【When Love Came to Life】


想看看鐵雄 (Ken) 和珍珍 (Jun) 的發展, 以及之後平凡的家居生活嗎?

自從她上次寫了那篇 ”Ken and the Girl” , 她意猶未盡又寫了這篇.
照例, 括號裡的中文字還是我後來加進去的. 希望她以後看懂中文字時不要來打我啊.


                When Love Came to Life                 

One day, Ken was holding Jun for a very long time.


Ken said, “Can you get off of me?”


“No!” said Jun. “You’re just trying to be mean to me!”


“Well,” said Ken, “I’m getting tired.”


“YOU meany hold me up!”

Then Ken just put her down by her house. Jun was really mad but had no choice.


Ken was not pleased by Jun and was sort of mad at her, but not as mad as she was.


Just then, Jun went up to Ken and said sorry to him.


Ken was feeling a little bit better but not much.


Just then, Ken said sorry too. Ken did not know why he said sorry. He just felt like it.

Ken said to Jun,


“Do you want to go on a ride with me?”


“OK,” said Jun, so Ken took Jun on his plane and flew around the sky high, high, very high.


Then Jun said,


“Can you fly me back to my house?”


“OK,” said Ken, flying Jun back to her house.


Then Jun said,


“Do you want to come to dinner with me this night?”


“OK,” said Ken, thinking if he should or not.

That night they married. (


They ate pizza and lovely bread. And after that, they ate a wedding cake. (作者果然很愛吃)


After 4 years passed, Jun was pregnant. Ken was very excited; soon they would have a baby!


Jun was happy but could not laugh that hard because her belly would hurt, not a little but a lot.


Ken and Jun were happy about everything, but the most they were happy about was having a baby!

After 10 years passed, they had a baby! (
後來我才知道, 不是第2個小孩生出來了, 而是, 難道有人不知道懷胎只要10個月?)


There was tons of hard work.

After 6 years passed, Ken’s daughter was 6 years old! (


“Years passed so quickly and so fast,” said Jun.


“You are absolutely right,” said Ken, packing their daughter’s backpack for school.


“And most of all,” said Ken, “your daughter does not have any homework yesterday and all those days before yesterday.” (怎麼會扯到這裡來?)


“I KNOW!” said their daughter. “It’s not my fault. It’s my teacher’s fault, OK!” (果然很像作者本人)


“OK!” said Ken.


The End

by Princess X.

, 對不起, 有人抗議, 說是把10 months寫成 10 years , 要我立刻更正.

, 我想鐵雄跟珍珍有得受了)





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