射機守林人向被在耕地結束的時候為她保留的填補墬落。 在下面,人造衛星卡車和媒體車站的得分擁擠了設備的一個角落,一個從空氣看比所有車庫划更大的大眾露營 。 " 我猜測他們全部在這裡因為由於退休的鳥蘭德爾。 那是真的大新聞; 他是一個非常出名的和熟練的參賽者,最好之一。"
"If he's so good, why'd he quit?" / " 如果他是如此好, why'd 他離開"?
Trixie shrugged. "Nobody knows. He just stopped all of a sudden with no explanation. You were too young to remember." / 特里克西聳肩。 "沒有人知道。 他剛剛突然以沒有解釋停止。 你是太年輕而無法記得。"
Spritle bristled, dark eyes firing indignant anger as he puffed out his chest. "I was not, I saw his last Africa 9000! I remember the Gallactor Syndicate was trying to stop the race for some reason." / Spritle 剛毛, 黑暗的眼睛開火憤怒的忿怒當他吹熄他的胸之時。 " 我是不,我見到他的最後非洲 9000! 我記得 Gallactor 企業聯合正在嘗試為一些理由停止比賽。"
Trixie stifled a giggle; she loved jabbing Spritle about his age. "You're right. But G-Force came along and stopped them. They haven't tried anything like that since." / 特里克西不能呼吸一吃吃地笑; 她愛戳關於他的年齡 Spritle 。 "你是正確的。 但是 G-力量進展而且阻止了他們。 他們沒有像那一樣自從嘗試任何事後。"
"Yeah, because they know G-Force'll blow them up!" Spritle began the child's pantomime of a huge dogfight, doing a loud and exuberant fighter pilot. "NNNERROWW!! Ra-ta-ta-ta-ta-ta! Ka-boom!" Chim-chim honked his chimpanzee laugh, stirred up by Spritle's play, and between the two of them their bouncing caused the little Bell to shake a bit in midair. / "是的,因為他們知道 G-Force'll 炸毀他們"! Spritle 開始了孩子的一個極大的混戰手勢,進行一位大聲的和繁茂的鬥士飛行員。 "NNNERROWW!! Ra- 回頭見- 回頭見-ta! 千安培-繁榮!"Chim-chim 雁鳴叫了他的黑猩猩笑, 被 Spritle's 的遊戲煽起 ,而且在他們中的二個之間他們反彈那導致小鈴在半空中中搖動一點。
"Knock it off, you two! I'm trying to land!" / "走開敲擊它, 你二! 我正在嘗試登陸!"
They immediately sat still, smiling sheepishly. Trixie shook her head, rolling her eyes skyward. Most kids play sports, or cowboys and Indians. This one just had to be an imaginary G-Forcer. She lowered the Bell onto the pad and let its rotors wind down before letting them open the door, and they both tumbled out, running for the garages. / 他們立刻仍然坐,羞怯地微笑。 特里克西搖頭,向天空滾動她的眼睛。 大多數的小孩玩運動 , 或牛仔和印第安人。 這一個僅僅必須是想像的 G-Forcer 。 她在使他們打開門之前在填補之上降低了鈴而且下來讓它的轉子風,而且他們倆都跌落出,競選車庫。
"Hey, stay close!" Trixie called out. "You're gonna get run over-!" She winced as they charged across the main thoroughfare just moments before a Penske-yellow Honda Prelude idled by, then wondered why she even bothered. Spritle might have come into the world the conventional way but nearly all his life was spent either on a track or in a garage. It was most definitely in his blood. / "嗨,停留接近"! 特里克西大叫。 "你將要克服奔跑-"! 當他們橫過在一個被不作事的 Penske- 黃色的本田前奏曲之前指控了主要的通路正直的片刻時候,她畏縮被, 然後懷疑她為什麼甚至煩擾。 Spritle 可能進入世界傳統的方法但是一生幾乎被花費或在一個軌道上或在一間車庫中。 它在他的血是最一定。
Together the boy and monkey made their way to the Rayce encampment, building number twenty-four of the thirty in the staging area, brushing by a race official who had just finished with business inside and was leaving. / 一起男孩和被做到 Rayce 露營 的他們路,在舉行區域中在三十中建築二十號- 四,在一位剛剛才用完生意內部並且正在離開的比賽官員手邊疏刷的猴子。
"Hey!" Spritle called out, not noticing the official at all. "We're here!" / " 嗨 "! Spritle 大叫, 不注意在全部的官員。 " 我們在這裡 "!
Sitting beside his mechanic at their computer, Speed looked up just in time to catch twenty pounds of jumping chimp. "Hey, you two- I was wondering when you'd get here. What happened to Trixie? Did you ditch her again?" / 在他們的電腦在他的機械工旁邊坐, 速度看在僅僅及時上面捕捉二十磅跳躍黑猩猩。 "嗨, 你二- 當你將會到達在這裡的時候,我覺得奇怪。 特里克西發生了什麼事? 你再一次拋棄她嗎?"
Spritle rubbed the back of his head, looking innocent. "She was right behind us!" / Spritle 擦了他的頭背面,看起來無罪。 " 她在我們後面是正確地 "!
"About two hundred yards behind!" Speed looked up and saw her entering the garage, waving hello to all the crew. "No candy for you, kiddo!" / " 關於後面二百碼處"! 速度看在而且上面見到了她進入車庫,對所有的組員揮舞哈囉。 " 沒有糖果為你,kiddo"!
