【Ken and the Girl】


時間過的真快, 記得去年她5歲時我還講故事給她聽, 怎麼今年就輪到她講故事給我聽了.
下面這個故事, 是她寫在紙上被我看到, 我覺得挺好玩, 決定分享給大家的. 當然括號裡面的字是我後來加上去的, 反正她也看不懂中文字, 無傷大雅囉:
對了, 附帶一提,


                     Ken and the Girl              


Ken was walking on the street and saw a beautiful girl watering her plants. He went up on her front porch and knocked on her door. Then the girl answered with her mom.


The girl said to Ken,


“Do you want some cookies?” (拜託, 不要一開始就想到吃的好嗎)


“Um- huh, OK,” said Ken.


The girl went in and baked some cookies.

The girl said,


“Are you new to this place?”


“Yes,” said Ken.


Then Ken said to the girl,


“What’s your name?”


The girl said,


“My name is Christy. What’s your name?”


“My name is Ken. What’s your mom’s name?” (乖小孩, 寫故事還不忘提到她的媽)


“My mom’s name is Katherine.”


Then Ken said,


“Do you want to come to my house and play?” (不會吧)


But said the girl,


“I don’t know you.”


“Don’t worry. It’s OK. I’m not going to hurt you.”


The girl said,


“OK. But first I have to ask my mom.” (嘿嘿, 我教的好吧)


Her mom said it was OK but only for an hour.


“OK,” said Ken.


Ken did not take the girl to his house. He took her to the waterfall beside her house. (, 你想幹什麼)


But then Galactor came and said,


“I want your gold.”


The girl said,


”I do not have any gold.”


“Then I want you.” (很好, 表達很直接)

Then Galactor snatched her. Then Ken and Galactor started fighting. Ken called the rest of his Gatchaman fighters over. (
什麼叫the rest, 他們都有名字好嗎)


Jun was the only one just standing there not fighting. Because Jun did not want Ken to love the other girls, she loved Ken.


Galactor surrendered. Ken and the rest won.

Ken took the girl back to her mom and promised to play again. (
不愧是小孩子, 只想到玩)



The End

by Princess X.




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