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I cut my hair.
It had been twice during last month.
I’m not sure why I did it.
But I want to.
The change was huge.
And one of my old friends had said she had never seen me like this.
In past ten years.
Maybe I just wanted some changes.
Change what?
Don’t know.
But it’s good to try anything unknown.
And keep a new heart to do everything.
Yeah, sometimes change also made me afraid, too.
But I got the faith.
That everything will be all right.
Just keep your heart going on

And on….

                                           22/ 9/2004

                                         IN K.C.Taiwan

Hi Kena,


I like your poem and made two minor corrections to it. You might want to think about not using periods at the end of every sentence, it makes the reading of your poem have extra pauses and strong stops.  Many poems use no punctuation at the end, and others use commas sparingly.