Smiling, he let Chim-chim slide to the floor and stood to greet her. He was young, perhaps too young for the sport, but he'd been racing at amateur level since sixteen, getting his nickname from his jackrabbit fast Le Mans starts. Now twenty-three, he was as seasoned a pro as they come, and the walls of his parents' house was covered with trophies, banners, and photographs of every win. His physique was short and broad-shouldered like his father's, but lean with solid muscle. With his dark hair and deep blue eyes he was also extraordinarily handsome, a favorite of female fans, much to Trixie's chagrin. He gave her a light squeeze and kiss as she came close. / 微笑,他讓了 Chim-chim 滑動到地板而且站立歡迎她。 他是年輕的, 也許對於運動是太年輕的,但是他已經在業餘者水準賽跑自從十六以後,從他的 jackrabbit 得到他的綽號快速的 Le 男人開始。 現在二十三,他是像他們來的一樣經驗豐富, 和他的房子佈滿每個贏的獎座,旗幟和相片的父母牆壁。 他的體格是短和大範圍的- 肩負喜歡他的父親 , 但是和堅硬的肌肉瘦肉。 藉由他的黑暗頭髮和深的藍色眼睛他也是特別英俊,一個女性狂熱者的喜歡事物,特里克西的懊惱很多。 當她接近地來的時候,他給予了她一個輕的擠壓和吻。
"It's about time you showed up; we've leaned down the Mach's timing and I need you to go over the mileage," Gordon Rayce huffed from the side of their Mach Five, under the hood inspecting the car's engine. "Speed just downloaded the numbers from this morning's test run so you can take a look at them." / "現在該是你出現的時候了; 我們已經倚靠下來 Mach's 的時間點,而且我需要你詳細察看哩程,"戈登 Rayce 從他們的 Mach 五的邊嚇,在檢查汽車的引擎頭巾之下。 " 加速僅僅下載來自今天早晨被跑的測試數字,如此你能看一看他們 " 。
"Okay, Pops, I will." She turned back to Speed, speaking lowly. "He seems upset." / "好,郵局協議,我決意". 她折回加速,位置低下的說。 " 他似乎煩亂 " 。
"Have you heard the latest?" He turned and picked up an electronic device the size of a credit card from the workbench. "One of the inspectors was just here. We have to install this in the Mach, and make sure she gets another safety check before our next practice. They won't say why." &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp "A tracer, what for? Didn't you tell them we have our own GPS?" / " 你聽到最近的了"? 他轉向而且拾起一個電子的裝置來自工作臺的信用卡的大小。 "檢查員之一在這裡是就在。 我們必須在 Mach 中安裝這, 而且確定她在我們的下個練習之前拿檢查給另外安全。 他們將不說為什麼。"& nbsp&nbsp& nbsp"一個追蹤者, 什麼為? 你沒告訴他們我們有我們自己的全球定位測量衛星嗎?"
"They want these in all of the cars," Sparky informed her, wiping his hands on a towel. "But there wasn't an official announcement that universal tracers were sanctioned, which makes me wonder if they're expecting some kind of trouble." / " 他們在所有的汽車中想要這些 ",Sparky 告知了她,擦拭在一條手巾上的他手。 " 但是沒有一個官方的公告全世界的追蹤者被認可,是否他們正在期待某種麻煩,這使我懷疑".
"I don't know what kind of problems they'd be afraid of for this," she said, taking it from Speed. / " 我不知道他們將會害怕什麼類型的問題對於這",她說,拿從速度它。
"There's a lot of new people around here, too," Sparky added. "Not just the teams- I mean track personnel. There's at least twice as many as before, and I'm almost positive the security is armed. I was just talking to a new medical guy, sent in yesterday." / " 在這裡的周圍也有許多新的人 ",Sparky 補述。 " 不只是小組- 我意謂軌道人員。 那裡是至少兩次如許多當做在,之前而且我幾乎積極安全被武裝。 我正在僅僅和一個新的醫生傢伙說話,送出昨天。"
"That is strange." She looked over the device. "I've never seen one this small. It looks state of the art." / " 那很奇怪 " 。 她瀏覽裝置。 "我從未見到一這小的。 它看藝術的狀態。"
"It's not like ours," Speed said. "And we're using that new GeoSync prototype, remember?" / " 它是不像我們的",速度說。 " 而且我們正在使用那新的 GeoSync 原型,記得"?
Astonishment suddenly flashed through Trixie's eyes. "Wait a minute- are you saying this is military? Why would they want to follow everyone?" / 驚異突然閃現過特里克西的眼睛。 "等候分鐘- 是說這的你是軍隊? 他們為什麼將會想要跟隨每個人?"
"There is a war going on," Speed replied solemnly. "But there hasn't been any bulletins or warnings about terrorist activities out here, none at all. Neither the WRC or the state department is saying a word." / " 有一個戰爭繼續 ",速度嚴肅地答覆。 "除了那裡之外沒有出自這裡是關於恐怖份子活動的任何公告或警告,完全沒有。 既不 WRC 或國務院正在說一個字。"
Trixie glared at all of them, her surprise hardening into anger. "Still doesn't explain why, unless they think one of the teams may be connected..." She read their equally suspicious looks. "But that's stupid! We're all professionals, well known! No one'd be willing to throw away their careers for...for that!" / 特里克西發眩光在所有他們,她的進入忿怒之內變硬的意外。 " 仍然不解釋為什麼,除非他們認為小組之一可能被連接。。。"她讀他們的相等可疑的容貌。 " 但是愚蠢的! 所有的我們是專業人士, 廣為人知! 沒有 one'd 願意丟棄他們的事業。。。對於那!"
