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                                                      A  Gift                                                  By Kena


A friend sent it to me last week.

“For your birthday.” He said.

It was an oil painting , a beautiful bunch of yellow flowers and a brown withered branch.

“ I knew it was a little late, but the painting needed time to dry. Hope you don’t mind.”

I was infatuated.

It looked pretty good in the composition and the color shadow.

It’s also a heavy gift.

“Why did you choice these two topics?” I asked.

“The sunflowers and the deadwood?

“What did they mean?” I wondered.

He didn’t answer much. He just told me that was his feelings were when he made it.

I love this picture.

Although it’s not my favor flowers, but it was a precious to my heart.

Later the same day, I found this crystal angel in a market.

I thought it was a sign.

Both of they were symbolized the light and joy.

Maybe we meet some difficult situations in the world.

Still , the brightly colored flowers will keep company with me.

In K.C.Taiwan