Speed nodded grimly. "That's why Pops is so upset." / 速度嚴格地點頭。 " 那是 , 郵局協議為什麼是如此煩亂 " 。
She looked over at his father. A professional wrestler before an engineer, Gordon was built like a semi truck and not a person one wanted to get angry. Normally he didn't mind the rules made by the WRC as long as he could bend them, but to insist on carrying extra equipment without cause, or explanation, especially of that type in the world's current political state- it worried and infuriated him. And because of that he was moving with quick and angry movements as he recalibrated the Mach's fuel injection system, growling orders to their likewise insulted crew. / 她在他的父親瀏覽。 在一個工程師前的一個專業的摔角選手, 戈登被建造像一輛半卡車和不是一個人一想要很生氣。 通常他沒有留意像他可以彎曲一樣久被 WRC 做他們的規則, 但是堅持攜帶沒有因素的額外儀器 , 或解釋, 尤其全球的那一個類型現在的政治州-它擔憂並且激怒他。 而且因為當他再檢定了 Mach's 的燃料注射制度的時候,他正在以快的和生氣的運動移動,怒吠命令到他們的同樣地侮辱了組員。
"It might not be such a bad thing if there's an outside attack," Trixie said, softening. "They'd be able to find broke-down or-" she paused uncomfortably, not wanting to even consider the next possibility- "missing drivers." / " 它不可能是一件如此壞的事物如果有一個外面的攻擊",特里克西說,軟化處理。 " 他們將會能夠發現斷掉- 墬落或者-"她不舒服地暫停, 不想要甚至考慮下一種可能性- 失去駕駛員。
"Whatever- I just hope that Gallactor's not going to try any stunts, especially like they did two years ago in Africa," Gordon rumbled. "A lot of people were nearly killed." He finished the car's timing and switched over to testing its Safety Seven, the Mach's unique implement system of his design that included infrared beam headlamps, a bullet-proof cockpit canopy, and more, each driver-activated through steering-wheel button controls. / "任何的- 我僅僅希望那 Gallactor's 不去試任何的特技, 尤其相似的他們在二年以前在非洲做,"戈登發隆隆聲。 " 許多人幾乎被殺 " 。 他完成了汽車的時間點而且轉變在到之上嘗試它的安全七,他的包括了紅外線的光線前燈,防彈駕駛員座艙天篷和更多的設計 Mach's 的獨特工具系統,每個駕駛員刺激過的方向盤扣住控制。
"Maybe G-Force will come and fight them again!" Spritle piped excitedly from behind. "We'd get to see the Phoenix in action! That'd be so cool-!" / " 也許 G-力量再一次將來而且對抗他們"! 用管子輸送的 Spritle 興奮地從後面。 " 我們將會開始見到行動的鳳凰城! That'd 是如此涼爽-!"
Gordon gave him a stern look. "No, it wouldn't. If they show up, then it means Gallactor's about to do something horrible." He hit one of the controls on the steering wheel, and the Mach's glass canopy promptly slid into place. He retracted it with a remote control. "They're treacherous and stop at nothing to get what they want, even if it means killing hundreds of people. Calling in G-Force means a huge, bloody fight is about to happen." Satisfied with the clear glass cover, he punched another control, and a pair of compact cutter blades, invaluable for clearing road obstructions, extended out from under the Mach's front apron. The left side cutter didn't extend fully, however, and with a low grumble he began to straighten it. "I just hope that the Earth Defense Command is doing something about them." / 戈登給予了他嚴厲的神情。 "不, 它不會。 如果他們出現, 那麼它意謂 Gallactor's 到處做可怕的東西。"他擊中在方向盤上的控制之一,而且 Mach's 的玻璃天篷敏捷地進入地方之內滑動。 他用遙遠的控制縮回它。 "他們是叛逆的並且在沒事停下來得到他們想要的,即使它意謂殺害數以百計人。 收回 G-力量意謂極大又血腥的戰鬥正要發生。"以透明玻璃掩護滿意,他以拳重擊了另控制 , 和一雙緊湊的裁剪者刀鋒,對於清掃道路障礙是無價的, 延伸出從在 Mach's 的前面圍裙之下。 然而,左邊裁剪者沒有完全延伸,而且由於低的怨言他開始弄直它。 " 我僅僅希望地球防衛指令正在對他們採取行動 " 。
"Maybe so," Speed said, taking the tracer back. "The officials certainly are towards us." / " 也許如此 " ,速度說,把追蹤者拿回來。 " 官員確定地是向我們 " 。
Gordon didn't answer, instead silently worked on the car in a cloud of solicitude. Speed took a few tools and joined him, helping with the adjustment. He thought about asking his father what options he thought they ought to take in case their suspicions turned out to be true, but then decided that it should wait until they were by themselves. / 戈登沒有回答,改為默默地在一大堆掛念中處理汽車。 速度帶了一些工具而且參加了他,以調整幫助。 他想問他的父親他認為什麼選擇他們應該拿以防萬一他們的被變成真實的猜疑, 但是然後決定它應該等候,直到他們是獨自。
I'm glad you built her with bullet-proof glass, Pops. / 我很高興你用防彈玻璃,郵局協議建造她。
Trixie and Sparky, both uncertain, watched them for some sign of decision on what to do next. When none came they shared their own worrying glance, then he quietly returned to his work, and she sat before the computer. Hands trembling, she began her analysis of the Mach's fuel consumption, trying not to think about terrorists and the scorecard of their atrocities. / 特里克西和 Sparky, 兩者的不確定的,在該然後做什麼上為一些決定的符號看了他們。 當沒有人來的時候 , 他們分享了他們自己的煩惱一瞥,然後他安靜地回到他的工作,而且她在電腦之前坐。 傳遞發抖,她開始了她的 Mach's 的燃料消費的分析,嘗試不要再想恐怖份子和他們的殘暴記分卡。
Chim-chim, cooing softly, sided up next to her and she absently gave the chimpanzee a rub behind his ears. Spritle, surprised by his father's lecture, sat with her for a few moments, then decided to go outside and explore the infield. Chim-chim bounced out after him. Spritle felt confident; Speed and his team had bested other bad guys in the past, from corrupt drivers and businessmen to criminals who happened across their path like that bank robber Lamster, sometimes with his and Chim-chim's help. In his mind, Gallactor was no different, just another gang of bad guys to take in similar fashion if they got in the way. He carried great pride in his champion brother Speed who almost never lost a race, and great faith in his heroes in G-Force, who battled against Gallactor in CNN-broadcast flourish and never lost a fight. Such was the view through his eight-year-old eyes, secure in the feeling that whatever happened, one or the either would certainly save the day. Maybe even with his and Chim-chim's help. To him it was all one big adventure, like playing cops and robbers in real life. / Chim-chim, cooing 柔和地, 袒護在緊鄰她和她心不在焉地給予了黑猩猩在他的耳朵後面的一個摩擦上面。 Spritle, 藉著他的父親演講吃驚, 和她坐數片刻, 然後決定出去而且探究耕地。 Chim-chim 在他之後跳出。 Spritle 覺得自信; 從腐敗的駕駛員和商人到越過他們的像那銀行搶匪 Lamster 的路徑發生的罪犯速度和他的小組過去有了在其他的壞傢伙境遇的, 有時由於他的和 Chim- chim's 的幫忙。 如果他們妨礙,在他的心中, Gallactor 不是一個壞傢伙的不同又老套組織接受相似的流行。 他帶大師自傲在他的幾乎從不失去了一個比賽的冠軍兄弟速度, 和 G 的大師對他的英雄信心-力量, 在 CNN 中搏鬥對抗 Gallactor-廣播活躍而且從不失去了戰鬥。 如此的穿越是視野他的 8 年的眼睛, 在感覺中保護任何的發生,一或者任一者將會確定地節省那天。 也許甚至由於他的和 Chim- chim's 的幫忙。 對他它全都是一種大的冒險,喜歡玩真正的生活警官和搶匪。
As they romped about Spritle fell into his pre-adolescent imaginings, pretending he was a G-Force agent, hunting for Gallactor spies. / 當他們關於 Spritle 亂跳地玩耍跌入他的前青春期的 imaginings,假裝他對於 Gallactor 間諜是 a G- 力量的代理人 , 狩獵。

"Okay, here's what we've got so far," Jay began, flipping aerials and file pages onto the table like a hand of five-card-stud. He had changed clothes into jeans and a black Team Busch International shirt. They were due to land any moment, and he'd decided that he might as well start to look the part. "There's the Villejuif relay station just a klick from the start line, regulates all the electrical power for Paris and the suburbs to a radius of seventy. The airstation at Murat, Getafe Air Base, and the Talavera Fighter School are each within a minimum of five K's from the course, with Getafe exactly one point three from the Madrid checkpoint. There's Ernesto Ortiz, who threw out that Gallactor-run election in Lerida, Spain, and Ramon Corrado, who exposed that their Castilla faction was running the entire region; both might have pissed them off enough to each warrant a bullet." He topped the pile off with an overhead of the Spanish nuclear power station. "And then there's Caceres, for obvious reasons." / "好, 在這裡是我們所到現在為止已經得到的",鳥開始,在桌子之上用指頭彈天線和檔案頁喜歡五的手-卡片-圖釘。 他已經將衣服換成牛仔褲和黑色的小組 Busch 國際的襯衫。 他們預定登陸任何的片刻,而且他已經決定他最好開始看部份。 " 有 Villejuif 接替者只是安置來自開始線的 klick,為對七十的半徑巴黎和市郊管理所有的電力。 在 Murat , Getafe 空軍基地的 airstation, 而且在來自課程的至少五 K's 裡面 Talavera 鬥士學校每個, 藉由 Getafe 完全一指出三從馬德里檢查站。 有 Ernesto Ortiz, 丟出那 Lerida ,西班牙和雷蒙 Corrado 的 Gallactor- 奔跑的選舉,暴露了他們的 Castilla 派系正在競選整個的區域; 兩者都可能有忿怒的他們在充足外到每正當理由一個子彈。"他走開以西班牙核電站的一項額外開銷超越了堆。 " 然後有 Caceres,對於明顯的理由".
"Along with a million other possibilities." Mareccu grumbled. He tilted the Caceres aerial his way, studying it with an expression that mixed worry with disgust. / " 連同一種其他百萬種可能性一起 ". Mareccu 呻吟。 他傾斜了 Caceres 天線他的方法,用把煩惱和厭惡混合在一起的表達學習它。
"Yeah. Figure we'd have better odds winning the California Lottery. That's why I would really like to find and talk to this guy-" / "是的。 數字我們將會有嬴得加州獎券的更好機會。 那是 , 我為什麼將會真的喜歡發現而且和這一個傢伙說話-"
"Still impossible at the moment," David Anderson informed. The EDC security chief was joining them via coded video relay from Crescent Coral, seen through Jay's computer grouped in his office with several other intelligence officers. "Interpol maintains that he's too close to Gallactor to risk contacting from the outside." / " 仍然不可能此刻",大衛安德遜告知。 EDC 安全領袖正在經由把來自新月形的珊瑚影像接替者編碼參加他們, 見到過電腦在和一些其他的情報官員的他辦公室中聚集的鳥。 " 國際刑警主張他太是接近 Gallactor 從外面冒著連絡的危險 " 。
"Doesn't this guy have a keeper?" Jay asked, a little incredulous. "Even Kennaru had you to report to." He instantly regretted the question, catching the sudden fleck of pain through Mareccu's eyes at the mention of his father's position and subsequent death from spying inside Gallactor, ten months earlier. / " 這一個傢伙沒有嗎一個監護人 "? 鳥問,稍微懷疑。 " 甚至 Kennaru 有了你報告 " 。 他立即地為問題感到遺憾了,從在 Gallactor 裡偵察一提到他的父親位置和後來的死亡經過 Mareccu's 的眼睛捕捉痛苦的突然斑點,十年之前。
"None that they'll admit to us." / " 他們將向我們承認的沒有人 ".
"Just love interagency cooperation," their warship's helmsman, Robert Harper, mumbled from Jun's left. / " 正直的愛政府的機關合作 " ,他們的軍艦舵手,羅勃特彈奏豎琴,從六月的左邊喃喃而語。
"He might not even have one," Jun said. / " 他不可能甚至有一 ",六月說。
"Whether he does or not- they won't let us touch him," David sourly added. "So until he decides it's safe enough to break silence, surveillance is still left to us." / " 是否他做-他們將不讓我們碰他",酸酸地被增加的大衛。 " 如此的直到他決定以致於它夠安全來打破沈默,監視仍然留給我們".
"Ortiz and Corrado can be put under wraps," Jun said. "And the stations are on yellow and are going to stay that way until somebody finds out what else Gallactor's looking at. That leaves two vulnerable targets: Villejuif and Caceres." / " Ortiz 和 Corrado 能在外套之下被放 ",六月說。 " 而且車站在黃色上而且將要那樣停留直到某人發現什麼別的 Gallactor's 看。 那離開二個易受傷害的目標: Villejuif 和 Caceres。"
"That nuke plant seems like an awfully big waste, even for Katse," Robert said thoughtfully. "Why irradiate the countryside to uselessness? Looking at it from a logistics standpoint, he'd be losing the opportunity for resources, manpower-" / " 那一個核武器廠像一個可怕大的廢物,甚至對於 Katse",羅勃特深思地說。 " 為什麼對沒有用照耀鄉下地方? 看從一個物流管理立場它,他將會為資源失去機會,人力-"
"Because he can," Jay stated coldly. / " 因為他裝於罐頭 ",鳥冷淡地陳述。
"Or use the threat as leverage for monetary demands," Mareccu added. / " 或使用如槓桿作用的威脅對於貨幣的要求",Mareccu 補述。
"True..." Robert admitted. / "真實的。。。"羅勃特承認。
Jun pointed to the aerial where all of the neighboring cities were located. "The harmonic idea could also apply there. It serves nearly all of south and eastern Spain along the Portugal border. With the right persuasion, its workers could shut it down, blacking out that entire region. Once that happens, Katse can do whatever he wants in there." / 六月指向所有的附近城市被設置的天線。 "調和的想法也可以在那裡應用。 它沿著葡萄牙邊境幾乎服侍所有南方的和東方的西班牙。 藉由正確的說服,它的工人可以關上 , 它墬落,出自那個整個的區域黑色鞋油。 一旦那發生, Katse 能做他想要無論什麼在那裡。"
"But that's just another hypothetical," Mareccu said. "Nobody knows for sure." / " 但是確實另外假設的",Mareccu 說。 " 沒有人確實知道 " 。
Jun shook her head at her commander. "No." / 六月在她的指揮官搖頭。 " 號碼 "
"Only that it's sitting there, and might as well have a big neon sign that says 'Take me'," Jay said. / " 只有它在那裡坐, 而且最好有一個說的大霓虹燈 '帶我'",鳥說。
Mareccu tossed the aerial back onto the table. "We need that sleeper." / Mareccu 在桌子之上投擲了空中的背面。 " 我們需要那一個小耳環 " 。
There was a stretch of long, uncomfortable silence. In the background of the video link David was seen distributing orders to the cluster of staff beside him; they were confirming their orders and hastily moving off. / 有長又不舒服沈默的伸展。 在大衛被見到分配對在他旁邊的職員群命令的影像連結的背景方面; 他們正在確定他們的次序和匆忙地離開。
Jun spoke first. "What about the individual drivers?" / 六月首先說。 " 個別的駕駛員怎麼樣 "?
"So far, they, their sponsors, and suppliers still check out clean. That investigation is on-going, so you can expect updated information as soon as we learn it." / "到現在為止,他們,他們的贊助者, 而且供應者仍然退房乾淨的。 那調查是正進行的,因此,你能期待更新資料一旦我們學習它。"
"Key might have found something," Mareccu said. / " 鑰匙可能發現某事",Mareccu 說。
"Yeah, well...it could be nothing," Key downplayed. "I overheard an argument Stephan Adalo was having with a woman and another man with her, who both looked corporate. Something about problems with the fuel injection system in his BMW that did cause him to miss his happy hour on the track. I couldn't hear what she said to that, but whatever it was, it scared him, shut him up in a hurry. I mean, he really looked scared." He shifted in his corner of the sofa at the hard, appraising stare Jay was giving him. / "是的,湧出。。。它可能什麼也不是,"鑰匙不予重視。 " 我無意中聽到爭論 Stephan Adalo 正在和一個女人和另一個男人和她有,兩者都看起來企業。 他的確實導致他在軌道上想念他的快樂小時的 BMW 的關於問題的某事燃料注射制度。 我無法聽到她對那說的,但是無論它是什麼,它驚嚇了他,向上匆忙關上他。 我的意思是,他真的看驚嚇。"他在難者的沙發他角落中改變,評價注視鳥正在給他。
"Driver disputes happen all the time," Robert said. "That's why some change sponsors as often as their own clothes." / " 駕駛員爭論始終發生 ",羅勃特說。 " 那是 , 一些改變為什麼像他們自己的衣服一樣的時常贊助 " 。
"Yeah, but I did think it was kinda funny for him to bend the way he did. Like, she's telling him to live with a defective car, deal with it? That's the way it looked to me." / "是的,但是我確實認為,有一點他彎曲他做的方式是好笑的。 相似的,她正在告訴他以一輛有缺陷的汽車居住,處理它? 那是它期待我的方式。"
Jay thought about it for a moment, then shook his head. "I don't see it. Adalo's a prick but he stops at nothing to win. He wouldn't compromise that by letting Gallactor use him." / 鳥想它一會兒,然後搖頭。 "我沒見到它。 Adalo's 的扎但是他在沒事停下來贏得。 他藉由使 Gallactor 使用他將不妥協處理那。"
"Unless he doesn't know that Gallactor's using him," Mareccu suggested. / " 除非他不知道那 Gallactor's 使用他",Mareccu 建議。
"Oh, great- make that hypothetical number six hundred ninety-eight," Jay vented towards David. Mareccu flashed a sarcastic grin. / "哦,大師製作的那假設的數字六百九十-八",鳥向大衛發洩。 Mareccu 閃現了諷刺的露齒笑。
"What did she look like?" / " 她看起來像什麼 "?
"Um, she was thirty-odd, tall, thin; blonde hair cut short. She was wearing a black pantsuit. Doesn't the track have security cams pointing at the garages?" / "Um, 她是三十-奇數的﹐高,瘦的; 白色的頭髮中斷。 她正在穿著一個黑色的長褲與衣相配成套的便服。 軌道沒有嗎安全凸輪瞄準車庫?"
"We're looking into it." / " 我們正在調查它 " 。
"I got the plates of the car she took off in. French, PS45W86. Black Mercedes." "A rental," Mareccu said. "First letter of the plate." / "我得到了她起飛在汽車的碟子。 法國人, PS45W86。 黑色的賓士汽車。" " 一個租金 ",Mareccu 說。 " 碟子的第一封信 ".
Key's eyes dropped. "Oh." / 鑰匙的眼睛降低。 " 哦 ".
"Relax, they can trace whoever rented it." / " 放鬆, 他們能追蹤任何人租用了它".
"It's more than what we had a few minutes ago, anyway," David said. "Much better than that sleeper's willing to give. Keep going with what you have. We'll let you know if anything changes." / "它超過我們分鐘以前有的,無論如何",大衛說。 " 比那個小耳環好很多樂意的給。 由於你有的保存流行。 如果任何事改變,我們將讓你知道。"
Nothing left to cover, Jun slowly gathered the material into a neat pile. David signed off; Jay shut off the connection through his notebook. Nobody said anything, all considering the unknown mess they were about to dive head-first into. "Laporoscopic" reconnaissance they were comfortable with: simply injecting themselves quietly into a target region or group, listening, watching, exploring much like the surgeon who makes small cuts and inserts the fiber-optic laporoscope camera to find the diseased tissue within, then attacking at the right time with swift, shocking speed. But this- older pics of Jay taken when he was active with TBI were being splashed all over the newspapers. Paired against that Patrick Rayce kid, fans were excited and clamoring over the "match race" to come. The exposure was dragging in that much more humanity, spectators come to watch the match race as it screamed by their town. It was already a huge, overblown mess, and if Gallactor gained the upper hand by attacking where G-Force expected it the least...it would be cataclysmic. / 沒事離開涵蓋,慢慢地收集材料進整潔的堆之內的六月。 大衛簽字放棄; 鳥經過他的筆記本關閉連接。 沒有人說了任何事,所有的考慮他們正要跳水頭的未知雜亂- 第一進入之內。 " Laporoscopic" 偵察他們感到舒服: 只是進入一個目標區域或團體之內安靜地注射他們自己,聽,看, 多探究喜歡作小的削減,而且在裡面插入光纖 laporoscope 相機發現生病的薄紗織品的外科醫生, 然後攻擊在那權利定時以迅速又令人震驚的速度。 但是這- 被拿的鳥更舊的照片當他對 TBI 感到積極的時候正在全報紙被濺濕。 使反對成對那帕特里克 Rayce 哄騙,狂熱者在 " 比賽比賽 " 之上被刺激的而且喧嚷來。 暴露正在更多人性,被他們的城鎮來看比賽比賽當做它被尖叫的觀眾方面拖拉。 它已經是極大又停息的雜亂, 而且如果 Gallactor 藉由攻擊得到了上面手在哪裡 G-力量期望了它最少。。。它將會是大洪水的。
Thinking about it, Jun finished stacking the papers. She looked up at the others, her green eyes flashing anger and dismay. "Is there anyone else besides me who's scared to death over chasing every team here from one target to the next, thinking he or she might be carrying a Gallactor payload?" / 想它,六月堆積文件完。 她看在其餘者,閃爍的她綠色的眼睛激怒而且驚愕上面。 " 在那裡是除了有在追每個小組從一個目標到下個者的這裡之上驚嚇死了的我以外的其他任何人,想他或者她可能攜帶一個 Gallactor 負載量嗎 "?
Unanimous looks of assent. / 意見一致的贊成看。
"How many total are we looking at?" Mareccu asked. / " 多少總計的是我們看"? Mareccu 問。
"Forty-seven drivers," Jay replied. "Team personnel included, that's well over five hundred people. I can't even start on how many spectators there'll be. CCI says over ten thousand, just here." / " 四十七個駕駛員 ", 鳥答覆。 "聯成一組被包括在內的人員,那是好的超過五百個人。 我不能甚至開始在多少觀眾 there'll之上是。 CCI 說超過一萬, 就在這裡。"
"Jesus," Robert whispered. "How the hell are we going to do this?" / " 耶穌 ", 羅勃特耳語。 " 我們如何將要做這 "?
"Only way we can," Mareccu answered after a long moment. "Keep our eyes open. Pray the bastards don't do anything behind our backs. Behind anyone's back." / " 唯一的方法我們裝於罐頭",Mareccu 在長的片刻之後回答。 "保存我們的眼睛公開。 祈禱私生子不做在我們的背部後面的任何事。 在任何人後面支持。"

On a sunny Champ de Mars corner, a casually-dressed man sat himself at one of the outdoor tables of a simple, non-descrip cafe. It was the kind he liked best: quiet, spacious, excellent coffee. He ordered a cup and then sat back to read his newspaper, his brown eyes occasionally darting over the pages' top to take in the surroundings. It was a beautiful day; tourists were viewing the Eiffel Tower in marveling awe, and street performers entertained the passers-by. / 在一個晴朗的選手 de 火星角落上, 一偶然地- 穿著男人在一間簡單又非 descrip 咖啡館的戶外桌子之一坐著了他自己。 它是他喜歡得最好的類型: 安靜的﹐廣大的﹐和優良的咖啡。 他命令了一個杯子然後袖手旁觀看他的報紙, 他的褐色眼睛有時候在頁的頂端之上投射接受環境。 它是一個美麗的日子; 觀光客正在驚異於震懾方面看 Eiffel 塔,而且街道表演者娛樂了行經的路人。
His coffee was taking longer than usual, and the man felt a mild pang of alarm. It was usually not a good portent when the waiter was slow. Actually not a waiter but the cafe's owner, a slight elderly man named Phillipe who was very wise, very observant, and knew many, many things. He supposed Phillipe would carry most of those things to the grave, but as it was, he was very glad that Phillipe was willing to pass some along to Interpol. / 他的咖啡正在比較久拿超過平常的,而且男人感覺了一陣警報的溫和劇痛。 當侍者慢的時候,它通常不是一個好前兆。 實際上不除了咖啡館的擁有者,一個叫做是很明智﹐很深切注意, 而且知道多數,許多事物的 Phillipe 的微小年老的男人之外的一個侍者。 他推想, Phillipe 將會將那些事物的大部分攜帶到墓穴,但是當它是,他非常高興 Phillipe 願意向前通過一些到國際刑警。
When his coffee was finally ready, Phillipe carefully set the white porcelain cup and saucer down onto he table and followed it with a tiny silver decanter of cream and a matching tiny sugar bowl. "I'm very sorry for being so slow today," he said in French with genuine apology. "I think it must be turning cold soon, my hands hurt so." / 當他的咖啡最後準備好的時候, Phillipe 小心地設定白色的磁器杯子而且茶碟墬落在他提議而且用一個乳酪的極小銀玻璃瓶跟隨它之上和一與極小的糖碗相配。 " 我對今天如此慢非常難過 ",他用法國語以真正的道歉說。 " 我認為它一定要很快轉寒冷,我的被這麼傷害的手 " 。
"I'm very sorry to hear that," the man sincerely replied. "I hope they'll feel better tomorrow." / " 我是非常難過聽到那 ",誠摯地被答覆的男人。 " 我希望他們明天將覺得舒服多了 " 。
"I hope so too. I think that if my doctor son comes home early, he may have something to ease the arthritis a bit." / "我也這麼希望。 我認為,如果我的醫生兒子早回家,他可能有某事緩和關節炎一點點。"
The man nodded understandingly, and with a slight wave goodbye Phillipe went back into his cafe. He walked with slow debility, as though all the regrets he carried weighed him down like chains. / 男人理解點頭, 和由於一個微小的波浪再見 Phillipe 回到他的咖啡館中。 他以慢的衰弱走,好像他攜帶的所有遺憾像鏈一樣把他秤重下來。
Adding just enough cream and sugar to give the coffee a touch of vanilla flavor, he spent the next half hour thoughtfully sipping at it while reading his paper. When he got to the sporting section he let a shrewd smile tug a bit at the corners of his mouth. There was Patrick Rayce, beaming to the camera with that innocent school-boy smile of his. The article was yet another speculative piece about the coming unofficial match between he and former rally giant Jay Randall. Then he sobered, knowing that all the media hoopla was doing nothing but adding more bodies to the potential count. / 增加僅僅充足的乳酪和糖給咖啡香草滋味的觸覺,當讀他的報告時候,他花費了那個下個一半的小時深思地在它啜飲。 當他到達喜好運動的部分他的時候在他的嘴角落讓一個精明的微笑用力拉一點。 有帕特里克 Rayce, 光亮的到和那個他的無罪學校- 男孩微笑的相機。 文章仍然是關於在他和前示威運動之間的即將來的非正式的比賽龐大的鳥蘭德爾的另外思索性的塊。 然後他使沈著,知道所有的媒體投環遊戲正在什麼也不做但是把更多的身體加入可能的計數。
He left a generous tip and tucked his paper under his arm. It was just a short walk to the loft where he stayed, around the corner and two blocks down. It was an old building with a locked underground garage, the aged sign of an architectural business hanging over the door. He let himself in with a key and was immediately enveloped in dusty darkness, but then his eyes adjusted to the gloom and he easily picked his way to the far corner of the garage. / 他留下了有雅量的頂端而且打橫褶了在他的手臂下面的他報告。 它只是對他停留的頂樓一次短散步, 為期不遠而且二個區段墬落。 它是一棟舊的建築物由於一鎖地下的車庫,在門之上懸掛的建築生意的年老符號。 他以一支鑰匙讓他自己進去而且立刻在灰塵多的黑暗方面被信封,但是然後他的眼睛對消沉調整,而且他容易地挑選了到車庫的遠角落的他路。
There, sitting in the darkness like a crouched puma, was his specialized performance rallycar, his Shooting Star. / 在那裡,黑暗的座位安排喜歡一個被蹲下的美洲獅,是他的特殊化表現 rallycar ,他的射擊星。
He abandoned his newspaper on a workbench and slid into the car's drivers' seat, running his hands over the leather-wrapped wheel. There, he let his unhappiness over Phillipe's message sink in, and tried to decide what to do next. All his information came from the old man, whose "doctor son" was actually his own son, a scientist in the Gallactor Syndicate. The carefully worded admission about his hands meant that he had nothing new to give about his son's actions. Phillipe didn't have many years left, was weighted down by too many regrets and sorrows about his son and his own past in Gallactor, and perhaps it was why he was so free with his knowledge. That and the understanding they shared, that his information was a kind of down-payment, a trade in installments, for the sparing and possible defection of his wayward son. / 他進入汽車的司機座位之內拋棄了在一個工作臺上的他報紙而且滑動, 輾過他的手皮革包裝的輪子。 在那裡,他讓了在 Phillipe's 訊息上的他不快樂洗滌槽在, 而且試著決定該然後做什麼。 他所有的資料來自老男人,," 醫生兒子 " 是實際上他自己的兒子 , Gallactor 企業聯合的一位科學家。 關於他的手小心明白許可意謂,他什麼也不讓新的關於他的兒子行動給。 Phillipe 沒有許多留下的年,被 Gallactor 的關於他的兒子和他自己的過去太多遺憾和悲傷重量下來,而且也許它是 , 他為什麼對他的知識感到如此自由。 那和理解他們分享, 那他的資料是一種頭期款 , 安裝的一個貿易,對於那個寬恕和他的任性兒子的可能背叛。
Yet Phillipe hadn't been able to tell him more than he already had in better than a week, and it worried him profoundly. Could the Earth Defense Command do any better? He honestly didn't think so. / 然而 Phillipe 已經被不能夠告訴他超過 , 他被已經在好於一個星期中有, 和它焦慮的他極深地。 地球防衛指令可以好一點做嗎? 他真誠地沒有這麼認為。
He reached into the Star's glovebox and pulled out the kidskin leather mask. It was a hated thing, but necessary to cover his identity in the glaring spotlight on WCR racing. He turned it in his hands, running his fingers over the delicate seamwork. The only recourse left was to search for Gallactor in the race himself, coordinating with the security people the EDC had assured they'd brought in. He hoped that between all of them, Gallactor's motives would become apparent and able to be stopped before somebody got killed. / 他進入星的 glovebox 之內到達而且拉出小山羊皮皮革假面具。 它是一件被憎恨的事物, 但是必需的涵蓋在 WCR 競賽上的閃耀焦點的他身份。 他在他的手中轉向它, 輾過他的手指細緻優雅的 seamwork。 被留下的唯一依賴是尋找比賽的 Gallactor 他自己, 和安全人協調 EDC 已經保証他們有引進。 他希望那在所有之間他們,在某人得到殺之前 , Gallactor's 的動機將會變成明顯的和聰明的被停止。
At the same time, he weighed the decision to contact his father Gordon Rayce. To warn him that he should pack up the entire family now, and get home as soon as possible. Spoken while posing as his alter ego, of course. / 同時,他秤重了決定連絡他的父親戈登 Rayce 。 警告他他現在應該停止整個的家庭, 而且儘快地回家。 當佯裝成他的第二自我的時候,講, 當然。
The way things were looking, Gallactor would march before anybody could stop them, and people were going to die. / 方法事物正在看,在任何人可以阻止他們之前 , Gallactor 將會遊行,而且人將要死。
He was sure of it. / 他確定它。

&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp "I have just been contacted by Geneva," Karl Reigel spoke. "They tell me that everything is prepared according to plan, and can proceed on schedule." He looked at his female counterpart with cold brown eyes so dark they looked like the kind of ponds that look inviting but are actually fathoms deep and can drown. His sable hair was trim and neat, and he was wearing a dark gray suit. Such was the dress of Gallactor agents in the field, the perfect urban camouflage for business district Paris, and the cavernous top-story financial building office the pair collaborated in. / & nbsp&nbsp& nbsp" 我剛剛才被日內瓦連絡 ",卡爾 Reigel 說。 " 他們告訴我,每件事物被依照計劃準備, 而且能按時著手進行 " 。 他看有寒冷的褐色眼睛的他女性的配對者如此黑暗他們看起來像看起來引人動心的池塘類型一樣但是量木材的單位實際上是深處而且能淹死。 他的黑貂皮的頭髮是整齊的和整潔的,而且他正在穿著黑暗的灰色訴訟。 如此的在領域中是 Gallactor 代理人的服裝, 都市的完美人為生意區域巴黎偽裝,而且似巨穴的頭條新聞財政的建築物辦公室雙串謀在。
"Very well," his counterpart said, likewise dressed but with a rich maroon blouse under the tailored jacket. "Although there may be some hesitance in our contact. I am concerned he may try to notify the authorities. How would you like me to handle that possibility?" "I will tend to him, Nona. Don't worry. I only need to remind him of the terms of our deal. He'll cooperate." / " 非常很好地 " ,他的配對者說, 同樣地穿著但是由於在被縫製的夾克下面的一件富有的逃亡黑人奴隸寬鬆的上衣。 " 雖然可能有我們的連絡一些猶豫。 我是關心的他可能試著通知主管當局。 如何將會你相似的我處理那一種可能性?" "我將傾向於他,非一。 不要煩惱。 我只需要使他想起我們的交易期限。 他將合作。"
"There are already signs that the EDC are moving in," she said. "Security in and around the track has been intensified, and they are scanning all vehicles in and out of the checkpoints." / " 那裡已經 EDC 正在搬進的符號 ",她說。 " 安全在而且在軌道的周圍已經被增強, 而且他們正在掃描所有的車輛在和從檢查站".
Reigel waved them off. "They are ignorant. They don't know exactly what to look for, and will misdiagnose our intentions. In fact, I anticipate we won't even have to deal with G-Force. / Reigel 走開揮舞了他們。 "他們是無知識的。 他們不完全知道該找尋什麼 , 和意志 misdiagnose 我們的意圖。 事實上,我預期 , 我們甚至不會必須處理 G-力量。
And if we do, I trust your aim is as good as ever?" / 而且如果我們做, 我信賴你的目標很和往常一樣好?"
Nona smiled. Her blue eyes, shadowed under the bangs of her light bob-cut hair, were razor-sharp and absolutely ruthless. / 非一微笑。 在她的輕急促晃動- 削減的頭髮砰然之下被遮蔽的她藍色的眼睛, 是清晰無比的和完全無情。
Reigel nodded satisfactorily. "Then we begin, now." / Reigel 滿意地點頭。 "然後我們開始,現在".